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2023.06.08 16:24 Moonlight-gospel She married someone else

I (26m) just found out that the love of my life recently got married.
I met the love of my life when I was in college about 6 years ago. To make a long story short, we had a great relationship for 2 years. I knew a couple of weeks in that I loved her and wanted to marry her.
The relationship ended in large part due to a disability I developed as a result of a couple seemingly minor accidents. Without getting into exactly what it is, it affected my ability to feel emotion and make decisions. Neither of us knew there was something medically wrong with me at the time, and my poor decision making led to our breakup. Very soon after, the condition worsened and transformed into a 24/7 chronic pain disorder. It’s been about 4 years of fighting to get to a point where I could work full time, overcome pain-induced depression, go to grad school, and get a great full-time job.
She’s the primary reason I’ve been able to survive this disability and still succeed. I had this fantasy that I had a chance of winning her back if only I could get better. I did try a couple times to reconnect previously as friends, but, in short she was not interested. I really regret though that I never told her how I feel. That I still love her. That I still literally dream of her. I’ve fought so hard and I finally felt like I’m close to a place where there could be some hope of me being ‘good enough’ to take one final shot at reconnecting. And now I can’t.
I used to be proud of myself for getting to where I am despite my disability. Now I’ve realized that I failed myself. I didn’t get better. I didn’t tell her how I feel. I didn’t win her back. I let hopelessness win. What I really wanted from my life is to spend it with her. I didn’t do well enough for that to happen. I failed.
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2023.06.08 16:23 Who_The_Hell_ [Deck Help] double combo paladin jank pile

tl;dr - please help improve this "Da Undatakah" combo deck
So I got this Wild deck that I love dearly, but it is not performing well, so I am turning to reddit for improvements. I am aware that I could simply play something stronger, but I refuse.
The main goal of the deck is to create a loop with Da Undatakah, where he kills and resummons himself over and over while killing the opponent and healing you. You need to have Immortal Prelate, Abomination and Flesh Behemoth (though Silver Vanguard also works) die over the course of the game and then play Da Undatakah. Give it lifesteal, taunt, rush and ideally poisonous and then copy it with Prince Taldaram.
The Band includes a second copy effect if necessary and an Auctionmaster Beardo as an alternate wincondition. You can use the Prince to copy a Burgly Bully, and if you gain two coins in the process, Beardo with them and one cheap spell after cost reduction kills in one turn once your hero has been replaced.
As you can see, there are a lot of hoops to jump through either way, though I'd like to note that I enjoy this kind of gameplay.
I tried this deck as a more aggressive list around Making Mummies, but it felt repetitive and weak. Especially since the Abomination counteracts an early boardstate.
I have been thinking about going deeper into the enchantment package to utilize my Immortal Prelate(s) more and play The Last Kaleidosaur as my quest.
I doubt that making it 40 cards would be wise, since there are many specific pieces that I am looking for. The deck does not need to be singleton, though I prefer a controlly style over an aggressive one (unless it still has interesting lines of play).
Any input is welcome.
### <3 unda HL + apocalypse # Class: Paladin # Format: Wild # # 1x (1) Adaptation # 1x (1) Armor Vendor # 1x (1) Blessed Goods # 1x (1) Blessing of Wisdom # 1x (1) Crystology # 1x (1) Desperate Measures # 1x (1) Righteous Protector # 1x (1) Stockades Guard # 1x (2) Dance Floor # 1x (2) Equality # 1x (2) Immortal Prelate # 1x (2) Lightforged Blessing # 1x (2) Wild Pyromancer # 1x (2) Zephrys the Great # 1x (3) Prince Taldaram # 1x (4) E.T.C., Band Manager # 1x (3) Auctionmaster Beardo # 1x (3) Gift of Luminance # 1x (3) Time Out! # 1x (4) Jitterbug # 1x (4) Prismatic Lens # 1x (5) Abomination # 1x (5) Burgly Bully # 1x (5) Shrink Ray # 1x (5) Solemn Vigil # 1x (6) Emperor Thaurissan # 1x (6) Reno Jackson # 1x (6) Sunkeeper Tarim # 1x (7) The Leviathan # 1x (8) Da Undatakah # 1x (8) Jepetto Joybuzz # 1x (9) Flesh Behemoth # 1x (9) Uther of the Ebon Blade # AAEBAaToAh64A90K1hHiEcMW+r8CucEC2McCjtMCneIChPwC/PwC2f4C5oYDi4oD+ZMDipoD2p0D/KMDlfkDy/kD7p8EyaAEsLIEodQE1JUFysQF/cQF64AGz54GAAABA529Av3EBc+GA/3EBafLA/3EBQAA # # To use this deck, copy it to your clipboard and create a new deck in Hearthstone 
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2023.06.08 16:23 shakyband Ada compliance in the work place

So this is a multi part issue. Since Covid I have been taking my breaks and lunches in a separate room for safety. First there was a “employee library” that then was converted to a nursing mothers room, and even though there are no nursing mothers I was no longer allowed to use that space. That’s fine, there was another room I could use. Now here’s the tricky part. For some reason the Hr lead at my work hates me and goes out of her way to make things harder for me. She went so far as to threaten to put a lock on the door of the room I take lunch in to keep me out. The reasoning being that they “need the space to work” which is just not true. She said I could go outside instead, which I can’t do because I can’t tolerate heat due to medications. My store manager overruled her and allowed me to continue. The room I was using connects to the breakroom via a folding wall. This wall has been closed for the many years I’ve been working here. Yesterday (days after my manager stated I was allowed to use the space for breaks) they decided that they were going to open the wall and expand the breakroom permanently.the HR lead is out today but I spoke to the other hr person. I asked if there was an alternative space I could use, she simply said “no”. I explained it’s for my health and well being not just because, and she told me that the lead said I need a doctors note. The main reason for me is that I have a pretty severe anxiety disorder that Covid really exacerbated. I’m very concerned about long Covid etc. having a space where I can be by myself greatly reduces my stress levels.
Now I could get a doctors note, the problem is that I am not comfortable disclosing my medical information to HR. if I do I know she will not keep my information private and everyone in my workplace will end up knowing. I really don’t want that. I know if she did disclose it I could take legal action, but that wouldn’t change the fact that my coworkers would know the information.
So I have two questions
1.is this an accommodation that actually requires a doctors note 2.does the doctors note have to actually state what I need the accommodation for or can I get a note stating that I need it without specifying the issue.
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2023.06.08 16:23 TheSpidermail Player has cheated by altering their character sheet and insulted me behind my back, do I kick them out?

Hey everyone! I understand this topic is probably talked about a lot but I’d appreciate some advice here
So I DM a completely home brewed campaign with a bunch of new players that had been running for about 3-4 months now, and all of these players are putting in so much effort where sometimes I think they are professionals, and I couldn’t be more proud
But one player doesn’t put any effort in, he seems to just be there to not be left out and even after 3-4months of playtime I still don’t have a backstory for him.
This is all fine and not worth kicking out, but I have recently discovered that he had both called me multiple slurs behind my back to the other players (whom have thankfully told me) and also had altered his character sheet to have increased modifiers and extra items.
On top of all of this, he is also just generally disliked among the players for his unfortunate humour making racist remarks and jokingly gay jokes in an attempts to be funny despite repeatedly being asked to stop.
He also is prone to cancelling last minute or informing us that he has to leave early, to the point it is becoming a habit.
In the past couple sessions he appears to have improved ever so slightly, wanting to get into roleplay more and trying just that little bit harder, but I’m not sure if that can excuse his past actions under the idea it was just because he was a new player
Advice is graciously appreciated as to whether to let him continue and give him another chance, or just straight up kick him out
If I were to kick him out how should I do it too, be petty in game by killing him off after disrespecting me, or civilised and just let him go without further drama
Thanks in advance and apologies for the overused title
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2023.06.08 16:23 Administrative-Toe59 JOE SHOULD TAKE ONE POD OFF PER MONTH

I think the general consensus is that Joe was very pissy and aggy yesterday and made it a tough listen for some people. He stepped on almost every topic it seemed like the basketball topic, the porn topic, the unfollow/mute topic (that one probably should have been stepped on because it was going nowhere fast lol) and countless other topics throughout the pod. Like that porn topic during prime R&M era would have been a classic segment, but Joe just literally played his sleeper in the middle of Flip talking. Like he truly doesn’t have healthy respect for the viewpoints of others and people aren’t going to be able to put up with that, probably why they been curving his hang out/guy’s trip plans.
So, I think it would be best if Joe took off just one pod per month. Just one because I think Joe is great when he’s on his game and ultimately makes the show. However, days like yesterday can definitely decrease the morale of his cohosts. Just have a designated day once per month where he just lets them cook on their own and gets to talk about all the topics THEY WANT to talk about unabashed by Joe because yesterday, it was like when your mom came home from a bad day at work and everything you do annoys her🤦🏾‍♂️😂
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2023.06.08 16:23 Naitos Multiple upcoming maps confirmed?

I was listening to episode 13 of the Inside Battlefield podcast where they talk about everything coming to Season 5. They mentioned something in this episode that I haven't seen anyone comment on yet, but I might have just missed it. Around 10:30 when they start talking about the stationary AA-guns that are present in the new map for Season 5, they hint at something quite interesting. For a brief moment, Alexander Formoso (who is a Game Designer for 2042) says that "later we have plans to have plans to like include them in more maps, so that's gonna be great!". Not one map, but MAPS!
It is safe to say that we will get a new map for Season 6, which got confirmed the other day. Although we got it confirmed, there is no information if Season 6 will include one or more maps, thus I can draw a few conclusions, which of one at least is certain.
Let me hear what you think about this, and if this is a re-post, then I'm sorry, I would appreciate it if you could send me that thread <3
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2023.06.08 16:23 kaleighwho Should I talk to my doctor about stopping Zoloft?

I started 25mg of Zoloft on April 12 and have yet to feel amazing like I’ve heard so many others talk about. I’m wondering if it’s worth taking at this point. This is my first time being on an SSRI (or any long-term medication), so I don’t know much about how I’m supposed to feel and when I’m supposed to feel it. I was told it takes 4-6 weeks to start feeling the benefits, but here I am at 8 weeks with almost nothing.
TMI, I have PCOS and stopped having regular periods about 3 years ago, and now have spotting every few months. I started spotting on April 25 and it has. not. stopped. Well, it occasionally stops for a day or two, but then it starts back up again. My doctor told me it can happen while the body adjusts to the medication, but that was when I was 3 weeks into spotting. Now I’m 6 weeks into it and I’m fairly certain this can’t be normal.
There have been a few instances where I believe I behave much more calmly than I would’ve before, which makes me think Zoloft is working to some degree. But I still deal with anxiety daily. I’ve never had panic attacks or anything; my anxiety comes in the form of an overthinking brain that won’t shut up. Mistakes at work would ruin my whole day, but now I’m able to say “oops, my bad,” and move on. I’ve never had that capability before and it feels great, but outside of instances like that, I’m still overthinking. I’m still on edge.
Now I have anxiety about Zoloft. I’m scared to continue but scared to stop. My brain is nonstop overthinking about the pros and cons and I’m tired.
The reason I decided to post today is because when I sat up in bed this morning, my head was spinning and I’m still a little dizzy and unsteady an hour later. I can’t deal with this. I have to be on my feet at work and need to be able to think straight. I’m also still spotting and I’m so sick of it.
I keep holding out thinking I’ll feel better. The spotting has to stop eventually, right? The brain has to quiet down at some point. I figure I probably need a bigger dose but I’m not willing to do that. Not when I’m still dealing with the consequences of the small dose.
I guess my question is when will this end? Do others still have negative experiences 8 weeks into it?
TL;DR - My brain is still loud and my body is still spotting. I’m not convinced Zoloft is working for me and I’m wondering if it’s time to stop.
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2023.06.08 16:23 ThatStonerWitch420 Psychiatrist doesn't want me using cannabis with ADHD meds.

I live in Oklahoma, and currently have my OMMA card. I have ADHD and am seeking stimulants to help manage. My psychiatrist asked me during my first appointment if I have my card. I was honest. She pretty much told me that if I smoke she won't be willing to treat me with stimulants.Only non-stimulants I stopped smoking before my next appointment hoping she'd test me and I'd be clean and I'd be able to get meds. She didn't test me just talked to me about it and thanked me for quitting, and gave me my meds. However, she informed me that I am subject to random drug testing at any time. I signed the paper work agreeing, but it had nothing what so ever about cannabis use. Can she yank me off of my stimulants if I test positive or THC? Is this legal? I use it for severe IBS. Sometimes it's the only way I can eat. I have suffered greatly this past month without it! Where could I go to get legal advice on this subject? Or has anyone ever had this experience?
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2023.06.08 16:23 External-Practical Meditation Spot in Weird Bedroom Nook

I have this space next to my fireplace in my bedroom that I want to make into a meditation corner, but I am sooo lost as to how to have the things I want in/around it while also keeping it from feeling cluttered.
Currently I am doing my morning rituals on my fireplace hearth and I want to move that to a low table that’s big enough for Tarot or journaling, but also fit for my coffee. I would also like to be able to have something in which to place my books and journals and hide away charging cables while not in use so they are also not on the hearth.
A chair for reading when not meditating would be great! But where to put it?!
I want to add soft mood lighting (even though there’s a window) but where?
Fire is a huge part of what drew me to this spot so I want to still be able to see the fireplace. I also sometimes read and/or fall asleep on the rug in front of the fireplace.
I feel like I’m trying to fit too much into this space, but maybe I’m just not seeing it’s potential.
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2023.06.08 16:22 TabulaRasa5678 I need an opinion before I meet the "I'm going to try to be a bully" neighbor, please.

My dad and the next-door neighbor used to be best friends. Fast forward to now and my dad has been passed for nearly 21 years now and the neighbor is a complete asshole to me. He's in his 80's now and just old and grumpy.
My mother had this hedgerow that I took care of every time it grew. I don't live with my mother, so every time the hedges needed trimming, I had to make a trip over there. My mother is elderly, a narcissist, and she's never had to take care of herself in her whole life. She likes to present herself as this shining person and let me take care of the bullshit. It's like a multi-prong thing and no matter how it turns out, I'm always the bad guy. I only live a short distance, but I knew if I didn't get on those hedges, the neighbor would have a fit.
One day I went over there and the neighbor approached me and said, "When are you going to stop being a f*cking asshole and take care of those hedges?" I was going to tell him about how I work and I'm trying to take care of both homes, my life, etc. He was giving me a dirty look and I thought the longer I spend with this guy, the more I'm going to want to punch him in his mouth. I got very tired of it, so I hired someone to remove the hedgerow and grind down the stumps... done. That cost me $650 but it was done nicely. I put down some topsoil, bought/planted some nice zoysia/bluegrass mix, and you can't even tell that there was anything there for 50 years. What's left is this other strip of land, where there's pieces of concrete in the land and it needs to be removed, so the land can be smoothed over to put a fence over it.
I was going to put a matching row of wooden fence down, exactly like the other side of the yard, but no one ever has these panels and there's only three places in my city that carry wooden fence panels. I waited all last year and I thought I'd knuckle under and just find something similar, as long as I could get something decent up. Well, I guess I'm not going fast enough for the neighbor's liking. He wants to put this God-ugly white vinyl fence up and of course, my mother doesn't like the fence. I told him since I was going to clean up the land anyway, I would pay to have the concrete removed, since it's his property and mine.. you know, to be a good neighbor. He went ahead and found a contractor to put the fence in and get an estimate to smooth out the land. Here's where the shitty neighbor part comes in. I only wanted what I just told you, but what he wants (and he already told the contractor this) is what I want, but he wants a notch taken out of the hill where the fence would end (think of a nook), a tree stump removed out of that hill, and concrete pieces removed out of the hill. The cost? $950. There is no f*cking way that I'm ponying up that kind of cash. Plus, he just told me this three days ago, and he's expecting to have this job done by tomorrow. I don't need to expound on that for you all, I'm sure.
I'm going to go over to his house today, sit he and his wife down, and tell them that I'll split the cost with him, in the interest of being a good neighbor and he gets what he wants. If he says no, he's going to have to go on my timeline... which will probably be the middle of July at the earliest and I'm not going to have that nook put in for my fence. My mom is to the point where she wants to sell the house because of this asshole. I'm not going to let him bully her out of the house.
Do you all think that's more than reasonable? Thanks for your opinions. Sorry for the book, but believe it or not, I shortened it up.
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2023.06.08 16:22 friskyfrog224 What did you get your master's in?

I’m a second-year teacher in a large US city. I teach high school English. I graduated university with a degree in English and a certification to teach secondary English (my uni had a secondary education program).
So instead of having to take a master’s in education, I had the freedom to work towards a degree that, professionally and personally, I was interested in.
I’m 24 years old, still at that young age where older people will give me unsolicited advice (which I don’t necessarily mind). Friends of parents, administrators, teachers, they all encouraged me to go to grad school and earn a second certification–maybe in special education, TESOL, or literacy. I do not want to teach any of those specialties. I want to teach English, so I responded to their advice with that I will be taking a master’s in literature because I love literature and I want to pigeon-hole myself into teaching what I want to teach. I see so many people with two certifications end up teaching whatever their second certification is in.
I’m halfway through my master’s in literature program and I am amazed at how much I have learned about teaching. I have a greater imagination for creating writing assignments. I am so much better at close-reading and pointing things out to students in a text. I am so much more confident in my teaching style and persona. And of course my content-knowledge is improving drastically. I believe that the most interesting teachers have a ton of content knowledge. Well that could also be my preference as a student. Why is developing content knowledge totally ignored by admin and education thought-leaders while everything is about pedagogy and practice?
I am lucky to have some very inspiring professors who remind me that I need to teach in a way that is honest to who I am, not to the ever-changing fads and methods in education.
TL;DR: I learned more about teaching in a master’s in literature program than in all of my education courses (except for the observing & student-teaching practicums).
What did you get your master’s in? How did it impact your teaching?
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2023.06.08 16:22 davedlr Dear founders: Warning signs of a cyber attack

I made this quick list of things for founders to be aware of on a day to day basis based on some comments & suggestions I've been getting.
Understanding when your computer or network is under a cyber attack is crucial for timely action and damage control. I'm maintaining the points as tips & somewhat general to incentivize conversation. Here are warning signs you need to be aware of:

  1. Strange Computer Behavior: If your computer starts acting weird, such as exhibiting excessive network activity or becoming noticeably slower, it could be a sign of a cyber attack.
  2. Unexpected Software Installs: Unwanted and unexpected software installations are a significant sign of a cyber attack. Always read license agreements as these programs are often legally installed by other apps.
  3. Autonomous Mouse Movements: If your mouse moves and makes selections on its own during idle times, this might be a sign of a cyber intrusion, especially if these actions result in financial transactions.
  4. Disabled Antivirus or System Tools: If your antivirus software or tools like Task ManageRegistry Editor are suddenly disabled or won't start, it's a strong sign of a malicious compromise.
  5. Missing Online Money: Large sums of money missing from your online accounts could indicate a cyber attack. Always enable transaction alerts to monitor unusual activities.
  6. Leaked Confidential Data: If confidential data from your organization appears on the internet or the dark web, you're likely facing a serious breach. Immediate action and legal involvement are crucial.
  7. Unusual Network Traffic: Unexpected or strange network traffic patterns can be an early warning sign of a cyber attack. Regularly monitoring network traffic can help you detect anomalies.
If you've experienced these or are experiencing lmk! This month I'm trying to help out founders with these problems. Where do you go for help?
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2023.06.08 16:22 HolyHydra7 End Event?

We all know tomorrow is the very big day for Fortnite, so I'll just get to the point, will there be any End/Live Event? because I barely see anyone talking about it and it's in Fortnite tradition to have it once every 2 seasons.
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2023.06.08 16:22 xxtremeracerx Is it bad to take full paternity leave in this environment?

So my wife and I are expecting about 2 months from now....
My company offers 4 months of paid paternity leave as a benefit. My company also recently had layoffs. I work in middle management.
Is it a bad idea for me to take the full 4 months off? I feel like I have a good coverage plan. My team will be taking on some extra work but I don't think it will add much more than they already do.
Also our work (Corp finance) is in a way where it gets busy around year start and year end and I would be back right around that time.
My 70+ year old dad, admittedly with boomer logic, suggested I should not take more than 2 weeks because then the "company will realize it can manage without you." Is this just him being old school or is this really a thing in this envoronment?
I will admit his warning crossed my mind on my own, but hearing him say it too has me doubting myself. Despite this, this will be my last child and I'll never get this time back. Would love to hear what others think...
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2023.06.08 16:22 sameerpeace The Impact of Free Demo Calls for SaaS Tools

Hey Everyone! I’m the founder and CEO at a successful SaaS Startup. We have a social media scheduling tool that is competing with the best in the industry. We’ve tried many things over the years to try and make it easier for customers to make a purchase decision. Among these was the decision to implement free demo calls where we service any concerns/questions that aspiring customers may have and also give a complete demonstration of how one can use every feature in our platform. In this way customers can get a complete idea of what the tool does and put to bed any queries that they had. Over the years we’ve seen varying results from this activity and there have been plenty of no shows where someone books a call and doesn’t connect within 15 minutes of the scheduled time. We’ve also had many spam calls and calls from people that thought the tool does something entirely different to its use case. However, as we’ve tried and tested over the years, these demo calls have become a staple and contribute anywhere from 20-25% to our quarterly revenues. We also often form a strong connection with our customers through these calls and end up collaborating with them for certain marketing efforts. We’ve seen that demo calls give our customers a piece of mind and build trust between the two parties that is otherwise hard to do via other mediums like email or social media. I’m sharing this here in hopes to help other SaaS startups that are in that stage of figuring things out. Feel free to reach out or AMA if you have any questions. Also, I'm keen to learn any other marketing strategy that can be tried out too. Best
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2023.06.08 16:22 peliccancars12 Inexpensive minicab from Southend Airport SS2 to Harwich International Port C012

There's nothing like the peace of mind that comes with knowing your transportation needs are covered when you touch down at a foreign airport. That's where Peliccan Cars comes in. Offering one of the most affordable minicab services from Southend Airport SS2 to Harwich International Port CO12, we eliminate the stress of navigating unknown roads, saving you time and money in the process.

Dependable Service, Unbeatable Pricing

At Peliccan Cars, our aim is not only to provide you with an affordable minicab service but also to ensure that our service quality remains unbeaten. We understand the importance of promptness, especially when you are in a hurry to catch a connecting ferry or have a crucial meeting to attend. To this end, we ensure timely pick-up from Southend Airport SS2 and a safe, swift transfer to Harwich International Port CO12.
Our competitive pricing sets us apart from other minicab services in the area. We believe that quality transportation should be accessible and affordable for all. Therefore, we have structured our rates to be cost-effective, providing a high-quality service that won't break the bank.

Plush Comfort, Exemplary Service

Comfort is an integral part of every journey, and at Peliccan Cars, we prioritize it. Our fleet of minicabs is meticulously maintained and cleaned to provide you with a comfortable ride. From the moment you step into our minicab until your arrival at Harwich International Port CO12, you'll enjoy the journey in a relaxed and comfortable environment.
Our drivers, courteous and experienced, are well versed with the local routes and traffic patterns. This not only ensures a smooth ride but also helps in reaching your destination on time. Their professionalism and friendly demeanor only add to the overall experience, making your ride from Southend Airport SS2 to Harwich International Port CO12 a pleasant one.

Book with Ease, Travel with Assurance

Booking a ride with Peliccan Cars is as easy as it gets. Our booking process is straightforward and can be completed in a matter of minutes. Moreover, we offer 24/7 customer support to assist you with any queries or concerns you may have. When you choose Peliccan Cars, you're choosing reliability and assurance of a service that values your time and comfort.
Peliccan Cars is the ideal choice for anyone seeking an inexpensive minicab service from Southend Airport SS2 to Harwich International Port CO12. With our commitment to affordability, punctuality, and comfort, we promise a ride that is not just cost-effective but also pleasantly memorable. So the next time you fly into Southend Airport, remember that your convenient transfer to Harwich International Port is just a booking away with Peliccan Cars.
Visit our website..
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2023.06.08 16:22 Natural-Maybe-4516 Tingling sensation all over the body

Does anyone experiences a tingling sensation all over their body and mostly scalp?? I feel a tingling sensation over both my arms, legs, neck, over the eyes and all over the scalp. The tingling sensation feels like a electric current running over the scalp and forehead and leg while doing any activity like speaking, reading, writing, sitting when somebody comes before me and in other social situations. At other times the tingling sensation becomes a heavy fog highly irritating over the scalp. The whole sensation is highly irritating and unpleasurable and unavoidable how much you try. I am having this tingling sensation and anxiety from past 8 years but due to ect(currently undergoing) and other medications(more than a dozen) the sensation index has improved by 65% to much relief but still there is a vast scope of 35% improvement. Currently I am on lamotrigine, desvenlafaxine, fluoxetine and maintenance ect(12 sessions completed, 13th coming). Has anybody or anyone in their acquaintance had similar tingling sensation spread all over the body(mostly where nerves are visible). If yes then how did they find relief and in what time? My nerves all over the body are hyper-responsive to my thoughts and constantly firing is how I perceive my problem. I have asked doctor for rtms but they say that is the last option and also not available at the treatment centre. I also perceive that anti convulsants like pregabalin and gabapentin can help reduce the tingling sensation over the scalp but I don't really know. I feel helpless always. But I have not lost hope. I am fighting, I practice mindfulness and constantly engage myself and I have faith in god. This is my present condition. Can anybody provide any help, any advice... BTW I am from India.
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2023.06.08 16:22 trex1475 Looking to purchase GPT-4 API OpenAI account

Hello, I'm currently working on an application where I'm trying to utilize the capabilities of the GPT-4 API over GPT-3.5. My goal is to achieve greater accuracy in the responses generated.
Currently, I'm on the waitlist, but it seems to have no clear end in sight.
If your account has GPT-4 access, I'm interested in discussing options to either purchase your complete account or lease an API key from you.
I'm open to potential collaboration and would be grateful for any help here. Please feel free to respond to this post or DM me to discuss. I look forward to hearing from you.
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2023.06.08 16:21 guilhermej14 The Way of Kings - Chapter 23: Reading update (Contain spoilers)

Dalinar, in a gallery of maps, talking to Roion... I think that's his name, but I don't remember cuz there are just so many names in this book. They're talking about the potential of joining forces to try and launch a definitive assault on the Parshendi. (And also monologue about this area in the plains called "The Tower" Where chasmfiends really like to go, but everytime the Alethi tries to lay siege there they get their butts kicked by the Parshendi.) Dalinar try to negotiate saying that if they joined forces they would be able to get the spoils quicker and split them evenly. Roion asks what about the Shardblades/plate and Dalinar at first responds the standard "Whoever defeats a bearer gets his shards". Roion didn't like these terms, as since Dalinar is a bigger house, and also have plates and blades of his own, he's far more likelly to win one than him. So Dalinar try saying that if they win shards, the first sets will go to Roion, and if they win a second one, that will go to Dalinar. Roion doubts he'll do that, but Dalinar assures him. He says he'll think about it. Roion then asks if they'll come for a little event, a feast I believe? Dalinar says yes. And Roion, aware of the rumors, say "You sure, they say there's a storm commin" And Dalinar just replies yes..
Just a pause here.... DALINAR WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING! YOU'RE ALL ABOUT HONOR AND ALL, BUT YOU EXPLICITLY SAID THAT IF YOU WIN SOME SHARDS, THEY WOULD GO TO RENARIN! What are you going to do? Lie to the poor guy saying you didn't win any? or just wait till you win a second one, and say that this is the first set you've won? Come'on dude....
A while later Adolin arrives, asking about how the meeting went, and Dalinar replies that he doubts Roion will join him. Adolin tries to warn Sadeas that he asked permission to visit their camp, Dalinar says he has the right to do so, and while Adolin is aware they cannot deny him after Dalinar explains that, he still warns Dalinar that he's in a perfect position to undermine them. Dalinar says he'll trust Sadeas, cuz the visions said so... Adolin... is.... PISSED!
so here's more or less how the conversation went.
Adolin: Father... Dalinar: Yes... Adolin: Can you stop being dumb please? Dalinar: Dude, I'm your father. Are you really going to disrespect me like that. Adolin: You talk as if I'm the only one who's disrespecting you. Dalinar: Enough! Adolin: ENOUGH? NO! IT WILL BE ENOUGH ONCE YOU FINALLY QUIT THE DRUGS, AND STOP BETTING THE FUTURE OF YOUR HOUSE ON THESE VISIONS! EVERYONE MAKES FUN OF YOU, BUT WHEN WE DO IT, IT'S SUDDENLY AN AFFRONT TO YOUR HONOR! STOP BEING DUMB DADDY! IT'S OBVIOUS SADEAS CAN'T BE TRUSTED! Dalinar: Adolin..... Adolin: And don't think I didn't hear about you offering the first set of shards to Roion, the guy is the biggest gossip dude I've ever seen. You promissed that set to Renarin remember? Isn't it already bad enough that you broke your promise of buying him an autographed copy of Tres of the Emerald Sea? Haven't you hurt his feelings enough DAAAAAAAD? Dalinar: Ok, I get it, please leave me Adolin... Adolin: Ok, but I want you to think about thi... Dalinar: LEAVE ME!
And so the chapter ends.... Also seriously Dalinar, I get that preorders are in limited qunatity and that you weren't able to go to conventions to get Brandon to autograph your copy, but you shouldn't make promisses you can't keep.
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2023.06.08 16:21 ltbr55 Ultimate Song Ranking Round 25 Results: The Sanity of Ktulu has been Destroyed. Round 26 Voting Open (Songs #22-20). Vote for your WORST/LEAST Favorite Metallica Songs to be eliminated

Round 26 Voting Link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScacMRhvvaUzr9MVy-UpFCP8ir5g_4cM4CHEFh96WES0G6J3A/viewform?usp=sf_link
Email Sign In now required due to Ballot Stuffers. I am not collecting your email address, just your vote.
Previous Rounds Results
(126.) Purify (125.) Invisible Kid (124.) Poor Twisted Me (123.) Shoot Me Again (122.) Slither (121.) My World (120.) Dirty Window (119.) All Within My Hands (118.) Ronnie (117.) Attitude (116.) Cure (115.) Bad Seed (114.) Murder One (113.) Am I Savage? (112.) Some Kind of Monster (111.) Where the Wild Things Are (110.) Low Man's Lyric (109.) ManUNkind (108.) Better Than You (107.) 2x4 (106.) The House Jack Built (105.) Carpe Diem Baby (104.) Sweet Amber (103.) Prince Charming (102.) Jump in the Fire (101.) Don't Tread on Me (100.) Thorn Within (99.) - Human (98.) Just a Bullet Away (97.) Wasting My Hate (96.) To Hell and Back (95.) Mama Said (94.) Here Comes Revenge (93.) Hate Train (92.) Confusion (91.) Devil’s Dance (90.) Rebel of Babylon (89.) I Disappear (88.) Lords of Summer (87.) Aint My Bitch (86.) Escape (85.) If Darkness Had a Son (84.) Metal Militia (83.) Cyanide (82.) Broken, Beat and Scarred (81.) Hero of the Day (80.) The Struggle Within (79.) Crown of Barbed Wire (78.) Sleepwalk My Life Away (77.) Of Wolf and Man (76.) The Unnamed Feeling (75.) Frantic (74.) Now That We’re Dead (73.) Fixxxer (72.) St. Anger (71.) My Apocalypse (70.) Phantom Lord (69.) Suicide and Redemption (68.) The End of the Line (67.) Screaming Suicide (66.) You Must Burn! (65.) Through the Never (64.) Dream No More (63.) Chasing Light (62.) No Remorse (61.) Motorbreath (60.) Judas Kiss (59.) Unforgiven II (58.) Too Far Gone? (57.) Holier Than Thou (56.) Lux Aeterna (55.) Unforgiven III (54.) The Memory Remains (53.) Shadows Follow (52.) Hardwired (51.) Hit the Lights (50.) Atlas, Rise (49.) Trapped Under Ice (48.) My Friend of Misery (47.) The Thing That Should Not Be (46.) Room of Mirrors (45.) Halo on Fire (44.) 72 Seasons (43.) That Was Just Your Life (42.) The God That Failed (41.) To Live is to Die (40.) No Leaf Clover (39.) Eye of the Beholder (38.) Inamorata (37.) Whiplash (36.) The Outlaw Torn (35.) Enter Sandman (34.) Nothing Else Matters (33.) Bleeding Me (32.) Moth Into Flame (31.) Fuel (30.) Until It Sleeps (29.) The Shortest Straw (28.) King Nothing (27.) Fight Fire with Fire (26.) Leper Messiah
Round 25 Results
(25.) Frayed Ends of Sanity (24.) Seek and Destroy (23.) The Call of Ktulu
Vote for the next 3 songs to be eliminated in the link above.
We will pause the poll during the Metallica protest on Jun 12th and 13th and keep the poll going as normal once the sub reopens. For those of you that are protesting for longer, I commend you, and I apologize that you can’t participate in the last few rounds unless you want to DM me your email address and I will email the poll to you. To have this wrapped up by the 12th, I would have to eliminate 6 songs each round, and that would very much ruin the flow of the final rounds as they should be some of the most entertaining. I will be protesting reddit completely those 2 days, and hope some changes come!
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2023.06.08 16:21 quat1e Spotify DJ not blown away by it, it is just playing recently played songs....

I just got Spotify DJ and I'm not actually impressed. All it's doing is playing songs that I've recently played. Is this all it does?
I was hoping that Spotify DJ would be a more interactive experience, where I could choose the songs that it plays and it would mix them together in a creative way. But so far, it's just been playing the same old songs that I've been listening to for the past few weeks.
Is anyone else having this problem? Or am I doing something wrong?
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2023.06.08 16:21 JustaThrowaway922345 I’m in love with a fictional character. Im also married.

Hi. Not sure where to post this but I just need to vent a little, and I don’t feel comfortable telling any of my loved ones. So shouting into the void of the internet sounds right.
I [26M] have been married for about two years. I love my wife, and want to spend the rest of my life with her. I say this because there is no love lost for this real human after this “incident”.
Across the Spiderverse came out recently, and as someone who never saw the first one I was kind’ve intrigued by how high praise it was getting. So I watched the first one and then went to see the second (great films by the way I can’t recommend them enough. Some of the best animation I’ve ever seen).
That’s all great, right? Nothing abnormal? Well for some reason, I think I’ve fallen in love with Gwen Stacy, a main character in the films. I don’t know why or how, but I haven’t felt these feelings since I started talking to my wife. I get choked up and feel suffocated by it. I watch edits on TikTok, view stills from the films, and as soon as AtSV comes out digitally I’ll probably end up buying it and rewatching it.
I really don’t get this. I’ve had “crushes” on characters in fiction before. But it’s usually either a character in live action where I find the actress attractive, or something where I go “wow she’s neat” and forget about it in a few days. I can’t forget about Gwen. No idea why.
And it’s not like my feelings for my wife are gone. It’s like I’m blurring the two together and mixing my feelings for both. I don’t talk about it with her and had to kindve shrug off me crying the other day as just me having a tough time at work (which isn’t untrue but not the full picture at all). There are times I just feel sad. Sad that this character isn’t real and no matter what this love I feel is fictional.
I don’t even feel jealousy with her interacting with other people in the movies (as I’ve seen some people say they have). And I know it’s fictional and hope that these feelings eventually go away. But it’s difficult. It’s like loving someone in high school but they don’t love you back. That hopelessness. But I’m 26 and married. I feel guilty about it even though it’s not cheating. But it feels wrong. And stupid.
Anyway, again I just wanted to vent. Feeling choked up and sad about a fictional love is not something I ever thought I’d experience. I hope I can find some peace with this soon.
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