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2023.06.05 06:29 Elskabro Does Great Southern Bank have a SWIFT code? (USA, Missouri)

Hey yall,
So I'm trying to transfer funds internationally and I'm being asked for a SWIFT code for my bank account in Great Southern Bank. I've done a google search online and it gives me GRSOUS44, but on almost all websites, they tell me its invalid or not in use anymore. Does anyone know anything about this?
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2023.06.05 06:29 Nyc-nise-ai 28[M] New York City - Dating for Amateurs... and FU Money

Now that I think about it— amateurs are people who don’t get paid for doing something. So I guess we’re all amateur daters…
Anywho. I found someone on this sub before, and though we had a great time, it ultimately didn’t work out but we remain as friends. So I’m back and hoping for another success. Hopefully an even greater one.
There’s a lot of things I can say about who I am or what I like. But I think the best way to do it is paint a picture; of what I’m looking for in life and how I’m building mine.
And that is by sharing what I’d do if I had F-U money. I’d become a traveling author writing a fictional epic as I wander through hotels in different countries. I’d run through my giant backlog of books, anime, restaurants, and games— and also become a massive donor to a bunch of aquariums because I think they’re absolutely beautiful places. And I’d also want to create some sort of social nonprofit that teaches people: both kids and young adults on things that I think society has forgotten or doesn’t know to teach: personal finance, understanding and being comfortable with emotions, finding meaning in life and being kind. Then there's family plans too, but all I'll say is that I'll be sneaking the kids out of school to show them theres more to life too much and become their teachers' least favorite parent.
I’d like us to start slowly, chat throughout the day and get to know each other. If we just stay as friends, that’s perfectly OK. If it does get romantic: I’m pretty free-form; I dont have an age range as long as we have similar values and compatible perspectives. You can be taller or shorter. You can be unemployed or studying or changing careers. My only condition is that health is something you prioritize, and ideally you exercise and care about your diet. And that you're a good person: kind, empathetic, and looking for the same.
As for me: I’m 28. Male. American-born Chinese. Speak Cantonese and Japanese (worked and studied there for a few years). 5’7 and have a lean-fit body type. Open to trading pics or video chatting if it gets there. I live in NYC but am open to out-of-state as long as you either travel here sometimes or do not mind eventually moving. If you’re interested; tell me about yourself— age, location, and what you’d do with FU money!
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2023.06.05 06:29 mikaylaaakkk Question

I’m looking for places to rent on Facebook market place. Does anyone have any information on the account Rentals GP? Just don’t want to go view a house and it’s some sketchy person
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2023.06.05 06:29 whimsybandit Extracted flat damage aspects not scaling up when imprinted?

Seems like an oversight or a bug, no?
"+50% damage while barrier is up" aspect is going to have the exact same effect (random roll aside) no matter what item level it comes or gets imprinted from.
A "300 damage ice spike at Blizzard cast" aspect from an item power 400 drop doesn't seem to scale up when imprinted on a 600 item power weapon. Or is there a UI bug and it does scale? Hard to test when a second version of the aspect doesn't drop.
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2023.06.05 06:29 Warfire416 cx-30 rainguards

Just picked up a new cx-30 CE and I'm having a hard time trying to find rain guards for it. Does anyone have any good recommendations or sites?
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2023.06.05 06:29 Lucky-Work229 How are the Carolina Skiffs for bass fishing in tree filled lakes?

I’m currently looking to upgrade that would allow my young family to join me on some fishing trips. I’m coming from a 17’ Jon boat setup as a Bass boat. I frequent Lake Fork in Texas (tree stump galore). Does anyone have any similar experiences in there Skiff? Thanks for any information.
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2023.06.05 06:28 maalox Microturbine Range Extenders

I was watching a Q&A video with Robert Dunn (from Aging Wheels) where he mentioned a turbine-based range extender that Cosworth is working on.
I've been skeptical that there's any technology that could work as a range extender for a full-sized EV-- They're simply too much weight for too little power. Their microturbine, however, creates 35kW of power and only weighs 50kg. On top of that, it's fuel-flexible, and appears to be relatively efficient.
Does anyone have an inside perspective on this? What are the barriers to making turbine-based range extenders making it to market?
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2023.06.05 06:28 hucklebur At what point is being "always available" too much?

I'm not a realtor but I've been dating one, and I've noticed that we've had quite a few disagreements about what it actually means to be always available. I'm not looking for relationship advice, but I am curious what other real estate folks think. What I've noticed, is that virtually anyone (prospective or established client) is allowed to call him at nearly any time and take up as much of his time as they like regardless of what's going on.
This has included great hits like me sitting though 20-30 minute phone calls on (scheduled) dates, or him stepping out of a poker night long enough for people to ask me if he's left. It's also gotten to the point where I've asked him not to set plans after he has showings or meetings because he will consistently be an hour (at minimum) late from any time that's been set. Typically, he's just chatting with his clients. I've also noticed that clients are more than welcome to have long conversations with him after 10 PM.
I understand that he does need to be consistently available to his clients and provide them great service, but not letting a single call go to voicemail or even attempting to shorten a conversation during social events and the like just seems excessive.
What do you guys think? Where do you personally draw the line with your clients in regards to your time?
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2023.06.05 06:28 Hardwayaround4me Forever Road

Since I cant speak to the human being this is intended for, then why not post here, because honestly your still a ghost, I have tied souls with but you purposely stay out of reach, out of sight, and just far enough away to where I am not sure if I heard the words or not.
Can we be real? Can we be honest? Can we sit and look at the moon and stars like we did camping sit next to a cozy fire and just talk until we cant? Please...
Did you bring me back here only to hurt me one last time? honestly? I am not here to hurt you whatsoever. I am not here to blame or attack or accuse or anything. I am here to talk. Are you willing to talk back to me? I guess we will see.
I just read a post saying "I am insane" and it read that if if I forgive you that proves the insanity? Huh?
well spank my ass and call me insane then, because Ive wanted nothing but to talk to you. Its to far gone? You wouldn't be here if that were the case and neither would I. You say I have your love, or I'm sparking it again? Do you feel that you do not own mine? I understand that's a loaded question with my prior actions that i had had. But you know what i mean gorgeous, and I think you know what I am saying. I don't know if you have been able to forgive me, but I know I have forgiven you, things like hurt and pain still linger yes but that's because your not present making new love and memories together with me.
Love is not always pretty or easy or even right sometimes i guess. I wont make excuses for my actions any longer, you have shown me how wrong and hurtful that is, honestly i don't even know when i started being that person, I am forever sorry. I realize that Ill never be able to erase your pain that I caused, just like you wont ever be able to erase mine, but I promise you i can make so many more great ones together that one day you wont have time to or space to remember those because of them being topped with new ones each and everyday. You know we both took each other for granted in ways here and there, and I know my legs are still wobbly at times, but that doesn't mean the lesson haunt been learned,you cant see everything what my heart has learned, just like I cant yours. Life has taught us both some very valuable lessons in the last year. You know we are very much alike but yet very unique in how we go about things think of things just everything but at the same time the 2 seem to blend harmoniously together like notes on a piano. You were right in something else i read earlier, for whatever reason we gravitate, even when we were children, its a unique like marker in universe. I am amazed by it, you seem to have a closer understanding of it, and of course you would I mean your you ;) and I mean that in a very respectful amazing way. I don't know how I could ever explain myself or justify that I was real, and what I did was deep rooted in bigger issues I was destroying myself with, and consciously I never once meant any hurt or disrespect or anything short of the pure and deep love I have for you G.
I know you tell me I have a silver tongue, and I strongly disagree. When I speak to you, idk I let go, I speak from inside a lot of times without any filter, and I would have to think that's very clear by the number if mistakes, incomplete, random, misspelled or strong things I random always seem to blurt out at you. I talk to you or fight with you in my head constantly as you well know. I am not a well spoken on nearly as much as I would like to be, like you blow me out of the water IMO idk i just don't do that there for i don't see it. It how you make the inside of me feel.

I will say this again, you know this could all be just a big joke on me ya know. I see things i feel your trying to subliminally change that you don't like even today, like smoking. And I see things that honestly bring me to tears because I am so moved by the words and the feelings behind them i am scared they may not be real or for me or ya know ill see the NAW and i think oh great it was just a lie to draw me in and hurt me, ya know? But here I am putting myself out there as real as I personally can be in this platform. I don't convey myself well at this imo, vs irl. Anyways I'm leaving myself open for potential more, because what else can I do? I mean I've already got trouble coming on me for trying a different approach. But I am doing this because its worth it G, no other reason your worth it we are worth it... but also, how does one expect forgiveness if they aren't forgiving themselves. I mean really? how could I sit here and feel any other way, actually i wouldn't sit here, i wouldn't hurt, or cry, or feel how we both do if I didn't forgive you or didn't love you in the deepest of ways or try or feel anything if I did not, and the same goes for you also. I can not begin to say how you may feel from the past. regardless there is apparently a pretty amazing base / foundation we have built because its weathered some amazing shiz.??? I can only captivate your heart from this point forward and you with mine. I have never felt stronger or more certain about anything than I do about you. I will not hurt you ever, I will not let you go ever. I would love to prove it to you everyday for the rest of my life G. I understand and am willing to rebuild our trust, our friendship, our love in whatever order it takes. I will do whatever it takes just as you would. And if this get me heartbroken or hurt more that's OK, as long as you hear what my heart is screaming for you to hear. its worth it. Even at this moment you literally bring a smile to my face, and look what we've gone thru up to this point, instant smile, instant ease, instant love. instant forgiveness.
Do not play the crazy card my dear old friend, that doesn't fly with me never has never will i have never had a single problem with you or any of your friends in fact Ive loved everyone of them except one, the one that gets up and leaves in the middle of the night and I wake up without you. butt head. Do you honestly think I'm going to like yell or scream or spit on you? drool possibly but full on llama spit lol no. I would serious snatch you up in the biggest most soulful hug and not let you go. seriously plan sometime for that hug. because 5 minutes isn't going to cover it, not even close maybe bring a snack or something lol. Well that is ya know if you can stomach to be in the same room as me. I am sorry I let you down, it wont happen again. I am not going to lose again I will not go back there, ya know so if you want it its right here waiting for you it truly is. And I promise I will make every single moment worth it, I give you my word my heart my everything on that statement you will not regret it single day, I don't know how I know this, i don't know how it is I can feel this, but I do, and that's why I am here, and that is why these words say what they do. I love you...
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2023.06.05 06:28 NationalChallenge8 USB-C Dock via wall plug

I have a Dell laptop that charges via usb-c. I have a usb-c dock that takes in a power supply to provide power to the laptop as well as give me access to three external monitors. I recently cleaned up my home office and wall mounted my monitors and ran the cables through brush plates behind the plaster. I was intending to put a wall plate with a usb-c keystone in it to connect my dock to my laptop. I bought two usb-c female-female keystone sockets and two usb-c thunderbolt 40gbps cables. When connected, my laptop shows the displays on my three monitors very briefly then cuts out and the charging light on my laptop continues to flick in and out at a regular cadence. Before I go ahead and try and find better usb-c keystones, I wanted to check whether my problem is because of bad connectors or if it’s not actually possible to push that much bandwidth across two connector joins (it does the same thing with only one of the keystones connected).
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2023.06.05 06:28 aquablueex Want to try magic truffles for the first time alone in Amsterdam

Hey everyone, after wanting to better connect with myself, nature and open my mind to new things, I feel ready to try psychedelics.
I’ve been doing a lot of research and understand that a healthy, stable mindset is ideal for the experience and I’m definitely there right now. However none of my friends are ready to try them (which is ok), but it means my only option is to do it alone.
As I haven’t been able to find any shrooms in the U.K., I feel like my only option is to embark on my journey in Amsterdam where magic truffles are easy to acquire.
Does anyone have any experience trying truffles alone, and if so, how did you find it?
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2023.06.05 06:27 CharacterAccess Spiderverse 2 does Meta and Deconstruction Better Than R&M (spoilers)

The new spider verse was not only a great look into the multiverse of spidermen, but actually did meta and fate commentary way better than rick and morty imo. It highlights spiderman story tropes, how sacrifice is needed to become a stronger superhero, and references/gags and makes fun of them too at times too. It points out the most important sacrifices and story beats of spidermen stories that are essential to the character of spiderman himself.
But unlike Rick and Morty it doesn't belittle the audience directly for liking or noticing these tropes, it doesn't take away from heartfelt emotional scenes like R and M too. The worst part is Rick and Morty pointing out all these cliches and tropes like they want us to know how smart these writers are and then proceed to do the cliche/tropey thing (although subverting it in a minor way).
ex. Rick saying "we have to do a fucking star wars" before doing a star wars or "do you wanna see my crybaby backstory" before giving Morty that obvious backstory device or that story train thing. this is why the "sperm" episode was so bad as well
these types of meta ironic complaining/pointing out aspects are constant in the newer seasons and it's grating for Rick or the other characters to be so obviously the voice for the writers themselves
Spiderverse 2 though not that nuanced does the story train episode from season 4 so much better, because it doesn't point out every single aspect of the story writing process and complain about them. The plot itself is a depiction and confrontation that challenges the notion that all spidermen stories have to end up a certain way or spiderman must have to sacrifice to earn something. Miles is on a mission to subvert our expectations.
Btw, does anyone think the spider verse writers took some notes from Steins;Gate with the "attractor fields" being the same as "canon" in spider verse 2
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2023.06.05 06:27 Apprehensive_Bed_522 What access does a non-film major have when it comes to USC's film resources and opportunities?

I'm an English major interested in film and was wondering how exclusive is USC's film resources, events, opportunities, etc. I was planning on minoring in film, but would it be more theoretical than hands-on if i just minor in it?
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2023.06.05 06:27 New-Relationship-290 I (26M) am sick of dating

Tl;dr: see title
I’m going on a rant here.
I’d like to think I’m a nice guy - I don’t mean to harm to anymore or invite trouble. I don’t do stupid shit. I work hard, do things I like and constantly work on being a better version of myself. But I have bad days as well. And today is one of those days.
The last 2 relationships I’ve been in have ended with one of them cheating on me, the other wanting to get back with ex. This is after 2.5yrs and 1yr each.
I obviously didn’t see either of those things happening. I know I can’t control what other do. But damn, it sucks!
I’m an introvert. I also lack social skills to maintain small talk.
I have to really put effort into meeting women, or even maintaining a conversation on an app. I’ve started to question if it’s even worth putting myself out there again.
What does a guy have to do to find a decent human being to be with these days?

Edit: How ironic is that username! I just saw it. 😂
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2023.06.05 06:27 Jasreha Benadryl Reaction?

Hi all.
I had a weird experience today and I’m still not 100% back to normal, and I need some reassurance, I guess.
I take 150mg of Bupropion daily. Sometimes I miss a dose, but it’s not super often and I’ve been trying to get better about it. I took Benadryl today (I was bad and took 2 25mg tablets, but I’ve done that before). Left for work, everything was fine.
The minute I was standing again I was not okay. Hot, disassociating, brain fog, generally felt weak and jello-y. I wound up leaving work within an hour and sitting in my car a good 45 minutes because I was scared I was going to pass out. Came home, took a 4 hour nap… And I still feel fuzzy and what I can only best describe as slightly high.
I’m reassuring myself by telling myself if I still feel like this in the morning I’ll go to urgent care or something, but does anyone have any insight? The Benadryl was the only change from my normal routine, and even then, I’ve taken the same dosage before and this has never happened.
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2023.06.05 06:27 BlueVestDragon Does anyone have a good way of remembering what the functions of the common/deep peroneal/fibular/tibular nerves are?

I swear these nerves are giving me a literaly aneurysm. What's the difference between peroneal and fibular. And common vs deep peroneal? Like jeez.
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2023.06.05 06:27 AppropriateSherbet46 Not Sure What To Do Anymore

Hey all- I’ve never uh posted in here before but.. I really need help so I figured it wouldn’t hurt. I (19F) currently have a 7 almost 8 month old daughter and Im struggling really bad with PPD. It’s been extremely hard to be motivated to do really anything, especially because I do about 80-90% of the child care. My daughter is very attached to me, to the point where in a room with other people (including her dad and other family) she is almost always seeking me out. She can crawl and kinda walk so she follows me all around the house and often cries at my feet to be held or she’ll just use my legs to stand up while Im trying to cook or clean. If I’m sitting she wants to be in my lap or messing with what I’m attempting to do- which honestly has led to a little.. I wouldn’t say resentment but just feelings of being upset with my partner because he’s always able to do what he wants even if its something as simple as getting a drink from the fridge which I can rarely do without her following at high speed or crying for me to come back. She’s basically all over me 24/7 (although my partneher dad does try to give me breaks it honestly isn’t enough). I feel burnt out all the time, and absolutely exhausted and overstimulated. I’m so so happy that she loves me and loves playing with me but I need a break and I just.. either can’t get one or I get one and it doesn’t feel like enough. I don’t want to start resenting my daughter or my partner but I’m struggling so bad to just function regularly and even more so with a baby on top. I’m sorry for rambling so much- I guess I’m just trying to get it off my chest and also try and find anyone who’s able to help because I’m not sure how much more of this I can handle.
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2023.06.05 06:27 Pitiful-Painter-8197 I think my friend is in a cult and doesn’t know it

I am a female 19 year old college student. When I was in high school, I became friends with a girl whom we’ll call Joe(18). She and I became friends and bonded over our love for plants, music, books, tv, and art. To paint a picture of her, she grew up in a religious christian household, and left christianity sometime in early high school. She was on and off of different antidepressants and mood stabilizers throughout our friendship. She had the same therapist for many years and had a close relationship with her. She loves her animals and urges me and our other close friend, ( we’ll call her ember ) to let her dogs and cats lick our faces because that’s how they connect to people. She saves baby birds with broken wings, loves kids, and is generally just a positive and happy go lucky kind of chick.
I left for college in the fall of 2022, and she was still in high school, so we didn’t talk or hang out for almost a year. We also didn’t speak the summer leading up to the school year, because there had been a split down our friend group and joe, ember and I had gone our separate ways. She reconnected to me sometime in early 2023 asking to start hanging out and I told her no and made excuses because of the abrupt nature of our friendship ending the summer prior. I started working with her again at my summer job in my hometown a month ago and have since noticed many changes in her demeanor, verbiage, and overall personality, and I started smoking with her after work sometimes like we used to, including ember.
She talks way less, and frequently zones out or stays completely silent when anyone is talking to her. She often tells me she doesn’t understand what we’re talking about, or what’s “ going on “. She speaks in a kiddish manor, often reciting omens about forgiveness and peace. Almost scripture like. Like a kid in bible school. Anything that she liked before, books, art, tv, etc, she has no interest in now. The only tv she watches are kids cartoons, and says the reason why is that “ tv is meaningless so i just watch happy stuff “ which seems just like some hippie shit she would say so I didn’t think much of that. I noticed as we all hung out that when ember or I would talk about anything we liked, our hobbies or interests, she never had any of her own. She takes care of her plants, and reads and meditates. The thing is, she only reads one book. Over and over. It’s called, “ A Course in Miracles “.
As time has gone on she mentions this book more and more. In fact 9/10 times I hear her say ANYTHING it’s just a reference to the book or peace or forgiveness or how nothing matters and reality isn’t real. She claims that the only “ real “ thing is love, and anything else in this world or life other than that, is ego.
One day ember and I went to her house to smoke and when we get there we enter her room like usual, and to sit on the bed, I had to close this big blue book that was opened to the smack dab middle in the middle of her bed. I hand her the book to sit down, and I’m reading the title as I hand it over. She takes this action as interest, and starts explaining the book to me.
I hate to use this word, but she truly sounded completely delusional. She claimed she was just “ further along on her spiritual journey” than we were, and she had reached enlightenment by discovering that reality is an illusion, and sin doesn’t exist because nothing is real. She no longer believes in personal accountability, and recently has made plans with me 12 hours in advance and blown me off as I’m sitting there waiting in the parking lot for her to show up. I recently told her how upset this recurring action is, and she told me “ I’m not a planner. I’m a free spirit, I just go with the flow. What’s supposed to happen happens and what doesn’t, doesn’t. “
The issue with this of course being that she wasn’t that much of a free spirit to reach out and make the plan in the first place.
I started looking into this book and it turns out that the author regretted writing the book immensely, and said she “ hated that damn book “. She died of cancer, which according to the book, isn’t possible because enlightenment cures ALL sickness. The book has been openly criticized for it’s sketchy ties to christianity, the bureaucratic shit the author did to call this a self help book even though it’s more of a religious book, and also the insane contradictory statements it makes. The author of the book claimed that Jesus spoke to her and told her to rewrite the Bible, because it was wrong. Hence, this book. I’ve also read that this book preys on young minds that were indoctrinated by christianity and escaped it. Some call it new age woo.
The more I see the worse it gets. The author says she regrets writing it in the first place. This book sends people into a state of dissociative psychosis. I remember Joe saying to me, “ Before I found this book, I wanted to kill myself. “ I am afraid that she’s already too deep in and has no grip on reality at all, not that she believes in it anyway. And the loss of it might send her off the deep end.
I have lots of shit on my plate, so does everyone, but this is a really large topic, and I definitely don’t have any energy to entertain this further. She feels hollow. She has no passion for anything, except her belief in nothing. As her friend, and just as a human that is concerned, I feel some sort of obligation to do something about this. I also feel the urge to just not speak to her anymore and call it done. Her actions are very selfish and it is hard to empathize with her when I know that she didn’t do any research. It’s hard to even take it seriously in a way.
She didn’t do as much as a Google search before devoting her life to this book. She lives by its scriptures and uses them to do whatever she wants, whenever she feels like it.
Would stepping in at this point even help? Would she dismiss me as not real if I even had concerns about it or brought it up?
I am wondering if my friend is still in there somewhere. She’s just graduated high school and is still very young, but has always been a little naïve and uninformed. Do I jump off a sinking ship? Or is that selfish and I need to help her? I just had to get this out of my system because I cannot stop worrying about the consequences this is going to have.
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2023.06.05 06:27 Confident-Ad-428 Just discovered Hyperosmia—thought it was normal

I was cooking for a friend yesterday and he was asking how I new how to combine the flavours I did. I told him that I can taste the smells and then combine ingredients in my mind to know what they’ll taste like. He was like, what?!?!
My mother can also do this. The closest thing that I have found was hyperosmia—which we both have as well with the negative side effects. Certain chemical smells will trigger asthma, allergies, headaches, anxiety, etc.. I sometimes have to leave rooms, get air outside, etc..
The taste part is not pleasant around garbage, bad body odour, dirty diapers, etc.
I can’t find anywhere that talks about tasting smells. Does anyone else experience this?
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2023.06.05 06:27 its-zerowing Barbarian - what counts as swapping weapons?

Barbarian - what counts as swapping weapons?
When dual wielding and I have 1h-hammer and 1h-sword in each hand, does that count as "swapping weapons" on each strike when using Frenzy?
Or is it only when I use skills that require one of the three types (2H Bludgeoning, 2H Slash, and Dual Wield) that it counts as a "weapon swap"? Ex: Frenzy for basic skill, then Hammer of the Ancient as core skill counts as one swap?
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Sincerely, the best way to prevent a mental breakdown after discovering or dealing with infidelity is to make sure you are not simply assuming your partner is doing it. Don't accuse them of cheating until you have gathered evidence of their behavior, as confrontation without proof is simply unacceptable. I contacted [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]), when I was in the middle of the storm with my now-ex wife, and I was able to view all of her emails, whatsapp messages, kik messages, and even pictures she exchanged In retaliation for what she did to me, this hacker assisted me in taking down all of her social media accounts. His email address is [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]).
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2023.06.05 06:26 minimanelton On the topic of Adam doing ad reads

I just watched the stream highlight where Adam talked about doing ads in his videos and I just wanted to throw my thoughts out there as a long time audience member.
It seems like Adam’s main concerns come down to maintaining his integrity as 1) an artist and 2) a reviewer. While I understand his concerns, I think the fact that Adam is concerned about those things in the first place means he will still maintain the integrity that he hopes not to lose. In the current YouTube climate, I doubt anyone would genuinely be calling him a sellout or something like that. I’d say about 95% of the other channels I watch do ad reads and I don’t think any less of them for doing it. Ad free versions of his videos could also be made available through Patreon or something like that, too.
Adam also mentioned that it’s a part of his brand to recommend things to people and that being paid to promote a product could affect that. I understand that point but I also don’t think anything different about Anthony Fantano just because he does ads for Ridge Wallets. Same goes for Chris Stuckmann, Cr1tikal or Videogamedunkey and various products they might do ads for. And while I get that Adam wants to hold himself to a higher standard in terms of the ethics of advertising, any damage that he would cause has pretty much been done by the rest of the internet already.
All this is to say that I think it would be generally positive for Adam to do ads. He works hard for his content and I’d like to see him make more money off of it. What are your thoughts?
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