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I lost a family member and an entire friend group when they sided with my ex over me.

2023.04.02 07:46 mousybean I lost a family member and an entire friend group when they sided with my ex over me.

Thanks for reading. I'll try to keep this brief.
People in this issue:
  1. My ex brother in law of 15 years who runs the family Discord
  2. My ex boyfriend of 4 years
  3. My client
  4. My current boyfriend
I can't take him knowing every person I know, being everywhere I am, joining places I never gave him.
I can't even vent about him because he's befriended every person I know
I'm very sorry for this, truly. I wanted to help out, but last night he popped into a server from a friend I never gave him. he'd have had to google search her thoroughly to find it. it made me ridiculously uncomfortable.
"It sounds like he was just meeting a new person. I think this is just a misunderstanding."
So, in closing, I've lost my ex brother in law, my friend, and an entire server of friends I thought were family. Nobody has reached out to me, and I'm now getting told I "caused problems for everyone" when all I wanted to do was leave the server so I didn't have to be around him anymore. I couldn't vent, I couldn't talk to anyone. He was in the vent channel, he knew/knows every person I do.
I am so heartbroken and hurt by all of this. He hurt me and fucked with me for so long. He pressured me for nudes, he put me down, he ignored me, he stalked every single thing I did, from friends to videogames. I put up with this for a whole year because I didn't want to stir the pot.
And now, I've lost everything... and honestly, I don't know if I should even try to get it back. I'm heartbroken at this. I know my ex brother in law was diagnosed with narcissistic personality disorder, but I didn't realize he was this cold and unfeeling.
What should I do?
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2023.04.02 07:45 -teila- Late Night Lycett - Friday 14th.

I'm looking for someone to accompany me. I have a free audience ticket for Late Night Lycett not this Friday but the following one (14th)
My cousin was meant to accompany me but she watched the 1st episode and pulled out lol. (She doesn't want to, potentially, be on TV)
The first episode gave major fun chaotic big breakfast vibes + they pan to the audience a lot.
I reeeeeeeeally want to go.
Would anyone like to go with me? (Security checks start at 8:15pm. Studio doors open 9:15pm. It ends around 11pm) It's a live broadcast (channel 4. 10pm)

Little bit about me: Been in Brum for 4 years (Solihull 3 years. AG 1 year). I'm from London + have my own business + a part time job 2 min walk from my flat so haven't really explored Brum + haven't made a lot of acquaintances/friends here yet) Absolutely eeerrrrrrrrveryone says: 1) I look 27 2) I'm 36 going on 18 lol. 3) I'm a happy people person (so if your nervous/uncomfortable I'll put you at ease)
I'm a widowed mixed race woman. (Speak French & Thai)
I know this is a long shot but doesn't hurt to try 🙂
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2023.04.02 07:45 Madrock777 Ok I solo'd Avalon Legendary. First 2/3 not that bad. Final boss, I get why our favorite scribe hated it so much.

Cleared this on my Hunter using Void. Spent a better part of this invisible.
Gyrfalcon's Habuerk. Shattered Cipher Void LMB for add clear, Wish-Ender skipping me through phase 2 of the final fight. Big giant shield, what big giant shield. And of course the lovely hiding spot in phase three, without it I would have just died again.
How hard is it?
While I would say that's the hardest content I've ever done I remember back in the day it took me way longer to figure out how to kill the first boss in Shattered Throne. Though now with current gear I went in and killed that very boss in like 5 minutes. So considering how long this took, yeah it's very hard.
However, current gear makes a lot of parts of this really easy. With how easy it is to get Volatile Rounds and heavy ammo add clear is a joke. With Fragments giving me Devour on a Hunter, or all the ways to go invisible, like killing all the enemies I have tagged with my Volatile LMG, parts of this were very easy. Honestly the hardest part of this was the final phase of the final boss. I had to find a good hiding spot near one of the jumping puzzles. I would just jump down out of view of the boss when I needed to heal. Then hop back up and fire away.
Hail Hydra Boss Fight. I got through the first boss with no deaths. Just lots and lots of LMG. Make sure to kill the snipers as fast as you can. Let the vex come to you and take them out in close quarters so you can easily collect their motes. I stayed on low right side of the room most of the time. When fighting the boss the ight side also has more cover.
Final boss
Phase one: Stay away, take pot shots. Every once and a while do add clear. Really not to hard. Just take your time.
Phase 2: use Wish-Ender get the boss with in a tiny sliver of his next bar then do one full puzzle solve. Wish-Ender can pass though his shield and you can skip most of phase 2, just don't deplete it's health all the way or it will soft lock!
Phase 3: Hide, hide, shoot, hide!, Shoot! Win! Find a hiding spot, a place by one of the three areas near the jumping puzzle sections. They make great hiding spots to fire from, and to hide and heal.
Overall this is a tough dungeon to solo. I was at light level 1815 and had a good long while to do it all. If you really want to solo this make sure you are well geared, both arms and armor. Make sure you got time set out to do it. Also bring snacks, a drink or two. If you are thinking this sounds like too much, I suggest to bring a friend. Having to start the fight over because you die is rough, with friends they can rez you. Over all there isn't much new in the Legendary version to the normal version. Other than some harpies with Arc shields, but they weren't much of a match for volatile rounds.
With that I bid you all a good evening.
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2023.04.02 07:45 Tautro Hi everyone! I’m a first year applicant who just got rejected from all of my top choices. I had a fairly competitive profile so I was able to get into a T50 and will be enrolling there this fall. However, I still want to try transferring to a T20 fresh -> soph. I have some questions below. Thanks!

Alright so, after reading the wiki which was really helpful), I just have some clarifying questions and want to run my plan by some of you guys that have much more experience with transfers then I do.
Alright, so this is my plan. Truth be told, my dream school is Princeton but from what I’ve read here and from acceptance rates online, transferring there if you’re a trad student like me is basically impossible. I might apply just for fun, but I’m basically putting HYPSM off the table due to their near-impossible (1%) acc rates and their preference for non-trad students.
Does this list look solid?
UChicago (might do TED), Duke, Columbia, Penn, USC, UMich (these are listed in order of preference)
I understand that, just like their first year rates, these are still hard to get into, but still a lot more achievable than HYPSM with a competitive application right?
Basic profile:
HS GPA: 3.6 UW/4.1 W (planning to get 4.0 in college obv) HS SAT: 1560 (even split)
Several intl & national research awards related to my major (featured in articles), also school leadership positions and a really big service project.
Please let me know what you think about my list and how viable it’ll be
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2023.04.02 07:40 TheTragedyMachine [No Spoilers] Explaining Psychosis Through Jinx (A Love Letter To Arcane)

So, I wonder if I'm the only one, but has anyone used specific Jinx scenes to explain psychosis, especially stress and trauma-related psychosis to others?
I'm not saying Jinx is specifically diagnosed with psychosis. It could be any number of things. But it's obvious she has psychotic episodes. Mainly auditory and visual.
And I grew up having that, too. And it's so hard to explain to others exactly what it's like to deal with -- until Arcane. I'm now able to find scenes and show them and be like "This is what it's like for me" especially when I'm talking to (way too many people, by the way) who seem to either not believe in mental illness or think my psychosis can be cured by like, nature and supplements and idk those jade vagina egg things Gywneth Paltrow sells. Or like, 'big pharma is just selling you a lie so you become a silent sheep' or something when I mention that no, I cannot go off my medication, thank you very much, I do not want to start hearing snakes in the walls again and seeing that scary man who always lingers in the corner of whatever room I'm in and I'd rather avoid hearing voices of people who I may or may not know saying terrible things to me.
Y'know what I mean?
Especially with certain drugs with potential hallucigenic side effects being so popular. I have to explain over and over to people who tell me to chill out and smoke some weed (my entire family, btw) that having thc in my system is fucking horrifying.
And now I've found this way to communicate how it feels for me to these people. Hell, I recently got a therapist (therapy is a wonderful thing my gods) and we've been using Arcane to discuss stuff like my C-PTSD, abandonment issues and fears, the pressure I feel in my family as the black sheep/scapegoat in an abusive dynamic, and of course, my psychosis.
And I dunno. I think the point of this post is it's my little love letter to Arcane and to Jinx and how they so masterfully embodied what I deal with on a regular basis. I've spent a lot of my life not being understood or being even demonized for my psychosis. People acting terribly because they don't understand why I suddenly have to cover my ears or am staring off into a corner seeing something they don't. When memories of my sadly abusive upbringing start playing in my head and I go on autopilot like Jinx with pow-pow in ep 4 on the ship.
I know she's an antagonist and probably considered a villain (tho I'm not sure I'd use the term 'evil') so maybe it's still not great I identify with her but I'm just glad that I have this outlet for once that's part of popular media to say 'hey, you know how you told me "just ignore those things you see" well, it's not that fucking simple, here's what it's like'.
So, yeah. I'm not sure if this was a weird or too personal thing to post. But that's my little love letter to Arcane.
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2023.04.02 07:39 IvanVerstyuk Ukraine’s economic crisis

I think it’s the right time to inject more of development type of thinking into what we do economically, what we do with money we have and money we will be earning in the future. Ukraine needs help - I’m talking about economy here. Before war, when we were saying “economic help”, we usually meant another International Monetary Fund program. Now we have it, it’s $15.6 billion-big so far with all kinds of financial assistance lines going all the way up to $150 billion. That’s a huge amount of money that we need to manage and allocate properly. Social subsidies and this big employment program should come first, I think. Also, serving all the government’s liabilities - finding our glorious Ukrainian Army, finding our National Police, our Emergency Service, also our municipal workers who perform all kinds of tasks on the streets. Army is an expensive business, but so is the wide-scale employment program. Focus of such a program should be this: helping Ukrainians who don’t have a job right now to live through weeks of their temporary unemployment on a condition that they would be looking for a job daily and will accept a job of the government’s Employment Service will find it or will create it. That’s important. For the past 4 weeks, I saw lots of poor people in Kyiv, both old and young. I saw huge lines to pharmacy stores that are becoming more and more expensive. We should deal with this. We should be taking care of everything that occurs in Ukraine’s domestic agenda - security, economy, culture, environment.
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2023.04.02 07:37 Personable80 Upgraded CPU, MOBO, RAM - things feel slower though?

Got a fresh install of Windows 10. I had a long period of time on my previous C: drive where Windows was developing issues (like right click menus in File Explorer taking forever to load) and just finally got around to upgrading from:
CPU: Intel 3.7Ghz Core i7-8700k to Intel 13th gen Core i5-13600K
Motherboard: ASUS ROG STRIX Z370-E to MSI PRO Z790-P
RAM: 32GB of CORSAIR Vengeance 3200MHz DDR4 C16 to 32GB of Corsair Vengeance 6000MHz DDR5 C36
C: Drive: Samsung 960 EVO 500GB NVMe to Samsung 980 Pro 2TB Gen 4 NVMe
Video card remained same: Nvidia founders edition 3080 Ti RTX card
Previous CPU, Mobo, RAM, and C: drive were all purchased 2018.
Maybe it's just because I've been throwing a lot at the PC in terms of installing programs, etc. but as I'm trying to get stuff installed, as an example, I was listening to some mp3s on foobar2000, installing Discord, and other than that I had Chrome open with a couple tabs, and a program that I monitor my security cameras with. As I was navigating back out of Discord menus where you set your input device, etc. - it was doing this big slowdown that made my music sort of crackle and slow-mo, for a couple seconds, and I've noticed some other things like that but that's the example I can think of at the moment.
Though my previous build had issues, I feel like what I'm throwing at this one (which should be way faster) is actually having more dramatic issues than what my previous rig was having.
Again, hoping it's just the fact that I'm installing a lot of stuff, system maybe needs a few more reboots, etc. but I am worried and would greatly appreciate any suggestions or thoughts. Thanks.
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2023.04.02 07:37 whereihide247 Sex - how has everyone negotiated this after leaving purity culture? Am I the only one who essentially let loose?

So, I guess I've come to realise that I'll always have a higher than average sex drive. It came on in my teens, whilst I was striving hard to be righteous. Even avoided masturbating a lot longer than my peers, though all still believed it was wrong of course. Have an over-active, creative sexual mind. So poured on heaps of shame and guilt.
Struggled with it constantly in ministry. It ended up destroying my ministry and marriage. (This all ending gave me the chance to evaluate everything... but that's a different story).
I don't know if it's healthy. And at this stage I don't care. But exiting the church I have tended to pretty much embrace my human nature and accept that I'm a sexual being... and now indulge as much as I want. Almost like a big fuck you to purity culture. And all the shame and guilt.
Anyway.. i know that its the 'vice' that ive enjoyed the most... just hoping in not yhe only one.
If you're not comfortable with a public forum, DM's always open.
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2023.04.02 07:37 sorin_the_mirthless I love Alchemy Cards in Historic Brawl

For context, I love value and I play alchemy cards in historic brawl in both the Hell Queue ([[Nicol Bolas, Dragon-God]] and with commanders/strategies that I find to be fun and/or thematic such as [[Tibalt, Wicked Tormentor]]'s devils.
I also understand, however, that a lot of players wish for a separate historic brawl format without the alchemy cards, and my stance with alchemy cards in the format may be an unpopular opinion in this sub-reddit. (Quick note that my opinion towards a non-alchemy historic brawl format is that I don't have enough information to know whether such a format would split the player base too much and I trust WoTC to know better than me on this).
Nonetheless, I would like to also state my opinion and support for alchemy cards in historic brawl in the hope that some players may also enjoy the things that I enjoy or be more open to try out alchemy cards that I truly think add a lot to the format.
Anyway, here are the list of some alchemy cards that I play in historic brawl and why I like them.
Some cards I found to be subjectively fun [[Tibalt, Wicked Tormentor]] -- soo much value and soo thematic! I love playing Tibalt and his devils. And I love how all the planeswalker's modes are relevant depending on the situation. (Sidenote that Tibalt's damage dealing ability was updated from 3 damage (unplayable) to 4 damage (contextually good) as part of alchemy's update, showcasing another thing I really like about alchemy -- updating mistakes in cards to make them more playable!) [[Reezug]] -- make a creature in a graveyard permanently into an artifact and cast them --Imagine all the possibilities! [[Kaervek]] both [[Sheoldred]] [[Raddic]] -- knights tribal!
[[Spawning Pod]] -- birthing pod but more fair
[[Assemble the Team]] -- provides different answers for different contexts. More fun than just a straight demonic tutor in my opinion.
[[Oracle of the Alpha]] -- okay, so I think is weaker than a lot of people think, but getting the Power Nine is your deck is just fun
[Omnious Traveler]] -- love this with [[Elesh Norn, Mother of Machines]]
Hell Queue Cards
[[Molten Impact]] -- extremely necessary to tackle [[Kinnan]] [[Lonely End] -- balances out going second
[[Undersimplify]] -- great design, useful against aggro even with them having two mana open
[[Traumatic Prank]] -- red's answer to big green creatures
[[Divine Purge] --three mana creature and artifact wrath [[Kami of Bambooe Groves]] -- for when you're both flooded and needs land
Anyway, what do you think? Are there any other alchemy favorites of yours in historic brawl? What do you think about alchemy cards in the format as a whole?
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2023.04.02 07:36 nandawin Advice for zero experience (WA Perth)

Advice for zero experience (WA Perth)
Hey guys, me and my wife just moved into our new house and use all our budget for furniture and interior as we decided to do the landscaping and gardening ourselves as hobby.
Need some tips, pointers and advices for cleaning up and leveling our backyard.
  1. We have cut and killed most of the wild grasses and been raking the dead ones but the small new ones keep growing up and the roots are very big and deep to dig them all up. So should I keep pulling out new ones and just leave the roots as they are? Most seem to be dead anyway.
  2. The area near the fences have a lot of strong roots and are really painful to clean them up. Same question as above.
  3. How do I level the ground as cheap as possible? Can't really ordered a truck of soil as our front is fenced and very narrow passage to backyard. Only option I can think is buying bags of cheapest 15L soil from bunning .
  4. Any tips regards to council paying toward new house owner. I know about the 2k budget from land developer for landscaping which I used on fencing and 500 for security camera from council.
  5. Any other tips and pointers and advices are welcome and appreciated Thanks.
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2023.04.02 07:36 docdoc5 RPDR Randomized Era 4: Season 9, Episode 1 (Oh. My. Gaga!)

Hey RPDR Fantasy lovers!!
Season 8 saw the crowning of Raven! She didn't have that tough of competition in her season (hoping to balance it out a bit more in future seasons) but I guess it's good that the IRL runner-up has finally gotten a crown!

Let's see what Season 9 holds!
Then in walks the first queen of Season 9...

Processing img d9iewxe7c6qa1...
Mayhem Miller is the first queen to enter the werkroom. She walks in and mentions how it's about time she be cast on Drag Race. She talks about how she knows so many past Drag Race queens and how close she is with the previous season's winner, Raven. As she walks around the werkroom it's clear that she feels she will be the one to beat this season.

Processing img e0g707m5q6qa1...
Olivia Lux, Symone, Malaysia Babydoll Fox and Daya Betty are the next few queens to enter the werkroom. Olivia and Malaysia both fangirl over competing against Mayhem. Olivia opens up about being newer in drag and her experience makes some of the other queens question if she will last. Symone jokes with Daya about being the diversity queen so far in the group. Daya talks to the other girls about being Crystal Methyd's drag sister to which Malaysia mentions that she doesn't see the similarity in their styles.

Processing img b7jt1o4bq6qa1...
Brooke Lynn Hytes, Luxx Noir London, A'Keria C. Davenport and Monica Beverly Hillz are the next queens to walk in. When Brooke joins the room the queens are immediately gagged that a former Miss Continental is in the group. Brooke and Mayhem then start sizing each other up. Luxx talks about how stoked she is to be cast on her favorite show. The other girls look at her as a fashion queen until A'Keria walks in and talks about how big she is going to make the Davenport name this season. Daya jokes with her that the Davenports don't have a history of doing too well in the competition though. Monica comes in and the starts to butt heads with Luxx almost immediately as they don't seem to want to give the other the final word.

Processing img 2ts7e76hq6qa1...
Latrice Royale, Chad Michaels, Shuga Cain, and Sasha Colby are the next group into the werkroom. Mayhem is stoked to see Chad in the competition and talks about how it is going to be a tough season for the other girls. Latrice cracks the other queens up with her humor. Latrice also tells the younger girls that they have to get ready for a big girl to walk away with the crown. Shuga comes in and she and Olivia bond over being New York queens. Sasha's entrance gags a ton of the queens who all talk about how they are so excited to see what she can do. Sasha immediately runs over to Brooke and tells her that she is ready to see how they both do as Miss Continentals.

Just then another queen enters the werkroom. The girls are gagged at how good of a Lady Gaga impersonator she is....

Processing img eepze6siq6qa1...
Until they realize she IS Lady Gaga!!

The queens are all stoked to see her and share with Lady Gaga how much of an impact she has had on queer art. Following the queens' kiki with Gaga, they are joined by RuPaul!

RuPaul welcomes the queens to the season and tells them that this will be a season stuffed with star power! She then informs them that for the first time in drag race herstory that for this premiere NO ONE is going home!
Latrice jokes that she is happy to know that no one is going home on the premiere but that it also means more weeks with all these other girls in the competition.

RuPaul goes on to say that for their first challenge they will be competing in the Miss Charisma Uniqueness Nerve and Talent Pageant! RuPaul goes on to say that as a part of this pageant the queens will be walking the runway in two categories. The first should be a look that pays homage to their hometown and a second look, inspired by their guest judge, should be their favorite Lady Gaga drag!

RuPaul and Lady Gaga then leave the queens to begin their preparations.
After Gaga and Ru leave the werkroom the queens scurry to grab their luggage and claim their spots within the werkroom. We see Luxx push other queens things out the way so that she can claim the spot that she wants while other queens, like Malaysia, struggle to find an open work station.
In her confessional, A'Keria mentions that the first challenge hasn't even started yet and the other girls are already being cutthroat.

Monica talks with Shuga, Symone, and Olivia about the first challenge. She talks about how the stakes are high especially since they are all up against two heavy-hitting pageant girls. Symone mentions that she isn't threatened and that she thinks they all need to stand firm in the package that they brought because why else show up to Drag Race. Olivia then talks about the piece she is planning to wear for her hometown look and then starts to show it off to the other girls.
Monica mentions that the other girls are definitely using this pageant as a way to try to intimidate the other girls and that she isn't going to let them get under her skin.

Latrice talks with Malaysia, Mayhem, and Chad about their approach to the first challenge. Latrice shares that she thinks that this is already shaping up to be an iconic season and that she sees nothing but fierce queens in the room. Chad agrees and says that a small part of her still wishes that there would be an elimination this week. Malaysia agrees and says that she's ready for the first strut her way to the finale and no one going home this week will make it tougher.
In her confessional, Malaysia says that the other girls are sweet but that it just makes it that there are even more girls that she has to stand out against.

We also see Luxx talking with Daya about the looks that they have brought for the challenge. Daya mentions that she thinks that Luxx's look seems like something they have seen already on the show. Luxx gets offended by this and defends her looks saying that she has her own point of view. It then comes out that Monique Heart from Season 2 is her drag mom to which Daya states that she thinks that it is just clear that Luxx just studied the show as opposed to learning her own artistic expression. Luxx storms off before saying that she can't wait to send Daya home.
In her confessional, Daya mentions that she isn't worried about Luxx and that if she has to get into her competition's head to get them to buckle she won't shy away from that.

RuPaul takes to the stage and welcomes all the judges to the pageant. She starts off by saying that the queens will be introducing themselves to the judges with frocks inspired by their home towns.
Hometown Realness
Latrice is the first queen on the runway, and she sports a look that is covered in palm tree print and the color of sunrise as she pays tribute to Florida. Brooke decides to pay tribute to her Canadian roots with wearing a sequinned mountie look. Malaysia, another Florida queen, wears a resort dress with a sunhat and sunshades. Olivia shows her NYC pride with a look inspired by Broadway and Luxx follows her with a tribute to Jersey that glamorizes of the Jersey Shore. Shuga wears a look that ties in the latin cultural influences that are prevalent in NYC and Sasha wears a culturally inspired Hawaiian look. Monica wears a look that shows the banjie side of southern black culture and A'Keria wears a rhinestoned cowgirl look. Symone wears a look that seems inspired by Hollywood Boulevard while Chad seems to reference the sunny skies and skyline of Los Angeles. Daya wears a look that pulls in the famous Arch as well as the more rural side of Missouri. Mayhem closes the category with a LA valley girl look accompanied with the perfect comedic strut.

Lady Gaga Realness
The queens all take to the runway in their favorite Lady Gaga inspired looks.
Following all of the main stage runway presentations, the judges sit to discuss the queens' performances.
Michelle starts with Latrice and points out that she thinks that she is extremely polished and that she has a lot of personality which could take her far in the competition. RuPaul agrees and says that there's a spark to Latrice that pulls you in.

Ross then talks about how he found Brooke to be just absolutely show stopping. He gushes over her mountie look and says that she is going to be one to watch. Lady Gaga says that she thinks Brooke's interpretation of her look was impeccably done.

Carson moves on to Malaysia and says that she knows her figure and dresses it so well. Ross agrees and says that she looked great but that he wishes she presented with the same level of confidence as the other queens in the competition.

Lady Gaga then talks about Olivia next and mentions that she has a light to her and that when she was on stage she wanted to smile. Michelle brings up that she really enjoyed her Gaga look but wished that her Broadway look came across stronger.

RuPaul then talks about Luxx and mentions how she is such a young kid but that she has so much realization into who she is as a drag artist. Ross agrees and adds that he wishes that the level of confidence that Luxx exuded on the runway that she could give to some of the other girls.

Carson moves on to Shuga and mentions that she just exudes really strong charisma but that her looks just didn't stack up. RuPaul says that she can see a star in Shuga and that with some prodding she thinks that they can get her star to shine through.

Lady Gaga then brings up Sasha and says that she is a queen that knows exactly what she is doing and what she is portraying. Michelle agrees and says that Sasha comes into the competition with a weight on her shoulders and a reputation to uphold and that she thinks she nailed it this week.

Ross goes to talk about Monica and says that he got an idea of what her point of view would be but that he still felt that it was half-baked. RuPaul disagrees and says that she thinks Monica may be rough around the edges but that she was intrigued by her.

RuPaul then uses that to transition to A'Keria and says that while the polish was 100% there that she couldn't put a finger on who she was as a drag artist. Carson says that she is definitely a beautiful queen but that there was a level of intrigue that seemed to be absent.

Michelle then talks about Symone and says that she was one of her favorites of the night because the references were on point and that even when she was Gaga she still exuded her own aesthetic. Lady Gaga agrees and says that she had a tricky outfit but that she is clearly a queen for the details because she nailed it.

Michelle thens says that Chad actually could make her rethink what her favorite looks of the night were because they were also so well done. RuPaul agrees and says that all of the girls are going to make it really tough on them as judges if they continue to perform at this level.

Ross then talks about Daya and tells her that she nailed it for him with her Gaga look because it was such a strong presentation. Carson agrees that she has real stage presence and that he really wants to see what more she can do this season.

Carson ends the critiques with Mayhem and mentions that he is the most excited for what she will bring to the season because it is clear that she is out to slay the whole competition. Michelle agrees and says that she had a strong first week and that she will definitely be a queen to watch.
The queens return from untucking backstage.

RuPaul then goes on to announce the judge's decisions.
She announces that....
Sasha Colby, Brooke Lynn Hytes, and Symone are the top three of the pageant and asks them to step forward as she reads the name of the winner...

She then announces...
Brooke Lynn Hytes is the winner of the first challenge!
Brooke celebrates her win and says that it feels so validating to come out on top in the first challenge especially against such talented queens.

The Pit Crew bring out a sash for Brooke to wear as she prances the runway. Just then, RuPaul then shouts for everything to stop. She goes on to say that Brooke is still the winner of the challenge but that an announcement must be made...
She goes on to say that it is time for the real competition to begin and tells the queens to join her in welcoming a 14th queen!! The queens look on shocked to see...
Season 8's Alyssa Hunter!!
Alyssa mentions that she hopes the other queens are ready because this time she's in it to win it.

14 Queens Remain...

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2023.04.02 07:35 HostileCook Didn't expect this

Last October,I bought a house on the end of a dead end street. It was under market value and it is a great house. It was also the only one I could afford. That is probably why I had blinders on when it came to the neighbors. I was so excited to make it my own and especially to start a garden.
I realized soon that I had a neighbor problem. Not just with one but all three of the ones around me. My security cameras have all the proof.
I will start with the house on my right. These people were so nice and helpful when I moved in, and I am grateful for that. But quickly I realized that this was a meth dealer's house. After I set up my security cameras, it became clear what was happening. Cars coming and parking outside for a few minutes all hours of the day and night. So much fucking traffic it drove my daughter and I nuts at first. Then there was the groups of men outside "working" (tweeking) all day every day. Lots of power tools, hammering metal sounds, etc. The property and house are trashed. Their guests were constantly trespassing and letting their dogs run loose on my property.
Now the house across the street. It is a hoarder house. He hoards cats, campers, boats, trucks, whatever. His property is completely filled. The feral cat population is insane here. Lots of sick cats everywhere too. I have already filed a complaint with the police about the cats after I had no luck with two local animal rescue organizations. That was four months ago. I met a man living on his property. He came to apologize after he was caught on camera stealing my patio chairs. He is homeless and living in a shed on the property. There are others. Two months ago, this property owner invited a new homeless man here, who has his own motorhome. The problem is that it could not fit on the property since it is filled. So it is on the end of the street and causing everyone a problem when turning around. Especially the garbage man, who has to back all the way down the narrow street because he can no longer turn around. Complaints have been made by others. The city opened a case and the man intentionally took his engine out so they will have to tow him. The city doesn't have a big enough tow truck apparently, but I think they just don't care. Recently more people seem to be living there. I think the population is growing.
Last, the house on the left. Think of a cul de sac, he is the one the street faces. He is quiet and has been friendly. The only one with a mostly clean and cared for yard. He has two adorable little dogs who he loves very much. When I first met him he complained about all the trespassers and neighbors who let their dogs poop on his property. I soon found out that HE is the neighbor who does that the most. One of his dogs really had it out for my tarp which was covering some stuff by my carport. I have at least 20 videos of the dog hiking his leg and peeing on it. I threw it away. I step on their poop a lot. Its small and I can't see it. They like to do it where I walk to my shed. I tried to nicely ask him a month and a half ago if he could keep better track of the dogs and keep them in his yard. That was totally ignored. I also have video of him walking around through my entire property, from his property to in front of my porch.
So I had to deal with all of them. I asked several regular trespassers to keep themselves and their dogs of my property. We had friendly conversations and they have not been a problem since. I talked to the tweekers and they were respectful and have not been a problem since. They even stopped a lot of the traffic and have been much quieter and they wave hi and are friendly again. Now, the jackass with the two small dogs needed to be sent a request in writing since he ignored my friendly verbal request. I need help interpreting his response because I'm not sure what to do from here. The message was not intended to be friendly this time, it was meant to be a legal demand of sorts. I don't know anything about Idaho law, but I thought this would be a solid letter that would let any neighbor know to stop. Should I go to the police now or wait it out to see if he is still a problem? I am a little sketched out about the part about watching me. He is wrong about me not going out in my yard, I have plenty of video from my cameras showing me out there doing work. But he claims to watch me and I am not sure what his point is. Is he saying he doesn't see me out there so he is entitled to use my property? Or is he saying I can't step in dog poop because I don't go outside? Its a weird excuse no matter what. Any advice would very appreciated!
Mine and neighbors text conversation:
Hi Randall. I would like you to keep your dogs off my property. Your white dog has repeatedly hiked his leg and urinated on my stuff. He has ruined a tarp and damaged my miniature roses. I have also stepped in their shit a few times, and once I tracked it through my house, damaging my floors. I have also seen you on my property to fetch them. I have never trespassed on your property and I would never be so rude and disrespectful that I would treat a neighbor like that. I would like the same respect from you. Going forward, let's be better neighbors.
"No thank you Sorry you stepped in dog shit, but you have to realize that there are other dogs in the neighborhood, not just mine. I didn't think you ever came out of your house, but to your truck and back once or twice a day and most days you never come out of your house.
I don't ever recall me trespassing on your property for any reason. If I ever did, it was probably just the driveway. As far as going forward and being good neighbors, you don't get the honor of me being a good neighbor or friend with the way you just came at me. Haha.... "Rude," "Disrespect ful" Please delete my number and do not speak or contact me again. I will do the same and block this number."
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2023.04.02 07:35 lolfuckno Revenge is a dish best served cold with a side of extra fine glitter

This was many years ago when I was in elementary school. I was being severly tormented at school emotionally, mentally, and physically. If I'm being honest with myself despite the fact that I'm 23f now, I still haven't recovered.
Anyway, basically everyone in my grade was either one of my tormentors, an enabler, or a bystander. I had zero friends at school for three years straight.
But then in the sixth grade things went from worse to terrible and I wasn't coping well, I also had a lot going on at hope so I had no safe place or reprieve, until I was befriended by Julian (real name cause he was and still is a prick). He apologized for everything that everyone had been doing to me (he actually wasn't one of my antagonizers, he just enabled the girls that did). And things got better for a little bit, people were slightly nicer when he was around.
He lived on the same street and started asking to hang out. Now, don't get me wrong I was so happy to finally have a friend after so long that I was acting like a golden retriever puppy, but still, I'm not an idiot. So when he started asking me personal and embarrassing questions I knew that everything was fake. I was so incredibly hurt, I just dodegd each question or only gave vague answers until I had to go home.
But before I left something inside of me had snapped, so while he was in the bathroom I snuck to his mom's crafting desk in the living room and grabbed the only bottle of extra fine glitter, which also happened to be hot pink, something he, as a boy turning into a man was very much repulsed by.
It was spring, but still cold at the time. He had this big ceiling fan in the center of his room, and while he was gone I'd put a nice big pile of glitter on each of the five rotors (? Idk if that's the actual word), put the jar in my bag and left.
The next day at school I told him that I knew what he was doing and I didn't appreciate being lied to, he told me to go unalive myself cause I was so ugly, yada yada yada. Heard it everyday. It stung, but whatever.
A month later the temperature finally started consistently reaching 30°C, he came to school very angry and thoroughly covered in hot pink glitter.
Apparently, he turned on his fan that morning. And for some reason, he and his entire room got covered in glitter. He couldn't get it off in time for school, so he tracked glitter everywhere that day. And the day after that, because the glitter had gone on to affect everyone in his house and the house itself. They were finding glitter on themselves and in their house until long after my family moved away a three years later. At first I felt bad for dragging his family into it, but if they'd raised their son to not be such a douchenozzle the glitter wouldn't have been necessary.
Anyway, the reason I'm recalling this for all of you now is because my mom is Facebook friends with their neighbour and apparently they've decided to sell their house with a contributing factor being that they still haven't been able to get rid of the glitter.
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2023.04.02 07:35 MenachemMaron Calf muscles size

I have never seriously worked out, yet my calf muscles look and feel really big. I've been told multiple times by people that it looks like I go out running a lot.
How could this be?
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2023.04.02 07:34 gotoravenholmm Seems like Alliance is starting to be more popular than Horde now? What changed?

In SL, Horde way outnumbered Alliance on NA servers by a lot in PvE and PvP. Now it’s seems like Alliance is making a big comeback in popularity in DF. On arenamate I was surprised to see Orc is no longer the most popular PvP race and Nelf is number one now. I read something about PvP racial abilities being nerfed for DF, is that the only thing that changes?
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2023.04.02 07:34 zeroboo123 Ayaneo 2 - Dad Review

By way of background, I’m a dad who likes to game but struggles to find time. I have some disposable income but not a lot. Ayaneo 2 is definitely in premium laptop territory but at the same time the most premium laptops are now almost 3 times the price of Ayaneo 2.
I have a switch oled which i still use. I had a steam deck but have since sold it as i find it too big. I also didn’t have the time to tweak my steam deck to make certain games work. I am, however, very accustomed to windows environment.
I usually play games like Gears 5, Gears Tactics, X-Com 2, Skater XL, Fallout 4, Persona 5, Yakuza Like a Dragon. So nothing majorly new or graphically intensive. Most of those games run fine at 15w (balanced mode - aka the mode where you get most juice without the fans going crazy)
With the above in mind:
Pros- 1. Windows environment but handheld and can use joysticks as mouse with dedicated button to pull up on screen keyboard 2. Beautiful screen - sharp and vibrant 3. Games just work as you’d expect as if running on a windows desktop 4. Relatively powerful - being able to run games at 1080p (surprisingly, games at low setting still look pretty good) 5. I’d imagine it’d be a tinkerers dream. If i was still young and had time I would have loved to tinker the hell out of it 6. Not the best weight and size but definitely more comfortable than the steam deck (for me)
Cons- 1. Need to get use to Ayaspace. Luckily it didn’t take long for me as there isn’t much to tinker with. I now only use the Ayaneo dedicated button which immediately pulls up the quick menu to change wattage. 2. Windows environment - loading. I know i called it a pro but it is also a con because switch/steamdeck has built in interface for easy game selection and relatively quicker to get into games thereby reducing loading times 3. Windows environment - sleep mode. Sleep mode is nothing like the switch/steamdeck. Understand it is a windows issue. I just load games from start every time instead of putting in sleep mode as sleep mode is very hit and miss. Not too happy about this but the games I play recently aren’t available on Switch. 4. Emulation is a bit finicky. Still haven’t figured out dolphin. I appreciate most of you probably find it easy to setup but I sometimes just don’t have time to do the research and would generally just want things to work. 5. Bad battery. I’m fine with this as I only play at home for short bursts but appreciate that generally one would expect decent battery life for a handheld. 6. X-Com 2 controls don’t work properly. Switch has better controls but has very blurred graphics.
Summary- I really like the quick resume on the Switch but I also like high res / power of the Ayaneo 2. I’ll keep both for now hoping a Switch 2 will come soon or the Ayaneo OS will solve my issues!
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2023.04.02 07:34 jiveabillion Pre-built shelves and drawers to build into walls

My house is really big, but it also has a lot of wasted space behind the walls because of the sloped roof. My girlfriend is in a wheelchair and needs all the space she can get to move around, so I need to make use of the space behind my walls in my bathroom and my master bedroom closet for storage so that she can get to it better in her chair and it doesn't take up space in the room.
In my bathroom I have enough space for a 4 ft wide 1.5 ft deep shelf at 6 ft height and about 4 ft deep at about 4 ft height and below. I need to put shelves and drawers in there because it has no closet and there's no room for her to use the bathtub and toilet if I were to put any storage in there that isn't inside the wall.
In my master bedroom closet I have a very similar space behind the wall that is currently just used for storage but it is 17 ft wide and 6 and 1/2 ft deep at the bottom and it gets narrower at the top about the same 1.5 ft at 6 ft height.
What speed is some good quality shelving and doors that slide really smoothly and look nice to start with, and I really don't know where to look. I've had kraftmaid kitchen cabinets before, and I was really impressed with the smoothness of the drawers and would like something similar for these built-ins.
Can any of you recommend a source for such furniture? It doesn't have to be finished, but it would be nice if it was at least ready to be painted on the front.
Thank you for the help.
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2023.04.02 07:30 RemoteAd6927 Observations of a Beard Nest part 5; Flee from Mama Bear!

Observations of a Beard nest Part 6! Flee Mama Bear!
Hi Reddit! So sorry this update is so late in coming, since my last post I had a health issue with my eye. Turned out it’s a genetic based immune disorder that’s triggered by stress.. shiny!
Thank you again Reddx for reading my posts, and listening back I realized I missed out on several references, but I doubt changing names is qualified here, although I should have called Techbeard Skek-tek, but all the more reason to save that reference when I finally get around to another story I have.
Anyway, this will be my final report. A lot has happened in the last few months, lines being drawn, crossed, moved around, and Mama Bear. I was sadly not part of most of this due to work and my eye making me a vampire that couldn’t stand even an ounce of light.
Characters are mostly the same, but I’m getting this information second hand from my mom, so let’s get into it!
Lets begin with the Monday I left off on; Mom had gone to the Epic Grands to take care of grandma, to sit in on the Physical Therapist, and the block a certain person from entry. The Physical Therapist told my grandma that she wasn’t to pick up heavy things, twist, bend or slouch so that her spine could heal properly, all things being big no nos when a toddler is around. My mom even asked about babysitting and the PT told her “I doubt that’s a good idea, seeing as Grandma is much frailer than we expected. After that, PT left and mom got to sit and chat with the Epic Grands.
When Techbeard got there though, Kiddo in hand, Mom was having None of it. You see, after PT left, Good Ol Mama Bear locked the screen door, so Techbeard couldn’t enter. After knocking to get attention, mom answered, and spoke to Techbeard through the door.
“Why is the door locked??” Techbeard asked.
“Because Epic Grandma can’t watch David today.” Mom told him.
“But, she has to!” Techbeard answered. “What am I supposed to do?? I have Work! And Umbridge is at work too!”
“You can call a baby sitter.” Mom answered him.
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2023.04.02 07:28 Professional_Hyena79 Fuel-efficient commuter

Okay, all. I'm looking for a fuel-efficient commuter. I'm going to be reverse commuting about 50 minutes each day of mostly highway and freeway driving with very little stop-and-go traffic. I'll be in Texas, so ventilated seats are an absolute must for me. Here's what I'm considering:
  1. Camry Hybrid XLE
  2. Honda Accord Hybrid Touring
  3. Lexus UX 250h
  4. VW Jetta SLE
I'm a fairly big dude (6 feet and 280lbs). I truly car little to nothing about back seat space and performance (I don't care if it takes 10 seconds to get from 0 to 60). I care about comfort and the quality of those ventilated seats.
Would love to hear thoughts from current owners.
Do note that I will not consider a Toyota Prius or Venza or electric vehicles. Gonna put a lot of miles on this car in the next 5 years and then give it to one of our kids until he finishes high school.
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2023.04.02 07:28 Maple_Wind HELP! Which summer internship should I take? Audit vs Business Analyst

Hi guys, I’m a junior and I’m really torn about deciding between two internships - one is an auditing internship with a big 8 public accounting firm, the other one is a business analyst internship with a reputable company in industry. I’ve been on the CPA track for the past 2 years but have never been a naturally talented accounting student. However, auditing as a career does come with a lot of stability (esp with the current economy). The audit internship also pays quite a bit more. The business analyst internship, on the other hand, might lead to more versatile opportunities in the future. Which one should I take? Which one would lead to better future prospect? Feeling very torn… 😭Any advice would be much appreciated ❤️
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2023.04.02 07:27 nozeppelincolor I [18M] needs relationship advice for my partner [18F] in private. Please dm me.

I'm in my second relationship, but this being online and not real life is kinda a different dynamic. I think it's going great and I chose to try online because l'm going to be in the military in two months. I just need someone's advice about me. have problems and I just need to talk them out with someone. Nothing big. I devolved a lot of deep insecurities that my ex gave me and it’s transitioning into this one
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2023.04.02 07:27 LoveKraftcheese [FS] [Los Angeles CA 90255] H: Zombicide DOA KS, Dominion BB, Auztralia, Tsukuyumi KS, others W: PayPal, Cash, Battle for Rokugan, Cryo

[5] Zombicide Undead or Alive Dead West pledge $130
[3] In the Hall of the Mountain King KS $40
[5] Tsukuyumi Full Moon pledge $40
[4] Dominion Big Box Second Ed. W/ Prosperity $40
[5] Skate Summer $30
[3] Twilight Imperium 3rd Ed $30
[3[ Architects of the West Kingdom $30
[5] Crusaders thy Will be Done Divine Influence expansion $20
[5] Voices in my Head $20
[3] Fleet the dice game $20
[2] Forgotten Waters $20 (damage to top right corner of box, components in good condition and in shrink)
[4] Kohaku 2nd Ed. $20
[3] Dream Crush $20
[4] Star Wars Destiny Two player set w/Boba Fett exp. $15
[4] Little Town $15
[5] Pandemic Rapid Response $15
[4] Draftosaurus $15
[3] Grimm Forest $15
[5] Azul $15
[4] Terror Below KS ed. $15
[4] Pendulum $15
[5] Catan $15
[5] Junk Orbit $15
[3] Evolution $15
[3] Hero Hockey $10
[5] Nomads $10
[5] Grimslingers $10
[3] Forbidden Bridge (2021) $10
[4] The Crew $8
$5 or free with 2 or more games all [4]
Scratch The Deck
Cats of Ulthar
60 Second City
Battle for Rokugan
Marvel United Infinity Gauntlet expansion
Heat: Pedal to the Metal
Puerto Rico 1897
LotR JiME: Shadowed Paths expansion
Mansions of Madness 2nd Ed
Scooby Doo! The Board Game
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