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The Equestrian Exchange is a place for everyone in the equestrian community to buy, sell, trade, and give horse products of all types to and from their fellow redittors.

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2023.06.11 00:02 piiiinkskiiiies i (22f) am struggling to accept a non committal ex fling (22m) getting a girlfriend after we ended

i met a friend of my uni housemates in november and we hit it off. he asked me to come over to his place and from there a consistent fwb arrangement took place. we ended up spending a lot of time together also through a shared friend group and texted a lot, but he’d only ever invite me to hang one on one for hookups. this hurt me throughout the semester because i had feelings and wanted more but held it in for the sake of peace in my house and bc he spoke and acted like hookups were the norm for him and hadn’t been in a relationship for a few years. he’d do little things that made it seem like he liked me then say “i don’t know what i’m looking for” when i asked. in april when we graduated he said we were better as friends and didn’t think i wanted a relationship. i was confused at the last comment since he never initiated a real date from the jump but overall agreed, we aren’t right for each other.
now i find out on social media he already has a girlfriend. it stung hard, because i had to accept that he is a relationship person, i just wasn’t worth more than sex to him. i know this is life and i’ve accepted the fact that he isn’t the one for me, i deserved better, he has the right to like someone else, but i just can’t help but make myself sad wondering what it is about her that i don’t have that made him want to commit so soon after. i also can’t get over the thought that i did something wrong to turn him away. it’s hard that i’m still single and have lingering feelings and he’s fine with someone better. any advice for getting over it?
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2023.06.11 00:01 xtr0n Anyone else find the Healthy Streets annoying?

Maybe I’m just a curmudgeon but I saw a sign about making more of the “Healthy Streets” permanent and it really pissed me off. There are so many neighborhoods without sidewalks and so many homeless people and it seems really unfair to take blocks with million dollar houses and yards and make them even more valuable with private streets. When schools were closed during COVID it 100% made sense to make more space for kids to play, but now it just seems like a giveaway to some of the most fortunate folks in the city. I walk by a ton of them in Wallingford and I only really ever see one that gets regular use. AITA?
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2023.06.11 00:01 FryoKnight Looking for help sorting out my Load Order

So, I am currently having an issue with my current mod list where something is overriding the Skin of my Vault Dweller, and making it look like a patchwork of clothes. I was wondering if anyone here could help me figure out the Load Order I need to fix this issue.
Here are all my mods and their load orders as is (Load Order, then "status", then Name).
#Mod_Priority,#Mod_Status,#Mod_Name "0000","+","DLC: Wasteland Workshop" "0001","+","DLC: Vault-Tec Workshop" "0002","+","DLC: Nuka-World" "0003","+","DLC: Far Harbor" "0004","+","DLC: Contraptions Workshop" "0005","+","DLC: Automatron" "0006","+","Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch" "0007","+","Mod Configuration Menu" "0008","+","Armor and Weapon Keywords Community Resource (AWKCR)" "0009","+","Valdacil's Item Sorting" "0010","+","DEF_UI" "0011","+","Updated ICONLIBS2 for DEF_UI v5.5.2" "0012","+","Radrose Usability Enhancements" "0013","+","Live Dismemberment" "0014","+","HUDFramework" "0015","+","Companion Status HUD" "0016","+","Functional Displays v0.2.9.2 BETA" "0017","+","All Nuka-Cola Flavors for the Commonwealth" "0018","+","ETSGS - Easy To See Glowing Stuff" "0019","+","Nuka Cola Refrigerated Display Case" "0020","+","More Power Armour Mods (More Power Armor Mods)" "0021","+","MPAM - Power Armour Materials and Paints patch" "0022","+","Power Armor Materials AND Paints (PAMAP)" "0023","+","Consistent Power Armor Overhaul" "0024","+","CPAO - PAMAP Patchl" "0025","+","Brotherhood Power Armor Overhaul" "0026","+","BPAO - Sorting Patch 1" "0027","+","BPAO - Auto Sorting Patch" "0028","+","NAC - Natural and Atmospheric Commonwealth" "0029","+","Armorsmith Extended" "0030","+","NAC - Armor Patch" "0031","+","True Storms Wasteland Edition v1.4" "0032","+","TSWE - Nuka Patch" "0033","+","Sim Settlements" "0034","+","Weapons of Fate (Ballistics Overhaul)" "0035","+","Start Me Up Redux - An Update for Alternate Start and Dialogue Overhaul" "0036","+","Super Mutant Redux 2.0" "0037","+","LooksMenu" "0038","+","Looks Menu Customization Compendium" "0039","+","Caliente's Beautiful Bodies Enhancer -CBBE- (Reduced)" "0040","+","BodySlide and Outfit Studio" "0041","+","Ponytail Hairstyles by Azar v2.5a" "0042","+","Unique NPCs - Creatures and Monsters" "0043","+","Eli's Armour Compendium" "0044","+","Better Settlers" "0045","+","Unique NPCs - An Overhaul of the Commonwealth" "0046","+","Unique NPCs - Item Sorting Patch" "0047","+","Unique Uniques - Unique Weapons Redone" "0048","+","Ruse VIS-G and AE Patches" "0049","+","Manufacturing Extended" "0050","+","Better Manufacturing" "0051","+","Soylent Green - Add-on for Manufacturing Extended" "0052","+","Manufacturing Extended expanded" "0053","+","F4llout 76 - Mutations" "0054","+","Immersive Scrapping" "0055","+","Immersive Scrapping - Valdacil's Item Sorting (VIS) - Compatibility Patch" "0056","+","The Wasteland Codex - Interactive Lore Database voiced by The Storyteller" "0057","+","K-9 Harness -- Tactical Body Armor and Backpack for Dogmeat" "0058","+","Immersive Dogmeat - Smart - Silent - Sneaky" "0059","+","Everyone's Best Friend (Dogmeat and Companion At Same Time - No Console - No Hack)" "0060","+","More Armor Slots" "0061","+","Dogmetal (Dogs Robots companions)" "0062","+","Visible Companion Affinity" "0063","+","Rings Of The Commonwealth" "0064","+","More Smarter Companions Mod" "0065","+","Immersive Scrapping - Tidy up --- Inspired by Spring Cleaning" "0066","+","Scrapable Power Armor - Immersive Scrapping" "0067","+","Basic Ammo Crafting for AWKCR" "0068","+","Worthwhile Eyebot Pods" "0069","+","Use Repair Kits On Nick Valentine" "0070","+","Crossbows of the Commonwealth" "0071","+","Crossbows AWKCR Patches - Ammo" "0072","+","Crossbows AWKCR Patches - Crossbow" "0073","+","Simply Water" "0074","+","Automatron Expanded Weapons System" "0075","+","Sanctuary Scrapping Picket Fence Fix" "0076","+","OCDecorator" "0077","+","Backpacks of the Commonwealth" "0078","+","Settlement Menu Manager" "0079","+","Settlement Keywords Expanded v1.60" "0080","+","FO4 Hotkeys" "0081","+","People have a name" "0082","+","Icebreaker - Settlements - Settler Dialogue Overhaul" "0083","+","Altairp's Animal Farm - Add-On for Sim Settlements" "0084","+","Flotsam and Jetsam -Sim Settlements Addon pack" "0085","+","Sim Settlements AddOn Pack - JtBryant's Utilities" "0086","+","Sim Settlements Mega Pack - Year One" "0087","+","Annex The Commonwealth" "0088","+","Brawl Bug Fix" "0089","+","Full Dialogue Interface" "0090","+","Loot Detector - Scrapper Corpse Highlighting - DLCRobots Fix" "0091","+","Laser Bolt FX Fallout 4 Edition" "0092","+","Workshop Framework" "0093","+","HoloTime 2 - Clock Widget for HUDFramework" "0094","+","CROSS Crit Gore-verhaul" "0095","+","Half width shack walls" "0096","+","Buffed Turrets and Guard Posts" "0097","+","This Settlement Does Not Need Your Help - BS Defence Redone" "0098","+","BuildingBlocks Foundations" "0099","+","Craftable Balcony Supports" "0100","+","Alien Assault Rifle" "0101","+","Better Dials for Power Armor - Fallout 4" "0102","+","Automatically Lowered Weapons" "0103","+","Craftable Turret Stands" "0104","+","Craftable Interior Shack Doorway Wall" "0105","+","Death camera extended duration" "0106","+","Existence 2.0" "0107","+","Give Me That Bottle" "0108","+","Improved Map with Visible Roads" "0109","+","Legendary Modification" "0110","+","Legendary Modification - DLC (Automatron) (Far Harbor) (Nuka World) and Additional Fixes (ENG)" "0111","+","Lootable Cars with Added Health" "0112","+","Lootable Skeletons" "0113","+","More Cages for Wasteland Workshop" "0114","+","Nuka-Mix Unique Textures" "0115","+","Quieter Settlements" "0116","+","Restore Power Armor Frames" "0117","+","RNG Cages (Cage Overhaul)" "0118","+","Salvage Beacons" "0119","+","Settlement Attacks Beyond" "0120","+","Settlement Attacks Beyond - FH" "0121","+","Settlement Attacks Beyond - NW" "0122","+","SKK Dynamic workshop time" "0123","+","SKK Combat Settlers (health and power armor)" "0124","+","SKK Settlement Attack System" "0125","+","SKK Combat Stalkers (nexus edition)" "0126","+","Shadows for hostile spotlights and searchlights" "0127","+","Tinas Cookiepocolypse -AKA DDProd All In One plus Quest" "0128","+","Turret SpotLight with shadows" "0129","+","True Legendary Enemies" "0130","+","Tune the Radios" "0131","+","Uncapped Settlement Surplus" "0132","+","Un-Randomized Workshop Turrets" "0133","+","Wall Pass-Through Power Conduits" "0134","+","Vertical (Wall-Mounted) Power Conduits" "0135","+","Evil Morty Theme Death Sound Replacer" "0136","+","Vault-Tec Workshop Overhaul" "0137","+","Underground Railroad (Redux) - Immersive fast travel for Survival" "0138","+","Simply Cosmetic Pipboy Paintjobs" "0139","+","Simply Cosmetic Pipboy Paintjobs - Factions" "0140","+","Corpse Collision" "0141","+","Better Body Physics" "0142","+","Lunatic's Unhelpful Loading Screens" "0143","+","Lunatic's ULS - DLCs" 
Any help would be appreciated.
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2023.06.11 00:01 sjanevardsson Better With a Friend

The PV Hobby Horse, a small cargo ship in the manufacturer’s default medium grey, sat at one end of the docks. Mid-bulk transports took the other occupied slots, while the big ships were loaded by drone on the opposite side of the station.
Sidra Boston, captain of the Hobby Horse and professional bounty hunter, found herself facing a trip back into aslodzhin space to fulfill a promise. The trip was going to cost. Any other species’ space, she’d find someone that needed a small cargo delivered, but not so the aslodzhins. They already had her and her ship registered as a private vehicle for the purpose of bounty hunting, and their rules were as strict and inflexible as their carapace.
On a whim, she checked for any bounties put out by the aslodzhin courts. That she found one surprised her; the fact that the bounty was so low it wouldn’t even cover docking fees didn’t. Still, the skip was reportedly on this station, and it saved her a few credits.
Sidra wandered the station, stopping in the first eatery she encountered. They did a passable burger and fries, but the milkshake tasted like sweetened sludge, and was undrinkable.
She paid for her meal and looked at the warrant again. The hikarin female shouldn’t be difficult to find. Hikarins were tall, often well over two meters, thin, fine-boned, furry, and had six limbs, sometimes walking on four, sometimes on three and sometimes on two. The center two limbs were long and strong enough to act as legs, yet they had grasping feet-hands. This station, in human space, had few hikarins, and even fewer with the rare, orange fur of her bounty.
Finding her quarry was easier than expected. She sat against the wall in the main concourse and held a sign asking for food or assistance to get to Lizshak, a world in aslodzhin space.
Sidra didn’t have any weapons or cuffs on her, but thought she’d give it a try. “Minsahee?” she asked.
The hikarin nodded. Her large eyes were sunken, her fur a matted and dull orange-brown beneath crusted clothes. “Can you help me get home?”
“Minsahee, I have a warrant for your arrest for failure to appear before the aslodzhin court. You can come with me quietly, or I can go back and get my cuffs and shackles and we can do this the hard way.”
Minsahee’s eyes filled with tears. “You mean, you’ll take me to Lizshak?”
“I wasn’t planning on going that far, but I’ll get you to aslodzhin space, Station 47, and the court will take you wherever you’re meant to stand trial.” Sidra extended a hand to help the hikarin to her feet.
She was too weak to walk on two limbs, instead leaning over to walk on four, and even then, her steps were unsteady. Sidra put an arm around her and was surprised at how bony the woman felt under the fur.
“Do you need a doctor?”
Minsahee leaned against Sidra. “No, I’m just tired.”
Sidra didn’t see a need to put the hikarin in the cell built into the cargo bay, and instead offered her a bunk in an unused cabin. “I’m trusting you not to be stupid,” she said. “Remember, I could take you on my worst day and your best, so don’t make me lock you up.”
Minsahee said nothing. Instead, she lay on the bunk, once again on the verge of tears.
Sidra grabbed a meal bar from the pantry and gave it to her with a jug of water. “There’s a washroom right next door if you need it. Once we’re in the hyper lane I’ll have time to answer any questions.”
At least the return trip to aslodzhin space would be quiet. She’d spent the last two weeks with a crippled turgen in the cell, cursing her every minute he was awake, until she finally snapped, “You wouldn’t stop! You threatened to kill the hikarin you’d already hurt, and the aslodzhin officer, and me! How was I to know you can’t walk or stand without the use of your tail, anyway?”
The court was at first reluctant to pay the bounty, given his condition. Once they saw the bodycam footage, though, they relented.
This was a strange one, though. She’d picked up skips in various states of injury or illness, but never one that seemed on the verge of starving to death.
Once they were in the lane, course plotted in, she returned to the cabin Minsahee was using. The door was still open, and the empty wrapper for the meal bar was folded neatly and laid next to the pillow on the bunk. The hikarin had drunk half the water and was sleeping curled up in a ball.
Sidra closed the door and slept in a chair right outside it. It wouldn’t do to have the gal try to sneak to the cockpit and reroute the ship to Lizshak.
When Sidra woke a few hours later, Minsahee was still asleep. She heated up a can of potato-leek soup with ham and filled a bowl for herself. It was just as she started on her meal that Minsahee entered, carrying the half-empty water jug and meal bar wrapper.
Sidra looked up at her. “You hungry?”
Minsahee nodded and Sidra got up and poured the other half can of soup into a bowl, put a spoon in it, and set it on the table opposite herself. She sat back down and nodded at the bowl.
The hikarin got the message and sat to eat. She ate as if it was the last meal she’d ever get. Still, she only managed to eat half of it.
“Thank you, Captain.”
“So, Minsahee, why Lizshak?”
“I have—had a home there. Maybe I can go back to my job after I serve my time.”
“Your warrant didn’t say anything about your crime. You mind telling me?”
“Not a crime, a civil infraction.” Minsahee still held on to the meal bar wrapper until Sidra pointed at the recycler where she finally deposited it.
“What was the infraction, and how much time are you facing?”
“Mandatory three standard days for failure to appear for an appointment to have my signature notarized.”
Sidra’s spoon stopped halfway to her mouth which hung open. She set the spoon back in the bowl. “Say that again?”
“I was closing out a lease, which required a notarized signature. I had an appointment at the court notary but had to leave the day prior for Amherst station where you picked me up.”
“Why is that?”
“My hemi-brother was injured and in intensive care there. He was my only remaining family.”
Sidra sighed. “Was. I take it he didn’t make it?”
Minsahee shook her head. “I spent every credit I had getting there and had no way back.”
“How long were you on Amherst?”
“I don’t know in standard days, but seventy-one human days.”
“Shit.” Sidra went back to eating her soup. “Do you feel a little better with some food in your belly?”
“Yes, Captain. Thank you again.”
“I’m going to lay out a few simple rules on my ship. One: never enter the cockpit unless I tell you to. Two: never cycle an airlock unless I tell you to. Three: Clean up after yourself. That includes putting your leftovers in the fridge over there and finishing them later. I hate waste. Four: if you’re using the washroom, flip the switch just inside the door up, so I know you’re in there, and flip it down when you leave.”
“Yes, Captain, I will do those things.”
“As long as you don’t break the rules, you can call me Sid. Is it okay if I call you Min?”
Minsahee nodded. “Yes, I’d like that.”
Sidra stood up and cleaned up her dishes. “Not rules, but a few helpful things. If you want to wait to eat when I eat, that’s fine, but if you’re hungry, don’t be afraid to come in and feed yourself. Drinking water is available from the labeled tap over there. First aid kit is right there, too, but there’s nothing in there to make me go night-night or get you high. If you need to, feel free to use my shampoo. I take it you haven’t had a good wash in a while, right?”
Minsahee looked down at the table. “Right.”
“Hey, don’t be embarrassed. It’s not your fault. Social Services on Amherst should’ve done something to help.”
As Minsahee put her leftovers in the fridge, Sidra flopped down on the sofa and started up a holo series. She hadn’t been able to pay any attention with her last passenger, so it seemed like a good time to catch up.
She heard the shower start and stop several times. At least she knows how to wash without wasting water, Sidra thought. During quiet parts of the holo she could hear pained grunts and sharp intakes of breath from the cabins.
Sidra paused the holo and went to check on Minsahee. Her door was open, and she was trying to untangle bright orange fur with her fingers. Her clothes lay in a pile beside the bed.
Sidra grabbed a comb and brush from the washroom and tapped on her door. “Would you like some help?”
“I don’t want to be a bother—”
“Nonsense. You can throw those clothes and the bedsheets in the sterilizer and come sit in the galley with me. I’ll work on your back while you work on your front.”
“But I’m naked.”
“So? See anyone else around here?”
Minsahee picked up the clothes and sheets and put them in the machine that Sidra pointed to. It started automatically, and she followed Sidra back to the galley.
“I’m gonna sit on the sofa, just sit on the floor in front of me and I’ll get started on your back.”
Once they’d settled in, Sidra resumed play on the holo and began to comb the mats out of the hikarin’s fur. She was careful not to pull too hard, instead treating it as she did the rescue cat she’d had years before.
“Captain, why would you do this for me?”
“I told you, Min, call me Sid.” She took a deep breath and let it out. “Maybe I just don’t want the court to think I abused you on the way.”
Minsahee shook her head. “That’s not it. You could’ve brought me in exactly as you found me, and they wouldn’t care. So why, Sid?”
“Most of the time my job’s pretty lonely. I guess it’s just nice having a skip that isn’t trying to run, or kill me, or anything of the sort.” She laughed. “You’re the first bounty I’ve ever picked up that wanted to go serve your time.”
“I can’t get work until I do,” she said, “so I should.”
Once Sidra had worked out the mats on Minsahee’s head, back, and upper arms, she handed the comb to her and began to brush out those areas. All the while, the two watched episode after episode of the holo.
They stopped partway through the evening to eat; Minsahee reheating and finishing her soup and Sidra making herself a sandwich. Even though her clothes were clean, Minsahee didn’t rush to dress. When Sidra had finished with the brush, Minsahee took over, brushing her forelimbs and legs, chest, belly, and neck.
As one of the holo episodes ended, Sidra stopped it and stood. “I’m going to shower and go to bed. If you want to keep watching you can, just no spoilers.”
“If you watch more episodes, don’t tell me what happens. I like to find out for myself.”
“I think I’m just going to finish brushing out my legs, and then go to sleep myself. I’m not ready to put clothes on with how good my fur feels right now. Besides, I think the show’s more enjoyable with a friend.”
Sidra nodded and left the galley. A friend, she thought, is that how she sees me? The sterilizer was on the way to the cabins, so she pulled out the sheets and clothes, made up Minsahee’s bed, and laid her folded clothes in the center of it. The four-sleeved top had a large rip on one of the lower sleeves, but Sidra didn’t have any way to repair it.
She stepped into the shower, wet herself down, scrubbed, and rinsed quickly. She walked out carrying her clothes and wrapped in a towel. Minsahee waited for her just inside the door of her cabin. “Thank you again, ca—Sid.”
“Get some sleep, Min.” Sidra dropped her clothes and the towel in the sterilizer on her way by and lay down to sleep in her own cabin. She knew for sure now that Minsahee wasn’t going to sneak onto the bridge or try to strangle her in her sleep.
The next morning, Sidra pulled the treasure she’d picked up on Amherst out of the pantry. Two real potatoes. She’d planned on gorging on home fries, but since she had company, she’d share. Shit, she thought, company? I thought I was hauling a skip.
As she finished chopping the potatoes, she answered herself aloud, “No, she’s a good woman. She just missed an appointment, we all do. It’s the bugs that are the baddies here.”
“Did you say something?”
Sidra jumped, knocking the knife off the counter. It landed on her foot, leaving a long gash. “Ow, shit!”
“Lay down and elevate your foot,” Minsahee said with more force than Sidra thought her capable of. She pulled the first-aid kit off the wall and dropped down next to Sidra. In a matter of seconds, she’d cleaned the wound, and begun pulling out the suture kit. “I’m sorry, Captain, it’s deep and it needs stitches.”
“What was your job?” Sidra asked.
“Second-rank-emergency-trauma-physician-first-class,” she answered, as she sprayed a numbing agent on the injury.
“Aslodzhin titles. That would be like, what, an ER doctor in human space?”
“Similar,” she said, while stitching up Sidra’s foot. “The only things we don’t do are those we pass off to surgeons or specialists.”
Within a matter of minutes, Sidra’s foot was stitched and bandaged, and Minsahee helped her to the sofa where she could lie down and elevate her foot. Only after she was settled did she notice that besides tending her wound, Minsahee had cleaned up the blood, tidied up the suture and bandage packages, and repacked the first aid kit.
“Thanks, Min. Or I guess I should say Doctor Minsahee.”
“There’s no need for that. But I will have to take care of you for a few days. You need to stay off that foot as much as possible.”
“What were you preparing to cook?”
“I was going to make us some home fries. The potatoes are chopped and ready.”
“I don’t know what home fries or potatoes are, but if you talk me through it, I can make it for you.”
As Sidra lay on the sofa, eating home fries, she looked at the hikarin woman seated in the chair across from her, savoring them, taking her time.
“You know, Min, I think these may be the best home fries I’ve ever had. I don’t know whether it’s the potatoes, the cook, or the company.”
“Like I said, everything’s better with a friend.”
“We’ll have to do this again.”
“When I finish my time?”
“That sounds like a plan. I can hang around and wait a few days for you. Maybe even find some potatoes there on the station…wouldn’t that be something?”
Minsahee cleaned up the mess in the galley and made sure Sidra had water close to hand. “I’ll go make sure the cabins and washroom are clean. If you need anything, call.”
“They’re clean enough. Let’s watch some more of this series.” The next episode started, and Sidra looked at her foot, then at the hikarin woman curled up on the floor watching with her. She’d always worked alone, but maybe she could do with a doctor on board…or even a friend.
Reedsy prompt: Write about two people striking up an unlikely friendship.
Original Post
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2023.06.11 00:01 BumblebeeHappy5385 I fucked my older cousin

Okay this all happened back when I was 16 and she was 20, My cousins got kicked out of her house by her parents I don’t know why but she needed a place to stay so my parents helped her out because we’re family she ended up staying with us for a couple months and during that time we got super close, but I never thought about her in that way yet, my parents used to leave us alone at the house every Saturday, my mum would always go shopping and my dad would take her for about an hour or two,
one Saturday we were both in the kitchen alone in the house my cousin was bent over in super tight leggings cleaning the counter top and I was trying to make my self some food, i looked over at her she was kind of unintentionally shaking her ass, and it look so fkn sexy in her tight leggings that shit was beautiful, I got boner straightaway, I walked over to her and she was still bent over I grabbed her by the hips and started drying humping, she turned around with slight smile on her face and said “what are you doing”
I didn’t say anything I just walked away into my room so embarrassed, I don’t know what I was thinking I was just so horny back then, I wanked thinking about her and we didn’t talk to each other for about a week another Saturday come and we’re home alone home, my cousin wakes me up in my room and tells she made me breakfast, so I get up and now we having conversation while eating in the living room couch and I didn’t pick up then but she was flirting with me, the out of now she stares in the eye and ask’s me “did you like what we did in the kitchen” and I was speechless not one word from me, then she grabs my plate puts it down and sits on my lap cowgirl style and starts dry humping me , she was wearing the sexiest mini skirt and smallest tightest crop top, I was rocked hard
We started making out she had her tongue in my mouth and everything but keep in mind I was a 16yr old virgin and she was 20 she had experience, we ended up fucking on the living room couch I was grabbing her fat ass and tits, while she kept moaning my name, I came in her mouth and she swallowed it was amazing !!!!
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2023.06.10 23:59 Umknown_user 48 hour Protest

48 hour Protest
catching up is shutting down on June 12 in protest of Reddits new API changes
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2023.06.10 23:58 AutoModerator Todd Valentine - The System (The System Course)

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2023.06.10 23:57 warnerbro1279 Was (Spoiler) always going to (spoiler) Cal?

So I know that Bode joined Cal’s crew under orders and was meant to use him to find Cere, but I do feel he did become friends with him and was serious about going to Tanaloor with them.
I can see Bode’s reasoning for his betrayal, Cal did kind of jump the gun about making Tanaloor the new home to the Hidden Path, but I still hate the betrayal. But Bode was wrong to think that no one else should’ve been on Tanaloor, because you need people to make a place safe and a home.
So if Cal didn’t suggest it the idea of bringing the Hidden Path to Tanaloor right away, or at all, would Bode have still betrayed them and sold out everyone? Would he have gone to kill his boss and save his daughter himself? Would he have told them about his past and boss? Let me know what you think.
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2023.06.10 23:57 Jolly_Ad4667 What kind of scam is this?

Some background, my aunt is almost 70 and has notoriously been bad with money. She has also gotten into online/mobile gambling in the past few years. She is on a fixed income with a pretty tight budget.
I visited with her today and she mentioned that she received a package in the mail with my deceased grandmothers name on it. She opened it and found a cell phone inside. She said that on that same day, she got a call on her landline stating they had sent the phone to her by mistake. They then asked her to FedEx it back to them and they would reimburse her with a gift card. I stopped her and said this was a scam and she shouldn't do anything but mark the box return to sender. She said she knew it was a scam and immediately hung up and called her bank, but she claims they had already taken money out of her account. I asked how they got her account information and she said "the bank said there are ways". I feel like there are parts of this story she is leaving out. The bank is apparently refusing to give her the money back for the fraudulent charge which I think means she at some point willingly gave her information to this scammer.
I'm calling the bank on Monday to check on my grandma's account. We are in the process of closing it so they shouldnt have allowed any transactions to go through, but i figure it doesnt hurt to check. I know my aunt knows that account number as well.
Has anyone heard of a scam like this? Any guesses on what she's not telling me? We're trying to jump through the hoops of finding her a place to stay and I feel like this could really impact that.
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2023.06.10 23:56 thekrautboy [META] Reddit is killing 3rd-party Apps

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2023.06.10 23:56 roofcavesin I have about 1.5 days to decide what to do with university

I had a pretty awful first year, I didn't really make friends and I could never bring myself to study or focus well. I failed too many modules to progress straight into Year 2 as a result and now I have to decide how to go about things. I could resit exams for the modules I failed in the summer and hope I pass them all, repeat the year, take leave of absence and return after a year, try to change course or university, or drop out entirely. My course is being suspended after next year, meaning I would have to select a different course if I were to take leave of absence. Halving the speed of the course by taking 60 credits' worth of modules per year has also been mentioned as an option, which to some extent seems appealing as I've almost always been slow with all tasks and have felt like the amount of content in a school/university year is too much for me to properly get through in the time I have, but as far as I know it's really only done when other options have been exhausted and the course suspension issue makes this even more complicated.
I am so dysfunctional at this point that none of the options appear likely enough to work out well to me. I never knew what to apply for while at sixth form, or what to do at all after it, and the application process was really difficult and miserable for me. I was just forced to do something and it did not end up going well. I am in basically the same position now. I've had the same issues with speed and starting tasks for many years, they've mostly been getting worse over time, though I used to be very thorough and perform very well when I did get things done. The isolation here has only exacerbated everything. I registered myself for counselling very recently, as well as talking to my GP about my issues and asking to be assessed for ADHD, but I have no way of knowing whether those things would help me enough to change outcomes significantly if I were to return to university and I obviously can't access them in time to talk about this decision. I don't know if they would be useful for this anyway, I feel I need to talk to someone in a less formal setting, especially somebody close to me, but I have nobody. I haven't been able to be open with my parents about almost anything for years, they don't understand me or my problems whatsoever and because of this they tend to do more harm than good. They see my struggle to do well as a sudden change that must have been triggered by some kind of trauma or something, when that's not the case at all, they blame my problems on me being trans as well, and they seem to have a negative view of the idea that issues like this could be not purely a matter of choice and to sort of push for a bootstraps/"lifestyle change" approach that I don't think is realistic for me at the moment. They think I should try to retake my exams this summer. I worry that doing so would mean having no break and being under non-stop stress for a while and that this could make things worse for me if I were to be back at university in September. They, of course, believe I should be able to just get it together and make that work. Given their views, I don't think they would react positively to the counselling and diagnosis etc. things I mentioned and I therefore don't think I can explain to them how repeating the year has any chance of being different this time or how getting prepared for the supplementary exams and the academic year after them might not be as doable as they believe.
Because of the complete lack of close relationships and people who care about and support me in my life I find myself unable to make any choice. They all seem like they will likely be costly and unfixable mistakes. As long as I'm alone I don't see myself doing well anywhere, and then when whatever I do goes wrong I won't have anyone to reach out to. I wish I could be confident that I could be completely independent and that I didn't have to worry about and fear my parents. I haven't really had much direction, drive, or passion for years now and I might very well have to make this choice partially at random, without quite wanting whatever I pick, like I had to when it came to what I'd do after sixth form. Everything seems mostly hopeless and I'm so afraid.
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2023.06.10 23:55 abondurant21 Need to rant

So I just need to tell someone about this. I refuse to talk to the person I actually need to talk to until after the weekend is over.
So I work in a restaurant that delivers food, and sometimes customers tip the people in store, as well. Sometimes if a customer tips a driver really well (like 20 dollars or more), the driver will decide to share some of that tip with the people that made the order.
Well, a couple of people have started to get greedy. Whenever a driver has a delivery with a big tip, they'll demand that the driver split the tip with them a certain way. Now keep in mind that the drivers make, like, 3-5 dollars less than people in store, and that's because the drivers also get tips. So with the people in store making 12 an hour or more and the drivers making less than 10 no matter how long they've been working here, the drivers make most of their wages from their tips.
Not just that, but they've also gotten greedy with tips they get in-store. Each shift we work should only be closed down once per shift, right? Apparently that's wrong. The greedy coworkers have decided that they want the shift closed down again before they leave so that they can get the tips that have been left in the last hour (which is like 3 dollars btw). And keep in mind, we never shut down the morning shift twice before. They've only started doing that a month ago.
So because I've seen what's been going on and I know how the drivers felt on the matter, I contacted the franchise owner. The only reason I didn't contact the general manager is because he doesn't really care unless it affects him in any way. And I've spoken with the AGM, but he would've had to speak to the GM first. So, I contacted the owner.
I told him I didn't want to sound like a snitching child for bringing this up, but these things have been going on for a bit. The drivers are, understandably, getting resentful because of it, and I know it's only going to get worse unless he puts an end to it. I told him I understand both sides of the situation, but I sympathize with the drivers more because they still have to upkeep their vehicles, and cars are expensive. What the greedy coworkers are doing borders on illegal.
Well, I got a response. The owner said he'll put something in place to prevent this situation and thanked me for bringing it up to him. I told him it was no problem, but that I would appreciate it if he wouldn't mention that I'm the one that brought it up, my reason being that if word got out to those greedy coworkers, they would have more issues with me than they already have. And I know that if they know, it's gonna cause some serious backlash.
But what I really want to know is if I did the right thing. In my heart, I had the best intentions, but I know that's not how others are gonna see it
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2023.06.10 23:55 Anonymous_5661 AITA for snapping at my ex for texting my friend?

I (F 19) and my ex (M 20) broke up recently. The reason was because I felt like we just weren’t meant for each other and I didn’t see the point in wasting his time. He didn’t take the breakup well (which is understandable). However, I did explain to him the exact reasons and he turned it around stating that that I must have cheated. In his past relationships he’s been cheated on causing him to have insecurities and trust issues. I tried explaining that this wasn’t the case but he refused to believe me. Seeing that the whole thing wasn’t going anywhere I told him I’d speak to him later when he’d calmed down. Later that night at 2 am my close friend texted me saying that he was spamming their complaining about the entire breakup. I am the type of person who likes keeping my personal life private. I also believe that when couples are having their issues that they should not involve other people. Due to this I became extremely upset. I confronted him the next day and at first he denied it but after a few minutes began defending his actions. He claimed that my reasons for breaking up with him made no sense and that he was just asking for advice. This confused me as he only met my friend twice and barely spoke to them each time. He has always had issues holding conversations and doesn’t believe in making friends. So to ask them for love advice didn’t add up to me. I told him that it was disrespectful for him to have been texting them about our private conversation and for twisting the entire story to suit his needs. He claims that I overreacted about the entire situation and that he just wanted some advice. AITA?
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2023.06.10 23:55 chellllz Am I (27F) taking advantage of my dad by living and working for him?

So lately this has been weighing on my mind and I really need some advice!
Some backstory, I'm a single mom of an almost 4 year old. His dad and I split almost 2 years ago. At the time, my ex and I had just moved in with my dad to (what I thought) save for a house, but we ended up splitting up shortly after. It worked out for the best because I just stayed living with my dad. At the time, I managed a small local catering and events company. I didn't make a ton, but I did enjoy the work and they were very flexible with the schedule as I was (and still am) doing all the childcare. I made enough to cover my car payment, insurance, and daycare and thats it. My ex now lives in another state and comes around ever couple of months for a day or so.
About 3 years ago, my dad started his own company and over the years it's gotten moderately successful, enough to keep him comfortable. He started having too much to do so I started helping him in my spare time. This went on for several months until I quit my job in December of last year and started full time for him. I now make more (not a lot more as I don't need much right now since I live with him. I dont need a huge salary so why waste the company money) and I work from home and have even more flexibility when it comes to my son getting sick or something. (Which happens like once a month because of day care lol)
On top of all that, I obviously rely heavily on my dad's help with my son. We live together, he's always here and he's very involved with my son. He usually takes him out for the day every Sunday so I can do housework or other stuff I need to do. I'm obviously very grateful for the help and I'm so happy they have such a close relationship.
However, I want to get my own place. I want to feel like I'm actually parenting my son on my own. I feel guilty for relying on my dad so heavily. Don't get me wrong, I love my dad, but we're together 24/7. We do everything together and both work from home and it's a lot.
We've talked about it, he knows I want my own place and will help me buy it by giving me a bonus at the end of the year. Something I shouldn't feel guilty for because in reality, I don't make much, especially for the scale of my job. It would basically be a bonus on the profit of the company we run together. But that just feels like I'm relying even more on my dad and taking advantage of him.
I've thought about getting a different job, a friend of mine even had a position open up at her work that she was hiring for and wanted me to apply. I talked to my dad about it and he was open to it if I wanted to do it, but was obviously a bit upset I didn't want to keep working with him and mentioned I'd have to find a replacement for my job. I ended up not applying for the position.
I honestly believe my dad likes that my son and I live with him. He likes being so involved with my son and seeing him all the time. He likes that I work with him and we have a family business we run together and I honestly like the work too.
He's even recently been looking on homes we could buy together but I cannot live with him forever. That's crazy right? I do eventually want to meet someone and get married but I can't really date at the moment. I feel guilty when I'm not here to watch my son or put him to sleep, especially since I already rely on my dad so much.
My brother and sister are both pretty successful on their own. My brother is doctor and my sister runs a high volume store in the mall. They've never said anything to me about my situation and how much I rely on our dad, but my sister in law recently mentioned something to me. She said she felt bad for how much my dad helps with my son (the only grandkid). I asked if she felt like I relied on him too much and she just said "well it's only you, if you had a partner you wouldn't need him as much". Which I honestly don't know how to take. I don't think she meant it maliciously, but it does make me wonder what they think of my situation. And honestly I just feel a little stuck at the moment.
So, what do you guys think? Am I taking advantage of my dad? Should I try to find a different job and separate our lives a bit? Should I feel guilty for basically letting him provide for not only me, but also my son, even though I technically work for it? Is it weird that I'm 27 and still living with my dad and relying heavily on him, especially when I have a son of my own?
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2023.06.10 23:55 Fearless_Ad_6447 [TOMT] [YouTube video] Documentary about restaurant in Asia serving steamed chicken

Hello. Hope you're having a great day. I'm not good with Reddit but here I go...
I'm looking for a YOUTUBE video filmed like a documentary (Inside, Great Big story and the likes). About a "fast food" chain restaurant in an Asian country that serves steamed Chicken. Or something very close. (Hainanese chicken, etc...) The chicken was a chicken breast, white, skin on top, cut into strips, not crispy, looked soft and not grilled at all. Light soy sauce or something on it. Could have been duck but really I think chicken.
The video was about how two families where "fighting" about being the best chain for this type of chicken (maybe duck) in the country. I maybe remember something like "even the king/emperopresident loves this chicken !).
It showed the families and how their shops are VERY OLD, they make their traditional recipe since a long time. And how "who will take the business now that the parent is old"...
One of their shops was in a big food court, and people ate the chicken with rice, mostly.
There were also experts on asian food (again don't remember which country) talking about how they were the best dish and why, etc. Perhaps a... 20 minutes videos ? Not too long.
Very good quality video, amazing shots, good commentary audio. The channel made other food related documentaries maybe.
Thank you so much ! ❤️❤️❤️
submitted by Fearless_Ad_6447 to tipofmytongue [link] [comments]

2023.06.10 23:54 GlassFirefighter7974 Murder drones [REDACTED] log

Analyzing...] [ Disassembly Required ] Error: Disassembly cannot be performed due to no present of the test subject Initializing export info... {Exported complete} - Name: Murder Drone V - Type: Killer Drone - Code name: Angel of Death - Usage: Destroy any robot that retaliates or may possesses potential threat to [company] - Description: From afar It may look like an angel to the untrained human eyes. Upon closer look it maybe your last nightmare and the worst one at that with fear and traumatization from every point of observation - Danger: Unprecedented level to any robot within its range or been spotted ====[ Equipped with: ]==== 1. A normal slim body with sturdy frame 2. Very dynamic joints for multiple types of movements with flexibility 3. Two very noticeable metal claw wings [ maybe used for both offense and defense ] 4. Two multi-tools arm can be configured to new weapons and tools of choice 5. The optical image sensor are placed behind some sort of screen that functions both as displaying eyes (emotions included) and info for diagnostic. 6. The mouth is what you would find from animatronics in FNAF 7. A very long metal liked tail can usually be thought as a whip with an iron needle at the end and a questionable high energy blade? 8. State of the art AI capable of simulating basic human emotions and has more personality then Siri. 9. Five unknown lamp or some sort of illumination bulb on the hair like some sort of hair clipper. 10. Confirmed self repair ability by using nano-bot
====[ Mode: ]==== 1. Kill mode (XX): When double X is fully displayed on the display, it is in "Kill mode", and should be avoided by all non-human counterpart. It's preferred method of killing is beheading. It is also unknown if these killing machine will be hostile towards human.
[⚠ Warning one or many drones (depend on the number) will go on a mass killing spree and will lose all sense of emotion and sympathy ⚠]
  1. Normal mode
(0-0): When a murder drone's eyes are that of a normal drones eyes. It is still discouraged to approach when in normal mode, since it can switch to [KILL MODE] very easily at anytime. When [NORMAL MODE] is active. The drone will be on standby. Waiting for its next prey to come to its line of sight. When active in this mode the drone is considered neutral and no weapons are active. Please restart or take down any drones which are on normal mode, that is carrying a weapon. [⚠ Warning if you were to see one in normal mode. DO NOT APPROACH OR PROVOKE IT. Instead keep a reasonable safe distance away because you don't know how to react if one were to come at you. ⚠]
  1. Standby mode ( Not yet in record of seeing one in this mode ) (Face_unknown): A mode where the drone will shut most of its component including weapon to save power on the event of power outage or freezing temperature and instead transfer that power to the heating element in order to sustain normal operation during harsh weather or a Nuclear Fallout.
  2. Offline Mode ( Offline ): The face or more specific the part that is above the mouth will display that it is in offline mode. Possibly not connected to a server or simply diagnosing itself. Beware as the drone will remain powered on and will might attack or jump at you unexpectedly.
====[ Solutions: ]==== If you as a human or robot spotted any of these drones run in the opposite direction as fast as possible. Find somewhere it is dark and cold to hide yourself as the drones maybe capable of thermal seeking. Also in the case of you being a robot, It is recommended to run at least more than 1 km away from the place where the drone was last seen . Make sure to cover yourself in multiple layer of camouflage or anything to make yourself blend in with the environment. Beware as not to make sound to alert this predator.
====[ Owner ]==== - An Unknown robot parent corporations
====[ Mission Log ]==== (7:37 AM 14/12/20xx )>: Preparing for observation of the Drone (8:15 AM 14/12/20xx )>: Observation of the Drone failed due to bad weather. (8:34 AM 14/12/20xx )>: Attempting to capture a murder drone (9:00 AM 14/12/20xx )>: Detected a drone within 500 meters (11:00 AM 14/10/20xx )>: Heading North (11:35 AM 14/10/20xx )>: Approaching closer to said drone (11:35 AM 14/10/20xx )>: Deploying Camouflage barrier. Blending in with the surrounding environment. (11:40 AM 14/10/20xx )>: Attempting to knock down the drone while in standby mode. [Redacted] : It seems to be standing still in one location under the tree, Control. [Control] : Copy that now use the Zooming capability of your scope to observe what it is doing. [Redacted] : Affirmative. [Control] : Observe it for more than 5 minutes if nothing suspicious is found move closer and try to disable the drone. [Redacted] : Copy that. (11:45 AM 14/10/20xx )>: Confirmed that the robot hasn't moved for 5 minutes (11:50 AM 14/10/20xx )>: The robot seems to be displaying Offline mode (12:00 AM 14/10/20xx )>: Attempting to open the drone's internals (12:01 PM 14/10/20xx )>: Failed due to not having the correct tool (13:00 PM 14/10/20xx )>: Reported back to control center that it is not yet possible to open the drone (13:21 PM 14/10/20xx )>: Returning Back to HQ awaiting new orders (13:30 PM 14/10/20xx )>: Confirmed location. Autonomous ship deployed for pickup (14:00 PM 14/10/20xx )>: [REDACTED] has been picked up. (14:30 PM 14/10/20xx )>: The Autonomous ship has been shot down by a nearby killing drone with a rocket. (14:30 PM 14/10/20xx )>: Attempting to Reconnect ... Failed (14:30 PM 14/10/20xx )>: Attempting to Reconnect ... Failed (14:30 PM 14/10/20xx )>: Attempting to Reconnect ... Failed (14:30 PM 14/10/20xx )>: Confirmed Autonomous ship has been destroyed no incoming communication signal received. (14:31 PM 14/10/20xx )>: Waiting for SOS beacon signal... ... ... ... ====[ Mission Log End ]====
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2023.06.10 23:54 wayFall731 to do "legal" paperwork

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2023.06.10 23:54 Neurostorming My [30F] father [57M] and (step) Mom [55F] won’t keep my daughter [1F] overnight without condition

I’m currently in a conflict with my parents, and I’m not really sure how to move forward.
My parents moved back to my state after a 16 year absence this year. It’s been pretty great to have them back, and we’ve all been enjoying more family time together. I took their move pretty hard as a teen, as my biological Mom was an alcoholic who wasn’t in a good place, and she had primary custody. Our relationship has always been a little conditional on their part, but overall we recovered in my twenties and became close.
I’m currently pregnant with my second child. I have a one year old who was born in a traumatic way after a lengthy hospitalization due to severe pre-eclampsia. My husband and I knew that it was possible for me to have a reoccurrence of this medical issue during this pregnancy, so early on we talked with my parents about being available to watch our daughter in an emergent situation. They assured me that they’d make themselves available.
Unfortunately, I was diagnosed with pre-eclampsia two days ago. After diagnosis I sent a text out to our immediate family letting them know what the situation was medically, that we expect to deliver prematurely, and at this juncture the goal is just to get to 34 weeks gestation for delivery. We asked everyone to please reply if contacted in the middle of the night as any midnight contact meant that we were trying to find a safe place to have our daughter stay the night if our first contact (my parents) aren’t available or picking up the phone.
My Mom called me today while she was riding shot-gun with my Dad. She told me she could only offer Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays for overnight stays because of the health of their dog. They have a 9lb Maltese dog who is 14 years old and in end-stage heart failure. She explained that the dog has to be walked several times a day, and she just doesn’t think that she’ll be able to carry the dog and push my daughter in the stroller. “What if it rains?” she said, “How will I carry the umbrella, the dog, and push a stroller?” My Mom said that my Dad couldn’t call off of work to help with my daughter because he’s in his first year with the new company, but dude is a chemist with 35 years of experience and a great work history. He’s not exactly on the chopping block, and calling out of work because your kid is having life threatening pregnancy complications sounds like a pretty good reason.
I tried to keep my cool, but it was a struggle. I am facing potential literal life and death situation, and my parents’ primary concern is their Maltese and my Dad’s PTO. I didn’t pretend to be understanding, and I accused them of having out of wack priorities and being shitty parents.
Fortunately my father-in-law has volunteered to make himself available at any hour in the event of an emergency and will be bringing his elderly dog to our house so our daughter can be comfortable in her own home while I’m hospitalized. The child care issue is solved now, but my husband is angry and is advocating for cutting my parents off and going no contact. I’m really conflicted because I sincerely believed that further discussion with my parents isn’t going to produce a more constructive conversation, and it’s going to further damage our relationship. I’m not a fan of cutting people out, but I do see my husband’s point of view.
TL;DR I could die of pre-eclampsia and my parents are prioritizing their dog over my daughter.
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2023.06.10 23:53 valik99 Exploring the bizarre case of multiple --no parameters

Here is a post for the curious ones!
I discovered earlier a weird glitch with the --no parameter (actually, multiples of it) and I'm now trying to make sense of it.
For context, what happened is that I accidentally wrote 2 "--no" parameters in my prompt and I got a very bizarre result.
See 2 examples here, it's wild:
I haven't any mention of this (I'm not even sure what to call this phenomenon) and so I decided to experiment a little. I tested different combinations and tried to make some sense of the results. I actually don't have any deep technical understanding of Midjourney, this post is mainly for curiosity, although I'm sure a proper study might give some fascinating results! (anyone up for conducting one?)
Let's dive into it! (If you just want to see the glitches you can jump directly to the Double --no part)
The prompt we're using, without any --no:
view from a valley from above, castle in the background, arch architecture, elwynn forest, luminescent lightscapes, in the style of kodak ektachrome, dreamy vistas, 35 mm film, wet-on-wet blending --ar 25:18
I picked one of the variations. It's a pretty landscape. All looks normal so far.
Single --no
Before generating the glitches, let's just check what a single --no is capable of producing. A single --no is the intended use of that parameter.
Variations without a river:
--no river
One of the variations seems to include a river anyway but otherwise everything looks okay, albeit slightly less realistic than the original result. The "arches" seem to appear on these variations very prominently.
Next I tried to remove an element that is actually included in the prompt (in this case I ask to include a castle while also asking not to include a castle)
--no castle
I'm actually surprised by this one! All the variations look very good and almost inline with the initial image. There doesn't seem to be a problem in asking to draw a castle and not to draw simultaneously.
Normally, if you want to remove several elements you would add a comma after the first prompt, not use multiple --no. This is what it looks like:
--no river, clouds
The results are interesting. By asking for no clouds I had a clear sky in mind but Midjourney chose to simply crop the sky altogether, fair enough and cool results (a bit too fantasy-ish but alright).
Double --no
Here is where it gets funky. The addition of a second --no parameter seems to cause an artifial brainfart to Midjourney. Let's say I want to avoid having a river and avoid having clouds:
--no river --no clouds
It is very hard to make sense of it. There is a mix of resolutions accross the different images. They all seem to represent houses though, indoors and outdoor scenes. Weird artifacts seem to appear such as the pixelated ghostly shape on V4 (it truly scares me), the black and white spaces around V1 and V3, the pixelated wooden frame on V2.
Just for the lulz I wanted to see what would happen if I removed an element that's not particularly expected to appear in the castle/forest/river scene from earlier.
--no river --no cat
Only thing I can say is that for some reason, Midjourney seems to have considered the "arch architecture" from the prompt (arches as a shape are present on all variations)
Now let's repeat what we tried in the first part. Namely, removing elements that were included in the prompt:
--no castle --no forest
First thing that struck me is the colors and tones, very different from what we have obtained so far. Looks like some old pictures. I think that I get the wooden frames part now. Since "castle" was bundled with "background" in the prompt, it now only relies on "in the background" to generate. With a bit of mental gymnastics, one could come to the conclusion that the images generated are indeed "in" something (such as a frame traditionally) and that they are being in the "background". If that's what's happening, then it must have included "Elwynn" in the variations (coming from "elwynn forest" in the prompt). But I've never heard of an Elwynn outside of WoW so I'm not sure what to look for.
And just for the sake of it, let's try to remove not one element, but two, that are not to be expected in the scenery I was originally trying to obtain:
--no cat --no saxophone
I'm observing that the overall vibe is respected (greenish landscape images) but that the results are very uncanny, especially for V1 and V2. They look TOO real, as if someone was shooting from the hip somewhere in Europe. Poor composition and balance of foreground/background, etc... I've always tried to get this kind of amateurish type of imagery using normal prompts but it almost feels like Midjourney wants to beautify anything it did no matter what. Well it definitely didn't beautify anything here!
I tried with 3 --no parameters as well but it doesn't get any more random.
Well I'm not sure what to conclude but this was an interesting experiment! I'm especially eager to hear the thought of the community on this. I see this as a new way of producing glitch art :) You can be sure I'm gonna go down the rabbit hole of this multiple --no use. Next, let's see if double --ar and double --chaos produce anything interesting (if that works at all)
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2023.06.10 23:53 MarmsBear Been using hard mode to streamline my latest playthroughs and it's made the game way more enjoyable for me

I've played through the game from a new game file a lot. I love doing runs of the game with vocations i haven't used in awhile or maybe I just want to use skills I haven't messed with much before. But there were a few issues I always ran into: 1. Upping vocations ranks to get the augments I want for my main vocation was slow. 2. I always feel like I need one or two more portcrystals
So early this year I remembered the ring of perseverance was a thing you could get relatively early off BBI with the barrel glitch to clip through the door guarding it. So now whenever i start a new game I always do the following: 1. Start new game. 2. Speedrun to unlock BBI. 3. Use the barrel glitch to grab the ring of perseverance. 4. Proceed to do off with its head and get to gran soren. 5. Grab the port crystals from the everfall, dragonforged house and shadow Fort. 6. Start a hard mode run to restart the game but now with my ring and portcrystals.
By doing this I can get two rings of perseverance (1 from the above flow, 1 from the hard mode file). If I wanna bump the difficulty down I can amd now I can rank vocations up quick and have easier fast travel. It sounds time consuming but tbh it's relatively quick and saves you more time in the long run. Obviously not for new players wanting to experience it for the first time but if you're like me and wanna jump into a new game file and cut down on some tedium then I'd highly recommend it.
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