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2023.05.29 05:30 A_ristocat Manic Parent

Note: I am documenting this for safety purposes just in case my situation gets worse, or thing get more violent than what it is right now. I am a 27 year old woman who has been very unsuccessful with my schooling until now. I am in a position right now where I have not had a job since the pandemic started and I have not been in school since January 2022. I am in a state of depression; not medically confirmed. I don't know where to go or what to do with my life right now. Most days I don't feel like getting up out of bed but at the same time I can't sleep for longer than 6 hours. I don't want to talk to anyone for weeks on end, but I still feel lonely. My appetite changes daily. My mood changes hourly. I haven't done my hair in months and even finding the strength to bathe is hard. My cat is the only thing that makes me happy right now. Right now, I am fully dependent on my abusive mother. Growing she has always had a bad temper and has been physically and verbally abusive with me. Now that I have started to stand up for myself and defend myself, her aggressions and behaviors have only gotten worse. As I have become clearer in my emotions and mental state, I have started to recognize her macro and micro aggressions towards me. Microaggressions such as not leaving hair all over the floor and then yelling at me to clean it up, cooking and leaving the stoving dirty and sink fill of dishes (both corrected behaviors as of recently), watching me with as I am getting food with a disapproving look, and trying to force me to say Goodmorning to her when I am not a morning person (a control thing) amongst others. Macroaggressions she has done; not buying water that I can drink (I have gone 4 months without having bottled water daily the longest), frightening me out of my sleep by banging on the door or shaking me (a serious problem for me because it increases my blood pressure and I have palpations for hours afterwards), not buying pads or pain killers for me.I've always had terrible cramps and strong blood flow (I find this behavior appaling becaue she works as a nurse). She has complained about feeding me and has even almost refused food for me at one point, but she was afraid of the backlash he would receive for family about that. Even when she does buy food its always just chicken that I have to cook myself while she buys herself snacks and fishes and lamb. I do understand that I am an adult, and the cooking is something I have to but there are defiantly discriminations behind her actions. I stay in my room most of the day just so I can avoid interactions with her. Yes, I have talked with her about these things which she has turned around and used as ammo against me when she is upset. Her actions do nothing to help with my mental state. She has made it very clear to me that she would have thrown all my things out and kicked me out a long time ago, but she fears being criticized by others. These are just a few of the things that she has done. I have plenty of stories of her behavior from the past 3 years and will try to post more as I try to remember. At first, when all of this started, I had wanted to stay private about it because honestly, I think her behavior is embarrassing. As time went on, I have learned that she has been gossiping about our events and painting me out to be the bad guy. In reality she is the one to start every bad interaction we have. I have even had family turn away from me because of her gossip so I can't not rely on them for help. I have recognized this was her method of control (something she relies in our relationship) as I try my best to put a stop to her bullying. She has criticized me before for speaking out about her behavior, so I know she is trying to hide it. I realized that I am only hurting myself by not telling the truth. She had said many times that she didn't own me anything and told me that I feel like I am intitled when I ask her for things and to look for help if I needed help (anyone besides her). As of right now she refused to buy me pads, water and is attempting to throw my cat tree away. Side note: she doesn't like my cat, Oliver, the only reason that he is still here is because her friends like him or else, she would have gotten rid of him just to spite me.
Video: Just before this video was taken last summer my mother came into my room and started interrogating me in a very hostile manner about me getting a job. I answered with logical questions to her questions to her questions such as: Where do I find these jobs? What do I after I get this job? I am thinking about something long term not just for the moment since my original plan fell through. Everything is too expensive for just a Walmart job in New Jersey. She didn't like the response I was giving her because I didn't look intimidated, so she told me that looked arrogant and proceed to rush me coming about 3inches away from my face. I put my hand in between our faces in response to separate us. That is when she grabbed my arm and shoved me back, backing me against the window yelling how dare I put my hand up, that is when I proceeded to record (she also threatened to break my phone). I started yelling at her to not touch me and she started to deny touching me when she noticed me recording. The voice in the back is my aunt who came over when she started hearing my yelling.
Ps. At this point I had put in at least hundred applications in and has not received any response from them. Note: No, I don't pay any bills. Don't plan on doing it. In the past I did think about it but see her behavior toward me now doesn't make me willing. I do not feel comfortable PAYING to live with a person that is verbally and physically abusive toward me.
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2023.05.29 05:29 pushaslayer678 Baked breaded chicken. Broiler or air fry?

If I was to sous vide breaded chicken breast, to get the breadcrumbs browned and crispy would I transfer the chicken after the sous vide to the oven and broil it or over to the air fryer? I’ve heard some people say that the air fryer messes up the sous vide process and there’s no point. Also with the dredging process of rolling it in egg wash and breadcrumbs, do I do this before putting the chicken in the sous vide or after? (I’m also trying to keep this recipe relatively healthy so I’m avoiding oil)
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2023.05.29 05:28 dromings Kissing me isn’t safe for my spouse’s allergies

My (30F) spouse (32NB) has allergies. So. Many. Allergies. Citrus, olive oil, garlic, latex, oats, most fresh fruits, some vegetables, dogs, cats, nuts, mint, anything with fragrance…I could go on. Only the citrus allergy is life-threatening. The others will make them itchy or upset their stomach.
Since we’ve been together, I’ve had to completely change my lifestyle. I’ve changed out most of the products I use. Our laundry detergent, cleaning products, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, toothpaste, deodorant, etc. all have to be things they aren’t allergic to. It’s been a lot of trial and error (and expense when I unknowingly buy something that it turns out they’re allergic to that I then have to throw away) to land on the products we use now.
All of our clothes have to be double washed so that the detergent doesn’t irritate their skin. I’ve learned to cook so that I can make most of our meals from scratch because prepared foods generally aren’t safe for them. I’ve stopped eating things they’re allergic to. Or if I do eat those things, I can’t kiss my spouse until I brush my teeth, and I feel tremendous guilt for eating them.
It’s been a struggle for both of us. They struggle with feeling safe, I struggle with remembering everything I have to be careful of (you might have noticed that a lot of the things they’re allergic to are incredibly common) and everything I’ve given up.
Now the current problem. I have sensitive skin also. My lips in particular are prone to irritation if I don’t use some form of skin protectant like chapstick or aquaphor. This wasn’t a problem until about six months ago when my spouse developed some new allergies (mint, seeds, and nuts). I have been trying to find a chapstick that’s safe for them and no luck. Everything has citric acid, mint, sunflower seed oil or something else that’s a no-no. Sometimes the pain gets too much and I have to use a chapstick that they’re allergic to until we find an alternative. When I do, they won’t (can’t) kiss me and they tend to shut down and get upset. They’ve expressed that they feel like I’m not considering their needs when I do that, and that I’m not putting them first. I have burning lips if I don’t use it, they have burning lips if I do and kiss them afterwards.
It’s just hard. There’s so much to remember and though of course their health and comfort are one of my highest priorities, I do feel like sometimes I’m being asked for too much or that they don’t appreciate all the ways I put their needs ahead of my own. And sometimes I feel like I’m being a selfish asshole for even feeling that way.
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2023.05.29 05:27 dadparty6969 today's marshalls finds!

today's marshalls finds!
can anyone give me their experience with these products? I've seen a lot about them online!
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2023.05.29 05:26 Dahaaaa What is, if any, is there intersection between material science and skin friction (tribology).

I was doing my own research into the topic, and it got me interested in the different methods for skin grafts, and their own limitations and disadvantages, so I was wondering if materials can bridge the gap in any way? Does anyone have any experience with this topic?
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2023.05.29 05:26 slapstik007 Did some BBQ for the in-laws tonight

pulled pork and smoked chicken wired out well for the relationship with the in laws.
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2023.05.29 05:25 SmollLitchi [I ate] Egg sandwich and chicken curry with pickles

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2023.05.29 05:25 netskwire Lydia isn't working properly

Hello there! When I recruit Lydia, I don't have any follower control dialogue options. I can't even dismiss her. I tried recruiting Uthegard and she works just fine. It's nothing gamebreaking and I suspect something is going wrong with IFD Lydia but Im a bit worried that it might be a sign of something worse that will rear its ugly head later on in the playthrough with something I actually care about. Help would be much appreciated!

Here's my load order:
Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch
Simple Workaround Framework
Cutting Room Floor
Cheat Room
Quest Debugger
Extended Encounters
Headtracking - Fully Scripted
Hero Animated Main Menu
Obscure Scholarship
JaySerpa's Quest Bundle
JaySerpa's Quest Bundle USSEP Patch
The Conflict Under the Crescent
Divine Cloaks
Cloaks of Skyrim
Cloaks of the Nords - 1k
Grey Warden Armor
Emotes! - Various Player Actions
Sensible Combat Multipliers
VioLens - A Killmove Mod SE
Super Simple Lock Bash
Growl - Werebeasts of Skyrim
Convenient Horses
Andromeda -Unique Standing Stones of Skyrim
The Dragonborn Dreams
YOT- Your Own Thoughts
Enemy Health Indicators
Reflection - Level Up Messages
Perks & Magic Bundle - Ordinator
Frost Slow Tweaks By Rafear
Divine Warrior- A Cleric Armors, Spells, and Weapon Bundle
Improved Telekinesis
Sounds of Skyrim - Complete Edition
Improved Combat Music
Lively Children Animations (Replacer)
NPC Animation Remix (Replacer)
Gester Animation Remix (Replacer)
Comprehensive First Person Animation Overhaul - CFPAO
Skyland AIO
Insignificant Object Remover
Black Leather Sheath
Celtic Enchanting Table
Skyrim Outfitters: Face Coverings
HD Unique Handmade Signs by ElSopa
Witcher Horse Expansion 1K
Witcher Horse Expansion - Convenient Horses Patch
I'm Glad You're Here - A Follower Hug Mod
Talkative Dragons
Charitable Soul (a mod for good guys)
Immersive Speechcraft
Immersive Speech Dialogues
Immersive Citizens
DT - New Bards of Skyrim
Immersive Follower Framework
Tweak Better Vanilla Dogs
Natural eyes
Tempered Skins for Females (Rugged)
Tempered Skins for Males (Rugged)
Breezehome Basement
Priory of the Cape
ClefJ's White River Priory
Whiterun- A City Full of Life
Brikkit Skeletop Follower
Better Skyforge
Khajiit Child Maisha
Vile's Cursed Rings of Enfeeblement
Crusader- A dawnguard bundle
Hjertesten Hall- Player Home
Rent My House- A Landlord Mod
Get Immersive Cheats (Expanded)
Mystic Condenser Updated
EasierRider's Dungeon Pack
Engorged Robber's Gorge - A Lawbringer Module
House Rule - Lawbringer for Solsethiem
Stìgr Virding - Pathway to Honor
Elite Knight Armor and Weapons
King's Pawns Armor Pack
Dovahbear Companion
More to Say 9.0.2
The Grand Paladin
Missives by IronDusk33
Bards Reborn: Students of Song
Stendarr Rising
Kagrenac's Wisps
After the Civil War - Siege Damage Repairs
CW Repairs - Immersive Citizens Patch
Serana Dialogue Add-On
SDA Wintersun Patch
SDA Glad You're Here Patch
SDA Convenient Horses Patch
SDA House of Horrors Quest Expansion Patch
Mirai - the girl with the dragon heart
Hearthfire multiple adoptions
Hearthfire multiple adoptions- last name optional
The Great City of Solitude
The Great City of Solitude- USSEP Patch
Redesigned Males
Redesigned Females
Handsome Housecarls Followers
Improved Follower Dialogue Lydia
SDA Improved Follower Dialogue Lydia Patch
Handsome Housecarls - IFD Lydia Patch
Alternate Start
New Beginnings - Alternate Start Expansion
Dealing With Backstories
Relationship Dialogue Overhaul- RDO
Serana Dialogue Add-On RDO Patch
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2023.05.29 05:24 melouis 5/31 Service Industry Workers Outing - Cold Spring Hike

For those who are working this Memorial Day weekend, like I am cas I work in the service industry, I’m planning an outing on Wednesday (I will sleep Tuesday after having worked straight from Thursday-Monday).
I love nature and enjoy the outdoors. I’m thinking of doing a popular fun hike (it won’t be crowded on a Wed tho!) in Cold Spring.
It’s easily accessible via Metro North from Grand Central and the trail ends with an old ruins site.
Details on The Bull Hill Full Loop hike:
This hike will be a nice cardio and leg workout for the initial 1/3 portion but is a pleasant going downhill after.
The terrain is not technical and does not require hiking boots. Good sneakers can be used on this hike.
Train: Hudson Line, Poughkeepsie, 9:43 am departure from Grand Central, arriving at Cold Spring at 11:04 am.
Weather forecast so far is Sunny and high of 80.
2 1L bottles minimum.
Have light snacks for trail.
Have breakfast (tho not a big heavy meal) before hiking. You’ll burn calories.
Post hike hunger game … plan is grabbing food in the town of Cold Spring.
About me: I work in tourism/hospitality and I can’t wait to catch a breather, fresh air and greenery!
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2023.05.29 05:24 GuamSh Added to u/awalkapucture’s iceberg

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2023.05.29 05:24 OctowardtheSquid What is the default hero skin that feels like a paid skin

Personally, I think Yin and Natan's default skin look way better than their basic paid counterparts. I feel like they are in line with elite than stock/default
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2023.05.29 05:24 spazmonkey667 Enjoy my money, I'm not giving you all any more

I am beyond frustrated with this game. I keep thinking I've seen the bottom of the monetization hole, and everytime I find an extra little bit of suck. I started thinking I could be on an even playing field by getting all the characters, which for maybe 60$ at the end of the day, I thought was more than fair. Then I found out that you can't really compete without colorful stickers, which are drip fed at high prices. I already had some sunk cost at this point so I swallowed that, and was still having fun. Then I saw a skin I wanted, and had the audacity to play the lotto spinner for the mecha-trex spinner without reading the fine print. Apparently they keep upping the cost to spin each time, and there is little to no chance you get tickets carried over in a round. I am embarassed to have stepped up to this rigged carny game to begin with, but you've moved the football one too many times for me to try to kick it again. Have fun with my money, I hope you all are happy together, I am done with this game.
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2023.05.29 05:22 r-EnclaveGeneral What's the point of the patriot buff?

Like I understand "oh if you max the buff the team gets lots of fire damage" but it's practically USELESS in EVERY CASE where HAVING TEAM BALANCE matters like late game where 99% OF THE ZOMBIES ARE FIRE PROOF (what's up with that anyway) and yea there is skirmish but if the buff was good there we'd actually be seeing it.
The 2/2 buff is "bad" as molly is just a worse red barrel, it costs more, has less utility, and can really only BE used with the 2/2 buff which at that point its not worth it since you don't even get any patriots early-mid game that readily unless you spend some irl $$ and some shop rng luck with characters/skins
The 3/3 buff is even more useless because NONE OF THE PATRIOT UNITS DO FIRE DAMAGE BY THEMSELVES (HOW DID THIS GET GREEN LIT) the only use you could get out of it is maybe queen or carlos max but at the point its just better to build around queen
The 5/5 buff is I guess how the 3/3 buff is meant to buff but 15% isn't a good chance when the only fast attacking units with patriot skins are Esther squishy units like Rodriguez and carol, or just bad units like jug and guard
If anything the only ways you could make patriots and the buff good without changing the buffs themselves would be to swap the 3/3 and 5/5 because having the fire proc early would at least make some ppl want to go full 5/5 to get the extra damage
But ultimately the best way would be to have the units that are patriots or the "bad" ones with skins to get buffs like guard or jugg
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2023.05.29 05:22 callmecamut Two contradicting dermat opinion, please advise.

Two contradicting dermat opinion, please advise.
Hi Everyone , I needed some advice on which advise should I consider for my acne concerns.
I have never had acne prone skin (although I have pcod)but not sure which product that I used , suddenly I have a lot of acne this summer on my cheeks . I asked a dermat friend and then I also consulted one doctor near my house but both have contradicting opinions on how I should treat it.
Could you please tell me why they have different schools of thought and what i should actually consider ?
1st suggestion: Am routine: Wash with a salicylic acid and glycolic acid based foaming cleanser. (Ahaglow S) Then apply Clindamycin gel Use a moisturiser (Hydew lotion) Use sunscreen (Acne UV gel) PM routine: Use the same foaming cleanser Apply moisturiser Apply adapalene gel
2nd suggestion: Start taking Minoz ER 65 tablets for 3 weeks AM routine: Same foaming cleanser Apply benzoyl peroxide gel PM routine: Same cleanser Apply Deriva CMS gel No sunscreen No moisturiser for a few months.
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2023.05.29 05:21 nerdybritishGirl Little things that help me eating less and binging less

So I just recently moved from Europe to North America. And I new I wanted to change my lifestyle here and just loose some weight (I mean I knew that I won't reach my goal until I'm going back but at least do the best I can, and especially not gaining more). And I thought I would share some thing that have changed for me so far, and what I'm doing to loose weight.
Moving helped me a lot in loosing weight. Due to the different food regulations over here I got sick a lot in the first two months and therefore I ate very little and lost a lot already. But now i finally settled and feel at home here and can finally eat properly again. One thing I took out of the last months, is how important it is to kind of shrink your stomach. Kind of like a bariatric surgery just the natural version. With eating very little the stomach gets smaller and therefore now I can't even eat as much as I used to eat.
Another big thing for me is that I really adjusted my "meal plan" to my work day and just finding a way that works for me . I don't really feel like eating in the morning and also I try to avoid eating late, as I don't really like the feeling of going to bed with a full tummy. Therefore I decided to do OMAD from now on. I prep my lunch in the evening or on the weekend (I usually prep for 2-5 days, I make one meal and just see in the end for how many days it lasts. That way i feel like I'm a bit more flexible as I sometimes don't like eating the same thing over and over and also it takes less time for me to decide what to cook). Why OMAD? I don't have to count calories, i only weight things like potatoes, rice or noodles, that way I can kind of eastimate to stay below 1500 cals. And it's just the easiest for me to fit in my schedule. But I know if I would be working in a different place it would be different. (At home I would have a small dinner but here it takes me over an hour to get home from work, so by the time I'm home I feel like it's to late for me to eat. Back in Europe it was just a 5 min Bike Ride to get home, therefore I had a lot more time actually cooking, and I didn't had to bring food to work, as we had 2 different cafeterias around.)
The other thing that I like about OMAD, I don't really have to worry about special occasions. If I plan to go out for dinner with friends, that would just toun out to be my OMAD instead of lunch. And even if it's something like my birthday, I'll take a break for a day and then maybe fast a few days later.
Fasting is a nother thing for me. Right now I usually fast about one day a week, mostly on the weekend but sometimes also during the week, depending on my schedule at work. There's no specific reason for that, but I feel good, my skin is better and especially on the weekend if I'm having a lazy day, I don't really need to eat.
And maybe the most interesting thing: how I stopped binging. Since I was little it was always a problem that my dad would eat a lot and sometimes kind of take away the food that was ment for us kids. That kind of got me into an ED, I would often feel like needing to finish fast to get enough, trying to hide special food from him... Although I don't live with my parents for 5 years now, I'm still struggling to share my food sometimes and I would binge a lot, especially on chocolate bars and chips. But over the last month I kind of had a realisation and so now this one though is keeping me from binging (or overeating in general) "The food doesn't 'run away', I'm always able to eat it in the next days but I'm not able to eliminate the calories I've already eaten." Right now, writing this down, it feels silly that such a little sentence is kind of the key to my lifestyle change right now. But it is, and it feels good. I didn't really binged at all in the last month.
In general, with all of this, I'm kinda trying to eat less without actually restricting myself and it's kind of going with the flow, making it more of a changing my mind instead of "dieting". I hope this maybe helps at least one person out there ❣️
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2023.05.29 05:19 wilruk Lifelike Racing Career w/ Grind for Vehicles and Upgrades

I'm looking for racing game where you have a career and grind races to win money to buy new vehicles and upgrades, advance to higher tier races, build a reputation. I'm not really into custom tuning, but I want the vehicles to be more than just skins. Racing against other players, multiplayer time trials, daily/weekly content also is of interest. I play with a controller but am not into arcade-like games with turbo boosts or that kind of thing.
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2023.05.29 05:18 callmecamut Two contradicting dermat opinions, please advise

Two contradicting dermat opinions, please advise
Two contradicting dermat opinion, please advise.
Hi Everyone , I needed some advice on which advise should I consider for my acne concerns.
I have never had acne prone skin (although I have pcod)but not sure which product that I used , suddenly I have a lot of acne this summer on my cheeks . I asked a dermat friend and then I also consulted one doctor near my house but both have contradicting opinions on how I should treat it.
Could you please tell me why they have different schools of thought and what i should actually consider ?
1st suggestion: Am routine: Wash with a salicylic acid and glycolic acid based foaming cleanser. (Ahaglow S) Then apply Clindamycin gel Use a moisturiser (Hydew lotion) Use sunscreen (Acne UV gel) PM routine: Use the same foaming cleanser Apply moisturiser Apply adapalene gel
2nd suggestion: Start taking Minoz ER 65 tablets for 3 weeks AM routine: Same foaming cleanser Apply benzoyl peroxide gel PM routine: Same cleanser Apply Deriva CMS gel No sunscreen No moisturiser for a few months.
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2023.05.29 05:17 dyslexicProton 🧪 Lethal Air: Understanding Highly Poisonous Gases ☠️

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2023.05.29 05:16 _-Raine-_ [Product Question] Comedones and Adapalene

Aight so- I’ve struggled with what I believe to be comedonal acne for years now. It’s really bad on my forehead, some on my chin, side burn areas, and a little near the sides and on my nose. Nothing has really worked, but I am also not completely sure I took enough time for each of the products to make an actual impact?? I am currently using Differin Gel Adapalene 0.1% I’ve been using it once every night for about four weeks now And no progress My skin is used to it now, so I don’t peel as much and not irritated much either But the bumps have not dwindled or anything it seems Should I have seen at least some kind of improvement or is it still too early?
Routine: - Morning: 1. Sunscreen (unless my skin is extra oily I haven’t been washing my face in the morning. If I do, just use moisturizer and sunscreen if I remember to)
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2023.05.29 05:13 LivingFickle I finally finished the Tomb Raider Legend Trilogy and it was a somewhat frustrating but otherwise good time. [Xbox 360]

Howdy folks, so after not really touching this particular set of TR games since Legend on the Gamecube, I finally decided to sit down and go through the "Next Gen" version of it plus the other two in it's Trilogy for the first time, and since I played on Xbox I was also able to purchase and play the two story expansions for Underworld but more on those in a bit.
If you care about story, start here - I'll run through the story and lit tidbits about the games as a whole, and then conclude my nitpicks and praises per game about gameplay and such so lesgo - - The story actually starts with Anniversary, as it's a remake of Tomb Raider (1996). Despite it not originally releasing on the Xbox 360 until a later date from the Playstation/PC release, it's actually essential you understand what happens in the plot. It's available on Xbox as both DLC for TR Legend and as a Standalone. This also means you must own and play Anniversary through Legend if you wish to get 100% achievements. The story though, starts in said remade year, 1996 - Lara is greeted by a man named Larson, who with a little satellite PDA looking thing? (I think it's a laptop in the original, but I can't tell what it's supposed to be in Anniversary) introduces Lara to Natla, who sends her on the quest of getting one of the pieces of the Scion of Atlantis. This has Lara travelling from the likes of Peru, Greece and Egypt battling things from bats and bears to flying, fireball spitting goblins and minotaurs. Once Lara has obtained two of the pieces, a vision is played in her head where some of the lore is explained by Steve Blum. The second time this happens (after getting the third piece and completing the Scion) more lore is explained and it's shown that Natla is obviously the game's big bad - so Lara wakes up from this revelation with Natla holding the now complete Scion and Lara's in custody by Natla's baddies and has been robbed of her weapons (this is a bummer). Natla leaves in a car on her way to a boat while Lara QTEs her way out of a tight situation and cutscenes her way onto a motorcycle chase and Lara sneaking her way onto said boat. Somehow the baddies you QTE'd are also on this boat before you. The Final level takes on an Unknown Island where Natla has been digging. Since Lara doesn't have her weapons after the last cutscene - her first objective is to get her hands on some inconveniently placed Dual Pistols. After completing the area's final puzzle and getting the mine cart moving, Larson shows up to stop Lara until she kills him in a QTE. This really has psychological damage that she seems to forget about in the following games but the game carries on until she can QTE her way through the last few of Natlas goons and mozie on about the wicked structure within. This wicked structure within is what Lara eventually realizes is essentially Atlantis in a confrontation with Natla, who then asks the obvious rhetorical question of "Would you join me?". This results in Lara shooting the Scion and breaking it, thus finally giving her some boss fights that end with us on top and Lara stealing a boat. - Legend starts with a flashback and doesn't acknowledge any of what I just said because "technically" hasn't happened yet because Anniversary came later. The flashback is of Lara as a child and her mother in a plane during some rather turbulent weather. This results in the plane crashing and Lara waking up while climbing cliffs. Not sure how safe it is to sleep while rockclimbing but she's the expert, not me. The game kicks off in Bolivia as Lara as information of certain artifacts that possibly have to do with other flashbacks tied to why she's here and her mom isn't. This game has Lara mostly killing human enemies, with the tutorials going from platforming and equipment to combat in a pretty quick amount of time. The other games usually start with something small, but Legend starts with guns in your direction. Anywho, at the end of Bolivia, Lara is confronted by a man named Rutland who talks a lot but doesn't really respond to anything Lara says and an obscured antagonist from Lara's past named Amanda. After Lara commits several counts of murder the game picks up and goes to Peru because of a thing Rutland says. Peru has Lara going through more baddies until a pretty cool motorcycle sequence ending in she and her escort arriving at an old dig site (the one Rutland mentions). This takes us into a gameplay flashback where we get a "Classic Lara" bit without weapons. It's all platforming and puzzles which isn't a bad thing! However, what is a bad thing is a mysterious Wraith that appears in these mines and ends up killing everyone in the flashback except Amanda. They become the best of friends - Snap back to reality and "modern Lara" goes through the same, but more decrepit mines, making good progress until we've been ambushed by Rutland's baddies. After more murder, Lara helps the escort friend who is also counted in the ambush and this ends the level because Lara is realizing more things are connected. From Peru we go to Japan because a Yakuza member has something we want, and we're willing to kill him for it. After we doesn't want to give it to us without death, we slay numerous of his minions and eventually... HIM! Taking his artifact with us we head to Ghana because that's where Rutland is, and we want the piece he was waving around because it looks like the piece we got from the Yakuza man. We kill Rutland just to be sure, and viola! They DO go together! Wrapping this up because not a lot of story happens but there's a fight with Amanda's Wraith, we seemingly kill it with the power of Tesla, from Kazakhstan the game takes us to England, presumably the Tomb of King Arthur, where it's realized that the Artifacts we've been gathering are actually fragments Excalibur. We also kill a big snake here, maybe two of them but I'm unsure. From the Tomb it's off to Nepal - the crash site of the beginning of the game's Flashback. After getting our mother's pendant from the crash in a QTE we proceed through the level until it's time to put the pieces together and complete the Sword. Completing the Sword sets us off to the final section of the first level - Bolivia, where after some fighting with goons and Amanda, Lara puts the sword into the ruins and touches them in an order based on something she wrote as a child. This starts a scene that looks like the other side of a flashback Lara had, showing that Lara had initiated a device that her mother pulled her away from, the device seemingly yelled at her causing her mothing to pull the sword from the stone and vanish. In modern time, we hear Lara trying to communicate with her mother, the way it plays out would indicate that "modern Lara" is the reason her past mother pulls the sword and disappears. Amanda is in the background yelling for "modern Lara" to pull out the sword but she doesn't and the machine explodes. This upsets Amanda who seemingly was trying to use the machine to go to a place called Avalon and claims that's where Lara's mother "currently" is. This interaction ends with Amanda getting pistol whipped. - Underworld starts with Croft Manor exploding (this is bad). Lara tutorials her way through the burning house until she ends up at the front door with her butler and Zip. Zip is mostly a voice in Tomb Raider Legend but does have a model and does appear in Legend's Manor mode. I didn't mention him before because he doesn't really do anything in that game besides quip over the radio. He's here now and with a gun, and he doesn't like us too much but before we can find out why he started blasting the game does that super cool thing media sometimes does where it takes us back in time a few weeks so we can build up to and expand that moment. The game puts us in the Mediterranian Sea, where Lara is looking for clues to Avalon, as mentioned at the end of Legend. The game ends up going almost full Norse mythology as Lara's venturing in the caves of the sea leads her to discovering a gauntlet of Thor. Only to then be ambushed by soldiers of no other, Amanda. The soliders knock Lara out and take the gauntlet but leave her guns. They do take her bullets in a cutscene but that's silly because she has unlimited ammo in those things. The baddies start detonating the caves so we need to get out and make our way back to our boat. Doing this sets Lara off to the nearby baddie ship. Going guns a blazing on the ship results in Lara finding a big ole tube with none other than Natla within it. After some words are exchanged, Amanda shows up to break up the interaction and take Natla off the boat by helicopter. With the boat now going down because Lara's on it, Lara needs to get off of it and fire potshots at Amanda as she climbs the helicopter ladder. After taking a graze to the chin Amanda throws the gauntlet into the ocean, causing Lara to jump in and retrieve it. If you're wondering "Why would she do that?" it turns out it's Account-Bound to Lara from when she interacted with it before the goons stole it and is therefore useless to anyone but Lara. From the ocean to Thailand, Lara goes delving into ruins that she learns her father was once also looking into. Once she discovers a clue left by her father she goes home, taking us down into the crypts of Croft Manor where Lara finds that her father had the other gauntlet of Thor. Lara does the obvious and binds it to her as well, giving her access to a new mechanic that only appears like 4 times the entire game. However, we can't think about that now because an explosion takes us back through the beginning of the game where we find out the reason Zip wanted to dust Lara is because there's a Doppleganger, like from the end of Anniversary but not a full mimic and with skin! The doppleganger kills our other "over the comms" friend Alistar which is very sad, I think. Lara gets Allistar's body out of the crumbling house and goes back to business as usual, believing it will lead her to those responsible for his death. She's correct, but not immediately. First she needs to get the belt of Thor, which she does which then leads to the obvious "So can she wield Mjolnir?" and yeah, you totally can and it's totally sick! However, what isn't sick is needing Natla's help to get to Avalon, because oh yeah, that was the objective - but we needed our MacGuffins first! Lara uses the hammer on an identical looking boat to the one that went down earlier, freeing Natla with the assistance of Mjolnir and the doppleganger pulls an Episode VI and just yeets Amanda overboard. Upon arriving where Natla told us to go so we could go to Avalon, we find a thrall of our mom that Natla made, because trauma is cool. This has Lara shooting her mom thrall and finding out that yeah, the doppleganger listens to Natla and is going to kill us now, and that Natla lied and used Lara the same we she used Lara's dad. Natla's trying to bring about the end of the world and goes on her way to do that. The doppleganger is thwarted by Amanda who somehow lives and tells us to go finish Natla because "ending the world" wasn't part of her (Amanda's) plan. Upon arriving at the end of the game Lara has to platform her way around Natla's thralls and fireballs while making the world ending device unstable. After unstabilizing the device, Natla tries to save it but gets Mjolnir tossed at her head for her efforts. After taking Natla down, Lara goes to help Amanda while they try to figure our how to not die here. It's figured out by remembering what happened in Tomb Raider Legend and so Lara and Amanda pull the sword from the stone, sending them through the network and back to somewhere in the world, not sure where but I don't believe it's Bolivia. "The game ends" with Amanda and Lara going their separate ways and Excalibur staying in Lara's possession once again. - "The game ends" is what I WOULD say if I played this on any other platform, but for some reason the Xbox 360 exclusively got two post-story expansions. The first is Beneath the Ashes, which has Lara going back under the Manor (post explosion) and trying to recover an artifact that would, in theory, let Lara control the thralls much like Natla does. Fortunately, after finding the device she finds out that this works well indeed, as the doppleganger had showed up to finish the job before being converted under Lara's control and being sent to finish Natla. - The second expansion, Lara's Shadow has you playing as the doppleganger and it actually starts when Amanda yeets the doppleganger off of Lara before the final battle. The clone wakes up, beginning gameplay and it proceeds to look for Natla so it can help her cover. It finds her, helps her into a revitalization chamber and turns it on. Natla sends the clone off to finish Lara then finish itself (rude). The game then puts us at the end of the prior expansion where Lara gains control of the clone with the device she found under the Manor. In an extended version of that scene, Lara frees the clone of it being bound to servitude and requests that it "Make sure Natla suffers". It does. It heads back to the place where Natla is resting, destroys the machine, and without uttering a word, lets Natla drown as she struggles to comprehend why it won't obey anymore. It's REALLY messed up, all things considered. THAT is how the game ends, and the trilogy for that matter as the series would get rebooted again in 2013, kicking off the Survivor trilogy.
If you don't care about the story start here - Now that the story is out of the way, here's the "game parts" per game:
Legend - Easiest of the three, outside of some wonky physics the game is pretty functional and a heck of a good time. Favorite level is Japan. Even though it's by far the shortest, it's the most pleasing to me in the game. Collectibles were pretty fun to obtain as well. I didn't get em all but felt good about the ones I did find. Gunplay is also the most basic of the three but it's the one I like the most because Anniversary and Underworld just feel like they have gimmicks strapped on. A complaint many would have is how short and linear the game is. None of the levels really ever wrap around on themselves and some are legitimately just a straight line. It's an entertaining straight line, though.
Anniversary - Definitely the hardest of the three games, not in combat, just some of the platforming and timing windows are incredibly tight. I definitely struggled through some of the later sections, but I still enjoyed myself. This one definitely feels the most "Tomb Raider" because it's a remake. My main complaint are how many QTEs there are and me personally not being a fan of the Adrenaline Dodge. It felt incredibly inconsistent. This one I believe is a Backwards Compatibility issue but may be worth noting - on an Xbox One X, this game has a little strip of pixels in the bottom left corner of the screen. It goes away during cinematics but is otherwise there during gameplay and honestly looks like a dying GPU. It's not, fortunately, but it IS consistent enough of an issue that you can look up XBX gameplay videos of this particular game and see the pixels in the capture or even people in the comments saying, "Oh I see that you have the issue too". The only way I've "fixed" this is through HDMI Override on the Xbox and TV setting finicking to effectively zoom in just enough of the screen where those pixels are off view. Favorite section of the game was the Midas Palace, also enjoyed the visual of the Sphynx in Sanctuary of the Scion as well.
Underworld - My goodness, the camera is absolutely dreadful. It's almost like it's trying to be "stuck" to Lara so any time you're climbing you can see the camera jitter vertically a little bit. It also loses its mind in tight places, very nauseating. Gunplay is fine, you have all of the weapons from the start and swap through them on the PDA so Ammo is really never a problem. It also had an "Adrenaline" Mode that you built up rather than it being forced upon you, it One Hits literally anything so it's best to save it on "elites". Pretty handy at the end of the game but I definitely forgot about it for the first several hours. I didn't have a favorite level for this game, but I did appreciate how big some of the levels like Remnants/Bhogavati and The Unnamed Days/Xibalba are - visually a lot of them were very nice and I can tell "Next Gen" was a focus considering those open levels are absolutely littered with things like reacting foliage just to push it a little more. That being said while they looked nice, I didn't really love playing through them, especially when going through them too quickly shows pop-in issues. Last words are that I wish the DLCs weren't tied to the platform, they're honestly good stories and super fun puzzles for what they are, even if they are wrapped in Underworld's engine troubles.
Soooooooooooooooooo yeah, that's pretty much it - there's some top notch platforming and some really pretty levels marred in some annoying camera, hit detection and physics issues across all three titles. Still an absolutely worth it adventure if you don't mind when a game fights back a little :)
My ranking is: 1. Legend (Mostly for nostalgia) 2. Anniversary (if it weren't for my nostalgia, this would be #1) 3. Underworld (Idk, I didn't hate it but the Story/DLC and visuals are really all that game has going for me personally)
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2023.05.29 05:12 ufo_soup Some questions to get this into playable condition

Some questions to get this into playable condition
I got this shamisen as a gift today. A few general questions here, and some more specific ones in the pictures so I can get this in playable condition. I couldn't find any markings on the case or instrument to determine how old it was or what the brand was (I'm thinking this is probably common with shamisen). I did find a receipt from 1994, so I'm guessing it's at minimum 30 years old, as well as someone's name 吉田利晶 (Yoshida Toshiaki?).
  1. Where is the best place to order strings if you live in the US?
  2. Can anyone recommend any stores in Japan to buy strings and accessories? I'll be going to Tokyo/Yokohama/Sapporo this summer. A no English environment is fine. I speak enough Japanese to buy some strings.
  3. Any special storage concerns? Do I need a humidifiedehumidifier like you would for a high end acoustic guitar? I live in the Pacific Northwest, so the summers can get around 60% humidity, but nothing extreme like Florida.
  4. Any favorite books, youtube channels, or even paterons for learning to play? I play guitar but don't read sheet music very well if that makes a difference.
Seems to be in decent condition overall. Can't find any obvious damage other than the skin on the front being dirty and patched. Both the bridge and body are made of a dark lacquered wood.
A few questions here. Is it safe to wash the skin? The top of the skin near the neck has a large patch. I'm assuming I don't need to replace this unless a large tear develops? The bridge isn't fixed - is there a standard area to place it? When I bought it, it was not on the instrument, are you supposed to remove it for storage?
Is the ichi ito supposed to go into this groove? It's not staying put when I try to tune it! This is also by far the most sensitive string instrument I've ever tried to tune. I'm sure part of it is the stings are old and frayed and not likely to stay in tune anyway.
Does this knob on the back of the headstock behind the ichi ito need to be adjusted in any way to play?
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2023.05.29 05:11 ChallengeMod Start of Week #4. Check-in closes Wednesday, May 31 at 11:59pm EDT (1 June @ 03:59 am UTC)

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