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2023.06.09 16:27 No-Childhood727 How can I find someone who has legally changed their name? Seeking father for DNA test.

I had a child accidentally 3 years ago and there are 5 potential fathers. I contacted all of them, 3 of them blocked me and disappeared. I have hired a private investigator for each of them, the PI found 2 of them but the third has completely fallen off grid. No social media/ online presence, his number doesn’t work anymore, and my PI says it’s possible the man changed his name legally…
What ways can I find a man who has changed their name? I don’t have a court order to get them DNA tested at this point I’m just asking for a gratuity.
I’m in Alberta and he’s somewhere near Vancouver.
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2023.06.09 16:27 Love-Long How much stronger would warden become. Would he be a top pick in duels after these buffs

His neutral offense will be considerably easier to use and his unblockable will be a 800ms 30 dmg possibly fully unreactable due to the speed change. How significant is this as these seemed like the only issues he had in duels and even they weren’t that big.
I’m not suggesting he was weak in duels. He had a pretty good pick rate this last tournament and I know he’s been consistently strong in duels. I’m just curious how much stronger in duels this will make him.
Bonus: would the faster bash initiation and better unblockable make him decent enough in 4s for now
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2023.06.09 16:27 Opposite_Tax9806 Recently became a recruiter and I hate it. Where do I go from here?

I recently left my previous job of 2.5 years as BDC in a car dealership for this position. The large dealership I worked for recently shut down their e-commerce division which includes 3 massive layoffs, and then changed my commission structure and I haven’t had a base raise since starting. This put me in a financial hardship since my income was heavily based on that original commission structure thus leading me explore other options. I had many hesitations about this recruiting offer, wasn’t too interested in what a recruiter does and couldn’t see another path to pivot to once being a recruiter, but the base pay made me feel more secured than my old job. I’m almost 2 months in and I fucking despise it. I dread going to work, I dread waking up knowing I have to go to work, I’m exceeding expectations but most time I just sit at my desk repeating “this is so stupid” or feel like banging my head on my desk. I hate sourcing and looking over peoples resume, I secretly hope my interviews don’t show up, people lie on their resumes, these companies we recruit for usually pass over most candidates. It just feels like such a waste of fucking time. This job just isn’t for me. I’m 38F, single mom of 4, ex husband is fighting child support and refuses to help me in anyway. The onset depression that I feel coming on that this job is causing is not helping me with being a good/healthy mom for my kids. Thing is…as I go back to indeed or LinkedIn, I realize how much I hate sales and just reading job descriptions for things I’m qualified for makes me even more depressed! I started in retail/sales while in college working part time but never finished school. Tried going back to finish my nursing degree about 6 years ago and that’s when I had to leave my ex and couldn’t finish. 3 semesters left and couldn’t finish. Having to work full time to pay bills doesn’t allow me to go to school for nursing but man I can’t do another 30 years working in this field, but I’m not qualified for any other jobs that pay enough to raise a family of 5. I’m burnt out and hopeless at this point. I’m not interested in tech or coding or anything involved with sitting at a computer all day. I have a ton of science credits (if they’re still valid) thought of maybe going back to school to be a science teacher… but am I too old to start a career in education? Don’t really know what else I could do or where to go from here 😩
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2023.06.09 16:26 brittanyb00 Should my partner take new job offer but completely burn the bridge at his current job?

I'm mentally exhausted from talking through options with my husband, and he's really struggling on whether to take a position. He works in HR and unfortunately has made some moves that he regrets up until this point. So we need some unbiased opinions!
Current Role (for almost 3 years): Sr HR Generalist in TN. He recently got a pay bump to $75k/year.
New Role: HR Manager in southern VA. Pay would be $105k/year with $10k relocation reimbursement.
Important notes: 1) He isn't miserable in his current job but has been looking for opportunities due to feeling restless and bored. 2) We have a toddler and a teenager. 3) We would be moving away from said teen's father, but she's actually not that upset...but still... 4) We do not have a lot of family holding us in TN, and VA is closer to my best friend at least. 5) We do own our home and would need to sell. Rent would probably be ~$1k more a month than what we pay in mortgage.
Background: His current job is comfortable. He knows what to expect and likes the people he works with. This new position has a lot of unknowns since they have been doing a complete restructuring of their HR department BUT he did visit and liked the new team. He would have to put in more work, and it could be very challenging/rewarding, but there's always a risk when taking a new position. Now, he thought he was doing the right thing by giving his current job more than a 1 month notice (mistake #1). His boss immediately freaked, posted the job, and verbally offered it to someone else within 2 days - not even joking. Fast forward a week later, and my husband is anxious about whether things will continue without issues/background will cleanew job fears. He voices being scared and the irritation with his job being offered to someone else so quickly to his current boss. She gives him the option to actually stay but says he has to make a decision THAT day. So, I personally told him I would not stay b/c he was looking for a reason, but fully support whatever his decision is. He told her he would stay (possible mistake #2). The new job has countered that they would double relo, now $10k, and really want him to consider taking the job because he would be such a good fit.
Decision Help: He has until end of TODAY to tell the new job if he'll take it. If he does, he will then have to tell his boss, who he has already told he would stay, that he has changed his mind yet again. In doing that, he would have to immediately resign and any reference for this job would go out of the window. He partly doesn't want to deal with the emotional fallout either; he's had multiple people call and voice how excited they are that he's staying after all. We would need to figure out housing and logistics of moving. But he's struggling with the decision of not taking a job with growth since he has the opportunity. What to do?? And are there other things to consider? We've talked about this sooo much for the past 2 weeks; we've looked at every different angle and pros/cons of both. I'm just ready to have the decision made and be done.
Tl;dr Husband wants to take a higher title making more money but is afraid to ruin is reference and lose work/life balance. So, he's at a gridlock of not knowing what to do.

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2023.06.09 16:26 Cookieton How do you create healthy and long lasting friendships and relationships?

(Kind of long nor am I good at explaining stuff, so I apologise for that)
I (22F) am autistic. This in itself is not an issue of course, except in one place. Socially I struggle a lot (which is very typical for someone with autism.) but my issue is that… I can’t seem to hang on to any kind of friendships long term? I’ve basically had a new set of friends every year since I’ve left school (in uni now), and none of those people I’ve been able to keep in contact with, as the usual outcome is that they’ll ghost me and I’ll be on my own again. The only one I do have has been kind of toxic in the past couple years to the point I was willing to give up our friendship entirely.
That friend has a whole host of their own problems, which is not their fault and I won’t go into as it’s not my place. But for a while, I was expected drop everything and it was incredibly draining with their toxic, but self destructive behaviours.
And I did, because I do love my friend and appreciate the friendship I’ve had with them, but I don’t necessarily have the mental space to be able to deal with their problems as well. This has also made me feel like I can’t talk to them about my problems because I don’t want them to have to worry about my issues with theirs.
As a result, I don’t have a support network to talk to, and any time I’ve had a friend and tried to talk about it, that’s the point they usually become distant to me or blank me entirely.
(Not close with my family so no luck there either)
Thing is, I want to have a positive relationship, someone so I can actually talk to without the fear of being continuously left alone. For so many people to leave, there must be an issue with me, right? My best guess is that my autistic quirks freak them out too much (I have desperately tried to mask it to avoid it) but also, I don’t know what it is exactly that does that. I want to improve socially, but how do I do that when there’s no communication as to what’s wrong?
I have a feeling my current group don’t really like me either, they never say my name, invite me to hang out or even really acknowledge me in passing. Chances are, we won’t be staying in contact after we’ve left for this year.
Admittedly, I cry often over the fact I have no one, and that will probably continue until I figure out how to get rid of the problem. I also have high-functioning anxiety, so that doesn’t help at all.
I really want to be able to hang out and laugh with friends, hell, I even want to get in a relationship. But the last person I really liked, blanked me after we met in person. (Context: we met on the uni group chat and spoke/called every day over the summer) I have a feeling this was because I freaked him out over my quirks, or because I was burnt out at the time and didn’t have much passion for hobbies.
So… what could the issue be that I need to fix in order to have a heathy relationship with anyone or what’s any advice people have when it comes to making friends? (Platonic or otherwise)
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2023.06.09 16:26 IslandUpper2566 Things are just getting worse

Despite my numerous attempts of wanting to lose failed weight, I have failed each and every time. I want to lose around 14 ish kgs of weight. I was going well at the beginning of my weight loss journey. It was when I lost somewhere around 8kgs when things started to do DOWNHILL. I started to binge eat. My relationship with my body and food became worse. I have gotten into this vicious cycle of binge and restrict and I have no idea of how to get out of this now. I have lost all the hopes of recovering. No matter how much I try and how many times I try, I still end up at the same place again and again. Also, I got a diagnosis with pcod a month ago. I am just very depressed these days. My relationship with my mom has also gotten worse and I don't know what to do about that too. I hate what've become. I want to change and I need to change for my health but no matter,how much I try to that I fail every single time
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2023.06.09 16:26 kanekohimari Change Inverted Horizontal Scroll on Laptops (Without Changing the Windows Scroll Direction)

I'm using a Dell Precision 3470 and the current Photoshop version.
I have wrist problems, and it physically hurts to do the standard inverted horizontal scrolling direction. I've tried Googling, and found stuff about bugs, but no concrete solution on how to solve this aside from changing the native scrolling in my computer, which just hurts me in literally every other program and instance.
The threads I've searched for here either have gone unanswered or had very condescending replies about the 'proper' hand scrolling, which is annoying to use.
Is there a way to change the horizontal scroll direction in Photoshop directly?
Thank you!
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2023.06.09 16:26 RosieTheRedReddit Potty training with toddler who doesn't ask to go

My son (Little B) is almost 2.5 and he can go poop and pee in the potty just fine. Since he was a baby, I have been putting him on the potty sporadically so he's somewhat used to it.
The problem is that he never independently goes to the potty, or says he needs to. And in fact will deny strongly that he needs to go, right before peeing all over the place. I know this is normal because he just wants to play without an interruption. But it seems like other kids his age do ask to go? Little B is otherwise quite verbal so that's not the issue. We can have a whole day without an accident but only if I'm constantly on potty duty and sit him down every 2 hours or so.
My husband (Big B) thinks doing potty training now is a waste of time, and that our son isn't learning anything. That it's the same as when he was a baby and Little B just doesn't understand what's going on. Also Big B has a harder time getting Little B to actually sit on the potty. Little B is definitely a mama's boy and goes along better with what I want to do. So I think Big B feels frustrated with constant accidents and that he is unable to prevent them.
Not really asking who is right, but just how do you see this situation generally. Is it a normal stage? How do we teach Little B to ask to go? Will he figure it out on his own? What should we do? I'm afraid of waiting too long to start potty training because I've heard by 3 years old they're too set in their ways and hard to change.
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2023.06.09 16:25 CopyableBadge37 I believe that this subreddit needs to participate in the Reddit strike.

For those of you who are not already aware, Reddit has decided to make new changes to its API. On top of other issues that this causes, these changes will result in new, major accessibility issues for the blind. For this reason, many subreddits have decided to go private, starting of June 12th, to protest these new changes. While I know that this post is off-topic to the Deprogram, I am reaching out in order to ask how this subreddit feels about the idea of participating.
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2023.06.09 16:25 Mixiwa I hate that humans are social creatures.

At this point I am literally desperate for any kind of social interaction, I am so depressed every single day because I am just. isolated. I just want to be loved. My first problem is that I have severe trust issues (like, using a fake name and changing it every month or so kind of trust issues - I can't even post without turning on a VPN) so I can't really make new friends or connect emotionally with the ones I do have But at the same time the moment i deem someone "safe" I will CLING to that person, i require constant validation and its so exhausting for everyone involved, I will cry over stupid shit like tone changes (i dont know if this comes across blatantly to my friends, I tend to keep these feelings supressed) I have two friends who I don't talk to often, and this loneliness is killing me. Being friends with me is exhausting because I need constant accomodation, I'm afraid to go outside and I'm incredibly sensitive. And I KNOW this and I hate myself because I can't be good enough, I want to be normal so badly so people can love me. I just want to be loved.
The problem is, I cant make a support system without being fixed first, but I can't be fixed without a support system. I don't know what to do. I'm so alone. How do I fix this? I don't know what to do anymore.
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2023.06.09 16:25 DoABarrowRoll Defending the Draft: New York Giants Edition (2023)

Hello to you, fellow ingrates.
Year 6 of DABR Defends the New York Giants from Criticism has arrived.

Season Recap

tl;dr: The Giants had their most successful season since 2016, and arguably since winning the Super Bowl in 2012 (if the draft spot/playoff success is the measurement) and went into draft night with the latest selection they've had since 2012, the first outside the top 11 since 2016.
Giants fans didn't really expect to win that many games this year. There were still some hopefuls for Daniel Jones but most people had come to terms with new GM Joe Schoen and new HC Brian Daboll pretty much setting up to replace him, declining his 5th year option.
It was the first year of this regime, they hadn't really been able to fix up the roster fully, etc. Most Giants fans I know were expecting a 4-7 win season, not sniffing the playoff race. Ha.
It all started week 1 vs Tennessee. It was honestly a story Giants fans have gotten familiar with. Look absolutely horrible in the first half of the game, but somehow struggle back into it in the second half, only to be dramatically disappointed at the end of the game. After Daniel Jones threw a red zone interception with just under 9 minutes to go, we thought that was pretty much it.
But then with 4 minutes left, Saquon Barkley rips off a 33 yard run, Daniel Jones converts a 4th and 1, and the Giants score a TD to pull them to just a 1 point deficit. Most Giants fans are thinking "okay he's gonna kick it, play for overtime, I respect that, we didn't think it would be that close anyways."
And then we see the offense staying on the field...uh oh. The offense wasn't exactly clicking on all cylinders to that point in the game, having been shut out in the first half. If we don't get it, the game is pretty much lost. Daboll calls a shovel pass, Saquon gets it, it looks like it's completely doomed...I'm thinking "here we go again, his first game and the media is already going to be all over him for going for it"...but Saquon fights his way in! Giants take the lead for the first time in the game. We're feeling good, Daboll's huge balls in that situation giving us some confidence.
Then the Titans methodically work the ball down the field (along with a couple of assists from Austin Calitro and Darnay Holmes), setting up a 47 yard field goal for Randy Bullock to win the game.
Now, I'm thinking, "of course this is what happened, they gave us some hope, now it's going to get ripped away from us, just like always. Story of the last few years at times."
...and then Bullock missed the kick. That was the start of what turned into a magical first half of the season, the Giants getting off to a 7-2 start, all 7 wins coming by a 1 score margin (though the Bears and Texans games were a bit cleaner than the final scoreline suggests), and 5 of them really coming down to big time plays in the last 5 minutes of the game.
The Titans story, taking the lead with 3:38 left in the 4th quarter and Julian Love sacking Baker Mayfield to force 4th and 15 the next drive against Carolina, Kayvon Thibodeaux and Xavier McKinney batting down Aaron Rodgers' passes in London, Love intercepting Lamar Jackson to set up the game winning score against Baltimore, McKinney and Love stopping Christian Kirk at the 1 yard line on the last play against Jacksonville.
All of those games are games that go against us in previous years. But this year was just different. And somehow through it all, there were Saquon Barkley and Daniel Jones as well. Saquon was the focal point of the offense early in the season, Jones being efficient in a heavy, limited, play action focused passing attack.
All thoughts of the Giants earning a top pick and replacing Daniel Jones pretty much went out the window by week 4, and hope for Jones maybe finally becoming the QB he was drafted to be started to blossom in some parts of the Giants fanbase.
Things came crashing down a bit the next 4 weeks. Awful losses to Detroit, Dallas, and Philly, with a tie against Washington in there too that many Giants fans felt they deserved to win capped off a 1-4-1 stretch where the Giants simply did not look good. They looked more like what we expected the team to look like coming into the year. The playoff spot was no longer guaranteed, at 7-5-1. But a flexed SNF game against Washington would pretty much decide the season.
And the Giants took that win against Washington and ran with it. A close loss against the Vikings that was probably the best passing attack game of the season to that point, a dominating win against the hapless Colts that locked the Giants into the playoffs, and a surprisingly tight and scrappy game between the Eagles starters and the Giants backups gave Giants fans some hope headed into the playoffs. We didn't expect to win a Super Bowl, but the matchup against the Vikings seemed winnable.
And winnable it was, as in classic 2023 Giants fashion, they took a lead about halfway through the 4th quarter, and a couple of clutch plays on defense by Cordale Flott and Xavier McKinney ended the game.
Then we went to Philly and got absolutely ass blasted, ending our season.
That left the Giants with the 25th pick in the class, entering an offseason with a lot of business to take care of.

Free Agency Recap

The Giants had a lot more room to operate in free agency this year than last year, and Schoen was relatively creative in how he wanted to go about it.
The first step in that process though was figuring out the status of his pending free agents; most notably, the two who led the way on offense most of the year: Daniel Jones and Saquon Barkley. The Jones negotiations were tense, Jones asked for the moon and the team was not having it. Eventually (literally right before the tag deadline) they settled on a 4 yr, 160m extension with 82m fully guaranteed and a boatload of incentives that could push the value up to almost 200m. That allowed the team to tag Saquon Barkley, whose extension talks are reportedly still stalled, as Barkley declined an offer worth almost 14m during the Giants' bye week, and continues to find the Giants' offer(s) unpalatable.
Speculation is that Barkley is seeking more guaranteed money from the Giants (greater than the sum of 2 franchise tags), but Barkley's camp is not leaking much (reportedly because Saquon doesn't want them to). And according to most reporters, Saquon is too competitive to actually sit out the season, removing his last bit of leverage.
Possibly the biggest addition of the Giants' free agency period was actually a trade: The Giants traded the Chiefs' 3rd rounder (acquired for Kadarius Toney) for TE Darren Waller. This is a huge move because the Giants were dead last in explosive pass play rate by a WIDE margin. Only like 6 individual team seasons since 2010 had fewer explosive passing plays than the 2022 Giants. That's something that Schoen and Daboll immediately set out to fix, and Darren Waller is one of the best explosive pass weapons in the league, leading all TEs in explosive pass plays this season despite playing just 9 games this year. Reports out of OTAs are that the Giants are expecting Waller to basically fill a "WR1" role for them; not necessarily in alignment but being the focal point of the offense, high target share, etc.
Schoen and Daboll followed that addition up with two more explosive pass play options: retaining Darius Slayton, and adding Parris Campbell to the room. Slayton is a solid WR, he's good for 600-700 yards when he gets run. His hands are inconsistent, but he makes up for it often. Campbell finally broke out having a healthy season for the Colts this season. I think Campbell is mostly insurance for Wan'Dale Robinson, who is coming off of a torn ACL, but if healthy should get primary run in the slot.
The Giants' other two main moves came on the defensive side of the ball, adding LB Bobby Okereke to a LB room that comprised of: Jarrad Davis, Micah McFadden, and Darrian Beavers (coming off a torn ACL). Much needed improvement in that room. The Giants also added Rakeen Nunez-Roches and A'Shawn Robinson to the DL room to improve the depth there; Dexter Lawrence and Leonard Williams were playing too many snaps, and the Giants were really bad against the run last year.
In the process though, the Giants lost both of their starting centers from 2022, Nick Gates and Jon Feliciano, as well as S Julian Love, who had been a consistent staple of the defense the last few years.

Draft Needs

The Giants roster was in much better shape this year than last year, but the team still had a number of problems:
  1. CB was still a HUGE need for the Giants, and one that had not been properly addressed yet. Adoree' Jackson had another very good year in 2022, but the spot across from him had been a mishmosh of misfit toys: Fabian Moreau had a nice little run, but struggled down the stretch. Nick McCloud got a lot of run at CB2 after being claimed on waivers from the Bills. Cordale Flott had been drafted as a nickel defender but got some run there. And the slot position wasn't much better, as Darnay Holmes continued to be a liability there. This position needed reinforcements. I've been a relatively vocal minority in the Giants fandom saying this has been the BIGGEST need the team had for a couple of years now (basically aside from the one year that we had Bradberry and Jackson both on the team).
  2. Despite adding Slayton, Campbell, and Waller, WR was still something the team needed. Specifically someone who could develop into a WR1 type player. The Giants WR room is relatively deep, but just adding Campbell and Waller and running back last year's group didn't feel sufficient. The team clearly was putting an emphasis on speed, separation, and yards after the catch ability.
  3. Center was a massive need. The Giants basically didn't have a center on the roster who had played meaningful NFL snaps. Ben Bredeson could move to center if needed, but it wasn't that solid of a plan. And in what seemed like a good center class, this seemed like a good way to solve that problem.
  4. LB. The LB2 spot currently will be either Jarrad Davis, Micah McFadden (who basically lost the job last year to Jarrad Davis), or Darrian Beavers (who tore his ACL last year). I think that says it all.
  5. RB: Saquon is on the tag, so you feel okay here, but the team has been seeking a solid compliment for him for a while. They were in on a few of the RBs last year and the value never lined up, and Matt Breida and Gary Brightwell didn't really cut it last year. They don't want to run Saquon into the ground early in the year like they did last year, so having a compliment for him is big.
  6. S: Losing Julian Love is a tough one. He played a lot of snaps and wore a lot of hats for this defense last year, especially with McKinney missing time with a hand injury. The team likes Jason Pinnock, and drafted Dane Belton in the early 4th last year, but more depth and competition here would be very welcome.
So let's get into the picks:

1.24: Deonte Banks, CB, Maryland

Seems like maybe Schoen agreed with me!
It was a lot harder to try to predict what the Giants would do this year, just by virtue of having a later pick. But the general consensus among the beat seemed to be that the team wanted to get a CB or an offensive playmaker with that first pick. I was a little skeptical of CB being an option, seeing how many mocks had all 5 of the top CBs off the board, but that often left WRs available.
So right after the Jets took Will McDonald at 15, if you looked at the board, only 1 CB had been taken and no WRs had been taken. That felt pretty good for the Giants.
Then Forbes and Gonzalez come off the board, and the top 4 WRs come off the board from 20-23.
That left the Giants feeling a little antsy. They had one guy they really wanted left, and negotiated a trade up one spot with the Jaguars to secure their guy: Deonte Banks.
This pick is perfect for what the Giants want to do on defense. Wink Martindale's reaction should say it all, if you go watch the Giants' behind the scenes videos on the draft process.
Banks is a tall, long, and athletic corner, which are all important traits for Wink's press man heavy defense. He's super fluid and smooth in his hips. He tested absolutely crazy. He also plays with a swag that I think Wink and Giants fans will come to really appreciate. He plays confident, he plays fast in terms of processing, and he plays physical.
He still has some development to go, I'm not saying he's going to be a top CB in the league from day 1. He wasn't a super ball productive corner, but that's not something Wink necessarily needs. It will take some time for him to get comfortable with the complexity of route runners in the NFL. But the tools are all there, and the Giants get a perfect scheme fit.
Banks will come in and immediately be the starter at CB across from Adoree' Jackson, and the trickle down effect that will have on the Giants depth chart at CB will be tangible.

2.57: John Michael Schmitz, OC, Minnesota

As this pick was coming up, Schoen and Daboll were discussing who to pick, and basically said "okay we're either going with Schmitz or (we'll get to that later ;) )".
Then the Bears traded up to the pick before the Giants pick. And Joe Schoen said "oh fuck." Daboll tried to calm him down and said "well I guess we're getting ."
Then the Bears took Tyrique Stevenson (good pick!), leaving the Giants the choice between the two players. And the Giants went with Schmitz.
Full disclosure: I was not a huge JMS fan in the draft process. I thought he was super solid all around, but he wasn't really impressive to me, there weren't a lot of overwhelmingly positive reps or traits in my eyes. I thought he was maybe a little heavy footed, especially in pass pro, and his testing kind of backed that up, and I didn't really see full unlocked power either.
I was probably a bit harsh on him in terms of the grade though. Like I said, he's a super solid player. There's relatively little to really complain about. He's smart, he's experienced, and he made few mental mistakes. His snaps were consistent. He is pretty strong though not crazy so. His anchor is really good, and he plays nasty and competitive, which is something the Giants are definitely looking for. It helps he had a really good Senior Bowl week too.
Was Schmitz my favorite center in this class? No. But he was for many people, and for some good reasons. Schmitz will come in and immediately start at center for the Giants, bringing the dead snap with him. If he can be the 3rd best player on this unit (behind Andrew Thomas and hopefully Evan Neal taking a step forward this year and being healthy), it'll be an immensely calming and steadying presence that should raise the OL play of the whole unit.

3.73: Jalin Hyatt, WR, Tennessee

So you may be wondering: Who was Player X?
Well immediately after drafting Schmitz, Schoen looked around the room and pretty much said "what if we can still get ?" He decided that the price he was willing to pay was the Giants 4th round pick. And he and everybody else in the room started calling.
That included Brian Daboll, who leaned over and said "hey should I text [Rams HC Sean] McVay?" Schoen said "yeah sure go for it." And Daboll officially negotiated the Giants trading up from 89 to 73 to select Player X: Tennessee WR Jalin Hyatt
Hyatt is a really fun player to watch. The speed blows you away on tape. It's the kind of speed that even if you're not throwing it to him all the time, defenses have to take note when he comes on the field and play him differently. He's not necessarily slippery or elusive after the catch but (and I'm scared to frame it this way but I'm doing it anyway) the speed and acceleration gives him credibility there, the way that Odell was such a YAC threat on slants just getting to full speed and outrunning everyone.
He's a little high cut I think, and that leads to a little bit of trouble with crisper routes. He wasn't asked to run a very complex route tree at Tennessee, though I do think he has the skills to improve in that sense. The biggest concern for me is just how quickly we can get him up to speed beating press and playing through physicality. When he has room to work, he can beat CBs in a few ways, but NFL DBs will knock even very good WRs off their routes at times. And that follows through to contested catches.
The Giants' WR room is so crowded it's hard for me to say exactly what Hyatt's role will be starting out. The Giants started last year trying to use different WRs in different ways on a game to game basis. Then the wheels fell off obviously, with Shep, Wan'Dale, and Toney being hurt and Golladay stinking and all that. So I wonder if we see a return to that.
Hyatt can be a threat in a lot of ways, end arounds, screens, etc in addition to the obvious "go long" situations. Just how many reps he can carve out will be fun to track in training camp.
So the Giants come out of the first 3 rounds with 3 players who were commonly mocked to them at 25. Pretty good business! But let's get into day 3:

5.172: Eric Gray, RB, Oklahoma

The Giants traded away their 4th round pick to get Hyatt so they went 99 picks without making a selection.
Like I said earlier, the team has been looking for a compliment to Saquon Barkley for a long time, and they find it here with Eric Gray.
Schoen said he sees Eric Gray as a 3 down back. And you can definitely see why. He caught 88 passes over the last 3 years at Oklahoma and only dropped 2. He's also strong and physical, willing to pass protect. That physicality carries over into his running style, he runs hard and is willing to run through guys. He's bursty in short areas and has pretty solid vision in my opinion.
He's a compact guy, just 5'9 207. He's not super slippery or elusive, and he's not really a home run hitter. But in terms of finding a backup RB on day 3 to feed some of those tough yardage carries to and keep Saquon fresh, you could do worse than Eric Gray for sure.
The Giants ran a fair bit of "Pony" type formations in 2022, using 2 or even 3 RBs at times. The competition between Gray and Matt Breida for the true RB2 spot will be fun to see. Breida brings a little more explosiveness to the table, but Gray will certainly give him a run for his money. And depending on what happens with Saquon Barkley's contract situation, we may see even more of Gray down the line.

6.209: Tre Hawkins, CB, Old Dominion

When asked about what is different this year from last year, what improvements or what has gotten easier now that he's been in the chair for a full year, Joe Schoen talked a lot about really getting a good handle on what his coaches look for in players. And he singled out Wink in that respect because him and Daboll have worked together so much.
The Giants selection of Tre Hawkins really highlights that. Like with Deonte Banks, Hawkins brings a ton of physical traits. He tested through the roof. He has the length that the Giants look for. He's also super physical in both phases, run and pass, which Wink loves. ODU let him just play press man, so he's comfortable doing that.
He's a little slim still, so his frame needs some reworking, but that's common with CBs and especially ones from outside the P5 schools. He also has a lot of technique and FBIQ stuff to clean up. His footwork is messy, he's not always patient enough with his punch. His ball skills still leave something to be desired. He's still learning to read routes and manage space both in man and zone.
I figure Hawkins will come in and be a depth player and core STer for the Giants. If his play strength holds up against NFL scrutiny, he can definitely be a day 1 punt gunner. Wink has started calling Jerome Henderson the best DB coach in the league, so it'll be fun to see what Henderson can do with a ball of clay like Hawkins. Even if he ends up just being a STer and CB5 type guy, that's still a pretty good pick in the 6th round like this.
Also, sorry Patriots writer :)

7.243: Jordon Riley, DL, Oregon

Beating a dead horse at this point, but this is another pick Schoen highlighted as an example of his understanding of what Wink is looking for.
Obviously Riley is a flawed prospect, it's the 7th round. He was a 6th year senior who spent time at 4 different schools, starting at UNC, then going to JUCO for a year, then Nebraska for 2 years where he barely played, and finishing his college career at Oregon. PFF lists him as having just 534 career snaps in college despite the 5 years he spent at the P5 level. He wasn't very productive, partly because he barely played and partly because he's just not very good. He's not a good athlete.
What Riley does have, though, is size, strength, and knockback power. And that's what Wink is looking for in a depth NT. He eats blocks, stuffs up lanes, and just is hard to move.
Schoen put it this way:
"It’s hard to find these guys. When you get into the seventh round, you are looking for guys that maybe it will be hard to get at different areas. And another guy we spent time with, big run stopper in there, 6-foot-5, 330.
You walk out to practice, and there’s this 6-5, 330-pound guy, who piques your interest right there. Again, some of these guys in different schemes may not have the production, the tackles, the sacks. But for what Wink looks for in terms of size, length, knock-back — he possesses those traits.”

7.254: Gervarrius Owens, DB, Houston

Last pick in the draft and the Giants go back to the DB room. They took two CBs already, but some depth/developmental guys at safety would help. Enter: Gervarrius Owens.
Owens is a former CB turned S from Houston. The CB in him flashes to me on tape, I thought his ball skills as a safety were good. He's athletic enough to play pretty much any safety spot, including that single high spot that teams find difficult to fill. He's super physical and willing to play downhill and tackle. He's super experienced, he was a team captain and 4 year starter for Houston.
He makes a lot of mistakes, however. The angles he takes to the ball in both phases are super inconsistent. He missed a ton of tackles in college, so that technique needs to be worked on. The ball skills turned into PBUs rather than INTs; Wink won't mind that but some of them were like "he really should have just caught that."
Owens is another guy like Hawkins who looks primed to earn his roster spot on special teams and provide solid depth for the team's DB room. Wink likes to play 3+ safety sets, especially when he feels like he has a good group there. And the Giants' S room right now is basically Xavier McKinney and a bunch of question marks, so it's entirely feasible that Owens can come in and beat Dane Belton, Jason Pinnock, and Bobby McCain to earn playing time early on.


The Giants UDFA class included a few notable names. 5 total players who got 100k+ in guarantees:
  1. Bryce Ford-Wheaton, WR, WVU: The Giants gave Bryce Ford-Wheaton a LOT of guaranteed money for a UDFA: 236k, which is the full season PS salary plus 20k. BFW was one of "my guys" this year I was hoping for the Giants to get. He's got the size and athleticism to be really good, but he's a little one note right now. In a crowded WR room, I kind of doubt he'll make the roster without some injuries (or Wan'Dale/Shep being on PUP) but like other late rounders/UDFAs, if he can find some value on special teams, he's a fun upside swing.
  2. Dyontae Johnson, LB, Toledo: Another guy who got a lot of guaranteed money. The Giants needed some reinforcements at LB and clearly didn't find them in the draft. Super productive in college, very instinctive player, but I'm not sure if he can run with the league. He'll compete with the Giants mishmosh of LBs to play on special teams.
  3. Ryan Jones, TE/FB, East Carolina: The Giants have been searching for a kind of H-Back type for a while now. Last year they brought in Jeremiah Hall from Oklahoma, that didn't stick. Andre Miller, who was a WR at Maine, seemed like he was getting run at that spot in camp last year, but a broken arm ended his season. Chris Myarick ended up taking some of those reps. Ryan Jones kind of fits that mold as well.
  4. Habakkuk Baldonado, EDGE, Pittsburgh: The Giants' pass rusher depth is...not great. Behind Kayvon Thibodeaux and Azeez Ojulari, it's Jihad Ward, Oshane Ximines, and Tomon Fox. And Ojulari missed a lot of time last year. Baldonado could potentially come in and earn a spot over Ximines/Fox. He's got good play strength and power and fits what the Giants would need as more of an edge setter and run defender to give Thibodeaux/Ojulari a rest rep before letting them loose to rush the passer.
  5. Gemon Green, CB, Michigan: Another tough and physical corner. I don't think there's really a spot for him on this roster with the additions of Banks and Hawkins, and I think he's not quite the athlete the Giants look for at CB, but as a last resort/STer he can potentially get somewhere.

Final Takeaways

I did this last year because it was Schoen's first year here, but I like the idea of doing it every year. What can we learn from the way Schoen drafted this year that we can file away and learn for the future? What can mockers learn from this to inform them of who makes sense for the Giants.
And it's pretty similar to last year:
  1. Athleticism. Once again, pretty much every player the Giants drafted, and the UDFAs generally, were excellent athletes who tested well. The main exceptions being JMS (who was still a solid athlete) and Jordon Riley this year; where the exception last year basically was just DJ Davidson. This team has faith in its coaching staff and wants to give them players they can work with.
  2. Scheme/Roster Fits. I talked about it a lot with the defensive picks, but every single one is a "Wink Martindale" guy. What does Wink want for his system? This can be a little dangerous considering Wink was in the running for a HC gig last year, and another strong year might finally get him the HC job he has been looking for. If he leaves and the scheme changes, these players need to be able to match the new scheme too. But it's clear that the FO values the input of the coaching staff and there's really clear communication there. This also applies to the offensive side of the ball, where it's super clear that the team wanted more speed on offense, which pointed to Hyatt a little bit.
  3. Youth. This one is a little less applicable this year as they did draft a few older players, like JMS and Riley, even Eric Gray who turns 24 in November or Tre Hawkins who turns 23 over the summer. But Banks just turned 22, Jalin Hyatt will turn 22 in late September. It feels like maybe they felt more attached to the age stuff when they thought this was a full on rebuild, but now that they're hoping to be a playoff team again, they need some more instant contributors.
  4. Aggressiveness/willingness to trade. This is a newer one, as last year the Giants only traded back. But this year the Giants traded up twice, giving up 3 day 3 picks in the process. Schoen is not afraid to make trades in either direction. Up to secure guys he really wants (Banks/Hyatt), or down if there's nothing there. Schoen talked about having trades lined up in both directions with the first round pick, he had a trade down ready if there was no one he wanted left.
The Giants went into the 2022 draft clearly rebuilding, 5 picks in the top 81 and making 11 selections. This year, the team came into the draft with 10 picks and came out with just 7. Clearly the team thinks the depth is improving and wants to focus on building the championship contender they are looking to be.
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For 40$, this course is as good as free
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2023.06.09 16:25 Gear4Vegito Taking a look at the Blue Jays AA Pitching Staff and other notes about Blue Jays SP prospects.

There has been a lot of talk recently about the lack of SP depth at AAA so I thought it would be a good time to dig deeper then that and highlight some names in AA (and lower) that might not be as far away as some would think. The AA rotation deserves a bit of a spotlight with the performances of some of the pitchers there.
There has been a lot of criticism of the organization drafting and developing of pitching prospects (much being very fair) but we really might now be seeing some of the results coming through.
I have excluded a few guys who are years away from making a real impact who are below AA but I will make some notes on them. Brandon Barriera (#2 Prospect) in A-Ball is looking very good and is being brought along slowly after his injury so has pitched just 13.1 IP. Dahian Santos (#12 Prospect) in A-Ball might be the biggest sleeper pitcher in the organization. His fastball-slider combination is electric but is extremely raw overall as a pitcher. He is learning a changeup and is gaining muscle fast in order to take the next step in the organization. CJ Van Eyk (N/R Prospect) still has the raw tools to be a good pitcher but has pitched just 7.0 IP over the last two seasons and is on the IL again.
Adam Macko, Yosver Zulueta, Hayden Juenger & Hagen Danner are honesty still very talented pitchers but all seem destined to be relief pitchers at this point in their development. This post focuses more on pitchers who have good odds of remaining as SP. Don't sleep on these guys though, they all have electric bullpen arms and might see some of them in our bullpen come next season.
In terms of the 2022 draft it is of course much too early but there are some really interesting names and notes: Ryan Jennings (Round 4) who can throw 99 mph as a reliever and that seemed like his career path BUT has had surprisingly good results as an SP at the moment in A-Ball. Insane fastball-slider combo but needs a third pitch. Mason Fluharty (Round 5) has been tearing through the minors and is already in AA as a reliever. Unique but effective cutter-slider combo. Rocking a sweet 1.25 ERA & 0.83 WHIP this season. T.J. Brock (Round 6) dominated A+ in 20 IP to a tune of 1.77 ERA and is already in AA. Electric fastball-slider combo. Devereaux Harrison (9th Round) is an SP turned RP turned SP again in A+ with a 2.63 ERA. He struggled with his control as an RP but it has vastly improved as a starter.
Ian Churchill (Round 10), Pat Gallagher (Round 11), Nolan Perry (Round 12), Bo Bonds (Round 13) & Ryan Chasse (Round 17) are the others pitchers from the draft class but they are just getting things started but all look fine-to-good in small sample sizes in Rookie or Low A. The early returns on this draft class are really positive and probably deserve a spotlight post on its own.
New Hampshire Fisher Cats Rotation:
Ricky Tiedemann (Age 20):
We have all read dozens upon dozens of articles on this guy. There really isn't too much to say on Ricky. He has missed most of the season due to injury. He really is as good as advertised though with top of the rotation potential. His injury likely pushes he debut back until mid-way next year at best. He still needs to refine his control and get a little deeper into game. Be excited though, I do think his injury has killed a lot of the excitement people had in following the AA team which does still have an excellent staff...
Adam Kloffenstein (Age 22):
Probably the biggest story from the Blue Jays minor leagues this year. A prospect who was once deemed a steal at his draft position who quickly become one of the better valued prospects in our system to falling off the map in 3 years and likely on his last chance to be a starter has become one of the most stable pitchers in the entire organization. A former power pitcher came into the year losing some mph on his velocity in order to get some proper control and it has paid off for him.
He leads the entire Eastern League in strikeouts & is second in innings pitched behind only a pitcher turning 27 this year. This season he has gone 5.0 IP+ in 8 straight starts now of which half have been a QS. He has allowed 0 ER or 1 ER in 7-of-10 starts. The Blue Jays in recent years have struggled developing pitchers who can pitch deep into games; coming into this season 6 of the 10 pitchers on the Blue Jays Top 30 list are very likely or already on their way to becoming RP; Zulueta, Macko, Juenger, Danner, Hernandez & Carter.
His strikeouts are up, his walks are down, his HR allowed are down, his BABIP is reasonable and his FIP is in range of ERA. He ranks near the top of the league in most statistics and only turns 23 later this year. He has been very consistent on top of everything. This is looking like a real breakthrough rather than a fluke.
The concern with him moving forward include avoiding losing much more velocity or he needs even more improved location to compensate as well trying to develop a third above average pitch as he currently heavily sticks with his effective two pitch combo. The Blue Jays will likely keep him in AA so he can continue to build confidence after 3 years of struggles but a run in AAA and becoming Major League starter depth next season is very much in play if he keeps it up.
He will very likely be added to the 40-Man this off-season with the team lacking SP depth there.
Paxton Schultz (Age 25):
As I was writing this Schultz actually had his AAA debut; pitching 5.0 IP, 1 ER, 3 H, 2 BB & 6 SO in an excellent debut.
Schultz was not actually a Blue Jays draft pick...he was acquired from MIL as a PTBNL for Blue Jays legend Derek Fisher. May have won the trade all these years later. He has always been considered a "low-ceiling" prospect and always put together solid but unspectacular seasons which meant he never really caught the eye of scouts. This year he kind of has put everything together and went from career minor league player to someone who could be that 6th to 8th starter depth we have been really needing in the minors. He doesn't have overpowering stuff by any means but he is really smart and does not allow very much hard contact.
His numbers have been great across the board. Career bests in pretty much everything and has improved in his consistency from years past. He has allowed less than 2 ER in 8-of-10 AA starts. He has actually been a tad unlucky this season as well rocking a BABIP higher than his used to. He also tends to avoid very much disaster starters; in his career of 55 starts he has allowed 5 runs just 3 times (never more) and over the last 2 years has pitched under 4 innings just 3 times. Pretty much an ideal from a #5/#6 starter.
All this has earned him a promotion to AAA now where if he keeps up the same level of consistency he very likely works his way into becoming the teams 6th starter and likely finds himself on the 40-Man roster. If an injury occurs to the rotation Schultz might be the guy to fill in.
Sem Robberse (Age 21):
Don't let the ERA fool you, he has had a much better season than that would suggest. At quick glance his WHIP and OBA are some of the best in the league. Most of the damage coming from an increase in HR allowed this season which is something he is trying to work on. Otherwise his numbers are on par with or better than they have before.
He is considered by many to be the smartest pitcher in the organization. He spent most of COVID studying pitching sequencing and strategies needed for a pitcher. Dude has zero ego to his game and embraces being taught which makes him loved in the organization. Robberse is one of the prospects that we will see play for the Blue Jays one day, whether it will be as a mid-rotation pitcher or as the odd spot stater remains to be see. Probably the "safest" starting prospect in the organization.
He has 5 pitches with his slider and curve be his good ones and throws some decent heat at 92 mph+ but one of his goals is too increase that. He was at 185 lbs last season and is aiming to get over 200 in hopes of increasing his velocity as well as help with his durability although he is already a rather good innings eater being behind Koff.
His major concern is when he does lose control he starts getting hit very hard...which doesn't happen all too often but something he is trying to cut back on. There is a legit claim for him to be the organizations #2 pitching prospect.
Chad Dallas (Age 22):
This is the dude to be excited about and his seemly quick and easy transition into AA which is considered to be the hardest jump for a pitcher in the minors is only more reasons to be excited. In his 5 A+ starts he allowed just 6 ER in 26.2 IP...4 of those 6 came in a single bad start 4.2 IP...he dominated with easy in his other 4 starts which earned him the quick promotion. He loves to just pound the zone and go after hitters.
It is easy to see where his success comes from. Having 4 pitches all very decent including a nasty, nasty slider...a very good curveball, a fastball that touches 95 mph and a changeup he is working on heavily. His control is what really hurt him last year but he has for the most part vastly improved in the matter.
His AA debuts was one of the best I have seen: 7.0 IP, 0 ER, 2 H, 2 BB & 9 SO. Since then he had three more starts; one where he lost his command in struggled and another 2 dominating outings where he has allowed 1 total ER in 11.0 IP. There was a lot of "bullpen" risk when he was drafted but he put a lot of that to rest with having no trouble hitting 5-7 IP constantly this season. In his 9 starts he has gone 5.0 IP in 7 of them with the other two falling short (4.1 / 4.2 ) due to struggles not stamina.
He does struggle against LHP hitters and it is something to monitor. His two big outlier blunder starts this season were with lineups that were lefty heavy. Which is the main reason for him wanting to improve his changeup. His cutter and curveball are killer against RHH but don't have the same effect on LHH.
If he does not rocket up prospect boards this season then I have no idea what scouts are looking for anymore.
Trenton Wallace (Age 24):
He hasn't pitched in AA yet but was the one who got the call-up to replace Shultz. He is on the older side but was just drafted in 2021. Has caught the attention of scouts with his performance in A+ but AA will be the big test for him. Cruised through A+ with a 1.79 ERA / 3.20 FIP / 4.18 xFIP with an elite WHIP of 0.82 and 0.155 OBA. There is a good chance we are talking about him a long with the rest of the successful AA pitchers in month time.. A mid- 90's fastball and mesmerizing slider is what gets the job done for him. 5 of his 8 starts he allowed exactly 0 ER including an outing where he thew 5 perfect innings.
He is looking like a massive steal being drafted in the 11th round of the 2021 draft.
The other name in AA are Jimmy Robbins (Age 25); he was very solid last season in between A+/AA but was a tad over-age and now in his full season in AA has lost the strike-zone and is averaging 6.65 BB/9 which has lead to a ERA of 5.40. Even with his success last season; never really caught the eyes of scouts and wasn't protected in the Rule 5 draft even though some fans argued he should. Seems to have been the right call.
Tiedemann - Kloffenstein - Robberse - Dallas (+Wallace) might be the best rotation we have had in a single level of the minors in a very long time. All are no older than 22 as well so even with some bumps in the road they have time on their hands. All 4 are going to be very exciting to monitor. Paxton Schultz is also worth watching as he might have leap frogged his way right into the 6th SP role with other options in AAA falling apart or being converted to relievers.
Our upper minors pitching depth has been a big concern to fans but they depth coming from AA and below might soon change that.
Who wouldn't want a future rotation of King Kloff, The Pitching Dutchman, Cheese & Ricky Titty?!?
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2023.06.09 16:25 ElishaAlison When people try to assign higher meaning to your story of trauma and abuse, they're missing a fundamental step ❤️

I think all of us has heard some variation of "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger" or "this was part of XYZ plan" and so on. It's so ridiculous and silly when people say that, it's hard to fathom how they don't feel embarrassed.
They're missing something crucial, aside from the fact that those things are, again, ridiculous and silly. Trauma does define us, in different ways. It changes who we are, and the start of that is always, for lack of a better word, terrible. It makes us afraid of the world and of ourselves, and the toxicity that we inherit follows us even as we escape from our abusers. There's no higher meaning in that (but if there were, fuck that guy)
So, here's the step that's missing. Some trauma survivors make the choice to use their trauma to help others. Other survivors choose to rebuild their lives and try to move on as best we can. Two vastly different, but equally difficult and meaningful ways to heal from trauma. And still others may choose that they want to move in and forget as best they can, and to shout from the rooftops, "There was no meaning for this, and there never will be."
For me, learning how to be with my boyfriend in a healthy way has given my trauma "higher meaning." For some, going into advocacy gives their trauma higher meaning. Two equally challenging - and meaningful - ways that we could CHOOSE to give our trauma higher meaning.
I hope what I'm saying here comes across in the way I intend. Our trauma only has to mean what we want it to, in our lives. It can mean using it to help others, learning from it to help ourselves, or simply acknowledging that it never has, nor ever will, mean, well, anything.
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2023.06.09 16:25 Tardigradequeen How dare you call me a forced birther when I only want to, *checks notes* force birth.

How dare you call me a forced birther when I only want to, *checks notes* force birth. submitted by Tardigradequeen to insaneprolife [link] [comments]

2023.06.09 16:25 ClaireOfRuralia Trapped in a cage of my own fear and I could really use some encouragement

I want, so badly, to come out and just be a girl and start transitioning and live authentically but I'm trapped in a prison of fear, and, to a certain extent, I am my own jailor.
I would love to come out to my friends, who I know are supportive, but I don't know if it would justifiable for them to use my name and pronouns when I don't even look feminine yet. Plus I'm also afraid that if I do come out I'll figure out later on down the line and embarrasingly have to uncome out. Being home from college has also reminded me that I'll also have to come out to my family, and I already know that's gonna be a shitshow and a half. I doubt that most of them will ever understand why I need to do transition in the first place.
All of the negativity caused by thinking about all of this has caused me to mentally spiral into an even worse depression than I was already in, and my parents have started to notice. I'm out to my mom but she never really wants to bring up the topic and it's hard for me to bring up; when I am able to bring it up with her it lasts for like 5 seconds before the subject is changed, she doesn't even know the name that I've picked out for myself, and I'm getting a small, nagging feeling that she is probably hoping that these feelings will pass. I'm not out to my dad and I can tell that he's starting to get concerned for me. As much as I want to tell him, I don't have the heart to tell him that his only "son" is trans. Combine that with the fact that my dad is a good bit more conservative than my mom and that his reaction to literally anything is random as hell, I have a feeling it wouldn't go well, so I'm keeping it away from him for now.
Every single day that I spend in the closet, every day that I spend as an inauthentic imitation of a man, just slowly rots me from the inside out. I know that it gets better eventually but when you haven't even started because of your own fear it feels like it'll never get better. All I want in life is to be happy and I don't know if I'll ever get that because I'm too afraid to take the first step, too afraid to take the leap of faith that transitioning will make me feel happier. At this rate it feels like I'll never be happy, and that to be happy I have to trade away all of the love that I have ever known from my family. I feel like such a disappointment, a failure, a fraud for not being able to tell anyone about how I'm feeling.
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2023.06.09 16:25 vicenzajay Been using Klipper for several years - tried it on an Orange Pi Zero LTS (first gen.)

I've seen several questions on this another platforms over the years concerning running Klipper from an Orange Pi. Usually those discussions center around higher-octane versions - at least the Zero 2 or Zero + or PC, but the original Zero is rarely, if ever, discussed.
I had an Orange Pi Zero in a box lying around from an older kickstarter campaign that included the board as a stretch goal. I decided to mess around with it a bit - including installing the small expansion board (extra USB slots) and enclosing it in a very compact, fan-friendly case. No pictures here - but I can take some if needed.
Eventually I decided to try to replace a Raspberry Pi 4B running Klipper for my modded Eryone Thinker SE with the Orange Pi Zero running Klipper and a USB camera. To cut to the chase:
- First - it works a treat. No perceived performance differences moving *way* down from the Pi 4B to the Orange Pi Zero running Klipper. In fact, if anything I'm really impressed with how well the little board is performing in this role. Fluidd's system resource monitor tab is showing that the OPi Zero is not breaking much of a sweat, either.
- Second - the USB camera (just using an old laptop add-on HP camera) works out of the box with this setup and Klipper (using Fluidd and Crowsnest) - didn't change anything except dropping the frame rate to 10fps. It's actually working *significantly better than the Pi 4B with a Raspi cam in this role (well, the frame rate is better - visuals aren't quite as sharp).
- Third - with this box, you *must* use Bullseye if you want to use Armbian with WiFi enabled. Any recent (last year) Jammy build does not recognize the WiFi on the OPi Zero (original) boxes. There are plenty of threads on various help forums documenting this. This is complicated, as if you go to the Armbian site, it will only show the new Jammy build on the page for the Orange Pi Zero. I wanted to go with the lighter Jammy build, but after three different attempts with new image builds, I punted and went to Armbian's archives and grabbed Bullseye for the Zero from several months ago. This worked perfectly right out of the box.
I won't post a "how to" on installing Kiauh, then Klipper, Moonraker, Fluidd, and Crowsnest here - there are plenty of tutorials on that in this forum and elsewhere. What I will note is that the small Zero box had no issues installing or firing up Klipper. I copied my Thinker SE printer.cfg from the Pi 4B to the OPi Zero, and the whole setup initialized perfectly on the very first attempt.
Hopefully this will encourage some that may have an original Orange Pi Zero lying around to not be afraid of using it for a Klipper rig.
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2023.06.09 16:24 mr_j_gamble Temporary anosmia reversal with prednisone?

So I just wanna compare notes with ya'll.
I've recently been prescribed a 7 day round of prednisone (20 mg 2x daily) for some pretty gnarly allergy flair-ups (and an antibiotic for a possible infection), including my entire right nostril swelling shut and the left one dripping. I've also been given some budesonide steroid rinses and azelastine. Vile tasting stuff...
Gross details aside, I've seen many acquired anosmics say that prednisone temporarily restored their full sense of smell (and taste even), for at least the duration that they were on the steroid. Some who've been anosmic longer than I (9 years as of this past April). Has this been the case for you with Prednisone? How long have you been anosmic and what was the amount of the steroid you were on? Obviously being that it's a steroid, this is not a medication one wants to lean on too much, for the sake of your immune system.
We're into day 4 of 7, I'm a few hours away from taking my second dose of the day. So far it's been....interesting, I'm noticing very small and minor things such as changes in the basic smell of the air, (I'll go from nothing to "Ho-LY! I t smells like potatoes in he —IT SMELLS LIKE POTATOES!") which lasts a few seconds. My sinuses feel like they've opened up considerably too.
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2023.06.09 16:24 Moonreigh Holding my boundaries feels like I’m abusing him back

My husband has been abusive for years and every time I try to stick to a boundary that he is ignoring, I feel like I’m the one being abusive.
The most direct example: he would get very drunk every night to the point where he wouldn’t pay attention to anything I was saying during sex—like if I asked him to stop doing something—so I started to say no to sex if he was drunk like that. He would start begging me, telling me he needed me and loved me so much and why didn’t I live him back, he would make it so I couldn’t sleep. Shake me and poke me in the bed, take my blankets etc. call me names and tell me that I sucked and I was an awful wife. Sometimes he would just pass out drunk so I would go to sleep and then he would come in in the middle of the night once he woke up again and wake me up trying to have sex with me.
This among other things I finally told him I was serious about a divorce. He threatened me with our son and promised he was changing and he wasn’t drinking hard alcohol anymore so he would be better.
I asked instead if he could at least stay somewhere else for a while. His mom lives about 10 mins away. He won’t do that because he doesn’t want her to know we are having problems. He said he would sleep on the couch at his work if he had to. So I asked him to do that and he told me we could talk about it later but then he refused to do that.
I’m trying to just keep things as peaceful as possible but also I have made it clear that I do not feel comfortable enough with him to resume an intimate relationship yet. We have an appointment for marriage counseling coming up.
But I feel like I am being a horrible person when he brings it up and I remind him that I wanted him out of the house altogether and I’m just trying to work on feeling comfortable in a friendship/as coparents with him.
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2023.06.09 16:24 VastStudio5158 #GodKabir_Appears_In_4_Yugas In Satyuga he came by the name Satyasukrit, in Treta by the name Munindra, in Dwapar by the name of Karunamay and in Kaliyuga by his real name Kabir appeared.

#GodKabir_Appears_In_4_Yugas In Satyuga he came by the name Satyasukrit, in Treta by the name Munindra, in Dwapar by the name of Karunamay and in Kaliyuga by his real name Kabir appeared. submitted by VastStudio5158 to u/VastStudio5158 [link] [comments]

2023.06.09 16:24 lab000 [Equalizer APO] noob here with a dumb question, is it fine to have 1-6 dB peak gain in an equalizer as long as the audio source has volume overhead/headspace?

[Equalizer APO] noob here with a dumb question, is it fine to have 1-6 dB peak gain in an equalizer as long as the audio source has volume overhead/headspace?
i'm using a dunu titan s connected to a laptop my headphone volume is set to 50 and if i were to use eq profiles they would lower the overall loudness rather than keeping it the same i know that having positive peak gain can cause audio clipping when it's too high but how bad could it be if the audio source still has volume/is not at max volume?
for example:
how eq profiles normally are (loudness is lower when compared to without EQ)
loudness is maintained between EQ'd profile and non-EQ'd profile (easier to A and B without having to change the volume or enabling negative gain to non-EQ'd profile)
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