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Microdosing: sub-threshold dosing of psychedelic drugs for self-improvement, therapy or well-being

2013.10.16 19:48 ruseweek Microdosing: sub-threshold dosing of psychedelic drugs for self-improvement, therapy or well-being

This is a community for discussion pertaining to microdosing research, experiments, regimens and experiences. The most probable candidates for microdosing are psychedelics, but we encourage dialogue on the effects of any drugs at sub-threshold dosage. No sourcing of drugs allowed! Please have a look at the microdosing Sidebar ⬇️.

2014.08.15 18:38 lotr818 How much will people pay?

Post pictures of things you made and see how much people would be willing to pay for it!

2012.12.11 01:07 SigmaStigma What's this animal?

A community for people to help identify animals.

2023.05.29 05:23 ophelia224 I have become very tired

Salaam everyone, I think I came here mainly to speak to the increasing doubts I have had regarding Islam and the fear that lately I have been far more drawn to the dharmic religions, particularly Sikhism. My main fears with Islam began with how I feel it may not be compatible with human rights and is based on exclusionary principles. My fears can mainly be grouped into the following:
I feel like this sub has great and kind intentions. The other Islamic subs scare me and are incredibly hypocritical, demanding respect while giving none. But sometimes it feels like Islam might just have the issues that have long plagued the Abrahamic religions and we are just trying to make it more similar to the dharmic religions as there policies have always been implemented in more humane ways, with a considerable lack of homophobia and inclusionary principles, as well as practices that aid women more.
I just... need help. Has anyone had similar thoughts? At this point I feel like I stay with Islam because I am just so terrified of God, not out of any conviction or love.
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2023.05.29 05:23 Peixe1506 How Hierarchy Works?

So I'm new to this whole demonology thing. And I get that there is a lot of interpretations. Some thing there is a hell divided by rings, that Satan is punishing people, others say Satan is on earth, no king of hell at all.. In the series, how does it work? Is Satan doomed to hell for betraying God? Is he just doing he's work like Hades?
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2023.05.29 05:23 The_real_ft_foxy How does one delete their profile?

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2023.05.29 05:23 el_myco_profesor Don’t know how to analyze last nights mushrooms trip

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2023.05.29 05:23 MaskedForb13 [University/College] How am I supposed to interpret this question? I don't want the question solved.

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2023.05.29 05:22 thanarealnobody Is it a good sign that he (26m) responded to a cute photo even though we’re (27f) fighting?

Tonight I was annoyed with my boyfriend because he forgot something that I was trying to plan.
He called me and he said I didn’t seem happy in the relationship and it honestly felt like we were about to break up. I love him so much and don’t want to break up (which I’ve said) and my mood has been low lately because of other things in my life stressing me out.
He said we should talk tomorrow about how we’re going to proceed and I’ve literally been crying for hours thinking that he’s gonna end things.
On insta we always send each other cute animal photos and I sent him something an hour after we talked.
He responded right away with a cute comment.
Is it a good sign?
Tldr: My bf called and talked about possibly breaking up and we’re gonna talk tomorrow. Afterwards I sent him a cute photo and he replied in a cute way. Is this a good sign?
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2023.05.29 05:22 Limp-Answer-3858 How does Eckhart know that Christianity is not real?

Does Eckhart Tolle just not believe in it or does he know for sure because he is enlightened? Have been wondering about this.
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2023.05.29 05:22 SwimmingVegetable785 PacketStream Reviews: What Customers Are Saying About the Proxy Service

PacketStream is a popular proxy service that's gaining more and more users every day. But what are actual customers saying about the service? We've scoured the internet to find out, and here are some of the highlights:

  1. "PacketStream is hands down the best proxy service I've used. It's super easy to set up and use, and the speeds are lightning fast." - Patricia G., via Trustpilot.

  1. "I've been using PacketStream for a few months now and it's been great. I love the fact that you can use it with any browser or even with Clonbrowser." - Jason B., via Reddit.

  1. "I've tried a lot of different proxy services in the past, but PacketStream is by far the most reliable one I've come across. Their customer support is also top-notch." - Michael L., via Twitter.

  1. "PacketStream has been a game changer for me. I work in online marketing and being able to see how my ads look from different locations has been incredibly helpful." - Sarah P., via LinkedIn.

  1. "As someone who values privacy and security, I can say that PacketStream ticks all the boxes for me. It's the perfect way to keep my browsing data private and secure." - Tom R., via Facebook.

Overall, it's clear that PacketStream is a well-regarded proxy service that's making a positive impact on its users. With fast speeds, reliable service, and excellent customer support, it's no surprise that more and more people are turning to PacketStream for their browsing needs.PacketStream Reviews: What Customers Are Saying About the Proxy Service

PacketStream is a renowned proxy service that provides users access to residential and data center proxies. Its service allows users to connect to the internet via a pool of over 7 million residential IPs and data center proxies in most countries in the world. The platform works impeccably with various applications, including social media, search engines, and eCommerce sites.

To better understand the quality of service offered by PacketStream, we took to the internet to see what customers had to say. The reviews we found on several websites were overwhelmingly positive, which is a testament to the quality of service provided by the company.

Users praised the ease of use of the platform, as well as its excellent reliability and high speed. Additionally, users complimented the vast network of IPs available to them, which allowed them to connect and browse the internet anonymously. Users also loved the excellent customer support offered by the company's support team, who responded promptly and offered quick solutions to issues raised.

A handful of users also pointed out that they used PacketStream proxies in conjunction with a fingerprint browser like Clonbrowser, to achieve maximum anonymity when browsing the web. Given the simplicity of connecting PacketStream proxies to Clonbrowser, users benefited from a seamless experience that protected their online identity.

In summary, customers have nothing but glowing reviews when it comes to PacketStream's proxy services. From the vast network of IPs to the high reliability and excellent customer support, it's no wonder that users are impressed with the quality of service offered by the company. We, too, can recommend PacketStream as a top-performing proxy service for anyone looking to browse the web anonymously and securely.PacketStream Reviews: What Customers Are Saying About the Proxy Service

PacketStream is a popular proxy service that allows users to earn money by sharing their bandwidth. But what do customers think about it? Let's take a look at some of the reviews.

One customer wrote, "PacketStream is great! I earn around $10-20 per month without even noticing it. Plus, it's really easy to set up and forget about."

Another customer praised the service's customer support, saying, "I had an issue with Clonbrowser and reached out to PacketStream's support team. They were really helpful and got my issue resolved quickly."

However, some customers did have issues with the service. One user complained about the lack of transparency regarding bandwidth usage, saying, "I wish there was a way to see exactly how much bandwidth I'm using and how much I've earned."

Another user had concerns about the security of the service, stating, "I'm not sure how safe it is to share my bandwidth with strangers. I wish there was more information about the security measures in place."

Overall, it seems that PacketStream has mostly positive reviews from its customers. While there are some concerns, many users find the service to be a great way to earn some extra cash with little effort. If you're interested in trying PacketStream out for yourself, be sure to do your research and carefully evaluate the potential risks and benefits.
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2023.05.29 05:22 incorrectirony How The Successful SX6 Highlights The Shortcomings of “Type Contradictions”

[[If you disagree with what I have written, feel free to explain where you believe I erred and offer input, but I wanted to express some thoughts I’ve been mulling over on the topic of sx6’s many “contradictory types”, and how I believe these judgements may lack proper perspective.]]
From how I’ve come to understand it, Sx6 is characterized as going against one’s fear and anxieties by building up an image and/or reputation that would dissuade others from questioning the sx6’s assuredness in both themselves and their ability to respond to the world around them. In conversation on the sx6, a quote used to explain their beliefs is, “the best defense is a good offense.” They focus on feigning irrefutable confidence and strength, with the foundation of exterior appearance (be it beauty or physicality).
In one aspect of their search for stability and security, they feel safest when they consider themselves to be unassailable. They find comfort through proving they can overcome. They may even provoke conflict to show they are unwavering, such as taking up a controversial position solely to demonstrate how they hold their ground. If they find themselves afraid of something, this is when they must act, engage, run towards.
Secretly, though, their greatest indulgence would be to connect with another. They crave a deep, thorough bond that allows them to exhale and be held. Love is both their greatest desire and fear; Their ambivalence causes volatility. So, they run towards the instability, testing their partner’s loyalty, hoping to uncover the “truth.”
By these descriptions, connotations of stoicism, hardness, insensitivity all seem to align with the sx6. Or, rather, it aligns with what an sx6 would want to show. To me, the image of the sx6 is one of a military compound built from gold. Gorgeous and intimidating, but false in its promise of impenetrability. They are craftsmen who’s trade is the refinement of one’s own persona.
So, as I see people criticized for associating sx6 with traits like 3E, 3F, 1V, Ne, or Ni, I find myself confused. Have they won? Have we forgotten the core of the sx6?
The sx6 hasn’t. Either consciously or subconsciously, they are aware of the dissonance. This is from where the fear in their relationships originates. They know they’ve constructed a being meant to attract, so they wonder, “am /I/ enough?” They fear vulnerability, asking, “is it okay to let it go of the person I’ve created?” It’s not always that they don’t feel or are not concerned with their emotions, but rather they may be afraid of the consequences of expressing them: letting it all come crashing down.
Is that not insecurity? Is that not emotionality? (Which, to me, reads as 3E.)
They attract by creating an appealing or strong exterior. Yes, this can be associated with self-positive physics, but why dispute 3F? Are there no sx6s with physical neuroses, distrustful of the physical realm and their control over it? Are they all confident in their physical ability? Can that not be another form of their overcompensation? Is it never an insecurity in physics that motivates their drive to master it, show they can overcome, and, better yet, reap the rewards that come from a well-crafted exterior? (Furthering the notion that it must be maintained as an asset)
Further, sx6s are labeled as 3V, and while this is likely the majority, can none have confidence in their ability of mind over matter? Is that not how they attempt to overcome so many aspects of their lives? I believe that at times the sx6 can be described as the quote, “Overcome Despite. Despite. Despite.” I wonder if the actions of the sx6 can never be attributed to a reliance on their willpower to push them forward through life despite, despite, despite. This question is not rhetorical, but could there be a case in which the sx6 doubts all but their ability to keep moving?
Or, looking at Ne: Does no sx6 find their cognition surveying every possible outcome, asking “What might happen? What is possible? How will this affect that?” Do they not troubleshoot and brainstorm potential paths, options, solutions? Does Ne never induce paranoid? Does the sx6 never voice their speculations?
At Ni: Do no sx6 find Ni’s unconscious pattern recognition supplying them with seemingly baseless gut suspicions and conclusions? Is the false identity never a form of over-planning for that which they cannot control? Do they never hope to narrow down possibilities to what is most probable?
I think we may be too quick to jump towards deeming aspects as contradictory. Yes, there are some odd combinations, and some so improbable that they likely ARE impossible. But, ultimately, enneatypes describe core fears, goals, and motivators, yet there are many different way in which one may approach the same end-goal.
In essence, the sx6 are craftsmen of an infallible identity. But it is fair to assume that each artist share the tools and techniques that realize their vision?
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2023.05.29 05:22 Ok_Roll2067 feeling a bit down

so i recently talked to someone who i haven't for a long time, and he ended up staying the night. we went on like a couple dates and stuff and overall i think it was okay, since technically i've known this guy for a while. he was really well-mannered too, and one thing led to another, hence why he stayed the night. we were like doing the basic whole couple shit until like we started making out, taking our clothes off, etc. i didn't let him have sex with me though, because i felt like it just wasn't right and somehow in some way i felt like i didn't want to have sex with someone i recently just reconnected with a week ago. however, after our whole like makeout and like etc sesh he left and it was just kinda like ...? no text after, no nothing LMAO . and i feel like i pretty much got played (which is probably the case) and honestly, i like casual stuff, so i don't know why this is affecting me in the way it is. normally its fun and enjoyable but in this case, it just felt like i got used and my self esteem took such a big tumble after. how do i get myself out of feeling a bit blue, any advice?
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2023.05.29 05:22 First_Beyond_6316 Beauty is objective

Recently I've came to the conclusion that beauty itself is not a subjective factor, thus viewing yourself as beautiful has no utility in changing the way you are perceived by others.
We are sure that certain traits are more likable and desirable than others, that's why they are portrayed as the standard in media and the internet in general. People who have these traits are just treated better than those who don't. For example: imagine a tall, thin man with a strong jawline and a symmetrical face, in opposition to a short, fat man with unsymmetrical facial characteristics. Who do you think is more likely to be treated well on a new environment? Who do you think will be seen as attractive? The answer to that is unanimous, and this obviously goes the same way for women, who suffer even more with the pressure to look good.
Beauty is about how one presents themselves to the outside world. Your opinion on your looks does not affect standards that are already existent. How can I tell myself I look good if I'm not seen by the vast majority of people as good looking? Which one determines my attractiveness, my personal opinion or the actual attraction from others?
This leaves to only one exit: being realistic about how I look and doing what is possible within my genetic limits to change it (if my objective is to be socially accepted).
Viewing things this way is really affecting me deeply, and I feel like I'll never be entirely satisfied with the way I look, since it serves a beauty standard that is beyond me. The standard self esteem advice doesn't work, because reality is just much more harsh, real and concrete. I feel doomed. Please give me counter-arguments that make sense, maybe I can change my view to something more hopeful.
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2023.05.29 05:22 cartrwhyte Weird Startup Glitch

This problem started about a year ago and I've been dealing with it for a while, but it's getting really annoying. It's a little bit hard to explain so I apologize if this is hard to understand.
When I start my PC, sometimes music from Spotify will start automatically playing music. This isn't a big deal, but it will automatically skip and restart the music rapidly when it does this. The Windows audio screen won't go away either, it stays in the top right corner of my screen. I also can't drag tabs from Chrome, I have to move the whole browser with all its tabs to get it to my other monitor. Does anyone know how to fix this?
Notes: This is Windows 10 on a PC I built myself. I don't have any problems with performance.
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2023.05.29 05:22 AutoModerator Iman Gadzhi Courses (Complete)

Contact me if you are interested in Iman Gadzhi Courses by chatting me on +44 759 388 2116 on Telegram/Whatsapp.
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The courses of Iman Gadzhi include the following:
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The core concepts in Iman Gadzhi’c courses include:
- Starting Your Agency
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If you are interested in Iman Gadzhi’s courses, contact us on:
Whatsapp/Telegram: +44 759 388 2116 (Telegram: multistorecourses)
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2023.05.29 05:21 Apprehensive-Toe-454 27 y/o in £11,000 debt with bailiffs

So I racked up a debt which started at 6.5k. I forgot to tell a university that I quit. Partly because i went hospital and just assumed theyd take me off the course automatically after the next term. I had cancelled my student finance like an idiot. So they charged me for the whole year. I had known about this debt but I was not in the right position to be paying as I had a house that was too expensive for my means. I ended up brushing it to the side.
Fastforward When I moved back in with my parents 3 years later, I open all my mail which has been left for me. I see the debt has risen to 11,000. And that a CCJ was sent bur I didn't receive and open it in time. I got an anxiety attack and begun feeling lost and annoyed. Partly because the debt was only 6.5k before and because I'm still inbetween agency jobs trying to stick with something I can do. The CCJ letter said 8.5k. That was a year after.
I then opened a more recent letter stating Equita debt collection requires the collection of assets and they would like to visit. My mother refused to open the door for them when they came and I feel like an idiot for causing this trouble at home.
I would like to pay this debt back, however I was wondering if I can pay less than the 11k they're asking for, considering the original debt is 6.5k. Also how the hell will I be able to do it? I'm expected to pay rent, some bills and shopping at home and wherever I move I will pay even more rent because its London. I'm unsure of my rights in this situation. Should I be paying this much? And how would it work out in payments? Will I incur interest charges as I'm paying it back?
The reason why I'm asking reddit this instead of equita is because I told them I don't live there at the moment to stop them from preying on my parents valuables.Also I am not the best communicator and feel like they're hounds when they smell fear of repercussion. I would like to step into thus situation. Knowing what I'm allowed to do.
I also have a parking ticker I didn't pay which doubled but that's not the end of the world.
I have picked up a night shift job that earns 23,000 a year. I don't know if I will stay in it long term. Its monthly pay. Help! How would you approach the situation?
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2023.05.29 05:21 Educational-While-72 Narcissist ocd

Hello. Pure O here. I’ve relapsed in my narcissist ocd obsession but it’s so worse this time. My gf brought up a problem in our relationship and all I could think about was “what if we break up and she tells people about this and people don’t like me?” That is so selfish and narcissistic. The more I research the more I feel like in everything I do I only care about how it looks on me. I feel as if I only do things to make my self look better. Like I am fun around kids so their parents like me and I hold doors and am respectful so people think I’m a good person. I’ve been really good about accepting uncertainty- but this is so damaging and I want to atleast know that this can still only be OCD. Does OCD cause narcissistic thoughts like this?
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2023.05.29 05:21 lpinformation3125 Steel Grating Market Projected to Exhibit Growth at a CAGR of 1802 by 2029

Steel Grating is any regularly spaced collection of essentially identical, parallel, elongated elements. Gratings usually consist of a single set of elongated elements, but can consist of two sets, in which case the second set is usually perpendicular to the first (as illustrated).
LPI (LP Information)' newest research report, the “Steel Grating Industry Forecast” looks at past sales and reviews total world Steel Grating sales in 2022, providing a comprehensive analysis by region and market sector of projected Steel Grating sales for 2023 through 2029. With Steel Grating sales broken down by region, market sector and sub-sector, this report provides a detailed analysis in US$ millions of the world Steel Grating industry.
This Insight Report provides a comprehensive analysis of the global Steel Grating landscape and highlights key trends related to product segmentation, company formation, revenue, and market share, latest development, and M&A activity. This report also analyzes the strategies of leading global companies with a focus on Steel Grating portfolios and capabilities, market entry strategies, market positions, and geographic footprints, to better understand these firms' unique position in an accelerating global Steel Grating market.
This Insight Report evaluates the key market trends, drivers, and affecting factors shaping the global outlook for Steel Grating and breaks down the forecast by type, by application, geography, and market size to highlight emerging pockets of opportunity. With a transparent methodology based on hundreds of bottom-up qualitative and quantitative market inputs, this study forecast offers a highly nuanced view of the current state and future trajectory in the global Steel Grating.
The global Steel Grating market size is projected to grow from US$ 1583.1 million in 2022 to US$ 1802 million in 2029; it is expected to grow at a CAGR of 1802 from 2023 to 2029.
AMICO, Nucor, Webforge, Harsco (IKG) and NJMM captured the five market share spots in the steel grating revenue market in 2016, which dominated with about 40 percent market share altogether.
This report presents a comprehensive overview, market shares, and growth opportunities of Steel Grating market by product type, application, key manufacturers and key regions and countries.
Top Manufactures in Global Steel Grating Includes:
Harsco (IKG)
Xinxing Ductile Iron Pipes
Yantai Xinke
P&R Metals
Ohio Gratings
Interstate Gratings
Grating Pacific
Lionweld Kennedy
Marco Specialty
Ningbo Lihongyuan
Beijing Dahe
Yantai Wanjie
Guangdong Nanhai Jimu
Chengdu Xinfangtai
Anping Runtan
Borden Metal
Market Segment by Type, covers:
Stainless Steel Grating
Carbon Steel Grating
Market Segment by Applications, can be divided into:
Sewage Disposal
Key Questions Addressed in this Report
What is the 10-year outlook for the global Steel Grating market?
What factors are driving Steel Grating market growth, globally and by region?
Which technologies are poised for the fastest growth by market and region?
How do Steel Grating market opportunities vary by end market size?
How does Steel Grating break out type, application?
What are the influences of COVID-19 and Russia-Ukraine war?
Request Sample Report and Full Report TOC:
LP INFORMATION (LPI) is a professional market report publisher based in America, providing high quality market research reports with competitive prices to help decision makers make informed decisions and take strategic actions to achieve excellent outcomes.We have an extensive library of reports on hundreds of technologies.Search for a specific term, or click on an industry to browse our reports by subject. Narrow down your results using our filters or sort by what’s important to you, such as publication date, price, or name.
E-mail: [email protected]
Add: 17890 Castleton St. Suite 369 City of Industry, CA 91748 US
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2023.05.29 05:21 TechSquidTV I created UltimateHomeServer - A K3s based all-in-one home server solution

Recently I built a new home server to replace my aging used desktop server, and I considered if I wanted to setup Docker Compose again on the new server or maybe pick a solution like TrueNas Scale. I initially tried TrueNas Scale but found the GUI-based setup limiting and lacking documentation in many areas. So I wiped the server and started over, this time I began creating helm charts and was using K3s. I enjoyed the process of over engineering things and so now I present to you...

UltimateHomeServer - UltimateHomeServer is a user-friendly package of open-source services that combine to create a powerful home server, capable of replacing many of the services you may already be paying for. It is designed to be easy to set up and maintain, secure, and reliable.
UHS is designed out of the box to use SSL and nginx as a reverse proxy.

Services are enabled/disabled and configured with YAML, which can be created interactively with the UHS-CLI. The `uhs` cli was create to easily configure the services you want to enable in UHS. From a development standpoint, it also functions as a "schema" for the UHS templates. You can see a screencast of the CLI here:

I've been running the setup for about a month now and working on getting the repos ready to share over the last two weeks especially. The included services so far are very much my own favorites but I am very open to requests and collaboration so please get in contact or open an issue if you'd like to contribute.
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2023.05.29 05:21 AppliableCation Why does the Dalai Lama meditate!?

After the recent controversy I stumbled upon an article (I'm posting this way after finding the article) about what the Dalai Lama does all day, apparently most of his day is filled with meditating?
Every page I found says that the title "Dalai Lama" is only given to enlightened people. Why on earth would the he ever meditate?
I'm not much into Buddhism or similar, personally Yoga (not stretching lol) resonates with me much more, so it may be different in Buddhism but in Yoga it has always been said that an enlightened person and/or a Guru never meditates because meditation is a tool to get you to a certain state, once you're there then what's the point of doing it? The only thing is, when there is absolutely nothing to do at the moment and there is time to kill, they enter Samadhi states, just because why not, but that is on such a whole different level I would never compare it to meditation.
Inb4 someone says Buddhism was created because Yoga did not work for Buddha, each to their own but I believe Yoga was exactly what was needed for him and what made him enlightened, because one purpose of the Sadhana is to wear you out and make you realize it's all bullshit which is exactly what happened (although there are real benefits to Yogic sadhana as well, it self admittedly can never get someone to highest enlightenment just by doing the sadhana).
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2023.05.29 05:21 soggysloth090 Does anyone know how to get to this red chest?

Does anyone know how to get to this red chest?
Im having trouble finding a path
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2023.05.29 05:21 SinfullyRose Destructive Sketchy Neighbors - Advice Appreciated

So I live in a complex where there are many buildings that hold a group of units. For our purposes, I will be unit D10 (not my actual unit) and the units in the same building as me are units D7-D12 in order from left to right.
D9 recently moved out and in their place is a family with 2 or 3 kids. Their kids are incredibly rude but I'll get to that in a moment.
We have had a package go missing on us recently with an item that would be considered highly valued to a child (think toy, plush, candy, or game). It was marked as delivered but it's realistically a toss up on if it was stolen or not and just lost. We are worried that if it was a thief and the thief was a child, then next time they take a package it might be a decorative sword or knife (we are collectors and it's legal where we are) or alcohol (every resident on the lease for our unit is legal to drink, one of us has a partner who is 20 but they do not partake and we do not offer to serve).
We also have seen a young child (early elementary/grade school age) go INTO our landscaping/flower bed to look inside out unit. He didn't care he was noticed, he stayed until he was bored then left. We believe he's a child of D9 as we saw black and white footage of a similar child going onto our step and entering D9 with who we believe is his dad.
We also had out yard decorations and lights knocked down. Today, someone completely broke the base making them unusable.
We set up a camera doorbell and plan to put new lights up tomorrow in hopes of catching the thief, however, we have a suspect with a girl around 11-13 running up to where they were, looking, and running away. We believe she lives in D8 or D7, more likely D7.
In addition to all of this we had both adults and children come up to our doorstep and jiggle the doorknob, they only stop once they see us looking. We believe one of the adults is D8 or D7, but most likely D7.
We are concerned that the neighbors are testing the waters to see if we are viable for a robbery. Keep in mind they did all of this in front of the doorbell, albeit, motion sensing was not on until now due to battery drain (we are close to the sidewalks and it catches people just passing by).
The police around here have been nistoriously bad and hostile. Last time one was around I had a former neighbor in the same complex say, to an officers face, that she planned to go and beat me once he left (she never did), and he admitted to me that she's been guilty of multiple counts of noise violations, tried to cite me for making false noise complaints, then retroactively marked each report as a false report. He's been out right hostile to me ever since I offered to show him WEEKS to MONTHS of recordings, denied looking or accepting any recorded evidence of this white woman calling me, another white woman the n word by screaming through the wall, and blasting rap at 3 AM, and told me I'm "not allowed" to call 911 on the neighbor he knew wanted to physically harm me through a first hand statement. Realistically, the cops are not an option unless I have the landlord contact them on my behalf and act as a middle man so the officers know that there is a 3rd party that also sees these actions as an issue and has documentation of the evidence and my complaints.
As I mentioned before, I plan to try and capture the person destroying my crap and hopefully an adult or child testing my doorknob tomorrow so that I may go to my landlord on Tuesday to file an official complaint. Is there anything else I should be doing?
Additional info:
  1. I live in a 1 party consent state.
  2. My state allows for me to record in front of my home and the doorbell barely captures the entire step and most of the flower bed. I am not encroaching on anyone's privacy. I also set it to activate for the sidewalk near the lights, the walkway up to the door, the step in front of the doors (it's shared space with the walkway), and my landscaping bed.
  3. The lease does not forbid camera doorbells and the mount I have will not damage the door or walls. According to the lease, the camera doorbell is acceptable.
  4. The fact it is also adults trying to open the door and I had an outright dangerous and violent experience with the last neighbor and police, I am hesitant to talk to them both and will be asking the manager for a warning for the residents unless I catch them trying to tamper with my door again or break my lights, then I'll ask him to take furthur action and request a strike on their accounts (3 makes an eviction i believe they go away over time with good behavior) if the person committing the action was an adult. I'm not going to get a grade school kid in that much trouble, but if it is a kid after all, I will request the manager talk to the parents about behavioral expectations and depending on how they react will/wont be seeking a strike for furthur destruction (if the kid has a disability or behavioral issues and the parents are actually trying to get the kid assistance properly and make an honest attempt to curb the behavior, I'll drop it. If they're entitled and they think their kid can just break other people's things, then they contributed to the problem and need to learn the hard way).
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2023.05.29 05:21 Cvad22 Why I believe Shiv made the right call

Honestly I think shiv was right to save the deal. Not just for how we saw Kendall try to lie about the death of that kid, and then physically assault Roman and tried to hurt shiv too, but also Tom and shiv are finally on a good path in terms of a real relationship, and by shooting for Tom, shiv is in a much better position for herself and her child than with Kendall who basically cut her out multiple times when it came to the company. Not to mention by saving the deal when she knew it was going to be Tom, instead of her, likely gave her massive leverage for the future for herself. I’m sure in the future world, she gets an executive position in pierce or waystar. I don’t understand why shiv is getting hate for saving the deal when she felt it wasn’t right for her, and even Roman was like absolutely fuck the deal when he saw Kendall lying about the kid and the false memories and then assaulting him- I think kendall lying btw about that waiter dying was way worse than anything Roman said to Kendall about his kids not being his own. Kendall has said some terrible things too, like how he made roman feel horrible after the funeral.
Kendall was the worst to me out of all the siblings throughout the show, but especially in this episode. Can’t understand the support he gets especially after tonight. Plus the one thing I think ppl missed was how he lowkey popped Roman’s stitches (physical pain controlled Roman via Logan’s abuse) and I think he was trying to control Roman and make Roman stay in the meeting. I also have a different take on how Roman reacted when he saw Gerri. I think he was kinda shocked awake by seeing her and he felt horrible bc deep down she was the one molding him to be CEO, but also I think he realized he didn’t want Kendall to be it and was gonna let the deal go through, and that’s when Kendall hugged him hard enough for his stitches to pop and he changed his mind. We always knew Roman had the best instincts out of all the siblings when it came to the company throughout the seasons and even Logan himself felt Roman had the instincts for CEO. Kendall has consistently taken advantage of his siblings but with him we see him try to justify it so we forget how horrible it is. Even while Co -CEOS, Kendall was going behind Roman’s back and cutting out shiv. Imo the right person won, the one person who actually was practical about the company most of the time and was only loyal to the company and its leaders.
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2023.05.29 05:21 ADWeasley Worst ending for one character

In the sibling wars, I have always, and will always be a Kendall fan, so I’ll preface this by saying take my words with a grain of salt.
I can be objective though , and that doesn’t mean I didn’t love Shiv as a character.
Let’s face it…Shiv is a divisive character who is hard to criticize. There are fans of the show who are blatant misogynists that attack the character no matter what she does. However, there is also an extreme to the other end where people want to shout “girlboss” at every decision Shiv makes without any of the critique that would be given to the likes of Kendall and Roman. Shiv is dynamic and she is at her best when she has had to make pretty awful decisions for the best interest of herself and her family.
However, the finale is a moment where I think they did a disservice to Shiv as a character by having her vote against Kendall. Yes, I desperately wanted to see Ken win, but I could have accepted it if Shiv had any better reason to screw him over other than to spite him. She gains absolutely nothing. Sure, they have lied to each other and screwed each other over throughout the series in the name of one of them taking the top spot. But, we have also seen them defend and support one another.
Shiv’s reasoning for him not to take it was petty and spiteful. She gave the position away to a man who said she wasn’t fit to have children. How does she win in the end? The finale left me bitter not just because Kendall lost, but because it villainized Shiv for no good reason. As a story, I think the ending was excellent. A family is undone by their own hand, but I wish it didn’t come down to Kendall vs. Shiv.
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