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2011.12.17 00:07 AgiIity #TSMWIN

TSM (previously Team SoloMid) is a North American esports organization created around the community website in September 2009, by Andy ''Reginald'' Dinh and his brother Dan Dinh. TSM is one of the most popular esports organizations in the world, with teams in League of Legends, Teamfight Tactics, Super Smash Bros. Melee & Ultimate, Fortnite, Apex Legends, VALORANT, Magic: The Gathering, and DotA 2.

2023.05.30 01:08 Competitive_Ad_2562 PC microstutter issue when loading assets or using abilities.

Idk what to do,
I bought a new cpu cooler , got an ssd , reset motherboard battery , updated bios, tried undervolting gpu , tried undervolting cpu , changed sata cables, changed power connecter to gpu, uninstalled and reinstalled windows , messed with power options, attempted better airflow, turned off xbox game bar, lowered in game settings, used ddu , upgraded my entire pc, changed plug socket , changed power cable , replaced display port with hdmi, fixed registory editor, defragged drive, scanned drive for corrupt files, lowered my fps cap , attempted to use freesync, bought 4 different hardrives and an m.2 ssd , added thermal paste after cleaning the cpu , messed around with mouse polling rate, used different hz , tried wireless and wired mouse, used rivatuna to cap frames , used msi afterburner and heaven to try to identify the issue, updated windows, cleaned malware and changedd ethernet cable.
Furthermore, i have messed with all my windows settings and bios settings and already researched into what i should have on or off.
But After all of that I still have stutter in games.
_HARDWARE_ - Gpu 6600xt - cpu rx 3600 xt - Psu 600w be quiet - mobo b450 tomahawk max msi - ram 16gb corsair vengeance - drives 240gb m.2 ssd and 1tb hardrive
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2023.05.30 01:07 zeejay00 RIGID SIEGE - Exotic Leg Armor

Armor Type: Leg Armor
Flavor Text: "You're still alive? But you took so many rounds!"
-The Architect
Class: Titan
Stats: Mobility: 9 Resilience: 2 Recovery: 14 Discipline: 2 Intellect: 13 Strength: 9
Base Stat Roll: 47
Exotic Perk: "Stabilizers"
Crouching while firing weapons grants them a massive stability increase. Crouching while taking damage grants a massive flinch reduction. Holding still and crouching while being hit slightly reduces the amount of damage taken and makes you impossible to knock back.
Description: Black and silver leg armor that has hydraulics in it to stabilize the user when crouching.
Lore Tab: (Top Secret)
Containment: 67 New Pacific Arcology: 5 File: T50R34K280 Contents: Armor Type: Untested
These devices seem to be something that would be worn like armor. From their appearance they are meant to strengthen the user. Possibly for use as a heavy lifting unit.
These devices would be extremely useful in maintenance of the Arcology and surrounding rigs. Application of said devices would need to be supervised with care.
Active Field Testing is recommended.
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2023.05.30 01:07 Murky_Connection_111 Giving birth // Being birthed (my “everything everywhere all at once” trip)

I’m a 37 year old woman who hasn’t tripped since I was a teenager. Last night I took between 1.5-2 grams (I don’t have a scale, but had some prepared little pieces for micro dosing that I combined).
My husband was my trio sitter. In retrospect I should have prepared him more. He’s only had one, mild and very happy, trip, and he was not ready for what came his way.
The first phase of my trip was awful. I was so nauseated, shaky, scared, and overwhelmed. It reminded me of the transition phase of child birth (which is a lingering question of mine, has anyone else felt that similarity?). During transition, you go inward. The world drops away and you can either embrace it or have it drag you along. With both birthing my children, and this trip, I resisted it. I wished it was over. I begged my husband to make it stop and asked him to reassure me he wasn’t mad a million times.
I stumbled to the bathroom to pee a few times. I felt on the verge of passing out, and wished that I could. I was so tired but so sick. At some point, in the bathroom, I looked at the tub and wanted to get in.
My husband lit a couple candles, started the water, and left me to it. I had a moment of euphoria feeling the water hit my legs, followed by a deep dread as I saw the shower head (which became an angry monster with sharp teeth) and felt the walls of the bath closing in on me.
Once the water was deep enough to lay back I did, and everything changed. WOW IT CHANGED! I rode about 5 waves of tripping in the bath. The first few built on each other getting more intense. The next couple got less intense, and I realized there were waves and I could think coherently in between them.
Again the waves reminded me of child birth. As they arrived my stomach contracted and pulled. It felt somewhere between a contraction and an orgasm building. From The outside I probably looked like I was just laying there twitching for 2 hours, but inside I was on a wild ride.
In a scary moment of one wave, I found myself rocking like a baby and felt a deep connection with my baby self. I’m not sure if I regressed or the mushrooms were reminding me what that was like. I realized this is why we swaddle and sooth babies so much- they feel everything with no filters! I rocked myself in the water until I felt soothed.
The emotions piggybacked in crazy ways. Euphoria and giggling, to deep tears and grief. I had flashbacks of pushing out my son, and then felt the crown of my head squeezing tightly as if I was being born. It felt so clear in that moment- how we’re all the same, a product of sex and pain and pleasure. How those things are the core of our existence and we build so many layers of meaning on top of it (most of those layers so pointless! That pain and pleasure seemed like the only real thing).
My husband tells me I was in the bath for about 2 hours. At some point I washed my hair (oh man that felt crazy).
The third phase, the afterglow, was phenomenally pleasurable. This is the part of the trip my husband was perfectly suited for 😛I became so happy and giggly. The waves continued but when they came I just wanted to stroke his skin, or have him stroke mine. At one point I asked him to kiss my neck. He kissed me all over and I was completely relaxed and enjoying it. At one point I was giggling and he said “you’ve never giggled like that when I kiss you. You never relaxed to let me kiss you this long” (yeah I have anxiety and a history of sexual trauma, so even after being married 10 years my shit gets in the way!)
In that moment I realized what closeness and intimacy is available to me in my marriage. Closeness I’m usually closed off to because all the life bullshit takes over my mind and I forget the core truths that the mushrooms showed me.
Oh and at one point in the bath I remember muttering to the glowing hair dryer and straightener on the wall: “who is teaching me all this? Is this you, god? Is it me? It’s mushrooms… it’s ALL THE SAME!” And raising my fists into the air 😂
Thanks for letting me share. This has been so fun exploring your stories today in my after glow!
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2023.05.30 01:07 HighHeelsKilledMe Guess the context again!

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2023.05.30 01:07 throwaway15200251 Leveraging A Job Offer I Don't Want to Take

Hi all, currently going back and forth on a career related matter and could do with some additional thoughts. I grew up in a major metropolitan area and worked there until 2020. I accepted an offer for a new role at the end of the year that was both a big pay bump and also involved relocating to a lower cost of living part of the US. Things were dicey for the first 6-12 months, but at this point I'm overall happy and content with my current job. When random recruiters reach out on LinkedIn I tell them I'm not looking to make a change at this time. That said, my old manager from my first job reached out a couple weeks ago about an opening at his current company that he thought I'd be great for. I agreed to talk with the hiring manager, and then had a second round discussion with his boss, both of which went well. Given that I also have two recommendations (my old boss and his boss) I'm thinking there's a good chance that I'll be offered this other job later in the week. It would come with a nominal increase of 28-40%, but also involve moving back to the major metro where I'm originally from. Adjusting for the cost of living increase it would only be a 3-13% salary bump. Where I've landed is that I have no intention of leaving my current job for this new role. There's nothing wrong with the new role, but it's a risk versus knowing I'm happy in my current job. I'm also liking the little life I'm carving out for myself in the part of the country I've moved to. That said, I wouldn't mind leveraging this into a little salary increase. I'm quite confident (but not 100% positive) that were I to bring them this other offer that they would counter to keep me. The culture here seems to be that they will make counters to keep employees and there's really no lingering negative impact if an employee accepts a counter and stays. I guess where I'm torn is between what should be an easy ~10% salary boost (which then compounds over future raises and bonuses), versus risking the very small chance that they opt not to counter and I'm stuck making a job change that I don't really care to make.
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2023.05.30 01:06 UnbiasedPolitics1 do you guys get flares?

idk if anyone has experienced anything like this. I am usually at 60-77 resting hr, 80-90 while eating, and 100-105 when standing, and 110-120 if i stand too long or take the stairs, bend over, etc. However, 2 days ago I had a bout of insomnia which led me to get no sleep, and since then ive been way worse. resting hr is like 96-110+, standing is now 110-120, and standing too long, stairs, bend over is 120-140. My palpatations and chest pain have also increased in frequency, anyone else ever deal with these kinda of sudden increases in symptoms
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2023.05.30 01:06 logicallySeasoned Does this deck post look right?

I moved into my house last year and starting this summer I have been trying to address any potential issues around the house. One of them is making sure the deck stays in good condition long term. As per the previous owner, it was installed when the house was built in 2011. I noticed that the deck posts are in direct contact with the soil which I think may be something I need to get fixed to increase the life of the pressure treated wood? I dug up along the side of one of the posts hoping to find some concrete foundation underneath. There seems to be some degradation on the surface of the wood, though it still feels solid. I have attached some pictures, please let me know if my concerns are valid and if yes, then how I would need to get this fixed. Thanks.
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2023.05.30 01:06 bipolargecko Estimated head gasket replacement cost?

I have a 2013 s60 t5. It is modified and tuned, stock internals. I plan on having the cylinders shimmed, and while the head is off my biggest need is for the headgasket to be replaced. Then the k04 is being swapped with a hybrid k04, and injectors will be changed. Then onto stage 3 if it's applicable.
Google says around 2k for a headgasket replacement, is this accurate? The shims are the easy part I'm assuming so labor will probably increase by a few hundred. I'll also be doing water pump and a few other things but right now I'm just looking for an estimate on the headgasket. My mechanical knowledge and experience is much too low for me to do this job myself, I can swap suspension parts and that's about it. If there's anyone in the Rhode Island/New England area that can point me in the direction of a shop I would highly appreciate it
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2023.05.30 01:06 relentlessrogue79 Please share any similar experiences

I had been on 10mg since early Feb. After about 6 or so weeks, it really felt like it was starting to work, and by 8 weeks, I was starting to feel normal again. 3 weeks ago, I started having moments of break through anxiety, and by 2 weeks ago, it started to feel like the med was not helping as much anymore. I had been on Lexapro in the past at 10mg for over 6 years, and it worked well. I am now trying an increase to 15mg (1st day). Does anybody have a similar experience and find that upping the dose worked? I am wondering if maybe because of my time in the past on 10 and being older, my body just needs a larger dose this time around.
I double-checked, and there was no change in the manufacturer last time I refilled.
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2023.05.30 01:05 Here_ForThe_Advice Question about power draw

Question about power draw
So I was given a dust collection blower last night that I'll have to make a bin for. Before I get to that I need to know more about power draw of electric motors.
Is the rated amperage close to the real value, or just the max? I'm concerned because the blower is rated for 8 amps and my planer is rated for 14 amps. 24 amps on a 20 amp breaker is an obvious no-go and that doesn't account for lights or my fans. I know a load on the tool will increase power draw. I take very light passes with the planer, partially for that reason. I don't have the means to test it and won't just plug them in and see. The wiring in my home is quite old. I can't imagine the blower would be under such a load to draw 8 amps, but I'm no sparky.
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2023.05.30 01:05 0v3rk1ll-Hawke H: Bloodied 50 crit 15 crit Crossbow W: Offers

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2023.05.30 01:05 Bryr-Sogreth Easiest Warlock Spec to play

For a beginner that is new to WoW (retail) and new to gaming in general.
I figured it would be demonology, but I’ve searched it and they say destro? Those posts were rather old though.
I haven’t touched warlocks since Wrath, just looking for an easy spec for my BF to play with very little knowledge of gaming.
So very little button rotation. Not too many buffs or anything to maintain. Stuff like that.
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2023.05.30 01:05 PurpleSolitudes Best Controller For PC in USA Available on Amazon

Best Controller For PC in USA Available on Amazon
Welcome to our conversation about the best controllers for gaming PC ! As more and more games become available on PC, many gamers are looking for a comfortable, responsive controller that can help them enjoy their favorite titles without sacrificing precision or accuracy. In this discussion, we'll explore some of the most popular options on the market, discuss their pros and cons, and help you find the perfect controller for your gaming needs. Whether you prefer console-style controllers, specialized gamepads, or something in between, we're here to guide you through the world of PC gaming peripherals.

Best Controller For PC

Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 Core
Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 Core is a highly advanced gaming controller that has been designed for professional gamers and enthusiasts who demand the best performance from their equipment. This controller offers a wide range of features and customization options that provide an unprecedented level of control and precision.
Read our full Series 2 Core Review View on Amazon

Xbox Core Wireless Controller
As the world of gaming continues to evolve, so too do the needs and preferences of gamers everywhere. One key aspect of this evolution is the increasing popularity of PC gaming, which has led to a need for high-quality controllers that can provide the precision and performance required by serious gamers. In this review, we'll take a closer look at one of the most popular options on the market: the Xbox Core Wireless Controller.
Read our full Xbox Core Review View on Amazon

PowerA Spectra Infinity Enhanced

PowerA is a well-known brand in the gaming industry, specializing in creating controllers and accessories for gamers of all levels. One of their latest offerings is the PowerA Spectra Infinity Enhanced, a controller that promises to deliver top-notch performance, customization options, and an impressive battery life.
In this review, we'll take a closer look at the design and build quality, customization options, performance, battery life, and compatibility of the PowerA Spectra Infinity Enhanced.
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SCUF Instinct Pro
SCUF Instinct Pro is a gaming controller that has been designed with the needs of serious gamers in mind. This controller offers a number of features that make it stand out from other controllers on the market, including its customizable design and build quality, its performance, battery life, and compatibility with a wide range of gaming platforms.
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Razer Wolverine Ultimate
Razer Wolverine Ultimate is a premium gamepad that aims to offer gamers the kind of high-level customization and control typically only found in competitive PC gaming peripherals. With advanced features like interchangeable thumbsticks and D-pad, as well as additional programmable buttons and trigger stops, this gamepad is designed with the needs of serious gamers in mind. In this review, we'll take an in-depth look at the Razer Wolverine Ultimate, evaluating its design and build quality, customization options, performance, battery life, and compatibility to determine whether it's worth the investment for gamers looking to up their game.
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Victrix Pro BFG Wireless Gaming Controller
The Victrix Pro BFG Wireless Gaming Controller is a high-end gaming accessory that is built to impress. With a range of customization options, top-notch build quality, and exceptional performance, this controller is sure to appeal to gamers of all skill levels.
Read our full Victrix Pro Review View on Amazon
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2023.05.30 01:05 Eden_Forth Thinking About Trying 75Hard?

Fair warning, this post is a massive experience dump essay aimed at people considering the challenge. But I hope to see some current participants comment too!
TLDR: 75Hard tested and improved my sense of commitment to my personal goals and wellbeing, improved my confidence and helped me develop mental fortitude beyond what I thought possible, however I am NEVER doing this again. Do a cost benefit analysis FOR YOURSELF, determine your WHY, and then, if everything checks out, DO IT!
First off, stats: Day 69, down 24lbs from SW of 314, 26 yr old female
Now, I’m NOT posting this to spread negativity, but to let everyone who’s considering this know the reality of this challenge beyond the glitz and glamor and clout that comes with it. Make no mistake, there IS a kind of social approval that you encounter when you eventually tell people you’re doing 75Hard (and inevitably must explain what it is). People are impressed, and the closer you get to day 75, the better the optics. I’m not encouraging anyone to become a braggard, I’m just telling the truth about the sociology of it all. I advise you to use that as an additional accountability measure and turn the attention into a source of positive pressure. There were many test days where just the idea of having the people in my life that are ‘in the know’ see me fail pushed me to finish.
When Andy said 75Hard would start off hard, get easy, and then get hard again, he was truly telling the truth. That’s exactly what it’s like.
****Negativity incoming! If you’re not in the headspace for this, skip this section!***\*
In the beginning it was hard because it was all new and I had to restructure my life to fit in the tasks. I also was going from being a completely sedentary office manager (the most walking I ever did was to my car) to working out twice a day. It was, frankly, fresh hell the first 2 weeks or so. Then, I hit starting to ride the high of progress and achievement and it got easy and even a little bit fun competing with myself daily. Now, I’m almost done and the high has died, the sense of achievement has gotten old, and I feel like the days are dragging on and I’m just completing tasks to say I finished them. Around Day 50 I sort of stopped noticing any significant mental growth and I stopped feeling like the tasks were meaningful. This is important for anyone considering 75Hard to know because the second time it ‘gets hard again’ it may not be because of physical strain or even life circumstances. In the end, it might be because it feels like you’ve gained all you can and now you’ve plateaued, but you’re stuck just mindlessly completing tasks made up by someone you’ve never met and probably never will meet, with whom you have no actual connection. Past the elation of pushing your mental barriers and taking your physicality to the next level, there’s a kind of absurdity that sets in that you only escape by focusing on your pride and desire to reach Day 75 and say “I did it!” In some ways, the latter days’ drudgery may be a problem of the mind that you can ONLY escape via your mind. 75Hard is indeed an ironic challenge!
That’s not to say that there aren’t physical issues too, even in the later days. Drinking a gallon of water hasn’t really gotten easier, although it’s nice to have the assurance from my body that I DON’T need that much water daily (even on hot days where I do 2 cardio workouts outside). That much water also crowds out your ability to drink other fluids oftentimes, which is a pain if you’re sick or menstruating and need to lean heavily on teas. 2-a-days have been a nightmare (although that kind of is the point) not just in terms of laundry, but also on my body. You’re LITERALLY unable to take a rest day during this challenge. The closest you’ll get is 2 sessions of yoga a day, but yoga is still WORK, even when you keep it gentle. And in my case, I have somehow acquired a minor ankle injury in the last two weeks, and since we don’t get rest days, my only choices are to stop the challenge or keep going. (And WHY would I stop at day 60!) Then there’s the added hormonal fluctuations you’ll have to endure during the challenge if you’re a woman, some of which are standard, and some of which will be quite literally brought on by the increase in physical activity. Ladies, be warned.
BUT, it’s not all bad, would-be 75Harders!
****Positivity incoming!***\*
I’m blown away by how much insight I’ve gotten into myself and how my brain works as well as how my physical stamina has increased in such a short amount of time. It’s proved to me how little time is actually needed to make substantial progress toward a goal and it’s given me hope that I can reverse the damage I’ve done to my body. 75Hard has given me joy in the little things: jumping around my living room to a kpop song and pausing in amazement that I’m not wheezing and gasping for air, running on the treadmill or outside without feeling immediately winded, power walking up hills and no longer being intimidated by stairs, passing by junk food in stores and having ZERO cravings for it, recognizing the difference between a mockingbird’s call and a morning dove’s because I’ve been in nature more than ever, tackling an issue faster with an idea I got from reading. I feel so much more in tune with the rhythms of my body and have the courage to recognize mental blocks and temptations, call them out, and put in the work to move past them. All of that and more is because of 75Hard. And while I have still have a ways to go in unlearning maladaptive habits (can we get a 75Hard for finances please???), for the first time EVER, I feel certain that I’ll crush that goal, just like I’ve crushed 75Hard so far.
If you’re like me and struggle with an ED, you can also leverage 75Hard to tackle that. In my case, I was very strategic in setting my diet as something sustainable that required mindfulness but wasn’t overly restrictive. Because I have serious issues with food, I NEEDED to be careful about the diet I chose and other 75Hard participants with EDs will certainly say the same thing. In my case, I couldn’t eat anything ultra-processed, store-bought food must be as clean as possible (nearly or totally preservative free) and could contain no more than 5g of added sugar, no desserts unless I made them myself, and I could eat out but NEVER at a fast-food restaurant. I also restricted fried chicken specifically, because it’s a problem food for me! Choose whatever you want, but PLEASE make sure it’s sustainable, and if possible, craft your diet with the help of a therapist that already knows about your ED.
Lastly (props if you made it this far), I want to say to everyone considering this challenge that it’s something you should do for you and you alone. If someone were to ask you in the midst of the challenge ‘What’s your why?’ the crux of the answer should be YOU. YOU are your greatest reason to improve your life and strive for better for yourself. YOU are worth any and every investment in service of that cause. If 75Hard is the right course of action, then by all means start today. But give it serious thought and make sure you’re doing it for the right reasons. That’s the only way you’ll avoid failure.
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2023.05.30 01:04 Reddit_Lurker1234 Good performance laptop with good build quality


$2000 USD


Performance, battery life, build quality are all REALLY important, but form factor doesn't matter

Preferably not too thick or heavy, but I am fine with a heavier and thicker laptop if it comes down to performance, battery life, and longevity.

14 inches and above

Adobe Creative Cloud applications (Photoshop and Premiere mostly). Also might hop on Minecraft with the boys once every couple months, so a good GPU is important.

Minecraft with like 400fps at low quality settings and 12 chunks

Good keyboard is a must, preferably a couple USB-C ports, and preferably a displayport port.

Good build quality and more than 16GB of RAM is a must.
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2023.05.30 01:04 aquaman4496 Stamina/heart capacity glitch?

Is there a heart/stamina duplication glitch similar to the one in BOTW? i just got my copy and I haven’t even started the game, so I’m not even sure if you increase stamina/hearts with the shrine orbs (which I am really not looking forward to)
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2023.05.30 01:04 ljbtqiaplus Pre-Trailer Theorycraft: Legendary Male Corrin

Pre-Trailer Theorycraft: Legendary Male Corrin

Legendary Male Corrin, appearing as a Sword Infantry unit with the Defense/Pair-Up Fire Legendary Effect
Blazing Yato - 16 Mt. Accelerates Special trigger (cooldown count-1). At start of combat, if unit's HP ≥ 25%, grants Atk/Spd/Def/Res+5 to unit during combat, neutralizes foe's bonuses (from skills like Fortify, Rally, etc.) and neutralizes foe's penalties during combat, if unit's Spd > foe's Spd, reduces damage from attacks during combat and from area-of-effect Specials (excluding Røkkr area-of-effect Specials) by percentage = difference between stats × 5 (max 50%), and when unit deals damage to foe during combat, restores 7 HP to unit (triggers even if 0 damage is dealt). At start of ally's combat, if unit is within 3 spaces of ally, neutralizes foe's bonuses (from skills like Fortify, Rally, etc.) and neutralizes foe's penalties during that ally's combat.
Bonfire - 3 CD Boosts damage by 50% of unit's Def.
Spd/Def Finish - Inheritable A Slot If unit is within 3 spaces of an ally, grants Spd/Def+7 to unit during combat, and also, if unit's Special is ready or unit's Special triggered before or during this combat, deals +5 damage during combat (except when dealing damage with area-of-effect Specials), and when unit deals damage to foe during combat, restores 7 HP to unit. (Triggers even if 0 damage is dealt.)
Hoshidan Unity - PRF B Slot At start of turn, grants [Null Follow-Up], [Bonus Doubler], and [Special Spiral] to unit and allies within 3 spaces of unit. Deals +5 damage when Special triggers. If Special triggers, neutralizes "reduces damage by X%" effects from non-Special skills (excluding area-of-effect Specials).
[Special Spiral] Status Effect If Special triggers before or during combat, grants Special cooldown count-2 after combat.
Atk/Def Oath 4 - Inheritable C Slot At start of turn, if unit is within 2 spaces of an ally, grants Atk/Def+6 and the following status to unit for 1 turn: "Unit can move to a space adjacent to any ally within 2 spaces." If unit is within 2 spaces of an ally, grants Atk/Def+3 to unit during combat.
The idea of this unit is to be a melee specialist, one you'd want to pair with a Far Save support for ranged attackers. Base Male Corrin's Yato had a supportive refine, so I decided to reflect that in Blazing Yato and Hoshidan Unity, which have a plethora of supportive effects. Hoshidan Unity's effect in Fates was to increase the activation rate of skills, so I thought giving it a makeshift Special Spiral 4, while granting Special Spiral 3 as a status to allies, translated the original effect well into the current meta of Heroes. Finally, the addition of Spd/Def Finish 4 and Atk/Def Oath 4 allow for more niche skills to finally be available, instead of releasing the Atk/Spd variants over and over again.
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2023.05.30 01:03 Big_Atmosphere_6529 Oh... no... Something terrible might be about to happen.

So, acording to Google translate, it says in the last page "not only the body is big", that got me thinking. Steroids can cause an enlarged heart, and look at Jacks face in the last picture. He looks to be in actual pain, not "training was hard pain". Oh man, maybe Jack is actually on the clock.
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2023.05.30 01:03 bakariwolf The Saga of the Professional DM. Part 1

New here so not fully sure if horror story is right but it seems the best fir for this. So this took place four years after fifth edition had come out, I had already been playing 3.5 and pathfinder for a good few years and even dabbled in 4e. A friend had informed me a game was starting up in 5e at the local shop and even though we had never played we figured it would be good to get in with the going trend. The group consisted of the veteran players: Myself, my friend we'll call Cleric, and another we'll call Wizard, The new players who had maybe played in one game before and knew the game mostly through memes Druid, Barbarian, and Bard and finally the DM who introduced herself as a Professional DM who had 15 years of experience under her belt. To give you context she was rather young and even though I am not the best at guessing ages her general look and the fact that her boyfriend, bard, was only 21 and they met in high school I'm guessing she was close to that age which meant if her boast was true she had to start DMing around age 6. Not impossible but first red flag for me.
We all made our level 2 characters and since it was so low level we got to play for 3 hours. Our first mission was standard. Our king had enlisted us to deliver a very important treasure chest to the neighboring kingdom for a birthday present. The chest was super fancy, made out of near indestructible metal and with a mechanical code lock with a magical rune needed to even enter the code that had already been sent ahead by carrier pigeon. The trip would take us several weeks in character so we were off. We did the whole meet and greet, introduced ourselves to each other, and compared what we had and what we could do to help the party. I was a rogue so I was rather skillful, Bard and I got along well and our chosen skills complimented each other well. We told the DM we were headed off and waited to find out what the road had in store.
DM "ok who's driving the cart?" Me "Oh I'll take care of that. Shouldn't be too hard right?" DM "How are you all riding? Who is in front? Who is behind? Are you assigning scouting riders?" Everyone chose where they were riding and we decided not to scout ahead and take our chances. DM "Ok roleplay." Everyone looked bewildered a moment and I finally broke the silence with "What?" The DM looked angry at me and said "Geez I thought you guy's said you've played before. You know roleplay. Tell me how you're riding, what you're doing, make conversation, interact!"
We were all a little confused since she hadn't given us anything that was happening but played along, I figured maybe she was trying to get background information to wave into the story. So I went first telling my backstory and encouraging others to do the same. This continued until all backstories were told and the table went silent and we looked to the DM. DM "Well continue." Cleric "Is there anything going on?" DM "Nope you're on the road I don't roll random encounters until night because that's the rules." Cleric "Ok we'll keep traveling until it's time to make camp." DM "Excellent. Roleplay it."
Everyone looked back and forth to each other and just kind of seemed lost. So Wizard spoke up then. Wizard "Usually we skip over this till something happens in the story. So we'd like to skip to setting up camp." DM "Duh I know that I've been DMing for fifteen years. Just figured you'd want to roleplay a bit. Fine, skip to setting up camp. How are you doing it?" Wizard "We'll set up tents, a camp fire, cook each and...." DM "Don't jump ahead roleplay it!"
Again all of us looked lost, we went with it though and over the next hour described in as much detail as we could gathering sticks, making a fire, cooking rations, conversations, making rolls hoping SOMETHING would happen. Finally we had our characters go to bed and start watches. She pulled out her dice then. DM "Now I've been doing this for 15 years so I have a method. You have a 25% chance to have a random encounter but it's boring to just have it be 1 to 25 on the dice so pick a number and the percentage will be in that range." We picked 35 randomly and she rolled. DM "Wow you guys are so lucky, no encounter tonight." We roleplayed packing up camp and riding for the rest of the session, I left feeling so freaking bored.
It was a rough start but we figured it could only get better from here. We were a new group so we'd give it a chance. So next week we found ourselves back at the table. Again she insisted that we roleplay EVERY little thing. How we were dressing, cleaning our clothing, brushing our teeth, were we making bathroom stops! Now for a little more background on me I'm an armature writer so all these things were bugging me so much more because this is an example of horrible writing! You don't center a story around mundane stuff because it will loose the reader, and here we were hours into a game and we had essentially done nothing to further the story. I was scouting ahead now in the hopes that I could find an NPC of some sort, someone on the road, an enemy, a wild animal ANYTHING to bring some excitement to the game. Nothing, it was just a road, we made camp again and the encounter dice came out. We chose 62. The dice rolled.
DM "Another lucky roll, no random encounter." I looked around the table and everyone was disappointed. More roleplay happened and more of us trying to dredge up something for these characters to talk about in the hopes of pleasing this "Professional DM of 15 years!" so she would give us something to do. The hours are stretching on and we are almost done the session.
Suddenly she starts talking and I nearly scream YES! She describes the area we are riding through. It's a rocky area with the road cutting through the center of large hills that have mine shafts dug into them. She describes the sound of miners working and pick axes echoing out into the open. The three new players are leaning on the table but myself, Wizard, and Cleric are all excited because we know if the DM described it, it has to mean something!
Wizard "I'd like to roll History, that's a 16, is this mine currently known to be in use?" DM "Yes it is well known, owned by the king, it's an iron mine." Cleric "Insight 14. Is this the normal time of day that workers would be mining?" DM "Yes, this is normal hours of operation." Me "Perception, Hah nat twenty! Do I see anything of interest?" DM very casually "You see some ants crawling on the wall."
All three of us are confused. We thought this was a plot hook but our rolls got us nothing. The mine was in use, it was normal to be working, and all I saw with a nat twenty was some ants on the wall? We looked for anything else out of place but nothing. So we asked the others. "Do you want to try and talk with someone or move on?" The new players wanted to move on. We roleplayed, had one more night of sleep and one more random encounter roll. Everyone waited with anticipation but the dice came up with us "lucky" once again and no encounter.
Now I normally don't like to but into a DM and their style but this was getting insufferable. Two games now with hours spent on tediously describing every step our character makes. The DM had given her number so I called her in hopes of getting to the bottom of this. When I brought up everything she said. "Well you skipped over my planned encounter. You didn't even give it a second glance." I asked what encounter and she said. "I told you the ants on the wall. You saw a bunch of Formians and you didn't even try to talk to them."
I freaking lost it. I was a babbling mess. "What!" "No you, for, oh my, why. Formians?! Those were Formians? You said I saw ANTS on the wall not freaking Formians. Formians don't look like ants they are large insectoid centaur like creatures with four arms, they wear armor, and use weapons! Of course we didn't try to talk to them you described them as ants...."
She came back saying "I don't appreciate being talked to that way, you guy's dropped the ball on the adventure I planned out so well, just because you didn't pay attention isn't my fault. Remember I'm a professional who's been DMing for fifteen years!"
I calmed down a little and figured I wasn't going to win this one. I told her. "Ok, I'm sorry but I think the party would love to have another chance to meet the Formians. We missed it the first time I know but old DM trick if your party misses an adventure just pick it up and move it to the front of the path. No one will know and this time just describe them a little more than ants, please."
Her "No you walked by it so you miss it, the adventure moves forward." I should have quit then but I was starving for a game and I knew I had at least three people on my side so I'm sad to say I went back. Can it get worse? See part two, coming soon.
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2023.05.30 01:02 ugefailure MH inpatient service connected

Hi all, i have recently applied for an increase and listed secondaries. Ironically for paranoia/ significant increase and degradation of symptoms. My condition is service connected. I began seeking MH counseling while active duty and filed successfully less than a year post separation. I have since gotten all of my treatment at the VA including an unfortunate hospitalization. I was evaluated and the notes / possible diagnosis are in my blue button report. I was diagnosed with other conditions like canna. use disorder and doctors speculated my condition is more severe than listed. I am terrified the VA will reduce my benefits even though, to me, there’s more than enough evidence to indicate my limitations. I’m open to all input, I realize I’m at the waiting stage but thought I’d seek a discussion. Thank you I was rated in 50% 2018 back dated to 2017 Hospitalized 2021, applied 2023 Thanks
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2023.05.30 01:02 CryptoOverlord PUCCI: Fashion-Centric Memecoin on Pulsechain

Hey folks! I've been doing some research on up-and-coming cryptocurrencies, and I came across an intriguing project called PUCCI. Let me share with you what I've discovered so far.
PUCCI is a promising meme coin that has caught my attention due to its focus on the fashion-forward Pulse community. Inspired by the renowned brand Gucci, this coin aims to blend fun, fortune, and flamboyance into a unique crypto experience.
Now, what makes PUCCI even more exciting is its recent integration with Pulsechain, which has made bridging to the network quick and easy. This development positions PUCCI for potential growth and expansion.
Let's take a look at the Tokenomics and Contract details:
While PUCCI may be considered an undervalued coin at the moment, it's important to note its potential for growth. Fashion-themed cryptocurrencies have gained traction in the past, and PUCCI could be an exciting addition to this niche.
In terms of community support and notable mentions, both ianheinischmma and iambroots on Twitter have mentioned the coin, which helps raise awareness. PUCCI is also trending on Dextools and gaining popularity as the hottest meme on Pulse right now. The community is determined to reach Richard Heart, one way or another.
Speaking of price action, PUCCI has shown impressive growth since its inception. With the community rallying behind it and the increasing attention it's receiving, the coin has quickly gained traction within the crypto space.
It's important to remember that investing in cryptocurrencies carries risks, and it's crucial to conduct your own due diligence. The market is highly volatile, and while PUCCI shows promise, it's essential to assess the potential risks and make informed investment decisions.
If you're someone who appreciates the intersection of fashion and cryptocurrency, PUCCI might just be the gem you've been looking for. Keep an eye on this project as it continues to develop and gain traction within the crypto space.
Happy trading, everyone! And remember, always DYOR (Do Your Own Research) before making any investment decisions.
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2023.05.30 01:02 theghostiestghost Were the Zonai Sheikah/Interlopers/ReDeads?

Late night theorizing.
In TotK, the constructs, particularly the Steward Constructs, have a striking resemblance to the ReDeads in Wind Waker. We know that Zonai painted their bodies with paint to increase their strength (like stronger enemies in the BotW/TotK) and these ReDeads have white swirls painted on them. They are known as the Lurkers in the Dark and light kills/stuns them. Could the ReDeads potentially be dead Zonai people from the Depths?
Some say the ReDeads look like the Sheikah monks. Could it be the Zonai were Sheikah and that’s why the Crystal shrines have replaced the Sheikah shrines, because they’re of the same magic? In the God tower of Wind Waker, which resembles a Sheikah shrine, Gohdan is the God inside and he’s of clear Zonai design, again connecting the Sheikah with the Zonai.
The Sheikah are the defenders of the Royal family down to torturing their enemies in the Shadow Temple beneath Kakariko - in the Depths. If the Zonai were Sheikah, too, could they also be the interlopers of the Twilight realm due to their connection to Zonaite/Luminous stone/seemingly the magic of the Twilight Realm? Is that where the Zonai have gone, banished to the Twilight after trying to become godlike again by possessing the powers of the Sacred Realm?
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