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2016.04.09 20:23 WakeUp_SmellTheAshes My Analysis of Jay Bauman's Daily Vlogs

EDIT: Jay's Youtube, if you are unfamiliar with the videos.
Overall the videos seem to be a symbolic representation of the life and death of a daily vlog.
The first video has three components: The money on the table, the gift, and the candle.
  1. The money represents resources, the time and effort that vloger puts into the production and topics they will talk about.
  2. The gift represents the true offering of the vloger to the community at large.
  3. The candle respresents the passion of the vloger.
In the first episode we see the candle being lit: the vloger at some point in the first episode really realizes they are doing something they want to do and become invested in the vlog.
In the second episode a bowl of ice appears. This represents a "cool idea" the vloger has. This could be anything from a unique perspective, good comedy bits, etc. It's what makes the vlog stand out.
As the vlog progresses three things happen. The candle burns down, the ice melts, and slowly the coins disappear.
  1. The candle burning down shows us the pashion of the vloger diminishing.
  2. The ice melting is the orginal idea being used up.
  3. The coins disappearing shows us that the vloger is putting less and less time and effort into the video in pre- and post-production.
This continues on until January 32nd. At this time the ice has almost completely melted and the colors become noticeably desaturated. In the dying breathes of the cool idea the vlog becomes bland and unremarkable.
Over the next couple days attempts to create interest are tried, the color is corrected a couple time, even over-saturated once, the position of the bowl and gift box are moved around, the camera moves slightly, etc.
Notable in the period of trails is January 35th. This is the first day that all the coins on the table were missing. At the same time, the lighting used is just the normal overhead lighting in the room. This is the first time the vloger turned on their camera and started rambling, having done no planning for what would be said beforehand, they didn't even bother to turn on the lamp in the corner that gives much more dramaticlighting.
On January 51st we get another shift. This day two videos are posted. The first is the still frame that is generally the thumbnail of all these videos. I am not entirely sure what this means, but I believe it is an unrelated video that does not follow suit with the format or content of the typical vlogs. It's just simply a rant the vloger posted because he/she has a captive audience.
The second video posted has a slow desolve from a healthy sized candle to a nearly burnt out candle. This video is the first video we see the vloger's passion has actually disappeared.
On January 56th, the gift disappears. Whatever promise or hope there was that the vlog would take off is now gone. The vloger is passionless, the good content long ago melted away, and it hasn't been produced with any love in just as long. We get one more video where we can see the table and the rest of them are all underexposed/darkened. This symbolizes the content being restricted entirely to the vlogers perspective and understanding with no research and no attempt to fully understand what they are talking about today. And it also seems to mirror videos of people talking under their bedsheets with a flashlight pointed at their face. We saw this once before, but now it's all there is.
On January 63rd we get the last video, the vlog is now dead.
The date in the title of each post appears to mock the idea of a daily vlog (why bothering caring what day these things happened) and the title itself looks like it mocks the vapid topics typically discussed. The ambient music is the vlogers voice, which is not given any discernable characteristics because what the vloger actually says isn't important to what Jay is trying to show.
What are your guys' thoughts?
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