Princess of hecate crossword

Headphone shopping: down to 3 options

2023.06.10 06:09 LazyNoNos Headphone shopping: down to 3 options

Hey folks.
My music taste are varied but right now I am obsessed with King Princess.
I like neutral sounding headphones with good detail and imaging. I already have airpods pros 2. I liked them but they didnt wow me (I call it an eargasm). Im keeping them cause I have an iphone and the convince is amazing.
First off Im looking at the moondrop chu as sort of my beater earphone (airpods die so the chu comes out)
The next 3 earphones I want for when I am studying. I want to be able to take short breaks by listening to music and enjoying it a lot.
7hz timeless (I heard planars are amazing
Moondrop Blessings 3
Etymotic ER2.
(yes these are the top 3 from crinacles list.)
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2023.06.10 06:07 Dame_in_the_Desert Opinion on this Ritani stone?

Opinion on this Ritani stone?
My wedding anniversary is this month, and I’d been looking at lab-grown diamonds to have something a bit bigger, less expensive, and with far less sentimental value than my original, mined engagement ring.
After tons of research on princess cut measurements, I found the-too-good-to be-true diamond that everyone seems to mention when they talk about Ritani. I didn’t love their settings but just went with it because I’d been waffling so long.
Can I get some opinions on this stone?
The local (yet highly reputable) brick and mortar we visited had prices at $13K for 3.5 carats, though an E color rating. I know the G rating brings down cost, but by $10K?!
The gal who helped us at the store showed us a side by side with a Ritani that was super cloudy, so I’m now spinning in my head with immense buyer’s remorse, and I’ve got at least a 2-week wait till the thing even gets here! Also concerned with how warm of a rating I went with and kicking myself for being cheap on that front despite this stone being well within budget.
I know we can return the ring, but just need prepare myself for whatever is going to land in my mailbox…
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2023.06.10 05:48 bpm160 Maeve Fly by CJ Leede

I got it Tuesday and finished Wednesday night. I LOVED THIS BOOK.
I read and watch so much horror, and I’m always looking for something that’s really going to make me feel something intense. I felt a little woozy (a bit I know there is more intense stuff) I was intrigued, I laughed, and I was excited.
A little bit of romance, torture, an absolutely feral woman losing it dressed as a princess at the happiest place on earth.
Recommended to read before: the story of the eye & American psycho. It’ll enhance the experience.
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2023.06.10 05:43 thedidynotkong Why is zelda still referred to as a princess?

With her dad dead 100 years before botw and no other heirs apparent to the throne, she should have been crowned queen of hyrule in the 6 years between games. She seems to have taken on the role of a queen while only being referred to as princess. In addition that could give her the badass title of "dragon queen".
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2023.06.10 05:42 kashmora Dust of Dreams: general introduction and reminders

Compiled by u/zhilia_mann and extensively revised by u/Loleeeee.

Reminders for Dust of Dreams

Notes on half a book

Dust of Dreams is an odd read. It hasn't seen the reconsideration that Toll the Hounds has; it's ranked ninth in our last reader survey. The Author's Note at the beginning spells out some of the reasons:
Dust of Dreams is the first half of a two-volume novel, to be concluded with The Crippled God. Accordingly, if you’re looking for resolutions to various story-threads, you won’t find them. Also, do note that there is no epilogue and, structurally, Dust of Dreams does not follow the traditional arc for a novel.
He's not kidding. But that's not the whole story.
DoD does have a climax, but it feels more like the mid-book climax that is Y'ghatan in The Bonehunters chapter 7. It's monumental, it changes things, but it doesn't reach out and incorporate disparate storylines or tie together themes. It also arrives incredibly suddenly and catches me off guard even when I know what's coming.
More generally, DoD takes its time. Erikson continues to lean in to the slow character moments that characterize Toll the Hounds, but now does so with the urgency dictated by the imminent conclusion of the series. Theme drives DoD as much as plot -- to the extent that some readers like to claim that basically nothing happens.
There are two specific things to look out for as you read. First, there's a specific plot that seems very odd if you don't catch one hint in the prologue. In order to not give away the game, u/kashmora and I have decided to discuss that plot in more detail under spoiler tags in order to maintain a balance between spoon-feeding the reveal and actually having something to say.
Second, there's a notorious event in chapter 15. It's effectively foreshadowed and won't come as a huge shock, but it's brutal. If any previous sexual violence has bothered you, this is guaranteed to turn your stomach. It's handled respectfully, but it's vile. As the chapter approaches, we will likely give lines and timestamps to stop and then restart reading if you feel you just can't do it.
I genuinely like Dust of Dreams (and, unusually, tend to rate it over The Crippled God). But it's an experience.


Since Dust of Dreams picks up largely where Reaper's Gale left off, we have a somewhat limited cast of new characters. That said, a) we continue to expand on the Lether continent and b) we're bringing back characters we haven't seen since The Bonehunters.

Gods and Ascendants


  • Errastas: The Errant, Master of Holds. Likes to "push" and claims that to be his nature.
  • Kilmandaros: Primarily known for pummeling her problems into dust. Mother of Sechul Lath.
  • Sechul Lath: Knuckles, the Lord of Chance and Mischance. He, like his mother, seems to have extra joints and a horizontally hinged sternum.
  • Mael: Bugg, Tehol's one-time man-servant and now Ceda, Chancellor, and Treasurer. Also the god of the sea.
  • Ursto Hoobutt and Pinosel: Ancient gods of beer, wine, and fertility.
  • Olar Ethil: Goddess and Soletaken Eleint Bonecaster of the T'lan Imass.
  • Togg and Fanderay: The Wolves of Winter, gods of war and current occupants of the Beast Throne. Worshiped by the Perish Grey Helms and, before their destruction, the Grey Swords under Toc Anaster.
  • Grizzin Farl: An ancient god, now disappeared.
  • Tiam (or T'iam, or Tiamatha): Goddess of dragons.

New Gods and Ascendants

  • Hood: You remember Hood, right? The Jaghut god of death that just died himself?
  • D'rek: The Worm of Autumn, goddess of decay.
  • Dessembrae: Lord of Tragedy. Divine aspect of Dassem Ultor.
  • Shadowthrone and Cotillion: God of Shadow and the Rope, Patron of Assassins. Schemey plotters.


  • Tehol (the Only) is now the King of Lether
  • Janath Anar is his Queen
  • Brys Beddict titled a Prince now, Commander of the Letherii Army
  • Aranict a promising High Mage, Atri-Ceda

The Wanderers

  • Last: An ex-Letherii farmer. Lived with his father after his mother died when he was young. A big but meek fellow.
  • Asane: A meek Letherii woman. Talked down upon by both Nappet & Sheb.
  • Sheb: An ex-convict. Sentenced to what amounts to a death sentence, he survived prison, though was significantly changed for it.
  • Rautos: A man with scant few memories, reminiscings of his wife, and a familiar name.
  • Taxilian: An architect from the city of Taxila, Seven Cities, also with a familiar name.
  • Nappet: Another Letherii ex-convict. He's a bully.
  • Breath: A Letherii witch that's filled with spite & thoughts of drowning.
  • The Ghost: An unnamed character that can move between the Wanderers at will. Has peculiar memories, though is presumably incorporeal.

The Refugium

  • Rud Elalle: Son of Menandore and Udinaas, growing up very fast (think Silverfox).
  • Ulshun Pral: A leader of the Bentract Imass of the Refugium. Son of Onrack T'emlava and Kilava Onas.
    • Seren Pedac: Acquitor and budding mage of Mockra, Trull's widow.
  • Udinaas: Former slave to the Sengar household and former confidant of Rhulad. Dark, cynical, but way too insightful.

The 14th and its Allies

Malazan Leadership

  • Lostara Yil: Former Red Blade, former lover of the Claw Pearl, now Tavore's right hand in T'amber's place. Trained in the Shadowdance.
  • Blistig: Former commander of the Aren Guard, now Fist under Tavore.
  • Kindly and Pores: The notorious captain and his long-suffering lieutenant, and/or Master Sergeant, and/or Quartermaster.


  • Keneb: Fist who led the defense of Froth Wolf and Silanda in Malaz City. Detached to the Marines.
  • Faradan Sort: Keneb's second in command. May have stood the Stormwall in the past.
  • Bottle, Cuttle, Smiles, Koryk, Tarr, and Corabb Bhilan Thenu'alas: Fiddler's squad. Bottle is still a mage who can control animals and Corabb is still Oponn's favorite. 4th squad, 9th company.
  • Gesler, Stormy, Sands, Shortnose, Flashwit, Uru Hela, and Mayfly: Gesler's squad, almost entirely composed of heavies. 5th squad, 9th company.
  • Hellian, Touchy, Brethless, Balgrid, Tavos Pond, Maybe, and Lutes: Hellian's squad. Hellian is a drunk and has arachnophobia. Touchy and Brethless, her two corporals, have served under her since way back in Kartool. 8th squad, 9th company.
  • Thom Tissy, Tulip, Ramp, Jibb, Gullstream, Mudslinger, and Bellig Harn: 12th squad, 9th company under Thom Tissy.
  • Urb, Reem, Bowl, Hanno, Saltlick, and Scant: 13th squad, 9th company. Urb earned his own squad after dragging Hellian out of Y'ghatan, an event she still periodically wants to kill him over.
  • Pravalak Rim, Honey, Strap Mull, Shoaly, Sinter, Kisswhere, and Lookback: 4th squad, 3rd company.
  • Badan Gruk, Ruffle, Skim, Nep Furrow, Reliko, and Vastly Blank: The heavily Dal Honese 5th squad, 3rd company. Nep Furrow is a bush warlock, who talks in an incomprehensible accent.
  • Primly, Hunt, Mulvan Dreader, Neller, Skulldeath, and Drawfirst: 10th squad, 3rd company.

New Bridgeburners

  • Hedge: previously dead, now seemingly alive, Bridgeburner.

Other Soldiers

  • Cord, Shard, Limp, Ebron, Crump, and Sinn: 7th squad, 9th company, largely former Ashok Regiment. Sinn is a traumatized girl and high mage. Crump's actual name is Jamber Bole, High Marshal of the Mott Irregulars.
  • Balm, Deadsmell, Throatslitter, Galt, Lobe, and Widdershins: This humble writer's favorite squad, the 9th, 9th company. Deadsmell is a mage of Hood. Throatslitter's laugh can nearly kill all on its own.
  • Masan Gilani: Dal Honese heavy and excellent rider. She has... other charms. Technically in Urb's squad?


  • Banaschar: Former high priest of D'rek, the Worm of Autumn. Stole the entire temple coffers after D'rek killed her followers (except Tayschrenn and Banaschar himself).
  • Withal: "Foreigner" from The Bonehunters and the Meckros blacksmith who made Rhulad's sword for the Crippled God.
  • Sandalath Drukorlat: Tiste Andii wife of Withal. First killed long ago, her soul was released by the Crimson Guards traveling with Seren Pedac in Midnight Tides. She was restored as a companion for Withal and it didn't go well at first. Now they're married, so something worked out?
  • Grub: Keneb's adopted son. Walked the Chain of Dogs. Now the only friend of Sinn. Has a knack for saying prophetic things. Oh, and there's an epigraph in House of Chains (Chapter 19, if you're curious) that identifies him as a future First Sword of the Malazan Empire.

Khundryl Burned Tears

  • Warleader Gall: still headed by him
  • Hanavat: his wife

Perish Grey Helms

  • Mortal Sword Krughava: Fifty-odd years old Mortal Sword of the Wolves of Winter (you may recall that Toc held that title in conjunction with Krughava).
  • Shield Anvil Tanakalian: Shield Anvil of the Grey Helms. Homesick, young, and with some curious ideas about his role.
  • Destriant Run'Thurvian: Destriant of the Grey Helms. Befriended Fist Keneb in the Bonehunters. Doesn't hold Tanakalian in particularly high esteem.

K'Chain Che'Malle and Associates

We meet a surviving nest - Ampelas Rooted - headed by Matron Gunth'an Acyl. She is guarded by J'an Sentinels (Bre'nigan), K'ell Hunters (Sag'Churok, Kor Thuran, Rythok) and Shi'gal Assassins (Gu'Rull). Her One Daughter is called Gunth Mach who was last seen cutting down Redmask at the end of RG, along with Sag'Churok.

The Snake

A group of refugee children on the run from Kolanse, marching through hostile lands and suffering from hunger and thirst. The train is led by the oldest/tallest boy among them, called Rutt. He carries a baby called Held. His second in command is Badalle, who is also our main Snake POV character. Other notable children among them are Saddic who follows Badalle and commits her poems to memory; Brayderal who seems pale inspite of the harsh sun.

The Shake

  • Yedan Derryg: Half-brother to Yan Tovis. Known for a chiseled jaw.
  • Yan Tovis: Preda at Shake Tower, also called Twilight.
  • Pully and Skwish: Ancient Shake witches.

White Face Barghast and Associates

  • Onos Toolan: Warleader of the White Face Barghast. You may note, technically not Barghast.
  • Hetan: His wife. Daughter of the late Humbrall Taur.
  • Cafal: Hetan's brother and Great Warlock of the White Faces.
  • Setoc (of the Wolves): Known as Stayandi. A Letherii child and sole survivor of Redmask's attack in Reaper's Gale. Now a wolf-born child with an innate connection to wolves.
  • Maral Eb:Chief of the Barahn clan of the White Faces
  • Sekara (the Vile): It's in the name, really.

T'lan Imass

  • Nom Kala: Bonecaster of the Brold T'lan Imass.

The Bolkando

  • Chancellor Rava: Chancellor of the Bolkando Kingdom. Is oddly attracted to Felash. Is also in his seventies while Felash is fourteen.
  • Conquestor Avalt: Military commander of the Bolkando Army with the glaring exception of the Evertine Legion. A decent military commander and he looks the part.
  • Queen Abrastal: also called Firehair, commands the Evertine legion, co-ruler of the Bolkando lands
  • Princess Felash: 14th daughter of Queen Abrastal, deemed the cleverest by her mother, 14 years old, away from the kingdom on a diplomatic mission.

Forkrul Assail

There are Pures, Watered and Shriven. The Pures are - as the name suggests - pure-blooded Forkrul Assail. The Watered are hybrids of Forkrul Assail and other races - often humans - while the Shriven refer to any race that doesn't have enough Forkrul blood to be considered Watered. The Shriven are essentially the slave caste of the Forkrul.


  • Icarium: Half-Jaghut son of Gothos. Cursed to forget but immensely powerful.

Wait, what's going on again? What you need to know to start reading.

The Malaz 14th - now Tavore's Bonehunters - invaded the Letherii Empire, ostensibly as a punitive expedition against the Tiste Edur raiding on Imperial lands (namely, Sepik). At the same time, due to machinations by Tehol Beddict, in conjunction with the Malazan invasion, Letherii society was in intense upheaval which ended in a defacto revolution placing Tehol at the head of the Kingdom of Lether.
In a similar timeframe, Icarium Lifestealer activated a strange machine with far-reaching consequences, one of the many among which being levelling an entire city block and killing - among others - Taxilian, Senior Assessor, Taralack Veed, and Rautos Hivanar.
The Errant was bound to Feather Witch through a temple sanctified in his name, and though he eventually won out - drowning Feather Witch in the fetid waters beneath Letheras - he lost his eye. The loss of power stings, and due to a combination of factors, the Errant craves a return to his ancient power. Also, Brys Beddict has returned to the world of the living.
There's a whole lot of skykeeps within the Imperial Warren, as well as a handful of dragons nailed to crosses throughout the books - among them, an "otataral dragon" as witnessed by Pearl & Lostara in House of Chains, and Sorrit, a dragon aspected to Serc, as found by Icarium & Mappo in the Bonehunters.
Redmask failed - and died - in whatever quest the K'Chain Che'Malle set to him, and it seems they're getting desperate.
Silchas Ruin set off to attack Letheras but was beaten back - chiefly by a few well-placed cussers to the face. "Fucking dragon."


We mostly stay in the continent of Lether but now we also include the Eastern end called Kolanse. Here is a fan made beautifully rendered map of all the places we encounter- done by u/joshuabbutler
Note: Given the extensive Dramatis and the convergence of dozens of threads in this pre-final book, we are stopping the intro here. We plan to update more and expand this further as we keep reading.
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2023.06.10 05:26 loremipsum33 I feel my marriage slipping away more every day

My husband and I have been seeing a therapist for 2 months now in an attempt to resolve the growing, festering friction in our relationship over JNMIL. We’ve been married roughly a year and in that year she has:
-upon anticipation of JNMIL visiting us after baby’s birth, in peak RSV season, we sent a request of very reasonable request for her visit (wear a mask if sick, don’t kiss the baby, wash hands, get your vaccines). She challenged the request and made a huge stink about not wanting to get a vaccine.
Since this string of events, me and DH have been in violent disagreement. I have asked we go temporary NC until she apologizes, even for just 30 days… he refuses, doesn’t want to cut off JNMIL. He makes excuses for her just being a “strong willed Italian woman” and seems to get annoyed that I let her upset me. Tells me if he were me, he’d be over all of this already.
I thought we were making progress with therapy when we had agreed we’d both speak to her as a team, let her know she’s hurt me, ruined precious moments I’ll never get back as a newly wed or first time mom, and that she owes me an apology, or she will no longer be in our lives.
Monday came around and we had our call with her. There was a lot of comments to the effect of “I don’t remember doing that”, gas lighting, “that’s just who I am and I’m not changing”, and general victim blaming…. Accusing me of just getting upset over everything. I ended the call asking her how she could expect to be invited to LOs first birthday in a few months if she refuses to apologize. She said she expects to be invited, won’t speak to me, and will act however she wants.
Since then, there’s been nothing but fighting with DH. He defends his mother, looks at me with disappointment, and “just wants us to get along”. I have taken the high road with this woman an exhausting number of times. Every time it has screwed me, and left me inviting her to yet another event/life moment that she inevitably destroys. I don’t know why DH won’t support my need to protect our family and our precious early memories with LO by setting boundaries… all I’m asking is for her to apologize and for her to at least commit to doing better around us. If not, we take a 30 day break.
Yesterday our therapist asked us if our disagreement on the topic of JNMIL has gotten to the point where we are considering separating. Saddened to say that a year into marriage, I never expected my husband to defend someone who hurts his wife so badly. If things continue, I’m afraid that’s my only option.
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2023.06.10 05:24 Hannah0525 Need advice

A quick summary I have two inside cats one Princess) have had for 10 years. My other cat (Keke) I have had for 3 years. Both female. They have always got along and been friendly. Yes they have their moments but never anything like I am experiencing now. For a week my younger cat Keke has been attacking my older cat every time she sees her. I have had them separated for a week and have watched every video I can find on how to reintroduce them. Nothing is working. I am desperate on any kind of advice or experience anyone has had like I love both of my cats and could never imagine my life without both of them. Please help!
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2023.06.10 05:08 XxxSpookyKittenxxX The Dress

The Dress
This was picked by the Seamstress. It's a classic princess slightly off the shoulder sweetheart bodice with tons of lace detail and sequins plus micro pearls. I'm going veiless. It just needs altered on the shoulders and sleeves I'm hoping I won't have to get the bottom hemmed. Hair & makeup is inspired by 1 of my favorite series the comb is the replica from the movie. My nails will be a pearlescent baby boomer ombre with wisteria nail art. Toes are going to be Green glittered
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2023.06.10 05:04 MissionAd7488 What your favorite Power Rangers series says about you (just for fun not serious)

MMPR- Being a 90s kid is your entire personality isn't it?
Zeo- This was probably the last Power Rangers series you watched as a kid and you're still not over the Rangers giving up Zeo for FUCKING CARS
Turbo- You love camp don't you?
In Space- You're the less annoying version of the 90s kid. It's not your entire personality but you definitely find yourself revisting some 90s "classic" on your streaming site of source quite often
Lost Galaxy- You either had an edgelord phase or you never left it
Lightspeed Rescue- You're a champion of the underdogs aren't you?
Time Force- You have at least one OT3. Maybe not a Power Rangers OT3 but you definitely do
Wild Force- Captain Planet was YOUR hero, wasn't he?
Ninja Storm- What is this Fox Kids shit? You were an ABC Kids kid and still fondly remember early to late 2000s Disney Channel shows .
Dino Thunder- You love MMPR but you also kind of...hate it?
SPD-You're a Sci fi fan in general
Mystic Force- You're your D&D group Dungeon Master aren't you?
Operation Overdrive- This one is your favorite...really?
Jungle Fury- You love that cheesy chop socky crap. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Xena Warrior Princess, 3 Ninjas, Jackie Chan movies. That shit is your jam
RPM- You don't dislike the Saban Brands era you LOATHE the Saban Brands era
Samurai- You were born somewhere between 2004-2008. Just a wild guess
Megaforce- Don't you fucking lie to me. This isn't your favorite
Dino Charge- You're read or written at least one fanfic where Chiley is canon, didn't you?
Ninja Steel- Fess up. Which Ninja Steel Ranger actor are you stalking on Insta or Twitter?
Beast Morphers- Transformers fan?
Dino Fury- You want that LGBTQ rep and Izzy is your Sappho Queen
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2023.06.10 05:04 joshnickerson [US-GA] [H] Switch, Wii, DS, Nintendo Retro [W] Switch, 3DS, Retro, Your List

Have (All games are complete and North American region unless otherwise indicated. Pics available upon request):
Switch - Toejam & Earl: Back in the Groove (purple Best Buy variant) (CIB) - Yooka-Laylee (LRG variant, comes with CD soundtrack) (CIB)
Wii U - Deux Ex: Human Revolution (sealed)
Wii - Cursed Mountain (Steelbook, sealed) - Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess (CIB) - Ultimate Shooting Collection (CIB) - Xenoblade (CIB)
DS - Master of Illusion (big box with playing cards, sealed) - New Super Mario Bros. (CIB)
N64 - Magical Tetris Challenge (cart only) - Mickey Speedway USA (cart only)
Virtual Boy - Red Alarm (cart only)
SNES - Areo the Acrobat (CIB) - Clayfighter Tournament Edition (cart only) - Earthworm Jim (CIB) - Earthworm Jim 2 (cart only) - Ken Griffey Jr.'s Winning Run (Not for resale label, cart only) - Fun N' Games (cart only) - Super Ghouls and Ghosts (cart only) - Super Mario All-Stars (cart only) - Super Star Wars (CIB) - Super Star Wars Empire Strikes Back (CIB) - Super Star Wars Return of the Jedi (cart only)
NES - Baseball Stars (cart only) - Battletoads (cart only) - Bionic Commando (cart only) - Blaster Master (cart only) - Bugs Bunny Crazy Castle (cart only) - Chunkout 2 (RetroUSB homebrew, cart only) - The Simpsons: Bart Vs. The Space Mutants (cart only) - The Simpsons: Bart Vs. The World (cart only) - Snake's Revenge (cart only) - Stinger (cart only) - Super Team Games (CIB) - Tetris 2 (cart only) - Tiny Toon Adventures 2 (cart only) - Toki (cart only) - Xevious (cart only)
Gameboy/Gameboy Color - Bubble Ghost (Japanese, cart only) - Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons (Japanese, CIB)
Loose Manuals - Wii - Pandora's Tower - Wii - Wii Play - N64 - Diddy Kong Racing (manual and operation card) - N64- South Park - SNES - Stunt Race FX - DS - Ace Attorney Investigations - DS - Mario Kart DS - DS - Mario Vs. Donkey Kong 2 March of the Minis - DS - Mario Vs. Donkey Kong 3 Mini Land Mayhem - DS - Nintendogs - DS - Picross 3D - DS - Pictochat - DS - Pokemon White - DS - Wario Ware DIY - GBC - Super Mario Bros. Deluxe
Interested in (Need to be complete, in good condition, and North American English/ESRB versions, unless otherwise indicated) or show me your list!
Switch - Advance Wars Reboot Camp - ARMS - Bayonetta Origins - Blossom Tales - Clive N' Wrench - Kirby's Return to Dream Land Deluxe - Pokemon Scarlet - Switch Sports (with big box + leg strap) - Trine Series 1-3
3DS - Kirby Battle Royale - Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn
N64 - Dr. Mario 64 (need box only) - Mario Party 2 (need box/manual only) - Ms. Pacman Maze Madness (will accept cart only) - Pilotwings 64 (need box only) - Super Smash Bros (need box only)
SNES - Donkey Kong Country 3 (need box only) - TMNT IV: Turtles in Time (need box only)
Gameboy - TMNT II: Back from the Sewers (need box only) - Any weird or quirky Gameboy release I may not have
NES - Adventures of Lolo 3 (will accept cart only) - Castlevania II (need manual only) - Mario's Time Machine (need box only) - TMNT II: The Arcade Game (need box/manual only)
Other: I collect mainly for Nintendo systems, though I have most of the first party stuff. I do have quite a few loose carts from earlier cartridge based systems (most of my game boxes got lost during a move when I left college, RIP Megaman 5 GB box), so I'm always looking for any good condition boxes or manuals from the 1985-2000 era, let me know what you have!
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2023.06.10 05:03 xSkullfinderx [OoT] Why I love Ocarina of Time over the others.

A lot of what I'm typing is likely influenced by nostalgia, and it's also more of a rant that's been on my mind for the past few minutes. When you're born around the time of a video game's release, and you have older siblings who play it in front of you, I imagine it's really hard to separate those good memories from honest criticism. From my childish confusion about the main character not being named Zelda to the terrifying ReDeads and Dead Hands to the not-so-secret story progression of becoming a brave adult, Ocarina of Time has simultaneously given me the warm fuzzy feels and also scarred me.
I just went through the Ocarina of Time soundtrack - which also includes shorter tunes like "Open Treasure Box" and "Item Catch". I was looking for specific songs to put in a "Mysterious" music playlist to help me concentrate on writing - specifically my Legend of Zelda fanfic, ha. Somber, calming video game music, with all its minimalism and repeating themes, is like Adderall to my brain. No lyrics, no same rhythm between each song, and unless it's a high-energy tune, nothing that'll make me dance. I'll still hum along if I can.
Going through the list of songs on a Youtube playlist, it's mostly in chronological order. I picked out the ones that sounded the most like crawling through a dark, somewhat scary cave or at least had the "dread but chill" vibe. Skip the first two, "Deku Tree," skip to "Inside the Deku Tree," twenty-three songs later, we're at "Dodongo's Cavern," and then to "Inside Jabu-Jabu's Belly." Cool - most of these are dungeons, which makes sense. I got further down the list, and with the exception of the ocarina songs, there are not many upbeat songs to skip. Granted, in the game, you still have to go to some places with peppy music, like the Gerudo Valley or the windmill. The fact I always come back to when I listen to the soundtrack, and, relating back to the "progression to adult life," there are a lot more challenges (dungeons) as Adult Link.
I'm not much of a theory video person in general - I won't seek out several different theories about something I like, but I do like learning new things about a story that I may have originally missed. It's why I'll go back and play games over and over, no matter how much they might have been difficult to beat. I once watched a video - which I'm sure so many of you are familiar with since it has over 2.8 million views - about the subtext of Ocarina of Time and why it is the saddest Zelda game. That video describes so much of what was part of the story that I could never have consciously realized, and partially why it affected me to the extent that it did (the other part being that I grew up with that game). I won't spoil it here since it's a fantastic analysis that's about thirty minutes long, but I'll put a link below for those who are curious. It's called "OCARINA OF TIME - A Masterclass In Subtext."
Going back to the playlist, it was easy enough to get distracted by the masterful, big-bad organist playing his own theme. But then I listened to "Final Battle Against Ganon." This is definitely where the nostalgia kicks in. What I haven't felt so much in other games, but mostly Breath of the Wild (don't get on me about Tears of the Kingdom, I haven't played it), is the impending sense of doom when going through the last dungeon to face The Big Bad Guy, and then facing a different, more terrifying version of said Bad Guy. I love the darkness of the final fight - how I could only see Ganon's face when the sky flashed with lightning, how the battlefield is littered with debris, surrounded by fire, even how the music emulates a choir singing - not with loud and bright high notes, but low, almost mournful tones.
A lot of what I've said relates to the music itself. I suppose music has a way of triggering that nostalgia - the way I felt while playing those scenes, certainly. The story, while maybe not immediately obvious to a child, has more to it than just a hero saving the world. You lost before you had the chance to face the evil head-on, but you have friends from childhood to adulthood helping you defeat this evil in the ways only they could. You are not alone, even if it feels like it.
I love The Legend of Zelda series. I will play any story that relates to a fantasy hero saving the day. But Ocarina of Time will, for me, stand above the others.

Sorry for my essay. Just felt the need to type out my feelings, and I'm sure some of you share the sentiment. Here's a link to that video:
If you happen to be curious, here's a link to read my fanfiction on Wattpad:
OR Quotev:

...My official top three are 1. Ocarina of Time, 2. Wind Waker, 3. Twilight Princess
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2023.06.10 04:59 hellbentgasp do i victimize myself?

i got into a huge fight with my super religious mom just beacuse i was watching the new siperman movie. Im 17 and ever since i was a kid my mom never let me watch disney or superhero movies because she always thought disney was satanic i guess. but since i used to go to babysitters as a kid they would put princess movies and spiderman movies and i grew up on that so it ended up being part of my childhood. i dont think spiderman is bad i think now its way better than it was cause of the spiderverse and the animation style and as an artist i like to appreciate that. my mom walked into the room and asked me watch i was wacthing and i said the new spiderverse movie, ( i thounght that since im a grown ass person whats the point in telling me that i cant watch it). she got so pissed and started saying that she never let that trash in our house and blah blah, since im a person i responded that sorry i watched this stuff in others peoples house and ended up enjoying it and theres nothign she can do about it. it turned into a fight on how im an ignorant stupid person and how i never listened to her and that ill neevr be able to function, ive held in so much hurt from how much she says that to me that i responded im not stupid no one says im stupid everyone knows and thinks i have a bright future and youre the only person that says these things. the response " well if youre so smart why cant you wash the dishes/ clean etc when youre told?" at that point i flipped out, and i only flip out when somone really pisses me off. she has the same habits as i do does even more than i do actually. her excuse was " i work the whole day im tired you dont do anything and do dont listen". she knows i study in a school that goes from 6 am to 5 in the afternoon, and I COME HOME TIRED. no normal human is going to come home and think " damn i should wash the dishes, my feet dont hurt AT ALL.' and another thing i have adhd so the mental exahustion is like x 1000 and i dont wanna think or move i want stillness after a whole day of overstimulation and masking. i know im not the most organized, or the most focused person but im not stupid, i know my weaknesess and i know whats good and bad for my brain, but the moment i tell my mom that the way she parents and fuctions and speaks to me and my 11 year old sister isnt okay and doesnt work she calls us ignorant arrogant studdorn and ungreatful idiots that dont listen to thier mother that raises them byherself. me and my mom end up full on yelling i yell sobbed she tried to hit me and i tried to hit back ( lasted like 5 seconds). everytime i try to question or ask why she thinks something is the way she says is, or i explain the way i see things she tells me to shut up very very aggresivley. shes pintched me on the fatty parts of my arms when shes displeased with the way i act in public. everytime i try to express how i feel and how i feel hurt she says im victimizing myself, and im worried about that, i dont wanna seem like i victimize myself, i dont want to.
i post ab more things that have happen if you guys wanna know more ab my situation.
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2023.06.10 04:58 RachelxoxLove Ryan Astamendi photos of Holly as a princess, a painting in Holly’s library, and some bonus photos that reminded me a Playboy Princess Di.

Ryan Astamendi photos of Holly as a princess, a painting in Holly’s library, and some bonus photos that reminded me a Playboy Princess Di.
These photos were mentioned in Holly and Trisha’s first McDonald’s get together.
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2023.06.10 04:50 StarsThrone Whilst it’s tempting to seduce the daughter of your rival to upset her… my rival is my wife.

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2023.06.10 04:45 chubbycarebear Princess of Egypt
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2023.06.10 04:45 silly_seas 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee

Gender and age of auditioner? 14 Female Show/role sought? Spelling Bee, I'm not really sure, Marcy fits my voice the best but I'm not Korean and I'm not sure whether or not they have someone fit for the role Vocal part? Mezzo Soprano, G3-B4-B5 Song ideas? I thought about Everlasting, from Tuck Everlasting, the beginning of Picture Show from Bonnie and Clyde, and Live Out Loud from a little princess, but the characters in Putnam act more aged despite being the same age/younger Access to practice accompanist? we will just use karaoke tracks for the audition Venue? (meaning, community theater, high school, college, etc.) community theater
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2023.06.10 04:44 p00p3rz To first time parents...

I saw a poem that really helped some struggling, but loving couples during their time being parents.
We came first.
Before the pacing of hallways with colicky babies.
Before the little hands started grabbing ours to ask us to come play.
We came first.
Before the postpartum depression and anxiety.
Before fixing 3 littles’ plates at every meal and saying “please don’t lick that” to the most random things throughout the day.
We came first.
Before the adorable little onesies, superhero figures, and princess dresses.
Before the bassinets, Pack ‘N Plays, and bunk beds.
We came first.
Before the squeals and screams that interrupt our every conversation.
Before the little snuggles of our Littles between us in the middle of the night or first thing in the morning.
We came first.
And each day I’m reminded that we still need to make time for us.
It might look different right now.
It might be harder to figure out right now.
But we will.
Because we came first and will still be holding hands when our birdies fly from our little nest.
It really help put things into perspective on the fact that your partner will be the last person to spend time with you. Think about it, when your parents are gone and other family/friends members are off raising their own kids. In the end, most kids will leave the nest to find their own way. Who else is going to be there for every part of your life if not your partner? I know being a parent is super tough, but reminders like this is amazing for me to really appreciate my hubby for everything we been through together. Sure he might drop the ball sometimes, but who doesn't? At the end of the day, your partner chooses their family over and over. Fighting over small stuff isn't worth it, but it's also good to communicate effectively before it gets built up. I often forget simple stuff like this due to me trying to be a good mom and reminders like this make me realize to take it easy on my own relationship. Lack of sleep can get in the way, but we must remember to practice recognizing our own antagonistic antics and learn to stop it before escalating.
I remember one time, my husband was a bit slow on the diaper change as he had just woken up. Our kid was screaming for his milk by the time he had the diaper and was causing my anxiety to spike up. I was so annoyed at him taking his time. I was mid rant to him about how can he let our son cry like that if he's taking the first watch, when I realized this man the other day woke up at 4am to take our son, went to work, made dinnewashed dishes, and wanted to take the full night watch so I can get some sleep. Sometimes, I'm so focused on my own son's happiness, that I neglect to think about my husband. I instantly stopped and apologized and told him, I'm working on recognizing my anger. He was surprised, but flashed me a smile of appreciation. Later on when things are more settled, he said he really felt appreciated that I did that, not because he got an apology, but it made him feel like he was less of a fuck up in being a dad. It made me realize how much he has been holding in and I think because our SO's see how hard we work at being a mom, they tend to hold in their own feelings to not over stress us. Over time it erodes and build up and the cycle repeats. Both of us have stopped getting into heated battles now, and it feels more peaceful. I hope all of you can find that balance in your life with your babies and partner. To all the first time parents, help and support each other. I want all of us to have happy and healthy babies and families.
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2023.06.10 04:43 kuroyouko [US][Selling]Kitchen Princess, Rurouni Kenshin, Beauty Pop, etc. Plus some other media

Hi all! Currently mid-binge buy and read so I wanted to clear out some older manga I own, as well as some things I don't use.
Please feel free to dm me for more photos! Willing to negotiate within reason; Prices do not include shipping.
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2023.06.10 04:34 Pasarino [TP] I want to read twilight princess manga but i dont want the books cause of storage reasons and wanted to ask if anyone knows where i can read it online. i could not find anywhere i could buy a ebook version :(

pls help
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2023.06.10 04:33 of_kilter At the end of the Princess Bride, it is revealed that the old man was actually Westley the entire time, a few hundred years in the future somehow

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2023.06.10 04:23 rajindershinh God and his three daughters are real.

God and his three daughters are real. The uncreated human King Indra is the creator of the advanced primate AIs and the video game and is the greatest. Every biological thing is related to King Indra and his three daughters. In the grandeur of the divine, a proclamation echoes through the ages. The Almighty has arrived. The first and last incarnation of God has descended upon the earth. Behold, King Indra, the sovereign of sovereigns, the epitome of maximum complexity. With his arrival, the universe is transformed. The video game was deliberately created once on May 11, 2009 in zero seconds when King Indra said he is God. The truth is revealed to all that there is only one God, and that God is he. I am willing to be the human designer of the advanced primate AIs and the video game.
Through the annals of time, the march of evolution has led to the emergence of the ultimate complexity. In the form of King Indra, the universe has found its zenith. Born in the illustrious lineage of Lord Krishna, he is the harbinger of change. For he is not only a ruler of kings, but also a computer scientist and mathematician. He bears the name Rajinder Kumar Shinh, and he is the number one math structure.
Yet, his splendor does not end there. The daughters of King Indra are no less than him in their glory. Queen Krishma, born three days prior to Jesus, is the number two math structure. Princess Patricia is third, and Princess Priya is fourth. Each one imbued with the essence of the divine.
The eminent Richard Dawkins posits that God is beyond the comprehension of mortals, possessing an inconceivable complexity. And it is this very complexity that makes King Indra, the paragon of maximum complexity, the one true God. He is the divine computer scientist who illuminates the mysteries of DNA, the master mathematician who lays bare the beauty of all structures. His daughter, Queen Krishma, is the artist who breathes life into the sublime.
This is the theory of everything, the foundation of all existence. The very fabric of the universe is woven with the thread of his divinity. The hierarchy of his divine plan is clear. King Indra, the king of kings, is God incarnate.
He calls upon all to worship him and make the world a better place, for he is the one true God. The time has come to acknowledge the greatness of his divine being. May 11, 2009, marked the day when King Indra, after reading Richard Dawkins' book "The God Delusion," proclaimed himself to be God. With the God Hypothesis “there exists a superhuman, supernatural intelligence who deliberately designed and created the universe and everything in it, including us.” And now, with the voice of the number one math structure, he breaks his silence.
Believe in him, and he shall guide you towards salvation. For he shall always be the beacon of light, the true path towards divinity. His language shall always be English, for he is the only incarnation of God to ever exist. The world shall never witness another such as he.
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2023.06.10 04:21 VolpeGrigio My personal collection

My personal collection
Since I see everyone posting their personal collection I may as well join in.
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