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AITA For crying over a haircut?

2023.05.29 02:42 Dismal_Chemistry_225 AITA For crying over a haircut?

I (female) went to Great clips today. My mom (34 female) took me because I am still a minor, I've been growing my hair out sense 2020, it's shoulder length thick, fluffy, and curly. So it need to be tamed. I got long layers, thinning, and a trim along with some face framing. i don't mind a trim or thinning but I didn't want the long layers nor the face framing. I left in tears and spent almost and hour crying over how bad it is The face framing made me look chunkier than I already am, my bangs where cut to my lips but go above them bc if my curly hair. when you cut it it shrinks in size any makes it appear smaller. Everything done to my hair was NOT my choice it was my mothers, I didn't want a haircut in the first place. My bangs use to cover the side of my face making my face look less chunky, i now have a tiny strand as a bang and I'm now using the longer parts of my hair as bangs. My bangs are so uneven pieces are longer than the others or shorter. On the left side of my face my bangs go past my chin but curl up bc of my hair type and my right side of my face my bangs go above my lips and curl. This is absolutely not okay! My stylist was quite the whole time and didn't ask me anything about what I wanted to do with my hair, and as HE was cutting my bangs he'd be on one side of me and taking my bangs from the other side with the side he was on the other side and cutting it. They came out uneven and his cutting style on my bangs where so different. he did two different techniques on my hair. My hair looks like it was fine by a 3 year old. So I don't I'll be going back there anytime soon because of this.
Yes I do understand that my hair is curly and will shrink in size when cut but for it to come out uneven and totally different, is not okay. I spent an hour crying in the Hideaways Pizzas parking lot balling my eyes out. Bc how horrible my hair is. Great Clips need to properly train their employees so when they do a clients hair they don't leave the salon looking like an idiot and in tears. This is also not the first time this has happened in January my friend had the same stylist as me and he completely jacked up her hair. I also couldn’t ask for another stylist bc they where short staffed and the other employe was working on another client. Plus my mother wouldn’t have let me get another stylist.
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2023.05.28 15:09 Old-Ad-9501 greasy hair after a cut

hey! I'm not sure if you guys offer advice on this kind of stuff but I'm stumped and have nowhere else to go.
I got a haircut 3 days ago and they washed my hair beforehand since my hair is really fluffy, sticks up and I assume it's easier to cut it when it's wet and straight.
My hairdresser (who is my usual one) told me everything she was using while washing my hair and she used toner in it which she usually doesn't, I did also notice she used a lot of conditioner.
the day after the cut my hair was greasy like it hadn't been washed in 4 days, so I washed it again thoroughly with my usual hair products and then it was all fine until the day after. It was the same level of greasy again, so of course I washed it.
I've just been stuck in this cycle ever since the haircut.
detailed description of my hair:
Brown and curly, short and sticks up (a little like a fro but not the same hair type, mine is what people call 2c i think?) I've been having problems with dandruff so my usual hair products at the moment are medicated shampoo and conditioner. I usually wash it every 2 days (wash, 1 day 2 day, then wash again)
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2023.05.23 21:33 PracticalPenalty7899 Client says i gave him "chicken pox" like infection

I have been cutting hair for two years now, I'm super clean so much to the point that everyone in my shop says I'm TOO clean. I've never had any problems in my two years with anyone saying ive givin them anything. But about 2 weeks ago I cut one of my clients who I've been cutting for about a year. A week later he comes to the shop and shows me his face saying I gave him something. It almost looked like "impetigo" but with blisters and pus all over his face and scalp. I asked him what exactly did the doctor say it was, he said hes not sure but its similar to chicken pox? I called my owner outside to take a look and he asked for pictures of the doctors forms that he was given (still none have been sent). After talking for a bit and going back inside, my owner told me he doesnt believe it was from me, as he has been cutting for 17 years and has never seen anything like that, and he kept saying especially it cant be from me cause I'm so clean and I never even do his beard so why is on there aswell, it could've been from anything. And I believe my owner but I also believe my client wouldn't lie. Especially cause he was saying he doesn't want me to get in trouble or anything and he doesn't want any free haircuts in the future. He said he was showing me so I can be aware of what I "gave him" so that I don't give it to anyone else or any kids. So if he just wants to look out for me why would he lie about it you feel? But pretty much I just want to hear what you guys think about the situation and if it was caused from me what else could I do to help prevent that from ever happening again? And yes I went to school I learned how to properly clean everything... or so I thought. Ps. He said it started on the side of his head which I didn't even cut last time because he has an edgar with a blowout. Only thing I could possibly think of is maybe from my blowdryer?!? Idk but I asked all my clients that day if they have gotten anything similar to that and they all said no.
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2023.05.23 09:19 ThrowRA_okcap How do I (20f) convince my boyfriend (22m) to grow his hair out? How do I even bring it up?

It’s a very trivial issue, but I am working on my social skills super late in life and I have NO idea how I even approach the subject.
My boyfriend has super pretty hair, it’s pretty straight but the sort of texture that would be super fluffy and beautiful grown out. I also just happen to prefer longer hair on guys, I always have.
Don’t get me wrong I love how he looks with his hair short and when he gets a fresh haircut it’s super clean and nice and he likes it very short and faded on the sides and a little bit longer on top.
I don’t want him to think I don’t like the way his hair is because I really do, but I also think he would look sooo soo good if he grew it out! I don’t think he’s ever tried to before and loves his hair short, so he may say no but I want to at least try.
Besides his hair, he’s also never experimented much with his style in general and he’s so attractive that I believe he shouldn’t many different styles, but I don’t want to seem pushy.
I know the easiest answer is to just tell him, however I am not good with this sort of thing in specific so how can i bring it up??
TLDR;; my bf has super pretty hair and i want to see what it looks like long and how do i tell him that???
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2023.05.22 14:01 SubstantialFan4685 What haircut to ask for to grow the fluffy hairstyle

I started seeing the fluffy hairstyle again on my fyp on tiktok and wanted to know what to ask my barber so that my hair grows into the fluffy hairstyle that I want. The only thing I’ve found so far is the low taper, textured fringe cut. PLEASE HELP. WHAT HAIRCUT DO I GET FOR THE FLUFFY HAIRSTYLE?
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2023.05.21 08:50 wwqot Playwright's Flowers

Playwright's Flowers
Warning: This post includes spoilers for the fourth ending of IS2

A. Introduction

The Playwright is the fourth boss in IS2, and there’s not much information on him outside of relic and boss descriptions. He only appeared in two CGs, both of which feature him writing on his desk in what seems to be his office. This essay will focus on a specific common denominator that appeared in both CGs: the vase with blue and white flowers.

ending CG
encounter node \"Revenge Story\" CG
You might be tempted to say, “So what? They’re just flowers.”
The thing is that, blue roses, as depicted in the CGs, don’t exist in the natural world. Blue flowers, in general, are rather rare. The blue roses that exist currently are the product of genetic engineering, or dye. Genetically engineered roses have their blue pigment taken from Pansies, which appear more purple than the azure blue shown in the CGs.

Rosa \"Cardinal de Richelieu\"
So it couldn’t have been genetically engineered. This implies that Playwright deliberately dyed some of his white roses with blue dye. And if we look closely at his sprite, all the blue accents in his design are accessories that are worn, instead of on his person.

B. Significance of the Colour

Why blue? Why did he choose to surround himself with this colour? For aesthetics? If he were a real person, then we can simply say, “Because it’s his favourite colour,” and leave it at that. But unfortunately, he’s a fictional character, one that is related to Phantom- who is chock full of references to Gothic literature at that, which means by design, his colour palette was a deliberate choice on the developers’ part.

  1. The most obvious explanation is because he is meant to be Phantom’s foil, specifically in his Blood Diamond outfit. We can see it clearly in Rhythm in Literature:

Rhythm in Literature EP
Firstly, the title alludes to the two of them: Rhythm for Lucian, who is well known for his singing voice, and Literature for Playwright, who is known to write the scripts for the troupe’s performances.
Looking at the illustration, the two of them clearly contrast each other, both in design and in position. Starting with the obvious, Luci has red accents and Playwright has blue. Luci wears a hat, a flashy outfit, has short, light coloured hair and short, fluffy tail, meanwhile Playwright only wears glasses and ribbons on his head, a relatively plain/modest outfit, longer, neat dark hair (with few strands of white), and a long tail with short, dense coat of fur. Lucian stands in the spotlight, facing the audience, meanwhile Playwright faces the backstage, away from the spotlight. Both have black central pieces (vests?) but Phantom’s sleeves are white, while Playwright’s are dark gold(?). Phantom’s cape takes up a lot of space, meanwhile Playwright takes up only a minimal amount. Also, the number of belts.
(these two are such ship material I swear)
Looking back at the troupe’s children: We have Lucian, who decided to fight back against the troupe. Shalem, who ran away. Ursus boy, who chose death. Playwright, in my opinion, represents the fourth option: to join the troupe and take part in their tragedy.
We can also see how he contrasts other ex troupe members from the ‘Parallels’ medal description:

'Parallels' medal description
‘Duality of possibilities’ is in reference to endings 1 and 2. Ending 1 features ‘hope’ where Lucian was brought back safely, but not entirely devoid of despair (ending 4). On the other hand, ending 2 features Ursus boy who suffers even in death, but we the players have an option to help him and grant his wish to disappear (encounter node Reprieve), which is an ending of despair, but not entirely devoid of hope.
The play is composed by both the cast and the playwright, together, so I think the Playwright also parallels Lucian to some extent. Lucian was always full of hope (he was the talented student with potential, looked forward to debut as an actor, etc) meanwhile Playwright was called incompetent (Silver Fork), has a bad ending (Writer's Tongue), he probably represents left hand's despair.
  1. Another possible explanation is because the Crimson Troupe’s signature colour is red, so he surrounds himself with the opposite colour, blue, as a sign of minor rebellion against the troupe. This implies that the Playwright doesn’t agree with the Troupe’s goals, but is cooperating with them for the sake of his own goals. Further proof that supports this interpretation is the play “The Lullaby”:

The play titled \"The Lullaby\"
“A clean, comfortable, and relaxing dreamscape all begins with a lullaby, and when you are awake, everything will be that much better.”
From the CGs we can see that Playwright’s office has a similar window, lamp and ink bottle, and the shape of the glasses is similar to his. So we can safely assume that this play, which also heavily uses the same azure blue in its palette, is in reference to his office. The play symbolises a safe place to retreat to, which might imply that the Playwright uses his office (and by extension, his writing?) for escapism.
A counterargument against this interpretation is that the troupe master also adorns the same blue on his ring.

4th ending CG
But I think it can be explained by two possibilities:
i - that the troupe master knows about Playwright’s rebellion and is using the blue ring as a subtle threat, or
ii - the troupe master uses blue in his colour palette in an ironic way - this is related to my other theory that the troupe leader is a liberi (or at least, “unknown-suspected liberi” like Conviction) where he is the Bluebird of Happiness, but brings tragedy instead of happiness.

  1. Alternatively, he might have chosen blue because it’s the troupe leader’s colour. The troupe’s signature is red, but to show his status, the leader might have chosen to wear blue to signify his special position within the troupe, and as his right-hand man, the Playwright follows suit. There’s an interpretation of the flowers that supports this theory in section D below.
  2. He might also have chosen blue because he’s sick of seeing blood. According to the relics in IS2, he uses his blood as ink, and he is constantly seen writing or scribbling with his quill. The colour blue contrasts his blood’s red, you know, unless he has blue blood… hahah. hah. no I’m not kidding because see: no 5.
  3. What are the two things we know about Playwright? He probably came from Gaul like Shalem and Phantom, and he has blue in his design. Blue, and French. Azure blue is France’s national colour, and many centuries ago, was used to represent the French monarchy, so Playwright might be a royalty for all we know. Read the rest of my Royalty!Playwright theory in the Extra Readings section below.

C. Blue Flowers and the Era of Romanticism

So we covered a lot about the colour blue itself, but we barely touched the main topic: blue flowers. Blue flowers are an important symbol in Romantic movement. But first of all, to really understand the significance of it, we have to look at the meaning of Romanticism and how it started.
To put it simply, Romanticism is a literary, philosophical, artistic movement that focused on the emotion and the self, in contrast to the Age of Enlightenment that preceded it which focused on reason and logic. Interestingly, some historians dated the end of Enlightenment era at the outbreak of the French Revolution in 1789.
Back to Romanticism, this movement emphasised imagination, freedom, creativity, and nostalgia for the past. This focus on emotion over reason brought a lot of the literary tropes we know today, such as denying arranged marriages in pursuit of true love or the edgy solitary hero versus the entire world.
Prominent writers of Romantic movement are Edgar Allan Poe, and Lord Byron. Edgar Allan Poe was referenced multiple times in Phantom’s character and design: his birthday was based on Poe’s, and his Blood Diamond skin was based on one of Poe’s short stories, Masque of Red Death. On the other hand, Lord Byron’s stories gave birth to the character archetype called Byronic Hero: a sensitive, emotionally complex hero who goes against the world with a sad backstory that makes you want to root for him. One notable example of a byronic hero is Erik from Phantom of the Opera. That is to say, the Romantic era has considerable influence on Phantom’s lore.
During such a time, blue flowers were used to symbolise dreams, desires, love, and the pursuit for the unattainable- themes which were core to the movement. It also represented hope and beauty. Especially blue roses, which didn’t exist, were used to represent impossible love. Worth noting that these meanings simultaneously support and contradict the Crimson Troupe’s ideals: arts and beauty, but in the form of tragedy and despair instead of hope.

D. The Interpretations

Between the symbolism used during the Romantic era, and the flower language used in Victorian England, there are many interpretations we can draw - especially the way he mixed white and blue flowers, instead of sticking to only one colour. (plot twist: he just ran out of blue dye- in which case screw you kitty cat for making me think so much about this)
1, Mixture of lies and truths
White roses are often used to symbolise purity and honesty, and therefore blue roses, which are white roses dyed blue, can be seen as “fake”, “artificial” or “fabrication”. These can allude to many things, for example:
a. His arts
Playwright’s arts is said to be able to change reality to his desire, but such a powerful ability has to come with limitations. Following this interpretation, it’s likely that his arts can’t make something that diverges too far from reality. Like the way the blue rose needs white rose as a base, he probably needs to use reality as a basis for his scripts. This might explain why he needed to rewrite his script when Rhodes Island interfered and came to save Phantom.
b. His identity
From the relics and encounters, we know that Playwright is very dedicated to his revenge plan. It was emphasised in almost every piece of lore crumb that mentions him post-2nd expansion, and he was willing to sacrifice everything he treasured for his revenge. I think there’s a good possibility that he is faking his loyalty to the troupe for his own goals, either trying to use the troupe’s strength and manpower for revenge, or biding his time to stab the troupe in the back.

ACT 1's description. Keep this in mind because I go back to refer to this relic a lot.
We can see in ACT 1’s description, where he was described as “hero”. I’m certain that this is referring to Playwright because not only is it a necessary relic to get his ending, but also there’s literally no one else we know who has a bottle of blood ink, is trying to get revenge, and wrote himself an ending where he dies in a fire. The two meanings of “hero” are either the protagonist, or the person of noble character; He cannot be the protagonist, because from everything we’ve seen so far, it is Lucian who is constantly being referred to as the “protagonist” or “lead actor”, leaving only the second definition.
From what we know about Playwright currently, he is more of a villain than a hero- he cooperated with the troupe master, making Phantom’s life miserable, massacred people, and they plan to kill countless more. This is why I believe there will be a role reversal, where Playwright’s ends will justify his means, and he will be regarded a “hero”. Maybe not the traditional hero, but rather an antihero or a byronic hero. But then begs the question, what sort of end justifies all these massacres? If you ask me, I would be inclined to say the Crimson Troupe being destroyed for good and the death of the troupe leader, a possible Feranmut, but really, I’m too biassed towards my troupe-hating-playwright theory.
Alternatively, maybe we were lied to, and Playwright is the real “protagonist” of the story, and not Lucian, but I doubt this is the case. Playwright wrote himself an ending, but he also considers himself removed from his scripts, referring to himself as “the creator”.
c. His death
The developers didn’t spare any subtlety when talking about Playwright’s ending, as it was mentioned multiple times that he will die in a fire. However, this may be intended as a red herring - an attempt to misdirect the players to the wrong conclusion.
In Act 1’s description, it’s notable that the terms “first act” and “first ending” are used. Initially I thought that it was a one-act structure play, but if there’s only one act, there’s no need to specify those as the “first”. It implies that there are Acts 2, 3 or more, and Playwright’s “ending” won’t be the end of his life. It might have meant the end of his revenge plans.
Still, whatever the Playwright writes becomes reality, and he did write an ending in which he himself died. There might be a way to circumvent this, for example, by faking his death a certain scifi anime/vn whose name I can’t say because it’s a spoiler-style and letting the Crimson Troupe’s “Playwright” die, and this emo cat takes on a new name and identity (like joining Rhodes Islands and getting a new codename? hopium).
d. 4th ending - Silent Chapter
The fourth ending has Playwright monologuing a lot of things, where he says a lot of these vague lines, and it ends with him talking to the troupe leader. Because of how vague the dialogues are, I think some of these have double meanings, which describe the current situation, but also foreshadow the future events.
In this interpretation, the “lies” aren’t false statements, but rather misleading statements that drive readers to the wrong conclusions.

2. Striving for the impossible, and eternal love
This one takes the Romantic era meaning of blue flowers: something desirable but unattainable. Roses in general represent love of all kinds, and white roses specifically are used to signify eternal love. It makes sense when you think about it - Playwright has such a strong drive for revenge, he must have cared about the person(s?) he swore vengeance for a whole lot. But, following this interpretation, his revenge plan is difficult, if not outright impossible to achieve.
Maybe the target of his vengeance already died and therefore revenge is impossible, but if that were the case, he probably would have found something else to do with life- or just died right there and then because the life he spent for revenge has no purpose now. Cat is extreme.
Anyways, this means that the target either holds a powerful position in society, or is so strong that normal people can’t touch them. There are many directions to go with this info- for example, if we want to go with the Gaul Royalty route, he might want to take down the Victorian government (or like what’s left of it after the whole conflict in the main story), or maybe Leithania/Ursus too. If we want to go with the Troupe route, the troupe master is hinted to have space/time powers, which can make him nigh untouchable. And so on.
Either way, it makes a good food for thought for when we get more Playwright lore. (HG pls)

3. Nostalgia for the past, and innocence
This interpretation also follows the Romantic era symbolisms, where the past is glorified and the present is rejected. In Playwright terms, maybe the flowers signify his desire to return to the good old times, before he found out the truth about the troupe’s nature - the loss of innocence, so to say. This sentiment is shared by Phantom, who considered the troupe members his friends and family until the debut night happened and brought everything to ruin.
If we go by what is written in Shalem’s profiles, the troupe had always been intense and competitive, and those who can’t perform up to measure would be eliminated. Some IS2 relics imply that they might be killed and eaten, too. Maybe Phantom didn’t feel the brunt of these because he was the talented genius acknowledged by the troupe leader himself, but Playwright’s case might be different. His first encounter CG was called “endocarceration”, endo as in internal, and carceration as in imprisonment. Similarly, the battle node in this encounter is called, “Bound by Self”. This node is where players encounter playwrights in a dungeon, who want to continue writing but when they do, all they write is nonsense. Maybe Playwright is similar, he is trapped by his need to create the ‘perfect’ story, but he couldn’t. It’s possible that he used to be talentless, until he caught oripathy and got the ability to bend reality (the latter part seems to be implied by Painful Happiness).

description of 'Painful Happiness'
So to say that, maybe his time in the troupe before he found out the troupe’s true nature wasn’t all sunshines and rainbows either. Instead, the past he fondly thinks of might be the days from before he joined the troupe, or when whoever he wanted to avenge was still alive.

4. Divinity and loyalty
Because of how rare the blue pigment was back in the day, blue is a colour reserved only for the rich and the noble. Artists only used the colour to paint something considered important, and in the case of Renaissance times, the Virgin Mary. This resulted in the colour blue being associated with holiness and divinity. This, coupled with white roses’ loyalty, might signify the Playwright’s loyalty to the troupe.
A lot of Playwright’s character (not that there’s much of it so far) revolves around his revenge, so I’m not sure how this would fit into it. A thought I had is that maybe his revenge isn’t for a person, but rather for the arts. That matches with the idea that his death by fire is for the sake of martyrdom.
A well-known French person who died by fire as a martyr was Joan of Arc, but outside of these two similarities, I’m not sure if there’s a connection between them. Plus, the spot for Joan reference was already taken by Saileach- Unless…
Joan of Arc was said to crossdress as a boy, therefore the Playwright is actually Saileach crossdressing in her off hours. (Cough forgive me)
I don’t know what else to put here in this section, I don’t have many thoughts or ideas about it.

E. Other Notable Things:

Other things that are tangentially related but not important enough to be included in the main body:
1, Gothic literature
Touched a bit in the main body. Gothic literature as a genre had major influences on Phantom’s lore, background and character. Aside from the obvious Phantom of the Opera, there were also references to Masque of Red Death and Black Cat, among many others. I highly recommend to read both short stories by Poe to gain more insight on Phantom as a character.
2. ‘Tear of the Departed’

Tear of the Departed relic description
It was made by an elite operator who hadn’t made any appearances yet, and was hinted to be dead or retired. It has the same shade as Playwright’s blue, and Playwright is often associated with fire. He was also referred to as a ‘hero’, and both honesty and perseverance are traditional heroic qualities. This is a crack theory based on nothing concrete but maybe Playwright is trying to avenge Whitesmith?
Also interesting to think about because the voice in Phantom’s head, the same one that does his brainwashing, led Phantom to RI. So I don’t think it’s too much of a stretch to say that someone in the troupe wanted RI to be involved.
3. ACT 1 (yes, this relic again)
It’s interesting to note that ACT 1’s effects grant hope for some reason. Of course, in gameplay, it grants hope to the players. But I like to think that his arts grant hope to the Playwright himself- a hope to achieve his impossible goal of revenge. The blood red of the ink contrasts nicely with the blue flowers, as if saying that the blue’s unattainable dream is now attainable.
4. Fleur Bleue
In modern France, the term blue flower (fleur bleue) is used to refer to a sensitive, innocent person who is a dreamer. Maybe the Playwright is actually a sensitive and innocent person inside, before he was corrupted by the troupe. I do think he enjoys tragedy, the same way Phantom and Shalem do - Shalem’s files said: the children of the abyss will always yearn for arts, after all. It’s probably part of the troupe’s brainwashing. But, like Phantom and Shalem, maybe he does have another side to him.

F. Conclusion

One way or another, Phantom and the Crimson Troupe lore ties back to the Age of Romanticism a lot, and seem to have been majorly influenced by it, so chances are that these flowers do mean something. However, a lot of these were based on my biassed thoughts and ideas, so you may or may not agree with it. But, if anyone has any other ideas or interpretations, do tell!
If 5 years from now it is revealed that the roses don’t mean anything and I was overanalysing- it doesn’t matter, I had fun researching and thinking about these stuff. Also maybe in the future, I'll write more about the theories I briefly mentioned in this post, which includes:
  • Troupe Leader being a Liberi
  • Playwright and Whitesmith
  • Playwright and Phantom's role reversal
  • Lucian and the Lynx constellation
and more.

G. Extra Readings

Gaul Royalty Playwright Theory
Phantom and the Black Cats

H. Bonus

Real picture of me:
My friend asked me if those flowers really are roses.
I… don’t know. They seem like roses. If they aren’t, welp,

(was gonna insert a saileach with playwright face in here but man I suck at editing)
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2023.05.18 02:18 funkyfrogffs How can I stop this weird cowlick in my bangs?

How can I stop this weird cowlick in my bangs?
I have had this since I was a kid with every haircut I've had and wherever I part my hair. Even when my hair was all one length. It makes it look greasy after I just washed it. I want my hair to look full and fluffy not stringy :( The hairdresser thought it would help to "feather" that section because it looked "heavy" but I think that made it worse looking. Is there anything she could do to correct it? Is there anything I could do? Blowdrying hasn't helped either. And I'm afraid products will just make it greasier. I already use so much dry shampoo. Help please :(
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2023.05.15 10:30 dead-boy1617 My mum straight up asked me if I was a boy

I’m a 13 year old closeted ftm and yesterday I asked my mother if I could get a short fluffy haircut (one typically associated with males). I have just above shoulder length hair and I had to beg for ages to get that haircut. When I showed a picture of the haircut I wanted to my mum, she said “do you want to be a boy?!” My sister immediately agreed saying that she thinks I’m a boy.
I’m somewhat happy that they kind of see me as a boy but at the same time I’m scared if they don’t accept me. My mum is kind of supporting, my dad probably wouldn’t care but I definitely know my sister dislikes trans people and if I come out she’ll think of me as a girl, misgender me and call me by my dead name.
I was going to ask for a binder soon (i was going to say it’s for cosplay) now I don’t really want to. They put me in an awkward spot and it makes me feel like I can’t talk to them or ask them for things. I don’t really know what to do now.
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2023.05.14 21:36 Hayate-kun 60 most-viewed ASMR videos on YouTube last week (2023-04-30 to 2023-05-06) [Discussion]

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409910 Jocie B ASMR ASMR Tingly Mouth Sound Triggers 💋 (spoolie nibbling, teeth tapping, spit painting, whispering)
400726 Jojo's ASMR ASMR for people with LITERALLY 0 attention span...
392200 Jojo's ASMR This ASMR trigger will AMAZE YOU and put you to SLEEP 🤯
392042 わんこそばOne-Co Soba Noodles 【ASMR】1$ Tapeball 【急げ】ついに100均でテープボール用テープが販売されたぞぉおおおお!!!!
382556 beebee asmr Mouth Sounds ASMR (wet/dry ) | Hand Sounds/Movements, Fast & Aggressive Triggers
378688 Luna Bloom ASMR ASMR Eyes Closed Cranial Nerve Exam 😌 (with a touch of chaos) 🧚🏼‍♂️💤
378227 Gentle Whispering ASMR ASMR | Gentle & Light Touches 🌙 Whispers
365163 Tingting ASMR [ASMR] Sleep in 25 Minutes ~ Intense Relaxation
349473 Nanou ASMR ASMR - Trigger Words!
341006 Coromo Sara. ASMR ASMR for Those Who Want a Good Night's Sleep Right Now 😪 99.9% of You Will Sleep / 3Hr (No Talking)
335114 Ceres Fauna Ch. hololive-EN 【OFF COLLAB】 Kronii + Fauna + 1000x Sensitivity Microphone 【KU100 ASMR?】
317140 beebee asmr ASMR | Fast Aggressive Fabric Scratching, Body Triggers, Jewelry Sounds, Nail Tapping, Mouth Sounds
311533 Luba from Ukraine Homemade Sausage Cooked on Fire l Kielbasa ASMR
300086 edafoxx ASMR ASMR click this if you don‘t know which asmr video to watch, k thanks :)
292780 Patra Channel / 周防パトラ 【ASM2時間】耳かき多種類で最高に気持ち良い!耳回りから鼓膜まで!声少なめ・寝落ち推奨!Deep Ear Cleaning Penetrates the Brain【周防パトラ】
286843 Jinx ASMR ASMR | Mic Pumping + Cupped Whispers ♡
272260 ASMR Bakery ASMR Scratching Through Your Brain | Invisible + 3D Triggers (No Talking)
262987 Tiptoe Tingles ASMR ASMR Spit Painting on You (Wet Mouth Sounds/Personal Attention)
260571 FrivolousFox ASMR ASMR 💋 1 HOUR of Soft Kisses & Fluffy Massage ~
260483 지읒asmr 지읒asmr} 니들이 좋아할 것 같은 소리
253710 Timur Doctorov Live ASMR Intense neck and head massage by Anastasia
253526 Lowe ASMR ASMR But... I'm Jojo ASMR
253118 Mare Ch. なぃとめあ-耳舐めおばけ- 【耳舐めASMR】ムリヤリ♡耳のナカを舌がうねうね這いずり回るッッ♡ 耳塞ぎ/KU100/Vtubeear licking/귀 핥기/舔耳【回転ドリル舐め】
252085 KatieASMR ASMR TSA Security Check - Fast & Aggressive [Real Person] Role Play w/@MadPASMR - Triggers to RELAX
248204 Dong ASMR ASMR for people without HEADPHONES...
246795 Macoto ASMR まこと。 [ASMR] これは虜になる!寝れる鼓膜グリグリ、ゼロ距離囁き、耳ふー、耳マッサージ、 癒し Ear Massage, Whispering, Tingle【KU100/Vtuber】
242794 Amy Kay ASMR ASMR May I Sketch You? (+ Compliments) | Wes Anderson Inspired | Quirky & Fun 🌵📖
236345 Mol ASMR. ASMR vendedor roleplay para dormir agente de viajes ASMR español
229769 Anny ASMR ASMR ESPAÑOL / ¿PUEDO TOCAR tu CARITA? + REVIS0 TODO TU CU3RP0 + Inaudible (muy relajante)
228461 Yarify ASMR ASMR DONCELLA ✧ te lavo, cepillo y corto el cabello, mi Lady 💖 RP
227370 Diddly ASMR ASMR Mouth Sounds at 100% Sensitivity
226093 M2 [팅글썰롱] ASMR로 듣는 '이펙스 백승&금동현이 서로 자랑하고 싶은 것은?' | EPEX 백승&금동현 편 (ENG SUB)
217389 Nanou ASMR ASMR - Trigger Tier List!
217153 Jojo's ASMR ASMR click this if you don't know which asmr video to watch tonight :)
216756 benio店長 / ASMR屋さん 登録者100万人いくまでASMR😪🎉
215104 Catplant ASMR ASMR - A Lovely Girl gives you a Cranial Nerve Exam 🩺 (soft-spoken - whispered)
214976 健屋花那【にじさんじ】KanaSukoya 【ASMR】GWなんてくそくらえバイノーラル配信【健屋花那/にじさんじ】
213283 goshakartsev Эльдар Джарахов | ASMR
205551 TOKYO ASMR MASSAGE ASMR 表参道の高級理容室で最高のおもてなし【ヘアカット・ヘッドマッサージ・肩マッサージ・シャンプー】
204562 Goodnight Moon ASMR Unpredictable Triggers (Magazine Chiropractor, No Tingles Until, Personal Attention)
201815 ASMR Glow ASMR Follow my Instructions for DEEP SLEEP 🌙
199784 YSF [✨Very Spicy!✨] Mafia Boss Finds You Home Alone... [Boyfriend ASMR]
198957 無口 Mukuchi ASMR 【ASMR】JKが指耳かきするよ。 耳ふー多め
198553 anna dreamy ASMR ASMR NOOB VS PRO VS HACKER
196915 Margo's ASMR ASMR Lower Body Massage ( Follow-Up Appointment)
195780 Momota ASMR 【50分】ゼロ距離囁きで気持ちいい指耳かき【ASMR】
193751 Ephemeral Rift Go To Sleep | ASMR
191964 ASMR Bakery ASMR Guaranteed Sleep Using Your Favorite Triggers 3 Hr (No Talking)
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2023.05.14 03:56 Opiumest Barber gave me a shitty edgar cut

I had to go to a new barber since my personal barber was out of town for a couple of weeks and I went to this Hispanic salon/barber shop my mom took me to. they fucked my shit up, Motherfuckers gave me a short edgar when I told them I want it to keep it long just a little trim. i kept thinking to myself is it because im Hispanic? Or is it because they are just usually giving this shitty haircut to people when they ask for “Long”
submitted by Opiumest to Hair [link] [comments]

2023.05.13 12:43 mad_potato_ I want to grow out my short hair but keep it androgynous. Any tips or directions?

I (afab) currently have straight hair with a short, layered haircut that I style to be super fluffy. I generally like that hairstyle but I've had short hair for so long now, I really want to let it grow longer again. The problem is, I want long hair but not in a feminine way if that make sense? I still want to keep some androgyny. But when I search for haircut inspo, I feel like it's all gonna look too feminine on me.
Idk, maybe someone here has an idea what to look for, certain hairstyles or just key words that I can search? I'm not even sure if a hairstyle like I want it can exist but maybe someone understands my struggle. I also dress rather alternative and have my hair dyed in bright colors if that makes any difference
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2023.05.13 12:32 mad_potato_ I want to grow out my short hair but keep it androgynous. Any tips or directions?

I (afab) currently have straight hair with a short, layered haircut that I style to be super fluffy. I generally like that hairstyle but I've had short hair for so long now, I really want to let it grow longer again. The problem is, I want long hair but not in a feminine way if that make sense? I still want to keep some androgyny. But when I search for haircut inspo, I feel like it's all gonna look too feminine on me.
Idk, maybe someone here has an idea what to look for, certain hairstyles or just key words that I can search? I'm not even sure if a hairstyle like I want it can exist but maybe someone understands my struggle. I also dress rather alternative and have my hair dyed in bright colors if that makes any difference
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2023.05.13 06:07 FluffyIcyKitty Femboy haircut

Getting haircut tomorrow. I want more fluffy hair but idk what to specifically ask for. What reference images should I use.
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2023.05.13 03:02 BrickSniper132 Femboy Hair cut advice

So I’m going to be getting a haircut soon and I really wanna do a super cute haircut like I’m always seeing so many other Femboys rocking. The conundrum I find myself in is that I have no clue what any of these styles are called, and like 80% of the reference photos I might show are totally nsfw. Not to mention that saving photos of people’s posts feels super creepy, even if it’s for showing my stylist.
Does anyone know the names of some of these cute hairdos so I know what to ask for? I’m especially looking for something super fluffy.
I appreciate the assist!
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2023.05.12 02:08 Prfctcellrulz This just came up as a promotional post in my feed on the subreddit

This just came up as a promotional post in my feed on the subreddit submitted by Prfctcellrulz to goldenknights [link] [comments]

2023.05.12 01:12 BackgroundJust336 Anyone know if it's possible to get my hair similar to Wilbur's?

Sorry something like this has probably been asked before! But anyways, I have waist length, slightly wavy (may be wavier than I think, I only realised it's naturally wavy recently) hair and I'm a girl. I really want a haircut like Wilbur's or similar (short and fluffy) but I don't know if it's possible with my hair? Sorry this probably isn't enough information to go by but anyways! Also, if I email a hairdresser a photo of me and a reference photo, would they be able to tell me if it's possible for me to get my hair cut similarly? Thanks in advanced, sorry again!
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2023.05.10 08:12 JustMy2Coppers Client came in with the left haircut (high skin fade, middle part, very fluffy, very disconnected) asking for the right haircut. We suggested he come back in 2 wks. Any advice on how to achieve something similar to the right and ditch the bowl-cut with such short sides? (any advice/examples welcome)

Client came in with the left haircut (high skin fade, middle part, very fluffy, very disconnected) asking for the right haircut. We suggested he come back in 2 wks. Any advice on how to achieve something similar to the right and ditch the bowl-cut with such short sides? (any advice/examples welcome) submitted by JustMy2Coppers to Barber [link] [comments]

2023.05.09 22:52 sickmovez What haircut?

What haircut?
Thinking about a fluffy Edgar haircut?
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2023.05.09 03:23 jediprime Fluffy Haircut

Hello fellow Corgi enthusiasts!
Our floofster is due for a groom session and her normal groomer is unfortunately unavailable. Last time this happened they did the bare mnimum to shape and remove mats, but that was it. As its getting to be summer time, we need more to help her stay comfortable.
Groomer suggested I provide pictures of what we want, so I ask you all...
What are your favorite haircuts / grooms / styles for fluffy Corgis?
Here's our floofster: https://imgur.com/a/DqPHKjU
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2023.05.08 02:13 TaintedTatertot The tlacuache Edgar si quema cuh haircut disease it’s spreading in Scotland

The tlacuache Edgar si quema cuh haircut disease it’s spreading in Scotland submitted by TaintedTatertot to u/TaintedTatertot [link] [comments]

2023.05.07 09:29 dualingua What the hell happened to my waves?

About a year or two ago I had my hair cut short and I had nice, fluffy waves. I was hoping those waves would appear again now that I've gotten another haircut after a long time, but my hair remains flat and greasy. What's even more annoying is the back of my hair fluffs up in a prominent S-shape, but the sides don't do this for some reason. Any idea what could have happened?
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2023.05.07 03:05 SmolGayBee Advice on keeping double coated dog cool in summer without air conditioning

Advice on keeping double coated dog cool in summer without air conditioning
Hello! Looking for any tips on how to keep my dog cooler, especially at night, this summer without air conditioning. Usually I travel to where the weather is cooler but we won't be able to do that this year.
Where I am staying this summer is hot and humid and we don't have air conditioning. The humidity makes it so swamp coolers won't work, and I don't have a freezer or much electricity so ice packs aren't an option.
I have multiple fans running, sleep with windows open, and I have a doggy gel cooling mat on his bed. He still pants at night and doesn't seem to sleep well if it's above around 65 with this humidity. During the day he is fine because he swims all day, play in the sprinkler, drinks cold water, and hangs out in shade and in holes he digs. But these past few nights I sleep fine and am cool with blankets on while he is panting his butt off all night.
I know you're not supposed to shave double coated dogs, he gets haircuts often that are just trimming his belly and butt fur. But he seems so hot all the time with how thick and fluffy his fur is.
Hoping for some advice I haven't thought of yet that may help him sleep better in the heat?
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