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The subreddit for underrated bath and body works products that the people have to know about!

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For anyone who is interested in not buying products from Bath and Body Works for any reason.

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a place for lovers of skincare and makeup to share their daily scent choices!✨ categories: body lotion/cream, shower gel/body wash, hand soap, perfume/mist, lipbalm/gloss, hand sanitizer ________________________________________ Please share the scent name, product type, and company name (example: Bath & Body Works Hello Beautiful Fine Fragrance Mist). If your fellow Redditors are interested in trying the product(s), this will make it easy for them!

2023.06.08 11:34 rizochem Top Pharmaceuticals Wholesaler, Distributor & Exporter Company from India

Top Pharmaceuticals Wholesaler, Distributor & Exporter Company from India
Rizochem is the topmost renowned third-party pharmaceuticals wholesaler & exporter company from India. We are given our best services since 2011. Rizochem work as a Distributor of medicines to many institutions like the Nuclear Power Corporation of India, Hospital of India Railways, etc. Rizochem is also exporting medicines all over the world. We are also making deals in emergency medicine and anti-cancer medicine. We are a confided-in drug distributor forever saving medications including immunizations and hormonal prescriptions internationally. We are guaranteed by the FDA and medication regulator of India. Items that go under Branded Generic Pharmaceutical definition is our aptitude. Rizochem pharmaceutical wholesaler & exporter company provides the solution to procure even those products which are not available in India.

Rizochem is one of the famous Pharmaceutical Exporter companies from India.

Rizochem is a pharmaceutical exporter of medicine from India that is registered with the Director-General of Foreign Trade. Rizochem pharmaceutical exporter companies have valid licenses given by the appropriate governing bodies to participate in the trading of pharmaceutical products. We export products that are individually registered with the nation where they will be dispatched. Rizochemis assigned by the Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT). Every pharma company that wishes to engage in import-export trade with any other country requires a special IEC code for import-export. Rizochem exports only tested and approved pharmaceutical products by the governing bodies of both countries. We packed and stored our pharmaceutical products with utmost care before and during dispatch to avoid physical or chemical deterioration.
Rizochem is one of the front runners in the export of drugs and other pharma products. The demand for medical products from India is high all over the world. India is additionally known to be the greatest provider of conventional meds from one side of the planet to the other. More than 50% of the global vaccination demands are fulfilled by pharmaceutical exporters from India. Recent studies have revealed that India contributes to about 20% of the total pharma import and export that happens all over the world.

Why is Rizochem Indian Pharma Export the best pharmaceutical wholesaler and distributor company in India?

Rizochem pharmaceutical is mainly focused on.
  • Good of Recognition
  • Good of Regulations
  • Good of our client Completion
  • Cold chain Export with data logger
  • Global Pallet packing
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2023.06.08 11:33 sunny_dayz64 Attached to my mask

Okay so I'm currently seeing a psychiatrist for my concerns that I may have schizophrenia. I have auditory and visible hallucinations and I am paranoid 24/7. Sometimes the paranoia gets really bad and it gets to the point where I can't function well because I feel like there is someone right behind me at all times. It's a terrible hindrance that doesn't seem to go away. That on top of my constant mood changes really makes it hard to do menial tasks in my life right now.
A while back I had a spell of anger that I can only classify as borderline rage. I don't know what caused it but I was so angry to the point where I was visibly shaking. It was while I was at work as well, so it really wasn't a good look for me in my bosses eyes. I don't know what caused me to do this but, I began to look for masks online. Not like general face masks, but full face masks, something that completely hid my face. Eventually I found one though, it was a black mask with eye slits and nothing else. Just two holes to see out of. I instantly fell in love as soon as I saw it and I ended up buying it. Fast forward a week and it gets here, I waste no time putting it on. I can feel something changing inside me, almost as if I just took some sort of mind altering drug. It's like I'm not even the same person anymore while wearing it.
For reference, I can not speak while wearing it. Any sort of sound I make with it on is just a natural sound (ie sniffing or such), it's like I physically can not speak with it on. I also can seem to feel no anger whatsoever while wearing it. Anytime I would usually get mad at a game or anything else in my life, I just feel nothing while wearing it. It's as if I completely become a different person while I have it on.
Needles to say, I wear it quite often. The constant anxiety of feeling like someone is watching me just melts away with it on, but I don't know why. I want to know why it feels so good to wear the mask, I want to know why I feel like I'm someone else in my body with it on. I really hope I've given enough explanation to my situation, and I thank anyone in advance for any help or insight you offer me. Thank you.
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2023.06.08 11:32 Chance_Tune8364 [FM] Try-on haul gone RIGHT (married 30s couple)

The summer sun casts a warm glow through the windows of your cozy living room, as you and your wife settle in for a relaxing game night. Both of you are dressed comfortably in light, breezy clothing, perfect for the season. The atmosphere is relaxed, but there's an undercurrent of excitement and desire between you, evident in the way your wife's eyes linger on you, her lips curved into a playful smile.
Your wife sits across from you, her legs crossed, revealing a hint of smooth, light skin. She wears a loose, floral-print sundress that accentuates her curves, the fabric swaying gently with every movement. Her long, flowing hair cascades over her shoulders, adding to her allure. She leans forward, her gaze fixed on you, her voice filled with anticipation.
"So… since we have some time to ourselves tonight, how about we do a little game? I propose we explore my underwear collection, and you can help me decide which ones to keep. What do you say?"
A mischievous glint sparkles in your eyes as you eagerly agree to your wife's proposition. You feel a rush of excitement coursing through your veins, ready to embark on this intimate adventure together.
You pull up a chair next to your wife, positioning yourself closer to her. The anticipation in the air is palpable as she reaches over and takes your hand, her touch sending a thrilling shiver down your spine.
"Here's how it's going to work. I have gathered a selection of my most interesting underwear pieces, and I want you to see them on me. You can give me your honest opinion on each one, and we'll decide together which ones are keepers. Oh, and remember, you do have to give an opinion! Can’t say you like them all. "
She leans in, her voice low and sultry, her breath tickling your ear.
"Now, why don't you sit back and relax? If you can…"
A wicked grin spreads across your face as you respond to your wife's proposal, infusing your words with a hint of spice and anticipation.
"You've got my full attention, babe. I'm ready to see what you've got in store," you reply, your voice laced with desire. "Tell me, where should I sit for the best view?"
Your wife's eyes light up with mischief as she leads you to a large, plush armchair positioned in the center of the room. She playfully pats the seat, inviting you to take a comfortable position.
"Right here, my referee. Get yourself settled and get ready to be blown away. I'll be standing just a few steps in front of you, ready to make your heart race."
She sways her hips sensually as she positions herself, emphasizing the seductive nature of the upcoming show. You feel a surge of excitement as you sink into the soft cushions, eagerly awaiting the unveiling of her secret collection.
She slowly raises her hands to the straps of her sundress, teasingly letting them slip down her shoulders, revealing more of her pale skin. The fabric glides down her body, pooling at her feet, leaving her standing before you in a lace bra and matching panties that accentuate her curves.
With a playful twinkle in her eyes, she starts to sway her hips to an imaginary rhythm, a slow and sensuous dance that accentuates every curve of her body. Her fingers trace lightly over her smooth skin, exploring the contours of her exposed chest and abdomen, while her eyes remain locked with yours, intensifying the connection between you.
"Do you like what you see, my love? Tell me, how does it make you feel?"
A surge of desire courses through you as you express your admiration for your wife's stunning appearance.
"You look absolutely stunning. I'm speechless. Can't see well enough though... please come closer"
You can't help but crave a closer view, and she eagerly obliges, striding over to you with a sultry smile.
She positions herself on your lap, facing you, her warm breath caressing your ear as she leans in closer. You bury your head in the gentle curve of her chest, feeling the softness of her skin against your cheek. With a mischievous glimmer in her eyes, she starts to move, teasing you with her sensuous dance.
Her hips sway slowly, brushing against your own, creating an exquisite friction that ignites your desire. Her fingers glide through your hair, gently tugging and guiding your head, allowing you to explore the contours of her body with your lips and tongue.
"Mmm, maybe a should get myself together… not sure I can…" She whisper in your ear as she continues to move, her hands wander, tracing along your jawline and down your neck, igniting sparks of pleasure. She leans in, her lips tantalizingly close to yours, but just out of reach.
Your desire for a closer view intensifies, and you suggest a tantalizing change in position.
"Turn around, I need to see better the underwear if I want to be able to assess it"
With a mischievous giggle, your wife playfully complies, turning around to face away from you. She positions herself, straddling your lap, her back pressed against your chest.
As the sultry rhythm of the music fills the room, she starts to move her hips in a slow and enticing lap dance. Her fingers trail along your arms and thighs, teasingly brushing against your skin, while you lean in to kiss her back, savoring the taste of her soft, exposed skin.
Your lips explore the curves of her spine, leaving a trail of passionate kisses as you travel upward. The delicate lace of her panties peeks out, tempting you to continue your exploration. The scent of her arousal fills the air, heightening your own desire.
"Mmm, my love." She moans
You continue to shower her back with kisses, your hands instinctively finding their way to her hips, gripping them firmly as you feel the heat building between you.
Your hands glide up her body, gently caressing her breasts through the lace of her bra. She arches her back, pressing herself against you, savoring the sensation of your touch. Your lips brush against her ear as you speak, your voice filled with desire.
"Tell me what you want me to do next."
She playfully steps back, breaking the intimate contact between you, but her teasing touch continues as she kneels before you, her eyes filled with mischief. Her fingers expertly explore the growing bulge in your pants, adding to the intoxicating pleasure that fills the air.
With a seductive grin, she asks about your rating for her first piece of the try-on, her touch becoming more deliberate and arousing.
"So, my love, what's your score for the first piece? Does it make you ache for more?"
"The first piece left me speechless, but I’m not able to rate it. I have nothing else to compare it to!”
Your response leaves her delighted and eager to showcase more of her collection. She releases her grip on your crotch and rises gracefully from her kneeling position, a knowing smile playing on her lips.
She takes a step back, her eyes locked with yours as she slowly hooks her fingers around the waistband of her lacy panties. With a teasing flick of her wrist, she starts to lower them, revealing a tantalizing glimpse of her intimate area.
"I'm glad the first piece had such an impact on you, my love. Are you ready for the next reveal?"
Your breath catches in your throat as she gracefully undresses, revealing every inch of her exquisite body. Your eyes hungrily devour her form, from her perfectly curved breasts to the curve of her hips and the inviting warmth between her legs. You can’t help it but notice the glistening look of her inner area, which makes your erection grow even more at this point, you can feel your heart pounding on your chest rapidly. The room fills with a palpable tension as both of you shed your clothes, baring yourselves to the other's gaze.
As you settle back in the chair, fully aroused, she unexpectedly but playfully takes hold of your throbbing cock, her fingers wrapping around the shaft. She looks into your eyes with a wicked smile, knowing the effect she has on you. With a few firm, skillful strokes, she sends waves of pleasure coursing through your body, leaving you longing for more.
“Wait right here, my naughty lover. I have another set of lingerie that I know will drive you wild."
Before she goes, she leans down, her lips engulfing your pulsating member, giving you a series of deep, satisfying sucks. The sensation is overwhelming, causing a low moan to escape your lips. She then pulls back, laughter dancing in her eyes as she saunters away, leaving you craving her touch.
You watch her as she disappears into another room, anticipation building with each passing moment. The sound of fabric rustling fills the air as she begins to change into the next enticing ensemble, her body hidden from view for a brief but tantalizing interlude.
(End of Part 1)
- Ember Noir
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2023.06.08 11:32 Leo_147 I regularly pull a muscle in my neck doing pullups

Hey people,
It happens quite often that I go all out on my pullups or chinups and I pull a muscle in my neck.
I kinda always walk around with a stiff neck (idk maybe my mattress just sucks), and even warmed up properly doesnt guarantee it won't happen.
Does anyone have similar experiences? What works to avoid that? Obviously warming up might be the main factor, what do you guys do top properly warm up your upper body for pullups?
Everytime I pull my neck I can't turn my head for 1-2 weeks, wich makes working out completely impossible.
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2023.06.08 11:30 AutoModerator [Get] Payton Clark Smith – SEO and Webflow 2.0 Download

[Get] Payton Clark Smith – SEO and Webflow 2.0 Download
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In 2018 I started my business and I struggled to find web design clients. When I did, they would never pay me more than $800 bucks for a website. The next month, I was back to square one trying to find a new website project just to stay afloat.
I was working myself to death. 😩
I had serious doubts that I could ever provide a good life for my family as a freelance designer…
I hustled to improve my skills and up my prices (and I did pretty good!).
I started charging $2k and $3k for my website projects and I got a glimmer of hope. 🤩
Then my 1st son was born and I quickly realized how expensive life can get.
I finally accepted the fact that I needed to make some serious changed to my business if I was going to make this work.

So I started to learn SEO…

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2023.06.08 11:30 Honobia I might have thrown away my last/best chance at love and family

I (31f) had a man (33m)who was sweet, caring, attentive, generous, hilarious, and great in the sack. We would travel every month or two, between us we made great money and were still saving for a house. On road trips we would make up/play games and keep each other smiling the whole time. He could read my mind half the time, any fragment of an obscure reference one of us threw out would instantly be recognized and laughed about. He had this, in his words, Irish catholic mindset where he couldn't imagine ever leaving/steeping out on a partner. That made me feel safe and secure and loved even when I'm grumpy and acting out a bit. He always pushed me to want more from life and work towards my goals, he's very supportive.
But he needed so much attention. It was very stereotypically role reversed, where I just wanted ro be left alone and he wanted to constantly have plans and be doing things. But I had to also do the things because he didn't want to do it alone. Every time I woke up it was 'what are we going to do today?' When I just wanted to enjoy a day off and burrito on the couch. After a few years it felt more like a chore than adventure. We had very different views on what love means to us and what we need from a partner. He also has endless wanderlust and gets itchy to jump state, when I deeply want a home and community. He would get all in his feelings about things that were accidental/miscommunication and be kinda petty about it. By the end I was so frustrated, but he had just had a breakthrough that he was being selfish and seemed like he was willing to work through it with me. It had just been too much for too long for me and my body shut down and didn't want his touch.
I chose to leave because ultimately I felt like after all of the compromises we would both have led lackluster lives. At the time it seemed to be a mercy to set him free to explore and find someone who wants to wander the world with him and share his passions. A good man like him deserves better.
It's been about 3 months and I am having regrets. Logically I remember that by the end I was almost crawling out of my skin with all of the expectations... But emotionally I am wondering if I've let my stubborn nature lead me to the greatest mistake of my life. If I had just been more flexible then we could have had a family and kids and lived different places and experienced new things together.
I honestly can't tell if I've thrown away my last chance at happiness and family. Usually I don't believe in looking back once something is over, but should I hit him up? Is that completely stupid?
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2023.06.08 11:26 InterestingRoad9453 i couldin't float when doing the sleep exploration tape from wave 1 when he said float away i was still in my body awake how can i float out ?

i got the courage to use the tapes at last from the orientaion to sleep exploration did the orientation a day before and the other ones till sleepexloration ones after the other in the next day after i can enter focus 10 body relaxed mind awake i can make the energy ball shield which was a little bit hard as you think of two things working at the same time and the breathing exercise i did it and the AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm so what should i do to float away as he goes too fast ??
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2023.06.08 11:26 Katulu_ White line in vertical tabs dark mode

Hi, Is there a way to remove that thin white space that appears between the vertical tabs bar and the rest of the web body?.
I have tried changing various visual themes but it doesn't work.

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2023.06.08 11:26 tartar-buildup B1538 - Export Finance & Project Investment Bill - Amendment Division

B1538 - Export Finance & Project Investment Bill - Amendment Division

Due to its length, this Bill can be found here.
Opening Speech
Mr Speaker,
Firstly I want to say that this is a bill that has seen great passion and dedication by my colleagues who have worked relentlessly on contributing in their various areas of specialisation for what is a very esoteric and at times ‘finicky’ topic to address. Nonetheless, the contents of the bill they have produced is one we are proud of as this Government works its way to achieve its goals.
The Export Credit Agency of UK Export Finance has been under-utilised, if not forgotten by previous Governments. This is a key instrument in aiding economic growth and development, especially when productivity is a big drawback on the British economy. Our party made a promise to address the structural challenges to our economy and here we deliver directly to fix that. This bill emboldens our export finance agency to not just provide support to UK exporters, but allows us to finance crucial overseas project investment feeding into our own and global development goals.
Part 1 of this bill deals with the nature of export finance. We move in this part to make sure exporters (suppliers) get the immediate access to finance to spend and reinvest on key capital projects in which that finance would not be available for the likes of 90 to 120 days. Subsequently bringing a continuous and positive growth program that sees market development and improved business connections. By no means is this a form of state aid that grants the competing advantage within an industry regarding the production of goods or services against rivals, but allows for immediate credit and export guarantees through loans and not subsidies.
In regards to SMEs, export finance is undoubtedly an ideal way to help small and medium sized businesses that need the funds but have limited banking facilities and credit history. Key to Conservative policy is that unlocking of economic potential and the core value of equality of opportunity which is why this Government is fully launching itself in support of the backbone of our economy, which are small and medium sized enterprises.
What is key in such a redefining and emboldening of British investment capabilities is our commitment to net-zero and environmental sustainability which is why we will be ending any and all UKEF support for the fossil fuel industry in the coming months. This Government will move to utilise Export Finance and project investment underpinned by said sustainability goals and environmental commitments.
Part 2 of the bill focuses itself on the capabilities for project finance investment. We make thorough provisions that base itself around categorising sector areas (see Schedules 5, 6 and 7) deemed necessary for environmental impact assessments. By ensuring our project finance investments not only comply with environmental and social regulations but are thoroughly assessed for their impact, this Government works towards mutual sustainability goals.
We further go to provide the necessary provisions such as the adoption of the equator principles in the operations of UKEF - in accordance with 116 financial institutions across 37 countries. This is a necessary framework for all forms of financial institutions involved in project finance to ensure the necessary environmental, social and regulatory policy frameworks are in place when supporting global project development. This Government is committed to ensuring that all practices within our financial sector are in accordance with responsible and cooperative management practices. They further go to promote a common framework for global social and environmental standards in which developmental banks and export credit agencies (such as UKEF) increasingly draw on OECD common approaches.
Outlined by various corporations, international organisations and governing bodies, it is understandable that green finance will play a crucial role in global sustainable development and aiding the combat of climate change. The World Economic Forum estimates the value of green finance to reach $2.36 trillion this year in order to meet the needs of environmentalism and economic growth alongside it. Currently the USA and China, lead in this alongside the European Union implementing a green finance plan. Our Export Finance scheme is one that aligns itself with a clean growth strategy that helps further green and sustainable development, not just in Britain but globally. In a globalised world through promoting and facilitating a sustainable development plan in regards to our exports we help contribute to fostering more sustainable economic development internationally and projecting our values on this matter. This Government is proud to bring forward such an achievement in establishing and providing the means to promote and develop the necessary provisions for reaching sustainability in economic growth driven through export.
Amendment A01:
Amend the following Section titles to read:
Section 7: Transactions of Overseas Buyers
Section 8: Definitions
Section 9: Establishment of Project Categorisation
Section 10: Aims of Environmental Impact Assessments
Section 11: Project Environmental Impact Assessments Stipulations
Section 12: Adherence to The Equator Principles
Section 13: Powers of the Secretary of State in Project Investment
Section 14: Sustainable Development
Section 15: Extent, Commencement, and Short Title
EN: There is an accident in the numbering of the Bill as ‘Section 6’ is copied twice by mistake, the second Section 6 really should be Section 7, so this is just reordering the titles following to fit.
This Amendment is moved in the name of u/Hobnob88
Amendment A02:
Amend Section 2: subsection 3 to read:
(3) UK Export Finance’s mission shall be to advance prosperity by promoting UK exports through finance or insurance, adhering to the OECD Arrangement.
Amend Section 4: subsection 2(d) to read:
(d) a requirement that social, environmental, country and human risk due diligence processes are carried out by UKEF and any supporting agencies, in accordance to the OECD Agreement.
Amend Section 5: subsection 4(a) to read:
(a) the Loan Agreement is to require UKEF Supported Exporters to offer overseas buyers a minimum fixed interest rate offer (CIRR) valid for four months, and
Amend Section 5: subsection 4 to include 4(c):
(c) UKEF Supported exporters are to charge no less than the minimum premium rate for credit risk developed by UKEF to cover non-repayment risk.
Amend Section 6: subsection 4 to read:
(4) UK Export Finance is to provide immediate loans of no more than 80% of an individual applicant's owed invoice value, excluding local costs.
Amend Section 7: subsection 1(a) to read:
(a) transfer the remaining invoice value of up to 20% (see Section 6: subsection 4) back to the UKEF Supported Exporter, minus the pre-agreed service fee of Section 5: subsection 4b.
Amend Section 13: subsection 1 to include:
(c) to include UK Export Finance project support (in accordance with the entirety of this Act) within global project development frameworks requiring they too adhere to the Equator Principles.
EN: As the main author of the Bill, I noticed areas to improve greater wording clarity. Furthermore allowing the project investment scheme to be a part of eligible global project development frameworks such as the Blue-Dot-Network, or UN development operations by revising scope and framework adherence.
This Amendment is moved in the name of u/Hobnob88
This Division shall end on 10 June, 10pm BST
Peers may vote Content, Not Content, or Present.
Clear the Bar!
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2023.06.08 11:23 PeppaPigSandwich Fitting small extract fan in big ole hole!

I have a big old through wall extractor fan in my kitchen. Doesn't work but I had it rewired to the spur. I want to change it to a much smaller DMEV extract. The current hole is covered in a 14 inch grille and there is a 12 inch square hole through the wall to the outside currently filled with old rusty fan.
What is the best/easiest way to tidy this up for the new fan? I imagine a bit of board and some easifill will do for the inside. But through the wall and especially the outside I am not sure of. Any advice?
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2023.06.08 11:23 Cosmic_Cat_1969 Anyone thought about what happens when we eventually "die, die"?

Anyone got any opinions on this? Surely no matter what way you see this QI or anything similar, we have to 'die' at some point right? Like as a decrepit old man or woman. No one can live to be a 200 cryptic keeper, and hmwhk would want to? Life would be miserableand pointless. The human body starts falling apart into adulthood. So how does it work? Would your consciousness just cease to exist? Would you loop back. Thoughts ?
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2023.06.08 11:23 user94758 I need help with ADHD husband refusing to do anything when angry!

Background - My husband was diagnosed with ADHD as a child. Showed all the typical behaviours and was put on Ritalin. His parents didn't like that he had to medicated so they only put him on it Mon - Fri while he was at school. He stopped taking it at 18.
We've been together 8 years and the relationship was challenging at the beginning as I learnt his ways. We have been to the drs together to discuss treatment and he was prescribed betalockers (he has extremely high blood pressure too so they would manage that also) but he won't take them.
Since having children it's been particularly hard...parenting is very much on his terms - for example, he'll do bathtime most nights, but rather than stick to a schedule time, he'll do after he's finished his drink / programme / cigarette. The kids could be screaming, taking themselves to the bath and he won't budge.
But the biggest strain on our relationship is the lack of help I recieve around the house and the escalation that happens if I say anything. I'd love some advice how better to approach this. Below is a typical example of what happens on a regular basis - it's a long one, sorry!
Yesterday, me and kids were out all day. He wfh and before I left I asked him to empty the dishwasher and tidy the kitchen. I also called him all our way home to talk about dinner and he told me he had gone to the shop earlier and sorted himself out. He finishes work around 5pm and we got back around 7.30pm. We were all tired and our youngest had napped late so screamed all the way home. We got home and husband was sitting on the sofa watching Deadpool. I ask for help getting stuff in and he won't come to the car cos 'he's got no shoes on', so I bring the baby to the door and bring everything in myself, making multiple trips. When I come in, he's holding the baby and returned to watching his film. I instantly see that the kitchen / dishwasher hasn't been done. I remind him it's their bedtime and we are all tired. He says he'll take them up when his movie is finished. I said it's probably not an appropriate movie and the noises/ action will wind them up before bed. He tells me it's fine. I go upstairs to have a few mins quiet time as I'm feeling overestimated after the day / car journey. 20 mins later he bring the baby up and starts doing bedtime with our eldest. Mid way through his phones rings, I hear him tell her he has to answer this and leaves to go outside to take the call. I go and see her and she's upset and confused as to where he's gone. I take over bedtime and just as she's settled down he comes back in and starts resetting his ipad and telling me we should get an audible account for our eldest. I just ignore him. We both leave our eldest and go into our room where the cot is. I ask him if he's going to put the baby down and he says no - he's got to sort out downstairs. He goes to make her bottle and has a meltdown cos there is only 1 Sterile bottle left and there is a bottle missing (this is normal by bedtime and has never been an issue before and the other bottle was in my stuff from the day.) At this point I'm pissed, over stimulated and hungry and I make some comment about him not helping. He gets angry, and storms off downstairs.
When I come down he's on his laptop. I explain why I was angry, that he had hours between work and us coming home when he could have done his jobs instead of watching a movie and that It was unfair for him to leave our daughter mid bedtime. He told me he'd only sat down for a few mins by time we got home and this was call was about a job he's really keen on. I said maybe if he'd apologised and explained this I may not have got so annoyed. He disagreed and we continue to argue and it ends with him refusing to apologise or do any of the cleaning or tidying up. So I ended up washing the bottles but the dishwasher is still full and dirty plates / cups are all over the side.
How can I get through to him that if I'm annoyed he hasn't done something then continuing to not do just makes the situation worse! I'm at my wits end and really starting to resent this behaviour.
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2023.06.08 11:20 transguy86786 ADA Question

I have FND and had a seizure at work yesterday (first one here) and my employer insisted I go home. I have had seizures for more than a decade and am very aware of my body and it's capabilities before and after an episode. Was it within their rights to force me to leave when I was fine to continue? Are they required to compensate lost time when I COULD have worked?
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2023.06.08 11:16 r3crac Drillpro Adjustable 300mm Aluminum Alloy Combination Square Scriber for 11.99 USD with coupon (Best price in history: 12.99 USD)

Here is the link (Banggood): Drillpro Adjustable 300mm Aluminum Alloy Combination Square Scriber
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2023.06.08 11:15 ScribblingFox98 The Survivor Becomes a Dungeon (Chapter 80)

Vitmori POV
My eyes opened to an array of lights floating around me, it was a rather beautiful display as I slowly glanced around. Looking toward Reyvyre, I could see and sense the bewildered curiosity plain on her face as she looked between each orb of light, clearly getting more information from her side of this magic circle than I was. "What is it?" I ask carefully, not wanting to break her focus too much from whatever she was doing to maintain her end of the magic circle.
Reyvyre took a few moments to gather herself as she spoke up. "I'm... Not sure what to make of all this." She admitted, looking around some more before continuing. "This magic circle displays your magical affinities as you are now. Generally, this is used for fledgling mages who are still in their 'discovery' stages, as it were, in order to set them down their easiest paths; however, affinities can be developed and discovered over a mage's lifetime, new paths forged which can broaden your range of magic." She explained before gesturing to all the lights. "While you don't have access to all magics... I've never seen an inexperienced mage with a connection to so many paths of magic, especially with such a deep understanding at that. You have a connection to all four primal magics; while it is not unheard of, it is still surprising for one as inexperienced as you. Air is the weakest, then water, you have a good bond with earth, and finally, there's fire. If I didn't know better, I would have said you were a fire elemental or perhaps even a fire dragon." She explained, excitement creeping into her voice as I sensed her marveling at the possibilities. "You have such a deep understanding of fire and its properties, though I suppose I shouldn't be too surprised as to how you have such an understanding." She mentioned, her expression and tone going somber at the realization she had.
This confused me for a moment before I remembered that she'd seen my memories. "Ah, right... Yeah, I suppose that could do it." I replied. Fire has been my greatest ally and my worst nightmare over the years; I've experienced its use in all aspects of its nature, and I know exactly what it can do to the human body, among other things. I offered her a small smile as I watched her fret over bringing up this part of
my past and spoke up to try and console her. "Don't linger too much on it; it was quite literally another lifetime, don't let my memories burden you." I offer in a gentle voice.
I could sense Reyvyre taking my words to heart as she sighed softly, collecting herself as she looked among the orbs of light once more. "Beyond the four primal magics and the related fusions of those magics, you have access to many rather unusual and esoteric branches of magic." She mentioned as her eyes continued to wander. "Darkness and Light magics, opposites and unusual branches to fully specialize in." She said as she tilted her head. "Adventurers or criminals generally tap into these branches for the illusions they can access as well as stealth magics that aid in their endeavors." She explained. "Though you have an understanding of both branches, you have a much greater connection to the darkness."
"Well, I did most of my work in the dark; I learned to move in the shadows and conceal myself from my enemies. As for light, well, I'd say you would be surprised how much there is to know about light." I mentioned with a bit of a smile, though I considered what she said and tilted my head a bit. "I also think you'd be surprised by the depth of darkness and shadow; it's more than illusions and stealth I'd say, and I don't mean that poetically." I mused as I pointlessly rolled my shoulders. "Besides, you might want to see what Basti can do with shadows and darkness; I'm sure even you can learn from her."
Reyvyre nodded intently, and I could sense that she felt unsure about my claims; she was keeping an open mind about my unique situation as she looked to a different area of the magic circle. "Spacial magic was to be expected if we consider your ability to store vasts amount of things in your personal storage space, though here is an unusual one." She mentioned as she brought a particular orb of light to focus. "Soul magic, even I know of very few aspects of soul magic, usually they're used by churches and places of law and order to measure someone's character. It's rare to see anyone even having a connection to it, but their services are valued and sought out if a mage is shown to have a talent in the field." She explained as she made a face; I could sense she was considering me and something she had seen before speaking up. "That reminds me... You've created artificial souls before, haven't you? Dread and the Sinners, right?" She said slowly as she mulled over the idea. "It's something called an Ego, which is usually only applied to things like weapons and armor. They're incredibly rare and are often used as partners to mages and various warriors, using their innate properties to guide, protect or magically heal and support their wielders. Though most instances are usually made by fiends, dragons, and fey; however, even elves, dwarves, and the odd human mage have created them before, but I've never heard of ego being potent enough to control and manage an entire body." She explained, mulling over the information as she scratched the back of her head.
I consider her words before offering a piece of information that might be helpful for her in her endeavor to understand me better. "That might have something to do with the aspects I was granted when I was placed here in this world." At the mention of aspects, I could see her pointed ears twitch with surprise as she looked at me with wide eyes, I could sense that she was heavily doubting what she heard just now and hesitated to speak, so I just continued. "Upon my death, I heard a voice listing all these titles and explaining how I affected those around me in my world. Those I killed, those I saved, and how many zombies I exterminated." I explained slowly; the whole experience was all somewhat surreal now that I'm reflecting on it; I suppose I was numb to the experience due to the sheer shock and confusion of what was suddenly happening to me. "It was something called karmic influence, though I'm still uncertain about it all. Perhaps if I had access to that system Hisorietta talked about, I would know more. But it's not like I care all that much since I don't need to know how everything in the world works to live in it." I said, doing a little bit of hand waving, though Reyvyre seemed to listen intently, patiently waiting for me to say the point of what I had to say. "I was granted the aspects of life and death during that time, and later, after Basti put an end to what was left of Lichtdren, I inherited her aspect of creation."
Reyvyre's face was calm and stoic as she closed her eyes, though her mind was a swirling storm of theories, ideas, and speculation. We sat silently for a few minutes before Reyvyre opened her eyes and sighed softly. "A lot of things are starting to make sense now..." She admitted as she looked into the orbs of light around me. "I was uncertain what to make of what I saw when I first looked at the magic you had access to, which is why I was saving them for last." She said as she brought forward two orbs. "Life and death magic, your connection to them is even more potent than your connection to fire. Healing and destruction, communication with those beyond the veil of the aether, and being able to pull those beyond the veil back into their mortal forms or other vessels. If I had to put a sort of label on your connection to these forms of magic, it would be the term aspect. Not even the Saintess of Gaia can claim to have such a strong connection to life magic as you, not that you even know how to harness that magic, though the same could be said for your connection to death... Not that I know any publically labeled figures to be known as Saint or Saintess of Death, but you would have a deeper connection to this branch of magic than them."
I nodded intently, it all sounded very impressive, but I'm still having a hard time putting weight behind all these concepts and ideas. Though I can sense that all this is starting to stress Reyvyre somehow, what is bothering her, in particular, is not clear to me. "Your... Your ears twitched with surprise when I mentioned aspect, why did that word get a reaction out of you?" I ask, cutting to the point as best I could.
Reyvyre's cheeks flushed with embarrassment as one hand reached up to one of her ears before she cleared her throat and spoke up. "I recognized the term since I had read about it during my historical studies, it was used to describe individuals who had been blessed by the gods, aspects were often either great heroes or great evils who were blessed for their achievements; though it was often recorded that aspects were granted their blessings in anticipation of what they would do." She said as she ran her finger through her hair, staring at the ground before looking up into my eyes. "I'm not worried about you or how you would use your powers, you are a good man, and I have no doubt you would use these powers mostly for the benefit of others." She said as she offered a smile, though she furrowed her brows and continued her thought. "What I am worried about is why someone of your potential would appear in the world as you are. Not to mention the idea that multiple gods and goddesses seem to have their eyes on you and the Empress of all people." She explained, sounding a little bewildered as she considered Historietta. "An escalation like this does not bode well for the future..." She says while sighing some more.
"I do wanna say that I was told there would be some calamity around four years from now. What it is, I don't exactly know, but it is something at least." I mentioned it since it was the only thing that came to mind when she talked about the future.
Reyvyre looked surprised but didn't really seem to panic or look overly concerned, managing to remain apathetic towards the information. "I see; well, that would make sense, especially making you this powerful if this supposed calamity is in the near future. But what could possibly be brewing in the background for your presence to be needed?" She pondered, maintaining her composure as she viewed everything in a strictly analytical way.
"Well, didn't you mention that there's some kind of warlord on a path of conquest overseas? It was the whole reason Emperor Ferodias performed his warpath of unification on this continent." I mentioned, looking at the orbs of light around me before looking into her eyes and watching her while she looked elsewhere thoughtfully.
She hummed in thought. "It is possible, but can we really consider that to be a calamity?" She asked as she returned my gaze.
"Well, I can't say for sure, but all it takes is a single stone to cause a wave; who knows what that warlord's warpath will lead into or disturb." I offer for her consideration.
Reyvyre nodded intently before dispelling the magic circle and standing, I did note that there were a few more orbs of light that we hadn't reviewed, but it seemed like we were moving on at this point. "Well, in that case, we shouldn't dwell on what may be and focus on what we can do now, and what I can do now is show the basics of how to wield your abilities so you can be ready for whatever may come." She exclaimed, full of false bravado and fake enthusiasm, I could tell she was putting on a brave front and wasn't taking her own words to heart, but I was not about to call her on it.
I stand as well, walking over and patting her shoulder. "Well then, I'll be in your care." I say as I flash a small smile.
Reyvyre returned my smile, this time managing to pull a real one on her face as she looked around. "I think we should make our way to the river; with fire being your primary element, it would be better to be closer to a water source." She considered, a hint of amusement in her voice.
I chuckle softly, bobbing my head in agreement. "Lead the way."
Prev First
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2023.06.08 11:13 VineViridian I can't go back to all of my freeze defenses I've fought to stop. Now I feel even worse.

I just figured out why my mental health has gotten so much worse instead of better.
I've written extensively in reddit trauma subs about having a lifelong freeze/fawn trauma response, utilizing maladaptive daydreaming, being disassociated since childhood, and having disordered eating that I've mostly put into remission.
I even used to think for a time that there was another "entity" following me, as I'd perceive a disassociated part of myself hovering in space or across a room. When I realized that I'd spontaneously disassociate like that whenever I felt anxious, I focused on integrating myself.
That's only an extreme example of disassociation. I legit was in my 40s before I stopped oozing out of my body like that, but the learning disabilities and memory lapses have been life long. I'm only now tackling those in my late 50s!
My brain works better than it ever has, but holy fuck, I'm tired. I've had so much trauma, abandonment, cruelty, failure to launch, etc. built up over a lifetime, I've woke from a waking coma at nearly 60, and have to figure out how to "life" like a functioning adult.
....and I really understand why addicted people do not stop their drug and alcohol use. I work with an addict population, and I don't think its possible to understand why better than I do.
Alcohol killing your liver, but you keep drinking? Yup.
Lost a finger to skin popping, still doing coke and meth? Yup, yup, I fucking get it, damn.
The thing is, I can't go back to my addictions of behavior, other than my final ones that are still in my way: procrastination & executive function challenges. ADHD, or lifelong maladaptive defenses? I don't fucking know.
I do know that I have to change what I do, and how I think of myself.
Get out of low pay manual laboretail: Check.
Get competant & keep learning at current low pay professional position: Done.
Research career move job training for better pay: Procrastinating.
Think of self as competent in learning new skills: Yeah, got that.
Meet new people, don't show trauma history: sigh Learned the hard way, finally.
.....anyway, I am ripped clean of all of my lifetime of defenses. I am alone, I've tried support groups, I don't find them safe or supportive, I don't want to talk about this deeply vulnerable shit in them.
I've been treated pretty horribly by a past therapist, and I've realized that happens with therapists when they become annoyed with our trauma symptoms or lack of obvious improvement.
I feel reasonably safe showing my traumatized self exclusively on select reddit trauma subs.
I've learned the hard way that I can't talk to "friends." It's the fastest way to lose them. I'm not going to fuck up again with new acquaintances.
I'm learning that I don't want to talk about this to therapists. They cannot relate, and become judgmental eventually.
I've used mushrooms for medicine, but have not been able to integrate the experiences.
I'm thinking that if I continue to improve my life externally, while feeling this anguished and barren internally, I'm eventually going to do something epic level self destructive.
I wish I had a safe addiction to find comfort in other than dumping time into reddit. You're my lifeline, guys.
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2023.06.08 11:12 roboticquinoa Are you obsessed?

A lot of questions and insecurities raised in this subreddit seem like normal concerns for males encountering communal showers for the first time in their lives:
Being quite new to communal showers, myself, I'm still working through some of these issues too. This can be normal.
However, if you find you're having persistent distress related to these topics, and it's causing disruption in your life, you might benefit from exploring whether you could have some form of anxiety disorder or even an eating disorder.
I'm not a psychologist or a psychiatrist, but some disorders that could be relevant include:
Personally, I have PTSD and wish I had known and understood that years ago. So I wanted to say that if communal showers bring overwhelming anxiety to the forefront for you, maybe that's your body's or your mind's way of pushing you to get help. You are worth it.
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2023.06.08 11:12 PocketFMofficial He refused to marry her, but 5 yrs later he was shocked when she returned as the richest woman in the country.

He refused to marry her, but 5 yrs later he was shocked when she returned as the richest woman in the country.
Episode 1. I Don’t Want You To Be Happy
It was 10 p.m. and the moonlight was dazzling. Room 101, on the top floor of Hotel Waverick Seattle, was pitch black, and there was the faint sound of breathing.
Natalie Davidson opened her eyes, but the world before her was so muddled that she couldn't see clearly. Her body felt strange as if it had caught fire and she was burning alive. Someone seemed to be lying on top of her, pressing down, but no matter how much she struggled to push him away, he remained motionless.
Her mind was a mess and she couldn't think straight. She only vaguely remembered that the previous night she had welcomed her fiancé back from his travels abroad, and then because she was so happy and drunk, she had been brought to her stepsister's room to rest. She hadn’t expected to find this when she woke up.
"Who are yo–" Natalie's voice was cut off by a heavy gasp from the man, and his grip on her body got tighter and tighter. She didn't have the strength to push him away. "Let me go …"
She had never felt like this before. A wave of lust washed over her, and she could not help but respond to him. Her body was exceptionally hot and she frowned. Something wasn't right. The feeling of lust faded and she suddenly felt terrified, but she couldn't stop the man. As he pushed into her, she felt herself losing consciousness until finally she couldn't stay awake any longer and passed out.
Outside, the sky was dark. Around three in the morning, the cell phone on the bedside table vibrated violently. With a frown, the man woke up from his sleep. His gaze slid across the messy bedsheets and then over to Natalie, who was covered only by a thin blanket. His expression immediately darkened. He picked up the phone and slammed it down. The hostility in his eyes was clear. These people had actually dared to drug him. They must have gotten tired of living.
Steadily, he got up, threw back the covers, and went to take a shower in the bathroom. Afterward, without a trace of hesitation, he turned and left the room, as if the person on the bed was just an object he didn't need to pay attention to.
When Natalie woke up, it was morning.
The moment she opened her eyes, she felt pain. She had a splitting headache and her entire body was extremely sore as if it had been beaten. She sat motionless at the head of the bed. The events of the previous night flashed through her mind like a movie, making her tremble with despair. The man who had assaulted her was obviously not her fiancé, Nick. How could she have lost her virginity under such strange circumstances?
What should she do?
What on earth should she do?
She hurriedly picked up her clothes from the floor and put them on. She wanted to go home quickly and wash up; she couldn’t bear to stay in this room even a second longer. But the moment she opened the door, she saw Nick, who was standing outside with a shocked face, alongside her stepsister Sheryl and her father Tom, who both looked furious.
Natalie didn't know how to explain and barely got a grip on her thoughts before she was slapped in the face by her father. The mess in the room had not been cleaned up and the evidence of what had happened there was obvious.
"Look at what you’ve done! You’ve cheated on your fiancé, you’ve embarrassed me, you’ve embarrassed the whole family! How could I have raised a daughter like you?"
Nick gripped Tom’s hand tightly and frowned as he looked at her face. "Natalie, how could you do this?"
"No, no." She shook her head with all her might, trying to clasp his hand, afraid that he would leave. “I was drunk last night. I only came back to the room to rest.” She suddenly looked at Sheryl, who was standing in front of her with wide eyes. “You did this, didn’t you? You were the one who brought me back to the hotel last night, to this room. Why did you do this to me?"
When Sheryl heard this, she looked wrong. "I don't understand what you're saying. I did no such thing."
"You didn't?" Natalie growled as her anger reached its peak. "Then how did I end up in someone else's room? Why would that man–"
"Enough!" Nick interrupted her with a loud shout as if he didn't want to hear any more. "You want to blame someone else for what you've done?" He looked at her coldly. "I only left for six months and you're already this desperate. Did you really have to climb into someone else's bed?!"
Natalie hugged her arm in panic as tears rolled down her cheeks and dripped onto the carpet. She couldn’t believe Nick was saying these things. They had been together for three years and were about to get married.
"Nick," she said in a low voice, practically begging as she looked at the resolute man in front of her. "Please believe me …"
"Don't say any more, just listening to you disgusts me." With a look of pure disdain, he turned around and strode off down the corridor. "The engagement’s off. I don't want to see you again."
His words were like a sharp knife stabbing straight into her heart. Despair slowly spread through her and was on the verge of spilling out. It was so painful that she could no longer breathe.
She staggered after him, but her father grabbed her by the arm and shoved her to the floor.
“Natalie, you’re no longer part of this family. From this day on, you’re not my daughter!”
She was stunned. After they left, her head was in shambles; she didn't even know how she made it home, but by the time she did her belongings were already packed and left by the door. Tom had even booked a plane ticket for her, and he told her to pick up her stuff and leave the country immediately.
"Natalie, are you alright?"
She was in a daze as she lowered her head to pick up her things. Sheryl walked down the steps at a leisurely pace. When Natalie ignored her, she didn't get angry. Instead, she laughed. "Do you really want to know how you ended up in that room? Let me tell you. You were right, I put you there. I did it because I want to marry Nick and I can't stand the thought of you being happy with him."
Episode 2. Exile
Natalie raised her head and bit her lip. She was so angry that she couldn't utter a single word. Her whole body was trembling with fury. She couldn't understand why Sheryl would ruin her life like this.
"Hmm” Sheryl smiled, “So what if you’re angry?" Sheryl played with her curly hair and sneered. "Nick doesn't believe you. Your father doesn't believe you either. You can go abroad and live on your own."
Natalie was furious. "Why are you doing this to me? Why are you running my life? Why"
She rushed forward hysterically and wrapped her hands around Sheryl’s neck, but Sheryl didn't resist. She only blinked pitifully at her. "Sister, don't hurt me … Last night really wasn't my fault … What are you doing?"
Hearing the commotion, Tom rushed out, looking so angry that the veins on his neck stood out. He raised his hand and pushed Natalie to the ground. "Are you crazy? Are you trying to kill your sister?"
Natalie fell to the ice-cold sidewalk, where she remained. Unable to bear the pain any longer, she was on the verge of tears. She thought of her mother and her childhood, but no matter how hard she wished, she could never return to that time.
Rosemary, her stepmother, came up behind her. When she saw the marks on her daughter's neck, she was so angry – just like her husband – that she raised her hand and slapped Natalie.
"You uneducated brat! You're just the same as your mother! You might as well die!"
The more she slapped, the harder each slap became. Tom stood beside her, but he only seemed to be concerned about Sheryl's injuries. As the attack went on, Natalie’s vision grew blurry from the blows, but all she could feel was the coldness in her heart as if all warmth had left it.
At that time, in his office at the Clair Group, Bryce was looking at his assistant with a malicious expression.
"What's going on?" His face was so gloomy that his gaze could bore holes through a person. "How is the investigation going?"
His assistant was sweating under his gaze, but he swallowed and told him the news. "It's Evan Wilson."
Bryce knew of Evan. A while ago, he had worked with the Clair Group on a project and had taken many kickbacks from it. Bryce didn't like his way of handling things, so he had sent his men to destroy the Wilson family. Right now, the Wilsons were on the verge of bankruptcy and collapse.
"Evan bribed the hotel's waiter and drugged you. He probably wanted to use this to …" The assistant's voice trailed off until he was no longer breathing.
The situation was clear now: Evan was behind all of this. Bryce had never thought that something would go wrong and that he would have to completely deviate from his original plan.
"I checked, Evan booked a room in the hotel last night." The assistant looked up at him hesitantly, then looked down again. "But you didn't use it …"
Bryce's expression suddenly changed and he asked in a low voice, "What do you mean?"
The assistant was confused. He could only look at his face and repeat hesitantly, "You didn't use the room yesterday."
If he didn't go into his room, then who was the woman who had been lying on his bed? In his mind, he saw broken images of her flushed cheeks and her body writhing beneath him, but what he remembered clearest were those cries of grief and heart-breaking pain. He suddenly remembered the crimson spots on the sheets that he had noticed before he left — the woman had been a virgin.
Bryce's brows knit together. He told his assistant in a deep voice, "Go check the identity of the woman who was in my room immediately."
He wanted to know where she had come from.
The assistant immediately hurried off to do as he had been told. But no matter how fast he moved, he wouldn’t be able to find any useful information. The hotel’s surveillance tapes had already been wiped by Sheryl. How could she possibly leave behind evidence that would show that she had set Natalie up? Naturally, she had had to cover her tracks. After doing this, she continued to pretend that she was innocent, and gloated as she watched Natalie get kicked out of her house in a sorry state.
Natalie didn't even stay a night before she was packed off and sent out of the country. She lugged her heavy luggage onto the plane. She had been exiled without knowing when she could return.
Episode 3. You’re My Daddy
Five years later, Natalie stood in the first-class lounge at Heathrow Airport, staring at the two tickets in her hands, unable to focus. She had been in England for five years and in all that time she hadn't made even one phone call to her family. Her father treated her like she was dead and as if he couldn't care less about it. If it wasn't for Sheryl and Nick’s engagement, he might not even have remembered she existed.
Her heart had no attachment to the place she had been separated from for years. All her feelings had been erased on the day she was thrown out. She didn't want to go back and see the people who had hurt her, but she couldn't stand listening to her father's threats on the phone. If she did not do what he said, he would not let her grandmother live peacefully, he could even hurt her. Her grandmother was the closest person in the world to her. She had wanted to bring her to England to spend the rest of her life there, but she couldn't sway the old lady from her desire to be in the country where her husband and daughter had lived. Natalie had no choice but to leave her where she was. If it wasn't for her grandmother, she probably wouldn't go back for the rest of her life, but she couldn't afford to lose her to her father’s anger.
"Mommy, Mommy."
Lost in her thoughts, she suddenly heard a lovely, gentle voice beside her. She looked down and saw a four-year-old boy lightly tugging at the corner of her jumper. He told her in a serious tone, "Stop daydreaming. The plane is about to take off."
Only then did she recover her wits. The anger in her eyes gradually softened as she smiled and picked up the child. "Alright then, let's go to the gate."
At the same time, on the other side of the first-class lounge, a tall man in a suit with two burly bodyguards standing behind him strode towards the gate with a cold expression.
Natalie had bought first-class tickets. In the past few years, she had suffered a lot from feeling rootless in a foreign country, and she had developed many issues. She had bad insomnia and headaches, and she was afraid of loud noises. The moment she got on the plane, she covered her eyes with a blanket to try to fall asleep, but first, she told Liam to be good and not run around.
Liam was her most precious treasure. He was very well behaved. He sat on his seat as he was told and played with the toy she had bought him, occasionally stealing glances at her.
Natalie put her head against the window. He soon noticed that she did not look well.
"Mommy." He leaned across and looked at her. Seeing that she was frowning, he asked worriedly, "Are you not feeling well?"
Natalie coughed twice due to an itch in her throat. With a hint of weakness in her voice, she answered, "I'm fine …" She looked at the child and forced a smile. "I'm just a little thirsty."
Without waiting for her to say anything, Liam jumped out of his seat and hurried off excitedly to get her some water. She didn't know who he took after. He was only four years old, but he was as sensible as a small adult, and he could even take care of her.
Liam came running back with a glass of water. As he reached their seats, he bumped into a man who had just stepped into the plane. The glass in his hand wobbled and the water spilled from it, wetting the man’s shoes and the legs of his pants.
Bryce lowered his head and looked at the water stains on his clothes. He frowned in displeasure. "What are you doing? Don't you know to watch where you're going?"
"I'm sorry." Liam held the cup and apologized repeatedly. But when he raised his head and looked at the man, he was immediately stunned, "I …"
Liam had once finally mustered the courage to ask his mother about his father. Natalie was taken aback and stood speechless for a moment before she randomly showed the young boy a picture of a handsome man and told him that this was him.
Looking at Bryce, Liam instantly somehow recalled the same picture, and realized that the two men resembled each other to almost a fault! Bryce was a well-built man, who possessed a muscular demeanor and suave gait. His pose and grace made the young boy quiver. The more he looked at Bryce, the more he felt that the man in front of him fit his image of his father from the picture. He stood quiet for two seconds, before hurling himself at Bryce’s long leg and then shouted, "Daddy!"
The two bodyguards behind Bryce were completely taken aback by the scene unfolding in front of them. They had been with Bryce for a long time, but this was the first time they’d seen someone act so affectionately with him, let alone someone so young.
Bryce's expression instantly turned ugly. He reached out his hand to push away the little arms that were wrapped around him and said coldly, "Don't randomly call people your father. I'm not your father."
He had known many women who had claimed to be pregnant with his child, but this was the first time he had ever seen such a clever and affectionate 'son'.
Liam stared at his face and answered with certainty, "You are my daddy. Why did you abandon me and Mommy?"
The more he spoke, the more wronged he felt. He pouted his small mouth and put on a pitiful expression. When the passengers beside them heard this, they immediately looked over in curiosity.
Natalie couldn’t sleep through the commotion. She opened her eyes and looked in the direction of the noise, only to find her son standing in the middle of the aisle, holding onto the leg of an unfamiliar man.
"Sorry, sorry." She quickly got up. Embarrassed, she reached out to take the child's hand. "He must have made a mistake. Liam, let go of him."
Her son had always been sensible and listened to her over anyone else, but today she didn't know what was going on. No matter how much she tried to persuade him, Liam continued to hold onto the leg of that strange man's pants. He bit his lips in frustration and refused to let go.
Bryce was a cold person, but when he looked at the child's pitiful expression, he felt a bit moved. He frowned and said to Natalie, "Why did you become a mother? If you couldn’t give him a complete family, it would have been better not to have him at all."
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2023.06.08 11:08 zyradyl TIFU by trying to do a currency exchange during the rainy season.

So I'm currently attending school in a non-US country, and while you can do wire transfers to the local banks here, the wire transfer fee from my bank is not reimbursed, but the ATM fees are reimbursed, as are the international exchange fees. I checked with both of my banks and they said it was fine to do this, so the only cost for me to pull money out of the ATM and deposit it into my local bank is my time.
This is my first time experiencing a rainy season. I'm originally from Kansas City, so while we have storms and tornado season, the idea of "yeah it's just going to pour rain for the next two weeks" is still really weird to me, and because of that I'm really bad at planning around it. The entire first half of today was dry, but when it started raining I realized I needed to pull money out now or I wouldn't be able to do it for a couple weeks unless I got lucky.
Thankfully, the radar showed light rain for about an hour, so I left my dorm and took my bike. We're not allowed to ride our bikes one handed with an umbrella, so I left that at the dorm too. All I had was my backpack (with all my various books/normal carry stuff) and my bike. No coat, because even though its raining it's still miserably hot and humid.
I'll spare the details of most of my trip, but on the way back I saw a McDonalds and ducked inside to get some food. While eating I started working through some flashcard decks on my phone, and quickly lost track of time. An hour later, when I left, it was REALLY raining. I thought I would be okay to just bike back in the rain, but it is SO MUCH RAIN and I wear glasses, I simply couldn't see.
Out of desperation at a stop light, I pull my sun parasol out of my backpack and decide to use it. It's basically just a thicker, smaller umbrella so it should be fine, right? I then make the decision that I'm going to ride back to my dorm on my bike, one handed, the other holding the parasol. Because, hey, what's the worst that could happen?
This went really well for a while! However, when you're doing something brand new on a bike and you already have balance issues, your body will involuntarily tense when something unexpected happens. Like hitting a bump harder than you planned. This is normally completely fine! Unless your parasol isn't just an auto-opening one, but it auto closes too!
Yes that's right friends, I hit a bump too hard, tensed, shut myself in my parasol, this scared me even more so my other hand gripped the back brake HARD and then I just...loudly squealed to a stop (yay bike disc brakes!) and then just.. tipped over. I understand I could have put my legs out to stop the last part but I'm an idiot and was also just very confused by everything that happened as quickly as it happened.
Thankfully there was a very nice lady across the road who saw this happen, and quickly came over to help me between politely restrained fits of laughter. Once she was sure I was okay, and realized I could speak a reasonable of the local language, she explained that she had done this exact thing once before. She also told me its incredibly funny to watch from outside, but apologized for laughing.
I honestly somewhat wish there was a video, because I'm sure it is very funny to watch it happen.
TL;DR I tried to go out to run errands through the rainy season and shut myself in an umbrella and fell off a bike in front of a complete stranger.
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2023.06.08 11:08 PolyFootFest Welcome home surprise

Welcome home surprise
As she walked through the door after a long and tiring journey home, she felt her shoulders slump in relief. The holiday had been wonderful, but she was glad to be back in her own home. As she kicked off her shoes and stretched her toes, she heard the sound of her husband's footsteps approaching.
"Welcome home, my love," he said, smiling as he took her hand.
She smiled back, feeling her heart swell with affection. It was good to be home, and even better to be greeted by her husband's warm embrace.
"Sit down, and let me take care of you," he said, leading her to the couch.
As she sank into the soft cushions, she felt him kneel down at her feet. She closed her eyes, feeling a wave of relaxation wash over her as he began to massage her feet with skilled hands.
He worked his way up her calves, his fingers tracing the curves of her muscles with gentle pressure. She let out a contented sigh, feeling the tension in her body melt away under his touch.
Little did he know, that she had a surprise for him as well. Soon, the front door swung open and there stood the neighbour in black stilettos with cherry red polish on her toes. "Come sit down Candice" she said, and she strode over to the couch. "Take off her shoes" she commanded her husband, he reached forward with his fingertips. "Not with your hands" she replied. He knew what was required of him, he lent forward until his lips touched the top of her supple feet. She gasped with anticipation, using his teeth he slowly undid the buckle of her stiletto. Using his tongue he slipped the strap off her heel and the shoe fell away revealing her soft bare skin.
"Lick them", his wife commanded. That was all the invitation he needed, he quickly slipped her delicate big toe in his mouth. It tasted like a long day at the office, just how he liked it. He felt his member swell as he took the other toes between his lips.
For the next hour, he lavished attention on both their feet and legs, rubbing away the knots and soreness that had built up during their days.
"Thank you," the wife said, leaning down to kiss him on the forehead.
"Anything for you, my love," he replied, winking, his eyes shining with love and affection.
"Let's move it to the bedroom" their neighbour said softly, standing up, taking both their hands and walking slowly upstairs....

Tell us what you'd like to happen next....
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2023.06.08 11:06 OnforuLED What is A High Quality LED Floodlight?

What is A High Quality LED Floodlight?

LED floodlight as a replacement of electric light source has been recognized by more and more people and has been applied in many fields. For a high quality LED flood light should have the following features.
  • Long Life
Compared with other lamps, high-quality LED floodlight life is 60 times that of incandescent lamps, 12 times that of energy-saving lamps, 12 times that of fluorescent lamps, 20 times that of high-pressure mercury lamps. The long life of flood lights greatly reduces the number of maintenance troubles and replacements, saving material costs and labor costs, and can ensure long-term normal use.
Since the flood light has no electrodes, it relies on the combination of the electromagnetic induction principle and fluorescent discharge principle to emit light, so it does not exist to limit the life of the inevitable components. Service life is only determined by the quality level of electronic components, circuit design and manufacturing process of the bubble body, the general service life of up to 60,000 hours.
  • Energy Saving
Compared with incandescent lamps, high-quality LED floodlight fixtures energy-saving effect of about 75%, 50W flood light luminous flux and 300W incandescent lamp luminous flux is roughly equivalent.
  • Environmental Protection
A best LED flood lights will be from an environmental perspective, many excellent brands use solid mercury agents, even if broken will not cause pollution to the environment, there are more than 99% recyclable rate, which is a true environmentally friendly green light source.
  • No Strobe
High-quality LED floodlights work at a high frequency, so it is considered "no strobe effect at all", and will not cause eye fatigue, to protect eye health. If the LED flood light opens the strobe very quickly, then this is a low-quality flood light.
  • High Color Rendering
The color rendering index must exceed the standard of 80, and the light color is soft, showing the natural color of the object being illuminated.
  • Color Temperature
From 2700K to 6500K a variety of options can be used for many outdoor scenes' decorative lighting.
  • Visible Light
In the light emitted by the reflector, the proportion of visible light up to 80% or more, the most precise beam and the best reflection effect, good visual effect.
  • Switch
Can be started and restarted immediately, with no need to warm up, many times the switch will not have the light recession phenomenon in ordinary discharge lamps with electrodes.
  • Electrical Performance
High-quality LED flood light with high power factor, low current harmonics, and the use of a constant voltage power supply, can output a constant luminous flux.
  • Installation Adaptability
Whether indoors or outdoor scenes, the high-quality LED flood light can be installed in any direction, without restrictions.
To save your time, if you are looking for a high-quality LED flood light, you can browse Onforu's flood light collection, whether it is a portable flood light, or outdoor flood light, indoor led flood light, and different wattage options, such as 50W, 100W, 150W or 200W, you can quickly buy the right LED light for your lighting needs.
More Resources
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2023.06.08 11:00 Big-Research-2875 Sexual Response Cycle

Sexual Response Cycle

The sexual response cycle is one model of physical and emotional changes that happens after you square measure collaborating in sexual intercourse. There square measure four phases during this cycle. coming is that the shortest section.What is the sexual response cycle?
The sexual response cycle refers to the sequence of physical and emotional changes that occur as someone becomes sexually aroused and participates in sexually stimulating activities, as well as intercourse and onanism.

Sexual Response Cycle
Knowing however your body responds throughout every section of the cycle will enhance your relationship and assist you pinpoint the reason for sexual disfunction. There square measure many totally different planned models of a sexual response cycle. The one that's reviewed here is one in all the a lot of ordinarily quoted.
What square measure the phases of the sexual response cycle?
The sexual response cycle has been represented as having four phases:1.Desire (libido).2.Arousal (excitement).3.Orgasm.4.Resolution.Both men and girls will expertise these phases, though the temporal order could also be totally different. for instance, it's extremely unlikely that each partners can reach coming at identical time. additionally, the intensity of the response and therefore the time spent in every section varies from person to person. many ladies will not undergo the sexual phases during this order.
Need for intimacy
A need for intimacy could also be a motivation for sexual intercourse in some people. Understanding these variations could facilitate partners higher perceive one another’s bodies and responses, and enhance the sexual expertise.
Several physiological changes could occur throughout totally different stages of sexual intercourse. people could expertise some, all or none of those changes.

Phase 1: Need

General characteristics of this section, which might last from a couple of minutes to many hours, and should embody any of the following:
• Muscle tension will increase.
• Heart rate quickens and respiration gets quicker.

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