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2023.06.08 10:50 AutoModerator Biahezas Dropshipping (Course)

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2023.06.08 10:50 safcodes_llc Magento Web Agency in Dubai

Looking for a Magento web development company in Dubai? Magento is a powerful eCommerce platform that offers numerous benefits for businesses looking to build and manage their online stores.
Magento is a open-source highly scalable platform that can support small businesses with a few products to large enterprises with thousands of products and high traffic volumes. It all comes down to what you require and what your needs are.
Safcodes is a Dubai based Magento development agency specializing in website design, development, and customization. Being leading Magento development company in Dubai, we listen to our customers and tailor our Magento web development services to meet their specific business demands. Setting up a Magento store can be challenging, but our experienced developers in Dubai have you covered. Our developers are always up-to-date on Magento's latest capabilities since we invest in their education. Both Magento 1. X and Magento 2. X is within the capabilities of our developers.
Join us today to discuss your project and to learn more about the services and how they can help your business succeed online. Let us transform your digital presence into a success story with Safcodes.
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2023.06.08 10:50 Forsaken-Ad-6379 #दहेज_मुक्त_विवाह संत रामपाल जी महाराज नहीं चाहते कि किसी बहन - बेटी की हत्या दहेज के कारण हो । इसलिए उनके सानिध्य में बिना कुछ लेन देन किए हजारों दहेज मुक्त 'शादियां की गई। जिनसे प्रेरणा लेकर समाज तेजी से उनका अनुसरण कर रहा है। Marriage In 17 Minutes ➡️🏮 PlayStore से Install करें :- "Sant Ramp

#दहेज_मुक्त_विवाह संत रामपाल जी महाराज नहीं चाहते कि किसी बहन - बेटी की हत्या दहेज के कारण हो । इसलिए उनके सानिध्य में बिना कुछ लेन देन किए हजारों दहेज मुक्त 'शादियां की गई। जिनसे प्रेरणा लेकर समाज तेजी से उनका अनुसरण कर रहा है। Marriage In 17 Minutes ➡️🏮 PlayStore से Install करें :- submitted by Forsaken-Ad-6379 to u/Forsaken-Ad-6379 [link] [comments]

2023.06.08 10:48 SpaceCadet1718 Toy recommendation!

Toy recommendation!
Personally, my little guy LOVES this thing!! It’s a bit small, but my boy is a chunky one and he still fit nicely and had wiggle room. It sounds like a plastic bag, with none of the dangers! I think that’s why he likes it so much.
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2023.06.08 10:48 quantamofficial Jobsite Timelapse Monitoring

Time-lapse monitoring provides a comprehensive visual record of the entire construction process, allowing project stakeholders to track the progress, identify bottlenecks, and evaluate the efficiency of the construction activities. It can also be used for documentation purposes, project management, marketing, and promotional activities.
Here are some key aspects of job site time-lapse monitoring:
  1. Camera setup: Cameras are strategically positioned to capture different angles and perspectives of the construction site. They are usually mounted on a stable platform or tripod to ensure consistent framing and stability throughout the project.
  2. Interval settings: The interval between each captured frame can be adjusted based on the project's duration and the desired level of detail. Shorter intervals provide more frequent updates but require more storage space, while longer intervals offer a broader overview of progress but may miss finer details.
  3. Image storage and processing: The captured images or footage are stored in a dedicated storage device, such as a hard drive or cloud-based storage. They can be processed and compiled into a time-lapse video, which condenses hours, days, or months of construction activity into a shorter, visually engaging format.
  4. Monitoring and analysis: Project stakeholders, including contractors, architects, project managers, and investors, can monitor the time-lapse footage to gain insights into the project's progress. It helps them identify any delays, evaluate construction methods, and make informed decisions based on visual evidence.
  5. Reporting and communication: Time-lapse videos and images can be used for progress reports, presentations, and communication with clients, investors, and other project stakeholders. They provide a clear visual representation of the project's evolution and enhance transparency and understanding.
Overall, job site time-lapse monitoring is a valuable tool for construction projects, offering a unique perspective and documenting the progress in a visually engaging manner. It enhances project management, communication, and marketing efforts while providing a comprehensive record of the construction process.
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2023.06.08 10:47 kokuluayak It feels like I know what this is but I dont

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2023.06.08 10:44 AidVnDoesReddit Is “Notion Mastery - Notion Training Course By Marie Poulin” beneficial for beginners?

Discover the transformative power of Notion, the all-in-one productivity tool, with Notion Mastery - Notion Training Course By Marie Poulin. In this comprehensive course, Marie Poulin, a renowned expert in productivity and Notion, guides you through mastering Notion's capabilities to optimize your personal and professional life.
Notion Mastery is designed to empower you with the knowledge and skills needed to harness the full potential of Notion. Marie Poulin shares her expert insights and practical strategies, enabling you to create customized workflows, streamline collaboration, and boost your productivity.
Whether you're a student, entrepreneur, or professional, Notion Mastery equips you with the tools to effectively manage tasks, projects, and information, all within a single intuitive platform. From organizing your personal life to optimizing team workflows, Notion becomes your productivity sanctuary.
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Notion Mastery empowers you to:
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  2. Automate repetitive tasks and enhance your efficiency.
  3. Collaborate seamlessly with teams and streamline communication.
  4. Build a centralized knowledge hub for storing and accessing information.
  5. Develop a personalized productivity system that works for you.
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2023.06.08 10:43 widepeepohapy Any news concerning Phantom Blade: Executioners ?

Latest cbt was in mid 2022, so far we had absolutely no news about the game which is a pity. It looks amazing, arts look nice and there is pvp which I find to be a requirement for evey single gacha especially concerning end game content. There is a steam page for the game : but absolutely no news or any release date apart from "fall 2023" which I doubt is true. If the project is dead they should just announce it because it seems DOA to me if it evers comes online.
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2023.06.08 10:43 i_am_fran Some notes on Reminders (2023) vs Things 3

Some notes on Reminders (2023) vs Things 3
Since iOS 17 and MacOS Sonoma are out, I decided to try and move to Reminders (in combination with Notes) for my work related tasks and notes.
Here on Reddit I saw quite a few people that are thinking about switching, so I decided to write down a list of some opinions and things I noticed.
Your situation might be different from mine, and there is a lot of stuff that I don't need in Reminders, so keep that in mind when reading this. Some of these features might actually be really useful for you.


Reminders, keeps improving (even if with just one update per year) but Things is still a much better task manager.
Apart from the workflow that Things “forces” you into, there are a lot of small or big issues in Reminders that you can’t always solve with a workaround.
And, even if you solve those, Things smooth UX and simple UI are still the best you can find in the App Store.

My setup

Here a screenshot of my setup. Please note that it's not Sonoma, since it's from my work device.

The big things

  • Projects: Since Lists in Reminders can’t be completed they shouldn’t be used as projects. My solution is to create a task (project) with subtasks (action items).A few problems with this:
    • Subtasks can’t have their own subtasks, which is quite limiting when handling large projects.
    • Smart Lists don’t have a way to filters parent tasks (I’m trying to add a Project tag to these items, but it’s a bit of manual work that I’d like to avoid).
    • Also, this makes the List Template feature, in my opinion, basically useless.
  • Start Date and Deadline: While Reminders added a Remind earlier feature, this is not comparable with what Things offers.A task with a deadline, in Reminders, will still appear only on that day when the deadline is set.
  • Tasks hierarchy: When adding a subtask to Today, for example, it’s impossible to navigate back from it to its parent task. This is extremely frustrating.

The small things

  • Workflow: Things 3 is designed around the GTD workflow and, once you get used to it, it’s really difficult to move away from it. Sure, you can use work-arounds in Reminders, but it’s not going to be as smooth.Currently I do this:
    • For the Inbox, I created
    • For Someday items, I created a tag that I can quickly access from the sidebar
    • For Anytime items, I created a smart folder, which filters all items that are not tagged with Waiting and don’t have a date assigned to them.
    • For Next actions, I use the flag option (this is almost the same as in Things, where I would use a tag).
    • It's nice that you can also recreate Things shortcuts to Inbox, Today, etc. by pinning these items in the sidebar.
    • As mentioned before, you can’t mark a List as completed and, also, you can’t mark a task as Canceled.
  • Quick Entry: While you can create a shortcut for this, it’s still not as good as with Things.
  • Group Today by time: In Reminders, it’s possible to automatically split Today’s view in three sections (Morning, Afternoon, Evening). When I realised these automatically set a reminder for a specific time of day, I quickly disabled it.
  • Badge Count: I strongly believe you should avoid being stressed by the apps you use, which is why I love Things feature of only show a badge count for items with a Deadline for today. In Reminders this is not possible.
  • Editing an item: Even if Reminders offers recognition of dates and tags (still, not as good as Todoist), learning a few keyboard shortcuts in Things offers a lot more power to quickly edit your tasks.

The extra things

  • Same as with Things, you can drag and drop items to the Calendar app, which is great for time blocking.
  • Headers in lists allows you to split areas in sections, which is missing in Things. But since I can’t split down projects (as they are tasks with subtasks) this is less useful than headers in projects as Things has.
  • Smart Lists are a nice addition but for now I just recreated what we have in Things. I guess they would be essential if you try and fit both your personal and work related tasks in it, but I like to keep things separate.
  • It’s nice to have a dedicated URL field that appears in the main view for you to quickly jump into things.
  • Sharing something with Reminders automatically creates a link to that item (displayed with an the app’s icon in the reminder) which is nice.
  • I try not to use Priorities since I don’t want to spend too much time thinking “Hey, is this a P1, or a P2?”. Sometimes I give a task a P1 if it’s extremely urgent but I think a flag would be enough (but I already use that for Next actions.
  • Having used it only for a short time, I haven’t tried Kanban views yet, but I doubt I am going to use them much. It would be nice to use them when working on a big project but, since I don’t use Lists for that, it’s not going to be as useful.
  • The new Groceries Smart List is a nice addition but it’s clearly not something worth moving over for.
  • Same as for Things, Reminders doesn’t work with Focus modes, which looks like a missed opportunity.
  • I don’t use Location based reminders, Shared lists, or Remind me when messaging a person, so I don’t have anything to share about those.
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2023.06.08 10:43 quagmirecentral [US-NY] [H] Paypal [W] Bulk, Paying 12 per 1000 commons, 14 per 1000 rares, 65 per 1000 holos

The bulk has to be lightly played to near mint condition (English only). I do buy in quantities less than 1000, the payment proportion stays the same. I cover fees you cover shipping.
The most cost efficient way of shipping cards is by packing it into a Large Priority Mail Flat Rate from the United States post office. Using this method you are able to ship 7500 cards at a cost of around $22. (
Some local post offices have them out so you can just grab them(they are free to take and use, you pay the shipping cost when you actually ship out the item).
Thanks for looking.
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2023.06.08 10:43 7DAYSBOX The Hidden Costs of Clutter

Clutter affects the aesthetics of our living spaces and has a significant financial impact on our lives. From storage expenses to lost opportunities for effective use of space, the hidden costs of clutter can add up over time. A San Jose junk removal service can help you to clear out. Alternatively arrange a San Jose rental dumpster and clear out your own clutter.
Let’s delve into the costs of clutter.
Storage Expenses: The Price of Accumulation
One of the most obvious costs of not clearing out what is no longer needed is the cost of storage. Whether you rent storage units or invest in closets and cabinets to house the things you rarely use, they all cost money. Take a closer look at the items you're storing and evaluate their true value. Consider selling, donating, or recycling items that no longer serve a purpose.
Missed Money-Making Opportunities
Clutter can obstruct potential money-making opportunities. You may forget valuable items buried in piles of clutter. They may become damaged over time. When you regularly clear your clutter, you’ll identify valuable possessions. Even if they have no value for you, they may have value for someone else. Create space for new ideas and even rental income when you hire out spare rooms or storage space.
Clutter's Impact on Property Worth
Clutter has a negative effect on property value. Prospective buyers want to imagine themselves in a clean, organized space, free from distractions. Cluttered rooms can make spaces appear smaller and detract from the property’s appeal. Investing time and effort in decluttering and staging your home can significantly increase its market value and attract potential buyers.
Home Maintenance
Blocked HVAC systems, obstructed vents, or water damage concealed beneath piles of clutter can lead to more extensive and expensive repairs. Keep your living spaces clear and organized and you can easily access and maintain essential systems and ensure that issues are promptly addressed promptly, saving you money on delayed repairs.
Poor Use of Space
Clutter consumes valuable space, preventing you from fully enjoying your home. Unused rooms become storage areas rather than functional living spaces, leading to a missed opportunity to maximize your property's potential. When you clear up you can create extra living space, for a home office, or even a rental unit.
The Intangible Costs of Clutter
An overwhelming environment can increase stress levels, decrease focus, and hinder our ability to work efficiently.
Call us at 7 Day Box to rent a San Jose dumpster or use our San Jose junk removal service and start to clear the clutter today.
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2023.06.08 10:42 SirMaxie Opinion on this pack? I dont quite understand it

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2023.06.08 10:42 Teefee1 My sister is convinced that I am a dark autumn. But now I can’t decide if I’m either true or dark. What do you think?

My sister is convinced that I am a dark autumn. But now I can’t decide if I’m either true or dark. What do you think?
Hey guys! I previously settled on the idea of being in between true and dark autumn, but my sister believes that I am a dark autumn only. So I finally took a bunch of pictures today with me in different colors. I also went to a store to do some drapes with my sister lol. What are your thoughts? Am I a true or dark autumn?
Here’s my old Reddit post btw where I asked this question, but only showed two drapes:
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2023.06.08 10:42 Nutmeg_Riot45 [REQUEST][STEAM] DRAGON BALL Z: KAKAROT(ON SALE)

Hey GOG, first timer here, never actually done this, so kindly excuse any mistakes from my side. So, to start off, I've been the biggest DBZ fan since childhood man, i remember just seeing episodes of the Cell Saga or the Majin Buu Saga, while eating Mac N' Cheese. Even the filler episodes made my day after a long day at school. I remember starting out the original Dragon Ball show when I was 6 years old, not knowing what I was getting myself into, but i watched it nonetheless alongside my brother. And boy oh boy, my expectations were blown out of the water. After DB, I started with the well known sequel show Dragon Ball Z, and that's how I fell in love with the show. Sure, it might have it's flaws(the endless power creeping or the screaming), but I love it nonetheless. I even watched all the spin-off movies released, good or bad, just due to my love for the show. Even Dragon Ball Super and the subsequent movies after that captured my attention, and I love the franchise to death. I haven't ever got the chance to play a DBZ game, be it Xenoverse 1 or 2, FighterZ, etc. I just saw that DBZ: Kakarot has a massive discount right now(75% off) though, although I unfortunately myself cannot purchase it(I won't be allowed to do so, as much as I would like to). Of course, I understand if my request isn't fulfilled, but I'll try with this post nevertheless, trying to maintain hope! This anime means alot to me, and getting to play a game based on the story would bring back many childhood memories!!
My profile-
The Store page-
Hopefully someone fulfills it!!
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2023.06.08 10:42 avolodin PS4 Pro data corrupted even after drive replacement

Hi everyone!
I have a PS4 Pro that I bought in early 2020. A few days ago it started complaining about games being corrupted and asking to reinstall them. Reinstallation didn't help, neither did database rebuild.
So as a last resort I bought a 1Tb SSD and switched the original HDD with it. I reinstalled the OS, logged in PS Store, and downloaded a game. It launched fine, but a few minutes in, somewhere at the character customization menu of Escapists 2, the same data corruption error appeared.
As a side note, I also failed to import save games from a USB drive (it exported ok, and I can see the folder and files from my PC). No idea if it's connected or not.
Any thoughts on what could be the issue and how should I address it?
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2023.06.08 10:42 Smolc6 Yarn

Anyone tried buying yarn from amazon and is it good for working with ? New to this so I rather ask then buy shit stuff 😅
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2023.06.08 10:41 Alliejam1 ACIM WORKBOOK LESSON 159

LESSON 159. I give the miracles I have received.
No one can give what he has not received. To give a thing requires first you have it in your own possession. Here the laws of Heaven and the world agree. But here they also separate. The world believes that to possess a thing, it must be kept. Salvation teaches otherwise. To give is how to recognize you have received. It is the proof that what you have is yours. You understand that you are healed when you give healing. You accept forgiveness as accomplished in yourself when you forgive. You recognize your brother as yourself, and thus do you perceive that you are whole. There is no miracle you cannot give, for all are given you. Receive them now by opening the storehouse of your mind where they are laid, and giving them away.
Christ’s vision is a miracle. It comes from far beyond itself, for it reflects eternal love and the rebirth of love which never dies, but has been kept obscure. Christ’s vision pictures Heaven, for it sees a world so like to Heaven that what God created perfect can be mirrored there. The darkened glass the world presents can show but twisted images in broken parts. The real world pictures Heaven’s innocence.
Christ’s vision is the miracle in which all miracles are born. It is their source, remaining with each miracle you give, and yet remaining yours. It is the bond by which the giver and receiver are united in extension here on earth, as they are one in Heaven. Christ beholds no sin in anyone. And in His sight the sinless are as one. Their holiness was given by His Father and Himself.
Christ’s vision is the bridge between the worlds. And in its power can you safely trust to carry you from this world into one made holy by forgiveness. Things which seem quite solid here are merely shadows there; transparent, faintly seen, at times forgot, and never able to obscure the light that shines beyond them. Holiness has been restored to vision, and the blind can see.
This is the Holy Spirit’s single gift; the treasure house to which you can appeal with perfect certainty for all the things that can contribute to your happiness. All are laid here already. All can be received but for the asking. Here the door is never locked, and no one is denied his least request or his most urgent need. There is no sickness not already healed, no lack unsatisfied, no need unmet within this golden treasury of Christ.
Here does the world remember what was lost when it was made. For here it is repaired, made new again, but in a different light. What was to be the home of sin becomes the center of redemption and the hearth of mercy, where the suffering are healed and welcome. No one will be turned away from this new home, where his salvation waits. No one is stranger to him. No one asks for anything of him except the gift of his acceptance of his welcoming.
Christ’s vision is the holy ground in which the lilies of forgiveness set their roots. This is their home. They can be brought from here back to the world, but they can never grow in its unnourishing and shallow soil. They need the light and warmth and kindly care Christ’s charity provides. They need the love with which He looks on them. And they become His messengers, who give as they received.
Take from His storehouse, that its treasures may increase. His lilies do not leave their home when they are carried back into the world. Their roots remain. They do not leave their source, but carry its beneficence with them, and turn the world into a garden like the one they came from, and to which they go again with added fragrance. Now are they twice blessed. The messages they brought from Christ have been delivered, and returned to them. And they return them gladly unto Him.
Behold the store of miracles set out for you to give. Are you not worth the gift, when God appointed it be given you? Judge not God’s Son, but follow in the way He has established. Christ has dreamed the dream of a forgiven world. It is His gift, whereby a sweet transition can be made from death to life; from hopelessness to hope. Let us an instant dream with Him. His dream awakens us to truth. His vision gives the means for a return to our unlost and everlasting sanctity in God.
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2023.06.08 10:41 grozeo 🌐 Go digital with Grozeo and expand your business reach! 🚀 Now, listing your store online has never been easier. Join our all-in-one platform and unlock endless possibilities for your retail business. 🛒💻

🌐 Go digital with Grozeo and expand your business reach! 🚀 Now, listing your store online has never been easier. Join our all-in-one platform and unlock endless possibilities for your retail business. 🛒💻 submitted by grozeo to u/grozeo [link] [comments]

2023.06.08 10:41 Beneficial-Bet512 Best way to store large amounts of data

Hello, so i got a new role at a warehouse and been there for a month now. I'm there Management information guy but still fairly new to the role so thought id ask for best way to store data.
For internal information the warehouse stores they save it all in excel but i noticed there excel sheets used are hard to use because there in such a weird form and i believe they will want me using power BI.
My question is, what is the best way to store large amounts of data like shirts and hours worked in departments or devices being sent over 2 years and potently more. i have decided creating a database (from my knowledge just making a table in excel) for all this but if there is anything else i could use/incorporate i would be great full to know. this is mostly so the information is easier to sort through and for the other MI analysts to make reports of.
Some background knowledge. I am aware what SQL is and use AdminPG. i also have lots of years in python coding and the role here i believe would want me converting some stuff to power BI but they have allot of excel sheets that are really hard to manage.

Apologies if this is the wrong subreddit, the Analyst was last active 3 years ago so thought id ask here.
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2023.06.08 10:41 scorpricorn weird n' creepy former tutor keeps trying to neg me

I can’t stand this person. I need advice on how to burn them in a way that stops them from negging me.
I had to take an advanced statistics class last semester, I found the class to be extremely difficult, so swallowed my intellectual pride and found a tutor through the school.
He was just close enough to my age to think it was acceptable to ask for all of my social media accounts. Reluctantly, I gave in, hoping it would at least ensure his continued presence.
Throughout the semester, this guy was surprisingly helpful in explaining stats to me. I gotta give credit where it's due. But here's the catch: he also revealed some seriously concerning and downright bizarre stuff about himself. I'm talking about hanging out with Andrew Tate, claiming he got "special favors" from priests when he was 15 and enjoyed it (yikes), and even bragging about helping his friend in Thailand run a questionable "Twitch haram."
After the semester ended, he kept reaching out to me, insisting we hang out. Against my better judgment, I agreed to go to a Taco Tuesday/DJ Night he was hosting, mainly for the train wreck entertainment it promised. And boy, was I right. The party was a total flop. Imagine five people, most of them overweight and utterly dull, festering together on a couch in the corner of the room while they became transfixed on 99c store light-up toys and fidget spinners. Meanwhile, my tutor-turned-host was noticeably blown out, sporting a gaudy gold jacket, prancing around like a maniac, showing off his giant golden Jenga set, and randomly fiddling with the DJ equipment. It was a train wreck of cringe.
After enduring one hour of his shenanigans, I couldn't take it anymore. I discreetly texted my fiancé to come and check out the madness/scoop me. They arrived, took one look, and we swiftly made our exit.
Since that odd night, I've rarely spoken to this person. I ignore his Instagram messages 99% of the time, which he sends far too often. Most of them are just inane attention-seeking bs, but whenever I post a picture of myself, he manages to squeeze in some snide remark about my appearance. It's annoying, to say the least. This person is the epitome of cringe, and I have zero desire to engage with them.

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2023.06.08 10:40 smartafrilabs Understanding Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology has been making headlines in recent years, but what exactly is it and how does it work?. We'll take a comprehensive look at blockchain technology and explore its potential applications in various industries.
What is Blockchain Technology?
At its core, blockchain technology is a decentralized ledger that records transactions in a secure and transparent manner. It consists of a network of computers, known as nodes, that validate and verify transactions before adding them to the blockchain.
Each block in the blockchain contains a cryptographic hash of the previous block, making it virtually impossible to alter or tamper with the data. This creates a secure and transparent ledger that can be accessed and verified by anyone within the network.
Applications of Blockchain Technology
Blockchain technology has a wide range of potential applications in various industries, including finance, healthcare, supply chain management, and more. Here are just a few examples:
  1. Cryptocurrencies - Blockchain technology is the backbone of popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. It enables secure and transparent transactions without the need for intermediaries like banks.
  2. Supply Chain Management - Blockchain technology can be used to track products through the entire supply chain, from manufacturing to delivery. This can improve efficiency, reduce costs, and increase transparency.
  3. Healthcare - Blockchain technology can be used to securely store and share patient data, improving the accuracy and efficiency of healthcare services.
  4. Voting - Blockchain technology can be used to create secure and transparent voting systems, reducing the risk of fraud and increasing voter confidence.
Blockchain technology has the potential to revolutionize various industries by creating secure, transparent, and decentralized systems. As the technology continues to evolve, we can expect to see more innovative applications emerge in the years to come.
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2023.06.08 10:40 mohanswamy Tempered Glass for phones with curved screens

Is there any offline store in Bangalore where they would apply edge to edge tempered glass on the curved display of my phone?
I have burnt my fingers with online purchases. These items are non returnable and never seem to have a front camera cutout. Also applying those on your own is pretty cumbersome.
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