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2023.06.08 18:02 DankHamilton Generating/collecting URLs from "NEO Earth Close Approaches" database to link to Orbit Viewer

I'm working on a personal project utilizing data from the NEO Earth Close Approaches database. I'm cleaning/prepping the dataset with pandas to be used within a Tableau Viz, but I am very curious to hear how others would approach one particular issue.
When viewing the database in browser, the table includes the column "View CA", which links out to an Orbit Viewer showing each close approach. Downloading the CSV or Excel file does not provide these links. I would like to have these links in my dataframe.
I have figured out the format of the link through inspect element; for example, the View CA link for Object (2023 LD):,0,0,1&lookat=Earth&interval=2&eclipticaxis=false&eclipticgrid=false&largeFont=false&distance=29919.57414&pitch=0&roll=0&yaw=0&scale=1.000&rotateX=-30.20870289631195&rotateY=38.134339235185024&desig=2023%20LD&cajd=2460104.544743703&
At the end of the link, you can see that ...desig=2023%20LD&cajd=2460104.544743703& uses the Object/designation (desig=2023%20LD... from 2023 LD) and cajd=... uses the object's close approach date in Julian Date format, which I have created a conversion function to generate. So far my solution has been to use regex functions and the cajd conversion to generate the links.
Firstly, is my outlined solution a sane way to go about this? Secondly, how would you approach this challenge yourself? My main curiosity as I stated is whether there are other, possibly simpler ways to do this as I took way too much time to figure out my solution where it currently is.
Thanks y'all.
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2023.06.08 18:01 Strict_Candidate_438 My best friend (F20) and I (F19) sleep in the same bed when we have a sleepover. Is that weird?

For some context we’ve know each other since we were 8 years old and have been having sleepovers since middle school. We didn’t have the luxury of having a second room for her and it honestly didn’t seem necessary for one of us to sleep on the couch. I have a queen size bed which is perfectly capable of holding us both. One of my friends made a comment about how weird it was that we slept in the same bed for a sleepover and when I brought it up to my boyfriend (M20), he started saying how it was weird too and how when he sleeps over at a friends house they have a separate room for him or he sleeps on the couch. I don’t find it weird, considering the bed is pretty big and there’s a lot of room for us (and room for my dog to sleep in between). I just wanted to post here to get second opinions cause now I’m starting to feel a bit insecure about the whole situation
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2023.06.08 18:01 sithhmom Am I in a one sided friendship?

Since the pandemic began, I’ve been having a lot of realizations about the people in my life and have seen the true colours of friends, even family come through.
A little about me, I’m a single parent with low support and I am disabled. I dealt with a lot of trauma growing up and have been healing my wounds for years. I find myself to be quite intuitive and sensitive to peoples energies. People would say I’m kind and selfless.
Although, I know I am a good person and friend, I realize people really try to take advantage of that and this has resulted in ending almost all of my friendships.
The only person who I actively see is my best friend, let’s call her Pam. I’m starting to see these red flags but it’s complicated. She is also a parent and has a great support system. Our kids grew up together from the moment they were born and have been inseparable since. Pam and I had one fallout which is when I graduated high school and went off to college without her and this was her choice to part ways because I didn’t have as much time for her as we did before. I was heartbroken. She reached out to me a year later and we rekindled.
Pam and I used to have so much fun together but I’ve noticed that when we hang out now, she’s preoccupied on her phone. She has other friends too and our relationships are very different. She talks poorly about them when we are together. I don’t have anything bad to say about them because I don’t feel the need to bash anyone but this raises the alarm that she does the same when I’m not around.
She always speaks highly of me to my face and says I’m the only friend who actually comes around when she needs support. But it ultimately just feels like she only reaches out to me when no one else is available.
She told me she has a hard time being alone with her kids and with cleaning her house because it gets messy quickly with the kids. I totally understood the mental strain of it all and offered to help her out once and a while with cleaning her house and hanging out with the kids so she can rest. I like cleaning and love kids but she started asking me weekly. I burn out easily, get bad flare ups due to my disability and have my own duties as a parent. Which shes aware of and knows I don’t get much help since my child’s father isn’t present and my parents are the only people I trust with kid but they work a lot.
She drops her kids off at their grandparents many times of the week overnight or has the kids at their dads all weekend. So she has a lot of time to herself to do chores or have alone time but I find that she chooses to party, will drive down to another city for her boyfriend or hang out with her other friends instead.
I don’t party, or have a babysitter(my parents help out when they can) to really do things without my kid but I am okay with that. I will make time for people who want to spend time with us or will plan a kid free outing.
With all that being said, she only asks how I am when she wants me to come over and help her clean or to watch her kids. She doesn’t come over to visit us anymore, doesn’t invite us to outings. I always try to make plans with her and tell her about these great ideas but find out she did said ideas with other friends instead.
Lately, I’ve been feeling really down on myself about all this because I too need support and have clearly stated my boundaries to her and what I need from our friendship. I told her my feelings and started to say no more often because I’m physically unable to help as much when I get a flare up.
I feel as though she resents me for not coming to her service at any given moment and whenever I bring up any sort of issue. Like for example, if her kid mistreats mine or if she fails to tell me her kids are sick before coming over (happens a lot). I’ve noticed that people don’t say no to her often when it comes to helping her out but they criticize for her choices (usually family) and she will feel attacked. I approach things gently but firm when I have an issue and she will ignore me for a few days as a result or use pity.
I feel like she devalues her support system but then relies on us when she makes bad decisions that blow up in her face. I know things can’t always be 50/50 but I feel like I’m rowing this boat all by myself. The only expectation I have is for her to show up but she hasn’t in years. I love her kids and they’re best friends with mine but I feel if we were kidless, this friendship would be entirely different. Not sure for the better or worse. I don’t know if it’s healthy to only be friends for the sake of our kids cause it almost feels like what’s happening here on her end.
Thank you for reading if you’ve made it this far. I know it’s all over the place but I needed a safe place to let it out. Open to advice, opinions or relatable stories. Willing to add more context if needed.
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2023.06.08 18:01 frogkami Financial advice for a 25 yo who wants to eventually own a house

Everyday I get blasted with news about how I will never be able to afford property and that a recession is coming (I live in the US). I originally thought that my financials were good but now I’m not so sure.
I am a 25 year old live in a HCOL area, making a little more than $67k after taxes.
In terms of savings, I have about about $50k in savings accounts (mostly in a high yields), about $14k in a brokerage. I have 12k in a 401k which I contribute 10% to and a Roth IRA with about $40k which I contributed to before I switched over to a 401k plan. I no longer contribute to my IRA but let me know if it’s a good idea to keep doing that.
In terms of spending, my biggest expense is rent and utilities which amount to about $1600. I enjoy travel and would like to continue taking a few trips a year during my 20s. I’m looking to buy a car soon and probably need to take a loan out for it. Eventually I’d like to buy a house but that just seems so far away for me.
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2023.06.08 18:01 AutoNewsAdmin [CA] - Group seeking court review of approval for wind farm project in northern Nova Scotia

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2023.06.08 18:01 ftm0821 Help with a Working Floor Plan For First Floor Remodel 1929 Colonial

Help with a Working Floor Plan For First Floor Remodel 1929 Colonial
Hi All! As the title states I'm looking for some help, feedback, ideas, critiques, etc. on a floor plan I am working on for our 1929 Colonial. We moved here three years ago. We were hoping to start a Reno immediately on the kitchen but then got pregnant and that went out the window! Finally circling back to starting to think about this renovation again.
Background: I LOVE our home and the location but the first floor layout is really not functional at all for us. The home has not had many updates at all really since it was built except for the previous owners put on a 'bump out' addition that really did nothing but make the layout more awkward. See the first pic for example.
Here's what we're looking for out of our remodel:
1- Dont hate me for this - but a more open concept. When you're in the kitchen you're completely detached from the rest of the house. also can't open the DW all the way, fridge is blocking it, its impossible for 2 people to be in there and cooking at the same time. I would love it if I could be cooking dinner, and have my daughter in sight if she's playing with her toys or watching a show on the couch. (So, basically, an island in the kitchen, a family room area, and a spot for a dining table.... all in that one side of the house. then the living room would be a more formal spot OR if im being real, probably a place for toy storage and a second play spot for my daughter lol)
2- an entrance to the patio from the kitchen. I love the idea of having a dining table back there with alot of windows and then the French doors sliding out to the back porch.
3- Id like to move the existing powder room so that the center hallway is open when you first walk in - like a true "center hall colonial" and you can see through to the back of the house from the foyer.
4- Entryway / Mudroom / Powder Room / Laundry Room on that left side of the house but I just can't figure out the best use of those spaces.
I've attached two pictures - one is the current layout and the other is one I have been working on with a new layout but I am getting stuck and wanted to come here for some help and feedback.
Thank you in advance!!!

Original Layout

My attempt at a new one
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2023.06.08 18:01 Jellyfishtaxidriver Laying my first patio. What do I need?

The area is clear and ready to begin laying the patio. The area is around 3.8m x 1.5m. Complete beginner at anything like this. I do know I would prefer to lay on sand though as it's a rented property and I wish to take the slabs with me when I leave in a year or two.
What will I need for materials and tools? So far I have on the list -
Builders sand Spirit level Rubber mallet Spacers
I'm sure I'm missing lots! Any other tips welcome!
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2023.06.08 18:00 justthetipponaut 32 [M4F] South Mississippi/CST - Seeking conversations and more.

Hello everyone, I'm back again. Been a bit since I made a post here. I've had a few redditors reach out initially and have continued conversations with some; but, I'm still open to creating new connections and seeing what comes of them. I guess I'll go into a brief synopsis about me:
I'm 32, live within driving distance of the Gulf of Mexico in Mississippi, have two dogs, have lived in six states now with my move down here in April of 2020, own my own house and work a good job with good pay and benefits. I enjoy movies to the extent that I go almost every weekend to see one, thanks in part to taking advantage of MoviePass to do so. I enjoy reading with a preference for the genres science fiction, alternative history (think Harry Turtledove), young adult, horror, mystery/thriller and I guess I should just go ahead and state that if it has an interesting plot, I'm probably going to give it a chance. I enjoy spending time on and in the water, boating, swimming and water-skiing. I enjoy a wide range of musical genres so it'd be better to say I'm not the biggest fan of most pop or rap, though I'll find myself listening to them from time to time.
If you're interested in having a conversation or getting to know more about me, please reach out! I ask that when you do that you send your age, location and a brief blurb about you so I know who I'm talking with. Sending a picture will earn you one in return. I'll attach a recent picture of me.\_o.jpg
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2023.06.08 18:00 No_Nefariousness_312 A weird conversation with my mom

A lot of background for context: I am 29 years old, living on my own, married to my wife of 3 years. I had a rough time with my parents when they found out about my girlfriend (now wife) when I was 18. It took them 2 years to come around but have embraced her, have a stocking up for her at Christmas, come to our house all the time, watch our dog when we go on vacation, etc. My mom even walked in the Pride walk with us last year, wearing a “proud of my daughter” shirt. I hadn’t even really considered she was homophobic for years now.
Well I am totally shocked and unsettled by our conversation yesterday. She watches ALL of the matchmaking etc shows- married at first sight, love is blind, the ultimatum, you name it she’s watched it. So I asked her if she’s watched the newest season of the ultimatum, which is queer. Some statements from her included: “I don’t want to see them in their relationships,” “two women kissing makes me uncomfortable but the women are not as bad as the men,” “there are no regular people on the show.” I was in such shock I said I’m gonna hang up now and let you think about what you just said. Well she is a narcissist and of course is acting like a martyr now, like I’m being unreasonable. I’m just trying to wrap my head around the things she said to me. I would never want those things said in front of any future children I might have. No idea what to do or say next. She believes she didn’t say anything wrong. How can she come in my gay house, eat my gay cooking, watch my gay dog, etc if she feels that way?
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2023.06.08 18:00 annielester052 Neighbour screams once everyday

This has been going on for maybe six or more months. Everyday I’d hear one or two screams of what sounds like an extremely frustrated middle aged man. I don’t know who and where this guy lives, I’m only sure he’s somewhere in my street. The screams sound pretty distant however they are loud enough to be heard clearly across all rooms of my house. I’ve spoken to a few friends and family members about this and we kind of started normalising it shortly after. (I’ve thought of reporting this to the police though I don’t know exactly where this guy is, and I doubt that it’d be considered nuisance as he only screams once or twice daily.)
It never occurred to me as something to be exceptionally concerned about until earlier today. I heard the usual frustrated screams, however hours later before midnight I heard 2-3 screams that sounded pretty demonic, or like somebody was being tortured. And honestly it didn’t sound like they were from the same person. I’m pretty concerned atm and idk what I should do:/
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2023.06.08 18:00 Desire_Helmet New Member's Welcome

The reason this place is so poorly-named is because I didn't want to call it something that was poetic or evocative. I'm sincerely sorry for the lack of art. I wanted to get a little rougher and cruder here. I wanted to use the word magic and mean nothing else. It's a "back to basics" approach we're taking.
You're here because all of the exquisite vocabulary has lost the attraction, the memorization of spells and prayers has grown flat, the aphorisms of your friend's friend's guru sound silly. Let's keep going: yes, your house is dusty with stacked books Eiffel-legged with cobwebs, your stained glass is spotted with mold and your daily chants have the urgency of a fervent unbeliever. What happened? Why is the candle wick dry?
Magic is more than a little embarrassing, at least when you treat it with words. All the rituals and the life lessons and the cartoonish stories not only "eventually" make you lose sight, but most never even get a glimpse at the real thing.
Stab me in the eye if I ever use the word "workshop". Impale me on an icepick of my own vomit in Antartica if ever I use the phrase, "You are invited to...". This is a place where there is still such thing as original thought, where there is still discovery without forgotten priors.
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2023.06.08 18:00 One_Control_8349 Just curious

Just curious
okay, this photo is over a year old! I was so scared to post this but now I’m curious as to what this was and if anyone else had a different opinion! I freaked out thinking it was a bed bug crying non stop to orkin payed a huge price to spray and clean my home while orkin never saw anything else or evidence of bird bugs ( I followed him around the house asking a 100 questions he was so exhausted with me I bought him a beer) This whole ordeal caused me to have a complete mental breakdown! I moved out of my house for a week bought new clothes and shoes as to not transfer it! I’m still in the funk but getting better I check my bed EVERYNIGHT still a year later! I got so many different identifications and some saying orkin took me for granted….So what do you think bb or not?
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2023.06.08 18:00 AutoModerator Weekly Property Mega Thread - 08 Jun, 2023

Weekly Property Mega Thread

Welcome to the /AusFinance weekly Property Mega Thread.
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What happens here?

Please use this thread for general property-related discussions, such as:
The goal is to have a safe space for some of the most common posts, while supporting more original and interesting content in their own posts.Single posts about property may be removed and directed to this thread.
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2023.06.08 18:00 Sea-Chemistry-8687 HELP! issues with prom

For context this is in the UK I (F16) am going to prom with my two friends, we want to rent a nice car, which I (and my friends) can afford, however, friend 1's parents do not want to pay anything at all, nor will they let her pay anything herself, which is understandable for the most part, I was under the impression they would just pay £20, and me and friend 2 would pay £100 each (which is ironic since we are both in families on universal credit, and her family is pretty well off) but I don't mind because I have never been in a nice car and it's exciting! But now they are refusing to pay anything, or even let friend 1 go in the car we were planning on renting, and just have her dad pick us up, it's just really odd and I don't know what to do because me and friend 2 really wanted to go in a nice car, and I get made fun of a lot for my dad's car (it is a second hand £500 car, which is fine but not for prom) and I want to be driven in a nice car to prom, but more importantly with my friends, anyone have any ideas on what to do? My mum is offering to speak to her parents but they don't even want to do that so I'm not sure
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2023.06.08 18:00 Acrobatic_End_9266 Recruiting Adolescent Participants (10-17) for a Research Study!

Recruiting Adolescent Participants (10-17) for a Research Study!
Hello everyone!
The Centre for Multimodal Sensorimotor and Pain Research is conducting a study to determine whether there is an association between screen time and oral behaviours, such as jaw clenching, in young adolescents (10-17 years old). The study includes two parts, an online 10-minute survey, and a 100-minute session at our research lab. All participants in the online survey will be entered into a raffle that will award $25 Amazon eGift Cards (1 gift card to 10 participants). If participants are selected to join the second part of the study in our lab (located in Toronto, ON), they will receive $30 compensation (cash). Please check out the flyer below for more information!
If you have any questions, please email us at [email protected].
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2023.06.08 18:00 syedshami110 Mortgage rates play a significant role in determining

Owning a home is a dream for many, and mortgage financing plays a crucial role in turning this dream into reality. If you're considering purchasing a house, understanding mortgage financing is essential. In this article, we'll explore the ins and outs of mortgage financing, how it works, the different types available, and important factors to consider. So, let's dive in and learn all about mortgage financing.
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2023.06.08 17:59 ems__b 7 weeks PP and infidelity

I’m 7 weeks postpartum with my little girl and just found out my fiancé is cheating. The girl is located in another state so I know nothing physical happened but still it was very emotional and they had clearly been talking for awhile. Im going to ask for an STD panel from my OBGYN for in case there was something else I don’t know about.
I haven’t decided if I should stay and try to repair the relationship or leave. I do love him very much and he is a fantastic partner in terms of taking care of the house, baby, and me (I have a disability so he has had to take on quite a bit) - I’m not naive to the lack of respect for me and our little family or his inability to be monogamous. I don’t have family nearby and I quit my job to stay home with the baby so I’m not sure what to do if I would leave. I’m just worried about the impact on my baby if I choose to stay or leave.
For reference I’m F21.
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2023.06.08 17:59 escondido88 Mastercam Mill-Turn is trash

Why does the mill-turn environment have to be so trash…. It takes the worst of lathe and some of the standard 5-axis mill and combines them into a red headed step child. It’s missing features that standard mill has, lathe is a chore setting up tools.
You can’t add fixtures, stock and fixtures need to be melded into one piece.
You can’t set a user specific transfer spot, it calculates this using unspecified calculations.
You can’t just tell it I have a piece of stock X diameter by X length, you have to specify length by using front face and back face stock only.
The code expert environment is garbage. If you transform a toolpath and only want to post the transform, you have to post the ENTIRE program, set you coolant/Ai smoothing codes etc in Code expert, save the entire IOF file. Only then can you post just the transform operation otherwise it will not remember any of the settings from the parent.
If you try to just post one or two operations, say a finish pass or something, if you did not previously post the entire file, set your defaults and save, all your settings will be gone. You can change them but they won’t save because the IOF file only saves if you post the entire program.
You can not change any of the machine definition parameters, at least with our NTX2000 machine/post files it’s locked out. Therefore you can’t change the default starting program, tool numbering, clearance moves etc and save them as default. You have to change these every time you make a new file.
PC performance is absolute trash. We built our own in house CAD/CAM computers with the best processor, best GPU and most amount of RAM the motherboard would support. MC uses none of it. Their “multi thread” support is garbage it doesn’t use nearly as much CPU as it can. I have dedicated 100Gb of ram for MC to use and the most it’s ever gotten to was 24Gb. It never uses openGL GPU processing even though it’s enabled and forced in settings.
Overall it’s a fucking headache. I have been back and forth with our local MC reps and nothing has really changed. The software is stuck in legacy mode. MC needs to release an entirely new software suite to get out of this legacy crap they are currently stuck with.
Looking forward to trying out Esprit here shortly, we have a demo coming up.
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2023.06.08 17:59 FlyUnder_TheRadar Attorneys who have moved from private practice to Insurance/In-House how was that experience? Would you recommend it for a young attorney?

Pretty much the title. I'm about to finish my third calendar year at a small firm doing general litigation work. I like the idea of being a trial attorney, but I just don't think I can mentally or physically keep up with it. I think im at my breaking point. But, I'm afraid applying to go in house with an Insurance company may cap or limit my career prospects. I have connections at the local insurance company that may help me get a job there if I applied. It's kind of sensitive, because our firm does the company's outside counsel work and has for a long time. What do you think? What has been your experience if you've done something similar?
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2023.06.08 17:59 SupermarketSweet3819 Gay atheist Unrealeck aka HellsAtrium is still living with his parents as unlike SciCosmic, Unrealeck cannot afford a home or even rent as he's too poor and in debt from crashing his crappy second hand car lmao

Gay atheist Unrealeck aka HellsAtrium is still living with his parents as unlike SciCosmic, Unrealeck cannot afford a home or even rent as he's too poor and in debt from crashing his crappy second hand car lmao
The gay atheist incel Unrealeck aka HellsAtrium is still living with his parents despite being nearly 40 years old. While his obsession, SciCosmic, owns a house and has a brand new car. The virgin gay atheist Unrealeck however, can barely afford to pay off the debt incurred from crashing his shitty second hand BMW lol.
To cope with being a manbaby and adult virgin who plays video games all day long, Unrealeck aka HellsAtrium often relieves his stress by jacking off to thoughts of Christians dominating his gay ass. Deep down though, Unrealeck aka HellsAtrium knows he's a loser though and that SciCosmic is laughing at him daily.
Maybe Unrealeck should try growing up and trying to think of an actual adult future. His parents won't be around forever to support him sitting in the basement obsessing about Christians online while playing video games all day like a manbaby.
Maybe then, Unrealeck could get a brand new car, his own place to live and might actually get laid once in his life instead of only ever experiencing sexual pleasure from his big black dildo collection. Lol
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2023.06.08 17:59 Defiant-Emphasis-988 I told my mother how I feel and now me and my fiancé are being evicted

This is a throwaway account. My mother (from my perspective) has not been a great mother. I am fairly certain that she is a narcissist. She had loved me when I was worshipping her or when I was doing what she said. Our relationship has only gotten worse as I have grown up. I don't think she bothered to know me because I wasn't like her. I don't deny that she had given me a lot when growing up. She showed me the world and taught me how to live in it. There was also just a lot of emotional abuse in there as well. I moved back home at 24 (25 now) to go to graduate school for 2.5 years. My fiancé moved in with me in October of last year. We paid rent to live in the house and had a roommate agreement regarding cleaning the shared areas (my mother later said that we didn't have to clean - something she denies). For reference, I have three older siblings that are in no contact with my mother due to her behavior. There have been a lot of cases of emotional abuse and ignoring boundaries or denying they are needed at all. Living with her has been incredibly difficult, and it only is bad for both my mother's and my mental health. I have suggested therapy before for both of us or just her (I am currently in it) that did not go well.
This past week is when everything came to a final point. My fiancé and I were moving things from a storage unit in my dad's car when we got into an accident. It wasn't pretty, but we immediately got to work finding new jobs that paid more so we could pay everything back. My mother has been shit-talking both of us behind our backs to most of the family this whole time and one time I finally lost it a little and told her to back off, and we are trying to pay her back. I returned the next day to apologize for my words (I have to be the one to apologize most of the time). Things got heated and after being pushed and insulted in the conversation I finally said "I can't be happy with you still living here" She got understandably angry and 10 minutes later said that we have 2 weeks to get out. I made a mistake saying what I said. I did mean it... I can't be happy if things remain as they do, but I know that she isn't willing to talk or do the work to make things better for both of us.
I suppose I just wanted to get this fucked situation off my chest. I know that I was partially in the wrong and I can admit that I just wish I could have an adult conversation with my mother. Try to have a relationship that we both can live with.
Thanks for reading Reddit - who knows how long I will keep this up.
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2023.06.08 17:59 resist91 Faceless people movie

All I remember from this movie was a kid met a lady at a bar or something and she helped him get home safe and he lived in this really big house. She went exploring in the house at some point and kept finding people without mouths or eyes or faces. We find out that the kid is the one who is making people faceless and for some reason I remember Rodger Rabbit in the movie as well. It was definitely from the 90s or early 2000s.
Please help, my boyfriend thinks I'm crazy.
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