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Official subreddit of Asmongold aka ZackRawrr, an Austin, Texas based Twitch streamer, YouTube personality, and gaming organization owner and content creator of One True King (OTK), a group of mostly Austin, Texas based content creators and owner of Starforge Systems, selling prebuilt gaming PCs. Asmongold is primarily known for his World of Warcraft content. Asmongold has been voted 'Best MMORPG Streamer' at the 2022 and 2023 Streamer Awards.

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The official subreddit for the livestreaming organization: OTK.

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Welcome to LivestreamFail, the place for almost anything livestream related.

2023.05.29 07:10 Significant-Role-183 AI in Filmcraft/ Cinematography

The past couple months I've been seeing incredible leaps of AI diffusion/ AI video replacement in both video and voice mediums and I'm split between awe in how in 5 years this technology could be implemented and uneasiness in how this technology could be used in 5 years. But to focus on the positive side I think there is enormous potential for smaller studios to create high quality products through AI diffusion/ AI video replacement. Although currently it seems limited to more animated styles rather than more realistic one I don't think it would be far fetched to see more realistic video replacement coming down the pipeline soon (more than just a face). However many of the animated styles reflect a realism like Arcane which I personally enjoy compared to the bland look of many animes. Getting back on topic, do you think this is a net positive or negative of storytelling/ filmcraft because it would cut down on costs and time spent from months of CGI animation or general post production work.
Links to Cool videos:
indistinguishable AI Frank Sinatra singing-
Impressive AI video replacement short-
Anime Rock Paper Scissors-
Anime Rock Paper Scissors BTS-
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2023.05.25 13:10 Annihilas A reminder that Blizzard security is only as strong as their Customer Support

A reminder that Blizzard security is only as strong as their Customer Support
Message to Blizzard Update: May 28th 2023 - 6:30 AM EST
Since the passing of my whole ordeal, and the realization that Blizzard is truly listening to us more than ever now, even as they face many resounding company issues, I thought it might be a good time to post my Changes/Additions Wishlist for the game. These are things that I believe most players can likely agree on, but even though some of these aren't exactly groundbreaking, I think many are great for the mostly casual player base. If there's even a small chance that a kind and discerning developers will see this, then that would mean all the difference in the world. It's been a dream of mine for Ion Hazzikostas to see what the "little-guy" has to say and stick up for the casual and solo players; by being open to the lesser known ideas out there, speaking more directly to these players and not creating too many in-game barriers for disabled or less social players. I think he's a good leader who really wants this game to truly mean something, obviously he has his flaws and adamant opinions on how the game should work, but he is only human and he just needs room to learn and grow just like anyone else would.
I will be leaving this post up for archival purposes; I wish the Wow team well, and I hope the team will hang in there as long as they can. We all need this game to live on and be the BEST it can be for everyone who devotes their time to this great community... Blizzard Employees and Players alike.

BIG UPDATE: May 26th 2023 - 8:00 AM EST
I logged in at about 7:45 AM... and to my shock they did it, they actually did it!!! I received what was missing out of nowhere! Now I will be able to finally move on with a much stronger sense that we're being heard, but we still need Blizzard to improve safety measures and policies to make sure no more players will ever fear losing their accounts again. Please Blizzard, show us you'll try harder to make things better for all to play more safely? Surely Mike Ybarra wants that for Blizzard, right?
For those who have come to the conclusion that I shouldn't have posted all of this:
A.) It could happen again, AND to anyone.
B.) The state of Blizzard support is a threat to OUR hobby/Blizzards OWN stability
C.) I lost millions of gold in painstakingly collected items, that gave an easy gold source to make more gold, avoid the wow token, and get carried through content I physically have a hard time completing, due to DMD (Please look that up, people with it need the awareness).
Also please Asmongold, if you really want to make a difference... give this post awareness... For the players; for the vulnerable; for people with ANY disability: and DMD awareness. Some people have it rough, sometimes all people want... is to have fun, be happy, and do that with friends and family, without bully scammers; and with a system of security made to care for us gamers and for people to hang out and have a good time, doing what we here all love... World of Warcraft!
Judge away, but at least I can still do something I love, even with all the things I deal with.
A ton of context here, but I had my account stolen (UPDATE: ALL ITEMS RETURNED) because a some GM was "tricked" into changing MY account's username and password, AND deactivating my Authenticator by a trifling scammer. I know this since the ticket he made was on the "my tickets" part of my account, that I found after the recovery, and very much to my surprise.
Only two pieces of information were used by the scammer, technically three but there suspiciously was no evidence that a phone # was actually given by them in their ticket. These pieces of info were my actual BTAG (laughable) and allegedly a Picture ID/state ID. The ID was most likely a fake because obviously he couldn't have obtained it, I never had used something like that online or anywhere AND how would Blizzard even verify that I'm the one in the photo???
Anyway, I was able to make a ticket with the necessary REAL information to prove it was my account, but sadly I had to keep making tickets to explain what was still missing, to get back what was taken. After a two week back and forth, I got in-game junk-mail restored that was deleted, 3 pets returned to my pet journal, and 10 gold... that felt very bad. I had a stash of caged 'Hatespark the Tiny' pets that were still missing from my bank.
I collected a lot of those back during the 10th anniversary have been selling them on AH when I needed the gold. The gold from selling those pets, over time, was supposed to be used to help get carried through the challenging content that I have a very hard time completing by myself, due to my condition, Muscular Dystrophy. The fact is, it's hard to use my hands to play this game, I have much weaker muscles so certain goals in the game are harder to achieve, which is really bothersome as an avid WoW gamefan and collector.
In the end though, the GM response was that they could no longer check the logs because too much time had passed by the time we were reaching a complete resolution. So after spending almost a month trying to get them to understand the issue I faced and what was missing, with long wait times and a different GM each time I responded, it is the scammer who gets the last laugh. So now I'm really not sure how to feel, I played since the beginning, this game is great, I love it and the time shared with my family.
So if my account can be stripped away from me, with such ease by a scammer bully, then how can I devote my time to furthering my "Warcraft footprint"? How can I do that, when the GMs of blizzard would let their guard down so easily, and limit how many times they can restore a stolen account, even if it's due to no fault of the user? I repeat my account HAS BEEN RETURNED... the bigger picture here is the fraud got in without much hesitation by the GM... but somehow I end up having to give a ton of proof. My pets that I worked so hard to obtain were (are) gone, it happens, but I feel bad for players who may deal with ANY disability, putting hours into a game they absolutely LOVE, only for a lack of quality GMs (no offense) to make our game... unplayable. :(
Here's the screenshots...

Scammer in Action

GM Responding to the Scammer
Surprise email early one morning
My Ticket to Blizzard

Required Information

Waiting for Answer

Blizzard Policy

Everything starts to click

Panicking Discovery

The Verdict is...

Many Tickets Later

My final plea

End of the line... Or so I thought!!!!
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2023.05.24 20:06 bitpickers The Forbidden Verity: Private Servers Unveiled as Abject Non-Piratical Entities

Verily, I must express my abhorrence for the vile realm of reddit, that cesspool I seldom traverse. However, compelled by circumstances, I must articulate my sentiments, for I am a fervent devotee of clandestine server craftsmanship since the year of our Lord 2003, when I lent my aid to the quality assurance and eradication of bugs for one of the inaugural Ultima Online emulators.
News of the suspension of rule 4 within this subreddit reached my ears through an Asmongold video, wherein he relentlessly disparaged the moderators of this community, proclaiming, "I am shitting on the moderators for allowing piracy." Yet, in most cases, such assertions are baseless. The overwhelming majority of emulated servers are meticulously crafted from the ground up, devoid of any pilfered code. As for the clients employed, their usage in conjunction with emulated servers does not constitute piracy, for they are the official clients. While it is true that certain outliers employ official server code, to conflate these exceptions with all private servers is to label all hobbyist private server developers as criminals.
I do comprehend the point Asmongold attempts to convey, for indeed there exist disreputable private servers, and caution should be exercised when selecting those in which to partake. I concur with his observation that most private servers harbor pay-to-win mechanisms, wherein donations secure advantageous items and the like. However, a small number of exceptionally ethical servers exist, stringent in their standards regarding donations and the allocation of moderator privileges. These exemplars of server administration exhibit a superior ethical stance when compared to the current state of Blizzard.
Furthermore, I disagree with his contention that permitting discourse on private servers within this realm shall sever their connection to Blizzard, for it was the proliferation of private servers that instigated the bestowal of official classic servers upon us. Were public channels devoid of all discussion, Blizzard would never have gleaned the immense popularity private servers had garnered. Should Blizzard bear witness to the mass exodus resulting from their introduction of tokens, perchance they shall act in the best interest of the classic community, just as they did when they eventually acquiesced to the demand for official classic servers.
To summarize, I do believe Asmongold should offer apologies to the moderators of this subreddit, as well as to all the hobbyist developers whom he so rashly labeled as criminals. Such injurious remarks have inflicted profound harm upon this community, and they are entirely unwarranted, perchance borne of his ignorance concerning the inner workings of private servers.
In your pursuit of private servers, I beseech you to exercise caution and maintain vigilance, forsooth. Engage in all online activities whilst encased within the protective embrace of a VPN, that veil of anonymity shielding you from unseen malevolence.
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2023.05.23 16:00 FragrantMacaroon7870 Kevin's Zimmer be like

Kevin's Zimmer be like
Hab das im asmongold reddit gefunden, finde aber das passt hier auch gut rein 🙂
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2023.05.17 15:54 antsam9 I appreciate that I can make my character highlighted in game for free

Character glow in game
That's at least 250 points MTX (microtransaction) in POE (path of exile). 100 points is $10 US, so a character glow in game would be $25. Granted, a mtx in poe would be an effect everyone sees, but I didn't buy it for that, I bought it because I had trouble tracking my character sometimes (boomer eyes suck, don't get old).
I need a glow because POE has a lot of visual noise, so making my character easier to see is something I purchased. You can get it as part of a support pack typically, but they haven't been as... good of a value as when the game was older (so GGG, Grinding Gear Games, have been charging a whole lot lately and not giving as much in return).
Asmongold has famously bought MTX in POE to LOWER visual noise for an attack he was spamming, skill effects are 150 points, so he spent 15 dollars for a less flashy animation in order to see what he was doing better and to hurt his eyes less.
I wanted to make a post of possible MTX we could see, but it's already here
POE regularly has mtx that costs 50 dollars, 100 dollars, even multiple hundreds of dollars. Not very micro tbh. I think the possibilities are too much to ignore. If blizzard is going live service model, with a free tier, a 10 dollar battle pass, and a 25 dollar accelerated pass, plus a MTX shop, well, I'm thinking I might budget 100ish annually.
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2023.05.14 22:15 DaikonOwn9367 Give us this
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2023.04.16 15:23 Makuy Destiny should emancipate his stream out of the Twitch-sphere more actively.

I think that one of the if not the most interesting things about Destiny's stream to me personally is how his stream has a pull-effect on experts or people with expertise and content creators and laypeople to have organic conversations on various topics.
If for example a topic is brought up with legal questions being raised Pisco and/or EsportsBatman often come in and a back-and-forth will occur mixed in with some laypeople, who are more or less productive. Now Destiny having orbiters who have some expertise in certain topics is great and actually levitates his stream off from Vaush or Hasan who are dogmatic and purely ideologically driven, which develops their streams into these safe spaces for the same audience type. Ironically one of them uses a fortress arc as a metaphor for not engaging with people and the other one lives isolated in a LA villa away from 99% of his viewers but always talks like he is one of them. The Twitch sphere is a wasteland. Those viewers are the same, they want to be comforted and get their ideological lullabies/talking points before sleep.
Destiny has this pull effect and people who watch him feel the urge of I want to go on his stream and give contra points. And viewers are formed the same way. (This is also why some of the DGG idiots want to engage with ideas, but lack rhetoric, etc., and look autistic/unhinged, so please stop and just stfu cringe idiots).
To me personally, Destiny's Stream or Orbit lacks depth now and is still heavily rooted in the Twitch sphere, so that part is going to be stagnant forever. Devin Nash made it clear multiple times, that Twitch is niche also that the Twitch demographics are distinct from Youtube for example kids, students, people who are more likely isolated from society themselves/ no job, etc.. Destiny knows this obviously but made it as far as Aba and Jidion coming onto his Stream because he tapped more into the Youtube sphere.
And Asmongold said multiple times, that the best thing that happened to Destiny was the Twitch ban since he is now forced to be more active in the Youtube-sphere, which benefits him if he does exclusive Youtube content, where he needs to sit down face to face and talk with other people.
If I remember correctly Destiny said years ago, that there were/are big streamers and content creators who watch him but couldn't share a public stream stage with him, because of his "toxic" radiation and past he has, which is a brand risk for these people. I think that is slowly changing and he has a big potential to get people on if he wanted to do it.
Destiny was mostly very passive to get people on his stream. I pull the number out of my ass, but it feels like 95% of the people he debates/ has discussions with or whatever are there because they initially asked to. I think Destiny reached a point where he can and should actively emancipate himself outside of the Twitch sphere and be more aggressive collaborating with more experts in the youtube sphere to a point where they actively then come onto his stream and have discussions.
There is no other stream, no other content creator who is going to have a Counterpoints with 40k Youtube subs, DatKatee with 13 Twitch viewers on avg., or Qorantos with 40 viewers having conversations with Jidion or Aba with millions of Youtube subs. To the Mr. rapeapologist fans: Yes, that comes with the cost, that the power differential can be negative, but let's not forget that these are adults and should know it before going into the stream. It seems to me that you retards need swimming aid to stay afloat in life.
And for Destiny content, change my mind, and panels with Milo or Alex Jones are great for driving numbers up. Having that is always good from a numbers perspective. You are already mixing in very productive conversations/discussions.
Now Destiny needs to go next level and increase the pull effect of his stream. How can he do this? Having live change my mind events seem difficult logistically, but being on travel is also risky and time/cost needs to be evaluated every time. He has slowly come to the status where I think he can ask big personalities to come on his stream, the only thing he needs to do is have a way more structured panel that is periodically happening and is also separated from his normal streams to signal to the people outside, that screaming Qorantos or condescending DatKatee aren't going to pop out of their caves and be on the panel. You want discussion, but not ramblings and completely out-of-pocket stuff.
Now the prescription for Destiny in more detail:
-You want a weekly panel with a distinct name that separates itself from your other content, maybe even on a separate channel (Can be a fundament for your podcast with Dan maybe).
-A moderator, not you Destiny, but someone like Counterpoints, Middle Guy, or I can even see Dan do this since these panels aren't going to be the ones where you want extremists to show up or people who live on the internet.
-A very good amount of panelists would be 3 +1 (You) maximum. No more.
-Tierlists for potential panelists. List them according to their availability mainly. But also have them according to their expertise. But the idea of the weekly show should be also that these people are willing to talk outside of their expertise. For example: if you had Econoboi and Pisco and legal matters come up, econoboi is the layman and if an economical element is brought up, econoboi will find himself in the driver seat. This dynamic change in the panel would be intersting to me.
How I see it in praxis with an example: COVID 19
Let's say Dan is the moderator and Destiny invited guests, it should be made clear what the topic is and that they will get a moderator who is going to play devils advocate and try to get sentiments from the opposing side (People who are critical of how all the pandemy was handled f.e.)
It will start with an opening monologue: Dan opens the show by shortly discussing the COVID-19 pandemy and its impact on daily life in USA. He talks about the latest developments in the pandemy and previews the topic.
Guest interview 1(Scientist/virologist): Dan interviews some scientist who has expertise in the field. Dan introduces the expert shortly and asks fundamental questions and some critical questions which arent out of the line:
"Were scientists intransparent, how do you rate the government response to the pandemic including measures such as lockdowns, and vaccine distribution"
Guest interview 2(Small company owneentrepreneur): Dan introduces the small company owner in short and asks how COVID-19 affected his company also some critical questions:
"Shouldn't company owners be obligated to be planning for moments like this, aren't environmental crises not part of the way your company should be structured". -> "How does he rate the government response"
Guest interview 3(economist/or local politician of a red or blue state) Dan introduces the economist/local politician, asks how about his/ her pov, and rating of government economic support for businesses and individuals.
Destiny comes in and picks out ones guest and goes more in-depth with their statements, asking questions accordingly, this will most likely create discussions more organically since now everyone has been introduced and know where they stand.
Audience interaction: Dan gets questions that were donated to ask questions to the guests or offer their own opinions on the topics being discussed.
In the end, the guests get a shoutout (the small company owner might be advertising his company, scientists are most of the time willing to tap into big audiences and the economist might have written a book or something). These can be seen as compensation for coming to the show.
Having Econoboi, Pisco, etc. is always good, Reaccuring personalities give viewers some consistency, which people like. The structure is the same and it has a set date in the week. Consistency is one of the most important things for content to grow.
I think a panel like this is bound to increase Destin's pull effect sooner or later. I don't think DatKatee Qorantos or Jon Zherka are going to. You want to tap way more into the Youtube-sphere which is by now very mainstream.
Edit: I suck at Reddit formatting. Also, there are 100% grammar errors, I just can't find them all, because I am ESL-retarded
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2023.04.09 16:28 weltallic [Community] GamerGate 2022: All Hail the Pirate King

EIGHT YEARS GamerGate has sailed the high seas!
And what treasure has 2022 given unto us?


Drink up, me hearties, for once again we celebrate our numerous triumphs, our opponent's many disasters, and how 2022 was the year woke SJW feminists almost caught Captain Jack Sparrow!
Just like 2015 when Gamergate followed the courtroom drama of Eron Gjoni taking a stand against abusive ex Zoe Quinn (spoiler: he won!), the WHOLE WORLD watched Johnny Depp take to court another deceitful, narcissistic, abusive feminist who also used #BelieveWomen and a complicit news media to blacklist and destroy her ex's career. And just like Eron, he triumphed!
♫ Do what you want cuz a pirate is free. ♫




Batwoman (TV)
G4 (TV)
  • Called the most disastrous brand relaunch in history, Adam Sessler re-joined G4 TV in Nov 2021, only for it to be cancelled less than a year later. Fingers pointed to co-host Frosk's "misogynist gamers" rant and G4's VP telling people not to watch the show. Sure enough, G4 became the lowest watched show on the entire Comcast network, until the surprise memo announcing the show was over, "effective immediately." [Video - Nerdrotic] [Video - Upper Echelon] [Video - Midnight's Edge] [KiA] [KiA] [Link] [Album] [Album]
Ms. Marvel (TV)
  • After forcing the Muslim-in-name-only Kamala Kahn to be the main character of the failed Marvel's Avengers game, fans continued to ignore her Disney+ show, where not only did they change her powers to be what her creator literally said she did not want, but also got the lowest ratings of all MCU TV shows. Bonus: her onscreen dad locked his twitter after a family friend accused him of sending dick pics when she was 14. [Video - The Judgemental Critter] [Video - Nasu] [Video - YellowFlash] [KiA] [KiA] [Link] [Link] [Album]
Resident Evil (TV)
Rings of Power (TV)
She Hulk (TV)
Star Wars: Obi Wan Kenobi (TV)
Warrior Nun (TV)
Willow (TV)
  • Typecasted LGBT star Ruby Cruz plays a generic Brie Larsen #GirlBoss in the sequel to the 1988 film, out to rescue her pathetic brother and thwart her arranged marriage to a beta prince so she can marry her trainee-knight girlfriend, lesbian ginger Erin Kellyman (who's Black, so no race-swap needed), with Willow returning as a failure inspired by Mark Hamill in The Last Jedi. Cancelled in 3... 2... [Video - The Critical Drinker] [Video - The Woke Critic] [Video - Alteori] [Link] [Link] [Link] [KiA]
Magic: The Gathering (card game)
  • A disastrous year for WotC as parent company Hasbro got downgraded to "Underperform" by Bank of America (citing MtG), as woke customers turned against them over their response to Roe v. Wade, forcing LGBT/PoC fans to fight each other for Magic30 tickets, and "Pride Across the Multiverse" being blocked in certain countries. But making Aragorn black in the LotR set and a $999 anniversary set fixes everything... right? [Video - The Drunken Prime] [Video - JosiahRises+] [KiA] [KiA] [KiA] [Link] [Link]
America Chavez (comic)
  • While the rest of us enjoyed well-written stories starring lesbian latinas in Love & Rockets (1982-2016), the woke crowd must suffer the cringe of America "Holy Menstruation" Chavez, who unlike Maggie & Hopey made the jump from her twice-cancelled comic to the big screen in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness... where the woke crowd attacked and harassed her actress for looking too white. [Video - Vara Dark] [Video - RK Outpost] [Video - Clownfish TV] [Link] [Album] [Album]
Superman: Son of Kal-El (comic)
  • Infamous for the hoax that the writer's home in Australia was being patrolled by the LAPD due to death threats, the openly gay, climate change-fighting Superman's comic run was ended after only 18 issues. Refusing to ever reveal the sales numbers despite not even ranking in the Top 50, the writer insisted it was not "cancelled", but relaunched with a new series... er, limited mini-series. So yeah, great success! [Video - RK Outpost] [Link] [Link] [Link] [KiA] [Image]
What If... Miles Morales Became Thor? (comic)
  • White Marvel writers & editors showed how anti-racist they are with a "What If..." blaxploitation tale of rapmaster Thor in da Asgard hood, with his graffiti'd hammer and Aesir Adidas, fighting frost giants with gold chains. Taunting his critics at first, the writer eventually posted the generic "I'm listening/learning" apology upon realizing even his woke allies cringed. Shoes hanging on Asgard power lines? By Odin's fade, bruv!" [Video - Nerdrotic Daily] [Video - Mohammed Agbadi] [Video - Metal Gear Mando] [Link] [Link] [Link] [KiA] [Album]
Lightyear (film)
  • Lauded by media for it's sizeable diverse cast and "so progressive" kiss between LGBT PoC women, Pixar's latest film was preemptively banned in numerous countries, while Buzz' new VA Chris Evans attacked the audience as "idiots" who will die off like dinosaurs. While Top Gun: Maverick was busy making billions, Lightyear was a financial flop, surpassed even by Jurassic Park: Dominion. Dinosaurs win. [Video - Pitch Meeting] [Video - Jayne Theory] [KiA] [KiA] [KiA] [Album]
Strange World (film)
The Woman King (film)
  • Imagine heroic Nazi Germans liberating Jewish prisoners from evil American concentration camps. Now you get why so many boycotted this film about Dahomey, one of the largest African slaver nations in history, forced to create a women's army because 70% of it's men died conquering slaves before the English blockaded their port to end the slave trade. Now re-imagined as a tale of women warriors ENDING slavery; an invention of evil white men. [Video - Amala Ekpunobi] [Video - Dave Cullen] [Video - Laymans Journal] [Video - Archcast] [KiA] [KiA] [Link]
Battlefield 2042 (video game)
  • Following the financial disaster that was Battlefield V where the CEO resigned after telling gamers not to buy the game, DICE unveiled in late 2021 the all-new Battlefield 2042... a buggy, incomplete mess starring non-binary PoC characters with They/Them pronouns. 2022: one of the worst reviewed games on Steam, 200k petitions for a refund, less than 1,000 people playing, and EA admitting the game did not "meet expectations." [Video - DooM49] [Video - raFZax] [Video - Big Boss] [KiA] [KiA] [Link]
Saints Row (video game)
World of Warcraft (video game)
  • For two expansions, Blizzard pushed fan favorite Sylvanas as the unbeatable #Girlboss main star, while desexualizing women's outfits. This turned their most profitable goth queen into it's most hated character, losing millions of players... while Final Fantasy XIV embraced sexy outfits and broke 27m players (a third being women). Will WoW's latest expansion featuring gay men and gay dragons gushing over their husbands turn things around? [Video - Khanlusa] [Video - Nixxiom] [Video - Bellular Clips] [Video - Mirubuns] [Link] [Link] [KiA] [Image]
Blizzard Entertainment:
  • The "Antithesis of GamerGate" tried to focus 2022 on Microsoft's buyout, but was instead bit by the woke hand it fed as staff staged walkouts; one demanding Blizz pay to relocate staff to "safe states" following Roe v. Wade, and again for lifting it's vaccine mandate. Plus another sexual harassment lawsuit from three Body Type 2's. Their solution: a Character Diversity tool, and making players sign a good behavior Social Contract. [Video - The Act Man] [Video - Asmongold] [Link] [Link] [Link] [Link] [KiA] [KiA] [KiA] [Album]
  • Creating and pushing ESG (Environmental, Social, and corporate Governance) on it's holding companies Amazon, Google, Netflix, and others, Blackrock only invested in companies implementing money-losing woke policies in exchange for high ESG scores. But sooner or later you run out of other people's money, as Blackrock's revenue and total assets nosedived, while Hollywood shed $500 billion in market value due to bad product. [Video - Coin Bureau] [Video - The ArchCast] [Video - Yahoo Finace] [Link] [Link] [Link] [Link] [KiA]
  • Another year, another round of layoffs, departures, and stock crashes. As one of the more infamous clickbait rags where the staff see the company a non-profit superPAC whose mission is driving social change, Buzzfeed loses yet another EIC, Deputy Editor, and Executive editor while the woke rank and file wail about being "disrespected." Because if there's one word you think of when you hear 'Buzzfeed', it's "respected." [Video - SunnyV2] [Link] [Link] [KiA] [Album]
  • Losing 90% of it's audience as millions switched to rival networks, CNN's president resigned due to a sex scandal shortly after losing star host Chris Cuomo for secretly helping his brother dodge multiple sexual harassment charges, while his BFF producer pleaded guilty to training children as sex slaves. Hundreds of "journalists" laid off, and $300m spent on CNN+... only to shut down in just 2 weeks. [Video - ColdFusion] [Video - TimCast IRL] [Video - AndyMatrix TV] [Link] [Link] [Link] [Link] [KiA] [Album]
DC Comics
  • Notorious for it's radical LGBT workforce, CUTIES, and systematic race-swapping, Netflix suffered it's worst year in history, announcing it's first subscriber loss ever (1 million) and it's stock price fell 60%. Desperately cutting costs with more layoffs and cancelling woke TV shows after barely one season, Netflix did the unthinkable: a letter to all staff stating that if they find their work harmful, "Netflix may not be the best place for you." [Video - David Nino Rodriguez] [Video - Brett Cooper] [Video - TimCast Clips] [Link] [Link] [Link] [KiA] [KiA] [Album]
  • Known for banning conservatives, anti-woke advocates, and big tech competitors, PayPal reserved the right to fine users $2,500 for 'Prohibited Activity' (drugs, guns, etc). But when the policy was updated to include goods that promotes "misinformation" and discrimination based on "protected characteristics", the resulting firestorm made PayPal rescind the update, claim it was an accident, and apologize for the misinformation. [Video - AwakenWithJP] [Video - Louis Rossmann] [Link] [Link] [Link] [KiA]
Joss Whedon (anti-GG)
  • Anita Sarkeesian's BFF and GamerGate's biggest celebrity opponent/male feminist continues to self destruct (after being exposed as a serial abuser and 58yr old predator who slept with 20yr old fans and actresses behind his wife's back) by doing a tell-all interview. Surprise: he's the real victim; Ray Fisher was malevolent, Gal Gadot didn't understand english, and it was toxic masculinity that made him sleep with all those girls. [Video - Molly McPherson] [Video - JustHugeNet] [Video - Clownfish TV] [Video - Liana K] [Link] [KiA] [Album]
Jennifer Lawrence (actor)
Luke Plunkett (Kotaku)
  • The writer of the 2014 "Gamers Are Dead" Kotaku article that kicked GamerGate into high gear, and the driving force behind getting the successfully-funded Tentacle Bento game booted off Kickstarter did "accidental journalism" by revealing worker rights advocate Kotaku's disgusting labor practices. Realizing his inadvertent exposure of his employer, he deleted the tweet... but the Internet is forever. [KiA] [KiA] [Link] [Link] [Album] [Album] [Album]
Chase Staub (Huffington Post)
  • Days after a non-binary person committed a terror attack on a gay nightclub in Colorado, a gun-brandishing man made terror threats on Instagram against three gay bars in Atlanta. Police hunted and arrested the culprit: flamboyantly gay Huffington Post writer Chase Staub. HuffPo immediately reacted to the news by posting an article about the rising threat of extremists... on Elon Musk's Twitter. [Video - Fox5 Atlanta] [Video - Atlanta News First] [Link] [Link] [Link] [Link] [Album]
Mike Wellman (comics)
  • Consumed by TDS, this comic book writepublisher fled the comic store he co-owned due to his partner's "sickening" support for Trump, and opened Atomic Basement Comics. The self-described "Libtard with fists" then made violent death threats to ComicsGate patriarch/Trump voter Ethan Van Sciver. Forced to permanently close his store in 2022, Mike no doubt blamed Trump for losing his dream, career, and "destiny." [Video - NerdSoul] [Video - ComicArtistPro Secrets] [Link] [Link] [Link]
Paul Haggis (director)
  • The outspoken feminist film scriptwriter, director, and writer of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 was attending a social justice film festival in Italy holding classes about equality, gender diversity, and women's solidarity, when he was arrested for aggravated sexual violence. Paul got the charges dropped and fled to New York, only to be found guilty of raping his publicist and owing $10m in damages. [Video - KTLA 5] [Video - WION] [Link] [Link] [Link] [Link] [Image] [Album]
Patty Jenkins (director)
  • Once applauded for excellent films featuring well-written female characters like Monster and Wonder Woman, Patty succumbed to TDS in 2020, becoming an anti-Trump resistance fighter. Just like that, her beloved WW84 film flopped and in 2022 her WW trilogy was cancelled, ending her 7yr long dream project. Her only legacy now is a "was it rape?" debate that compares Wonder Woman 1984 to Revenge of the Nerds (1984). [Video - Pitch Meeting] [Video - Hollywood Reporter] [Video - Snarky Jay] [Link] [Link] [Link]


Cyberpunk: Edgerunners (anime)
  • After Cyberpunk 2077's disastrous launch, CD Projekt Red faced lawsuits as the game was pulled from the Sony store. But when Studio Trigger released Cyberpunk: Edgerunners, the hit anime saved the floundering franchise, with the character Rebecca becoming an internet sensation. The woke developers recoiled at her appearance and wanted her removed, but the Gainax alumni made it clear: "The loli must stay." [Video - f27] [Video - Rebecca clip] [Video - REGGY] [Video - Vara Dark] [Link] [Link] [Link] [KiA] [Image]
Tár (film)
  • While the woke denounced Cate Blanchett for portraying a lesbian as anything other than an empowering role model, the rest of the world applauded The One True Galadriel's magnificent portrayal of Lydia Tár, a flawed yet brilliant conductor whose career destructs due to her cruel manipulations of women under her power, and deceptively-edited video of her excoriating an SJW college kid refusing to study the masterworks of "white cis males." [Video - Tár] [Video - Impression Blend] [Video - Mela Bird] [Link] [Link] [KiA] [Image]
Top Gun: Maverick (film)
  • Proving that dismissing China and celebrating all-American values is the key to success, Tom Cruise's triumphant return as Maverick earned 63 awards and $1.5 billion dollars. While woke critics sneered at "another cornball male weepie and military recruitment ad", it became the highest grossing film of Cruise's career, and a lesson to any director of yet another "actually, the hero failed" bleakquel not to subvert expectations, but surpass them. [Video - Trailer] [Video - Kelmi4] [Video - Critical Drinker] [Link] [Link] [KiA]
Johnny Depp (actor)
Bob Bakish (Paramount)
  • Refusing to stand with cowardly streaming sites like Netflix, BBC, Disney, HBO, and others who pulled content that were "offensive to modern sensibilities", Paramount's CEO said "I don’t believe in censoring art that was made historically... It’s all on demand – you don’t have to watch anything you don’t want to." Voted one of "The Most Powerful People in Entertainment" for saving the failing Viacom, the man knows the key to success. [Video - Clownfish TV] [Link] [Link] [Link] [Link] [KiA]
Eric July (comics)
  • Proud Black Christian libertarian, musician, and Youtube commentator Eric July founded his own comic book company Rippaverse to avoid the woke politics gripping mainstream comic books. Despite media blackouts from comic book news sites and subreddits banning you for racism for even mentioning him, his debut comic Isom raised $3.7m, becoming the most successful crowdfunded comic book of all time. [Video - YoungRippa59] [Video - RK Outpost] [Video - Drunk 3PO] [Link] [Link] [KiA] [Album]
Elon Musk (Twitter)
Ken Akamatsu (manga)
  • The creator of the best-selling manga Love Hina spent years advocating for freedom of expression in Japan, besieged by parties pushing laws to censor manga, anime, and games based on "international perspectives". Opposing a bill proposing "the freedom not to be exposed to offensive expressions", Ken ran in the 2022 election for the House of Councillors and won, and now fights to fortify Japan against woke western colonialism. [Video - Nerdigans] [Video - Vara Dark] [Video - Clownfish TV] [Link] [Link] [Link] [Album]
Kerri Hoskins (Sonya Blade)
  • Sonya's mocap model from Mortal Kombat 3, stunt-woman, Playboy model, Tang Soo Do martial artist, specialist in small firearms, skydiver, painter, jewelcrafter, proud Catholic, happily married mother of four... and still looks amazing in her MK outfit at 53yrs old. Now Kerri speaks out against Sonya's uglification/chest-flattening, and tells women in the gaming industry "the best person should get the job, so work the hardest and be the best." [Video - MaybeOne] [Video - Interview] [Video - La Maldicion del Lobo] [Link] [Link] [KiA] [KiA] [Album]
AAARRRRR! Another hilarious year!
As always, apologies for the delay due to work, playing vidya, and having to spend endless days rewriting and deciding which minor victories to cut out to keep it under the max character limit.
I hope everyone enjoys this lil' morale boost, have a laugh pointing out the obvious typos or bad link I somehow missed, and take comfort knowing that despite the skewed, carefully curated news content pushed on reddit, the world is standing up against the woke.
Rejoice; The fire GamerGate started under the corrupt gaming news journos continues to spread to ALL news media; layoffs continue by the thousands, and as of 2022, journalism is the no.1 most-regretted college major.
We keep winning.
Drink up, me hearties, YO HO!

SAIL ON TO 2023!

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2023.04.04 23:52 CreeperChief Riot MMO leak

link to youtube video
Originally found on Asmongold . Link to original post
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2023.03.31 21:50 Commie_Mommy_4_Prez Asmongold Reacts to Trailer & Gameplay for the First Time
I think there's a stark contrast between the reactions of Asmongold verses others to the league reveal. I honestly don't know what else there is to say when you watch his reactions (which were my own... aka very positive), verses this sub's.
I can get a little bit conspiratorial sometimes. When I look at how easy it is to boost posts and comments on reddit, knowing that there are competitors who would stand to benefit if people felt negatively about PoE, I have to ask myself if this is even organic.
For instance, Zizaran had some optimistic takes on the new league, and even tweeted those thoughts. But the one that bubbles to the surface is a tweet about how GGG lied to us about Ruthless being a "side project".
I've only really watched Sirgog and Tripolar Bear's in depth dive on the patch notes but they're nowhere near this negative.
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2023.03.31 03:35 EngineeredDeath My Relationship with StarCitizen Summarized in an image

My Relationship with StarCitizen Summarized in an image
Stolen goods like any good pirate should
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2023.03.27 14:57 Xetsof Don't expect Diablo 4 to be something that is not a Diablo game

The majority seems to think that Druid class is weak while other classes are fine, with Barb somewhere in the middle. There is however a minority that had fun playing a class that is perceived from the majority as weak.
This is an interesting fact. Somebody had fun with a class that has being called awfully trash by others, watch Asmongold.
So, what we should really expect? Answer is simple. Not only because feedback sent by top content creators and majority of reddit matters. But because Diablo is not a strategy combat game. It can be played with some sort of challenge, with HC and increased difficulty. But it will not be balanced around that. It's not Dark Souls, it's not a punishing roguelike, it's not a skill based game. It will never be. It doesn't even have much elements about that.
Diablo is a game where fun comes by feel your power constantly increasing, cleaning stuff fast and spectacularly with little challenge. Challenge is more abount finding and create a strong build.
So, to who is hoping for a combat skill based game, be prepared to be annoyed, you may be frustrated when buff will comes.
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2023.03.20 02:53 printerjammed anyone else notice OTK looks like DIK

anyone else notice OTK looks like DIK submitted by printerjammed to Asmongold [link] [comments]

2023.03.19 18:33 JoshBrownGames Is D4 Gameplay as Similar to D3 as it Looks? (Didn't Play Beta)

I have watched several gamers and streamers play and review D4:
The gameplay, ground loot, char stat sheet, player inventory and many other aspects LOOK copy pasted from D3. From those fortunate enough to be able to afford the beta game and play rn I'd love to know your opinion.
Tell me Reddit: Does D4 feel too copy pasta'd from D3?
The only noticable differences visually are the tone, visuals and skil tree.
I love the muted colors and grittier, gothic tone.
The skill tree looks cool but doesn't affect moment to moment gameplay (unless you are constantly changing builds, but most players will set it and forgot it on their toon, and the gold respec cost makes that difficult). I want to give credit that the character customization is clearly different and unique, though.
I'd love to hear from you all:
Finally, what is your final thought? Overall: is D4 too similar to D3?
Thank you for your thoughtful responses and input in advance. I really appreciate your help evaluating this game and letting me understand it vicariously through you.
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2023.03.05 10:43 Mamitutrgod Hogwarts Legacy oynadığı için doxxlanan ve tacize uğrayan Pikamee'nin intikamini 4chan almış sanırım.

Hogwarts Legacy oynadığı için doxxlanan ve tacize uğrayan Pikamee'nin intikamini 4chan almış sanırım. submitted by Mamitutrgod to veYakinEvren [link] [comments]

2023.02.19 09:14 lurkerlarry42069 Stop This Bolvar Slander Asmongold You Fuck

Every time Bolvar is brought up in a youtube video, a post on this reddit, or on Asmon's stream in general, Bolvar is faced with an onslaught of unjust slander. Bolvar doesn't get enough credit for his accomplishments.
Bolvar suddenly had all the duties of a king thrust upon him when Varian disappeared, and despite the scheming of Katrana Prestor, and the noble houses, he deputized an adventurer to investigate behind her back. He never trusted her, but refused to act without direct proof because he follows a strict code of honor. This resulted in Marshal Windsor being rescued and revealing Katrana to be Onyxia.
Then, after Katrana Prestor (Onyxia) is killed, he literally leads a charge against Icecrown Citadel itself. He subtly worked with the Horde to ensure that faction ties would not prevent victory, and then when the moment finally came, he and Dranosh Saurfang literally steamrolled a path through the strongest warriors of the Lich King until the man himself was forced to face them.
Then, he was killed by blight, and was the only one who managed to be resurrected by Alexstrasza's flames. He was found by the Lich King, and tortured for months before he was finally found in Icecrown Citadel. Despite his broken, charred body and soul being tormented for so long, he never gave in and bent to the Lich King. His will remained unbroken and he refused to turn his blade on the Alliance and Horde forces.
Then, when he donned the Helm of Domination, he suffered the full brunt of The Lich King AND The Jailer's will for years, all the way up until Shadowlands. Just for context, the second that Arthas saw Frostmourne, and started to hear the whispers of the Lich King, he instantaneously turned on his own people and destroyed all of Lordaeron. Bolvar never gave in. He managed to fight the concentrated will of The Lich King and the Jailer until Sylvanas managed to face off against him with the -full power- of the Jailer behind her, both tormenting Bolvar and making her impossibly powerful.
He almost beat her, too, and gave her an honorable fight. He never resorted to deceit, unlike Sylvanas. Even when faced with defeat, he warned Sylvanas, because he didn't want anyone else, even someone as evil as Sylvanas, to suffer what he had.
Even after the Jailer was killed, he volunteered to continue leading the Ebon Blade, only resigning with direct permission from Darion Mograine. Despite what he had suffered, and despite the unspeakable scars on his mind and soul, when faced with scorn from his daughter from sending her off to Kul'tiras to protect her, he was understanding, and promised to try to be the father that he could not be before.
So in summary, also TL;DR.
  1. Bolvar resisted the trickery of Katrana Prestor, and was suspicious of her and her relationship with Varian until the very end.
  2. He bravely led a charge against Icecrown Citadel, mowed down an army of undead vrykul, and didn't turn even when faced head to head with the Lich King himself.
  3. No matter what magic or physical tortured Arthas used against him, Bolvar managed to completely resist his will for months while the heroes of Azeroth marshaled their forces for another attack on Icecrown.
  4. He selflessly volunteered to be the new Lich King, and managed to stave off the full, concentrated power of both The Lich King and The Jailer for nearly a decade.
  5. He was only overwhelmed by Sylvanas because she had the full power of a being literally hand-crafted by the creators of the universe itself behind her, and baring down on Bolvar through the Helm of Domination.
  6. Despite having done far more than enough for the people of Azeroth, he volunteers again to lead the Ebon Blade against whatever is to come, only stepping down when Darion Mograine gives him permission, so he can be the father he always wanted to be for his daughter.
So Asmongold, if you are reading this, if you ever slander Bolvar again, I will unsub and tier 3 sub to alinity instead, you FUCK.
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2023.02.18 21:58 King-Of-Rats World of Warcraft Lore Overview for people who don't really care Part 2: Part 2: The Expansions (WOTLK-MOP)

Previous Part:

Still here huh. That sucks.

Well, while you are, here is part 2 of a lore overview of World of Warcraft, this time covering the expansions from the middle of the game. As always, this is an overview largely for people who have played for years and simply never cared enough to figure out what the hell 80% of the proper nouns said in the game are. Like they wrote entire novels about this shit and if you know the title of a even single one you're probably overqualified for this post.

Ok, we've done this before so this should be easy:


Oh fuck oh jesus christ good lord please not this one I'm on my hands and fucking knees don't make me do this one
Hello. Wrath of the Lich King is a really fun one to discuss because - unlike most other expansions, WOTLK is more directly a sequel to Warcraft 3, a game that came out 5 years before WOTLK did and also 12 years after. Warcraft 3 is itself a sequel to Warcraft 2 (the sequel to Warcraft), and it's actually more accurate to say that WOTLK is a sequel to Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne, a DLC sequel to Warcraft 3 (2002). Also, many elements of WOTLK are now inherently based off of later expansions such as Shadowlands (2020), which themselves retcon some lore from the original WOTLK and Warcraft 3 releases.

Did you get all of that? Do you understand what I'm fucking saying to you? I'm going to get some of this shit wrong.

Ok so like a bunch of years ago Kil'Jaden (you remember him right?) was still pissed about the Draenei and really wanted to impress his new dad Sargeras by destroying all life on earth Azeroth. To this end, he found the biggest, baddest orc he could find on Draenor and ripped him to shreds on like... a metaphysical level. This orc was named Ner'zhul and he was the chieftan of the Shadowmoon clan - one of or maybe the largest orcish clans on Draenor that used to be chill until they were corrupted by the dickhead Gul'Dan and now largely exist to summon demons and be the only Mythic+ dungeon past 7+ you can complete without getting carried. Kil'Jaden offered him the choice to either be his slave in commanding the forces of the undead on Azeroth or be tormented for what would feel like eternity by watching a single Asmongold video. Naturally he chose the former, and Kil'Jaden fused him with an evil helmet and gave him a cool sword. He then turned him into an ice cube and made him fuck off for a while. I guess he thought it would be funny.

That or blizzard realized the timeline didn't match up.

Oh, and if you're wondering where Kil'Jaden got the magical helmet and sword that controls the undead from, he just does. I want to say it's covered in the next post, but don't get your hopes up buddy.
And if you're wondering why Sargeras isn't just doing this shit himself, his nuts are too big to get through any portal formed by mortal man so he has to just like flick a yo-yo around and wait for a plot device to let him in. (More or less.)

Ok, so Ner'zhul, now the Lich King gets plopped on Azeroth and he's basically just this big weird suit of armor and he can telepathically raise and control the dead and shit while getting up from his gamer chair less than you do. And him and the demons are kind of buddies and they're working together but the demons are really shy and don't want anyone to know they're working together on this kind of pincer maneuver so they're undercover around this time. The Lich King sent out the Scourge to various settlements, which is both the disease that turns you into an undead dude and also the generic name for undead controlled by the Lich King. People were obviously pissed about this, but no one was less pissed than Arthas - who was a cool dude who fought undead as a paladin and got to pipe Jaina and wasn't afraid of anything. Arthas did a shit load of stuff, including merking the necromancer servant of the Lich King Kel'Susad (who himself merked much of the city of Lorderon) and authorizing the Culling of Statholme. This was the event where Arthas realized that Stratholme was starting to look like the first 10 minutes of every zombie movie he's ever watched and just had the whole city killed - which was generally seen as a dick move. Hey, Arthas wanted to wipe out a place to prevent potential widescale destruction later on - just like Sargeras and Azeroth! It's like poetry, it rhymes.

No one liked Arthas's vibes anymore so he fucked off to Northrend to just deal with everything himself - after which the Lich King offered him his cool sword and Arthas, so tired of this incredibly long plot summary - said sure.
And yeah, it made him evil. No shit.

He did a bunch of evil shit for a while as the Lich King's #1 dude (death knight) such as raising Kal'Zuthad back as a big skeleton. However, Ner'Zhul was still kind of pissed about having to be the Lich King, so none of the demons really liked him, and after a nasty duel with Illidan Stormrage (and a few other things) began to weaken in power.

\It's during this weakening of power that a bunch of undead) fuck off and become the **Forsaken**. Cool!\)

Oh jesus, you don't know who Illidan is? Ok, Illidan Stormrage is a night elf dude who got so upset he couldn't hit Tyrande immediately dove into hard drugs (in this case, demon blood). I don't know why all elves in Warcraft are written like addicts with no self control, they just all are. But look at that! He was just pretending to be an asshole and actually wanted to use the demon powers to fight the demons. But he was still fucked up looking and it's just kind of weird shit to do so he got locked up for like 10,000 years. Anyway he fought the demon-aligned Lich King and lost but got some hits off. It's a whole thing.

The Lich King was weakening at this point and the demons were gonna force him into retirement, so he summoned his #1 dude Arthas and they performed that thing in Dragon Ball Z where they touch fingertips and merge into one dude. So now the Lich King is powerful enough to tell the demons to fuck off out of the plot for a bit and they do. But he's like still evil so he raises a bunch of death knights and they're like "oh cool we love being evil" and then some guy says "ok would you dad like it if he saw you doing this" and a bunch of them go "no :(" and that's why there are good guy Death Knights.

Oh also he kills a bunch of big bugs and then raises them from the dead. He just really likes them. Anub'Arak is like his BFF and he's just a big stupid bug. It's really cute.

Anyway, then we run up & punch him in the head. Actually he punches us in the head but then dies anyway because his sword gets really mad at him.


The leader of the Black Dragonflight Nelfarian is sleeping for while an old god plays a "How to be a dickhead 101" audiobook next to his ears for like 1000 years and then he wakes up and becomes one after finding out both his gay son and thot daughter are dead. Then we punch him in the head spine.

Oh wow that's like seriously it. Kind of a change in pace there huh??
Ok fine, when he wakes up he also fucks the earth so bad that blizzard had to redo the zones and gets the 4 elemental lords really mad, including Therazine the Stonemother who, and many players do not know this, is actually modeled after your mother.
At the same time, this is kind of the big "Old god cult uprising" time in general - with the major one being the Twilights Hammer led by the two headed Ogre Cho'Gall. Ogre's come from Draenor as well, and despite Blizzard having written dissertations of information on their history and culture - all sound like they're being voiced by some dude whipping out his best Homer Simpson impression. If you're wondering why the Twilights Hammer does this it's because they're assholes.

Ok so we chase & weaken Nelfarian (who is now called Death Wing for marketing purposes) and then Thrall fires a laser beam at him (seriously) using the powers of the rest of the Dragonflight - which weaken them from being as powerful as the writers need them to be that week to as powerful as the writers need them to be that week.

Yes I'll cover Thrall. Thrall is an orc notable for not being a complete moron like most of them. This is because he actually got raised by the alliance to be some kind of orc assassin gladiator. Then we travel back in time and rescue him from there but also leave behind his total babe gf who gets beheaded. Oops!
Anyway, he punches his way to the top of the Horde and then becomes the shaman we know and love today.

Mists of Pandaria:

You know how they say that when you die, you just absolutely shit yourself and anything in you comes on out?

That's the premise of this expansion.

Ok so like a ton of years ago the Titans (remember them?) got really pissed at an Old God in Azeroth named Y'Shaarj - probably for having such a fucking terrible name. One of them yoinked him out of the planet so hard it killed him, and when he died his bad vibes where shit out deep under China Pandaria.

Garrosh Hellscream - the biggest and baldest of the Orcs was known for being a pretty cool dude during military engagements, albeit a bit of a douche - and despite this Thrall puts him in charge after Cataclysm for some reason**.** Catching a whiff of cool old-god powers, Garrosh orders the Horde to Pandaria - which itself has only been revealed after like 10,000 years because... I dunno; the Cataclysm or something. But not right during it I guess. Who knows. "Magical mists".

Anyway, so both factions head on over. The Alliance says "Hello, we are here to provide humanitarian aid.... by force" and the Horde are at least pretty transparent in just saying "Hi we're here to fuck around and take your shit but we can still get a beer after". They fight a bit while the Pandarians sit around and say proverbs and eventually Garrosh gets the cool evil old god powers but then we punch him. Also the Sha are just like the farts of the dead old god manifested into little squibbles.

Ok. I think that's it. The WOTLK section is incredibly long and I really had to skate past a lot of tidbits that I'm sure even larger dorks may feel are critically important. If you are that dork, do feel free to add it in the comments and either explain it or just ask and I'll type about it for a second. Probably. Maybe.
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2023.02.17 18:41 UMCorian Asmon has referred to being called "baldie" as a form of harassment. Now I feel bad.

Saw Asmon's latest video on how he feels about Internet Harassment, where he points out being called "bald" as a form of it, and now I feel bad.
I've called Asmongold baldie or "the bald one" in his stream, on YouTube videos and on Reddit. I never understood the full context behind it. I had always thought it was a meme, as the dude has hair beyond his shoulders. Sure, I can see the hairline a bit more prominently than his early days... but hell, I started losing my hair when I was 18 and am completely bald now.
I've obviously never meant the term maliciously as I'm 10x more bald than he is.
I think, going forward, I will be retiring from referring to him in any other way other than Asmon. One person obviously can't fix a problem, but one person can certainly fix their own actions.
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2023.02.10 18:12 No-Foundation-5071 Would Asmongold officiate my wedding?

Would Asmongold officiate my wedding?
So I literally never come on Reddit, but I wanted a way for Asmongold to see my question.
My fiance and I are getting married on 5/4/24 and a big part of our bonding as a couple early on was over video games and watching streamers. We both love watching Asmongold and I thought it would be a neat/cute idea if I invited him to our wedding—but then I thought, it would be hilarious and amazing if he officiated it, too. Would he go for it? Attaching a photo of me and my fiance! I’m on the left
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2023.01.31 03:28 Axahd AI Model

AI Model submitted by Axahd to AIMODEL [link] [comments]

2023.01.24 21:30 HaltRoboCop r/GoldenPathGamer

GoldenPathGamer Aspiring single player narrative driven game streamer along with an Asmongold fan channel. Come join in on the fun!
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2023.01.24 00:29 Azehara_Ch The rarest of Asmon Simps - the Vtuber ones

The rarest of Asmon Simps - the Vtuber ones
I occasionally listen to Asmongold youtube clips while at work as it is a way to distract my brain from the mundane tasks I have to do on a daily basis. Today a Reddit Recap clip came up with a similar title about him having female simps. Before you accuse this of being bait, being 100% a dude, or it is was written by an AI, look at the date. The Pink Rabbit is called Pippa and the White Fox is called Kirsche.
This was originally from a stream back in June 03, 2022.
Two female streamers, that both loved playing Tera and other MMOs. Both of them also connected over seemingly having some sort of affinity for the Goblin King. The second clip is from another collab they sometime later back in August 29, 2022.
Anyways, thanks for the endless source of content, it sure as hell makes the days go by faster. Enjoy this degen bullshit. Not sure if anyone here will appreciate this or not.
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