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The official Cleveland subreddit! Post and discuss things about Cleveland, Ohio, for better or worse. Add anything you want, as long as it pertains to Cleveland. Read the rules before posting. Thanks to u/alexfarmermedia for the amazing icon photo.

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Your mission is to strategically place army men throughout your hometown or any remote region you come upon during your journeys. Use caution. This is a covert operation and discretion is advised. A misplaced soldier could be discovered and go MIA. Once your troops are at their post, report their positions here. An insignia should be left on the underside of the base of your soldier. A calling card that will let the world know that we mean business.

2023.06.10 18:52 OldMedium8246 Reflux and sleep

Our 1 week old EFF LO (born at 39 weeks gestation) has pretty bad reflux. He really is an easy baby otherwise (as easy as they come anyway 😂). If we lay him on his back at any point within an hour after feeding, he will spit up. Always. It’s easy to imagine how this goes with diaper changes and trying to put him in his bassinet / only safe sleep space. We have a Pack n Play and line the changing table and bassinet with puppy pads. 3:00am routine is typically moving him back and forth between the bassinet and changing table while trying to change him. We can’t seem to get through a change without him spitting up, which makes changes 3x longer and more exhausting. He’s usually screaming in the middle of it all too, being cold and generally uncomfortable.
He’s already been on Enfamil Neuropro, then Gentleease, and now Nutramigen hypoallergenic. Went through all of these in the hospital and we were only there 2 days. He had his first pediatrician appointment yesterday and she suggested we continue the Nutramigen because at this point he’s lost 8% of his body weight, which is within normal range. He has a follow-up in a week for a re-weigh. If he hasn’t gotten back to birth weight, she wants us to start adding rice cereal to his formula. The hospital thought it may be a CMPA, but the pediatrician seems to think it’s more likely his lower esophageal sphincter just isn’t fully developed and this will likely improve over time. She’s having us keep him on the hypoallergenic formula just in case.
Things we’ve tried:
So parents of reflux babies...how do you sleep?? How does baby sleep?? He's so easy during his daytime naps if he's in the Mamaroo, but I would never want to put him in harm's way..
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2023.06.10 18:52 uncoolcumber has anyone ever been to the st. louis music park in maryland heights?

i really want to go to an upcoming concert there, and i was wondering if people normally sit or stand in the seated area. i’ve only ever been to one other concert and it was standing room only at delmar hall so i’m not sure what people normally do in the seated areas. i could not see at all at that concert because i am very very short. i really want to go but if people are going to stand in front of me even in the seated section then i’m not sure it will be worth it if i can’t see anyway. especially because the only tickets left at this point are pretty far away.
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2023.06.10 18:47 estevenot My restraining order

I (19f) am dating my bf (19m) for a couple months now. Due to our families we decided to move in with each other. We were happy and decided to move in with his best friend and his cousin. We’ll call her Sara. whom were engaged. It started off fine the first couple of days but one night it all flipped. We started to notice that his best friend and his gf would fight and argue every night. This meant Sara would start screaming, punching the floor, beating her head on the wall, and threatening to kill herself in front of everyone including any guest we had over. One night while she was screaming, her 2 year old dog attacked my 9 week old puppy. I and my bf had watched her dog attack mine out of no where. She was not puppy friendly because of all the attention he was getting. Sara and her bf both came running out. Her bf grabbed the dog and punished her for attacking my dog while Sara stood there and called me a liar while my back was turned. She then tries to take my bleeding dog out of my arms over and over. I had told her to stop and finally said to F off. She then proceeded to try and hit me in the back of the head but my bf gets in between the two of us since I had no idea what was going on because I was paying attention to my puppy. She then head butts my bf in the face and he pins her down telling her to calm down. She calls her mom and sister to come over (they are not allowed over because of the substances they chose to be on). Her sister came over while we were gone with a baseball bat threatening to beat mine and my bfs head in. We come back home and she just falls asleep and acts like nothing happened for the next couple of days. Over time she starts to threaten me and my dog because her bf told her what she did was wrong. We decided after a couple more interactions like that, that we would start getting evidence of everything that was going on just in case. Thank god we did. Fast forward about two weeks. Me and my bf had a guest over to hang out with. He knows a little of what goes on so he left his gf at home whom we are all friends with just to be safe. She had epilepsy and can’t be around to much or she will seize up. Sara noticed that when she’s around she gets more attention because she knows me and my bf do not like her. She will start to fake pass out and tell people she’s going to die. She’ll start making up sicknesses and say that we should feel bad for her and not ourselves. This was my last straw because I have a chronic illness that does not allow me to do to many athletic sports. If I were to move to much or have an asthma attack my ribs could collapse my lungs. After this I ended up dehydrating myself so much that I got a UTI, and had to go to the hospital because it had gotten so bad that my kidneys almost got infected. This didn’t stop Sara. She then proceeds to talk about how she now has a chronic illness that’s going to disable her by 30 and that she now has cancer. None of these things are true. So I started to stay away from her. Back to the story, we have a friend over and sara and her bf start fighting. My bf managed to get a video of the fight for my restraining order that I was planning on placing. You can see in the video that her bf is just holding her with his arms and has his legs around her while she is on her back. He had done this because she grabbed some pills and said she was going to pop them. And he grabbed them and held her. She then starts to punch him in the side of the face multiple times and he wouldn’t lay a hand on her. This went of for about 3 hours and our guest decided to leave very early then the original time. Me and my bf hated hearing her scream because she would start to yell at us for no reason. So we went outside. The neighbors had called the cops and they asked a bunch of questions while Sara hid in the other room because she knew she’d messed up. She then tells me and my bf that she is going to beat my a** when the cops leave and said that one of the cops said I called them. This is not legal and I did not call them so she had lied to us and a cop. She continued to make threats and I left to press charges. I then got a restraining order the next morning and was immediately granted the emergency 10 day restraining order, because of all the proof that I had of her talking about making us get evicted. which she did manage to do because we had over 30 noise complaints about the same thing and we all knew who it was. When you place a restraining order, the officers will go out to whoever it is you place the restraining order on and immediately hand them the paper and take them off the property. We told her boyfriend what was going on and he said that was totally fine, so when I actually placed the restraining order that was when it became a problem, he decided to hide her from the cops and then take her back to the apartment after they were gone and they had told us that they had done this. Since we were getting evicted, I decided not to cause a scene and just grab some of my stuff out of the apartment and stay somewhere else until the next morning and then I was going to call the cops. as soon as we walked up the stairs She tried to run out the door and assault me in my car. Her boyfriend had grabbed her, pushed her back into the apartment, and my boyfriend went back into the apartment as well. She then continue to call me multiple names and slurs in front of my boyfriend, who slid a cup off of the countertop. It bounced off of her boyfriends chest and then hit the ground. After that she called the cops because she said that my boyfriend had hit her which did not happen. The cops were given her name, and instead of coming to get my boyfriend, they came and served her the restraining order paper, and took her to a psych ward as I write to you now, she is currently getting out of the psych ward the day after she was put into it and is trying to get her sister and her mom to come back to the apartment and attack me while everyone is working. She’s planning on breaking the restraining order once again, but we now have a camera in the apartment because if you break a restraining order you can have up to 150 days in prison. If she does show up then she will go to jail for those 150 days because of the charges that she has on her from not only me but other people. Stay safe and do research on people you decide to room with.
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2023.06.10 18:42 somespeculation Harry and Meg’s Montecito Home: Chateau of Riven Rock - financial details, real estate prices and the home’s history. In my opinion, it's not a good investment. Fact checked.

Their home, the Olive Garden Purgatory for Displaced Overseas Royals, was purchased for $14.65mil in an off market sale in June 2020, mortgaged.
LA Times Confirmation: https://archive.ph/QgYkz
All of this is from a 'source close to the couple'. The final paragraph is clout listing nearby celebrity homes; final paragraph connecting the house to Oprah's neighbour.
HISTORY - Unsettling
Check out it’s true, unsettling history about a mentally ill man who was confined there for decades: https://archive.ph/2023.06.04-172407/https://www.hellomagazine.com/homes/2020081895556/prince-harry-meghan-markle-house-riven-rock-estate-history/
Formal name is “Chateau of Riven Rock.” https://archive.ph/2023.06.04-170042/https://nypost.com/article/inside-prince-harry-meghan-markle-house-montecito/
Address: 765 Rockbridge Rd
Value: $14.65mil in Aug 2021, mortgaged.
Originally attempted to sell for $49.4mil in 2015:
Then reduced to $35 mil.
And promoted in the LA Times in 2015 again for $35mil.
Then reduced again for $22.9 mil.
By Oct 2020, listed on Giggster for rentals at $700/hr.
Purchased from Russian oligarch, Sergey Grishin, who clearly took a multi million dollar loss in selling the property.
Appears to be owned by Rockbridge LLC, under Grishin.
Rockbridge LLC also took out two federal covid loans for under $50,000 in 2021 that appear to have been paid off in full or “forgiven.”
The address for Rockbridge LLC is the same as the Wells Fargo in Montecito: 1482 E Valley Rd. Could theoretically have a box there.
Thie Rockbridge LLC shows up a bit with the financial deep dive, but appears to be a bit of a red herring as it only correlates to public record availability pre-Harry and Meg's purchase.
Grishin has since died.
Additional property records for previous owners and their LLCs:
https://homemetry.com/house/765+ROCKBRIDGE+RD,+Santa+Barbara+CA https://archive.ph/2023.06.04-180043/http://www.city-data.com/santa-barbara-county/Rockbridge-Road-1.html
So who actually owns it?
Update: Excellent work by a fellow sinner determined it was purchased via Real Residential Estate Trust whose address is identical to Meg’s business manager at the time in Bev Hills.
It can also be searched for on this sub under, "Who Really Owns the Montecito Olive Garden".
What they’ve said about it:
Confirmed in Jan 2022:
As recently as Aug 2022, even sympathetic Marie Claire mag is citing a 'source' that they are eager to sell and move. This article reads like a PR real estate advertisement for the home.
Tax assessment for 2021 - 2022 is $141,000 roughly. Taxed at a rate of 1.04%….which seems to be more of a business tax rate….ownership intentionally omitted/redacted.
Current value of the home assessed at just under: $13.3 mil.
The 2021-2022 tax records for their address:
Interestingly, they are listed as a Prop 13/AB8 which is why their initial taxes were soooo low at 1.04%. This means their property taxes are reevaluated with the current market value of their property as measured by the sale price for change of ownership.
Here’s the really deep dives for fiscally interested sinners:
  1. Neighbour’s home:
Address: Photo in the article places it next door to Harry and Meg's home.
Value: For sale in March 2021 for $22.5 mil.
45 days on the market, then an offer, then a press release stating that they are still open to other offers. This usually indicates it was a low ball offer significantly below the asking price.
  1. Netflix Montecito filming home:
Let’s take a moment to fully acknowledge their authentic, “at home” 'documentary' had the majority not actually filmed at their home.
Address: 888 Lilac Drive
Value: Listed Dec 2022 for $33.5 mil.
This was where they filmed Netflix. It was filmed in another Montecito home they passed off indirectly as theirs, as they never clarified it was not their home during filming their 'behind the scenes'. Harry was likely paranoid about a security risk, whereas Meg likely saw an opportunity for implied flexing. She knows the Olive Garden beige property is dated. Filmed in a home valued over twice as much as theirs.
As of March 2023, still on the market at its original price.
  1. Neighbour’s home #3
Address: 830 Riven Rock Rd. According to Google maps, a 2 min drive or 7 min walk from the Sussexes.
Value: Sold for $14.5mil in Apr 2022.

No confirmation on if one, both, or neither are living there. However, there are multiple reports swirling that Harry (or Meg) may regularly retreat to a room at San Ysidro Ranch. This includes the thank you card recently publicized for the bike Archie was recently gifted for his birthday, but interestingly publicized a month later, sent from an employee of SYR. Google maps puts it at a. 7 min drive from their address.

Also keep in mind any RivenRock allusions in online accounts, donations, or LLCs....perhaps could be illuminating for who is behind them.
So there you have it. Make of it what you will.
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2023.06.10 18:37 Junepero 104th hunger games story’s of panem day 3 and 4 victor crowning

Day 3 Suprisingly most of the tributes awoke rather early as game maker laurier announcement sounded in seconds. He stated that a feast would be held at the cronocupia with a twist that mutts would be chasing them there. Clemot and Midge were near by the cornucopia they took the short walk toward the cornocpuia but as they then held there weapons waiting for the new weapons to arise a loud boom occured. Cllemot swore as he threw him self down as 2 cannons sounded. Midge quickly got up and thew a knife near by Clemot. As the tension in Goldtstein square grew to a quiet holt with people yelling for clemot to dodge. As he did just that Midge got his knife stuck on the cornocpuia wall. Clemot grinned then slit midge’s arm and achiles tendent. He then said in a rather menacing voice “Im very close to victory betrayal doesnt sound good now does it.” Midge sighed as he then lost consciousness his cannon sounded. Clemot then remained near by the cornocpuia watching the feast continue from morning to the afternoon. 3 more tributes had been slain by Coloumbia from 6. As the feast came to an end the cornocupia table slumped back down into the ground. The next 8 hours were rather uneventful besides the tribute count dwindling down to 4. But before Clemot had went to bed a sponsor gift was sent down Clemot then quickly opened it being in much joy seeing a battery explosive and a pocket knife scattered by small bits of food with a note saying. “My Job has been very kind to me latley remember what you came here for mr boom boom “ from L Clemot grinned thanking Linet and the capital as he then set up the near by explosive by a near by castle wall. Then drifting back to sleep as horn of plenty played featuring the fallen tributes. Both from 2 midge 4 both tributes from 7 and Marco from 14. Leaving the last 4 tributes Clemot from 5 Columbia from 6 Juliso from 9 and Olivia from 14. Day 4 Game maker Laurier announced to the tributes that 5 minutes or there trakers would denoate. Clemot was already at the cornocpuia so he had remained hidden. As many owls and eels chassed the tributes up only Olivia from 14 didnt make it back in time having the owls catch with her pecking her until her cannon then sounded. Once all 3 tributes were at the cornocupuia game maker Laurier then announed the wonder plan. He then added many historical mutts from many past games would be used as a temple escape in many later starting in this years games. After his announcement a plethora of animal and air mutts screamed in many tributes panicked. Juliso foot had been infected and mangaed to fell pray to Columbia as she then chased falling the into the first historical mutt the poisonous snakes from Lucy Grays ames victor of the 10 hunger games. But before Columbia could even act Clemot then quickly pressed the button sounding a ginormous boom to occur as Columbia was thrown back as the final cannon sounded. As much of the mutts retreated game maker Whimsiwick announced that Clemot Cornelious of district 5 was crowned the victor of the 104th hunger games. He then curtsed as the hovercraft brought him out of the arena back to the accommodation towers. Aftermath He then was given a heroes hug by his mentor Gravito and lInet even there stylist Ashely King. Ashley was over joyed knowing that her of being head stylist she was the stylist of a victor. After a brief health check by many of the doctors within Goldtein hosptial declared that Clemot was in great health as he then was preped for his victors interview. He then was adorned in a stylist suit with many geyser like patterns and holographic but not harmful bombs. Camelia was adorned in stylish Gray and white dress. After the usual victors questuions she then asked what he would to with his later life. Clemot replied with what ever really made him happy. Camelia smiled and nodded congratulating him again with his victory. Afterword he was dismissed from the stage as Head game makers Laurier and Whimswick were brought to the stage. As they were brought in Camelia imedtialy asked about the “Wonder plan.” Game maker Laurier imedtialy blushed telling her to wait for now. After a short awww from the citizens watching the interview Camelia shrugged then started pressing both boys about the next years games. As usual they had only gave a few hints but not many. At the end of the interview Camelia took both boys hands and bowed doing her usual outro. After clemots victory he returned home to district 5 finishing his studies. After a few years of hard work he graduated then after graduating he then moved to the captial permanently with his boyfriend and sister. He then later married his boyfriend 2 years after moving to the capital adopting two capital newborns naming them Areulio and Scarlet. It is also known that Clemot had studied to becoming a exlpsoive frosencic detective. Solving many murder cases with many famous and cheif peace keepers such as a few of his close captial friend cheif peace keepers Barronta and Balrona. Clemot was known to be a rather tough mentor but he had always hinted that if they lived through the games they would thank him. He mentored the district 5 tributes till he was replaced later within following years. Clemot died at the age of 78 due to a heart attack. Editors note I am very happy to state that this one of my finished tales. I hope you guys enjoyed it a few things i would to say before I go. I am going to rewrite file 103 and file 102 before i reach file 180. But before now I will say that more hunger games content are on there ways, Question of the day which tribute would you save from the hunger games for me it would be Junipero from the 85th games he deserved much better. And now I am on my way to prep for are first quinquenal quell so I will see you all in a few days to a week so I can get the creative juices flowing. Hope you all have a great day and as we always say Panem today Panem tomorrow Panem forever.
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2023.06.10 18:34 welsknight [5e][Online][CST] Looking for one more player to join the homebrew campaign I'm starting on Monday nights!

Hello, and welcome! I'm looking for one more player for a campaign I'm going to be starting soon in Rastelaria, a homebrew setting of my own creation.

About the Setting:

This will be a sandbox campaign, and although there will be events happening in the world, you are free to interact with them or ignore them completely--but those events aren't going to just wait for you to show up. If you choose to ignore them, they'll happen without you.

About Me as a DM:

What I'm Looking for in a Player:

If all of that sounds interesting to you, please fill out this application. If I read your application and think you might be a good fit, I will reach out to you via Discord for an interview. Once I find the right person, I will close this post. I'm hoping to have Session Zero potentially as early as this coming Monday, so if you don't hear from me by then, I'm very sorry.
Thanks for reading!
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2023.06.10 18:34 CleanDependent [University Database Systems: Functional Dependencies] When posed with a relation that has 10 attributes like this one. How does one know how which functional dependencies to find and when to stop? You can literally make a lot of functional Dependencies. How do you know when to stop?

[University Database Systems: Functional Dependencies] When posed with a relation that has 10 attributes like this one. How does one know how which functional dependencies to find and when to stop? You can literally make a lot of functional Dependencies. How do you know when to stop? submitted by CleanDependent to HomeworkHelp [link] [comments]

2023.06.10 18:32 bluekatzeblue Nmom, reminders, and control

I’m a rising junior in Uni and I’m home for a month this summer. I am doing an academic program in a different state for the rest of summer. So, I’m home with my nmom, a situation I desperately wanted to avoid. I just wanted to ask a couple of questions about her current behavior. Is this normal or narcissistic behavior? What motivates her to act like this?
Because I’m only home for a month(less than), no one would hire me for a summer job. So, I’m doing babysitting a few times a week and walking dogs but they really don’t constitute a real job with hours and stuff. Because I’m home a lot, my nmom has taken this as an opportunity to basically terrorize me. Every time I come downstairs or into the kitchen, she has something to complain about or remind me of, basically screaming at me. She constantly makes snide comments about how I don’t have a real summer job (even tho both my parents r so happy I got into this academic program), and how I “do nothing”. This is her favorite insult. In my free time I am literally studying for my other classes and reading (for my major).
She often gets hooked on one or two minor things I’m “doing wrong” and will scream about them for hours. For example, I need more summer clothes bc my Uni is in the north. I say I’ll get them before the academic program starts, which is in a while. Bc I didn’t do it immediately, she will remind me from the moment I wake up in the morning to the time I go to sleep. She will constantly call me or text me wherever I am to remind me that I need to buy clothes. She will often use the fact that im not buying clothes 2 seconds after she told me to to make comments about my personal character. She will say that it’s a sign I’m not a real adult because I don’t want to wear dresses and clothes that “fit in”. In her bouts of yelling she will often insult me multiple times, calling me antisocial, lazy, or imply that something is wrong with me. I just don’t dress femininely- it’s not that I’m wearing anything crazy. I’m not exaggerating, she will remind me for hours. And then when I tell her to stop reminding me, I will do it before I go to the program, she just goes “im not reminding you!” Or “then do it!”.
She then will send me clothes or shoes that she wants me to get (constantly) along with a paragraph of text messages saying that I need to wear this because as an adult it matters how you look. and when I say I don’t like them, she will throw a fit and devolve into insults again. Every single item of clothing is a 10 minute argument.
She often comes into my room at 7am and literally tells me my schedule for the day. She just really needs to control my life. She also comes to wherever I am often it seems with the purpose to start a fight, or does things she knows make me upset.
This happens with a bunch of other things. Of course the answer would be to just do theings - and I have. I’ve gotten the clothes. But she finds something new and even more trivial every time
I mean, I know it would be great to have a summer job but it was literally impossible. Is this normal? Why does she act this way? And also, how can I stop it?
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2023.06.10 18:31 TheWholeBook Dude fuck living in the barracks

We’ve covered the state of the physical barracks themselves so I’m not gonna talk about that.
Why the FUCK do 1SGs and CSMs have to walk through our barracks at any rate higher than annually to check that they’re clean? And why is it usually before a 4-day? I understand leadership checking on the state of their soldiers’ rooms. It’s a necessary evil. Some people are absolutely content to live in squalor and leave food trash, dirty laundry, piss bottles, etc everywhere. Why can’t team leaders deal with that? Regardless, shouldn’t we be checking soldiers that aren’t in the barracks too?
Last Sunday night around 1900 I had some SPC for a different battalion (our barracks has soldiers from multiple ones) knock on my door and told me that a CSM was walking thru and he wanted us to sweep the halls. I looked at the hallway and there were a handful of dust bunnies. Sunday night. Sunday fucking night and a CSM has nothing fucking better to do. Maybe that “hates their spouse” thing has more weight to it than I thought.
I’m a pretty new SGT and on as the CQNCOIC right now. SDNCOIC comes in and tells me to get a working party together to go clean the smoke pit. It was pretty bad. Beer cans lying about, dozens of cigarette butts everywhere but the ashtray itself, etc. Thing is, I can’t prove who did it. If I could I’d have them clean it. I’m not having random fucking joes go clean that shit on their goddamn Saturday, especially not after we had a week of layouts in the sun. Took me and one of my old buddies who volunteered to help 10-15 minutes to take care of it
We make fun of joes for marrying anyone off the street as if it’s actually a stupid thing to do but after living in the barracks for 3 years I totally get it man. I’m not blaming the SDNCOIC, I know it’s above him.
They’ll tell us it’s about discipline all day man but I’ll tell you what. About 2 years ago an E6 from my old PLT called me up and asked me for an IV cause he was feeling unwell. Went to his house and it’s no fucking wonder. Damn near hoarder level. Smelled like cat piss…he didn’t have a cat. Hell maybe he did, it would’ve had a lot of places to hide. And he won’t face any repercussions for that. But you can bet your ass he’ll tell his soldiers they’re ate up for having a cluttered room.
Last I checked soldiers with families/spouses signed the same contract single soldiers did. Why the fuck is their time more valuable? I understand a little leeway, especially for single parents, but why is their time considered so much more valuable every single time?
I’ve had people come up to me with questions about joining and I tell them don’t even think about it unless you get denied from the Air Force. I will continue to do that.
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2023.06.10 18:31 AutoModerator [Genkicourses.site] ✔️Andrea Unger – Master the Code & Go LIVE ✔️ Full Course Download

[Genkicourses.site] ✔️Andrea Unger – Master the Code & Go LIVE ✔️ Full Course Download
Get the course here: [Genkicourses.site] ✔️Andrea Unger – Master the Code & Go LIVE ✔️ Full Course Download

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Code Your Strategies & Create Your Automated Trading Infrastructure
Here’s What You’ll Get:
Video Lectures
A series of Pre-Recorded Video Lectures you’ll always have access to that you can follow them at your own pace, on how to code your trading systems, and set up your automated trading infrastructure (data-feed, broker, platform, VPS).
Functions & Indicators Scripts
The scripts of tens of functions & indicators we use for our own day-to-day trading.
You’ll get all the peculiar bits of coding needed to boost your trading. From FOMC reports dates to daylight saving time adjustments, position sizing algorithms, optimization-ready codes, etc.
Everything is already coded for you so you can concentrate on what matters: analyzing the markets to get new ideas for effective trading systems.
Strategies Open Code
The 13 volumes with over 200 strategies, at your disposal: you can select the best systems, modify them, and adapt them to your needs.
Stefano Serafini – Unger Academy’s student and winner of the World Cup Championship of Futures Trading® 2017
  1. Welcome (what you can expect)
  2. Introduction to Trading Systems
  3. Trading Platforms
  4. How to download and install MultiCharts
  5. MC’s applications
  6. How to download and install IQFeed
  7. IQFeed configuration
  8. How to download and install Interactive Brokers
  9. IB configuration
  10. Instruments Settings
  11. Continuous Contracts
  12. MC’s Custom Futures
  13. Historical Data – ASCII Mapping
  14. Historical Data – QMD Files
  15. MC Preferences
  16. Local Time vs. Exchange Time
  17. Types of scripts
  18. Vector coding vs. object-oriented coding
  19. The basic structure of a trading system
  20. Planning a strategy like a Flow Chart
  21. Night DAX as a Flow Chart
  22. Example. SMA crossing
  23. Example. Donchian Channel
  24. The main logical operators
  25. The types of parenthesis and how to use them
  26. Orders – I – MKT
  27. Orders – II – STOP
  28. Orders – III – LIMIT
  29. Orders – IV – Exit orders
  30. Functions
  31. Indicators
  32. Strategies
  33. Functions, Indicators and Strategies – Odd and Even days
  34. Functions – Pivot Points
  35. Signals – I – Intro
  36. Signals – II – Trading Engines Examples – Intro
  37. Signals – III – Trading Engines Examples – HL Breakout
  38. Signals – IV – Trading Engines Examples – Donchian Breakout
  39. Signals – V – Trading Engines Examples – EMA Cross
  40. Signals – VI – Trading Engines Examples – Bollinger
  41. Signals – VII – Trading Engines Examples – HL Reversal
  42. Signals – VIII – Trading Engines Examples – Bias Short Term
  43. Signals – IX – Strategy Performance Report
  44. Signals – X – On Overfitting
  45. Data2 Data Series
  46. Debugging
  47. Portfolio Trader
  48. Strategy Settings
  49. Symbol Mapping
  50. Conversion stop and limit orders to market orders
  51. How to use setexiton close in live trading
  52. Trading on contracts with short leverage
  53. Email alert
  54. Rollover – I – Intro
  55. Rollover – II – Foreseen date calculation
  56. Rollover – III – Next expiration technique
  57. Rollover – IV – Custom future advanced technique
  58. Order and Position Tracker
  59. VPS – Intro
  60. VPS – Resource check
  61. VPS Setup – I – Renting a VPS
  62. VPS Setup – II – ScriptPrepTool+MC Installation
  63. VPS Setup – III – Windows Updates
  64. VPS Setup – IV – Change of RDP port
  65. Position Sizing Algorithms – I – Intro
  66. Position Sizing Algorithms – II – Code example
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2023.06.10 18:29 PartyGamer14 How Long Would It Take For Someone With Zero Experience With PleX Take To Setup A Local Plex Server in Which We Have 750+ DVDs/BluRays For A Stationary Output?

My boss told me she is done buying movies on DVD and Bluray, she said she will have them taken up to an area where all the residents can grab them at will instead of having to check them out with us.
Some are going to go missing because of this. I suggested that we build a NAS and rip our entire library to it and setup in our projector room that would be protected and only we have the keys to.
She loved the idea, but she is hesitant to green lighting it because of how much time it would take me because I am getting paid to ensure that all the residents have their forms in order, so instead of that, I'd be doing the plex server.
So someone like myself who has never done this before but has watched some videos years ago. How long do you think it would take?
I suggest having her buy a Synology 2 Bay Nas and then getting either 2 10 tb or 12 TB hard drives.
We don't need it to have internet functionality, but we can totally connect it up to our network.
submitted by PartyGamer14 to PleX [link] [comments]

2023.06.10 18:27 Media6292 Limited edition 2023 vinyl reissue in pure analog (AAA) vs. original version, SACD, Streaming and Dolby Atmos of Beethoven's Symphony No. 7 from Deutsche Grammophon

Limited edition 2023 vinyl reissue in pure analog (AAA) vs. original version, SACD, Streaming and Dolby Atmos of Beethoven's Symphony No. 7 from Deutsche Grammophon

A purely analog AAA vinyl reissue and a Dolby Atmos edition are worlds apart, yet these are the latest editions to be released for Beethoven's Symphony No. 7.
For this test, we'll find the analog vinyl discs, the original from 1976 and the new edition from 2023, 2 SACD versions as well as the streaming version on Amazon and in Dolby Atmos on Tidal.
To help you find your way around, for these editions that mix analog and digital, you'll find a table showing the production stages of the different editions, with indications of whether they are analog or digital. As you can see, the 1976 and Esoteric SACD editions are based on an analog mix, while all other editions are based on a new digital mix.

This new digital mix, in 24-bit 96 kHz, is used for the SACD and for Amazon's UltraHD streaming version.
When listening to the stereo versions, there are two worlds: the analog mix and the digital mix. The digital mix brings a slightly clearer sound and, above all, a wider sound image than the original version. All versions have very good dynamics, with the exception of the ESOTERIC SACD, which has to make do with a DR11, showing that it has been slightly limited, as shown by its waveform below.

Too bad for this version, which uses the original mix of the 1976 vinyl.
The new vinyl edition, obtained from 4 analog quadraphonic tracks, offers a wider sound image than the 1976 stereo version, making it closer to the digital mix, with an accentuation of midrange and upper spectrum detail, as shown by the comparison of spectra below.

spectrum : vinyl 2023 (white) vs vinyl 1976 (blue)
And finally, the Dolby Atmos version. I was wondering what to expect from this version in classical music, and was pleasantly surprised. Indeed, there are no demonstrative effects with sounds going off in all directions, but rather a faithful reproduction of the sound heard in concert, which really fills the room with a symphonic mass before us. This orchestra delivers an enormous amount of energy to the front, including the side and ceiling speakers. The soundstage is the same, with a rather realistic rendering.
However, the use of Dolby Digital Plus encoding reduces detail and information, which takes away some of the finesse and precision of this version compared to the others tested.
The graph below shows the distribution of specializations across all speakers in 7.1.4 mode.

Samples of the different versions are available, so that you can form your own opinion on the different mixes, both digital and analog, and on the different media. You'll find all the samples and measurements here.
Enjoy your listening
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2023.06.10 18:27 oneofhomies Trails #2

River Flows in You
This one reminds me of second semester of my time in Pulchowk Campus, summer 2019, when everything was so fucking chill. It was when my roommate, Pranjal, introduced me to Yiruma's music.
Pranjal, you're one of the best roommate I've ever had. I can never forget all the things you've done. From bringing me the chicken soup in first semester when I had cold, to taking me to the Alka hospital on your scooter on seventh semester, when I caught dengue, you were always there for me. Thank you for everything, and sorry for the occassions I couldn't reciprocate. I remember one or two.
Second semester was one of the greatest time of my life. No worries about studies. Playing/watching football on pCampus ground, watching Cricket WC 2019. Listening to playlists of Bollywood songs with suke (Ujjwal). Stalking teachers' social media profiles. I could go on and on.
Listening to this songs paints a clear picture of our room A105, where I, Nishan, my other roommate, and Pranjal used to sit on our respective tables and do our things at night. Yiruma's playlist on YouTube would be playing, and we'd be coding or something similar. I used to chat with my ex at around 9-10. We guys would stay up late talking random shit. Some days, we'd stay up until the sun came up the next day. We'd stay up together with Nikhil, Barma, and Bishnu, the guys next door. Greatest fucking dudes I've met.
It also reminds me of summer of 2020, when the whole world went to lockdown. I would stay up late night in my home during lockdown, staring at the moon from my window, coding, and watching ColdFusion's videos.
I love you all ♥️
About trails:
Trails is a series of posts where I post a song, along with a short (or maybe not, we'll see) description of the feeling the song reminds me of.
I've been feeling a bit lonely some nights. Rusali didi suggested me to write what I feel if I ever that way. So, I decided to couple these writings with music, the thing I've started to appreciate so deeply after 21 springs on this planet.
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2023.06.10 18:25 vickx038 What are steps in the OPM pay schedule for a GS level?

I'm trying to understand the steps for a given GS level. For e.g. in my general area (Seattle) the difference between a step 1 and a step 10 for a GS level 10 in the OPM table is $20k, which makes quite a big difference if that position could support a person's wants/needs. If I were to get a fed job at a given GS level, would I automatically be at step 1? Could I negotiate or interview at a higher step for a GS scoped level? Would I automatically go up one step each year, until step 10? A link to this info would be awesome if it exists somewhere. I've not been successful searching for it.
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2023.06.10 18:25 thinkingstranger June 9, 2023

At 3:00 today, Washington D.C., time, Special Counsel Jack Smith delivered a statement about the recently unsealed indictment charging former president Donald J. Trump on 37 counts of violating national security laws as well as participating in a conspiracy to obstruct justice.
Although MAGA Republicans have tried to paint the indictment as a political move by the Biden administration over a piddling error, Smith immediately reminded people that “[t]his indictment was voted by a grand jury of citizens in the Southern District of Florida, and I invite everyone to read it in full to understand the scope and the gravity of the crimes charged.”
The indictment is, indeed, jaw dropping.
It alleges that during his time in the White House, Trump stored in cardboard boxes “information regarding defense and weapons capabilities of both the United States and foreign countries; United States nuclear programs; potential vulnerabilities of the United States and its allies to military attack; and plans for possible retaliation in response to a foreign attack.” The indictment notes that “[t]he unauthorized disclosure of these classified documents could put at risk the national security of the United States, foreign relations, the safety of the United States military, and human sources and the continued viability of sensitive intelligence collection methods.”
Nonetheless, when Trump ceased to be president after noon on January 20, 2021, he took those boxes, “many of which contained classified documents,” to Mar-a-Lago, where he was living. He “was not authorized to possess or retain those classified documents.” The indictment makes it clear that this was no oversight: Trump was personally involved in packing the boxes and, later, in going through them and in overseeing how they were handled. The employees who worked for him exchanged text messages referring to his personal instructions about them.
Mar-a-Lago was not an authorized location for such documents, but he stored them there anyway, “including in a ballroom, a bathroom and shower, an office space, his bedroom, and a storage room.” They were stacked in public places, where anyone—including the many foreign nationals who visited Mar-a-Lago—could see them. On December 7, 2021, Trump’s personal aide Waltine Nauta took two pictures of several of the boxes fallen on the floor, with their contents, including a secret document available only to the Five Eyes intelligence alliance of the U.S., Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom, spilled onto the floor.
The indictment alleges that Trump showed classified documents to others without security clearances on two occasions, both of which are well documented. One of those occasions was recorded. Trump told the people there that the plan he was showing them was “highly confidential” and “secret.” He added, “See, as president I could have declassified it….Now I can’t, you know, but this is still a secret.”
This recording undermines his insistence that he believed he could automatically declassify documents; it proves he understood he could not. In addition, the indictment lists Trump’s many statements from 2016 about the importance of protecting classified information, all delivered as attacks on Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, whom he accused of mishandling such information. “In my administration,” he said on August 18, 2016, “I’m going to enforce all laws concerning the protection of classified information. No one will be above the law.”
The indictment goes on: When the FBI tried to recover the documents, Trump started what Washington Post journalist Jennifer Rubin called a “giant shell game”: he tried to get his lawyer to lie to the FBI and the grand jury, saying Trump did not have more documents; worked with Nauta to move some of the boxes to hide them from Trump’s lawyer, the FBI and the grand jury; tried to get his lawyer to hide or destroy documents; and got another lawyer to certify that all the documents had been produced when he knew they hadn’t.
Nauta lied to the grand jury about his knowledge of what Trump did with the boxes. Both he and Trump have been indicted on multiple counts of obstruction and of engaging in a conspiracy to hide the documents.
Eventually, Trump had many of the boxes moved to his property at Bedminster, New Jersey, where on two occasions he showed documents to people without security clearances. He showed a classified map of a country that is part of an ongoing military operation to a representative of his political action committee.
Trump has been indicted on 31 counts of having “unauthorized possession of, access to, and control over documents relating to the national defense,” for keeping them, and for refusing “to deliver them to the officer and employee of the United States entitled to receive them”: language straight out of the Espionage Act. Twenty-one of the documents were marked top secret, nine were marked secret, and one was unmarked.
These documents are not all those recovered—some likely are too sensitive to risk making public—but they nonetheless hold some of the nation’s deepest secrets: “military capabilities of a foreign country and the United States,” “military activities and planning of foreign countries,” “nuclear capabilities of a foreign country,” “military attacks by a foreign country,” “military contingency planning of the United States,” “military options of a foreign country and potential effects on United States interest,” “foreign country support of terrorist acts against United States interests,” “nuclear weaponry of the United States,” “military activity in a foreign country.”
Smith put it starkly in his statement, “The men and women of the United States intelligence community and our armed forces dedicate their lives to protecting our nation and its people. Our laws that protect national defense information are critical to the safety and security of the United States and they must be enforced. Violations of those laws put our country at risk.”
On Twitter, Bill Kristol said it more clearly: “These were highly classified documents dealing with military intelligence and plans. What did Trump do with them? Who now has copies of them?” Retired FBI assistant director Frank Figliuzzi noted that there is a substantial risk that “foreign intelligence services might have sought or gained access to the documents.”
There is also substantial risk that other countries will be reluctant to share intelligence with the United States in the future. At the very least, it is an unfortunate coincidence that the Central Intelligence Agency in October 2021 reported an unusually high rate of capture or death for foreign informants recruited to spy for the United States.
Since Trump supporters have taken the position that Trump’s indictment over the stolen documents is the attempt of the Biden administration to undermine Trump’s presidential candidacy, it is worth remembering that Trump’s early announcement of his campaign was widely suspected to be an attempt to enable him to avoid legal accountability. Attorney General Merrick Garland appointed Special Counsel Jack Smith precisely to put arms length between the administration and the investigations into Trump.
Smith noted today, “Adherence to the rule of law is a bedrock principle of the Department of Justice. And our nation’s commitment to the rule of law sets an example for the world. We have one set of laws in this country, and they apply to everyone. Applying those laws. Collecting facts. That’s what determines the outcome of an investigation. Nothing more. Nothing less.
“The prosecutors in my office are among the most talented and experienced in the Department of Justice. They have investigated this case hewing to the highest ethical standards. And they will continue to do so as this case proceeds.”
Smith added: “It’s very important for me to note that the defendants in this case must be presumed innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt in a court of law. To that end, my office will seek a speedy trial in this matter. Consistent with the public interest and the rights of the accused. We very much look forward to presenting our case to a jury of citizens in the Southern District of Florida.”
Likely responding to MAGA attacks on the FBI and the rule of law, Smith thanked the “dedicated public servants of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, with whom my office is conducting this investigation and who worked tirelessly every day upholding the rule of law in our country,” before closing his brief statement.
The indictment revealed just how much detailed information Smith’s team has uncovered, presenting a shockingly thorough case to prove the allegations. Trump’s lawyers will have their work cut out for them…although the team has shifted since this morning: two of Trump’s lawyers quit today. The thoroughness of the indictment also suggests that Trump and his allies might have reason to be nervous about Smith’s other investigation: the one into the attempt to overturn results of the 2020 election.
Some of Trump’s supporters are calling for violence. After Louisiana representative Clay Higgins appeared to be egging on militias to oppose Trump’s Tuesday arraignment, Democratic senate majority leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and House minority leader Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY) issued a joint statement calling for “supporters and critics alike to let the case proceed peacefully in court.” Legal scholar Joyce White Vance noted that it was “extremely sad for our country that this isn’t a bipartisan statement being made by leaders from both parties.”

Twitter links:
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2023.06.10 18:24 AutoModerator [Genkicourses.site] ✔️Chase Dimond – The Agency Acceleration Course ✔️ Full Course Download

[Genkicourses.site] ✔️Chase Dimond – The Agency Acceleration Course ✔️ Full Course Download
Get the course here: [Genkicourses.site] ✔️Chase Dimond – The Agency Acceleration Course ✔️ Full Course Download

Courses proof (screenshots for example, or 1 free sample video from the course) are available upon demand, simply Contact us here
If your agency is making between $10-30k per month, you’re sitting on an absolute goldmine and you have no idea.
After running my agency for 4 years, delivering over $100M worth of value to my clients, and generating 8 figures in total revenue, I’ve realized that any agency can be a massive business with the right mechanisms in place.
When I began building my agency in 2018, it was a good business for me and my partner.
It put food on the table, and we were able to help to grow other businesses that we were passionate about.
We didn’t realize at the time that the only thing keeping us at the mid-6-figure per year mark was our own mental blockages.
Just about any agency can be an 8-figure a year endeavor, especially if you do it the way that we’ve done it.
Most agency owners in the $10-30k per month range operate within a freelancer mindset.
You struggle with hiring, you struggle with building processes, and you struggle with scaling.
You do not have a demand problem.
For every agency, there are at least 500 potential clients with a problem that your agency can solve, and they’re willing to pay good money for you to do so.
With the right offer, 100-200 clients will be enough for you to have an 8-figure a year company that will sell for a multiple that could be in the range of 6-12X.
This course consists of 10 modules with text and video, plus 3 bonus modules that outline everything you need to know about:
  • Building systems for scaling fast
  • How to diversify your lead generation to never have an empty pipeline again
  • Assembling a team of people who care about your company’s vision as much as you
  • Remaining profitable as you scale
  • Avoiding mistakes at the intermediate and advanced levels with your business
  • The steps you need to take to sell your agency for 8+ figures
As long as you have an offer that’s proven to work in an industry that’s likely to continue to exist in 10 years, you have a multi-million dollar opportunity at your fingertips.
At the $10-30k a month level with an agency, you’re currently working harder than you will be at $100k a month.
The good news is, you’re only a few months away from hitting that target profitably if you do exactly what I outline in this course.
After thousands of mistakes in the building process, I know exactly what I’d do if I had to start from zero.
If you’re just starting, you have the opportunity to build everything right and avoid 90% of the mistakes that we made in the early days.
Instead of taking 4 years to scale to ~8 figures like my team and I did, you could potentially do it in half the time.
Before you buy, you need to understand this.
This course will work for any agency in the digital space, but it is not for beginners.
This is not to show you how to land your first client and find your niche.
This will only work if you have at least 2-4 clients and you already understand your offer.
My strategies for client acquisition, client retention, offer structure, team building, and systems will only work if you already have the foundations in place.
If you’re above $60k a year but below $1M a year, this will work for you.
Inside, I also share information about my agency that I’ve never shared before.
I do a deep dive into everything that’s allowed us to scale from high-6-figures in 2019 to high-7-figures in 2021.
Everything from the way you need to think about things, to the way you need to execute things.
I leave nothing out of this.
If you’re ready to scale your agency from $10-30k a month up to 6 figures a month, click below to get access to everything you’ll ever need today.
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2023.06.10 18:21 SkyHiRider Pathfinder wrath - feedback after starting a second playthrough

After playing through the game once on Core, I've decided to have a go at Unfair as a shifter lich. Plaything through it, I noted down feedback as I ran into things that could be improved. specifically:

  1. Missing Midnight Isles DLC secret boss - its nowhere to be found in the main game, which is a real shame. Could be a nice bonus, plus defeating it could unlock some of the useful items it drops when playing the DLC as standalone for future playthroughs.
  2. Missing shifter DLC items ? - the Paws of the bear king and Belt of primal force can't be obtained, not sure if that is an oversight or intended.
  3. Manticore shifter ranged attacks cant use weapon finesse - an amulet can change natural attacks to use weapon finesse and dexterity for damage, but does not work on ranged attacks. Would be handy when making a dexterity focused manticore shifter
  4. Act 1 progress indicator on pending attack - the game does not tell you how much time is left till the attack happens. An indication of how many rests or time is left would be nice, especially to those that are playing for the first time as resting too much can cause new players to miss content and become frustrated (based on reddit posts I read). Maybe give more time depending on difficulty settings?
  5. Buffing is a nightmare - its either using the buff mod, or spending several minutes buffing after each rest. Could be a toggle while resting to re-apply existing buffs that expire during rest after waking up. Or make these things permanent as long as the character that applied them is in the active party (new mythic perk?).
  6. Undead mercenaries missing - as a Lich, I would like to get undead mercenaries, but can't. Either that, or having the ability to turn them into undead later after hiring them.
  7. Undead immune to enlarge spells - not sure if its a lore reason, but this makes undead fighters significantly worse off, as you cant increase strength nor reach. If its a lore reason, an undead specific enlarge/legendary proportions spell would be nice.
  8. Fallen paladin - a paladin is an essential group member, but its a class that has no evil counterpart. A subclass that would be an evil variation would be great, exchanging smite evil and mark of justice with abilities that deal unholy damage instead. Its a shame we can't turn Seelah into a fallen paladin as a lich.
  9. Vivisector's notes are odd- you can get these during "A matter of reputation" and the Battlebliss arena healer is amazed you have them in your possession, immediately throwing money at you to get them. What is odd its only 5k gold, which is really sad for act 4. You should check if the price needs to be increased at least 10x or more, but also consider if giving these notes could not upgrade the demongraft skill to remove the penalties it provides (berserk when low on health). Would make sense, as the notebook could contain info on how to make the procedure even better.
  10. Lich gets only 3 lich abilities. Many of these abilities are not that powerful, gaining one per lich level would make for a more interesting lich. Otherwise its just pick the three good ones and always ignore the rest.
  11. Pet armor worthless mid game - with a high level and buffs, pets have more dexterity than any barding allows, wearing it causing a drop of over 10 ac. Pets either need haramaki's, or the barding needs to allow for more dexterity bonus. Why even take barding armor feats when they become obsolete a few levels later?
  12. Arcane spell failure from armor outside of combat - If a character with heavy armor needs to apply buffs, you have to take the armor and shield off every time, apply, then put it back on. How about the spell failure would apply only during combat?
  13. Act 5 generals take three days to return - why are the generals not immediately available? I get they are dismissed by a script once you get out again, but the three day waiting period seems odd.
  14. Act 1 Grey garrison tiefling trap missed xp - if you bring along the tieflings, they disarm the large trap automatically, preventing you from getting xp, meaning its worse to take tieflings with you than to avoid them.
  15. Greater blind fight for ranged - was not able to find a feat that does the same thing, but for ranged.
  16. Loss of inevitable excess bonus items - I lost my bonus items, as I tried the DLC with another character to test another build. Really annoying when you realize this too late. The game should remember you unlocked these and then just always give them to you, regardless of which save is the latest. Give us an extra tab when starting the game where we can select which bonus items we want when starting, with stuff not yet unlocked being greyed out.
  17. Daeran's bath missing - an odd one, but after getting the flowers and the bath, the bath itself disappeared from the commander's room. Not sure if thats intended, but looked odd that it was just gone immediately after the cutscene
  18. Arueshalae is forced to join your group in act 2 Drezden if going solo - when playing solo, you don't want to take any extra companions. You can get Arueshalae early, but can't put her in the waiting roster. A popup party selection screen when getting her in the jail would be nice so we can make that choice.
  19. No bags of holding in act 2 and 3 - we get a small bag in act 1, but could use bigger bags in the followup acts.
  20. Light of the angels skill useless later - the skill could improved based on mythic rank, even alter itself based on the path you choose
  21. Collect items in an area without leaving - I would like to loot everything without leaving so that I can double check the map. Can't do that now, have to leave and return.
  22. Quiver of flaming arrows - it costs 14k gold and you get 20 shots that deal 1d6 fire damage. Does not compute. Quivers could be permanent on a toggle, with an archer only able to have one active at the same time.
  23. Auto expand pets when not a full party - if I am alone in a party and have a pet and a skeleton, why do I always need to expand each one after every single load? There is space to spare, use it to show me the pets as big character icons, please.
  24. And the last one, perhaps the biggest one - the level cap. You release more dlc that add more xp, but the experience becomes pointless once you reach 20 in act 4. Legend can already get to 40, how about every main mythic path keeps leveling up after 20, but only legend would do so at an accelerated rate? Legend would still be great (even thou no ascension ending :( ) and we could actually enjoy those extra xp and experiment with more builds and multiclasses. The game clearly supports this, and even some of the late game enemies you fight have over 20 levels.

submitted by SkyHiRider to OwlcatGames [link] [comments]

2023.06.10 18:15 sheftos Tips I haven't seen discussed for late game (spoilers)

Trap scarecrows have a set chance to spawn meat regardless of the white birds you see chilling around your cult. I have about 30 in the corner of my cult that are always full after a crusade.
Best meal is magnificent mixed meal. Alternate magnificent mixed/veggie meals depending on supplies, and don't forget you can buy the tuna from the fisherman so you just have to farm beets and do trap scarecrows and missionaries for meat.
Scattering graves around where your followers are working is the best way to passively maintain faith regardless of whatever shenanigans you're doing.
Missionary necklaces are busted. A follower will have a 100% success chance regardless of level or exhaustion. Give some random level one goober the necklace, keep sending them out immediately after they get back, and the game won't get the chance to trigger them growing old so they effectively become your immortal supply runners.
Demon necklaces are crap, they only add 2 levels to a demon. Ignore them.
Followers will keep their necklaces if you sacrifice or ascend them. If you want to give them a better necklace you have to kill them or have them die of old age, loot them, and then ressurect them.
Loyalty necklaces on a gullible follower will level them up so fast you'll be annoyed having to collect so many loyalty rewards. It's my filler necklace while accumulating skull necklaces.
You stockpile God Tears and if you don't like what you got, reload the game and roll them again to get what you want. The same applies to followers waiting to be indoctrinated, but it can take a while to roll good traits.
Best way (afaik) to easily inspire/intimidate everyone at once is to collect all loyalty rewards while followers are asleep, then do your sermon/rituals as soon as the day starts, and when you're done roll twice to get out of the church before them and get them all in one bundle.
The most important buildings to have centrally located are the kitchens and the s**tters to decrease travel time to and from their work stations.
Once you have infinite gold via ritual of enrichment and natural burial, spiderbro basically sells fertilizer for 100 gold per 10 fertilizer. I process them at night and make sure no one has moon necklaces. This always makes follower rooms a favorable path to take on crusade, along with follower gift kitty, meat, bones, and relics.
You can also let your cult get hungry, cook a truckload of berry bowls, and have them all s**t themselves next to you so you collect it instead of the janitor to fertilize your more important beet crops.
At high enough demon levels (50+), melee demon one shots enemies about as well as the explody demon does but also attacks more than once per room, so I find it superior. Pair with shooty demon for chip damage, total health up demon for what amounts to immortality, and the fleece of hobbled heels for by far the fastest clear times and crusades have you actually feeling like a god.
submitted by sheftos to CultOfTheLamb [link] [comments]

2023.06.10 18:14 Wifawub [Recruiting] Mercs2.0 Townhall 14+ Clan Level 23 Nonstop War Clan 1400+ Raid Medals 355+ War wins CWL: Master League I TAG #28YQJQ8UY Capital Hall 10

Looking for members with:
  1. TH14+ 75+BK/75+AQ/50+GW/25+RC, all structures built.
  2. Active in clan games, capital raids, and wars.
  3. Active donators.
  4. No Drama.
  5. English speaking.
Clan provides:
  1. Donations include sieges and super troops.
  2. Completion of top clan game rewards.
  3. Over 1400 Raid Medals earned each weekend, Capital Hall 10.
  4. Constant wars where you are allowed to have 1 hero down. 9pm CDT war starts.
  5. Fun mature atmosphere.
  6. Professional bases provided.
  7. Master League I CWL rewards. (All heroes/pets up for CWL, 15v15, CWL promotion rules listed on Discord)
  8. Third overflow clan for only CWL and Mercs family events in Master League II (All heroes/4 pets up for CWL, 15v15)
  9. Fourth overflow clan for only CWL in Master League II. (All heroes/4 pets up, 30v30)
  10. Discord chat server that is shared with all of our Mercenaries clans.
  11. Promotion opportunity to main clan Mercenaries (TAG #9CYL2UP0) .
  12. YouTube channel for the alliance.
  13. Mercs3.0 for smaller members in Crystal League I.
Mercenaries (TAG #9CYL2UP0) is a 8+ year old level 26 war clan in Champion League III with a sister clan Mercs2.0 (TAG #28YQJQ8UY) who unfortunately just demoted this month from a long stay in Champion III. We are hoping to bounce back up next month! We have third and fourth clans for CWL only so that all members who sign up can play in CWL. Our third CWL clan just demoted this month to Master League II after a rough couple of months but with your help, hopefully we can move right back up. The promotion system for our CWLs is outlined on our Discord.
I am a co-leader of both Mercenaries and Mercs2.0. The leader of both clans is my husband, Hubawub. Mercs2.0 is our second CWL home for Mercenaries that currently has 46 members. Mercs2.0 has many th14-15, Mercs has all th15s but both clans allow you to regular war with 1 hero and 1 pet upgrading. Mercs2.0 is our more casual warring place where we encourage learning together, but we are still pretty serious about earning stars and improving our attacks. We are looking for TH14+ 75+ BK/75+ AQ/50+ GW/25+ RC that want to war constantly. We do require all heroes/4 pets to be up for CWL since CWL is very serious in all of our clans.
I live in the United States, but we have members from all over. While most of our members are in the US, we are delighted to have international members as well but please remember: English only is required.
Hope to see you soon on our Discord!
Clash of stats is here: https://www.clashofstats.com/clans/mercs2.0-28YQJQ8UY/members/table
Discord is here: https://discord.com/invite/7eRSWNk
YouTube channel is here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3IhlaMgaFdY3kacpfjdMWQ
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2023.06.10 18:13 Lapislazuligirl Redemption Psychiatry Gilbert Arizona review ( IV infusion & IM injection

I started with Redemption Psychiatry in AZ for an initial round of six iv infusions(2021). , then 4 boosters over the next 18 months. Each infusion was $350, (not covered by insurance). Dr Anne Marie Casey was my provider. She is witty and caring and definitely keeps up with all of the newest studies and information on therapeutic ketamine. The office staff were professional and warm, the facilities and treatment spaces were a little cramped, but perfectly adequate. I had excellent results but could no longer afford the expense.
Last month I called to schedule an infusion, and found that Redemption Psychiatry has switched to IM in office onjections that are covered by my insurance ($150 per session until deductible is met). I had my first IM yesterday.
PROS: Dr. Casey is great- I felt comfortable switching protocols. The staff are welcoming and answered all questestions/ concerns. Very warm and professional
CONS: There is an initial 10-15 min prep session to go over the procedure, give Zofran, and do a breathing exercise. (I was not informed beforehand that it would be a group session of approx 10 other patients). It felt very rushed and uncomfortable. Next, we were taken to the individual "bays", basically cubicles with a recliner inside and a blanket clipped across the entryway for privacy.
Despite the odd set up, the IM experience was equal to if not more profound than the iv infusions. I was given an injection in my upper arm, and settled back. Approx 30 min later I was given another injection. Once I felt the medication kick in, the other issues didn't bother me at all. Total time was approximately 90 minutes & the staff were very gentle in helping me to the waiting room. I did feel a bit rushed, but that's to be expected.
Overall I am happy with the experience, and will continue the next two weekly IMs, then a booster every 6-8 weeks.
I would recommend Redemption Psychiatry in office IM treatment. I also tried nuelife rdts for 6 sessions, and found it not nearly as effective as the IM, but I also prefer a clinical setting for the srssions. The cost us approximately the same, but the quality is much better. YMMV
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2023.06.10 18:12 hellgremlon A Hidden Chamber Took My Life From Me

I certainly hope this gets read and someone here can come up with something better than my only plan. I'll start at the beginning.
As a kid and even into adulthood, I've always had a fascination with secret rooms behind hidden doors. You know, the kind where you can pull on a specific book and the shelf moves to reveal a dimly lit cozy sancutary that is filled with treasures for only you and your closest friends. Movies and a vivid imagination had me making my own secret alcoves in the back of my closet where I could escape reality and do some reading in a cramped space made entirely of pillows and blankets with only a flashlight to read by. That was the closest I could get to having my dream room.
So imagine my excitement when at the age of 34 my husband and finally bought our first house.
And that house came with a hidden room.
When I bought the house I had not actually had the chance to go through it properly first. Only seeing about 15 pictures of it and speaking with a realtor over the phone. I was moving about 6 hours away for work and my husband could do his job from anywhere. The town we were moving to was very family friendly with a good school district and I was looking forward to the idea of settling down and hopefully having kids soon.
The description of the house noted it was 3 to 4 bedrooms and 2 baths.
3 to 4 bedrooms seemed strange to me so I texted my realtor and asked what that meant. She replied that the people who built the house years ago had included a hidden room within one of the bedrooms but didn't give any more information than that.
She couldn't tell me where it was inside the house and "good luck finding it."
So I bought the house, new challenge and a childhood dream about to come true. Even my husband was thrilled by the idea. Quoting everything from Young Frankenstein to The Addams Family.
We ended up living in the house for almost two years before I found the hidden room. The lightbulb in the ceiling fan of the nursery I was preparing for our unborn daughter had gone out. When I removed the light cover to replace the bulb I noticed a switch next to the bulb.
Now my husband and I spent almost every evening becoming private detectives just trying to find this hidden room, to no avail. We made many discoveries that ultimately led to home improvement projects and finally decided we would find it when we find it and stop searching for it.
Heart fluttering with hope and long endured anticipation, I flicked the switch.
A sound came from inside the closet. Walking over to it I saw that the far right wall had separated from the back wall. I pulled it open and was stunned to find a narrow brick set of stairs leading downward. My husband was away on his annual guys fishing trip for a few more days so I braved the stairs myself, only pausing to get a flashlight.
Now I'm thinking everything from secret hidden treasure, to old tomes, family secrets, possibly even a dungeon. Anything besides what I was actually greeted with.
A stark white clean room with a single lime green couch pushed against the back wall and a Tiffany lamp standing to the side of it. I turned on the lamp and had a look around the room. It was directly below the nursery room and exactly the same size. Nothing on the walls. Nothing on the concrete floor. Just a brick staircase to a hideous couch. I sat down for a minute, thinking of what to do with this hidden chamber and how disappointed my husband is going to be when he finds out its not filled with torture devices.
Back upstairs I closed the passage door, changed the lighbulb and went to the kitchen to make a sandwich for lunch. I found turkey and Swiss cheese in the fridge and stared at it confused.
"That's weird" I said aloud. I knew I bought Blackforest ham and cheddar when I went to the store only about an hour ago. I didn't think about it for long and chalked it up to baby brain. Turkey and Swiss would do just fine, anyway. The next day folding laundry I found a shirt in the hamper that I had never seen before. It was a maternity top but I couldn't remember ever buying it. Baby brain again, I assumed.
My husband came home the following day...in a blue pick-up. Not a black one. I froze in the driveway and knew this couldn't be baby brain. So I did the sensible thing and asked my husband.
"You got a new truck while you were fishing?" I said, a little too high pitched. He kissed my cheek and gave me an odd look, then glanced back at his truck.
"Um, no? Same truck as always. You feeling okay?" He immediately put his hands to my cheeks and started checking me for a fever. "I'm fine. Maybe I'm just tried." I replied, trying to shake the confusion off. The worry was still prying at my mind and I wondered if I was actually going crazy. Then remembered the hidden room.
"Hey, do you wanna see what I found?"
He knew instantly what I was talking about and followed me to the nursery with a goofy grin on his face. I showed him the switch in the ceiling fan and watched as he pulled the door open to the staircase. I followed him into the hidden room and watched as he plopped onto the green couch.
"Well this was a let down" he said before amending "still cool though. We could set this room up for when our daughter gets old enough. She can do whatever she wants with it."
Back upstairs in the nursery we both paused as we closed the passage door. The room was no longer pink, it was blue. We exchanged looks which, long story short, led us to my doctor, which led us to an ultrasound, which confirmed I was having a baby boy. Not a girl.
I don't remember us sleeping much that night. And the next few days that followed were strange. Dish sets were patterned differently. The spices where in the cabinet to the left, not the right. Our entire bedroom was arranged differently and the couch was now leather. My Hundai that I remembered having was now a Honda. Both of us felt like we were going crazy yet somehow learning to live with the changes since well, we kind of liked the new dishes and couch and car. And even though we had gotten used to the idea of having a girl, we were just happy to be having a baby at all.
Then this morning happened.
My due date was coming up fast and my mother had sent a hand-made monkey stuffed animal that she crocheted herself. I gathered a few more items, some children's books and a few throw blankets into a box and took them down to the hidden room. I set up the couch to look cozy, staked some books next to the lamp and placed the monkey on top of them. As I rested my hands on my belly, I couldn't wait for our son to come of age and turn this space into his own sancutary. Clicking off the Tiffany lamp I walked back up the stairs and closed the door behind me.
The nursery was gone. In its place was a queen sized bed with tables on either side and a small lamp on each table. A picture of a landscape hanging above the bed and sheer white curtains over the windows. I gasped and felt at my stomach only to realize that I was no longer pregnant.
I tried to call my husband but the number connected me to some lady. Panic was setting in and my mind has been racing. I haven't been able to cry. Everything is different. There are still signs of my husband's taste around the house though. I reached out to my mother whose number had thankfully remained the same and asked her for my husband's number.
"Oh honey, Mike died last year on his fishing trip with the boys..." I couldn't say anything as she offered to come stay with me for a few days. I'm afraid if she comes here, she might disappear too so I told her I was fine.
I think that room has sent me to another reality. Like a portal or something. I don't know what to do. I just want my husband back. I want to have our baby. I'm going to keep going to the hidden room, keep filling it with things for my child until I'm pregnant again and Mike returns. I don't know what else I could possibly do.
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