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2023.05.29 23:19 VierialLocus AGH

all bro has to do is pop up and say “hey dudes and dudetes, Go+ is not dropping this month, but it will release in June I promise, just a small delay, it will be worth it” so simple right, clearly not, is that pink dimwit socially awkward and incapable of communicating simple information? And why is that fatty bakkwoods and that crackhead sinspirits posting ➕➕ emojis every two seconds if it’s not releasing this month? his team has nothing going on in their heads, and bro needs to fire Lamaar, like throwing shade on your own artist is wild💀 mini civil war in Faygos camp. He dropped After Me and B4Pink on Tuesdays, if he doesn’t drop tomorrow it won’t release this month, and he will have capped yet again…. sorry for rambling
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2023.05.29 23:17 TeddyDefender Planning a picnic date with my wife

I (ftm26) am taking my wife (mtf27) on a picnic date next week. We’re celebrating both of us getting back on hormones. I have the food, drinks, and an activity picked out for us.
I’m going to get a California sushi roll, a small charcuterie board, and a slice of cheesecake to share for the food. For drinks I’m going to make mimosas (one of her favorites) and tea. We’re not usually heavy meal people so I think that will end up being just the right amount of food for us for a brunch picnic.
She recently picked up crochet again and I figured it would be fun for us to learn how to make granny squares together. I think before we go to the park I’ll stop at a store and let her pick out the colors of yarn. I’m planning on having this being a reoccurring thing we can do on our dates and eventually we’ll have enough squares to make a blanket.
I’m just excited to be planning this date and I had to share.
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2023.05.29 23:17 Melodic-Sprinkles-49 25F USA - looking to make new friends to chat with all night!

Heeyy there who's up for some good conversation with me tonight?? and maybe for the coming nights lol
After work, I usually just lay in my bed or in my couch and watch Netflix if I don't feel like going out lol I'm into outdoors so much! I love to travel that visiting each country in the world is at the top of my bucket list lol which country do you think is best to visit first?? :P
I also have my lazy days lol just watch Netflix coz im a big binge watcher!! I also cook but I admit I'm not that good in the kitchen haha!
Well, I'll be happy to share about my favorite hobbies and just about anything (except politics & religion) in messages :) Don't hesitate to hmu!!!
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2023.05.29 23:14 ekinodum Need replacement tires

I'm way overdue for replacement tires for my 2017 Bolt- I have to air one of them up every time I go somewhere, and the others aren't too great, either. Is there any kind of consensus yet about a non-OEM replacement? Low rolling resistance is not critical for me, but self-sealing might be nice...
I've had this car for 2-1/2 years and I would be fine with taking a range hit for a little more ride comfort, and I've never seen snow where I live and don't plan on driving to the snow anyway.
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2023.05.29 23:13 JoshAsdvgi The Boy Who Was Saved by Thoughts

The Boy Who Was Saved by Thoughts

The Boy Who Was Saved by Thoughts

A poor widow woman once lived near the sea in Eastern Canada.
Her husband had been drowned catching fish one stormy day far off the coast, and her little boy was now her only means of support.
He had no brothers or sisters, and he and his mother, because they lived alone, were always good comrades.
Although he was very young and small, he was very strong, and he could catch fish and game like a man.
Every day he brought home food to his mother, and they were never went without a meal.
Now it happened that the Great Eagle who made the Winds in these parts became very angry because he was not given enough to eat.
He went screaming through the land in search of food, but no food could he find.
And he said, “If the people will not give me food, I will take care that they get no food for themselves, and when I grow very hungry I shall eat up all the little children in the land.
For my young ones must have nourishment too.”
So he tossed the waters about with the wind of his great wings, and he bent the trees and flattened the corn, and for days he made such activity on the earth that the people stayed indoors, and they were afraid to come out in search of food.
At last the boy and his mother became very hungry.
And the boy said, “I must go and find food, since there is not a crumb left in the house.
We cannot wait longer.”
And he said to his mother, “I know where a fat young beaver lives in his house of reeds on the bank of the stream near the sea.
I shall go and kill him, and his flesh will feed us for many days.”
His mother did not want him to make this hazardous journey, for the Great Eagle was still in the land.
But he said to her, “You must think of me always when I am gone, and I will think of you, and while we keep each other in our memories I shall come to no harm.”
So, taking his long hunting knife, he set out for the beaver’s home in his house of reeds on the bank of the stream near the sea.
He reached the place without mishap and there he found Beaver fast asleep.
He soon killed him and slung him over his shoulder and started back to his mother’s house.
“A good fat load I have here,” he said to himself, “and we shall now have many a good dinner of roast beaver-meat.”
But as he went along with his load on his back, the Great Eagle spied him from a distance and swooped down upon him without warning.
Before he could strike with his knife, the Eagle caught him by the shoulders and soared away, holding him in a mighty grip with the beaver still on his back.
The boy tried to plunge his knife into the Eagle’s breast, but the feathers were too thick and tough, and he was not strong enough to drive the knife through them.
He could do nothing but make the best of his sorry plight.
“Surely I can think of a way of escape,” he said to himself, “and my mother’s thoughts will be with me to help me.”
Soon the Eagle arrived at his home.
It was built on a high cliff overlooking the sea, hundreds of feet above the beach, where even the sound of the surf rolling in from afar could not reach it.
There were many young birds in the nest, all clamuring for food.
Great Eagle threw the boy to the side of the nest and told him to stay there.
And he said, “I shall first eat the beaver, and after he is all eaten up, we shall have a good fat meal from you.”
Then he picked the beaver to pieces and fed part of it to his young ones.
For some days the boy lay in terror in the nest, trying to think of a way of escape.
Birds flew high over his head, and far out on the ocean, he could see great ships going by.
But no help came to him, and he thought that death would soon be upon him.
And his mother sat at home waiting for him to return, but day after day passed and still he did not come.
She thought he must surely be in great danger, or that perhaps he was already dead.
One day, as she was weeping, thinking of her lost boy, an old woman came along.
“Why do you cry?” she asked.
And the weeping woman said, “My boy has been away for many days.
I know that harm has come upon him.
The men of my tribe have gone in search of him, and they will kill whatever holds him a prisoner, but I fear he will never come back alive.”
And the old woman said, “Little good the men of your tribe can do you!
You must aid him with your thoughts, for material things are vain.
I will help you, for I have been given great power by the Little People of the Hills.”
So the woman used her thoughts and her wishes to bring back her boy.
That night the boy noticed that the beaver had all been eaten up and that not a morsel remained.
He knew that unless he could save himself at once he would surely die on the morrow.
The Great Eagle, he knew, would swoop down upon him and kill him with a blow of his powerful beak and claws.
But when the boy slept, he saw his mother in his slumber.
And she said to him, “Tomorrow when Great Eagle goes from the nest, brace your knife, point upwards, against the rock.
When he swoops down to kill you his breast will strike the knife, and he will be pierced to death.
You are not strong enough to cut through his feathers with your knife, but he is powerful enough to destroy himself.”
The next morning when Great Eagle went out, the boy did as the vision of the night had told him.
He braced his sharp hunting-knife, point upwards, against the rock and sat still and waited. Then he heard the young eagles making a great noise and crying loudly for their breakfast. He knew that his hour had come.
Soon the Great Eagle, hearing the screams of his young ones, came flying back to the nest to kill the boy.
He circled around above him with loud cries and then with great force swooped down upon him, hoping to kill him with his beak and claws.
But instead, he struck the blade braced upwards against the rock.
The knife pierced far into his breast, and with a loud scream he rolled over dead into the nest.
The boy then killed the young eagles, and he knew that now for a time he was safe.
But he did not know how to get down from the Eagle’s nest, for it jutted out like a shelf far over the beach, and behind it was a wall of rock around which he could not climb.
He had no means of making a ladder, and his cries would not be heard upon the beach because of the constant roaring of the surf.
He thought he would surely starve to death, and that night he cried himself to sleep.
But in the night he again saw his mother in his slumbers.
And she said, “You are a foolish boy.
Why do you not use the thoughts I send you?
Tomorrow skin the eagle and crawl inside the skin.
If the wide wings can hold the Eagle in the air they can likewise hold you.
Drop off from the cliff and you will land safely on the beach.”
The next day the boy did as the vision of the night had told him.
He carefully skinned the Great Eagle.
Then he crawled inside the skin and thrust his arms through the skin just above the wings, so that his extended arms would hold the wings straight out beneath them.
Then he prepared to drop down.
But when he looked over the cliff, he was very frightened, for the sight made him dizzy.
On the beach, men looked like flies, they were so far away.
But he remembered the promise made to him in his slumbers.
So he pushed himself from the cliff and dropped down.
The wings of Great Eagle let him fall gently through the air and he landed safely and unhurt upon the beach.
He crawled out of the skin and set out for his home.
It was a long journey, for Great Eagle had carried him far away, but towards evening he reached his home safely, and his mother received him with great gladness.
The boy began to boast of his adventure, and he told how he had killed Great Eagle and how he had dropped down unscathed from the cliff.
He spoke of himself with great pride and of his strength and his shrewdness.
But the old woman from the Land of the Little People, the fairies of the hills, who was still present with his mother, said, “Oh, vain boy, do not think so highly of yourself.
Your strength is nothing; your shrewdness is nothing.
It was not these things that saved you, but it was the strength of our thoughts.
These alone endure and succeed when all else fails.
I have taught you the uselessness of all material things, which in the end are but as ashes or as dust.
Our thoughts alone can help us in the end, for they alone are eternal.”
And the boy listened and wondered at what the old woman from the Land of Little People had said,
but he boasted of his strength no more.
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2023.05.29 23:12 20242 Need to protect myself while rapidly leaving a bad situation

Be smarter than me: when you see the red flags run, do not walk.
I have been a term with one department in the PS for five-and-a-half years. There was a break in service between my terms.
In both of my terms I had really positive experiences, and kept in contact with my colleagues. I had great performance reviews and each time there was a mad-dash to keep me (I don’t have my French, I know, I know).
The same group that hired me the first time, hired me back in 2020. A few months ago we found out that our group was being collapsed and that people would be sorted elsewhere… except for the terms. Two directors jumped-in on my behalf and found me a position elsewhere in the department, as I’m only months away from my roll-over date.
The a/team lead gave me a hard sell. Busy group, really wanted me, my experience would fill a major gap in the group. They’re ramping up for lots of work. Indeterminate, English Essential, At Level. It looked like a perfect fit.
The situation in front of me now is a result of me not listening to the advice given here.
The paperwork came in, I was offered only a five month term at my substantive level, bringing me two months shy of my roll-over date. Red flag.
The directors again intervened on my behalf. The a/manager assured them that this was just to pull me over ASAP, the indeterminate paperwork would come later. HR told me they had been told the same thing. The reference paperwork had even been completed for an indeterminate position at my acting level (I had been acting for 18 months).
I took the job.
It’s a small team, and when I got here there were three other new hires on the team and they said they hadn’t been given work to do. All the works goes to the existing staff members. Red flag.
The group’s team leader had been on extended leave. Came back to see that there had been a shift in work and new staff hired. They were not happy.
Last week the team lead had 1:1s with the new team members. They made it clear that the world would continue to go to the established team members. In my case I was told that my acting was scheduled to end next month and they would not be renewing it. They wouldn’t have hired me in the first place, and if they did, they wouldn’t have brought me over at my acting.
Also, that indeterminate position? Never heard of it. No records of it. They don’t even have a box to put me in. My term won’t be renewed either.
So, this is clearly not a good situation and considering that I only have until September I need to get out of dodge fast. How on earth do I do that in my position? I am behind the 8 ball and I feel bad going back to the two directors that helped me earlier.
I am less than six months away from my rollover date and feel like I’m radioactive. I’m a parent and one of my kids has complex medical needs so being unemployed or without health coverage isn’t an option.
I feel hopeless and stupid for having trusted people and not listened to the advice on this sub.
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2023.05.29 23:11 juicebox212d1 Entitled

IF you are Lazy enough or ill prepared enough to wait until the day of memorial day to start demanding to find the wire racks that go onto gravestones for your Loved one, do Not go sassing retail employees up for your lack of planning.
Imagine rolling up at 10pm on black Friday saying "where's the smart tvs at???"
And no, a store manager cannot summon one into existence for you and or me. Have a great day and better luck next year
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2023.05.29 23:09 AddictedEnd Fuck you & thanks for all the fish...

I hate that I tried to love someone who couldn't even tell !e why they loved me. I hate myself for allowing myself to do the same things he did to me. Just out of spite. Oh. I'm sorry. I didn't hear from you for 2 days when you when fishing, or really at all when hanging with Brian. Fuck you for basically making me beg for physical affection cause you wanted to stand in the fucking kitchen and drink, night after night. Even after I moved in with my mom. Getting anytime with you was awful because all you did "smile and wave" just to get thru it.
There was this one time after I moved in with you that we were laying on your bed. I was asleep. And you tried to wake me up so I could fuck you. I said no. And rolled over or something. That was the day you took my voice. I never told you no again. When I should've said no from the jump. Fuck you for pointing my flaws... But what was your part?
Ehh I'll take the blame. I'm an adult. Not a fucking toy. Fuck you that right there was why I went no contact I should've seen the signs you didn't really love me. Half the shit you bought me for gifts pass for childrens toys. That's okay. Act like one. And I'll treat you like one too.
Now I don't feel back for blocking.
?how's it feel being on blast Asshole?
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2023.05.29 23:09 ContributionOnly9497 26F Looking for a new friend to chat

Hi, I am looking for someone to talk to and see where things go.
I like gaming, anime, TV shows, movies and reading. I am also down to talk about anything.
I'm just a simple girl next door.😜currently living here in US.I don't want to brag but I am good in cooking and I believe in the saying that "the way to a man's heart is through his stomach"
I love to do outdoor activities too like hiking and do some travels.
If you are interested in chatting hit me up.
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2023.05.29 23:05 eiramired Ignite the Ashes Prologue - End of an Era

Nine years following the execution of the old Sovereign, the four dukedoms of Augustein teeter on the brink of combustion.
Excess magic ore mining has resulted in unstable regions of shifting trees, violent storms, and a creeping plague of stillness that leaves everything frozen in time. Watchmen struggle to fend off the relentless attacks of Aberrations, while strict regulations on magic ore force aspiring magicians to sacrifice their own finite reserves at the cost of their health and, ultimately, their lives.
Amara is the sole survivor of a series of magic experiments ordered by the old Sovereign. Left with a reduced lifespan and an unnatural magic with the unique ability to progress, Amara is determined to live out the rest of her life to its fullest.
She’s going out like an explosion, and she’ll make sure that no one can look away.

This is a character focused, slow-burn high fantasy story with progression and light LitRPG elements that become prominent after the introductory arc, which spans through chapter 20.
It features flawed and morally ambiguous characters, unreliable narrators, and some darker elements, but there are plenty of lighter moments as well!

Prologue - End of an Era
Rosenfell Palace, Helisturn, Arcvale Dukedom of Augustein, Year 986
The palace halls glowed in the evening light. The last rays of sunlight filtered through cracked and broken windows, outlining piles of debris in gold. Clouds of dust rose from broken pillars and walls, shimmering as they drifted over cold, limp figures strewn about like fallen leaves. The plush red carpet, once bright and soft as snow, had been torn and shredded beyond recognition. Dark splotches littered its surface, many areas now beginning to dry and crack while still others remained moist to the touch.
A few hours ago, when the sun had still hung suspended in the clear blue sky, the palace walls had been trapped in a flurry of motion. The ringing of metal against metal, the pounding of heavy footsteps, and the shrill sounds of screams had echoed throughout the space as an invading wave of violence swept the pristine halls. Now, in the aftermath, an unnatural stillness had come to replace the rush.
A young man turned the corner, whistling an old folk song to himself as he walked. He wore an electric blue uniform that was crumpled and ripped around its edges. The color was mirrored by the single glove he wore on his left hand. His right hand was bare, and a lingering ultramarine light outlined a string of letters and numbers across his skin.
One particularly large stain covered nearly the entire stomach region of his uniform, a dark rust red that crumbled slightly whenever the man moved. A few stray splotches of the same color dotted his messy hair and tan skin, but the man made no motion to wipe the droplets off. Nor did he move to clean the equally bloodied spear strapped behind his back, the metal glinting in the sunlight. He simply strode forward with the laxness of a casual stroll, his eyes drifting about the ruined hallway and still corpses.
Finally, after he’d passed by shattered portraits and kicked aside a few bodies blocking the way with his boots, the man came to a halt.
“Oh, there it is.”
Crouching down, the man picked up a single glove lying in a dark pool of viscous liquid. He shook it a few times, and the fabric made a squelching noise. He frowned. The glove was so stained that barely any of the original blue color remained, but on closer inspection, the cloth itself seemed to be holding up well enough. Shrugging, the man slid it on, hiding the glowing numbers that were only just beginning to fade from the back of his hand.

Magic Reserves: 101,897 / 122,043
Maximum Output: 13
Variability: 6

Energy: 50% Minor
Motion: 100% Major
Form: 50% Minor
Perception: 25% Basic
Emotions: 50% Minor
Mind: 25% Basic
Time: 0% None
Probability: 0% None


The man in question turned at the sound of his name being called. He raised an eyebrow at the sight of a similarly dressed soldier running forward, who halted when he saw the wreckage within the hallway. Henry’s eyes swept across the scattered bodies, and after a moment of hesitation, he continued forward with careful steps.
The two of them had been watchmen in the same area before Allen had been promoted to Duke Valister’s personal guard, and they’d reunited during the coup’s planning stages. The man was rather friendly, even excessively so at times, and he’d always treated Allen with a somewhat uncomfortable degree of reverence despite being older. But then again, magical prowess always trumped age when it came to respect.
Henry came to a stop a few feet away. In comparison to Allen, his uniform, while still stained and rumpled, was in significantly better condition, and his two gloves were a plain brown rather than blue. He frowned when his eyes fell on Allen’s very bloody glove, shuddering slightly.
“Isn’t that uncomfortable?”
Allen stretched his fingers in response, and the gloves made a squishy sound. “Eh, it still works fine.” He took a moment to assess the other man, cocking his head to the side and grinning at Henry’s poorly concealed disgust. “What, you squeamish?”
“I’m not,” Henry insisted, not meeting his eyes. Allen took a step forward. The other man’s fidgeting was even more obvious up close, and now that he paid more attention, his pale skin had taken on a greenish hue. Allen’s eyes briefly swept over the scattered bodies before returning again. He raised an eyebrow.
“Need me to use emotion magic?”
That made Henry’s head snap up, eyes widening in alarm. “I didn’t know you had an affinity—no wait, that’s not the point.” He shook his head and cleared his throat. “I’m fine, I swear! I’m just, uh, more used to fighting Aberrations.” Not humans.
“It’s just a minor affinity, but I’ve gotten pretty good with it.” Allen shrugged. “Fair enough. Anyway, what’re you doing here?”
“We’re supposed to report to the throne room,” Henry explained. “I came to get you.”
Allen hummed in response. He turned and began to slowly head back down the hallway, Henry following at his heels. “So Raymoth’s dead, right?”
Henry’s eyes darted around nervously, as if he was worried a ghost would appear at the mere utterance of the name. He nodded and cleared his throat. “Yeah, uh, I heard Duke Valister and Duchess Rosevale both did it.”
Allen whistled. “Oh really? Figured it’d just be the Duchess.” Then again, Duke Valister’s disdain for the former Sovereign was well known among his guards. Hell, Allen was half convinced the main reason the Duke had joined the alliance at all was to be part of the Raymoth family’s demise.
Turning the corner, Allen continued down a wider hallway that was in significantly better condition than the one they’d just been in. Not as much direct fighting had taken place there, and any that did had been over fast enough to minimize the mess. Allen glanced around as they walked, but he couldn’t see any other soldiers around. He guessed most didn’t want to risk disrespecting the new Sovereign. He didn’t know her very well, but from the few times he’d seen Duchess Rosevale before and during the coup, he’d understood why her soldiers were so convinced of her victory. She moved with a silent, unyielding assuredness, as if she already was the Sovereign.
For a few minutes neither of the two spoke as they continued to weave their way through the admittedly large palace. Allen didn’t even know what half the rooms were for; he’d probably go crazy if he had to live somewhere like this.
Allen could feel Henry’s eyes watching him, and he turned his head back, eyebrow raised. “What?”
The other man coughed and looked away. “Sorry, it’s just…” his voice trailed. “Did you hear about the notes?”
Allen frowned and slowed his pace. “What notes?”
Henry stared at the ground ahead of them uncomfortably. “When they ransacked Sove—Duke Raymoth’s,” he corrected, “—notes, they found some really…disturbing stuff. Something about magic experiments going on in northern Vanstead, kidnapping kids, stuff like that.” He swallowed, voice quieting to barely above a whisper. “But the thing is, they showed the notes to the Duke and Duchess, but they said it didn’t concern them. I heard—I heard Duke Valister even said it’d be interesting to keep an eye on them.”
That sounded exactly like something the Duke would say. The two of them turned another corner. Allen also didn’t doubt for a second that the Raymoths would’ve been involved in something like that. Aldridge Raymoth had gone a bit off the deep end in the past decade, and continued magic experiments on children sounded exactly like the sort of thing he would resort to.
“Do you really think they’re gonna let them continue?” Henry asked, voice visibly distressed. Surely the new regime will be better than that, was the unspoken thought.
Before Allen could respond, however, a third voice interrupted them.
“You’re late.”
The two came to a halt as a new figure stepped forward from behind a pillar. Allen frowned in recognition.
Desmond Reinford was one of the commanding officers of the Rosevales’ troops. He was around the same age as Allen, but the similarities stopped there. His uniform, as opposed to blue, was a deep red color that contrasted against his dark skin and hair. The man stood slightly shorter than average, but had such impeccable posture that he often seemed taller, unlike Allen who perpetually slouched. His uniform was crisp and without a single stain or tear in sight, and the sheathed rapier at his waist looked equally pristine. If Allen hadn’t seen the man during the coup, he would’ve thought that he hadn’t fought at all.
What most stood out, however, were the man’s gloves. They were a pure, stark white that almost seemed to glow in the quickly dimming hallway. Allen stared at them.
“Looks like someone got promoted.”
Henry nudged his elbow, but Allen didn’t stop staring. His friend laughed nervously. “Sorry sir, we, uh, got lost in the hallways?”
“I dropped my glove,” Allen said bluntly. He pointed at the stained glove in question. It was beginning to dry now, and the fabric was a little stiff.
Desmond met his gaze, eyes cold and sharp. Allen heard Henry swallow beside him.
“I see,” the man said. He gestured down the hallway, where the large, heavy throne room doors stood in the distance. Their deep mahogany surface shone, the light highlighting the intricate carvings detailing Augustein’s myths. All three of the major houses’ crests were carved into the wood, though where the banner of the ruling house would normally hang was empty, soon to be replaced with a new dynasty. Allen couldn’t help but wonder if they’d get a new door, one with the Valister’s crest replacing the Raymoths. Coups had happened plenty of times in their history, but never had one of the three major houses been completely decimated like this.
“The Sovereign is giving promotions and rewards to those of us who fought in the coup,” Desmond said. “I suggest you go before all the ore is taken.” Without another word, the man turned and strode away, likely to check the rest of the palace for stragglers, Allen guessed.
Beside him, Henry’s eyes lit up at the mention of magic ore, only to immediately deflate when the rest of Desmond’s words settled. Allen slapped him on the back.
“Don’t worry, they’ve probably got specific ore rations set aside for everyone. No way they’d just let us take them in a free for all.” Allen was frankly impressed that they were giving away ore at all, considering how stingy the nobility was with it.
Henry looked hopeful at that. “You think?”
Allen nodded. “Yeah, don’t worry. He’s just being an asshole.”
The other man winced slightly. His eyes darted around. “Uh, maybe you shouldn’t say that out loud? Especially, especially if he’s a Rose now.”
“Oh he definitely is.” No one wore white gloves but the Roses, the elite soldiers who served the Sovereign directly and were the most effective at combating Aberrations. All of them were certified as court magicians, and they were handpicked by the Sovereign. Considering the old Sovereign was now dead and a significant chunk of the former Roses had gone down with him, Allen guessed Duchess Rosevale was combing through her personal guard for people to promote. As far as he knew, Desmond had already passed the court magician test, so he would’ve been an easy pick.
He cracked his shoulder and sighed. The adrenaline rush from the coup had been fading for a while now, but now that the sun had nearly set fully and the shadows of the hallway had grown to engulf a majority of its surface, a new wave of exhaustion was settling into his bones.
“Come on, let’s hurry up,” he said. Henry nodded and hurried behind him.
As they passed by a tall window, Allen took a moment to glance outside. A few sprays of stars were visible in the darkening sky, and he could see city lights glowing in the distance as the lamplighters made their rounds. It was, by all accounts, a peaceful night, one that continued completely divorced from the happenings in the palace.
Surely the whole city would’ve heard about the coup. Allen wondered if even now, citizens were huddled together in their homes, or if they stood outside straining their necks to see what was happening in the palace. Waiting to learn the fate of the country.
Allen peeled his eyes away, facing forward and continuing down the hallway towards the throne room.

Penrith, Vanstead Dukedom of Augustein Year 995
High up in the watchtower, the villagers looked like a dark stream flowing between the buildings and flooding down the dirt road, some running south, others crossing streets for final traveling preparations and goodbyes.
Two nights ago, the forest had swallowed the village north of them. The watchman had seen it happen, had witnessed the ground tremble and the branches snake out, enveloping the homes, growing and then shrinking, twisting and dancing among the perfectly still buildings. He was almost glad no one had been outside, because that way he didn’t have to see the victims. But then, if the residents of those homes were outdoors, perhaps they would’ve managed to escape.
Or maybe he had seen the bodies and simply hadn’t recognized them, hadn’t managed to distinguish them from the twisted trunks and undulating ground. The warping of the forest was no more merciful to any living creatures who stumbled upon it, and the watchman, for all his years observing the shifting trees, couldn’t say with confidence that he’d be able to tell a corpse apart.
The man leaned forward against the wooden railing, peering down at the commotion. Given the speed the forest had moved at, he estimated they had a week at most before this town, too, was consumed. His own single bag lay packed near the front door of his home, ready to be picked up at a moment’s notice. Though he estimated most would be gone within the next three days, maybe excluding some particularly stubborn folks, the watchman didn’t plan on escaping until everyone else was gone first. Useless sentiment though it may be, he still had his pride.
The waves of people finally began to thin down as the current crowd left, leaving behind the remaining villagers. About twice as many people had left that day than the day before, the watchman estimated.
He sighed and shook his head. Now that the chaos had died down, those lingering on the streets continued with their business. His eyes glanced down at his watch, and he realized his shift had ended three minutes ago.
The watchman stepped back from the railing and stretched his arms. Maybe he’d stop by the tavern. Wallace, the owner, was adamant about keeping it open until “the last damn day we got,” which he appreciated. Just as he turned to go, however, a flash of orange caught his eye. He frowned and leaned over the wooden railing to peer further down the streets.
There, entering from the southern gates, a figure moved opposite to the direction the fleeing stream had taken.
A young woman was walking leisurely forward, her short wavy hair glinting as it caught the rays of sunlight. The lack of panic, hurry, or fear in her eyes made the watchman blink. There was only casual curiosity, as though she had simply been on a stroll and ran across an interesting plant. Her medium brown complexion was somewhat rare in northern Vanstead; perhaps she was from the south and hadn’t heard about the forest creeping closer? The watchman didn’t know how else to make sense of someone deliberately choosing to enter the town at such a time.
The closer the woman approached, the more details became evident. The watchman’s eyes widened.
The woman’s bare arms were covered in scars. Long, jagged lines and thin, thread-like marks. Raised bursts and patches of wrinkled and pulled skin. Some scars had an almost systematic pattern to them, neat and intentioned, while others were so chaotically scattered that it was impossible to differentiate where one began and another one ended.
For several moments the watchman simply stared at her, unable to peel his eyes away, when a sudden movement broke him out of his trance. The woman was waving enthusiastically in his direction.
Brow furrowed, the watchman watched as the woman ran up to the base of the tower, moving deceptively fast. She grinned up at him, beaming and utterly uncaring of the twisting forest approaching in the distance or of the half empty village and the stares she was already receiving.
Head tilted back, her green eyes seemed to glow in the light.
“Hey, can you give me some directions?”

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Author's Note:
Hello, I hope you're enjoying the story so far! I decided to finally post here after lurking for a while now. I'm planning on slowly posting all the chapters I've already published on Royal Road, one per day so I don't spam the sub.
Fair warning, I absolutely suck at formatting things on Reddit (trying to format this chapter was a struggle), so sorry in advance for any formatting issues.
Thanks for reading!
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2023.05.29 23:04 LonelyDraw5778 Got a “you might me a good fit” email.

Got a “you might me a good fit” email.
Lol @ up to 12 hour days 7 days a week.
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2023.05.29 23:03 Affectionate_Hat494 Which partner is more dangerous?

James and Victoria both have BPD. Even though they care deeply for other people and have a nurturing side to them, their childhood traumas cause them to have a dark side. In this book, I kind of want to make them like Joe and Love from You
James - Petulant BPD
Victoria - Discouraged BPD
View Poll
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2023.05.29 23:02 stbsw44 Long story-Quitting my job without another job lined up after finding out that other employees look down on me and others

I have worked at a hospital NICU as a unit clerk/receptionist since June 2022. I previously worked as a registration clerk from 2009-2011 in an ER at another hospital.
I recently finished up my master's in social work degree a few weeks. It was an online program. I'm not so young and I'm 38 and I know I'm starting a new career path too late in life. I initially hoped that working in a hospital would help me get a hospital social worker job. I thought everything was fine at my current job as nurses, physicians, techs, and others are never rude t to me when I encounter them. I never really felt looked down upon until last Wednesday.
A local church donated Crumbl cookies, cupcakes, and cinammon rolls to our unit in honor of a patient's parents who attend their church. The director of nursing took me a plate of a Crumbl cookie and cupcake. I was surprised and wasn't expecting it. Some nurses did see me eating at my desk. As a part of my job, I do supply inventory and I was in one of the supply rooms doing inventory with the door slightly open. I overheard a couple of nurses talking and I knew who they were by their voices one of them said, "I can't believe they let the clerks, receptionists, and EVS cleaning crew get some of the food gifts". The other responded and said, "I agree, they don't deserve the food and just remember we are always better than them".
Hearing this crushed me. I ended up crying later on when I took my last break of the day. I know that sounds stupid, but it hurt. Those comments were enough to turn me off from wanting a social work career in the health care field. I have decided to quit my job at the hospital. Prior to this, I had already been looking for other jobs specifically in hospital social work. Now, I'm expanding to other possible fields related to social work. Financially, I'll be fine as I have a lot of money in savings due to an inheritance I received back in 2020.
I just want to get away from an environment where it seems like nurses don't really care about non-medical employees. I'm meeting early with my boss before my shift on Wednesday to give my two weeks notice.
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2023.05.29 23:01 Zonvern_ 19M looking forward to meet new people

Hey, I hope you are doing great!
I’m trying to meet new people that may have something in common with me. But I’m also open to new experiences and want to learn about others interests too!
I’ll get right to it and tell you a bit about me...
My name’s Jannik, I’m a 19-year-old from Germany and I’m currently trying to get a grip on life. Life’s not going bad, just reconsidering a lot of decisions right now. Anyway, lets move from the boring life stuff to the fun stuff!
When it comes to videogames, I play a lot of RTS, indie, survival, sandbox (Project Zomboid, Minecraft, Crusader Kings, Stellaris, Terraria etc.), but I also like horror, RPG and management. I play Overwatch or Battlefront sometimes, but I’m not too much into competitive/shooter stuff.
Topics I’m all about are Star Wars, Half-Life, science fiction, fantasy, writing, worldbuilding, history and all the stuff like that! I’m also interested in travelling and outdoor activities like road trips and camping.
I’m not watching anything rn but I’m waiting for the next season of The Witcher and Andor. I’m also pretty thrilled for the upcoming Ahsoka series and of course always open for recommendations! I don’t watch a lot of anime but I love Studio Ghibli movies.
My music taste is a bit random, but I listen to pretty much anything (a lot of electronic, synthwave, orchestral and game soundtracks tho).
I’ve been in a small friend group for quite some time and rarely venture out of my comfort zone. I have a bit of a dark humor, but if I have to, I can behave myself. If someone needs to talk personal stuff, I’m happy to listen and cheer them up. Also, I’m only really available on Discord or Steam and usually try to immediately respond back if I’m not afk.
Huh, okay I don’t know what else to write so here are some random facts about me…
Anyway, thanks for reading and maybe leave me a dm if you think we have something in common! ^-^
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2023.05.29 23:01 astralcasserole Firmly OAD, but I can't stop thinking of what having another would be like

I don't want another. I hated pregnancy, my emergency C-section was traumatic, and my very spirited 16 month old pushes me to my limits some days (I'm autistic and ADHD so get overstimulated easily). I'm a writer and dedicated to my work, and I'm about to start an MFA program. We're pretty low-income. I have fertility issues, my daughter was a total surprise and I wouldn't want to go through treatment. I have a rare genetic condition she was lucky not to inherit, and I don't want to roll the dice again. She isn't showing any autistic traits, but she could develop ADHD, and regardless I want to be able to give her all the care and attention she needs.

My daughter is perfect, she's everything I wanted and our family of three feels complete. But I can't stop imagining what another would be like. When I see siblings playing together I feel sad that I won't give my daughter that. My sister is my best friend so I can't help but feel like she'll be missing out on something really special. The possibilities keep playing in my head. What would that kid be like? What features would they have? Personality? Who would they become?

How did you folks make peace with your choice and stop imagining this alternate reality? I'm quite certain I'm OAD, but my more sentimental emotions aren't lining up with my logical reasoning.
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2023.05.29 23:01 froggycone Is vector protector good?

Is vector protector good?
I just got her and I don't know if I should build, I couldn't get any silvenot bronze air characters no matter how hard I try so far, is she good?
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2023.05.29 23:00 AceTimeAustin Introverts are stalkers?

I've been dealing with this one thing where I talked to someone and now most of the school thinks I'm a stalker. It was my first day of high-school and I went to class and I saw a really nice looking person(we will call her Tiger) in my class, a few weeks passed, and I had convinced myself that Tiger had a partner already, a week later this caused my weird teenage brain to think I liked someone else, I talked to this new person who we will call Skylar she seemed really nice just abit shy, i had gotten her discord and Instagram from her, and I had been having a blast talking to Skylar, this mostly started to change when she saw me outside of the school, and she asked me about it, I just told her that I was walking like I normally do at lunch, she got pretty annoyed about that and then she asked me if I had seen her and her friend, I said yes and she flipped, saying things like "you knew we were there but you still continued walking down that path!!" I said yes. I ended up messaging Skylar cause the year was almost over I was just saying hi, and then after an hour I had said that I was about to head to bed so sorry if I don't reply, and she starts making fun of me and I had just taken it, then she had blocked me I thought that was the last thing I was going to hear from her. I got to school the next day and alot of my friends didn't want to be friends, when I asked one of them about it he had said that Skylar told him that I was a stalker. The next school year rolls around and i start to notice that I liked Tiger again, I had talked to her for a while, and I'm stuck in a difficult situation, she is friends with Skylar but I have no idea if she believes about the rumors. I don't know what to do like if I should try talking to Skylar, and figuring out why she's saying this. Or if I should just dissappear. I don't even know if anyone else has had this happen to them. If this is a common thing, why do people have the mindset that introverts are dangerous and stalkers? And why do you think someone would make this type of rumor?
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2023.05.29 23:00 AutoModerator Join our Weekly Happy Hour on Tuesday!

Looking to expand your social circle? Our weekly happy hour is a great place to start. Join us for a drink, pub food, or just a friendly chat!
Who: Members of this community, old, new, and hopefully you What: Happy hour at our cherished dive and home for 10+ years When: Every Tuesday, officially starting at 6pm Where: Peculier Pub (145 Bleecker St.) Why: To see friendly, familiar faces and have a pint without pretext
A few early birds show up before 6pm. Peak time is 7:30, and on busy nights we're around until 10-11pm before calling it quits. We're typically inside just past the jukebox but when the weather is nice we sometimes take advantage of the outdoor dining area. If you can't find us, just ask the staff for NYC Meetups and they'll point us out.
And if you want to get to know us prior to coming to the Happy Hour, feel free to join our Everyday is Tuesday Discord server! It's also an easy way to stay in touch with those you've met for future events.
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2023.05.29 22:59 Zenopsy0 Need some advice.

I've played about 1000 hours of Apex as of today... I'd say about 15% of the matches I play are not a frustrating experience. I still feel like I am horrible trash at this game. I've never been able to win a BR on my own merits. Either ive ratted to the end and got lucky, or have been carried. I dont really mess with ranked because I don't feel I do well enough in pub matches. I dont want to ruin other people's experience by dragging a ranked squad down.
99% of Royale attempts end in death when I encounter my first enemy squad and I'm consistently riding the bottom of my teams kill count when I play TDM. My KD in BR is 0.5. It's gotta be WAY worse in TDM. Yet some games I get put in with people who are indistinguishable from bots. Which is just as unfun as getting rolled by someone better than you.
I don't have to win every game to be happy. I dont even have to win 10% to be having fun. I just don't want to be constantly pooped on or poop on the competition...
I feel like when I get wrecked, I get put back with the bots after a couple TDMs. Then we smash the bots and I go right back into games I can't compete in. Is there a middle ground?
My movement and strategy feels average among other players but my aim is not even close to my opponents. Most of the time I'm getting fried before I can do much to keep up.
I have a few friends I play with, but one is much better than me and I don't want to be carried to victory every day or drag this guy down. I want to be good enough that hes not carrying me. My other friends are very new and lobbies I'm getting thrown in most of the time are just not fun for them.
My first 100 hours of game time or so I played with a level 500 friend who introduced me to the game until I got tired of bring rolled, but it doesn't seem to have gotten better.
As you can probably tell, I'm pretty persistent. Seeing as I have 1000 hours into what is a mostly frustrating experience for me, but I'm still not ready to give up. I still desire improvement at the game and a better experience. I've put 100 hours or so into Kovaaks and Aim labs and I don't feel like it's helping.
So the question: Should I continue on my current account, and hope for improvement... Or should I create a new account and start over without Qing with an experienced player at the start? I feel like him doing well in games he carried me through may have busted the matchmaking system a bit for me...
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2023.05.29 22:58 Fluffy_Fluffle Mario Bros. x Donkey Kong Country crossover.

Bowser decides, that, for once he'll take Peach somewhere far away. The Jungle Kingdom from the SMB Movie. Half of the game you play as Mario running right, and the other half you play as DK running left. The two eventually meet in the middle to defeat Bowser. Here are some game mechanics that would be in both halves:
(1. DK Barrel from Donkey Kong Country. These work exactly as the do in the Nintendo Switch port of DKC Tropical Freeze. You can have up to 4 characters on screen. For Mario, the barrels drop Luigi, Wario, and Captain Toad. For DK, the barrels drop Diddy Kong, Dixie Kong, and Funky Kong.
(2. Power-Ups. In the entirety of the first half, and also late into the second half, there are ? blocks you can hit for coins or Power-Ups. Not everyone can use every power-up, for instance, Wario can't use the Tanooki Suit because he's fat. Power-Ups included will be as follows:
Mushroom. Makes you bigger and able to break bricks.
Fire Flower. Allows you to shoot fire.
Ice Flower. Allows you to shoot ice.
Penguin Suit. The Ice Flower, but you can now slide on ice. Funky Kong can't use this Power-Up because he doesn't want his bandana to get wet.
Super Leaf. You can whack enemies and fly. Wario can't use this Power-Up because he's fat. Captain Toad is the most useful with this Power-Up, as he has the shortest jump. This Power-Up works the same way as it does in New Super Mario Bros. 2, and does not require you to spam the jump button to float down.
Tanooki Suit. The Super Leaf, but now you can be a statue. Diddy Kong/Dixie Kong can't use this Power-Up as the suit is too small for them. Wario also can't use this Power-Up for the same reason as the Super Leaf. This Power-Up works as it does in Super Mario 3D Land, and does not require you to spam the jump button to float down.
Starman. Makes you invincible for a few seconds.
Now onto Power-Ups that only the Mushroom Kingdom heroes can use.
Propeller Mushroom. Makes you have a full body helicopter and can fly. (wait, haven't we seen this before?)
Mini Mushroom. Instead of making you big, it makes you small.
Now for the Power-Ups only the Kongs can use.
Rambi. That one rhino from the original DKC.
Now onto some movesets.
Mario: Punch, Crouch, Groundpound, Groundpound-Jump, Spin Jump, Triple Jump, Jump, Long Jump, Rolling Long Jump, Roll.
Luigi: Punch, Crouch, Groundpound, Groundpound-Jump, Spin Jump, Triple Jump, Jump, Long Jump, Rolling Long Jump, Roll.
Wario: Punch, Groundpound, Jump, Roll.
Captain Toad: Punch, Crouch, Spin Jump, Jump, Long Jump, Roll.
The Kongs have the same moves they do in Tropical Freeze.
Now for overall jump height.
  1. Captain Toad.
  2. Wario.
  3. Donkey Kong.
  4. Funky Kong.
  5. Diddy Kong.
  6. Dixie Kong.
One. Luigi.
Yoshi. He could do his signature flutter jump, eat enemies, and spit out Koopa shells.
POW blocks. They go boom boom.
Tracks. They move things up and down and side to side.
Minecart Tracks. These were INSANELY hard in Donkey Kong Country, the would be a fun mechanic.
Baby Yoshi. You hold him and he can do things like fly, glow, or kill enemies.
Now for some entirely new mechanics:
Unlockable games. There would be seven in total to unlock: Donkey Kong, Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros., Donkey Kong Country, Donkey Kong Country 2, Wario Land 4, and New Super Mario Bros.
There would also be an arcade you could play at for coins. There would be ten game in total you could play: Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong Jr., Mario Bros., Vs. Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros. 3 (PlayChoice10), Super Mario World, Donkey Kong Country 3, Mario Kart 64, Super Mario 64, Donkey Kong 64, and Yoshi's Island DS.
Lakitus that throw ? blocks that look like ? blocks, but are actually non-moving Spinys and will kill you.
Let me know of anymore mechanics that could fit.
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2023.05.29 22:56 teebo786 AITAH for setting a boundary with my cousin?

My cousin B who is my age is the only person with whom I (31f) talk from my dad’s side of the family. She is my dad’s sister’s daughter but we grew up like sisters. I used to be quite close with B’s mom (my aunt) too.
My mother, siblings, and I cut off that side of the family after they badmouthed my mother and supported my father after we put him behind bars for sexually abusing my 9 year old cousin. I don’t even know who cut off whom as they took distance themselves when we pressed charges.
My father was the sole breadwinner so the financial impact of that decision obviously impacted my immigrant mother. So while she had tolerated him cheating on her in the past and other BS obviously this type of abuse was a red line. (To us at least. B’s dad said that our 9 year old cousin would simply forget what happened as she grew older ugh.) Anyway this happened over a decade ago. We have been close with B this whole time because she stood up for my cousin and mom even though it pissed off her own parents. She is generally very principled and a caring person.
Fast forward: B was forced to move back home with her wack parents after COVID destroyed her business. While she hates the positions they took and the support they offered my dad, they are her parents and she feels a responsibility to them. And while my last memories of those family members are all of the hurtful and outrageous things they did and said, she has spent twelve years with them and time has sort of moved forward for her.
So now and then, when she talks about her life and shares her experiences with us her parents and other members of my dad’s side of the family will come up. It always makes me angry how they are casually discussed as if they are normal people rather than rape apologists who badmouthed my mom and abandoned my siblings and me for not enabling a child molester. So I often react by making snide comments or rolling my eyes, derailing whatever it is B is trying to actually share for a few seconds. Being silent and just smiling causes me physical discomfort and resentment so I let myself have these brief reactions.
The other day B got mad at me for reacting in such a way because she felt like I was prioritizing my anger towards those family members over listening to her and allowing her emotional space. When she brought up an aunt of mine who cut off me and my family for pressing charges against my father, she wanted me to just listen to her story (rather than quickly mumbling ‘ugh that witch’ as I did). It’s true that the crappy family member she mentioned in passing wasn’t even significant to the story.
In short, B feels torn in between two sides. She says that often. But I don’t see why there are two sides to this. There is a just party and an unjust one (though B feels this binary doesn’t account for the complex way she is situated in all of this). I told B that I want to hear about her life and I care for her, but I would prefer not to hear about these a**holes. She was upset by that and said that it’s frustrating that my sister and I feel so entitled to such boundaries when she spent a decade constantly prioritizing our feelings while she was caught between us and her parents (and other people on my dad’s side). AITA?
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2023.05.29 22:56 FinalSysAdmin Customizing SharePoint underneath MS Teams. Good or Bad?

Our company is in the process of rolling out MS Teams to the organization. The direction is currently to deploy a MS Team to each department and then use the underlying Sharepoint site that is created automatically for that Team and customize it as their department Sharepoint site. So the department would be able to use the MS Team for Teams functions and open/link to the Sharepoint side underneath for all their departments Sharepoint needs. The Sharepoint would have permissions customized for different libraries and would also have things like Meta tags customized, etc.
Here is the kicker. Every event, training and MS rep I have ever spoken with has said the cardinal rule of Teams is you do not make customizations to the Sharepoint underlying a MS Team It is more of the engine underneath and you use Teams to drive the car; however, a new vendor we deal with contradicted that and said it is fine and using the underlying Sharepoint is the way to go. So I am doing somewhat of a sanity check.
So I am trying to crowdsource some real world examples of if/when this will cause issues. My opinion is we should be spinning up a separate Sharepoint site for each department but if I am wrong I would like to know know as well so I can grow.
I did some searching but couldn't find many concrete ways that utilizing and customizing the underlying Sharepoint site for a MS Team would cause issues/break things but I wanted to do my due diligence before we set out down this path if it is the wrong path. So I thought I would reach out to the community and see what everyone thought.
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