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For everything that glows in the dark. Phosphorescent, fluorescent, bioluminescent, chemiluminescent; if it glows in the dark this is the right place for it.

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They said we would grow out of it; we never did. An age 16+ SFW subreddit dedicated to the spooky aesthetic in all its expressions. Please read the rules before posting or commenting.

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2023.06.08 10:59 The1WhoKares [H] A lot of games [W] Curse of the Dead Gods/Wishlist/Paypal/TF2 keys/Game Offers

My IGS Profile My Steam Profile My Steamtrades profile My wishlist My Time Zone
I'm looking for: - Paypal - TF2 keys - game offers - CS:GO cases
The list in alphabetical order: - Abandon Ship - Aliens: Fireteam Elite - Amazing American Circus - Amnesia: Rebirth - Anomaly Bundle + soundtrack - Asterix & Obelix XXL 2 - Asterix & Obelix XXL: Romastered - Backbone - Backfirewall_ XBox copy - Batora: Lost Haven - Battlerite All Champions - Between the Stars - Blade Assault - Book of Demons - Breathedge - Call of the Sea - Carnival Games VR - Catch Me early access - Conan Chop Chop - Deadly Days - Dear Esther: Landmark Edition - DEATH STRANDING Director's Cut - Demon Turf - Disciples: Liberation - Standard Edition - Doom Eternal - Draw Slasher - Drawful 2 - Dreamscaper - Driftland: The Magic Revival - Due Process - Eastside Hockey Manager - Edge of Eternity - Endless Space® - Collection - Evan's Remains - Fallout: A Post Nuclear Role Playing Game - Farming Simulator 17 - First Class Trouble - Five Dates - Fobia - St. Dinfna Hotel - Forged Battalion - Founders' Fortune - FRAMED Collection - Fury Unleashed - GameGuru - Gloria Victis (India lock) - Go Home Dinosaurs! - Going Under - Golden Light - Golf Gang - Graven - GRIP: Combat Racing - Cygon Garage Kit - GRIP: Combat Racing - Nyvoss Garage Kit - GRIP: Combat Racing - Terra Garage Kit - GRIP: Combat Racing - Vintek Garage Kit - Hammerting SEA - Hero's Hour - Hokko Life - Hotline Miami - Iron Danger - Izmir: An Independence Simulator - Jack Move - Jurassic World Evolution 2 - Just Die Already - King and Assassins - King's Bounty: Warriors of the North - Valhalla Edition - Kingdom Classic - Lead and Gold: Gangs of the Wild West - Legend of Keepers - Life Is Strange 2 Complete Edition - Lornsword Winter Chronicle - Lust for Darkness - Maid of Sker - Main Assembly - MirrorMoon EP - Monaco: What's Yours Is Mine - Monster Crown - Monster Prom 2: Monster Camp - Moon Hunters - Mortal Shell - Motorcycle Mechanic Sim - NecroWorm - Neverout - Oh My Godheads - Okhlos - OlliOlli World Rad Edition EU - Operation Tango - Orbital Racer - Othercide - Out of Reach: Treasure Royale - Overlord II - Patchwork - Pathfinder: WotR - Patron - Peaky Blinders: Mastermind - Pixplode - Radio Commander - Railroad Corporation EU - Realpolitiks - Rebel cops - Regular Human Basketball - Revita - Roarr! Jurassic Edition - Rogue Lords - Rollerdrome - RPG Maker VX - ScourgeBringer - Serpent Rogue - Shady Part of Me - Shing! - Siege Survival: Gloria Victis - Slinger VR - Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 Season Pass - Sorry, James - Soulblight - Spirit of the Island - StarCrossed - Starsand - Still Life - Super Mag Bot - SurrounDead - Swine HD - Telefrag VR - The Amazing American Circus - The Ball - The Life and Suffering of Sir Brante - The Long Dark: Survival Edition - The USB Stick Found in the Grass - Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales - Treasure Hunter Simulator - Tribes of Midgard - Vertiginous Golf - We are alright - Where the Water Tastes Like Wine - Windjammers 2 - Worms Rumble - Worms Rumble Legends Pack DLC - X-Morph: Defense - X: Beyond the Frontier - X: Tension - XCOM 2 - Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles
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2023.06.08 10:58 the-grey-guy Need guidance, noobie here

🕉️ experienced growers, kindly share your thoughts on my first cultivation. Lady details - Age: 10 weeks since gerimnation Genetics: grown from country side unbreaded seed Lighting: - 10 hours direct sunlight - 2 hours of indirect sunlight - 12 hours of complete darkness Positioning: placed on very good natural air circulated window, living in 5 gallon pot with a potting mix soil Nutrition: - Cal/Mag once every 2 weeks - Epsom salt once every 4 weeks - Rock phosphorus added only once in 9th week
Images: (Note all images at the left bottom have caption) 1. Is she looking good for a untrained lady? No topping, no LST 2. Started seeing these hair from 10th week. Are those pistils & trichomes over it? I'm seeing those only on 3 joints of stem & side branches (near stipules area), should this abundancy be normal & keep on growing with age? 3. Top view of image shows any signs of pre-flowering/flowering? I'm seeing those white hair starting to grow as fan leaves or am I wrong to understand it? 4. Side view of branch with terminal node? Any signs of pre-flowering? 5. Saw these white spots on lady, after researching got know it's been attacked by spider mites. Immediately removed some of the majorly damaged fan leaves Killed them without any mercy with my bare hands as many I could find them beneath the leaves. Sprayed them with diluted solution of neem oil. Any other measures can be taken?
All from the above notes, can growers provide some relative advice which I should follow!? Trying to learn this art of growing by watching YouTube videos & reading books to understand the process.
Although we're far to reach in the future, but any estimates on weight from the yield?
Need some pat on the back, saying we're on correct track 😁 (pun intended)
Thanks to community!
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2023.06.08 10:58 Extension-Pick2228 Help me find the name of an horror game

The game started with you crashing a car and you wake up in a dark forest, you had to go around finding bones of a girl that haunts the place and when you do you are released from the place. I watched it on YouTube ages ago but I can’t find it anywhere
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2023.06.08 10:58 The_lost_siren (Hopefully this is allowed, if not, I'm sorry)So, out of curiosity, what animals are you allowed to keep as pets in NZ(New Zealand)?

I'm mostly just curious, but also I want to know for some future pets, I do know some of the animals that I am allowed to keep in NZ already, so it's not like I'm completely in the dark.
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2023.06.08 10:57 uBlackberrybar LiveMe Clone App

LiveMe Clone App
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2023.06.08 10:55 mybeautystop1 How to Do a Great Party Makeup like A Pro

Getting ready for a fancy party is not just about making up your hair and wearing a great, outstanding dress. It is more about facial makeup. Your face is one of the key parts of your body that appeals to and attracts attention to others. If your face is attractive, you might be the centre of attraction at any party. You can go with modest makeup or bold makeup, as per your choice and requirement. To make your face a dramatic change, you have to go for party makeup in Melbourne. Once the party makeup is done, it will remain for the entire party session.
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2023.06.08 10:53 Scineronic The Painting of the Truck

I was driving down back roads to get home. At that point I had been on the road for six hours. I was coming back from an art show that featured some of my art. None of it sold. Not even the one I loved most, the one I had spent months upon months making. It featured an old Ford Thames Trader (an ugly shit of a truck) driving down some dark road, on some dark night. I mention this particular piece of art, because I saw that damned Trader following me that night. When I first saw it, I thought it was just sleep deprivation. I hadn’t gotten more than three hours of sleep each night for the last week. I saw the ugly green fucker out of my side mirror. I did a double take, but the Trader was gone. I dismissed it and carried on driving. The next time I saws, it was also in my side mirror. Before I could do a double take, the Trader sped up and, before long, went over the hill and was out of my view. My hands were now sweating. The steering wheel was now slick in the places where my hands sat. I thought I was going insane. I’m thought I was just pissed that my art hadn’t been sold, and my subconscious was creating this little fantasy because of it. Those ideas were quickly dispelled. The Trader suddenly appeared in my rear view mirror, in time for me to see it smash into the rear of my car. The truck then pulled beside me. I was trying my hardest to keep from fainting, so I didn’t look at the truck for a good while. When I did,I noticed that the truck was undamaged. I noticed another thing. No one was driving the motherfucker. That’s when I did faint. I was in a hospital, when I woke up. Police told me I had crashed into a tree and that my car was totaled. He also mentioned that I was lucky to be alive. I asked them where my paintings were. The officer told me that they were in a box with the other shit that was in my car. When I was discharged and got the box, my plan was to burn the painting that had that truck in it. It seemed fate had a different plan for me. The painting that had feature the Ford Thames Trader that had haunted me that night was gone.
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2023.06.08 10:53 Oledman BAE146 Option to request IFR flight following ATC

I have the BAE146 on Xbox and love the aircraft, but I have an issue requesting IFR flight following from in game atc.
I create a simbrief flight plan and load it into the fmc
But when I go to atc menu there is no request IFR flight following option, just the standard depart straight out options.
I have FP sync on in the fmc, so not sure what I’m doing wrong. I have got the option before so I know it does work.
Perhaps I’m doing it at the wrong stage from when I set up in cold/dark state.
Could it be the transponder, do I need to have that on and set up first before I import the SB flight plan into fmc?
Those that can get it working, could you let me know your method.
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2023.06.08 10:53 donaldtrumpsmistress Lost full Arma by mistake

I was doing some chaos altar prayer training, having a good social time. Made friends w someone who let me in their pk cc for protection so I'm feeling a bit more confident now. I equip the Arma and start bringing 100 or so noted bones to speed up the runs. When I ran out of bones I forgot I was wearing it and hit the wine of zammy all the way down to 2 hp and skulled on a random to let him finish me off.
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2023.06.08 10:51 booksandstuff_ Recs for genuine dislike to love

Someone recommended After Dark with the Duke by Julie Anne Long on a post asking for recommendations for an older grumpy hero and a sweet and slightly wild heroine.
I read the book and I'm obsessed! Now I really need more books with this dynamic. What I loved about the book is that the hero and heroine both started off really genuinly disliking each other. There was so much tension and banter throughout the book and in my opinion it was a slow burn story.
Also, the hero was sardonic, unbothered and aloof (I loved him) but the heroine really did stand her ground and challenged him. It was also kind of the trope of she fell first but he fell harder.
Does anyone have recommendations with similar vibes? :)
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2023.06.08 10:51 phallusiam When D&D Takes a Dark Turn: The Tale of the Twisted Tentacles

*Author's Note: This story contains mature content and themes that may be unsuitable for some readers.*
In a small, tight-knit community of roleplaying enthusiasts, a group of friends gathered around a table, eager to embark on a new Dungeons & Dragons campaign. Their anticipation was high as they awaited the beginning of what they believed would be an epic adventure. Little did they know, however, that their journey into the realm of the fantastic would soon take a twisted and unsettling turn.

The Dungeon Master, known as Greg, had always been creative and imaginative, his campaigns praised for their immersive storytelling and thrilling encounters. With each new adventure, he pushed the boundaries of the game, incorporating strange and captivating elements that enthralled his players.

But this time, something was different.

As the campaign unfolded, it became apparent that Greg's creativity had taken a dark and disturbing turn. His narrative became fixated on extraplanar tentacle gods and beings, weaving a tale where these grotesque entities played a central role. At first, the group found it peculiar, but they trusted Greg's storytelling prowess and believed it would lead to an exciting and challenging adventure.

As the story progressed, however, the tentacle themes grew increasingly suggestive and uncomfortable. The group's encounters were laced with disturbing imagery and twisted scenarios that left them feeling uneasy. Greg's descriptions took on an unsettling tone, evoking a sense of dread and discomfort that permeated the once vibrant atmosphere.

Unbeknownst to the players, Greg had become obsessed with the tentacle concept, indulging in its dark allure without considering the impact it had on the group. The campaign had veered into a realm of erotic horror, and the once close-knit group now found themselves caught in a web of confusion and discomfort.

The players attempted to address their concerns with Greg, expressing their discomfort and their desire to steer the campaign back to a more palatable direction. But their pleas fell on deaf ears. Greg seemed infatuated with his own narrative, dismissing their worries as insignificant and urging them to continue with the macabre storyline.

The breaking point came during a pivotal encounter. The group found themselves in the lair of an otherworldly tentacled deity, its pulsating appendages reaching out in a horrifying display of power. Greg reveled in the grotesque details, describing the explicit interactions between the entity and the characters in vivid and uncomfortable detail.

Shocked and disturbed, the players realized that their beloved game had become something unrecognizable. The atmosphere at the table was heavy with tension and discomfort, the once-excited players now silent and withdrawn.

Unable to bear the darkness that had engulfed their campaign, the group made the unanimous decision to end the session. They resolved to have a frank and honest conversation with Greg, expressing their profound disappointment and the damage his narrative had caused.

In the days that followed, the group disbanded, their friendships strained and broken by the traumatic experience they had endured. The D&D game, once a cherished bond that brought them together, had turned into a haunting nightmare that left them scarred.

Word of their ordeal spread through the gaming community, serving as a cautionary tale to others who shared their passion. It stood as a reminder that boundaries must be respected, and consent in storytelling is paramount.

As for Greg, he was left to grapple with the consequences of his unchecked obsession. His once-beloved campaign had become a blight on his reputation, forever staining the legacy of his storytelling skills.
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2023.06.08 10:50 Dre-szn Im so happy

Im so happy
Pulled these royals 😩
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2023.06.08 10:49 JustMe_Chris Would this be the place to post a video of a weird creature my dad took a video of?

Back in 2020 my dad shot a video of a creature he couldn’t tell what it was, it was far off into the distance by a lake. He shot it on his phone, it’s very hard to make out but it’s a dark black creature that seems to stand on two legs. He also has a second video that gives it some scale next to some tall grass in the water. Always wanted second opinions on it
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2023.06.08 10:49 Zagaroth [No Need For A Core?] - CH 091: Serpent Time

Cover Art <<Previous Start Next >>
The first serpentine dragon form he was going to work on was a variant of river drake. Preferring as always to grow and change existent creatures rather than make new ones from raw mana, Mordecai sent his mind searching among the small creatures that had become part of their ecology. Snakes were obvious choices, as well as most lizards, but less reptilian creatures could work as well.
True Dragons were not mammals, birds, reptiles, or any other common animal type. Yet all of those and more were capable of becoming draconoids, and the draconoid races often had some potential to evolve into True Dragons. So what made the difference? How did things that were not related species become related species like that?
As far as Mordecai could tell, it was a case of a faith-like interaction with a concept that every sentient race held. It reinforced itself as well, for True Dragons certainly would always claim that they could recognize another True Dragon compared to a mere draconoid, and for something like this they counted as being on the ‘mortal’ side of the equation. It probably didn’t hurt that the primary creator deity of this reality was a dragon, creating a very strong focal point of the concept of dragon.
It didn’t take him long to find a selection of animals that resonated positively with the concept he had in his mind, and he drew those creatures to the fifth floor. It didn’t matter that they were not all the same species, the transformations would fix that. Changing a creature was magnitudes easier than creating one, and reforging them into being the exact same species was only a little harder than starting with the same base.
The biggest issue with starting from scratch was not the physical structure, that was only a little bit harder than creating some of the items available as treasures. No, it was holding everything together at the same moment and filling it with synchronized animus and spirit while kick-starting every single chemical process at once in proper harmony. He had vague memories of having tried this before, just enough to have been left as a warning of ‘don’t do this’ by his more complete self.
Oh, if he wanted constructs or something relatively simple, creatures that had animus but not true life and spirit, those weren’t too hard. The bookwyrms and biting words were examples of that. Though creating constructs might become harder soon if his suspicions were right. Well, he’d have to wait and see on that.
These thoughts only took a portion of his concentration as he reworked his volunteers to match his vision. For these river drakes he used a classic sea serpent/leviathan model, a long sinuous body with various frilly fins running along its length, a narrow head and snout with sharp teeth at one end and a flat tail for speed and maneuverability at the other. But that wasn’t enough to make them a real threat to travelers, even if they were three feet long.
The first customization he made was some minor chameleon abilities. Nothing magical in this case, just the same ability to subtly shift the structure of their scales to reflect different colors of light that many normal creatures had, if slightly more efficiently designed. The effects were enhanced by the fact that the waterways were going to be filled with floating motes of light, making it hard to accurately measure depth and distance by vision alone.
And of course, any quality drake needed an important draconic feature, a Breath Weapon. In this case, he gave them a powerful, narrow jet of water that could pierce many materials as well as potentially knock foes back.
Now for mobility. They were already great swimmers of course, but he wanted more than that. He’d already made sure their scales and skin wouldn’t dry out easily, now he gave them a minor flight ability. It was closer to being a magically enhanced jump with a little bit of levitation for extra distance and a soft landing, and just a tiny bit of mid-air guidance. They could do this from water or land, and they had the sharp teeth and powerful snake-like musculature to act as constrictors, though they were too small to do so to a typical humanoid. Their land speed was pretty comparable to most snakes as well, though their side fins interfered somewhat.
There was a final important touch that wouldn’t affect anything in the immediate future but would come into play when they had more levels. These two to three-foot-long drakes were juveniles for the species he had designed, and he would be creating habitats for their later life stages as the dungeon gained more levels, and eventually some spawning grounds back in the hidden pools along with a way for them to get there in their adult forms.
Mordecai now turned his attention to the second serpentine form he wanted for this floor. Winged Serpents. Oh, not actual Couatl, these were not divine creatures after all, but he modeled them on the famous celestial serpents, giving their snake-like bodies both rainbow-colored feathers and scales as well as growing a pair of powerful, wide wings. They wouldn’t be able to soar the skies elegantly, but what they needed was maneuverability and the ability to leap upward in a quick burst.
Instead of free-roaming creatures like the river drakes, he made these pack hunters, and created a special mushroom for their nests: These were low, squat structures that grew from the ceiling, with a structure that was soft enough for tunnels to be chewed into it, but with enough tensile strength to continue to cling to the ceiling so long as the tunnels were not excessive.
From either these nests or from the tops of the mushroom trees they could keep watch for potential prey, and called out to each other with ultrasonic cries to communicate, the tones too high for most creatures to hear. They also used a separate set of clicks in that range for echolocation, allowing them to ‘see’ no matter how dark their environment was.
In order to capitalize on this, he gave them a pair of abilities. The first was a simple globe of darkness spell, about 40 feet in diameter that they could cast on an area about once an hour. This was readily countered with any sufficiently strong light-themed spell, but it could still cause problems for unprepared groups.
The second ability was related, but not so easily countered. Once a day, they could release a billowing cloud of dark ‘smoke’ from underneath their scales. This was a chemical reaction instead of a spell, and was a strong irritant to most species, creating effects not unlike that of pepper oil. The combination made it hard to see them and was extremely distracting, but also shorter-lived than the darkness spell. This was generally going to be used to enable the winged serpent to escape when injured.
Their primary combat ability was a poisoned bite. These were ambush predators, and typically would dive in on prey and deliver several bites before retreating, and would repeat the tactic as needed. And for a final touch, he gave them a razor-sharp tail tip, more than capable of flaying flesh and enabling them to eat prey in pieces, unlike a snake.
Now, he knew what he wanted to do for the two ‘warring’ factions already, but the ‘wildlife’ didn’t feel quite fleshed out yet, and he wanted to nail that down first. Well, he had water and air covered, and the warring factions would cover the surface of the land well enough, so why not something from underground?
While snakes could fulfill this role too, Mordecai felt that it would be overdoing it at this point. And definitely nothing plant-like, he’d done enough with the mushroom already. So a burrowing animal of some sort. Hmm. Let's see what his options were.
Well, no burrowing birds, he already had a flying challenge in a dense forest, he didn’t need more. Rabbits and polecats have been used in other levels already before even considering what his warring factions were going to be like. In the end he had two choices he liked, and decided that the mammal would probably work better with the warring factions, so he developed the other into a proper predator instead.
Not that it wasn’t already, but it was a little small for humans, and he could make some other improvements as well. Mordecai began channeling magic into a selection of trap door spiders to enlarge them to about the size of a horse and set to work ‘improving’ them. The first step was to make their poison more potent, namely into a mix of paralytic agents and digestive enzymes. Then he enhanced their silk weaving abilities, giving them different web types by adding ‘normal’ webs, thrown net-webs, and the ability to lay out sensory threads on the ground in addition to using webbing to reinforce their layers and create the trapdoors.
Of course, having them only use ground lairs would be boring. So Mordecai made sure they could dig into some of the larger mushroom trees to create lairs there too. Getting through this floor was going to require some proper paranoia. Now, while both the river drakes and the feathered serpents were going to be able to come in great numbers, the giant spiders were tougher foes, so he was going to limit them to hunting in pairs. This still wasn’t normal spider behavior, but that would help make things creepier and keep people on their toes.
He had a nice selection of fungal hazards and dangerous creatures, so now it was time to start working on the two war camps and their denizens.
<<Previous Start Next >>
My Discord if you would like to talk about the book or see what else I am up to (I also try to stream once a week, but that's strictly hobby level).
My Patreon if you want to support me directly.
Also to be found on Royal Road.
$3 Patreon: Early chapters, lore excerpts $5 Patreon: Short Stories $10 Patreon: New stories not published anywhere else (Until after I finish this story at least)
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2023.06.08 10:48 Far-Ad9864 I don't think Ashlyn ever got over hunter. She probably hoped that they would end up together and knowing he wifed up someone else crushed her

Out of all the men she was with including her baby daddy i feel like she loved him the most. she was IN love with him. she just had a certain glow when she was around him. i watched the old videos where they did the videos together and she seemed happy and always laughing. she was more ambitious while she was with him and lively. and now they aren't together she seems stagant and like she doesn't wanna do anything with her life. don't get me wrong, i don't think they are soulmates are meant to be. I think it's one sided. I think he is completely over her but she's still hanging onto him. and you can tell she was defintely attracted to him physically as well and with nate not so much. she wanted more of nate's money lol let's not forget she was even too ashamed to show his face at first. I believe she loves the security that nate brings as far as money but she was never in love with him. you can see all over her face she was in love with hunter. but hunter and ashlyn should have never got together in the first place IMO. they are far too different and she mentioned that various times in her Q&A's and videos. HUNTER is so quiet and laid back and she's the typical gemini who is the life of the party super extroverted and in everybody's face kinda girl. she's an over sharer kind of person. he is a private kind of person. opposites do attract in some cases where they can balance each other out but i feel like in ashlyn's case it worked against her because I think hunter wants someone more laid back and chill like himself and not so hyper and out there. I don't think they could appreciate each other's differences and instead of their differences complimenting each other they clashed. defintely feel like ren is a much better match she's more lowkey private and chill like hunter.
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2023.06.08 10:48 kurtstir r/visionsofchaos will be going dark on June 12th

This subreddit will be joining in on the June 12th-14th protest of Reddit's API changes that will essentially kill all 3rd party Reddit apps.

What's going on?

A recent Reddit policy change threatens to kill many beloved third-party mobile apps, making a great many quality-of-life features not seen in the official mobile app permanently inaccessible to users.
On May 31, 2023, Reddit announced they were raising the price to make calls to their API from being free to a level that will kill every third party app on Reddit, from Apollo to Reddit is Fun to Narwhal to BaconReader.
Even if you're not a mobile user and don't use any of those apps, this is a step toward killing other ways of customizing Reddit, such as Reddit Enhancement Suite or the use of the desktop interface .
This isn't only a problem on the user level: many subreddit moderators depend on tools only available outside the official app to keep their communities on-topic and spam-free.

What's the plan?

On June 12th, many subreddits will be going dark to protest this policy. Some will return after 48 hours: others will go away permanently unless the issue is adequately addressed, since many moderators aren't able to put in the work they do with the poor tools available through the official app. This isn't something any of us do lightly: we do what we do because we love Reddit, and we truly believe this change will make it impossible to keep doing what we love.
The two-day blackout isn't the goal, and it isn't the end. Should things reach the 14th with no sign of Reddit choosing to fix what they've broken, we'll use the community and buzz we've built between then and now as a tool for further action.

What can you do as a user?

What can you do as a moderator?

Thank you for your patience in the matter,
-Mod Team
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2023.06.08 10:47 greenbeancaserol Need participants for my survey about Your First Time Getting Your Period (examples attached)

Need participants for my survey about Your First Time Getting Your Period (examples attached)
I am working on writing a book that features people’s stories from when they first got their period. The goal of this book is to help break the stigma around periods and sexual health, and not only normalize it, but also turn it into something beautiful (like a pretty book on your coffee table!). Roughly 50% of the population get a period, nobody should have to feel ashamed about something that is so natural and common. Let’s normalize it together. Please take the Survey:
- HERE <---
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2023.06.08 10:45 VSH-Hospital Simple Guide to Chemical Peel

Simple Guide to Chemical Peel
Chemical peels have been increasingly popular in achieving smooth, more youthful-looking skin. By applying a chemical solution to the skin, this non-invasive technique induces regulated exfoliation and, in the long run, skin renewal.Chemical peels can be performed in as little as 30 minutes, although the peeling process can continue for three to five days afterward. Peeling involves the shedding or flaking off dead skin cells to reveal new skin underneath.
Chemical Peeling Treatment Procedure
Chemical peels are often administered by dermatologists or estheticians in medical clinics.
  1. Consultation with a dermatologist or skincare expert is necessary before performing a chemical peel. Because of this, we can choose the best peel kind and strength after carefully considering the patient’s skin type, concerns, and goals.
  2. The skin is first washed and exfoliated to get the best results from a chemical peel. Makeup, oil, and dirt should be cleaned off, and a pre-peel solution may be applied to improve the peel’s results.
  3. The selected chemical solution is applied to the face or other treatment regions using a brush or cotton pad soaked in the solution. The strength of the peel and the individual’s skin response dictates how long the solution is left on the skin.
  4. The dermatologist or skin care expert will provide you with specific aftercare recommendations. To ensure appropriate healing and optimal outcomes, it is recommended that you use gentle skincare products, wear sun protection, and stay out of the sun for a certain amount of time.
Chemical Face Peel Varieties
There are three primary categories of chemical peels distinguished by the depth of penetration and the skin issues they treat:
  1. Peels at the surface use alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs), including glycolic acid, lactic acid, and other mild acids. They work by removing dulling surface cells and smoothing the skin’s surface. Superficial peels are safe for those with modest skin issues and require little to no recovery time.
They work more deeply into the skin, addressing fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentation, and texture flaws. The healing time for medium peels is significantly longer than for superficial peels.
  1. The powerful acid phenol is used in deep peels. They work from the inside out to treat serious skin issues like deep wrinkles, severe UV damage, and specific types of scars. Since deep peels are so invasive, so they are typically done when the patient is sedated or under a general anesthetic to minimize discomfort.
Chemical Peel Benefits
A chemical peel has several positive effects. Chemical peels improve the skin’s appearance and texture with just one treatment, revealing a more radiant and polished complexion. There are additional advantages to getting a chemical peel, such as:
  • Facilitating the enhancement of skin’s hue, clarity, tone, and texture
  • Inducing the production of fresh collagen and new skin cells, which leads to a glowing appearance.
  • eliminating sun-induced discoloration
  • Assisting in the resolution of acne
  • Erasing the Signs of Age by Smoothing Out Wrinkles
  • Improving the skin’s moisture level Treating fine lines and superficial scars
  • A peel can remove many layers of skin buildup and congestion, making it possible for skincare products used at home to penetrate deeper into the skin and have a greater effect.
There are various skin peeling treatments, such as chemical peel for stretch marks and chemical peel for tan removal. Hyperpigmentation from sun exposure can be effectively treated with chemical peels. Melasma, aging spots, and sunspots all fall under this category. Several chemical peels for melasma can cure it. Also, you may try a chemical peel for hyperpigmentation to eliminate unwanted melanin production.
Peels are effective against acne and scars because they exfoliate the skin’s surface and stimulate collagen rebuilding. Also, the chemical peel after-care is vital and should be taken care of.
Chemical peels are an effective method of rejuvenating the skin and restoring a more youthful appearance. Chemical peels are a versatile option for skin rejuvenation. You can try VSH for the best results. Their carefully administered chemical peels can reveal younger, healthier, and more vibrant skin, reviving your appearance and restoring your self-esteem.
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2023.06.08 10:45 Kavithavinod Ayurvedic Skincare Rituals For Radiant And Glowing Skin

In today's fast-paced world, where stress, pollution, and hectic lifestyles have become the norm, taking care of our skin has become more important than ever. While there are countless skincare products available in the market, many individuals are turning to Ayurvedic skincare rituals to achieve radiant and glowing skin naturally. Ayurveda, an ancient Indian holistic system of medicine, emphasizes the balance between mind, body, and spirit. Incorporating Ayurvedic skincare rituals into your daily routine can help rejuvenate your skin, promote overall well-being, and restore the natural radiance of your complexion.

Understand Your Dosha:

According to Ayurveda, everyone has a unique combination of three doshas, namely Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. Determining your dominant dosha can help you choose skincare rituals and products that suit your specific needs. Vata skin tends to be dry and prone to wrinkles, Pitta skin is sensitive and prone to redness or inflammation, while Kapha skin tends to be oily and prone to congestion. Understanding your dosha can guide you in selecting the right ingredients and practices for your skincare routine.

Abhyanga - The Art of Self-Massage:

Abhyanga, or self-massage with warm oil, is a key Ayurvedic skincare ritual. Choose a nourishing oil such as sesame, coconut, or almond oil and warm it slightly. Massage your body using long, sweeping strokes before bathing to enhance circulation, remove toxins, and deeply moisturize the skin. This ritual not only nourishes the skin but also calms the mind and promotes relaxation.

Cleansing with Natural Ingredients:

Ayurveda advocates the use of natural ingredients for cleansing the skin. Replace harsh chemical-based cleansers with gentle, herbal alternatives. For Vata skin, opt for moisturizing ingredients like rose, sandalwood, or aloe vera. Pitta skin benefits from cooling ingredients such as cucumber, neem, or mint. Kapha skin benefits from cleansers containing lemon, turmeric, or honey, which help balance oil production. These natural cleansers help remove impurities without stripping the skin of its natural oils.

Exfoliation with Ubtan:

Ubtan, a traditional Ayurvedic herbal paste, is an excellent natural exfoliant. Mix a combination of ingredients like chickpea flour, turmeric, milk, and rosewater to create a paste. Gently massage this paste onto your face and body in circular motions to remove dead skin cells and promote a radiant complexion. Ubtan also improves blood circulation and helps with detoxification.

Ayurvedic Face Masks:

Ayurvedic face masks provide deep nourishment and rejuvenation for the skin. Use ingredients such as turmeric, honey, yogurt, and aloe vera to create masks that suit your skin type. Turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties, honey moisturizes the skin, yogurt exfoliates and brightens, while aloe vera soothes and heals. Apply the mask to your face and leave it on for 15-20 minutes before rinsing off with lukewarm water. Regular use of these masks can help improve skin texture and restore its natural glow.

Herbal Teas and Hydration:

Hydration is essential for healthy, glowing skin. Ayurveda recommends sipping herbal teas throughout the day to support digestion, detoxification, and overall skin health. Herbal teas like chamomile, jasmine, or mint can help calm the mind, reduce inflammation, and purify the skin from within.


Ayurvedic skincare rituals offer a holistic approach to achieving radiant and glowing skin. By embracing natural ingredients, self-care practices, and understanding
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2023.06.08 10:44 WesternSol I gotta talk about space dandy season 1

I just finished it, and was absolutely blown away. This is one of the few 10/10 shows I've ever seen. There is no overarching plot, but the setting is consistent each episode. Each vignette was unique, wholesome, thought-provoking, and either funny or sad as all hell. I'd definitely suggest a watch, and if you don't want to be spoiled I'd stop now. I'm going to focus on my 2 favorite episodes, which just so happen to be the really sad emotional ones (go figure).
But before that, I want to talk about the setting and tone. Its located in the future in space, where aliens and FTL/warp are common sites. The setting is deceptively light, with an optimistic retro throwback japanese hooligan style papering over a world with some rather dark facets. Even though there's a diverse range of aliens, not all of them are friendly (and the government is not friendly to all of them), and sometimes it can be difficult to tell who. There is rampant use of AI which is shown later to be essentially robo-slavery. And there is an intergalactic war occurring in the background.
With this in mind, lets start with episode 5. What makes this episode so powerful is the soundtrack. Let me explain: Dandy is essentially a space bounty hunter. He looks for new and/or dangerous species and (in the case of the former) abducts them to be recorded or (in the case of the latter) detained by the government (they never discuss what happens after that). To be honest, the system is never explained that well, for example there are lots of places where they "know" there are undiscovered species, which doesn't really make any sense considering said species are undiscovered. But anyway, this episode, Dandy hunts an alien from the dangerous list that can put peoples consciousnesses in other peoples bodies. The catch is this one is a little girl who has lost her only parent to a disease. This species is famously insular because the government and people who want to use them hunt them down, so this little girl has literally no one to turn to. She doesn't exactly come quietly, but she doesn't resist too much, and offers to allow Dandy to arrest her if he'll take her to her grandpa's old place before taking her to jail.
Its your typical lone wolf and cub story, where they start to care about each other because of their close proximity while traveling. He takes her to restaurants, the carnival, the movies, etc. The scenes themselves all seem to be rather happy, but the music is not. The lyrics that play over the montage ask "Is this a sad thing? Is this a delightful thing? I'll go check it out and then I want to show you, so please wait for me." Because this represents the girls inner monologue. She never got the chance to do anything fun with her mother, so she doesn't know whether to be sad that she's gone or happy to have these experiences. It also displays her hookup on the mother "leaving her behind". The thing that it reminded me of immediately was JJK when Sukuna tells the Lava dude that "he doesn't know what emotions/tears are either", but this is so much more effective because of the contradiction between the music and the scene and its sincerity instead of making the character say something cool and edgy. It ends happily eventually but I don't want to spoil anymore.
Lastly, lets talk about episode 12. This episode revolves around Dandy's AI vacuum QT falling in love with a coffee making robot at a coffee shop. The episode starts with the Narrator telling us that for robots, keeping memory usage low is important. Immediately followed by QT saying "The universe is full of waste. Particularly wasteful are the emotions felt by living beings, such as 'love' and 'affection'" When the trio goes to get coffee, QT becomes infatuated with the coffee maker after hearing her laugh. He keeps coming in, buying things, and making himself useful to go see her even though no one on the crew drinks coffee, least of all him. As a robot, if his circuits get wet, its over. Eventually his room on the ship is full of coffee stuff.
She tells him that she's jealous that he can move around. As a coffee maker she's static and can't explore anywhere. Later that night, he steals her and takes her around the town exploring as a "date". Around this time she begins to malfunction, and is thrown away to a floating trash heap with all the other broken (read, emotional) AI appliances. QT learns about this and goes to save her, where he learns that she loved the cash register the whole time, and that most of the robots left in the trash heap, not her but including the register, plan to combine into a death robot and destroy the city . She asks QT to stop the register from joining the death robot so he'll be safe, and QT fights the giant robot and stops it from destroying the city, but takes major damage in the process. The episode ends with a busted up QT sitting in his now remarkably coffee-free room. Aside from a single cup. He recites the mantra from the last paragraph and downs the cup, killing himself.
I love this episode because it touches on the AI ethics, which always touches on the "What defines the human experience" question. Its clear that the AI are almost (if not just) as sentient as humans are. And that despite that they are treated as tools or slaves rather than people. Dandy is incapable of cleaning up after himself or refueling his own ship without QT. I mean just the concept of being literally chained to your job and unable to physically move from your employment location is thought provoking. The episode also touches on difficulties dating and finding love. But what really got me was that mantra and the ending. The repeated mantra is meant to be ironic after a fashion, after all, it was QTs "love and affection" for the coffee maker that compelled him to save the city. But it also reaffirms that his beliefs have not changed due to his experience, and that, having felt and been let down by these feelings, he doesn't want to live anymore. It reminds me of Fraudrin in the Seven Deadly Sins saying "I don't want to understand". The "I'm too stuck to change and I just want it to be over already".
All in all, either of these episodes could've been well respected OVA's in their own right, and I highly recommend that people check out Space Dandy. They wont regret it.
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2023.06.08 10:42 Teefee1 My sister is convinced that I am a dark autumn. But now I can’t decide if I’m either true or dark. What do you think?

My sister is convinced that I am a dark autumn. But now I can’t decide if I’m either true or dark. What do you think?
Hey guys! I previously settled on the idea of being in between true and dark autumn, but my sister believes that I am a dark autumn only. So I finally took a bunch of pictures today with me in different colors. I also went to a store to do some drapes with my sister lol. What are your thoughts? Am I a true or dark autumn?
Here’s my old Reddit post btw where I asked this question, but only showed two drapes:
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2023.06.08 10:42 rottingorgans i don’t know if i actually like my boyfriend or if i’m just mentally ill

i have severe dissociation and have been in a dissociative episode since 2018. it just gradually keeps getting worse and worse and i don’t really feel like i know who i am at this point
i recently met this guy and i really like him and i want to be there for him but i don’t know if these feeling are actually mine. i try and say all the right things i can to make him feel better when he’s upset but sometimes i don’t know if that’s how i really feel or if i’m just saying what he wants to hear so he feels better. i honestly don’t know what my real feelings for him are because i’m lonely as fuck and will literally spend time with anyone who shows interest in me and try to reciprocate how they feel to me
i don’t know who i am at this point or if my thoughts and feelings are actually mine or i’m just pretending to be what people are wanting from me. this next part is dark but i self harm and majority of the time i don’t really know why i do it. like yea sometimes i do it when i’m upset but most the time i don’t know what i’m feeling and when i hurt myself it brings me joy and peace and i feel proud of it. i feeling my physical self and mental self are completely separate and honestly i don’t know how either operate
i don’t know what to do at this point and i feel my existence is a decaying shell and all i can do is watch my insanity. all i know how to do is please people but i don’t know if that actually what i want to do
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