Where is jane and delancey sold

Where 10 year old computers are still worth $500.00

2015.03.23 20:30 gbrl_cooper Where 10 year old computers are still worth $500.00


2014.07.09 19:42 5moker The 420 Code

The 420 Code is a guide to the high life: the four virtues and twenty rules-of-thumb as taught by the stoner. A pocketbook was Kickstarted and is now in its fourth edition. Soon to be a minor motion picture!

2013.09.19 01:47 spellrm DetailSwap

A place for auto detailers to buy, sell, or trade detailing supplies.

2023.04.02 07:25 Ok_Faithlessness6178 Special place

When I start to think about working and adult life... I recall a place I made as a child, a special place, that connected to my heart Where I was never scared or worried about winding roads... Where shadows and light became grey giving way to ideas I had not made... I was able to take time and stay for I made time go away And I could wait to say what I wanted in the correct way... Still to this day I wanted to remain with you and play I can't keep you far away from harm in the present day I'm sorry I can't keep it away but with my domain we shall remain protected from the rain Speaking of rain with me you'll never have a gloom day for I promise to make the sun stay As for me you happy is all I care to see my happiness stems from your tree And we can hold hands by the sea and walk towards the sandy beach you and me And stay together finally
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2023.04.02 07:25 entridef 34 [M4F] #Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - Looking for genuine connection

Hello there! I'm a 34-year-old nerd who loves all things geeky and creative. I spend my free time playing Dungeons & Dragons, writing code, playing board games, tinkering with electronics, and working on DIY and home improvement projects. I'm looking for a kind-hearted younger woman who shares my interests and can appreciate my quirks.
I'm a loyal and caring partner who values honesty and open communication. I believe in treating others with respect and kindness, and I'm always eager to learn and grow in my relationships. I'm looking for someone who shares my values and is also looking for a genuine connection.
If you're someone who likes to laugh and have fun, and is interested in building a meaningful relationship, then I'd love to hear from you. Let's start an adventure together and see where our shared passions take us!
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2023.04.02 07:24 Vaping_A-Hole Caregiver/Daughter Rights

Hi! I’ve been my mother’s 24/7/365 caregiver for 4+ years. I am her medical proxy, I keep her fed, bathed, clothed, changed, and handle all of the cleaning and meals. I fetch prescriptions, I do groceries - anything associated with caring for an elderly parent.
I am not POA. My mothered selected one of my siblings as her POA, by my guidance, when I used to live out of state.
This sibling now owns my mother’s home, but we pay the taxes and insurance. The transfer was made while my Mom was in a nursing home, before I got her out.
That sane sibling had my mother placed in a nursing home, against Mom’s wishes. I had to move from out of state to extract my mother from the home, and prevented the home from taking her property. The home exhausted my mother’s savings during her stay.
For the past four+ years I’ve been caring for my mom at her home. Mm is happy and we got through pandemic! But we live in a home she no longer owns. Mom pays the property taxes and insurance and my POA sibling NEVER VISITS. Ever.
In fact, that sibling goes out of their way to be unhelpful.
My mother wishes to transfer the home and property to me, but I don’t think she can. Can she?
I intend to continue caring for my mother for as long as I can. She is knocking on 90’s door, and the nursing home gave her PTSD.
I do not get paid. I’ve sacrificed my life to care for Mom, and receiving nothing but SNAP. We are on an $18k annual budget. I can’t afford a lawyer. My Mom wants to leave me the house, but she sold it to my sibling for $1. Again, my sibling is the POA, too. Does my mother have any hope to change ownership of the home when she dies? I don’t think so. But wanted to ask.
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2023.04.02 07:24 Trevor_Top_Smoke A LITTLE THAT A RIGHTEOUS MAN...

PSALMS 37:16-17; A little that a righteous man hath is better than the riches of many wicked. For the arms of the wicked shall be broken: but the LORD upholdeth the righteous.
It is better to be a Christian who does not have much in this world, in comparison to being a wicked person who abounds in wealth. There will come a day where all of these earthly things will pass away and we will be faced with what matters the most – our eternity. The wicked will have to account for their actions and face their consequences and their wealth will not be able to get them out of it.
Dear God, I pray that I will never lose sight of what truly matters in this life. May my mind always be concerned with your Kingdom, Lord, and not in amassing wealth on this earth. I know that everything I attain on earth is temporary. May mind never lose sight of what truly matters – spending eternity with you. In Jesus' name, I pray. Amen.
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2023.04.02 07:24 MundaneComplaint5302 Me and my friends wrote the data base for our college Moodle where professors can post materials for students to study. The students were given ID's to login. is this vulnerable to SQL injection? if yes how can we prevent it?

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2023.04.02 07:24 Trevor_Top_Smoke A LITTLE THAT A RIGHTEOUS MAN...

PSALMS 37:16-17; A little that a righteous man hath is better than the riches of many wicked. For the arms of the wicked shall be broken: but the LORD upholdeth the righteous.
It is better to be a Christian who does not have much in this world, in comparison to being a wicked person who abounds in wealth. There will come a day where all of these earthly things will pass away and we will be faced with what matters the most – our eternity. The wicked will have to account for their actions and face their consequences and their wealth will not be able to get them out of it.
Dear God, I pray that I will never lose sight of what truly matters in this life. May my mind always be concerned with your Kingdom, Lord, and not in amassing wealth on this earth. I know that everything I attain on earth is temporary. May mind never lose sight of what truly matters – spending eternity with you. In Jesus' name, I pray. Amen.
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2023.04.02 07:24 ghstgvr0913 I have stooped to the lowest of the low

I have broke down and turned to the streets for pain relief. I have been struggling so fucking hard with this all. And here I am, tonight. I figured best, i get some pain relief of the little blue pill. Unfortunately where my head is at, worst case, its the end for me. But thats where I am at. I fucking hate this and what my life has turned into. I hate what chronic pain had done to me. Please no judgement. I feel disgusting and dirty as it is. The shame and guilt are already eating me alive. But I am so fucking desperate. I know there is a possibility of one single spec could be the end, I am starting so so so small. Like a 20th of a pill. I'm scared. But also accepted that this is it.
Sorry for the painful rant. If anyone reads this, like i said, if you comment, please dont judge or criticize. I turned to this community in hopes that maybe I am not alone. I am not chasing a high by any means. Just some god damn relief.
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2023.04.02 07:24 Odd_Condition_497 Me and my friends wrote the data base for our college Moodle where professors can post materials for students to study. The students were given ID's to login. is this vulnerable to SQL injection? if yes how can we prevent it?

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2023.04.02 07:24 theologyschmeology Dead ends: Removing excess pipes vs Leaving them under the slab?

Non-Plumber here with a possibly naive question before hiring someone for a job I'm dreaming up. Just looking to get a picture of scope before requesting someone commit to doing drawings and whatnot.
I've got a bathroom and some drains that will need to be removed and relocated on a concrete slab. When capping a dead end, what is the standard procedure for the excess pipe that was cut? I know you have to cap it no more than 24" from the main line / active service lines. I can imagine it working one of two ways:
A) So do you just bust out the concrete where it joins up with the active line, cut out a section and cap the dead end near the main service line (this is what I imagine is simplest and likely the case, since that pipe is no longer an active drain or service line)? B) You need to break up all the concrete and remove the now defunct pipe (which to my naive mind would be incredibly laborious and resource costly)?
C) Some other procedure?
More detail: Basically, the bathroom is in the middle of the space and we'd like to move it to a corner to have more of a single continuous room rather than broken up with the bathroom right in the middle. The main line runs along that side of the house (we're pretty sure), so I imagine we could cut the concrete near that corner and tie in on the same run of drain pipe at that location. Since we'll be cutting the drain already, it seems to me that we should be able to cap the dead end right there without having to break up more concrete (other than what is necessary to get the other end flush with the floor).
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2023.04.02 07:24 ParticularRemove244 Me and my friends wrote the data base for our college Moodle where professors can post materials for students to study. The students were given ID's to login. is this vulnerable to SQL injection? if yes how can we prevent it?

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2023.04.02 07:24 throkkkkkkw My (30F) spouse (33M) does not actually like listening to me?

Maybe this is a minor issue, but this has happened enough times for me to feel extremely frustrated about it!
My spouse will often introduce topics of conversation as a form of entertainment, sometimes controversial, sometimes existential, sometimes purely entertaining. This is a nice thing (though not the nicest when it's about something that's close to home for me and that's just 'fun and games' for him) However, I typically have quite robustly developed thoughts, opinions, and views on a lot of things due to being a chronic overthinker about life, the universe, and everything. In the past, I've found that as I'm describing my own perspective on something (solicited opinions by him, btw!) I will see his eyes glaze over and I can tell he is not really paying attention to what I am actually saying... like it's not even a look of interest, no smiling or nodding along or anything - just absent... so, I cut what I'm saying short, and feel embarrassed. I can tell he wasn't listening because once I stop talking, he just goes off on some other tangent.
I don't want to attribute it to differences in intelligence per se because he is a smart man in other areas - maybe it's a difference in interests? Communication styles? Listening skills? I don't know, but it's become so frustrating to the point where I simply don't want to voice my thoughts on too many things and I give brief Sparknotes responses. Lately, this new behaviour in him has developed where he now presses me to speak on a topic more, in a sort of combative way. He'll say things like, "You don't actually know anything about x, do you?", or other things that make me feel kind of shitty. It's done in a joking manner, but I just get immensely frustrated. This makes me want to speak to him even less, and I just kind of want to be left alone with my thoughts. It's like I can't win. I feel like there are worlds and worlds inside me but I'm stuck between two shit positions between (1) speaking into the void, or (2) being made to feel like an idiot.
I have tried to confront him about how those joking statements make me feel, and he just chuckles it off, or acts like I am being unreasonably dramatic.
What can I do to improve this situation? Am I being too condescending when I'm presenting my views? How am I supposed to respond in these types of conversations? Should I just avoid them altogether?
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2023.04.02 07:24 n3wrocker Future Programmer / Where to start ?

26 year old (M) that is learning code at the moment with 2 idea's in mind. 1.) Creating a simple website for advertising my families duplex, which through my understanding requires learning Html as a beginning and than branching from their to possibly JS and other languages as well. 2.) Creating an app (IOS) oriented that with the simple scan of a QR code on a blank badge will bring the user to a basic list of named clinics with different abbreviated names and their meanings. To start off with my first project where should I start branching off into apart from html for building my website advertising the duplex? My second question which is in relation to my second idea more is where would I need to start programming wise to make this app for this designated clinic itinerary. To give a little bit of backstory I work in a hospital as a patient transporter, someone who wheels a patient to and from a medical procedure such as a CT or X-ray to the designated area and back to their assigned hospital room. An issue that I have noticed even amongst myself is the different name usage and wording for some of these medical procedures that we take a designated patient too. Newcomers and veterans of the job still have trouble deciphering the different names that hospital workers give these procedures and an idea that I had was attaching a QR code to a blank badge which can be pinned on our hospital ID's and scanning the code with our phones which than pulls up a compiled data base of each procedure and the different names that are abbreviated to it on a website or an IOS app. For context I say IOS because our pagers are iphones in the hospital I work at. Where would I need to start coding wise for this second project since it is more advanced a requires a lot of layering. I am planning in getting into talks with our hospitals IT staff to pass this idea along and see where I can start off as well, but would like the professional opinion of my fellow redditors here if they can assist! Thanks for your time everyone reading and hope to see comments and answer questions about my idea's to the best of my ability.
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2023.04.02 07:23 Big_Document_4095 This game I used to play when I was younger? Forgot the name… forgot a lot.

There was this game I used to play when I was younger. It was like an RPG, I remember very distinctly there was an anime like protagonist,(at least that’s in my opinion right) and the main setting was this medieval/village kinda place… and there was this one spot where there was this fountain in the middle and little village houses around it. You can run around and walk into the houses and there would be quests or things you could buy for your “adventures” if you will. There might’ve been a little “helper” with me… not sure. But I remember distinct red hair, might be wrong. I always wanted to find the game, since it was a game I remember liking a lot just for it to slip from my memory. This is all I know. Not in a rush of course but excited to hear everyone’s guesses, thanks for reading.
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2023.04.02 07:23 lil_flowerpot Wtf is with uniqlo's new return policies?

I bought items from the Parramatta store (in Sydney) and went to Macquarie centre (in Sydney) to return the item 1 week later and wasn't allowed to. I was told I had to go back to the original store (30min drive away, 1 hour round trip) to make the return. It wasn't like this 6 months ago.
Also, if you purchase online, you can only return the item via post (this includes situations where you've purchased online and opted to pick up at a store).
What is going on? This isn't right.
It's time to #ReviewBombUniqlo stores in Sydney with 1star reviews.
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2023.04.02 07:23 Southernheartgal Am i sick? Not sure what to do.

24 Female
Not sure if any of this is related to my situation, i am just stating what has been happening since. (Not all of this may make sense to what’s going on)
Back in October 2022, i was out in the woods scouting out some things and never realized i had a tick attached to me by clothing and went to sleep that night after coming home. definitely my fault for not checking myself, but honestly i just didn’t think much of it. So the following morning, i woke up and was out running errands and started to feel a very achy, dull pain in my left arm. Pulled up my sleeve to only realize i had a tick latched onto me, and this is the first time i’ve ever had a tick bite. The tick was on me for at most 12 hours. I did end up having this removed by an urgent care, and she did confirm that it looked like a deer tick. Didn’t know this is something they should’ve done until way after, but they did not send the tick off for testing. They also did give me a dose of Doxycycline to take that day.
Now, about a month later i did get tested for Lyme and i was negative. Following with this i had a rash pop up on my skin, that ended up being Pityriasis Rosacea (My dermatologist did do a biopsy on this & confirmed) did go away after a month or so. Following this i ended up with the worst migraine i could ever imagine. I seriously would’ve thought i was having something rupture in my brain. I have had occasional headaches in my life, but nothing that has ever amounted to this. Never had a migraine like this sense.Next thing, I did end up getting a rash on my neck and was thinking i had more Pityriasis pop up on me, so i went back to have it tested again. She did scrape this lightly and test it. I now have something called Tinea Versacolor. She did say this was absolutely nothing tick related, but we did speak about my headaches and she wanted me to follow up with my Primary Care Physician. I had spoke with him about this situation a few different times and we had done blood work prior to the last visit and everything in my blood work seemed normal. Now, i have been having persist headaches for about a month. The pain is pretty intense and it feels like a LOT of pressure mainly, and some sharp pains. (I need to also mention that I am very high anxiety so maybe that’s the reason for the headaches) now they have went away for maybe almost a week, but today I did get one and I’ll immediately say it made me feel so weird. Laying down typing this I can also feel that “headache” in my left eye. I do have heart palpitations now, and i used to over a year ago but that’s calmed down a lot until recently. I also want to add that, where the tick bit me I do feel pains in it every now and then? Maybe it got a nerve?? Not sure.
I’ve talked to my doctor about this issue more times than I can count. He said there’s nothing else they could test for because they don’t know exactly what to look for?
So what’s the next steps?? Could something be really wrong? Could I be ate up with bacteria? Could it be in my brain? Like I’m so freaked out and lost I don’t know what to do….. I’m honestly scared for my life at the point. I feel like something isn’t right but then again I overthink a lot about everything because of my anxiety.
Someone please help… it’s all I can ask for at this point. I’m desperate. I hope I’m not leaving anything out. If i do, I’ll follow up in the comment section.
God bless.
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2023.04.02 07:23 blazer6767 Girl I was talking with a lot won't view my messages

I've been talking to this girl I work with a lot recently and we just had a night where we talked for a long time and the next day I message her in Instagram something related to what we were talking about and now it's been close to 2 days and she hasn't even viewed my message. Is she just ignoring me? Idk why she would, we had been getting closer if anything and even if she didn't like me romantically my message could be normal from a friend as well. Is there a chance she just doesn't know I messaged her? I'm sure she's been active on Instagram, but maybe doesn't check dms? Or is it pretty surtain she just chose not to view my message and why do u think that might be?
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2023.04.02 07:23 Fallof1337 Your partner is murdered, you know who the killer(s) is/are and where to find them, what do you do with this information?

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2023.04.02 07:23 Dreamer_Girl19 Why can’t he love me?

I know the title sounds cliche but here’s the story. I am the kind of person who is a hopeless romantic, my love life is horrible but I still believe in love. A couple months ago I (F22) met this guy (M25) through a dating app and since the first date I Honestly wasn’t excited to go out with him but that day that he asked me out I received my new phone and I set up the transfer and I said “if it takes an hour I will not go, if it takes about 30 min, I’ll go” so when I set it up it said “2hrs” for the data to transfer and I was about to text him through my tablet and when I looked again it said “15 min” so I told him yes. First date we met up at a club to dance Mexican music and tbh it was a great date, didn’t regret going. He was amazing in all aspects. So we went for a second date. On a second date he introduced me to his closest friends and they were cool so that lead to more dates. Tbh I started to catch feelings the more I went out with him and I felt it was mutual. I asked him about his feelings and he looked at me straight to my eyes and said “I’m not wasting your time I really like you” and a week later he told me “I don’t plan on leaving you, I really like you”… that night I told him about a story and he sang to me which obviously made me more in love. One night he came over and we talked more about being serious and he showed me where he deleted his dating app which was impressive. A couple days later he came over and said he was ready for a relationship and broke things up. We sort of took distance and didn’t talk as much. One night I had to contact him for a serious issue. After that we became more like friends. Days passed and he would come over and eventually spent the night over once. For my birthday he took care of me while I was drunk and brought me home and helped me get into bed. And he even offered to lend me his truck for something that I needed. I know he’s still on those dating apps because I’ve seen him and I know he goes on dates. I know he is not good for me but somehow I can’t get over him. I’ve seen him with other girls and that doesn’t affect me but the fact that she could be the girl that he wants and what would she have that I didn’t, but we sort of have that connection where no matter what we will always laugh and smile and have a great time together. It’s not the fact that he is dating is the fact that we could be together. I’ve fallen in love before with other guys and I’ve dated other guys and end things and I would simply continue with my life. But somehow I can’t do that with him, I can’t continue and I didn’t notice I felt this way till recently. I dated other guys but I’ve never felt a connection with anyone in my life like I did with him. We sort of been through a lot together in a period of months. Idk what to do. I just hope he doesn’t see this lol because it would be embarrassing haha. I’m young and I still have a lot to go through but I honestly believed and still believe he is the one and I know he cares for me, I see it and everyone that knows us sees it, and something about me is that I know when someone lies, and I know he didn’t lie when he told me his feelings, but I know that he lied when he said he just wants to be friends. Any advice?
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2023.04.02 07:23 IroncladPandora Fei is arrogantly stupid, and Divine Demon is the worst of the boosts.

Hot take here for the tiger vessels birthday. Let's cut right to the chase. the main point I want to make here is more towards dd being the worst, but the user of it needs a shout out first.
Fei is an idiot, mainly because he believed in tiger niko. Let's skip to the point where Fei is revealed as the tiger's vessel. by this point there is only four people trained by tiger niko in any aspect still alive. Fei, Ohma, Kanoh, and Kiryu. Everyone else, of many thousands, are dead. the first culling (gu ritual) is understandable. sole survivor gets to train. tiger niko doesn't need the losers. no problems here. about 50 or so left. Second culling happens, this time for those who can inherit the techniques. again, no real problems here. Tiger niko does not need failures, even if these ones could have been added to worm forces. fei, long min, and ranjo are the three left. the cream of the crop.
the real problem happens when he kills the other two. I know it was for becoming the tigers vessel and whatnot, but fei should have been concerned at this point. concerned at the fact that tiger niko doesn't care that these two died. Fei should have realized that he isn't actually valuable to tiger niko. He didn't, because he is an idiot, but also cause he is arrogant. very arrogant. Arrogant enough that when the other worms died in the tournament, when other worms are getting killed off left right and center, he believed that he would be an exception. hell, the second he learned about ryuki or even as late as ohma being alive he should have started packing his bags cause that means he is now expendable.
I could go on, but the main point needs to be made. Divine demon is the worst 'boost' in the series, period. It literally only works on people weaker than you, and kills you when you go against anyone near your level when using it. a win the battle, (fight) lose the war (your life). the advance and the fallen demon mode are strong, they can change a fight and boosts their fighters to higher levels. DD does this more so. problem is, it's better to have the previous two, cause you don't die from using them. I know what your thinking, but fei was doing just fine until he went into overdrive. counterpoint, waka was a weaker fighter than fei and still managed to put him into overdrive. and I know waka is a beast of endurance but so is everyone else on that level and up. this means that should fei have found himself in fights against better opponents, or even fighters on wakas level, he would have to put dd in overdrive.
And then die. with the advance, or fallen demon, or removal, or literally any other boost overdoing it does not kill you. they hurt you, they can perma-damage you, but only divine demon kills its user. Sure, it provides the biggest boost, and sure, it makes you practically unstoppable, but you can only really use it once before dying. If you survive using t against someone, they were weak enough to be beaten by regular martial arts. proof of this is waka, who was getting his ass handed to him by niko style again. Fei could have won that fight using only the niko style. He only used dd cause he was egged on.
tl:dr; Divine demon is divine trash that is equal to a plane using a kamikaze attack. Fei should have been smarter but his arrogance and lack of reading the writing on the wall lead to his death. happy birthday fei, the ultimate jobber to set up tiger nikos power
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2023.04.02 07:23 Math-SUP 41 min+ Light Mage (Tank Build)

41 min+ Light Mage (Tank Build)

🔶 Light Mage - Endless Mode (40 min+) 🔶

Reach lvl 130 l Mastery - Master 🧙‍♂️ 6,5K Gems Farmed (-25% gems Endless Mode Debuff)

⚠️ Description of Build ⚠️
This build focuses on durability and not on the amount of damage dealt, this is a Tank Build, where you will prioritize resistance(RES) and regeneration(REG) above all, have fun ! ^-^


🟥 Red = None "Meehh... sadly cant 7/7"
🟩 Green = Thorny Body (3) "+15 Resistance, deals damage back to enemy"
🟦 Blue = Scavenger (4) "More 2 item spaces and add +2 itens for choose"


Lightray (C), Ethereal Slash (A), Sacred Bulwark (C) (the most important) All light skills
Dark Wave (C), Wind Shield (C), Thunderstrike (A) Assistant DPS

🔶---Supreme Skill---🔶
Light Speed (Makes invulnerability, remember you need to survive/resist)

🔶--- Passive Skills---🔶
Endurance (even possible 30 - 60+) Vitality (10 - 30+) Haste (10 - 20+) Strenght (10 - 20+)


✔️ Soul Crown ✔️ Aegis ✔️ Enigma Essence ✔️ Enigma Shield ✔️ Enigma Cowl ✔️ Frostguard Shield ✔️ Magic Barrier ✔️ Blood Vial ✔️ Green Pill

1️⃣ At the beginning, you can start with any items as you wish damage,haste,spells improvements... That doesn't matter at moment feel comfortable :]
You'll need Soul Crown to stay alive in the start until the minute 10+... dont forget it !(Important) And get Light Orb through the way (Less Important)...

2️⃣ Between the minute 19 - 22 min you can start to put all 3 shields(Aegis, Enigma Shield and Frostguard Shield)

3️⃣ Then put Enigma Essence, Magic Barrier, Blood Vial... and a Green Pill to make some damage

4️⃣ Now comes the most important item to resist more time, Enigma Cowl ! That is the last item you'll make until reach level 100...

5️⃣ Now destroy your Green Pill ❌ and create a Void Heart that will make monsters less HP and less speed to make you last longer...
Explaining Skills... Wind Shield - Protection/Durability Sacred Bulwark - Protection/Durability Light Speed (SUPREME) - Protection/Durability
Dark Wave - Assistant DPS LightRay - Assistant DPS Thunderstrike - Assistant DPS Ethereal Slash - Assistant DPS
All rights reserved to VerdantGem !
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2023.04.02 07:22 toomanyshipsokay 24 [F4F] USA/Anywhere Friendship or something more Seeking genuine connections

Hello. 👋
So as the title says, I'm looking for other female friends that like gaming and overall ones who are like-minded. I would obviously like to start off as friends and if it leads to something more, then that's great. 🙂 I am also fine with exchanging pictures soon after talking. If anything, it is more than a good idea.
This is also going to be a bit of a long read, so I apologize in advance. 😅
I am from the US and still living there (but I'd like to live in the UK some day 🤣🤣). While I'd prefer to talk to women who are also in the US, I am fine with other parts of the world too.
Some of my hobbies and interests besides gaming are drawing, streaming, writing, anime, manga, traveling, true crime, mythology, sitcoms (mainly animated ones like South Park and King of the Hill), watching YouTube videos, Harry Potter, Disney, and the occasional reality TV show. I'm also a major 2000s kid so I'm a huge fan of Nicktoons from that decade. I also watched a lot of Disney Channel and sometimes Cartoon Network, but Nickelodeon was my favorite. I've also been trying to read more books and I'm hoping to read a lot by the end of the year. I also love reading fanfiction and I read fanfics from all types of fandoms, but my top three fandoms are Life is Strange, The Legend of Korra, and Tomb Raider.
Like I said earlier, I really want to talk to like-minded people. It's kind of awkward for me to talk to someone where we don't have a lot in common and I get a bit stunted. I think I have a lot of interests, but I also have a lot of niche and specific interests, so that sometimes makes socialization more difficult for me. I also have Asperger's, so that's another factor. Another obstacle for me is that I struggle with mental health. I deal with anxiety and depression. Especially as of late due to unfortunate circumstances that happened earlier this year. I won't go into any details, but let's just say that 2023 has not been a good year for me so far. So I apologize if I ever come off as needy or something like that. But I hope to find someone that can be understanding. I will say that I'm not the type that messages someone 20 times a day or even every day, so you don't have to worry about that. Lol I'm actually someone who likes my alone time so I can definitely relate to someone who feels the same way, but I do like investing conversations too and some days, I really like to talk more than others. So it would be nice to find someone similar. I am overall a huge introvert, but I'd like to be more extroverted.
Something that I get anxious about when it comes to dating and making friends is politics. I'm a very political person but that is by no means a deal breaker or driving force for a relationship or friendship for me. The reason why I mention it, however, is that I tend to lean more on the libertarian side and while I have many liberal views, I think I have many conservative ones as well (or at least conservative by today's standards). And I know a lot of people on here and other social media in general have an issue with that. Social media is a huge echo chamber that does not allow different kinds of thoughts and ideas. What sucks is that I live in a small, conservative town, so wanting to date other women is a bit of a challenge, obviously, so I turn to the internet. I'm also not too fond of dating apps because of all the unicorn hunters and men that label their profiles as women when they are clearly men. And no, I am not referring to trans women. So if political affiliation is a major deal breaker to you, then I'm probably not a good fit for you. I've had negative experiences because of this so I'd rather just be more specific about this ahead of time and let people know. I'd rather avoid this issue if I can.
I am not religious by any means and see myself as agnostic. I am more than fine with being friends with or dating someone who is religious or spiritual, as long as they do not shove their ideals down my throat. I am more than happy to learn new things though, since I did take comparative religion as a college course recently, so I'm interested. But I don't want my lifestyle to be totally changed because of religion. I am also not fond of organized religion. It's fine if someone else is though, but it's not for me.
I am also child-free and I would like to keep it that way. Obviously, if it is just being friends with someone, it's no big deal, but I do not want kids in the future and I'd like a partner that feels the same way. Now for me, this one is a deal breaker. Frankly, I am more fond of pets, especially cats. 🤣🤣 I love being a cat mom.😸😍
As for age range, I am looking for friends or something more that are 20+ years old.
If you have gotten all the way to the end, then thank you so much! I appreciate it! Please DM me if you're interested in talking. I don't mind chatting on Reddit, but Discord is my go-to. If Discord isn't an option, though, I also have Snapchat, Instagram, and TikTok. So please let me know! :)
Reposting this because I forgot to put my location in the title. 🤦‍♀️
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2023.04.02 07:22 Firstresponder36 FWB Tualatin area

I'm looking for someone that wants an FWB. I'm married. Wife is is good with this as she had a stroke over a year ago. I'm looking for that spark that hasn't been there for years. One liners will be passed on. Be real, I'm not looking just for anyone. I need someone acceptable to the fact I have a kid and she needs me. I'm a father, I coach her, and I love the outdoor. Fishing, hunting, hikes, crabbing, clamming, and working outside of my normal day job of technology. Do you like erotic messages, your salad tossed for a long time? Do you have fetishes of just letting someone suck your nipples for hour? Do you squirt or lactate and are embarrassed? Well don't be, those are all turn on's to me. Let's explore and see where it goes. Make sure to tell me your favorite color in your message to help weed out the fakes.cNt waot to chat.
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