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Contact me to get Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator by chatting me on +44 759 388 2116 on Telegram/Whatsapp.
I have Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator.
Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator course is one of the best products on how to start a marketing agency.
Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator includes over 50 hours of step-by-step training covering EVERY aspect of building an agency from scratch. This is almost a plug & play system with enough success stories to back it up! Signing clients, running Facebook ads, building out your team, on-boarding clients, invoicing, sales... this course has everything covered for you.
The topics inside Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator course include:
  1. Agency Navigator course Core Curriculum
  2. Custom E-Learning Platform For Agency Owners
  3. Financial Planner, Revenue Calculator, Outreach Tracker & More Tools
  4. Websites Templates, Funnels, Ads & More
  5. Template Contracts, Sales Scripts, Agreements & More
The lessons in Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator will teach you how to:
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2023.05.29 23:35 aleeb9 I might have overcrowded the Egg, but these were on sale for 99¢/lb

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2023.05.29 23:34 thekidreallydoesit Speaker Placement in Home Theater Atmos vs Surround

Speaker Placement in Home Theater Atmos vs Surround
I would like some advice on placement for a home theatre set up I am working on. I have the following speakers:
(2) RP 8000f II
(2) RP 500SA II
(1) 504C II
The space is rectangular with a 100' laser TV and a flat low ceiling (see pictures attached). I was planning on using the 500sa speakers as surrounds, but I understand that I can place them on top of the 8000 floor standing speakers to utilize atmos. However, if I do that, I will only have front speakers, and so I'm not sure if it would be counter productive to try to get an atmos effect without additional surrounds. Also, if I do use the 500 sa as surrounds, I'm not sure if I should put them on the wall perpendicular to the seats, or if they should go behind the last row of seats facing the screen. Any advice would be much appreciated.
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2023.05.29 23:34 NordWizard420 Not Feeling So Hot

I've felt this bad before but never really done anything about it, on Friday I started to cut myself and was so close to just ending it right then and there in my car blade to my throat type of stuff the thing that stopped me was when I went for a walk over to a Memorial near where I live. What got me to this point is being so far from home and the fact that I keep fucking up in my relationship it feels like I'm constantly getting talked to by my GF and I really just don't care I always self-sabotage my relationships and I really just don't wan to live anymore...I just can't anymore.
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2023.05.29 23:34 ZMAXPLAY I found it in 15 minutes

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2023.05.29 23:34 MariachiArchery Can you all help me put a price on this frame?

Frame in question is a 2020 Scott Addict RC Ultimate HMX SL in a size 54cm.
Retail on a 2023 is $4,700.
What do you think this NOS frame is worth? The bike has been sitting at the shop for ages. Shop owner just wants it gone. Was thinking about making an offer. What should I offer?
My inclination is 2k. I'm seeing a few of these for sale in the $1,800 range, but the sizes are all xxs. Is 2k for this reasonable? Would an offer of $1.5k be offensive?
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2023.05.29 23:34 ApprehensiveCap6525 Exchange Program Shenanigans (2)

Credit to u/SpacePaladin15
Memory transcription subject: Salvek, Human-Venlil Exchange Program Candidate
Date [standardized human time]: September 3, 2136
I hate banks. Or, more specifically, I hate the United Banking Service. I've never really used another bank, on account of my mother signing me up for a twenty-five year family plan for a cash bonus that never came (it was twenty-five thousand credits, I can't really blame her) but that just makes me hate this one more.
The fat, lazy Gojid on the other side of the bulletproof glass teller window tapped away at his keyboard in order to process my application for a loan. Above him I saw the UBS logo and motto: "Speed, Security, Success." All a load of vyalpic if you ask me. (I will die of old age before this loan ever comes through)
"Sooooo....." Thank the Herd, he was finally talking. I was worried his fat ass had a heart attack and died with how little moving he did. "Your credit score issss....." Oh Protector, just spit it out already! Now I get why predators have such violent impulses. (What if I can't control mine? What if we're worse than them?)
Brahk my intrusive thoughts. How does Jack control his so well? I resolved to ask him when my loan got processed, assuming neither of us starved to death in the meantime. (Speed, security, and success this dick)
"Seven hundred and ninety." Oh, thank Inatala. (Inatala hates predators, can I still say that with one as my best friend?) Venlil credit scores go from zero, being applied to people who took out million-credit loans and blew all the money on gear to unsuccessfully rob the bank they got the loan from, to one thousand, which went to those who panicked over a two credit overdrawn balance and had a heart attack whenever they were a week away from a loan's due date and it still wasn't paid.
Seven hundred and ninety was above average, since my parents had always taught me to manage my finances well, but only slightly above average since Jack's presence and the constant racism that came with it were more trouble than the government stipend was worth. (I would never send him back home, he's better to me than many Venlil)
I thanked the Gojid with sincerity that I meant none of, and asked "Is my loan approved?"
He told me "Yes, it's been approved at..." Oh Herd, not this again. How do his coworkers interact with him? "5% quarterly interest." That's not even bad. (Five percent might be a robbery, but for UBS banks it's decent) "You'll have six months to pay it off in full... or the interest will double every quarter." (Somebody should disband the United Banking Service)
I agreed to these terms, since they were the best I was going to get, and left without another word. Eight thousand Federation credits had just entered my bank account, making me a very rich man. (Not really, but it was the most I'd ever had)
Jack was sitting on a bench outside the UBS building tapping away on his pad. A more skittish Venlil would have assumed that he was plotting something or bathing in the virtual blood of his prey, but I knew better than to assume the game he was playing was predatory.
Never mind, it was absolutely predatory. An army of huge winged beasts descended on what looked like a walled fortress in the middle of a hellish landscape, and lightning rained down from the skies at Jack's command to pick apart what I assumed were strategic defenses. (He might not actively do predator things, but he is excellent at them)
Within thirty ticks of the timer at the top of the screen, the beasts were above the fortress raining destruction on whatever they pleased. A few soldiers ran out of a building near the center of the base, attacking Jack's army, but they were quickly dealt with. Without the defenses that were destroyed by what I assumed was orbital bombardment, the base was helpless against the conquering predator.
A chill ran down my spine as I saw the defenders being slaughtered. A Venlil general or admiral (there were actually surprisingly many when compared to the rest of our military) could accomplish such results but those types of Venlil were very few and often had mild cases of Predator Disease. (That needs a new name. Maybe Arxur disease? No, too scary)
Seeing an average human, whose only military experience was four years serving on a war boat (They still have a boat military? Herd, those predators love their weapons) complete what many Federation officers would struggle to do terrified me for good reason.
We Venlil had treated Humans like they weren't even sapient, just dirt or pests that we had to tolerate. And the rest of the Federation treated them even worse. What if they decided peace wasn't worth it? What if, in our fear of the Arxur, we unleashed a threat worse than them? (Could Jack spare me from a human cattle farm? I'd have to kill myself if he couldn't)
Venlil Prime would be the first world to fall. We'd all die of our own hubris.
"Hell!" Jack turned his pad down so I couldn't look over his shoulder anymore. "I'm sorry you had to see that." Why did he have to be sorry for everything? The way my species, my Federation, treated him and his kind always angered me.
I told him "Don't be sorry. It's not your fault your hobbies are so... you know." I didn't like using the word "predator". At least, not to describe humans. Jack was cool with me using it as long as it wasn't in a derogatory way, (since they are predators) but it just reminded me of how unjustly he and his kind were treated.
Jack clearly didn't listen when I said not to be sorry because he kept apologizing. "Yeah, but it's not your fault you're so damn skittish either. And it is my fault I played Clash... I mean the game here. I should've known better." Herd, why did he never stand up for himself? The exterminators can't be that bad!
I explained to him "You don't have to apologize, Jack. You never meant to scare anyone." and before he could keep apologizing (I know him too well to think he wouldn't) I changed the subject. "We have money at our disposal now, we can buy something from the Mellow Firefruit on our way to the train station."
Jack agreed, but he was worried about "spacists". (Oh Herd, has he lost it?) I asked "What in the Arbor is a spacist?" In case you don't know, the Arbor is where followers of the Great Protector go when they die. It's a huge forest with plentiful and delicious food, and no predators.
When I finally mustered up my courage and told Jack that the god I worship hates his kind, I was half expecting to die horribly by his unusually short claws or extremely dull fangs. (Are they so peaceful because of their lack of natural weapons, or do they lack natural weapons because they're so peaceful? I should ask Jack that)
Instead, he shrugged it off and told me that, apparently, "Jesus still solos." When I explained the Arbor at his request, he had the brilliant idea to convert to worshiping the Protector and then kill himself in order to appear there and scare the afterlife out of everyone else. He quickly and profusely explained that he would never actually do that, but Inatala would never have accepted him anyway so it didn't matter.
Anyway, back to real life. Jack told me "Oh, spacists? They're just space racists except I mushed the two words together. It's a play on words type thing." The words 'space' and 'racists' do not fit together in Venlilese, and frankly, I was astounded that the translator even gave me the concept. (I bought it second-hand from a Mazic who stepped on it one too many times, but it was incredibly cheap)
I told him "If you told anyone but me that the words 'space' and 'racists' fit together then you would be screened for Predator Disease." and he covered his mouth in the gesture that was universally recognized as a prey-safe predator's laugh.
"God, sometimes I forget you guys have a sense of humor."
Just then, I started walking. I was tired, like any Venlil would be after a long walk, a long wait in line and the anticipation of another long walk, but the thought of the sweet, delicious food at the Mellow Firefruit kept me going. (I have to get Jack some, he's been underrating Venlil cuisine ever since he first tried my subpar cooking)
Jack fell in behind me, then he moved up to be at my side as an equal. Us Venlil didn't care where you were in line, but I guess predators have different priorities. (Is thinking 'predator' as bad as saying it? That's a dilemma I need to deal with later) I asked him "How come your claws and... uh... those pointy front teeth are so small?" (I don't like talking about fangs, sue me)
Jack turned to look at me, jerked his head away a little, then he turned and looked at me again. He responded to my question, realized I was a Venlil, and realized I was Salvek, in that order. I was good at reading people. He told me "First of all, they're called nails and canines. And second of all, we've never needed claws so they never evolved." A predator never needing claws was absurd! When would Jack learn that he didn't have to lie to me?
I interrupted my friend's explanation by telling him "Jack, I'm not going to run away or faint just because you tell me that ancient humans hunted. I get it. Just tell me how you lost your claws."
Jack sighed. He didn't sigh a lot, only when he was driven to the end of his very long rope (Turns out that's a human idiom too! Who knew?) by someone else's, usually my, stupidity. "Salvek, we didn't lose them. We evolved to eat fruit from trees, and by the time we were eating meat we had at least developed the art of throwing rocks at things. There was never any need for them, and they never appeared as a result. Satisfied?"
Developing weapons early on did make sense for humans, given how good they are at combat, so I nodded. It wasn't really a Venlil expression, but those in the exchange program had learned everything they could about their human partners. (I'm saying human instead of predator! Progress!) "Yeah, that makes sense."
Jack continued, explaining about human 'canines'. We just called them fangs. "Canines were originally fangs, yeah," He lowered his voice when he mentioned fangs. "but when we made fire around a million years ago, we didn't need them anymore and so they got smaller. I'm no expert, but that's what I know."
That actually made sense. I knew the Arxur didn't eat cooked meat, since I found uncensored raid footage on an internet rabbit hole when I was fourteen, (I peed myself and had nightmares for weeks but no one has to know) but I always assumed humans shared that trait. Maybe I was just like the rest with how I kept comparing humans and Arxur. (Why am I capitalizing one and not the other? No one knows!)
Maybe I was just like the rest. Maybe one day I would lose control and run from Jack, or freeze up, or worse, call the exterminators, and then it would all be over. I could never live with myself if my damned instincts got him to hate me or got him killed. I've only known him for a few weeks, but when we met we just clicked.
It's still weird to me how the concept of platonic soul mates doesn't exist yet.
"That's it, right?" Jack asked while pointing to a red restaurant a few blocks away. That was it. I was about to eat good.
"Yeah, that's it. Come on, let's go!" I ran to the Mellow Firefruit faster than most humans could, on account of my species being designed for sprints, (or we're just better than them) and Jack tagged along in a brisk walk. He was probably trying not to be mistaken for chasing me and shot dead, or worse, set on fire.
I know most predators don't feel pain, but humans do. Why in the Herd didn't exterminators at least have the decency to kill them humanely?
A couple seconds later, Jack was waiting outside the restaurant and looking at his pad while I waited in line (In case nobody noticed yet, I hate lines) for my meal. Jack's meal too, since nobody wanted their entire customer base to leave the second they began serving humans. At least, that was the official reason. The real reason is that most Venlil are still racist.
After an agonizing minute and a half of waiting, since the Mellow Firefruit was a popular restaurant (for good reason, as Jack was about to discover) I finally got to order my food. "I'll have two yaccay salads, and two red fires please." Jack only asked for a salad, but red fires were excellent drinks and if he said no to one I would drink both. I was being smart with this.
"Okay, that will be 43.8 credits." All right, maybe not so smart.
I asked "44 credits?" in shock as my mind struggled to wrap itself around this sudden increase in price. The last time I got a meal here it was only twenty credits.
The cashier, a large green Krakotl who was a tiny bit taller than me, explained "Inflation. Those damn predators brahked up the economy and now we have this." Putting hate on my friend Jack wasn't something I would normally tolerate, but my father had always said it wasn't wise to anger the people who made your food. I just swiped my card across his card reader and stayed silent, like dad would have wanted.
"If you ask me, Sovlin was right."
Was my father really that wise? He probably didn't know what he was talking about.
"How can you say that? No one deserves what he did to Marcel." I shot back, managing to contain the venom in my voice.
The cashier retorted "No one sapient. But those... things that Tarva's dumb ass let roam our planet don't qualify." with barely-contained hatred. (Thank the Herd Jack doesn't have to hear this)
Before I could respond, however, the manager came with my order and reprimanded his subordinate. "Don't get into politics with customers, and certainly don't spit those lies in my establishment!" Maybe the Great Protector was still looking out for me.
The manager handed me my items and apologized profusely. "My cashier here is still new to Venlil Prime. He hasn't gotten used to the... the new arrivals yet. Herd, even I struggle sometimes, and I'm in the exchange program!"
I thanked him, explaining that it wasn't a big deal but the cashier should still be reprimanded, and brought our food to Jack. He wasn't playing that predatory (it was predatory, but predatory didn't necessarily mean bad) game again, but he was scrolling through his account on UHerd.
UHerd was the Venlil's main addition to the galaxy at large, being a huge social media service that Jack had described as "just like Instagram." when he first heard of it. Bleat was another large website just like it, but it was much less known than UHerd. (Fun fact: the U stands for Internet! Maybe not in English, but in Venlilese it does)
Jack never posted much, but he had me and a few mutual friends from the Program followed and he liked hearing what we were doing. I plopped down next to him and handed him his food. "Here, I got you something."
He picked up the salad nonchalantly, but when I handed him his drink, he inspected it curiously. "What in God's name is this doohickey?" He asked.
I told him "Try it, it's a red fire. It's good." and he did try it.
Jack exclaimed "Holy christ!" and the look in his eyes was comparable to what I saw the first time I agreed to being pet. "This is heavenly!" He guzzled the spicy fluid with hunger that would have terrified me if I hadn't seen him devour meals a dozen times before, (He'll eat me next I have to run I have to run run run run for it [oh, shut up already]) stopping only to praise its taste. "This is like the nectar of the gods!" Then "Shit, this is what I was missing out on? We gotta desegregate the restaurants immediately!"
That got him thinking, and I could almost see the money-making gears turning in his head. "You know, Salvek, what if we opened up a restaurant? You could be the official owner and waiter, I could cook some delectable earth recipes, and as long as no one saw me, we could make bank!"
I didn't like that idea. It sounded a lot like a recipe for disaster. I told him "Nah, it would be too hard for just the two of us. And besides, we already have the clothing business." Selling shirts online is a lot easier and cheaper than owning a restaurant.
Since Jack asked me a question, I figured I could ask one too. "Hey Jack, do you mind if I ask you a question?"
Jack didn't care, and he told me as much, so I continued. "How do you keep yourself in check all the time? How can humans control themselves so well?"
He paused for a bit, causing me to involuntarily panic, (he's looking for weak points, or exterminators, he's going to snap my neck for this) but I quelled these thoughts and there was no visible change in my expression. Finally, the colossal man spoke. "How do you do it?"
"W-what?" I stammered, and he picked up a leaf that was blowing in the wind before cherishing his last sip of the red fire.
He held the leaf up to my mouth. "How can you resist the temptation to just chow down on every plant you see? It must be exhausting." I took a brief nibble of the plant, despite it being completely unappetizing in nature, and he told me "See? Your herbivore instincts made you eat it! How can you keep them in check all the time?"
I wasn't a fool, not by any means. I knew he was mocking me. But the thought of a predator not having any predatory instincts was an entirely unheard of concept, bordering on heresy for some. It would probably have gotten me screened for Predator Disease if I spoke of it aloud, but I still spoke of it aloud. (There were no exterminators, I was fine) "So you're trying to say that you don't have predatory instincts? But what about the drive to hunt?"
Jack sighed again, muttering "So smart, but so damn stupid." in a low tone before he explained to me exactly what I wanted to know. "We have the need to eat meat in the same way you need to eat plants, because if we don't do it we die." That made sense. "But just like you don't have a primal urge to devour all the greenery in sight, we don't have any instincts of our own. Make sense?"
It did, but I was still struggling to wrap my head around it, so I just nodded and finished off my salad. Jack had apparently forgot about his salad, as he hadn't touched it. He opened the plastic carton, looked at its contents weirdly, and took a bite.
"This is mid." He told me, point blank. "Like, I don't mean to offend anyone, but it is mid. I'm not even hungry."
I was mildly offended, but there wasn't much I could change about his honest opinion, so I just told him "I thought it was good." and left it at that.
Jack slid his salad over to me (I love these things like my only son) and offered "You can have it. I don't want it." I would have accepted, but I wasn't hungry. Jack didn't really mind, so he threw his salad out and told me "Then we should get going. We have only [1/8 of a claw], I mean... 1/8 of a claw before our train leaves."
I agreed, getting up and walking to the train station, and Jack followed. I was well rested by then, so the brief walk was easy. Jack... Jack was Jack. He never got tired.
We actually made a pretty good pace to the train station, and within 1/16 of a claw we were on our way back to my home district and my third-floor apartment. I had money to my name, I had a huge predator (Human! Damn, those words get mixed up too much) friend, and he and I were about to make a truckload of credits. Life was good.
Previous Next comes when I say it comes
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2023.05.29 23:33 Crackyahoe Best Great Dane proof trash can?

Best Great Dane proof trash can?
Hey guys my dog Tiny LOVES to knock over our trash can and eat everything when we are not home. I’m tired of putting the trash in the bathroom when I leave and want to find a trash can that is Great Dane proof one that she can’t open/knock over to open. Do you guys have any suggestions that have worked for you? Thank you🙏
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2023.05.29 23:33 Enviromentalghost45 Oh boy can't wait for his arrangement tomorrow.

Oh boy can't wait for his arrangement tomorrow.
Still acting like a victim as usual. Hopefully tomorrow we get a report from rambotweety about the arrangement for quantum's charges.
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2023.05.29 23:33 Bellusek Employment Laws in Nederlands

I would like to start with saying how much I do love Nederlands. I live here for a while already, but as an immigrant I would like to know more about Nederlands employment law. You might not know but most of my coworkers in every warehouse which I worked were completely unaware about what he or she can or cannot do, what are his rights as an employee and his responsibilities. Most of as come through some job agency, they gave as 2 days training and expected to work, no one ever explain to us what Nederlands law, which affect every one of us, is about. They mostly used our lack of knowledge against us, exploit it whenever it was possible.
As I am aware most of immigrants learn those things through gossips from other coworkers, mostly unaware if what they been told is true or not. I am one of them, whenever I would like to know more about specific situation like for example “Target” it's really hard to get clear answer in the internet.
I am trying best to help other people to be more aware about their rights as an employee in Nederlands, because if someone would help me at the beginning of my journey, I would not allow to be exploited as I was. Nevertheless, I am still not sure if what I tell people is true or not, and that’s why I am here asking for your help. I have multiple questions which bother most of people I know.
I would like to help them to be more aware of their right but I need to do it properly.
  1. Can you explain me to me if it's legal to fire a person if someone is not reaching a warehouse target/norm, as I heard that it is not allowed?
Can a team leader or coordinator threat somebody that if a person will not reach a warehouse target in specific time, they will fire him?
Can they require from people to do more that they can handle?
  1. Is it allowed from the employer to require from employee to do overtime.
Is it allowed to punish a person or give a warning if employee will not stay overtime.
Most of the times the overtime is not announced till the very end and people are confused how much earlier overtime should be announced.
  1. As an agency employee you have a contract with uitzendbureau, I met people and also experience it by my self that you will get a contract for only a week, month or 3. Is it allowed to do so by them. We get multiple contracts from them as they want us to be afraid of the future. As I know company can only give you 3 contracts and they need to give you vast, is this rule not include uitzendbureau.
  2. Is it allowed that team leader will not allow you to take a sick leave? I had situation with my coordinators, as I felt bad and told them that I want to go home they didn’t allowed me to do it, later I learn that I can go nonetheless, but still a lot of people are not aware of it.
Is employer or your uitzendbureau allowed to require from you to report each day trough your sick leave?
These are the most common questions if somebody has more please share! Thank you for all of your answer!
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2023.05.29 23:33 TheRealRealSucks Online Consignment Hell - please help

Throwaway account.
I desperately need advice on this, at this point I am basically all out of ideas besides pursuing legal action (which I am open to doing). I live in California and I have already reported this to the BBB and Attorney General, but I am not seeing any progress. At this point, I do not even care about the money. I am more concerned about pursuing this further so they cannot do this to someone else who does not have the funds or resources I do. Would like advice on how to proceed, adding a timeline of events below:
After this, I have no further communication from them. It's almost June and I still have no resolution. They have no accountability for the additional items they lost, and no one has reached out to indicate how much they are planning to "price" my items for.
TLDR: The RealReal accepted $4000 of designer items and lost them. They tell me they will pay me for my items, then ghost me. They have provided no updates or clarification after almost 4 months of back and forth. Need advice on what to do from here. Thanks!
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2023.05.29 23:32 Bitsiespider2 I, F34, experience shame and doubts in my agegap relationship with F49

I (F34) have been dating my girlfriend (F49) for less than a year. Id like to begin with saying I deeply care for her and love her. We are emotionally strong together and support oneanother. She feels like home and like a warm bath. However I still have doubts and fears sometimes. For example, she looks older (ofc she is) and therefore has way more wrinkles than me and her skin lookes older. Everytime I introduce here, walk hands with her etc, I feel a bit ashamed about being with her. Somehow I think people will see us and think negative about us as a couple. But apart from that, I can find it less attractive that her body looks older. I sometimes have issues getting aroused in bed with her. I think thats partly because she is female (and if I am honest I am physically more attracted to men, just not romantically). So it might now be age related but it adds to my doubts anyways.
She has two children. She is okay with me still wanting to have children of my own too, but in her mind it should be only one as she is approaching the 50 and doesn't think she will be fit enough for more than one. Sometimes I am okay with that idea, given the fact she already has two so it would be a big family already, and sometimes I wonder if I am making the right choices for myself. Maybe I would want to give birth more than once.
She lately told me she sometimes feels guilty. She feels like I have to offer too much for wanting to be with her and she wants me to think everything over again. Do I really want this? Before she even said this, I was feeling more and more certain about us. But since she said this, I am not sure all of a sudden. It's driving me kinda mad. Can anyone relate to these issues? How did u deal with it?
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2023.05.29 23:32 Walkthebluemarble Graffiti & rock stacking

Graffiti & rock stacking
Wondering if anyone knows what is happening in North Hills? I have friends and family there who shared these pics and speak about conversations with L/E about drug activities, break-ins (home/car), human trafficking, open sales in parks and other generally bad trends.
The rock cairns denote hunting spots for gangs/cartel abductions. The increase in tagging has different possible meanings. Does anyone know what the tags say/mean? Would love to hear what others have seen/heard and think. I hear there’s quite a few L/E (active/retired) there. Do you think the criminals care? Is there enough patrolling?
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2023.05.29 23:32 Sudden-Ad1414 Why do they have to ruin the things WE like? «Tiktok18+»???

So my PA disclosed some more stuff, how he had an extra phone, used Snapchat, ads for underwear etc. that he would sometimes download Instagram again and use it. But one thing really hurt me more than the other stuff.
He told me he used a website that was like «tiktok18+». Has anyone ever heard of it before? I havent searched it up but im afraid.
But the thing that hurt me about this, is that we would have a little routine where we would watch tiktoks i had liked for the day. They were mostly cute things like dogs, cats, babies, funny videos etc. he Didnt use tiktok, because we had this thing between us. He wasnt much on social media, only on Facebook. But why would he need to sexualise tiktok? Its probably for the best that i cant use tiktok at all anymore.. but it hurt a lot.
He is doing better, he has been going to his CSAT Weekly, working out, actually doing chores at home (???). He used to be the most lazy man ever. But not anymore. I can feel his prescene more and he is more affectionate.
His CSAT has given him daily tasks to help him quit this stupid thing. They are focusing on trying to stop the masturbation all together actually. My PA is doing mindfullness, meditating. Reading. Listening to podcasts. His phone is available to me all the time. He leaves his phone out of the bathroom. He is getting another accountability partner, another man who is also trying to quit. He is doing all the right things but i still feel like im stuck at D-Day. Im so hurt.
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2023.05.29 23:32 Plenty_Ad8631 Seeking Legal Advice

Recently I've had a home invasion where I was robbed a large quantity of cash (I took the money out the bank to go purchase new appliances but I believe I was setup) which is currently under investigation. But it took a toll on me cause I saved that money for months so I was eager to get it back. I came across an sponsored add on another social platform about "investing" money for information to place bets (match fixing, I'm aware it's illegal). I was convinced I'd try it once which I paid money for the information so I'd be able to get back what I lost but stupid me fell for a scam. The person insist its not a scam and keeps making excuses and said they would refund me the money I invested but up to now nothing. What action can I take against them? Would it be possible to get back my money?
(I'm aware I made a stupid mistake out of desperation but I don't want this to be about the mistake I made but what action can I take against them) thank you.
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2023.05.29 23:32 progolfer32 Need some advice- 2.5% assumable loan

Heys guys…
Listed our home for sale 30 days ago with a company called listing spark. They list on MLS and take pictures for a small flat fee ($1000ish).
We listed the house at $575000 which was on the high end. Zero interest. We lowered price after two weeks to $545000. Interest picked up but zero offers. Have lowered again to $525,000. Interest is higher but no offers yet. Similar house listed at $530,000 on a much smaller lot went under contract a week ago. So I feel like price is OK.
We just found out our 30 year conventional loan is assumable at 2.5%. We owe $300k so buyer would need $200k or so to make this work.
Here are my questions…
  1. Does the assumable loan move the needle at all? And if so what is best way to get the word out? I don’t feel like that many people will read description. Would it be better to de list and re list or do a small price drop with updated description?
  2. Would a realtor help move this faster? Especially if assumable loan is seen as a big positive? Or does the lack of offers come down to what it always does… price.
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2023.05.29 23:32 SuccessfulBrother192 Madame Ursula: Wraithmarsh

After years of play, discovered the creepy shack called Madame Ursulas Home for Little Lost Souls. Is this referring to Ursula the sea witch in the Little Mermaid? Has to be! I still manage to find unexpected stuff in this game.
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2023.05.29 23:32 throwawayymk25 Failed dating game ng NBSB

I (F25) get a lot of compliments na I'm smart, pretty, goal driven, independent and successful in my field. Tho I don't see that I'm at this point yet.
My friends encouraged me to try to be in the dating scene this year. NBSB ako and focus talaga ever since.
And since I got some free time pa, I agreed. May mga nireto sila and I did try dating apps. And usually 1-3 dates lang then di na nasundan 😆
After nilang nalalaman yun sa work, hobbies and interests ko is bigla ko ng naffeel na nagttone down yun chats nila. Yun isa ang Sabi pa is ang high maintenance ko daw. Lol
Then yun sa last na naka-date ko, he's a year older pero he's in a shakey finances and I offered help. Not financially, pero on how to manage it lang and I got him a side job sa past clients ko. Then bigla na lang nagtone down na nman haha. Nakita ko na lang na may nilalandi ng iba sa soc med. HAHAH.
Just a little context about me, di ako nagpapalibre as much as possible. Minsan pa nga I'm the one paying. And I don't mind. I'm in for a quality time lang talaga.
And di ko talaga gets yun high maintenance, Kasi di Naman ako maluho sa katawan. I like to buy on sales or in divi pa din. I came from a poor fam, studied in a state u and I worked really hard to be where I am now. I'm working hard kasi it's for myself and not impress anyone.
Kaya ayun, sabi nun friends ko sa LinkedIn na lang daw ako magtry para same wave length. HAHA.
PERO ayaw ko na hahah, antayin ko na lang na dumating kung meron man. Nakakapagod ng ulit ulitin kung ano favorite food ko.
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2023.05.29 23:32 TeacherWarrior GoFan

Does anybody use GoFan for ticket sales? If so, how do you like it? Have you used their new POS for concessions yet?
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2023.05.29 23:32 Flashy_Knowledge_604 SIB the dark pictures anthology: house of ashes

I played through man of Medan and Little hope via psplus extra and thought they were decent, I preferred man of Medan though. I didn’t think full price would be worth it for those games. However I noticed that house of ashes is on sale for £12.49 and was wondering it is worth it for that price.
What do you think?
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2023.05.29 23:32 justjulesagain Personal health and self care apps

Recently discovered Sweepy for routine home tasks, and I’m wondering if anyone has a recommendation for a similar self care app. If you have one for routine car maintenance I’d love that too!
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