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2023.06.09 16:30 jehan_gonzales Is this a good way to synthesiser research findings?

So, I'm a PM and have done user research many times before. But one challenge is how to bring everyone on the journey.
We did an early access release and i spoke to customers to get feedback to figure out whether we needed to further iterate on our feature towards our north star or if we can release as is.
I work in Australia and my company has customers all around the world.
I can't (and don't want to) force people to work extra hours so i end up running these sessions, do interviews outside 9-5 (but only starting at 8am and finishing at 7pm, so it's not terrible).
But most people weren't in the interviews.
I've seen people do research summaries but the synthesis is not lossless compression by any means.
So, while i did call out some key findings, i took the interviews, took out the key sections and uploaded it as a Loom so people can comment inline.
I'm yet to see the results as it's the weekend so i scheduled the post where i share the page and Loom for when we are all back next week.
But I'm hoping the fact that i don't quite have all the insights synthesised will get people watching the clips, leaving comments and discussing it.
I'm always keen on getting the whole team to understand the customer perspective and help us work towards a shared understanding.
What do people think of this approach? And what have you tried? I'm keen to get some ideas here and understand what you've learned through experience.
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2023.06.09 16:30 Scotty86987 Horizon Parking Charges at Tesco...

Hello there -
My elderly mother recently received a Parking Charge Notice from the Horizon Parking group for parking in a Parent & Child Bay in a English Tescos for the charge of £40. Their supporting evidence is simply a photo of the car without anyone in it.
The thing is, my mother is also a full-time grandmother and the only reason she uses said car is for these duties. She can't remember if she had the kids in the car at the time, but tells me she only really goes to the big Tescos if the kids and her daughter want to do a big shop anyways...
So, my question to you is: Is it worth paying this charge, contesting it, or simply ignoring it...?
Any and all advice appreciated. Thank you.
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2023.06.09 16:30 Arushie_ Need Reassurance - Baby Weight

My baby girl was born weighing 7 lbs 13 oz, and we have been struggling with her weight since then. She lost down to 7 lbs 2oz within 48 hours of birth, and the midwife I was working with told us to start supplementing with formula because she was losing too much too fast. We have been supplementing since, with the hopes of switching to just breastmilk (the original plan). On good weigh-ins, she will have gained just under 5oz in a week, but normally is around the 3 to 3.5oz mark. I was discharged from the midwives care a week ago and started working with a local infant feeding clinic. At the first weigh-in, the nurse said that baby was gaining on track and that I could cut out the formula for a week to see how she does. We went in for the follow-up yesterday, and she only gained 2oz in a week on just breastmilk. At 7 weeks old, she now weighs 9 lbs 10oz. I know and respond to her hunger cues, and she regularly eats between every hour (hungrier in the morning) and 4 hours. Both the midwife and the nurse watched me feed her and said the latch and positioning are good and that she is feeding often and for long enough. I don't understand what is going on, and I am honestly at my wit's end about this feeling like I'm failing her. Please, if you had a baby that was slow to gain, tell me that it's going to be okay!
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2023.06.09 16:29 PumpedFrontKicks Worried about bad habits - especially in Muay thai

I live in Northern Ireland so our selection for gyms is very small.
Specifically I train in Belfast and I am worried about developing bad habits at my current gym of choice.
Our classes for Muay Thai consist of a warmup, shadowboxing, being shown a technique, one to ones, sparring, and then conditioning.
The only thing I'm worried about is developing bad habits during sparring considering for some of us it's our first month in a gym and we are already sparring from day one.
Should Muay Tha and MMA strikingi be mostly self taught and you just use the gym to spar and see new techniques that you go off and research in depth by yourself or will I develop bad habits doing it this way? Because that's currently how I am learning.
I'm not trying to trash the gym at all, it's just you see so many people say you can't develop technique by yourself and you need to join a gym, but it doesn't feel any different so far?
Also the sparring isn't particularly light, after training there for a short amount of time I ended up with a fractured sternum and a traumatic pneumothorax from a teep from a guy that was a good 20Kg heavier than me.
I want to go back and was planning on returning to that gym, however, after talking to a friend that's a boxer he said he wouldn't go back and that I should try and find somewhere else.
This gym is also quite well known for being a good MMA gym locally as far as I'm aware and the class times work great for me. However, my friend said I'm not developing real technique there and shouldn't be sparring yet.
If I was to go to the sessions and skip the sparring I'd be paying £80 a month and be missing like 50% of all striking sessions.
What do you guys think? Thanks in advance :)
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2023.06.09 16:29 ChimmyChimmyChuchu Is there a way to see an account's nickname and/or username history?

Like the title suggests, are there bots that would give the user's history of nicknames and usernames? Or are they limited only to usage in Telegram group chats? If so, this is a potential privacy concern. Thank you!
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2023.06.09 16:28 Anderswelten LF: Bell redeems FT: Events

I'm looking for some bronzong redeems with image or video proof. The proof has to contain full redemption process + status screens. For image proof: each image has to include a note where at least both of our names are written, the name of the event, the redemption date and an identifier (e.g. #1) - for video proofs, it is also ok if the note is only shown at the beginning of the video.
For your service I offer the following - rates are written this way me:you; rates for bulk redeems are generally negotiable:
Kind reminder: this trade will include Events, therefore you need at least poke ball flair.
If you have any questions, you're welcome to ask.
I'm looking forward to our trade!
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2023.06.09 16:28 r3crac AUDEW 12V 150PSI Electric Air Pump for 27.99 USD with coupon (Best price in history: 29.99 USD) [Country limited!]

Here is the link: AUDEW 12V 150PSI Electric Air Pump
Coupon code (apply in the cart!): BGba911c
Current price is 27.99 USD. The lowest price in my database is 29.99 USD. There're already 1 records in DB. Price monitoring since 30.1.2019!
Notes (coupon may work only in selected countries): Greece
Of course if you want current coupons and e-mail PRICE ALERTS for AUDEW 12V 150PSI Electric Air Pump then you can just go to the CouponsFromChina product page. It's right there:
Good deal with nice discount.
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2023.06.09 16:28 A_Day_To_Remember_ Is it strange to ask a friend a why I wasn't invited to his bachelor party?

I feel weird asking this question as a grown adult, but I'm at a loss.

I've known this guy for 7 years. We are close, we talk all the time, we have a rec league sport we play in with our group of friends 1 day a week for the past 5 years, he has thrown me bday parties, etc.. We're the people when the group disbands we are still sitting at the bar talking 1:1 for another hour.

So his wedding is coming up and I wasn't surprised that I wasn't in his wedding party. It was all his childhood friends + brothers. Then he started talking bachelor party and I figured it was just the wedding party.

Fast forward a week before the bachelor party and we are all hanging out the conversation comes up about the bachelor party and how the girls in our group are all going over someone's house while the men are out that weekend. But it didn't make sense to me because some of the girls are GFs of the guys I'm sitting next to (and not in the wedding party). Conversation keeps going and I put it all together than that every guy in our group and even some other guys are going to the bachelor party. But me. And I'm just sitting there listening in on how they're figuring out the plans.

Since the bachelor party he has been distant from me. He hasn't texted or anything and in our group setting he only talks to me if I'm talking to the group and he chimes in about something I said.

I'm at a complete loss. I'm not sure if I did something or he just flipped the switch and said I'm done with this guy or what. I could even handle the not being invited, maybe there was a cap on the people that can attend and he is closer with those people. But openly talking about it in front of me and being distant, I just don't know.

What would you do here? I could ask another person in the group if they know anything. One did text me and asked if I was going and I said I wasn't invited and I never heard anything more about it. But at the end I've been friends with him for long enough to know the only person besides me who wasn't invited are his friends he sees maybe once a year if that. Anyone who is frequently in his life was there, but me.
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2023.06.09 16:28 MattofCatbell [TotK] My rendition of the theory that each game is just a retelling of the same story.

[This is just for fun, don’t take it too seriously]
So my running theory is a rendition of the idea that the games are all separate retelling of the same story.
The thing that makes me think this is OoT with the timeline split and how OoT shares a lot of similarities to TotK with its story of the Seven Sages and Ganondorf.
What if when Zelda told the Sages that a knight named Link would eventually defeat Ganondorf that was retold by the Sages and over the centuries became the story of OoT. Then over time the story began to differ by region leading to the OoT timeline split.
So with this in mind my idea is basically that only three games are necessary as “canon” those being TotK, BotW, and Skyward Sword and the rest of the games are regional retellings of the same story.
This would partially explain how in BotW there was seemingly reference for every timeline. If you consider those games are just stories from that area.
So here is my rough timeline.
TotK (past) - Skyward Sword - Botw - TotK (present).
TotK (past) need to be first because Rauru and Sonia founded Hyrule. The Master Sword doesn’t seem to exist yet, or is just unknown.
Then over time Ganondorf’s malice leaked out of the seal creating Demise. It makes some sense if you consider the mark on Demise’s forehead matches the location of the secret stone.
Seeing the destruction of Demise the Goddess Hylia took the remaining people of Hyrule into the sky creating Skyloft (also explains how all the other Zonai islands got into the sky) She also creates the Goddess Sword.
Hylia choses to then reincarnate herself in the descendent of Rauru and Sonia becoming the first Zelda of SS.
After the events of Skyward Sword stories continue to be passed down about the Demon King Ganon and the Seven Sages leading to the Era of Myth. Culminating in every game that involves Ganon/Ganondorf as the main antagonist.
Then we get to the events of 10,000 years before BotW. Leading to the main story of BotW and TotK (present)
Now there are games that don’t involve Ganon like Minish Cap that could be slotted between the events of SS and BotW. However since the Picori are never mentioned out side of Minish Cap I don’t think it’s necessary to include.
Anyway thats my dumb timeline theory, I don’t expect it to hold up to scrutiny. Want to reiterate that this is just for fun.
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2023.06.09 16:28 MegaVelvet Why is my bridesmaid acting so weird?

LONG tale ahead of an EPIC (lol jokes) journey in a friendship spanning eighteen years!
(If you want to make yourself a cuppa tea and settle in for a read, go ahead - or also you don't have to read any of this, that's fine too).
My husband (37M) and I (35F) got married three months ago in a wonderful wedding surrounded by friends and family. Everything went perfectly and we are over the moon with joy.
The only hiccup is that Jo, one of my oldest friends and bridesmaid, seemed determinedly MISERABLE about the whole thing. I'm not sure I care about repairing the friendship anymore but I'd really appreciate an outside perspective.
Some background:
Jo and I met at university in the UK. She says she was the introverted nerd from a small English village, and that I was the glamorous extrovert Italian from Milan. We bonded over shared intellectual pursuits and became best friends. Quickly though, Jo became possessive. She wanted me all to herself and most of the time. As soon as I invited people to join us or if I spent time with others, she would get angry with me. I didn't get it at the time but remember feeling stifled. My parents and sisters often said Jo was a strong personality and was in love with me, which I disagree with (because she only dated men).
After university, we stayed friends and were there for each other. However in time, I noticed some small toxic traits - she was consistently possessive and critical of me, and would try to bring me down at my happiest times. We remained friends - but I gradually did not consider us best friends anymore. I think that upset her.
In our mid- to late twenties, I went through a traumatic period (I married a domestic abuser; then my father and big sister passed away and I got divorced around the same time). To be honest, Jo was ALWAYS there for me in my darkest moments and when I needed her - a wonderful, proactive, insightful support. She really helped me through this tough time.
After my divorce, I dated a couple of guys over a 6-month period, which made Jo pull away from me. When I was fully single again, she "resumed" our friendship and insisted on me spending lots of time with her. One day, she told me in Italian (my native tongue) she liked me ("Mi piaci"). I asked her what she meant and she said in English, "Just that. I like you." I wasn't 100% sure why she had said that. I assumed because she cared about me - so I didn't think more of it.
Meeting my now-hubby:
Three years after my divorce and some considerable healing, I then met the love of my life (my now-hubby) - a kind, courageous, intelligent, happy, strong, beautiful soul. Sadly, Jo pulled away from me again.
A year into my relationship, my partner came up in conversation and Jo made a grimace - I confronted her about it and she told me she had "no interest in him because he is just another one of your many boyfriends." I told her this was cruel and inaccurate, and that she had not answered my question. She didn't say anything further.
So a year later when I announced to her I was engaged and brimming with joy, her reaction was, "Congrats, you look very happy." But she seemed the opposite of happy.
Forming the bridesmaids squad:
Initially, I asked my fiancé's sister and my two best friends (Carys and Holly) to be bridesmaids. My fiance then said he wanted six groomsmen, so I excitedly expanded my squad to match his. I asked three more girls in my friendship group, including Jo, to be bridesmaids. The more the merrier!
(Also, hindsight is a bitch and I now realise asking Jo to be a bridesmaid was a total mistake)
Jo's immediate reaction to being asked to be a bridesmaid was, "Ugh don't ask me out of pity." I assumed she felt hurt that she hadn't been one of the first three to be asked, so I apologised for my clumsy approach and explained the situation, and that I do care about her and wanted her to be part of my special day. She then agreed to be a bridesmaid.
Jo loves poetry and literature, so I subsequently asked if she would do a reading of her choice at our ceremony. She said yes. I had also asked my best friend Carys to do a reading - Carys set out on a mission to find the perfect reading, sending my fiance and me a shortlist of poems to get our thoughts. On the other hand, Jo became disinterested, expressed that she didn't know what to look for, she was uninspired and didn't know what to read (skip forward: she pulled out of her reading 10 days before the wedding).
Over the course of the engagement (1.5 years), Jo grew distant and uninterested despite my attempts to connect with her. At one point she ran for a small political position, so I gathered our friendship group to go canvassing for her. Jo acknowledged my presence there at least. I regularly tried to meet up with her and see how she was doing, but seldom got responses.
The Hen Do:
When it came to my Hen Do, the bridesmaids I'd delegated to organise it couldn't in the end, so I took charge. I sent out Hen Do Save the Dates months in advance. The plan was an afternoon and evening in London (where we all live), filled with activities, dancing, drinks and food.
A couple of weeks before the Hen, Jo messaged our WhatsApp group saying she "didn't realise [she] was required to attend the whole thing", and could only join for a bit. The other bridesmaids expressed "WTF" at that message but I let it slide.
The Hen Do was AWESOME. But - seriously - Jo was a total downer. She sat in a corner by herself looking bored and angry, and making everyone uncomfortable. All of us kept trying to get her to join in the fun but her response was, "No, I'm okay" or "It's not my thing." She persisted in sitting in her corner, so a few of us would regularly leave the games to hang out with her. That said, when I won a trophy for one of the activities, Jo kindly offered to look after it. After the Hen, I asked Jo for my trophy back but she said she'd already thrown it away. I told her that was uncool and that I was quite hurt. She apologised, and I let it go.
The bridesmaid outfit incident:
Regarding wedding planning, I was very hands-on when it came to organising the event - but determinedly hands-off with the bridal party.
I had planned a hair and makeup artist for my bridesmaids and told them they could each wear what they wanted - my only rule was NO MATCHING.
The bridesmaids had organised a separate WhatsApp group to coordinate their outfits and they agreed to each wear a different colour and outfit. All of the ladies collaborated and shared outfit photos in the group early on, except Jo who was apparently mainly silent until the week before the wedding.
So one week before the wedding, my best friend/bridesmaid Carys told me Jo had just sent everyone her outfit photo on the WhatsApp group - and that it was EXACTLY the same as Carys's. She shows me the photo Jo shared - yup, same dress, same colour, same accessories.
To be honest, I didn't actually care about the outfit. What pissed me off was Jo's total disregard for the other bridesmaid, or that she hadn't consulted the group before doing what SHE wanted, and that this felt calculated. Long story short, we asked Jo if she'd noticed her outfit was the same as Carys, to which Jo responded it was a different shade but that she would wear different accessories. Carys was OK with the compromise.
Wedding day:
On the day, Jo had stuck to her guns and copied Carys's look. Frankly, we all agreed to let it go for the sake of the wedding, and to address it afterwards.
In addition to the weird outfit situation, Jo's behaviour was bizarre. She looked miserable as we were all getting ready together. I told her she looked beautiful and at least she said thanks. Not that I care about compliments but she was noticeably the only bridesmaid not to comment on my bridal outfit (and I am not ashamed to say I looked like a sexy rockstar!). After the ceremony, I was on a high and gave her a big hug - she pulled away and said, "I don't know what to say. Well done, I guess." That put a sour taste in my mouth so I kept my distance from her for the rest of the day.
After the wedding:
A couple of weeks after the wedding, I messaged her to see if we could go for dinner. No response. I messaged her a month after that with an article I thought she might like. No response. Last week I asked her if we could meet up for a drink, and sent her a job vacancy that she might be interested in. No response. I know she is spending time with a couple of our friends but has now been ignoring me for 3 months.
Basically, I don't understand why she has been like this and why she won't speak to me. My husband and some of my friends are convinced that she's been in love with me the whole time we've known each other, therefore she's now pulling away - which I disagree with, as she has a boyfriend. I think maybe she feels neglected even though I have tried to connect with her? Or maybe she's just not interested in being friends anymore (people grow apart) but that seems a bit off? Maybe she feels hurt about not being one of the 'first bridesmaids'?
Honestly I don't know. The distance is making me see various toxic traits about her that I don't care to fix the friendship anymore.
From an outsider's perspective, what's your take on the whole thing?
Thank you for reading and have a nice day.
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2023.06.09 16:28 SinkMysterious2549 OMSCS list of Local Chapters

Hi guys! I would like to promote the list of 20+ official local chapters by city that we have with Ana Rusch, our beloved Associate Director of Student Life.
Existing students: If you already have a gatech login, please login to the url below to check whether your city has a chapter. If there is, simply go into workspace and get connected to your city chapter folks. Else if you can’t find the channel of your city you are in, please email the chapterhead.
If you do not find your city then please consider forming one even unofficially to find fellow mates in the same city. You only take a Computer Science Masters once in your lifetime so let’s make this masters the most valuable one for you! Simply DM me and I will work with you with Ana to see how best we can find other folks who are living in your city to be connected to one another.
If you are from omsa or omscyber, I believe all the groups will welcome you for their meetups too!
Alumni: If you find that you are unable to login the link below nor, please DM me and I will get you connected to Ana to get your login reactivated for our student life workspace. In OMSCS, once a student, you are our lifetime OMSCS member! Ana is looking at coming up with more activities for both students and alumni and we really hope not to miss anyone!
Incoming students: If you haven’t get your login yet, you can try to search for your local chapters in the comments below which I would invite individual groups to post their links afterwards. Else just wait a while more for your official login ya?
Potential students: If you are curious about the students and alumni network that we have, be assured that we are definitely very strong and we are continuously looking at how to better build our oms alumni! You won’t be studying alone and you will get to know lifelong friends who will be doing the course with you!
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2023.06.09 16:28 Any-Example4358 Recently targeted

I was very recently targeted by being added on snapchat and I'm ashamed to say their tactics work. Sharing my story here so hopefully someone sees this before it happens to them.
It started by being added on snapchat. The account appeared to be real, with a believable username and a snap score of 300k+ (most scam attempts I've seen use painfully obvious fake accounts with an extremely low snap score).
After some normal conversation during the day (in chat) including sharing my instagram, I was about to go to sleep when the account started talking about "having some fun". This seemed strange coming from a woman (I thought) but I was tired so didn't think it through fully. The account started by sending live snaps of a naked woman. For those who don't know, snapchat doesn't let you send pre-saved photos as a live snap, only in chat, so I thought it was real. Of course I caved and they got what they were looking for.
All of a sudden I'm hit with pictures from another phone of my snapchat account, instagram following list and their photos of interest (including my face). There were also screenshots of said photos already having been sent to people over Instagram. These was accompanied by a giant paragraph demanind $700 USD for them to delete everything. Of course I panicked and started negotiating. Not being able to think straight, I sent $100. Of course they started asking for more, showing more DMs they had sent.
After some frantic research, here's what I found:
  1. NEVER send money. They will just keep asking for more, and I found that out the hard way. There is no point where they will stop and actually follow through on the "deal" you make with them.
  2. Blocking them instantly and deactivating every single social media attached to your name is your best bet. This eliminates any point of contact they can have with you, therefore they have no way to demand money from you. If they have no way to ask for money, there is no incentive for them to keep sharing.
  3. They do this to MANY people. It may feel like your best bet is to keep trying to convince them to delete everything. They will never follow through, no matter how much talking or money is involved. Again if you block and report, they will end up moving onto the next person and likely forget you exist.
I have since blocked the scammer and deactivated all my social media accounts. The money is gone, but nothing I can do about that now, no use in fretting.
I have reached out to everyone they supposedly messaged, explaining that I was in the process of being scammed and that the revealing photos are NOT mine and have been paired with pictures of my face in an attempt to frame me.
Based on the time zone on their phone, they are not in the same country as me, so there is no use in reporting to law enforcement.
I am keeping my head low for probably the next few months and can update this thread if you guys are interested.
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2023.06.09 16:28 Webhead24-7 So many emotions...

Probably going to ramble a bit...
I just took my first 5mg. Thigh still. I think the injection was faster. Maybe since there is more to inject and they don't want it to take longer? Idk. It hurts, but not bad. I used ice this time. Just 20 seconds. Shouldn't harm anything. Certainly not making my skin colder than the fridge lol. I think it worked. I didn't feel any pain until AFTER the second click. Which is good because my main concern with the pain is that I'd flinch or something and spill some. So I'll take pain after. Last for about 3 seconds. Kinda stinging. I've tried cold and room temp. No difference. Usually takes me 10 to 20 minutes to do it. But whatever. I'll deal I guess.
I kinda have been feeling shame lately. Like I'm cheating. I have only told 3 people. My wife, best friend, and then a coworker. I told the coworker partly to help monitor for effects, but also because he takes Ozempic. He takes it for diabetes, but still, he gets it. And he's my best work friend, so it's not like he's random lol.
But yeah, like, it's so dumb. I shouldn't care if people judge. That "why don't you just eat right and work out?" BS. I KNOW it's dumb. But the thought still lingers in my brain...
This last week of 2.5mg was rough. I ate more this week than the last 3. Glad to be going to 5mg. I will probably wait as long as I can and see if that happens again. If it does, I'll go to 7.5mg. If it DOESN'T happen, I'll probably stay at 5mg. 2 pounds a week is my goal. No need to move up if I'm hitting that.
Um, technical stuff... Using Push to get the Rx. PCP will only prescribe it once I'm at maintenance. No Prior Auth needed. Insurance is paying for the whole thing, so certainly VERY lucky there. Going to submit the Push visits to see if any of that will be covered. Unsure if I can use my HSA to cover what's left I should be able to. I'll need to double check though.
Started the year at 240lbs. Started Mounjaro at 225lbs. Lost 10 pounds on 2.5mg. Hoping for at least another 10 pounds this month on the 5mg.
Yeah idk. Sorry for the rant. Lot of thoughts. No where to really express them.
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2023.06.09 16:27 ThriftySM Traffic Misdemeanor - NC

I (32, F) got a traffic citation for going 58 in a 35 in Johnston County, NC. My court date is July 14th.
I would prefer not to have to hire a lawyer, but do I have any hope of getting the charge reduced or dismissed if I don't? Of course every legal website I look at says to hire their lawyers to help with the case, but is that actually necessary? I don't mind paying the court fees but would like the ticket reduced so that my insurance doesn't go up. The reason I was even out that day is because my husband works for the city and one way you can get your health insurance reduced is to go to the biometric screenings at the convention center. You have to fast for at least 10 hours before the screening so I had not eaten anything since the night before. I was rushing home to get some lunch and wasn't concentrating on driving. I don't normally drive under these conditions and haven't had a moving violations this sever prior (only speed cams that catch you going 41 in a 36 and red light tickets). Thanks in advance for your thoughts.
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2023.06.09 16:27 Semi-Pro_Biotic Handling He Gets Us

Blocking isn't working. It is only leading to complaining. We should take action instead. Let us instead attempt to neuter the campaign?
I have to admit my knowledge of internet ad revenue is limited, so there is someone who is going to read this and be able to tell us how to do it better.
The gist is that the advertiser has to pay per click. Depending on the keywords, market, demographic, etc, that cost per click is different. The average reddit cost per click is over $3. The highest keyword CPC I could find that brings up a He Gets Us ad is "christianity belief" for $3.27 via Google.
Every time you click on the Reddit ad and it opens the webpage, that Hobby Lobby motherfucker gets billed at least $3. So please, click on it at least once per day.
And if you find yourself with 5-10 minutes, open your internet browser and search engine of choice. Search for "Christian belief". Find the HeGetsUs ad, make sure it has 'Sponsored' in the corner. Right click on that ad link and select "Open in New Window." Keep opening the link until your computer starts to slow down because of all the open browser windows. Close the windows and repeat if you want. Every time it opens the page it costs them $3.27.
I spent about $500 of their advertising budget in less than 5 minutes. There are thousands of us and it only takes a couple minutes.
Hail Satan. Hail Yourselves!
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2023.06.09 16:27 Dear_Teddy could kya be a split, not a fusion?

(i'm writing this under the assumption that DD are a genuinely misinformed system. unlike others in my own system i do not like to fake claim people).
now we already know the biggest red flag in the kya fusion; that trauma cannot make two alters fuse together because fusion is a sign of healing. what is the probability that kya is actually a split to deal with the amount of genuine online flames/hate she's been getting?
i am mostly going off personal experience, but in my own system there have been splits where multiple alters had gone dormant after the split happened, so we assumed (when we became aware that it happened) it was actually a fusion of the alters that went dormant. we only came to realize it was a split after one or more of the original alters came out of dormancy.
this sounds mostly reasonable to me, and clears up one of the biggest seeming inconsistensies with kya as an alter. i am open to being wrong, i just do not feel comfortable jumping on the flame wagon for one of the relatively more tame DD controvercies.
THIS IS NOT TO SAY THAT I DON'T THINK DD IS A BAD PERSON! she has been incredibly racist and problematic, and her fusions seem very fishy even to me. i do not like how she treats her littles (if you really want to keep your littles safe, why post that disney video with nan!?), and i hate how much misinfo she spreads about our community.
please do not take this post as if i am defending her! i am not!
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2023.06.09 16:27 Certain_Guitar6109 Rogers Last Years could have mirrored Joyboys.

Hear me out:
After the AK gets defeated Joyboy realises he doesn't have long to life - maybe an illness, maybe he just knows the WG is coming for him - so he decides to leave his legacy through the Poneglyphs. Him and his comrade Zunesha go to Wano where they meet the Kozuki Shogun at the time, someone who knows an ancient language and can carve unbreakable stones. Joyboy creates the Poneglyphs here chronicling his story. The shogun agrees to join Joyboy on his final voyage to spread these stones - just like how Oden agreed to join Roger on his final voyage before his death. Also note, this is where the Kozuki and Mink alliance began.
Joyboy decides to have one final voyage around the world with the Shogun and his comrade Zunesha where they visit islands they had alliances with, and at each Island they leave a Poneglyph with a bit of their story on it, as well as leaving directions to their final treasure at some. This mirrors the Roger pirates final journey where they travel round the islands collecting and reading these Poneglyphs.
After he's done Joyboy leaves his crew behind and hands himself in to the WG on the condition they spare his crew. WG agree to let Wano be an independent country and agree to spare Zunesha's life - instead, they command him to continuously walk the planet as his punishment instead. This is just like Roger who handed himself in after his voyage to be executed. Granted it's not specified he did it to spare his crew but it could explain how they all got away. I mean the WG butchered an island of pregnant woman based off him maybe having a son, they would have tracked his crew to the end of the earth.
Then comes Joyboys execution. WG want to make a show of strength so they make it a massive event (just like with Roger)... however Joyboy in the moment before his execution ends on a grand speech:
"These things cannot be stopped: Inherited will. People's dreams. The ebb and flow of the ages. As long as people seek the answer to freedom, these will never cease to be!
My wealth and treasures? If you want it, I'll let you have for it! I left all of it at that place."
Just. Like. Roger.
After that his crew take his body to his homeland, now called Laugh Tale, to be buried and carve the last Poneglyph - his final words and the end of Joyboys tail. A tail full of laughs. A tail so grand all the Roger pirates could do was laugh when they heard it. Unfortunately they were just a little bit too early to act on it.
Bam. Roger knew exactly what he was doing. He knew he was too early to act on it himself, so he inspired the next generation of pirates with the same words that Joyboy said those 800 years ago.
TLDR: Joyboy (Roger) figures out he was dying. So Joyboy (Roger) took his crew around the world for one last voyage to leave (Read) Poneglyphs about the Void Century and his story. Joyboy (Roger) then hands himself in to be executed by the WG. Joyboy (Roger) then inspired the next generation at his execution with a grand speech that clowns on the WG. Roger was inspired by this and did the same, using Joyboys exact words on "Inherited will, peoples dreams, the ebb and flow of ages etc" to inspire the next generation to find the truth.
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2023.06.09 16:27 Seattle_Jenn S3E3 Re-Kap

I posted this as a reply to another thread, but thought (thot?) I would share here, too. Please to enjoy my recap of S3 Episode 3. Spoilers (obviously).
  1. Starting off in LA. Kim's body guard/ stylist puts them both in black coats and camo pants so she can go meet Scott for pizza and pre-planned gossip. They're both single, so they have lots to talk about. Like how it's too hard for Kim to go on first dates with guys and also too hard for Kim to break up with guys. She did go out with a guy in NYC, but wasn't smart enough to not go to the same place where she used to hang out with Pete, so everyone thought she was getting back together with Pete. Scott recommends she go for an older Italian businessman, but only if he's hot. Kim's not into it. So they talk about Cher and her much younger boyfriend AE. It's the best. But also probably the worst because Cher must be too old to bang him with the lights on. Kim only bangs with the lights off now. You know, because she's shy.
Two. Kourtney is doing a photo shoot for Lemme "Fall in Love" with Travis. Their love was not the result of a Potion No.9, but for people without their chemistry, who have $30, these supplements containing the essence of flowers will open your heart. Domineco Dolce and his dudes stop by so Kourtney can remind everyone she knew them way before her wedding. Also, Kourtney is shy and didn't speak as a child. Until she was a teenager. The stylist puts Travis in no shirt and they roll around together taking pictures very similar to all the other pictures they've taken before.
  1. Kris stops by to see Khloe and Rob. I mean Tate. I mean Tatum. Khloe and Tristan are doing great because they are never ever getting back together ever again. They have very good boundaries and Khloe does not want to fall into old habits. Khloe feels guilty she isn't connecting with her second baby -- that she had in secret via surrogate while her ex-fiancee was having his fourth baby with his side chick -- the same as True. So we have to talk about the difficulties of surrogacy/ miracle of being a mother again. Tatem is now on goat milk formula. He might, but does not puke on Kris.
  2. In NYC, Kendall is getting ready to attend a Marni show at Fashion Week. This is much more fun and relaxing than when she used to walk the shows because now she is good and healthy and has good boundaries. Kris calls and tells Kendall she's the favorite daughter. But we all know it's really Kylie. Kris said so yesterday while taking a lie detector test on TV.
  3. Back in LA, it's 6 days before the D&G show and Kim's glam team is getting her ready for a pre-show photo shoot. Her role as Kreative Director of the show has involved creating looks. Well, looks D&G originally created in the 90s. They are so cool and Kim-esque. Crystals from head to toe. Kim is worried about how Kourtney will feel about this whole thing. She probably wouldn't mind at all if it was just a little bit later. (Because time heals all wounds?)
  4. It's stormy in NYC. Kourtney is in town for fashion shows and Lemme press. She has anxiety and PTSD and needs drugs. Or maybe Lemme matcha. Kourtney wants to show how passionate she is about vitamins. She used to hate press because of the criticism and pressure from the family to earn her keep. But now she's married and confident, so she was able to decide on flavors for her vitamins. Kris watched the Today Show interview and gave it a thumbs up, because Kourtney looked beautiful. Simon thinks that's amazing. The team thinks Kourtney did a great job of organically talking about Lemme during the interview about Lemme.
  5. Still in NYC, Kourtney is making rounds of the magazines, handing out Lemme pills like Halloween candy. Kourtney loves Lemme Focus, but can't remember why. Travis wore no shirt to perform at a Tommy Hilfiger fashion show. Kris and Kendall show up. Kris tries out a few tag lines for the next campaign like "Lemme get the hell out of here and get a drink." They talk about Khloe's good test results from her melanoma situation. Which Kendall has diagnosed as a result of Khloe being too tired and stressed. Kourtney is a perfectionist and Kendall is a control freak both because of pressure from Kris. Kris thinks thats hilarious. Kendall suggests if they can channel the baggage of their dysfunctional childhoods into productive work, it's all good. Kris will take the blame for any anxiety she has caused, as long as it results in a successful product release.
  6. Back to LA. Kim is spending quality time with North by allowing her to do her makeup with special effects makeup while she talks to Scott. Scott pitches an idea for an episode where they pretend to be normies. According to Kim, Kris is sad that she has pushed everyone into being so famous they have no sense of actual reality. But Kim can handle it. She's never been depressed. While her daughter continues to work on turning her into an old lady, Kim talks about being fine when her dad died. North farts. It smelled bad. North walks Kim around the house introducing her to the staff as Anika the Art Teacher. The staff helps Kim make her alone time with North fun by playing along. Kim loves making North happy by playing pranks and hanging out with Scott.
  7. Kourtney and Trav are walking around NYC. Kourtney's outfit choice -- an oversized Blink-182 shirt and over the knee boots -- can't survive the 12 minute walk because the boots are falling down. Trav thinks she should take them off (And walk around barefoot in the rat feces and period blood covered sidewalk? Khloe would never let her set foot in her house ever again!) They make it to the Matcha shop without Travis needing to carry Kourtney like last time. NYC was a whirlwind, but Kourtney will always put family and husband ahead of work.
  8. Kim arrives in Milan. However, her stylist does not because she forgot her passport. How is Kim supposed to do her job as Fashion Show Kreative Director without a stylist? How is Kim supposed to know what she likes and doesn't like without Danielle there to tell her? Someone needs to fly to Milan with her passport. There are 3 days left and they have no looks. Kim arrives at the D&G studio where 10 people are there ready to get a room full of D&G pieces into looks. Domineco tells Kim, "Your opinion in this case is very great for us." Kim wants people to think this show of rehashed 90s fashions is "Fresh" and "Cool." But it's going to be problematic for Kreative Director Kim to pull this off without her stylist. She always needs someone to confirm that something looks good. Kim doesn't want to do veils (Because Kourtney?). Kim wants more bedazzles, but also needs to check with Danielle. Domineco isn't crazy about bedazzled glasses with a corset dress, but Kim doesn't know without talking to Danielle. There's that fear people won't like it. (Is Danielle supposed to be the scape goat in case this whole show sucks?) A bad show could hurt Kim's brand. People might say Kim doesn't know how to work on the creative side. (Um... they're sure going to say that now, after she is such a floundering mess without her stylist!). She just doesn't know how she's going to do this without Danielle.
Scenes: Kim thinks Danielle not being there happened for a reason. Kendall takes Kylie horseback riding and tries to kill her. Kourtney wants to kill Kim for kopying her wedding. Kim is taken completely off guard by Kourtney's reaction. The producers try to pretend there's going to be a "Kendall is pregnant" story line.
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2023.06.09 16:26 Rocketlucco Am I doing something wrong or does Sorc suck at the early end game?

Either I'm playing wrong or sorc is way undertuned compared to other classes in the early-middle end game. I just got to world tier 4 in the mid level 60's and it is shockingly obvious how poorly I perform compared to my friends with other classes.
Most sorc build options are the same (Teleport Frost Nova Core Skill of Choice) and they all have the same limitation-- they only perform well against groups of enemies. This is for 2 reasons-- both the damage & their ability to maintain their mana pool are tied to hitting large amounts of enemies at the same time. Their damage is tied to AOE mechanisms causing chain reactions (Ice shards, chain lightning, charged bolt, fireball enhancement slot) and your single target DPS drops off significantly. More important than that, all the aspects that regenerate mana are tied to hitting lots of dudes and do not work well against small packs or single targets.
It can take twice as long to kill the 2-3 remaining dudes than it did to kill the group of 100. It can take forever to kill a boss or difficult elite. You run out of mana very often against tanky single targets. If you get a tanky pack of enemies who can survive your initial frost nova combo, you are going to be in a lot of trouble. This remains true despite me being very lucky and having amazing gear with multiple uniques like Raiment of the infinite and Iceheart Brais for an ice shard build or Staff of Lam Essen for a charged bolt build (Ice shard build does 3-4x the damage of a charged bolt build).
Apparently this remains a problem for every sorc build until you can accumulate a very high amount of mana regen so you can actually use your core skill at will. That will essentially require excellent rolls on helmet, boots, amulet, and focus. That's also ignoring the need to accumulate huge amounts of cooldown reduction so you can actually use frost nova more often than every 12-14 seconds.
I know the answer might be just to go back down to World Tier 3, but none of my friends are having that issue with the other classes. My brothers bow rogue has such high DPS he can easily solo clear nightmare dungeons with enemy levels in the upper 70's. Barbarians and druids at level 65 seem to be able to easily tank and beat down the level 73-80 mobs. The only other class I don't know much about is the necromancer.
Anyone else playing sorc around this level and have any recommendations?
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2023.06.09 16:26 TrippinKittten Lifelong insomnia. Tips?

When I was young, (sleepover age), a pattern always arose. I noticed that everyone around me would just "fall asleep" without trying. I would always have to "decide" it's time for sleep, and then lay there for HOURS waiting to sleep. I could only catch about 30 mins of zzzs in the morning when everyone was waking up and stirring.
It's as if nobody has the same ability to stay clear within their experience as me. I've brought this up with almost everyone in my life, and nobody seems to have this "problem". I figure if anyone will "get me" it's you guys.
I ask "HOW do you make the TRANSITION to sleep?" And nobody ever has an answer.
Melatonin has never worked for me, I have tried almost every sleep supplement that exists at this point and I just really don't wanna go on hard sleeping pills. I've avoided prescription medication all 22 years of my life, and I don't want to rely on something so strong to fall sleep. But, at 16 I took up smoking weed, and it helped me FALL asleep about 60-70% of the time. I have smoked every night since then, because it worked and I just said "sleeps more important". It devolved into me being a stoner all day every day, but I digress.
I've quit weed, 9 days clean, and gotten over the initial brutality of my body not being in homeostasis. But I literally barely sleep. And to me, it's because of the same problem as when u was 8. I am SUPER RARELY "sleepy". I am literally always "tired" but I could hike 8 miles, work out in the gym all day, meditate for an hour, and still can't "accidentally fall sleep" to a movie or to music or even silence.
It seems like I'm THE ONLY ONE WITH THIS ISSUE and I just need help y'all!! I need to know what I can do, to actually transition into sleep. I just can't live like this it's literally so brutal. It's literally the majority of my life. And even when I was smoking I'd still have the same issue 30% of the time.
The last important thing to mention is I have extremely poor visualization abilities. I don't get hypnagogic flashes or anything. I'm in complete blackness 99% of the time, so guided imagery as a way of falling asleep is useless to me unless you can teach me to visualize in a reddit comment. (Fingers crossed lol)
TLDR: I have lost the ability to "fall asleep naturally" and just lay, awake, thoughtless, in pure awareness/black void. I suffer from chronic body pain, so it's literally impossible to make my body numb. I sear in pain all day, and I can't visualize with any detail or clarity, so guided imagery is null to me.
Any advice?
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2023.06.09 16:26 carmensol1 5 Ways to Style Jelly Sandals for a Fun and Chic Look

Jelly sandals have been around for decades, and they are still one of the most popular shoe styles in the fashion industry. Whether you're heading to the beach, running errands, or simply relaxing on the weekends, jelly sandals are a versatile and comfortable option that can add a fun and chic touch to any outfit. In this article, we will be discussing 5 ways to style jelly sandals for a fun and chic look..
Jelly sandals for women are the perfect footwear choice for a casual and comfortable outfit. Pair your favorite pair of jelly sandals from Carmen Sol with a loose-fitting t-shirt, distressed denim shorts, and a denim jacket for a stylish and laid-back look. Add a pair of oversized sunglasses and a floppy hat to complete the look and protect your skin from the sun.
Jelly sandals can also be dressed up for a more formal occasion. Pair a nude or metallic-colored pair of jelly sandals with a maxi dress or a jumpsuit for a sophisticated look. Add some statement jewelry and a clutch to complete the outfit. With the wide range of colors available in Carmen Sol's jelly sandal collection, there's sure to be a pair that matches any dressy outfit.
If you're looking for a unique way to wear jelly sandals, try a monochromatic outfit. Pair a white t-shirt with white shorts or pants and a pair of white jelly sandals. This creates a clean and sleek look that is perfect for a summer day. You can also experiment with different colors to create a bold and statement-making monochromatic outfit.
Jelly sandals are the perfect footwear choice for a day at the beach. Pair a colorful pair of jelly sandals from Carmen Sol with a flowy sundress or a bikini and cover-up for a relaxed and effortless look. Add a beach hat and a beach bag to carry all your essentials and you're ready for a day of fun in the sun.
Jelly sandals aren't the only jelly accessory out there. Carmen Sol also offers a wide range of jelly bags, totes, and even boots. Incorporating jelly accessories into your outfit is a fun and unique way to make a statement. Pair a colorful jelly tote with a simple outfit for a pop of color, or wear a pair of jelly boots with a dress for an edgy and fashion-forward look.
In conclusion, jelly sandals are a fun and versatile shoe style that can be worn in a variety of ways. Whether you're looking for a casual and comfy outfit, a dressy look, a monochromatic outfit, a beach day outfit, or a unique and statement-making outfit with jelly accessories, Carmen Sol has the perfect jelly sandals and accessories to complete your look. So, go ahead and experiment with different outfit ideas and have fun styling your jelly shoes and accessories for a fun and chic look.
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