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2023.06.08 11:37 Budget-Wallaby3622 In-Depth Guide to Momoclo Tickets

In-Depth Guide to Momoclo Tickets
Recently, I have come the realization that there are essentially no online resources for Western Fans about Momoclo Concerts and Concert Tickets. This combined with the fact that getting Momoclo tickets is ridiculously hard, even for Japanese fans, pushed me to make my own guide on how to procure concert tickets as of 2023. I will be making another guide for what to expect from your first Momoclo Concert later on.
Step 0: To begin you will first need an Angel Eyes (AE) Membership, which instructions to join can be found here. The first time yearly membership fee is around $47 with subsequent years costing around $33 to renew.
Now we can actually begin the process to get tickets.
Step 1: Go To This Website using Google Chrome, and turn on the Google Translate Extension to help navigate the site. Google Translate Is Your Best Friend.
Step 2: Make sure the site's Home Page looks something like what's below. This is important as we will be returning to it quite a few times.
Site With Google Translate Extension On
Step 3: Click On "Login" and login with your Angel Eyes Account
Login Screen
Step 4: Verify your Email with the link they send you via email
Verification Email
Step 5: Return to the Home page and Click on "My Page," then enter your credit card information and upload a picture of your face for photo ID registration. In the picture below, I already completed the photo ID registration which is why it says "OK."
Mandatory Items shown with Arrows
Step 6: Return to the Home Page and Click on "Reception List" to see the Concerts available for lottery application. Because Momoclo is so popular, concert tickets must be won in a ticket lottery. In addition, these lotteries are usually only open for 3 days, months before the concert. In the picture below, the lottery was open from May 19-22, when the first concert is in July. If the lottery is open, the grey box pictured below that says "End of Reception," will instead be red, and say something along the lines of "Accepting Applications."
Reception List as of June 8 2023
Step 7: Click on "Reception Details" then scroll down all the way until the concert dates show up.
15th Anniversary Tour Concert Dates
Step 8: Click on "Application/ Performance Details" for the preferred concert date and proceed to select seating preferences. Do not select family seating as it is only for people with children. You will actually have to turn off google translate for this step. The option that says 「指定席」is a reserved spot, while the option that says 「着席指定席」is a reserved spot that is SEATED. If you do not care, then you do not need to turn off Google Translate. Just make sure you do not select "Family Seat" as one of your preferences. Once confirming your preferences, you are all done with the hard work.
Step 9: Check email for lottery admission confirmation.
Admission Confirmation
Step 10: Pray and wait a few days for the lottery results. An email will be sent out informing you if you won tickets or not. You can also check by returning to the home page and clicking "My Page" then "Application History List." Because we already put in our credit card information during the 5th step, it will auto charge and you won't have to worry about putting in your credit card information at that moment.
Email announcing lottery results
Step 11: Plan Travel to the Concert Site and You're all set!
Important Notes: When purchasing tickets in this way, no ticket will be sent out in any form before the concert. You will receive tickets on the day of the concert by scanning your AE IC Membership card, which will be sent to you in the mail after you join AE. If you do not have your AE IC Card, whether it be it never arrived or you lost it, you must bring a valid form of identification, such as a passport or a drivers license in order to receive tickets.
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2023.06.08 11:23 cbg999 Analysis of most OP POTW/POTM players PART 1

As you may know or not, some player gets a higher OVR (that you won't see in-game) if they are played in a different position, according to eFOOTBALLHUB. An example would be WC Modric who is a 94 DMF, but if you play him at CMF or AMF then his in-game rating will be 99. In this post, I will analyze POTW and POTM players who get +5 or more if played in a different position. I will analyze 8 players. I will rate every players by tiers. Those tiers will be S+, S, A, B, C, D.

I know the title can be a bit misleading, but the goal of this analysis is to show if these players who get a higher rating in-game if played in a different position are really OP or even worth it.

Make sure to read every analysis to fully understand

SCALVINI : 88 CMF ➡ 95 CB Tier = C

Scalvini is a terrible choice either at CMF or CB. I would even that he is quite unusable. The problem with this card is that wherever who want to play him, either at CMF or CB, it's a lose-lose situation. If you play him at CMF, then bad news for you because he is a terrible passer (79 low pass and 78 lofted pass), his stamina is below average (78 stamina) and he has no passing skills like OTP or Through passing. If you play him at CB, then bad news for you because his defensive engagement is so low that you shouldn't even look at him (78 defensive engagement), his other defensive stats are below average, his heading stat is bad (77 heading) and he has only one defensive skill ( Aerial Superiority). It gets even worst : he has standard form and only two skills, Aerial Superiority which is kinda useless for him because he is already really tall (1,94cm) and LRS. On the other hand, there are three good things about him : He is very tall, he has 86 physical contact and his speed is ok.
Conclusion : Don't get impress by that +7 ovr, he is garbage.

MESSI DLF : 96 CF ➡ 101 SS Tier = s+

Wow just wow, easily his best card of Efootball 2023 Mobile. Huge buff compared to his base card. His stamina has always been a huge deal for some players, but this card has 77 stamina while his base card has 70 stamina so you see here a major buff. The Messi card with the best stamina with auto-build is Big Time Messi (80 stamina). His dribbling, finishing, OA and balance stats are S+ tier class. This card has the best passing stats among Messi card. His kicking power is decent. Moreover, he's slow for a winger but fast for a CF, SS or AMF. Luckily, he can play multiple position (AMF, SS, RW, CF). He's short, which doesn't suit very well for a CF but his height is okay for an AMF or SS and perfect for a winger. Also, he has DT, LRS, FTS, OTP, Through Passing, Pinpoint Crossing and many more which suits very well for the positions he can play.
Conclusion : If you got him then congratulation you have one of the best cards in the game. IMO, the best DLF in the game is Cruyff and this Messi Potw is second.

Modric : 94 DMF ➡ 99 CMF/AMF Tier = S+

For many, he is the best card in the game, and I understand why they say that. His stats are exceptional. He has 90+ low pass, lofted pass, ball control, tight possession, dribbling and balance which makes him a passing god and a dribbling god. He has insane curl stat : 89 curl. His OA is 83 which S+ tier for a DMF and CMF but A tier for an AMF. His defensive stats are more than average for DMF, decent for a CMF but way above the average for a AMF. His speed is average. He isn't the strongest physically, actually he is quite weak. He has decent finishing and kicking stats. His stamina is a bit low for DMF and CMF but perfect for an AMF. He can play DMF, CMF and AMF which make him versatile. He is too short for DMF, imo, as he will lose a lot of aerial battle (They're important in the game right now), but for CMF and AMF his height is okay. He has unwavering form. He has all the skills needed for a CMF or AMF.
Conclusion : Don't use him as a DMF as he's missing a lot of defensive skills and you are good to go.

GUNDOGAN : 94 DMF ➡ 99 CMF Tier = S

This card is actually very very similar to WC Modric. As they are very similar, I'm going to compare him to Modric. He is faster than Modric. Stamina : Gundogan 87 > Modric 86. Passing : Modric 90 low pass and lofted pass < Gundogan = 93 low pass and 90 lofted pass. Balance : Modric 90 > 78 Gundogan. Gundogan has standard form while Modric has Unwavering form. He cannot play AMF while Modric can. They have similar kicking power stat. They are both weak physically and average defensively. Gundogan has excellent finishing stat for a DMF : 85. Also, he has FTS. Like Modric, he has every skill needed for a CFM or AMF. Modric only has one defensive skills : Interception. Gundogan has zero defensive skills which makes him unusable at DMF imo.
Conclusion : Very similar to WC Modric but standard form and no defensive skills.

Wirtz : 94 CF ➡ 99 RWF Tier = S

Nice playstyle. A bit too short for CF but luckily he can play RWF and AMF. He has standard form. He is extremely fast : 86 speed and 90 acceleration. His OA is quite low for a CF but quite above average for a RWF and AMF. His passing stats are far better than 99% of DLF : 90 low pass and 82 lofted pass. He has the third best passing stats for a DLF in the game after Messi DLF and Gibbs-White DLF. His dribbling stats are excellent. His balance is decent. His stamina is average. His finishing is just awful. He lacks a crucial skill : FTS.
Conclusion : Standard form, no FTS, awful finishing, excellent dribbling, passing and balance stats.

Eze : 93 CMF ➡ 98 LWF Tier = S

This card is excellent but lacks a few things. He is really fast : 85 speed and 90 acceleration. His kicking power is good : 84. Physically, he's weak. His balance is really good : 90. His stamina is a bit low for a CMF, but he can also play AMF, LM and LWF which are positions that don't require high stamina stat. His defensive stats are trash, so think twice before using him as CMF. His OA is decent : 82. His dribbling stats are amazing. His passing stats aren't that great for a CMF or AMF, but if you plan using him as a Lm or LWF then his passing sudenly becomes a bit OP. His finishing is good : 81. His curl stat is bad : 79. He is a Hole Player which is one of the best playstyle in the game right now. He is a bit short for a CMF which can lead to many aerial battles lost. He has unwavering form. He can perform the special double touch aka roll over or ball over. The worst thing about this card is that he doesn't have OTP and Through Passing which are two key skills for a midfielder.
Conclusion : No OTP and Through Passing, Unwavering form, can perform the special double touch, he has FTS and Pinpoint Crossing and he is fast.

Raphael Guerreiro : 91 LB ➡ 96 LMF Tier = A

He is a Full-back finisher which means that one he will leave open space behind him often times and two he'll be very offensive. He is perfect for cross spamming which is pretty much dead now : 90 lofted pass, 87 curl and 82 kicking power. He is a bit slow for a left back which will be harder for him to catch fast winger like Big Time Coman however as a LMF his pace is just fine. Stamina is really important for a LB but he only has 84 stamina which isn't the biggest deal, but I'll recommend using players with 90+ stamina. He is quite weak defensively and physically. His passing and dribbling stats are really good for a LB and a LMF. His OA is decent. His balance is S tier. He doesn't have 90+ in any team playstyle. He is missing every defensive skills except acrobatic clear while being a LB which doesn't really make sense.
Conclusion : He can't defend, His pace and stamina are concerning, he has OTP and Through Passing, he has unwavering form. He doesn't have 90+ in any team playstyle.

Dilrosun : 88 CMF ➡ 93 LWF Tier = B

He has roaming flank which doesn't activate at CMF. He is short. He is really fast. He has no stamina for a CMF, but for an LWF it's fine. His dribbling isn't the best neither the worst. He, simply, can't pass. Decent OA, nice finishing stats. Good kicking power and balance. Standard form. No OTP.
Conclusion : No OTP, standard form, Super sub, really fast, no stamina, can't pass, good dribbling, decent OA and can permorm the special doube touch.

Conclusion : Efhub may give a higher rating to certain player like WC Modric 94 if played at another position however it won't guarantee a good result necessarily for multiple reason like a lack of skills, the height, the stats oand the form of the player.

* Soon, I will make a post about POTW/POTM players who have in-game an higher ovr if played at another position. In this post, I was analyzing players who have +5 ovr if played at a different position, according to Efhub. Next time, I will analyze players who have +4 played at a different position ,according to Efhub (like Potw Kimmich).
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2023.06.08 11:21 r3crac M2 SSD Hard Drive Enclosure Case M.2 NVMe/SATA for 22.99 USD without coupon (Best price in history: 24.99 USD)

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2023.06.08 11:04 Myrmidonas Balkan cuisine, Best cuisine 💪 🇺🇾 🇴🇲 🇲🇩 🇹🇳 💪

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2023.06.08 11:00 AutoModerator Daily Questions & FAQ Megathread June 08

Hello, all! We hope you're enjoying your time on FFXIV!

This is the post for asking any questions about FFXIV. Absolutely any FFXIV-related question: one-off questions, random detail questions, "newbie" advice questions, anything goes! Simply leave a comment with your question and some awesome Redditor will very likely reply to you!
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Protect your account!
Minimize the risk of your account being compromised: Use a strong & unique password, enable one-time password (OTP), don't share your account details.
Read our security wiki page for much more information. Free teleports: Enabling OTP will not only help to protect your account but it'll also allow you to set a free teleport destination!
For your convenience, all daily FAQ threads from within the past year can be found here.
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2023.06.08 10:59 MahabirJeweller Top Gold Shop in Kolkata and Delhi

Mahabir Dhanwar Jewellers is the best gold jewellery shop in Delhi and Kolkata when you search for the top jewellers. To buy the best quality jewellery, you must know your requirements. Make a list of everything before checking out one of the best gold jewellery showrooms in Kolkata or Delhi.

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2023.06.08 10:47 Tamaledinos I didn’t realize how sad I made my half-elf’s backstory, how can i act on it?

So he lived in an elven capital as a bastard son of a noble house but both his parents died when he was young, it wasn’t an issue till I wrote how he left at 19 to try and become and adventurer and is now 22, then one of my friends pointed it out, wouldn’t he normally grow mentally at the same rate as the full elven kids around him. Essentially in the three years as an adventurer his brain had to grow so much emotionally and mentally. Poor kid at best had the mental capacity of a 13 year old when he left. What are some things I can do to let the other players know that he’s in the weird dynamic that he grew up fast despite it being late?
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2023.06.08 10:44 Drakolf Dragon Rising- 22. Contact:

The morning after our victory, I led a small team of Paladins, Clerics, and Artificers, with Rogues outside of sight alongside us.
Well, it was more accurate to say that we took one of the military vehicles and carefully drove it over to the next city. The Artificers didn't strip entire cars bare on the street, they had to get it into a garage somehow.
This excursion was primarily exploratory, to see what we were dealing with at the end of our effective territory.
The blockade was a nice touch. We slowed to a stop, we got out, and we approached. When they raised their guns, I held my hand up, and we stopped.
"This is a formal request for a ceasefire." I stated, projecting my voice with the amplifier. "We will continue to approach, opening fire will signal to us that you do not value your lives."
We continued approaching, the guns still trained on us.
The person who came out to speak with us was more forced out, he clearly didn't want to be the one to talk to us.
"Am I to assume you speak with authority?" I asked. He looked at the other soldiers, he didn't have a clue. "Then I'll make this concise and brief. You will dismantle this blockade, you will retreat, and you will not prevent us from making contact with the neighboring city. Any attempts to prevent us from passing will result in your immediate capture, any attempts to harm us will result in your immediate death."
The standoff was tense, after a few moments, I began to count down. "Five."
I could see sweat beading down their faces.
Eyes wide, terrified.
They broke first, backing away, guns still trained on us.
"If your intention is to retreat, such that you can face us with a larger force, allow me to make one thing clear." I blasted their blockade apart, some of them screamed. "Your bullets are useless against us."
They ran, we cleared the blockade away, and we repeated this two more times.
Seeing the city after so long felt... overwhelming. I had completely forgotten how big it was. It was almost enough to not notice the checkpoint, and the fifty of so Humans who stood on the other side, guns pointed at us.
"I will allow one of you to shoot me." I said, walking toward them. "A freebie, use your highest caliber, try and hurt me."
The bullet that struck me ricocheted into a tree, The silence that fell was just as deafening as the report from the gun, they stared at me in utter shock, and then they all ran
Several Human civilians looked at the fleeing soldiers, then looked at us as we stepped out from our territory and into theirs.
"Oh, shit. That video was real." I heard someone say. "Look at that sick fuckin' armor." Another spoke. "Are they going to attack us?"
"Halt." I commanded, my troop stopped, the tension in the air was palpable.
"My name is Ruuk Stingtail." I spoke. "For the time being, I come in peace, and invite anyone who is curious to ask questions.After all, it has been a solid year and a half since we had any contact with anyone other than enemies and ourselves."
There was still tension, of course, but eventually someone did approach, cautiously, of course. "Yo, uh, can I touch you? You know, to make sure you're actually real and not some sort of weird animatronic?"
I reached my hand out and he touched it. "Whoa." He pulled his hand back.
Several Humans had pulled out their phones, they were already recording us. I quickly appraised the people around us, looking for anything we could exploit for our own uses. I noticed someone with their arm in a sling, it wasn't in a cast, but it was wrapped up.
"You there." I said, pointing at him. He pointed at himself. "Yes, come here."
He approached cautiously. "What happened to your arm?" I asked.
"I, uh, I tore a muscle." He said. "Doctor said I can't do much with it until it heals."
"Ruka." I said, looking at the Paladin of Bahamut. He walked closer. "Show us your injury, if you would."He did, there was the ugliest bruise I'd ever seen.
"Do you consent to having your injury healed?" I asked.
"What?" He asked, blinking.
"I'm offering to have your injury healed." I reiterated.
"Yeah, sure?"
Ruka gently laid his hands on the Human's arm. "O, holy Bahamut, heal this grievous wound and grant wholeness and wellness to his man, zyak qe coi."
The Paladin's hands radiated holy light, the bruise rapidly faded, and the Human stared at it, utterly awestruck. "Holy shit." He gasped. "I mean-"
"It is not taken as blasphemy." Ruka stated, holding his hand up.
"We are here-" I spoke, looking at everyone, "-to prove our existence beyond a single video. Circumstances demand that what we do isn't simply charity, but the means by which we can survive. For this, I am sorry, I recognize that in this way, I am using you." I paused, dredging up and wiping away tears. "Our people depend on this."
If we were to have any form of peace, any form of justification for war, we needed to be sympathetic. By taking prisoners, we made ourselves targets to any would-be vigilantes looking to serve their country.
By being up front about our intentions, we showed a quiet desperation, efforts made to foster peace, even though I had bared the fangs of war.
More Humans gathered, those who were sick or in pain, we provided healing. I told our story, of how we one day woke up like this, the struggles of finding ourselves in a situation where nothing was made for us, how when we were quarantined, we were forced to fend for ourselves. How when the mine collapsed, we worked together to save the trapped miners. How when we were blockaded so they could force us to die en masse, how we were blessed with miracles.
How, when we fully understood what our intended fate was, the people heard the wisdom of my Emperor and elevated me to the position of Imperator, and how I used my authority to direct our people to our first victory.
"I shall admit, taking those soldiers' lives brought us satisfaction." I said. "They had oppressed us, tried to eradicate us, we gave them every opportunity to choose peace, to choose life. I just can't understand how they couldn't see us as people who desperately wished for love and compassion."
I laid it on thick, and the Humans ate it up.
Before long, we had expended our spells, and I said, "We will try to return, presuming the military doesn't try to carpet bomb us into oblivion, our prisoners of war be damned. I pray your leaders see reason."
We returned to our commandeered vehicle, closing the checkpoint so nobody could get in, and we returned to the city.
We did this each day we could, speaking words of hope for peace, determination to protect ourselves as needed. As always, we provided healing to those who needed it, some people even came, desperate for relief from something incurable, to which we did the best we could. Throughout this, I spoke of things to come, a thriving city, as much a part of the world as anywhere else, a place where we could share the wonders of magic.
I was asked, "Why do you close the gate when you leave?"
I simply answered, "If you entered, they would force you to remain, even though we know anyone who remains Human under the Divine Gate remains Human." It was an embellishment, but it was more poetic and exotic.
Throughout all of this, the military watched us like a hawk, waiting for us to slip up and cause some damage.
Days turned to weeks turned into a month, and we had solidified our existence to the world. We turned the checkpoint into our border, our Rangers found that we were completely sealed in on all sides by fencing.
I declared it the territory of the Empire.
"All of the land that the U.S. government sealed off belongs to the Empire." I spoke. "By locking it behind fence and gate, they have declared it our border, and we shall agree to that sentiment."
It was such a tiny parcel of land, compared to the rest of the continent, but it could comfortably fit ten offshoot villages, each which could connect us to other cities.
Construction of the new border wall began shortly after, the fencing uprooted piece by piece, replaced by solid stone proudly displaying the anachronism our lives had become, and even though there had been no agreement to peace, the U.S. government was powerless to stop us.
The moment I had claimed the land, the moment it was known to be claimed, my Emperor had claimed it in turn. By the end of the week, we had a new border wall built, one that was staffed with Rangers, Druids, Fighters, and Artificers. One that was connected by tramways, simplifying travel.
And throughout this all, Darastrixthurhi was transformed from a lifeless rock, to a city teeming with plantlife.
My Emperor held me in his arms as we laid on our bed. Sharing a bed together had always been a highlight of his being with me, his willingness to hold me, to touch me, made it all better, made it all right.
"Our enemy stalls for time, while we win the hearts of their people." He mused. "I can hear them praying to me, wishing for strength, for power, and I pull on them, make their hearts yearn. Tomorrow, invite them to visit, to witness the splendors of our nation, to feast with us in the name of peace."
"As you wish, my Emperor." I spoke.
"Ruuk, I permit you to call me your love."
"As you wish, slaitov." I replied. "Shall there be a day when we show our subjects?"
"I shall announce it during our feast." He replied.
My heart thundered, it was so sudden, yet... "Thank you, slaitov."
"Soon to be husband, Imperator mine." He replied.
When I announced the feast, the Humans who wished to join us were ecstatic. I even extended the invitation to the military personnel. "Come as civilians, if you would." I said.
The preparations that went into the feast went underway, we had a good hunt and our efforts to preserve our food was going excellently. When the Humans arrived, they marveled at the tramways, the architecture of our housing, our magical wonders. Some even saluted me, though they said they simply wanted to give me the respect I deserved.
I ensured they had the grand tour of the town, but when we neared the wall into the Fortress City, I spoke solemnly, "Any further, and you risk your Humanity." I looked at them all. "I would interpret any such entry as a desire to join our Empire, and will expect a pledge of loyalty."
The look of longing in their eyes showed me that my warning was largely going to be ignored. Hell, a handful of Humans walked right in, transforming almost immediately.
"It reacts to a want to become a Kobold." I said. "Anyone who doesn't want to might have a better time of it."
While our new citizens were given some proper clothing, I led the rest of the Humans around.
"Why didn't you stop them?" One of the Humans, a female soldier, spoke.
"Why should I?" I asked. "I very clearly stated what would happen, they made the choice."
I showed them around the Artificery, magic items and what technology we were able to make was proudly on display. I noticed one of them palm a device and walked over to them, holding my hand out. "Do not think we are not paying attention." I said. There was a tense moment before she put it in my hand. "Besides, this is just a little hand fan." I flicked a switch, two paper and wood blades extended and began to spin. "You taking this would have left one of our prisoners without any form of air conditioning."
I put it back, they tried to hide the anger at my casual mention of prisoners.
"Are they being treated well?" The soldier asked.
"Yes." I said. "Due to the lack of wireless signal, we allow them their phones so they have something to occupy their time when we're not putting them out in the yard for exercise or giving them their ration."
"You're forcing them to eat rations?" She asked.
"We all eat rations." I replied. "Feasts like this are for when we have a surplus that we can't guarantee to keep." I smirked. "That being said, as we are smaller, we need less to eat than the average Human."
I didn't pretend any of that was meant to be reassuring. "The prisoners will be joining us for the feast." I said. The incredulous looks I got elicited a chuckle from me. "If you think I'm being bold or flippant, we have them fitted with enchanted collars that will choke them if they attempt to flee. They are cursed, you see, and can only be removed with magic."
"That's fucked up." Another soldier stated.
"Inhumane, actually." I corrected. "But it's the only thing we have available that won't accidentally kill them. The worst that will happen is they'll pass out, a passive regeneration effect will keep them alive."
"Have you... tested these collars?" A third soldier asked.
"We have a small group of Sorcerers in the Warren who tried to summon a Demon for power." I said. "They have tested the collars every now and again, usually by fucking around and finding out." We approached the area where the feast was being held, food was already being set up, the prisoners were already seated, their eyes widened when they saw their fellow soldiers.
"You won't get away with this." The female soldier growled.
"Funny, that's what we said when we were locked in here." I replied. "They are fed, given water, are clothed, and are provided shelter. That's far more than we were ever given."
I directed them to their table, and soon, everyone was sat, except for my Council, and my Emperor. They arrived shortly after every one was seated, each took their seats. I sat beside my Emperor's seat.
I noted that same female soldier was attempting to film us surreptitiously.
"Today, we are gathered to welcome our Human guests, those who have seen us as people, rather than monsters." My Emperor spoke. "The establishment of my Empire was always a dream, to bring back a glory lost to time, to honor the thousands who died during the first Dragon Rage, to honor those who were murdered by my long-standing enemy." He looked around. "It had always been me desire to hunt down every last one of his children, to eradicate them, it was my Imperator who entreated me to choose compromise."
He paused, taking up a cup. "These Humans are here because my Imperator has likewise chosen compromise, to cast aside the hatred that has grown in his heart, for the sake of our peace and prosperity. Enough lives have been lost, let the first year of our Empire not be drenched in blood, that in peace and prosperity, our greatness is acknowledged, whether grudgingly, or emphatically. To my Imperator, without whom this victory would have never been manifest."
Every Kobold raised their cups, including our new citizens.
"And to our guests, who have agreed to come here in peace. May their wisdom be echoed by their leaders."
The cups were raised again.
"Now enough talk, let us feast!"
The Human frowned, putting their phone away. It was clear she didn't get what she wanted from that. After everyone polished off their plates, the people began dancing as our musicians displayed their newly awakened Bard Class- it seemed not simply playing or doing well at the arts was enough, one needed confidence and a desire to entertain.
Our guests were allowed to mingle and enjoy themselves, though the prisoners were kept under guard, any Soldiers who wished to speak to them would have to live with the fact that they would be listened in on, and considering the guards could use the spell Comprehend Languages, well, they wouldn't be able to hide beneath a foreign language.
"So, you're the leader of this little group." I regarded the Human who approached me, that same soldier who seemed bound and determined to catch us with our pants down.
"Yes." I said. "Your attempt at catching us with your recording won't work, you know." She betrayed surprise. "One, any idiot would know not to say anything incriminating at a party their enemies are invited to. Two, anyone stupid enough to do so wouldn't even make it as far as we did."
"Indeed." She said. "What was this about compromise?"
"Exactly as it sounds." I replied. "My God, Kurtulmak, has nurtured a well-earned hatred of Gnomes, considering their God committed near genocide against us. Imprisoned against his will, for the crime of wanting justice... When the victors write the history books, they will do everything in their power to make those who are suffering injustice out to be the bad guys."
"And what will your history books say?" She asked.
"That depends on your leaders' answer, Miss..?"
"Martel." She said. "Corporal Martel."
I had completely put it out of my mind, after all, we got our vengeance on the soldiers who tried to have us massacred by a God.
"So." I said. "The one who set Garl Glittergold against us shows her face." I remarked. Her eyes widened. "Why were you, of all people, not present that day, when we marched on your encampment?"
"I was called away on duty-" She started.
"Bullshit." I said. "You fled, didn't you? You ran from your fellow soldiers like the coward you are, you left them to die."
Arcane energy crackled across my body, and I had to hold back from blasting her apart. "Leave." I hissed. "This day of peace is not for cowards and traitors."
She backed away, clearly terrified. I couldn't hold back the anger any more, but I wasn't going to let her be a casualty yet. I aimed my spell at the metal pole, the Witch Bolt striking it. "I said LEAVE!" I roared. "IF YOU EVER DARE TO RETURN HERE, I WILL END YOUR MISERABLE, PATHETIC, COWARDLY LIFE!"
She fled, I did not care that several eyes were on me, if there was one thing I hated more than Humans, it was self-serving cowards like her.
I felt my God's touch on my shoulder, his presence soothed the rage, granted me the clarity of mind I needed to function. I cast my gaze toward the rest of the soldiers, who looked like they were mice caught in a trap. I approached them.
"You may leave, if you wish." I stated. "My anger at her is not anger at you."
"What the fuck did Tiana do, that pissed you off so much?" One of the soldiers asked.
"That woman was the one who called down a God to kill us." I stated. "The fact that she is present at all means she abandoned her post and left her fellow soldiers to die." My lip curled into a snarl. "The only thing I hate worse than anything, is a coward and a traitor, and that woman, Tiana Martel, is both."
I sensed a jolt of shock from my Emperor, I looked at him.
"Ruuk." He said. "Say that name again."
"Tiana Martel." I replied.
My Emperor about faced and roared, "Paladins of Bahamut, after that woman! Move!"
The Paladins gave chase, our Emperor did not order them around, out of respect for his pact with Bahamut.
"My Emperor, do you really want to risk any peace we could gain, chasing after one woman?" I asked.
"Ruuk." He said. "What are the chances that a single woman who can call down a God, who has knowledge of us that can be exploited, is suddenly not present when we finally make a counter attack? By our pact, your eyes are my eyes, and she has tried to cause problems the entire time she has been here."
He paused. "Tiana Mahtel, that's how she pronounced it, yes?"
I blinked.
"Wait, that woman is Tiamat?" I asked.
As if in answer, there was a roar, and in the distance, a dragon reared up, one bearing five heads of different colors.

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2023.06.08 10:41 Ok-Dimension-61 Greek win again 🇺🇾🇺🇾🇺🇾🇺🇾

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2023.06.08 10:40 bruegmecol De Lie returns in Tour de Wallonie: "But I'm not ruling out the Belgian Championships either"

Article in Dutch

De Lie returns in Tour de Wallonie: "But I'm not ruling out the Belgian Championships either"

​ The Bull of Lescheret may almost be released again. Arnaud De Lie is still recovering after his fall in the Four Days of Dunkirk, but did announce today that he will make his comeback in the Tour de Wallonie at the end of July. And he is also thinking of ways to avoid another fall: "Maybe now I'll sprint like Van Aert," he said.
The bitter pill for Arnaud De Lie and Lotto-Dstny is steadily taking on a sweet taste again. After his fall in the Four Days of Dunkirk, Arnaud De Lie was out of contention for a while with a broken collarbone, but his return is in sight.
Today, the Walloon rider announced that he will be at the start of the Tour de Wallonie on July 22. "That's a month and a half away, but it's a race I love. There are a lot of sprint opportunities and it is the tour of my region," he said.
In the meantime, the young rider will go on altitude training from June 20 to July 20. "I have to learn that too," he said of it. "Every rider does it and everyone gets better from it."
The Lie also looked back on the crash that caused him to have to put his bike aside for a while. "The rider in front of me made a mistake. I couldn't avoid him anymore."
"Afterwards, he was apparently still laughing about the fact that I couldn't finish. I won't name names, but you don't do something like that," De Lie was still sharp for the culprit.
In any case, he is not afraid of another fall. But he will be looking for a new way to sprint.
"Tom Steels was talking to Maxime Monfort about my fall. He says I still have to look for the way to sprint that best suits me."
"Maybe I'll start sprinting like Van Aert. He's always in the first five positions at 3 or 4 kilometers from the line." ​


​ Lie is looking forward to the future with high hopes. Even an earlier comeback at the BK is still a possibility. "I'm not ruling out the BK," he says.
"But being at the start 100% will be very difficult. Maybe I'm just competing for a while. That will be good for morale anyway. And I can also possibly be of service to Milan Menten."
The Bull of Lescheret does still make a goal of the European Championships in the Netherlands. "I've already been in contact with national coach Sven Vanthourenhout about that," he stated. "The course around the VAM mountain suits me, so there's a good chance I'll go."
Maybe De Lie can cross the line there again with his famous bull celebration.
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2023.06.08 10:32 Alive_Ad7082 What is the best IPTV option available in Toronto 2023

IPTVRESALE is the reliable best best IPTV for Toronto on this list with a solid selection of channels at an affordable rate with three connections per month, including HD channels. IPTVRESALE is the best provider of high-definition programming in Toronto and other parts of Ontario, Canada.
IPTVRESALE is a premier high definition TV service provider that offers you all of the best in digital entertainment, news, sports, and movies, for a very low monthly price.
IPTVRESALE provides you with three connections per month, allowing you to watch live TV in full HD, and access over 22,000 channels.
IPTVRESALE provides the best HD channels available in Canada today, including major networks like ESPN, HGTV, TSN, CNN, Disney Channel, BBC World News, A&E, HBO, AMC, CTV, CMT, Discovery Channel, Food Network, FX, Fox News, National Geographic, ABC, CBS, NBC, CBC, Comedy Central, and more.
If you are looking for the best IPTV service for your needs, look no further than IPTVRESALE.
With IPTVRESALE you can stream your favorite shows on your TV, computer, tablet, and mobile devices.
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2023.06.08 10:23 larchington Remember when God’s channel had something to say about “beefcake calendars”? -Awake! April 22, 1984

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2023.06.08 10:08 Throwawayanon642 I'm incredibly embarrassed and ashamed to admit this, but here we go.

I need to get this off my chest, throwaway account for obvious reasons. (Looong post. Grab some wine and a snack.)
I feel like I've allowed myself to become a doormat and a fool and walked into a trap.
My DH and I have been together now for almost 12 years, got married 4 years ago. We have 1 son, 1 on the way and I am just so ashamed I even let this happen to me.
For starters, my husband and I live with my parents. My husband has a decent job, started his career while I went to college. The plan, or so I thought, was to finish college, he'd have a head start good paying career and we'd move when I graduated. Well, we got married right after I graduated college and that's when covid hit, about 6 months later. I had a small part time job at the time which ultimately I was fired from for downsizing during the covid chaos. This is when I started staying home. He swore up and down and convinced me "our" dream of me being a SAHM was a reality. I wouldn't have to work. It wouldn't effect anything for us bc my income was so incredibly low I didn't contribute financially anyway. Which was 100% true that wasn't a lie.
So, needless to say I didn't find another job and settled into at home life. Which I enjoyed 100%. I loved being in charge of the home. We did live with my parents still, I took on some of their chores and house work too. But the goal was still the same. To leave. The issue then was the market boomed (if you're from the US you know how insane it was) so we pushed back the plan to buy a home which at the time I thought was reasonable considering around the area we needed to live for his job was basically selling run down hoarder houses for no less than 250k. This was 2021.
During 2021 I fell pregnant. At the time I was thrilled despite the living situation. I was under the assumption we wouldn't be here long and tbh a FTM with a newborn, I liked the idea of having the help from my parents. I had my son, he's amazing. I love him and don't regret having him. However, as 2022 started I started pressuring my husband to move out. Get the ball rolling. To his credit he did find an agent, but started talking about how we didn't make enough. (Weird considering his job only got better during this time, housing stabilized a bit, and wtf you said we could do this?) At first I thought it might be cold feet. A newborn, turned infant, scared FTD, we got a lot of help in the early days from my parents. We had it easy to say the least.
I left the topic alone for a little, maybe a couple months and revisited it. He again started claiming we would need 200k in the bank, we would need at least 30k down, we would need this and that and basically saying it will never happen. I combats this argument. I grew up poor. Very poor actually. I'd start saying things like idk how you think my parents help us and helped my sister with her kids when they make significantly less than you do. And even my sister today has 6 kids and is a SAHM with a husband who makes 20-30k less a year. His ideas on how much people need to survive were wild to me. Of course I don't want to live poor, but we wouldn't be anyway. He had gotten a promotion. Unlimited over time whenever and if he wanted it. I was genuinely confused and he ignored my attempts at a realistic conversation about it. And again, WTF YOU SAID WE COULD DO THIS. Not only that but I do not spend money. I find deals, I shop around, etc. Again growing up poor you know how to make a dollar stretch a mile and it's just in me to do this. There is no way we can't make it work for our family. I even have a friend who has a son and her and her husband combined don't make as much as my husband. They are comfortable. Buying new cars, debt free, new cloths, trips etc.
I knew the market wasn't amazing still. I thought maybe it's bc he still sees houses for 250k+ and he just is scared to jump. I spoke to this agent and told her to send us over some houses lower than our initial target price point. There were some pretty decent houses. Cue me sending them over a few months and getting nothing but excuse after excuse. Or "I don't want to live there." Or "yeah but we'd have to renovate this or that" but also coupled with the confusing statement of "we can afford a 200k house why is she sending us these?" So it's turned into a cat and mouse game of. Can we not afford 200k? Or can we? What is going on?!?? When I asked him why he kept doing this flip flopping he used the amazingly dumb excuse of "well you deserve xyz" which is a cop-out in my opinion.
The end of 2022 hit, I started feeling stupid, defeated and worn out. I gave up. I just figured I'd learn to accept ill be the person who lives with their parents forever and my life will be hell with no privacy, nothing to call my own and in early 2023... oops. Pregnant. Again. On the pill. A cruel joke the universe had on me? Idk. I'm currently 22 weeks pregnant.
At this point we live in my parents (admittedly finished and nice) basement, no rooms. No doors. With a crib shoved in a corner for my son. No room to grow with a new baby on the way. My parents are while nice about it very much at their stage of life wanting to not have a bunch of baby things everywhere, so the basement is PACKED im constantly running into things, kicking toys around, I have no room and some how we have to fit another human being down here.
Currently my husband is STILL insisting we can't afford to move. He won't even entertain the idea of it anymore. And to top it all off, our marriage is in shambles. He routinely ignores any of my needs and wants. He constantly has a bad attitude. He is always annoyed, always running from reality and even my parents have noticed, even though I don't say anything about my marriage, how unhelpful, lazy and rude he has been. My mom has even said one night when he working overtime "well it's not like he helps you anyway." If he's home he sits on YouTube or plays video games and I'll be honest, I give up.
I feel like I have exhusted this topic to the point he refuses to engage with it. We barely speak about anything of value and I basically go about my day as If I was a single mom living with my parents and being THEIR live in maid. I feel betrayed. Like he sold me a lie. I feel stupid for even believing him. I feel trapped being unexpectedly pregnant. Idk what to do.
I have set up a therapy session for myself. I'm hoping this helps me just come to terms with everything and figure out my next steps and ultimately, idk. I just feel like I need someone to talk to about it so I signed up for it.
I feel trapped by an over grown toddler of a man who is simply living his best life rent free while his wife is miserable and cries alone at night trying not to wake her child. All bc I was too gullible in believing this man. Believed he'd be a provider. A good daddada great husbsnd. Now left with an embarrassing life and I'm so ashamed I'm bringing another child into this even if i will love them.
If you've made it this far, I appreciate you. Thank you for letting me vent. Idk anymore I feel fucking stupid. It's embarrassing to even post this anonymously.
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2023.06.08 10:05 12GaugeAli Did I break up with my ex too soon?

My pronouns: he/she/they His pronouns: he/him Hi all, this is my first post relating to relationship topics. I usually like to keep my private life, well, private. This all started 4 months ago. At the time, I (22) had just escaped a toxic family situation by moving 1,400 miles from my family to move in with my now ex(23). I had known him for 2 years before we started dating, and we had been long distance for the first month and a half of the relationship. For context, we had both agreed on 50/50 with everything, seeing as we both had similar financial situations and would be able to pay half on everything at the time. After I had moved with the help of my best friend, I started to brush off quite a lot of things that weren't disclosed to me before I moved. Examples of this is as follows: Quitting his job a day after I had moved in, while saying they had cut his hours drastically and he had been wanted to quit for weeks. (He had no backup plan and proceeded to not look for another job for 3 months) The apartment itself was filthy, when he had stated multiple times before that he was going to clean before I got there. (I ended up cleaning for the whole 4 months before the breakup) The roommate that was sharing the apartment at the time that I moved was supposed to move out in the next month, and they kept postponing it for another 3 months, and never gave either of us a reason. (not his fault, but the roommate was his cousin, and he made no effort to even ask why it took that long, just went with their excuses) After the first month of this, I was already conflicted with how I felt. I was also going through a lot of mental healing and bad habit breaking of my own, seeing as my family had made me a doormat most of my life, which is why I didn't stand my ground for the first few months. In the 4 months that I had been there, I had cycled through 3 jobs. (I was trying to find higher paying positions and was having shitty luck until very recently) And in that time I would bring up how tight money was, and how his mom had to help him with his half of rent the whole time because he just did odd jobs for his family or friends to get money for food and nothing else. The only response I got out of him was "I'm looking for jobs, I just need to be picky because I'm not tech savvy and every place has a system I need to learn" or "I applied to 5 today, they just aren't calling me" and many other excuses. After 4 long months, 2 mental breakdowns, and my best friend talking me through all of it, I broke up with him. He took it surprisingly well, and didn't even fight it. I broke down during the conversation because the mental stress of it all was exhausting and I couldn't hold it in any longer. He hugged me and said things like, "I know I've been shitty, it's not your fault that I didn't take care of you." and "It's your decision, I know you are trying to better yourself, it's not your fault." It was genuinely very sweet and the most peaceful break up I've ever had. After that we seemed to go back to being really good friends, even joking with each other a mere 30 mins after the break up. Since we were planning on moving to another apartment, he said that if I would like to keep the current apartment, he would move to the new one at the start of next month. (its the same rent, just in a neighboring town) So far he has been very helpful planning wise, and seems to be taking it far better than I am, even though I can see he is hurting. Did I break it off too soon? Am I cruel for not giving him another chance to improve? I'm very conflicted here, even though my friend group says I did the right thing. Please help.
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2023.06.08 10:01 lobstah_monstah Dog having accidents in house since neutering

My pure bred mini pincher pup who’s a year and almost 6 months old, male, 22 pounds. Just for context he’s slightly larger than the standard of the breed, he goes on a minimum of 2 mile walks a twice to 3 times a day including trips to the dog park at least 2-3 times a week.
He has been having bladder issues since he got neutered. My partner and I took him to the vet because of his rather sudden change. He went from being able to hold his pee over night and change as he’s waited as long as 5pm the day before to almost noon the next day and that’s a very rare and extreme example but he was very good about not having accidents.
Now if he’s not let out roughly every 4 hours he’s having accident. Today he had one after 2 hours after a walk no warning, as he was trying to beg for food and once he started peeing he couldn’t stop and went straight to his crate and he does this a lot after an accident in the house.
When we went to the vet to address this they did a blood and urine test and all they said he did not have a uti but his bladder did seem thickened and only offered pain killers but it’s been serval months since procedure and over a month since that vet appointment and nothings changed.
We just moved and I’ve found a new vet that I will be calling and making an appointment with when they open but I’ve been trying to google his issues to no end and I’m now slightly convinced it’s a bladder infection or urinary incontinence. The last 2 vets we’ve been to have either been dismissive or pushed unnecessary treatment and I mainly want to know how to advocate for my poor boy in the most informed and best way possible
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2023.06.08 09:49 Heavy-Actuary2711 I am 24, I have failed in life and I feel like I am running out of time..

Hello everyone I am a 24M. I am about to graduate with my associates degree in business and I am about to apply for an internship at a real estate company. I am sitting here crying my eyes out because my depression will not allow me to take a breather. I sit here and constantly feel like I could have been successful yet I am not. I am graduating from a COMMUNITY COLLEGE and now I am finally getting an internship at 24! I just want to briefly rant about my life story, so here it is..
When I was 17 I had health anxiety and thought so many things were wrong with me for three years. During those three years I developed agoraphobia, an eating disorder, and various forms of OCD. It was hell waking up everyday and dealing with a new imaginary illness or bearing OCD where I would count my breaths or think everything was going to kill me. I had to pay no rent, no bills, and for money I would gamble online and made a few thousands which allowed me to buy things for my hobbies. In 2019 when I was 20 I discovered trading within the stock market. I instantly fell in love and tried to do it full time since I literally could not do anything else. My schedule was filled with doctors, therapists, and so much free time. At this time I was also trying to make youtube videos, or stream on twitch. Despite being trapped in my house I tried my hardest to make the best out of it.
I did not understand how far behind I was from kids my age. I was trapped in this high school, teenage mentality for three years straight. My brother would remind me of my 20th birthday and I would just freak out thinking I was robbed of my youth. The pandemic hit and I put loads of money and time into the stock market. The idea of the pandemic just let me give up on everything. I said fuck my anxiety, my illnesses, and everything holding me back. I did crazy things during the pandemic that I have never done. Drank a lot, took pills, basically gambled all of my covid relief checks in the stock market. It was the worst and best time of my life and I wanted to die every night.
When I turned 21 I finally started consistently taking antidepressants. This is when life changed for real. I was able to hang out with family again, talk to friends again, go outside by myself. I was taking the world again with my mom, and brother by my side. I then applied to community college because my grades were terrible in high school. During the ages 20-22 I would stock trade options all the time for income. During the pandemic 2020 I was a degenerate and did not know what I was doing. I accumulated so much wealth but since I wanted to die I just wanted to go all in everytime. I lost so much money during that year. I then tried to trade when I was 21 after the pandemic started to cool down. I was much more consistent but yet still lost so much money due to my mental and physical health. By the time I was 22 I easily lost over 50 grand trading stock options. I knew how to trade, I understood how to adjust positions and I read books, courses, and every waking moment was dedicating to learning the market.
I realized it was my life outside of trading that really needed to improve. So at the end of me turning 21 to 22 I stopped trading and had a few thousand to my name. I wanted to focus on all the things I could not have done. I was not able to eat outside in public, I was not able to go to the movie theaters, stay out late, etc. I did everything I always wanted to do. I was enjoying the normalcy. I felt normal at 22, going to college online, dating and hooking up with girls. I did what I craved to do. I just always felt like I was late in life to do these things or I was a loser for doing some things for the first time. I turned 23 and had an official girlfriend who we would spend much time together and I was just completing school.
I had no bills, no rent, and a few thousand in my portfolio and bank account so I was just going with the flow. I kept telling myself I am focusing on my mental health. Honestly I was happy, waking up, going to school, reading books, trying so many new things, enjoying a first official girlfriend. Life at 23 was a huge change for me finally. I was at my lowest financially but mentally I was recovering. Now I recently turned 24 a month ago.
At 24 I am basically done with an associates degree, I live at home with my parents, I have slept with a decent amount of girls, I drive a decent bmw, I have a few thousand to my name, I am 5'9, I am super skinny still, insanely insecure about myself, overcame my eating disorder but still battle it daily. I am insecure with my ears, my face, my skin color, my height. I hate myself and I keep reminding myself that all the things i've done in the past years do not count because I did them too late or because I am not where I want to be. I dreamed of living on my own with a nicer car and just having more financial leverage to prove to everyone I did this. I feel like I am running out of time and I am trying to be more consistent with my investments. I am doing things right again and I am aging. What if I never succeed? We all hear stories about those who have chips on their shoulders and make huge successes. Why do we never hear about those who genuinely give up on life?
I sit here and think that I should give up. Anything I do that is new or fun I erase it in my head because I am "not where I want to be." Everything feels fake and feels wrong because I am broke, living at home, and I am in a place my younger self would laugh at. I just wish I could stop thinking about all the money I have lost, the years I lost due to illnesses, and all the "What ifs." I try to workout everyday now, I finally eat everyday, I go outside a lot, I have been more social to strangers, I work on my car with other car people, and I am dating a few girls. I feel like such a fraud. Am I a fraud? I am essentially broke and struggling. I have no bills, no rent, and I have a whole floor to myself. Should I just isolate myself and not live because of how much of a loser I am? Does anyone feel like this?
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2023.06.08 09:46 BaddestCookie Team Rating (1-10) Fatal x Team

Team Rating (1-10) Fatal x Team submitted by BaddestCookie to MADFUT [link] [comments]

2023.06.08 09:32 BaddestCookie Strong Team for Fatal 90

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2023.06.08 09:28 Zxcvbnm2028 **INTERNAL SCREAMING***

**INTERNAL SCREAMING*** submitted by Zxcvbnm2028 to phigrosGame [link] [comments]

2023.06.08 09:23 tehbolle Insights from a 3-day legend run on a no-bonus-star account

Hi all,
I got a bit bored of playing on my main account, so I thought I’d see what it would be like to climb to legend without bonus stars. Well, it’s actually surprisingly hard - mainly in that even if you win A LOT, it still takes considerable time.
I thought it would be interesting to share some of my findings, maybe those of you who are still climbing or struggle with it can make use of it. Note that this is not a deck guide as I’ve used decks that are prevalent. Also note that this was not a completely fresh account (but simply one not played on for a long time) so I didn’t go through the apprentice ranks and such, and had dust to spend on good decks.
First some overal stats:
The meta:
Having climbed with a a 10 or 11-star bonus for a long time, I’m probably playing in quite a bubble. I was surprised by the diversity of the meta (see decktracker image). I’ve seen all classes, though druid and shaman only for 6 games both (3%). Deathknight was the outlier on the top end, though only with 17%, followed by Paladin (14%).The big difference between 11-star / high legend meta and this climb for me was the unrefined nature of a lot of decks. Cards included in decks probably because people think they’re fun (ETC rock duel), because they don’t know better (playing old, outdated lists) or dust issues maybe. I don’t know, but it made a lot of games fairly easy. From diamond 5 onwards I ran into the usual meta stuff, but saw considerably more hunter for some reason.
I thought Demon Hunter was a lot more popular, but I only ran into 7 of them (just 1 more than the 2 dead classes druid and shaman). So maybe relic DH is more popular in legend (even when it's not the best deck) than it is in general.
Decks and play style:
Outcast DH is a deck that I like and am comfortable with. I played the list from a recent reddit post. It might not be optimal but I’m not great at making meaningful tweaks to decks. I simply shredded through a lot of bronze, silver and gold with it. At some point had a 15 game win streak.Outcast DH is a deck with at least some game against a wide field, but you don’t like seeing control priest or blood DK. Since those weren’t prevalent at lower ranks (and those that were either had bad decks or didn’t know what my gameplan was), it was quite a good choice for fast wins. At this point the key thing was chaining win streaks for the bonus stars from 3 wins in a row, since that cuts down the time it takes considerably.
credit to / guide here:
I ran into a bit more refined decks at plat and decided to switch to the current meta tyrant pure paladin. Reasoning was that at that point people played better against outcast, had a few losses too many and wanted to try if it was the deck or simply the meta. Used this list (LINK).The popular pure pala build is really strong overall, has decently fast games which is good. The only thing I really dislike (but that’s been a paladin / midrange deck issue for so long) is the difference between going first and second. I had a 83% win rate without coin, and 63% win rate with coin. That’s a pretty major difference. Maybe I’m not adapting my mulligan well enough with coin? I don’t know.
Enrage warrior was something I thought would work well because I love playing it and have had success with it in the heroic tavern brawl as well as using it to climb to top 100. But I ran into a lot of hunters and that felt like a rough matchup, while being an almost free matchup for paladin (went 9-0 vs hunters), so I just switched back.
Random observations:
Mulligan: One of the bigger things that you hear a lot is ‘good streamer always has the card / curve!’. And that’s probably because of the same reason that people struggle to climb: mulligan. It’s SO important to mulligan for your best cards instead of simply keeping your decent cards. Look at HSreplay for stats on cards and use that to your advantage. Example: The Curator in pure paladin has the highest mulligan win rate of all cards. But is only kept 50% of the time. That’s bonkers. Meanwhile Grimestreet outfitter and seafloor saviour (though they’re not in the current best list they’re still played a lot) are kept 76 and 75% of the time, even though they are cards with a terrible mulligan win rate. So how come streamer has curator a lot on 5 and you don’t? Because they keep it when they see it, and mulligan sub-par cards away in the mulligan so they have a higher chance of getting the card that wins them matches. So don’t think ‘1 mana, 2 mana and 3 mana cards, great!’. Think about the best cards for the matchup you’re facing, and find them.
Tilt / stress: Because this was not my main account and I just wanted to try something else, I noticed I played really relaxed. Nothing was riding on a game, so even though I played A LOT in a short time, I didn’t really experience stress, anxiety or tilt at all. Losses were just that, I checked myself and moved on. For some reason that changed when I get to diamond 2, because I was ‘so close’ and really wanted to get there with the same win rate that I had maintained over the climb (was up to >80% at that point still). That led to me being frustrated of matchups and losses where I wasn’t before. I had quite some back and forward still, and 11 out of the 44 losses occurred around ranks 3-1 diamond.
Deck selection: Play whatever you think is fun. But if you want to win more, at least see if you can use the available resources to find the good versions of your lists.
Good luck on the climb!
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2023.06.08 09:22 PNWclimberJohn [WTS] Men's Medium Closet Cleanout - Patagonia, Mountain Hardwear, prAna, The North Face & Columbia - Weights in Post - Price Drops & New Items!

Hi All, I have some nice garments up for grabs. I've added some new things and dropped prices on items listed previously. All items are men's size medium and are in either new, like-new or excellent lightly used condition. Prices don't include shipping as I'm thinking that someone might want to purchase multiple items which will help trim the overall shipping cost. I prefer PayPal F&F, but you can add 3% to cover PayPal fees if you want to do a G&S transaction. I have sold dozens of items on GearTrade, ULgeartrade & BikeShop over the last few years with no unhappy customers. Buy with confidence! Please take a look...
Mountain Hardwear Tim Lahan Artist Series T-shirt
This is a beautiful heavyweight tee featuring a cool climbing/mountain graphic by Tim Lahan. This very durable shirt is made from 100% organic cotton and it's in excellent lightly used condition with no flaws. Color is a dark navy blue and it weighs in at 8.9 oz. Retailed for $45.00. Asking $25.00
Mountain Hardwear Short-sleeve Button-up
It's "sun's out, guns out" time and you'd look fantastic in this beautiful shirt! Made from 60% cotton & 40% polyester, this shirt is new and has no flaws. Weighs in at 6.7 oz. and retailed for $60.00. Asking $30.00
Mountain Hardwear Short-sleeve Canyon Shirt
This is the previous and, in my opinion, superior version of the venerable Canyon Shirt. It features ventilating mesh side panels on the inside of the arms and down most of the torso sides. Two large ventilation ports span the back of the shirt and there's an expandable collar to cover more of the neck if so desired. This awesome shirt features one horizontal zipper access chest pocket and one large vertical access chest pocket with Velcro closure tabs. There is a very minor amount of wear on the inside of the collar. 70% nylon/30% polyester. Overall this shirt is in great condition and is ready to keep you cool for years to come. Weighs 7.1 oz. Current retail on the Canyon Shirt is $60.00. Asking $25.00
prAna Short-sleeve Polyester T-shirt
This soft synthetic tee is in like-new condition with no flaws. Great for working out and for casual wear. Made from 100% polyester, this sweet tee weighs in at 5.1 oz. Retailed for $39.00 Asking $20.00
prAna Cotton/Poly T-shirt
This cool tee is made from 60% organic cotton & 40% recycled polyester. It's in like-new condition with no flaws and weighs in at 6.0 oz. Retailed for $35.00. Asking $17.00
The North Face Short-sleeve Button-up
Here's a really nice button-up that's perfect for the office, the pub or date night. It's made from 56% cotton & 44% polyester and is in excellent lightly used condition with no flaws. It weighs 6.6 oz. Retailed for something north of $50.00. Asking $28.00
Patagonia Short-sleeve Polo Shirt
This nice polo is in excellent lightly used condition with no flaws. It's made from 100% organic cotton in a comfortable and durable knit. Weighs 8.7 oz. Asking $25.00
prAna Short-sleeve Polo Shirt
This beautiful lightweight three button polo is made from 89% recycled polyeste11% organic cotton. It's in excellent lightly used condition with no flaws. It weighs 6.0 oz. and retailed for $49.00. Asking $25.00
The North Face Long-sleeve Shirt
This beautiful shirt is made from a comfortable and durable 80% cotton/20% polyester fabric. It has a cool hidden interior chest pocket that's perfect for stashing cash, passport, credit cards, etc. This shirt is in like-new condition and weighs 10.3 oz. Asking $28.00
The North Face A5 Series Track Jacket
Here's a really sweet full-zip sweat/track jacket in a nice green/brown/white color scheme. 85% polyeste15% cotton and weighing in at 22.8 oz. It features two zippered hand pockets and two large interior "drop" pockets. This jacket is in great condition with two very small imperfections (shown in pics) that are hard to spot. This jacket retailed for north of $100.00. Asking $33.00
The North Face Shorts
These shorts are made from a very durable 100% nylon fabric. They feature an integrated adjustable nylon belt, two hand pockets in the front, two "wallet" pockets in the back, two large cargo pockets with Velcro flap closures and one 4"x4" pocket on the right thigh. These shorts have a gusseted crotch with 8" inseam and weigh 11.0 oz. Asking $19.00
Columbia Sportswear PFG Bobbers Best Print Short-sleeve Shirt
This awesome shirt is new with the tag still attached. It's made from 100% cotton. This shirt has a nice roomy fit and large mesh-lined ventilation ports on the back to keep you cool when the temps go up. Weighs in at 7.3 oz and retails for $45.00. Asking $20.00
Thanks for looking and please let me know if you have any questions. Be well.
submitted by PNWclimberJohn to ULgeartrade [link] [comments]