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Ponds, barns, livestock, gardens, food preservation, fishing, hunting, tractors, pigs, chickens, cattle, worms, 4H, permaculture, organic, grazing, canning, aquaculture, trees, woodland, farmers, agriculture, agronomy, horticulture, wwoofers, bees, honey, wildcrafting, dairy, goats, nuts, berries, vegetables, sustainability, off grid, wood stoves, chainsaws, wood heat, tools, welding, green woodworking, farmers markets, composting toilets, straw bale homes, cob building...

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2023.06.08 17:56 np819 Newer Golfer Question: The best club in my bag is currently my 6 hybrid. Are there any comparable clubs I could buy to use for distance while I figure out my driver?

I’m a newer golfer and currently the club I am most comfortable with is my 6 hybrid. It’s the club in my bag that I can consistently hit far and straight and I find myself almost exclusively using that club, a wedge, and a putter when I play a round with friends.
I do work on all of my other clubs at the range but they aren’t there yet.
I currently have a driver, 4-9 iron, my 6 hybrid, wedges, and a putter.
I’m wondering if there are any other hybrids/woods that have a similar swing to the 6 hybrid that could give me more distance while I figure out my driver and lower irons.
I have done research on google but I wanted to get this subs opinion as well as to see if I should try to solve this by getting another club or if I should try to just become better with my driver and lower irons.
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2023.06.08 17:56 seahorse137 Weapon Question - mountain tier

Is Frostner good? I can’t decide. My lv 4 iron mace just seems better.
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2023.06.08 17:55 RedFox938 [US][CA][Selling] Over 1000 volumes for sale, updated list with some new treasures! Spirit Circle, Sanctuary, Resident Evil, Me & The Devil Blues, Kimagure Orange Road, Ultimate Muscle, Trigun Maximum & lots more! Plenty of Shojo too - The Heart of Thomas, Pichi Pichi Pitch, Kitchen Princess

Hi! I've been starting to organize and clear out what I've been hoarding collecting over the years... I've sorted through my stash & have just over 1000 books I want to get rid of (for now)!
I can ship from Canada or the US - all prices are in USD
- US shipping is $5 or free for orders over $100
- Canada shipping is actual shipping cost (please ask for quote - probably $15+). For orders over $100, I will provide a discount equal to free US shipping for the same order
I'd prefer not to split some sets but will consider it depending on what you're looking for, definitely willing to negotiate on price if buying multiples!
I'm still new to selling here, so if there's anything I missed or that seems out to lunch please just let me know :D
Timestamp Photos -
5 - [https://imgur.com/a/yp2bMdp\] (June 8, 2023)
1 - [https://imgur.com/a/HKhPuNO\] (May 23, 2023)
2 - [https://imgur.com/a/REJgIIp\] (May 23, 2023)
3 - [https://imgur.com/a/F2ivwIi\] (May 26, 2023)
4 - [https://imgur.com/a/aLCQpFu\] (May 26, 2023)
Close-up Photos -
Light Novels - [https://imgur.com/a/xwAxyzg\]
Manga - [https://imgur.com/a/sfr9LIl\]
Manga 2 - [https://imgur.com/a/IeTzN4b\]
Manga 3 - [https://imgur.com/a/Gv0dJe5\]
Manga 4 - [https://imgur.com/a/wGauHfP\]
Excel File: If you would like a Google sheets version please just let me know!

Light Novels
Title Volume # of Vols Price Total for All Volumes Comments
A Certain Magical Index (Novel) 3, 5 3 V3 - $9, V5 - $35 $44 V3 - G4 has a small rip on the back cover, V5 - G5
Bleach: Can't Fear Your Own World (Novel) 1-2 2 $11 $22 G4 - small sticker residue on back
Blood+ (Light Novel) 3-4 3 V3 - $20, V4 - $80 $100 V3 - G3 light shelf wear, V4 - G2 creases on front and back cover in corners, dirty scuffs on bottom & side
Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion LN 2 1 $20 $20 G4
Dirty Pair (Novels) 1-2 2 $30 $60 G4
Final Fantasy VII - The Kids Are Alright 1 1 $9 $9 G3
How A Realist Hero Rebuilt The Kingdom 1-2, 6-9, 11 7 $8 $56 Remainder marks (except V6/V7)
Katanagatari (hardcover) 4 1 10 G4 remainder mark
Overlord (Novel) 1-12 12 $13 $156 G5 - sealed
Sword Art Online Platinum Collector's Edition (Novel) 1 1 $125 $125 G5 - sealed
The Ancient Magus' Bride LN The Silver Yarn 1 $7 $7 G4 remainder mark
The Notenki Memoirs: Studio Gainax and the Men Who Created Evangelion 1 1 $90 $90 G4
The NPCs in This Village Sim Game Must be Real LN 1-3 3 $8 $24 Remainder marks
Vampire Hunter D (Novel Omnibus) 1 1 $12 $12 G4 - Remainder mark
Vampire Hunter D (Novel) 16, 18-23, 25-29 12 V29 - $200, V28 - $200, V27 - $100, V26 - $50, V25 - $40, V23 - $40, V22 - $20, V21 - $70, V20 - $80, V19 - $30, V18 - $70, V16 - $15 $915 ($850 for all Vols + Omni)
^Table ^formatting ^brought ^to ^you ^by ^[ExcelToReddit](https://xl2reddit.github.io/)
Title Volume # of Vols Price Total for All Volumes Comments
A Certain Magical Index (Manga) 2 1 35 $35 G4/5
A Certain Scientific Railgun 5-8, 16 5 V5-8 - $20, V16 - $8 $88 V5-8 - G4/G5, V16 - G4 remainder mark
A Silent Voice 1-5 5 6 $30 G4/G5
Ace Attorney: Miles Edgeworth Investigations 2-4 3 $140 G4 light yellowing on top
Ace Attorney: Phoenix Wright - Official Casebook 1-2 2 25 $50 G3/G4 - light shelf wear
Ace Attorrney: Phoenix Wright 1 1 15 $15 G3/G4 - Price sticker on back cover, ding on top of spine
Air Gear 7, 11-12, 14 4 $90 V7 - G5, V11-12, 14 - G3/G4 some yellowing and price stickers on back
Apocalypse Meow 1-2 2 25 $50 G4
Aqua 1-2 2 15 $30 G3/G4 - sticker residue on front cover, small price sticker on inside of front cover
As Miss Beelzebub Likes 1-2 2 V1 - $25, V2 - $8 $32 V1 - G5, V2 - G3 dent in back cover on bottom
Astra Lost in Space 1-5 5 6 $30 G3/G4 - V3-4 have smudges/dirt on the left side of the bottom
B.Ichi 1 1 $20 G3 - bottom corner bent on front cover
Basara 8-9 2 $25 G2 - yellowing on top, V8 has some water damage on bottom right corner of back cover and last 10 pages or so
Beauty & the Feast 1-2 2 $8.00 $16 Remainder mark on V1
Beauty and the Beast of Paradise Lost 1-4 4 8 $32 G4/G5
Berserk of Gluttony (Manga) 1-5 5 7 $35 G4 remainder mark
Biomega 5-6 2 70 $70 G5
Bite Maker 1, 3 2 $7 $14 G4 remainder mark
Black Clover 1-5 5 $30 G5
Bleach 1-74, Colours 75 $425 G5
Bokurano 7 1 45 $45 G3 - top left corner of back cover has a bend/crease, remainder mark
Bride of Deimos 4-5 2 20 $40 G3/G4 some yellowing, ding on corner of front cover
Broken Blade (CMX) 3 1 15 $15 G3 - crease on bottom right corner of back cover
By the Grace of the Gods 2, 3 2 $6 $12 Remainder marks
Call to Adventure! Defeating Dungeons With a Skill Board 1-4 4 $7 $28 G4 remainder mark
Castlevania Curse of Darkness 2 1 20 $20 G3/G4 - knicks on top/bottom of spine
Cat Massage Therapy 1-2 2 9 $18 G4 remainder mark
Chillin in Another World with Level 2 Super Cheat Powers 1-2 2 $7 $14 G4 remainder mark
Chronicles of an Aristocrat: Reborn in Another World 1-3 3 $7 $21 G4 remainder mark
Cirque Du Freak 1-9 9 10 $90 G3/G4 - light shelf wear, light yellowing on top of some volumes
CLAMP - Clover (singles) 2 1 $6 $6 G3/G4 - knicks on slipcover. Binding loosening on first/last page
CLAMP - Kobato 6 1 $60 G4 some yellowing
CLAMP - Legal Drug Omnibus 1 1 15 $15 G3
CLAMP - Tokyo Babylon (omnibus) 1-2 2 $120 G3 - V2 has a rip taken out of bottom of front cover
CLAMP - Tokyo Babylon (singles) 1-2 2 10 $20 G3 - light shelf wear. V2 small crease on front cover & bottom of spine
CLAMP - Wish (singles) 1-4 4 $20 V1-2 - G2 name written on inside of cover, worn, V3-4 - G3 V3 has security sticker on inside of front cover
Classroom of the Elite 1 1 $8 $8 G4 remainder mark
Code Geass Knight: For Girls (manga) 1-2 2 $35 G4
Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion Manga 1-2 2 V1 - $10, V2 - $25 $35 G4 - light shelf wear
Code Geass: Nightmare of Nunnally 2 1 $20 G4/G5 - Spine text lists V1 however cover, contents & spine photo are V2
Cosmo Familia 1-3 3 $7 $21 G4 remainder mark
Count Fujiwara's Suffering 1 1 15 $15 G3/G4 small rip on top of back cover
Crying Freeman 1-5 5 $200 G4 - all new & sealed. All have yellowing on top, V4 has yellowing on bottom. Some vols have small tears in the seal
Cube Arts 2-3 2 $6 $12 Remainder marks
Cutie and the Beast 1, 3 2 $7 $14 Remainder marks, except V3
Cyborg 009 2 1 15 $15 G4
Darkstalkers/Red Earth: Maleficarum 1 1 $10
Drugstore in Another World: The Slow Life of a Cheat Pharmacist 1-4 4 $7 $28 G4 remainder mark
Dungeon Dive Aim for the Deepest Level 1 1 $7 $7 G4 remainder mark
Edens Zero 1-2 2 $7 $14
Eromanga Sensei 1 1 8 $8 G5
ES Eternal Sabbath 1-4, 6-8 7 $125 G4 - V1 has yellowing on all sides & light shelf wear, other vols have some yellowing on top. (Missing V5)
Excel Saga 12, 17-24, 27 10 V12 - $10, V17-19 - $25, V20-21 - $30, V22-25 - $35, V27 - $45 $330 G4/G5 - light yellowing on some vols
Exo-Drive Reincarnation Games 1-2 2 $7 $14 G4 remainder mark
Failure Frame 1-2 2 $7 $14 G4 remainder mark
Fire Investigator Nanase 1, 3-4 3 V1 & V3 - $10, V4 - $20 $40 G3/G4 some yellowing
Firefighter Daigo 4 1 $15 G4 some yellowing
Flame of Recca 1, 4, 7-8, 11, 13-15, 20 9 5 $45 G3 yellowing
Fragtime Omnibus One Shot 1 $12 $12 G4 remainder mark
Freezing (Omnibus) 1-4, 19-20 3 V1-2 - $80, V3-4 - $35, V19-20 - $60 $195 G4 - some yellowing on top
Full Metal Alchemist 1-19, 22-23, 25 22 5-6 $110 V1-8 - G2 early volumes are rough, V9-10 - G4, V11+ - G4/G5
GA Geijutsuka Art Design Class 2-6 5 V3-5 - $8, V2 & V6 - $25 $74 G4 - V2, 4-6 have remainder mark
Gakuen Alice 6 1 $50 G3 - small patch of sticker residue on back cover, dings on top/bottom of spine
Gankutsuou 1 1 10 $10 G3 some yellowing
Gente 1-3 3 $8 $24
Golgo 13 11 1 $15 G3
Gon 2-3, 5-7, Color Spectacular 5 $90 V2 - G3 sticker residue on back, V3 - G3 - yellowing and knick in top of front & back cover, V5 - G3/4 crease on bottom right corner of back cover, V6-7 - G5. V3, 5 are CMX printing & V2, 6-7 are Kodansha
Grenadier 1-2, 4-5, 7 5 10 $70 V1-2 G3 some yellowing & remainder marks, V4-5 & V7 - G4
Gunslinger Girl 11-12 1 25 $25 G5 - some yellowing on top
Gunsmith Cats Burst 3-4 2 45 $90 G5 - sealed. Some yellowing on top of V4
Haganai 3-5, 7-9, 11-14 10 V3-5 - $8, V7 - $8, V8-9 - $20, V11-12 -$20, V13 - $10, V14 - $20 $162 V3 - G3 price sticker on back cover, V7 - G3 remainder dot and sticker residue on front & back cover, V13-14 have some sunfading on spine, all other vols are G3/4 with some yellowing
Haibane Renmei 1 1 $30 G5
Happy Kanako's Killer Life 1-4 4 9 $36 G4/G5 - V1 & V3 have remainder marks
Haru's Curse 1 1 10 $10 G4 remainder mark
Hatskune Miku: Rin-Chan Now! 1-4 4 7 $28 G4 - V1 has a small crease on top left corner of front cover
Heartbroken Angels (Viz Pulp) 2 1 40 $40 G3 - dents in dust jacket on the bottom front & back spine
Hell Girl 6-9 2 V6 - $35, V7/8/9 - $125 $160 G4 - light shelf wear. Security tag on inside of back cover
High School Girls 1-4 4 7 $28 G3/G4 yellowing
Himouto Umaru-Chan 1-2, 4, 10-12 6 8 $48 G4 remainder marks
How Not To Summon A Demon Lord 1-2, 6, 9, 11-12 6 $7 $42 Remainder marks, except V1 & V2
I am a Cat Barista 1-2 2 9 $18 G4 remainder mark
I Got Caught Up In A Hero Summons 1-2 2 $7 $14 G4 remainder mark
I Hate You More Than Anyone! 8-9 2 V8 - $20, V9 - $30 $50 G4
I'm A Wolf But My Boss Is A Sheep 1 1 $7 $7 G4 remainder mark
Immortal Hounds 1-6 6 8 $48 G4/G5
Into the Deepest Most Unknowable Dungeon 1 1 9 $9 g5 sealed
Iron Wok Jan! 5 1 15 $15 G3 - spine very sunfaded
Is This a Zombie!? 1-8 8 $130 V1 - G3 has a crease across front cover and creased corner on back. G4/G5 - V2 has some yellowing, all others new & sealed
Itazura Na Kiss 7-9 3 V7 - $30, V8 - $10, V9 - $20 $60 G4/G5, V7-9 sealed
Itsuwaribito 1, 3, 5-8, 11-12, 15, 21 10 $80 G3/4 - earlier volumes have yellowing on top
Junko Mizuno's Hansel & Gretel One Shot 1 15 $15 G4 - some yellowing
K-On! College 1 1 $50 G4
Kageki Shojo: The Curtain Rises One Shot 1 $11 $11 G4 remainder mark
Kannagi Crazy Shrine Maidens 1 1 10 $10 G4
Karate Survivor In Another World 1-2 2 7 $14 G4 remainder mark
Kekkaishi 2-14, 16, 22, 24-35 27 5-6 $160 V1-9 - G3/G4, V10+ - G5
Kiichi And the Magic Books 1-2 2 $20 G4 some yellowing
Kimagure Orange Road 4-6 3 $150 G5 sealed
King of Cards 1, 7-8 3 $45 G4 some yellowing
Kingdom of Z 2-4 3 $7 $21 Remainder marks, except V4
Kitchen Princess Omnibus 4 1 75 $75 G4 Yellowing
Kurohime 1-14 14 $150 G4 - yellowing on some volumes
Lady Snowblood 2-3 2 45 $90
Lagoon Engine + Einsatz 0-7 8 V0-6 - $20, V7 - $80 $100 V1 - G3 price sticker on back, shelf wear. All others G4 some yellowing. Einsatz - G2 has security sticker on inside of back cover & book store stamp on first page
Level 1 Demon Lord and One Room Hero 1, 4 2 7 $14 G4 remainder mark
Little Devils 1-3 3 $7 $21
Lone Wolf And Cub 1-28 28 $400 G4 all the "chess piece" original spines. Some volumes have light yellowing, great shape overall
Lunar Legend Tsukihime 1, 4-6 4 V1,4-5 - $25, V6 - $125 $200 G3/G4 - V1 has yellowing & shelf wear on top/bottom of spine. Price sticker on back of all volumes
Madoka Magica: The Movie - Rebellion 1-3 3 $175 G4 - very light shelf wear
Magi 3, 5-7, 9, 11-13, 16-20, 23-24, 29 17 $150 G5 - V3 has some yellowing
Mar 1-2, 4-7, 10-11, 14-15 10 $80 V1 - G3 sticker residue on back cover, V2 - G3 security tag and stamp on inside of back cover, V4 - G3 Name written on inside cover and Viz survey partially filled out, V5+ - all G3/G4 some yellowing
Mars 1-4, 6-11, 13 + Novel 12 $175 G2/G3 - V11 & Horse With No Name are Ex-lib. Basic shelf/reading wear. V11 has a bent corner on the front cover. (missing vols 5,12,14-15)
Mars Red 1-3 3 $7 $21 G4 remainder mark
Me and the Devil Blues 2 1 125 $125 G4 - some yellowing on top
Megaman ZX 2 1 15 $15 G4 - yellowing
Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid 1-5, 7, 9-11 9 8 $72 V11 - G4 remainder mark, all others G5
Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid: Elma's Office Lady Diary 3 1 8 $8 G4 remainder mark
Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid: Kanna's Daily Life 4-5 2 8 $16 G4 remainder mark
Monster (Perfect Edition) 1 1 12 $12 G5
Monster (singles) 3-4, 8 3 15 $45 G4 - some yellowing on V3/V4
Monster Guild: The Dark Lord's No Good Comeback 1-3 3 $7 $21 G4 remainder mark
Monster Hunter: Flash Hunter 1-9 9 $250 G4 - V1&3 have yellowing on all sides, rest of vols only have yellowing on top
Moon Child (CMX shojo) 1 1 $20 G4 some light yellowing
Muhyo & Roji's Bureau of Supernatural Investigation 3-6, 8, 10-11, 14, 18 9 4 $40 g4/G5
Muscles Are Better Than Magic 1-3 3 $7 $21 G4 remainder mark
Museum of Terror 2 1 45 $45 G3 - some yellowing, shelf wear
Mushoku Tensei Jobless Reincarnation (manga) 1 1 8 $8 G4
My Deer Friend Nokotan 1 1 $7 $7 G4 remainder mark
My Hero Academia 1-9, 15-16, 20, 22-25, 29-30, UA 19 5 $100 G3-G5
My Lovey Dovey Wife Is A Stone Cold Killer 1-3 3 $7 $21 G4 remainder mark
My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom 3 1 $7 $7 G4 remainder mark
My Wife Has No Emotion 1-2 2 $7 $14 G4 remainder mark
Nicola Travelling Around The Demons' World 1-2 2 8 $16 G4/G5 - V2 has a remainder mark
Nightmare Inspector 1-4 4 $32 V1-4 - G3 price sticker on back and some yellowing
No Matter What They Say Furi-San is Scary 1-3 3 7 $21 G4 remainder mark
Oh My Goddess (singles) 25, 31, 38 3 V25 - $10, V31 - $20, V38 - $30 $60 G3/G4 - some yellowing, dent on top of spine
Oh My Goddess Omnibus 5 1 100 $100 G5 - new
Omamori Himari 10-12 3 $70 G4
Oreimo 1-3 3 10 $30 G4 - V2 has a nick on the top of the spine.
Oreimo Kuroneko 3-4, 6 3 V3-4 - $8, V6 $25 $40 G3/G4 - light shelf wear. V6 has price sticker on back cover
Orfina (CMX) 1 1 10 $12 G3/G4 - some shelf wear
Otaku Elf 1-4 4 $7 $28 Remainder marks, except V1 & V4
Otherworld PIcnic (manga) 1 1 6 $6 G4 remainder mark
Paradise Kiss Anniversary Edition 1 1 20 $20 G4 remainder mark
Penguindrum 1-5 5 8 $40 V1-2, 5 - G4 remainder mark, V3 & V5 - G5
Peter Grill 1,3 2 7 $14 G4 remainder mark
Pichi Pichi Pitch 1-2 2 $40 G3/G4 some yellowing
Psyren 12-13, 15-16 4 $65 G5
Pure Trance by Junko Mizuno 1 1 15 $15 g5
Rainbow and Black 1-3 3 9 $27 G4 remainder mark
Ranma 1/2 (Blue Viz Action releases) 26-27, 29-30 4 $60 G4
Re:Zero: The Frozen Bond 1 1 8 $8 G4
Reborn as a Barrier Master 1 1 $7 $7 G4 remainder mark
Reborn as a Space Mercenary 1-2 2 $7 $14 G4 remainder mark
Record of Lodoss War: Chronicles of the Heroic Knight 2-3 2 20 $40 G4/G5
Record of Lodoss War: The Grey Witch (large trim) 1 1 20 $20 G4
Red River 23-24, 28 3 20 $60 G4/G5 - all new & sealed. V23 has sunfaded spine
Red Snow 1 1 $10 G4 Drawn & Quarterly softcover publisher advance copy
Reincarnated as a Sword 1,6 2 $7 $14 G4 remainder mark
Resident Evil: The Marhawa Desire 2,4 2 35 $70 G5
Revolutionary Girl Utena (Viz Shojo releases) 3-4 2 $30 G4
Ristorante Paradiso One Shot 1 $8 $8
Romeo x Juliet 1 1 10 $10 G3 yellowing & light shelf wear
Rozl in the Labyrinth 1 1 $7 $7 G4 remainder mark
Saint Tail 2-3 2 15 $30 G4 - V3 has a lot of yellowing, V2 looks new
Samurai Deeper Kyo 31, 35/36 2 $85 G5
Samurai Executioner Omnibus 1-4 4 $90 G2 - V1 has some rips, dings and creases, a little wavy, not sure if it's water damage or just stored improperly. All volumes are like well-read Dark Horse Omnibuses, spines are curved and have creases
Sanctuary 4, 7 2 30 $60 G4/G5
Satsuma Gishiden 2-3 2 30 $60 G4 - V2 is sealed but seal is separating at the top. Yellowing on top/bottom.
Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei 9-12 4 8 $32
School Rumble 1-16 14 $200 V5 - G3 dent in top of front cover, V14/15/16 - G3 has a little bit of shelf wear. All others G3/G4 with some yellowing
Sekirei 3 1 35 $35 G4 - sealed, some yellowing on top
Shaman Warrior 9 1 35 $35 G3 - shelf wear, some yellowing
She Professed Herself Pupil of the Wise Man 1-4 4 $7 $28 G4 remainder mark
Shirley 1 1 $25 G4
Short Cuts 2 1 30 $30 G4 - bumped corners on front cover
Skeleton Knight in Another World 1-5, 7-8 7 8 $56 G4 some yellowing. V3, 5 & 8 have remainder marks
Slow Life in Another World 1-2 2 $7 $14 G4 remainder mark
Something's Wrong With Us 1-4 4 $8.00 $32 G4
Spirit Circle 1-5 5 V4 - $135, V1-3 & 5 - $9 $171 G4 light yellowing on top, V1 has remainder mark
Spirits & Cat Ears 1-8 8 9 $72 G5
Stolen Hearts 1 1 $8 G4/G5
Street Figher Alpha 1 1 20 $20 G5
Sundome 1 1 30 $30 G5 sealed
Tales of the Abyss: Asch the Bloody 1-2 2 15 $30 G4 - some light yellowing
Tamamo-chan's a Fox 1, 3-5 4 $7 $28 G4 remainder mark
The Apothecary Diaries 1-4 4 7 $28 V1-2 - G4 remainder mark, V3-4 - G4/G5
The Big O 5 1 25 $25 G3/G4 - shelf wear
The Brave Tuber 1-2 2 $7 $14 G4 remainder mark
The Case Files of Jeweler Richard 1-2 2 $7 $14 G4 remainder mark
The Dangers in My Heart 1-4 4 8 $32 G4/G5 - V1,3-4 has a remainder mark
The Demon Girl Next Door 1, 3-5 4 $8 $32 G4 Remainder marks, except V1
The Demon Prince of Momochi House 3, 5-16 13 8 $104 G5
The Drops of God 1 1 $35 $35 G3/G4 - shelf weaknicks on spine, small tear on top of back cover
The Drops of God: New World 1 1 25 $25 G4
The Elusive Samurai 1 1 6 $6 G5
The Flowers of Evil 2,4 2 15 $30 G4/G5 - some light yellowing
The Heart Of Thomas 1 1 200 $200 G4 small dents in the top and bottom left corners of the front cover, scuffs from shelf
The Hero Life of a Self Proclaimed Mediocre Demon 3-4 2 $6 $12 Remainder marks. Scuff on top/bottom of spine V4
The Honor Student at Magic High School 1-11 11 9 $99 G4/G5 - some light yellowing
The Ideal Sponger Life 1, 7-10 5 $7 $35 Remainder marks, except V1
The Invincible Shovel 1, 3 2 $7 $14 G4 remainder mark
The Kindaichi Case Files 1, 10 1 V1 - $10, V10 - $20 $30 G3/G4 - yellowing, price sticker on back cover, light shelf wear
The King of Fighters 1-2, 4, 6 4 7 $28 G4 remainder mark
The Kingdoms of Ruin 1-3 3 $7 $21 G4 remainder mark
The Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service 3, 12 2 15 $30 G4 - new & sealed. Yellowing on tops
The Misfit of Demon King Academy 1-4 4 $7 $28 G4 remainder mark
The Most Heretical Last Boss Queen 1 1 $7 $7 G4 remainder mark
The Most Notorious Talker Runs The World's Greatest Clan 1-2 2 $7 $14 G4 remainder mark
The Name of the Flower 4 1 $15 G4 some yellowing
The NPCs in This Village Sim Game Must be Real 1-2 2 $7 $14 G4 remainder mark
The Palette of 12 Secret Colors 3 1 $10 G4 some yellowing
The Quintessential Quintuplets Box 1 (1-7) 1 50 $50 Sealed
The Record of Lodoss War: The Grey Witch (small size) 3 1 $20 G2 - bent corners on front cover, ding on top of front cover
The Royal Tutor 6-15 9 9 $81 G4/G5
The Saint's Magic Power is Omnipotent 1-4 4 $7 $28 G4 remainder mark
The Seven Deadly Sins 1-11, 13-15 14 4 $56 G4
The Sorcerer King of Destruction and the Golem of the Barbarian Queen 1-2 2 $7 $14 G4 remainder mark
The Strange Adventure of a Broke Mercenary 1-3 3 $7 $21 G4 remainder mark
The Wallflower 3-8, 10-36 33 $450 V3-8 & V10 - G3 yellowing and shelf wear, V11 - G2 sticker residue on front cover, price written in pencil on back page, V12 - G2 sticker & sticker residue on back cover, V13-17 - G3 some have a little sticker residue on back cover, V18 - G2 bend in top right corner of back cover, V19-21 - G3, V22/23/24 - G4 security sticker on inside of back cover, V25-27 - G3, V28 - G2 crease in front cover, V29-36 - G3
The Weakest Contestant of all Space and Time 1-2 2 $7 $14 G4 remainder mark
This Ugly Yet Beautiful World 1-3 3 $65 V1 - G5, V2-3 - G2/G3 - sticker residue on front covers, some knicks/shelfwear on edges of spine
Time Stop Hero 1-2 2 $7 $14 G4 remainder mark
Tomo-chan is a Girl 1-2, 6-8 5 $7 $35 G4 remainder mark
Tower of the Future 11 1 35 $35 G3/G4 - top left corner of back cover has a bend/crease
Train Man: A Shojo Manga 1 1 $10 G4 yellowing. Del Rey release
Translucent 1-3 3 7 $21 G3/G4 - V3 has a lot of yellowing. Price sticker on the back covers
Trapped in a Dating Sim: Otome Games are Tough For Mobs 1 1 $7 $7 G4 remainder mark
Trigun 1-2 2 25 $50 G2/3 shelf wear, V1 has a bent upper left corner on front cover
Trigun (B&N Hardcover) 2 1 75 $75 G4 - B&N Hardcover. Light wear on the top of the dustjacket
Trigun Maximum Omnibus 4-5 2 $300 G3 - V4 has a dent in the top of the back cover, V5 has a crease in the top left corner of the front cover
Twin Spica 2-4, 9, 11 5 $80 G4/G5 - some yellowing
Ultimate Muscle 2-7, 9-11, 22 12 V2 - $30, V3 - $40, V4 - $40, V5 - $70, V6 - $35, V7 - $70, V9 - $100, V10 - $30, V11 - $40, V22 - $30 $485 G3 heavy yellowing but otherwise great shape
Ultimo 4-5, 10 3 V4-5 - $7, V10 - $75 $89 G4/G5 - light yellowing on top of V4-5
Ultra Kaiju Humanization Project 1-4 4 9 $36 G4/G5
Umineko When They Cry 4, 8 2 $150 G3/G4 yellowing, some light shelf weaknicks
Until Death Do Us Part 13 1 $150 G4
Uzumaki (viz signature singles) 1-3 3 $50 G3 yellowing & some shelf wear
Vaizard 1 1 $5 $5 g4 Small scuff on top of spine
Venus in Love 2 2 $15 G3 - dings on top of front cover & back cover
Versus (CMX Shojo) 1-7 7 $70 G2/G3 - some shelf wear. V1 has a thin slice across the bottom of the spine
Wandering Witch: The Journey of Elaina 1, 3 2 $7 $14 G4 remainder mark
We Swore to Meet in the Next Life & That's When Things Got Weird 1-2 2 $7 $14 G4 remainder mark
Who Says Warriors Can't be Babes 1,3 2 7 $14 G4 remainder mark
Wolfsmund 2-8 7 $165 G5
Wonder Cat Kyuu-chan 2-4 3 $8 $24 Remainder marks
Wounded Man 2 1 $15 G3 yellowing
Yozakura Quartet 1-5 5 $6 $30 G3 - Yellowing, sticker residue or price sticker on back covers. Light shelf wear
Zombie Powder 1-2 2 $22 V1 - G2, V2 - G4
^Table ^formatting ^brought ^to ^you ^by ^[ExcelToReddit](https://xl2reddit.github.io/)
Anime - Bluray
Title Volume # of Vols Price Total for All Volumes Comments
Mai Mai Miracle 1 1 25 25 G5 sealed - Kickstarter Exclusive from All the Anime, Collector's Edition combo pack
My Hero Academia - Season 2-4 2-4 3 10 $30 G4 - no digital code
My Hero Academia - Season 5 Part 1 1 1 10 $10 G4 - no digital code
^Table ^formatting ^brought ^to ^you ^by ^[ExcelToReddit](https://xl2reddit.github.io/)
BL Manga - Take the bundle for $120!
Title Volume # of Vols Price Total for All Volumes Comments
Author's Pet One Shot 1 $10 $10 G4 - sticker residue on back cover
Hero Heel 1-3 3 $9 $27 G3/G4 - Yellowing, sticker residue on back covers
Il Gatto Sul G 1-3 3 $10 (V1/V2), $20 (V3) $40 G3/G4 - Sticker residue on back covers. V3 has yellowing & was not printed with a dust jacket like previous June releases
Little Cry Baby One Shot 1 11 $11 G4 - sticker residue on back cover
Othello One Shot 1 11 $11 G4 - sticker residue on back cover
Our Dining Table 1 1 8 $8 G4 remainder mark
Shards of Affection One Shot 1 11 $11 G3/G4 - some yellowing, sticker residue on back cover
Yarichin Bitch Club 1-3 3 $10 $30 G4/G5
^Table ^formatting ^brought ^to ^you ^by ^[ExcelToReddit](https://xl2reddit.github.io/)
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2023.06.08 17:54 Stunning_Fee3600 Captain of Industry runs on Mac with Game Porting Toolkit!

Captain of Industry runs on Mac with Game Porting Toolkit! submitted by Stunning_Fee3600 to captain_of_industry [link] [comments]

2023.06.08 17:54 Yappi1486 Details on banner No. 2 for the 2nd Round of the 3rd Anniversary! Here is the summary of the Southern Saga Banner with Orlouge, Goddess & Monika.

1) Orlouge [Not Inferior To The Chateau] is a powerful Shadow Staff attackejammer.
Passive 1 If no damage is taken in the turn, recovers own HP (small) and recovers own BP (+3) at the end of turn.
Passive 2 Attack Boost 20% 37% chance to increase own STEND/DEX/AGI/INT/WIL/LOV/CHA by 25% at start of turn. 37% chance to grant oneself Attack Boost by 50% for 3 turns. 37% chance to have oneself enter an evasive stance for 1 turn.
Passive 3 Fired Up VII. Grants 40% damage boost.
Skill 1 E powered Indirect All Foes Shadow attack. (1 - 0BP when fully awakened).
Skill 2 SS powered Fast Direct Single Foe Dark attack. Grants the user Damage Block (1 time) (no turn limit). (11 - 8BP when fully awakened).
Skill 3 A powered Indirect All Foes Shadow Attack. When the attack hits, 10% chance to inflict poison, sleep, paralysis, confusion, charm on target for 4 turns (each ailment has its own chance). (13 – 10BP when fully awakened).
Orlouge here is the “swiss army knife” of inflicting status ailments. Could be useful, in World Tower like events and/or possible future GLEX events. No actual damage mitigation but stats buff, evasive stance and Damage Block with no turn limit helps with survivability.
At this point, he will be a Hidden Dojo staple if one does obtain him, and be a fun addition to the party.

2) Goddess [Arsenal?] is a powerful Sun+Heat M.Arts attacker.
Passive 1 Increase own INT 15% at start of turn. Recovers own BP (+1) at start of turn.
Passive 2 Great Block Tension. Grants 25% damage mitigation and 30% damage boost.
Passive 3 Fired Up VII. Grants 40% damage boost.
Skill 1 C powered Indirect Single Foe Sun+Heat Attack. (2 – 1BP when fully awakened).
Skill 2 C powered Indirect All Foes Sun+Heat Attack. (9 - 7BP when fully awakened).
Skill 3 Support Fast All Allies. Grants all surviving allies Nullify Damage (Shadow) for 3 turns. Grants all surviving allies "End of Turn: Recover HP" (very small effect) for 3 turns. (12 - 9BP when fully awakened, 1LP cost).
Goddess’s main draw here, is her Skill 3, which is identical to Aunus’s (Look Into the Flame Vortex!] Skill 3, except that it nullifies Shadow damage for 3 turns. She can also keep it up every 3 turns (max 5 casts with 1 LP cost). Skill 3 can also be back inherited to her Music Fes style which has higher damage mitigation at 40%.
This will make certain Bosses or stages, which are Shadow based, very easy. Other than that, she is also a good source of single target damage, with inheritance from her previous styles.

3) Monika [Occasionally Take A Break] is a Bow support, just like her previous style, though she can also inherit skills from her earlier S.Sword styles.
Passive 1 Grants all surviving party members who have a bow equipped 15% attack damage increase.
Passive 2 Latent Bloom: Attack. Damage taken reduced by 25%. Grants oneself Heat Up 10% at start of turn (Max 5 times per battle).
Passive 3 Energizing Focus II. Weak attacks' damage increases by 15%. When landing a Weak attack, recovers own BP (+2).
Skill 1 Focus Fire. E powered Indirect Single Foe Pierce attack. Increases the user’s DEX (15% - 25% at max rank 99) (1 – 0BP when fully awakened).
Skill 2 C powered Indirect All Foes Pierce+Sun attack. Increases all surviving party member’s DEX (15% - 25% at max rank 99). (7 – 5BP when fully awakened).
Skill 3 SSSS powered Indirect Single Foe Pierce attack. Before attacking, increases all surviving party member’s DEX (15% - 25% at max rank 99). Recovers all surviving party member’s HP (small effect). (16 – 13BP when fully awakened).
Monica has been given the same Passive as the latest Liz - Latent Bloom: Attack, providing her with damage mitigation and Heat Up x 5. Skill 3 now also provides small heal, though the BP cost is high at 13BP. Her BP (+2) recovery on Weakness from Passive 3 helps with this, allowing her to use Skill 3 every 3 turns.
She can also inherit Bloom Rain, for lesser heal but more casts. Will be very good for Remembrance Battles.
Again, the 1st two Central & Western Saga banners provide better overall value, while the styles on this banner are more niche. For example, Goddess may see very little use, once those events with Shadow specific Bosses/Stages are over.
submitted by Yappi1486 to SaGa_ReuniverSe [link] [comments]


moomoo.io is a great game. and im sad that it full of hackers and shit like this i started playing this game probably like 3-5 years ago i love this game but somethimes i just rage a group of 3-4 hackers comes and raids you base preety anoying. but other times its so easy to kill this hackers im just sick of them i mean the hacker problem here is worse than tf2 its like that this is a part of the gameplay wich it is i just want to see an update fixing this problem. another thing that i find anoying is that they lituraly deleted an update they removed the day/night system they removed a volcano that was in the game and other stuff. i just want to see an update adding new stuff or just rebalancing stuff. WAYS TO FIX THE PROBLEMS THAT I SAID HERE
  1. fix the hacker problem
  2. more frequent updates
another problem that i have its the combat in this game this is beacuse of multiple reason but the main one is that i have SKILL ISUE. i dont like the pit trap and i think it should be changed my idea is that when u touch it u teleport in the middle of it and slowly take poison damage and u would not be abble to be pushed around so there is no more pit trap and spike spam im thinking of 10 or 20 damage per second. and one more thing balance all the hats and back items so they all are usefull. thats all i have to say.
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2023.06.08 17:51 Kadahajhin Bizden çokta farklı değiller ya

Bizden çokta farklı değiller ya
Olum harbi tüm dinler aynı amk sadece kitle farklı ama kafa yapıları aynı
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2023.06.08 17:47 OkCandidate9436 Khal of the Commonwealth

Hey y'all, long time lurker first time poster. Only ever done one full playthrough of Fallout 4 (Vanilla Stealth Laser Sniper) and wanted revisit the game and try my hand at a melee power armor survival playthrough. After reading many posts on this sub and watching many videos I came up with the below build. Let me know what you think, anything I should consider changing, suggested mods, etc...!
Kalvin Drogo was born and raised in Boston, where he developed a passion for machines and comics from an early age. His favorite hero was Grognak the Barbarian, who inspired him to dream of creating new technologies that could improve the world. He pursued his interest in nuclear engineering at college, where he excelled academically and attracted the attention of General Atomics, a leading company in military R&D. He was hired to work on their most classified projects, such as Liberty Prime and fully automated power armor, in collaboration with other corporations like RobCo and West-Tec. He was proud of his work and hoped to make a difference in the escalating conflict with China.
However, his life took an unexpected turn when he received orders to join the 108th Infantry Regiment 2nd Battalion as a motorpool technician, repairing the nuclear-powered equipment on the frontlines. He was baffled and scared by this assignment, which seemed to waste his talent and put him in danger. He protested to his boss, who told him that the orders came from the highest authority and quoted Thucydides: “The society that separates its scholars from its warriors will have its thinking done by cowards and its fighting by fools.” Kalvin was moved by these words and reluctantly accepted his fate, unaware that he was being secretly observed by the Enclave, a shadowy organization that wanted to recruit him for their post-apocalyptic plans. They needed someone like him to rebuild their new society, but they also wanted to test his mettle in combat to see how he performs in a hostile environment.
Kalvin worked hard in the motorpool and grew stronger physically and mentally. He mostly avoided fighting, until one day when the Chinese forces attacked their position. He had no choice but to don a power armor and defend himself. In that moment of fear, he unleashed a savage side of himself that he never knew existed. He fought ferociously and killed many enemies, earning him the reputation of a hero among his comrades. The Enclave was impressed by his performance and decided to move forward with recruitment. They determined they would secretly secure his safety in a nearby vault, where he would be cryogenically frozen until they needed him. They sent a Vault-Tec representative to arrange his admission, along with his family. However, their plan failed and they never came back for him. He remained frozen for over two centuries, until he woke up in a devastated world never even knowing of the shadow organization that got him here. The fear he felt during the war returned, along with the savage personality that had saved him. This time, however, it was not a temporary state, but a permanent trait.
BOS main (Minutemen never leave Sanctuary)
The Pack/Disciples (Manually declare war on BOS by slaughtering them at the airport after finishing Nuka World)
Starting SPECIAL:
Strength: 3
Perception: 1
Endurance: 2
Charisma: 3
Intelligence: 8
Agility: 7 (+1 Special Book)
Luck: 4
Key Perks:
Big Leagues (STR 2) Armorer (STR 3) Toughness (END 1) Lead Belly (END 2) Lone Wanderer (CHA 3) Science! (INT 6) Nuclear Physicist (INT 9) Bloody Mess (LCK 3) Blitz (AGI 9) Action Boy/Girl (AGI 5)
Grognak’s Axe, Power Armor, Wildman Rags, Iron Helmet (CC)
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2023.06.08 17:46 xStevo88 ALWAYS kill your Treasure Goblins!

ALWAYS kill your Treasure Goblins! submitted by xStevo88 to diablo4 [link] [comments]

2023.06.08 17:44 Strict_DM_62 Achievements to Encourage more roleplay and interactions?

So I've seen this idea pop up everyone once and a while to add sorta video games style achievements to a campaign, and I really like the idea. In particular I'd like to encourage a little more role play amongst the group, and more interaction with the environment, while giving them a chance to earn something and be a little silly.
Looking around, there's a lot of suggestions for very, very video game-esque achievements that are wildly specific; like "Roll two natural 20s after rolling a natural 1"; and I'm not a fan of those. I'd really like to theme the achievements around some of the core themes of D&D: Exploration, Social, and Combat. For example:
Examples of Exploration ones may include:
  1. Uncover a secret doopassage
  2. Find a secret chest
  3. Uncover and disable a trap
  4. Explore a place on the map unrelated to the current quest
Examples of Combat ones could include:
  1. Land the killing blow
  2. Deal 50 Damage in a turn
  3. kill an enemy using the environment
  4. Kill an enemy using fall damage, or by landing on them
Examples of Social ones could include:
  1. Have a conversation with another player while in Character
  2. Practice a downtime activity three or more times
  3. Impress a tavern with your singing and/or dancing skills
  4. Talk your way out of a combat encounter
I'd also include a few funny/whacky/random ones to make it a bit more entertaining. But I'm undecided on two things: 1. Give one list to the group as a whole, or give individual lists out; and 2. how to reward completion of the achievements?
I like the idea of giving each player their own sheet to accomplish, and some sort of group reward; so that way it encourages them to help each other out, and everyone has to participate. If I just do a group one, then some players may not be involved, or minimally involve themselves. In most cases, probably half the lists would be identical for each player. Like each one would have to land a killing blow, each one would need to have a conversation with another player, etc. but half of them would be unique/randomly generated for that player to accomplish, and they might need help from the party to do it.
For a reward, because I use Milestone leveling in my game; was to give the whole party a free level up when they all complete their lists (thus encouraging them to cooperate with each other). I've thought about inspiration as they go, but that feels underwhelming to me, and I don't like the idea of magic items as a reward because I'm trying to keep those sparse.
Any thoughts? Anyone implemented an Achievements System at their tables?
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2023.06.08 17:43 Accomplished_Okra774 Making a list of the definitive Marvel heroes. Which X-Men should be in it and should I add any other characters to it?

Here’s the list so far
  1. Peter Parker / Spider-Man
  2. Tony Stark / Iron Man
  3. Steve Rogers / Captain America
  4. Thor
  5. Bruce Banner / The Hulk
  6. Natasha Romanoff / Black Widow
  7. Clint Barton / Hawkeye
  8. Matt Murdock / Daredevil
  9. T'Challa / Black Panther
  10. Doctor Strange
  11. Hank Pym / Ant-Man
  12. Janet van Dyne / The Wasp
  13. Vision
  14. Wanda Maximoff / Scarlet Witch
  15. Pietro Maximoff / Quicksilver
  16. Sam Wilson / Falcon
  17. Bucky Barnes / The Winter Soldier
  18. Rhodey / War Machine
  19. Reed Richards / Mr. Fantastic
  20. Sue Storm / Invisible Woman
  21. Johnny Storm / The Human Torch
  22. Ben Grimm / The Thing
  23. Peter Quill / Star-Lord
  24. Gamora
  25. Drax the Destroyer
  26. Groot
  27. Rocket Raccoon
  28. Wade Wilson / Deadpool
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2023.06.08 17:43 smalltownboarder Darn it.

Darn it.
Short par 4, took a safe 4 iron off the tee (that drew a little too much) and ended up here.
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2023.06.08 17:43 2ndlifeinacrown Can I play this as commander?

Can I play this as commander? submitted by 2ndlifeinacrown to magicthecirclejerking [link] [comments]

2023.06.08 17:40 ciordia9 Thoughts on this for $150? Cast iron is rusted, 110 & motor works--what model is it?

Thoughts on this for $150? Cast iron is rusted, 110 & motor works--what model is it? submitted by ciordia9 to woodworking [link] [comments]

2023.06.08 17:39 No-Activity-7601 Seeking advice on my "contract position" that is slowly killing me

Hey everyone, I'm new to working in the CS/IT industry and wanted some outside opinions on my job situation. Sorry if this is the wrong sub to post on, I don't have enough karma to post to cscareerquestions unfortunately.
So I'm 21 and I've been coding for ~10 years on and off throughout high school and college, went for a CS degree transfer program through community college, but dropped out after taking all the CS-related courses because I couldn't afford to continue and my life situation changed. I did manual labor for 2 years and during that time I was half-hazardly working on some side-projects and learning react, but I never really made much progress as I was often working 55 hour weeks in construction.
ANYWAY, fast forward to October 2022 a friend of mine offers to get me a job at the company he works for. I said yes because I was getting desperate and wanted to get my foot in the door. The entire company is like 12 people, fully remote, and there was no hiring process, just a call with the owner telling me I'm hired. Which was weird but, whatever. Then I find out that every "employee" is a "contractor", even though they only work for this one company full time on regular 9-5 hours. The self-employment taxes are taking a huge chunk out of my paycheck, there are no benefits because contract, AND the wage I was offered was $18/hr (an $8 pay cut). Also no overtime. Is this even legal?
I tolerate the job because I get to work remotely, but I also believe my professional growth is being stunted because there are only two other technical employees who don't really communicate with me as they are also busy. I do everything on my own. I taught myself Django for the first month or two on the job, and have been building a massive digital ecommerce webapp for around 6 months now. I'm the only person working on this, project management/expectations are non-existent, I've got no web designer, I'm doing both frontend and backend, and I do not feel like the amount of work I'm doing is being appreciated OR fairly compensated. I've literally had to teach myself Figma in addition to all this to make designs and graphics for it, plus figuring out how to work with a separate legacy .NET frontend.
I feel so burnt out and like I'm doing 3 or 4 different jobs all for what? $18/hr? I work an average of 45ish hours a week and I'm not even paid overtime for all the extra hours I have to put in, and nobody seems to understand that I'm working as fast as I can.
I feel I'm fairly average at programming, and am not confident I could get past a technical interview somewhere else, especially without a degree or huge side projects/contributions. I built a resume site in Django and hosted it with Docker and Nginx and set up https, but looking at these job requirements and the number of people applying to them is super discouraging.
Sorry, I know this is pretty long but I just wanted to get some advice because I feel trapped and have no idea if this is normal or what to do. I don't wanna be broke and unappreciated forever :/
TL;DR: I've been working as a software developer for six months at a company where everyone is essentially an employee being paid as a contractor. I'm paid $18/hr without benefits and feel that my professional growth is being hindered. I'm the sole Django developer working on a complex project, among other things, handling both frontend and backend, with no project management or web designer support. I'm overwhelmed and undervalued, and I'm unsure about my ability to find a better job due to my lack of a degree and substantial side projects. I need advice on whether this situation is normal and what steps I should take.
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2023.06.08 17:39 mrmcgeek People who keep playing decks like this, who hurt you?

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2023.06.08 17:38 ClickClackM00 (SELLING) 4K/HD Digital Codes For Sale

I accept Paypal F&F, Cash App, Venmo, Zelle, Apple Pay
4K Titles - $4 each or 3 for $10
Ant-Man And The Wasp (MA)
Black Widow (MA)
Dark Crystal (MA)
Deadpool 2 (MA)
Edge Of Tomorrow: Live Die Repeat (WB)
Eternals (MA)
Iron Man (MA)
Lion King (2019) (MA)
Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior (WB)
Morbius (MA)
National Lampoon's Animal House (MA)
Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (MA)
Shang-Chi (MA)
Spider-Man: No Way Home (MA)
Thor: Love And Thunder (MA)
Venom (MA)
HD Titles - $2 each or 3 for $5
A Simple Favor (movieredeem)
Alice: Through The Looking Glass (MA)
Beauty And The Beast (2017) (MA)
Ex Machina (redeemmovie)
Finding Dory (MA)
Fate Of The Furious (theatrical) (MA)
Fate Of The Furious (director’s cut) (MA)
Five Feet Apart (movieredeem)
Happy Death Day (MA)
Hostiles (movieredeem)
Hellboy (movieredeem)
John Wick: Chapter 2 (movieredeem)
Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle (MA)
Life (MA)
Planes: Fire And Rescue (MA)
Rambo (2008) (movieredeem)
The Other Woman (MA)
The Purge (MA)
The Purge: Anarchy (MA)
The Purge: Election Year (MA)
Unhinged (movieredeem)
HD Collections - $4 each
How To Train Your Dragon Trilogy (MA)
John Wick Chapters 1-3 (movieredeem)
The Mummy Trilogy (MA)
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2023.06.08 17:37 dukiejosh54 Sweeney Todd - Johanna (Act 2 Sequence) [2023 Broadway Cast Recording] 4 track EP - Flac + MP3

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2023.06.08 17:36 Individual_Mess3929 Metal Gear Remake Concepts Part 1

hese are concepts ideas I had for an Metal Gear (1987) remake which I would dub as Metal Gear Solid 6: Outer Haven. Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake (1990) would be called Metal Gear Solid 7: Zanzibarland. Both games would be long and give a lot of depth on Solid Snake's past and his relationship with Big Boss, Campbell and Gray Fox. Another game I would push for is Metal Gear Solid: The Philanthropy Chronicles.It would allow players to play as Solid Snake and his supporting cast after the events of Metal Gear Solid 2. Snake’s mission to continue taking out metal gears and track down the Patriots along with Revolver Ocelot. It would lead up to the events of Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots. I will be working on Metal Gear Solid 7: Zanzibarland concepts soon.
The concept for a Metal Gear Solid 6: Outer Haven (MGS6: OH):
I know its long as Metal Gear (1987) would have to be a game that is remade from the bottom up. A remake of Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake would be easier since it was a rock solid game. One wouldn't have to change much from it just expand on the story, elements and characterization it has already. I would love to get feed back from fans here.
The storytelling aspect is inspired by how MGS (1998) told its story. The game would start with Otacon, a ghost writer that wrote the novel of Snake’s exploits and those that work with Snake during Operation Intrude N313 telling the events of Metal Gear Solid 6: Outer Heaven to journalist they trust. We learn that Snake is paradon for his crimes and is buried as a war hero next to the grave of Big Boss. Given a Medal of Honor award and other awards from other countries for saving the world several times. The world is now knowing about his story and thus even more interested to learn of Snakes exploits during his youth. David Hayter voice being used as a recorded message from a dying Solid Snake giving accounts on what happened in Metal Gear Solid 6 and 7 along with most of his life. Snake hopes that his message and story will inspire others to be better and fight for what is right.
David Hayter wouldn’t voice a young Solid Snake as I feel a voice actor that is younger but can emulate David Hayter mannerism and his voice should do it. A young Solid Snake having a hint of innocence, nativity, vulnerability and self doubt at times.
David Hayter would voice Solid Snake in Metal Gear Solid 7: Zanzibarland since Snake is supposed to be older and wiser. David would be able to give us this voice range and kick it out of the park including the duel against the real Big Boss.
The year is 1995, the Soviet Union has collapsed and the Cold War is now over. The threat of nuclear war is gone and the world embraces this newfound peace. However, this peace is short-lived as there are those that don’t want it. The world is engulfed with the threat of terrorism and rogue states that want to get their hands on nuclear weapons. The free world is now being threatened once again. The US Government works to combat this threat with its covert U.S. Army unit known as Fox-Hound under the leadership of the legendary war hero known as Big Boss. However, when a government agent goes missing during a mission…The agent last reports a weapon that can shake the foundations of the world known as “Metal Gear”. Big Boss sends in a rookie but talented Fox-Hound agent known as Solid Snake to learn of this new weapon. Will Snake learn the truth about this new weapon or will the world find out what Metal Gear will do if it's unleashed?
Like MGS3 there would be a Virtuous Mission in MGS6:OH.
Main Mission:
This is where Snake goes to South Africa and has to get to Outer Haven which is a vastly HUGE heavily defended base. Potentially the best soldiers and mercenaries in the world work and defend the base. It is an official mission sponsored by Fox-Hound, NATO, CIA, NSA, UN and top members of the US Government. This means Solid Snake gets a load of equipment, gadgets and weapons for the mission.
Gameplay would be a mix between MSG 3 and MSG 4 and MSG 5. It takes influence from other games like Red Dead Redemption, Splinter Cell and Grand Theft Auto video games along with new mechanics. The concept is to give the game a war survival horror like vibe if you’re spotted by the enemy or having trouble surviving in the wilderness.
MSG3 gameplay elements
MGS4 Gameplay elements-
MGS 5-
Splinter cell element-
Grand Theft Auto elements-
New Gaming mechanics -
Snake’s Gadgets/Tools for the main mission where he gets official support
Movie Influence:
Game Music:
Venom Snake/Big Boss:
Supporting Characters
Kyle Schneider
Jennifer Schneider
Drago Pettrovich Madnar
Ellen Madnar
Tech (Original)
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2023.06.08 17:33 impeccabletim 'HSMTMTS' First Look: Cast Tease ‘Full-Circle’ Season 4 with OG Wildcats

'HSMTMTS' First Look: Cast Tease ‘Full-Circle’ Season 4 with OG Wildcats submitted by impeccabletim to popculturechat [link] [comments]

2023.06.08 17:32 saikousubie Selling a few pairs (Oni + IH)

Selling a few pairs (Oni + IH)
After figuring out that IH 888s as my perfect fit, it is time to let go of some pairs that have just been hanging in my closet.
Specs below with prices. everything is OBO, so feel free to throw out some offers! Onis purchased from Denimio, and both pairs of IH purchased at Selfedge in SF. All three pairs were chain stitch hemmed at Selfedge SF.
Oni 612XX 18oz: 30 Waist. Hemmed 31 length. ($180)
IH 301s 14oz: 31 waist. Hemmed 30 length. ($275)
IH 8301s 21oz: 31 waist. Hemmed 32 length. ($300)
Oni pair has been worn maybe 10 times since buying them in 2017. 301s have been worn probably about the same. Just barely starting to see a little bit of indigo loss in the combs. 8301s have been worn maybe 5 times. I bought them last year and found out they were too snug after I had them hemmed (pro tip, don't buy jeans when you're cutting weight!)

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2023.06.08 17:32 cblackwe93 I got screwed on my club fitting

TLDR: I kinda got rekt when buying my new clubs and believe they gave me too light a shaft, how do I handle this with the shop and how do I go about "demoing" shafts? Can you get fit specifically for a shaft and not the whole club?
Background: back in March, I finally got up the stones to pull the trigger on new clubs. I went to one of the largest local golf retailers (aka not Golf Galaxy) in my area for months on end doing my own demoing and finding what felt best and worked for me. After I finally conquered my indecisiveness I pulled the trigger, after which this store offers a fitting for things like length, lie angle, shaft, etc. on the clubs you've already chosen which felt like a good way to "get fit" without shelling out the money (I don't want to hear that I should have started with this because it's obviously too late).
Generally speaking, the 4-5 rounds I've played since clubs came in have had mixed results and while I've seen modest improvement in some places I've made new problems in others.
Current Situation: I had a lesson at a local range with an instructor I quite like as the tips he's given have proven out quite immediately. The last time I saw him I did have my new clubs, and this time he wanted to verify that I got what I paid for. Irons checked out, +.5", 2* upright, correct shaft for swing.
Then when we pulled out the big stick, I hit one or two shots with the drill we were doing for irons and it did seem to work better but still not as straight as it should be. He looks at the shaft and they gave me a 40g Standard Flex stock Mitsubishi shaft (my irons are 105 Dynamic Gold for reference). Basically saying that this things a noodle and the harder I swing the more erratic the ball flight.
I think the only reason I didn't notice sooner was I trusted the fitter to give me what was best for me knowing I was working on picking my speed up and realistically, I went to them because I didn't know what the fuck these numbers meant in relation to my style of play. I did try a Callaway driver the instructor had laying around with a 50g Std shaft and absolutely piped it dead straight, it also felt a lot better so unfortunately I think he is right....Now, I've had the drivewood (same shaft) since maybe late March and I'm stuck with having to try and be *that guy* and raise hell to have them fix it, or grovel to my wife to drop MORE money into the clubs I haven't even had for 3 full months.
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