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2010.01.05 12:01 Mentatjuice Dreams are messages from the deep.

Dune is a landmark science fiction novel first published in 1965 and the first in a 6-book saga penned by author Frank Herbert. Widely considered one of the greatest works within the sci-fi genre, Dune has been the subject of various film and TV adaptations, including the 2021-released film directed by Denis Villeneuve.

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/Kappa **"eSports is not a part of the FGC"**

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/TheBluePill is a satire of /TheRedPill and the strategies discussed on that particular sub. That being said, consider most posts on this sub to have a trigger warning.

2023.06.08 21:21 ImaginativeHobbyist [Fan Art] Back to the Future has been a franchise that The Flash has often referenced in the pages of the comic book and the screen, so I thought it would be a fun experiment to see what Michael J. Fox could've have looked like as Barry Allen in the 1980's. Would he have been good?

[Fan Art] Back to the Future has been a franchise that The Flash has often referenced in the pages of the comic book and the screen, so I thought it would be a fun experiment to see what Michael J. Fox could've have looked like as Barry Allen in the 1980's. Would he have been good? submitted by ImaginativeHobbyist to DCcomics [link] [comments]

2023.06.08 21:21 wow_datswill It's such a shame we'll probably never get an undead nightmare 2 or similar single player dlc.

If we were gonna get anything like that it would've happened already. I understand it's just not worth it to rockstar to make something like that. It's much easier to spend time and money on the online side of the game as It has a much higher chance of paying off and making more money.
That being said I could really see it working out in interesting ways. The gang would make a good group of survivors running from the undead instead of the law, Saint Denis would be the perfect city for a zombie apocalypse, cryptids would fit perfectly with the rest of the fauna in the game, and maybe they could've made new austin a sorta safe haven given how there's almost nothing out there.
Personally I wouldn't wanna see undead nightmare 2 but rather a cowboys vs aliens sorta thing. It could be really different from undead but crazy enough to have the same feel to it. There's just so much potential for what they could do but chances are we won't see anything like that again. Atleast not for a very long time.
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2023.06.08 21:21 Formal-Eggplant-6066 Should I even bother with an Amazon nail curing light?

Full disclosure- I am a baby nail tech. Went to school, got my license, but my school to be honest was really awful. I missed out on a lot of learning because they were always busy with the hair students. Anyway, I’m trying to find a decent nail lamp for my new young nails gel products coming in the mail (yay!!) and they recommended using LED to cure their products. My current lamp is in another state, and I’m pretty sure it’s just UV. I was searching on Amazon for a LED only, but couldn’t find one. The YN brand lamp, which I wanted but was too expensive, is UV/LED. It’s also worth noting I live in Alaska, so buying from YN means extra 20 bucks for shipping. Does anyone have a good UV/LED lamp rec. on Amazon that will cure well with the YN products? Thanks!
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2023.06.08 21:21 BlueWaterGirl Refurbished Steelcase Amia from BTOD

Refurbished Steelcase Amia from BTOD
Thanks to sitting in a DxRacer racing series gaming chair for 5 years during long gaming sessions, it helped contribute to my pelvic floor and tailbone problems. So I decided that a new chair was in order, my physical therapist agreed. After a few months of looking through this subreddit, I decided to take a chance with the Steelcase Amia, because I'm short (5'2") and need a chair that I can have my feet flat on the ground while having my back up against the backrest, something that DxRacer never could do for me. I purchased it for $413 from BTOD (green option along with 15% code), which seems like a good price to me, considering that it looks to be in perfect condition, there's a few light scuffs on the back, but I'd probably end up doing that myself. I'm sitting in it right now and I like that my tailbone kind of hangs off the end, it helps take pressure off of it. It also has enough cushion for me, and while it's firm, it doesn't feel like I'm sitting on a board like it did with the gaming chair. The only thing I don't like about the Amia so far is that the arm rests aren't lockable, but that's something I can get used to over time.
I actually ended up paying more for my gaming chair 5 years ago than I did for this Amia, which is sad because it really did a number on my body. All for looking cool while streaming, I regret it now.
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2023.06.08 21:21 surf_AL What are the implications of interpolating by holding values constant (between old samples) instead of "zero stuffing"?

I was reading the book "Understanding Digital Signal Processing" by Richard Lyons and it discusses the use of "zero stuffing" when you are interpolating (or "upsampling"). Basically, you do the zero-stuffing, and then you low-pass filter to remove the high-frequency artifacts ("images") that result from the stuffing.

I am working with some code where someone simply held the value of a signal constant between old samples in the new sample-space. Basically, they made a "stair-step" signal - drawing a horizontal line between values in the old sample space rather than setting the signal to zero between old values in the sample space (as you would when "zero stuffing").

As long as you low-pass filter the signal, what are the implications of this sort of interpolation vs zero-stuffing? Is this a generally NOT good way to go about interpolation? My intuition tells me that less high frequency noise will be created by holding values constant rather than setting to zero, but I am not entirely sure. Thank you for your input
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2023.06.08 21:21 naMWWuser I want to quit basketball

Hello! To start of I will say that i have trained basketball for maybe 7-8 years.
My father who was a football player (and a very good one) brought me and my older brother into this game but after much time my love for the game and motivation was lost and I do not want to play anymore.
I have tried talking to my father about it but he want to hear none of it and it's driving me crazy, I never feel the motivation to go to practices and i don't even feel motivated for the games.
My teammates are fine and the coaching staff is s bit demanding but they are also good. My feel and love for the game is no more and i just try to skip practice everytime i can and even when i do manage to go I always give 100 % but still i don't want to be there.
So this took a hit on my mental health, I have frequent headaches and I have suicidal thoughts on some nights. I am also a very good student and manage to get good grades but I've lost all motivation for everything.
My life isn't in poverty or anything but I fell like i am a puppet who is controlled by everyone and even though I don't like some things I still do them. I talked to my father about this problem but he doesn't care he wants me to train and I just don't want to anymore.
Could you help me with this I don't know what to do.
TL:DR I played basketball for 8 years and I don't want to play anymore but my father is forcing me to play even though I don't want to. Because of that I don't feel well mentally and had suicidal thoughts.
If anybody could help me, give me tips, or even something to say to my father please help (he is a good father but i just don't like him forcing sports in general to me). Thank you.
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2023.06.08 21:21 IBlackReaper Shadowblight + Minions

Does anyone know if the Legendary imprint that gives "You deal +X% increased damage for 6 seconds after Shadowblight Key Passive damages enemies 10 times" also affects the damage dealt by your active minions?
I would assume it does because it just states that it increases damage dealt, but i'd like to know for sure because i could see it being really good for my build if it does in fact work.
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2023.06.08 21:20 Shot_Party2618 I just recently got a job and I'm going to start saving up

Im starting to save up for a desk, a 144hz monitor, 4k 240hz monitor, I have the 144hz picked out but whats a good 4k 240hz monitor and a good 4k 240hz pc(idk much a out pcs so any help is greatly appreciated!!!)
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2023.06.08 21:20 Bluebride1987 Forsaken PvP/unique events/USA/chernarus/PlayStation/bunker/420 friendly

Forsaken PlayStation Chernarus
A land where those who don’t belong fight to the death. Will you find Allie’s or faction to run with or will you walk alone. The forsaken don’t fear punishment for we already paid the price!
With active traders for those times of need and unique events that appear in and out around the map; including a ufo that can abduct you and kill you if you get too close.
We invite you to start your journey here while the server is growing. Don't hesitate. Join the discord today!
Key Features: • 💥 Weekend raids - Damage on Fri-Sat-Sun - 8am-12am (est) • 🤑 Sellables • Interesting Role titles to earn • welcome loot when you spawn • 💵 5k Starting cash - Discord • 🔫 10x loot • 🍦reduced zombies • 🛡️ Factions • ⛔️ trader with safezone • 🔒 increased animals • 🛒 premium killfeed • 🎨 paint ball arena • 💥 events • 👑 friendly admin who teach • 🎈 ufo events, ghost ships events and plane events that move around map • 🎟️ Keycard bunker
Good luck out there!
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2023.06.08 21:20 TJsBreakaway28 30F Texts, Calls, Movie Nights, Books, Recipes & More!

Hello and thanks for clicking!
I'm looking for friends interested in all of the above. I want to give a good friendship a true and valiant effort. Don't we all need someone to text/call in our moments of triumph, hilarity, or unbelievable muck ups? I think so.
A bit about me: I'm from the Southeast US; love animals, cooking from whichever country or region I'm craving at the time (I think I've perfected my Spanish rice recipe, just saying), baking, reading primarily fiction books, but I do enjoy a good biography, watching horrothriller movies, traveling to spooky locations, visiting historical sites; Halloween is my favorite holiday; and I've always wanted to learn piano.
Seeking a fellow compassionate, uplifting friend who enjoys laughing, learning, and occasionally taking a break to enjoy the simple things
This will work best with someone in a similar time zone.
If you're seeking anything but friendship, please refrain from sending a message. I promise I'm not your type.
Looking forward to hopefully talking with some like-minded individuals!
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2023.06.08 21:20 parkerm1408 Didn't Furlong only have a 24 month contract?

Look yall I been here since October 2020. It's next to impossible to remember everything going on. That being said I'm like 95% sure Furlongs contract was only for 24 months. Time runs funny these days but I think it's been about two years.
I see people claiming it's a good thing, it's a bad thing, hating Furlong, giving him props etc. Way I see it, this seems like it was always part of the plan.
I could be completely incorrect but that's how I'm taking it.
Anyway have a good week apes! Don't get down.
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2023.06.08 21:19 AdWitty9343 Can someone debunk this? this creator makes most her content spreading propaganda, denying systemic racism, and being pro the book ban.

Can someone debunk this? this creator makes most her content spreading propaganda, denying systemic racism, and being pro the book ban.
I find her reprehensible but this particular video was disgusting. A lot of her comments get deleted for good reason but I screen shotted this particular exchange that was vile. Then this video is allowed to stay up? Here’s the video :
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2023.06.08 21:19 beerballchampion Help with my apartment bedroom

I live in an apartment with my partner (we rent it) and I need help making our bedroom more livable/homey. It doesn’t get good natural light, so I don’t keep many plants in here (I do have lots of plants). I love natural wood and would like to hang the live edge wood mirror somewhere (not sure where). Help me with anything! I would just like to keep the pictures above the nightstands (as they are my partners photographs). I was thinking about painting the nightstands or getting new ones. I also have no idea what to put above our bed. The room is small and we have a king bed so a bit limited for how we can move stuff around. But yeah any advice to make this feel like more of a homey space/brighten it up. Thanks!!
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2023.06.08 21:19 Blackfist01 What Song would you have a band cover?

Any of the Seattle Sound or adjacent 90s Band, like would you want say STP to cover Creep? The reason I ask is because Fishbone covered "Let The Good Times Roll" on the Mask Soundtrack, going from Servitude to THAT is wild to me, and with AI making Frank Sinatra sing "Get Low", it may actually be possible now. (Yes, that's real)
The Unplugged Stuff let a lot of the Bands cover other groups too, we already know Nirvana's Man Who Sold The World.
Me? I would be interested in hearing AIC cover Song 2 by Blur, not too creative but I think it would have been cool to hear it.
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2023.06.08 21:19 Suskita What's an appropriate gift for a firend's baby?

People of the UK, we have a friend coming to visit in a few days (on his own). He and his girlfriend had a baby girl that is now 7 or 8 months old.
We haven't met her as we live in different cities. We always thought at some point we'll go visit and bring a gift, but it hasn't happened and is unlikely to happen due to other commitments.
I want to get him a present for the baby but have zero idea of how much people normally spend or what to get. In case it informs the decision:
He's a good friend but not that close.
He and his girlfriend are in an ok situation financially but not exactly loaded (so are we)
Whenever he comes to visit we always pay for everything once he is here (food, drinks, etc). Granted he hasn't been able to visit for a while, but he used to a lot before baby was born. We have never been invited to their place (completely understandable and not an issue for anyone).
I don't mind and actually would prefer giving a gift card instead of having to buy something myself, but only if people here think it's a better gift and appreciated and not seen as just lazy (which obviously it is!!). If suggesting gift card, please say value and retailer too!!
If we had been able to meet the baby earlier, I probably would have bought some clothes, but not sure if by now baby would have enough clothes?
As you can probably tell we don't have kids or other friends with kids so not much experience.
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2023.06.08 21:19 NefariousnessOk5287 Tried Lieff Flower

Tried Lieff Flower
3.5g of Lime Skunk Muff from Lieffa.
$28 an Eighth on sale from Sunnyside Phoenixville.
Over weight at 4.2g, packaged 5/25/23.
Decent smell, a bit sticker than Terrapin's normal buds, light lime scent, labeled as a hybrid.
Just took a few puffs and it's nice and smooth. I'm feeling relaxed, not couch locked, I want to go out and look at clouds but the Canadian smoke is too bad.
Anyway. Good bud at a decent price.
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2023.06.08 21:18 TrackFine6791 New to KitchenAid and need help making sure everything in bowl mixes completely

I just got a Kitchen Aid and I am noticing that my mixes at the bottom of the bowl are not completely mixed. I adjusted the bowl height using the dime test and think I have a good height with that. I also have been scraping the sides of the bowl with a spatula but still notice some not completely mixed at the very bottom center of the bowl. Do I need to take the bowl off and mix as well? I have the professional 5 plus so the head can't be lifted up, you have to take the bowl out to really get at the bottom of it.
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2023.06.08 21:18 CCJones56 Is it time to upgrade Jokic defensive label

Heat shooters shot 3-19 last night when Jokic was the primary defender. Jokic finished top 10 this season in individual defensive rating by a few metrics. Obviously, he isn't AD defensively but he isn't KAT either. It seems like it's time to call him a good defender as opposed to an average or above average defender.
What you think?
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2023.06.08 21:17 i_will_guide Budgies react strongly to noise - is that good or bad?

So during the evenings my partner is in the room where out budgies cage is and plays games, watches shows, talks to friends online etc.
I noticed whenever she rages in games or laughs very loudly or makes any noise over a longer time the birds get quite loud even though they are usually quite calm in the evening.
I was wondering, do they like or not like it? The sounds don't inherently sound negative, I was just wondering if this is good or bad for the little birds.
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2023.06.08 21:17 Mammoth_Public3003 Bitlocker on hybrid devices

Is there a good, reasonably reliable way to enable bitlocker (specifically bitlocker to go for the immediate need) with hybrid devices? I only see power shell scripts
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2023.06.08 21:17 loWins4395 Potentially need a new wavy hair routine

Potentially need a new wavy hair routine
My hair is very long, I have also been told before by stylists that I have very fine hair. This being said my hair goes from relatively large to small when in a ponytail. A picture of it is attached below but keep in mind it's a bad wave day haha.
Currently, I use the aveda nutriplenish shampoo and conditioner and olaplex 3 and 6 every so often. I do plop my hair and rarely use heat on it but it does have bleached highlights. I'm looking for a new sort of routine because as it gets longer I want to care for it more and I also want it to look visibiliy shinier. I've been having trouble researching things that are good for my hair as not many people have it or are able to help with cheaper products as I am in college right now.
This being said I'd really appreciate any product recommendations!

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2023.06.08 21:17 YoitsPsilo Rediscovering music taste

Let me preface this with I’ve got no one to talk to so I just decided to just start rambling on here lol.
I’ve spent the last few years mainly exploring electronic music. I listen to all sorts of music but I really rabbit-holed electronica, from ambient to industrial and everything in between. I like finding new music and sounds I’ve never heard before. Sometimes I’ll find albums that are so good I listen to them repeatedly over time but for the most part I do my best to listen to something new every day.
Before electronic, I was obsessed with hiphop because it genuinely saved my life (that’s a whole different topic) and again, even though I listened to other genres at the time, hiphop was my eat sleep repeat type shit. Memorizing lyrics and searching for production samples, learning to make beats, writing rhymes.
I’m almost 30 and I pretty much spent the last 15 years exploring my own musical identity because I grew up listening to music that my parents brought me up on, which I’m extremely grateful for! My mom would play Mozart and Manu Chao in the car and my dad showed me Throbbing Gristle and Blink-182… I recently made a playlist of songs I remember from my childhood and it’s full of bangers lol!
Anyways to cut this short, making that childhood playlist got me out of the electronic rabbit hole and I’m exploring a bunch of great new music again and it feels amazing. I’m even sharing stuff with my parents that they surprisingly like!
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