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2023.06.08 16:03 throwRAlovesickgirlx AITA for changing my profile picture on Facebook when my father called me derogatory terms for my previous one?

During my (19F) teenage years, I faced criticism from my father (60M) for wearing skirts, shorts, and tops with thin straps to cope with the hot climate in the Philippines. Despite my petite frame, he deemed my clothing promiscuous and often called me derogatory names. Even when my outfits were appropriate, my father would criticize my tops for appearing indecent due to my larger bust. My father continued criticizing my clothing choices, and my mother (40F) remained passive, occasionally adding her agreement to his comments.
While most of this behavior ceased when I turned 18, this night my father burst angrily into my room, shouting, "Are you a fucking slut?! Do you work at the airport?!" as he shoved his phone in my face. In the Philippines, the term "taga airport," translated to "from the airport" in English, is a derogatory term used to describe sex workers, as many strip clubs are located near airports. When I looked at his phone, I saw that he was referring to my current profile picture on Facebook, which was a mirror selfie of me wearing a string top with a little bit of my cleavage showing.
The photo that my father showed me was a screenshot sent by his brother (60M). It didn't surprise me because he has always been the one to make negative comments about my pics, especially when there is even a slight hint of cleavage visible. He would consistently urge my father to ask me to change such photos.
He was fuming mad and kept spouting things like "Are you fucking brainless?", "Why post this kind of picture?", and "What will the other family members say when they see this?" I was confused at first since the picture was pretty decent and it wasn't anything nude, provocative, nor explicit.
My father insisted that I change my profile picture. I declined, which led to an argument. My mother (40F) also insisted that I should delete and change the pic. I told them no, and said that my profile picture was perfectly fine and there was nothing wrong with it. I told them that since it was my account, they had no authority to demand changes. But, my father said that posting such a picture was a "life-long humiliation" for him and that he had lost his will to live because of it.
During the argument, a spiteful thought crossed my mind, thus this is where I might be the asshole. I edited my previous picture and added a text overlay that covered my modest display of cleavage, with the word "censored," used it as a profile picture. I accompanied it with a caption saying, "I hope my entire family is no longer angry since I no longer look like a hooker."
My relatives on my father's side are blowing me up on our family group chat. And his brother, the one who showed the picture to my father, is telling me to remove my profile picture again. I think I took it too far and should've just changed it with a different picture. So reddit AITA?
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2023.06.08 15:07 Hemeralopic What is the notional unit of decency?

Hello! (Sorry for my English level). in French and in English, "indecent things" has an extension which covers indecent presentation (social convention, like walking nude in the street) and a not-moral behavior.
https://www.reddit.com/WriteStreakEN/comments/1448mq8/streak_212_decency/ (I develop this question in this text).
I don't find a satisfying notional unit of "decency": between a decent job and a decent clothing, what is the relationship? My feeling is that a social convention and moral principles are put together in a same notion.
Thank you!
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2023.06.08 14:55 Salty_Drop My husband (28m) betrayed me (25f) and I don’t know how to function anymore

My husband (we’ll call him Ron) and I met in 2015, he proposed in 2018 and we got married in July 2022. We soon became pregnant and we’ve just had our first son in April 2023. From the start of our relationship, Ron has been the classic male, uses pron but it did not diminish our intimacy. It did however affect me as I am insecure about my body (not my face) but because I knew it was all in my head I let him do what he wanted because he still treated me really well and made me feel wanted. Until the few moments I find him sexting random people anonymously (in our first year of dating) I stood up for myself and said if you want a relationship with me, stop this because your saying things to a random what you do to me and that makes me feel worthless, he apologised and promised he wouldn’t do it again. As the years go on and our relationship develops, we learn about each other’s kinks and desires and have a wonderful sex life. He goes on his first bux party for his best friend and they go to a strip club and he gets multiple private dances where he sees everything and cops a feel of the dancers (I learn later). When he got him from the bux party the following day, I break down because I felt so insecure in a sense of feeling undesirable where the strip club was the tipping point. I explained to him in immense detail that I feel inferior and unattractive when he watches pron, when we do couple pron, when he compliments other girls platonically, when he hangs out with his girl friend, when he tells me about his work wife and I feel that him going to a strip club made me feel cheated on (emotionally) even though I understand it means nothing and it’s a place/job for women to get money etc (logically I understand and I’m fine with it but I just feel so insecure!) (my insecurities stems from being 6’4ft looking intimidating, having shit boobs and anatomy in general, not being petite blonde or having pretty eyes when that’s all the pron he watches and women he interacts with). He thankfully said if he knew it affected me this much he would’ve never done it. We talked it over and agreed to stop all pron related things and basically help me not hate myself. I’m grateful. A year later I let him have his last visit to a strip club for his own bux party knowing that I would marry him 3 months later. I worked on myself and got a professional personal trainer to help me love myself and look fly as for our wedding. I felt great and felt like I could trust Ron. Great wedding, I get pregnant, Have the worst pregnancy ever but I’m supported so well by Ron, have a c section and after having baby for 6 weeks I stumble onto his reddit profile while playing games on his computer only to find personal messages of him actively seeking dominatrix/role play, paying for nudes and sending a girl a photo of him nutting on a photo of her body (classic model body and nothing like me). Everything was dated 2 months before our wedding but nothing since. I feel betrayed, unwanted, unattractive and pathetic. I told him straight away that it was the most disgusting thing I have ever seen and how could he do that too me and what was going through his mind. He said sincerely that he was sorry and he didn’t know what he was thinking at the time and that he knows how it makes me feel. He said that me and our son are the most important things to him now and he hasn’t done anything since then (there were messages and comments and upvotes from the whole relationship basically he was doing It behind my back and lied to me about it the whole time). I’m not as mad because he’s treated me so well since and I’m the happiest I’ve ever been in our relationship with our little one. He hasn’t behaved or treated me badly. But I wonder what I would’ve done had I found out 2 months before our wedding. When I was at my highest health and physically fit. The more I see the image in my head the more I believe I’m not good enough no matter what state my body is in and I feel I’ll keep loosing him to temptation of other women but I’m trying my best to ignore my insecurity because to him it truely meant nothing but he disregarded everything that I was vulnerable to him about. I’m also trying my best not to connect any dots to new mum bod and how I’m More undesirable now. How do I move on in this relationship going forward? He’s a good man and treats us all well but has made me feel undesirable no matter what I do even when he says otherwise. I’m lost in my insecurity and I just want to get out to think about this clearly but I can’t. I’m going to go back to the gym because I know it makes me feel good and strong but I can’t change how beefy and tall I am but I keep reminding myself he married me because he finds me attractive yet he lusts over other women that look nothing like me. How do I recover from this and what do I do moving forward?
TLDR; wife finds year old sexting of husband nutting to a photo of another girls body when wife set a boundary due to her insecurity of her own body and now feels like she can’t trust him and what he says and his thoughts about her let alone wife feels unattractive, betrayed and unwanted. What to do moving forward for relationship, regain trust?
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2023.06.08 14:22 YukiteruAmano92 Remembrance, Chapter 7 of 28

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---Esme’s perspective---
---Sunday, 31st of December, 2682 Terran Calendar---
---Interior Sahul---
OK, Esme… Dont think about the muscular arm wrapped around your shoulders! Don’t think about the muscular chest pressed into your side! Dont think about the muscular, sweaty back that you have your arm around!
Even if this werent a serious, potentially life threatening, situation, now would still not be an appropriate time to be getting excited!
You just made up with this guy after nearly two months of being a petty bitch to him for what, in hindsight, was no reason at all!
“Stop… stop…” he says, weakly “…I’m gonna vomit…”
I release him and he goes to the ground, retching.
I look away as he gives me all the antiaphrodisiac I need for the moment, spewing out his guts onto the sand…
After a bit of dry heaving, he stands back up and looks to me… his sweaty, sharp featured face sunken and sallow.
“I think I might be OK to walk myself, now.”
“No, you’re not! This isn’t like alcohol poisoning! Vomiting won’t do anything! If you faint without someone to break the fall, you’re gonna get a head injury!” I say, firmly, getting under his arm to support him before he has the chance to argue.
“Reid… I think we need to call an evac… this is bad!” says Taylor, his deep voice reverberating against my side.
“Alright… so call it then.”
He freezes and looks down at me
“What do you mean, Reid…?”
Confused, I answer “You said we should call an evac… so, call an evac.”
You have the beacon, Reid… I left the beacon for you… Please tell me you have the beacon!”
“What?! I thought you had it! I didn’t see anything on the table besides a knife, a canteen, a compass and a keyring!”
“The keyring, Reid!… That was the beacon! Did you not read the manual at all!?… Please tell me you have it!”
My stomach sinking, I answer “I… don’t, Taylor… I’m sorry! I left it there ’cause I thought someone had dropped it by mistake!”
Looking more resigned than angry, he says “So… we’re going to have to survive five days with a man down and no medical treatment then…?”
“Looks like it, yes… I’m sorry, Taylor… Maybe we could try walking to the agricultural band?”
“We’d never make it… It’s hundreds of kilometres… even if we were both healthy, we wouldn’t get there before the capsule came to collect us!” he asserts.
“I’m so sorry, Taylor!”
He gives a feeble wave of his left arm and says “It’s done now… let’s just get to the cliff…”
I nod and keep walking, supporting the massive man.
We come up the rocky slope at the foot of the cliff.
Mercifully, we’re in the shade here, as the sun is fucking fierce!
We spot a cavemouth and head for it.
“Leave me here…*huff*… and check for snakes…*huff*… I don’t want to…*huff*… get bitten again…” he instructs, breathlessly.
I bend down to lie him on the ground and hurry into the shallow cave.
I check the ceiling, the floor and every crevice I can see for snakes, spiders, scorpions or anything else that a massively envenomed person might not want nearby.
I find nothing.
When I turn around, I see Taylor sat up on the ground, drinking from his flask.
“I thought you wanted to distil that first?”
Fuck that!” he says, swearing for the first time I’ve heard “I’m going to die…*huff*… of thirst before enough water…*huff*… goes through a…*huff*… solar still…*huff*… to be useful…*huff*… Needs…*huff*… must!” before taking another glug.
I look out across the landscape.
The little oasis where we collected the water is still visible, despite the amount of time it’s taken us to get here!
I suppose it makes sense… I originally pointed out this cliff from near there…
It just feels like we’ve gone miles and miles!
I suppose, progress is slow when you’ve got an envenomed person slung over your shoulders!
“Let’s get you inside, Taylor. The caves clean.”
---Oskar’s perspective---
I took off my sweat drenched clothes a while ago, laying them out on the rock, beside me.
Reid is off, gathering firewood and hunting for anything we might eat tonight now that the sun is lower in the sky.
I would definitely not recommend intentional envenoming as a means of avoiding work to any considering it!
I am weak, I am sweaty, I am dizzy and nauseated and, all in all, if someone gave me the choice between feeling like this and doing a bit of gathering, they wouldn’t be able to finish their sentence before I bit their hand off for the latter option!
“I’m baaack, Taylor… how’re you holding-ohgoodgodyourenaked!”
I look up at the flush faced girl and blearily say “And… youre sunburned, Reid… How did that happen…?” the sun should have been low enough by the time I said to go out that, even with her pale skin, she should have been fine.
Not answering my question she turns to face away from me.
“I… uhm… err… I got a tonne of deadwood for the fire… dry plantmatter for kindling too… and look…” she thrusts a sharpened stick with an enormous anuran creature skewered onto its end into the air “…eating frog’s not gonna be my finest moment but it’ll beat starving!… The daft bugger just sat there and let me spear him!”
“That’s a cane toad…” I say, drowsily.
“Alright, eating cane toad won’t be my finest moment but…”
“They’re an invasive species, introduced to Australia in the early 20th Century as a means of controlling pests. They’re rare on the continent, these days, because of centuries of consistent eradication efforts…”
Why have we worked so hard to get rid of them?” she asks, not turning to look at me.
“Because of how incredibly poisonous they are to the local fauna… Anything not specifically evolved to deal with their toxins is quite likely to die if it eats them.”
“Oh…” she says, dejectedly “…don’t suppose we’re a creature evolved to deal with them, are we?”
“We’re not, no… There is some part of them that’s not toxic but… I can’t remember if it’s the liver or the kidneys, I don’t trust either of us to identify their liver or kidneys… aaand there’s a nonzero chance that I’ve misremembered that and it’s only their liver and/or kidneys that are toxic… not worth risking for the amount of nutrition we’d get.”
“So, I might as well not have killed this thing, then?”
“Nooo… You’re contributing to removing them from the ecosystem…”
“Great comfort thatll be when we’ve not eaten for five days(!)” she observes, miserably.
“We’ll eat… you’ll find something tomorrow…”
Look at you…” she says, still not looking at me “…half dead and still able to give an ecology lecture and words of encouragement!”
“You arent looking at me, Reid… why aren’t you looking at me?”
Because…!” she flusters “…you’re… naked!”
I chuckle, weakly “You Christians and your prudishness! Here I am, ‘half dead’ in your words, and you’re worried about seeing my penis…?”
“I’m not a Christian anymore, thank you very much!… Been an atheist since I was 14!”
“You act like a Christian, Reid…” I smile.
Angrily, she turns around, her face beet red (in a way I now realise isnt from the sun) and her eyes wide, she makes a point of staring intently, up and down the length of my body.
“‘Look at me(!) Im a Pagan and totally comfortable with nudity!’” she says, doing an unflattering impression of me.
“I’m not a Pagan, as I’ve said before… I am totally comfortable with nudity.”
“So you’d be totes cool with me stripping off, then(!)” she asks in defiant accusation.
Totes(!)… Actually, it’s probably a good idea… It’ll get cold at night and you’ll freeze if you’re sweaty!”
She looks at me, calculating.
“I’m gonna get the fire going…” she says, truculently “…thatll keep us warm and dry!”
With that, she picks up a stick, pulls out her knife and begins carving a V-notch into it.
---Esme’s perspective---
Look at the fire! Look at the fire! Look at the fire!
Dont look at the penis! Dont look at the abs! Dont look at the pecs!
Normally, I’d say it was bad practice to focus on how hungry you are in a survival situation but, right now, that’s about the only thing that has a chance of keeping my mind off the nude man I’m sharing the cave with!
This is so embarrassing!
“Erm… err… how’re you feeling?” I ask, not looking at him.
“A bit better, thank you… Less nauseated than I was earlier… I might be well enough to go out to gather, tomorrow…”
“If you were advising another pair, in the same situation as us, on whether to let the snakebit one go out and work the day after he’d received a snakebite, what would you say?”
He hesitates for a moment before answering honestly “…I would tell them it’s probably a bad idea and that the compromised one should probably regain his strength first.”
“Then what are you gonna do tomorrow?”
He sighs “I’m… going to rest here… and let you take care of the work.”
Daaamn right!”
He reaches for where his clothes are, feeling them for dampness.
Having establish their dryness to his satisfaction, he begins clumsily trying to dress himself.
“…*sigh*…Here, give it to me.” I say, finally, holding out my hand for the t-shirt his venom addled fingers have been guddling about with for a full minute.
I meet his eyes and see the sallowness of his face.
Somehow, he manages to put a cocky expression on his pallid, clammy face and ask “Youre going to dress me, are you?”
Dont make it weird!… You’re wasting energy you don’t have struggling! Let me help!… That’s all there is to this!”
He gives a little shrug and hands me the garment.
I figure out how to orient it and then approach him from behind.
“Arms up, lad.”
He brings his arms above his head.
It seems like the venom has only affected his fine and not his gross motor skills. That’s… encouraging?
I pull the t-shirt over his thick arms, trying to view this as an entirely mechanical endeavour and not to pay attention to any of the contours of his irritatingly perfect body.
“Pants…” I say, holding out my hand.
He clumsily grabs his boxer briefs and presents them about 30cm away from where my hand actually is.
I take them and come round to his front, pulling his feet off the ledge he’s sitting on.
I arrange the undergarment on the floor and bring his feet to the leg holes.
I hold out my hand “Trousers…”
“Scalpel… forceps…(!)” he quips, clumsily handing me his trousers.
Ignoring him, I lay them out, the way I did with the pants, and bring his feet through the holes.
“Can you stand?” I ask, looking up at his face (taking a side detour around his crotch).
“I… think so…”
I stand up and hold out my hands for him.
He takes them and gets up, shakily.
I grab his thick arms to steady him.
“Alright… I’m gonna let go now… Just say ‘falling’ if you need me to catch you, OK?”
He nods.
I let go and quickly dive down to the floor, grab his pants and trousers and yank them up over his lower half, rendering him decent again, finally.
Good thing for my soaring pulse!
He chuckles “I really don’t remember the last time I needed someone to dress me…! That was sort of nice…”
“Oh… awakened something, have I?” I ask, flippantly, as I lower him back to the ledge “Too bad! That’s the last time I’m dressing you unless you get bitten by another snake!”
“Are you trying to encourage me to get myself bitten on purpose?!”
“You get yourself bitten on purpose, I’m leaving you for the crows(!)”
Fair enough!” he laughs.
We sit and watch the fire for a while.
“It’s been a long day… Feels like it’s about midnight… Happy New Year, Taylor…” I say.
In answer he starts gently singing.
pp♫ Happy Birthday to me
Happy Birthday to me
Happy Biiirthday dear Oskar
Happy Birthday to me♫pp
Moderately concerned that the venom may be having an effect on his cognition, I ask “You alright, Taylor? Who are you singing for?”
Myself… weren’t you listening?” he says in a way that does not reassure me of his presence of mind!
“That’s… erm… that’s not how birthdays work, buddy! It’s New Year today…”
“It is how birthdays work when your birthday is on the 1st of January!” he smirks, blearily.
“Your birthday’s on the 1st of January?”
“Yup…” he nods.
“So, you’re 18, now?”
Indeed… or I will be, whenever it actually turns midnight. Difficult to know without a clock.”
“Well shit, man! You should’ve just told me that! Idve sung it for you!”
“It wouldn’t have felt right, asking that… When you’ve been looking after me all day…*yawn*… I’d’ve been embarrassed having such a beautiful girl be the only one singing for me, too…” he says, closing his eyes and lying down.
Flabbergasted, I ask “You… you think I’m beautiful?!”
“You’re one of the most beautiful girls I’ve ever seen…” he says, his tone of voice suggesting that he’s already halfway to slumberland.
I don’t think I’d’ve got that out of him if not for the venom and the sleep deprivation!
My heart is pounding in my chest, my pulse is racing and my breathing is rapid from the information I’ve just come by!
I can’t believe the difference this day has made!
Support me on Patreon for to access the entire series, now.
TWBS Previous Next First
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Looking for More Than Just a Financial Planner?

Vantage Financial is your trusted partner for comprehensive financial advisor in Wisconsin. They understand that your financial journey is unique and encompasses more than just numbers. By taking a holistic view of your life, including your dreams, challenges, and priorities, Vantage is committed to providing personalized solutions that extend beyond mere financial figures.
With their comprehensive approach, Vantage strives to understand the full picture of your financial situation. They go beyond the surface level to uncover the intricacies and complexities that impact your financial well-being. By gaining this in-depth understanding, they can offer tailored advice and help you navigate real-life questions that arise along your financial journey.
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2023.06.08 12:50 DapperSwimm Breckie Hill Shower NUDE L3aked Viral Video and Photo on Reddit

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