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2023.06.08 09:56 Far-Ad-2113 Troubled guy friend.. need help

I have a friend that is on house arrest for sh-ooting his step father and un-living him. For a while he never really told me everything. Well one day we were drinking together and he said they got into a really bad argument a week before and he pulled a g-un out on him which made his mother kick him out. Mind you he’s about 4’3 and his stepfather was about 6’4. She let him come back then I’m guessing they got into another argument. They met up at a Kroger and he did it. He went to jail for about 14 months. I answered his calls every now and then. Some how his family were able to get a really good lawyer that got him on house arrest. I stopped by once to check in on here and drop some stuff off that would help him being home all day. I want to be a good friend and stick beside him because maybe he feared for his life, maybe he was getting bullied and finally had enough. Idk and I try not to ask too much because I don’t want to tigger him. I just try not to believe that he would really do that in cold-bllood because the friend I’ve known for years is very kindhearted person to me. Do you think I should cut all contact with him??
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2023.06.08 09:56 tony787720 Worried about my appearance..

So apparently, Ive had T2N all my life but it just only recently finally blew up (“officially awakened”, according to the diagnosis) this past January when I got the results from my doc after I noticed something very wrong since three months before in October 2022, when I started falling asleep too much during my job as an uber eats driver (eventually had to quit).
Im 40. All my life since before that and even up until February of this year I was very physically active. I did cardio for about 1-2 hours a day 5 days a week. I then started going back to lifting weights.
But with weights, no matter how much I lifted, I would never see any progress.
My whole life I’ve been a massive mercilessy accursed HARD-GAINER. Wether I was at the gym half an hour 5 days a week, 1 hour M-F, 2hrs M-F, 2hrs every other day, 1hr every other day, sticking to a routine, changing up the routine so as to confuse the muscles and therefore build more mass quicker as a result, doing single excercises, doing compound excercises, doing resistance training, doing negatives, doing supersets, focusing on certain parts on different days, doing full-body every other day, wether I ate six times a day mostly meats and eggs and proteins galore with fruits and veggies and nuts and shakes, wether I added supplements to them, wether I took a gallon of creatine daily or just two scoops into my shake after every workout (before post-workout atrophy starts to happen), wether I took pre-workout shakes/drinks or not, wether I withheld from fapping before the gym, wether I slept 7,8,9,10 hours that night or the night before, wether I went during the morning, afternoon or night- on my BEST DAY I would just barely make a difference that barely nobody would ever notice anyway, and it would go away in a heartbeat if I ever stopped lifting for five minutes. Its BAZONKERS people- all that work, and NOTHING to show for it to this day.
Except now the opposite has happened. I have no energy at all to do anything (hell I can barely stay awake as I type this). Cant focus, cant think straight. Even seemingly mundane things like drivig to the grocery store ten minutes away is a daunting task now that worries everyone in my fam to death if I ever would try to do it.
I sleep most of the day. In a 24-hr span, Im awake for about six-seven. I only eat once a day bc of my shitty for life now Keto diet I have to strictly follow so I cant eat 90% of everything so I barely eat and its once/twice a day and its small meals so I dont pass out shortly after. Therefore, I dont eat 6 times a day- nowhere near that. I also had to completely stop working out.
Today, I see myself in the mirror and notice that now that the nightmares and sleep paralysis have progressed, Ive become rail thin. Like, my arms are scary-looking with how thin and bony they are now- they look like those of a 9-year-old boy. Im embarassed to be seen in public. Im paler now, and the Dark Circles under my eyes have grown inmensely darker. I feel like I can charge cars to park in those giant suckers but thats for another story.
So I look like a sickly malnourished skeleton now. Its scary-looking how bad Ive gotten, but gym is the LAST thing I can do nowadays- believe me! I havent gone since Feb when I just had to stop bc I couldnt take it anymore.
So, is rail-thin, bony, extraterrestrial-looking “body” normal for people with Severe T2N to get? I look like a sickly shivering starving animal from one of those Sarah McLaughlin commercials with the song playing and everything.
So is this (“fairly new”?) appearance normal for people with N to display? Remember that mine’s severe t2. Severe.
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2023.06.08 09:56 PM_ME_ABOUT_LOVE [Some S1/2 Spoilers] I have binged this show the past two days, and it has a lot of intriguing premises, but holy shit, the characters in this show are so emotionally (perhaps literally) stupid, and the dialogue is so bad.

I have the same issues it seems many here do about the pacing, lack of answers, etc. I won't go hard into those. I would say to the writing/creative team, if the most hardcore people here have the same issues, that should tell you something. Fwiw, I'm on ep 3 of season 2 when I'm writing this.
Shows like Dark have shown you can have out there topics, but if done right, can really pick up in popularity. No excuses, not even being on MGM+.
But holy mother forking shirtballs, is the dialogue bad on this show. It is the most soap opera nonsense I've seen in sometime - the worst of network TV writing.
Jim's pissed off first, ask questions later attitude. I want to punch him in the face.
Boyd is one of the best characters, but too often he doesn't answer questions, and interrupts when people are going to give them (a staple of the show). Sometimes I want to punch him in the face.
But Ellis? What a fucking toolbag. He is a grown-ass man with the angst and emotional intelligence of a man half his age. Like when Boyd goes to say goodbye, and he just is like mmkay, like a tool, but then Fatima has to come encourage him to leave cause we need that big soap moment, then he goes chasing after him, and then has to give his own monologue with the big dramatic apology and my eyes rolled so far back in my head that I tumbled out of my chair and rolled around the neighborhood for a couple hours.
Then at the start of s2ep03, Boyd tries to explain what happens and he fucking argues about it and won't shut up, using Fatima as the excuse. You can be worried about her and not be a literal fucking moron.
To say Tabitha is dumber than a brick would be an insult to bricks. It hurts the show too that half of the main characters I have seen for a main show for a streaming service, or one with this much support from a company, are some of the worst acting talent (Kenny, Kristi, Jim, Tabitha, Ellis). I watch some scenes were you can just see its supposed to be an emotional moment and they are trying their hardest....and it just ain't happening.
Then you have people like Julie knowing what is out there and still trying to rescue her dad at night... Characters don't grow or learn or apply logic, but also barely get rounded out.
The thing is, I don't hate the show. I am very intrigued by it. I just want it to be better, and this is like dialogue 101 stuff.
It isn't even that there isn't enough communication, its that people don't have the emotional IQ to know how to communicate. It's infuriating and drags the entire show down with it.
The reason Lost worked was because the characters were still good despite the mysteries and people were invested in them. The reason the monologues work in Midnight Mass is because they are written well and flesh out the characters.
This show feels like Lost and Midnight Mass smashed together but then what they created fell down the stairs head first.
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2023.06.08 09:55 Mndyrbsnss Am I Ready for an New Journey? Bothered about My Work and Real-World Coding Standards.

Note: As I am not proficient in English, I have used ChatGPT to improve how I deliver my story. Please bear with any shortcomings in my English proficiency, and kindly focus on the overall message I am trying to convey.
Hello, everyone!
Allow me to introduce myself briefly.
I am a Full Stack web developer from the Philippines, with 5 years of experience in the field. Today, I would like to share my thoughts and seek your opinions on something that has been bothering me.
When I first started coding, I realized that my work seemed inadequate compared to the coding standards followed in the real world.
To provide some context, after graduating from college, I struggled to find a software engineering job due to my lack of proper studying and prioritizing fun over education during my college years.
Determined to rectify this, I decided to enroll in a web development Bootcamp, with a firm commitment to study diligently and learn everything I could from the program.
After three intense months of Bootcamp training, I equipped myself with the fundamental knowledge of web development.
I became proficient in creating websites using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and even learned to build websites using Laravel.
Fast forward to the time when i get a job, I managed to secure a job at a Korean company located in Ortigas.
As a programmer, my first task involved developing a forum where administrators could post updates about various sports, such as baseball, basketball, cricket, and more.
During my first year of work, I had the opportunity to learn a great deal. In addition to my existing skills, I worked into web scraping using PHP Symfony and Node.js. It was an exciting period of growth and exploration.
Moving on to the following year, I found myself working on a project that involved creating HTML5 games.
One particular challenge was to develop a game where an admin could control the game's outcome in real-time.
With no team or senior to turn to for guidance, I felt unsure about how to tackle this task. Determined to find a solution, I embarked on a self-study journey, scouring the internet for articles and resources that could help me overcome this challenge.
Through perseverance and hard work, I managed to bring the project to life successfully. That's how I started my journey.
I shared that to give you an understanding of my learning process and how I approach challenges.
Now, let's fast forward to the present.
As a web developer, my current stack includes Laravel and Node.js for backend development. Recently, I took on a project involving a Spring Boot web application, despite having no prior knowledge of it.
However, since I am familiar with how MVC works, I didn't have a hard time learning Spring Boot. After just three days of using it, I can confidently say that I have a good understanding of Spring Boot.
And i can create a REST API server using it.
So, you can't really call me a beginner in that regard.
On the frontend side, I have equipped myself with React.js and Next.js.
I utilize Bootstrap or Tailwind CSS for styling.
Additionally, during my HTML5 game development journey, I learned several frameworks, such as PIXI.js.
Although there are a few other frameworks whose names I may have temporarily forgotten due to the fast-paced nature of project development, I am certain that I know at least three frameworks for creating HTML5 games.
I believe I have provided you with a good understanding of my background. Currently, I can confidently create websites from scratch.
Recently, I developed a real estate company website consisting of two separate sections: an admin page and a client page.
On the client page, customers can perform various transactions such as deposits, withdrawals, login and registration, investment interests, and referrals.
All of these activities can be viewed and managed from the admin page. As I reflect on the projects I have built throughout my career, I can't help but see my work as falling short compared to real-world projects.
I feel that my code does not meet the coding standards expected in professional environments, although I am not entirely sure what those specific standards entail.
Since I come from an environment where there are no other developer colleagues or seniors with whom I can share my work, I am currently feeling uncertain.
Next year, I plan to embark on a new journey in Dubai. However, I'm apprehensive about stepping out of my comfort zone because my current work situation is ideal.
Yet, I fear that if I stay too long in this comfort zone, I may hinder my own growth. So, I am seeking your advice and opinion on what kind of developer I am, or if any of you have had a similar experience in your own journeys.
Furthermore, I would like to know if I am truly prepared to wholeheartedly embrace this new journey. Anyway, I would love to share all the projects I mentioned before. However, since they are company properties, I cannot provide them here. Nevertheless, you can take a look at some personal projects that I have worked on. https://tune-buddy.vercel.app/ https://burger-king-reimagine.vercel.app/ P.S. Regardless of whether your feedback is positive or negative, I am committed to pursuing the new journey I have planned. I am willing to take the risk of leaving my comfort zone in order to learn and experience something new.
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2023.06.08 09:55 startiger345 Readhing out to an ex a year post-break up?

I‘m looking for some advice regarding relationships and I feel like other autistic people will understand my thinking better. Also my ex is likely on the spectrum too.
The tldr of the issue is that about a year ago I broke up with my ex (nb, they/them) around the time I was figuring out that I am 1) a trans man, not a lesbian and 2) gay and pretty much only into men. Before dating, my ex and I were close friends, and they were genuinely the best friend I ever had - it was the kind of friendship that every autistic person dreams of having as a lonely isolated kid. Which is probably also why I ended up being confused about my feelings for my ex and mistook very close friendship feelings for romantic attraction. I was the one doing the breaking up and I said that I wouldn’t contact my ex at all out of respect, which I haven’t. I occasionally check their tumblr blog just because idk I guess I miss them. I know that they’re now in a relationship again and seem happy, but I also know that the breakup hit them incredibly hard.
I’m wondering whether reaching out to them would be a stupid thing to do, since it’s been a year? I don’t want to hurt them but I also really miss being their friend. I don’t think I’ll ever click with anyone else the way I did with them and I’m mad at myself for being confused and agreeing to trying a relationship when friends is what we should have stayed.
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2023.06.08 09:55 questorhank Relentless Hulk Dropped a Roof on Me

For context: I usually take nomad then proceed to be fairly sedentary. So I decided for this run, I'd start with close encounter, to keep me moving, and wayfarer, so I don't run it over like I did last time. I figured I'd forget about it, then it'd show up every now and then for some excitement.
Cut to the night of day 4. I'm holed up in the second floor of a house, trying to sleep. Something on the first floor is making noise and keeping me up, so I decide to deal with it. I take two steps from the bed and die instantly. Looking around revealed that the roof had spontaneously collapsed on me. Since there was no way I could've possibly predicted it and the run was going well, I save scummed.
Take 2, take the same path, same result. Take 3, I go around the room, avoiding the collapse area. Halfway to the door the roof falls on me. Take 4, I go out the nearest window. Lo and behold, the relentless hulk I'd forgotten about was in the house.
The thing is, when the roof collapsed, it was just the roof. The floor between it and me stayed intact. There also wasn't any more noise than I'd expect from a zombie wandering in a room.
Is this a bug, quirk of the game, or did I miss something? Game version is an experimental I downloaded on the 4th.
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2023.06.08 09:55 JeanDoeShow Started painting my combat patrol box, not sure if I like the colour scheme

Started painting my combat patrol box, not sure if I like the colour scheme
So I am currently painting away, thinking that I found a nice match in colours, but so far, I am not sure if I am really liking the colours I chose. Maybe it'll come together when it is done, seeing as it is still a work in progress. I already painted multiple models this way (first time using contrast paints and it does make it easier to paint multiple models at the same time), so something I learned from this is to finish one model first and if I like it, paint the rest in similar fashion.
If you have any tips to make it stand out more, be sure to let me know.
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2023.06.08 09:55 No-Paint-7311 Frustrations

The premise of the show since like season 2 has been the lifeboat (they sure as heck said the word lifeboat enough) and they just abandoned it completely? If they’re not judged together, then why did Pete have to die?? He was a good person who would have survived in an individual judgement. And with Pete alive I doubt Angelina spirals out of control the way she did— which effectively led to Angelina and her flock dying. I’m sorry but you mean to tell me that all he had to do was say “hey, I did my best” and god/the divine consciousness/death/the archangel or whatever you want to call it would just say “oh my bad, you’re good”.
Not even going to get into how sloppy it felt that their death date applied to the whole world. What’s special about them coming back vs zeke, alzuras, methheads, etc. Definitely just an attempt to raise the stakes that ended up not mattering because that timeline essentially got erased anyways.
What good reason is there that Saanvi, Eagen and Adrian would start to die but be saved after essentially talking about how they did their best? Why would that not equally save Angelina? She did what she thought was right. If it’s some objective weighing of your good deeds vs your bad deeds, why did the others start to die and talk themselves out of it? Makes no sense.
Why did Mick and Jared re-get back together for 9 months? What did this serve towards the plot? I could understand an emotional passionate encounter as she grieves Zeke to show her vulnerability, blah blah, but she went from being devastated about Zeke to jumping into a full on serious relationship for the better part of a year only to abruptly end “because they don’t want the same things” (whatever that means because I can’t imagine them actually wanting much of a different life) just for her to end up with Zeke again. It’s not like there was any unfinished business between her and Jared— she 100% turned him down for zeke and he even said the better man won. I don’t see any value added by them being back together. It only created more loose ends to tie up at the end.
Similarly, why did eagen and Angelina get married? I guess it kind of aided in the Eagen redemption arc, but seems like a really odd, unnecessary detail.
I can’t handle the devastation that the passengers would have actually had returning in 2013. Ben literally lost Eden. I don’t care how happy he would have been to see Grace, any parent would be flipping out over that. I know it’s somewhat implied that him and grace just re-conceive her but there is literally no reason to think he would get Eden back as she was— especially now that they’re back to “normal life” where there’s no mystical force making sure everything goes as planned. Isn’t Cal now going to die of his cancer relapse in 4 years without Zeke to save his life?
What about the other girl that had a baby? Same as Eden. Did she even know the baby daddy yet? If not then her family was obliterated.
What about TJ? He’s super happy to see his mom, but he just had his 5 year trauma bond with olive evaporated in an instant with no closure. That’s going to take some therapy to get through.
Not to mention that certainly some of them would be labeled as insane and put into treatment for it.
I don’t hate that they came back to 2013, but I can’t stand that they just disregarded some of the most important plot points that happened throughout the series ie the lifeboat, the methhead arc.
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2023.06.08 09:54 Republic_Sweet Lyft is BS

Lyft is BS
I'm new to this already thing but a week and a 1/2 ago this happened to me where I took a ride I normally don't ride with my toddler just because I never know what kind of driver I'm gonna get sometimes I get amazing drivers who get me from where I need to go drive amazing you know no problem is very sweet and other times I get very impatient rude drivers and I just don't always feel comfortable but I work I'm a janitor I work late nights I basically get out of work in the AM early morning and I'm exhausted and I didn't feel like taking the bus lift as my only option right now as my car gave out on me last year so I've been taking a lift Every weekend when I go to work sometimes I do extra days because I'm trying to save up money I'm a single mom I have a toddler I gotta make things work so I or It's a 12 minute drive from my daughter's grandmother's house to my house it's a short drive but it's a very very long walk and I had missed buzz so I said I'll just spend a bit more for a lift forget it so I did that I ordered lived the lift driver said he was there we were waiting outside and she was not there so I was kind of like OK where is the sky turns out he was all the way way far from us literally down the other street sounds kind of like ok well we have to rush it she's very mindful she knows better than to be all crazy she is a calm problem which I very much appreciate but besides the point is that we're very quiet we were very mindful of his driving it was an extremely nice car but the guy was not really friendly I don't know if it's because I had a toddler maybe he just disliked me I'm not sure maybe hes having a bad day whatever we kept quiet we didn't We didn't speak so we just did the right 12 minutes basically silent he was playing music and that was at we left the car so thank you I tipped him normally it took 5 but just because he kept kinda giving me these looks I only tipped him 3 yeah I may be an a****** but if I'm going to tip I would very much appreciate you don't look at me rudely and if he wasn't looking at me rudely I wouldn't have mine tipping the 5 bucks plus it was a very short ride and I don't feel as I need to tip more than that because my ride was 10 bucks so and to Miami's I receive an email and many many text messages later from lyft saying that I have damaged a vehicle and I'm charged immediately $20 they sent me 3 pictures One of his carpet of his back seat carpet 1 of his seat I would The seat and then one of his right passenger door panel now how do I know it was the right door passenger if you look at the picture you can specifically see the side of your mirror you can also see the door locked they don't have door locks in the back seat I know because I'm the 1 who opened the door and his door backdoor did not look like that so me immediately I'm already angry because I'm like 1 who didn't have food 2 I don't know where those crimeson from but it was informed us we had 2 things with us my purse and her backpack her backpack had no food it literally was just close why because she spent the night at her grandmother's and then his door panel looks like there was some sticky stuff that was built I'm confused as to how did we do that if we were sitting in the back seat Now the crumbs I'm not sure who hes trying to blame seems like you're trying to get a free car cleaning which p***** me off even more Lyft was no help whatsoever they gave me the run around for multiple hours and instead of helping they just kept closing the and kept closing yet nobody was answering normally when I talked to a lyft customer service there's always somebody with the name that greets me well since it was late when I received this nobody was answering it literally was just automated I tried to call them the next day nobody answered I emailed them nothing lived it was absolutely no help and I was so p***** like how was this even OK $30 for a 12 minute drive are you serious like I wouldn't understand if it was traffic but it literally it was just streets And I'm even more angry because this dude just got away with it and he gave me a low rating he also said that I was late we were literally outside on the curb very visible because I'm very mindful and he thought I was late and I He was literally down the street marking saying that he had arrived he was not even close to the destination I know because I follow the map because I'm not that person that waits out wait inside the house and then last minute takes her time and goes out like no we were outside waiting clear his dead you could see us why because it was very Sunny it was the AM like has this ever happened to anybody because I find this really f****** ridiculous
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2023.06.08 09:54 iyeririe High doses have a minimal impact on me and I don't know why

I'm 22 years old and have been using mushroooms consistently for almost 2 years. Usually my average dose is 3.5 - 5gs, but about a year ago I took a leap straight to 10gs, I did them alone in my room but it was not intense, like not at all. I had wavy vision and water color visuals but it didn't feel any heavier than a 4g dose. I thought at the time it was a fluke and ignored it. 3 months ago I once again decided to go all out as I was alone at my parents house for the weekend, this time taking 16gs. I made a smoothie and got them down and watched Kung Fu Panda. The come up was heavy anxiety and I was expecting a DMT level experience but got nothing even close to that. All I ended up experiencing was high body temperature, mild visuals and colors and lots of energy towards the end of the trip. I don't understand why I'm not getting the experience I've heard so many people talk about. My most intense experience was on 7gs and I would say that was almost 10x more trippy than the 16gs. Does anyone have a clue why this would be the case? I'm genuinely confused. Thank you in advance.
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2023.06.08 09:53 _Urnsuk Complete Guide About Cremation Jewellery

Complete Guide About Cremation Jewellery
Everyone yearns for a touching tribute that stands out from the crowd. If you love someone, you don't want to be too out there about how close you are to them. You wish to honour their memory but may feel free to erect a massive memorial. One beautiful means of doing so is with a piece of cremation jewellery. Here, discuss how to use and fill them, and uncover some lovely jewellery monuments.

What is cremation jewellery?

Cremation jewellery is any piece of jewellery that is worn in memory of a lost loved one, and either contains their ashes or is imbued with their DNA. Even if you want to bury your loved one, you can still purchase cremation jewellery uk in which their ashes or hair will be preserved. You can easily find something suitable for your budget and taste among the wide selection of cremation jewellery available today. When a loved one's cremains are divided, many families choose to commemorate the occasion by purchasing unique pieces of jewellery for each family member. It's a wonderful opportunity to join others in honouring the memory of a loved one who has passed on.

When it comes to cremation, how do you create jewellery?

For example, cremation jewellery made of glass requires a very different manufacturing technique than a cremation bracelet made of sterling metal. Rings, bracelets, necklaces, lockets, and charms are all appropriate options for cremation jewellery. You can find examples of each in silver, gold, plastic, glass, and steel, among other materials. Cremation jewellery, in general, is crafted in the same way as different types of jewellery. Most cremation jewellery is designed to store a small number of cremains by hollowing out a section or infusing a selection of the jewellery with those cremains. However, this is the only variation. Alternatives to ashes can be included in cremation jewellery: a locket of hair, a little piece of favourite clothing, some burial dirt, a favourite flower, etc.

When it comes to jewellery, what exactly separates cremation jewellery from memorial jewellery?

Cremation jewellery is made specifically to keep a loved one's ashes or hair close at all times. You can wear a piece of memorial jewellery to honour the memory of a loved one who died. This can be given in the shape of a ring, bracelet, necklace, or pendant and typically includes the recipient's name and a meaningful inscription.
Read More:-
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2023.06.08 09:53 Craft_Assassin This is why I left Crossroads Church

For context, I am a Catholic that got invited to Crossroads Church, a born-again ministry, back then in July 2022 here in Cebu when I was having a difficult phase in life. I was invited from a reformed schoolmate who used to do drugs, alcohol, not attend classes, and bully others. He is a pleasant person now and his transformation made him closer to God.
I was paired with a Cell Leader who is a good man at heart. His wife is a pastora in that ministry as well. I know that my Cell Leader is a good man with the best intentions.
I started thinking twice about it because the church started asking many things from me such as my time, tithing, joining Life Class, and joining Life Coaching. They really plan to convert young people to become born-again Christians. In fact, many of the youth that join Crossroads are Catholics that are either curious or having a difficult phase in life. It got toxic to the point wherein the diehard pastors would demand we devote our Fridays to our respective cell groups, Saturdays for the youth praise worship, and Sunday for the Sunday service. I couldn't do this because I already have pre-planned some of my what limited weekends there were in my calendar.
Around November 2022, one of the newest members of our cell group is a known diehard. His story is that he used to be a former sacristan of a Catholic Church. He later left the Catholic church, worship of Saints and Mary, and the fact "Why does one get absolved of sin when he/she sacrifices?". He even stated that he got heartbroken because he allegedly broke up with his girlfriend. He was left to wonder until one person came to him and presented him a phamplet for Gravity, the youth ministry of Crossroads Church. That's when he joined Crossroads.
He's a nasty individual and he's proud to say that he is a diehard Christian who doesn't care being called out as a "weirdo" or an "extremist". At one point, he called out two of my cell groupmates (both being former Catholics) for doing un-Christian things.
First guy he called out, a waiter for a restaurant:
The second guy he called out is a banker:
This asshole went so far as to say all religions are false. That Catholicism is a cult, Islam is a cult, Buddhism is a cult, etc.
He also tried to convince me NOT to celebrate the ultimate Sinulog comeback last January because it is "parading an image". Even though my purpose for celebrating Sinulog was to meet friends who may not be around by 2024 as many of them will leave the country. Keep note Cebu has been waiting for the return of Sinulog since 2020 due to the pandemic and on the personal note, six years for me because (Sinulog 2017-2020 wasn't as fun because there was a no-street party rule. I didn't go to Sinulog 2018 because I was in medical school, and there was no Sinulog in 2021 and 2022 because of the pandemic). There are diehard Christians from other born-again ministries every Sinulog that do militant street preaching in the middle of the fun festival. Often times, their preaching comes out as harassment to the festival goers. For him and the diehards, anything fun = earthly/worldly = sin because it is not "honoring Christ". In other words, even if you are in Sinulog to experience Cebu's culture or just to enjoy a street party, you are committing a sin.
I was roped into Life Class last February since they timed it onto the Friday cell group meeting. I didn't even consent to it. The Life Class is a 10-week session with one-class held every Friday. Looking at the calendar, the Life Class would have ended in the middle week of May. I already had planned out my vacations for the Summer of 2023.
I was then roped into joining the Encounter, wherein we are supposed to meet Jesus and experience the Holy Spirit. The Encounter took one whole weekend that spanned from 8 am to 5 pm (but we got late, because on the first day it ended at 8 pm). The fee was also 500 pesos. During the Encounter, they asked as thithing four times and I only have enough for myself since my salary is very menial. One of the diehard pastors there were asking us to fully devote our lives to this Church and invite two people every Sunday so that there will be more disciples of Christ. The diehard pastor went so far to say to decline all fun things and outings such as if you have a relative from abroad coming and wants to go to the beach on Sunday, we will have to decline because our priority is with the Church itself. We then had the typical Encounter activities. We also had things that are forbidden to do in their eyes such as celebrating festivals (Sinulog being their primary target), going to concerts, listening to rock and pop music, partying, pornography, gambling, drugs, alcoholism, practicising witchcraft, and the like. While I agree gambling, drugs, pornography, and witchcraft are bad, it's way too much to restrict people from watching concerts or going to street parties.
After the Encounter last March, I just ran away and never returned. I essentially ghosted them but later explained to them I was leaving the church. The cell leader was saddened because he's a good man and he really wanted me to be a disciple. We even finished Change 12 between October to December 2022. In other words, the cell leader was beginning to invest in me. I just couldn't stand the toxicity and the diehard fundamentalists in that ministry; my cell leader not one of them (he is a cool guy).
Anyways that's my take. Feel free to comment.
Apologies for the long post. Had to let this out.
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2023.06.08 09:53 justsomebody606 Opinion / Advice Needed

I’ve been with my person for 9 yrs, married for almost 1. At night while I’m sleeping, he touches me (ie. touches my butt, fingers my vagina, or comes on my back). I’ve caught him about 3 times, where I wake up and realize I feel a little strange or feel liquid on my back. I question him when I wake up and he denies it, but the more I push he then admits it. I only know about the times I’ve woken up but have no idea if more has happened over the 9yrs. In the latest incident I explained to him fully how it makes me feel (violated, humiliated, insecure) and asked him what his father or brother would say if he told them about it. From our convo, he says that he understands and sees that his way of thinking is wrong and feels horrible about what he’s done. He came out of the convo saying, with us being together for so long and now married he’s had this incorrect mentality that I’m his and that what he’s doing isn’t that bad and that it’s the 100% incorrect mentality to have; that I’m not HIS and he sees that he indeed violated me.
I don’t know how I should feel about this at this point and don’t have a comfortable outlet to get another persons advice, outside of this forum. Any and all advice is welcomed
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2023.06.08 09:53 ChairmanMeeseeks [Democratic Front] [Greater Corellia] Senator Lysandis Alim releases a statement on the passage of the GEA

From the Office of Lysandis Alim, Senator for Greater Corellia Sector, Co-Leader of the Democratic Front
It is with enormous pride and relief that I can say to the galaxy today that the Galactic Emancipation Act has received enough votes in the Senate to find its way to Chancellor Mothma's desk and become law.
I thank all those Senators who joined me in this multi-partisan effort, and I thank in particular my colleagues in the Democratic Front who assisted me in the writing and proof-reading of this bill. The effort to get it from my desk to Mon Mothma's has been a taxing one, some tried to run up false concerns, and others I feared would not vote at all. And yet today I am reminded of the enduring good faith within Galactic politics, and I am reminded that consensus building and consultation, an effort I embarked on prior to introducing the bill onto the floor of the Senate, remains a sharp tool at our disposal. As it stands currently, the bill has been unanimously accepted by the Senate... a triumphant day for the Republic and Democracy!
This bill will enable the Republic, through its various institutions, to make targeted but decisive strikes against the slave trade and ensure a future for those people's freed. This is a bill for all the Republic. It is a bill for Kashyyk, for Ryloth, for Coruscant, for Morlani, and for all the worlds where there are still those who languish in chains. To those people I say "lift your head up, and your arms too, for the day comes soon when the hammer will fall and the pain will be broken".
While it is immensely gratifying to see one's own work become law, I am not satisfied... indeed I am restless. This is not the last triumphant step in our efforts to eradicate slavery. On the contrary, the journey has only just begun, but what we have done today is put our boots on and boldly set out on a path which we cannot turn back from. A shining path to liberty and justice for all.
And let it be remembered that Democracy worked today. Let those who doubt the democratic process, or the Democratic Front, be cowed by this example. Where there is clarity of purpose and strength of action, the Democratic process can work and can deliver real change. Remember that going forward. This is a moment of fortitude for freedom's great cause, and that fortitude shall propell us across the galaxy shouting the battle cry of Freedom.
May the Force guide us on our journey as we lay the Republic's ancient promises as the foundations of a brighter Galactic future.
Let the work continue, and let all the Republic be heard
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2023.06.08 09:52 Dry_Act8966 Noisy camping grounds - need advice

I recently did a multi night stay in a nature area in an upscaled tent/glamping. The area backed to another area with holiday cottages/cabins offered by another firm.
The host left very detailed instructions on what to do for noise complaints for the cottages. The rules and listing also mentioned whisper quiet after 11pm.
The second night there was some loud music from the cottages until around midnight. I followed the process as in the rules and the night watchman helped resolve it.
The last night there was a party going until 4am. There was no help from the host or watchman. I messaged them several times when there were loud episodes. The rules stated not to engage the other parties ourselves.
All of this was coming from a neighboring property, not the ground i was staying in. I did not get any sleep. I did not expect this from a nature area listing!
Is it justified to ask the owner for a partial refund? I feel this is not the first time this had occurred to guests and it should be documented in the listing.
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2023.06.08 09:52 tokyoparcelamazon Receiving parcel at post office

I have arranged for an amazon delivery to my nearest post office. It was scheduled to arrive this morning and I physically waited at the office all morning. When it became evident that no one was coming, I left for lunch. Later at 4pm, the amazon tracking updated to show that delivery was attempted at 12:30pm but failed due with this information: “ Package held by carrier as the delivery address is incomplete. Please contact the carrier to update your address information.”
I spoke to the post office staff who said they did not receive any package delivery. Should I reschedule to tonight 7-10pm and stand outside the post office, or should I try 8am-12pm tomorrow again? This is frustrating as I am leaving Tokyo on Saturday and need to receive this latest by tomorrow.
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2023.06.08 09:52 C3rtified_honker Burglary.

You stole something from me, you stole my heart, it sounds sweet at first but it's not so innocent, next you stole my innocence, I guess that wasn't enough for you my dear you started targeting the bigger things and even then did I still love you. My passion,My dignity, My confidence. Was all taken from me and all I want back is you I don't care about all those things you took from me I just want you back my love I always listen to you ml loud and clear I know you need help that's why I am hear, I hope you come back to me and save me from here be my prince charming...and steal me out of here. @çertified_honkers
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2023.06.08 09:52 ThrowRAZookeeperOdd I(19M) want to start dating my best friend(18F) and I don't know how to approach her

Like the title states I(19M) want to start dating my best friend(18F). We have been friends for about 4,5 years. About 4 years ago her and her friends asked me if I would date her. This was before we we're best friends and just friends. At the time i thought about it and said no. Mainly Because I didn't like her very much simply because I didn't know her. I mean I liked her enough to be friends but not more. (I might have also had a crush at the time but I'm not 100% sure about that.) This happens once more a couple months later.
A year or two later we talked about it alone. We came to the conclusion that we would be better off as friends. However I think that the conclusion was mostly reached because I was too stubborn and also too ashamed to change my opinion about dating her.
I did come up with a couple reasons why I didn't want to date her but in hindsight none of them alone make or break the idea of us dating and most contradict one another. for example: I told her that we were friends for too long to start dating now (which was something she agreed with) yet we talked about that if we had to date someone we already knew something she was the one to talk about first. I even specifically said that if I were to date anyone it would be my best friend not realizing that that would be her. And I don't think she realized either bc she just agreed and continued the conversation like we aren't best friends and that would mean dating eachother.
Now more than 2 and a half years later we have finished school and are mostly just waiting on the result of our exams. After graduation it is very likely that we will never see eachother again. I ofcourse want to avoid this. However I don't know how to approach her with this. How do I tell her that I changed my mind.
I think the biggest problem is if she could feel the same. We haven't been talking a lot because the lack of school and we don't talk alot outside of school. I could text her but I'm always afraid to start conversations first.
Should I even ask her out and if I should how do I go about telling her that I DO want to date her now?
tl;dr I told my best friend u wouldn't date her but now I want to.
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2023.06.08 09:51 iloveus222 Is this normal??

I've been dating my boyfriend for a little over a year. When we get into arguments or if I hurt him emotionally in some way he always does something to me after the fact. Like if he felt jealous of something I did unknowingly he will purposefully do something to make me feel that too!! For example if I talked to someone on reddit just on a thread and he found it to be too much he would go out of his way to either do the same or something more hurtful. It's this normal? I don't know what to do to make him realize that I don't mean to do anything to hurt him! Thanks..
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2023.06.08 09:51 TheNinerNico Bi-Daily Song Discussion #2: Cassius

How many points would you give this song out of 10? Which are your favorite parts of it? How would you rank it? How would you improve it? State your opinions and submit your ratings below in the comment section!

Song #2: Cassius

Album: Antidotes (Track 02) - Released as the album's second single on Feb 18th, 2008 on digital download and on Mar 10th, 2008 on CD and vinyl.
Suggested scale: 10: Masterpiece, magnum opus, flawless, (one of) their best,... 9: Almost perfect, with little flaws,... 8: Awesome song, almost always enjoyable,... 7: Great, could've been improved, but I rank it generally high,... 6: Good, a bit above average, still enjoy listening to it, when it comes on,... 5: Average, mid, has its moments, rarely play this intentionally,... 4: Under average, I listen to it only when playing the album,... 3-0: Not good, bad, a regular skip, (one of) their worst,...
Rating results:
  1. The French Open (8,23)
  2. Cassius (?/10)
Previous discussion
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2023.06.08 09:51 C3rtified_honker A new world.

A new world.
I try to make a fresh new world, I have everything I need, but wait. Their is something missing? I might just know. But I don't need it, I want it, if it made me feel so badly why do I want it and love it so much? People say love makes you crazy but is that really true? I suppose so cuz I'm crazy for you, it's unhealthy, we're unhealthy, but I'd rather be unhealthy with you, I'd rather talk things out for hours instead of ending things but it's hard when he's a "I don't know what you want me to say boy" that's okay don't say anything because nobody will ever love you like I did you will never find anyone like me because their will be one feature you can be find in something else that missing piece of my new world, is having you,
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2023.06.08 09:50 Constant_Sky9173 Funny how time changes things.

I remember when she first came out. With the stunts she pulled and her little monsters following her around, I wasn't impressed.
Then I saw her in American horror story and started hearing more of her music. I started enjoying her stuff more and more. Then she did A Star is born. Really developed a strong appreciation of her after that and enjoy hearing her music on the radio.
Guess maybe it makes me look closed minded, but I have to appreciate how she could even manage to reach little old me.
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