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2023.05.29 05:18 szior76 21 EST pc xbox vr lookin for a partner in crime

Hello! I go by Spinxer, or Will. 20 y/o from NJ looking to spend my free time playing games with someone as its more fun that way.
Cutting to the chase, here are the multiplayer games i play currently (i play on pc xbox and oculus)
-League of legends ranked and normals (g3, i dont do arams )
-minecraft bedrock
-tboi repentance
-tabletop sim
-among us (vr)
-vr chat
-mc dungeons
-age of empires 2
-the forest
-escape the backrooms
-risk of rain 2
sons of the forest
-fallout 76
-elden ring xbox co op
-maybe aura kingdom
-albion online (havent played in a while)
-ANYTHING on xbox gamepass for xbox/pc
Oh and brawlstars lol
I think theres more, but i forget :P. If u have any specific game requests that we should play, dm me bout it. add me on discord, i sometimes dont get notified of dms on reddit. No comments please lol. My discord is spinxer#5647 xbox user is spinxer#1354 and steam friend code is 200847564. Les gooo
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2023.05.29 05:18 mariehpfan Mona!

So i’m on my second rewatch since the show came out (so practically my first because i don’t remember anything but the big stuff). I am in love with mona. I’m not sure how people on this sub feel about her. but the way she is written is one of the most complex, interesting characters in the entire show. I think her being A makes the most sense for the first 2 seasons. But then what she does to make it up to the other girls goes above and beyond. she does end up really loving all of them. obviously we know how much she loves hanna. but she loves all of them. Obviously this opinion could change the more i watch. But i really don’t think it will. I love her. How do you all feel? and feel free to leave spoilers! i don’t care about them! just like to talk about it.
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2023.05.29 05:17 Ok-Tea7461 getting an Unacademy subscription, anyone wanna partner up?

I'm contemplating getting a subscription to Unacademy, but I'd love to find a partner because the cost seems a bit high for me. If you're interested in becoming course partners, feel free to DM me.
The main reason I'm considering it is because of Ravi Prakash sir.
If anyone has already purchased the course, I'd greatly appreciate hearing your review
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2023.05.29 05:17 Yveradras Gear recommendations for a beginner

Hi all. I'm ready to buy an additional piece of gear and I'm looking for advice.
I currently own a Juno DS-61, Yamaha P-125 and a MicroKorg. I've been primarily focusing on learning how to play piano and music theory. I play in a small band primarily playing rock songs (using the Juno). But I love electronic music and I would like to make some of my own using my newly develop piano skills. I tried using Ableton years ago and I couldn't get the hang of it. Too many options. I can make great sounds just using the Juno DS library and a few effects and it feels like I can get something out of it very quickly.
I think my next step would be a drum machine and after searching online I got very fixated with the Roland TR8S. The sounds look amazing and the overall ability to experiment and play live are awesome.
On the other hand I also got very fixated with Maschine MK3 (seeing Fred Again use it live). To be honest I've seen people do wonders with it, but I don't fully understand it. It looks more like a Hardware + Software DAW? Is it way more than the TR8S, but less powerful as a drum machine compared?
To try and replicate the same setup, I connected the Microkorg to the Juno DS and used the Juno to generate beats that go into the Microkorg through Midi and Audio, but the audio quality coming out of the Korg was really bad and I couldn't get the desired effect. Not sure what I was doing wrong.
As you can see I don't really know what I'm doing. And if I'm about to spend $600-$700 I need some advice.
I feel like the Roland TR8S will fit immediately with what I want to do, but I also feel like I'm going to be missing something out by not getting the Maschine Mk3. I can't pay for both right now. What do you guys think makes more sense given where I am? And is there any recommendation you could give to me as a beginner?
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2023.05.29 05:17 Ok_Half8513 how to get that pre-Innerspeaker guitar tone?

I recently happened to find a fairly used BR-600 at a local thrift shop and was wondering how I could achieve that pre-Innerspeaker guitar tone (anything off of the EP and some of the unreleased demos). Specifically, to those that have been able to get this tone, what settings did you use on your BR-600 (or 864)? I read a bit online how the pedal order is something along the lines of blues driver dyna comp BR-600, but found no info whatsoever regarding the specifics of the BR-600. Any guidance or help would really be appreciated; I'm genuinely in love with this tone and would love to learn how it's achieved! Cheers!
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2023.05.29 05:16 whyuoft Enemy of the show Ethan Schmidt caught on grinder

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2023.05.29 05:15 superfroggy20010 do you know of any additional similar resources on how to analyze movies?

anyone know of resources available for free or very little money similar to his recentish video ->"How To Analyze Movies – Film Studies 101" (besides his other video on nebula classes for creating a movie), i would prefer videos but articles/books would be welcome too.
bonus unnecessary background info: i would like to try learning about analyzing films critically like how he does it in that video, so that i can try creating video essays on media analysis but have struggled to find much about this subject this video has been by far my most substantial piece of easily digestible and understandable while still being very informative, before his video i have largely discounted the visual storytelling and decisions aspect of film and tv when watching them, i assumed it was largely just people reading way to much into small obsessive details that the creators never even thought about, but but video and things ive found during my reasearch has made me realise that was a bit of a silly and naive thought. his video which came out right around the time i started researching this topic for this project which was great and i now have grown alot more interested in the visual side of cinema aswell and have been trying to look for resources to learn more about it, most information ive found so far has been stuff made with filmmakers being the intended target which would be fine if that is really how almost all the good resources are out there, but information made for the target audience of people interested in film analysis would better if its out there.
so i would love any info or tips/advice any of yall are willing to share with me about media analysis/and or researching and writing video essays bonus points if its specifically about media analysis video essays but general video essays would be fine too lol :)
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2023.05.29 05:15 gsd250 How do everyone feel about the new Little Mermaid

It would have been a perfect movie for me, but Halle Bailey’s diction kinda ruined for me: it almost took me completely out of the movie during Part of Your World, with her forceful and choppy consonants. Her voice is beautiful and everything, but just this weird diction choice is killing me.
I absolutely loved Javier Bardem’s King Triton — he’s definitely the standout in the cast for me. The Scuttle rap song turned out really fun too, despite the hate I saw online. The other two new songs were kinda meh…
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2023.05.29 05:13 Al_Boreland_Solute Oh right, I’m so singular

You’re not a stranger anymore. We’ve met twice. I am about to make it thrice. I want to know you. I want that rare kind of conversation where a man speaks freely and honestly without fear. You are free from addiction. You love yourself, I can tell by the discipline in your life. It shows in your eyes. Damn, they hold a gaze.
Your mind is like mine. I see your brows lift. You’re gorgeous. Damn, I have a crush on you. The eye contact is a rare kind, I fell into your eyes, I lost my thought, and we both followed down to our necks, our mouths, that space where the collar bone meets the shoulder, as if, for a moment, we both wondered if this is where we rest our heads…we studied each other without hiding it. Im going to make love to you one day. That much I know.
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2023.05.29 05:13 LivingFickle I finally finished the Tomb Raider Legend Trilogy and it was a somewhat frustrating but otherwise good time. [Xbox 360]

Howdy folks, so after not really touching this particular set of TR games since Legend on the Gamecube, I finally decided to sit down and go through the "Next Gen" version of it plus the other two in it's Trilogy for the first time, and since I played on Xbox I was also able to purchase and play the two story expansions for Underworld but more on those in a bit.
If you care about story, start here - I'll run through the story and lit tidbits about the games as a whole, and then conclude my nitpicks and praises per game about gameplay and such so lesgo - - The story actually starts with Anniversary, as it's a remake of Tomb Raider (1996). Despite it not originally releasing on the Xbox 360 until a later date from the Playstation/PC release, it's actually essential you understand what happens in the plot. It's available on Xbox as both DLC for TR Legend and as a Standalone. This also means you must own and play Anniversary through Legend if you wish to get 100% achievements. The story though, starts in said remade year, 1996 - Lara is greeted by a man named Larson, who with a little satellite PDA looking thing? (I think it's a laptop in the original, but I can't tell what it's supposed to be in Anniversary) introduces Lara to Natla, who sends her on the quest of getting one of the pieces of the Scion of Atlantis. This has Lara travelling from the likes of Peru, Greece and Egypt battling things from bats and bears to flying, fireball spitting goblins and minotaurs. Once Lara has obtained two of the pieces, a vision is played in her head where some of the lore is explained by Steve Blum. The second time this happens (after getting the third piece and completing the Scion) more lore is explained and it's shown that Natla is obviously the game's big bad - so Lara wakes up from this revelation with Natla holding the now complete Scion and Lara's in custody by Natla's baddies and has been robbed of her weapons (this is a bummer). Natla leaves in a car on her way to a boat while Lara QTEs her way out of a tight situation and cutscenes her way onto a motorcycle chase and Lara sneaking her way onto said boat. Somehow the baddies you QTE'd are also on this boat before you. The Final level takes on an Unknown Island where Natla has been digging. Since Lara doesn't have her weapons after the last cutscene - her first objective is to get her hands on some inconveniently placed Dual Pistols. After completing the area's final puzzle and getting the mine cart moving, Larson shows up to stop Lara until she kills him in a QTE. This really has psychological damage that she seems to forget about in the following games but the game carries on until she can QTE her way through the last few of Natlas goons and mozie on about the wicked structure within. This wicked structure within is what Lara eventually realizes is essentially Atlantis in a confrontation with Natla, who then asks the obvious rhetorical question of "Would you join me?". This results in Lara shooting the Scion and breaking it, thus finally giving her some boss fights that end with us on top and Lara stealing a boat. - Legend starts with a flashback and doesn't acknowledge any of what I just said because "technically" hasn't happened yet because Anniversary came later. The flashback is of Lara as a child and her mother in a plane during some rather turbulent weather. This results in the plane crashing and Lara waking up while climbing cliffs. Not sure how safe it is to sleep while rockclimbing but she's the expert, not me. The game kicks off in Bolivia as Lara as information of certain artifacts that possibly have to do with other flashbacks tied to why she's here and her mom isn't. This game has Lara mostly killing human enemies, with the tutorials going from platforming and equipment to combat in a pretty quick amount of time. The other games usually start with something small, but Legend starts with guns in your direction. Anywho, at the end of Bolivia, Lara is confronted by a man named Rutland who talks a lot but doesn't really respond to anything Lara says and an obscured antagonist from Lara's past named Amanda. After Lara commits several counts of murder the game picks up and goes to Peru because of a thing Rutland says. Peru has Lara going through more baddies until a pretty cool motorcycle sequence ending in she and her escort arriving at an old dig site (the one Rutland mentions). This takes us into a gameplay flashback where we get a "Classic Lara" bit without weapons. It's all platforming and puzzles which isn't a bad thing! However, what is a bad thing is a mysterious Wraith that appears in these mines and ends up killing everyone in the flashback except Amanda. They become the best of friends - Snap back to reality and "modern Lara" goes through the same, but more decrepit mines, making good progress until we've been ambushed by Rutland's baddies. After more murder, Lara helps the escort friend who is also counted in the ambush and this ends the level because Lara is realizing more things are connected. From Peru we go to Japan because a Yakuza member has something we want, and we're willing to kill him for it. After we doesn't want to give it to us without death, we slay numerous of his minions and eventually... HIM! Taking his artifact with us we head to Ghana because that's where Rutland is, and we want the piece he was waving around because it looks like the piece we got from the Yakuza man. We kill Rutland just to be sure, and viola! They DO go together! Wrapping this up because not a lot of story happens but there's a fight with Amanda's Wraith, we seemingly kill it with the power of Tesla, from Kazakhstan the game takes us to England, presumably the Tomb of King Arthur, where it's realized that the Artifacts we've been gathering are actually fragments Excalibur. We also kill a big snake here, maybe two of them but I'm unsure. From the Tomb it's off to Nepal - the crash site of the beginning of the game's Flashback. After getting our mother's pendant from the crash in a QTE we proceed through the level until it's time to put the pieces together and complete the Sword. Completing the Sword sets us off to the final section of the first level - Bolivia, where after some fighting with goons and Amanda, Lara puts the sword into the ruins and touches them in an order based on something she wrote as a child. This starts a scene that looks like the other side of a flashback Lara had, showing that Lara had initiated a device that her mother pulled her away from, the device seemingly yelled at her causing her mothing to pull the sword from the stone and vanish. In modern time, we hear Lara trying to communicate with her mother, the way it plays out would indicate that "modern Lara" is the reason her past mother pulls the sword and disappears. Amanda is in the background yelling for "modern Lara" to pull out the sword but she doesn't and the machine explodes. This upsets Amanda who seemingly was trying to use the machine to go to a place called Avalon and claims that's where Lara's mother "currently" is. This interaction ends with Amanda getting pistol whipped. - Underworld starts with Croft Manor exploding (this is bad). Lara tutorials her way through the burning house until she ends up at the front door with her butler and Zip. Zip is mostly a voice in Tomb Raider Legend but does have a model and does appear in Legend's Manor mode. I didn't mention him before because he doesn't really do anything in that game besides quip over the radio. He's here now and with a gun, and he doesn't like us too much but before we can find out why he started blasting the game does that super cool thing media sometimes does where it takes us back in time a few weeks so we can build up to and expand that moment. The game puts us in the Mediterranian Sea, where Lara is looking for clues to Avalon, as mentioned at the end of Legend. The game ends up going almost full Norse mythology as Lara's venturing in the caves of the sea leads her to discovering a gauntlet of Thor. Only to then be ambushed by soldiers of no other, Amanda. The soliders knock Lara out and take the gauntlet but leave her guns. They do take her bullets in a cutscene but that's silly because she has unlimited ammo in those things. The baddies start detonating the caves so we need to get out and make our way back to our boat. Doing this sets Lara off to the nearby baddie ship. Going guns a blazing on the ship results in Lara finding a big ole tube with none other than Natla within it. After some words are exchanged, Amanda shows up to break up the interaction and take Natla off the boat by helicopter. With the boat now going down because Lara's on it, Lara needs to get off of it and fire potshots at Amanda as she climbs the helicopter ladder. After taking a graze to the chin Amanda throws the gauntlet into the ocean, causing Lara to jump in and retrieve it. If you're wondering "Why would she do that?" it turns out it's Account-Bound to Lara from when she interacted with it before the goons stole it and is therefore useless to anyone but Lara. From the ocean to Thailand, Lara goes delving into ruins that she learns her father was once also looking into. Once she discovers a clue left by her father she goes home, taking us down into the crypts of Croft Manor where Lara finds that her father had the other gauntlet of Thor. Lara does the obvious and binds it to her as well, giving her access to a new mechanic that only appears like 4 times the entire game. However, we can't think about that now because an explosion takes us back through the beginning of the game where we find out the reason Zip wanted to dust Lara is because there's a Doppleganger, like from the end of Anniversary but not a full mimic and with skin! The doppleganger kills our other "over the comms" friend Alistar which is very sad, I think. Lara gets Allistar's body out of the crumbling house and goes back to business as usual, believing it will lead her to those responsible for his death. She's correct, but not immediately. First she needs to get the belt of Thor, which she does which then leads to the obvious "So can she wield Mjolnir?" and yeah, you totally can and it's totally sick! However, what isn't sick is needing Natla's help to get to Avalon, because oh yeah, that was the objective - but we needed our MacGuffins first! Lara uses the hammer on an identical looking boat to the one that went down earlier, freeing Natla with the assistance of Mjolnir and the doppleganger pulls an Episode VI and just yeets Amanda overboard. Upon arriving where Natla told us to go so we could go to Avalon, we find a thrall of our mom that Natla made, because trauma is cool. This has Lara shooting her mom thrall and finding out that yeah, the doppleganger listens to Natla and is going to kill us now, and that Natla lied and used Lara the same we she used Lara's dad. Natla's trying to bring about the end of the world and goes on her way to do that. The doppleganger is thwarted by Amanda who somehow lives and tells us to go finish Natla because "ending the world" wasn't part of her (Amanda's) plan. Upon arriving at the end of the game Lara has to platform her way around Natla's thralls and fireballs while making the world ending device unstable. After unstabilizing the device, Natla tries to save it but gets Mjolnir tossed at her head for her efforts. After taking Natla down, Lara goes to help Amanda while they try to figure our how to not die here. It's figured out by remembering what happened in Tomb Raider Legend and so Lara and Amanda pull the sword from the stone, sending them through the network and back to somewhere in the world, not sure where but I don't believe it's Bolivia. "The game ends" with Amanda and Lara going their separate ways and Excalibur staying in Lara's possession once again. - "The game ends" is what I WOULD say if I played this on any other platform, but for some reason the Xbox 360 exclusively got two post-story expansions. The first is Beneath the Ashes, which has Lara going back under the Manor (post explosion) and trying to recover an artifact that would, in theory, let Lara control the thralls much like Natla does. Fortunately, after finding the device she finds out that this works well indeed, as the doppleganger had showed up to finish the job before being converted under Lara's control and being sent to finish Natla. - The second expansion, Lara's Shadow has you playing as the doppleganger and it actually starts when Amanda yeets the doppleganger off of Lara before the final battle. The clone wakes up, beginning gameplay and it proceeds to look for Natla so it can help her cover. It finds her, helps her into a revitalization chamber and turns it on. Natla sends the clone off to finish Lara then finish itself (rude). The game then puts us at the end of the prior expansion where Lara gains control of the clone with the device she found under the Manor. In an extended version of that scene, Lara frees the clone of it being bound to servitude and requests that it "Make sure Natla suffers". It does. It heads back to the place where Natla is resting, destroys the machine, and without uttering a word, lets Natla drown as she struggles to comprehend why it won't obey anymore. It's REALLY messed up, all things considered. THAT is how the game ends, and the trilogy for that matter as the series would get rebooted again in 2013, kicking off the Survivor trilogy.
If you don't care about the story start here - Now that the story is out of the way, here's the "game parts" per game:
Legend - Easiest of the three, outside of some wonky physics the game is pretty functional and a heck of a good time. Favorite level is Japan. Even though it's by far the shortest, it's the most pleasing to me in the game. Collectibles were pretty fun to obtain as well. I didn't get em all but felt good about the ones I did find. Gunplay is also the most basic of the three but it's the one I like the most because Anniversary and Underworld just feel like they have gimmicks strapped on. A complaint many would have is how short and linear the game is. None of the levels really ever wrap around on themselves and some are legitimately just a straight line. It's an entertaining straight line, though.
Anniversary - Definitely the hardest of the three games, not in combat, just some of the platforming and timing windows are incredibly tight. I definitely struggled through some of the later sections, but I still enjoyed myself. This one definitely feels the most "Tomb Raider" because it's a remake. My main complaint are how many QTEs there are and me personally not being a fan of the Adrenaline Dodge. It felt incredibly inconsistent. This one I believe is a Backwards Compatibility issue but may be worth noting - on an Xbox One X, this game has a little strip of pixels in the bottom left corner of the screen. It goes away during cinematics but is otherwise there during gameplay and honestly looks like a dying GPU. It's not, fortunately, but it IS consistent enough of an issue that you can look up XBX gameplay videos of this particular game and see the pixels in the capture or even people in the comments saying, "Oh I see that you have the issue too". The only way I've "fixed" this is through HDMI Override on the Xbox and TV setting finicking to effectively zoom in just enough of the screen where those pixels are off view. Favorite section of the game was the Midas Palace, also enjoyed the visual of the Sphynx in Sanctuary of the Scion as well.
Underworld - My goodness, the camera is absolutely dreadful. It's almost like it's trying to be "stuck" to Lara so any time you're climbing you can see the camera jitter vertically a little bit. It also loses its mind in tight places, very nauseating. Gunplay is fine, you have all of the weapons from the start and swap through them on the PDA so Ammo is really never a problem. It also had an "Adrenaline" Mode that you built up rather than it being forced upon you, it One Hits literally anything so it's best to save it on "elites". Pretty handy at the end of the game but I definitely forgot about it for the first several hours. I didn't have a favorite level for this game, but I did appreciate how big some of the levels like Remnants/Bhogavati and The Unnamed Days/Xibalba are - visually a lot of them were very nice and I can tell "Next Gen" was a focus considering those open levels are absolutely littered with things like reacting foliage just to push it a little more. That being said while they looked nice, I didn't really love playing through them, especially when going through them too quickly shows pop-in issues. Last words are that I wish the DLCs weren't tied to the platform, they're honestly good stories and super fun puzzles for what they are, even if they are wrapped in Underworld's engine troubles.
Soooooooooooooooooo yeah, that's pretty much it - there's some top notch platforming and some really pretty levels marred in some annoying camera, hit detection and physics issues across all three titles. Still an absolutely worth it adventure if you don't mind when a game fights back a little :)
My ranking is: 1. Legend (Mostly for nostalgia) 2. Anniversary (if it weren't for my nostalgia, this would be #1) 3. Underworld (Idk, I didn't hate it but the Story/DLC and visuals are really all that game has going for me personally)
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2023.05.29 05:12 constigra Why is Yerevan so unflattering?

I love Armenia, I think it's one of the most beautiful countries in the world. But why is Yerevan so ugly? I mean seriously, it's a weird incohesive mix of old, decaying Soviet buildings, new modern apartment complexes, ugly little houses and strange compounds here and there. There is no cohesive look or architectural style. The vast majority of the Balkan countries are way poorer than Armenia in terms of GDP yet have cities that are way more beautiful. Another example is Tbilisi, I mean seriously it's so gorgeous I somehow feel proud to be Georgian when I walk through that city. But Yerevan is seriously hideous, it looks way more like a Middle Eastern or Indian city than a Caucasian one. Stepanakert is really beautiful and was built in 30 years by a government that is not even internationally recognized, yet the government of Yerevan has not done shit in these 30 years. Why is the Cascade still unfinished? Why have the Soviet houses and apartment blocks not been beautified? Why has Kond not been renovated? Why are there no NEW beautiful and grand museums, statues, and churches that show off our culture and folklore? There are so many cool concepts online of Kond restorations, new churches and monuments, statues, and corners of the city that could be built. Azerbaijan just finished a huge museum and cool mosques in Shusha. Tbilisi built an entire 'Old City' and also the Chronicles of Georgia monument I really like. Yet I cannot think of a single positive development in Yerevan in recent memory, just some new ugly apartments in the middle of a decaying Soviet jungle and some nightclubs.
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2023.05.29 05:12 throwawayaccount5096 Am I (25F) overreacting to my husband”s (29M) drinking or does he possibly have a drinking problem?

I am worried about my husband and his drinking. For context: I grew up in a Calvary Baptist community and no one really drinks, it’s just not in the culture. My mom had no alcohol in the house as she is a recovering alcoholic (I believe she just got her 30 year coin). She seems to think that drinking in general is not the best, so I didn’t grow up around alcohol because of church and my mom, but then I also got the message that alcohol was bad in general. I basically don’t know what a “healthy” amount of drinking is or if there even is a healthy amount. I’ve tried alcohol a few times and just realized it wasn’t my thing, plus I have fibromyalgia so it just messes with me in a way I don’t like.
My husband and I have been married for 9 months and together for a year and 8 months. I’ve known him for almost two years. When we first started dating, about 4 months in, he went out drinking on veteran’s day (he was in the marines for four years, so it’s a difficult day for him). I called him at midnight a couple of times out of concern and finally a paramedic ended up picking up his phone. He had stumbled and hit the back of his head (from being intoxicated). He refused to be taken to the hospital but when I got there, I made him go. Once he got on the stretcher, he started vomiting up everything he had eaten (tons and tons of Mac and cheese). At the hospital his parents were shocked and told me that this was so out of behavior for him. Since then (a year and a half ago), nothing like this has happened again, except for one time when I woke up in the middle of the night (2am) and he had fallen asleep on his knees with his upper body on the couch, passed out drunk. He likes whiskey, but he drinks his glass slowly, and drinks maybe once a week, along with a full can of soda.
A couple of weeks ago he went out with some friends from school (he’s going to school to become a respiratory therapist in an accelerated program that is 16 months long). He was about 45 minutes away. He came home at 2am. I know he was drinking, but I trusted him to make sure he didn’t drink anything an hour before he left as we had both agreed when we first started drinking that driving while intoxicated wasn’t ok. Today he told me might go out again, and I asked to come as even though it’s not my scene (I go to bed at 10, and I don’t really drink), I would love to hang out for a bit and bring my own car so I could go home when I’d like. He kept telling me that I wasn’t going to like it, but I knew he was just saying that because he didn’t want me to go. I asked him why and he finally told me over text that he didn’t want me to kill the vibe by me telling him he didn’t need another drink (I often nag him when he drinks, as again I don’t know what’s normal or healthy so I don’t really like him drinking in general-he’s also got heart issues and has COPD and takes lots of meds so there’s that too).
My mom brought up the point that he could be possibly driving home drunk so I asked him when I got him if his blood alcohol was low enough to drive home last time he went out and he told me he just “goes by how he feels”. He told me that last time he had about 4-5 shots within a 4 hour period, and that he didn’t drive home drunk. When I bring it up, he acts like I’m being crazy. His mom drinks and then drives (but never when she takes care of her grandson 🙄) and I suspect she may have a bit of an alcohol problem as she’s usually drinking when I see her and when she comes over my husband makes her a drink.
He has been stressed out lately as he is doing the accelerated program and working full time and he does have other outlets such as playing the guitar or video games.
TLDR; does my husband have a drinking problem or was I just raised by a recovering alcoholic in a conservative community
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2023.05.29 05:12 ComeAgainSir Help with Matching a Class to my Concept

Hey guys,
Old character is dead, time to make a new character.
My party consists of an eldritch knight, a war cleric, a moon druid and a wild magic sorcerer, so a pretty casting heavy group.
I came up with a character concept first instead of its mechanical part, and I want to find a class that makes sense with the concept as well as one that fits the party.
Here’s the concept: a NG bumpkin halfling who comes from a big family of simple, rather poor halflings. He’s very brave and optimistic, also quite young and naive, and his hook into the party is that they’ll meet on a ship going into battle. He has joined the army with the promise that if he dies in battle, his family will get a big sum of money. Thus, he has come onto the ship and into the battle with the intent of perishing in order to help his family.
Is not an inventive concept by any means, but it’s one that I could fall in love with and have fun role playing. Now onto the question: what class would fit this concept the best?
My first idea was a hexblade, however my original concept was for him to have a polearm (I’d ask to reskin it as a scythe) and he would get disadvantage in using it, which is a shame since I love the visual of this small dude with a weapon that is much longer than he is tall.
Then I thought of a ranger, perhaps a swarm keeper? Problem here is that my party having a Druid and a cleric already, I don’t think we need another WIS based character.
Then I thought of rogues, particularly the soulblade or the scout. I really like both ideas, specially soulblade, since we’re playing in Eberron in a campaign full of psionics. The only problem is that I don’t know where his “powers” could have come from, since I don’t think he’ll have attended much training of any sort.
What do you guys think? Again, feel free to suggest any ideas that seem fitting and cool!
Thank you~
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2023.05.29 05:11 gungalo16 26 [M4F] Looking for an actual consistent friend with benefit (fwb)

Hi there! I moved here almost four years ago and have mostly worked remotely ever since. I'd love to meet someone I could hang out and try new things with, just chill and talk to about life, mindlessly go shopping with, and so on; someone that'd enjoy being close friends as well as taking care of one another, physically hence the fwb part. I'm white, 6ft 1 and weigh 170. I also have blonde hair and blue eyes. I dont have a preference for body type.
Location: I'm in North Austin/Cedar Park but am willing to drive a reasonable distance or meet in the middle if we want to do something. Even if you don't think you'd be into my hobbies or what I've talked about, feel free to reach out via chat message if I seem alright to you.
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2023.05.29 05:11 Mother_Chipmunk_700 27 [M4F] TN/US/CST-Is it too soon to start our journey?

I am a work in progress. But I still think I’m ready for a loving relationship. I want to start the journey with my person.
I’m 27 years old and I have a fairly significant physical disability, cerebral palsy. That basically means that I need help with almost everything, from bathing, dressing, all that good stuff like that. I’ve had a couple other setbacks as well that have prevented me from really pursuing independence, but I’m starting that journey now in earnest. This might be TMI but I’m setting up a meeting with my parents so we can discuss a roadmap to maximum independence.
Having a disability has made it hard to “find myself.”I have a few major interests, namely politics, geography, and history. But I’m looking for more hobbies. I’ll be completely honest. It’s tough to develop your own identity when you rely someone else’s help That said, I do have a great passion for learning. Wikipedia is my favorite website in the world and I just love knowing a little bit about a lot of things.
As for TV, I like stand-up comedy, Saturday Night Live, Futurama, Ted Lasso. On the dramatic side, I like Breaking Bad Better Call Saul, Severance, stuff like that.
And I absolutely love music. I know that sounds generic but I literally have my headphones on for the majority of my date. It’s hard to talk about favorite artist or genres because I’m the type of person to find a song on spotify and play it over and over and over. Sometimes it is here a certain song, no matter the genre, and it just grabs me. In fact, I find it easier to communicate my feelings through song lyrics most of the time.
Now, for what I’m really passionate about, politics. I am a committed progressive/social democrat. Basically, I believe every human should be free to live how they wish, so long as they don’t harm others or themselves. This means I believe deeply in women’s rights and LGBTQ+ rights. I also believe that America, as a wealthy nation, has the resources to take care of its citizens. I believe in free enterprise, but I also believe that the government should create conditions which allow people to pursue full and fulfilling lives. This means support for a living wage, healthcare as a right, paid time off as a guarantee for every worker.
I’ve always felt this way but my philosophy really came together this past summer. My family and I were lucky enough to go on a trip to Ireland last July. We got to stay in a really nice hotel. Pretty much every room in the hotel had a view of this small lake. I don’t know what it was about that particular lake, but I couldn’t stop looking at it. I felt a sense of calm and contentment that I had never really felt before. And that's when I knew that everyone should be able to have the same feeling I had. At least a couple days a year where people can just relax, relatively free of worry. That’s what I want to fight for
Getting back to personal stuff. I also like to meet a girl and take her back to that hotel and share that sense of calm with her. Now, I am 5’7” tall and I am relatively heavy. I have a plan to lose some weight but it is difficult as someone who is relatively sedentary.
I am looking for a close and affectionate relationship. My disability has meant that I have had very little intimate contact of any kind. So I would like someone who is open-minded with a relatively high sex drive. I should say though. Due to disability reasons I may need a little blue pill. We can cross that bridge when we come to it though. I haven’t really experimented with it, but I am kink inclined. What that exactly means, I’m not sure yet.
I don’t really have any strict standards. All I ask is that you are between 20 and 35, single and willing to meet me relatively soon in Nashville, Tennessee.. I know I’m a work in progress. It’s going to take a where I’m going but I have a lot of love to give and I feel like I’m ready to give that to someone, at least.
Apologies for typos. They are pretty hard to avoid when using a dictation software.
As long as this is up, I am open to replies.
Face pic available upon request.
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2023.05.29 05:11 thislittlecowpoke 36 Looking for long-term friends. Up for another sleepless night.

Hello all. I will keep it short because I know a lot of people don't like reading walls of text.
I struggle with social anxiety and it's hard to make friends in real life. I've always preferred text chatting to voice chatting. I am looking to make some internet friends, as I've met some really cool people on reddit before.
Some of my hobbies are anime, retro gaming, comics, music, movies, and probably more stuff I can't think of! I'd love to hear about your hobbies and interests.
Feel free to send me a message.
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2023.05.29 05:10 VAMPPUGQUEENXXYT To mrtechnodad.

Hello, my name is madds, and I’m autistic, I’ve loved techno since early on, I never really talked about him, but I want to say this: he was and is still a huge inspiration to me, I looked up to him, I always dreamed I would be just like him, and I wished that I could’ve possibly met him.. I share a birthday with him, and as soon as I heard the news of his death I broke down, he was like one of the things that were holding me together since my grandparents death(one is as recent as the 26th of this month) I wanted to say: thank you, for doing all this to spread awareness of sarcoma and cancer, my grandmother died of it in 2020, and another survived it and has been cancer free for a while now, I hope you and your family prosper in the future days and hope things go well in your future, mr technodad. Thank you again!
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2023.05.29 05:10 chemistryofacarcrash Us….

"No piece of art has ever emotionally affected me the way this robot arm piece has. It's programmed to try to contain the hydraulic fluid that’s constantly leaking out and required to keep itself running...if too much escapes, it will die so it's desperately trying to pull it back to continue to fight for another day. Saddest part is they gave the robot the ability to do these 'happy dances' to spectators. When the project was first launched it danced around spending most of its time interacting with the crowd since it could quickly pull back the small spillage. Many years later... (as you see it now in the video) it looks tired and hopeless as there isn't enough time to dance anymore.. It now only has enough time to try to keep itself alive as the amount of leaked hydraulic fluid became unmanageable as the spill grew over time. Living its last days in a never-ending cycle between sustaining life and simultaneously bleeding out... (Figuratively and literally as its hydraulic fluid was purposefully made to look like it's actual blood). "The robot arm finally ran out of hydraulic fluid in 2019, slowly came to a halt and died - And I am now tearing up over a friggin robot arm 😭 It was programmed to live out this fate and no matter what it did or how hard it tried, there was no escaping it. Spectators watched as it slowly bled out until the day that it ceased to move forever. Saying that 'this resonates' doesn't even do it justice imo. Created by Sun Yuan & Peng Yu, they named the piece, 'Can't Help Myself'. What a masterpiece. What a message." Extended interpretations: the hydraulic fluid in relation to how we kill ourselves both mentally and physically for money just in an attempt to sustain life, how the system is set up for us to fail on purpose to essentially enslave us and to steal the best years of our lives to play the game that the richest people of the world have designed. How this robs us of our happiness, passion and our inner peace. How we are slowly drowning with more responsibilities, with more expected of us, less rewarding pay-offs and less free time to enjoy ourselves with as the years go by. How there's really no escaping the system and that we were destined at birth to follow a pretty specific path that was already laid out before us. How we can give and give and give and how easily we can be forgotten after we've gone.. How we are loved and respected when we are valuable, then one day we aren't any longer and we become a burden...and how our young, free-caring spirit gets stolen from us as we get churned out of the broken system that we are trapped inside of. Can also be seen to represent the human life cycle and the fact that none of us make it out of this world alive. But also can act as a reminder to allow yourself to heal, rest and love with all of your heart. That the endless chase for 'more' isn't necessary in finding your own inner happiness.” - James Kricked Parr
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2023.05.29 05:09 tonytheshark Unexpected/Spontaneous feline aggression toward owner

TL;DR version up front:
Our cat (5, male, neutered, indoors only) has viciously attacked my wife twice and shown signs of aggression several other times in the past two months. We believe the reason is due to a brief fight with an outdoor cat that got inside (no injuries). He only attacks when she picks up one of our other cats around him, maybe confusing who she's holding for a foreign cat, and he attacks HER, not the other cat. He has reacted strangely/aggressively(?) when I myself have done the same, so it's not her in particular.
He has no other behavioral or health problems. He does not show aggression when he sees cats through the window outside. He is an amazing, sweet and loving cat outside of these handful of incidents that we are trying to make sense of. (All of our cats get along fine with each other btw)
Does anyone have any experience with a feline behaviorist? What was the experience like, what to expect? Any recommendations in central Texas? Or any online resources for treating redirected aggression?
Detailed version:
My wife and I share a house with our four cats: six-month-old female kittens Mimi and Melon, and adults Marco (5yrs, neutered, indoors only) and Mau (4yrs, neutered, indoors only). A couple of months ago, neighborhood cat Kiki invaded our home, triggering a fight with Marco. This was Marco's first violent encounter, leading to an immediate burst of displaced aggression towards my wife. (Incident #1, two months ago) He had never had any experience remotely similar to this for his entire life leading up to this.
After Incident #1, Marco returned to his usual loving demeanor. A little later, Melon and Mimi were isolated upstairs post-Melon's spaying surgery (Mimi was locked up with Melon to keep her company). After about a week of isolation, Mimi unexpectedly emerged downstairs, surprising Marco in the same location where his skirmish with Kiki had occurred. This surprising encounter rekindled Marco's aggressive behavior, resulting in him attacking my wife as she quickly picked up Mimi in order to return her to her room. (Incident #2, one month ago)
Though Marco's behavior returned to normal for a while after Incident #2, he attacked my wife again today when she bent down to pick up Mau. (Incident #3)
Our only theory so far is that Incident #1 might have left an emotional imprint on Marco, causing him to associate the location where it happened with the feeling of aggression. Incident #2 overlapped enough with Incident #1 (same location, and a similar experience of seeing a cat he did not expect) to not only trigger aggression, but to also expand his triggers to include certain stimuli from Incident #2 (like picking up another cat in front of him).
Several hours after Incident #3 today, I picked up Mau in front of Marco to test Marco’s response. Marco did not attack me, but he did meow in a strange (maybe tense?) way. It was a strange meow that we basically never hear from him. To us, this supports the hypothesis that seeing another cat being picked up, is likely indeed one of Marco’s triggers. (We assumed we probably pick the cats up in front of the other cats all the time, but it turns out maybe not)
This is just a theory of course, as we are not experts. If anyone has any other ideas about what could be going on here, we’d love to hear from you.
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2023.05.29 05:07 LilyCheesecake (MI) entering without permission misdemeanor

This is a long and complicated story but basically last year, my ex was arrested for DV. It was pretty cut and dry but I wrote a letter supporting him and then didn't show up to court since I was never subpoenaed and it was dismissed and reopened. Over the meantime, we tried getting back together and it was better. The case being reopened was tough on us and eventually it led to him breaking no contact and getting caught when the cops found out - the judge increased his bond and he was stuck in jail for 2 weeks and forced to take a plea bargain (which admittedly was pretty good - reduction and one charge dismissed). He suspected I influenced the jail thing and silently left me and that led to me spiraling since I caught him on social media on a date with another girl and before jail we were together. It was not ok but I just started behaving crazy.
During this time there was a night I was struggling with my mental health from the prolonged case and trauma and went to his place. I knew there was a no contact but I missed him and was scared of being alone. I figured he might talk to me but he got super scared that he'd get caught with me again and called the cops to protect himself. I shouldn't have done this but I walked right in, like I was used to doing from our relationship. I ran out and started driving away and the cops cornered me.
So the first thing is, they thought I was the one violating no contact and when they realized they softened. They tried to look through my phone and I said no - then they asked me to sit in the back of the cop car with no phone but without arresting me. I was scared shitless. Finally they let me out and told me they weren't charging me with anything as my ex didn't want to press charges on me for trespassing and even said he didn't consider me to be trespassing, he just didnt want to violate no contact. But they yelled at me and told me I invaded someone's home. Maybe I shouldn't have done this but I responded back saying we were dating as of 2.5 weeks ago, so I thought I was still welcome there. And then I left, they said I'm free to go but then referred me to a social worker since I was dealing with mental health struggles.
Last week my ex got sentenced. He's in jail currently and our no contact has been lifted. So we have talked a bit. In court, the judge was aware of the situation from the night I was at his house and warned his lawyer and the prosecutor that pressing charges on me could be seen as retribution. My ex said he had no interest in that and that he wanted the DV case fully done and anything related to it including this.
Today I look at the mail and I find a court summons dated 3 weeks ago (e.g. well before the sentencing for my ex), saying they are charging me with a misdemeanor for entering without permission. I've confirmed with my ex that he openly didnt want to press charges on me and he even refused to write a police report. This is scary for me!! The punishment max for this is equal to DV, and it's ridiculous when I didn't do anything along the same level. And I'm so angry and sad that the prosecutor would press charges on a victim from an open DV case with the same people involved. I've never been in criminal trouble ever in my life and I could lose my dream job over it.
What do I do?!?! Is there a chance they will dismiss it if my ex talks to the prosecutor and insists he won't help them with the case and doesn't want me in trouble? Also what about the factor that I'm a victim of convicted DV? How could they do this after referring me to mental health resources? This is all so surreal and ridiculous.
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2023.05.29 05:07 leann-crimes any 14b girls in wellington want some free bras, got some push-ups from bendon but too roomy and they aren't accepting returns on online orders

nuff said. they are - navy and black nina push up plunge bra and black my fit laser scallop lace graduated push-up plunge bra. a my fit lace graduated push up plunge bra in red is also on its way and presumably will not fit either. not worn just tried on once. hmu if this is your size
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2023.05.29 05:07 Physical_Garden8640 ancient friendship feeling inadequate

i've had this one friend "K" since sixth grade and we have stayed close ever since (going into junior year now). we were always close but became a lot closer freshmen year once i moved back to my hometown. however, she has always annoyed me somewhat. she's very codependent and becomes condescending and cold when you don't give the attention that she craves. it got to a point once when she got mad at me for calling my brother to play a game instead of being free for her to call (we had no plans to). she's also very self centered. for example: she will listen to my problem or event for a minute and then go right back to her own thing. she's also chronically negative about everything. she has a lot of opportunities handed to her yet when they happen she complains about the little things. while this all seems like obviously negative attributes she's not always awful. i think she truly wants to be a good friend and i really do believe she cares about me. she's always complimenting me and saying how much she loves me (and in a more toxic matter says how much she misses me if i don't reply in an hour). so i feel awful considering her "toxic" when she's done so much positive for me - or tries to. i've gotten a new friend group recently with people who give me energy and meaning in life - i'm truly happy for once and it's given me some perspective on friendships. my friendship with K doesn't fulfill me - it drains me so much. i just don't understand what to do.. maybe i'm sabotaging myself and she's really not that toxic. or maybe i feel too bad distancing myself so i make myself believe that she's a good influence on my life. can anyone tell me if i'm being dramatic or if im completely valid in my negative feelings.
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