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A community dedicated to the Bratz dolls.

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We stan the collectors, creators and lovers in this community. This is a safe space for ALL 🌈❤️🧡💛💚💙💜 Please be kind and have tons of fun. From Bratz, Rainbow High, Barbie, Monster High and all the other lovely fashion dolls!

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Welcome! This community is to help collectors identify their bratz dolls!

2023.06.08 15:09 literallysophia Do mermaze Mermaidz clothes fit bratz ?

Do mermaze Mermaidz clothes fit bratz ?
The winter waves dolls are on clearance near me and I think the coats would be so cute on bratz
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2023.06.08 14:39 Dry_Community Bratz doll found in the ruins of Knossos, Crete. c. 1500 BC

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2023.06.08 14:38 Dry_Community Bratz doll found in the ruins of Knossos, Crete. c. 1500 BC

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2023.06.08 01:35 Picklebuttimplant Should I Buy This

Should I Buy This
Should I buy This for this price?
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2023.06.07 16:52 Hot-Catch6775 The Bratz Club 💵💰(The Players Club)

The Bratz Club 💵💰(The Players Club)
So I started doing adult doll play on TikTok and this video is just so funny to me 😂 I thought I share with an audience who actually has a love for Bratz. My apologies if the cuss words offend anyone they didn’t have a censored version for me to record over.
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2023.06.07 16:14 ReindeerBright9757 not allowed to fixate?

i really liked bratz dolls as a kid and i was never allowed to have them as my mom thought they were creepy or looked evil or didn’t like the connotation of being a brat or something. it’s the style of the faces and bodies, highly stylized, the contours and shapes make me feel this little bit of giddiness or something, the shape of them is just so appealing. my little pony was a thing when i was a teenager so i developed an appreciation for that and had some gear like bras with them on them but never had any of the highly stylized new version, just a couple of the old clunky thick style ones. these new dolls like the monster high ones and all the fancy new my little ponies are very appealing but im an adult it’s not like i can get those and have them to myself away from my kids cuz they’ll ruin the hair like omg what am i even asking… was anyone else not really allowed to have their special interest? is that the question i’m trying to form? idk
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2023.06.07 02:33 mxrissaaa my new grails on the way! <3

my new grails on the way! <3
i love watching carter bryant’s instagram and shop to see when new dolls get posted, and i checked it out today and seen my babies 😭
i couldn’t resist! the kidz are my absolute comfort items, and i feel so much more comfortable taking them everywhere with me & giving them love compared to the full size girls who i feel the need to keep in pristine condition 🤣
i have been trying to become a lot better at centering my collection around what genuinely makes me happy & brings me joy to have- the ones i can’t resist!- versus just feeling the need to compete with others or buy as many lines / characters as possible, and this is the perfect step in that direction <3 i have been taking a long break from buying any dolls for this reason, and the way i felt seeing these little ones really just reminded me how that Bratz magic is supposed to feel 💕
i will update everyone once they arrive! 🩷
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2023.06.06 22:13 Sharpay__Evans These were my birthday presents to myself 😂 my baby has her own baby!

These were my birthday presents to myself 😂 my baby has her own baby!
The mini Bratz are so cute I could die! And Ainsley is my first RH/SH doll and I am blown away by how gorgeous she is 😍💕✨
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2023.06.06 21:52 imcooltho Finally released a sewing pattern for Bratz pants!! I hope you like them 🥰

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2023.06.06 21:10 sparkleskitzz found this scrap book i made out of the toys i wanted when i was little🥹 i looove seeing these bratz dolls, they make me wanna get like 100 more dolls right now!!

found this scrap book i made out of the toys i wanted when i was little🥹 i looove seeing these bratz dolls, they make me wanna get like 100 more dolls right now!! submitted by sparkleskitzz to Bratz [link] [comments]

2023.06.06 17:42 cheesed-to-meet-u Girl just bc people don’t wanna pay your rent 💀

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2023.06.06 16:57 Bluebearplush1 Sale

These guys are on sale at Walmart
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2023.06.06 16:44 rfantasygolem r/Fantasy June Megathread and Book Club Hub! Get your links here.

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2023.06.06 09:14 bee1128 Updated my collection with a few Bratz dolls I’ve been wanting for a while!

Updated my collection with a few Bratz dolls I’ve been wanting for a while!
Need to get some holiday barbies I’ve missed out on in the past 2-3 years but I’ll get those soon!!
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2023.06.06 05:12 WasdCritics It Takes Two

It Takes Two
It Takes Two, the latest work from Hazelight Studios that follows, in part, the model of A Way Out, manages to surpass in many ways its spiritual predecessor, presenting an extremely deep and moving story that deals with sensitive issues in a playful and serious way at the same time.
The game tells us a story of a couple who are about to separate and by an innocent wish of a child are put through trials to restructure their marriage, the title deals directly with issues concerning the daughter and the couple itself, showing problems and mistakes that all couples can make.
The progression of the game's story is well done, the cinematics play an important role in the game's story, but it's not as if the gameplay is only an intermission between cinematics, as if it were the journey between locations and the role of telling the story is left to the cinematics. The gameplay tells a story in itself, not only by the dialogs between Cody and May but by the puzzle mechanics that require collaboration and are directly linked to the points that need to be worked on by the couple with the goal of reconciliation.
The key word that defines the game is collaboration, it is the most emphatic word in the whole game, even when the focus of the reconciliation attempt transits to more specific themes in the final chapters, such as the theme of time, attraction and passion, the idea of collaboration is still present. This collaboration that is extremely important for any couple is reflected in the very mechanical proposal of the game, this idea is fantastic on the part of the developers, there are few games that communicate so well the plot with the game mechanics.
The mechanical proposal of It Takes Two follows that of AWO, the screen divided in two and the need for two players to play the game, the gameplay is shared between the players and collaboration is required. The proposal itself is a bit risky thinking about the need to have someone to play with, since many players don't have that person to play with or don't want to play with anyone. However, this concern is unnecessary considering the amount of sales the game has achieved.
The Puzzle is used for the progression of the story, only with its resolution is it possible to continue and progress in the game, this choice makes a lot of sense if you think about the purpose of a puzzle, a puzzle, confusing, disorganized and that needs to be fixed, it seems to me that this idea communicates very well with the idea of reconciliation.
This repetition of the mechanics inherited from AWO proposed by Hazelight generates an illogical feeling at a first moment, this feeling goes through the idea that maybe the mechanical recycling was too much and the titles would be too similar, mainly thinking about the gameplay, but this is not the case, It Takes Two manages to present mechanical originality within the proposal already given from its predecessor game.
The mechanical originality is linked to the very proposal of the game's story, as the game is about a couple trying to reconcile one of the main points that must be worked is the collaboration (Even Dr Hakim makes this clear). This collaboration is conceived thinking in the idea of a couple where each must do their part to help the other, this is reflected in the mechanics where at times May must follow in front and Cody go helping her to continue while he stays behind and at other times is the opposite, there is always the idea that each one has its moment and that it is important to give the turn and the protagonism to the other.
Unlike AWO, It Takes Two presents a greater variety of mechanics throughout the chapters of the game, at the time of the cabin for example Cody gets nails and May a hammer, already in the tree of squirrels May receives a gun of matches and Cody a sap cannon, there are several other mechanics throughout the game, but all follow the same idea, all of them work individually and together, there are times when to cross an obstacle is necessary only action of one of them and some moments it is necessary that the tools are used together. This reinforces an important point in a couple's relationship, where at certain moments someone must be proactive and solve a problem, but at several others working together is the only solution.
Aesthetically the game proposes a cartoon with details that communicate directly with the conception of the story of the work. The cartoon used here makes sense if you think that this world is created by a "magic" book at the request of an innocent child, the playfulness of early childhood is brought into the aesthetic proposal, as if it were a child's dream. But this world created by Dr. Hakim, is not lost in relation to reality, the actions performed by both in the real world affect this "new world", such as Cody's lost underwear that becomes a hang glider in the squirrel tree. The character design is directly connected with the game's proposal, Cody's doll is made of clay and May's doll is made of wood, the difference between the two is on a material level, this idea is fantastic to expose in the characterization of the characters the problem of separation.
The plot manages to work the various problems of the couple in a direct and intelligent way, using very well the scenario and the mechanics to achieve this goal, as when working the attraction, Cody receives half of a magnet and May receives the other half. As each of the couple's problems are overcome, the rapprochement becomes clearer, but with friction still present, especially in the characters' lines. The title demonstrates with geniality the problems that fights and arguments can cause, sometimes couples' fights reflect on those who are close, even the children, this is portrayed in the game in a thorny way and hurts the players to the extent that they assume this role of parents, it is an immersion that causes discomfort and awakens unwanted and necessary feelings and reflections. The problem of reconciliation when solved gives way to the problem of Rose's feelings that remain in the background throughout the game, and its resolution although simple, with a single cinematic is enough to conclude an exceptional story.
An interesting detail of the work is that they perform a deconstruction in the couple of Cody and May, Cody takes care of the house and likes gardening and May works to support the house as an engineer and loves to sing, the way it is developed this inversion of a conservative standard is assertive, precisely because it is placed as natural, at no time is given relevance to this fact, the naturalness makes the criticism is deep and comprehensive.
It Takes Two manages to maintain a harmony between all the elements that compose it as a work, everything communicates with each other and works together to build this experience that is brilliantly presented by Hazelight Studios. In every kind of art there are certain works that need to be consumed, because they are made with excellence and express the genius of the authors, It Takes Two is one of those works.
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2023.06.06 03:42 like_a_rose_13 Random Bratz Questions

Hi! I’m a long-time Bratz fan (Bratz was a MASSIVE part of my childhood, and have been a huge influence on my fashion sense as well, to the point I’ve been told I’ve looked like one multiple times [BIG-TIME compliment!], and I had a few random questions and thoughts for the community:
-I’ve seen several conversations revolving around the subject of Jade and Sasha being left out of several Bratz lines. With the exception of Dynamite! (for Yasmin) and Midnight Dance (for Cloe), have Yasmin and Cloe been left out of any other lines?
-They’ve been viewed by many as long-time rivals, with Dana being perceived by many as Meygan’s replacement (until by popular demand, Meygan was brought back); but have Meygan and Dana been in any lines together?
-I also have noticed the many, many side characters who are direct clones of Yasmin, Cloe, and to a lesser extent, Dana (and the notable addition of Tiana, who is Jade in all but name), who were produced in one, maybe two lines, and then were all but forgotten. What are you guys’ thoughts on these characters/dolls?
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2023.06.06 02:12 BionicJaden Where are y'all finding dolls in Canada?

I live in Canada, and my local Walmart never seems to have Bratz in stock. I was lucky to find the 2001 repros in stores, but other than that they haven't been stocking up on the newer repros. The nearest Toys R Us for me is about 28 minutes by car. So other than those two stores, where would I find Bratz dolls?
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2023.06.05 23:55 Noobseriously How about a boomer shooter in GFL universe?

The other day, there was a discussion post about hypothetical GFL FPS( The OP asked people what type (subgenre) of FPS would they prefer, if a GFL themed shooter were to actually be developed. There were a lot of comments (120 as of writing), which indicates the persisting interest in “GFL in FPS” concept among the fanbase, and it seemed that some of the popular answers were following.
-CoD style: cinematic and fast-paced single-player campaign, ideally with a PVP mode on top. Zombie mode with ELID would be also welcome.
-Battlefield style: larger in scale than CoD and class-based, which does sound like a better fit for GFL
-Arma style: more of a milsim, but it would probably be a better fit when it comes to a fight against the Russian military depicted in some events
-Ready or Not / SWAT4 style: slow-paced, squad-based tactical shooter. Police-themed dolls like VSK and MCX would shine in something like this, no doubt
- S.T.A.L.K.E.R. style : It’s about post-apocalypse Russia with some strange entities. That’s it, no more explanation needed.
-Hero shooter: PvE, or maybe PvP, basically something like Rainbowsix siege, Overwatch or Overwatch 2

These all sounds super awesome. There were many more games suggested like Halo or Escape from Tarkov, which also would be wonderful. However, and I hate to be that guy, but…it won’t happen. Aside from the feasibility of GFL as FPS as a concept itself, almost all of the games listed above are AAA games. Even if MICA, or some hypothetical doujin circle decided to actually make a game, it is really unrealistic to expect a game of this scale. Yes I know there is already a fantastic GFL MOD for CoD, and sure, the 3D model MICA has been showing us from GFL2 look great and are animated smoothly. But actually developing a whole FPS game entails modeling not just the characters, but the levels themselves. Not to mention then they have to implement a good AI for enemies and friendly NPCs. Also, a lot of voicelines would have to be recorded, and even some cutscenes would have to be produced. These are all really hard, and crucially very resource-intensive things to do. Heck, fricking Blizzard just failed to develop Overwatch 2. MICA so far has only developed strategy games for phones. They absolutely won’t be able to develop a big FPS game.

But I’m not writing this to be a party-pooper; I actually have a proposal. What about, a little boomer-shooter?

Boomer-shooters, for those who are not familiar with the term, are FPS games that are either made in 90s, or made recently with deliberate design decisions to mimic the look and feel of 90’s shooters. Notable examples include Doom(1993), Duke Nukem 3D, Dusk, Iron Fury, among many others. Often singly-player focused, these games usually feature,
-2.5D graphics (2D sprites placed in 3D-ish levels)
-Arsenal system (you can carry more than 2 weapons, and swapping between them is key to survival)
-No or minimal cutscenes, and paper thin plot (story is only there to provide reasons for player to start shooting)
-Run & Gun: shooting is based on movement and precision rather than tactics or carefulness

Honestly, if you only have played things like CoD, just go play one of the games I used as examples above and you will instantly understand the difference between subgenres.

Now on a first glance, boomer-shooters look unsuitable for GFL universe. I mean GFL is story-driven, squad-based and tactical (strategical). Boomer-shooters have super simple story, almost always no friendly NPCs, and not even a semblance of strategy. And honestly, I admit that boomer-shooters are not ideal fit for GFL. However, they have one distinct advantage: namely, they are easiER to develop.

The biggest thing is the graphics. As I mentioned, these games have low resolution 2.5D graphics, either because of the technical boundaries at the time, or an intentional attempt to mimic those old games. Now, I would never argue it is easy to create 2D arts for these games. It takes skills, obviously. However, it is certainly less resource intensive. You can use your old laptop and MS paint to edit/create 2D sprites, whereas high quality 3D models take a monster PC. In fact, most of recent boomer-shooters are developed by indie studios, and even before that, lots of amateurs were making visual conversion MODs for Doom, Duke Nukem 3D and other games. It takes skills, but it doesn’t take lots of money. Then there’s the AI: obviously, brainlet enemy AI ruins even the simpler gameplay of boomer-shooters. However, you can certainly get away with simpler AI in these games. The fun in boomer-shooters mainly come from the satisfaction of each shot you fire, smooth movement, and the carnage in general, more than out-smarting the enemy AI. Also, how about the voice lines. Characters in boomer-shooters often speak only with one-liners. Duke Nukem is infamous for this: upon killing monsters, he says things like, “let God sort them out” “I’m gonna go medieval on your asses” “Your ass, your face, what’s the difference.” Well, when it comes to simple one-liners like these, the preexisting skill activation lines from GFL base game can serve perfectly, so there is a minimal need of additional recording.

As for the story or premise, sure boomer-shooters are not really equipped to tell a deep and serious story GFL is known for, but I think you can still make it work. How about something like, “you are SOPPO. One of the G&K bases has been taken over by Sangvis units, and you have been sent alone to clean them out. Rip and Tear!” Then the game throws a dozen or so levels at you filled with Sangvis units, red/yellow/blue key to progress deeper into the base, a simple boss fight at the end, and maybe Banana at the corner of your screen yelling commands at you and generally bantering with you throughout the game, and maybe a glory kill system akin to that of Doom 2016? Right there, there is a game, no deep story needed.

Again, my argument here is not that boomer-shooter would be best fit for GFL. Rather, I’m saying it would be much more viable than anything of larger scale, while being pretty fun and enjoyable in its own right. Warhammer franchise recently had a massive success with its own boomer-shooter: Boltgun. Why can’t GFL?

If you are still skeptical, look up a game called “The Citadel.” It’s an indie FPS with anime aesthetic somewhat retro-ish gameplay, but also with tactical elements like ADS, leaning and mini-map that shows enemy placement behind walls. Try to ignore the ludicrous gore and focus on the fact that anime aesthetic, boomer-shooter element and tactical aspects are working together perfectly on that game. What if that very game, but with GFL theme (minus the gore)?

So I would like to invite everyone, including MICA themselves, to consider this route. Maybe some of you are familiar with Doom modding. Why not create a GFL wad for a start? How about Duke Nukem 3D MOD? If you are particularly skilled, or if you are MICA, why not develop your own boomer shooter?

I myself once tried to make a Wolfenstein 3D MOD that replace enemy Nazis with German T-dolls. I haven’t…given up, or anything, but it turned out I’m super bad at drawing pixel art (I mean I haven’t drawn ANY art in my life, how surprising), so you know, I’m stagnating.

So um…sorry for the absurd length of this post. What do you guys think?
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2023.06.05 22:15 AgereSylveonDarling To Be Loved Is To Be Known

I like collecting ribbons for no reason.
My favorite insect is the orchid mantis.
My favorite apples are Granny Smith.
I preferred stuffed animals over dolls growing up.
My favorite childhood breakfast cereal was fruity pebbles.
I love red eyeliner.
My favorite flowers are cherry blossoms and orchids.
I really like it when my lipstick leaves marks on stuff like straws or coffee cups.
My favorite scent is vanilla.
My favorite juice is peach.
My favorite color is pink but only on the lighter side.
My favorite pokemon is Sylveon.
My favorite ice cream is Cotton Candy and my favorite topping is chopped nuts.
I only like plain donuts, with chocolate icing and rainbow sprinkles, but not the sphere ones the long ones.
My favorite box mix for cake is funfetti.
My favorite singer in Melanie Martinez.
My favorite anime is The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.
My favorite traditional art piece is The Birth of Venus.
My favorite artist is TrashKittyArt on etsy.
I have a tarot card set from the game Arcana: A Mystic Romance.
My favorite movie is Sweeney Todd.
My favorite musical is Chicago.
I love arcades but pretty much only for aesthetics and claw machines.
I love cherry scented markers.
I’m a Leo sun, Libra moon, Libra rising.
My favorite stuffed animals are a cow named Belphie and a bunny named Oliver.
My favorite boy names are Sebastian, Roland, Oliver, Matthew, Raphael, and Gilbert.
My love language, both ways, is gift giving.
My favorite book is Good Omens.
My favorite waterpark ride is the Lazy River.
My favorite theme park ride is the Carousel.
I love carousel, bunny, and cherry motifs.
My favorite era is Victorian England.
My favorite tea is Harney & Sons Cherry Blossom.
My favorite sea creatures are Sea Bunnies.
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2023.06.05 21:25 No_Rent7511 Lip fillers 1 ml

Today after months of thinking if its worth a try or not, here is before and 5 hours after my appointment: The doctor used 1 ml Volbella also quite interesting i only had 2 syringe holes/pokes on my lip. I was crying during rhe procedure i didnt thought it would hurt this much. Hopefully swelling goes down because i dont want to look like a bratz doll.
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2023.06.05 18:53 Ravishinggg I have no self control 😭 bts Cloe is my last girlie until I get paid

I have no self control 😭 bts Cloe is my last girlie until I get paid submitted by Ravishinggg to Bratz [link] [comments]

2023.06.05 17:37 M1shonmr Does anyone know where to get aesthetic clothes for rainbow high dolls?

Does anyone know where to get aesthetic clothes for rainbow high dolls?
Really wanna dress them like the pics but idk if they can fit other doll clothes or if I would be better off on etsy….
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