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A place for players of Battlezone on the PSVR to meet, find co-op companions, discuss strategy, hints and tips, and more.

2016.12.16 17:48 CrazyGabey Corrupt Clearfield

Learn how false domestic allegations and corrupt government officials conspired to destroy one man’s life.

2023.06.08 16:13 AnkalaevWillBeTop5 Heard some of the most misguided things imaginable in a conversation about marriage/divorce.

I think we all know catechesis is pretty bad these days, but woah…I heard some things from lifelong Catholics that I couldn’t believe.
The short of the story is that the woman and her husband are separated but not yet legally divorced yet. She is dating another man and plans to marry him down the road when she can.
The concern is coming largely from her mother who is worried about how this looks in the community and especially about a future wedding, and whether it could use church facilities, etc. The priest knows her current husband after all and would know she’s divorced, etc. They are all concerned that this ends up looking like she’s an adulterous woman.
So everyone is sitting around the table discussing stuff and I hear her mother say “It’s not adultery anyways. The marriage wasn’t done by the Church so they don’t consider it valid. She can remarry whenever she wants to and do it in the church.”
And then came the galaxy brain moment where her aunt (my mother) says “Oh yeah, that’s right. Maybe you should just get married at a wedding venue this time too. If you do it with (the priest) in the church you’d have to get an annulment if you separate later and that can be really messy.” Multiple people actually voiced agreement to this advice.
So basically, it’s the real life version of the old joke. How you do avoid pre marital sex? Never get married.
The whole conversation reminded me of a quote from Noam Chomsky where he was talking about his childhood and being raised Jewish and he said he felt like religion was predicated on the idea that the all powerful God is an absolute idiot that can be tricked by the most basic legalistic tricks. He was talking about stuff like Jews using wheelchairs to get around step restrictions on the sabbath.
But this struck me exactly the same. Like they’ve really gone and found the loophole to easy divorces. Just never get validly married and then you can divorce and remarry and it isn’t adultery…
And the most pathetic thing about it all is I was at her original wedding and it was at a Baptist church (her husband’s) and they both got up in front of the church and made vows and God was referenced like 50 times by the preacher.
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2023.06.08 16:12 SchlesingerMindy323 [HIRING] 25 Jobs in DE Hiring Now!

Company Name Title City
BAYADA Home Health Care Licensed Practical Nurse Dover
BAYADA Home Health Care Registered Nurse Dover
BAYADA Home Health Care at Bayhealth Registered Nurse Dover
BAYADA Home Health Care Full Time Felton
BAYADA Home Health Care at Bayhealth Rn Lewes
Capital One Lead Software Engineer Wilmington
Capital One Data Architect Wilmington
Mountaire Conveyor Operator Selbyville
State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company Claims Appraiser - Auto Estimatics - Wilmington, DE Bear
Capital One Senior Associate, Technology Risk Controls Testing Wilmington
State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company Auto Appraiser Wilmington
Cadia Healthcare Silverside Immediate Openings Assistant Director Of Nursing ADON Wilmington Wilmington
Premier Inc. Vice President, Supply Chain Management Dover
Harbor Freight Tools Retail Stocking Associate Dover
Capitol Building Supply Forklift Operator Dover
Bally's Corporation Representative - PBX Operator Dover
Perdue Farms 3rd Shift Shipping Supervisor Georgetown
Ferguson Warehouse Associate Lewes
Integrity Staffing Solutions Warehouse Distribution Specialist Middletown
Integrity Staffing Solutions Forklift Operator - Sit Down Middletown
Mountaire Corporation Tray Pack Supervisor - NS Millsboro
Mountaire Corporation Regional Sales Manager - Export Millsboro
The Boston Beer Company Packaging Tech (Full-Time) (Milton Brewery) Milton
The Boston Beer Company Shipping and Receiving Coordinator (PT Reg) Milton
ABC Supply Co. Warehouse Material Handler / Roof Loader (593) Milton
Hey guys, here are some recent job openings in de. Feel free to comment here or send me a private message if you have any questions, I'm at the community's disposal! If you encounter any problems with any of these job openings please let me know that I will modify the table accordingly. Thanks!
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2023.06.08 16:11 PritchettRobert506 [HIRING] 22 Jobs in Minneapolis Hiring Now!

Company Name Title City
Delta Airlines Flight Attendant Minneapolis-Saint-Paul
UnitedHealth Group Coding Quality Analyst Minneapolis-Saint-Paul
Parallel Technologies National Project Manager Minneapolis
LIFESPACE COMMUNITIES, INC. Safety and Security Officer Minneapolis
Sun Country Airlines MSP Ramp Agent - Part Time Minneapolis
Johnstone Supply - The Heartland Group 2nd Shift Warehouse Associate Minneapolis
Stand Out For Good, Inc. Full Time Stock Lead Minneapolis
Erik's Bike Shop Inc Bicycle Assembly - Minneapolis, MN (Warehouse) Minneapolis
Office Depot Warehouse Worker- $17 & Up! FT Minneapolis
Indrotec, a DBA of IG, Inc. Shipping Associate Minneapolis
Bachman's Inc. Landscape Receiving Operations Supervisor Minneapolis
Heritage Pool Supply Group, Inc. Delivery DriveWarehouse Associate Minneapolis
Viking Electric 1st Shift Receiving Material Handler Minneapolis
Safelite Group, Inc. Warehouse Associate II Part-Time Minneapolis
Johnstone Supply - The Heartland Group Warehouse Associate - HVAC Inventory Specialist Minneapolis
Upsher-Smith Laboratories, LLC Packaging Tech II - 2nd shift Minneapolis
Performance Food Group Warehouse Associate - Janitor Minneapolis
K&M Tire Night Shift Warehouse Team Member Minneapolis
Manpower USA Medical Packaging Technician 3rd shift $23.00 - Direct Hire Minneapolis
Wurth Industry North America Warehouse Associate - 2nd Shift Minneapolis
Bio-techne Warehouse Picker Packer Minneapolis
Hey guys, here are some recent job openings in minneapolis. Feel free to comment here or send me a private message if you have any questions, I'm at the community's disposal! If you encounter any problems with any of these job openings please let me know that I will modify the table accordingly. Thanks!
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2023.06.08 16:11 Dangerous-Bag-7327 [HIRING] 25 Jobs in Chicago Hiring Now!

Company Name Title City
Wellbe Senior Medical Executive Assistant Chicago
S&C Electric Company Sr. Software Engineer Chicago
Access One Inc. Customer Advocate Chicago
Agfa Integrated Supply Chain Coordinator Chicago
HireGenics Warehouse Coordinator Chicago
Havi Manager, Supply Chain Planning Chicago
Professional Moving & Storage Warehouse Worker Chicago
Ferrara Sr. Director, Supply Chain Operational Excellence Chicago
NorthPoint Fresh Shipping & Receiving Manager Chicago
R+L Carriers Forklift OperatoFreight Handler Full-Time, Starting up to $24.42 hr Chicago
TRAC Intermodal Warehouse Production Technician Chicago
Rsm Us Healthcare Supply Chain Management Consultant Chicago
White Castle Warehouse Worker Chicago
Bally's Corporation Attendant - Warehouse Chicago
GRM Document Management Warehouse Associate Chicago
Lawson Products Senior Business Analyst-SAP Warehouse Management Chicago
Unilever Palletizer Operator - Hellmann's (Chicago, IL) Chicago
Alliance Ground International, LLC. Warehouse Agent Chicago
Crown Services, Inc. Warehouse Forklift Operator Chicago
Auto Warehousing Company Yard Supervisor Chicago
Prairie State College Forklift Operator Instructor Chicago Heights
WSI Supply Chain Solutions Warehouse Operations Director Chicago Heights
Masco Corporation Warehouse Equipment Operator, 2nd Shift Chicago Heights
Yrc Dock Worker Casual - Chicago Heights, IL Chicago Heights
Procter & Gamble Company Warehouse Technician North Chicago
Hey guys, here are some recent job openings in chicago. Feel free to comment here or send me a private message if you have any questions, I'm at the community's disposal! If you encounter any problems with any of these job openings please let me know that I will modify the table accordingly. Thanks!
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2023.06.08 16:11 TorrentsMightengale Outside satellite for Orbi system?

I have an Orbi 763 system, which was sort of a frustration purchase from Costco after a few days of signal issues at the house. I think I overpaid, but it works and I have other projects to sink time into.
The only problem so far is that I can't quite get coverage at the pool--another (outdoor) satellite is the way to go, I think.
Orbi has (one)[] outdoor satellite that's been discontinued but you can still find. Apparently there was a newer, better one but it's also discontinued and unavailable anywhere. The one that is still available doesn't seem to be WiFi 6 capable, and that's got me thinking maybe I should reconsider the whole ecosystem. I don't want to drop another $400 on a satellite that's going to frustrate me with low performance.
So my question to HomeNetworking is:
*buy that Orbi outdoor satellite,
*use a different brand satellite that works with Orbi but would be a better choice,
*or re-consider Orbi entirely and replace the whole thing?
The Orbi satellite will bring the whole system to nearly $1000. I wonder if I could do better for that total. I'm frustrated with the Orbi setup and some of its options (I can't hide the SSID, for example), and each satellite is wired to the base unit, so I'm not using the different wireless backhaul channels that Orbi seems so proud of. Maybe I should have been more considerate with the whole purchase and this satellite is the point to improve it.
Or no, just buy the Orbi outdoor satellite and move on?
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2023.06.08 16:11 michaelfaikes Anyone available to help with U-Box issues?

Hello all! I am having a bit of an issue with a U-Box delivery that is running late. I am not having any luck finding out the current location or estimated delivery of the U-Box.
Because I've had to coordinate with my city to obtain a moving permit and with movers to unload my items, the lack of information is beginning to cause some logistical/financial issues for me. I was wondering if any employees on this subreddit would be able to help me out with finding the current location of the box?
Any assistance at all would be so appreciated! I am currently living out of a suitcase while studying for the bar and so am really hoping to get this moving process behind me sooner rather than later haha!
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2023.06.08 16:11 Pizdaizda Looking for Latvian furries

Hello, i'm looking for furs in latvia to chat with and possibly hang out with. I don't know why but i can't seem to find groups of any kind on the internet that are like Latvian furry groups. Trust me, i've tried. So for me as someone that really into the furry fandom and loves the hobby it sucks that i can't really find anyone with the same hobby near by.
So if you're a furry who's Latvian. I would love to chat with ya. Preferably an adult.
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2023.06.08 16:11 Heavy-String-6328 Girlfriend (24f) annoyed that I(25m) refused to reduce how much I speak to a coworker

My partner and I have been together for 2 years. I started a new job 6 months ago that is work from home most of the time, there were 4 people who started with me but only 1 was doing the same job as me. We'll call her Rebecca. Me and Rebecca both have exams through work and have them at the same time. Because of this, we message fairly regularly at work with revision tips and questions about work or exams.
It's nice having someone I get on with at work so I do enjoy talking to Rebecca. We pretty much only talk about work apart from small talk around weekend plans etc. Near the first exam Rebecca messaged me on social media asking a question and this was the first time we messaged outside of work. Since then, we now have each other on Facebook but have only messaged 2 or 3 times on social media. My partner thinks I talk to Rebecca too much and asked if I'll reduce the amount I talk to her. I told her she's a co-worker and I can't just decide to stop talking to my co-workers so now whenever my laptop makes a noise when I'm working, if my gf is home she'll comment asking if thats Rebecca.
I told her to stop since it's not fair that she thinks she can dictate how much I talk to my colleagues and she shouldn't be trying to make me feel guilty for having a friend at work. She just repeated that she thinks I should talk to Rebecca less and that I shouldn't have a problem with it. Does anyone have any advice?
tl;dr I because friends with a co-worker who started work the same time as me and my gf says we message too much and told me to reduce how much I talk to the coworker and got annoyed when I refused. Does anyone have any advice?
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2023.06.08 16:10 swishymuffinzzz How do I stop making women uncomfortable?

Ok, this could just be in my (M28) head but everytime I talk to a woman, she always seems like she’s on guard and looks at me in a weird way. Like a “I hope this guy doesn’t come near me” way.
This happens with women my age or older women. It’s very disheartening because I would never harm a woman in any way and I just want to make conversation but it seems like they never want to have the conversation with me in return.
I feel like I have pretty good self awareness to know that I am not coming off creepy. If I sense a girl doesn’t want me around, I leave and I’m never too forward. I just want to know how to fix this because I would like to improve talking to them but it’s like every time I approach/converse with them (in either a social or work setting) I have a tattoo “creep” on my forehead.
Any tips are appreciated, thanks!
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2023.06.08 16:09 Sarmelion 'The Batman' Ventriloquist Arc

Is it just me or is this one of the better arcs for a villain?
We see Wesker debut, attempt to rehabilitate (And apparently feel so guilty subconsciously about his relapse that Scarface nearly runs him over with a train?) and then finally get 'cured'.
Would it be interesting to see more of batman's foes eventually stabilize and hang up their costumes? I don't think it'd be possible for some like Joker, but perhaps the next cartoon series could do something similar for Harley/Ivy, Two-Face, Freeze, or even sympathetic takes on Penguin or Riddler, where they're criminals at the start of the show but by the later seasons the 'funny' or 'tragic' villains have retired or reformed (maybe even becoming nominal allies?), and he's left facing the more serious foes like Black Mask or Bane and such?
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2023.06.08 16:09 murpwp PhD nearing it's end - what next?

I know there are a lot of questions like this one, and I have looked through a few, so I suppose I am looking for something a little different.
For context: I am nearing the end of my PhD in pure mathematics, with my viva in August. Concurrently, I am teaching at a secondary school (in the UK), and additionally have 2 more years secondary and 2 years higher education teaching experience. I'm looking to move away from teaching as I find it can be quite stressful given the relatively low pay.
I'm wondering about my next options. Of course, teaching and research have a lot of transferable skills, and I'm not overly concerned about being able to find any old job - for example, I have already been successful in one role (Graduate Trainee Accountant) which I have turned down due to the salary offered.
My job search has been primarily based around using graduate job posting boards. I am starting to think this is a bad idea as, with my PhD and teaching experience I have a bit more going for me than your average graduate, whereas based on my recent experience with the role I turned down, I don't think employers value this when I am applying for graduate roles. So I really need to be looking elsewhere, though I am not entirely sure where.
I have considered entering into tech, but I would need to learn/train and have no idea where to begin. Any tips for this would be very much appreciated - money is unfortunately an issue (I'm a student and a teacher after all) and I am unable to pay for training, which may mean this route is not possible.
I would be really grateful for any tips and ideas for jobs more generally (not necessarily tech), and how to enter the job market when in a position like mine. My job hunt has not been easy (I've been looking since December) but I feel like I must be missing something - what sort of job/company would value me, I'm so unsure! Thank you so much in advance.
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2023.06.08 16:08 KevinsChili22 24M from Ohio bored at work let’s chat :)

When is so slow today. I literally have nothing to do lol. Come keep me company :)
I’m down to talk about whatever tbh I’m a pretty open book. Also down to play iMessage games if anyone wants? Prepared to get whooped tho ;)
I like to play video games (Xbox), workout, go hiking, hangout with friends and watch tv/movies. Harry Potter and Star Wars are some of my favorites. I’m kinda introverted so a lot of times I prefer to just chill at home lol.
I’m going on an international trip next year so give me recommendations on where to go!
Also, is anyone near or from Ohio? Would be cool to meet local people
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2023.06.08 16:08 porcupine-boat How to endure hours of travelling by plane with mom +being in denial about my problem with mom

I have a flight to Europe in a few hours. I won't sleep even though my caregivers advised me to sleep for a few hours since I'll have to be up at 1AM and go to the airport at 3AM. I'm from Southeast Asia.
Somehow, saying this to the internet is comforting because all these memories and thoughts I have won't be bottled and the thought of random people hearing me out here :>
Unfortunately I'm still not in the age of someone that can travel alone without the consent of parents. I'm around the age of 14-17 and I'm told that there's nothing I could do but to travel with mom.
The thing is, she's problematic. I will summarize (a long summary somehow) what she did and see if she is considered a narc and abusive

I spent half of my childhood (kindergarten---3rd grade) :

  1. getting my wrist sprained by her in 3rd grade (not even an apology was made she just stormed out after pushing me to the floor because I wanted to play outside with the neighborhood kids)
  2. even though I have asthma she still fills her entire dark house with junk and cigarettes and alcoholic drinks
  3. she yells at me a lot or will corner me to my room to throw things at me while she goes on a frenzy and lock me in.
  4. the simplest mistake i'd make will make her slap me or hit me with objects.
  5. made me tear up one time and left me in a creepy basement at the house in Europe. I forgot what I even did but all I remember was getting clothes that dried up from the laundry and then she said a bunch of stuff to me that made me tear up
  6. would shame me for tearing up even though i tried my best not to
  7. blames me for anything bad that happens
  8. calls me insulting names and swears at me when i made a mistake
  9. when there's something i don't know, she gets agitated and goes on a rant about me not using my brain and other insults to call me etc.
  10. friendly to other people/relatives but would pinch me under the dinner table when i dont say anything that she rehearsed me to say to people as if i was a puppet
  11. expects me to look perfect to other people. if i wasnt overly outgoing and entertaing to her friends or other relatives, on the way home she'll be spitting bars at me saying that i'm such a brat
now i know, i'll be expecting people to say i made these all up but these are the memories that stuck with me to this day
being around mom makes me feel miserable or it feels nauseating to be in her radar
my caregivers (my grandaunts, two sisters of my grandma) are the only people that make me secure. they're strict but they don't make me feel uneasy around them. my caregivers are strict people but they earned my respect for them. mom, meanwhile, has earned FEAR AND TERROR from me and never respect. they talked to me while packing my things and said that i can get through this just don't mind her
if little me was able to endure and was strong enough to deal with that mom, then i can get through this too! i wish i was a different person from younger me so i could be her older sister that will accompany her and lessen the sinking feeling in her heart
just as i write this i still feel very scared to go to the airport with my mom and go through 10+ hours of stopover countries and plane flights with her :(
until now i think she's gotten worse verbally and emotionally but physically was not very active anymore. the only thing i could do now is pray and find something to distract me from being too shaken up
i am still in denial that she could be considered abusive since she always said that this way of parenting is right and that it's a way to discipline me
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2023.06.08 16:08 Predaplant [Character of the Month] Raven


(Spotlight guest-written by bluelookslikeblue)
Name: Rachel Roth
Created by: Marv Wolfman and George Perez
First Appearance: DC Comics Presents #26
Affiliation: Titans
Previous Affiliations: Teen Titans, Sentinels of Magic, Night Force, Team Wonder, Justice League Dark
Allies: Beast Boy, Nightwing, Donna Troy, Cyborg, Starfire, Arsenal, Tempest, both Wally Wests, Wonder Girl (Cassie Sandsmark), Superboy (Conner Kent), Robin (Tim Drake), Wonder Woman, Shazam, Booster Gold
Powers: Pretty much whatever combination of teleportation, empathic healing, soul-self projection, flight, telepathy, telekinesis, emotional manipulation, mind control, and vaguely defined magical energy the writer feels like that day.


Raven’s story begins with her mother, Angela Roth. Angela made the unfortunate decision to join a satanic cult, leading to an even more unfortunate encounter with Trigon, a genocidal demon rapist. One failed abortion/suicide later, Angela and her daughter were taken in by the monks of Azarath, a pacifistic magical realm which accidentally created Trigon in the first place. Taking on Trigon’s daughter was a matter of controversy in Azarath and there was at least one assassination attempt on the infant half-demon. Angela took the name Arella and learned some of the Azarathian mystic arts. The child named Raven was taken to be raised by the Goddess Azar.
Azar determined that Raven could be possessed by Trigon and/or destroy the universe if she lost control of her emotions. Thus, Arella was told to surrender her child to Azar to train and raise. Azar raised Raven in isolation, training her to purge herself of emotion and rarely permitting contact with others including her own mother. The result was a child about as socially well-adjusted as you’d expect someone denied emotions, love, or any contact with kids her own age whatsoever. Upon Azar’s death, Raven’s training fell to Arella. Although mother and daughter eventually grew close, their relationship was somewhat hampered by Raven’s insularity and emotional stuntedness. On her thirteenth birthday, Trigon revealed himself as her father. He tortured her mother and demanded Raven take his place at his side. She refused and lashed out in hatred, her darker side manifesting as her soul-self for the first time. Satisfied that his daughter had inherited his power and rage, Trigon departed, warning that he would return once Raven became a woman.

New Teen Titans:

When Raven was eighteen, Trigon returned to destroy the Earth. Deeming this outcome unacceptable, she implored the priests of Azarath to intervene but they refused, believing it to be a violation of their pacifist beliefs. Moving on to Plan B, she fled to Earth and asked the Justice League for help but was declined as Zatanna sensed Trigon’s taint on her and told her teammates that Raven was probably evil. Refusing to give up, she went to Plan C and haunted the dreams of Dick Grayson - then still Robin - until he agreed to reform the Teen Titans with her chosen members. She was able to convince Donna Troy (then Wonder Girl), Beast Boy (then going by Changeling), and Cyborg to join but was turned down by Wally West (then Kid Flash). Unwilling to take no for an answer at this point, Raven secretly made Wally fall in love with her using her empathic magic, causing him to join. She then led them to the rescue of their final member, the alien warrior Starfire who was captured by Gordanian slavers.
Raven’s early days with the Titans did not go well. Her pacifism made her useless in fights and her refusal to give a straight answer to anything and tendency to disappear immediately upon getting what she needed made her teammates question her trustworthiness. Things were further complicated when the other Titans were killed and Raven had to go back in time with Booster Gold to covertly fix the timeline. Upon Zatanna’s revelation that Raven had turned Wally’s brains to scrambled eggs so he would do her bidding, her teammates decided they had enough and refused to put up with her anymore. To make matters worse, Trigon arrived to destroy the world and easily defeated her estranged teammates. Raven teleported them to Azarath before they could be killed and begged her mother and the priests of Azarath for help but was again declined. When Trigon appeared and once more defeated the Titans, Raven moved on to Plan D and agreed to go with him in exchange for the safety of the Earth and the lives of the Titans. Trigon accepted her offer and took Raven with him to his realm. He then promptly murdered a child and announced his intent to destroy the Earth anyway. Distraught by the loss of her daughter, Arella agreed to take the Titans to Trigon in order to rescue Raven but the teens were defeated again and imprisoned. However, Raven was able to free her teammates and together they were able to weaken Trigon with Arella sacrificing herself to imprison Trigon in another dimension.
Raven enrolled in college and continued to serve with the New Teen Titans despite an awkward and occasionally tense relationship with Wally West, forming an odd friendship with the extroverted and impulsive Starfire. While continuing to espouse pacifism and pursuing non-violence when possible, Raven came to the conclusion that knocking people out with her soul-self, controlling minds, and the occasional act of psychological torture was okay and robots and monsters shouldn’t count anyway and thus proved surprisingly useful in many fights. During this period, the Teen Titans would face off against many supervillains such as Deathstroke, the Brotherhood of Evil, and the Fearsome Five. However, none would prove as troublesome to the young heroes as Brother Blood, whose cunning, charisma, and arcane mastery would put the Titans on the off-foot time and time again. Although Raven would come to be a valued member of the team, Trigon’s corrosive influence led to her gradual physical and mental degradation which was exacerbated by her fear of reaching out to others for help. Eventually, Trigon escaped captivity and almost caused the apocalypse with a corrupted Raven as his minion. The Teen Titans ultimately thwarted Trigon with the help of Raven’s mother and Lilith Clay. Raven’s body was nowhere to be found.
The Titans thought this a bit weird but didn’t make finding her their number one priority. This proved to be a bit of a whoopsie-doodles as she was captured and brainwashed by Brother Blood first. Nightwing would eventually come looking for her but was himself captured. Blood would defeat the Titans and came to the cusp of taking over the world before Raven broke free of his control and stopped him. With Trigon seemingly dead, Brother Blood’s brainwashing purged, and her soul purified, Raven was free to be herself for the first time in her life. Rejoining the Titans, the now-white cloaked Raven was thrilled to finally be free of any malign influence and became the embodiment of sweetness and light. Unfortunately, this sunny outlook was not to last. Kid Flash’s replacement Jericho became evil and caused her to be corrupted by evil spirits. Once more falling to demonic possession, Raven proceeded to engage in various acts of villainy. However, the good part of Raven secretly planted herself in Starfire and helped her friends kill her body and defeat her evil self.

Time Dead:

Raven’s re-purified spirit spent most of this period hanging around as a golden ghost, occasionally assisting the Titans when necessary. For a while Detective Comics Comics forgot she was dead and she served on the Sentinels of Magic alongside various other mystical heroes such as Zatanna, Alan Scott, and Madame Xanadu. Then it remembered and unceremoniously threw her back in the grave without explanation.

A Second Chance at Life:

Raven would be resurrected in a younger body by the new Brother Blood, a sniveling teenage aspiring rapist who was the son of the previous Brother Blood. Brother Blood Junior wanted to force Raven to marry him as part of a plan to end the world. Raven was not fond of this development and tried to escape. Upon being caught and recaptured, her subconscious magically reached out to Beast Boy via a haunting and took control of him in order to lead the latest iteration of the Teen Titans to her location. With his help, she broke free of Brother Blood’s control. Once more plagued by her darker half as a result of Brother Blood’s rituals and believing herself to be a danger to her friends, Raven prepared to depart but was encouraged by Beast Boy to rejoin the Titans, now consisting of himself, fellow veterans Starfire and Cyborg, and new members Cassie Sandsmark, Conner Kent, and Tim Drake. Raven would renounce her pacifism and help her friends mentor the younger members of the team, helping Tim come to terms with the death of his father and encouraging Conner to believe that he was more than the worst parts of his heritage after the discovery that he was a partial clone of Lex Luthor. She would also begin a rocky on and off again romance with Beast Boy. While Raven was drawn to his kindness, her lack of openness and his immaturity would lead to many rough patches in their relationship. Raven attempted to establish a civilian secret identity as Rachel Roth but it is questionable how secret it really was after Beast Boy visited her in the belief nobody would recognize him if he showed up in disguise as a green bear.
When Trigon returned, Raven reunited with her old New Teen Titans teammates and defeated him but was once more nearly overtaken by her evil side. Although able to prevail over her inner darkness, Raven was badly shaken by the experience and became even more insular and withdrawn. Believing herself to be a danger to her friends, she broke up with Beast Boy and attempted to push him away through meanness for his own safety. However, events would see them once again working together mentoring younger heroes on the Teen Titans. The pair would eventually reconcile, with Beast Boy growing in maturity and Raven resolving to get in touch with her emotions and embrace the good in life as well as the bad. Reaffirming their love, the two shared a passionate kiss and were ready to move on, optimistic about their future together.

The New 52:

Because Barry Allen missed his mom, the entire timeline was rebooted and all of the previous history and character development was lost because Dan DiDio said so. In the new timeline, most of her early life was basically the same except this time Rachel was her birth name. However, this time she had to flee Azarath at age sixteen to escape Trigon. While hiding on Earth, Rachel would attempt to do good, using her empathic powers to secretly comfort suffering people but was betrayed by the Phantom Stranger and handed over to her father who renamed her Raven. Forced to become Trigon’s servant, Raven committed various atrocities before being planted on the Teen Titans as a mole. Beast Boy was red for a bit before turning green again for unexplained reasons. Bart was actually Bar-Torr, a war criminal from the future. Raven broke free of her father’s control due to time travel shenanigans. It was a weird time. Following a lot of bad comics, the team disbanded and Raven sought out her mother’s family and enrolled in high school, hoping to reconnect with her human side.


Due to events featuring the older, white Wally West and a naked blue man, it turned out that five years were erased from the timeline and there was a previous Titans team led by Dick Grayson. As a result, there were now two Titans teams, the Titans led by Dick Grayson, and the Teen Titans, now led by Damian Wayne. Raven was shanghaied into the Teen Titans via kidnapping by Damian alongside her old teammate Beast Boy, the younger, African-American Wally West and Starfire. Raven did not do much of note during this period. She briefly made an ill-advised decision to throw in with an insane Tim Drake from the future alongside Beast Boy, as they determined that even a Tim Drake without all his marbles was preferable to Damian. She also did a few cool things during the Dark Nights: Metal Wild Hunt tie-in issue where she was decidedly unimpressed by the angsty darkness of evil Batmen. Monkeys were involved. DC tried putting Raven in a relationship with Wallace the Younger but changed its mind. As a result, they officially began dating in an issue of Teen Titans and were mentioned to have broken up off-panel in an issue of The Flash that came out the same day. She was then abducted by aliens and took part in the events of No Justice where she was part of a Wonder Woman-led team of mystics before having a few solo adventures stopping Trigon again and briefly leading a group of magically powered teens associated with the morally dubious Baron Winters. After this, she was ambiguously aged up alongside Beast Boy and placed on Dick Grayson’s adult Titans team where she was drawn as older and written as more mature and having a preexisting friendship as Nightwing but nothing was explicitly retconned. Raven lost her soul-self early in her tenure with this team along with most of her powers and ability to feel emotions due to trickery by an elf. She would eventually recover it and save the universe from the villainous Mother Blood alongside Beast Boy with the two friends saving each others’ lives during the final battle.

The Present:

Because in another universe Batman is a clown, Wonder Woman had a conversation with Perpetua after a bunch of nonsense that I am not going to waste time on what happened and continuity changed again. Raven is now in her mid to late twenties and has achieved greater mastery of her powers than ever before. Her background is currently hazy with something vaguely approximating the events of New Teen Titans having occurred several years in the past with some details changed. (eg: Cyborg was a member of the Justice League before joining the Teen Titans.) More information regarding Raven’s current origins and backstory will presumably be revealed in the upcoming Tales of the Titans miniseries.
Raven agreed to participate in her fellow former New Teen Titans’ disastrous attempt to run a school for super-teens. It exploded twice in a year before they gave up and called it quits. During this period, Raven mentored Billy Batson and his friend Dane (who was the antichrist), saving the two boys from the clutches of the fallen angel Neron after they made an unauthorized trip to Hell. She would also reignite her relationship with Beast Boy. After Teen Titans Academy blew up the second time during the events of Dark Crisis, Raven proved instrumental in saving the universe, locating Pariah’s magical macguffin as part of a Justice League Dark taskforce and defeating a corrupted Spectre with the assistance of Jim Corrigan. However, victory would not come without a cost, as Beast Boy would become horribly traumatized after an attack by Deathstroke which nearly killed him. Also, Lazarus Planet happened and Trigon came back but nobody cares about Lazarus Planet.
Following the events of Dark Crisis, Raven took her relationship with Beast Boy to the next level, sharing living arrangements with him, helping him cope with his PTSD, and even engaging in public displays of affection with her fuzzy green lover. Raven and Beast Boy agreed to once more serve on the Titans, now tasked with safeguarding the world following the disbanding of the Justice League. One of their first assignments was the safekeeping of Olivia Desmond, a young girl whose soul was claimed by Neron, who had since taken over hell. Raven saw echoes of her past in the young girl and took the matter very personally -much to the concern of her teammates who were disturbed by her willingness to entertain extreme measures to safeguard the child. Determining that the best way to learn how to help Olivia was to go directly to the source of the problem, Raven led the Titans through the depths of hell where Nightwing found the information needed to save Olivia’s soul. While there, she formed an uneasy working relationship with the demon Blaze, who was vying with Neron for control of hell.
Neron proved supremely incompetent and utterly failed at all of his attempts at villainy in an extraordinarily pathetic manner. Trigon showed up to call him a loser, a rare area of agreement between father and daughter. While Neron was easily poofed back to hell by Nightwing in a weakened state through the power of bad writing, Raven deemed this outcome unsatisfactory. Believing Olivia to be unsafe as long as Neron was still at large, Raven returned to hell by herself without consulting her teammates and proceeded to singlehandedly overthrow him through overwhelming violence. She then left a brutalized and comatose Neron to the mercies of Blaze, to whom she handed the leadership of hell. When asked what price she demanded for control of the underworld, Raven informed Blaze that she would call in a favor later but for now she just wanted the Titans left alone by any demonic forces. Blaze agreed to Raven’s terms, warning her that she sensed that Raven was not whole and something was missing…
Raven currently stands at an inflection point. In some ways, she has never had it better. She is more powerful than she has ever been and has reunited with her oldest friends, earned the respect of her peers, and found love. However, her decision to meddle in hell’s affairs may prove her downfall, earning her powerful enemies and encouraging dark impulses she has long tried to suppress. What happens next may determine whether she will finally rise above her tragic past or fall into damnation forever. Whatever the future may hold for the Daughter of Darkness, the return of her father and the rise of a new Brother Blood suggests that it is not going to be easy.

Recommended Readings:

Those interested in Raven’s classic adventures should check out New Teen Titans (1980) and Teen Titans (2003).
Those who want to see a crossover with Marvel written by Chris Claremont should read The Uncanny X-Men and The New Teen Titans if they can find a copy.
Those who think I am making the bit with Booster Gold up should read Booster Gold (2007), issues 23-24.
Her solo adventures during the New 52 and Rebirth eras can be found in Marv Wolfman’s Raven (2016) and Raven: Daughter of Darkness (2018).
To get caught up on where she is currently, read Nightwing (2016) 100-104, then Titans (2023) and her upcoming issue in Tales of the Titans.
She also stars in Kami Garcia’s popular YA novels Raven and Beast Boy Loves Raven, which are illustrated by fan favorite artist Gabriel Picolo.
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2023.06.08 16:07 Manamichan555 My verbal abuse case is ridiculous and I think I don't deserve any help

It's just really weird what had been going on for 15+ years now. No beating, only yelling, shouting, manipulating, verbal threatening, panicking over everything. If I was depressed, I was called lazy. If my phobia got triggered, I was stupid. If loud sounds made me flinch, I was told not to behave like an autistic person. I don't know what's wrong with me anymore but I was always the conflict source in my family. Looks, grades, weight, you name it, it was a problem in one way or another. I was a problem. Still am.
Basically there is some kind of multi-level abuse going on, starting with my grandma on my mom's side. Mom told me she could never say no to her parents and got upset when I said no. She also gets lectured by her mom, gets stressed about it, then she proceeds to vent said stress on me. It's always been like this and I find it strange when I see other families not yelling at each other for every little thing. My grandparents live very near to us and grandma has a habit of suddenly visiting us without telling us about it. It's also stressful, always being on guard and expecting another depressing lecture at any time.
There were some weird things going on that I still did not process from back in high school. Mom "adopted" a golden child, one of her students. She cared a lot about him, he was tall and thin, then as her short fat ugly daughter I was told by her that she preferred spending time with him and she's ashamed with me on the streets. Later she denied saying this and accused me of saying this on purpose so she will feel bad. This was a more complex issue and it went on for years too. I had to do his homework in a few subjects he had a hard time with, and if I refused to do it, mom talked me down and ofc I was once again the stupid lazy mean daughter. I ended up doing whatever she asked after this. Mom also did some of his homework. At one time she typed in a whole essay for him so he could get a better grade, he refused to hand that in, I suppose that made mom cry. At that time I asked what was wrong but I just got shooed away, she refused to say a thing. Meanwhile the home problems and mental problems affected my studies, my grades got worse, and I only got scolded for it.
Back in high school I went to see the counselor for a while. I felt like she never really understood me and after some time she started to "forget" to tell me in advance that she had some more studies to do exactly in my appointment so after multiple cases of waiting for nothing after school I just stopped going. At uni we were told there was a counseling opportunity for students. By that time I declared myself simply stupid and never asked for help there.
I don't believe anyone in my family would understand me or accept that I might need help. Or even believe anything is wrong for that matter. Even the extended family handles mental problems as a huge taboo and they only whispered about it when a family member needed (and got) help. "Oh no, too bad for him." I can only imagine the family drama if it ever got out that I have problems too.
Lately I've been doing worse than usual with short panic attacks almost every day. The pressure at home varies, there are better days and worse days. I'm just really mad at myself for being such a mess and not being the perfect daughter everyone expects me to be. I hate being anxious, depressed, burned out, lacking sleep and so on, but everyone oversees where I am at all times so much I just can't slip away for a few hours when no one knows where I am if I were to go to therapy in secret (I don't think any online version would help at this point). I get scolded if I don't pick up the phone for about 10 minutes, I have to be available. Oh well. I don't think I could be fixed anyway. 🤷‍♀️ Just needed to vent a bit, sorry about this.
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2023.06.08 16:06 AverageDude127 Metal on metal sound when turning to one side?

Metal on metal sound when turning to one side?
So after going over a bump a little too hard, my car has started to make some weird metal on metal popping sound when turning right ( not when turning left). It can also sometimes be heard when taking off from a stop, all this noise coming from the right side of the vehicle. Jack the car up and do a quick tie rod test with the wheel on to check for play, there wasn’t any. Took it to a mechanic and the guy tries to sell me a control arm job before even looking at the car ($1000). He looks at the car, and shows me that the control arm on the LEFT side has a lot of play when he pries it with a crowbar, I get under and tell him to replace the part that exhibits obvious damage, i think the sway bar links and bushings. Apparently he can’t find bushings anywhere, so I tell him fine and pay him 150 bucks to replace the sway bar links. I’m not a mechanic, but something just feels off, I’ve included pictures of suspension components, off to get a second opinion, if the next mechanic tells me the same thing, I’ll come back and get it done with this mechanic. 2006 INFINITI M45 Base.
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2023.06.08 16:06 bat_scratcher Radius clauses for small venues?

I was talking to the vocalist of my cover band last night (she handles all of the booking) and she mentioned that many of the venues we've been playing are starting to require 30-30 radius clauses. Most of these are <500 bars and clubs.
This seems strange to me because they're A) smaller venues and B) we're not an original/touring band. Signing these contracts would essentially kill our business in our city. I understand that these contracts can be beneficial in not oversaturating our market, but it just seems a little overkill for our situation.
I guess my main question is how should we approach this with these venues? Simply saying no seems like a bad idea because it would quickly burn bridges and it seems like the venues are all doing this together. Should we be negotiating for a minimum pay/lower time buffers? I hate the idea of signing a contract, having a crappy turnout and getting paid almost nothing and then not being able to even book for another month. We're a newer band so draw is light but is consistently growing, so this seems like it would just kill momentum.
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2023.06.08 16:06 treatthegreat PSA - STUTTER MICRO FREEZE FIX! ( PC )

After an entire week of trying to figure out what was causing my game to stutter and have mini freezes literally trying everything from changing every setting individually, turning off cross-play, reinstalling, hell I nearly even reformatted but I finally figured it out!!
Not saying this will work for everyone but I can confirm it 100% worked for me and my friend.. I even tried turning this setting back on just to be sure and low and behold the stuttering returned immediately.
Surprisingly this setting isn't even in-game, It's in the Launcher!
what you need to do is go to the settings in your launcher ( click the logo top left )
goto the App tab scroll down and disable "Use browser hardware acceleration"
make sure to restart before launching D4 and you're good to go
not exactly sure why this is causing so many issues in-game but this instantly fixed all my problems, I can now run completely smooth on high graphics with no hitching, stuttering or micro freezing!
hope this helps others!
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2023.06.08 16:05 TwoSolitudes22 5 Guys tipping nonsense

Went to 5 guys with my son for a quick lunch. Fast food. When I went to pay I didn’t tip and the guy made some snide cheap comment in front of my son.
Let’s break this down. I drive there. I stand in line. I pay in advance. I stand in another line and wait to pick it up. It’s handed to me in a bag. I have to get the tray, condiments and napkins. I carry it over to a table that I need to find space to sit in. And when we finish I clear the table and throw out the trash.
So WTF would I be tipping for? When I pay I don’t even have any idea if it’s going to be good or not. Do I tip at McDonalds? Burger King?
It’s all such horseshit. And having some guy make cheap comments at me really pissed me off- and made me worried they might do something to the food. The crew there is getting at least 15 bucks an hour and it’s a fast food place.
Tipping must die.
That’s my rant.
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2023.06.08 16:05 gammaton32 Italian Spider-Man almost was in the Spider-verse

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2023.06.08 16:05 Nearby_Butterfly_988 AITAH for refusing to pay my ex' cleaning bill?

I (F27) left my boyfriend (M32) of 6 years in February, after months of difficulties and doubts. He's taken it very hard and is hurt, and as a result of that unfortunately we are not on good terms at all. I still care about him and I want him to be happy, but he is very angry with me for leaving him. The online interactions we've had since are him saying things like "I wish I had never met you" "I think you've been a pleasure seeking, self serving entitled brat" "I feel like I've been robbed of my time", "I'm ashamed of myself for putting up with you for so long", etc. I believe this is him processing his feelings which he cannot access in another way than anger.
We were renting a 2-bed flat together with a close friend of his in an expensive city. Since Feb, I've been staying with a friend in her small studio apartment in another city (I WFH). We had 4 months left on our tenancy agreement. I continued to pay my share of rent and bills, which is more than the others pay since we divided rent by means and I had the highest salary. My reasoning was we entered that agreement together knowing neither person could really afford it without the other. I wanted to make things easy for them and not force them to move out when the remainder of the tenancy wasn't that long. And I was still hoping we could be on good terms.
1.5 months in, I asked if we could make other arrangements for how we divided the rent, because I didn't think it was fair that I continued to pay the highest share without having any access to the place. He refused, since running off was my choice. I'm contributing to my friend's bills and I need to be in my old city once a week (and sometimes for an extended time) so I'm also spending quite a bit on transportation and sometimes hostels when I cannot stay with a friend. But I didn't want a conflict and it was our shared tenancy agreement, so I continued to pay.
Fast forward to now, when the tenancy agreement has come to an end. I told my ex that I'm coming to the flat to pick up the rest of my stuff, and he just tells me to "be gone before he gets back" as he doesn't want to see me. My amazing friend drove me there (3 hours) and we packed and shoved my things in her car as quickly as possible. My ex was texting me to hurry up and leave before 3, giving us just two hours. As soon as we leave, he starts texting me pictures of things I left behind (one binbag with some rubbish, one box of old clothes + two small cabinets and a bedside table, all things I couldn't take as the car was full). He goes off at me for not clearing my rubbish, and says he wants to charge me £100 for his time because he had to go throw the rubbish and box with clothes out.
This is when I snap and I tell him that's hilarious and there is no way he's getting money from me after paying his rent for 4 months. I tell him there was no time for me to do another run and throw things out because he was rushing me to leave and because of his behaviour towards me we haven't been able to coordinate this properly. We argue about it. He is still asking for the money, and in addition to the final council tax bill he also wants me to pay a third (£60) for the professional cleaner they hired before giving the property back.
Now I'm definitely not paying him £100 for his time, when I also left him all of our shared stuff, incl our expensive kitchen machine which was a gift to me. But I'm not sure what to do about the cleaning fees. I'm so done with paying anything for this place, I wasn't involved in the arrangements for the cleaner and I haven't been there since Feb, so I think they should sort it out between them. But his pov would be that a professional cleaner is a requirement in our tenancy agreement, so it's part of my responsibility. His anger towards me also makes me anxious and I'm quite bad with confrontation.
AITAH if I tell him I won't be contributing to the cleaner?
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2023.06.08 16:05 sksmsrksek any advice on housing in auburn washington?

hi i'm an international student and i will be attending green river college in auburn Washington end of this month. my college campus housing costs $2,688 for a quarter, is this reasonable price?. it seems like i'll be living with 3 other guys. the dorm includes 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. i've never been to the US but it seems like little bit expensive for college dorm living with 3 other guys. do you guys recommend me to get a house out side of the campus? how much will housing cost near green river college?
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