Best website for WS classified ads?

2023.02.13 23:32 reddit_user13 Best website for WS classified ads?

Hi all, i just noticed that iWindsurf shut down their classifies ads. Where to now?
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2022.11.24 18:15 AppropriateCinnamon sail size for foiling in the Seattle area?

Do folks here foil in Puget Sound or maybe even Lake Washington?
I'm looking to start out foiling with a beginner "all-in-one" package (board mast foil sail) and am trying to figure out what sail size to get for this region.
Judging by iwindsurf's stats, it seems like I should go with a huge sail (e.g. 7m), but coming from windsurfing I have no idea what kind of sail I need for a given wind condition (i.e. extremely light). This is probably the best conditions I could find, just north of the locks for the outflow from Lake Washington. (green = >10 mph, yellow = >15, orange = >20) In other words, mostly 10-17 mph days I'm guessing
I weigh 170 lbs. Is a 7m sail the right size for me given the Puget Sound conditions? If it matters, the beginner packages all include a huge easy board / foil combo.
Any other tips / tricks about foiling in the area are also welcome! I'm already missing the consistently windy location I moved from xD
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2022.06.11 05:37 Maxifloxacin Where to find used windsurf gears?

There isn't a huge windsurf community around me.. Chicago IL.
There is eBay, craigslist, Facebook marketplace, iwindsurf (a lot of scammer.. I got scammed 400 bucks on a sail.. be super careful on this site, NEVER EVER ZELLE OR VENMO WITHOUT PURCHASE PROTECTION!!), we also have a very small community windsurf illinois website .. That is about it..

Where else can I find used windsurf gears? I know some shop websites got some used gears but they are a bit pricier..

Any recommendations? Thanks!

**Mainly looking for a larger board 145 to 175L. preferably w/ daggerboard. (learning tool)
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2021.11.18 15:26 OppositeCorgi9051 SF Bay Area - Treasure Island Access

There is quite a few of us here who use the TI as a launch spot or sail Bay Area. Since this only was highlighted on iwindsurf, I wan to bring it up here as we need to have more people who are water sports enthusiasts to join the effort to keep TI accessible.
TI is becoming a luxury gated community with tolls being charged for in and out traffic starting 2024. Its is 5$ each way. To add to this, there will be NO free parking on the island. So this is 10$+. For starters. TIMMA has a right to change the price/schedule however they please.
Yesterday TIMMA (TREASURE ISLAND MOBILITY MANAGEMENT AGENCY) held an outreach meeting in regards to tolls and etc. There was quite a few people, including SFBA and other folks (windsurfers, kiters, wingers), who were expressing their opinions. Basically saying, that the toll + parking is a ripoff for people who go there to recreate.
To note, this TIMMA plan to charge the visitors the toll is in violation of the latest EIR agreement.
Please join next TIMMA board meeting, tell them what you think! We need to show that we exist and we plan to fight for the access to our water. We will be there again talking about our access and how it compromises our peace and health.
I am sure there will be recording of the yesterday meeting later.
Next meeting: https://www.sfcta.org/events/treasure-island-mobility-management-agency-committee-8
More on iwindsurf: http://www.iwindsurf.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=35500&sid=4f44688af19542a6db1bb9f523495dce
We need to claim what is ours, same with the around the Bay where every water access with sailable winds is under constant threat of being taken away or getting limited in some way. This also includes SUPs, fishermen, swimmers, sailors etc.
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2021.07.07 23:14 Maxifloxacin Is northern Illinois good place for this sport? (North chicago suburb)

I have been tracking iwindsurf app for windspeed every couple hours for a while now.. We are averaging about 5-12 knot speed around this area.. like today its like 3-6 knots, but yesterday it was like 8-12 knots average etc etc..
There is literally no shops, no schools around here..
Anybody windsurf around this area?
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2019.04.05 03:15 deepfriednarwhals Beginner Looking for Advice

I got the opportunity to try windsurfing for the first time by taking a class in Miami, FL while on vacation and immediately fell in love. All I want to do is go again, but unfortunately, I can't find any rental places within a couple of hours driving from my house (near Florida panhandle). I wanted to try and rent until I felt comfortable enough to move to a slower board before purchasing. Because that does not seem like I option, I am looking at buying an inflatable board so I can practice when I'm traveling for work (25-50% of the time). Does either of these seem like decent options?
I have been looking for used gear but it seems impossible to find anything that is not either >20 years old or >110L

For reference, I am about 6 feet 165 lbs and felt comfortable at the end of my hour lesson sailing around and turning slowly on the massive 250L board and 4.5m2 sail.
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2018.11.10 22:23 tylercal Family windsurfing vacation in Baja, Mexico

Looking for advice on how do do a windsurfing vacation to Baja, Mexico for a family with 3 kids under 5.

I'm trying to plan a windsurfing trip somewhere in Baja, it seems like Los Barriles or La Ventana are the likely options. Our kids will be 1.5, 3, and almost 5 when we take the trip. Right now we're thinking late February to mid March for timing.

The loose plan is to fly into Cabo (that's the only direct flight from SF) and hopefully drive not too far since we've got all the kids. Vela in Los Barrilles seems to be a choice that might work, but I'm thinking the hotel accommodation won't be great with the small kids. We want them close by and accessible, but not in the same room. So likely a nearby Airbnb.

Skill levels of the family

I haven't talked to anyone who's done a trip like this, so looking for any and all advice. Some questions I've got
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2016.03.18 01:17 jellyfishdance Where is the best place to sell beginner board?

I'm trying to sell my beginner board since I've outgrown it. I bought it from a shop but I'm trying to sell it online. Which is the best site? I've posted it on iWindsurf but I was thinking maybe Craigslist might be a better place to reach beginners looking for gear...
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2014.10.14 23:04 Go_Big Need experienced Kayakers Opinion for a novice

I was thinking about taking the three days off of the Thanksgiving week and taking a road trip down to La Paz, baja california from San Jose, Ca. I'm a novice kayaker and wondered how hard it would be to kayak from around (La Paz area) 24.332864,-110.315466 to 24.402605,-110.344648 (isle Espiritu). It looks to be about 5ish miles and this guy said it took him 1.5 hours (http://potterfs.wordpress.com/2011/08/03/kayaking-baja-isla-espiritu-santo/). I've gathered a little info so far and its seems in the morning is the time to go as its the most calm. It looks like wind might not be too bad but it could be iffy because the strong winds start up around December (http://www.iwindsurf.com/travel.iws?genID=1). Also would this kayak http://sfbay.craigslist.org/eby/spo/4711516369.html be useless for what I want to do (if its even feasible)? Oh and I will be taking my friend "Wilson" with me to the deserted island too.
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2014.05.01 17:24 YesImWrong Here are some good live wind sites for sailors in Seattle. Add yours!

I'm a really big fan of webcams that show water conditions, and other sites showing live conditions. Any other good ones out there, for any location?
This one has global wind info
Another similar one
Lake Washington:
520 Bridge cam
Cam facing north toward Kenmore from NOAA site
This site provides a few locations along Lake Washington. (Click on "Change station" to see them)
Puget Sound:
Wind stations around the Sound
Data from ferries
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