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2010.03.20 18:16 NickLee808 Gunpla

Gunpla (ガンプラ) - Gundam and other Mecha Plastic Models

2017.06.21 09:33 Frame Arms & FA Girls

The definitive subreddit for all things Frame Arms, Frame Arms Girl and Gigantic Arms. A Plastic Model Kit line by Kotobukiya.

2013.07.05 15:29 Tomaero89 Wish you were here, if you have wanderlust you've come to the right place!

Come here to help satisfy your Wanderlust....or make it stronger!

2023.06.09 16:44 Strange_Cat_3305 Guilty Pleasure Reads

So, last night I was up until almost 3:00 AM reading smut. I had actually read chapter 1 of the book weeks ago and wasn't sure if I'd like it, so I didn't make a point to return to the book with any urgency. But then I was rearranging the widgets on my iPad Mini—which is what I use as an ereader even though it's probably terrible for my eyes, because I can have access to Apple Books, Kindle, and Nook all on the same book-sized device—and in doing so, I saw that I was still technically reading this book on Apple Books and decided to give it a second chance.
So I start reading, and realized that it is actually not quite as terrible as I remembered. I think because I don't read erotica often, if that's how this book can be labeled, it is always a major adjustment to get into the sexy talk. I end up rolling my eyes A LOT and otherwise feeling totally creeped out by the MMC's "sexy" behavior, which is why I stopped reading the book after the first chapter. I just don't think I was in the right frame of mind for it at first. I feel like I really have to suspend my belief when reading these books and try to appreciate them within the context of the story. Sometimes it is still too much for me (hello, Grey), but sometimes the author gets it just right. And I guess my brain felt differently about it last night considering I did not seem capable of putting the book down for hours and hours. On the one hand, I love that, because it reminds me of when I was a pre-teen and teen, and turning on my lamp after my parents went to bed so I could read waaayyy past my bedtime without fear of them waking up and finding me still awake. But on the other hand, I feel conflicted that it's the smutty book that kept me awake last night, and not, say, my paperback copy of The Girls by Emma Cline, which I'm also enjoying so far (though in a very different way).
I'm really liking The Girls, but I can spook pretty easily, so I think part of me is worried that the Manson-esque storyline will keep me awake afraid of cult murderers breaking down my door, as I am primarily a bedtime reader, which is just a very different thing than being kept awake by a sexy book. I might have to make The Girls a weekend read, so that I will have time to read it during the day, like in the morning, and then read the sexy book at night to take my mind off of Petaluma, CA and it's dizzying array of serial killers.
I've debated the whole time I've been writing this post whether or not I would name the sexy book, and I guess I will. It is Bared to You by Sylvia Day. OKAYBYE.
Actually, PS: What are your guilty pleasure reads? Do you actually think of anything you read as a "guilty" pleasure? I admit that enjoying this book has made me feel weird, because I know some people would totally shit on me for it, but at the same time we like what we like. I try not to be a book-shamer, writing as someone who used to be a little judgy and snobbish in her early-mid 20s (post-college) about what other people read. I was an English major and I definitely graduated with this heightened sense of importance and believing that literary works were the end-all, be-all. It's like what Roxane Gay said in a tweet or something once, and I paraphrase -- not all literary books are good books, a lot of them are bad, and there is a lot of genre fiction out there that is actually good. Now, I don't know what her thoughts would be on Bared to You (she may totally hate it and I couldn't even blame her), but the essence of that takeaway has stayed with me over the years. So I'm trying not to actually feel guilty about reading this, though I have yet to add it to my Currently Reading shelf on Goodreads. That is another debate I'm having with myself. To shelve it or not to shelve it?
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2023.06.09 16:43 AutoModerator [Genkicourses.site] ✔️ Adam Enfroy – Blog Growth Engine Mastermind ✔️ Full Course Download

[Genkicourses.site] ✔️ Adam Enfroy – Blog Growth Engine Mastermind ✔️ Full Course Download
Get the course here: [Genkicourses.site] ✔️ Adam Enfroy – Blog Growth Engine Mastermind ✔️ Full Course Download

Courses proof (screenshots for example, or 1 free sample video from the course) are available upon demand, simply Contact us here
What You Get:
Module 1
Niche selection and the brand of you
In module 1, you’re going to find the unique brand of you. We’ll also introduce you to the authority flywheel, which is a framework to scale your online authority and influence in any niche. Module 2
In module 2, we cover the mindset needed to start a blogging business, including dealing with imposter syndrome, fighting the devil on your shoulder, and how to forge ahead fearlessly with your online business. Module 3
Blogging Like a Startup
In the third module, we cover blogging like a startup principles. This includes lessons from The Lean Startup, going over the startup mentality, and then we’ll introduce you to the concepts of pivoting and the idea of feedback loops, showing you that a blogging business runs on data. Module 4
Decoding Search Intent
This module includes how search engines work, the power of capturing Google traffic, and how to deconstruct searches and the competition to begin to understand exactly what you’re going to write. Module 5
Your Minimum Viable Website
Here’s where we start building your website. This is an exact, step by step series of videos showing you exactly how to set up your blog, including the hosting, the theme to pick, the exact plugins you need, how to tweak every setting – basically every little detail to get your website launched. Module 6
Keyword Monetization
This module includes how to do keyword research step by step, exactly what to look for to find monetizable keywords, and you’ll uncover the first keywords that you’ll start targeting. We’ll also cover the keyword research matrix. By the end of this module, you’ll have a new instinct to quickly and instantly spot keyword opportunities in the real world. Module 7
Blog Content Creation
Here, I show you the content assembly line method and how to assemble (not write) posts. You’ll also get the exact templates to start your posts from – how-to posts, affiliate list posts, reviews, comparisons – you’ll have the perfect framework for it all. Module 8
The Link Building Machine
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Affiliate Marketing and Blog Monetization
Here, we’re going to cover your blog monetization timeline, how to plan your early affiliate content and start making affiliate revenue. Then we’re gonna get into advanced affiliate tactics taught nowhere else – how to get accepted into more programs, how to negotiate higher commission rates, how to play brands off against each other, how to rank brands in a list post, and a lot more. Module 10
Scaling and Outsourcing Your Blog
In this module, we go over how to scale and outsource your blog and how to maximize the use of your time to make the most progress (and money) in the shortest time frame possible. This includes your full scaling team, how to scale with or without a budget, and the main things to focus on daily when running your blogging business.
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2023.06.09 16:43 needitnowirlster7410 Asking = vulnerability?

okay, next question…i have so many. i’m not a native of the OCPD planet with all its rules, regulations, boundary violations, perfectionism, loyalty, etc.
So i’m gonna be posting questions over the next few weeks. Please give me as answers as possible so i can find a clue to unravel the mysterious puzzle box that is loved by an OCPD person.
It seems to me that my non-diagnosed OCPD spouse has such a difficult time asking for stuff. Especially in a polite way.
Instead, they will frame it like i’m at fault for not doing something. and be slightly irritate if i show any confusion or hesitation.
instead of “could you” or “will you” … it’s always Are you gonna do this….said with a slight undertone of why do i even have to ask.
it’s not like i have a list of undone things, it’s more like — you should have known and already done this for me. like i broke some rule by not doing something and now i’m in trouble.
i really don’t get it. especially since i ask for what i want as nicely as possible and many times my requests are very low priority especially if they conflict with an established rule or habit.
please help me understand what is going on…?
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2023.06.09 16:41 EnvironmentalGrand32 H: Van/Ap trapper LL W: Offers

H: Van/Ap trapper LL W: Offers submitted by EnvironmentalGrand32 to Market76 [link] [comments]

2023.06.09 16:40 MrTech99 Can someone please look over my Pc config to check if I missed anything

As the title suggests I would greatly appreciate if someone could please look over my build to check if it has any problems. PCPartPicker link at the bottom. CPU: AMD Ryzen 9 7950X GPU: SAPPHIRE NITRO+ AMD Radeon™ RX 7900 XTX Vapor-X 24GB RAM: G.Skill DIMM 64 GB DDR5-5200 2x 32GB (EXPO version) Motherboard: GIGABYTE X670E AORUS MASTER Fans: Noctua A15 HS-PWM black 140 mm; 3 front, 1 back CPU Cooler: Noctua NH-D15 black Thermal Paste: I was planning on using the Thermal Grizzly Conductonaut Extreme but since I keep having bad luck recently I am now too scared and will probably use the Noctua NT-H2 Power supply: be quiet! STRAIGHT POWER 11 Platinum 1000W Storage: Whatever 4TB M.2 SSD from a reputable brand I can find for boot. And some more storage depending on what else I can find. Case: Fractal Design Meshify 2 XL I am considering using Linux once support for Windows 10 ends but that isn't the reason I chose AMD. Is it likely that Linux will run well on this system? As far as I know I should just avoid NVIDIA for good compatibility. Also I have an IFixIt kit so I almost definitely have all the tools I need.
[PCPartPicker Part List](https://pcpartpicker.com/list/2L7Mqm)
submitted by MrTech99 to buildapc [link] [comments]

2023.06.09 16:40 KabooshWasTaken Improving Counter-Strike.

This is the type of self-important post that typically turns into an overlong video essay, but I thought it'd be better to consolidate my thoughts somewhat and post it here to see how Reddit's sharpest minds assess my takes. I started playing CS:GO again after a long break; seeing how it wanes in quality of life features made me think about this and seeing how they changed the buy menu spurred me to write it up. For reference, the buy menu change was pretty much exactly what I would've hoped for: I think it's fantastic.
Because people will bring it up, I have gotten good enough at CS:GO to be better than 90% of people (on Reddit, probably 99% IRL) and good enough to know I wasn't good at all. Then I played a lot of Valorant, and got similarly good there. Some of my suggestions will resemble aspects of Valorant. I ask you to disagree with them on their merits, not because they may resemble Valorant.
I will organize them on levels of disagreeability. There are things I find to be objective, then there are things that I think should be objective. I will start with the former.
  1. Server browser. This will be changed in CS2, but yeah, it sucks. Everyone knows it sucks. Moving on.
  2. Demos are buggy. I'm pretty sure this will be changed in CS2 as well, as the demo vieweserver browser are archaic in similar ways.
  3. Radar is a mess. If you look at radar in Valorant, it looks like they actually thought about its importance -- radar in CS:GO feels haphazard, like an afterthought of design, and it makes the game even harder on new players (I will come back to this a lot). It is not a good sign that throughout the game's lifespan there have been very popular mods directed toward decluttering the radar (BananaGaming radaSimple RadaGolden Radar), and it's worse that every esports organizer has now rejected the default radars. They are a mess, especially on Nuke and Vertigo, and adopting Blast/ESL/whoever's minimaps would improve the playing experience.
  4. CZ-75. Just give it $300 kill reward, what the fuck. The pocket AK is a distant memory at this point and honestly it probably needs more than buffed kill reward, but $100 is blatantly stupid.
  5. Remakes. I was shocked that, in my time away from the game, Valve did something about people leaving (giving you a timeout and eliminating the heinous bot system) without allowing you the ability to remake. I would call it one of the most universally beloved options in League and Valorant: even if it's frustrating to waste time, playing a 4v5 is a larger waste of time. If someone leaves on pistol round, skip the timeout and give people a remake vote. It's been figured out in other games. On this note, adjust the three round period before giving bonus money for the shorter games.
  6. Allow people to give feedback on team damage. For the love of god. This has been requested forever, and the only reason it hasn't been added is (I assume) because it has relatively niche application. But after someone is teamkilled, allow them to tell the game whether the teamkill was intentional. It is possible -- unlikely, but possible -- to rack up three accidental teamkills and be kicked, and it shouldn't be. The technology is there.
  7. Incorporate the workshop essentials. I don't know if Valve would have to pay ulletical or what, but having Recoil MasteCrosshair GeneratoAim Botz as part of the base game would be a massive boon. While I'm actually a massive fan of the community back-and-forth that stems from the workshop/pro-modding framework, I think ideally the endgoal for these mods is incorporation. Having these maps as part of the vanilla game would make it much easier on new players.
Now I will move onto changes that I think should be objective, yet ones that I anticipate will generate controversy. If anyone even reads this shit, lol.
  1. Visibility sucks. It does! It's been an issue forever and I remember Inferno being changed for its sake. I would have understood some trepidation over giving players outlines before, but now that agent skins are here to stay, then it's really fucking time to offer enemy and ally outlines. I don't care that it's "lowering the skill ceiling," frankly I can't believe there wasn't more outcry for this during the new Cache/agent skin visibility controversy. It's absolutely braindead that you can die because someone has purchased and equipped the best CT agent for playing Ancient: there is really no justification for this in a competitive game. I don't even care if general visibility is being improved in CS2: I think player outlines are a feature of practicality. Also, if you disagree with me, you hate the colorblind.
  2. Visibility sucks, again. This is much less disagreeable (I think), but it's on the topic of visibility so I attached it here: the fact that you need the 'right' graphics settings to see through molotovs and, correct me if I'm wrong, but these differ from the right graphics settings to see through HE grenades, is absurd. But I'm pretty sure this will be changed.
  3. Buy phase. Time to eliminate RNG and allow people to roam around CT/T spawn during a buy phase that lasts some extra time. Like Valorant barriers, but confined to the spawn area. It may not be a perfect solution, as I worry this will slow down games a bit, but random spawns really need to go. The fact that RNG has such apparent, frustrating significance is not good. If barriers + extended buy time is too slow, then limit the RNG by reducing the polarity of spawns: have them relatively grouped up, and make each person carry the same spawn throughout a half. At least that way you don't have to guess past pistol round.
  4. Zeus. The Zeus is underrated, in that people don't take it seriously when it actually does serve a purpose, but please give it a $200 kill reward and let it pay for itself. It's not like we're seeing a glut of usage right now.
  5. Map rotations. CS:GO has really fumbled here, as I envy the timeline that had a more proactive Valve less afraid to force maps down people's throats. They didn't even have to be fully gung-ho about it; just putting Canals into Active Duty would have done so much... alas, this is something that has to be rectified now. My ideal is a StarCraft-esque system where there are Valve-sponsored community mapmaking competitions. As these maps get judged, the cream of the crop get added to the game, and Valve is a little more snappy with adding and removing maps from Active Duty. I think they're taking the right steps, but further encouraging community mapmaking would be the best way to reduce staleness while flexing on Riot, who have shunned it.
  6. Droppable kits. If utility is droppable, let's take the natural next step while also buffing CT economy/retakes a little. Someone better than me/with team experience can tell me if this sounds off, but right now it seems like saving is still too prevalent and CT economy is still too undertuned, and being able to drop kits is hardly a drastic change.
  7. More proactive community moderation. This will never happen, I understand, but the current state leaves a lot to be desired. While Valve may be responsive over email, what new player is going to be aware of [email protected]? And what would it matter, since their trust factor is going to be shit anyway and so Valve will leave them to the lions? I will go further and say that Valve's de facto policy of "if someone is harassing you, just mute and move on" is currently inadequate, for better or worse. Personally I have little issue just blocking someone who's harassing me... but then again, I get harassed very little (very good trust factor + standard male American accented voice), and I imagine that process is far more exhausting if harassment is frequent. Again, for new players, you need to ensure their first steps are relatively pleasant and that if something goes awry a solution can be promised. If a woman starts playing CS:GO and immediately gets harassed in their first game, or if a black guy starts playing CS:GO and immediately sees a racist steam name/steam PFP, you can't in good faith promise them that their reports will go anywhere. That sucks. Obviously it'd be great if everyone had kevlar-thick skin, but if you want new people to get into CS:GO, you can't carry that expectation.
As for some asides, the M249 doesn't need adjustment. Balancing a LMG for a tacshooter is hell and I'm perfectly content to leave it as a BM gun. The SMGs are a mess, but the issue is that there are too many and that they in turn feel redundant: there is no universe where any SMG is eliminated, just for the sake of skins.
My largest omission is matchmaking, which is itself a million separate issues manifesting together, but commenting on it feels like beating a dead horse. Yes, trust factor is an atrocity. Yes, 64/128 tick division is a joke. Yes, having to pay a third party for a remotely competitive experience is stupid.
Anyhow, be mean to me in the comments, I'll gladly fight if I disagree. Be warned though, "I'm not reading all that shit" is lazy.
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2023.06.09 16:39 SHOW_ME_YOUR_KlTTlES Looking for touchup paint recommendations for Diamond Black Crystal Pearl - Paint code PXJ

I'm probably going to buy this stuff from Scratcheshappen.ca, unless someone has a better suggestion.

I also see the Duplicolor kit, but not sure if it's any good.

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2023.06.09 16:38 Kaffienated_31 Biomesight test in Canada

I’m in Canada, received the biomesight kit with a US return mailer but a UK customs forms. Any other Canadians here? Should I ask the shipping company for a US customs form when I mail it?
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2023.06.09 16:38 Nodicwallartcanvas How to Decorate a Large Wall Art in The Living Room

How to Decorate a Large Wall Art in The Living Room
Decorating a large wall art in the living room can be both exciting and challenging. It presents an opportunity to create a stunning focal point that sets the tone for the entire space. One option is to use oversized artwork or a large tapestry that commands attention. This can be a striking painting, a scenic photograph, or a vibrant abstract piece. Another idea is to create a wall of mirrors in different shapes and sizes.
For those who prefer a minimalist approach, consider a single, large-scale statement piece that captures the essence of your style. This could be a metal wall sculpture, a carved wooden panel, or even a decorative textile. Don’t forget the power of greenery. Install floating shelves or wall-mounted planters to bring nature indoors and add a touch of freshness to the space.
We’ve found great images to illustrate these ideas. Take a look and see if something sparks your interior imagination.

Decorating Your Large Living Room Wall

If you’re fortunate enough to have a living room that’s larger than 15′ x 20′, then chances are you’ve got at least one big wall. But what should you do with a large living room wall? We’ve brought together a whole bunch of ideas for you to consider as you plan your wall decor.

A Giant Painting

One thing about a large wall is it gives you the ability to showcase one fantastic painting. Whatever your style, whether it be abstract or representational, a large wall is almost like a blank canvas for the perfect large-scale art.
You may even choose to hang a large-scale painting that perfectly goes with all of the color tones you’ve selected for your interior. In this case, a large abstract in shades of sage and white is the perfect complement to this natural-toned room’s decor.
A giant painting serves as an awe-inspiring centerpiece for any living room. Its grand scale captivates the attention and adds a dramatic focal point to the space. Whether it’s an abstract masterpiece, a breathtaking landscape, or a vibrant contemporary piece, a giant painting injects personality and artistic flair into your living room. It commands attention and sparks conversation, creating a visually stunning atmosphere.

A Collection Of Plants

If you love indoor plants, why not hang a series of floating shelves on your wall and fill them with gorgeous succulents or tropical plants. Match your planters to your furniture decor for a truly cohesive look.
A set of floating shelves, like this one, bought in multiples will enable the perfect plant arrangement for the large living room wall.
Don’t limit vertical gardens to outdoors. This super cool vertically grown grass hangs in frames above the living room sofa.

An Eclectic Collection

An eclectic collection in your living room is an opportunity to showcase your unique style and personality. Curate a mix of art, decor, and personal mementos that speak to your interests and experiences. From vintage finds to modern accents, an eclectic collection adds visual interest and tells a story. Combine different textures, colors, and patterns to create a dynamic and vibrant display.

One way to showcase your style is to hang an assortment of items you love. Here two prints and a shelf arrangement with plants show off the homeowner’s natural vibe.
This urban space combines the use of bold graphics, and useful items turned art. Like the bicycle hanging in front of a large propped painting.

Mirrors On A Large Living Room Wall

Mirrors are a gorgeous way to reflect the room around you. This decadent, luxurious living room in sultry greys, silvers, and black utilizes a large-scale mirror above the mantel as decor. Matching trim on the wall repeats the mirror’s pattern as a design element. This creates comfort in such a large room.
This room, with its extraordinarily high vaulted ceiling, uses a sizeable black-framed mirror above the fireplace to draw the eye up while reflecting the nature outdoors. The mirror is a natural choice for this space.
Additionally, mirrors can visually expand the dimensions of a room, making it appear larger than it actually is. By selecting mirrors in different shapes and sizes, you can create a visually interesting arrangement that adds depth and dimension to the living room. Mirrors on a large living room wall are a stylish and practical choice that enhances the aesthetics and functionality of the space.

Get A Giant-Sized Television

If you love watching the game or your favorite movies on a larger-than-life screen, why not use your living room wall? This beautiful space fills an entire wall for entertainment. Large loft windows take up the adjacent wall.

Getting a giant-sized television is an exhilarating way to elevate your living room entertainment experience. With advancements in technology, larger televisions offer immersive visuals and a cinematic feel. Enjoy your favorite movies, TV shows, and sports events with exceptional clarity and vibrant colors. The expansive display creates a focal point, transforming your living room into a home theater. Gather friends and family for an unforgettable viewing experience. With a giant-sized television, you can bring the excitement of the big screen right into your living room, making it the ultimate entertainment hub.

Tree Branches As Wall Decor

Another super interesting idea utilizes the beauty of the tree branch as wall art. This piece is 80″ x 80,” which means it has the heft to command an entire wall.
Tree branches used as wall decor bring a touch of nature and rustic charm to any living space. These organic elements can be displayed as standalone pieces or creatively arranged to form unique wall installations. With their intricate patterns and natural textures, tree branches add visual interest and create a sense of connection with the outdoors.
They can be painted, adorned with fairy lights, or combined with other decorative items to create a personalized and whimsical display. Tree branches as wall decor offer an eco-friendly and budget-friendly option to infuse your living room with a natural and artistic vibe.
We hope these ideas have given you food for thought. Whether you want to buy something off the shelf, or cast about for something uniquely you, decorating a large wall is lucky. There are fun options. Decide on the style or vibe you want, then pick the right choice for that, and your budget. But most of all, have fun on the journey.
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2023.06.09 16:38 145gw Question about upgrades

I bid for an upgrade on my sailing (mid July) about two months ago. I never received any notification that I had been upgraded, but I saw an additional charge on my account this morning and logged on to NCL, and saw that I had been upgraded from an inside room to a balcony. I have an assigned cabin number. This is super exciting and I’m very happy. However, the pessimist in me says that since they haven’t sent me any official confirmation of this, they’ll change it again last minute and downgrade me or give me an ocean view instead. How likely is this?
Have any of you been upgraded and then had the upgraded room change again closer to the cruise date?
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2023.06.09 16:38 Twsread Hag Items?

Greetings Fellow dark ones.
My party are late to visit Bonegrinder (lvl7) opting for the 'it's clearly a terribly place to visit, why would we go there', for which I couldn't fault them.
My hags three I've redon slightly deciding that Morgantha has been trapped in Barovia as long as it's been cursed and is quite as keen to leave as the players are, if not more so.
They've made an agreement where by neither party will cause harm directly or indirectly to the other group and the hags will arm the party with lore of the area and its inhabitants in exchange for a temporary peace "until Strahd is dust" (hah)
We're between sessions and one of the last things that happened is they asked if the Hags had any useful items or equipment they could have.
So far I'm thinking Hag eye, potions? and a bracelet of teeth I saw online that allow you to detach a hand :)
TLDR: What weird ass kit / magic items might a coven of CURRENTLY friendly hags give the party.
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2023.06.09 16:38 101100110110101 Autism and S brake (Si PoLR); leading E (Fe program) and obsession

So, I interpret the following things all as S brake, or Si PoLR. Still, I somehow think I could write as much about my personal experience with F brake, or Se PoLR. Framing it in Socionics jargon, it feels like my cognition abandoned Sensation in general, inflating Intuition to the maximum and balancing it out with strong E-L (FeTi), neglecting P-R (TeFi).
Before you think that I think this was something cool, like Intuition from MBTI or even ""16p"", lol, I want to emphasize that what this primarily means is that I hate facts and sources with disgust; instead, I need to think up everything in my own images, thoughts, words, metaphors or analogies from the bottom. This may sound like special unicorn energy, but in reality it just is inefficient, hated in academia, and generally gets you nowhere (especially according to Gamma values, lol). Everything has to be my idea, truly living inside of me; otherwise it's worthless external bs I ignore as a whole. Researching for my bachelor's thesis soon will mean horror for me, as you might imagine now.
My life is one big concatenation of random special interests on which my obsessive tunnel-vision focuses. (Typology is one of them.) My parents told me this behavior was already present at an early age with all kinds of weird eruptions. Only now, for about the last 5 years, this paradigm shows its downsides.
Currently, one phase can take up to 5-6 weeks, in which I sleep around 4 hours per night, dreaming of nothing but the current thing, and doing nothing else whenever possible while awake. It comes close to mania. In such phases I dissolve in my interests, neglecting everything from hygiene, sleep, food and social contact. However, from the outside I may seem functional: I don't miss work and keep a collected appearance; but everything which has no immediate negative consequences gets reduced to the bare minimum.
When focusing on sensations in a lighthearted way, I realize my general sensitivity:
I (unconsciously) am continuously fleeing from sensation in life by keeping a mentally over-active, even draining state. I always had a very good focus, making it possible to point all of my attention on one thing for a long period of time. This makes me forget my body about 95% of my life. Problems arise in these remaining 5%, leaving me with all kinds of hypochondriac phenomena, weird body sensations, excessive fears of dying and generally an over-reaction to the smallest signal from inside.
I don't like going to the doctor because I fear I will become a person who will run there every other day due to some worries that all turned out to be nothing serious anyway. However, the last time I was there I had to go as I felt pressure on my chest still days after a severe panic attack (, that I did not recognize as a panic attack back then). My doctor asked me if I ever thought about autism and my mind immediately was like: You wot mate? Don't you realize my Fe is strong af?!
However, I see now that me being somewhere on the spectrum is at least likely, and I'm just very experienced at what psychology calls "masking". After telling my parents, they researched autism themselves and now they regret that they didn't knew about it and how it generally plays out back when I was younger. They are both sure I "have it", while I myself am not fully convinced.
Seeing how large parts of the community portrait E (or Fe) sometimes is irritating from my perspective. I'm not that much of a people person. I can be - all my life I half-consciously worked on a system what makes people tick; something I like to envision as a mental mosaic of the general person in which every shard represents a single experience of mine, all connecting to one picture - but it's very exhausting for me. People tend to like me while naturally I'm more edgy in the not so cool way. I'm sure this community wouldn't type me as EIE if you knew me in real life, but after learning so much about myself with the help of typological framing, I don't care anymore about the label. (As the seriousness of my flair[s] suggests.) <:-)
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2023.06.09 16:34 TheSmogmonsterZX Galactic Social Dynamic: Memoirs (GSD #100)

Galactic Social Dynamic: Memoirs (GSD #100)
After Emma's wedding and a few outliers of insanity there would be little that would shake the galaxy to its core for nearly a decade.
News reports would stream in about the war. The Alliance was winning, but all too easily. Alliance and the individual homeworld militaries were all convinced that the Scareek were laying a trap.
They were right, but it wouldn't show itself for some time and the loss of life would be catastrophic. The blow to humanity would drive them to a fevered madness. We would all get to see the beast that lurked under the skin. It was the same beast that lurks under all our skins, the one that prevents the Symphony from being heard.
But that is for another volume of tales and memories. These memoirs were made by gathering the bits and pieces of many points of view, as well as putting in my own. I'm not certain half will be allowed to be published, but these events occurred as did so many more. These were just the brightest times, before the Scareek showed their mettle and matched human ferocity. Before they took from every life in the galaxy. Before the Alliance stood up and drove them back to primordial waters where they now live, simple non-sapient lives.
They were the times that defined my life and though I am glad we mostly know peace, I fear what still waits out in the depths of space. The galaxy and hyperspace are still not completely explored and we have made a lot of noise.
Shoal looked at the last line. He shook his head, he was getting dramatic in his old age. He hopped off his writing stool and walked to his window. Cith lay before him, he was now the oldest leader of Ancin at almost four hundred years old, not that that meant anything, clans were now just families in all regards, just more formal than normal. He watched the children of his siblings as they watched their grandchildren.
He stretched and wandered back to his table and folded up the manuscript. So many pages, all written by hand. They had to be anything less would be an insult to the lives of his friends, to the lives of those the Scareek had taken and to his own innocence.
He laughed, he couldn't believe he thought he was worldly at a mere Seventy-five! How utterly foolish. Another laugh took him though as he saw the picture frame that Emma had given him the day after her wedding. The young woman Anna was in it with her father, he was certain their chapters would get eaten up by Alliance Intelligence or the publisher would think he was insane and refuse to print them. Either way he knew their existence was now penned down somewhere.
He then took the manuscript down several floors and to a large room that was ostensibly a large fabrication printer and scanner. Three hundred years on and no one had found better tech, they just made it work better and cheaper. He smirked and shook his head.
"Hello Dasha!" The happy voice of Driffi shouted as she picked up her father's cousin.
Shoal stared at the woman. Somehow losing nearly half the clan never destroyed her positive attitude. He loved that about her, but it was also an obstacle at the moment.
"Driffi, I need to send scans of this manuscript to some friends." Shoal sighed.
"Mr. Van and Hadley?" Driffi asked as she sat her clan leader down and immediately got to work setting up the central scanning pad.
"Add Rex and Ezekiel Dirge to that list." Shoal advised.
Driffi nodded. "I wonder if Mr. Dirge will join us for Cith-has this year."
"Unlikely, he can't stomach Civeet cuisine." Shoal laughed as he put the book on the scanner pad.
"Wow that's dense Dasha, you know we have an older model, could take a day to scan and send." Driffi sniffed the air.
Shoal nodded, then remembered something. "Oh! Send it to the Captain as well. It will want to read it all."
"Of course Dasha." Driffi smiled.
Shoal nodded and smiled, "I'm off to the garden."
"Give my love to my parents!" Driffi called out.
Shoal nodded and soon found himself in the clan garden, surrounded by statues of his ancestors, siblings and even his parents. He filled small dishes with water and left them at the bases of their statues.
He stayed for hours, meditating and focusing on the universe. The stars and their wondrous symphony were out of his reach, he had accepted that, but he could always try to recall that wondrous symphony.
He slowly became acutely aware of another presence. It was quiet and respectful, so he didn't respond until they made it clear they were here for a reason. An artificial clearing of the throat told him it was his old Captain.
"Hello, sir." Shoal smiled.
The Captain did not speak, but walked over to a statue of a non-civeet, the first one ever made in generations. Sekaz had made it in honor of the individual.
"They never have eyes." The Captain voiced his usual complaint. "Humans should always have their eyes depicted."
"I think Emma would be fine with it." Shoal said, not getting up from his sitting position.
"I was in the system. The Network got the manuscript first. We approve." The Captain said. "How will you continue?"
"I was hoping you would." Shoal grinned. "After all, you couldn't stay away from your precious Galactic Social Dynamic and you have the best understanding of what occurred during the retaliation." Shoal explained.
The Captain paused and looked at the kesta honoring Emma Brunte. The Captain nodded, she truly would have been happy to know she was remembered in a friend's family.
"For the truth of the matter?" The Captain asked, probing the civeets motives.
"To remember the fallen and live on for the living." Shoal smiled.
"The children out there are calling you 'Shifu'." The Captain said with a slightly robotic chuckle. "Why did you let them see such an ancient movie?"
Shoal snapped out of his meditation. "Because it is awesome!" He jumped to his feet.
The Captain's slightly robotic laugh echoed. "I will do this, old friend. We will till the Galaxy of all those that sacrificed and what was truly lost."
Shoal smiled. "Thank you. Did, uh, did we ever find out where Hadley went during their lost years?"
The Captain shook its head. "We all have our suspicions, but they remain unwilling or unable to speak of it."
Shoal nodded. Hadley had vanished at some point during the Scareek retaliation. It was devastating to Emma and their friends and then one day they were back and working as hard as ever, though their closest friend swore the Intelligence had become more paranoid.
"Eventually the truth comes into the open." Shoal nodded.
The Captain extended its hand and Shoal shook it. The two old friends took a few more minutes to honor the ancestors and allies of Clan Ancin.
////End Galactic Social Dynamic Volume 1////
Previous GSD!
Previous Zoo-nanigans
Volume 2 Awaits!
Zoo-nanigans will continue!
So a little over half way with the story I had the realization of how disorganized I was in writing it. All because I didn't expect it to take off and never made a physical outline. So I asked, why would this be like that in the world it takes place in.
Answer the memoirs of everyone's favorite civeet, mixed with other accounts he had gathered.
And volume 2 will mostly come from The Captain's point of view. Exploring the changes in its network and itself as an individual as well as its continuing awe and love of humanity.
So Volume 1 of Galactic Social Dynamic comes to a close, mostly. We still have some Zoo-nanigans to get through.
Peace and Love folks! I got a DND game to set up for!
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2023.06.09 16:34 LessWalrus2365 A little joke

A little joke submitted by LessWalrus2365 to DragonBallBreakers [link] [comments]

2023.06.09 16:34 MasterBlaster82D Contemplating the build…

Contemplating the build…
Thinking of chasing down a 105 bis like the European models for this period: 1980 to 82. The stem had 12 80 stamped on it. The frame serial starts with a 3, no letter. I’m anxious to see if the spindle has a date?
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2023.06.09 16:33 RoboKittee I finally got my infernal cape this week. We need more achievement content like this.

After many tries and a lot of frustration, I finally persevered and got my infernal cape. It is the best feeling I’ve ever gotten from this game.
That being said, I have heard that Jagex does not intend on making content similar in difficulty to the Inferno and TOB. However, I feel like these pieces of content provide longevity to an MMO due to providing an ultimate end goal that you are working towards through improving as a player and getting better gear by doing other stuff like COX, TOA, nex, etc.
I remember just starting out learning cox with clanmates and it was fun because I could feel myself getting better as well as obtaining the occasional unique, and thus upgrading my gear.
I understand the zuk helm exists, but I am referring to actual, new hard content as opposed to achievement tasks within pre-existing content.
I have had my reservations about the revamped CA points system, but ultimately, I feel that it encourages players to try content they felt was out of reach before. And thus, more players will feel this amazing feeling of achievement once they obtain their infernal cape, fang kit, etc.
Conclusion: Jagex - please reverse your stance on this topic and provide more endgame content that is similar in difficulty and nature to TOB and the Inferno.
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2023.06.09 16:33 AutoModerator [Genkicourses.site] ✔️Brett Kitchen & Ethan Kap – P2 Virtual Selling Accelerator ✔️ Full Course Download

[Genkicourses.site] ✔️Brett Kitchen & Ethan Kap – P2 Virtual Selling Accelerator ✔️ Full Course Download
Get the course here: [Genkicourses.site] ✔️Brett Kitchen & Ethan Kap – P2 Virtual Selling Accelerator ✔️ Full Course Download

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What You Get: MODULE 1: The Presuppositional Playbook Psychology The most fundamental difference in face to face, vs virtual selling is the absolute need to have the prospect be pushing for the sale. They must be the one driving for the solution. They have to want it more than you do. They have to be more engaged in the process than they are face to face. When you sell virtually the more you talk, the worse your close rates will be. When you are sitting with a prospect together, it’s easy to have the momentum of the meeting and the relationship you’ve developed together carry the sale to the finish line. This does not happen virtually. There is a distance, a void between you and the prospect that is easy for them to take your information and disappear, taking it to another advisor they know better. Presuppositional Selling does two important things. First, it structures the sales interaction in such a way that the prospect discovers intrisically the problems, pains, gains, and desire for a solution. One of the most powerful ways P2 selling works is helping the prospect see what they have not seen before. It changes context. It changes the frame. The Crucial 1st Appointment The first appointment in the leverage point that determines the success or failure of your entire sales process. Do a poor first appointment by talking too much, or ‘spilling your candy in the lobby’ and you’re doomed. Prospects won’t show up on the next call, and they will be lost and gone forever. There is an art and a science to doing the first appointment effectively and you’ll see exactly how to do it right. It starts with our 13 steps first appointment playbook. In this playbook you’ll get:
  • How to steamroll the first 6 common objections you may receive at the beginning of a first appointment.
  • How to create authority in the first 30 seconds of a first appointment, by doing the EXACT opposite of what your prospect expects…and what every other salesperson does.
  • The Credibility Transfer: How to use “borrowed credibility” to get your prospects to trust you—even if they don’t know who you are.
  • The PLI “Power Switch” Principle that flips the power dynamic, so YOU are perceived to have the power (and not the prospect).
  • The One Eyed Man principle that STOPS the prospect from treating you like a salesperson.
  • RAPID SUCCESS IN JUST 20 MINUTES: Learn how to do a first appointment in just 20 minutes over the phone, no technology needed.
  • The Decision Matrix: This is the most critical part of the entire sale…and it’s made right here. (Most producers hit only 1 out of the 4 keys to the decision matrix and it costs them sales constantly.)
  • STOP THE HATERS: How to ensure competitors, incumbents, and other ‘characters’ don’t blow up your sales with bad advice to your clients. (PLEASE, if you do nothing else, learn this critical component to stop losing deals needlessly!)
  • The “golden thread of motivation”: This is the thread that holds the entire sale together. When a prospect forgets why they called, why they are meeting with you, or why they are buying, you will fail in closing the sale.
  • The “Fried Chicken Rule”that ensures your prospect is engaged and selling themselves, not tuning out.
  • How to set ROCK SOLID second appointments to ensure you never get a ‘no show’ on your next appointment.
  • The SOLUTION step: How to ensure you are sharing just enough to whet their appetite and create burning curiosity for the next appointment to get them coming back for more, (while being 100% compliant!)
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2023.06.09 16:33 Duchock [CHAT] Vapes and cross stitch

In the near future, I might be cohabitating with someone who is a daily vape user. I know very little about vapes but have been told it's a Juul, and it has nicotine but isn't the complicated messy kind that has to be refilled with some kind of liquid (not sure what difference that makes). My apartment is relatively small, not great air circulation (window unit AC that i only run during the summer, otherwise windows remain closed) and most time would be spent in the room where I have my current project stored and finished projects hung on the wall.
I'm curious to know what are the effects are, if any, of finished cross stitch projects (most of which are hung on the wall without a glass frame) being exposed daily to vaping. Does anyone have experience with this? If anyone else knows how needlepoint (wool) would react as well, that is relevant.
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2023.06.09 16:32 insanelosteskimo Monoblock & Deck Drive Bundle

Monoblock & Deck Drive Bundle
Woooo got an email my Monoblock & Deck Drive Bundle - Complete SteamDeck Upgrade Kit is coming later this month.....no more sweaty hand while playing with the help of new heatsink and might get a 8tb ssd and 1tb or 1.5tb micro sd...the bundle is from poseidon 3 rings _^ paid mine back in April _^ emudeck next month when I have the funds to get the rest of the mods like the transparent purple shell while leaving the back black for the 2280 ssd _^ think the 1200p mod is too advance for me though
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2023.06.09 16:32 Bluejigsaw42 my cycle experience so far: there's no gate keeping here!!

Current applicant here! After going through my T20 university's premed advising and volunteer helpers at various training stages, I realized their advice was just way too generic and was not helpful in making me the competitive applicant I wanted to be. I finally went with an admissions consultant to put together my primary application and lemme tell you, IT WILL CHANGE YOUR GAME AND MENTALITY. Given the negative sentiment on this sub toward these services, I wanted to put an alternate perspective out there for those curious and who are lost/seeking help as I did.
The first thing I want to say is people def seek help/these kinds of services it's just that they tend to hide it/not speak about it. THERE IS NO GATEKEEPING HERE. I seriously wish someone just honestly told me earlier in the process how helpful it is to be coached and helped through this application process so I just wanted to share how my experience is/what I've realized as a current applicant!
  1. Time spent getting to know me, my goals, and reviewing my entire application resulted in a cohesive application package. My consultant spent the first couple sessions just getting to know me and my goals. We went over my entire application, including my school list, stats, LoRs, activities, etc before going through my personal statement. This allowed them to identify my "X" factor, which was something I did not even think to emphasize when I was planning it myself. They expertly created a narrative for me by telling a story through my activity descriptions and personal statement. We then strategized which other points we are going to use secondary essay prompts to get across. On the whole, because they got to know me, heard me talk, and read my writing, they preserved my voice throughout the application writing, but in a way that made it sound even better!! This last point was a major distinction from my volunteer reviewers, who all basically re-wrote my essay with their own writing styles which did not sound like my authentic self at all. When we submitted it I was extremely satisfied with the final product (check back in for results later this cycle!).
2. Their experience as a professional admissions counselor was evident relative to successful applicants on this sub with n=1 experience. I realized that most people volunteering their time, both online and in my university, are either fellow pre-meds or successful applicants with n=1 experience. It was clear from talking to my consultant that every case is different and a lot of common advice comes with exceptions. In addition, my consultant had a network of medical students and residents who kept him informed on their anecdotal results that he used to complement his own experience. To the point commonly made that "everything you need to know is on reddit and sdn," these sites are honestly tedious to navigate for those of us who don't spend excessive time on here. In other words, rather than reading 1000 posts to form a blurry picture of reliable information, I had certainty that I was talking to someone who knew their stuff and were credible.
3. My consultant went through this process recently and had incredible insight into how my writing would be interpreted by different types of readers. Related to point 1), my consultant explained to me how these applications are reviewed, including what types of people generally review them. This helped me to frame my writing in a way that was both understandable and sophisticated for a broad audience. Another point that came up is that a lot of the medical stories and terminology I used in my writing were incorrect, which is something I would not have known on my own. It seriously changes how you frame certain experiences after speaking with someone who is in the field.
5. Value. If you add up the cost of applying to med school & preparing for MCAT just one time, let alone doing either of those multiple times, as well as the associated opportunity cost of delaying training, paying a premium for maximizing your chances makes sense.
7. Would have started earlier if i'd known about it! I wish I had known about the services for underclassmen to help arrange ECs & build relationships and connections for future LoRs etc.
I totally understand that not everyone has the resources to afford this service and I'm not saying that this is the only way to have a successful cycle. But if you are able to afford it, I highly recommend it. The application process at the end of the day is really complex but the details and nuances that you include in your application really makes it stand out and gives you an edge. I could feel the difference in the strength of my application even after just submitting the primaries! If there's anyone else out there who is in the middle of your cycle or preparing to applying next year, and you're feeling lost, generic etc. please please give this a try, because so far it's been worth it for me and I'm tired of hearing people hiding and gatekeeping the professional help they've received.
My DMs are always open if you wanna chat/ask about anything in particular!!
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2023.06.09 16:31 Muahfuego Thinking about getting rid of my Sony a7iii for higher megapixels.

Which full frame sony cameras would you suggest? I’m mainly a portrait photographer looking to make the top tier quality portraits with the Sony brand. I’m really not trying to go to canon lol
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2023.06.09 16:30 sconels Flinching people

Controller player here, why does it feel like nobody gets flinched off me when I'm shooting them with guns that have high flinch? Snipers, handcannons rapid fires all seem to land perfect three taps on me despite me hitting them 4-5 times?
This happens whether I use crimson, or aggressive frame pulses or 120's with explosive payload. For the first year or 2 I'd put it down to a skill issue, but it's literally every gunfight this happens so I need to know what I'm doing wrong? I get headshots and everything - is there something I can do negate flinch more myself?
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