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2023.05.30 00:28 Express-Warthog What are your Gabapentin experiences?

What are you Gabapentin experience, for neurogenic rosacea
  1. Did it work for you?, if so, how long did it take to start working?
  2. Did it take away all the stinging and burning for if so at what percentage?
  3. What dose did you take? Are you on the medication for long term!
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2023.05.30 00:27 Green_Opportunity_34 Feeling very hopeless ( tw suicide)

I’ve struggled with depression for a very long time, and I also have a diagnosis of bipolar but am not sure if it’s accurate. I never feel manic but I always feel depressed and anxious. I also have diagnosed ocd. I feel so depressed that I can’t remember a time I was happy since like 2019, and that memory was very brief even. I have been abused my whole life. I grew up with a drug addicted abusive dad in a hoarder trailer. Now I work as a nurse and I hate it. I never have time to get all my work done and I’m basically a medication dispenser. I can’t spend time with patients and all I can offer is the bare minimum to keep them alive and maybe sort of getting better.
I don’t enjoy my hobbies anymore. I don’t like the taste of food. I can tell that food is good, but it isn’t appealing anymore. None of the meds work. Antipsychotics made me have a ton of horrible symptoms and I doubled in body weight in a year. Prozac helps with the ocd but nothing erases the cloud of depression from every part of my life.
I used to want to get better. Then I had planned to kill myself once I graduated college and got my nursing license, but I tolerated my senior clinical and decided to try working. I handled working for about 4 months, but now, at just 6 months, I have been getting harder and harder assignments and feel like I can’t keep doing this for one second more. I hate it and I cry all the time, I don’t sleep, I don’t eat, I dread it so much. I’m in horrible pain all over my body after each shift to the point of limping to my car. When I get home I take a quick shower and pass out then do it all again. When I’m off I can only manage a quick shower every few days.
I liked my office job in college, so I thought I may like being an office nurse. However, the pay cut would be huge and I couldn’t even pay my bills, let alone groceries or gas. I feel like I’m stuck. I no longer have the energy to try and get better. I no longer believe it gets better. I don’t want to live anymore, I just don’t. Everyone tells me to call the crisis line, go to the hospital, blah blah blah. What’s so wrong with wanting this hell to end? Maybe living is not for everyone. I don’t know if I have the willpower to actually follow through. I just wish I never existed to begin with. I don’t want to hurt anyone, I just want to stop suffering. I was looking forward to talking to my therapist today because I’m about to work three 12 hour shifts straight and I’m dreading it. She never answered the telehealth call. She keeps rescheduling and then not coming. I really liked her, too.
I have noticed the anxiety isn’t so bad anymore though. The fear and dread are there, and the sadness too, but most of the time I feel nothing at all emotionally. Physically I’m hurting and tired, but my emotions feel completely greyscale. I smile and laugh and crack jokes but it’s all fake. Nobody knows how I really feel even if I tell them.
Where do I go from here? Can I please rest?
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2023.05.30 00:27 KymnEm Propagating a Hosta

Propagating a Hosta
Long story short, my grandpa died this last week so I was up in Canada for the funeral. So I cut this leaf from my grandparents front yard and brought it back to Houston with me. It seems to have survived a 10 plus hour car ride and a flight. I really want to make it grow so any tips from the experts would be nice. TIA
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2023.05.30 00:27 Lawyer_butactually Productivity on the Weekend/Disengagement

I (3rd year corporate associate) am having considerable trouble mustering up any enthusiasm for my work (investment funds), even though, by all accounts, I’ve had it pretty good. I recently took a long (2 week) vacation, my practice group emails each other relatively little (or is quiet altogether) on the weekend… but I know I should be trying to put in a few hours over the weekend in order to avoid feeling behind. For months (even years?) I have just have NOT been able to, unless I’ve been explicitly chased. And I hate being chased.
I’m not necessarily looking for tough love—I’m fortunate enough not to fear for my job security—but I’m struggling to make the most of what I know is a lucrative job (probably the most lucrative job I’ll ever have). I’m just feeling bored, disengaged, and unmotivated. Has anyone reached a “third-year itch” and found a way to stick it out in biglaw, maintain their productivity, and make the most of their experience?
Tl;dr — lucky to have a midlevel biglaw job that is highly tolerable, and to be financially stable; but feeling bored, unmotivated, disengaged, and like I can never pull out of procrastination station. When is it time to cut my losses/pivot, vs double down for a while longer?
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2023.05.30 00:27 Txeroki95 Does it doom? On BASS

I've been paying attention to the pedals of Does it doom? for a long time, especially at the Giza, for use with the bass, but I've never tried one.
Can someone tell me their experience with these pedals? or which of them do you recommend to use on the bass?
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2023.05.30 00:27 overflowingpothos bartender flirting etiquette question

Was at my local bar for the first time in a while.
a bartender I recognized bought me my drink...we both seem shy but it's clear we like each other (I think).
I thanked them, we introduced ourselves, but I played it cool past that since I figure it's a bar I'd like to stay a regular at so good to maybe not rush anything.
But now I'm worried I hurt their feelings. Should I have stayed , tried to chat more? They seemed busy so I didn't want to get in the way and figured I'd be back before too long and they're usually on
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2023.05.30 00:26 StephenTheDuck What song did Shadow Dance by Shxdowbxrn sample for the acapella?

Been trying to find this for a long time as I absolutely love the acapella.
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2023.05.30 00:26 O_O_F_ [YAKUZA KIWAMI 2] #100, Now in triple digits! Amazing game as always, first time experiencing Dragon Engine, I love the physics so much. Do miss the multiple fighting styles. This game now has me saying that Goro Majima is the best character in all of gaming!

[YAKUZA KIWAMI 2] #100, Now in triple digits! Amazing game as always, first time experiencing Dragon Engine, I love the physics so much. Do miss the multiple fighting styles. This game now has me saying that Goro Majima is the best character in all of gaming!
Might make a post describing all the games I liked and disliked going for trophies. Been thinking about doing this for a long while. I will more than likely just list games for both the like and dislike categories, may do a little more if I could think of things!
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2023.05.30 00:26 laserknight 2 million views, 20k validators, bridge filling up again, bridge updates coming soon!

2 million views, 20k validators, bridge filling up again, bridge updates coming soon!
Soon R.H will launch bridge updates from TestNet V4.
https://bridge.v4.testnet.pulsechain.com/#/bridge (you need to bookmark this)
as Links in https://scan.v4.testnet.pulsechain.com/ APPS have not yet been updated.
The Validators 20k mark is huge but ladies and gentlemen, as you can see the levelling off as so so many people took a long weekend break ( for a large group it was memorial weekend )
FUD remains strong around the signing off of the debt ceiling of the US and many other countries for that fact... But who will not kiss the many PulseChain FIAT on ramps when FIAT around the world starts to roll out steadily for the course the next 2 years... According to most analysts that will be enough to see the dawning of the next Bull market...

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2023.05.30 00:26 Training-Barnacle356 Should I be doing more?

FTM of a 2 week old. The first week home was just playing catching on sleep, staying caught up with laundry and nursing. The past few days have mellowed out, nursing every 1-3 hours, napping and small wake windows full of big smiles. LO started contact napping during the day and I've caught myself doing absolutely nothing but nursing, watching tv and snuggling all day. And I'm for whatever reason feeling guilty and lazy for not finding other things to do with my time but everything I keep reading says to just imbrace these days because they don't last long. Idk..I'm just looking for reassurance that it's okay to just sit around and snuggle all day??
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2023.05.30 00:26 dislocated_day0 26M looking for a new long term friend! [friendship]

Hi! My name’s Alec, I’m 26, and from the great state of Pennsylvania. I’m currently looking to make some new friends and see what happens on here.
A little bit about me: I’m a gamer. I own a gaming PC, PS5, Nintendo Switch, & Xbox Series X. I play a good majority of everything from Fortnite, Doom, Resident Evil, Metal Gear Solid, etc.
I’m a musician. I play drums, guitar, and I attempt vocals on occasion. I love all types of music. I mostly lean towards rock & metal (Slipknot, Metallica, Trivium, Glassjaw, etc.)
If you think we’d vibe, then hit me up and let’s chat 😌
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2023.05.30 00:26 mahoushoujokuroo Patch 4.2: Muramana is dead, and so is Ezreal

Muramana has been a very niche item for a very small number of champions. However, it has been a beloved core item for Ezreal, as he is a mana hungry ADC with lots of skillshots. Essentially, as Muramana is the core of Ezreal’s identity, Ezreal’s performance has been tanked by how good Muramana is.
As the new caster oriented Muramana came in, I have big expectations that it will be similar to the PC version: an AD caster item with a lot of build flexibility. I think reworked Manamune/Muramana on PC has been a huge success, and there are many champions who benefit from it, ranging from Lethality Sivir (before the mini rework) to even Blue Kayn. So, I tested this item several times, this time not on Ezreal, though, but on one of my favorite champions, Pantheon.
Some of the Pantheon games were pretty satisfying, when I started popping big amounts of damage from this Muramana item. Black Cleaver + Serrated Dirk + Serylda + Muramana was my build. However, after several testings, eventually I realized something: I actually dealt the same amount of damage compared to the usual Youmuu build. The damage numbers didn’t change at all. I’m back to where I started.
And if it’s bad on Pantheon, it will be worse on Ezreal.
Why is Muramana bad, you ask? Look at the item stats. Spending 2.5% current mana to deal 2.5% current mana on-hit damage. Spending 4% current mana to deal 4% current mana + 6% AD to enemy champion. Compare this to the old Muramana, when you used to spend 3% current mana to deal 6% current mana. 6% current mana down to 2.5%. That’s a huge nerf for Ezreal. You used to deal 6% current mana on-hit damage per auto attack and per Mystic Shot. And now you deal much less on-hit damage, for what? So that your 3rd skill and ultimate deal a teeny bit of extra damage? I’m not sure that’s what I want to go for.
Now, let’s compare this to PC. In hindsight, comparing this to League PC Muramana, where it deals 1.5% max Mana damage on-hit and 3.5% (ranged) /2.7% (ranged) + 6% AD, this seems like an upgrade. However, PC Muramana has a perk Wild Rift doesn’t. PC Muramana doesn’t require you to spend a hefty amount of mana to cast abilities. And one more important thing, PC Muramana gives you tons of AD (35 basic + 2.5% max mana). That’s like 85 AD if you managed to achieve 2000 max mana. In comparison to Wild Rift, here, you basically wasted a lot of mana for nothing!
Ezreal needs Muramana to function. So, if Muramana is bad, Ezreal is dead.
To make this new Muramana work, Riot has to risk turning it into the ‘god of AD items’, giving you the highest possible AD in Wild Rift. Probably something like increasing the base damage from 25 -> 35, increasing the bonus AD scaling from 1.5% max mana to 2% max mana. Or both. There are many ways to alter this Muramana, but one thing is for sure: Muramana needs a buff.
There might come some ‘creative new builds’ like Muramana Blue Kayn, Muramana Pantheon, Muramana Jayce, or even Muramana Twisted Fate, who knows? Ezreal has always been my pocket pick if I want to play ADC, and as long as Ezreal is viable, that’s something I’m willing to take.
So, what do you think about new Muramana? Does it need a buff, or it's fine as it is?
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2023.05.30 00:26 jwaugh3 How did you decide on your style?

Hey guys, long time follower of Colin and Samir.
I'm curious to hear how people landed on the style that they record and edit their videos. With so many ways to tell a story on youtube how do you decide?
For example, if you were to film a video about you spending the week camping in the woods. You could make the video in the style of: - A short story where you are dropped off in the middle of nowhere and left to survive (dramatic storytelling). - A "how to" survive in the wild (informative) - A video about the journey of spending a week in the woods (vlog) - A story of accomplishing something while in the woods (documentary style)
I feel like there are endless possibilities on how to record and edit content for youtube. What helped you to decide on your style?
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2023.05.30 00:26 Witty-Stable2175 Whenever I go home for break, I get sick [21F]

Details: [21F], 4'11, 98 pounds, I have had minor IBS for almost my whole life
I'm in college right now at a school on the east coast of the US, but my home is 3.5 hour flight away in the southern part of the US. I've noticed this issue for a few years now, but whenever I go home for break, I usually get sick right after.
I'll either get a cold (fever, cough, sneeze), or I'll get food poisoning-like symptoms (diarrhea, nausea, slight fever and discomfort). Last break, I got a cold immediately after I got home.
This break, I didn't get sick immediately, but I did notice my stool was a bit unhealthy (might also be related to my IBS). I got my wisdom teeth removed the day after I came home and have been taking antibiotics 3 times daily as prescribed by my dentist. Recovery has been fine, but I missed one dose of antibiotics a few days ago.
Yesterday, I was feeling a bit queasy after a 2 hour midday nap. This usually happens to me when I nap for too long. The queasiness persisted, and I ended up not eating dinner. After dinner, I took a dose of antibiotics for my wisdom teeth. Later that night, I got a fever and had my first diarrhea bowel movement. I took another dose of antibiotics before sleeping but could not fall asleep, as I had to get up frequently for diarrhea.
Ended up getting only a few hours of asleep, and although the fever, chills, and bodyaches are gone, the diarrhea is persistent. I also took another dose of antibiotics this morning, but not sure if I should stop because I read online that it can cause diarrhea.
TLDR: Perhaps what's happened is I got sick and antibiotics are making diarrhea worse.
What I'm not sure about is:
1) why do I get sick so frequently when I come home for breaks? Does it have something to do with my hygiene or eating habits? Or perhaps my immune system relaxing more after the stress of finals???
2) how can I alleviate diarrhea symptoms? And should I stop taking antibiotics for now?
3) how can I try to prevent getting sick next break?
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2023.05.30 00:26 tjmora Let's say I want to create a cricket academy/club in my country. Is there any monetary incentive for creating one?

In association football, FIFA has what is called solidarity fee that is paid to the academy(ies) which trained a player during their youth. I think it's 5% of the transfer fee for a player. Let's say a club sells a player for just €1 million to another club, then about €50k goes to the academy(ies) which trained them during their youth.
You can also just build a football club in addition to a football academy. Once your student turns 18, sign him to a long-term contract then loan him to a different club. As he progresses in talent, loan him to a better and wealthier club. If all goes well, someone will offer to buy him and your club will get paid. Obviously you will need to train a lot of youth as not all will progress well enough.
Association football is my favorite sport. But lately I'm really getting into cricket. It's fun. More fun than baseball in my opinion (and I watch baseball sometimes). I sometimes entertain the idea that once I retire, I may want to establish a football academy and club in my country, the primary purpose of which is the training of new talent. Though my country, the Philippines, isn't really into football (and not into cricket as well). I'm prepared to sink money into this, treat it like a charitable endeavor at first. But long-term in order to sustain itself, it needs to earn money. I don't think the pay-to-play model used in America will work in my poor country. But at least with transfer fees and FIFA's solidarity fees, a path to sustainable income is achievable.
So my question is how about for a cricket academy/club? Is there possible path to sustainable income?
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2023.05.30 00:26 ThatWeirdNerdGuy Do I keep trying polyamory for my wife and I, or just go back to monogamy?

Time for backstory: my wife (23) and I (22, today is my birthday actually) have been together going on 4 years now and we have a 16-month-old son. Neither of us had ever been poly or had an open relationship, and we're both frankly new to all of this, although we've talked about it for many months now.
Originally it was my idea, and she was very much against it but was willing to try for me. I had a hard time finding anyone to even had a conversation with, but eventually, the idea of me falling for another person overwhelmed it and we called it all off. I was okay with this as this is what we agreed on.
About a month later she told me she felt bad about it and wanted to try again, so we did. This time I found a girl on a poly Facebook group that was fairly local and we hit it off talking. I asked my wife if it was okay if I asked her out for coffee and she said she was okay with that. The day before we were supposed to go out, my wife said it was all overwhelming for her again and we called everything off once again. (worked out fine because that girl ended up ghosting me the same day)
My wife became very upset by the mention of poly shortly after this, and I agreed to not even bring it up again for the sake of our marriage. This was about 4-5 months ago.
Out of the blue a few weeks ago my wife ask if she could look for someone on Tinder to hook up with. I happily said yes, because I think that's hot and I'm kinda a cuck tbh. She hit it off with the guy and she left to go meet up with him. they ended up doing some stuff in his car (making out, fingering, etc) that night and she liked the whole experience. (this was the first time she had done anything like this since we had been together) she kept texting the guy and enjoyed his conversation as a friend and I was really happy that she was having fun.
The next day she met another guy (we will call him J), and they hit it off even better. He asked to take her out that night and she got excited and got dressed up and he came and picked her up. I met him at the door when she picked him up, he was a little old than us both (26), in much better shape than me, and shared in all her interests that I didn't. I felt a little jealous at first, but I wanted her to be happy, and this was what I had been wanting for almost a year at this point. She asked when she should be home, I told her 11. It was weird when she left, sending her out with this guy she had been talking about all day at this point. I felt jealous and lonely while she was gone, but I was doing my best to handle it. Around 10:30 that night she asked if it was okay if they stayed out a little late and said she was having a wonderful time. I reluctantly said yes, wanting her to have fun, but also missing her. She didn't end up coming home til almost 2 am, which was much later than I even expected and I was honestly upset, but I didn't feel like I could be mad since she did ask if she could stay out later. She came in swooning over him and telling me all the great things about him and then showed me all the Hickeys and bite marks and the videos of them fucking. He was much more dominant and aggressive than I am, and she was loving it. was equally jealous, and angry at this guy, and honestly turned on. I'm not the jealous type at all, but this had me overwhelmingly jealous and upset. My wife noticed that I was turned on and we ended up fucking ourselves and she kept telling me how hot it was that I was jealous and how she wanted both of us at once. Which did admitted turn me on a lot, even though I was jealous.
I talk with my wife about all the feelings I was having and that this was all a lot for me in all honestly. It was at this point she started telling me that she wants to be poly now permanently and that she finally gets it and I should go find a girlfriend. I was taken aback by both, how I was feeling and how she was feeling now. Our places from our last two experiences just flipped. I agreed that we could give it a try, and figured maybe I wouldn't feel so weird or upset if I was also getting to enjoy another person.
The next day my wife asked if she could have J over to have a campfire once our son was asleep. She was so excited when she asked, and I wanted to challenge my comfort zone, so I said yes. I was going to be in my office playing DnD with the guys, so I wouldn't be able to be around. She assured me they would just hang out as friends tonight and take things slower than before. Later into the night, about 3 hours after he got there, I walked in on them having sex on the couch in the living room, him on top of her. her moaning a little extra loud so I would hear them. At this point I was full of so much anger and jealousy I felt my blood boiling. But she was enjoying herself, and she smirked at me, which I knew meant she was wanting to make me a little jealous. I ended up leaving my dnd game early, and trying to calm myself down and talk to J. Maybe I would like him more. But I don't think talking to him while I was fully clothed, and he and my wife were both naked helped at all. They also were drunk, especially my wife. (which my wife never drinks) somehow it turned into my wife talking me into doing shots with them and her taking my clothes off. I reluctantly joined in, still not happy about this situation, but admittedly turned on, and not wanting to ruin the night for my wife. I remembered Tyrion from GOT thrones when he said "I should have defied him, but my cock betrayed me, and I did as I was bid." and related to this very strongly. I mostly was a 3rd wheel, as he was so dominant and she just leaned into him. I hadn't seen her kiss someone so passionately and aggressively before. It was hard, and I was too pussy to stop it. My wife certainly had a good night. J ended up sleeping on the other side of our bed with her in the middle, (later described by her as heavenly) while I was mildly wanting to stab this stranger that my wife was so infatuated with.
After he left that next morning, I sat down with my wife and gave her my recap of the evening and all of my feelings. She technically didn't do anything wrong, as we really hadn't set any rules or boundaries, but I quickly discovered that was out of our noobie foolishness. But I felt so betrayed and violated. This was 2 weeks ago now.
We have been talking a lot about everything, and I've tried to take some time to process everything. My wife is on board to never talk to J or anyone else again if I ask her to, as I had done for her previously. But she likes J, and I know that would hurt her, and I can't stand hurting her. I've talked a little more to J, and he's honestly a nice guy. I wanted to find red flags or something to dislike, but I can't. The worse part is, I kind of hate the guy, and I don't know why. I think he's just a victim of circumstance, and that evening hurt me and fucked me up a little, even though it wasn't his fault any more than it was mine or my wife's. It was just naive people doing foolish things before we were ready.
This last couple of weeks has been a lot of emotions, my wife and I communicating, arguing, crying, and hugging. Me feeling lonely, a little broken, and honestly depressed. We love each other and agreed that our marriage is most important as things are. But my wife has also expressed that she really likes J and could see a future for him with us too. And I don't feel like I'm able to give him a fair shot, because of my unfounded emotions toward him.
Now that you know all of that, here's the reason for the post: Any advice, I will happily take it. After careful consideration, I only see 3 options and I can't figure out which is best, and neither can my wife, and I'm honestly lost. 1. Stop polyamory in our marriage and ghost J 2. Stay polyamorous, and ghost J (he just leaves a bad taste in my mouth, and it's sadly not his fault but idk how to get over it, I want to, but idk how.) 3. Stay polyamorous, and try to befriend J for my wife's sake, even though it makes me extremely uncomfortable, and want to stab myself a little bit.
Sorry, that was long, thank you for reading.
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2023.05.30 00:26 TrainingDrop9283 Under wich circumstances do you think a 12/13 years old could win their games?

Under wich circumstances do you think a 12/13 years old could win their games?
Le's tme know what do you think I'd love to hear more about this. I know than the games are NOT suppose to be fair and someone that young stands very littel chance of surviveing, but crazyer things have happend. Just because it's unlikely dosen't meen it's impossible. I personaly think the tributes from 3 would have the best chance of pulling this off, they fight with their brains so their young age wouldn't be too much of an inderence to their game plan. I think the tributes from 5 and 6 are also good candidates, they are good at stalling the game out and if they take the right risk at the right time it might pay off. I'm of the option than Rue had a fair shot of actualy wining, she had all the tools she could possibly need face that specifc arena. Up in the trees she was basicly untouchable, she had food, she knew where to find water, at some point she would have probably been sponsored something besides the bread from her district, and since she was the best climber and had a slingshot she could easly keep her final opponet(s) off the corunocopia at the mercy of the mutts below. Someone from 7 or 11 in a similar arena would probably fair just as well as her. I bet this same set ig skills is what allowed Johana to fly under the radar for so long during her games. Any more suggestions?
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2023.05.30 00:26 negradelnorte Weaning

I’m nearing the 6 month mark if combination feeding. I’m an educator so I’m off for the summer right now. I very much ready to have my body back to being mine. I hate pumping at work and being a human pacifier at night. I thoroughly enjoyed BF my LO and am so grateful that I was able to do it as long as I have. I didn’t think we’d make it to 6 months. I have a lot of questions about weaning when you’re combination feeding. Have any of you done it before? How much time should I allow us? How did you do it? Much appreciated!
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2023.05.30 00:26 Katerpillar3 Mutual “Friend” trying to have an affair with another friends husband… should I tell them?

For context, I’m 20 and nowhere even close to marriage, the other three people are 30. I know how I would handle this with friends my age, but Im struggling to figure out what the “adult” way to approach this would be. Long story short, two of my closest friends are married, and another person we all know and have to interact with in a fairly professional setting is interested in trying to have an affair with the guy in the marriage. For the past week, She won’t stop telling me how attractive he is, how she thinks she has a chance, and constantly asks me to try and hint at him for her. I’ve told her countless times that she’s way off base, and that I’ve never seen someone more in love with their wife in my life. None of us like her very much, and the guy she’s trying to get with especially dislikes her. I know that there is no risk of him cheating however I’m wondering if I should be telling the couple about this. If they knew, it would make it almost impossible to work with her and would cause major problems, so is it better for me to just stay quiet knowing that nothing could ever come from it, or do I just be honest and let the natural consequences happen?
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2023.05.30 00:26 Repulsive_Wishbone_6 Help with brakes

Help with brakes
So I decided to do my own front pads & rotors, 05 Buick Lacrosse. I used to do this type of thing a lot when I was much younger but haven’t done brakes in close to 20 years. I figured it would come right back to me (and I watched a couple YouTube videos to refresh my mind) I’ve been having some grinding and thought maybe my passenger side caliper was sticking. I got everything off and back on and didn’t think I had any issues.
One thing I know I did wrong now was I didn’t really pay attention to the pads as far as where the pad with the wear indicator was positioned (does it matter as far as the operation of the brakes or is it just a preference?) anyway I also decided to completely drain the fluid and bleed in fresh fluid (~150k and never done to my knowledge) no issues there, clean fluid at all 4 wheels and no bubbles and a full tank.
When I tried to drive it started making some scraping noises, more on the drivers side rather that the passenger side like before I did the work. I attempted to try the 30-30-30 thing but couldn’t really get up to 30mph, more like 20-25. I have a long driveway and didn’t feel confident taking it on the street just yet. The scraping / grinding seems really loud in the car but my wife said she can’t hear it standing in the driveway. Pedal is responsive but the scraping sound started getting better but then seemed to get worse. I decided after about 10 passes up the driveway to call it a day and ask before I F something up. I really don’t want to give up and take it to the shop. I’m trying to put as little money as possible to keep this car going and my regular mechanic is cool with me not bringing it in at this point but I really don’t want to take something I tried to do myself to him to correct.
I’m thinking I may need calipers but didn’t want to just automatically go there since the issue seems worse on the drivers side now when it was the passenger side. Also passenger side pads were much more worn (see pic, down to metal) I knew I needed rotors, they were original and pads done once at around 70k.
Any advice on what to check, if I need to put the pads in a different position for the wear indicator tabs etc. I will add I feel like I lubricated properly, anti seize in the correct places and lube on the sliders and pins. Thanks in advance for any help and sorry about the long post but hopefully I gave all the required info.
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2023.05.30 00:25 SamM0415 Why do I pace all the time and how do I stop?

I pace around the room all day even before I got laid off (I even paced around the room at work, not just at home or at a relative's house). I'll just pace around the living room or in the hall. Not walking, skipping. I sometimes injure myself.
A couple weeks ago, I injured myself so bad when I slipped when pacing. I fell onto my right elbow and my chin. My right elbow and chin were bleeding. I had to get stitches on my chin, my mom was able to clean up the blood (I passed out for a couple seconds). I got a mild concussion.
I've been pacing all the time since I was 10 (I'm a 23f). I don't know why I pace and how to stop. If I go without pacing for a long time, I always get this urge that I can't control.
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2023.05.30 00:25 RebbeShelanu Legitimacy of the Moroccan State

This is not some utopian text where I wish for a perfect Republic. I don't even want a Republic, I simply think that the current form of the State and the people who compose it is not legitimate at all.
I was born and raised outside of Morocco (Europe), and am a proud Zmagri and Moroccan. I lived in Morocco for 4 years, but I spend a minimum of 3 months every single year in Morocco.
I have been saving money for the past 9 years, and have just bought a plot of land (not long ago). In order to purchase the land, I had to go to the nearest Moroccan consulate, and the treatment would be very poor. I would call them, and they would never pick up. I would follow the rules and book and appointment at the consulate, and the two times I went there on the time they told me, they would tell me "Makayinsh l3doul daba". If I would come later, they would tell me "ma3andeksh rendez-vous". I ended up going to Morocco, and carry out the paper work over there. Again, the public administration was also disgusting over there. I would then go to the notaire, and apparently, I had to pay 140 thousand dirhams for taxes (which is understandable). I would like to say that in the consulate the Adoul was watching TikTok for half an hour in his office, and had his feet on a chair (I cannot forget the sandals he was wearing).
In order to build upon the land, I obviously need to go and ask for permits. I have tried to do so, but then nothing. I have met with many people from the baladiya, and they were all using their position of power to extorsion me and ask me for money. One of them even dared to ask me "3andek l'euro m3ak?". After many formal complaints on my behalf, written by my lawyer (family member), they literally couldn't care less.
I have just received the news today, that my land will be expropriated because there will be some center built on it?
I am not the kind of Moroccan that shouts and screams. But my anger is on a level that I have never even had. I started working at the age of 14 as a plumber, and then went to study, and then uni.
The question is, is this state really legitimate? Because I am honestly starting to believe in "An eye for an eye". These people will never understand the repercussions of their actions unless they suffer something similar (i.e. burn their house too). Also, I think that if we wouldn't have a king, it would even be more chaotic. So I am thankful to an extent.
But my question is, is this really a state? Do they 3tamed 3lik? Is this legitimate? Obviously, there is nothing else to do, as they have the monopoly of the force. But what is the solution? Some sort of Sharia law?
Legally, I have some chance of getting reimbursed the full price I paid for it.

Thanks in advance guys
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