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wireless networking and security

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2021.06.20 00:59 spygadgetsforsale Spy Cameras

Did you find the best spy camera online? Post here to talk about the ultimate spy cameras for sale that anyone can buy. We use spy cameras to record secret conversations so we can get as much information as possible. If you want the best spy camera, you can research, write and discuss some of the best wifi wireless spy cameras, pen cams, hat cameras, eye glass wireframe spy glass, plenty of new ideas for making the best spy gadgets online.

2023.06.10 23:25 valeree2044 Pen Show etiquette towards nibmeisters

I only learned just today that there’s a pen show happening in my state only a couple hours drive away(Triangle Pen Show), and it’s happening right now- the last day is tomorrow!
I don’t have any pen shops in my city (to my knowledge), so I always figured that going to a pen show would be my best best if I ever wanted to try out more expensive pens or get one of my pens tuned.
Right now, I have a pen I’d really like a nibmeister to look at. My question is: Is it bad form to approach a nibmeister for tuning on the very last day of a show? Would I not be giving them enough time to work? I don’t want to commit a rude faux pas.
Also, this would be my very first pen show visit, so any other tips or no-nos would be greatly appreciated!
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2023.06.10 23:25 Mochinu_MMA What Ranked Distribution is Vs. What it should be (TL;DR)

What Ranked Distribution is Vs. What it should be (TL;DR)
I'm not a good player, which is why I'm posting this here. I would like to hear the opinion of more seasoned players. I've always found ranking interesting regardless of what game I've played.
Season 17
Season 11
I've noticed most ,if not all seasons, have groupings of players at a certain rank, which seems unhealthy/flawed. This is what it should look like instead:

More Detailed Info
SC2 Ranked History Distribution
Obviously, they can play around with the percentages, amount of ranks, and the number of top players they have for the highest rank.
The idea is that each rank has a set number of players that changes based on the number of people that play ranked. If a player from Silver moves to Gold then the lowest MMR player from Gold is demoted to Silver. You are only rewarded at the end of the season based on your rank at that time, which gives players an incentive to keep playing.
Additionally, there should be numerous divisions within each League, with each division being composed of up to 100 players. Each of these divisions should have a leaderboard that you can access in-game that shows players' names, their finish in the last five games, and their most played legend. I think it will make progression much more meaningful, fun, and competitive. It also gives the best players a lot of exposure.
You can also have separate leaderboards and progression for solo queuing with randoms, 2 stacks in trios, 3 stack in trios and the same with duos.
Of course you cannot just copy pasta the SC2 system in Apex, but it feels like a solid foundation to work from. I can write a lot more about this, but it's already too long for today's attention span. I am curious to hear your thoughts.
Stay safe my friends.
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2023.06.10 23:24 graay_ghost Can’t post to a sub using mobile (web or app)

This is partially a test. I’m trying to post something to a sub I’ve been a member of for a while but have not been able to. I’m on my phone and tried using both the web version (through iPhone safari) and the Reddit app. The post is quite long (like 14,000 characters) so I thought that might be it but reducing it to under 9,000 didn’t allow me to post either. I was originally posting on LTE but I tried posting on WiFi and it still won’t work. I don’t think the sub is out because it looks like new posts have been made in the last 15 minutes. What’s going on?
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2023.06.10 23:24 Alpha9302 What are the best countries to live in for someone with Multiple Sclerosis? Specifically for someone with a sensitivity to heat. I would really appreciate some advice.

I need some urgent advice. In 2020 I got diagnosed with MS which I believe is a result of complex trauma and chronic stress. I think I have overcome CPTSD thank god but now I wanna know how to deal with MS. I can’t deal with the summer in my country because of the heat. Today I went to the beach during a heat wave and I almost collapsed. It makes me feel lonely not being able to connect with others properly because of my MS symptoms during these hot summer days. I simply don’t have the energy then say more then hi and other basic lines. Earlier I decided that I want to move to another country but now I decided that I am specificity looking for a country that is a good place to live for someone with Multiple Sclerosis. Any tips?
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2023.06.10 23:24 Raekye 3.7 Abyss 36 star clear with Amber (12-3) and Collei (12-1)

Just happy with myself and wanted to share ^^ I've been playing for a while (2021) but I think I actually needed Amber (for 12-3) and Collei (for 12-1). It's also my first time getting 36 stars - though I don't normally run the abyss or team build seriously, so I don't claim to be doing things well.
I recorded those two floors which were the most challenging for me:
For 2.5 years of gameplay, getting 36 stars isn't particularly special - I buy the welkin every month and have been pretty lucky with banners too, But, it's not like I've been actively farming for artifacts (it's been a while since I was even caught up with the story) - I think if I could show all my characters it'd be obvious. My profile currently shows my 12-3 team.
Here are some more details in case others are in a similar spot.
12-1: I initially ran Nahida, Yae, Raiden, and Venti for the first half. I cleared it in ~1:15, but I couldn't get a combination of supports for Hu Tao to clear the second half in the remaining time. I tried moving Nahida, Yae, and Raiden to the second half, but I couldn't get a team to clear the first half in < 1:30. I tried (among other variations):
  • Venti, Ganyu, Ayaka, Mona
  • Venti, Yoimiya, Yelan, Beido
  • John Lee, Hu Tao, Xing Qiu, Sucrose.
Eventually, I tried moving just Nahida to the second half - I subbed in Collei and surprisingly could clear the first half in the same time xD And then adding Nahida was enough for Hu Tao to clear the second half in the remaining time.
12-3: There is a time in every cinnamon bun's life where there is something only they can do. Amber is there to break the guy's ice shield. Kirara (who is also a cinnamon bun) is there to break the guy's water shield, and she comes with her own shield!
PS: Amber has Elegy because I rolled for it because she's best girl because she's the first girl traveler meets. She lends Collei her bow to clear 12-1. (I also rolled for Yoimiya's weapon because she's also a cinnamon bun.)
Thanks for listening!
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2023.06.10 23:24 naomifoxxxx Burnt out 20yo bartender

I’ve been bartending for 8 months at a pool hall/dive bar with a background of serving for 2 years. I turn 21 in September. At first I was super bubbly, so excited to start bartending. It lasted a good 4 months but everyday just gets worse. I work 5-6 days and around 55-70 hours a week. Always getting off around 2:30/3, not being able to sleep until 3:30/4.
I am constantly tired, I have absolutely no motivation for anything. I work, go home, after I wake up I sit in my bed on TikTok all day until I go to work. I am so fucking depressed. I have no personality anymore, all of my happiness is drained. I even drink during work in hopes of getting in the mood of socializing or to make it easier to talk to people without anxiety. Full blown alcoholic now.
Dating life sucks bc I work night shift, I can barely hold a conversation outside of work AND during work. I have a 4 day trip to Oregon scheduled in 3 weeks which I’m sure will help with my burn out but I know after the first couple days back I’ll be in the same mood.
How do y’all balance work and life? What brings you happiness or even the motivation to do things to feel happy? I feel like I’ve thrown my entire social life and happiness away for this job but it’s the best money I’ve ever made and I support myself 100% alone financially. I have to suffer now to strive later and meet my goals career wise and life wise. I’m just so fucking tired of feeling so boring and depressed.
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2023.06.10 23:24 Sufficient_Canary_54 Best Load for CFE 223 ( plinking)

How many grains of CFE 223 is best for 55g FMJ?
Looking to PLINK
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2023.06.10 23:24 JenniForever Feel like I’ve lost my best friend but I can’t say anything

My partner has post-partum depression (he is dad by the way). He’s handling it well despite, by his own admission, feeling guilty for not wanting to spend time with our baby. I understand these things hit people and am doing everything I can do be patient and understanding, but this is the fourth weekend in a row he has made plans to get some time out the house. I get that he needs time away from the yelling and mess to cope, but I feel like I’ve lost my best friend. We used to do things together but now he doesn’t want to spend time with me. I guess I don’t really have close friends outside of my partner. I don’t want to say anything as he is trying so hard to be present and positive in mine and our daughter’s life. But damn do I feel lonely.
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2023.06.10 23:24 inakura1234321 HC Addon Alternatives

Hello! This is Yazpad (one of the hc addon devs). With the upcoming HC servers approaching, I just wanted to share a couple alternatives to the current Hardcore addon, especially for those interested in following their own or no ruleset.

Hardcore Unlocked
A modification of the Hardcore addon which allows for custom (or no) rulesets. In lieu of verification features, this variant focuses on providing guard rails for a custom challenge and displays your ruleset to others. This addon includes faction-wide or guild death alerts, the deathlog, and achievements in addition to the custom ruleset. Check this out if you

An extended deathlog addon (still standalone), which lots of customizations for death alerts and the death log. It also comes with statistics on ~100k HC player deaths, and some widgets that use those statistics, like a heatmap overlay and tooltip information. Check this out if you
NOTE: You can view the stats offline here, where you can find images and excerpts for heatmaps, graphs, and comparisons. You can run the Deathlog addon alongside the Hardcore Unlocked or the Hardcore addon.
If there is interest, I might support a "Headless" version, which will just be bare bones faction-wide death alerts.
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2023.06.10 23:23 Brilliant-Economy-76 Absolute Vanilla Anarchy Survival [Anarchy] [Vanilla] {1.19.3} {Java} {No Rules}

- Absolute Vanilla Anarchy Survival -
-> <-
AVAS stands for Absolute Vanilla Anarchy Survival. The server tries to get as close to the vanilla Minecraft experience as possible, with no moderation and minimal modification. Hacking, griefing, and exploiting are all allowed and encouraged.
The server will update to the latest versions when they are available but is still accessible from clients back to 1.9. All the features available in the vanilla version are also available on the server. We do not fix vanilla bugs and exploits if they are in the current version of the game and do not affect the stability of the server. We do not punish players for using cheats and griefing. Our plugins are only used for server maintenance.
Version: 1.19.3 (joinable from 1.9)
Server features:
- Map: October 2020
- Complete freedom to use the flight and movement modules, unlike most other anarchy servers.
- Unique dupe system. When you vote for AVAS, you get points which can be used to dupe a held item stack.
- Active Discord community with lots of "friendly" players.
- No "Pay to win". Donors receive only cosmetics that do not affect gameplay.
Server limitations:
- Movement speed is limited to 40 blocks per second in the Overworld and 36 blocks per second in the Nether Roof to avoid filling up server disk space and lagging the server when moving fast.
- You cannot destroy indestructible blocks. We want the End to be open and the bedrock to be out of circulation since those things are not vanilla.
- Written book size is limited to mitigate book bans.
- VPN use is prohibited for non-donors.
You are allowed to abuse any exploit you can find (except godmode and block breaking). If a dupe works in the vanilla release of the game, it will almost certainly work here. We do our best to keep all vanilla exploits unpatched for as long as they are available in the latest official release of Minecraft. We use Paper for stability, so to prevent unwanted exploit patches, we only update when necessary. We also try to unpatch any Paper-specific patches that are unpatched by Mojang, but if there's a crucial update to Paper and it patches a vanilla exploit, that's just the way it is.
Do whatever you can get to work. We don't mess with anything besides speed hacks, and that's only when TPS is already bad.

If you want to build a big base, blow up someone else's base, create your own empire or kill new players, create map-art or just be a toxic person, try
The server version is 1.19.3, however you can play on clients as far back as 1.9. Please note that when playing on clients running versions earlier than 1.17, world height may not work properly.
- AMD Ryzen™ 9 5950X - 128 GB DDR4 ECC - 16 TB HDD - Dedicated hardware
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2023.06.10 23:23 dirtydawgmatt what size monitor for flight sim vr?

hey guys i just bought a valve index from a friend and want to get into sim in order to help with ppl. what size monitor would you recommend is best or are dual monitors best for vr? thanks!
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2023.06.10 23:23 21toedcat Found at the first pub I stopped in when on holiday in London

Found at the first pub I stopped in when on holiday in London
While best known for hosting legenda like Hendrix, Freddy Mercury, and some of the Stones...LRH was at one time at the very least across the street for the Troubadour
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2023.06.10 23:23 inakura1234321 HC Addon Alternatives

Hello! This is Yazpad (one of the hc addon devs). With the upcoming HC servers approaching, I just wanted to share a couple alternatives to the current Hardcore addon, especially for those interested in following their own or no ruleset.

Hardcore Unlocked
A modification of the Hardcore addon which allows for custom (or no) rulesets. In lieu of verification features, this variant focuses on providing guard rails for a custom challenge and displays your ruleset to others. This addon includes faction-wide or guild death alerts, the deathlog, and achievements in addition to the custom ruleset. Check this out if you

An extended deathlog addon (still standalone), which lots of customizations for death alerts and the death log. It also comes with statistics on ~100k HC player deaths, and some widgets that use those statistics, like a heatmap overlay and tooltip information. Check this out if you
NOTE: You can view the stats offline here, where you can find images and excerpts for heatmaps, graphs, and comparisons. You can run the Deathlog addon alongside the Hardcore Unlocked or the Hardcore addon.
If there is interest, I might support a "Headless" version, which will just be bare bones faction-wide death alerts.
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2023.06.10 23:23 AutoModerator [] ✔️ Online Advertising Academy – Google Ads Training Course Bundle ✔️ Full Course Download

[] ✔️ Online Advertising Academy – Google Ads Training Course Bundle ✔️ Full Course Download
Get the course here: [] ✔️ Online Advertising Academy – Google Ads Training Course Bundle ✔️ Full Course Download
Courses proof (screenshots for example, or 1 free sample video from the course) are available upon demand, simply Contact us here


  1. Expert Research & Planning Pre-Launch Strategies
Research and planning your PPC ads campaigns correctly is critical for success – with bad planning, your ad campaign is setup to fail – no matter what you do.
  • How to find the most profitable keywords for any industry
  • How to stay ahead of competitors – find and outperform their ads
  • Avoid money wasting keywords/campaign types BEFORE launching
  1. Setup Your Account for Profit – Not Wasted Budget
Learn how to structure your ad campaigns to get the most profit, cut out wasted spend, and setup faster – even for an industry you don’t know (without relying on templates that break/get out of date fast)
  • Learn fast & simple setups for profit – not complex setups that take weeks
  • Simple setups = fast & easy optimizing/scaling/management, no matter how many accounts you’re running
  • Avoid Google’s suggestions (traps) and hacks from out-dated YouTube videos and cheap Udemy courses
  • Advanced tracking setup for conversions, leads, calls, sales, and ROI from ads.
  1. Advanced Optimizing That is Simple to Learn and Implement
Learn up-to-date optimization strategies for profit (conversions, CPA, conversion rate, ROAS) not Quality Score, CTR, Optimization Score and other nonsense metrics that don’t help you keep your job as a marketing professional.
  • Strategies for quickly & easily scaling ROI by expanding campaigns, ad groups, ads, and keywords
  • Strategies for quickly identifying top performers and expanding them
  • Optimizing automated bidding or manual bidding or combos to control CPC and CPA when Google fails to do this.
  • Optimizing at every level of performance data: campaigns, ad groups, keywords, device, location, schedule, and more
  1. Microsoft Ads (Formerly Bing Ads) Training
Learn the differences between the networks and how to successfully expand to Microsoft Ads Network (,,, and more.)
  • How to import properly (don’t use a weekly auto-import)
  • What you can do in Microsoft Ads that you can’t do in Google Ads
  • Optimizing inside Microsoft Ads based on THEIR data
  • Targeting options and setups unique to Microsoft Ads
  1. Mastering Campaign Targeting Options
Learn which targeting methods make the most sense for profitable ads for different industries, business types, budgets, and goals.
  • Expert tactics for RLSA (Remarketing Lists for Search Ads)
  • Proper setup/optimizing for DSA campaigns
  • Advanced local campaign Targeting/Setup/Optimizing
  • How to actually make broad match keywords profitable or when to avoid them
  1. Advanced Stuff for Advanced People
For marketing professionals and ad agencies, this is the expert training for professionals with as much experience as us, but could always learn something new!
  • How to fix automated bidding that IS NOT doing what it’s supposed to do (has no volume, very high cpcs, no conversions, bad ROAS, etc.)
  • Complex optimizing for Device, Day, Hour, City, Country, State with or without manual bidding when needed
  • Properly running test campaigns and primary campaigns correctly (for testing those broad keyword ideas that “may” work for top-of-funnel targeting for large budget accounts)
  • Setup and optimizing LARGE budget accounts (targeting all stages of the funnel, micro-conversions, etc.)
  • Optimizing, expanding, and finding new ideas for accounts you’ve been running for years
  1. Beginner Foundations
If you have no experience, that’s ok! We have extra training for getting started with Google Ads.
  • Intro to Google Ads, How to Setup Account
  • Intro to Campaigns, Keywords, Ads, Ad Extensions, Negative Keywords and More
  • Dashboard Walkthrough – How to Navigate Google Ads
  • How to Monitor the Right Metrics and Ignore Useless Ones (How to Change the Columns Inside Google Ads)
  • Basic Optimization for Beginners – campaigns, keywords, ads, a/b testing ads, ad groups, etc.
  1. Bonus Training
Plenty of extra bonus to cover everything you need for PPC ad success! Get our agency’s best resources for running profitable campaigns quickly and easily.
  • Expert Landing Page Training
  • Advanced PPC Call Tracking Software (Not Inside Google Ads)
  • Google Analytics Tracking and Setup
  • Our Agency Tools – Expert Ads Framework & Cheat Sheet
  • Our Agency Tools – Most Used Negative Keywords: Premade List
  • Our Agency Tools – Top Cities and States Lists (For Negatives Keywords)
Additional Training for Google Display Ads
Our Display Ads Masterclass teaches expert strategies for expanding into the Google Display Network with maintaining profit and avoiding low-quality clicks and bad leads.
  • Learn How PPC Ad Agencies Scale DISPLAY Profits Fast
  • Display Ad Strategies for ROI & Removing Low Quality Website Clicks
  • Best Strategies for Targeting Audiences, Content, and Winning Combos
  • Advanced Remarketing Strategies – Go Beyond the Basic Setup
  • Top, Middle, and Bottom of Funnel Display Targeting Secrets
  • Beginner to Expert Level Display Ads Training
  • Display Campaign Pre-Launch Checklist
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2023.06.10 23:23 LIS1050010 An A-Z of incredible uses for everyday things

Did you know you can kill weeds with vodka? Remove stains on clothes with aspirin? Make jewellery gleam with tomato ketchup? Here are 40 surprising tips to save you time and money

and for ... aluminium cans
To create a simple Chinese lantern, mark two lines around a clean empty can, about 2.5cm from the top and bottom. With a sharp craft knife, make vertical cuts about 1.5cm apart between the lines. Make a cut across the bottom of two adjacent strips to make an opening for a candle. Gently press down on the can to make the strips bend in the middle. Insert a tea-light through the opening, then tuck the cut ends of the opening strips inside the can. Finally attach a hanging loop. You can spray-paint the can before cutting it if you like.

and for ... apples
If you've been heavy-handed with the salt shaker when cooking a soup or stew, simply drop a few apple (or potato) wedges into the pan. After cooking for another 10 minutes or so, remove the wedges, which will have absorbed the excess salt.

and for ... aspirin
Before giving up hope of removing a stubborn perspiration stain from a shirt, try this. Crush two aspirins and mix the powder in 100ml warm water. Soak the stained part of the garment in the solution for two to three hours.

B is for ... bread
You can remove most dirty or greasy fingerprints from painted walls by rubbing the area with a slice of white bread. Bread does a good job of cleaning nonwashable wallpaper as well. First cut off the crusts to minimise the chance of scratching the paper.

and for ... baby oil
Buff up a dull-looking stainless steel sink by rubbing it down with a few drops of baby oil on a soft clean cloth. Rub dry with a towel and repeat if necessary. This is also a terrific way to remove stains on the chrome trim of kitchen appliances and bathroom fixtures.

and for ... bicarbonate of soda
Even the smelliest shoe or trainer is no match for the power of bicarbonate of soda. Liberally sprinkle powder in the offending loafer or laceup and let it sit overnight. Discard the powder in the morning. (Be careful with leather shoes as repeated applications can dry them out.)

C is for ... crayons
Crayons make an excellent filler for small gouges or holes in resilient flooring. Select a colour that closely matches the floor. Melt the crayon in the microwave on medium power over a piece of greaseproof paper, until you have a pliant glob of colour. With a plastic or putty knife, fill the hole. You can use a softened crayon to cover even quite deep scratches on wooden furniture.

and for ... carpet remnants
Place a series of carpet offcuts upside down and cover them with bark mulch or straw for a weed-free garden path. Use smaller scraps as mulch around your vegetable garden.

and for ... coffee grounds
They're full of nutrients that acid-loving plants crave. Save them to fertilise rose bushes, azaleas, rhododendrons, evergreens and camellias. It's better to use grounds from a drip coffeemaker than the boiled grounds from a percolator as the drip grounds are richer in nitrogen.

and for ... compact discs
Use them as garden/driveway reflectors. Drill small holes into a CD and screw it ito a gatepost or stake. Install several of them to mark out a night-time path to your front door.

and for ... correction fluid
Dab small nicks on household appliances with correction fluid. Once it dries, cover your repair with clear nail polish for protection.

D is for ... dental floss
Secure a button permanently with dental floss - it's much stronger than thread. Make hardwearing repairs to outdoor items. Because dental floss is resilient but fine, it is an ideal replacement for thread when you are repairing an umbrella, tent or rucksack.

E is for ... emery board
If a favourite pair of suede shoes have become stained and tired, an emery board can revive them. Rub the stain lightly with the emery board, and then hold the shoe over the steam from a kettle to remove the stain. This technique will work for suede clothing too.

F is for ... fabric softener
End clinging dust on the TV. To eliminate the static that attracts dust, dampen a duster with a little fabric softener straight from the bottle.

and for ... freezers
Place candles in the freezer for at least two hours before burning. They will last longer.

G is for ... golfing equipment
If a screw won't grip because its hole has become too large, dip the tip of a golf tee in wood glue and tap the tee into the hole. Cut the tee flush with a craft knife. When the glue dries, you can drill a new pilot hole in the same spot.

H is for ... hairspray
To keep a child's priceless work of art at its very best before you put it on the pinboard or fridge door, preserve it with hairspray to help it last longer. This works especially well on unstable chalk or pastel pictures as it stops them from getting smudged so easily.

I is for ... ice cube trays
Here's what to do with a half-drunk bottle of red or white wine. Freeze the wine into cubes that can be used later in pasta sauces, casseroles or stews.

and for ... ice cubes
If you're putting sealant around the bath, run an ice cube over it to get a nice even bead - it will never stick.

J is for ... jars
If you've taken a break from gardening, help your gloves dry out by pulling each one over the bottom of an empty jar. Stand the jar upside down on a radiator or hot-air vent. Warm air will fill the jar and dry damp clothing in an instant.

K is for ... ketchup
Keeps silver jewellery sparkling. Soak it in a small bowl of ketchup for a few minutes. If it has a tooled or detailed surface, use an old toothbrush to work ketchup into the crevices. To avoid damaging the silver, don't leave the ketchup on longer than necessary. Rinse and dry.

L is for ... lemons
Get rid of tough stains on marble. Cut a lemon in half, dip the exposed flesh in some table salt and rub it vigorously on the stain. You will be amazed how well it works.

and for ... ladders
A straight ladder or front part of a stepladder makes a shallow planter with ready-made sections that look appealing filled with annuals, herbs or salad greens. After a couple of years of contact with soil, a wooden ladder will decompose.

M is for ... milk cartons
Keep drinks cold at a barbecue or party with ice blocks made from empty milk cartons. Rinse them, fill them with water and put them in the freezer. Peel away the container when you're ready to put them in the punch bowl. If you intend to use them as cooler blocks, leave the container in place.

N is for ... nail varnish
Preserve the important information on labels with a coat of clear varnish. Keep a shirt in good shape by putting a drop of clear varnish on the thread in the buttons. It prevents fraying and loss of buttons.

and for ... newspaper
Slow-ripen tomatoes that are still on the vine in autumn. Wrap each one in a couple of sheets of newspaper and then store them in airtight containers inside a dark cabinet or cupboard at room temperature. Check each one every three or four days; they will eventually ripen to perfection.

O is for ... olive oil
Make your own furniture polish. Combine two parts olive oil with one part lemon juice or white vinegar in a clean recycled spray bottle, shake it up and squirt it on. Leave the mixture on for a minute or two, then wipe off with a clean cloth or paper towel. If you're in a hurry, apply olive oil straight from the bottle on to a paper towel. Wipe off any oil that remains with another towel.

and for ... oatmeal
Add luxury to a regular bath. All you need is 200g oatmeal and your favourite scented oil. Grind the oatmeal in a blender, put it in a cheesecloth bag, add a few drops of scent and suspend the bag under the running water as you fill your bathtub.

and for ... oven cleaner
To remove paint or varnish from wooden or metal furniture, try oven cleaner. It costs less than commercial strippers and is easier to apply (if you spray it). After applying, scrub off the old paint with a wire brush. Neutralise the stripped surface with vinegar, then wash it off with water. Allow to dry. Warning: never use oven cleaner on antique or expensive furnishings - it may darken wood or discolour metal.

P is for ... plastic bottles
Create a drip irrigator for plants. Cut a large hole in the bottom of a bottle, then drill two to five tiny (1.5mm) holes in or around the cap. Bury the closed bottles upside down about three-quarters submerged beneath the soil near the plants you need to water, and fill with water through the hole on top. Refill as needed.

R is for ... rubber flip-flops
Slip a rubber flip-flop on to your hand and rub carpets and rugs in the direction of the pile. Any pet hair will form into balls that can then be vacuumed up. This works well on upholstery, too, including car seats.

S is for ... sand
Fill a large bucket with builder's sand and pour in about a litre of clean motor oil. Plunge spades, hoes, rakes and other tools into the sand a few times to clean and lubricate them. To prevent rust, you can leave the tool blades in the sand for storage.

and for ... salt
Watermarks from damp glasses or bottles left on a wooden surface are unattractive. Make them disappear by mixing one teaspoon of salt with a few drops of water to form a paste. Gently rub the paste on to the ring with a soft cloth or sponge until the spot is gone. Restore the lustre with furniture polish.

T is for ... tennis balls
Give yourself a relaxing and therapeutic back massage: fill a long tube-shaped sock with a few tennis balls, tie the end and stretch the massager around your back as you would a towel after a shower.

and for ... tights
To find lost small objects, cut the leg off an old pair of tights, making sure the toe is intact and pull it over the nozzle of the vacuum cleaner hose. Secure with a rubber band. Turn on the vacuum and you will soon find your valuable attached to your homemade filter.

U is for ... umbrellas
Make an instant trellis. Remove the fabric from an old umbrella and insert the handle into the ground to support climbing vines such as clematis. The umbrella's shape, covered with flowers, will look terrific in the garden.

V is for ... vodka
For a quick and easy weedkiller, mix 30ml vodka, a few drops of washing-up liquid and 400ml water in a spray bottle. Apply at midday on a sunny day to weeds growing in direct sunlight because alcohol breaks down the waxy cuticle covering on leaves, leaving them susceptible to dehydration. It won't work in shady spots.

is for ... WD40
For fast relief from a bee or wasp sting, spray WD-40 directly on the bite. It will soothe the pain at once.

Y is for ... yoghurt
Put 200ml plain active-culture yoghurt into a blender, along with a handful of moss and about 200ml water. Blend for about 30 seconds. Use a paintbrush to spread the mixture wherever you want moss to grow - between the cracks of a stone path, on the sides of flowerpots - as long as the spot is cool and shady. Keep misting the moss with water until it is established.

Z is for . . . zips
Ever lost your car keys in the sand at the seaside? Stitch a small zipped pocket to one corner of the underside of your beach towel, just big enough for keys, sunglasses and maybe a few coins.

And if you're feeling really bold ...
Four bizarre problem-solving suggestions
· If you want to post a fragile item to a friend, wrap the item in disposable nappies before sealing the package. You can be sure your gift will arrive in one piece.
· To get chewing gum out of hair, apply some peanut butter to the matted gum and hair and rub the gum until it comes out. Your child's hair may smell like peanut butter until you wash it, but it is a better solution than having to cut the gum out.
· Wash lettuce in a washing machine. If you are expecting lots of people for lunch, place one pillowcase inside another. Fill the inside case with lettuce leaves. Close with string or a rubber band and throw in the washing machine. Now run the rinse and spin cycle.
· Get the comfort of a salon treatment when giving yourself a home pedicure. Just place marshmallows between your toes to separate them before you apply nail polish.

Article Source
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2023.06.10 23:22 NextKing2972 Fan Theories I hope don't come true in BTSV

Although knowing Lord and Miller, if any of these do come true, they'd push that narrative to the best of their ability.
1) Miles dying in Beyond to break the Spider-Man canon cycle of pain
I've seen this one floating around a lot, and apparently it's to mirror the original Ultimate Spider-Man's death in the comics. I just hope this one doesn't come true cause it doesn't make sense from an arc perspective and seems like an abrupt ending for the first ever silver screen iteration of Miles Morales.
2) Miguel was lying about his tragic backstop, and more specifically that he killed his alternate universe counterpart of Miguel to take that universe
This one I just loathe. Miguel's anti-hero story should be shown not told in the past-tense. I have to get the feeling he's a antagonist even while he's doing something for his idea of the "greater good". The best anti-heroes are the ones you can sympathize and sometimes agree with and this theory just negates that. Plus Peter B. Parker was there when his universe got deleted so maybe he also was apart of that project.
3) The Spider was meant to bite Earth-42 Miles
I'm on the fence about this one. It does make sense to a degree, but I also think ATSV crafted a narrative which is meant to be a commentary on how Miles Morales was treated when he was first introduced as Spider-Man (which the directors confirmed). I do think this theory could work narratively, but I also think it'd hurt that message in ATSV about Miles being an anomaly and the majory of people in the fanbase saying he was a diversity token in 2015. Saying it was always meant to be Miles sort of takes away from Miles being unique and the trendsetter for all Spider-Men. I also like the narrative that we don't know who the Spider was meant to bite. It could have been anyone. That Spider could've gone on the wrong paint can and Uncle Aaron would've gotten bit. Imagine that universe. I like the ambiguousness of it all. I also strongly believe that Miles was always meant to become the Prolwer until that spider bit him and he met Peter Parker.
4) Christopher Daniel Barnes isn't in BTSV
come on Sony, you got Josh Keaton, now bring my other boy in. And while you're at it, give Keaton more lines, or give him the third season
5) Rio in Earth-42 is dating Uncle Aaron
This theory just sucks. The conversation between Miles and Rio on the rooftop during the party made me think about how good a judge of character she is. Also she knows full well Uncle Aaron did some shady shit, and dating him after that is just insulting to her character.
6) Gwen/Spider-Byte dies to fulfill the canon that every Spider-Man's gotta lose a love interest
Yeah, I just don't like this one. Especially since Miles is supposed to push the boundaries of what it means to be Spider-Man and that tragedy isn't necessarily required to become a hero.
7) No Leopardon
8) Bringing in the Inheritors/ Miguel is an Inheritor
I could see this working with a certain flare, but I also think it seems a bit off course with the current narrative. Plus, from a marketing standpoint, Sony would hate it especially after Morbius' failure.
9) Miles is going live action, hence the name "Beyond the Spider-Verse"
This is the worst theory of them all. Like maybe a live action gag would be nice, but a full part of the movie being irl is just a spit in the face of animation. Live action was never an upgrade and is arguably a downgrade from animation. If I had the choice, I'd make the entire MCU animated like a moving comic book, just like Spider-Verse does, because cinematic≠leaving animation out.
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2023.06.10 23:22 markhalliday8 What pc would you build with £1400 pounds UK?

Hi, I have 1000 pounds to build a PC UK. My PSU has gone so I need a new one so I'm going to build a new pc
I already have the following parts 2*1TB NVME ssd's WiFi network card
I can sell these parts and add them to the budget or reuse them 3600cpu 2060 super GPU 550 motherboard(would struggle to fit a large GPU with the network card as it's small) 16gb 2600mhz ram(super old)
I can't decide if I should go for a 6950xt and a 5800X3d or go to the latest generation. Would it make sense to spend more? I think I'd have around 1200 if I sold my current GPU. I play at 1440p
What's everyone's current thoughts? I don't think the current GPUs are good value. Are the new CPUs worth it?
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2023.06.10 23:22 autotldr The disastrous bursting of Ukraine’s Nova Kakhovka dam – and the battle that is to come

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 89%. (I'm a bot)
A group of Russian anti-war groups reported that 1,842 residents in and around the flooded town of Oleshky, across the Dnipro river from Kherson, are "Currently not allowed to leave by the Russian military" of which 338 are in need of urgent assistance with water and food supplies running dangerously short.
Under the occupation Nova Kakhovka had long since stopped generating power and had been turned into a garrison, from which the Russians could fend off any attempt by Ukrainian forces to approach the dam from the right bank.
The Russian occupiers had allowed water levels in the Kakhovka reservoir behind the dam to build up to a 30-year high, filling the reservoir with more than 18m cubic metres of water, the size of Utah's Great Salt Lake.
If the Russians did indeed blow up the Kakhovka dam, it raises fears they could also blow up the Zaporizhzhia plant, regardless of the consequences that would almost certainly spill onto Russian territory.
At present, the waters have hardly receded from their peak - and the situation is complicated by the fact that, after a one-day pause on Wednesday, Russian shelling and Ukrainian retaliation resumed.
With terrible effect, the destruction of the Kakhovka dam raises the already enormous stakes riding on the Ukrainian counter-offensive.
Summary Source FAQ Feedback Top keywords: Russian#1 water#2 Ukrainian#3 dam#4 plant#5
Post found in /worldnews and /RedditSample.
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2023.06.10 23:22 fulminic UFO lore and recent revelations seem to be largely based on a 1998 story from UFO mag. It covers crash retrieval programs, various alien types, "biological robots," and project Zodiac. Puthoff and Kitt Green have referenced this story. Here's a text extract.

Deep Files: Trans-"X"Communiqué: Letter to a UFO Recruit by Greg Halifax
What you're about to read is largely unverified. But that doesn't mean it's not true. It's the type of UFO information that would typically be deeply buried, then carefully studied and compartmentalized by a small faction within the intelligence community, as suits any sensitive black operation. As such, straightforward corroboration is difficult at best. But UFO Magazine has the advantage of more than a decade's worth of collected bits of information and broad-based facts on which to construct some fair extrapolations. Drawn from a range of sources, the following incident reflects upon one of the blackest of American covert operations that deal directly with the UFO phenomenon.
Recruitment and Background
They recruited him when he was fresh from a not-too-harrowing assignment in the Middle East. This was one area of the globe, at least, where the CIA had little trouble justifying its existence. Having some military background, Sedge Masters wasn't too surprised when he was called back for another briefing about the new foreign technology assignment overseen from Wright Patterson Air Force Base. What he'd heard at the first briefing didn't exactly fire his professional instincts. The task sounded less than challenging. He was assured that more information would be coming his way, and that much of it would change his mind about the degree of intrigue his new assignment would hold.
Induction into the Program
Clearances intact, Masters arrived on the base in short order. He was issued a security badge and escorted by an airman to an unmarked building. Once inside, he was escorted by the airman into a room where his security badge was taken from him and a different one given to him in its place. A different airman with a uniform that Masters had not seen before, armed with an M-16 and a sidearm, escorted him into a private room. That man left, and in less than two minutes, another armed and uniformed man entered. He said nothing: Masters was used to this routine. When the soldier had positioned himself in front of the door, Masters turned around to a table on which lay a thick packet of papers. One more glance at the impassive soldier, and Masters began to read.
Introduction Letter
The letter on top carried a number on the first page, but no date or letterhead. "Dear Mr. Masters," it began, "Consider this a deeper introduction to your present assignment. As you were told in last week's special briefing, you were selected for the program less for your wide intelligence background and technical skills than for the results of your psychological profile, both the one you took when you first joined the agency and the one administered earlier this year..."
Pre-WWII Sightings and Post-War Investigations
During the years preceding World War II, informal contacts made by Americans touring in Europe - tasked to do so by then-attorney William Donovan (who was later the head of the OSS in World War II) - revealed that there had been a number of sightings of unusual aerial phenomena and craft over European skies, particularly in the vicinity of German military facilities. The rush of events focused the attention of the military and the OSS on other matters of more pressing concern, although it had been resolved to look into these reports again at the war's conclusion.
The Roswell Incident
Before there could be a full assessment of the implications of these events, in July 1947, two crafts were recovered from the desert near the Roswell Army Air Corps bomber base. One of the crafts was a deltoid wing "lifting body" which had suffered a rupture to the crew compartment and some impact distortion, but which was otherwise intact. The other craft had completely disintegrated either before or upon impact.
Hypotheses and Discoveries
Although there were working hypotheses that these crafts were either (1) secret Soviet surveillance craft designed to spy upon the many advanced technical and military facilities in that region, (2) crafts from some "other dimension" the details of which were and remain unspecified by the proponents of this hypothesis, or (3) crafts from our own future exploring the past through an unknown temporal travel mechanism, it soon became clear that these crafts were from some planet or solar system other than our own, as they were occupied by two kinds of beings which clearly were not of earthly origin.
Extraterrestrial Evidence
The occupants of the deltoid craft were largely intact after the crash. When the special recovery team established for this purpose located the crash, two of the occupants of the deltoid craft were still alive, although one was badly injured and would later die upon being taken to the Roswell Air Corps base. The other survivor was alive and remained so for almost 30 days after the crash. It was able to walk and seemed to understand that it was a captive among intelligent beings like itself. All efforts at communication with the survivor were inconclusive and largely unsuccessful. The three other occupants were dead when the recovery team found them. The general appearance of these creatures was as reported in the recently published, somewhat fanciful 'investigative' books on the subject which have received a certain amount of popular acceptance and which resulted in the recent 50th-anniversary celebration of this event. (Popular attention to this event remains strong.)
Second Craft and Biological Robots
The occupants of the second craft were not found for several more days, as their bodies had been ejected in what appeared to be safety pods similar in purpose to those later employed in such high-performance aircraft as the B-58 Hustler and XB-70 supersonic bombers. These creatures were longer in dimension than the ones of the deltoid craft, and their bodies were dispersed over a much wider area due to the disintegration of their craft. All were dead when found, with their bodies much deteriorated from prolonged exposure to the elements and some having been partially eaten by coyotes and other creatures, all of the latter of which were found dead near the alien corpses.
Analysis of the animal remains and the alien bodies led to the conclusion that the animals died from poisoning caused by ingestion of chemicals in the alien flesh. It appeared that the second group of aliens could not survive if exposed to the Earth's atmosphere. The need to remove all evidence of the event from the two crash sites limited the amount of crash reconstruction which could be accomplished by the recovery team, with the consequence that it has never been made clear what exactly caused the crash.
Cover-Up and Suppression
Unfortunately, the large number of civilian and military personnel who witnessed physical evidence at the crash sites and back at the Roswell base created a significant security hazard which was dealt with by intimidation and bribery of the witnesses to the extent that those means proved effective. Until unofficial investigators, journalists, writers, and others began renewing investigation of the subject in the early 1980s, these techniques were largely successful in keeping the truth of the Roswell event from the public, as well as its ominous implications.
Alien Autopsies and 'Biological Robots'
The autopsies on the bodies of the creatures showed that they were of very light build and clearly not from this planet. The simplicity of their brain structures and non-communication in the face of stalwart efforts by researchers led investigators at the time to conclude that they were not the original designers and builders of the craft involved in the incident. Rather, it seemed that they were 'biological robots,' designed and bred for the purpose of undertaking such dangerous missions as flying through the atmosphere of an alien world. The survivor finally died when its body accumulated toxic waste products from its metabolism. There were no apparent excretory system or sexual organs. Consistent with this 'biological robot' hypothesis was the complete absence of any galley or food stores aboard the craft. Of course, the possibility of there being a 'mother ship' from which these craft came was also considered, as was the less likely possibility that these small craft could themselves attain transluminal speeds.
The Alien Technology
The propulsion system of the craft, of obvious priority interest to our group, was indeterminate for long after its recovery. While still subject to the laws of physics (as we imperfectly understand them), the craft's workings went far beyond our technological grasp at that time. Unfamiliar, nearly magical technology was displayed, devices that we now know as integrated circuits, fiber optics, supertenuous fibers and metals, and an unfathomable power source and drive mechanism, as well as other technology which it is not necessary to discuss in this document.
Implications and The Zodiac
The military implications of the presence of these craft in our atmosphere and the possibility that they may have established friendly communications with our Cold War enemies were obvious and unsettling. The discovery of these craft led to an equally unsettling reexamination of the European intelligence reports referred to above, as well as the postwar investigation by Gen. Jimmy Doolittle of the "ghost rockets" of Norway (see appendix C, attached, top secret report of Gen. James Doolittle). The President was made aware of these developments and ordered the formation of a special group of prominent scientists, Cabinet, military and intelligence officers.
The popular literature bandies about the name of "Majestic 12" or "MJ-12" for this special, secret task force formed by the President. Other names by which it has been identified in the public mind through disinformation programs are "Project Saucer" and "Aquarius." While it is possible that any one or more of these was the name of the group at one time, for most of its existence the code name for the group and the extensive program which it spawned has been and still is "Zodiac," with each of its operational subdivisions known by the name of a different zodiacal sign, including Aquarius.
The Decline of Government Involvement in Zodiac
As the years passed, the operational involvement of high government officials in Zodiac waned to a certain degree, especially with the conclusion of the Eisenhower Administration, although most presidents were still kept informed of key overview facts as they came to light. However, it fell to the Agency's supervisors of Zodiac to determine who else in the government should have access to this very closely-held and highly compartmentalized information, to the point that, like the heads of military intelligence before World War II, they sometimes decided not to share information with certain presidents, including Nixon and Ford.
All other presidents were kept reasonably well-informed, including Jimmy Carter, who went back on his pledge to reveal all of the information the government had on UFOs once he was elected president.
Agency Control and Alien Craft Recovery
As of the early 1980s, the Agency exercised complete control over Zodiac, with the cooperation of the rest of the intelligence community and the military branches, particularly the Air Force and the Navy. From 1947 to the early 1980s, Zodiac recovered eleven other alien craft in various states of disrepair, from a diminutive single-seat flying wing to a rather large craft that had to be trucked into Wright Patterson by dead of night.
Extraterrestrial Beings and Technological Discoveries
Besides the technology, the beings found with these craft are central to the Program's investigations. There seem to be at least four types of occupants, the two described above, as well as humanoids that appear to be almost human and Nordic in appearance, and small, strong, hairy ones.
An Unsettling Incident and New Assignment
Details of the following incident should be carefully considered and recalled, as they will be useful to you during the first phases of your assignment. By the late '60s, Zodiac had been able to recruit members of an elite recovery team.
Within the last 48 hours, the team was dispatched to a remote site in the Midwest where a craft and bodies were collected and ferried to the appropriate locations, seemingly without incident. This time, it’s become clear to our debriefing teams at Wright Patterson that the first members questioned could not account for an hour and a half's worth of time spent at the site.
You have been selected to be part of a newly forming debriefing team whose task will be the correlation and analysis of these events. Your assignment is to find out why even the most senior members of the team shared in this memory gap, and to find out what happened during that hour and a half.
Instructions for the Report
Your report is to be in writing and is to have one original and no copies. It is to be hand-delivered by you to me. It is to bear the security stamps "TOP SECRET," "ZODIAC" and "EYES ONLY." You will let no one see your report but me and you will not share its contents with those with whom you are working at Wright Patterson without my authorization.
Very Truly Yours, Col. David H., USAF
Masters read it through again. When he looked up, an Air Force captain had entered the room. "Are you finished with the letter?" he asked in a flat tone. "I'm done with it," Masters sighed, and for the first time in his professional career heard his own voice waver with what sounded like nervousness. He handed the letter to the captain, who took it without comment, counting the pages.
The captain took out a cigarette lighter and lit the corners of the pages, gingerly dropping them into a red "burn barrel," stirring the ashes with a metal rod. After the papers had been reduced to small wisps of white ash, the captain took another piece of paper out of his briefcase, signed it, and presented it to the airman, who also signed it. The airman then presented it to Masters, who signed the sworn declaration of witnessing the destruction of the document.
Here's the deep dive article by Dolan that also includes the full scan of the UFO mag article. It connects dots between the recent revelations, the Davis/Wilson notes etc.
ChatGPT helped convert the barely readable pdf-to-text conversion to something readable, but preserving the content, only added headers and formating. I was out of tokens so I couldn't convert the other chapters, they're very interesting as well. All chapters are in the provided link.
Just to be clear, not making claims or drawing conclusions just wanted to share this before 3rd part Reddit apps will be killed at 30 June. Yeah fuck you, spez
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2023.06.10 23:22 autotldr Germany's Left calls on controversial lawmaker to quit party

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 60%. (I'm a bot)
The Left - the most left-wing party in the German Bundestag - called on its former leader Sahra Wagenknecht to give up her parliamentary seat on Saturday following speculations about her plan to start a new political party.
The party leadership issued a resolution against the controversial lawmaker, saying "The future of The Left is a future without Sahra Wagenknecht."
The Left leadership said that Wagenknecht - who was a co-leader of the party from 2015 to 2019 - was flouting democratically agreed decisions and was trying "To push through a different agenda with the threat of forming a competing party."
The party expressed concerns that Wagenknecht is using resources from her role as a member of the Bundestag for The Left to get a new party going.
It is a question of "Political decency and fairness regarding the members of the party, if those who take part in a competing party project, act consistently and give up their seat," the party said in the resolution.
The 53-year-old was born in East Germany and was a member of the Soviet successor party - the Party of Democratic Socialism - which merged to form The Left in 2007.
Summary Source FAQ Feedback Top keywords: party#1 Left#2 Wagenknecht#3 seat#4 member#5
Post found in /worldnews and /europe.
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2023.06.10 23:22 Ok-Software4407 Best advice for separating financially.

I am a big believer in not re-inventing the wheel. Is there an app for this? Does someone have a spreadsheet that they like? Is there a good method for adjusting the various options to see how it comes out, or do I need to spend some quality time with Excel for the next few months?
Have 401ks, cash, home with $500k in equity, custody of two kids, two cars, and a thousand moving parts here.
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