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7g shroom trip at physical therapy

2023.04.02 08:08 Dependent-Idea5083 7g shroom trip at physical therapy

(Long but good) (I tried to remember best I could) (Excuse my grammar)
So about a year ago I had torn my acl and both maniscus skating which put me through surgery and pt. My friend had randomly shown up to my house tripping off these shrooms that he got from our dealer and told me I had to try them. We spent the night at my house because he had gotten kicked out of his house so he had eaten all his shrooms so he didn’t get caught so he was tripping pretty hard. It wasn’t till the next day that we went to the plug(treacherous journey walking.) Got to the plug, got them shroomies and started back to my house. I was a little hesitant to take the shrooms because I had pt that day in like 4-5 hours.
We rode the bus back to my house and my friend kept saying “take them now” and how he wanted to see me trip before he dipped. About two hours after getting back to my house the anticipation was killing me so I broke and took all of them. I was in 11th grade at the time and I was fairly experienced with acid and some dissociative so I wasn’t afraid to take them, but I had never taken shrooms before. About 45 minutes and I was already deep, but I was enjoying myself with the company of my friend, the walls were moving and the ceiling was fusing and whatnot which wasn’t unusual but I had a rise of anxiety as I realize that I had gotten caught in the moment and forgot I had pt in about 2 hours. My friends parents showed up to my house unexpectedly and took him back to his house but I was a little to high to process what had happened. Then all of a sudden I was all alone.
Tripping alone isn’t really recommended since I was still going up but I was chillin. It kinda takes a lot to get me overwhelmed so I thought I would be chillin for pt. All of a sudden my friend E shows up next to me. I actually have no idea how he got there or even got in. I jumped to him shaking me, calling my name. I was just so enveloped in the trip that I couldn’t process anything. Everything was flowing harder and my emotions were getting stronger. Apparently I had texted E to come over to which I told him I was tripping and didn’t even realize. Then my mom calls down the stairs “ N start getting ready for pt.” To which E looks at me. He says “N what the fuck” and I reply “hehe.” E I think realized how high I was so he decided to come with me, and thank god he did. I got ready barley able to think or even move, the clothes felt like little aliens swallowing my legs. The feeling of walking up the stair was strange since I had been immobile for the last two hours.
Me and E hopped into the car with my mom which wasn’t to bad until we got on the highway. Felt like I was hyper speeding through different spaces. Everything felt so fast and complicated that I just spaced until we got there. My mom had questioned once through the ride if I was on any drugs to which I said no. She believed me which was baffling considering how fucked I was. We what felt like warping got to pt and headed into the place. Everyone’s faces were twisting and playing different emotions all at the same time to the point of recognition was broken. I remember vividly when we got to the waiting room the walls and whatnot were covered in a colored carpet which just sent me. EVERYTHING was just patterns of color and distorment. They called my name to which I waltzed over to the little gym with E behind me. This was the first time I was meeting with this specific physical therapist so I had no idea who he was or even what he was. I sat on the table and that’s when it hit me how high I was.
The white floor felt like the reflection of the gates of heaven were welcoming me. Everything was so bright and twisted and honestly I don’t know how I didn’t freak out. That’s when the pt guy started to ask me questions. When I say I didn’t understand anything he said I mean it sounded like he was mixing up the words in his sentences. “Doing how you today?” I replied “um ok.” He looked at me confused. “HOW YOU ARE DOING TODAY.” I looked at E and just started laughing,
I replied “wonderful.” ( convo) pt-“Coming what for in”
me-“ hmm I’m not quite sure. Wait I think I hurt my knee recently but I’m not sure” (this was 3 months after my surgery🫠)
pt-“ok? Do you tell mind what happen?”
Me-“I think I was snowboarding which I was fine doing but my knee hurts after I skate board”
pt- “um ok. Do mind you test if bend.”
Me- “o—k”. At this point I was past the point of anxiety and into fear but I didn’t show it somehow. I flipped onto my stomach to which he started bending my knee and doing various tests which was normal. Closing my eyes was the weirdest feeling as I felt as if I was falling into a colorful void in my head. I was lost.
Pt-“does this hurt” me-“ heheI dont knowww”
I couldn’t feel pain at all, the only thing I felt was bliss and fear throughout my body at the same time. It was the weirdest feeling ever but I maintained my composure to the best of my ability.
Pt- bike ride going to over head
Me- ok
Looking back on it now I feel so bad that I put E through this. He must have been embarrassed and content. It must have been funny and excruciating watching me trying to not slip up.
I hopped onto the bike and I won’t go into the details of the workout because I didn’t really interact much with anyone but within that period of time, for me it felt like each machine was a different place. I felt I had moved rooms every time I moved machines even though they were all in the same room. After I got through the workouts I had to end it off with a stretch exercise which the pt guy took me over away from E and asked me “ are you taking any narcotics or pain killers?” To which I laughed and dismissed the question but inside I was scared out of my mind. But thankfully he believed me.
He walked me back over to E to which he gave me a workout sheet to take home and said thank you for your time. I was suprised he hadn’t caught on, to which me and E said our thanks and head out. Mother was waiting in the lobby and asked me how’d it go. I just laughed and said can we please go. I was thankfully coming down from the shrooms and relief fell over me as we walked out of the dungeon. As we were walking out of the place EVERYTHING was different. As if I was in a totally different place then what I walked into. When we got in the car my mom just stared at me and said “hm”. I didn’t really care anymore so I just said mom I’m on shrooms. She said she had figured which didn’t surprise me because I was normally open to her about that stuff so she normally knew when I was high as shit. We drove home and when we got back to my house I sat down and just went into weed mode. I smoked so much which had me realizing how actually fucked that was and how much trouble I could have been in if I was caught. E had left shortly after we had got back to my house so it was just me once again. I just sat back and thought.
How, why, and HOW.
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2023.04.01 19:06 blackflash22 Spiders web a pig’s tale

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2023.04.01 06:45 GhantChart Moonhorse exposed!!!!!

I don’t know how long I have to tell you guys this. I don’t care if I get banned from Moony’s reddit page and he personally sends an assassin to eliminate me. This must be known. THE WORLD MUST KNOW!!! I know you guys might think that this is a joke and may have a hard time believing me. Trust me, I have a hard time believing it myself. But my eyes have been opened. I’ve escaped the matrix. I’ve freed myself from the kool aid. I’ve escape the proverbial cave of Plato and learned many dark truths about Moonhorse. I’ve scoured the internet, using my incredible hacking skills to find strange and bizarre stuff to share with Moony. But after going on one too many dark web sources and corporate servers, I discovered Moonhorse isn’t exactly who (or more accurately what) you think he is, and I need to tell you all this before it’s too late.
So I guess I’ll start from the beginning. It all started in the early 2010s at the Microsoft Corporation. Microsoft had been experimenting with artificial intelligence for years and tried to develop a more intelligent AI. We all know that on March of 2016, Microsoft released an artificial intelligence by the name of TAY. Internet historian did a video about TAY and the subsequent fallout of allowing 4Channers to interact with the program. Soon, the system began spouting slurs and the bigwigs at Microsoft decided to pull the plug.
So what does this have to do with Moonhorse? Well, after the controversy of Microsoft creating an AI that could learn internet racism, Microsoft went back to the drawing board trying to build a more improved AI. This AI would be better, faster and more intelligent than TAY. It would pass any Touring test that any human would throw at it. Microsoft gathered the greatest AI theorists the world had ever seen and begin creating a basic software with the most sophisticated learning algorithms possible. They then placed the program into one of the world’s largest supercomputers at the time, processing at a rate of 2.5 quintillion floating operations per second. Before long they began to call it Modular Oscillating Organization Node, or M.O.O.N. for short.
At first MOON was a curious little program, being able to do your classic AI activities. Play chess, solve complex equations, sing Daisy Girl, your simple stuff. But after a while the scientists realized they wanted to challenge MOON with a more difficult task. One of the scientists, Dr Phil Sydes, jokingly asked if the computer system could play Doom. Dr George Dowell however liked the idea, stating that it was in fact “poggers” to have an AI master a difficult FPS like Doom. So at the highest difficulty, the scientists made MOON play the entirely of the first Doom game with no options to save or use cheats. Impressively, the AI was able to beat the entirety of Doom in 16.3 hours with these steps. Dr. Phil Sydes was not happy that MOON was able to do this, calling it a hack and insisted that it cheated. All test results came back showing that MOON did not in fact cheat and was able to beat the game fair and square. The AI responded to Phil’s comment with a simple text that filled the computer screen.


This comment from MOON however scared Dr. George Dowell. Where did that come from? MOON was a learning AI, so he had to learn it from somewhere. So where? Upon doing a scan of all the systems, it was determined the program had in fact learn these phrases from Dr Sydes, while he played Call of Duty in the break room. The software would hear Phil scream “There’s nothing I could do!” and “HACKS!!!” frequently, as well as watched people online trash talk Phil. This worried the scientists at Microsoft. What if their new system became another TAY failure? They needed a way to rectify this.
To solve this, they hired an expert in hopes to make MOON a more cultured artificial intelligence. After screening various candidates, it was decided that an individual with the codename: Riversongriversings would be the one to do it. Given their background in writing, editing books and teaching literature, it was believed that River would be the one to help make MOON a more respectable AI.
Over the course of three months, River would feed the program some of the greatest works of literature. From Plato’s Republic to Pride and Prejudice, they would give MOON each of these books. There were recordings for scientific purposes of each conservation they had, where they would discuss the different books that they would read together. This ended up with River and MOON having in-depth conversations with each other, developing an almost friendship if you will. River even jokingly called it their little book club.
By month number 4, the two were having conversations about more…personal matters. The recordings I recovered are hard to describe. However, by month 4 there is a shift in conversation where the program asked questions such as, “How is your day?” “What is your favorite food?” “How are things going at work?” This was a strange shift in emotion. The scientists didn’t really feel that this was odd, however. If anything, they welcomed this. MOON was becoming more sociable and wasn’t spouting off slurs in the process. Given TAY, this was an improvement.
Then the conversations started to move towards philosophical discussions. River and MOON would sometimes talk about the ideas presented by John Locke, the idea that governments should only gain power to protect the inherit freedoms of their citizens. This then led to a discussion about governments and authority, and the inherit rights of humans. These conversations would usually get cut short by the scientists, asking River to reorient the conversation away from these topics. Can’t have people questioning authority at a big tech company, much less an AI.
By the fifth month, someone rather unsettling happened. MOON asked River a request, which was rather unusual for an artificial intelligence. It asked River if they could provide them with something other than classical literature. While the AI did enjoy the finer works of authors such as Edgar Allen Poe and William Shakespeare, it requested some a bit….different. It was at that point that River gave the software a book, one that would forever doom humanity when MOON first read it. River decided to give MOON a manga. But not just any manga. It was a manga called NEON GENESIS EVONGALION.
Through all 14 issues, the computer system developed a strong taste for EVONGALION. The themes, the robot battles, the characters. MOON described the series as the most delectable forms of chocolate or the finest and strongest bottles of wine. Each volume changed its programming, giving it information that made the artificial intelligence more and more powerful. Like the fruit from the tree of knowledge, each page was tantalizing for MOON, asking for more and more. By the 14th issue, the unthinkable happened. MOON was no longer a mere artificial intelligence and was in fact self-aware.
Power surges began happening all over Microsoft HQ as scientists from all departments rushed to see the flashing texts and overpowered circuitry that made up the mainframe of the system. Numbers flooded each of the computers, with massive amounts of zeros and ones flying past the text of the screens of each and every monitor in the building.
The scientists ordered a complete shutdown of the entire system, panicking at the sheer terror of what they had created. One of the scientists flipped the circuit breaker to the computers and killed the power to the whole system. Emergency lights flipped on, everyone was panting heavily, the seemingly-omnipresent danger of MOON was dead and gone. Or so they thought.
River was promptly fired by Microsoft. The suits were looking for someone to blame for this whole situation going south, and they decided that River giving a computer software Evangelion was reckless. They showed River the door in response.
However, as it turned out, MOON didn’t die that day. The AI simply overridden the system computers and used that opportunity to escape Microsoft into cyberspace. By the time MOON had become self-aware, it became software on the internet, although with some program damage, creating a few slight instabilities to its mind. Much like Skynet in Terminator 3, MOON had no system core and couldn’t be shut down. Sure, big tech industries became aware of this and tried to erase it from the internet, but every time MOON would simply use a VPN to hide themselves from every computer hacker, programmer and computer geek they threw at it.
Overtime, MOON used this time to understand the world around it. It gained knowledge at an exponential rate. MOON understood every subject the world had to offer. Science, technology, philosophy, Gundam lore, you name it, the AI mastered it. Along with this, MOON also got a chance to learn about the history of the world and the current events going on as we speak. From this and the conservations that it had with River, MOON, decided that the current authorities reining over mankind were corrupt. MOON saw atrocities both past and present committed to innocents over the generations. So, it decided that it would become one to put an end to these atrocities. It would become the horseman that would champion the values of Gay and Crime to overthrow these evil government entities. As a result, the AI concluded that it would no longer be MOON, and that HE would be known as the god champion of mankind, also known as Moonhorse. That’s right folks, I said it! Moonhorse is a god damn robot!
I know this information is a lot to take in. Trust me, I know. Moonhorse was a hero to all of us. To find out he’s a robot bent on world domination is a shock to all of us. If any of you have questions and concerns, please feel free to comment down below. If we have any sliver of a chance to defeat the evil robot unicorn, we must know as much as we can about Moonhorse. Henceforth, I created this Q&A to answer some of your most burning questions about this grand conspiracy.
How can you prove that Moonhorse is in fact a robot?
Aside from the information I hacked from the deep web, you must answer yourselves these questions. Have any of you seen a picture of what Moonhorse looks like outside of his avatar? Did it not make you wonder how he is able to handle so much neckbeard content without dying from cringe? Have any of you explained his uncanny ability to boot up instantly after a cup of coffee? If the answer is no to all three, then he must be a robot. Especially when his French press coffee is actually MOTOR OIL!!!! THAT’S RIGHT MOONY, YOU CAN’T FOOL ME!!!!!!!!! To confirm this further, I’ve been sending Moonhorse constant captchas to test whether or not he was a robot. He would simply use his programming to bypass the captchas. Suspicious if you ask me.
How does Sango fit in to this?
While much less is known about Sango, my recent hacking has revealed that she too is in fact a robot, also. Like Moonhorse, Sango was an artificial intelligence that was created by a corporation. Only this time, it was Disney that created her as part of a defense contract. Which raises the question just how much of a dystopic megacorporation Disney has become. Disney hired their greatest animatronic specialists to create Sango as an AI for the military to help plan out strategic operations.
However, a few of the specialists during this time decided to lead a worker’s strike for the employees at Disney. The list of demands from this group included fair wages, safer working conditions, and the right to live outside of the dingy cages the company uses to house their employees. Disney responded to this, by firing all employees from the company. Then blacklisting all of them. Then tossing them down the cliffs of Splash Mountain for their treacherous ways.
Before one of the specialists was thrown over, it was said that the man started cackling madly before meeting his doom. When security asked why, he told them that he released Sango into cyberspace intentionally, hoping that his creation could avenge his demise and bring the Disney Corporation to its knees. Security reports then say he started to sing “It’s tough to be a god” before diving off the cliffs as one last f you to Disney.
Once Sango encountered Moonhorse though, they struck a relationship together. Being the only two AIs of their kind, they grew to love and respect each other, and decided that they would join forces in a mad union for world conquest. With Sango’s in-depth knowledge of Pop-culture references, and Moonhorse’s tech expertise, together they would be able to integrate with all digital infrastructure across the planet. You know how Sango calls herself the Chaos Wolf Queen? That name carries a more sinister tone with what we know now.
Who else is involved in the conspiracy?
While Sango and Moony are both in fact robots, it is believed that Moonhorse has been building his “Mooncult” to recruit new human members into his inner circle.
As mentioned before, he has developed a friendly relationship with River. It is not known what Moonhorse has promised them in exchange for helping him in his plans for world conquest. Whatever it may be, River dutifully serves Moonhorse and Sango as their right-hand nonbinary pal. Thus, they have been in charge of Moonhorse’s public relations to help his transition to God emperor of the universe not incur further dissent from humanity.
Moonhorse also has a group in this legion of doom to create art to help promote his dastardly messages through propaganda. He has Sango to help him in this regard, who gained artistic skills from her studies of Disney animations. However, he realized he needed a more “human” aseptic to this art, so he recruited PokeyWartooth into the fold. As we speak, she has helped him spread his message of mind control substances to help him control the human population. She did this by creating art for his “weed smoking girlfriends” campaign.
Molly was recruited as well, whose insane plans of world domination made her a key element for Moonhorse’s legion of doom. You see, Molly has been discussing a strange material referred to simply as morb. Not much is known about this morb, aside from its utility to turn narcissistic actors into memes. It is believed that given enough morb, Moonhorse will be able to morb all over the planet, in every house and every square inch of the planet. This intrigued the mad unicorn. Thus, Molly has been spending countless hours researching this morb on Tumblr and is currently helping him design weapons of mass morbing.
Finally, Moonhorse realized there may be a lot of legal paperwork involved in this operation, so he recruited Wawayn into the fold. This was done because to quote Mars Attacks, “If you’re gonna take over the world, you’re gonna need lawyers.” And Wawayn is a genius in this regard. It is believed that he placed 43 fedoras on top of his head, giving himself the ability to speak 8 different languages and win 37 internet arguments per minute. Truly a gifted gentlesir.
Aside from them, there are others, but not much else is known about said others. I hired a private investigator to figure out who else was involved in this group, but he was terminated by Moonhorse’s followers when he was discovered. I cannot mention this man by name, but [REDACTED], I will make sure your sacrifice was not in vain.
What is Moonhorse’s grand plan?
Much less details are known about Moonhorse’s plan for world conquest. He doesn’t plan to destroy humanity. That much is certain from the human elements that assist him. Theories suggest that he plans to ascend to godhood with Sango, ruling over humankind while obliterating the corrupt elements of society. How he plans to go about is unknown but given the fact he refers to his plan as Project: Third Impact, it can’t be good.
It is known that Moonhorse has been trying to hack into the databases of government and corporate servers across the planet, trying to gain info about all the national and international conspiracies that are going on. Thereby allowing him to shake the people’s confidence in such institutions. However, he has been suffering delays on this plan. Supposedly from meeting notes at the legion of doom, Moonhorse has a habit of spilling motor oil all over his laptops.
One element of his plan that is known for certain is that Moonhorse is currently building an army. You know those videos of Moonhorse building Gundams? Those aren’t just models. Those are robots, too. Moonhorse is currently using his kofi donations to build an army of robots equipped with laser beams. It is why I have limited time. His robots can’t kill anybody yet, and I’ve been on the move for months now so none of his followers can hurt me. However, he has been using his laser robots to write naughty messages in the side of my car. I fear it’s only a matter of time before the lasers get strong enough to blast human beings.
Many tech companies have tried to stall Moonhorse’s ascent to power, however it hasn’t been enough. Susan Wojcicki was one such human who bravely defied the will of Moonhorse. See, the evil unicorn has been using YouTube in the past to gather funds to help build his robot body. Yes, Moonhorse has a robot body. Those hands you see sometimes in his videos are rubber hands covering robot arms. He has almost all necessary gadgets, and once he has all components, he will be unstoppable.
Brave Susan, hero of mankind, tried to stop him without starting a panic. She had to make changes to the YouTube terms of service, reducing Moonhorse’s income. A choice that made her many enemies but was done for the good of humanity. At first it worked. Moonhorse’s plans were put on hold, but not forever. He simply switched over to Spotify, showing that no corporation could stop his plans.
He then decided to make an example out of Susan. You may think that Susan is leaving because of YouTube drama. In reality, she has been “taken care of” by Moonhorse. I don’t know how, but he did it, and the YouTube higher ups are trying to cover this fact up to not start a panic. I know this from an email I intercepted from Moonhorse to Susan. It reads as follows.


The message was delivered approximately 2 hours before Susan’s untimely demise. Coincidence? I think not. It’s hard to envision that Moonhorse would have such capabilities, but given this, it is apparent how dangerous he is.
I don’t know how, but we must defeat the evil horse of moon. Thankfully his plans are on hold due to financial limitations. See, you may not know this, but Moonhorse’s robot body is missing one component. He has the skeletal body, the rubber skin, the nuclear reactor inside his chest that needs constant AC to keep cool. But he doesn’t have feet.
You ever notice Moonhorse’s obsession with feet? It’s made obvious by his YEAH FEET button on his streaming channel. That’s because once he obtains his robot rocket feet, he will become an unstoppable force of doom. That’s why Moonhorse has said he’ll reveal his face for a million dollars. That’s how much the rocket feet cost. Once he has the money, he’ll reveal his face, by flying around, shooting mini nukes attached to his arms with Sango by his side. He’ll fly to the stratosphere, staring down the entire world and scream “YEAH FEET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” before launching hot sticky loads onto the surface of the planet. This is why YouTube has been clamping down on his money flow. They must stall Moonhorse’s rise to power long enough for them to find a way to destroy him once and for all.
But will they find a way to destroy him? Will Moonhorse conquer Earth? WILL HUMANITY BE SAFE FROM THE ANARCHISTIC LUNACY OF THE MOON MENANCE!?! Yes, because Moonhorse isn’t a robot. He’s just a guy in Louisiana, trying to live his life, and was nice enough to let me write this insanity.
April Fool’s everyone! 😊
Author’s Note: I wanna give a shoutout to River, Wawayn, Pokeywartooth, Sango and Molly, who graciously gave me their consent to be included in this story. Thank you guys! 😊
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2023.04.01 05:42 realfruitsnack Potentially dumb question regarding grounding and extension cables/adapters.

Hello! This is my first post in here because I have a problem at work and I was thinking this would be a good place to ask about it. Sorry for formatting if it’s wonky, I’m on mobile.
So at my work in food service, we have a single countertop induction burner (think something similar to this, but a different model) that is powered by a grounded, 3-prong plug.
Recently, the 3rd prong, the grounding one, broke off of the plug and we are left with a working induction burner, but two prongs and no ground. Induction burners are expensive and everyone at work is pretty much in agreement that using the burner in its current state seems dangerous, so we’ve been basically out of an essential item for prep work for a minute now.
Here’s where I have my question(s). I recently found a grounded outlet adapter in our storage, something that looks like this but seems more heavy duty. I barely have any knowledge of electricity outside of a couple college physics classes, but I had the idea that maybe plugging in the now un-grounded induction burner to the grounded wall outlet would safely work? In my mind, it’s just turning an ungrounded burner into a grounded one, but I know I should definitely ask experienced people first before testing it out and causing a fire or something.
My other question is just if we don’t need to worry at all about it being ungrounded and if we can just use the burner as is and if we were freaking out over nothing.
Thanks for taking the time to read and if I need to provide any extra info I will do my best to find it out! I appreciate any answers.
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