Is shadow lugia card real


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2018.09.25 23:03 jetdean935 uno reverse card

This is a very dumb subreddit, The uno reverse card... It is good cuz the uno reverse card flips the turns around in Uno, But in real life, It's way more... it reverses the effect of harm coming your way, But the government is blocking it from our eyes...

2023.04.02 08:45 FUCKWRAITHMAINS [D] CMV: There's zero point to investing medium or long term into the Paris Major.

PGL organizes the next Major after Paris in Copenhagen which will be the first for Source 2. I would estimate a very low chance that Valve would allow the first team capsules made for Source 2 to be garbage (bordered) like Rio. I don't think it's a coincidence that PGL also organized Stockholm and Antwerp and was given the green light by Valve to have borderless stickers for both back to back, and then now got tapped again to organize the first CS2 major. Then you have to factor in everything else:
  1. Each tournament sale duration has lasted far longer than the previous sale duration, and eventually we will hit a point where a huge sale duration creates so many excessive capsules and overwhelms demand, that we get RMR 2.0. We haven't hit that point as of yet, but Antwerp's sale period was longer than Stockholm's. Rio's sale period was longer than Antwerp's. Paris's sale period will undoubtedly be longer than Rio's. Antwerp was saved by being borderless and introducing glitters to make holos harder to get. Jury is still out on Rio as not enough time has passed but I expect any market contraction to hit Paris and Rio stickers first.
  2. Source 2 hype will fade rapidly over the coming year as the demanding competitive core gameplay of CS does not provide enough staying power for casual players. If you look at SteamCharts and see the effect of Covid lockdowns on the CSGO player market, you will notice the huge influx of players followed by a massive crash as many players realized after a brief time how hard the game was and soon gave up and switched to something else. The peak average player count of 743,209 back in January 2021 was never surpassed until February 2023. That's literally 2 consecutive years of player base stagnation that was only rescued by rumors and hype for CS2 and a potential new operation. I would argue that Counter-Strike's "core" playerbase that can't be reduced that comprises of people who genuinely enjoy the gameplay currently fluctuates between 500k-600k and that the current highs of 700k and 800k are unsustainable and should not be counted as invested players moving forwards. Furthermore, I don't think I've seen any investor point out yet that CS2 is by all appearances much more visually demanding than CSGO. The molotov effect alone, along with the revamped smokes, shadows, player models, and lighting on all maps looks like it would murder many low tier budget PCs. If poor players (which comprise a large and significant segment of any F2P player base - didn't valve run multiple surveys finding out that gtx1060 was the most used card?) cannot obtain sufficient frames in their matches to give them a fighting chance, they too will stop playing.
  3. It's all but guaranteed that the Paris major will have bordered stickers with the news of PGL running Copenhagen in '24. Even if Paris stickers look nicer than Rio it won't be good enough to give it any real staying power. Combine that with an inevitable Source 2 operation either at launch or slightly later after S2 launch, and lots of people will be dumping their cheapest items to buy the pass or stars to gamble on operation items - which means death for Paris capsules.
Now, notice I said "medium or long term", not short term. I think there is still an opportunity for profits via a pump and quicksell like what's happening with Rio right now. Buy low 0.15 cents or below during the sale or when the S2 operation hits, and then sell asap as soon as your investment has gotten to say 0.8c/0.9c/1 dollar to get out rather than waiting for the mythical 10x, 20x, etc. Stockholm/Antwerp value.
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2023.04.02 08:45 Indiangernalist Valuation Techniques for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses in M&A

Valuation Techniques for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses in M&A
valuation for mergers and acquisitions
Valuation is an essential step in mergers and acquisitions (M&A), and small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) may find it challenging to determine their worth due to limited financial data and resources. In this article, we will discuss the best valuation techniques for SMBs in M&A and how they can use them to achieve a successful deal.
  1. Asset-Based Approach
The asset-based approach is one of the simplest methods of valuation for mergers and acquisitions. It involves determining the value of a company's assets, including inventory, equipment, and real estate, and subtracting any liabilities. This approach is best suited for companies that have significant tangible assets.
  1. Market Approach
The market approach involves comparing the target company's financial data with that of other similar companies in the industry. This approach is suitable for SMBs that operate in industries with many comparable businesses. The data used in this approach can include revenue, earnings, and other financial metrics.
  1. Income Approach
The income approach is the most complex but also the most widely used valuation technique in M&A. It involves estimating the present value of future cash flows generated by the target company. SMBs can use this approach by forecasting their future cash flows and discounting them back to the present value using an appropriate discount rate.
  1. Earnings Multiple Approach
The earnings multiple approach is a variation of the income approach that involves using a multiple of earnings as a proxy for the value of the target company. SMBs can use this approach by determining their earnings and finding similar companies with a similar earnings multiple in the industry.
  1. Rule of Thumb Approach
The rule of thumb approach is a quick and straightforward method that involves using industry-specific multiples to estimate the value of a company. This approach is useful for SMBs that lack detailed financial data or are in industries with few comparable companies.
In conclusion, SMBs in M&A need to select the most appropriate valuation technique based on their industry, financial data, and resources. An accurate valuation is essential for the success of the deal and ensures that both parties involved get a fair deal. SMBs can consult with financial advisors or valuation experts to help them select the best valuation technique and achieve a successful M&A deal.
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2023.04.02 08:45 luckluster4 INTPs, does inferior Fe benefit you more than it hinders you?

Good day, INTPs!
We know introverts can handle their own without much need for excessive social interactions because your inner worlds are just as rich as the real world yet to explore. I wanted to ask all of you about how you view or how your Fe inferior manifest? Because I'm pretty sure Fe and social interactions are like a default bundle of the same core concept.
I also thought once that I could be INTP instead, but then I can't really point out how my Fe manifests. When I looked it up, Fe tertiary is using Fe to relax and enjoy as opposed to the situational use of Fe when it's an inferior function (correct me one this one). But looking at Fe in itself and how INTPs have inferior Fe, do you guys think it's a blessing to have inferior Fe or a curse?
Because for me, I sometimes wished I never naturally itch for social interactions whenever I'm bored because social interactions will never get me anywhere due to people in my society rampantly ignoring me (yes, I'm actually in fact invisible in social situations).
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Hello everyone, Have some items up for trade
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2023.04.02 08:44 Jehero What happened here?

What happened here?
Why did I do only 70 damage?
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2023.04.02 08:44 namduuuuur Exciting ads song that has dream of real in the title

I used to listen to this instrumental rock song on spotify but I cannot see it anymore. I found the song in DePaul univ admission ads on youtube and the title liks dream is real. Reality is made of dreams ot somethjng like it. It doesn't have lyrics. I am sorry but this is all the information I have. Can yoy help me find it?
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2023.04.02 08:44 chewie_0623 My boss waited until I got back from vacation to lay me off without warning

Like the title says. This happened a couple weeks ago and I’ve kinda just been in a depressed state but I figured if I’m finally gonna talk about my shitty former boss might as well come here.
I had a vacation planned for a while that I requested PTO for way in advance so that I had time to speak with her, move meetings and deadlines around, etc. We had our weekly 1-on-1 the day before I left and she chatted me up about it like everything was normal. Asked where I was going, what I was gonna do, etc. I made a jokey comment about how this was my first real vacation in years and how excited I was to have some real time off, and she had a kind of stale/unimpressed reaction to that. She also in a roundabout way tried to inquire about how much my trip cost, because she “was looking at going there someday”. I didn’t directly answer because it felt off to me that she would ask something like that, seeing as she makes 10x as much as I did, but it was definitely not a cheap trip.
For context, from the day I started she never treated me with respect or basic decency. I dealt with numerous comments and inappropriate questions about my disability, my “inability” to complete tasks without mistakes (tasks that she was supposed to train me on and never did, or assumed I would figure out how to do myself after getting help from others in my dept), and just lack of empathy and understanding when medical emergencies rose due to my disability or other things. I chose to “rise above” and never spoke up about these comments or anything because A) none of it was (purposely) in writing or recorded, and B) I didn’t want to give her ammunition to fire me given the state of the US economy.
Anyways, I get home from vacation, and I find that all of our meetings for that week were cancelled. Typically when she would cancel a meeting, she would reschedule as soon as she was available. But these were all important meetings between us that she just cancelled without saying a word to me. This went on for 2 days, until mid-day Thursday I’m called down to HR’s office where I’m told I’m being laid off without any kind of warning, and also without severance. This bitch is sitting there holding back a smile the entire time I’m holding back tears. I get handed my last paycheck, walked back to my desk to collect my things, and was escorted off the property. Which, in hindsight, was definitely an “F you” from her to me, since she knew I’m a one-car household and I was then forced to wait outside in the middle of the rain for my partner to leave work and come get me.
I don’t know why I didn’t say any of this to HR before I left, because at that point what did I have to lose, but something in me just said to keep being polite and respectful even while being told I’m losing my job and income for the foreseeable future.
I know this is more of a vent-y post so I apologize if those aren’t allowed here, but I just needed to say somewhere FUCK HER. I don’t understand why it’s so hard for managers just to treat people with basic fucking respect or how it’s ethical to seemingly know for a good chunk of time that I’m getting laid off and not say anything. Had I even had an inclination I might be losing my job I would have cancelled my entire vacation and kept saving that money.
TLDR: My boss seemingly knew I was getting laid off but waited until I came back from vacation and work for 2 days to have HR tell me.
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2023.04.02 08:44 JordinaryGuy1996 A newbies take on the community

Hi all, I posted here a few days ago asking for advice on levelling and getting started as I had just started playing, I just reached level 50 and let me tell you, I have had multiple amazing experiences with other players who in other games (given our level difference) I feel may have been elitist but were so helpful and kind, I was on multiple occasions given free food, stimpaks and ammo which I needed desperately and now I'm past 50 I'm trying to pass it down. I'm currently running a PA Heavy Guns build with a lot of my perk cards being specced into crafting so that I can kit out other players both new and old.
To finish up I just want to say thank you to everyone for being so amazing, this is by far the best community I've had the honour to be a part of.
P.S Fuck that one guy with a trap base that trapped me in his maze.
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2023.04.02 08:44 LookFickle9356 I wrote a poem

about not letting my abuser win. about trying to view myself in a more neutral light
i remember it all though sometimes mist rises above the salty earth
sometimes i remember sitting in your lap as a kid sometimes i remember seeing your eyes bulging as you bore your teeth into my translucent heart
i feel adrift i feel left alone discarded
i miss innocence i miss smiling because that was all i knew
now every laugh is followed by uncertainty my lips quivering as they push against my cheeks
tears fall from dry eyes and time is meaningless
when you realize what has happened what has been right in front of you your whole life
its like a jolt knock back from shadows you never saw for summer was your life before
because the screaming the tears the feeling of having your insides ripped out and examined under microscope for anything to demean
it was life it was everyone’s story i guess thats just what i assumed
until that ribbon i tied in my hair was ripped off tossed to the floor stomped on
they were my friends that was what i thought because nobody taught me some people don’t deserve forgiveness
and i sat teaching myself the rules that seemed to be programed into everyone else’s brain
i’ve always been a little behind and maybe it was you after all
maybe it was having to apologize because you screamed at me maybe it was because a single tear was shed after two hours of everything wrong with me
maybe thats why i think this is the first day of my life i will be normal i wont be a failure again every time i feel joy
all i knew was disaster followed by mundane normalcy
so i set myself up for disappointment and i curse out your name every time i think a negative thought
because i wont let you win because we aren’t good because i don’t forgive you because after everything you told me about how horrible i am i cant i wont let you win
i am me i am a person and that is enough i am enough and i will not let you win
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2023.04.02 08:43 escapingforeveralone 30 [F4F] Online/NA - gamer/neet trans woman looking for GF

Hi, I’m looking for someone with whom I can develop a very close emotional connection - either a monogamous romantic partner or super close platonic relationship. Not seeking anything short term. I’ve had several extremely close friendships, but I’ve never been in a real romantic relationship.
I wouldn’t be ready for anything IRL for a long while, so I’m looking for something purely online and primarily text based for the time being. Someone I can talk to every day, ideally play games with and watch stuff with, basically a dedicated partnership. North American preferred but not required.
I live under a rock and almost everyone agrees I’m weird/unique. Most people aren’t very compatible with me, mainly because I’ve been so isolated. With that said, please PM me to exchange more info and see if we get along.
A bit about me:
I’m around 30 years old, and I’m a trans woman (>5 years on E).
I’ve spent basically my entire life playing games (primarily MMO and FPS). If you aren’t an active gamer, or you don’t have a history of gaming, we might have trouble connecting.
I don’t personally keep up with news or politics, and don’t use social media (besides browsing some reddit and a lot of twitch/youtube).
I’m attracted to women and men, but lean more towards women.
I’m very inexperienced romantically and sexually, but I have a decent understanding of what I want in a life partner.
I have great difficulties with mental illness - something to be discussed. Hundreds of hours spent in therapy, so I’m not completely in the dark, but honestly mental illness rules my life. Hopefully it won’t be like this forever.
In some ways I can be confident, but as a rule I’m pretty reserved/scared/submissive. I don’t let people run me over but I strongly desire someone who is at least a little more outgoing/dominant than me. I want someone to hold my hand.
NEET and still live at home.
Clingy if I really like you.
Not a fan of horror.
I don’t drink or smoke.
Mostly a homebody, but I’d love to get out more.
Pretty clueless about most things, but I’d love to learn about whatever you’re into.
Basic physical stuff:
Few inches above average female height. BMI of 20, for whatever that’s worth.
I began my transition years ago but it’s been a winding path. Still in progress. Definitely outside the norm. I often feel like I don’t relate to most trans women but idk. I have had an orchiectomy and do not plan on having a vaginoplasty.
I have an androgynous (perhaps soft butch?) appearance but want to feminize further. You probably won’t find me attractive unless you’re okay with some masculine attributes. Feel free to ask me about stuff.
I will not reply to any comments. Please message me directly.
Requirements: 26 to 36 years old, intelligent, trustworthy, conscientious, compassionate, open minded, communicative, online often.
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2023.04.02 08:43 TheRealSynergist [IWantOut] 20M United States -> Europe

I am a 20 y/o male living in midwest U.S.A. I am currently finishing my junior year of college and will graduate with a B.S. in economics and a B.S. in psychology in May 2024. I will have little college debt thanks to scholarships and won't have to make any payments until 2027.
I recently had my first real interaction with the American medical system since up until now my parents have covered my medical expenses. This was the final straw on a long list of disagreements I have with living in the U.S., including but not limited to the deeply flawed political system and the constant, albeit hopefully unrealistic, fear of being involved in a violent crime.
I would like to move to Europe in the few years after I finish undergrad and I am also looking to complete my MBA around then as well. I only speak English although I'm not opposed to learning a new language even if it isn't preferable. Ideally I'm looking for a country with more affordable healthcare and university and reasonably accessible citizenship requirements. I know it's not possible for all of these things to have exactly what I want, but at the end of the day I'm posting this so I can be better informed when I make this decision in the future.
Keep in mind this is not a spur of the moment thing. I am not the spontaneous type and I have thought of leaving the U.S. for a long time. Additionally I will still be taking a lot more time, likely a few years, to think through this decision before I make any drastic life changes.
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2023.04.02 08:43 pecan_sandles Christian & Pagan themes from S1 & S2

Christian & Pagan themes from S1 & S2
Sorry if this post is a lil long or reiterating older discussions. I’m new here and I’ve been holding some of these observations from S1 :)
Re-watching the first season I noticed A LOT of Christian (specifically Catholic) references, especially in the pilot. When we first meet Shauna, she’s watching Jeopardy while ironing and instantly guesses Milton’s Paradise Lost as one of the answers. This is all about the Garden of Eden and how Satan tricks Adam & Eve into getting expelled. This could be tied to the girls’ situation in the woods and the loss of innocence, but I also thought it was funny Shauna commits adultery w someone named Adam lol.
Jumping further in the pilot, Jackie comments on Shauna having gone through a Catholic phase. This moment made me pause because why would Jackie feel so strongly about Shauna trying to get into faith/religion when she’s so proud to be a virgin w a good girl image (queue the lesbian tension theories lol). BUT that’s when I noticed the prayer card Jackie plucks from Shauna’s mirror is the Virgin Mary as Our Lady, Undoer of Knots. People who pray to Mary as the Undoer in knots are usually to mend troubles related to “families, misunderstanding between children and parents, violence, anger, drug addiction, fear, and lack of peace”. All things that plague the present day survivors, especially Shauna.
Noticing all these references I started cross referencing other reoccurring themes from S1 with the Bible. With all the wolf imagery,I figured I should look into any possible connections. The most interesting being of Zephaniah 3, where it describes the state of Jerusalem and her Roman leadership at the end of days.
Very interesting S2 seems to be delving more into the Roman/Paganism mythology after the strongest Christian of the group has died.
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2023.04.02 08:42 domi2times i’m trying to convince myself to return to work tomorrow …

after moving to my new state and having trouble getting into restaurants, i decided to come back to hotels after 10 years… it was a good time and of course, the crazy things that happen keep you on ur toes. i’ve done fom, agm, ops mgr, exec. housekeeper, basically — everything!! i have created a method to the madness that i use everywhere i go and it’s been successful in negative performing teams.
i accepted a fom position w/ a $10 pay cut because MoNeY iSnT eVeRyThInG and honestly, i was fine with it at first, but 🚩.
i have never, ever in my life been so scammed about a place and as much as i try to stay positive — something else will happen that jus absolutely blows my mind. so i started in february and this has been my time…
  1. there is a front desk supervisor who does not supervise. she is the longest standing agent w/ company so she is untouchable. the agm and gm make it a point to keep the fact that she’s the supervisor a SECRET. rather than coaching in the moment, she will collect “mistakes” and give them all to me at the end of the week, expecting me to coach agents on mistakes they did from 3+ days ago when they can’t remember why a reservation that is pre-paid still needs a card on file. she has a set schedule of 7am-3pm; weekdays only.
  2. two young ladies are 3p-11p full time and work at least 4 shifts/week together. they hate each other and are very open about it. this has been an on-going issue (at least a month). i am not allowed to hold either one accountable because one of them “will be leaving us 4/30 so it’s better to wait it out”. they do not speak to each other and sometimes make comments in front of guests; bickering and arguing, everyone can feel the tension. our night auditors come in at 9pm so we all have to make sure we “split our time” between them when talking to them…
  3. 1 of the 2 young ladies requested 15 days off in january for two weeks ago. the 2nd young lady tried to request the same days off 3 days before that schedule was posted. i obviously could not accommodate. she was allowed to throw an 8 hour fit and requested the weekend off 2 hours after i posted the schedule. i confirm with my agm that this is unacceptable. come the weekend, i am told to come in both days from 12p-8p instead of 7a-3p… to find my agm covering the desk and leaving me alone at the desk. at this point, i am so behind on work. u see, i can run a hotel with my eyes closed, but here — i always check in first w/ my agm to ensure she has my back, but every time i do this, she ends up changing her mind anyways.
  4. young lady #1 returns from vacation and yesterday was her 2nd shift back. 1.5 hours into the shift, she walks out on me. she’s the only desk agent. for some insight, there’s us and another hotel in our parking lot… across the street, theres 3 more… we are owned by the same company. today my bartender tells me she was jus transferred next door. it’s crazy how much ‘we’ reward bad behavior. they are not hurting for agents and when transferring one of the girls next door was suggested a couple weeks ago, it was the ‘most unheard of idea ever’… lol. i could have hired someone and had them trained by now.
  5. about a month ago, i hired a gal with brand experience and was excited to finally get some qualified help and a 2nd pm agent for the weekends. she has been dealing with personal issues and a death in the family; hasn’t worked in two weeks. in the same two weeks she has become the only pm weekend agent because young lady #2 is now approved to be unavailable by my agm. this is all 100% understanding and i work with anyone and anything they are going thru, but she doesn’t make us aware of things until it’s way past her in time. she was supposed to return today, she did not. this is important for point #7.
  6. tonight was my 2nd weekend in a row working the desk by myself with 70 reservations and 20 walk-ins, selling us out. yes, i love being busy. i live for it, but we do not aside from myself being “on duty”, we do not have maintenance, laundry, houseperson, NO ONE available on the night shift to help. to add to this, housekeeping never has rooms completed earlier than 6 pm and although my digital check-ins/groups are gone over w/ the assistant at 8am, half of them are ready at 3pm. the weekdays obviously go perfectly w/ rooms always ready by 3pm even when sold out. today i asked a line of 6 reservations to please sit at 6pm because i had no clean rooms. pool/spa is 100% open although we have been waiting on “a part” for two months because our pool is no longer heated (my state boarders canada so it’s cold af) and something is wrong w/ our filtering system in the spa so it kicks out sand and half of the jets don’t work (month long issue). we are not allowed to bring it up during check-in and are to send people next door if they complain. today i had to respond to a review and play dumb because their spa experience was jus “sitting in a hot and dirty bath”.
  7. i gave out so much credit to our restaurant for service recovery tonight, but no one will ever know because their policy for handling credit and comps is to delete the order from the system… including alcohol. oh, oh!! but we have to look at profit and loss, right?! how are they okay with it?? wrong. inventory is nonexistent.
  8. i interviewed a mature, new gal and lover her. she is available every day from 3p-11p and we need her. i was not allowed to hire her because saturday & sunday 7a-3p is MOST IMPORTANT and “new gal” can cover shifts for young lady #1 who walked out. the same “new gal” who did not show up today. we are to 100% believe she is coming back and have 0 preparation. young lady #1 was making herself unavailable for the shifts anyways, but of course, we don’t like to be prepared. why can’t our untouchable supervisor temporarily work weekends while agm work slow weekdays? beats me. regardless, i won’t be able to hire a full time 3p-11p until it’s too late.
no one has my back. no one supports me. they are jus happy they don’t have to deal with it anymore (went two months without fom before me).
i am trying so hard to find a new job,but new state is so hard. this is jus the gist of it, but it’s ruining me. i can deal with crazies, rude guests, all of that — but this experience has been outta control and half the time i feel like i’m on PUNKED.
if ur still here with me, thank u for listening. i have lost ALL of my motivation and don’t know how to proceed.
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2023.04.02 08:42 Spartansam0034 Loading transferred save states/SRMs

Just booted up my g cloud after a few months of not playing. Daijisho had a major update and asked me to re-synch my entire library. Took multiple hours since it scraped new HD box art for my 3k games.
I had successfully transferred my previous state and SRM files over via SD card, pasted into the retroarch directory and they were working properly. I keep a list of my cores for this exact reason. But now since this new update, it appears my states and saves are failing to load entirely. I have had one or 2 states and saves load properly, but majority are failing. I've tried swapping cores, state numbers, renaming files, repasting into directories, all to no avail.
Could daijisho updates cause retroarch to not recognize the files along side their original saves? Or is it just a known issue that updates to either front end or cores stop old saves from working?
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2023.04.02 08:41 beginners-blog Earn Extra $2000/mo As An Expert(See How?)

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2023.04.02 08:41 ninja46lilac BFDI THEORY: I have a couple of theorys on somethings on BFDI like what is losser meaning by "cryptic messages",HOW was the B.R.B created and other hidden details

BFB 11:Loser says in the jawbreaker "Is that some kind of cryptic message" IDFB - When tennis ball and golf ball go to the abandoned museum in yoyle city,if you look at the labels for the items instead of regular letters its cryptic letters and in the backround it says "STOP HER",and in the museum a shadow taunts golf ball and refrs to golf ball as "bozo" but HOW can the shadow know golf ball and th shadow also said "you deserve a punishment" so golf ball met this shadow before and could the "HELP HER" sign which is spelled in "ketchup" is implying that the shadow is a her? the shadow is still unkown only information it might be a to the B.R.B how was it made?,one detail i noticed is that the B.R.B is similar to the tower in yoyle city were pencil put firey in a CAGE like the B.R.B, could it be that four took the yoyle tower and transformed it into a BIG ROTATING BUILDING maybe only information is that they look similar... that is my theory NOTE:THIS IS ONLY A THEORY NOT CANNON
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