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Will this transmission fluid work

2023.06.06 23:10 Brendo_The_Friendo Will this transmission fluid work

Will this transmission fluid work
Hi, I just bought a 2019 Toyota Corolla LE Eco it has 67k miles on it, so I thought I should do a drain and fill on the transmission. However, I am finding it hard to find the correct fluid because of the insistance of a "lifetime fluid" BS. I got this STP brand CVT fluid because I read online that it takes CVT, but I thought I should ask here first before I destroy my transmission lol
Tldr: will this transmission fluid work on a 2019 Toyota Corolla LE Eco?
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2023.06.05 01:31 NefariousPillow Enigmatic Italian Great Great Grandfather

I'm currently in the process of researching my maternal great great grandfather in hopes of establishing Italian citizenship via jure sanguinis. I'm running into a brick wall as I can't pin point his exact origins in Italy nor if he actually naturalized.
This is the definitive information I have on him thus far:
Name: Emanuele Garibaldi aka Manuel(e) Garibaldi
DOB: September 5, 1885(?) (The year is in question because on his WWI draft card he wrote 1885, but on his WWII draft card, it says 1887. Additionally, his age fluctuates between various records. When he married my great great grandmother in 1908, the marriage license says he's 22. Then a duplicate marriage certificate I unearthed says he was 29. There is also a 1910 census that puts his age at 21. So confusing).
Place of Birth: Genoa, Italy
Parents: Giambattista Garibaldi, Colomba Paleri
Immigration Year: 1906 (Only source for this is census)
Primary Occupation: Blacksmith
Wife: Annie Baciocco
Children: Albert Manuel Garibaldi (Great Grandfather), Louisa F. Garibaldi
That's pretty much it. From a documental perspective, he disappears in 1918 after filling out the WWI draft card (my great great grandmother shows as being re-married on a 1920 census) and reappears in his 50s in Colma, CA where he filled out the WWII draft card. Since his address there is indicated as being "General Delivery," I believe he was a vagrant in his later years. There is a Manuel Garibaldi buried in Colma in an unmarked grave that passed away in the 1950s that I'm assuming is him although the birth year for the individual is unknown.
Thus far, I have scoured Ancestry, Family Search, and Antenati. I'm just starting to get into the Family Search catalogs and also just sent in an Ancestry DNA sample. Additionally, I put in a request to the SSA as I found two indexes for a Manuel Garibaldi; the birthdays are September 5, 1889 and September 5, 1887 respectively. However, the parents names don't match what is on the marriage certificate. I'm reserving judgement until I see the actual paperwork. I do plan on contacting San Mateo County to see if I can get a death certificate.
As far as the naturalization, I put in a request to USCIS last month. I realize that won't potentially bear much fruit for awhile. A precursory online search at the National Archives hasn't yielded an alien file so I was considering sending in a request for that. My grandfather did mark Alien- Non-declarant on the first draft card after he'd been here for a supposed twelve years so I'm starting to suspect he may have not naturalized.
Any other recommendations on where/how to look? I still consider myself somewhat of a novice at this.
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2023.06.05 00:03 Tattoonate808 Bought some stuff at a meet today

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2023.06.04 14:39 SUBYCrosstrek13 I know times are tough for some places….

I know times are tough for some places….
just had my rear brakes replaced (‘19 Crosstrek) cabin filter and accessory belts replaced…. was charged $931($402/labor $453/parts and that was with $110 suby discount!)…. it is what it is… if the car lasts another 5yrs…. breaks down to about $2xx for yearly maintenance…. but I’m going to 3rd party to get front brakes and tires changed…. charging $400+ for labor is ridiculous….
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2023.06.03 03:58 Impressive-Owl-4956 What is your guys' favorite Subaru blue?

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2023.06.03 03:31 Unusual-Objective443 What is your guys' favorite Subaru blue?

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2023.06.02 20:34 axioche Would like some advice about ordering a Sport '24 (Bay Area CA)

Hey- I've been a long time lurker here and admirer of this car since a rental I once got in 2016 :) sorry about the long post!
(as many others here) after realizing the 2023 is not in my future, I think I'm going to go for the 24 sport. I'm anticipating some light off-roading to get to trails and campsites, skiing in the winter, and a small amount of driving to field sites (i study trees). Hopefully the sport is a good choice! I would grumble about the massive tablet but that ship has sailed lol.
I'm keeping my options open in terms of dealerships, mostly looking at north bay and east bay CA. I have a personal connection to one of the north bay dealerships but was wondering if anyone here had gotten a crosstrek recently in the area- would love to hear your experience and where you went.
I called the one I had a connection to yesterday to ask about VIP pricing. They said that "as long as the crosstrek isn't excluded from your vip program we will honor it for you" and asked for me to "submit it to the store via my work" or to email it to them. I'm a little confused about this because I was just going to take you guys' advice and go for aspca, and I haven't ever read anything about exclusions. Should I be worried about their response?
I said that I would like to come in to make the order and they said that they could do it over the phone because it's all on their computer system. I didn't feel too good about that.. in case they add anything weird to the invoice (this is a legit Subaru dealership btw). I'm a bit of a minimalist and don't really need anything fancy, so was just going to do the all-weather mats and rear bumper cover; will get the rear seat covers once they're out. They only mentioned the $500 refundable deposit upon making the order, which from combing posts here seems like the normal procedure to hold a spot in the assembly line. I was also talking to a salesperson and not the person I actually had a connection with because I couldn't initially reach them, so I'm wondering if I should talk to that specific person instead. I feel a little bad about the commission for this first person, though.
Last thing, is that I'm wondering about insurance and warranty. I know a billion factors go into the ballpark pricing, but honestly was wondering about both avg premium prices for the bay and what folks here usually do in terms of plan coverage. Should I just go with a comprehensive with emergency roadside? Is roadside usually covered in comprehensive plans? This is going to be my first car and I moved from a different state so I just wanted to cover all my bases.
Thank you all :)
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2023.06.02 08:04 moneysniperrr STI OR BRZ

Looking to buy a subie for my next car also as my first manual. Which one should I get? I’m looking for something sporty as a reliable daily. Leaning towards STI because I’m more of a sedan person than coupe. I’m also looking specifically at a 2015 STI but I heard that the 15-16’s aren’t the best but I found one for a good deal and it’s already modded: Should I spend the extra money to get one 2018+? And how’s the new BRZ’s? Are they a good option?
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2023.06.01 17:00 johnnyskullface How do I break this to my friends…

Namaste everyone. I’m in a real pickle here. When my wife (from CA) and I (from TX) moved here, we immediately got a dog so we could meet other pup parents at wash park. We even named her Breckenridge! We also got an rei lifetime membership and an annual parks pass to visit RMNP once a year (great value!)
Fast forward to now (we’ve been living here for nearly half a year!!!) and we’re not sure how to tell our friends we aren’t getting a Subaru. We’ve been looking around and a Kia seems like a better fit. Not sure if y’all knew this but Kias are the most stolen cars in the country. We were thinking that if someone stole the car it was because they needed it more than us.
I don’t think this is going to fly with our friends though, as we told our best friend Sage Moss at Casa Bonita and they threatened to overdose us on mushrooms and bring us to meow wolf. Some of you may say that sounds fun, but I took half an edible and had panic attack there.
Any advice on how to tell our other friends? We don’t want them to cry but we could really use the moisture. Namaste
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2023.05.29 17:38 Rubikman9 TIP: for anyone looking for the OEM front lip

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2023.05.29 17:02 Eliroberton 2020 outback touring vs 2023 outback convenience…

I’m shopping in Canada, so trims and features are different here than the US or EU..
Biggest considerations: version of eyesight, other features that became standard on the 2023 convenience.
Putting $20,000 down
Dealer is asking $29,000 for the 2020 touring with 82,000 kms and 9% interest up to 84 months
Other dealer asking $35,000 for the 2023 convenience with only 4,000kms(was the managers “demo” car 5.49% interest up to 60 months, or 9% on 72-84
Is it worth the newer car? Is it worth the touring trim?
If anyone is interested in the trim and detail differences, here’s the brochures webpage for Canada:
Thanks in advance
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2023.05.29 01:00 Znobaii [Playlist] I've spent the past 6 years refining 25 Spotify and Apple Music playlists so that I can take the aux in any scenario. With over 120 hours of music, I'm ready to share them with the world so that you can also take the aux whenever needed.

Hey /Music,
A few years ago I posted my playlists to this subreddit, and I still get some comments on that post, so I decided to post them so more people can see them, and hopefully be prepared whenever someone asks them to play some music!
Some of these playlists might have a couple of familiar songs, but I'm entirely confident that everyone will find some new music in every single playlist here. I won't give you any more filler than is necessary, just a quick explanation of the intended mood of each playlist - and its flagship songs.
Playlist Listening Context Flagship Songs Links
Sanctuary Sessions This is music for when you need to put yourself in a good mood and remind yourself that the world is an alright place. Sam the Samba Man, Sense, Para Ouvir No Rádio Spotify / Apple Music
Sapphire Sessions This is the melancholic playlist of the bunch. Play this when you're down in the dumps. I Need Some Sleep, Shadow's Song, Good News Spotify / Apple Music
Scarecrow Sessions This is a playlist for autumn. A good mix of hearty songs for when the leaves change colour. Old Friends, Grumpus, Never Meant Spotify / Apple Music
Seaweed Sessions Songs that make you feel like you're in the Krusty Krab. A feel-good mix. Fisherman, Quiero, Waikiki Wiggle Spotify / Apple Music
Snowboard Sessions Songs to shred to. I'll use it as a pump up playlist at different points as well. Lots of punk and rap. Tondo, Popeye, Six Wave Hold-Down Spotify / Apple Music
Snowfall Sessions One of two winter playlists. This playlist has cozy acoustic music to warm you up when you need it. Little Garçon, Pale Blue Eyes, Fantasy Theme Spotify / Apple Music
Soirée Sessions Having guests over for a fancy dinner? This smooth playlist will help them feel at home. Great for board game night too. Moondance, Autumn Leaves, I'm So Happy Now Spotify / Apple Music
Sprouting Sessions A very happy playlist. Meant for spring when the snow is starting to melt and you are feeling optimistic again. Lisztomania, Lloyd I'm Ready To Be Heartbroken, Paint Me Silver Spotify / Apple Music
Stairwell Sessions Vol. 1 The first of the Stairwell Sessions - all of which are meant to be accompanied with psychoactive substances. This one is great for relaxing conversations with friends. O Trem Azul, Dreams Tonite, Crazy Spotify / Apple Music
Stairwell Sessions Vol. 2 This one has a pretty simple mandate: hip-hop to get high to. Snakes, Rapp Snitch Knishes, Where I'm From Spotify / Apple Music
Stairwell Sessions Vol. 3 This playlist has a lot of synthpop for when you're feeling energetic. Also meant to get high to. Realiti, Crimewave, Écoute Chérie Spotify / Apple Music
Stairwell Sessions Vol. 4 This is the closest thing to a personal playlist out of these all. Listening to this playlist can be a very intense experience while high. Some songs are not as accessible. Serious Shit, Navy & Cream, Romanticist Spotify / Apple Music
Stairwell Sessions Vol. 5 This is a playlist with all the "epic" songs. I think the average track length is over 10 minutes; don't let that distract you from how great some of these songs are. Long Season, Maggot Brain, Impossible Soul Spotify / Apple Music
Stairwell Sessions Vol. 6 This one is almost like a sister playlist of Vol. 4. It has a lot of ethereal music for when you want to disassociate. That's Us/Wild Combination, Sept, Clube Da Esquina No. 2 Spotify / Apple Music
Starlight Sessions A playlist for stargazing. Lots of pensive tracks to help you realize our scale in this universe. Man of Oil, Space Song, Sleeping on the Roof Spotify / Apple Music
Steppin' Sessions This is the party playlist. Not enough people are giving Disco love these days, but it's still great music to get sent. Histoire d'1 soir, Stayin' Alive, And the Beat Goes On Spotify / Apple Music
Stormcloud Sessions For really murky days where you can't see much but gray. This playlist gives you room to sulk but also energy to still get things done. Guns of Brixton, Dreams, Riot! Spotify / Apple Music
Strawberry Sessions This is one of the most accessible playlists. Play this one in a casual setting if you don't know people's music taste yet. Great for balmy summer nights. Buttercup, BLEACH, It Was A Good Day Spotify / Apple Music
Streetlight Sessions Play this when you are driving somewhere late at night, with only the moon and streetlights guiding you. It is a high enough tempo playlist to keep you up, and fits the surroundings quite well. Roads, Girl, Nightcall Spotify / Apple Music
Study Sessions An ambient playlist. I understand not everyone studies to ambient music, but this is great for those who do. It is also a lovely mix to put on as you fall asleep. Quiet Friend, Banteay Srey 1991, A Walking Embrace Spotify / Apple Music
Subaru Sessions A mix for road trips. The only word relating to road trips that I could find that also began with an 'S' is Subaru, so I had to go with it. Corona, Ain't No Rest For The Wicked, Better Days Spotify / Apple Music
Subzero Sessions One of two winter playlists. Compared to Snowfall Sessions, this one is for when you give in to the cold. Chilling songs are in this mix. Iron Galaxy, Lorelei, Keep The Streets Empty For Me Spotify / Apple Music
Sunflower Sessions One of three summer playlists. This playlist has casual acoustic music that puts you into a good headspace. Have a beer with the lads. Golden Days, Patio Song, Listen to the Music Spotify / Apple Music
Sunscreen Sessions Vol. 1 One of three summer playlists. This playlist is full of summer jams for when you are soaking in the sun. It also works as a party playlist. Dapper, Slide, Hoes at Trader Joe's Spotify / Apple Music
Sunscreen Sessions Vol. 2 One of three summer playlists. This playlist is the spiritual successor to Vol. 1. There's some overlap, but it's mostly a fresh batch of great summer tunes. Don't Need You, Walking in the Rain, Shine Blockas Remix Spotify / Apple Music
Sweaty Sessions For when you get sweaty with that special someone. Thinkin About You, West Coast Love, Brown Spotify / Apple Music
System Sessions A playlist of very low-key house music. Lots of deep/outsider house is great for when you're doing repetitive tasks. Right Here! Right Now!, Innerbloom, Fish Spotify / Apple Music
I have spent years curating these playlists, taking out songs almost as fast as I add them to keep quality high. Somewhere along the way, I decided to collect all the songs that either didn't make the cut or didn't fit into any specific playlist. Thus, Spare Sessions was born. This is an incredibly eclectic mix of music, recommended for only the very adventurous listener.
As happy as I am with all of these playlists, none of them are (or ever will be) fully complete. I'll continue to add and remove songs from them in the future. So, if you have any song recommendations for any of these playlists I would love to hear them. Last note, I use Spotify so I will rarely update the Apple Music playlists, but I felt like sharing them since not everyone is on Spotify.
Enjoy :)
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2023.05.28 15:44 sausagefestivities Question about 2023 Subaru Forester 8.0” Display + Starlink Package

My wife and I are looking at new Foresters to replace our ‘09 that’s on its last legs. We test drove one yesterday that had the 8” infotainment system package as detailed here. I honestly loved it, but the saleswoman mentioned one issue that’s stuck with me since.
She said that Subarus with this option package (Option 32) can only connect to Apple CarPlay by plugging your phone in via USB. That sounds archaic to not be able to use Bluetooth with an upgraded system, and the specs I’ve found of the system say Bluetooth is included.
Can anyone with this package confirm if it is indeed Bluetooth for Apple CarPlay? I plan to call the dealership on Tuesday again and ask but it is BUGGING me right now. Also would appreciate any personal experiences from anyone that owns this model or uses this package. Thanks!
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2023.05.28 02:26 LongTimeCollector TJMaxx premium and Macy’s with chase

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2023.05.27 23:19 skyhed Subaru of Ontario, California Offering $9,800 Off MSRP

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2023.05.27 19:17 JustDestructor369 Looks like I have found something super fresh

Looks like I have found something super fresh
Quick Google search showed nothing, but its aleady listed on fandom with no picture
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2023.05.25 16:07 aussiemandias What's the nature of your medical emergency?

My son's school moved this year and so I've gone from walking him to driving him each day. I go from OOS to Alta Vista and back. And the type of driving I've experienced along the way is something else.
Why this post title? Well, I have to ask, because the erratic and aggressive behaviour of a few drivers must be because they are on their way to the hospital for some urgent medical matter. Right?
I think not. It's because they are macho dickheads (yep, it's the blokes) who can't organise their day such that they don't have to speed and weave through traffic each morning, aggressively tailgating drivers in the right lane who are not blocking the left lane and aren't even driving that slowly. It's the small dick energy of wankers who think they can do that without consequences - and they can mostly, because this town doesn't really do that much about them.
Specifically, I'm talking about you in the C class Mercedes that almost everyday appears to have some fantasy about themselves being in the Indy 500, going south along Bank just past Billings Bridge. I've watched you do it to everyone, mate, including me. I have my kid with me each time, so I'm understandably enraged by your behaviour.
I drive a Subaru Crosstrek. I've got nothing to prove, so it suits me just fine. It's not a big car and I'm guessing the knobs who try intimidating other road users with their antics assume it's some diminutive woman. These people are mostly cowards, gauging by the reaction when they see me winding down the window to express my displeasure.
So, if you see one of these tossers out on the roads, especially if you see the same person everyday endangering the lives of others on the roads in this town, get their plates and report them. The police will take a keen interest if the same plates keep popping up, and especially if they are already known to them. Don't just take it on the chin.
Here's the link:
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2023.05.25 01:56 rez4dorsia Too wide?

Too wide?
Got 60” Yakima crossbars instead of the recommended 50.” I want to put a bike mount next to the rack, so it seemed like a good idea. But now I’m having second thoughts. Do they look ridiculous?
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2023.05.24 19:32 Japtsuu This offer is hilarious

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2023.05.23 23:02 EsotericEden Please help find my Great Uncle in British Columbia, Canada.
Today, after 1 week, the police have let us know that they've exhausted their full scale search. The only thing I could think to do is come to Reddit, but I don't know where to post this, or even how to navigate the Reddit app efficiently. Can anyone who sees this, please share it in another subreddit as well, just to push it forward, please.
Leslie Desfosses. He's 89 years old with all his mental faculties in check. Was last seen on camera in Hope, BC at 4:20pm on May 16th and heading towards Lytton, BC. Driving a grey 2012 Subaru Forester, still waiting for confirmation of the license plate. Presumed to be the victim of some sort of foul play. No tracks off the highway in the search area, his vehicle could have potentially left the province at this point.
If anybody can help in any way or saw his vehicle at any point in the last 7 days, the police detachment in Hope, BC is where you can send any tips/info. 🙏 And if you have no information, please just send out a prayer that he is found. Safely or not, my family just wants answers at this point.
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2023.05.22 23:05 HikeAroundAlot 222k on the left, 122k on the right…and loving it!

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2023.05.21 16:29 N7sam Made a subaru impreza wrc 99 kit over the weekend pretty happy with it for my firt car kit

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