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2023.06.09 16:17 StuckInsideOfMobile Am I the only one who plays FM like this?

I work from home doing customer service, mainly emails, and i basically have FM on my personal laptop the whole day cause no one can stop me.
Since I actually need to do some emails in the morning when I start work, what I've been doing for the past few months is loading up my save while I open all the stuff I need on my work PC, spend about 10/15 mins making adjustments before the next game, then start the game with the "Full Match" highlights option and just let the game run its course while I do my emails. I look at the stats every few mins, make tactical adjustments when needed, and obviously click "Encourage" as often as possible, but yeah, I basically only play FM watching with the full match mode on. Really it just feels like I've just got a real life football match on in the background while I work but I can affect it haha
Does anyone else play FM like this or am I the only psychopath who does this? I want to know so I can feel less crazy when I'm watching my Torino side draw 0-0 to Genoa for 90mins while seeing every single sitter Belotti misses
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2023.06.09 16:17 eggnog_2go Can I ask for an advice on this issue?

I was got in to a stem research program in a different country. It was a really competitive program and it's hard to get into and I was able to get into the program.
We have to travel abroad and tbh, the reason too why I applied was because I'm so sick and tired of my mom repetitively tell me I should do something in the summer. I'm so sick of living life with her but can't because I can't afford a living while in college and has a physical disability. (Even that she forced me to go to college and signed me up without my consent).
The problem was I was gonna be sent to Africa for research and my mom greatly disagrees with me. She wanted me to go to Asia instead. I don't really understand why but my mom is so manipulative and I admit I was brain washed my whole life thinking that I needed her and no one else. That I'd go to hell if I hated her. So I talked to my mentor that I have to go to Asia instead due to my disability. But actually it was mostly due to my mom not wanting me to go to Africa. My program mentor was annoyed at my request as after 12 hours of country I was given to, I had to change. I told him that he said himself that he can accommodate us if we want to change within 72 hours of declaring what country we will go to. And he remembered that so he agreed to my request.
Upon going to Asia, I learned my mom decided to find a conference in the same country I'm going to. I was upset because all along I learned that she wants to follow me and watch me over. However, it is also the program's policy to not have family members follow us abroad because it's suppose be for us focusing on connecting with others, immersing ourselves in the culture and do research. She insisted to see me in secret and no one has to know. I insisted no but she gave me a glaring look and scared me so I agreed.
Abroad, it was hard. My colleagues were not the best at collaboration and negotiation. This one girl wanted to get what she wants. Instead of eating and trying out the country's cuisine, she wanted Yakiniku, Hot pot, American food etc. She wanted expensive stuff. She controls all of our actions and acts as if she is the mother. Because she is the oldest. It was bad. I'm not rich so I can't afford to eat dinner with them. So I lied that I don't eat dinner. But I actually go to eat the cultural food which taste better and cheaper.
I also didn't have a set structure of research where my the research given to me conflicts with the program's policies. I talked to my program mentor about this and he just doesn't listen. I tried and tried and he just became rude at me. If I don't do my research I will be in trouble. If I didn't follow the program policy, I'll also get in trouble. And I'm in a different country so nothing works right. So I did what I think is right and the most important, do the research anyway. Then the problem aggravated when my mom came. Now it sounded like I'm vacationing there instead of working. She does everything for me and at least wanted me to have a day off when I'm not suppose to.
My colleagues rat me out, they also ganged up on me. They were verbally and emotionally absuive. They also found out I was eating in a cheaper restaurant and not with them. They argue they're Americans too and crave the cuisine too so they needed it quite often in dinner as they eat the country's food everyday and is sick of it. I told them, we're in this country to immerse ourelves at the same time save money as American food is 8x more expensive and I'm not rich. They claimed they're so hurt for what I did and think I can't be trusted. The others 2 wanna do their own thing but they said they were terrified of this girl. And I just happened to not be. It's also not requird but encouraged to eat dinner together. But I got in soooo much trouble from everyone. It was bad to the point I became suicidal.
I know I should tell the truth. But no one is even negotiating and listening to me. And my mom was part of the problem.
I have to be sent back home. I was already depressed, can no longer fix my relationship to my colleagues as they're forever mad at me. But I finished my research datas and just have to write them all down.
My mom talked to my program mentor. My brother was there too. My brother explained to me how my mom was just acting like a victim and that she just cares for me. My brother who also has the same sentiments to my mom's manipulative personality. It was awful and I was now seen as the outcast and villain.
I can't move on from that. And until today that all of it was my fault.
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2023.06.09 16:17 ThePolemicist No Ground Transportation Option from MCO?

Hi all! I have an airport transportation question.
First, a rant:
I was aware that WDW was no longer offering Disney's Magical Express. It disappointed me when that change was made because I think people spend so much money to go to Disney World, they often don't leave the WDW bubble, and they spend all of their money for a week at WDW. It seems like it should be a small thing for Disney to offer free transportation from the airport, like so many hotels do! But I digress.
Now the problem/question:
I thought it was still an option to add on Mears to the reservation and just pay for it. However, when I went to book, the only ground transportation offered through the Disney website was a rental car! What?! So now they don't even offer you to book the paid shuttle through them? It's very frustrating.
I went to the Mears website, and they have a sale going on right now to book $15 per person each way. I think that's a great deal if you're a family of 1-3, but we're a family of 4. Surely paying $60 each way to and from the airport is too much! What do families do? Book a taxi in advance? Hope Ubers are available when you land? How much have Ubers and taxis cost you? Thanks for the help!
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2023.06.09 16:17 OooohMylanta The World's Worst Bottom Model : Week Six Panel!!!

The World's Worst Bottom Model : Week Six Panel!!!
After recovering from a very unfortunate bout of Jan-induced crustacean food poisoning, the WWBM moodels are back on Llama’s trail again because that is pretty much all I remember about what’s happening in this story.

Gigi and Bella call Yolanda to complain about the food poisoning, and Yolanda aka “Mom of the Century” says oh girls that’s great maybe now you’ll book Giannacarliangiolino Almondé, fashion’s hottest and newest designer with the longest name who also only eats almonds because this is apparently a thing that we’re just running with for some reason.

And then all the other moodles are like why do we keep focusing on the Hadids so much in this story and I’m like because they’re on TV you idiots so that makes them more special than all of your basic asses.

Then Anna reminds everyone that she too is a nepo baby and honestly no one cares, but that makes Sakura sad a little bit so she convinces Unia to give Anna a hug but really that just makes everyone a lot more uncomfortable because it’s, you know, Unia. Ugh.

Then a newspaper boy rides up to the crew on his Schwinn and chucks a copy of the National Enquirer in Marlon’s face, and this is tragic because it’s Marlon’s FACE we’re risking here. Lisa (OG Lisa not that other one who is the lesser of the Lisas and also their mom’s least favorite Lisa) comes rushing out of her Fancy Pants Tent and snatches the paper up SUPER FAST OMG.


Today’s panel is very special for a few reasons. The first reason is that this whole time is my pure stream of consciousness and for time constraint reasons probably I won’t even bother to edit my thoughts. So if things don’t make sense and seem out of place tough shit that is what happens when your social calendar is too full because you are very popular like I am!

Also the other reason is that because I am so awesome and magnanimous, the one of you who got FCO for your Bad News Front Page is actually on this week’s National Enquirer Front Page!!!!!!!!!11!11!!!1!!!1!!1!!1

I knew that WWBM needed to get back in the news and even though those OTHER games might have been crushing shit with amazing briefs or whatever, this game has the dumbest briefs, and that counts for way more obviously.

To get back on top, we had to dominate the news cycle. Whose face is on this paper that I hold in my delicate and also strong but also perfectly feminine hands? LET’S DO THIS CALL OUT ORDER RIGHT NOW.

UNIA, SCOOT YOUR WEIRD WEIRD VIBE OVER THIS WAY. Not only is your news bad, but it is also believable. Ever since you joined this competition, I thought to myself WOW this girl is like a gerbil in human form. And now you’re like a human in gerbil form. So that’s really something. Congratulations and terrible work! Your transformation from Moodle to Rodent is chronicled in gut wrenching detail in this week’s National Enquirer!

Virahya - This is what you get for riding a scooter without a helmet you dummy. THOSE PIGTAILS WON’T SAVE YOU NOW. Awful stuff! Terrible news!

Elsa - This is like if Michael Jordan and Mary Poppins had a baby and that baby grew up to be the most insufferable person in the history of the universe just to spite her parents for reasons she will reveal in her tell-all autobiography ghost written by that chick who did those 50 Shades of Grey pornos.

Adwoa - You bet your ass I’m going to sue you for stealing my idea you hoe. Sharon was robbed.

Gigi - Your fingers smell like gefilte fish and gorgonzola; it's wafting over this way. This is very gross to me. Well done!

Marlon - You are not allowed to die until AFTER I have seduced you so step away from the skateboard you moron! THINK OF YOUR FACE.

Bella - IDK that your eating pizza is really bad news unless you let Yolanda catch you. Is that what happened??? You’d better than your lucky stars you had that Double FCO Bonus though girl whew.


Chanel - You’re too low on this call out order because that is literally the worst news I have ever heard. Those skirts have caused more mass suffering than literally everything else humanity has done shittily over the course of all history.


Sakura - Here you are in this tinfoil room going hmmmm? This is bad news, but everyone had bad news and Bella had a Big Bonus so here you are.

Lisa 2 - You’re such a low effort skank ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.


Sa……..Lisa 2!!! What are you doing????


Lisa 2 clomps over to Original Lisa like the clompiest Clydesdale just going clomp clomp clomp and everyone is like WOW how is that a thing. And then she’s like:

Original Lisa, you might be my sister, and I hate you for that, but if Bella and Gigi have taught me anything it’s that competing against your sister or with your sister or for your sister is a stupid ass idea and you are better off staying home and binge watching House Hunters International. So I’m leaving cuz like I can’t take the pressure of it.

And then she leaves. RIP Lisa 2. And so just to be clear that means that no one is eliminated just so that we’re clear. Lisa 2 sacrificed herself; it’s all very beautiful.

Then suddenly Marlon is like oooh Original Lisa wants to seduce me and I could really get behind that. Then he is terrified of the thought since it is Lisa, Mother of the Demon Antichrist, but also like that was so one quarter of a cycle ago that maybe it didn’t even happen. So he’s turned on like 85% of the way.

Then the Bellamplified pagers go off, and Marlon’s Horndog Level goes up to 100% woot woot!!! Remember because Bella rigged them all to be buzzier now. For the orgasms.

The End.
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2023.06.09 16:17 communitycirclejerk I can remove posts in all communities

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2023.06.09 16:17 AutoModerator Agency Navigator (Iman Gadzhi Courses)

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2023.06.09 16:17 jesscan06 Advice (new beardie owner)

Advice (new beardie owner)
Hello! I adopted this baby/juvenile beardie in April, everything has been going well I think? They are active and becoming more curious. Always ready to eat their live feeders, but not interested in the veggie mix really, I've been using a freeze dried mix that I rehydrate, and I've been reading posts here about the types of greens others feed and am thinking to try those instead. I'm also attaching some pictures from when I brought them home and then today. This week I noticed what looked like crusted old shed or food on their mouth so last night I was able to get it off with water soaked qtips, but it looks a bit angry today, so sharing pictures of that too. They started shedding on their legs today also. Thanks for all advice.
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2023.06.09 16:16 HistoryExcellent1273 Rate my fiver gig intro for copywriting (as a complete beginner).

Are you tired of seeing the same amount on your company’s revenue bracket? Do you want your sales to be boosted exponentially? Do you want someone in your team who can write a copy that sells like hot cake? Or Articles that are read like the Daily Bugle when Spiderman is spotted? If yes…. Then you are in contact with the right person I have got remedies to all of your problems which may require my secret seasoning(vocabulary) and recipes(articulation) I am a wordsmith with a knack for SEO, and quantitative and qualitative research methods are essential for writing an ad or sales copy. But what good is a horse that doesn't run similarly, a copy that doesn't sell? With experience and skill, I guarantee direct sales and a decent turnover if you hire me. Not only this as someone who knows the industry also guarantees complete client satisfaction following the old rule of thumb “Customers are always right” So, Would your company make the sales it deserves? Hire me and guess we’ll find out.
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2023.06.09 16:16 Daydreamer661 Me (24F) and my partner (27M) have been together for over a year, from the start of our relationship we moved pretty fast, living together within 3 months of dating. Now are over the year mark and still having the same fight for 7 months

Me (24F) and my partner (27M) have been together for over a year, from the start of our relationship we moved pretty fast, living together within 3 months of dating. Our issues started after we moved in together. First it started with sex he wanted it all the time and i didnt really want it as much.
For context in the past i was assulted by my ex boyfriend and i would say yes to sex because if i didnt it would start a fight. My now partner knows this about me and we had spoken about it. However the issues started similar ways, he felt like sex was his only way of truely showing love and because i didnt want it as much meant that i didnt love him as much a he loved me. The reason i didnt want sex as much was it became painful and i went to the doctors and turned out he had given me a STI, which cause me pain.
We moved passed it but eventually we would keep fighting again and again about sex. See the thing is the way i want to be shown love is acts of service so example coming home and having the dishes done and the washing etc and that wasnt happening i basically became his live in maid. So again we start a new ongoing fight over that but also the sex fight was mixed.
Anyway Everything came to head about a month ago were we both just blew up, he feels like i dont want a future with him because i dont want a baby right now and he does and he feels like i judge him all the time because im always on him about his spending and his laziness. I can understand why he feels like i dont love him as much as he loves me because im not one to show it, im quiet reserved i show my love differently to him. But during our fights i have made it clear i am secure in this relationship and he was showing me that he wasn’t secure.
I get he shows love through affection, but sometimes for me it can be too much and i get agitated and feel overwhelmed and i express this to him and he takes it as an offence to him and that im not secure cause i cant be like him. We work things out however things have felt different, he is less affectionate and doesnt want sex as much, we both walk on eggshells with eachother because we sre scared to fight again. But then tonight we had another argument over something very minor and silly and once again it blew up like always. This time though i think we have both hit breaking point and i know that i cant do this anymore and i think he does too.
So basically why im writing this on here is i need advice, because right now i just think we cant keep doing this anymore, its been the same fights for about 7 months now and we always retreat back to our old ways and tonight it just clicked that we are both not happy anymore. Im unsure if i should just end it and give him a chance to find better, maybe someone who can give him all the things he wants that i clearly cant.
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2023.06.09 16:16 whoisNO Job loss & Unemployment led us here- Where do I begin?

It has been quite a year. I’m disappointed that we have gotten into the position we are in. Through job loss, depression, and unemployment for my husband, we finally sat down and looked at our finances. I feel overwhelmed and stuck- We used to be in a great position, with no debt but here we are.
I know we have to start somewhere. Honestly I have never had debt I couldn’t pay so the thought of consolidating sounds like a good idea. I am hopeful with direction and budgeting we can target a plan.
Income- Husband is currently back as Independent contractor clerking for $25/hour. He will take the bar exam in July and if all goes well, secure an attorney position in September.
I am 100% commission in sales. Variability but summer tends to be a good time but this isn’t a normal market to be in mortgages.
INCOME: -May = $3520 (~$2112 after tax) -June = $22,838 (~$13702.80 after tax) -July = $9,857 currently, could increase (~$5914.20 after tax) -July 1st = ~$3500 Husband Income -August 1st = ~$1700 Husband Income (reduced hours for studying).
Family- 4.5 year old, 2 year old both in full time childcare. Baby #3 due in September. No paid maternity leave, my income should continue. I will stay home through the end of 2023. 2 dogs.
Current Accounts: Checking Account = $5,763.38 Savings Account = $500.01 401k Account = ~$120,000
Liabilities: HVAC - $4,556.45 Balance. 0% interest if paid by 11/2023. Currently paying $550/month.
Mortgage- $2,458.20 PITI 5.875% ARM 30 Year (~$315k Loan, ~$85,000 equity)
BOA Credit Card- $32,809 Balance ($32,000 Limit). 19.74% Interest, Minimum Payment of $680.
Chase Credit Card- $8,832.07 Balance ($18,000 Limit) 27.99% Interest. Minimum Payment of $275.
Obviously I am paralyzed by the amount of debt against what we have and have coming in. Yes we anticipate a large income boost for my husband but I want to be in the best position before baby arrives. Our lack of emergency fund worries me.
We have cancelled subscriptions, have a budget through YNAB, and are working on selling items for extra income.
Is there an option that is worth exploring- Debt consolidation? Putting the cards away and just doing the minimum balance to save for an EF? Cash out refinance to pay off the debt and take a higher mortgage rate over the interest? We are probably in this home for only <3 more years.
Thank you for your advice. I know this is the beginning and look forward to sharing our success story.
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2023.06.09 16:16 DroidArbiter Got An Interesting Problem - Can't Get Screw To Dimple On Second Layer Of Drywall In Home Theater Build.

Hey Fellas, I'm finishing up a second layer of 5/8th drywall for my home theater build. The drywall is mounted to clips and furring channel for sound isolation. There is one horizontal row of screws that will miss one of the channel runs and everyone says no worry, just use coarse thread screws into the first layer. That works, but for the life of me I can't get the screw to dimple into the second layer. Tried pushing in by hand and even the impact driver.
Just curious if you guys had any tips on what might work to get the screw to dimple in?
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2023.06.09 16:16 graciousonionthrowra Leaving in the middle of nursing program and moving home to become LVN.. thoughts?

Hello all, so (22F) I am in a tough situation. I got accepted to a university 800 miles away from home 2 years ago during covid and moved down here with some good friends from home. Well, when I moved it was during covid and i was locked in the house for a couple years before they allowed classes to go back in person. During that time, a lot of my friends including the ones I moved down with went back home. I was extremely depressed because I was lonely and literally knew no one. I ended up getting accepted into a nursing school separate from my university I moved down here for and have been going for a few months. There are 8 modules until graduation from the program and I am going into module 3.
I met my BF down here and his family and unfortunately, his mother is super mentally ill and has been very abusive to the both of us mentally and emotionally out of nowhere. Because of this I will probably be leaving my bf after a year (there’s a lot to it) of us being together. I’m afraid to do this because if we break up, I literally have nobody at all. All my friends moved, etc.. where i am is a very small town and i’m just afraid. If an emergency happens I have nobody. I’ve been extremely depressed because of the abuse i’ve suffered from my bfs family and the stress of being in nursing school with no support.. i just feel so alone. I’ve put on 100 pounds because i’m constantly stressed and just so depressed… I went and visited my hometown and family for two weeks and my family members were sick to see how i looked and just how depressed i am and my sister talked to me and told me to think about maybe moving back home and finishing in my hometown with all my family and friends. My mom is afraid I’ll have regrets but is also worried too since they’re so far away. Covid just really ruined my college experience.
I’ve looked at programs at home and there is an LVN program I can apply to and start next January at home. It is cheaper, and being at home I wouldn’t have to pay rent and save lots of money. I would get my rn while working as an lvn and in the future come back and get my bsn at the university i would be leaving. Id hate to leave my nursing program but I miss my family, Im lonely and depressed and being home for the two weeks was the best i've felt in a very very long time and I even lost some weight because i wasn't stress eating. My mother isn’t exactly on board with me moving home because she said everything i’ve done up to this point including moving here would be in vain even though i feel that it wouldn’t. I’ve been here for almost 3 years completely on my own, paying rent, bought my first car, got into nursing school. etc.. i’ve persevered my struggles the whole time i’ve been here. i’m just tired now and really need my family..
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2023.06.09 16:16 T0ki303 [US-CO] [H] GMK Birch Desk Mats [W] PayPal

Hello! I have one each of the houndstooth and wavy desk mats for sale at $50 each. I couldn't find any of these in the US a few months back and ordered extra.
GMK Wavy Desk Mat - $50.00 GMK Houndstooth Desk Mat - $50.00
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2023.06.09 16:16 Flamingpotato100 What can we as normal people do to solve these absurd rents?

What can we as normal people do to solve these absurd rents?
From the perspective of a Floridian.
Housing in Florida in general is expensive but specifically south Florida has gotten out of control. It’s starting to get to California level of overpriced and greedy.
Ok I get it there’s a ton of people moving here and the state is growing which is generally a good thing. But if the lowest option for rent gets too much above the median income it will drive many people away from here. Nobody will be able to afford to be a service worker unless they live with their parents or jam packed into a bedroom with a bunch of other people.
We can fight politically. Would rent control be a decent option? I know here it’s been very controversial due to the landlord lobby. Increase wages? Organize a rent protest? Make it a big big issue come election time.
One of the biggest barriers to move in is the absurd up front costs now they require THREE months of rent upfront. It wasn’t like that before and it’s not like that anywhere else. Who has 10k to move in to an entry level rental? You’d have to save for a long time assuming you come out positive in cash at the end of each month making the median wage.
I saw a post on Miami where they talked about the fact that living here feels like you’re being mocked all the time for being poor. It’s all me me me. How can I show that I make money and all peasants below me could never. Wish there was more of a sense of community where people are down to meet, network, socialize, etc. But everyone just cares about posting their $50 brunch on Instagram to flex on the brokies.
How are abuelas and abuelos supposed to live here. People without the ability to move up in their careers. Soon a significant portion of those people are gonna have to go on section 8 to afford to stay here. And that’s taxpayer money going towards an issue caused by greed. I love this state I’ve been here my whole life and want to stay here but the future looks grim. We’re going to turn into California where people are renting RV’s parked on the street for $2000 a month unless we take action and demand a solution to this housing crisis.
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2023.06.09 16:16 XaXa1312XaXa Christo-fascists freaking out about video games

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2023.06.09 16:16 Arseofthesea Considering an assistance dog for DDD UK

Hello. So recently I was diagnosed with DDD (depersonalisation - derealisation disorder) and I've been thinking about how an Assistance Dog might be able to help me. My episodes are fairly infrequent but often enough that I worry about leaving the house by myself sometimes and it has affected my independence. I tend to lose situational awareness and my my reaction times suffer; think walking into people/things l, wandering into roads etc. Plus the feeling by itself is pretty unpleasant, like controlling someone else in a video game but the controls are lagging and the environment feels hollow and lifeless.
I have a accomodations at work and it's not too much of a bother when I'm at home with my parents or out with friends but I would absolutely love to be able to just go I to town by myself or walk to the supermarket (can't drive unfortunately) without having to worry about what I will do if I have an episode. The only time I feel comfortable leaving the house is to walk my current dog as his presence helps keep me aware and I tend to stay to areas away from hazards (my local beach and the woodlands close to my house).
Tasks I think an assistance dog could do to help me with:
Alert to my episodes by pawing or jumping Guidance away from dangers such as obstacles or roads Interruption of uncontrollable repetitive behaviors Fetching water or help when I'm at home
I also have generalized anxiety and panic disorder which I feel like they could help with.
My issues are:
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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2023.06.09 16:16 BiggusVickus TIFU by returning the correct size shorts and cutting the tag off of the incorrect sized shorts

Obligatory this happened in 2019 and I have been feeling the results since then.
So I was in the process of moving from the US to the Netherlands in the summer of 2019. I went on vacation with my family to Turin, Italy. I was shopping by myself and I stopped into Celio, a mens fashion/clothing store. I saw a pink pair of shorts, made of cotton and linen, which I loved. The pair of shorts came with a braided belt. I bought a size S.
I wasn't happy with the waist sizing when I got home (I don't know why, I was stupid. I tried it in store, obviously). The next day I happened to be going to Genoa. I decided to go to the store in Genoa to return the correct sized short, and get M-sized pants. They didn't fit me (but I was stupid, I tried it in-store) and got them. I think the belt affected how I perceived the fit of the pants. But at that point I was too embarrassed to say "no, I will stick with the small" as I was being personally taken care of, and I didnt want to go to the store in Turin again as it would be even more embarrassing. Again, I'm stupid.
Because the pants were too big, I had my grandma stitch up the sides by collapsing the excess fabric over one another to decrease the waist size. It was actually quite nicely done, and you couldn't tell it was stitched up unless if you saw it from up close. Because I am so bright, I decided to cut off the tag that gives info about the shirt, most importantly the product ID/reference number. I have no idea why I did that. Let me re-iterate, I am as dumb as a brick.

My grandma's stitches started to rip recently (the normal stitching is just fine, I am surprised how long it was able to last, considering that I wore it quite often during the summer, but I always knew that it was the incorrect size and I always felt a bit stupid wearing sown up shorts). I tried to find the shorts on the website to buy a new pair in size S but I couldn't find them. I spent hours looking for a pair on the internet until I found a pair on Vinted. I sent the customer support an email, with a link to the Vinted page, but they couldn't do much without the reference number, that I cut off forever ago. So I bought the pair of shorts (they are the incorrect size so that's why I didn't buy it before emailing support, and maybe they could help me by just having a picture of the shorts, so I wouldn't have to spend money).
So I spent 15e or so to have it shipped to me, but now I have the reference number, I sent them a follow-up email, and waiting for a response.
I will update this post when I get an email response.

TL;DR: I bought a pair of shorts from Celio in 2019. Originally the correct size, then stupidly swapped it to a larger size. Because it was too big, my grandma sowed the waist to fit my waist size. I also cut off the product reference tags. Now I want to buy a new pair, but eventually found the shorts on Vinted after HOURS of searching. Customer service can't help me based of just a photo of the pants until I get the product number. So I spent 15e to buy the wrong sized shorts just to get the product number and I am waiting for the email back. Will update after I get an email response.
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2023.06.09 16:16 Dili8opk CoEd hottie Katie Kinz revenge fucks her friend’s brother,Jimmy Michaels Katie Kinz,Naughty America

Sexy hottie Katie Kinz is very upset with her friend. Katie makes a visit to confront her for messing around with her boyfriend but she is not at home; the only one there is her friend’s brother Jimmy. Katie tells Jimmy about how she found out about her friend and her boyfriend fucking. Seeing how they’re alone, Katie decides she wants revenge sex with Jimmy to get back at the backstabbers."
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2023.06.09 16:16 OrangeAppleCandy Advice for customer service

Hi all!
I’m a 23 F and just accepted a job for customer support remote work from home. I’ve wanted this job for a while and specifically a remote job! So I’m very happy I was amongst the small number of candidates to get an offer. However, I’m currently in training and feeling overwhelmed. I don’t talk to people in my day-to-day life. So I’m wondering how do you all problem-solve the situation? How do you deal with unruly customers?
Is there anyone here with PTSD or C-PTSD with any advice for how to do work in general?
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2023.06.09 16:15 luvly-jubbly [OFFER] PayPal for £25 - £20 from them + £5 from me [UK]

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