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2023.06.10 19:19 Grand-Earth2594 are artificial intelligence dangerous?

The development of artificial intelligence (AI) has been a significant topic of discussion and speculation in recent years. As technology continues to advance, machines have become more intelligent and capable of performing complex tasks. While the benefits of AI are vast and varied, some people have raised concerns about the potential dangers of this technology. This article will explore the question of whether artificial intelligence is dangerous, examining various perspectives and arguments on this topic.
The definition of Artificial Intelligence
Before diving into the discussion on whether artificial intelligence is dangerous, it is essential to define what we mean by AI. Artificial Intelligence is a branch of computer science that deals with the creation of intelligent machines that can perform tasks that usually require human intelligence. These machines are designed to learn from experience, adapt to new situations, and perform tasks more efficiently and effectively than humans.
The Benefits of Artificial Intelligence
There is no doubt that artificial intelligence has many benefits. AI is used in various sectors, from healthcare to finance, to improve efficiency and accuracy. For example, AI is used to diagnose diseases more efficiently, assist in financial transactions and enhance the efficiency of manufacturing processes.
One of the most significant benefits of AI is its ability to perform tasks that are too dangerous for humans. For example, robots can be used in environments such as nuclear plants and oil rigs, where human workers may be exposed to hazardous conditions. In these settings, robots can perform tasks that would put human lives at risk.
However, it is essential to note that AI is still in its early stages of development, and some of the benefits of this technology are yet to be realized.
The Dangers of Artificial Intelligence
While there are many benefits of AI, some people are concerned about the potential dangers of this technology. One of the most significant concerns is that AI could become too intelligent and become a threat to humanity. The idea of machines becoming so intelligent that they pose a threat to humans is a common theme in science fiction.
Another concern is that AI could be used to create autonomous weapons. With the development of AI, it is possible to create weapons that can identify targets and take action without the need for human intervention. This could lead to a significant escalation in the arms race and potentially lead to devastating consequences.
Another danger of AI is the potential loss of jobs. As machines become more intelligent and capable of performing complex tasks, there is a risk that many jobs will become redundant, leading to unemployment and economic instability.
The Ethical Issues of Artificial Intelligence
Developments in AI also raise many ethical concerns. For example, there are questions about who is responsible if an autonomous machine causes harm. If a self-driving car causes an accident, is the manufacturer or the software developer responsible? There are also questions about the use of AI in surveillance and the implications for individual privacy.
Another ethical issue is the potential for bias in machine learning. AI algorithms can be biased if they are trained on data that reflects societal biases. This can lead to discrimination against certain groups and perpetuate existing inequalities.
The future of Artificial Intelligence
Despite the concerns about the dangers of AI, there is no doubt that this technology will play a significant role in shaping our future. Advances in AI will lead to more efficient and effective systems, and the potential for innovation is vast. However, it is important to consider the potential risks and ethical implications of this technology and take steps to mitigate any negative consequences.
The question of whether artificial intelligence is dangerous is a complex one, and it is essential to consider various perspectives and arguments on this topic. While there are many benefits of AI, there are also significant risks and ethical concerns that must be addressed. It is crucial to continue to monitor developments in this field and take precautions to ensure that the potential risks of AI are minimized. Ultimately, the responsible development and deployment of artificial intelligence will be critical to realizing the benefits of this technology while avoiding any negative consequences.
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2023.06.10 19:18 Bunnyisdreaming How to transfer stuff from one laptop to another

So my laptop has been giving me a lot of issues and I've decided to switch to a new one. However i read online backing everything up is a bad idea. It said backing up games wouldn't work. However I want to back up just about everything. My games, my files (downloads), all my apps (like i use avast browser instead of chrome), and i also want to transfer it so my browser remembers my emails and stuff so i don't have to log back in. I want to keep my screensaver, background, system personalizations (ex my taskbar and cursor are purple). Is there a way to do this easily?
Im assuming i can backup all my files (which would include my apps and games right?) easily enough. Im thinking if my browser is backed up it would save all my log in info. Im also thinking i might possibly have to redo my personalizations like screensaver, and my stuff being purple.
Can someone help me out please. Never done this before and i want to do it right
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2023.06.10 19:18 the-jedi [Pc] [na] help with legendary boss in the ghosts mission

I made a mistake and set it to legendary thinking as a new player I'd be fine. NOPE this shit is brutal. Please help. I'm new to pc and have no friends to ask add Jedtgill#2233 I'm at the end and don't want to reset it and start all over
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2023.06.10 19:18 Educational_Month943 Thickened Nuchal Fold at 20 Weeks- Post Delivery Update!

Hey All! This post is for anyone scouring the internet looking for reassuring or similar experiences as I did when we found a soft marker on our anatomy scan. I promised myself to come back to this community after delivery to share our outcome no matter what happened. Here is a brief rundown of our story:
From weeks 20-39 I spent WAY too much time googling, searching on this forum, and reading through every post I could find looking for reassurance. I kept thinking we had a false negative or something else was going on given the markers we saw. My anxiety and stress translated to my partner, and felt that I put a negative light on the second half of our pregnancy with all of the doom scrolling and scary thoughts of the unknown.
I can happily share that our daughter Lucy was born healthy on 5/25/23 (complicated and unrelated delivery) and the low risk NIPT was accurate in our case. I was even crazy enough to get a post birth karyotype to close the door on this chapter which confirmed typical chromosomes. While every child has unknowns, and who knows what might come our way in the future, at least some definite answers have helped so far. I truly appreciate the NIPT testing and this community (especially the mod) for providing support, answering questions, and just having someone to share our experience with.
While we are ready to enter the next stage of our journey of being parents, I am here if anyone is going through the same experience and just needs someone to talk to, as I know it helped me so much during our journey.
Thanks again!
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2023.06.10 19:18 Loki-Palamedes Cape Town jobs as a student/what should I do?

hello Capetonians :) I’m actually from Joburg. I need some advice and I absolutely cannot seem to do so for myself LMAO - so here I am.
Please bare with me on this.
My mother was in Cape Town for a work trip (she went years ago but this time she actually took a proper tour and look around Cape Town) and she absolutely LOVED Cape Town and told me she would move there in a heartbeat. Honestly, listening to her rave about how different Cape Town is made me sad because I’m a 21 year old student and being in Joburg, 45 minutes away from all the night life and entertainment makes me feel as though I’m not actually living. For the past year I have felt very trapped in Joburg and I can FEEL I need to change my location, but that’s very difficult because it’s not something that can just happen.
Now, my mom comes back with her colleague and she broke a bit of news that her colleague’s gran has a house (in a VERY nice area in CPT but I’m not going to mention where, sorry friends) and she rents the room DIRT cheap. I trust all of this because I know the colleague. Now this has actually bothered me completely because something in me is telling me I need to do something and move. I cant stay and have this feeling anymore, especially since I have stayed here since I was little. My mom told me that we can talk about it after my holiday there (at the end of the year).
One thing she mentioned is that I need to get a job there. I’ve had multiple jobs here in joburg before but left and the struggle to find a job in my radius is insane, it’s not a joke as a student - luckily I have experience. Obviously I would need to manage with the rent of this room but that’s about it. Now, my question, how easy is it as a student to find a part time job in CPT? Secondly, The Myciti bus, does it go to Claremont (I have a campus there I can transfer to).
Please offer as much advice as you guys can give. Go easy on me please! I don’t even know what speech I’m going to give my mom to convince her more.
Love from Joburg :)
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2023.06.10 19:17 Canadian-93 29 [M4F] #West Coast Canada - Chill guy looking for a new lady friend to chat with

I moved east coast to west coast for a fresh start this year, it's fun starting from a blank slate somewhere new, but it's a little quiet not knowing many people here, it'd be nice to have someone to chat about things with.
I'm kind of a mix of outdoorsy and indoorsy, I enjoy getting out for a nice summer drive or hike, and just chilling at home watching Netflix too. Been recently getting back into fitness.
Also I'm adding this here because I don't want it to be the focus of this post, but I'm also kind of an exhibitionist, I enjoy showing myself off, but that doesn't need to happen right away, it'd be really nice if you were open to that though :)
Anyways, I'm pretty open minded and down to chat about whatever, looking forward to getting to know you!
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2023.06.10 19:17 VPofSads I just lubricated my bike's chain and gears with used peanut oil, is that likely to cause problems?

I was out of my usual lubricant and really wanted to get a ride in but my bike was a little squeaky at the end of my last ride. I was disposing of some peanut oil that I made a batch of fries with when an idea began to creep into my mind. I knew I shouldn't but I had to try it.
No squeaking noises now and it brought my attention to an issue with the derailer but I worry that the oil might be too thin. Thoughts?
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2023.06.10 19:17 GinNJuicyFruit Tampa Bay Bucs Rookie Dart Throws

Many have already done their rookie drafts and others still are upcoming. I have been looking at some of the later round dart throws and noticed there was quite a bit of Day 3/UDFA talent brought in by the Bucs that I liked in the pre draft process.
Trey Palmer, Sean Tucker, Rakim Jarrett, and Ronnie Brown are all intriguing options to me.
The WR room is obviously set with their 1-3 for this season, but injuries can always occur and I think one of these players may be that injury away from a significant amount of snaps. Additionally, Mike Evans is going to be 30 going into this season and on the final year of his contract. I just don’t know if he fits into their timeline going forward.
The RB room is being led currently by Rachaad White, and they are hopeful that their investments into the OLine and new OC can bring out the best in him. But what if he really is just a 3rd down back? What if the room is more wide open due to them looking for a back that can succeed in the Shanahan wide zone scheme they are looking to implement? Could a rookie like Tucker or Brown steal the touches in what may turn into a lost season as the Bucs look as they may be in contention for a top 3-5 pick in next years draft?
I think this is one of the teams this year where some of the these day three/UDFA players might actually have a chance to earn some reps.
What are the communities thoughts here around some of these dart throws on the Bucs?
Are you targeting any of these players in the later rounds of your drafts or are they waiver pick ups you maybe put on your taxi?
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2023.06.10 19:17 LocalTman Listing all the possible plot threads/characters arc yet to be concluded before the end of the manga (spoilers)

- The Back Story Of The Heian Era & The 3 Great Vengeful Spirits.
- Ainu and Itadorimaru connection
- Nuances of Curse energy
- How did Gojo react when he saw Choso (because Gojo saw him killing people in Shibuya)
- Does Gojo know his dead boyfriend is Yuuji's daddy
- Answer between what comes first, soul or body?
- Reformation of the jujutsu society (as gojo killed the higher-ups)
- Merging with Tengen
- The “bomb” Kenjaku was supposed to drop
- What was Yuki's domain
- How to heal soul damage
- What is Gakuganji going to do with the information about creating cursed corpse
- Importance of Takaba in this story
- Result of Culling Games and stopping the merging
- If the merger does happen, how will the final curse look like
- Political and world fallout of Culling Games, the revelation of Cursed Spirits, Sorcerers, etc(possible for the epilogue)
- The whole plot with the soldiers and everything whatever happened with them lmao
- Wtf happened to Remi?
- (VERY IMPORTANT) Is geto coming back? Because he reacted when Gojo called out to him during sealing
- Did we ever find out who the other traitor is other than Mechamaru (it is hinted it is one of the higher-ups, maybe even Tengen????)
- Can toji possibly be immortal if we keep summoning the soul information in different bodies
- Also does the granny techniques bring back a dead person?
- Did maki also kill furudante ? i hope he didn't get caught in the crossfire. he was my favorite character in the entire series

- His cursed technique and conditions to activate it
- Why is he still look like Megumi, why he doesn’t convert back to his old body
- Did he defeat Maharoga and other Shikigami off screen
- Why is Sukuna the “fallen angel”
- Can sukuna use megumi domain
- Can sukuna heal soul damage ? hinted by maki when they fought “can he heal damage by soul liberation blade?”
- The cut on his finger after the bath
- What did yorozu give to sukuna and how does he know about love

- How did gojo escape from the prison realm (kenjaku hints at it in chapter 221)
- Gogo clan other members
- What is he going to do with the last remaining finger?
- Lime green new technique
- What did gojo do between 19th nov and 24th dec

- How is he going to end the culling games?
- His relation to tengen
- What was his goal when he created Yuji
- Backstory/origin of motivation
- Why did he say he does not remember what regret feels like

- Reggie said that tenges lied about the purposed of the culling games (so why did he lie)
- Relationship to Kenny and sukuna

- Cursed technique? Getting Sukuna’s technique
- Possible body swapping
- Does he know about Kenjaku being his father? His backstory with his parents
- How does Yuji's grandfather cursing him result in the end of the manga
- Black flash on command?
- Sukuna said to Yuji “that brat back then” what did he mean? He also said “kenjaku is sure twisted”

- Dead or alive?
- Finding out toji is his father
- Final shikigami
- Full/completed domain (imagine how op maharoga would be in a completed domain)

- Dead or alive
- -Nobara full backstory(there is an implication that something serious has been left out in chapter 63, Accomplices)

- What Ino has to say about Nanami

- Current condition

- Third core

- What was she doing in the colony (follow up)
- What will she do with all the fame after soloing Sukuna

- Conditions to activate the technique
- Domain

- His one-time CT
- Kashimo vs Sukuna

- “im going to turn myself in” and then how did he end up with the gang?

- Research on the soul

- Relation to Sukuna the “fallen angel” and her vendetta against him

- How are they still alive? They seem to have the same body they had in the Heian era.
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2023.06.10 19:17 CrimsonViel Jagger

I have only ever told this to my close friends. I feel like people need to know me first, and know me well, to know that I'm not crazy before I tell them this story. Maybe this isn't like most creepy pasta stories, I'm not telling you something horrible and terrifying that I'm pretending is happening now. I'm telling you something that DID happen. Something that has NO explanation. Something so irrefutable by my own mind, that it forced me to choose being Agnostic, over being Atheist, because what I saw and felt was proof, there is something more out there.
I must have been about 12. My family had just moved to South Carolina, my family being my Dad and step-mom. We didn't have a proper house yet, just an apartment. It's not the kind of place that I would have ever expected something like this to happen. This place, I'm sure, was not haunted. After some research when I was a kid I concluded that there was no burial ground, no reason whatsoever for this location to be home to some type of repeat-cycle haunting.
One day I was grounded, probably for something that I did at school. I couldn't tell you at this point as it so immediately became the least of my worries. Three days, I was to stay in my room, only to come out for dinner and nothing else. There just so happened to be a Ghost Hunters marathon on around this time, and I had a TV in my room so I thought it as good a way as any to pass the time.
As I watched the shows I became very skeptical, but there were some encounters that made me think to myself, it's weird none of this has happened to me. Over the next day or so I even became a little jealous of the more intense encounters the people on the show were having.
Bored out of my entire mind I began to contemplate some way to get a ghost to visit me. I thought of a Ouija board. However I had no money and didn't know anyone with one. The most straight forward way to go about it I supposed was to ask. Now as a kid, coming from an abusive home, separated parents, mother was a drug addict who left us, I had to grow up sooner than most. I had considered death, and life, and what came after, many times all on my own. I had come to the conclusion that I just can't believe anything I'm told, and would rather see for myself if there is anything out there. However that day hadn't come, so I had settled on "Temporary Atheist".
That being said it was in a sort of mocking tone, that I clasped my hands over my air mattress, and began to pray to God. At first cheerily, but as the prayer went on, almost as if I had unconsciously realized my fatal error, my tone grew more serious. "God, if you are out there, if you exist at all. Send me a spirit, a ghost, I don't care. Send me something to meet, send me a messenger that there is life beyond this."
That turned out to be, maybe the worst mistake of my life. I would have happily gone on with my life as an Atheist, and while there are some comforts in knowing there is something more, such as not fearing death quite as much, I would have traded that knowledge away in an instant, to save me from what came that night.
It was around two in the morning. I lay, right after finishing watching my show, on my air mattress in the dark. Nervous, goosebumps on my arms, feeling cold even in the blankets. It was fun to ask for this during the day, but once the light went out, I was far more terrified than I was excited, to meet whomever God may send me. I couldn't sleep, wasn't even slightly tired.
As I lay there on my side trying to fall asleep, it seemed as though my fan had gone on mute, as the air mattress depressed behind me, and my messenger arrived. I was so scared, it was at this moment I realized what I may have asked for, after seeing all of the times that the hunters in the show seemed to know whether or not a spirit had a positive or negative feeling, I realized now how they could tell. This..Thing, I could feel it snaking it's arm around my stomach. my shirt folded, the skin under it icy, I could feel it like it were a person. A cold persons arm. It wrapped over my stomach and clutched the underside of me, for a moment I thought, "This is it, it's going to pull me away and nobody will ever see me again, what did I do!?"
As its grip tightened I became more and more terrified, I had time even to think about quickly hitting the light on the lamp, I had to aim, I thought about where the switch was before doing it, it had to be a perfect thrust, I needed to be fast. I was so fucking terrified.. I screamed as I reached for the light and flipped it on, simultaneously throwing myself from my bed, the closet door which had been closed was open all the way to the wall. I had closed it on purpose out of fear, and there it sat, even though the light was on the darkness inside scared me so much I couldn't move. I was afraid that if I ran to the door something would steal me away into it. So I sat there all night, staring, petrified at the open door and the darkness. This is how I know I never slept that night, I never dreamed up anything, there was no sleep paralysis, no spirit. This Thing. It had come for me, and left when I ran. This, I realized the next night, couldn't be thing that God sent, for what came for me the night after..If God sent it he is cruel.
The next night I was finally off grounding. I couldn't be more grateful to escape my room. I knew there was no way I was going to fall asleep again. Not after what happened last night. I was still spiked awake. I decided to bring my stuff into the living room to sleep there for the night. I stared down the hallway at my bedroom door, I had closed all the doors in the hallway, to be sure nothing could come out of one without alerting me first.
My door was at the end of the hall, to the left of it, around the corner, was the bathroom. Even recalling this is making my skin crawl, imagining it in my head makes me sick, I feel weak and terrified just thinking about it.. anyway.. The night dragged on after dinner at seven, my stepmom and dad had gone to their room and fallen asleep. 8pm, 9pm, 10pm, 11pm, 12pm, 1am. I sat there wide awake, staring. I had been watching TV, glancing back and forth between that and the hall for most of the night, but I wanted to at least lay down.
As I gazed down the hall, goosebumps on my skin, a cold tightening on the back of my neck, everything in the room seemed to dim. I sat up, just to be sure I wasn't losing it, I was still completely awake. I looked across the room at the nightlight plugged into the kitchen counter wall, and it had begun to dim. I was starting to get scared and nervous so I turned my phones screensaver on and laid back down, just in case the nightlight went off. That's when it happened. A dull droning hum seemed to fill the air, silencing the harder to notice sounds. I couldn't hear the fridge cooling, or the buzz of the light. It seemed like the noise was pure, my head felt like it was being rushed by blood, as if I were being held upside down, as I stared at my bedroom door.
Then it came. I heard the metallic scrape of a door opening, but it wasn't my door, it had to be the bathroom door. Now excruciatingly terrified I couldn't bring myself to look away from the corner where the bathroom was down the hall. I gripped my blanket over my shoulders, just to be sure I could still move and I wasn't having a nightmare or some kind of sleep paralysis which I had read about that day, it wasn't that. Everything was real, I was very awake, and I could move.
As I realized I wasn't hallucinating, or dreaming, a black mass gathered at the top of the wall. Seven feet up, what looks like an arm, with it's elbow stretched toward the hallway appeared. The idea of something that..Black. Clashing with the light of everything around it, I thought it was so dark I couldn't see, but I was wrong. as the arm stretched further I started to hear a screeching, which slowly rose to a screaming. Like people dying, the noise you might make when you have time to cry out before it's all over, all collapsing on each other. It got louder and louder, ear splitting, as this things head rounded the corner at the top of the wall, and a massive leg, the knee at 4 feet, splintered it's way into view.
I could see no details of it's face, just the jagged edges of it's body, and it's eyes, lit a dull red, like you might see when you close your eyes against the sun. It's chin seemed to stretch downward, as the screams grew louder, so shrill it made me feel like the temperature had dropped fifty degrees, my stomach twisted and turned like I could be sick at any moment, and simultaneously not even notice. It's head seemed to carry out further, as if it wanted to look at me closer, or it wanted to eat me.
The screams were so loud now it made me light headed with terror, piercing my soul, I felt anguish, I felt this wave of depression like I'd never felt in my life, this urge to die, this longing to get away from something.
Then it receded, almost as if in one motion, save for it's clawed, tendril like fingers, raking the wall as it returned from where it came.
My chest collapsed, my heart was beating so fast my head felt like a speaker, I could still hear a ringing in my ears, I felt so sick but I couldn't go to the bathroom, I sat up, back to my parents door, for the next 5 hours or so till the sun rose. Again, this confirmed that I never slept.
I poured myself into the internet that day trying to find some explanation, but without ever having been asleep, sleep paralysis wasn't it. Hallucinations, I thought maybe, but Auditory and Visual? No way. Especially considering nothing was wrong with me, I wasn't sick, I didn't have a history of this, and it didn't start up again for a long time.
This really happened to me, and it has changed me forever.
What's worse, is since then, especially in the time before I turned nineteen, I had crippling depression afterwards. I remember sleeping in my basement rooms in South Carolina and New Jersey after, just mocking him. Wishing he would come back so I didn't feel crazy. I named him Jagger, for the jagged edges I saw that night.
Around that time I had tried to kill myself a couple of times, maybe half-heartedly, maybe I was too afraid to do it, I don't know. Eventually I told my friends what had happened. And that's when it began again. Only a couple days afterwards two of my friends had come back to me telling me that ever since they heard the story, and saw me tear up thinking about it, they hadn't felt safe in their own rooms anymore. They slept with lights on at home, couldn't deal with silence, and shortly after they both told me that things had begun moving in their rooms at random times of the night. None of us ever spoke the name again, both of my friends, Jesse and Amere, suddenly developed depressive states. Maybe it was always there, and we never talked about whether or not it had something to do with Jagger, or whatever was going on at their homes.
All I know is this is real, it did happen, it has changed me completely from what I used to believe, and maybe I carried Jagger with me, maybe he never went away, but went inside me. Perhaps that's why it seemed almost instantly I went from being a happy, hopeful kid, to being a miserable, sad teenager, craving death, and hurting myself. I don't know. Honestly if I look back, there were times, like being dumped, or failing school, that made me upset, that made me depressed, but every time I considered hurting myself it seemed as though my mind went blank, and it just happened, and I always felt better after for no reason at all. Which scares the hell out of me to this day. I'm sorry to have even told you all this, and sincerely hope nothing comes of it for you.
However if this story is a curse, and this demon is carried in all who hear it, then I need to know. If nothing else, perhaps there is no way it could affect everyone, perhaps at least it'd be proof.
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2023.06.10 19:17 anonymousmilfslut Renegotiate or end it?

Me and my SD have been together for 16 months. I’ve felt “in love with” him the whole time, until recently. I’m resentful because he cut my allowance and I feel I’m being taken advantage of.
We started seeing each other in March of 22. Lots of “in love” vibes and off the charts sex. I felt secure we had a real thing going.
In July I text him after he did something that turned me off, and admittedly I was kind of rude. But not extremely so, and it was 1 expression of discontent after 4 months of bliss. His response was to take a month off to “think about things.”
I was heartbroken, genuinely grief stricken. I cried every day.
When we saw each other next - supposedly a goodbye, he said he wanted to end things to focus on his marriage (a lie I didn’t believe for a second) - he put up 0.00 resistance when I walked into his apartment. We melted into each other’s arms and immediately made love.
There was no more talk about any goodbye.
At that point he hadn’t paid me in two months. He said nothing about money. The next time I saw him I brought it up. He said he thought we should see each other less (2x/month instead of 4x) and reduced my support by one’k. “We can talk about it…” he’d said then, indicating maybe it would go back up. He did not retropay me a cent for the time off.
Since then we’ve seen each other closer to 3x/month on average, and started having sleepovers 1x/month. Dates are anywhere from 8-18hrs long and the time flies by, we’re so happy when we’re together.
A few months ago I asked about re-raising my allowance and he dismissed it. He says he wife sees his finances (they were separated when we first met) and he has less freedom.
But a couple of weeks ago we stayed at a hotel that was seven hundo for 1 night and he charged it without batting an eye. I even offered to put it on my CC, to cover his tracks, an offer not taken. So is he really concerned about his wife monitoring his finances?
I feel taken advantage of.
I agreed to what was essentially a demotion, last July, because I didn’t want to lose him.
I’ve never once since then complained or pushed back on anything about him. I’ve stifled all negative emotion out of fear he’ll drop me.
But if I let this fester any further, I’ll be disrespecting MYSELF, and that’s where I draw the line.
How can I approach a negotiation to at least get back to the allowance I started with?
Or does this reek with time-to-move-on?
At this point I am willing to walk away if he won’t show me the respect of compensating me fairly.
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2023.06.10 19:17 Ok_Acanthocephala15 ᵐʸ ᵃᵗᵗᵉᵐᵖᵗ ᵃᵗ deducing the details surrounding the recent crimes committed (ʙʏ ChriseanRock ᴀɴᴅ Blueface) in Las Vegas . ᴛʜᴏᴜɢʜᴛꜱ?

ᵐʸ ᵃᵗᵗᵉᵐᵖᵗ ᵃᵗ deducing the details surrounding the recent crimes committed (ʙʏ ChriseanRock ᴀɴᴅ Blueface) in Las Vegas . ᴛʜᴏᴜɢʜᴛꜱ?

Here I will attempt to break down (some possible) connections that I’ve perceived between Chrisean’s recent comments on Live, and the latest (police report) details that have been revealed about this case. As well as the ways I believe their known relationship history might shed further light on this matter.

What do you guys think? Does it sound like it’s all connected, or am I reaching?

I’m on Adderall.
DISCLAIMER: I’m totally open to being wrong about my theory. I just think it’s interesting to discuss the possibilities.
On her Live, she seems to be trying to say as little as possible, clearly, so it’s very hard to fully gauge what occurred.
She’s clearly mainly describing/alluding to an episode (and/or multiple) of financial abuse.
It sounds like she has been continuing to seek (at least some degree of) financial independence from Blueface, as we’ve seen her discuss in Lives from this past month.
Potentially she wanted her paychecks to start going to her directly instead of his LLC, and/or asked for money she was rightfully owed (as we’ve seen her attempt to do on Live), or some combination there-of. And then in response to her attempts to stand up for herself, it sounds like he tried to intimidate her by going into some kind of rage and/or started trying to manipulate the situation to a get to a point where he wouldn’t have to agree to grant her her financial freedom (he says himself that he uses money to maintain control over his relationships with women).
But she definitely makes it sound like there was a progression of events that led to her finally seeing the extent of his “evil,” rather than a singular event that changed everything.
Considering the confusing details that we have so far about this case (1 & 2), it seems like something more was going on than just a fan recording an “innocent moment.”
We’ve seen them be recorded by fans before and have zero issues with it, more than once. Chrisean is known to be very sweet to fans (1 & 2), and Blueface also has a history of treating his fans well.

So I’m inclined to believe that the REAL issue was that whatever was being recorded at that particular moment, was something they didn’t want the public to see.

I think Blueface might’ve been in the middle of some kind of emotionally (physically?) abusive incident. Potentially related to the financially abusive episodes that she references them having been in the middle of, at the time of the breakup.

She’s (TW) lied for him before to cover up for him beating her.
As well as told him to stop openly bragging about his physical abuse, but only because it would “make” him “look bad” :D.
Unfortunately it’s common for brainwashed DV victims to be in such a deep state of cognitive dissonance that they don’t see how protecting their abuser is harmful to them.
Due to this fact, in addition to her known past of covering up for him when he mistreats her, is it really a stretch to think she’d feel the need to “defend him” if someone was about to expose him abusing of her?
It might also explain why the fan feel bold enough to say, “Fuck him” about Blueface? And why she was so particularly angry towards him, then and there.
I think it’s likely that they realized she was recording something that portrayed him in a negative (accurate) light, they asked her to stop, and she replied, “Fuck him.” As in, “No, I’m going to expose what he’s doing to you right now.” And that that’s what set off the chain of events of Chrisean assaulting the woman (to stop her, since she refused, and good for her, if my theory is correct) and Blueface grabbing the phone, and later jumping her with his team of woman beaters when she tried to get it back.

Cause why were they THAT mad that she was filming, if whatever it was wasn’t anything that made anyone look bad? It makes no sense to me.


Chrisean also has a history of fighting other women “for” Blueface.

She did it with his mom (4:00).
There you can see Blueface himself saying the mom was assaulting Rock and insulting both of them and that Rock wasn’t reacting. Until he sic-ed her on his mother like a dog, which he recounts with a smile on his face.
It also occurred with his sister, when she tried to pull up Blueface’s house to fight Chrisean for beating up their mother. She’s the mother’s victim, but that’s another story.
As you can see (at 1:11:30), in that interview the sister herself says that when she tried to fight Chrisean, Chrisean first ran away and tried to avoid it.
And that then Blueface and his crew started beating on her husband and her, when she wouldn’t leave or stop trying to have a fight.
She says when she started going 1v1 with Blueface— that that’s when Chrisean jumped in, I presume to “protect him”. She probably felt it would be disloyal to stand by and watch a woman beat him up when she could jump in.
But this makes absolutely no sense. Obviously he has testosterone, is much stronger, and by the sister’s account was already winning handily, even before Rock stepped in.
So why bother? He wasn’t a victim, or in danger. The sister didn’t even want to fight him, he started jumping her for fun (apparently), like they did to the woman in Vegas.
Also, it’s not even a “fight” if one opponent has greater physical strength. It’s an assault.
I think Chrisean’s reaction towards his sister is (sadly) a projection of the way she thinks it’s OK for Blueface to hit her when she’s “out of line,” and somewhat still believes (believed?) his victim narratives of her being “the problem” for defending herself against him (and using her self-defense as a justification to abuse her even more severely).
And also likely a result of the way he brainwashes his victims to act as his henchmen. We also see it with Jaidyn.
Abusers typically “punish” you (with more abuse) for not submitting to their will/goals (which includes protecting their image/ego). After a certain length of time, due to the way human brains process/adjust to “negative consequences” (especially if you don’t realize that you’re being intentionally and systematically brainwashed)— you will eventually learn to carry out their will as second nature. Which is their goal, of course.
Also judging by what we hear her say during the second (Petey’s) Live, along with the information that we’ve been made aware of since we first watched these streams:
It sounds like maybe here, in “private,” she felt safe to become more open about the way the Vegas situation, specifically, impacted her perception of him. Whereas during her Live, she tried to stick to their more “personal” issues and only vaguely alluded to whatever incident it was that made her realize he was “too evil.” She seems scared of him (remember, he threatened to murder her and the baby). And also probably just doesn’t want to insult him publicly and or speak on an ongoing investigation
If she is referring to the events in Vegas, during Petey’s Live— it sounds like she thinks he deserved to be held accountable for the jumping more than her. She says, “Good, they got him, not me.” To me this implies that she sees him as more culpable and/or as the cause of the problem (or as the arguable mastermind of the event?).
She describes him within that same context as “the devil.” And says he “deserves” to be in jail (which again, to me indicates that she’s referring to illegal behavior, not making a general criticism).
Presumably, again, this would be because she feels the situation was his fault to begin with and that his actions during the incident ended up being particularly excessive.
As they always have been (towards women, especially, he utilizes constant unwarranted force because he is sadistic and enjoys exploiting power imbalances that work in his favor), but the difference is that now she’s waking up to that reality because she is gaining self-esteem.
She’s no longer seeing his abuse of her as acceptable, which has in turn, affected her perception of his behavior in general. Typically when we gain self-esteem and self-love, we project our higher level of self-value outwards, as a higher valuation of others.
Maybe she’s growing and no longer in a mental space where she can justify the evil that she has in the past.
And what she witnessed in Vegas (compounded with the financial abuse) was the final straw, and what led her to begin to perceive him as irredeemable.
An alternative theory is that he was committing some sort of (other) crime at the time that they were being filmed, but that seems less likely.

TL;DR: I think something nefarious was going on at the time that the fan started filming, hence Chrisean/Blue’s uncharacteristically strong reaction.

Judging by the vague details in Chrisean’s Live, I think it may have been Blueface enacting some form of abuse against her.

What do y’all think?

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2023.06.10 19:17 Perriedise I love them and their love 🥺🩷

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2023.06.10 19:17 LMRGRSHP0711 Male teacher question

I have a question I never thought I’d have to ask. I know male teachers are told to always be careful because of false assumptions/negative beliefs from parents, but what about other teachers?
For context, I’m a male elementary school (3rd grade) teacher. There’s a new teacher at our school. Towards the beginning of the year, she was always kind and sweet. It was a pleasure talking with her, she’d ask for help/suggestions, etc. However, her demeanor towards me seemingly changed overnight and she’s been much different towards me over the past few months. I’ll say good morning or make small talk while making copies, just like we all do when we see each other. However, when I say anything to her I’ll either get no response or a monotone response. What makes it strange is there’s no known reasons. It seemed to change suddenly.
While I may certainly be wrong, since I didn’t do anything that I can think of, I’m wondering if she’s suspicious of me being a male teacher. This may sound crazy, but it’s the only possible thing I can think of. The main reason I’m thinking this is because there are a couple students in her class (who I had in the past) who I get along with very well and she’ll see me talking to them. I’ve gotten to know these students very well when they were in my class because, besides being model students who always worked hard and behaved, we also had a fun back-and-forth about our sports teams. Naturally, even though they’re out of my class, I’m not going to stop talking to them. However, it’s making me wonder if she’s getting the wrong idea?
She will still talk and is friendly with other staff members, but not me. I also added her on Facebook (a while ago) and she denied it even though she accepted other teachers. We’re coworkers teaching different grades, so no reason to be friends, but I just find the situation strange.
I’m curious if anyone has ever had this experience before? I tend to feel that I’m overthinking things, but curious if anyone else (male or female) has had or heard of a similar experience. I get along very well with everyone else, so luckily she’s the only one who’s acting strange. Also, more importantly, my students love me and are succeeding (which is the main thing).
Thanks for any advice/clarification!
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2023.06.10 19:17 ClamChowder_____ JW TTI TR1 in presets
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2023.06.10 19:17 Ghoster13 [Question/Help]

Hey all,
Can't start the singularity expedition, need help please.
I'm on the Steam version of the game. I'm not sure how to check what patch number I'm on. It says "105844" in the lower right corner of the title screen. The game patched before I was able to play it as I hadn't played since probably February so I assume I'm on the latest version. When I select New Save and given the choice of what game mode to play, the expedition option says "No community expedition is currently available, be sure to check back soon" I've verified the integrity of local files and no issues were found. I deleted the last expedition save I had in my save game list in case that was a barrier of some kind. Anyone have any ideas why I can't start the new expedition? I googled the problem before posting this, and while there have been plenty of threads, none were for the current expedition.
BTW, the game should make it easy to find what version you are running...
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2023.06.10 19:16 Severe-Peace8481 Hi everyone 👋

I'm new here so not sure if I qualify for help or not but here I go... A couple of months ago my husband and I were homeless. Fast forward to today we now are renting a room in a great boarding house but it took every penny we had. We have a mini fridge and microwave so cooking can be a little pricey. We have been managing pretty well until now but I don't qualify to go back to the pantry for another couple of weeks and my SNAP appointment is set for early July. Hoping I can get some help with just a few basic groceries until I can pay forward probably in August. My Amazon list is this: list
I also added a couple of wish items like a one eyed burner (we are allowed to cook in our room). Even if you can't help good thoughts and prayers are welcome as well. Thank you all for reading this!
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2023.06.10 19:16 mynextthroway Just found Radiogarden and what?

So I just found this as a cool web site. I was flicking around the world randomly checking stations. Went to a radio station in the middle if the Amazon rain forest and the first thing I hear is an ad for Planet Fitness. Oh well. Small world. The town has maybe 3000 people. Skip around some more. A Congo radio station has a different Planet Fitness ad. Weird. Skipping around, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia and then South Korea all have Planet Fitness ads. All in English. How does Radio Garden work? I thought it was actually a streamed broadcast. There's no way I just happened on four English Planet Fitness ads all over the world. In the space of 10 minutes. I then went back to the Amazon and the ad this time was for a community college in Alabama.
So my question is, how true are these streams to the actual broadcast? It seemed there was an amazing amount of Western Top 40 music, new and old, all over the world. And very local and US ads.
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2023.06.10 19:16 Skewed21 Why You Never DM For a Group of Highschoolers

before we start here are the names I will use for the people in my story
experienced player= warlock new player 1 = paladin new player 2 = druid new player 3 = fighter Co Dm= CDM
So, I Was a first-time DM. I decided to run Lost Mines of Phandelver and I found on XP to Level 3's discord on the looking-for game channel a person looking for a dm for him and 3 other players. I agreed to do Dm for them. a few days later I went on vc to talk to the group the one who invited me mentioned that there were 2 other DMs before me but "they left and ghosted us before we got to play" said Warlock. I am like "Uh ok sure" and well I was a bit skeptical because If it was 1 dm that ghosted the group maybe that DM got salty over the group but 2 DMs that ghosted the group?! not sus.
fighter asked me if it's ok if his character can be racist. this part may be my fault because I said he could be racist but only if he has a reason to be racist to another race me saying that was a big mistake, we will get to that later we talked about character sheets and how we going to play. Then eventually everyone made their sheets warlock and Druid had decent characters while Paladin was iffy but minor iffy then we got the fighter who it says in his background. "is a loudmouth shithead who is big racist. now you see why I said it's my bad for telling him he can have some racism.
The week was coming for the game to play warlock pinged everyone and had a poll to ask if he can stream the session on Twitch and I instantly shut it down that part was resolved. but idk if I was paranoid due to watching too much Crit Crab and Crispy's Tavern or if these were red flags?
what I did next was probs the biggest mistake, but I did not know what to do so last minute I found CDM and explained the session to him and I got him to help me keep the players in check. then it was time for the session to happen when I allowed the group to introduce each other Fighter was not prepared yet when I gave them a whole month to work on the character. but he managed to figure something out. Oh, yeah I told the players "If you do something dumb you going to have a hard time.
when the goblin ambush happened players managed to do well at the start but the fighter intimidated a goblin passed the intimidation check had the goblin surrender begging for his life in character I tried to encourage the fighter to spare him to get info but no fighter first said "I will shove a stick up in his ass" I'm like "no you can't do that I am not going to allow you to do that do something instead then he tried to argue to me about it a little bit about he wanted to "embarrass the goblin because its funny. and still no but he cut the goblin's arm off and bled out. signs of murder hobo tendencies then the party had a hard time fighting a goblin a few death-saving throws happened and it was a bad idea to have 8 goblins for 4 players.
everyone survived. CDM had the 4 alive ones back off and go because we wanted to keep the party alive and not kill them. then they went on rest and leveled to LVL 2 took forever to get their LVL 2 stuff like 15 mins then we continued to the Crogmaw hideout part. now I the new dm had trouble trying to approach the cavern since its theater of mind CDM Decided to not give me tips on how to run it but he ran it like a main dm making me feel like a spectator at that point and that's where I fucked up getting a co dm. in the first place.
Party split 2 of them warned the bugbear and the other 2 went to the rebellion to gain Bootlicker's trust. yes, bootlicker was the leader of the rebellion's nickname. due to licking a character's boot during the ambush. gross I know. the party met they made the bugbear hostile bootlicker kill the bugbear boss. then the whole party killed all the goblins but the bootlicker and the fighter want to kill the bootlicker still although he is now a companion to the group.
session ended and I concluded that everyone had fun but was not having fun idk if it's because they are high schoolers at the age of being edgy or I was being a bit of a sour puss? but I decided to have CDM to DM the game. And I leave. I told him the game did not click for me calmly and he agreed to take the game over I announced it CDM asked me if I will just be a player but I'm like no I don't want to be a player since the group just did not vibe with me. so, I left the server. kind of feeling like I'm not fit to do, but I am not sure my mind is still over the place.
plz let me know if I am an idiot or what your thoughts, please.
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2023.06.10 19:16 SisuSisuEveryday Can’t Lose Weight No Matter What I Do

I (29 F, 5’4 148 lbs) have struggled to lose weight the last few years. I’ve tried different diets (gluten-free, paleo, Mediterranean, etc.) for months at a time, tried differing workout regiments, and have seen a nutritionist, who agreed that it doesn’t make sense why I can’t lose weight given my lifestyle. I have journaled and counted calories religiously to ensure I am not underestimating my intake. Currently I do a 30 minute row, 30 minute bike ride, and 2-3 mile run, 5-6 days each week. I have also been at a calorie deficit (again, I am absolutely sure of this), and have been gaining 2-3 pounds a week - this seems too much to be muscle or water weight.
My sleep is fine, stress levels aren’t too high, I drink water like a fish, and I never smoke, drink alcohol or sweetened beverages, or eat fried foods or red meat - sugar is minimal.
I got tested for Thyroid Stimulating Hormones (TSH) recently, because I have several symptoms of hypothyroidism, and my TSH level was 3.85, which is at the high end of the “normal” range. I did manage to lose 30 pounds a couple years ago, but it was only when I ate under 700 calories per day for months. Once I started eating above that, I gained back the weight immediately.
Has anyone had similar experiences, or found an explanation for why/how someone can not lose weight when consistently eating healthy food in proper portions, exercising regularly, etc.? Thank you for any and all help!
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2023.06.10 19:16 wonderfulcaricature Can My Landlord Agree to Give Back Last Month Rent Deposit?

My landlord is selling the house and we are expected to move out the last day of our tenancy (August 31). I have an apartment that I’m interested in with start date of July 15.
I was thinking about asking my landlord if I can ask for my last month rent deposit back (August) if I move out by the end of July. If they agree, would there be any legal issues? What should the correct process look like?
Of course, I understand if they disagree there’s nothing I can pursue since I’m on a fixed 12 month lease (been living there since September 2020).
If it’s relevant, the landlord said we did not have to provide him formal notice for moving out since they are selling the house.
All advice is appreciated - thank you!
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2023.06.10 19:16 Fine-Confusion2683 This should be to wire my new pump

This should be to wire my new pump
I was hoping to just replace the bearings which were done for on my old motor, but it was too corroded to remove the impeller without shattering everything. Long story short I have a brand new Executive 56 hot tub motor and Waterway wet end (model # 3721221-1d) that arrived yesterday. I've got it installed into the hot tub and all I need to do is wire it correctly. It is not the same model as my old pump, which they don't make anymore, but it is two speed like my old pump because it serves as the circulation motor as well. My electrical cord to the control box is in good shape so I'm going to reuse it. The cord has four wires (black, red, white, and green) which connect into my Balboa control board picture included. To connect to the new motor they provided a wiring diagram on the pump itself, which I've attached a picture. In the pump itself, Terminal #1 is connected to a black wire with a yellow stripe, terminal #2 connects to a yellow wire, and terminal #3/4 connect to a white wire. I just want to make sure I get this wired correctly so that it can use both speeds and we can finally get out hot tub back up and running. Any advice would be appreciated!!!
Balboa Control board with red arrow pointing to the pump connector
Wiring diagram on the new pump
Connection terminals on new pump
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