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2023.06.09 15:57 smellslux Bluffing is the fastest way to lose money?

I’m a 5/10 Live player & would call myself Tight-Aggressive. I’m not a big fan of bluffing but have bluffed here and there with blockers or C-bet in position but would say like at 5% frequency, but most of these pots were small, never were more than 50 BB pots.
Scenario 1: I’ve been wanting to bluff for a long time. Game I played last Saturday was a 5/10 game with a lot of regulars & pretty much know all of them, most are NITs. Opponent in my hand was known to make huge lay downs. So he would fold AA to a check raise on wet boards, would fold straights on river when a back door flush hits Murli-way etc. players love to bluff him.
Starting stack : 7500$ . I had AKdd , I open UTG to 30, opponent 3-bets on Button to 75, I 4-bet to 225 & he calls. Flop A106 , I c-bet 150 & he calls 150. Turn 6, I bet 350, he calls 350. River 9, dint change a lot, I bet 400 for thin value & he raised me to 1000. If he raises on the river he pretty much has effective nuts, not nuts but atleast 3rd nuts or a better hand than mine. I knew he dint have AA as I block them , wasn’t calling 66 pre-flop to a 4-bet as I opened UTG. I felt he had 1010 & thought if I jam here he should fold 1010 or AK if he had in case for a 3X pot jam on river. With 6500 behind , I took few seconds & said “I’m all in!” Representing AA. I was saying I have the 2nd nuts AA full of 66s. He tanked for 2 minutes & said, u really have AA huh 🤔! It is what it is & ended up calling his whole stack which is 3000 behind with 1000 already in. I said “You have it “ & he showed pocket 1010s & won the pot with 1010s full of 66.
Scenario 2: I had AdQs on Jd10d7c3s8d run out. I had perfect blockers for nut flush & nut straight. It went XBet to me on river & I raised 2X pot on river & guy made a crying call with Q9o, he had nut straight.
After these 2 bluffs I said I’m not touching my money 😂
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2023.06.09 15:56 KirinCorleone Cat is scared of us

Hi, we are a couple who have adopted two cats. They are 8 months old and we got them when they were six months. They are not spayed and we are waiting for them to get comfortable with us completely before spaying them.
And thats the thing! Mia is scared of us. She circles around the sofa constantly. She runs away if our paths cross while walking around the house. If she senses us coming, she ll make sure she changes her path and is some distance away, staring at us.
The only way to approach Mia is with treats. Even then she is very very jumpy and we have to stay still as a statue. Any movement, while looking at her or looking away, sudden or slow, she twitches and then walks/ runs away. She doesnt hide under the furniture but stays behind them.
We dread any vet visits because getting her in the carrier is so exhausting for all of us. Any time, we touch the carrier, she simply runs and hides someplace, then we have to coax her out.
She loves to play but if the toy reaches near our legs or near our bodies, she ll slowly turn around and decide not to play anymore.
Maya on the other hand is super comfortable and rubs herself on our legs all the time. She loves pets and demand attention all of the time. She loves door handles and jumps on them to open them. She tries to escape at any opportunity. We figure thats normal and probable because they are young and not spayed.
We have started sitting down with the food bowls at every meal so she can get comfortable with time. Its been 2 months, are our expectations high or is there something we can do to help?
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2023.06.09 15:56 Anon_7733_ I (40F) don’t know if I should stick it out or leave BF (50M)

We’ve been dating for 5 years. He has adult kids from a previous relationship, an inflexible job and takes care of his dependent parent part time (he was not taking care of the parent when we started dating). During our relationship, I’ve worked around his schedule, meet with him at his house and try to be accommodating because I have less to juggle. We had plans to move in together and buy a house together eventually, which we had decided DecembeJanuary of this year. He recently told me that won’t be happening because of potential changes in care with his parent and the possibility that his children may need to move back in with him.
After taking time to think, I told him that I’ve been flexible, and I know he has to manage a lot of things I never had to consider, but I don’t feel like I’m a priority. We see each other once a week if we are lucky. After we talked, we agreed that we’d try to find more pockets of time to see each other, and I’d try to find an apartment closer to him to make that easier. But little has changed since that conversation. Still seeing each other once a week. I’m growing more resentful that the one big change being made is me finding a new apartment. The last time we visited he had to rush out of his place early in the morning for a family obligation. I truly love him and I have no doubt that he loves me. But, we’ve been stuck in the same place for years, and there’s no end in sight. Is love and my admiration for his commitment to family enough? Should I just stay, try to eke out additional time to see each other and hope that one day he’ll have more space for me? Or is the better long term decision to leave, even with the inevitable heartbreak?
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2023.06.09 15:56 gabhersch Closed Last Week, Now Bank is Asking for Grant Money Back

I’ll make a long story short - but last week I closed on my first house. I applied for and was given an 10K grant from a third party working with the bank. This originally covered all my closing costs with the exception of roughly a grand or two. A day before closing, the amount needed to close dropped another 10K. I confirmed with the title company and bank that this was correct.
I signed my final closure disclosure on Friday and officially closed that day. Now the bank is calling me up a week later saying they may have messed up and they would need the extra 10K. I still have the money but of course I do not want to do give the extra 10K after signing. What should I do here? Everything is 100% final after signing, so I’m not sure what the legal right here is in this situation.
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2023.06.09 15:55 Crapital-Beltway Durable pen recommendations

My current EDC is the "Pilot Better Retractable Fine". I prefer the size and shape of this rather than thicker pens but I've had a few fall apart because the plastic housing cracks. Any recommendations for a more durable pen of similar size and possibly better ink?
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2023.06.09 15:55 crabby-owlbear The ol' icy snatch

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2023.06.09 15:54 marks-ireland Mortgage overpayment fees

Hi. I'm in the process of getting a mortgage and the Avant long term mortgages look attractive with fixed terms ranging from 15 to 30 years at 4%. Obviously these protect against upside rate moves but I'm trying to work out the downside.
15-30 years is a long time and who knows if we'll need to sell the house or want to pay off a lump sum if rates were to plummet again within that time. I can see they'll allow 10% of the mortgage to be paid off via lump sum each year which is good but I can't seem to find anything about what it would cost in charges to pay off in full or wanted to refinance. There's a lot of vague info about how it might be 1-5% of the remaining amount but does anyone actually know the formula they use? For example would the 15 year one be cheaper to pay off than the 30 year one?
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2023.06.09 15:54 gas180 Not sure if any of u will remember. Back at the start of November I posted when I lost my dog Alfie. It’s been hard and the house has been dead since then. I’d now like to introduce u Magnificent Bastards to Whisky.

Not sure if any of u will remember. Back at the start of November I posted when I lost my dog Alfie. It’s been hard and the house has been dead since then. I’d now like to introduce u Magnificent Bastards to Whisky. submitted by gas180 to WhiskeyTribe [link] [comments]

2023.06.09 15:54 Lee_Reer An encounter I had with a femboy

This was long ago and I decided to post it while I was reminiscing. Might delete this later because it might be too revealing (my friends might find this) but during my junior year of high school I had a major glow up where I was actually proud of how I looked, I dyed my hair this bluish white color, I cut my hair in this pony tail with bangs sort of look similar to cnblue’s bassist lee Jung shin when he was younger (I was in my punk rock phase) got my ears pierced, and started wearing cuter clothes like cardigans with collared shirt and slacks. I lost a bunch of mass during summer after my bulk so I was doing pretty good. I bought a sport motorcycle and started riding it to school too. I wasn’t exactly popular but I started getting approached more (not to brag but particularly girls).
During the summer I learned how to do manicure because I was bored and I started this thing in school where for five dollars I clean nails, cut the cuticles and calluses, aswell as paint nails. It started with my friends who were all just dudes because I wasn’t confident doing it to girls yet.
I started getting a lot of attention because people started seeing me in the library during lunch with all these tools like a drill bit and working on nails and stuff, also since I kept giving deals like “if you pay 5 dollars for me to do your nails the next one is free” This one sophomore femboy came up to me who’s usually very shy (I’ve never heard him talk) and asked for a manicure.
I’ve noticed him my sophomore year because a bunch of people talked behind his back about him being weird for wearing a skirt to school. He wore the typical hoodie, thigh highs, skirt fit with a mask on. He wasn’t exactly bullied, but there was alot of talk about him, not necessarily because of him being trans but because he kind of didn’t listen to teachers 😅 and acted weird he also used the girls bathroom. Also because it was people’s first time seeing someone irl wear a skirt and it was on a male. We would exchange glances every time we saw each other in the hallway because I kind of thought he was cute. I don’t know why but i kind of fell in love with him when I saw him was petting a dog on his way home after school.
My junior self was embarrassed because I was kind of a mess in my sophomore year, some big kid in a man bun who only wore athletic hoodies and shorts to school (I guess we were somewhat similar in a way because all he wore was hoodies and skirts everyday) because I always went to the gym after school and didn’t want to carry gym clothes with me.
Anyways, I said yes and told him he didn’t need to pay for his first manicure and we set a date because I only had time for one appointment every lunch. When the day came I was pretty scared if I was going to screw up, I explained to him what I was going to do first, cut nails, file, cuticle, blah blah blah. And he seemed really excited while I was cleaning his nails and said it was his first time and he was really impressed how much prettier his nails got. I offered to paint his nails for free since we had time left and he said yes so I did and after I packed all my tools I kissed his hands and ran off as fast as I could.
After school he came and found me getting on my motorcycle and asked me for my number. I gave it to him and then asked if I could take him home. I gave him my jacket and an extra helmet I had just in case and he sat behind me. We hugged after and he gave me a kiss on the neck )because he was too short for my cheeks) and ran into his house. I can’t explain how happy I was. The only relationship I had before this was during 4th grade so I was real excited. Might post a part 2 of this, we weren’t together for long and we kinda knew it was going to be like that but I believe we made the best out of the time we had. Excuse any mistakes I’m pretty new to Reddit and English isn’t my first language.
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2023.06.09 15:54 stupiddepressedfuck It's almost like I never learn!

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2023.06.09 15:53 hairoidz 💀 🐱 BOUNCE final stages… Next phase ANXIETY & FEAR 😰(House Price Falls To Resume🏡)

Many homeowners are about to try to sell out VERY SOON.
The pressure to get out before the ship sinks is very REAL.
We are in the morning session of the second day of a 5 day test.
Remember these full cycles take years to play out.
People now finally realise that INTEREST RATES WONT BE CUT ANYTIME SOON.
Rates will be much higher for much longer.
People know they just can’t hold on any more.
With mass job cuts and recession incoming, things are only going to get MUCH WORSE.
AI is also taking jobs at an unprecedented rate. I previously hired 3 freelancers to do 3 seperate jobs that I can now do better, by myself using chat GPT, Midjourney and other tools.
Maybe those who sell soon will come out relatively unscathed and can start again debt free.
There is no shame in that.
Many are realising that they seriously over leveraged and it is time to drop their ego and sell up.
They have sold their JetSki’s, boats and cars, but it is not enough. The hospitality /retail workers who used mum and dad as guarantors for 1.5million dollar loans are more common than many think.
Mum and dad are pressuring them to sell, so they don’t go down with the sinking ship too.
A hive mind is spreading through homeowners nationwide “Quick let’s sell while those sheeples dialled into mainstream media still think property is booming and are buying in on FOMO”
This mass feaanxiety mindset is spreading fast.
Smart investors are getting out NOW.
They know the normal spring selling season will add an abundance of supply in itself to start the snowball to roll down the hill. This could turn into an avalanche as the recession takes hold.
People about to face the mortgage cliff know they MUST GET OUT NOW, before they go down with the sinking ship too.
Migrants won’t be saving the market. Many are heading back home and telling their loved ones not to come over due to the cost of living. Inflation remains rampant and will for years to come.
The rental issue is isolated to the big cities and won’t save the broader market. Here on the coast there is an abundance of rentals. No rental shortage here. House prices have been flat for months. No spike here.
Time for prices to resume their downward trajectory…..
How low will they go?
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2023.06.09 15:53 Secret-Platypus-366 Constantly dreaming about throwing temper tantrums

2 to 3 times a week I have a dream that someone (usually one of my parents) tells me something like "You eat too much" or "we're changing our dinner reservation time" or "you can't keep your guitars in our bonus room" and I just freak out. In the dream I'll we swearing at them, yelling, throwing my belongings, destroying their house, pulling at my hair, and just generally having a total meltdown over a mild inconvenience or slightly annoying comment.
What's weird about it is that I never had temper tantrums as a kid and I don't act like that as an adult. I don't live with my parents, and while I visit them often, they don't really ever make me mad. They're very nice and supportive.
I have gotten really upset before, but not anywhere near the degree it happens in my dreams. And in real life, I only ever get angry due to issues that are highly stress-inducing or upsetting. Like the last time I yelled or threw shit was right after I got laid off of my last job and got frustrated with unemployment stuff. But that was months ago, and I have another job, so it's not exactly top of mind for me.
These dreams have been going on for about 2 years. Any idea what they could mean?
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2023.06.09 15:53 Silver_Flatworm9193 My(24f) bf (26m) accused me of cheating because I shaved.

Just to give some background, my bf and I have been together for almost 6 years and we have a child (1m) together. As the years go on, it feels like he becomes more jealous and possessive of me. He often accuses me of cheating on him, he has for years. It feels like it’s getting worse though. For example, it started by him messaging me when I’m out and about, accusing me of cheating when I was just hanging with a friend or with my family. I would send him a picture to prove I wasn’t lying and that was it. Now though, he never believes me even when I prove I’m not cheating. When I leave to go somewhere without him, sometimes he will say “don’t go cheat on me!” Even when I’m leaving to go somewhere with our son. Sometimes he tries to say he was joking but I know he’s not. He also hates my best friend(28f) because he thinks we are in love with each other. I love her, but as a friend. I’m also never allowed over to her house if her bf is home because he is convinced that they are trying to “steal me away and become a weird throuple” I have never understood this but I respect his boundary. I almost broke up with him for the accusations and other reasons, but he promised he would stop. Anyway, yesterday really bothered me. I’m a sahm mom and I finally made some time to do some much needed self care. It’s a hassle sometimes having a 1 year old that’s very clingy and interested in everything you’re doing. I took a shower and shaved my whole body. While doing so, I had this looming anxiety but I wasn’t sure why at the time. When my bf got home from work I showed him the cut on the back on my leg I got from shaving. It was like a switch flipped inside of him. He asked if I shaved EVERYTHING and I said yes. He was angry. Said that I must be cheating on him because I don’t care about my appearance around him. He said the only reason I would shave is if I’m having sex with someone else. Told me I ruined his whole night and hurt his feelings. I tried telling him it wasn’t about appearances. Shaving makes me feel good and clean. I felt really gross for a while and shaving literally made me feel better. I really don’t understand this and I don’t know what to do! It’s very hard to leave him because I’m attached in a lot of ways. Is it silly to leave over this? No matter how hard I try he never believes me, even when the truth is right in front of him. TLDR: my(24f) boyfriend (26m) of 6 years accused me of cheating because I shaved my whole body.
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2023.06.09 15:52 throwawaycoll36 Undiagnosed ADHD makes me wish I was dead

I (22M) don’t know what to do, I’m waiting for a diagnosis but I think fixing me is too late. I’m behind in life and all my friends. I’ve been unemployed for well over a year and I failed college. And with all my credit card spending in college, my debt is in collections and my credit score is the lowest it can be. If I ever get the meds I desperately need, I’ll be pushed back by several years and things are gonna get way worse before they get better
I’m too dumb for employment and I can’t relate to much people because everyone drops in the fact that they have a degree or something if the sort. But I have nothing, no accomplishments and no skills.
I have friends on fb who graduated and are living professional independent lives, there is a friend of mine with ADHD and I was supportive person of them and she just graduated and got a job, and I can’t pass part time college classes or hold a job at a grocery store, or have anything from high school, I was a D student and despite the IEP I wasn’t accommodated
I have accepted the fact that starting a self sustaining life and career and adult stuff is just fantasy to me, and I can’t realistically envision myself with such luxuries.
I don’t want a career anymore, I don’t want to go back to school, even if I tried I can’t because my credit score is too low for assistance. I will never get to the stage of buying a car, or a house, or finding an SO. And I’m so fucking mad at this moment I just wanna rip my bomb site of a room apart more
I honestly have no interest in getting my life back together. I’m in too much mental pain, I can’t call hotlines because I have no phone plan
All of this could’ve been prevented if I got a proper DX when I was little
I wanted to graduate and a get a good paying job and follow my dreams and travel the world, now I’m a hopeless knob who’s stuck in a low income house with my dad and everyday is pain, depression, and darkness
I’m too young to have ruined my one shot at life
I give up
Give me one good reason why I shouldn’t
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2023.06.09 15:52 bruiser_knits All I need is pockets in all my clothes but I'm a woman...time to get a fanny pack

I have lost medication I need for back pain in my house for the second time today. It's something I can get more of but it's super expensive. I have to have it on me at all times and I've found that I don't lose it when I have pockets. But because I'm a woman and I work in a professional setting there are a lot of times I don't have pockets. So in the past week I've lost two of the medications because - no pockets.
I'm biting the bullet and getting a fanny pack...I mean I am 38 so I guess I don't have to look cute anyways. It is kind of ingenious though maybe because I can get one to put my phone and keys in. Maybe I won't lose those all the time too.
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2023.06.09 15:52 Euro-Canuck All-in one charger/inverter (europe)

We just bought a house and im in planning stages now for a DIY solar array.
Planning between 2-3000w of panels to start and a massive battery bank.
because of laws and stuff here id rather not feed back into the grid and keep the solar basically running everything in the house except the 340v stuff(washedryestove/AC). have the inverter just connected to select breakers and leave some on grid with a switch in between incase batteries go dead.
Is there a All-in-one chargeinverter that can also charge the batteries from the grid at night when power is cheap if they get to low at a certain point?
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2023.06.09 15:52 ACitrusYaFeel Torren


Discord Username: lemon#1627
Character Name and House: Torren
Age: 18
Appearance: The biting-cold sea winds and sharp hiss of sliding steel, that is all that Torren can remember from his earliest days, and by which has moulded him into the young man he is now. With golden hair that falls messily off his face and a thin, scant stubble, he is bereft of joy and wears a hard line for a mouth and sharp, cold eyes so very deep and brown. His frame is thin from hunger and lined with cuts, old and new, as bruises of all colours splotch his skin.
Gift: Agility
Skills: Daggers (M), Water Dancing, Footwork
Talent(s): Fishing, Climbing, Swimming
Starting Title(s): N/A
Starting Location: King's Landing
Dragon Name: N/A
Dragon Size: N/A
Family Tree:
Alternate Characters: N/A


Discord Username: lemon#1627
Character Name and House: Herrock Drumm
Age: 46
Appearance: If he is to be stained from the years of warfare, the Ironborn captain hides it all too well. He is tall and broad, with a well-muscled frame that never so much as misses a meal; the captain has his share, always. With a small beard, blonde and grey, that wraps around his lower face and an easy smug smile to fit between it, Herrock carries the easy charm of a nobleman despite his unwillingness to divulge such. With steely blue eyes, he casts them out to sea, able to switch between a cold glare and convincing mirth.
Gift: Admiral
Skills: Axes, Berserker, Sailing
Talent(s): Bartering, Orating, Fishing
Starting Title(s): Captain of the Saltbloods, scion of House Drumm
Starting Location: King's Landing
Family Tree:


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2023.06.09 15:52 lighthousesandwich Is it possible to see nails in the tires and notice that a brake fluid flush is necessary from a walk around inspection?

I dropped my car off for an oil change and tire rotation. I can see the mechanic from my house. They called and said that I have two nails and they recommend a brake fluid flush. The car is still sitting in the parking lot. Should I trust that?
It’s been more than 2 years since a brake fluid flush so I’m fine with doing that and of course want the tires to be repaired; but seeing that the car hadn’t moved, I thought it was fishy.
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2023.06.09 15:51 Majestic_Arrival_248 Toxic Paradigms: Shaping Shanann

"We become what we behold. We shape our tools, and thereafter our tools shape us." ~Marshall McLuhan
We've all seen the Sex and the City memes she posted; clearly she was an avid consumer of media (before social media consumed her) in the nineties and aughts, and the discerning may have ascertained the influence of such properties on the image she sought to portray- clinking wine glasses with the boss babes 🥂, striving to be top tier with the Addys of LeVel (instead of continuing to shovel shite with the Scoobys), glamour and gloss, fashion and floss (who wears a thong for air travel, heavily gravid and ostensibly retaining poop? That is commitment to an image 😄)
So, I am waking up with my coffee (after doing more than 90% of women lol, it was an early morning) and the YT algorithm rudder steered me to "Jon and Kate Plus 8 And the Downfall We All Saw Coming (Part II)".
It has been a long time since I peered even casually into that window (my own children were small; my TV was turned more frequently to SpongeBob than TLC, but one could not really avoid the media saturation, whether standing in a checkout line or chatting with neighbors, one 'knew' of the Duggars or the Gosselins probably a lot more than one chose 🙄) but I caught up to speed with the duo's dynamics fast enough- and O. Em. Gee.- listening to Kate chastise Jon is the very echo of how Shanann spoke to and treated Chris (who of course did not seem to 'talk back' like Jon, was not surly and lazy like Jon, but sure figured out eventually how to fuck around like Jon); it is eerie.
I am not suggesting Shanann purposefully modeled her behavior towards her spouse after a reality show, but remember the ubiquity of that couple, you couldn't get away from them in the media- they had more paparazzi camped outside their house than Harry Hewitt and la Markle in their wildest dreams, it was crazy .
Shanann absolutely was exposed to all of this in her still formative years- the brain doesn't finish puberty until 25!- and the 'perfectionist' super-cleaner, super-organized, super-mom 'You can't do anything right, but that's just how men are, and we love them" Kate aesthetic was imprinted on us all, but it seems like she took it as a challenge, and goals af (with her weak dad/strong mom example in life, it is understandable): watching this in hindsight feels like Kate is auditioning to play Shanann in a docudrama (instead of vice versa). I mean they are almost spitting the same sentences, with the same irritated, frustrated, condescending intonation.
Anyway, just some musings reflecting back on shows we were all exposed to back in the day, and the influence they've had on us, and what possible influence they may have had on Shanann - I don't find the hoochie rim job (probably doing immoral, possibly gross, illegal, and dangerous things) appealing at ALL, and after enough years there, the Supermom archetype of Kate Gosselin (pre scandals) undoubtedly appealed (and of course, the hormones kicking in, healthy young animals have an instinct to breed)- I would want to be my own boss after dealing with toxic patriarchal crap like rap culture, too.
I'd drop the link if I could, if anyone wants to step back in time for a deep dive and see if they too see the parallels, but it's easy enough to search, channel 'BE THEE COMMENTATOR'. Thank you if you made it this far!
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2023.06.09 15:51 interiorcrocodemon Today after work, I'm going to meet up with my girlfriend for the last time...

Because she's going to become MY WIFE this evening.
I never thought I'd find someone so perfect for me. It seems crazy but in one year we got a house and moved in together. Everything just felt right. We spent a lot of time together, and both needed to escape our parents house, and renting feels like such a dead end.
We got a cute little house out in the woods with a lot of land to live out the cottage core dream
We both wanted lots of pets. Now we have a dog, ferrets, lizards, snakes, tarantulas and more.
We figured, might as well tie the knot, we've basically been married all but legally for a while now!
We're very similar in energy, cleanliness, we have a good overlap of hobbies and interests, but enough different to have our own things to enjoy solo.
We literally never argue, everything is discussed. We're both such people pleasers that it's like, we're both always asking eachother "If I do this will it bother you?"
I've been on countless dead end dates and two long term relationships which both seemed doomed to fail.
I started to think I just couldn't co exist with another human without them driving me mad or me driving them mad.
Somehow I found the one!
If you read this, Hi, I love you!
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2023.06.09 15:51 Late_Violinist6815 40yo rookie 6 months in..

40yo rookie 6 months in..
I got into hvac by happenstance over the winter. I had recently left working for tier 1 auto parts manufacturer doing tool inspection and gage repair for nearly 15 years. I have small children and working 6-7 days a week second and third shift just wasn’t working for me anymore. Well my rental house furnace blower was acting up and it had been replaced less than a year ago. I knew the guy who I had do the work before through a friend. So he sends out his apprentice to replace it and while I’m chatting with him he informs me that it was his last day and that he had just got his degree in logistics and was moving on. I called up his boss man and asked to take his spot. Citing some of my skills and capabilities in learning the trade. I started the next Monday and I’ve really enjoyed most of it so far. It’s just the two of us. Boss man is 10 years my junior and I think that dynamic of him having the skill, knowledge and eagerness to help and teach while also working hard as the young guy he is with the life experience and knowledge I bring seems to work really well for us when coming up with solutions to problems and overall just working together. He gets a lot of really good work. He’s in with the lake community so we’re on all the new builds and servicing all these rich people. We do some smaller commercial stuff. A few restaurants and gyms. Set a few roof tops and such. I feel like because it’s just the two of us I do get exposed to alot of different things. I feel like I’ve been wildly lucky most of the time with service calls because often it’s the first time I’m encountering the issue, but somehow I always figure it out. Its a good feeling when that unit fires up after not 100% knowing if your diagnosis was right. I do enjoy when a customer is fully expecting to have to replace their equipment and when you walk out 30 minutes later, everything is running and they are so happy to be paying that $400 they tip you $100. Anyhow got sent out to do 90% of an install on my own the other day. Did everything but braze and charge the system. (Just haven’t learned those yet) House didn’t have ac prior so new circuit and all. Anyhow I’m really liking the work. But unfortunately I’m often not getting 40 hours. I get extra for service calls which is nice and makes up the difference sometimes. But as of now I’m at $20/hr and no sort of benefits. I felt it acceptable when I started as I knew little. Like I said I have kids and a family to support and I’m needing more. I’d really hate to jump ship and go to another company. Has to be a dozen I could count off the top of my head. But I almost feel like by this time next year I could be leading installs with my own helper and potentially work it out to make some good money. I love the area we work in and our clientele are great. I meet some really awesome people on the lake and even had my son with me on a call after picking him up from school last week. The lady took him down to the lake and played with him while I diagnosed and replace a capacitor. It’s those kind of days that keep me here over looking elsewhere. So I’m trying to do my best to make myself valuable enough to ask for more. I really don’t know what the pay is like for my position anywhere else. But I’m feeling like $25 isn’t to much to ask for. Especially once I learn the refrigerant side of things. For reference I’m in Michigan servicing the Fenton/Grand Blanc area primarily. Just south of Flint. I guess just looking for a little advice. I’ve considered doing the hvac bootcamp class and get my epa cert. it’s like $1500 but I know some local companies hire guys and pay for that class for them. What would you guys do? Stick it out with the smaller guy and try to grow with or jump ship for more stability and benefits?
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2023.06.09 15:51 I_quite_like_tea Assistance dog has become nervous after being attacked

I live in the UK, so we refer to service dogs as assistance dogs here, just to clarify in advance. For context, I have a 7 year old cocker spaniel who has been working as my assistance dog for the past 5 years after going through two quite lengthy training programs. I have a neurological/developmental disorder as a result of a structural agenesis/defect in my brain and as a result can lose my ability to balance, speak clearly or complete other fine movements for varying periods of time with no notice. My dog has been trained for a few tasks, mostly to help with loss of dexterity but most importantly to alert me by strongly nudging my legs with her snout when she first detects signs of it so that I can sit down to prevent falls and if necessary take medications.
She has always been brilliant in public since starting 5 years ago and was not ever reactive to things like shopping trolleys, other dogs, loud noises etc and handled public transport and crowds very well too. The only criticism that she got (which I can’t say should be criticism) is that her tail was almost always wagging, I think it is very much a cocker thing and they were made to be working dogs, so given tasks, she was in her element.
Recently though, a family member was taking her on a morning walk for me and she was attacked by a large and very fast greyhound. This dog looked as if it would kill her and was biting and shaking her, running too fast for any of the people around to catch. My dog managed to break free and bolted back to my house, across a road but to safety, however was shaking uncontrollably for the rest of the day and whimpered the whole time when she was at the vets. She was luckily mostly uninjured apart from a few shallow puncture marks on her back and presumably bruising, she healed up completely with some antibiotics but unfortunately has become quite nervous in certain situations.
It has been almost a year since, however she now leaps out of the way from large moving objects like pushchairs or bikes, tugging as far on her lead as she can, she is also nervous around some big dogs but seems absolutely terrified of greyhounds and will stop what she’s doing and stand dead still with her tail between her legs and sometimes even barks at them. She is still performing her tasks well but she just no longer looks adequately trained to accompany me in assistance dog only spaces. As a result I haven’t been able to go anywhere like that alone and am hardly going out to the shops etc at all. I have only had her accompany me in dog friendly places or where I have received permission in advance.
I am not sure what to do at this point, the trainers that she was with to start with is not confident that they could re-train her, especially at 7 and everyone’s advice about time is somewhat helping but I still don’t feel comfortable with having her accompanying me everywhere, as she used to and that has severely limited me too.
Sorry for the long post, I just tried to mention everything important and give proper context. I don’t blame my dog’s reaction at all, I know that she must have been massively traumatised, so I need to prioritise her wellbeing and don’t want to try and force exposure for example. Does anyone have any advice they could give me on this or similar experiences? Thank you!
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