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The HairDye community is devoted to hair dye and dyed hair. Any posts of your dyed hair, or questions relating to dying your hair are welcomed; Anything from Brown to Rainbow. So go ahead, let the world see your gloriously dyed hair!

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Discussion about the harmful effects of car dominance on communities, environment, safety, and public health. Aspiration towards more sustainable and effective alternatives like mass transit and improved pedestrian and cycling infrastructure.

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> A subreddit for *Outside*, a free-to-play MMORPG with 8 billion+ active players. ---- *Currently NOT looking for other moderators* ---- > **Guide to good comments/submissions:** >1. Remember, *it's not a bug, it's a feature*. It's a lot more fun to explain something if it isn't written off as a bug. >2. There are no NPCs. Aside from animals, everybody is a "player". >3. The devs are lazy and rarely do much. The game is mostly balanced as it is according to them, th

2023.06.10 19:54 MidnightMoonStory Weird with food and how a blueberry muffin wrecked my day

Stats: 26F, 4’8” tall, normal weight
Backstory: Keto (18+ months) for mental health, and I have some intestinal issues that can be irritated by carbs
Story: This morning, I attended a service for a family friend who had passed away from cancer. I was told that there wouldn’t be any snacks provided after the service.
I routinely fast, and for whatever reason, I woke up feeling hungry. Water didn’t quite cut it, and then I remembered that I had a pre-packaged blueberry muffin that I had saved from a while ago and stashed away for “sometime later”.
I know that I feel bad, mentally and physically, when I eat carbs, but damn it, I wanted that muffin. So I made a calculated decision and ate it with a bottle of cold coffee before going to the service.
The muffin was spongy and cakey, and I loved it. But at the same time, I felt bad about liking it.
My therapist, who is also keto, recommends abstinence from most carbs in my case, but has recommended practicing anti-deprivation eating as a backup plan if absolutely needed.
She can brush off an intentional cheat, and so can my mom, but cheating messes me up emotionally and I hate it. Why would I want to eat something if it causes me distress?
Then, at the service, I saw the sweets. So I took a chocolate chip cookie and a two-bite brownie. And that was that, or so I thought.
I got home, and my bowels didn’t appreciate the sudden intake of demon chow carbs, and promptly made their displeasure known. I don’t have IBS, but a high carb load can irritate my bowels.
So I ate chicken for lunch, and I’m going to have more chicken for dinner to get back on track.
I’m honestly unsure at this point about how much of my issues are physical and how much are mental, because I also have autism, ADHD, and depression/anxiety.
I fast because it makes me feel good, and because I can watch my calories, However, I can overeat at times because I can’t feel full, which my doctors think is neurological in origin due to me having brain damage from a birth stroke.
I hate it every time my parents point out that I could eat the tablecloth. It’s not that I’m hungry all the time, just that I don’t know when to stop eating. It’s like my stomach is an almost bottomless pit.
I don’t intentionally binge, but I have had two occasions over the past six months when I ate to the point of almost vomiting.
I’m thinking that this could maybe be some variation of an unspecified eating disorder, but I’m not sure, and I don’t know how to approach this with my therapist and psychiatrist.
Any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!
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2023.06.10 19:54 throwaway9898112 I hate my parents. I wish they'd divorce

They are dragging me [17F] and my siblings [16M + 21M] through this bs.
My older brother has left now, not that he ever cared or stepped in and my younger brother is too emotionally stupid to help.
I'm stuck constantly listening to their arguments, being stuck in the middle and being forced to listen to how much they hate eachother.
My mom hasn't even been back for a day from surgery abroad, for weight gain (probably due to depression and insecurities encouraged by my dad). They are already screaming at eachother and chucking shit and my moms sobbing.
They are both in the wrong, have 0 communication, ability to say sorry and have 0 respect for eachother. yet they'll try give me relationship advice
They won't divorce because my mom doesn't earn enough to have the house and she likes the lifestyle my dad can provide for her. I guess they both dont want to split us kids and hurt us but honeslty I'd prefer it.
It's heartbreaking listening to my mom saying how much she hates her life and him, how
ouch I just heard him insult me. I hate how neither of them consider how much I do for them. yes I'm meaner than my younger brother cuz he doesn't have to listen to either of them bit/h. in a unpaid therapist go hear about money problems, and no love and if I don't step in then they don't love me anymore.
I'm so sick of this shit ill never escape it. I know im doomed for a relationship like there's. I hate my life. I hate how they hate theirs. I hate how they are both c/nts to eachother so blatantly. they are both horrible people.
I still remember the ONE time I didn't step in for an arguement and when I was saying I love you to my mother later that day she just stared at me. that's when I knew the love in this family is entirely conditional.
I'm scared for when they see my mock exam results because I know they will be mad.
I hate that they are so controlling yet they give so little fuvks about me.
They only care that i act as the perfect daughter. in the past 6 months I've had 4 counsellors. all of which I've had to hide.
fuck this fucking fucking shit.
I'm going to go drink some whiskey my brother left behind
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2023.06.10 19:53 AutoModerator Iman Gadhzi - Agency Navigator (Full and HD)

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2023.06.10 19:53 ValRAwesome How much is this worth?

How much is this worth?
This is a mis-cut silver certificate from 1953. How much is this worth?
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2023.06.10 19:52 DigiQuip Im level from loot drops can’t keep up with how fast I’m leveling

It feels like every five or six levels I’m having to farm gear because the rate I level and the world scaling is way faster than the rate I get quality loot. I started at World Tier II but just for the convenience if not feeling hamstrung by poor loot luck I’m thinking of dropping to World Tier I.
I first noticed this when I was level 20 and my average gear was item level 14. I didn’t think too much of it, but some of my gear was way under level, like my level 5 pants. I also noticed fighting elites and doing some quests were getting harder in noticeable spikes. I stopped at one of the world event things and farmed it while watching some tv. I hit level 22 but my gear score jumped to ~18 and I got a new pair of pants which helped a lot.
I continued on doing a quest and was flying through the game like it was nothing. My power spike wasn’t just noticeable, the game felt entirely different. But, due to how much easier the game was, I leveled quickly and before I knew it I was level 25 with almost no changes to my gear and it quickly got much harder again. So back to grinding loot.
It feels like there’s a big power discrepancy when you item level is -5 of your level, somewhere around there. Which is pretty unfortunate because in my experience -5 seems to be the baseline for what level loot drops at. If I’m lucky I’ll get gear that drops a -3ish.
It’s not that the game is impossible but it’s a hell of lot more fun when my gear keeps up with my actual level which the world difficulty scales too.
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2023.06.10 19:52 Grand-Earth2594 how do artificial intelligence work?

Introduction: Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a hot topic in today's technology-driven world. It is a branch of computer science that enables machines to perform tasks that normally require human intelligence, such as learning, problem-solving, language understanding, and decision-making. In a nutshell, AI is about creating machines that can think and act like humans. This article will explore how AI works and the different types of AI.
Presentation: AI systems work by analyzing data and making decisions based on that data. The first step in creating an AI system is to train it with a large dataset. This training data can be anything from images, videos, audio, or text. The more data the system is trained on, the better it can recognize patterns and make predictions. Once the AI system has been trained, it can then be deployed to perform specific tasks.
There are different types of AI, each with its own set of capabilities and limitations. Rule-based AI focuses on a specific set of rules and uses logical reasoning to make decisions. For example, a spam filter in your email uses rule-based AI to detect spam messages. Machine Learning (ML) is a type of AI that involves training algorithms to learn from data. ML algorithms can identify patterns and make predictions based on that data. This type of AI is commonly used in image recognition, speech recognition, and natural language processing. Finally, Deep Learning (DL) is a subset of ML that uses neural networks to analyze data. DL is used in complex tasks such as self-driving cars, facial recognition, and medical diagnoses.
Conclusion: In conclusion, AI is transforming the way we live and work. It has the potential to revolutionize many industries, from healthcare to finance to manufacturing. Understanding how AI works and the different types of AI is crucial for businesses and individuals to stay competitive in the digital age. While we are still in the early stages of the AI revolution, it is clear that AI will continue to evolve and grow in the years to come.
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2023.06.10 19:52 B22marley Question on clanner eugenics

Here is a dumb, but interesting question when it comes to clan mechwarriors that I'm unsure how it translates to lore.
From what I have gathered clanner mechwarriors have been genetically engineered to be some of the best at mech warrior combat (quickened reaction times, Dexterity ect.), in the event that a clann mechwarrior deserted or found themselves ripped away from clann society and settled down with a non-clanner (maybe a rasselhauge or lyrancomonwealth merc) would those traits be passed on to the resulting child?
I know it would not be as extreme or noticeable as something like a clann elemental having a kid with a normal human, but would the resulting kid be just naturally gifted at being mechwarriors? Is it likely? Would it be noticeable?
I'm wondering as in a current game a player has a clann mechwarrior mother (ghost bear) whom got stranded on a mission gone bad and was actually saved by the merc father...they basically made up and settled down on a farm leaving most of their old conflict filled lives behind, and had a kid that is a bit "hometown" in that they don't know much about the rest of the galaxy and mechwarrior culture...but gets dragged into it after an event leaves them fleeing their old life. They are dumb...but talented, and using their mothers assult mech (fully repairing which left them in debt to the company they are with) they are kind of in a "forgiving" place for being an idiot at first.
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2023.06.10 19:52 an2nygalpz Window stopped working

So after pulling down the passenger side window on my 2012 Audi A5 Coupe, it struggled to push up and now it totally stopped so window is stuck on the bottom, I think the regulator needs changing from what I could find online, anyone have experience similar issues before and how much did it cost to repair from the garage? I was thinking of doing it myself, it didnt look too complicated from videos online
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2023.06.10 19:52 DrSuperZeco I've finally experienced the feeling of being 'chased', wanted and desired. The feeling of sitting and working while someone likes me and wants me sitting right next to me. Today I learned what the age gap meant. I'm crushed.

I'm working on my research from a coffee shop known to be a hangout for University students, particularly medical students. Its the kind of place where if someone speaks out loud people would shush them. Almost like a library.
About a month ago I noticed a girl acting weird around me. She's pretty and all and had University stickers on her laptop. Guessed in her 20s.
I ignored her and kept working to meet my deadline. Until it was obvious to everyone in this place that she's crushing on me and it reached a point where I can't really focus on my work because she's almost on my lap. As much as I loved everything about her and the feelings she was giving me, I didn't want to engage in meaningless interaction and have a relationship just for fun. Until few weeks ago her friends were saying out loud that she wants a serious relationship that ends with marriage (we are middle easterns, go figure).
That was clear hint for me, so I took it. Said hello, and started talking...
I've been wanting a relationship probably all my life and I've approached many over the years. I kept my match range to 28-32 for the sake of age gap (I'm turning 40 in few months).
She's half my age, my friends told me if you find someone willing to be in relationship with you dont turn it down. My sister knows how long I've been wanting one but never been lucky. I'm not ugly, or bad in anyway. I guess it just was never meant for me to meet the right person.
I spent the past couple of weeks trying to overcome the age gap. And this girl is like a cat, whenever you try to send her away she would come back. Put that in broken lonely heart of mine context... its really painful.
Today, I learned that her father is one year older than me.
That crushed me.
Not because I'm giving up on the potential of us. But the fact that THIS is what I've lost. Having children. Seeing my children grow up in front of me. Seeing them go to University. Meeting their partners. All of that... all is gone. And I'm seeing in front of me what I've missed. And it wasn't missed by choice. I wanted it with all my heart. It just never happened.
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2023.06.10 19:52 0300008 Exploring vertical

Exploring vertical
After looking at u/Sanaii’s posts about vertical the other day I was thinking about some of the less “textbook” approaches to vertical in my own wardrobe and how we can work with items that don’t necessarily follow all the “rules.”
In the first picture, i have a monochrome outfit which is fitted the whole way down and slightly bootcut, creating one long and relatively straight line. By all accounts this should be the most dramatic-appropriate look. What I don’t like about this silhouette is that the high waisted pants emphasize the curve in my hips rather than the straight line of my legs.
The second picture features a pair of slightly cropped, slightly oversized jeans which are not the same color as my top. What works for me here is that the jeans hold a much straighter and stiffer line from my hips to my ankles and don’t emphasize the curved line of my hip. With black boots to tie the top to the bottom, I think this outfit will work really well despite being cropped and different colors.
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2023.06.10 19:52 IntroductionSome8196 I finished Trails in the Sky SC

I'm back after finishing Sky SC so these are my thoughts on the game and on these characters so far.
I have to say that I like how this game begins literally the second after the first one ends. I haven't seen many games that do that and it's definitely a great way to start.
In general, the pacing feels much more structured than in the first one and I like how it never feels like the characters are wandering without anything to do, there's always something going on, and since that was one of the things I didn't enjoy from the first I'm glad it got fixed.
I also feel like the story is much better, Ouroboros are a great cast of villains and I love how threatening they feel throughout the entire game. You can see how they're much stronger than the protagonists and how they're just toying with them every time they meet. And even when you finally manage to beat them it doesn't feel like the main cast is suddenly so much stronger, they won mainly because they outnumbered them and it was still a really close fight.
My personal favorites were definitely Walter and Luciola. Walter because his backstory is actually fairly tragic and I feel for the guy and Luciola since she feels the most evil of the enforcers (not counting Weissman since he isn't one) and I like a good female villain with little redeeming qualities since there aren't that many of those out there (I really hope they don't try to make her good in the future because as far as her backstory goes, she has no excuse for what she did).
Bleublanc was cool and I love how he had multiple riddle sidequests throughout the game but I feel like I just don't know enough about him to really like him, I guess that's part of his gimmick but I hope we get to delve a little deeper into his character in future games.
when it comes to Renne I just couldn't take her seriously, same with Joshua actually. I've always disliked the trope of literal children who are just extremely powerful fighters because no matter how they try to justify it it just never works for me and in this case, they didn't even try. They seriously expect me to believe that a 9-year-old managed to go toe to toe with Cassius and even gave him some trouble before losing? I'm sorry but that's just dumb, and Trails isn't the only series that does it but still, it's such a stupid trope. Her story was pretty tragic, and I like the character but I still find her kinda ridiculous.
Loewe was great only until his final fight with Joshua. I seriously didn't like how he switched sides so easily, this dude has been building his personal philosophy for years and he just decides to do a complete 180 after an extremely brief conversation with Joshua? Sorry but after beating that part I watched that scene on youtube a couple of times to better analyze the conversation and it just feels so out of nowhere. That completely ruined the character for me.
Now for the party members:
Olivier's twist about being an Erebonian prince was probably one of the best moments of the game for me, I never saw that coming since I thought he was just gonna be some important military or political figure but not THAT important. I also loved Zin's development during the game, he has become one of my favorites by far and I really wanna learn more about him.
Schera and Agate's backstories were presented in a great way. Their respective chapters were some of the best parts of the game by far and I've gained a much bigger appreciation for both of them.
Kevin was extremely intriguing and that last scene with Weissman (who was an amazing villain btw) was great. It seems like religion is a much more important part of this world than I initially thought and they can be kind of ruthless with it. Makes me wonder if there's something similar to an inquisition on the continent. Anyways can't wait to play with him as the protagonist in the next game since he seems much more morally grey than Estelle or Joshua.
As for the other party members, I don't have much to say since my opinion of them either hasn't changed or I don't have much to say. I will say however that a lot of people said that Kloe gets a bunch of character development here but I just didn't see it. I still find her kinda boring and my opinion about her is still pretty much the same.
A last thing I want to add is maybe something more personal but the romance between Estelle and Joshua just didn't click for me. First of all, I find it a little uncomfortable since they're siblings (yeah not related by blood but still) and also I just don't see why they like each other, it feels that during the first game, Estelle just gets feelings for him out of nowhere since originally she dismissed the idea and Joshua just says that he fell in love at first sight which is such a cliche and completely unrealistic. I genuinely feel like their relationship would've been much better if they built it around them being brother and sister and not lovers. But I guess that may just be me and I can kinda see why people may like this couple.
Overall I loved this game much more than the first one (which I already liked a lot) and I'm really curious to see how this trilogy ends. Thanks for reading.
Side note. Why is the next game called Sky the 3rd and not Sky TC? It seems like a no-brainer to me.

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2023.06.10 19:52 ChrisLee38 To those who have published… how many query letters did it take?

Hi all! Brand new to this sub, but I’ve been writing for about 3 and a half years. I don’t have anything published currently, and that’s part of my problem. Just about 90% of my time spent writing has been on one epic fantasy series that I desperately want to publish. I’m only on my seventh literary agency’s query letter, but I was curious about how many it took some of you to get a positive response.
I don’t have much finance currently (young new dad problems), so self-publishing seems unwise. If I’m going to do this, I want to make sure that everything is done properly. Marketing, editing, cover design, everything that I know absolutely nothing about.
Thanks for your help!
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2023.06.10 19:52 Bubbly_West8481 I (FA,27) find it really hard to understand if what im expecting from my partner is “too much”? I often psychoanalyse my breakups and wonder if i expected too much from them. How do you fellow insecurely attached folks navigate this?

After a break up i tend to ruminate over the good parts of the relationship and start wondering what i did wrong in the dynamic and how insecurely i showed up. Part of me does this because i want to understand where did i fuck up just so i can heal and try to be a better person going forward. But i often feel like my needs arent valid - Is it too much to expect your partner to validate how youre feeling during arguments? My ex thinks validating someone during arguments would mean enabling their behavior. - i have trust issues. Is honest communication expecting too much? For example - ive asked my ex to simply let me know before he goes and meets someone he has had an brief fling with. - i would like verbal reassurance. My partner would show me through acts of service that he cared, but i felt emotionally disconnected and didnt know if he admired me or liked me. It often felt like he wasnt into me because it wasnt verbally validated.
I really struggle with identifying what needs of mine are healthy and what arent. Would love some perspective!
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2023.06.10 19:52 nileahcim NEED HELP! Picking a lock on an old suitcase.

NEED HELP! Picking a lock on an old suitcase.
I bought this suitcase at a garage sale and then accidentally locked the zipper LIKE A FOOL. I dont have the key, obviously. I pried off the lock front but now still can't figure out how to do it. Any suggestions? I'd rather not pry much else off, if possible. Any help is appreciated.
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2023.06.10 19:51 _krush11 POLICYBZR

POLICYBZR - A stock with strong financials and a rally has started. But what happened then? Why is it not moving up now? Why is it consolidating soooo much? PAYTM and ZOMATO, 2 similar new age tech stocks have started rallying continuously but this is kinda stuck.

When will it move up? How much will it move up?
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2023.06.10 19:51 LunLunRanch Any modpacks that are kinda like FU but not?

heya, I almost always play starbound with frackin universe on, Frackin universe adds so much more to explore to starbound, so much stuff to find and learn, but the problem is the way it's presented and how grindy it is, especially the research system, which ruins it for me. Frackin universe at first feels like a huge exploration thing but it ends up being quite narrow, if that makes sense. I'm wondering if there's any other mods that adds a lot of dungeons and planets and other mechanics, without, well, being frackin universe.
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2023.06.10 19:51 Grand-Earth2594 how much do artificial intelligence engineer make?

Introduction: Artificial intelligence is changing the world in more ways than we can imagine. From self-driving cars to virtual assistants, AI is permeating every aspect of our lives. As the field of AI expands rapidly, the demand for AI engineers is also increasing at a rapid pace. As a result, many people are curious about how much artificial intelligence engineers make. In this article, we will explore the salary trends for AI engineers and provide insights into the factors that determine their earnings.
Education and Experience: One of the primary factors that determine the salary of an AI engineer is their education and experience. Typically, AI engineers have a degree in computer science, mathematics, or another related field. They also have experience in programming languages such as Python, Java, and C++. The more experience an AI engineer has, the more they will earn. Senior AI engineers with 10+ years of experience can earn salaries ranging from $150,000 to $250,000 per year.
Location: Another factor that determines the salary of an AI engineer is their location. The salaries for AI engineers vary widely depending on the geographic location. Silicon Valley is known to offer some of the highest salaries for AI engineers due to the concentration of technology companies. In contrast, smaller cities and towns may offer lower salaries due to the lack of competition. An AI engineer in San Francisco can earn an average salary of $148,000, while an AI engineer in Dallas can earn an average salary of $120,000.
Conclusion: Artificial intelligence is a rapidly growing field that offers exciting career opportunities. The salary of an AI engineer depends on various factors such as education, experience, and location. AI engineers with advanced degrees, extensive experience, and in-demand skills can earn salaries ranging from $150,000 to $250,000 per year. For those interested in pursuing a career in AI, it is important to keep these factors in mind when considering potential job opportunities. With the increasing demand for AI-driven solutions, there has never been a better time to start a career in this field.
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2023.06.10 19:51 PoliticalIguana1 Great Potential, a few suggestions

Foreword: This is going to be an in-depth opinion based on my 6 hours of playtime with the demo, and having beaten it twice, once with a motivity (strength) build, and once with a dexterity (technique) build. I ended up finishing the demo at level 30 in each case, with a +2 weapon. I don’t usually make long reviews like these, but I tried out the demo and felt compelled because I feel that this has the makings of a great souls-like, but falls short because it’s unsure of what to do with all the different mechanical elements it has and is unable to weave them together into a compelling combat rhythm.
My overall impressions are that the game has great potential, with a lot of neat ideas inspired by or reminiscent of the Souls games, but the elements here need more polish or a few changes to how they are implemented because they do not gel well together currently.
Starting with the great and the good:
The performance is very well optimized. On my Laptop (RTX 3060, 12th Gen i7-12700H), I was getting a very stable capped 75 fps at 1080p best rendering settings. (Could have pushed higher with some setting adjustments but I usually play Souls games which are capped at 60 fps and I was too lazy to overclock or anything like that). There were minimal graphical glitches, and I only really experienced pop in 3 times throughout my two playthroughs.
The atmosphere is pretty good, with the rain and “Victorian” cyberpunk aesthetic, and the bodies and bloodshed sell the feeling of a world gone awry.
The level design, especially the main level after you reach the Hotel is well designed and I like the enemy and trap placement, shortcuts, and use of verticality. I found myself looping back quite a bit, and mentally mapping out the locations as I did, and for a souls-like, that’s a wonderful thing to aim for in my opinion.
The enemy variety is decent, from the basic goons and dogs to the patrol officer mini-boss, enemies generally feel distinct and have different timings, ranges and hyper-armor to get used to.
It’s rather unfortunate then, that in my opinion, the combat system is not well tuned to get immersed in the atmosphere, level and enemy design. My negatives with this demo have mostly been with some aspects of the combat system.
Starting on the player side, the player has all of these mechanical elements to be considered when engaging in combat:
- The player has a “rally” mechanic on blocked hits, where you can regain almost all of your lost health back by attacking enemies after blocking attacks, similar to Bloodborne’s rally mechanic.
- The player has a perfect deflect “timed block” mechanic where if you time your block at the moment the enemy’s attack lands, you take no damage, similar to Sekiro’s deflect mechanic.
- The player has a dash step for a dodge when locked on, and a roll when not locked onto anything, again similar to Bloodborne.
- The player has a light attack, a heavy attack, a charged heavy attack, and usually the Fable Blade Art attack for their offensive options
- The player usually also has the Fable Handle Art for their defensive options
- The player has a Legion arm that can do a variety of things depending on your load out and is a tactical option to also be considered.
- Besides these actions, the player must manage health, stamina, the Fable Art blue slots, Legion bar for the Legion arm, and weapon durability
In these mechanical elements, my personal biggest gripe is that the dash step and the dodge roll feel very clunky, do not cover enough distance, and are generally not that useful in general combat or in boss fights. The dash step doesn’t usually get you far enough away from the boss’s attack to avoid damage, and seems to have such low i-frames that you cannot dodge into attacks with long lasting hitboxes reliably to avoid them either. The only real use I found for these is to reposition yourself around a boss, and that also only when you are far enough away to not get stuck in between the boss’s limbs. This made dodging seem worthless to even attempt in most cases, and I found a lot more success in trying to block and deflect instead.
This brings me to my second issue, and that is Bloodborne’s rally mechanic doesn’t really work neatly with a game that allows you to block, especially with weapons that can negate a lot of damage. On my strength playthrough, I found it a lot easier to block enemy attacks and then just hit them when they were in their recovery’s to regain the health, while on my dexterity playthrough, given that the rapier had terrible guard negation, I just fished for backstabs, or charged into enemies to stun lock them with light attacks and avoid being hit in the first place. In either case, the combat, for the general mobs, encouraged button mashing more than any tactical play.
Guarding on smaller nimbler weapons doesn’t seem like a great idea because you take a lot more damage and don’t heal back as much, which combined with the clunky dash, encourages you to rush a lot more into single enemies and light attack them to death before they can do much to you; while on larger weapons, guarding is too efficient, and given the higher stun potential, also encourages you to rally for all your health back after guarding to make sure that you don’t get chunked for too much un-rally-able damage given the slower startups. In either case, you are motivated to not be precise in your gameplay.
My suggestion to make this work better is to rework the rallying system to rally your health back on perfect deflects rather than on hitting enemies, and to improve the default evasive options (dash step and dodge roll) in their distance and i-frames. This introduces more options to be considered when playing tactically and rewards precise play. The question when making defensive plays becomes “do I avoid this hit by dashing, or try to deflect it head on to regen some health?”, instead of “I’ll try to deflect it, but if it doesn’t happen, I’ll block it and try to regen as much on my next offensive play”. In line with this suggestion, rallying should not only work for damage that you took while blocking, but rather for all damage, with the amount of health that can be rallied being set to the last instance of when you took damage (this discourages holding the block and just waiting for the enemy to finish a 3 hit combo for example, since the amount of health you can regen would decrease to what your health was when you got hit the third time).
The perfect deflect as it stands, is not well integrated into the flow of combat. It’s more of a neat bonus for when you blocked perfectly rather than a thing to try to master, except for the red attacks that enemies can do, or for when you are on low enough health that blocking instead of doing a perfect deflect will mean your death.
Speaking of well-integrated, the weapon durability system felt like a chore and actively detracted from the combat experience. For level exploration, this mechanic is entirely useless, since all it amounted to was consciously making sure my sword was durable enough after I cleared a group of enemies. In boss fights, all it resulted in was moving away from the boss and repairing my weapon instead of engaging with the rhythm of the fight. It’s just another thing to manage that forces you to take a break in between the fight for whatever reason.
This should be done away entirely in my opinion, but if the Devs do not want to, they should look for ways to incorporate it into the rest of the combat rhythm and loop. A neat idea could be giving the player a timed damage bonus, like 15 seconds or so at the instant their weapon is repaired to max durability. This now adds more tactical options to be considered when engaging in offensive plays/ capitalising on openings- “should I use this opening to heal, regen my weapon to max to get a damage bonus for the next opening, or attack and lower my weapon’s durability even further, making it more difficult to get this damage bonus whenever I try to repair my weapon next time” and encourages players out of the simple dodge and light attack playstyle that most souls-likes encourage.
Moving a bit into the enemy side, the 2 main elements of enemy design that require specific responses from the player are the red attacks for when they are doing an unblockable, and the groggy state, where they can be knocked down for a critical attack if you land a fully charged heavy attack.
The red attacks are well done for the most part, although it’s very apparent that these are just regular attacks that the enemy has that now just happens to be a red attack. I’d rather there be specific attacks that enemies and bosses do that are red attacks and nothing else, so you are not punished for not following your typical response on seeing an attack be unblockable when the exact same animation was blockable for an earlier attack. This is admittedly, a minor gripe and I understand that this is likely because of time and resource constraints, and so don’t mind it too much.
As for the groggy state, I really liked the idea of enemies being worn down and then being susceptible to a knock down and critical using a charged heavy. It’s also executed well enough in my opinion, as I never felt that my charged heavy was too slow to not get it in time. The state lasts long enough, and all my charged heavies were fast enough that with precise play, the mechanic was executable. My only gripe with it seems to be that when this groggy state occurs is unpredictable. It seems to happen around the half way mark for a mini-boss/boss’s health, but seems dependent on how often you’ve hit or deflected them, and with what. I think. I don’t know, because the game never tells you what causes the enemy to be groggy, or shows a groggy meter. I’m not entirely sure why this is. If the grogginess is tied to a hidden meter that fills up when you perform certain actions like hitting the enemy or perfectly deflecting, I’d rather that such a meter be made visible so it’s clear how close you are to getting the opportunity to do a critical, or at the very least, weapon blade parts have a grogginess rating to compare how much grogginess they cause in a hit.
One of the final elements of combat design that I want to focus on are the supporting elements for the combat system, namely the blade and handle weapon assembly system, the quartz p-organ “latent ability” skill tree with perk system, and the healing system.
The weapon assembly system is a neat concept, allowing you to mix and match weapon blades and their base damage and blade fable art, with the handle’s scaling bonus and it’s handle fable art. I have a few gripes with the execution though:
Outside of a specific blade fable art, or weight limitations, you’d just always pick the blade with the greatest base damage. On my dexterity (technique) playthrough, the rapier was not that good for boss fights in my experience, since your guard absorption was terrible and the tactic I used for the first boss was just moving back or out of the way of anything I wasn’t confident in perfectly deflecting. But having learnt of the weapon assembly system from my strength (motivity) playthrough, the second I got the item that allowed for me to assemble my own weapons (unlocked after the 2nd boss), I chucked my greatsword blade onto my rapier’s handle. And now I had an unstoppable weapon for use, having the greatsword blade’s reach, high base damage, and high guard absorption, with the rapier handle’s dexterity (technique) scaling bonus and quick move set. The game does try to combat this by giving things that have a high base damage extra weight and costing more stamina to swing around, and I think some weight-swing calculations too (i.e. the heavier your weapon, the slower you do the moveset), but it hardly mattered. At the end of the game, I could do a light attack chain consisting of 9 attacks with my rapier before my stamina was completely depleted. I could do 6 with the greatsword blade on the rapier handle, and before my rapier could do it’s 9 attacks.
Now I get that this is the Devs’ way to encourage different weapon combinations, but in my experience, this is going to result in a lot of people just using the highest base damage and/or guard negation blade on the handle that gives them their desired move set and scaling most inline with their character. This will hurt the build variety unless the skill tree with perk system and the fable arts can provide enough varied options that suit different combinations of the blade and handle.
I’m not entirely sure on how to combat this, especially since we aren’t shown the full extent of the perk system and the skill trees, so this is something that the Devs will have to think about on their own if they plan to do anything with it.
On a slight tangent, speaking briefly about the fable arts themselves, I did not find the majority of them to be very useful and so didn’t really use them all that much. They don’t seem to do a lot more damage than light or heavy attacks, and the defensive options either also require strict timing, or are no more useful than a perfect deflect.
As for the latent ability + perk skill tree system, we do not know the full extent of the available choices in this system or the amount of choices we’ll be given and so it’s difficult to review it, but one which definitely perked my interest was knowing that extra dodge rolls were an unlockable perk. I am not a fan of this direction. Personally, The i-frames of your dodge/dash, and the distance that it covers, like the frames of your perfect deflect, are fundamentals that the combat is built on, and should ideally be a well balanced and play tested unchangeable provided by the Devs, as opposed to an unlockable skill that players have to choose to grind for. This reminds me a lot of Dark Souls 2, tying the number of i-frames in the roll to a stat, and it was hated there as well. The other perks seem pretty decent, with things like getting more currency, or getting some Legion Ammo on killing things, or taking less damage while discharged/ in the middle of dodging are all varied, interesting and worth getting, and so the limited number of quartz and thus unlockables could make for compelling design and playstyle customization, provided that the fundamentals (dodging, perfect deflects, fable arts, etc. are all well-tuned by default design wise).
Speaking of the healing system, I like it for the most part, having finite healing but being able to regen one health potion by attacking enemies is well thought out, even if it is a bit clunky. If I could make any adjustment to this, it would simply be letting us regen health potions constantly when attacking, and capping the number of health potions as the game already does. I prefer this mostly because there is no explanation in game for why when we are discharged, we can regen precisely one health potion by attacking enemies and no more. What’s ideally wanted, just personally, is consistency or an explanation. The discharged state could also be made compelling gameplay wise, as the perk system alludes to, by having perks that lower your damage when you’re discharged. Other perks likes this could make for a compelling gameplay where you are constantly teetering between having one health potion and being discharged, and it would be interesting to see.
A final note on some animation clunkiness. The combat clearly seems to be built with a focus on deflecting more than just dodging, but your character does not have any way to cancel a stagger into a block like Sekiro does. This is relevant because some enemies in the game have attacks which if you get hit by, stagger you long enough to be hit by the follow up in the combo, with no opportunity to deflect, guard, or dash away. This is also true for when an enemy deflects you when you are using certain handles, most notably the rapier handle. This makes you get punished twice for making a single mistake, and that feels unfun to play with, and so you’d want to have a way for the character to either cancel their stagger early, or space out enemy attacks long enough that you can respond to the next hit in the combo.
Moving out of the combat discussion, I have 2 quick addendums which don’t quite fit in other sections imo:
1) The AI needs improvement for the 2nd boss and for other humanoid bosses that the Devs may intend to release in the game. This boss is too vulnerable to circling and back stabs, and the strategy is also relatively risk free.
2) The UI and menus feels very convoluted and need streamlining
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2023.06.10 19:51 Klutzy_Aspect5526 I have a trigger that’s rather specific and inherently sexist. I’m trying to fix it but I’m not making progress. (Tw: sexual assault, rape.)

Uhhh, throwaway for obvious reasons, this sounds really bad. Back story: When I was 5-7, I was raped consistently by my older sister. This has definitely fucked with me in many ways, but I was still raised by most of my older sisters. I consider myself a feminist ally and I’ve always tried to be very respectful towards women and treat them right.
When I was 12-ish, 4 years after we (me and two sisters) were saved from my abusive father, I was in the car with my rapist. She mentioned the time from before and tried to make me… touch her. It was dark and rainy and I fought back. She rear ended the guy in front of her. “If you say anything, I’ll say you forced it on me and I lost control.”
Real time:
I had this memory resurface two years ago. My fiancé had to drive me somewhere and it was raining at dusk time. At the time I thought she was too close so I asked her to back off and she didn’t and I had my first flashback of that particular car sexual assault. I pieced together why I hate being a passenger. So I drive all the time. But I looked closer and realized it’s specially when women drive. I’m still a bit nervous in my male friends’ cars but I feel safer than a woman’s.
I tried to explain to my family about the accident, without mentioning the assault part, and they called me sexist and kept telling me how easy it is to be a passenger.
I’ve tried riding with my fiancé and it’s okay for a bit but then I start getting super anxious and freak out a bit. It’s only Been this bad ever since the initial breakdown/realization.
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2023.06.10 19:51 chefkurry Feel stuck... idk what to do.

Hey guys, so I've been on Klon for anxiety/panic attacks for 11 ish years (no idea why a psych thought putting me on this stuff daily at 14 years old was a good idea)
I started off at 1 MG daily but at some point several years into taking it, I cut the 0.5 day dose in half because it was making me tired, had no issues. I've never abused it either, I can count on one hand the times I've taken an extra .25 (usually when I would fly)
A couple months ago I decided to do the same thing with the 0.75 down to 0.5 not really thinking anything of it. I guess I've been getting tired of being chained to a pill lately. I was totally fine for while after that cut, but after about a month and a half I started to get some wild symptoms (dpdfeeling wobbly/appetite was shot/insomnia/a few times where I'd have jerks falling asleep). Ironically my anxiety wasn't really any worse than usual during that time. It seems kind of odd for it to come out of nowhere compared to a few days-week after a cut like I've seen from others, but maybe it was tolerance WD? I'm really not sure. Ended up going back up to 0.75mg a week ago to try stabilize and have been WAY better since then.
I got a water taper plan from a FB group that's gonna take 7 ish months assuming I stick with the 1ML daily pulls. I've heard mostly good things about it. However... during the process of researching a proper taper I've stumbled across so many crazy horror stories that have spooked me tf out. Akathisia/PAWS stories really shot up my anxiety.
Is this really a terrible experience for everyone if you go slow?? A lot of this just doesn't make any sense considering there's like 30 million people on this stuff in the States alone. It's just kinda shocking how little success stories there are. At least in the sense of not having a total nightmare and then recovering a year later. A few people on the group have said they had minimal symptoms (or none) throughout the taper and then walked off after it was done, but then some people say it takes 18 months to recover after the taper is done??
At this point I don't really think it's doing much for me besides keep WD at bay, and has possibly been a culprit of making my anxiety worse over the years. I'm a little worried about not having it around as an emergency thing ( I wish the psych would have prescribed like that all along) but I'm WAY more afraid of all the horror stories than that at this point. My anxiety has been really bad the last couple years (brutal hangovers from my party days spun me back into a cycle of panic attacks) so I've been trying to work on that, and feeling like I'm going to lose even more years of my 20's getting off a drug that was supposed to help is even more depressing.
Idk... I guess some experiences with a slow tapeadvice would be welcome at this point. I just feel like I'm stuck in quicksand at this point. I truly feel for all the people struggling with this. Thanks everyone!
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2023.06.10 19:51 _krush11 POLICYBZR

POLICYBZR - A stock with strong financials and a rally has started. But what happened then? Why is it not moving up now? Why is it consolidating soooo much? PAYTM and ZOMATO, 2 similar new age tech stocks have started rallying continuously but this is kinda stuck.

When will it move up? How much will it move up?
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2023.06.10 19:51 Eskerna_Luka The harmful side of the LGBTQ+ movement (very long post, take time).

Me and my friends have been studying and interacting with the LGBTQ+ offline and online for years. This article sums up our views towards some LGBTQ+-related issues. However, before coming to address that, I must insist on taking this position of mine without presuming that I am victimizing myself or intentionally unjustly painting the LGBTQ+ movement as a whole in bad image. The reason for this is that the people who instantly jump into such conclusions are also parts of the problem I am going to talk about. This post is going to be political (not American politics or online teenage banter), so if you are not happy to dwell into this area, decide for yourself before continuing.
Firstly, I would like to point out how oversexual many LGBTQ+ members are. By this, I do not mean that they must not argue for their rights, nor do I mean that every conversation they talk is about LGBTQ+ rights. Some people would take that as a reason to say the LGBTQ+ is forcing LGBTQ+ to their throats, but I do not think so. Our (me and my pals) problem is that almost every conversation which these LGBTQ+ folks participate in, they bring up wild sex without any sort of manner. Although they are not provoking us or something, neither is it that me and the fellers do not enjoy sex and attempt to find out the best methods for the finest sex, but we do not treat our daily life as mere sex. I also understand some non-LGBTQ+ people do talk about sex as much as these folks I mentioned, but not in my country, and my environment.
Here is the tricky part. For the person reading this, you must understand that whether or not a person is open to sexual conversations is, especially if you are from Europe or the United States, you may be completely fine, or mostly fine with having such talks daily. You believe that behavior is just, which I understand, that is your culture. I am not from the West, me and the folks are from what Western commenters enjoy calling the "third world." We have a different culture from the West, pretty much every other nation has different cultures from the West. Even the West has different cultures from other Western countries. So what you think as just might not be just for other countries. For example, if in your country, having a lot of body counts is a virtue while not in another country, you are obligated to respect that. For us, it is not just at all to have such an unregulated amount of sexual comments during the chatter. This is also a fact for everything other than sex, which I feel that a lot of people cannot grasp.
Unaccusingly speaking, the LGBTQ+ movement originates from the West. There, LGBTQ+ people are open to sex alongside a bunch of other stuff other cultures condemn. They talk about sex freely, and enjoy it freely. You can find a lot of articles from LGBTQ+ writers promoting sex and sexual styles. I understand, you do you in your country. The point is that Western powers colonized my country during the colonial era and it was also them who introduced the prostitutes and sexualized our women, as well as breaking our traditions and suppressing our religions and beliefs, while importing that of the West. The whole deal with the LGBTQ+ members in my country being too open towards sex seems a bit too familiar, considering the entirety of their lives surrounds what people from Western countries do. It is always "Western people do that, let us do that too." On LGBTQ+ subreddits, it is also very common for writers to condemn nations who have an apparently less open approach towards the LGBTQ+ movement. We can see a pattern of what the elites of a certain LGBTQ+ community have been attempting.
However, Western or not, globalization is happening and it is not only the West's culture that is affecting ours. We have viewed this through the lens of the struggle between nations, and it is only the matter of whether or not the readers of this post has done the same before coming to conclusions.
Secondly, it happens to an amount of LGBTQ+ people that somehow they are the center of the universe. Again, this is not meant to say that they do not have the right to address their oppression, however, I do believe this is both common for my country and the world that some LGBTQ+ folks are too egoistic for society's good. What I am trying to make clear is that, for example, my friend has been asked by a gay man whether or not he would want to date a gay man. He said no, and in a conversation with me, this gay person said my friend was just being jealous of not being as manly as he is. LGBTQ+ supporter pals also seem to cherish this guy's thoughts.
When men disagree with LGBTQ+ agendas, it is common for them to receive insults that they "are not a real man" from the community. When women do that, they also receive similar insults. It is a hypocrisy to fight for gender and sexual equality and liberation, but consider oneself the only true and just, while the others are mere barbarians looking for enlightenment.
Thirdly, a few LGBTQ+ sexual harassers have been rather more creepy than the average non-LGBTQ+ creeps, and they know how to take advantage of the LGBTQ+ movement. For instance, a few months ago, my middle-aged male colleague once was almost taken advantage of by a young male "genderfluid" person. It was at the end of the shift, and we were going home for lunch to prepare for the afternoon shift. I heard a lot of shouting voices from the department he worked in. It turned out that this genderfluid individual came to him and asked to have sex with him. He, of course, as much as he respected our culture and his duty to his wife and children, refused. The gender fluid person then grabbed his arm and insisted on having sex. My colleague, again, calmly said no. The other person had a breakdown and started calling my colleague a creep who been creeping on them for a long time. Other people heard the shouting and surrounded them. Insults were beginning to be thrown towards my colleague, a few people even went so far as to push my colleague around. It was only until the guards came that the truth was told. That genderfluid person did not come to work that afternoon. Our boss came to us and asked for what happened, he showed us screenshots of the genderfluid person claiming that we ganged up on him, sexually harassed him, insulted him, and attacked him physically. When our boss showed us the chat, the person has already unsent all of their messages.
This behavior is, to be honest, not uncommon at all. Online LGBTQ+ members and supporters have the same behavior when their agendas are questioned, or people dislike certain traits of their personalities, or when their wrongdoings are justly brought out to the light. Celebrities like Erza Miller have had similar breakdowns. Even certain United States politicians do that. Breakdowns are common for rude and egoistic people, but when gender, sexuality and a gender-based political movement is used as the justification, it is a much greater problem. Some people say such behaviors are understandable, because they root in the LGBTQ+'s oppression and mental health problems caused by abuse. That argument is but sophism.
Last but not least, it strikes us that certain parts of the pro-LGBTQ+ arguments usually found on online articles are misleading at best. For example, three years ago, movement supporters focused on attempting to prove that being an LGBTQ+ person was a biological necessity, however, a lot of LGBTQ+ members have now considered it to be simply a choice. In fact, it is a choice. Some members of the older generations also have sexual urges the LGBTQ+ have. However, they still decide to be the traditional male-female, male-to-female, and female-to-male. Supporters claim our parental generations are usually male-female only because the LGBTQ+ was more oppressed back then. However, this argument presumes that the older generations feel oppressed for not having the right to be the LGBTQ+, which is a fallacy.
It is a matter of fact that many people only become the LGBTQ+ after they have seen articles, or heard other people, or seen members of the movement promoting it. People usually adopt lifestyles they consider new, alien and exotic. In this day and age, that mentality is even more prominent than ever. It should not be hard to understand that lots of people only adopt LGBTQ+ lifestyles after they have seen it. This is not to mention that lots of teens and children are being groomed to become parts of the LGBTQ+ too.
Supporters give the argument that the media helps LGBTQ+ people find out their sexuality and gender. However, this argument makes the assumption that people are already LGBTQ+, which is also a fallacy. While there are a few (in contradiction to the numerous LGBTQ+ folks claiming to be nowadays) people who do have certain feelings leaning towards an LGBTQ+ lifestyle, as I have said, they can choose. In conclusion, the articles are not intended to "help" people "find out" anything, rather, they are written to lead people to adopt the intended sexuality and gender.
Another point to give is how some individuals only seem to have become more sensitive, felt upset, or go so far as to get depressed over gender issues after they have seen the media presenting them in such light. While it is true that a lot of people are harassed for being parts of the movement, however, if you pay attention, it is evident that the media has been influencing people to adopt extreme feelings. Notice the words that are used, the statistics, the images, the stories, the so-called evidences. Most articles are but designed.
That is all we have to say. You tell us what you think in the comment.
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