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Barry Bee Benson is my hero.

2023.04.02 07:45 Lotcher First time playing GTA IV in 8 years.

So I'm two weeks into running my first gaming pc, or rather my GAYMING MSI Katana RTX 3060 GDDR6 LAPTOP w/ Intel i7-12700 and 16GB DDR4 RAM. Laptop peasantry aside, playing GTA IV was high on my list, and so I've spent the last week punching on with (and occasionally asphyxiating on) the game's horrendously undercooked spaghetti code.
My goal: Simply to run the bastard at 1080p high settings.
Results: 4K 60fps at very high settings (with use of a 4K external monitor).
Yeah, I wasn't expecting that either.
So anyways, I downloaded the Steam version of GTA IV EFLC and quickly found out about the GTA IV Downgrader. Through trial and error I found patch to be the most stable build to play the game mostly vanilla on my gayming spec setup.
(I've heard works better with ENBs, but for now I'm more interested in playing the game in the original art style. I Might give IceEnhancer 3.0 a go in future to familiarise, and thus, prepare myself for IceEnhancer 4's official release. The rest of this post is related.)
Here's the installation process I went through:
1) Download a copy of GTA 4. (Steam version in my case.) 1a) Make sure the game is in neither the Program Files (x86) folder, nor the Program Files folder. (I moved Steam entirely out of said file to prevent future head-fuckery.) 1b) Download and run the latest version of the GTA IV Downgrader.
2) In the downgrader: 2a) Check 2b) Add the Zolika patch, Fusion Fix, ZmenuIV, and ColAccel. 2c) (Consider avoiding the Simple Traffic Loader since this Freddy Fangdangled me to no end with the amout of pop-in it was secretly inducing into my rainbow what-do-you-mean-my-keyboard-is-not-rbg!? gayming experience.) 2d) Make sure to check the Commandline box before running the downgrader.
3) After following the downgrader instructions get DXVK v2.1 and drag/drop the 32 bit files d3d9.dll and dxgui.dll in the GTA IV directory. Both the 64 and 32 bit .dll files work, but 64 causes stuttering, whereas 32 limits the in-game resolution to just above 800x600p 30fps. (For reference that's enough pixels to simulate remnants of a potato chip in a voxel-based off-brand UNICEF charity feed-em-up simulator. Somebody's aught to make such a game, time will tell.)
4) So yeah, as for a workaround for the 32 bit files, you need to edit your commandline text document (commandline.txt can be found in GTAIV directory folder) by entering/saving the following:
-novblank -nomemrestrict -norestrictions -framelimit 60 -refreshrate -width XXXX -height XXXX
Note) Make the XXXX's suit your preferred resolution, 4K example; -width 3840 -height 2160
5) Now that that's done go into your Nvidia Control Panel. 5a) Manage 3D settings > Program Settings > "Select Program to Customise" > gtaiv.exe
5b) gtaiv.exe program specific settings: - Vsync: Enable - G-Sync: Enable (only if your monitor supports G-Sync. Consider disabling if troubleshooting) - Max Frame Rate: 60fps - Background Max Frame Rate: 60fps - Low Latency: Ultra - Power Management (set this to your personal preference) - Texture Filtering: either High or High Quality (optional) - Threaded Optimisation: Off (you can try turning this on w/ DXVK but I kept running into thermal throttling issues so disabled this option)
[Consideration: It might be wise to set all the remaining gtaiv.exe program specific settings so that all the Global Settings are set to their recommend settings (i.e. changing the Antialiasing - Mode from "Use global setting (application-controlled)" to simply the "application-controlled" setting. This, as far as I know, will prevent the actual Globing Settings tab messing with GTA IV specifically.]
6) Open the Zolika config file and edit/save the following changes:
FastLoading=1 NewMemorySystem=1 NoLoadingSleep=1
6a) These three settings alone should dramatically reduce load times, especially on an SSD.
[Optional Extra: Read through and edit the extensive list of Zolika options all you want, but be careful to only test things relatively one-at-a-time from here on in. (I managed to triggered the game's anti-cheat by playing around with these options too much which required an uninstall/reinstall to fix.)]
7) Boot up the game w/ PlayGTAIV 7a) Turn off the vsync in the game's graphics settings. 7b) Customise the graphics settings, but be prepared to drop some of the Distance/Density sliders to 50 if you want to run everything else in Very High settings.
8) Refer to forums for further troubleshooting (I'm not very experienced so it's hard for me to provide troubleshooting advice given that this is the first time I've attempted to mod a game.)
Conclusion: So that summaries a week of painstaking trial-and-error. I was truly expecting to be thermal throttling my CPU at 4K 60fps, but to my surprise I was able to pull this off without even resorting to undervolting my laptop.
My current in-game settings: - 3840x2160p 60fps
Some vague Code Red! troubleshooting advice: If you manage to trigger the anti-cheat (symptoms: forced drunk camera, car low health + full acceleration) I have heard that ZmenuIV can toggle the anti-cheat. If you are suffering that dilemma check forums/guides on how to use the ZmenuIV (haven't used it yet myself).
Hopefully this write up helps someone out in the future.
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2023.04.02 07:45 Madrock777 Ok I solo'd Avalon Legendary. First 2/3 not that bad. Final boss, I get why our favorite scribe hated it so much.

Cleared this on my Hunter using Void. Spent a better part of this invisible.
Gyrfalcon's Habuerk. Shattered Cipher Void LMB for add clear, Wish-Ender skipping me through phase 2 of the final fight. Big giant shield, what big giant shield. And of course the lovely hiding spot in phase three, without it I would have just died again.
How hard is it?
While I would say that's the hardest content I've ever done I remember back in the day it took me way longer to figure out how to kill the first boss in Shattered Throne. Though now with current gear I went in and killed that very boss in like 5 minutes. So considering how long this took, yeah it's very hard.
However, current gear makes a lot of parts of this really easy. With how easy it is to get Volatile Rounds and heavy ammo add clear is a joke. With Fragments giving me Devour on a Hunter, or all the ways to go invisible, like killing all the enemies I have tagged with my Volatile LMG, parts of this were very easy. Honestly the hardest part of this was the final phase of the final boss. I had to find a good hiding spot near one of the jumping puzzles. I would just jump down out of view of the boss when I needed to heal. Then hop back up and fire away.
Hail Hydra Boss Fight. I got through the first boss with no deaths. Just lots and lots of LMG. Make sure to kill the snipers as fast as you can. Let the vex come to you and take them out in close quarters so you can easily collect their motes. I stayed on low right side of the room most of the time. When fighting the boss the ight side also has more cover.
Final boss
Phase one: Stay away, take pot shots. Every once and a while do add clear. Really not to hard. Just take your time.
Phase 2: use Wish-Ender get the boss with in a tiny sliver of his next bar then do one full puzzle solve. Wish-Ender can pass though his shield and you can skip most of phase 2, just don't deplete it's health all the way or it will soft lock!
Phase 3: Hide, hide, shoot, hide!, Shoot! Win! Find a hiding spot, a place by one of the three areas near the jumping puzzle sections. They make great hiding spots to fire from, and to hide and heal.
Overall this is a tough dungeon to solo. I was at light level 1815 and had a good long while to do it all. If you really want to solo this make sure you are well geared, both arms and armor. Make sure you got time set out to do it. Also bring snacks, a drink or two. If you are thinking this sounds like too much, I suggest to bring a friend. Having to start the fight over because you die is rough, with friends they can rez you. Over all there isn't much new in the Legendary version to the normal version. Other than some harpies with Arc shields, but they weren't much of a match for volatile rounds.
With that I bid you all a good evening.
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2023.04.02 07:41 Nervouswriteraccount Just a Pay-Check (Action, 102 pages) - Feedback
Logline: A former secret agent now operates as a 'security consultant', selling his services to the highest bidder. But when his darkest secret is exposed, he's blackmailed into a mission to capture a Thai drug lord. He must navigate the Thai underworld, staying one step ahead of gangsters, desperados and rival agents, in order to preserve his reputation.
I have posted this one before, under the title 'The Consultant' - lots of great, constructive feedback for which I'm thankful. I've changed the title because of the series that's just come out. I've also added scenes, fixed some others up. It's an action movie. I was aiming for a similar tone to the 80's and 90's action blockbusters.
Feedback: How does it read? Dialogue? Does it move fast enough? Is the story-structure evident?
Just bear in mind that this is an action flick. I'm not trying to write A Few Good Men - I'm just trying to learn how to do this writing thing in familiar territory.
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2023.04.02 07:40 AutoModerator [Get] Csaba Borzasi – Breakthrough Conversions Academy

[Get] Csaba Borzasi – Breakthrough Conversions Academy
Download course here:
[Get] Csaba Borzasi – Breakthrough Conversions Academy

What You Get:

Module 1

The Fundamental Principles of Direct Response Copywriting

In this foundational module, you’ll discover:
  • The PUREST essence of copywriting nobody talks about today (and believe me, I’ve looked…)
  • The “Promise-Believability” Matrix… a unique new way to look at persuading people to buy
  • Why – in 95% of cases – you aren’t really selling what you THINK you’re selling (And what you’re ACTUALLY selling through your product or service)
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Module 2

The Psychology Behind Persuasive Copywriting & Copy-Thinking

I promise you’ve never seen a more advanced masterclass in emotional response marketing before.
In this module, you’ll discover:
  • The secret evolutionary psychology behind persuasive messages that NO ONE talks about
  • A deep dive into the world of emotional persuasion… through the lens of the BEST emotional copywriters of all time
  • How to identify & tap into your ideal prospect’s deepest NEGATIVE emotions like Shame, Fear, Anger, and Guilt
  • How to identify & tap into your ideal prospect’s deepest POSITIVE emotions like Redemption and Unconditional Acceptance (Often-overlooked emotions that actually drive action like CRAZY!)
  • The BEST way to infuse these powerful emotions into your “Big Ideas” and Headlines to make them 10X more effective!
  • 7 core desires 99.9% of people constantly crave like crazy… and how to use these in your copywriting for maximum effectiveness
Module 3

The “No-Nonsense” 80/20 Marketing Research Process

Yes, yes – I know research isn’t the sexiest of topics out there…
But it’s an absolutely essential aspect of creating winning marketing campaigns.
To make this important topic as painless and swift as possible, I scoured through thousands of pages of my notes…
Revisited scores of past projects I did with various clients…
And analyzed how the best of the best copywriters did their own research…
To come up with a totally UNIQUE blueprint for doing marketing research FAST, in a no-nonsense way.
That’s why, in this module, you’ll discover:
  • The REAL reason why research is soooo essential if you want to be successful
  • The ONLY 8 things you need to look for while doing research. (Most people waste 10s of hours “mindlessly” researching… but armed with this list, you’ll cut your research time by 80%!)
  • My custom-built “Ultimate Marketing Research Kit”that’s so effective… several past students have joined the program JUST to get access to this!
  • 5 of the BEST places to find exactly what you’re looking for FAST in 2022
  • How to know when you’ve done enough research… so you don’t spend any more time on it than needed!
  • 6 sneaky research mistakes you NEED to avoid like the plague! (HINT: 95% of copywriters are guilty of at least one… Are you?)
  • A simple process for finding the 7 key marketing campaign elements you need for winning campaigns
  • Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter’s coveted “6W Method”to quickly and reliably do high-impact customer research if you’re short on time
Module 4

The “Sacred Trinity”: Big Ideas, Headlines, Leads

This is where the “rubber meets the road”…
Because Module 4 is all about the highest-impact copywriting elements out there:
Big Ideas, Headlines, and Leads… PLUS, how they actually relate to each other.
So in this module, you’ll discover:
  • Why I call these 3 the “Sacred Trinity”… and how these elements all relate to each other
  • The mystical “Big Idea” concept… Demystified! (with plenty of practical examples, case studies, and even formulas!)
  • Previously untold A-list copywriting secrets about attention-grabbing headlines. (If you’ve ever wanted to improve your Headline game… you’ll LOVE this part!)
  • 6 of the greatest Lead “types”to start any sales message with ease… While building irresistible emotional desire in your prospect
  • My simple 10-step framework for creating any type of Lead in 15 minutes or LESS
  • My go-to “quick-n-dirty”Universal Lead Template you can copy-paste into ANY sales message to make it 3X more persuasive FAST
Module 5

The “Golden Thread” That Connects Your Big Idea With Your Offer

Once you know the secrets of the “Sacred Trinity”, it’s time to connect these elements with your Offer.
Module 5 reveals everything.
Inside this game-changing masterclass, you’ll discover:
  • How to effectively use the “Neuroplastic Belief-Shifting” Frameworkin ANY sales message
  • 6 things you NEED to know before weaving your “Golden Thread” (ATTENTION: Miss just 1 of these… and your entire marketing argument might crumble!)
  • What NOT to do when identifying your “North Star”: The One Buying Belief!
  • A super simplepersuasive message template you can use to consistently pump out winning pieces of copy in just 30 mins (or less)
  • 3 unique belief-shifting strategies that melt away objections with ease (And covert even the most skeptical of people!)
  • How to do Proof Marketing RIGHT… without boring your readers to death
  • Agora Financial’s secret “CPB Technique”that makes their front-end promotions so profitable (A method so powerful, even Evaldo Albuquerque, the highest-paid copywriter of all time SWEARS by it!)
  • The 10 questions your prospects are always subconsciously asking when reading your copy… And how to pre-emptively answer them successfully!
Module 6

How to Make Your Competition Irrelevant by Using a Unique Mechanism

Our next topic is about Unique Mechanisms…
Which are essential in today’s world of “high-market sophistication” audiences.
During this module, you’ll discover:
  • What exactly is a “mechanism” (and why you also badly need one… especially today!)
  • The crucial difference between “common mechanisms” VS. “Unique Mechanisms” (And how to make yours truly stand out!)
  • How to find your unique mechanism in just 3 simple steps – even if you’re starting from scratch!
  • DOZENS of practical unique mechanism examples used in all sorts of proven marketing campaigns (Some of which have generated over $1 BILLION!)
  • The often-misunderstood (but critically important)difference between a Unique Mechanism (UM)… and a Unique Selling Proposition (USP)
  • What neverto call your Unique Mechanism… EVER! (Seriously… this one mistake can single-handedly invalidate your entire mechanism in an instant!)
Module 7

Once Upon a Time, There Was a “StorySelling Masterclass” That Rocked

Next up, Storytelling on STEROIDS! (which I like to call “StorySelling”)
In this module, you’ll discover:
  • The REAL reason why almost every single persuasive message needs to use storytelling
  • The essential fundamentals of StorySellingyou need to understand to create not just compelling stories… but PROFITABLE ones!
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  • The 4 “pillars” of highly effective StorySelling almost no one talks about
  • How to create a kickass Character / Hero for your story that your audience will easily resonate with
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  • 7 proven story archetypes you can copy/paste into your marketing funnels for an easy conversion boost
  • Where exactly to use these stories in your funnels (+ other useful tips)
Module 8

How To Create An Offer So Irresistible… Only a LUNATIC Would Ignore It

Once you have your “Big Idea”, Headline, Lead, Golden Thread, Unique Mechanism, and Stories…
It’s time to finally create an offer they can’t refuse!
So in Module 8, you’ll discover:
  • What exactly is a lucrative Offer (and how to make yours irresistible)
  • The #1 principle of ridiculously good offers you must always start with (DO NOTignore this… because otherwise, your offer will fall flat on its face!)
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  • How to present your offer for MAXIMUM impact in MINUMUM time
  • 5 proven offer blueprintsyou can steal and install in various parts of your sales funnels
Module 9

From “Master Structure” to Breakthrough Copy

In this strategic overview session, we’ll revisit the most important 80/20 principles of key topics like:
  • The Fundamental Principles of Direct Response Copywriting
  • The Psychology Behind Persuasive Copywriting & Copy-Thinking
  • The “No-Nonsense” 80/20 Marketing Research Process
  • The “Sacred Trinity”: Big Ideas, Headlines, Leads
  • The “Golden Thread” That Connects Your Big Idea With The Offer
  • How to Make Your Competition Irrelevant by Using a Unique Mechanism
  • Once Upon a Time, There Was a “StorySelling Masterclass” That Rocked
  • How To Create An Offer So Irresistible… Only a LUNATIC Would Ignore It
  • The Breakthrough Copy Development Process (with Real-Life Example!)
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2023.04.02 07:39 Nervouswriteraccount Just a Pay-Check - Action (102 pages)
Logline: A former secret agent now operates as a 'security consultant', selling his services to the highest bidder. But when his darkest secret is exposed, he's blackmailed into a mission to capture a Thai drug lord. He must navigate the Thai underworld, staying one step ahead of gangsters, desperados and rival agents, in order to preserve his reputation.
I have posted this one before, under the title 'The Consultant' - lots of great, constructive feedback for which I'm thankful. I've changed the title because of the series that's just come out. I've also added scenes, fixed some others up. It's an action movie. I was aiming for a similar tone to the 80's and 90's action blockbusters.
Feedback: How does it read? Dialogue? Does it move fast enough? Is the story-structure evident?
Just bear in mind that this is an action flick. I'm not trying to write A Few Good Men - I'm just trying to learn how to do this writing thing in familiar territory.
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2023.04.02 07:36 chronic-venting Checklist: Am I being held hostage by abuser(s)?

Bold the ones that happened to you, italicize if you're not sure.
Psychological brainwashing
Violence and threats
Emotional manipulation and guilt
Escape Sabotage
If you can bold even 3 of these, your abuser(s) are aware that they're abusing you, and that is logical for you to want to get away from them, and they're making direct actions to sabotage and stop you from escaping. The only reason they would try to convince you that you can't survive without them is that they know you are able to, and they're actively trying to stop it. If you feel pathetic for not being able to leave, this isn't true. You'll notice abusers are putting a shit ton of work into making sure you can't leave. They wouldn't be doing that if they really thought you were too pathetic to leave; they're sabotaging you because they know you can get away.
Also, presenting themselves as the only source of survival, love, and comfort to you? They're trying to affect you to trauma-bond to them; that means you'd be forced to make decisions for their benefit instead of yours, and you wouldn't be able to fight against them because it would mean risking your life.
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2023.04.02 07:35 AutoModerator [Get] Dan Khan – Income Hero Academy 2023

[Get] Dan Khan – Income Hero Academy 2023
Download full course here:
[Get] Dan Khan – Income Hero Academy 2023
You will get full access to my Income Hero Training Series
This is foolproof program that will get you results within DAYS
I have spent months developing this series to make sure that each and every one of you get results
If you want to hit $10,000 Per Month FAST, this training will do the trick!
Finally access all the secrets and watch as I pull back the curtain and reveal how to actually make serious money online
Zero stress, zero overwhelm. Simply follow the step-by-step guide I walk you through and you’ll be up and running fast!
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2023.04.02 07:33 UnknownMFe Spontaneous lucid dreams when sleep deprived

I've been lucid dreaming a while ago and I still get a few lucids now and then even though I no longer do reality checks or techniques. But I get them most often when I go to bed very late.
My most recent one was last night. I went to bed at 12pm and woke up at 7:30. Even thought my sleep quality was decreased because I was on my phone right before going to sleep I still got lucid. I believe it could be because of how fast I fell asleep because of being tired.
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2023.04.02 07:32 snowy--plover Pool cleaner dumped water out of our pool for multiple days with the auto fill on (in a home we are renting) and we had to pay an extremely high water bill. Our landlord will not help with a reimbursement.

Seeking legal advice or suggestions on next steps for us - feeling frustrated and helpless. We have been renting this home in Arizona for about a 1.5 years and our lease is up soon. There is a pool on the property that we don’t really use, and in the lease it is up to the landlord / homeowner to take care of it. They hired a pool person to check on it once a week. Last summer we got a notification for extremely large water usage and immediately notified our landlord that we weren’t sure where it was coming from (they were made aware that it was many many gallons a day). Our landlord didn’t take it as an emergency even though we were immediately worried about the water bill, so there was no rush on them checking on the issue. Days passed and we were told the pool person came to check on things with no answer (it was assumed it was the pool since there was nothing leaking that we could see and it was so much water). One day the water usage stopped and we never got any explanation from our landlord other than it was likely a running toilet (which we didn’t have) or anything about how they would help with the water bill since this was not caused by us (there were issues we found with the auto fill constantly running and the pool wasn’t overflowing so we knew there was a problem but couldn’t pinpoint why and the landlord was refusing to help with finding an explanation). We ended up getting our water bill and it was $800 over the normal monthly bill (equating to about 7+ entire pools filled with water). The landlord was notified about the bill but we were ignored and had to pay the bill because it was in our name. Fast forward to this past month, we received another notification with extremely high usage similar to the past year. I discovered large pools of water in our alleyway this time and immediately notified our landlord. It took someone a day or two to come out, but eventually they looked at things. We knew for sure it was the same thing as last time and the pool company and plumber realized that when the pool person came out they opened the valve to release some water from the pool and forgot about it when they left, leading to the pool being drained and auto filled for multiple days. The pool person admitted to this over text. The landlord never addressed it, even after we have asked multiple times. Today I finally received a phone call from the landlord and they claimed that I am wrong or lying about it being the pool person leaving the valve open and that they will not reimburse us. Is there anything I can do? Is this only an issue we can address with the pool company even though we didn’t hire them? We are pretty positive last summer was the same problem, the pool cleaner leaving the valve open on accident for a whole week before they came back and turned it off without mentioning anything. There is no other explanation for that amount of water that I can think of?
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2023.04.02 07:31 CryptographerDry248 19M [chat] looking for anyone anywhere!

I’m a 19M from the United States but I’m currently living in South Korea and I’m the hunt for a long lasting friendship! Here is some stuff about me.
I’m really big into video games such as minecraft, warthunder and much more
My music taste is all over the place ranging from country to classical it all depends on how my day is going. I do enjoy reading but I haven’t been as constant with it as I used to be, but when I do it’s mostly motivational stuff or about history.
I’m a big fan of hiking and occasionally fishing, I love hiking through the woods and up hills to find the best view as well as hidden gems that Mother Nature hides in the wilderness.
I always have some type of stupid meme that I’m willing send, I will always try to raise your spirts and I hope you’ll do the same for me. After all life can be hard sometimes.
I’m also not looking for anything romantic just friends that’s all so if you’re still interested let me know and we’ll let our friendship blossom into something awesome!
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2023.04.02 07:26 agamemnononon Business usage and gaming


  1. MSI Stealth 16 Studio A13VG 16" QHD 240Hz (i7-13700H/32GB/2TB SSD/GeForce RTX 4070/W11 Pro)
  2. Gigabyte Aero 16 BSF-73EE994SO 16" OLED UHD (i7-13700H/16GB/1TB SSD/GeForce RTX 4070/W11 Home)
  3. Asus ZenBook Pro 16X UX7602ZM-XB96T 16" OLED UHD Touchscreen (i9-12900H/32GB/2TB SSD/GeForce RTX 3060/W11 Pro)

What should I buy?
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2023.04.02 07:23 infinityandbeyond75 Chat GPT about Church topics

I’ve been playing around with Chat GPT. Here is how it explains our Church in a Shakespeare style:
O' Mormons, whose compass and doctrine are so fair,
Whose ancient beginnings so high did appear!
Rescued from III-plight, thou shalt arise in spirit and power
Unburdened, protected from sin's fickle tower
Thy gospel's firm pillars: charity, faith, and hope,
Bestow on each disciple a sense of truth's scope
Yet, of all mortals--Christ thou art center and head,
Saviour and Master for whom all else is dread.
Thou gather fast-paced in His Everlasting Arms
Secure in love, each Saint heart- bound by His charms
For, knowledge is power and thy course so divine,
Do lead with virtue and faith that tastes like wine.
And here is an explanation of the Book of Mormon in a poem:
The Book of Mormon holds an ancient story,
Of truths and parables so grand and so lofty,
It tells of prophets, prepared in God's glory,
Of eternal blessings made ready, sosoffy.
It testifies of Jesus Christ, the divine,
It proves that he's the one our souls need,
And in the power and spirit of his holy shrine,
It's an answer to all our prayers indeed.
It teaches of our agency and choices made,
To act in accord with truth and divinity,
To refuse the tempter's lure and be not afraid,
No matter the lies of society.
It council us to ponder and to search,
To seek true wisdom from the scriptures,
And when we do to our hearts we'll lurch,
The Book of Mormon's power no one can question.
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2023.04.02 07:20 LeutnantzurSeeFritz The Exploits of Irving Reese Part 13: A Shower for a stag and hen

(Sorry it took awhile for me to post this to Reddit. Power was knocked out and I had to wait until it came back on to post it here.)
(As here usual, you can find this story and the pervious parts here.)

The New Year rang in as Irving and Enterprise counted the days until their wedding in February.
Irving looked at the calendar and chuckled.
“Huh. It looks like our honeymoon will be on Valentine’s day.”
Enterprise blushed. She never realized the coincidence.
They knew that the wedding was going to be on February 10th.
In January, Oklahoma had her baby shower. Before the baby shower, Oklahoma told the rest of the shipgirls that she was having a boy.
The shipgirls gave her things such as clothes for the baby. Akagi gave her a crib.
After a while, Oklahoma was tired of all the shipgirls trying to feel her belly. Her baby tried to kick as if to tell them to stop, but this only encouraged them to do it more.
Malcolm could sense his wife’s frustration. He leaned in and whispered into her ear.
“Don’t worry, I’ll take care of it.”
After that, every time a person would try to feel Oklahoma’s belly, Malcolm would give them a death glare that would put the kibosh on that idea.
After the baby shower was over, Oklahoma embraced her husband.
“Thanks, honey.”
She knew she could count on him to protect her and their unborn son.
Soon, February dawned. Irving knew that his and Enterprise’s wedding was right around the corner. He decided on the plan for his bachelor party.
Malcolm couldn’t go, as even though he was his best man, he was busy helping Oklahoma in the late stages of her pregnancy. Denis could go, as he was not that busy. Fritz would go, as he had nothing better to do. Samuel and Warren could go as well.
Irving smiled as he thought about how wild his party could get.
Meanwhile, Enterprise was planning her bachelorette party. She knew Oklahoma couldn’t go for the obvious reason of being eight months pregnant.
She invited New Jersey, Bismarck, Arizona, and Kronshtadt. She knew that the Northern Parliament had a bar that served the best drinks on the base.
Soon, the soon-to-be weds were at their respective parties.
Irving and his group were at the same bar where they had Malcolm’s bachelor party.
“A shame Malcolm couldn’t go.”
Samuel turned to face Irving.
“Eh, He’s gonna be a father soon. What did you expect?”
Irving noted Denis did not drink that much. He was in no state to drive, but he only had a few shots of vodka.
“I cannot process alcohol well”
Irving laughed and nodded. The rest of the group was equally drunk. Samuel was trying to play pool, but he could barely keep his shot straight.
Fritz was dancing on a table, his arms flailing around like a scarecrow in a wind tunnel.
Warren was already vomiting into a toilet in the restroom.
Irving noticed the bartender was looking at him with an angry look. He knew unless he did something; they were going to get kicked out.
Irving grabbed his phone and picked a random contact.
It turned out that the random contact was Heinz.
Heinz picked up the phone. He was in his black boxers. Bismarck had already left to join Enterprise for her bachelorette party.
“Ah, Heinz, my man. Listen, I need a ride back home. Do me a solid and pick me up, m’kay?”
Heinz’s face went blank. It surprised him Irving had his number. It was likely that either Fritz or Bismarck gave it to him at some point.
Heinz hung up his phone. He knew that Irving and his group were most likely at the bar at the Eagle Union part of the base.
Meanwhile, in the Northern Parliament part of the base. Enterprise and her group were busy getting drunk and partying something fierce.
Kronshtadt and Bismarck were busy tearing it up the karaoke machine. Apparently “Bismarck” by Sabaton was on it, and Bismarck did not want to waste an opportunity like that.
New Jersey was already asleep. Arizona was on her phone.
Enterprise tugged on Arizona’s sleeve. She was drunk and could barely speak a few words without slurring them.
“Hey, can you call Oklahoma to pick us up?”
Arizona sighed and texted Oklahoma.
Oklahoma awoke to a phone vibrating. She unlocked it and saw it was a text from Arizona.
“Hey, can you pick us up? We are at the bar in the Northern Parliament part of the base.”
Oklahoma sat up and sighed, which alerted her husband.
Malcolm sat behind her and placed his arms around her belly.
She turned her head and kissed her husband.
“What’s wrong?”
Oklahoma chuckled and felt Malcolm’s hands around her large middle.
“Oh, other than having to pee almost every fifteen minutes, my boobs leaking more than a broken pipe. Louis treating my insides like a soccer ball, my back aching like a geriatric, and now I got to be the drunk wrangler, I’m doing just fine.”
Malcolm froze and raised his eyebrows.
"What if you go into labor while you are driving? What if something happens and you crash?
Oklahoma kissed her husband again as she felt Louis kick inside of her.
“Mal, relax. I’m going to be okay. You treat me like I’m a dainty daylily. Like my water will break as if I so much as sneeze too hard.”
Malcolm calmed down. Ever since Oklahoma had entered the last trimester of her pregnancy, he had been more protective of her.
Oklahoma got up to put on a purple t-shirt with a white unicorn on it and some black leggings. Malcolm followed behind her.
Oklahoma turned around to face her concerned husband.
“Relax, if something happens I’ll call you or the Commander.”
Malcolm and Oklahoma embraced and kissed. Oklahoma made a slight moan. She placed a hand on her belly.
“Relax, it’s just him kicking me a bit too hard. Vestal, Bismarck, and Tirpitz told me I would feel it around this stage.”
Oklahoma grabbed her phone and got into her car. She drove to the Northern Parliament side of the base.
Heinz’s car stopped right in front of the bar in the Eagle Union part of the base. He saw Irving and the others make their way to his car.
Once they arrived, they noticed a very pressing issue.
There were not enough seats for all of them.
Warren piped up.
“I’m going in the trunk.”
Before Heinz could protest, Warren had already placed himself in the trunk and closed the door.
With Warren in the trunk, that left enough seats for the men.
Irving got into the back of the car with Samuel and Fritz. Denis got into the front with Heinz.
They drove to the Ironblood part of the base. They could get Irving’s clothes for the wedding tomorrow.
What mattered now was getting the men to a safe spot to sober up.
And Heinz knew just the place.
Meanwhile, Oklahoma was driving to the bar in the Northern Parliament part of the base. She had to stop to pee at least two times while she was driving.
Oklahoma put one hand on her belly and rubbed it. She knew she had woken up Louis, as he was kicking in anger.
Oklahoma made her way to the bar. She parked the car and waddled to the entrance.
She had to go to the restroom first. Once she finished, she walked to the group.
“I’m here to be the drunk wrangler.”
It surprised the group that it was Oklahoma who picked them up. Arizona stared at her with concern.
“Oklahoma, why are you here? You-”
Oklahoma cut her off. She stared Arizona in the eye, her eyebrows down.
“I don’t want to hear it. Malcolm already gave me the same spiel before I left.”
Soon, the group was inside Oklahoma’s car. Oklahoma decided she would drop off Kronsthadt first, as she was the closest.
Oklahoma parked the car next to the dorm. Yaroslav and Nikolay were ready, and they picked up Kronshtadt.
“Thanks for the lift, Okie.”
Nikolay and Yaroslav carried her to her dorm.
Next up was Bismarck. Prinz Eugen was at the door of the dorms and helped her into the building.
Prinz Eugen nodded at Oklahoma, and soon she drove to the Eagle Union part of the base to drop off New Jersey, Arizona, and Enterprise.
Oklahoma decided she would let New Jersey, Arizona, and Enterprise crash at her place, as she did not want them to be alone.
Enterprise woke up.
“I’m sorry you had to pick us up, Okie. I didn’t want you to be the drunk wrangler as you have so much going on in your life.”
Oklahoma shook her head.
“Enterprise, it’s okay. I already told Malcolm this. It’s not like my water will break if I sneeze too hard. I’m more durable than you think.”
Enterprise calmed down. She knew Oklahoma was a tough cookie.
Heinz pulled up to the parking lot of the Ironblood dorms. He grabbed the group of men and unlocked his trunk to let Warren out.
Warren came out of the trunk and joined the group. They all walked to the elevator and took it to Heinz and Bismarck’s room.
When Heinz opened the door, he saw Bismarck on the couch with a bucket near her. Helga and Joachim were looking at their mother, curious about what was wrong with her.
“What's wrong with Mutti, Vadi?”
Heinz knew he could not explain a hangover to a young girl that well, so he tried to explain it in terms she could understand.
“Mutti is sick, but don’t worry, you won't get sick as well.”
Irving and the other men quickly made it to Heinz’s kitchen. They grabbed any large bowls they could.
Soon, they all vomited. Heinz, Helga, and Joachim all watched this horrible event unfold.
Heinz expected Helga and Joachim to cover their eyes. Instead, they watched as if it was a magnificent spectacle. Joachim looked at his father.
“Did they have some of Mama’s horrible casserole?”
Heinz laughed and shook his head. He knew Joachim was referring to the night when Bismarck made a casserole. It was bad. Everyone was throwing up in the morning, including Fritz and his family, who came for dinner that night.
“No, this isn’t from a casserole.”
Joachim nodded. The casserole was a good thing in his opinion. He got a day off from school for it.
Meanwhile, on the Eagle Union side of the base, Malcolm was holding up a hungover Enterprise. Arizona was carrying a passed-out New Jersey to Oklahoma and Malcolm’s room. Oklahoma was in the front, waddling her way to the room.
Once they reached the door, Oklahoma opened it. Arizona laid New Jersey on the bed in the guest bedroom. Arizona decided that the living room floor was a great place to lie down and sleep.
Oklahoma sat down on the couch. She was exhausted.
Enterprise laid down on the couch and asked a somewhat odd question.
“Can I put my head on your belly?”
Oklahoma nodded and pulled her shirt up to expose her belly. Her navel had popped out, becoming sensitive to the touch.
Enterprise put her head on Oklahoma’s belly like a pillow. She smiled.
“I can hear Lou’s heartbeat. I can even feel him move.”
Oklahoma blushed.
Enterprise asked another odd question.
“Hey, Okie, what’s it like being pregnant? Is it like being hungover?”
Oklahoma raised her eyebrows. She didn’t think about it.
“At first, yeah, it was like being hungover. Then Lou began growing, and I felt him kick. It was cute at first, but then it hurt as he got bigger.”
Oklahoma could see Louis’s kicks from the outside of her belly. She knew Louis would cry his way into the world soon.
Oklahoma placed a finger on her belly to play with Louis. She moved her finger to see if Louis would kick where the finger was. He would do so, making her giggle.
“The worst part is the feeling of having to pee every fifteen minutes, and the backaches.”
Oklahoma turned to face her husband and blushed. He blushed back.
“The odd part is feeling horny. Malcolm had to learn that the hard way.”
She continued to blush. She knew she was sharing the not so fun parts about being pregnant.
“Well, that and the leaking boobs. I swear they have a mind of their own.”
Enterprise blushed as Oklahoma was oddly open about the more suggestive parts of being pregnant.
Enterprise yawned and asked the ultimate question.
“Do you think I’ll make an amazing mother?”
Oklahoma and Malcolm looked at each other with cheerful looks on their faces. Oklahoma stroked Enterprise’s hair.
“I think you would make an amazing mother, Enty. And I also think Irving would make an amazing father.”
Enterprise yawned and nodded her head. She fell asleep.
Oklahoma pulled a blanket on Enterprise. She left her head exposed. Malcolm wrapped a blanket around Oklahoma.
“ Are you coming to bed with me?”
Oklahoma shook her head.
“I think Enterprise needs me out here. She’s gonna need all the help she’s gonna get tomorrow.”
Oklahoma felt Louis’s kicking stop. She knew he had finally fallen asleep. She turned her head to look at Enterprise, who was fast asleep with her head on her belly.
Oklahoma sighed.
She could oddly get used to this.
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2023.04.02 07:20 cmdkayla Has anyone tried opening a British Pound Wise Account?

Hey everyone! Had some concerns/clarifications about Wise. Please bear with me, medj mahina sa math and accounting. lol.
I get paid by my UK clients via Wise. So far what I've been doing is having them send from their Wise accounts directly to my local (PH) bank. It's been good and my clients are wonderful, but can't help and be conscious about whether they're paying me the exact amount AND shouldering the transfer fees (which they agreed to do). When Wise sends you (the receiver) payment confirmation, it only tells you how much you're receiving in PHP / the converted fee.
So it doesn't break down how much (in GBP) they transferred, how much the service charge was (it's a percentage of the amount you're transferring based on the kind of transfer - low cost, fast and easy, advanced), and how much they paid in total.
Now, admittedly, I only started paying attention to this when I got AU clients (company) who could only pay me via Western Union due to their policies. (No big deal, they shoulder the fees and always add like a dollar or two to the total they owe me to make up for the relatively high conversion fees lol) and Western Union breaks down all of that for you.
That said, I'm wanting to have that same detailedness with my UK Clients' payments. I was told the best option would be to create a British Pound Wise account. I just checked and I had began setting this up (before I realised I could just have them send to my bank directly and thought that was the better option). I'm just missing the verification part - transfer 21 GBP (1.4k PHP), IDs, etc.
So before I make that account, I just wanted to clarify:
Finally, does anyone here have a British Pound account? I keep seeing everyone with USD accounts. Would love to connect and get your thoughts!
Thank you!
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2023.04.02 07:19 Klutzy_Loan8400 Moved overseas to attend grad program that doesn't exist

International student. Moved to the UK to attend a graduate program. I chose this school because it had a lab, which is unique for my field of study. I was also impressed by the professors who taught in the program and chose this school based on these professors and being able to work with them.
It has been hell and I deeply regret moving here and the many tens of thousands of dollars wasted. The lab does not exist- no projects, no one running it, the person who ran it left the school over the summer of 2022 (I started in Sept 2022). Another major professor in the program left in the summer of 2022 as well. We were never told about this; I only found out after I moved here. The two remaining major people advertised as teaching the program were on research leave in the fall semester, meaning that no one with expertise in this very specialized program was involved in teaching us.
The add/drop period in the UK is very fast paced- we were only allowed to change our program after the first week of classes. Of course in the very beginning I was trying to be positive and saw the red flags as maybe just cultural differences. However, with time it's become very clear how nonexistent this program is, and unfortunately it was a sunk-cost fallacy.
No one seems to know what they're doing or why we're here. There's only two other people in my cohort-two of us are international students, meaning that this school got double the tuition money out of us than a domestic student. I personally believe this is why the program went forward for the 2022-2023 academic year, though in my estimation this never should have been allowed to happen and they should have told us the program just can't go forward this year. It feels like fraud.
It's honestly been a nightmare and I worry about how this will affect my PhD applications. Really not sure what to do anymore, except get a lawyer.
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2023.04.02 07:17 Righteous_Fury224 Sympathy for a Succubus - Meridiana’s Story. Part 6

Ahh, dear reader, hello there! So lovely to see you once more... well figuratively speaking that is… or is it?
After all, I am exceedingly well versed in The Arts. Maybe I am watching you at this very moment, with Clairvoyance or perhaps a Scrying Spell or maybe an enchanted object like the good old fashioned Crystal Ball? The Magus has one you know…
Just teasing… or am I? …teeheehee…
Anyway, this latest instalment comes to you courtesy via a Voice to Text application my Magus recently acquired for me, as he said listening to me speak aloud while typing is too distracting for him. I find that interesting considering his immense mental discipline yet understandable at the same time. After all, extoling ones inner monolog to an uncaring audience would be tedious to experience. Hmm… I’ve just thought of a new torture for the souls of the dammed, specifically for writers who think they are better than everyone around them. How ingenious of me!
In any case, I would prefer to distract him in other ways, mark you.
I also must say what wonderfully inventive creatures you humans are! An application of mathematical code, the base language of reality. It is very much like a spell in its function and nature I would say, that it allows my phone, yes the Magus got me one, to record all I say and transcribes it into neatly typed words on its electronic pages. It’s like having a monk-scribe in your pocket! Unquestionably wonderful!
So as I relax in my fabulously hot, luxurious scented, oiled bubble bath, I can easily regale you with further tales of the adventures I have had thus far on this wonderous blue and brown spherical rock that is third in line from our star. And I do not have to type with two fingers either, which is a massive bonus let me tell you!
If memory serves… ahh yes, we had just returned to the car where I saw a sign of my Magus’s humour on display in the form of his licence plate.
I do have to admit dear reader, I was indeed highly amused. He knows he’s going to hell, he just insists that it be on his terms! I love it! Such confidence, such audacious willpower.
That is exceedingly… stimulating for Succubi.
Ok dammit, it makes me tremendously horny, and I’m not talking about the ones on my head either you know! We are incredibly lusty beings, us Succubi, after all.
I was already in a highly ‘excited’ state when we got to the car, so much so that I had to use my Cell Adjustment Psionic discipline to tremendously dull down my inflamed senses as I did not wish to leave the tell-tale mark of my inflamed passion on the lower back portion of my new dress and also not on the car-seat when I sat back down in the vehicle.
After a few moments, which caused the Magus to glance up at me with a slightly puzzled expression, of standing outside the car (he had no idea nor cared… hmmph!) I opened the door and folded myself back inside the vehicle and resumed my seat. I later learned that I could have mostly avoided this… embarrassment… by actually wearing what you call absorbent lined underwear! I wasn’t wearing panties at the time as I was totally unaware of their existence. I do so now as its much more comfortable in lots of ways and in addition, stops the shiver when an errant chill wind blows unexpectedly up your gusset!
Moving on…
Getting into the car, the Magus paused until I had done up my seatbelt before starting the engine, waiting for another car to pass us by before safely pulling out and sedately driving off. I later learned that we could have gone screaming down the road in a cloud of burning rubber if the Magus was of a mind to. I would have if given the opportunity! Something to look forward to dear reader.
Instead, we drifted slowly through the placidly moving traffic as I watched the sun descend below the horizon of the ocean. I had only been back here on Earth for a few hours but every second was total bliss. I do not think that most of you humans realize how good you have it here. Even those who do not reside in the more developed and advanced nations, being on Earth is special.
There are infinity more worse places you can be, let me assure you of that.
We drove back mostly the way had travelled to this particular beach. This time though it was much later in the day, heading in the opposite direction, I became aware of many more things that had escaped my attention earlier on.
We passed by denser zones and clusters of buildings where I could see various shops, food outlets, restaurants and varying vendors, all brightly lit up now as the daylight was fading. I saw incredibly tall metal poles with blazing, glowing lights illuminating the surrounds with a warm yellowy orange glow making it still easy to see. Electric lighting will never cease to amaze me. Yes dear reader, I can experience a sense of wonder and joy at simple things, even beyond the act of slaughter and soul draining. Would it astonish you that I like flowers? Such strange lifeforms that had developed aromas they use as a method of propagation. Delightful.
Anyway… we shortly crested the hill that we had previous ascended westwards earlier on the way to the beach and I then saw it!
I was awestruck once again.
Towering edifices, glittering, shining buildings monstrously higher than Hagia Sophia was, the most immense human made structure in the world when I was last in it. These glistening towers of glass, metal and stone made that church look like a feeble children’s toy. I could see over a dozen of these buildings of varying size, clustered together in less than a square mile.
The Magus glanced to his left and saw me gaping at them.
“They’re called Sky Scrapers Meridiana. They’re generally office buildings, places of business where people daily work in their wage-slave jobs then go home at night. The buildings are left vacant but light up at night as you can clearly see.”
I turned and gawped at him.
“They’re empty at night?”
I could not comprehend why such space, that had amazing views, would be left empty of an evening?
“Yep. Well most of them are. There will be some that still have people in them, conducting various types of business overnight because its what they do for a living.”
“What do they do?” I asked in a murmur as I turned back to see the vista be obscured by a large set of commercial and residential buildings that we were currently passing.
The Magus shrugged.
“They’ll be doing all sorts of things, financial trading, working back late to do their jobs… various affairs of commerce and such. It’s not that important really Meridiana. I’ll take you into the city another day when we have time for you to be a tourist. Now, if I may, I want to know more about your Telekinesis. I got an idea of how much you can lift, probably over 1400 kilograms at least if my guess as to how much a warhorse in armour with a rider would weigh… maybe more? Probably more but we’ll test that later. Anyway, it’s your fine control skills I’m interested in.”
I turned back to the Magus who was looking ahead, driving us through the busy traffic that had become a factor. I later learned that it was a time of day called ‘rush hour’.
“I am capable of very delicate manipulation with my Telekinesis, especially in regards to the erotic arts,” I said to him with a husky, low, salacious purr.
“That’s cute but I really want to know if you could snatch out of the air and control a very small, fast moving bouncing ball, say the size of your thumbnail?” he asked in an offhand manner as he slowed down due to the traffic which was banking up in front of us.
I inwardly sighed once more. Such a challenge he was!
“Yes I can but why?”
He briefly turned to me and broadly grinned before returning his attention to driving.
“There’s a game that we will ‘play’ after dinner. It is called Roulette. The game features a spinning wheel with thirty seven little slots. Into the spinning wheel a little white ball is spun in and circles around, eventually slowing and bouncing into once of the numbered slots. The slots are alternately coloured red or black and all are numbered from 00 to 36. You can bet where the ball will land, either in red or black and specifically in a numbered slot. If the ball lands in a slot you bet on, you get a payout of thirty seven to one. Ever dollar you bet wins you 37 back. You can also just bet on which colour the ball will land in giving you your money back plus it’s value as a reward. Bet $100, you get your $100 back plus another $100.”
“Dollar... that’s money right?” I said as the implications slowly dawned on me. You could make a fortune from this!
“Yes Meridiana. Dollars are what we use as currency these days. Gold is still used but not in the way you were used to. It’s still valuable as are other precious metals but that’s going to take a long explanation which is a distraction for now. So, do you think you could perhaps catch the bouncing ball with your power, directing it into the number we bet on?”
I thought about it for a few moments.
“I will have to see how the ball moves but I think I could, yes.”
“Excellent. You stand to make us a lot of money tonight. There are other games like card games, slot machines which I’m uncertain that your powers would be able to mess with. Roulette is our hunting ground. We must be careful though.”
I was surprised by his tone of caution. We were power incarnate! What could possibly touch us?
“Casinos hate losing money. Roulette is going to be the hardest one they can prove that we’re cheating on if you use your Telekinesis. We will be closely watched the entire time we are in the casino. There are devices called cameras, similar to Crystal Balls, that observe everything they see, relaying the images back to people in other rooms whose task it is to spot potential cheaters in the casino. They also have people walking the floor, disguised as ordinary folk, always watching everyone else. And I want to avoid the eyes of any infernal beings who may be in the casino.”
“Ahh… I see… a healthy paranoia then, for them and us hmm?”
He nodded once, emphatically.
If you have a fortune, you need to protect it, especially from people like me. His caution in regards to our identity was also most prudent and he was correct that there was a possibility that there may be others of my ilk lurking in the shadows, walking in human form as we often do.
I have to confess dear reader, that I am a master thief as well as an expert assassin, in addition to being an accomplished warrior although I rarely fight in hand to hand combat, preferring seduction, subterfuge and skulduggery as my main methods of killing. Yet still, I can fight and kill extremely proficiently with many weapons, being skilled at one of the highest levels of melee combat, the use of weapons and ways of fighting with them. I’ve been around a while you know? You pick up on things like that if you wish to live as long as I have.
Besides… stabby, stabby, stabby, bash, slash and smite can be loads of fun when you’re doing the stabbing and bashing with a well-balanced blade or mace in your hands. But I digress…
“You have it Meridiana. Yes the casinos’ management are extremely paranoid. We will have to alter our appearance as well before we enter the casino. I shall use a minor low level spell while you can take a new face. We will do so after dinner.”
I nodded then a thought came to me. I asked,
“You said we were going to something called a buffet? I know what the word means as my abilities allow me to understand any spoken language, much like the enchantment known as Tongues. Yet I’m finding it hard to match the word with the concept.”
The Magus raised an eyebrow in interest at this revelation.
“Oh right. Just because you know a word doesn’t mean you automatically understanding it conceptually and in context either. Good to know. Well, a buffet is an enormous array of various foods, hot and cold, sweet to savoury, where you merely help yourself and consume as much as you wish. You pay for the privilege of course.”
“Truly? How much will this cost you?” I inquired wide eyed.
I noticed that we had moved through the traffic and had turned down a descending road and were now going into a massive concrete tunnel along with hundreds of other cars, all slowly moving in the same direction. It was quite honestly astounding that everyone was not smashing into one another. All the drivers were…well mostly were, attentive to their immediate surrounds and situation as we gradually merged our car into the main lane of traffic which was making its way under the earth via the huge yawning tunnel ahead.
Such staggering feats of engineering and construction which would have made the Emperor Justinian weep copious, bitter tears of pure envy. Oh how I wished I could make him see this and realise his idiotic boast was pointless when he finished Hagia Sophia. He bragged that he had surpassed Solomon himself with his church. He had but it wasn’t worth it. Justinian nearly bankrupted the Eastern Roman Empire, all for a useless church and his own vanity.
Still, I shouldn’t care, his hubris ended up sending him to hell anyway so... yay! His actions also exacerbated the effects of the famine and plague that swept the through the empire and western Europe in the year 535 with his stupid desire to re-unify the Roman empire under his rule. You will be pleased to know dear reader, that he is burning in eternal torment for his multitude of sins so it is all good. My thoughts of deceased, vainglorious emperors and their fate were interrupted as the Magus spoke again,
“Hmm? … it should set us back about $80 each I’d should say? A small price to pay in all honesty when you see what is on offer. Drinks will be on top of that price, unless you just have plain water but tonight Meridiana, I shall introduce you to Champagne, one of humanities greatest achievements.”
This was enticing to hear!
“If you say so Magus. I completely believe you as you will not be lying to me,” I said, nodding and trying to think about Champagne.
So many new concepts were entering my mind, it was hard to keep my mind and thoughts in order. I understood that Champagne was a special type of wine, one which had a fizz embodied within it, making it highly regarded but that’s all I could deduce for now.
Also… I had a thought: the Magus could and would never lie to me. The feeling I had earlier, in being able to trust everything he said to me because of the oath he gave to me, was an unfettering sensation.
All my existence I have dealt with bare faced lairs, deceivers, misshapers of the truth who twisted words to suit their own selfish ends. With the Magus, all I had to be concerned with was his agenda, which actually had my interests aligned with his own. Truly remarkable.
I needed that champagne now!
We emerged from the tunnel, traveling with the traffic over wide dark river, again on another immense concrete bridge this time. There was a gigantic colosseum off to our right, all lit up with multiple coloured lights that ran around the circumference of the structure. It was like as though it was enveloped in a rainbow. Frankly, it was amazing to behold.
Beyond that, I could see many more large towers and structures, lining the sides of the vast road we were hurtling along now. The Magus had increased our speed as traffic had thinned out. Never in my life had I moved so fast, well unless I was using a Haste spell to briefly increase my physical speed, which I use in combat if necessary.
I barely had the sense we were travelling in the car at roughly 80kph. Such an odd experience to have for the first time. There was no rushing of wind, no press of air on my face, just comfort and air-conditioning. Marvellous!
After a few minutes later I saw our destination.
Again I was nearly stupefied by the gigantic structure. Multiple massive buildings, all surrounded by lush green, well-manicured and maintained gardens made my jaw go slack with disbelief.
“That’s Crown Casino, Towers and hotel Meridiana. I can see you are impressed. Let me just say that if you think this is amazing, wait until we go to Las Vegas…” he said as he turned the car into the driveway of the complex.
“There’s even more impressive structures than this?”
My mind boggled dear reader. It was almost too much to take in.
“Yep. My city is a small one compared to others around the globe. We will travel to them, in due course. I know you can use your powers of Dimensional Walking, moving through other planes of reality and appearing on a different part of the planet. However, there will be times when we will need to travel together conventionally. Perhaps one day, if I learn the right spells, we will be able to avoid having to fly in an aeroplane and by-pass the utter tediousness of baggage check-ins, airport security and so on…” he muttered darkly.
“HUMANS CAN FLY!?!” I said in a loud strangled astonished voice.
The Magus chuckled with genuine amusement.
“Think back Meridiana. I said humanity has been to the moon and back. I said we can travel safely and comfortably in a machine, called an aircraft, across the planet. Some ‘planes are huge while others are not much bigger than the car. Oh, that reminds me, we will have to construct an identity for you. We will begin that process tomorrow. You are going to need a passport soon enough,” he said as he found a relatively unoccupied parking area west of the massive structures.
He saw my puzzled expression and mistook it for wondering why we had parked here.
“It’s free to park here and there are hardly any security cameras in the vicinity.”
I nodded dumbly.
“But of course Magus…”
He saw my expression as he switched off the engine. A tiny look of… sympathy appeared on his face. He spoke to me in a soft, calm, soothing tone,
“Take a breath Meridiana. Close your eyes and focus upon the stillness within the vehicle. You are safe here with me. Nothing will harm us. Just breathe and relax, let each breath calm you. With every breath you are at peace within yourself and the world around you.”
I did as he said and instantly sensed my whirling mind begin to centre itself, become still.
I may be an ancient and powerful demon dear reader, however I have been imprisoned for nigh on a thousand years and now have been released into a world that I was unable to recognise at all.
The Magus later told me I was suffering from a psychological malady called Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Yes dear reader, even us demons can get mentally fucked up. I mean, compared to the average human, we’re all demented, tormented psychopaths which explains a lot about ourselves but still… even a psychopath can suffer from mental trauma. Demons can go insane.
I breathed rhythmically, each exhaling breath calming me. With one final exhalation, I opened my eyes, turned to my Magus and softly smiled at him.
“Thank you,” was all I said. I meant it.
He nodded briefly, his intensely burning eyes boring into mine, deeply searching, looking for signs of any madness that may still be lingering within. Well, there’s always the hunger for sex and mayhem, but that’s natural for me.
“Come on, you look fine now, let’s go,” he said as he got out of the car.
I followed his example, releasing my seat belt and stepping out of the car. Closing the car door behind me, walked over to the Magus then I threaded my right arm around his left as we walked off like a normal couple, casually strolling through the car park towards the casino and hotel.
I could hear the noise of all the adjacent traffic all still travelling busily along the massive road that went past the enormous complex. There was the calls of various birds I’d never heard before, the waft of scented flowering plants and the heavy aroma of moisture in the air from the nearby river. I closed my eyes for a second just to let it all wash over me as I sedately walked along with my Magus.
Soon we came to the entrance. Huge dark glass doors magically opened for us upon our arrival. To my right I could see various coloured signage, advertising the types of ‘fast food’ eateries that people could choose to dine at. They were all brightly lit and mostly clean.
It was at that moment I saw my first wretch.
A dishevelled, unkempt, shabby man sat listless outside the fast food eateries upon the low stone wall that contained a small, well-kept garden. He looked up at us as we approached, his eyes full of misery and despair.
“Got any spare change?”
“Sorry mate, no one carries cash anymore,” lied my Magus to him with a conciliatory voice, a sad but brief compassionate smile appeared briefly on his face.
The wretched man’s face became even more resigned. He nodded back in understanding, returning his fallen face back to morosely contemplating the ground at his feet.
We kept walking, leaving the broken man behind us.
I was about to congratulate the Magus in his treatment of the beggar when I had to stop as I was confronted by an incredible sight.
Before us, in the huge well-lit lobby of the building, was a huge pair of MOVING METAL STAIRCASES!
One staircase ascended while another came down from the landing some 50 feet above us. On either side were normal, marble clad stairs that some people were using. Yet many other people were on the moving metal stairs, all just taking the experience of being raised or lowered completely for granted.
“It’s just an escalator Meridiana. A simple machine that makes life a little more comfortable. Take it, go for a ride. I’m taking the stairs as I need the incidental exercise,” he said to me as he pried my clutching hands from his arm. I had been unconsciously gripping him tightly in my amazement at seeing such a machine.
The Magus walked off to the left, climbing the steps briskly while I gingerly walked forwards, watching the metal stairs endless appear and ascend upwards. The hand rail also moved in synchronicity with the metal stairs. I observed as a pair of young women, chatting intently to each other, walked past me and up to stand upon a metal stair which was part of dozens of metal stairs it seemed. I saw them be lifted by the moving stairs, rising above and away from me.
Summoning my courage, I stepped forwards onto a moving stair, wobbled slightly as I was not used to the speed which it moved, making me grab the moving banister tightly to steady myself as I rode my way upwards. I let out a small laugh as it was such a novel experience. The young women in front of me turned around at my laugh, raising their eyebrows at me as well as actually truly seeing me for the first time. Their smiles faded as I grinned back at them.
The young women could see my infinitely superior beauty on full display. They looked hesitant, now uncertain of themselves as they mistakenly believed themselves to be beautiful. They were, passible, not ugly but not worthy of a harem to be perfectly honest. I later learned dear reader that many foolish young women, especially in what you call the western world, regard themselves as queens, rating themselves ten out of ten on a scale of dazzling good looks. These sad women are delusional. I mean, if they were that beautiful, why weren’t their faces on the covers of the glossy magazines I see in various ‘supermarket’ check outs? No matter, vanity and hubris are all ways to damnation and misery. So many people sending themselves to eternal torment simply because they were raised by idiotic parents who never properly taught their children the need for humility. It’s all win-win for the pits you know…
My Magus met me at the top of the stairs, holding out his hand to me and then leading me through the vast interior of the complex.
“That’s the casino,” he indicated to our right.
Looking, I could see dozens of people making their way inside into the brightly lit and noisy interior of the casino. I caught the whiff of desperation, despair, avarice, lust, elation and a strong aroma of human urine. I wrinkled my nose in disgust. Yes, even I have some standards dear reader.
“Magus, why does it reek of piss?” I asked as we strolled by and proceeded into the most immense, glass covered atrium I have ever seen.
“Oh, you can smell that?” He looked intrigued.
I nodded with a mild look of disgust.
“Hah… interesting. Well… some gamblers get stuck on a poker machine. They sit there for hours, desperately hoping that the machine they are playing on will pay out. The poor fools stupidly believe that if they play at the machine long enough, they’ll win big. So they stay seated, ignoring the need to relieve their bodily urges, to the extent that they prefer to piss themselves rather than abandon the machine that is draining away their money. The poor fools are incapable of understanding that the machine is designed to rarely pay out. Every time they play, it has a simple algorithm that calculates the chance of a payout. Most machines will payout a small amount of money occasionally, thus keeping the gambler hooked in the mistaken belief that the big one is just around the corner. It rarely, if ever, is.”
I stopped, stunned at what I just heard. The Magus stopped and looked at me with a raised eyebrow.
“That’s… diabolically genius!” I stuttered as I considered the fiendish brilliance of the whole concept.
Someone had made hell on earth not only possible but also could make a fortune from it as well as breaking people’s souls and spirits in the process! The concept of dangling hope in front of a damned soul, then snatching it away was one of the oldest known tortures of hell. This was a magnificent, a culmination of the perfection of thousands upon thousands of years of the torture, all neatly packaged in a fairly simple machine designed to beggar it’s user and turn them into slaves to it. Gobsmacking was the only word I could think off that fully encapsulated the way I felt at that moment.
“Yes it is, isn’t it? I have always suspected that those machines were most likely invented by a demon. It makes perfect sense,” he said as he shrugged, then tilted his head, indicating we should proceed onwards.
I noddled dumbly as again, I had been totally overwhelmed by the latest piece of information the Magus informed of. I barely registered the hundreds of people all wandering around the massive lobby of the hotel atrium. Many were dressed finely while others, mostly men, were dressed casually. My Magus was one of them, still wearing his novelty T-shirt and hemp pants. They were clean though and his shoes, a brand known as Babuuk, made him look somehow better dressed then the other men who were similarly attired. Maybe it was just his subtle aurora of power, his sheer confidence and his towering Will that made him stand out from the mouth breathers all around us? I guess it was.
We arrived at the entrance of the restaurant and the Magus was greeted was a short Asian woman, dressed neatly in the hotels livery.
I started to realise that there were people of so many different races of humanity all around us. I had come from a time where only what was left of the Eastern Roman Empire was this diverse, and even then it was but a shadow of the heyday of the full glory that was Rome. Here were people from almost all the lands of earth, all happily co-mingling, getting on with having dinner with family and friends. Very surprising indeed.
The Asian woman at the reception counter spoke to us with a friendly smile,
“Good evening sir, madam. A table for two for you then?” she asked politely, her voice tinged with a broad accent I had not heard before. She spoke English yet I could tell that wasn’t her first language.
“Yes please,” politely replied the Magus.
This was something I did not expect. Despite his and my obvious power, he was respectful and even kind to the servants. All of them. He didn’t condescend nor sneer down at the servants of the hotel. It is still something I have difficulty reconciling. I said nothing, just observed. Oh, he has since instructed me not to call them servants, they are members of staff and will be treated with respect until they show they do not deserve it, then they are fair game. I can live with that.
“Table seventy one is ready for you both, have a lovely evening.”
She actually meant it! I could see it in her eyes, she was truly enjoying her task. She was smiling and joking with her fellow staff members, politely greeting the next people behind us with her cheerful friendly demeanour.
In my prior experiences, servants and slaves were a miserable lot but then again, that was understandable. They had no choice as to their circumstances. They had to obey lest they suffer harsh punishment.
As we proceeded into the large dining room, with over a hundred tables of varying sizes, I could see off to my left where the food was.
I stopped again and stared dear reader.
I have been to banquets with Emperors and Kings, Popes and Princes, all sumptuous feasts but nothing was like what I saw before me. Dozens upon dozens of people had plates in their hands, all calmly wandering around the incredible cornucopia of varieties of food that were on display, all brightly lit up for them to simply help themselves to as much as their plate could hold.
Roasted meats, all neatly carved by expert chefs, freshly shucked oysters all seated in enormous silver ice-filled serving bowls, trays upon trays of cooked vegetables of kinds I had never seen before and… a dazzling array of sweet desserts and treats that made me almost go weak at the knees at the very sight of them.
“Come on Meridiana, you’re starting to drool,” whispered the Magus gently into my ear as he dabbed my wet lips with a soft piece of paper that he withdrew from his pants pockets.
Once again I nodded dumbly as I allowed him to escort me to our table. He even seated me, pushing me and my chair in one I had sat down. After he had taken his seat, a young man, quite a handsome one from the Indus I believed?... came over to us, again dressed in the livery of the hotel.
“Good evening, sir, madam. Would you care for something to drink?” he inquired ever so politely.
“And good evening to you sir. Yes indeed, may we please have a bottle of Verve Clicquot, two glasses and a bottle of San Pellegrino sparkling water?” he asked with a real smile to the servant… no member of staff.
“Of course sir, I shall get that for you immediately,” replied the waiter with a pleased smile at being spoken to so politely.
“Thank you,” said the Magus then he turned to me and asked,
“Do you need a moment Meridiana? I understand this might trigger you again…”
I shook my head.
“No. It is overwhelming… but in a good way Magus. I have to ask, how can a place like this provide so many people with so much food? Even in the height of the Empire, there were magnificent feasts to be sure but… you say this happens everyday, that this is just a Tuesday and not a busy night?”
He nodded.
“This is the age of abundance Meridiana. Many of us, who live in what is known as The West, have dwelt in an age of such wealth and richness that almost all here never think on their incredible luck and privilege to live in such times. They do not know that it will come to an end. Maybe that is a small mercy. All golden ages end as you well know. So I say, let them dwell in ignorant bliss for now. We can enjoy it while it lasts.”
“Huh? Why do you believe that your golden age will end Magus?”
“It’s a long explanation and one I do not wish to go into detail here and now Meridiana but later, I will share my thoughts with you on this. Ahh, here comes our champagne.”
The waiter and another staff member had returned, with one carrying two bottles while the other had a metal bucket partially filled with ice. The waiter from the Indus placed both bottles on our table, displayed the label to the Magus who briefly nodded. Then, the waiter removed the cork from the bottle with an adroit twist of his writ. It made a pleasing pop and I could see a little haze of cold… smoke? lightly emanate from the neck of the bottle. He poured the brightly bubbling and fizzing wine into both our glasses, carefully making sure the foam did not overflow them. He was very good at his task.
“Thank you good sir,” said my Magus to the waiter who beamed back at him with a happy smile. He placed the bottle into the bucket of ice and withdrew, leaving us alone, amidst the crowed dinning room.
The Magus took up his glass, holding it in front of him. I mirrored him.
“Here’s to a good dinner with interesting company and later, ripping the shit out of a casino Meridiana.” He pushed his glass gently forwards, lightly clinking it against mine. I wasn’t familiar at the time with that form of salute and toast but went with it anyway, after all… when in Rome as they used to say.
“That sounds… delightful Magus. I am eager for it all.”
I then took a sip of my champagne and was transported into a realm of heavenly bliss.
It was exquisite.
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2023.04.02 07:11 wakeupci4ra hey guys can someone help me with my English creative writing (sorry its long) i don't know how to end it.

Walk with pride
‘ding ding ding’ goes the bell, signifying the end of first period. I walk through the crowded halls, head held high smiling at everyone who glances at me. School isn’t for everyone, but im different. I love school. I love going to class, working hard, and socializing with the strange mixes of people surrounding me. But most importantly I love seeing this one girl, Isla. I don’t think she even knows I exist. Every day I admire her beautiful blonde hair that lit up every room that was lucky enough to have her in it. Her eyes as blue as the ocean on a hot summer’s day. But when you really look into her eyes, they told of a lifetime of struggle that had never been put into words. This intrigued me. I had to find out more about her, but how?
As the day continues I keep an eye out for Isla. She is nowhere to be seen. “sir can I please use the bathroom?” I say to my biology teacher. He nods in reply. I walk to the toilet, as I get closer I can hear a distant cry. I wonder what’s going on? As I get closer I realise its coming from the bathroom. I stand at the door for a minute and prepare myself. I wonder who it is? I wonder what to say? I wonder what to do? I build up the confidence and walk in. The crying stops. “hello, anyone in here” I say. No reply. How strange I think to myself. “I hope your ok” I (add word that means say nicely).
“im ok” someone replys, I can hear them sniffle. The cubicle door creaks as someone opens it. To my surprise its isla. Butterflies instantly fill my stomach. Ive never felt like this before. I don’t know what to say or what to do. Weve never been this close together. “you just gonna sit there and stare” Isla snaps at me. Im paralised with nerves.
“no” I say shakily “what happened?”
“its nothing” isla replies as she pulls out a baggie from her pocked. She places one on her tounge
“you got any water”
“nah I don’t sorry”
Isla walks to the tap and takes a sip. “ I forgot to as, do you want one?’
“nah, that’s not really my thing” I reply.
“that’s cute, you’re a chicken” Isla replies laughing at me
My facial expression drops. She notices and says “theyre really not that bad. Are you sure you don’t want one?”
Everyone says don’t give into peer pressure. Ive never felt the need to do drugs before. But something inside of me is screaming at me to say yes. “I think ill be ok, what are they?” I say curiously,
“there some xans, they calm you down” she replies.
“I gotta go to class, bye” I say as I walk towards the door.
“bye tayla”
Im gobsmacked the biggest grin appears on my face, she knows my name
I place my headphones on and press play on my music. Change by Deftones starts playing. I basically skipped through the hallways back to my classroom. I cant believe she knows my name. I immediately open my laptop and start searching what are the effects of xans? What do xans do to you? What are the side effects of xans? All of this information is filling my brain like bees flying to a hive. Part of me couldn’t believe that I was actually considering doing drugs and the other half wants change. Of course it would only be once, and its for the experience. Ding ding ding.
The bell goes and I start packing up my stuff. “you look like your in a good mood today” says a voice behind me. I turn around its ethan one of my classmates.
“yeah, im always in a good mood” I chuckle, I continue to pack up my stuff and leave for lunch. I strut through the crowded hallway, head held high and a smile gleaming from my face. I was on a mission. A mission to find Isla. I walk around the school headphones on blast. Where would she be? I think to myself. I march towards the bathroom. The door creaks open.
“whats up tayla!”
“hey isla”
“did you come back for a xan?” she says scarcastically.
“yeah I did actually” I reply
“yeah ill try it once, just for the experience”.
Isla passes me a pill. I place it in my mouth. It is sour. I walk to the tap, grab some water and swallowed the pill. “did you want to skip the rest of the day with me” says isla
“ive never skipped school before” I reply, I feel so small and innocent when im with her.
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2023.04.02 07:10 fridgefoodTA AITA for emptying the fridge?

Normally I work from home however I had to fly for a business meeting. I decided to make a trip of it and went on a mini vacation also so I was gone for the week. My flight home was scheduled for 8pm but it ended up being several hours delayed so I actually arrived at the airport for 11pm. Finding an Uber was a hassle so I actually got home around just after midnight. I was starving and my wife Emma hadn't restocked our fridge. Because I was out of town, she went to stay with her parents for that time (they live a few hours away) and was due to get home that morning.
All in all, I finished the yoghurts, fried up some bacon with the last egg and called it a day. All we had at that point was freezer food and cereal and other ingredients that have to be cooked into a recipe. I meant to wake up earlier but I was so tired from the flight that I slept into the afternoon and I could hear Emma rooting through the cupboards for something for lunch.
She asked me why I had basically emptied the fridge and I told her I was sorry and I'd go to supermarket to do the grocery shopping. She called me selfish and asked how I'd like it if she left me with nothing convenient to eat after she'd been making the multiple hour journey home. I pointed out that I only had 2 yogurts and the bacon and egg but she said I could have just eaten the yoghurts and that I didn't need to cook a full breakfast before going to bed. I pointed it was barely a breakfast because I didn't make any toast (we have no butter) in a lighthearted joking manner but she was not receptive to my attempt to lighten the mood.
She went to order lunch in and is now giving me the cold shoulder, even after I went grocery shopping. Was I an asshole for this? It's not like the fridge was full and I ate everything. I was still hungry after I'd eaten.
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7 easy to follow chapters that take you from inexperienced beginner to expert with YouTube Automation. Each chapter can be viewed in video and PDF format, so whether you prefer to watch or read, we have both.

List of 100+ Niches – How To Pick A Niche

To make sure you choose the absolute best niche or make sure that you have already chosen a good niche, we give you a list of over 100 different niches AND profitable example channels in many of those niches than you can clone for yourself.

Setting Up Your Channel The Right Way For Success

A lot of people only talk about optimizing videos for success, but a common pitfall many have without even knowing is failing to implement certain elements when you are setting your channel up!

Video Optimization and Algorithm Ranking Hacks

I will show you the algorithm Hack I stumbled upon that completely changed my YouTube channels. I will show you how to quickly generate viral videos, and how to optimize your videos to get recommended by the YouTube algorithm!

Top Secret Viral Video Keyword Process – Go Viral FAST

YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world. Don’t miss out on all those extra views!

Fill in the Blank Hiring Templates

We created these templates for you to remove all the friction we possibly could so you can focus on getting the business running as quickly as possible. All you have to do is fill in the blanks!

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