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2023.06.08 06:50 BiggieSauce27 How do i Install a DLC (add-on)

I recently bought a DLC to this FNaF help wanted game through the oculus app, and i cant figure out how to actually activate or install the DLC through the Oculus App. Can anyone can tell me how to fix this?
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2023.06.08 04:13 BiggieSauce27 How do i activate the curse of dreadbear DLC on fnaf help wanted

I purchased the curse of dreadbear addon around 4 hours ago on the oculus rift app, but the curse of dreadbear dlc still hasnt activated in my game, and theres no way to update the game that i can find. Do i have to wait longer or something? I cant find a single tutorial on how to activate the dlc or addon
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2023.06.08 02:47 Durillon Why do so many people hate the gregbot theory?

I just dont get it, there is so much evidence that points to it, the fact how at multiple times him not having a past and suddenly appearing (including in GGY how he just appeared one day), the fact that so many arcade machines in SB have "GGY" as the high score, linking it to the book. and theres no way that wasnt intentional, every single little meticulus thing you see in the game design had to be thought of and some developer had to model it and get it aproved, nothing in game design is an accident. and we also have the whole binary in the staffbot silo, the charging pod thing (tho that is kinda shakey evidence and might just be due to the fact its a game), freddy saying he is "broken" (once again not the best evidence but it still just adds to the stack), the robotic code in the secret room, freddy saying greg looks "different" (once again, could just mean he can see gregs skeleton, but just more on the stack)
if all of this doesnt point to gregbot, then wtf does it point to? the developer just decided to fuck around and add random shit into the game? nothing in game design is an accident, espiacally in fnaf.
also yall be shitting on matpat comparing crying child to greg, WHY TF DID THE DESIGNERS GIVE GREG 2 WHITE STRIPES ON HIS SHIRT, AT THE SAME POSITION THE CHILD HAD THEM?
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2023.06.07 13:52 pageyboy335 The blob is the mimic software

In mats latest video he talks about an AI that controls the pizzaplex called the mimic software. He said it runs through the pizza Plex with black and white wires. Mat made this connection to the puppet, however I believe it solves a different mystery.
The blob is a black tentacle monster that appears to have absorbed many of the other animatronics in the game, and it lives under the pizzaplex in the old pizzeria from FNAF 6. I believe that the blob actually is black and white striped, however from exposure to the mucky underground of the pizzaplex, and possibly ash from the fire, it turned black. From here I made 2 theories.
  1. The blob is an artificial AI that controls the pizza Plex from the background possessed by a child, however it turned evil in some way and started absorbing the animatronics because of agony or something. I believe this would lead to an interesting idea in ruin DLC because the game would revolve around not trying to escape, but trying to shut down the mimic software.
  2. Building on mats theory, what if the mimic actually is the puppet, Charlie, however it takes the form of the blob. This would make sense because, as mat said, Charlie's spirit may reside inside the fnaf 6 pizzeria, which is also where the blob lives, and the blob was absorbing animatronics including William Afton. Perhaps Charlie and William had been fighting in the pizza Plex for some time, but the pizza Plex collapsing in the Afton ending gave her an opportunity to finally get him?
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2023.06.07 11:07 thxfrplaying Not Ruin- ReUnIoN

TLDR Gregory was always a villain, Vanessa is NOT an Afton but an Emily, Michael is Freddy, SB was a purposeful set up to free Glitchtrap/William and draw in threats to the Aftons for Ruin, plot of ruin is to "save them", character predictions to complete the "reunion"
All imma say after most recent few vids and new trailers, to try to fill in some community gaps
Gregory is a robot and recreation of Evan, mirrored by the GGY story in the (((books))). Bad news. You play as the villain in Security Breach. The mimic system in SB is run by the influence of Charlie, and upon recognizing Gregory switches into attack mode. After all, it is never explained why they attack you in SB, or what happens to you after you are caught other than the assumed death. They attack because Charlie sees you as an Afton creation and wants to put that to a stop. May also explain why Chica knows your name but nobody else does (Chica is character in Mimic story, very related to Henry, kind of a reach).
Anyway, the only one who breaks free is Freddy, who yes I will suggest is haunted by Michael (recognizes blob souls, and other details in MatPat's video about it). This is why he separates from Charlie's influence, just by nature as he is an Afton, and/or would have been rigged to do so by either Gregory or something else (ex. Burntrap/William/Glitchtrap(?) has this capability in the boss battle, even though it is depicted as an attack, may also be why Freddy gets purpler as you replace parts signifying a break away from the others and closer to the family). This would feed into Freddy's conflicted speech upon seeing the blob, and him being "different", and resistant to William in the end.
I think Gregory had a role in releasing and enabling Afton and was never actually under threat of death except by the Charlie-driven animatronics. After all, there's no Afton jumpscare, you're only killed by the blob or the broken animatronics in the boss fight (again driven by Charlie, though Freddy's possession kill might be a hole in this). I think Gregory was always part of the larger Afton plot, but Gregory actually lost most of his memory somewhere in this process, and therefore can "die" in two different ways in SB- REAL death by Charlie animatronics, or memory death (like a factory reset, but may as well be death to protagonist us) by Afton representatives (hence why Vanny can "kill" you which wouldn't make sense if Gregory was pro-Afton). This also makes sense because Gregory does some things that don't line up with being in with the Aftons, or remembering he is part of the crew, except in the Afton ending, such as disassemble Vanny (also where he overtly exposes Glitchtrap with princess quest). So the Afton ending, probably the cannon one, is the one where Gregory regains his memory of his quest, elaborated below in the William section. Perhaps breaking enough animatronics spurred it.
So kind of tying up the WHY of all this, Ruin is a Reunion. Gregory is there, he stayed because the Afton ending of SB was all part of the plan to lure in (as is the traditional family way) the remaining representatives of the victim souls (Cassy and Charlie as the mimic system opposing the glitchtrap system). Michael is still as Freddy, who is seen broken in the trailer. This could be because (assuming he's been the guard shutting down locations the whole time) he isn't 100% loyal to the cause, or be related to the disassemble ending. This may also be why Freddy can't see Vanny- It's purposeful because they don't quite know what side he's on. Or that could be generally protective to Vanny, as being recognized as under Afton influence by being seen at all could trigger aggression as with Gregory (may partially be why Freddy attacks her with the new eyes, but this also suggests that he should be attacking Gregory too if he's also a direct Afton, though the whole 'new eyes' thing gets really convoluted around Gregory and robot-or-not and/or Afton-or-not).
William's fate is uncertain after being taken by the blob but I think the Burntrap thing was just a red herring. After all, it's all about Glitchtrap now. Perhaps even the boss battle was really to get him into the system, merging with the Mimic through the blob to challenge it directly, hence why Gregory was all part of the plan. Or by some other route Glitchtrap/William exists in whatever that thing at the end of the Ruin trailer is (Glamrock Bonnie is my personal assumption, but that's controversial).
The difficulty is with Vanny and Vanessa. Vanny kind of got dunked on if the disassemble ending is cannon WITH the Afton ending hence Freddy's condition in the Ruin trailer, and her mask was just lying there in the trailer. I think she will return, especially being underutilized in SB, but as an individual trying to indirectly influence Cassy into being infected by Glitchtrap perhaps towards a bad ending (such as by leaving the mask). I believe she did a similar thing when chasing Gregory, supporting the Gregory memory loss theory, where she literally gets him to "see red" with the hallucination kind of effect, and is capable of this kind of thing as he can be influenced by technology being a robot.
Vanessa I do not think is an Afton, her eyes were originally green which I think was only changed so as to not be too heavy handed, and that's a Charlie/good thing. She is also not shown aggression by the animatronics, which would check out with my theory about the related aggression towards Gregory. This would mean the SB good ending was not so much about the reunion of the non corrupted Aftons, but about saving them from the influence of their fatheGlitchtrap/William. Also, if in the new books Henry was a departmental higher up, also evidenced by the FNAF 6 location underneath, that would explain how she was hired by a higher up in those messages. She is related to Henry's side of things, not Afton's. In fact, in the newest theory, SHE could be the guardian mentioned at the end. Hence, the good ending, again, and being shown separate from Vanny in the fire ending and therefore not the same person. I am not 100% certain about either's role in Ruin.
This all also may explain certain scenes and lines in the Ruin trailer, like Roxy not being immediately aggressive to Cassy (not an Afton, therefore not immediately aggressive). However that could also be just a Roxy thing as there's obviously the Monty jumpscare and it wouldn't be a horror game if all of them were friendly. It could be a last stand kind of thing where instead of breaking them like Gregory did, you have to save them even as they are threats. I think Gregory again is just a lure and is a villain (somewhat touched on in MatPat's reaction video), but if Steel Wool pulled that with SB they could do another thing where Cassy is double-double-crossing Gregory and knows that he knows he's a villain and is secretly there not to save him from the pizzaplex but from the influences of his family (don't give up on me yet), and to save the struggling anti-Afton forces, without being corrupted or killed yourself (after all depending on whether or not anyone's a robot there's both physical and digital risk).
So the Aftons are there, the Henry/Charlie/Cassidy/souls whatever are there, it's a Reunion, and especially a family reunion as is the goal of the Aftons bringing everyone together to finish William's legacy which checks out with the secret room. EXCEPT, small problem, Elizabeth, and Mrs. Afton are still in the air. Mrs. Afton has not been pictured except maybe as represented by Ballora, which makes it complicated. Elizabeth has plenty of parallels, especially with Baby/Elizabeth having green eyes, the mask being in the blob, and potential robot recreations eat your heart out. There's also the staff bot parallels. This is why I think a long shot prediction is that we will see surprise characters representing these two in Ruin, assuming they don't already exist and I'm overlooking or dismissing something.
Thoughts or predictions? Sorry if anything is confusing, English is my second language and plus it is fnaf. I can try to explain some things more as well.
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2023.06.07 05:51 Cluecifix Scott would HATE the tales books.

Scott would HATE the tales books.
!Quick incoherent rant time!
wouldn't Scott like...hate Tales from the pizza Plex?
Scott has made it explicitly clear that he hates the idea of paid DLC, because why would you pay for the rest of something you already spent money for, especially if it should have been there to begin with.
So, why did he make a series of books, that he and the EXPECTS people to PAY for and read, that (if truly directly connected) are MANDATORY to even remotely understand the lore of the newest game in his franchise, when it should have been in the game in the first place?
isn't that basically the same concept but in another form? It's just a different form of media.
Why isn't at least some of this info somewhere in games in the first place, they could have even just updated the SB logs with his information or put it on SBTV or just... anything else.
Like if you erased all of Scott's memories as the creator of Five Nights At Freddy's games and books and made him your average FNAF fan, or even just a new fan who's just starting to take interest in FNAF.
Would he even like the idea of Tales books?
He's either changed is mind about having to buy something you should already have or he's being inconsistent.
Same goes for Frights but just a little less egregious.
He said this when discussing the Halloween DLC for FNAF 4.
And he said this when discussing the DLC for FNAF world.
And even with all the time, money, and passion being put into the RUIN DLC for SB, it's still FREE and available to anyone who bought and played the game and wants more and wants to experience it first hand but doesn't want to just get an offhand unofficial copy of the DLC. or just listen to a summary of events.
Edit- I'm pretty sure the only paid DLC is Curse Of Dreadbear. But without diving into theorys most of the main important information we get in COD is reiterated or redundant when we get to SB -
So, am I just misinterpreting him , or missing something here or what?
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2023.06.07 04:18 Personian829 [Theory[ Everything wrong with Game Theory's "I solved Ruin"

Hello! This is a post I decided to write in response to Matpat's newest FNAF theory, "I solved Ruin"
The first half of the video is not that bad. He gets GGY right for the most part. He correctly connected Greg from GGY to Gregory from SB. I do not have much to say regarding that matter. GGY is directly connected to SB, and there is no room for debate regarding that, and the fact that Gregory was under the control of Glitchtrap.
Granted, Matpat says that he was WORKING for Glitchtrap, though the way I see it, Gregory was more of a pawn. I don't think Gregory was himself at all. Security Breach even shows this. I don't think Gregory was lying in SB, he just had no idea what was going on, since for who-knows-how-long he was under the control of Glitchtrap.
We can use Vanny as an example. When Vanny switches back to Vanessa... well, Vanessa does not remember what she did as Vanny. The same could apply to Gregory. Also keep in mind that Gregory was EXTREMELY smart in GGY, saying very psychological statements all the time, which really screams "mimic!" to me.
Gregory obviously was taken over for a while, since he had a little trouble remembering his name in the beginning of Security Breach, meaning SB probably doesn't take place very much longer after Gregory somehow broke out of Glitchtrap's control.
Though I do have a problem with how he worded something, though. Matpat said that Gregory was working for "AFTON" which in itself is not correct. Tales show that "Afton" is no longer here, and that Glitchtrap is simply a mimic1 program developed around 1984.
And regarding Gregory being a robot... unfortunately, I think he kind of has to at this point. Heck, GGY indirectly shows that he likely is a robot.
GGY takes place at least a couple of years before SB. Gregory is 12 during the events of GGY, therefore making him 14-15 by the events of SB. However, he still looks 12 during SB.
Though at the same time, there is a problem with the statement I made: the robots in other books, such as the original novel trilogy, are able to grow like regular humans. So why not Gregory?
To be frank, I don't know. The book does say that Greg looks younger than he really is, so for all we know, he may actually be 14 in SB, but just looks younger. That is very much plausible too.
Matpat does have a point about the occasional Gregbot hints in GGY, though, and the evidence at this point is rather compelling.
Now, onto other things: The Mimic.
Firstly, he went over the story pretty well. One thing I will point out though is that Matpat says that what happened when Edwin beat up the Mimic was that he was essentially injecting Agony into it.
I am personally a bit mixed on that take. I think what happened was that after Edwin beat up the Mimic, it decided to Mimic that, as it had just learned violence. Also noticed how Edwin beat it up. The Mimic kills its victims in a way similar to how Edwin "destroyed" the Mimic. The Mimic kills its victims by tearing up their limbs and mangling them. Very similar to how Edwin beat up the Mimic.
I think more evidence points to the fact that Mimic simply learned violence rather than having to be injected with Agony to start harming people.
Though it could be both, though. Perhaps Mimic learned violence while also being injected with Agony. It could have gone down like that.
Let me be real, Matpat lost me when he began building a parallel between Edwin and Henry.
Sure, many aspects of them are different. But you are capable of having a parallel between two characters without it explicitly being two separate timelines.
For example, Glamrock Freddy seems like an obvious parallel to Michael Afton, though that doesn't mean he IS Michael Afton.
Edwin's dead kid, David, is not parallel to Charlotte. They don't even die the same way.
Charlotte is killed when William Afton murders her outside of a pizzeria. David dies after being hit by a car whilst chasing after his ball.
Sure, both are tragedies, but if we see a little kid get murdered and then a little kid being hit by a car, how do you expect to build parallel's here? They die in a completely different way.
Matpat once again tries to pull a parallel between Henry and Edwin and that Henry began the business back in 1983, and The Storyteller explains that The Mimic happened 40 years before... there is a major problem with this. A big one.
The Storyteller takes place in 2024 because The Mimic happened around 1984.
I know, saying The Storyteller is in 2024 sounds like a bit of a stretch because it does sound like it, because Fnaf 3 was believed to be set in 2023, and it does not make sense for Fnaf 3, Fnaf 6, Fnaf VR, Fnaf AR, and the entire construction of the Pizzaplex to happen in one year.
This does lead me to believe that Fnaf 3 in fact takes place in 2015, but this statement is not what this post is about, so if you want me to make a separate post on that, let me know.
Anyways, Matpat says the "40 years thing" to be a parallel to Henry and that his whole thing happened in 1983 and he came back in 2023... which makes absolutely no sense and is a major contradiction.
The way he explains The Storyteller as a story is weird.
The way he says it, he believes that David (Edwin's dead son, also the person who trained the mimic1 program) got infused into everything, and that is not the case. It's Glitchtrap. The mimic1 program is the same thing as Glitchtrap. Mimic1 is literally the canon name for Glitchtrap, similar to how Mimic is the canon name for Burntrap.
Edwin trying to talk to his son through the weird language David made does not mean David is present. It is a mimic program, not literally David.
Regarding the Charlie thing, sure, Charlie is very clearly present in the Pizzaplex, and I think the Tales story shows that her spirit is haunting the Pizzaplex. However, the mimic1 program is not the same as Charlie haunting the Pizzaplex. Charlie is present in the Pizzaplex, though the mimic1 program also is.
Anyhow, these are the big problems I had with his newest theory. I don't hate Matpat, I think he is a great person, but this theory was really a downhill spiral.
Leave your thoughts below! I would love to read them!
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2023.06.07 00:47 sasuke________uchiha Mega pizzaplex model in uefn

My friend wants the fnaf sb pizzaplex in uefn, I know it would be laggy as hell but could somebody get it working and send me the file to import to uefn?
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2023.06.06 23:11 Significant_Buy_2301 I need to get this out real quick (FNAF endings)

Look, I just want a positive ending. Ever since FNAF 4 it´s been tragedy after tragedy. Let´s review.
FNAF 4: Bite of ´83.
FNAF 5: Used as a skinsuit
FNAF 6: Everyone burns, horrors of Freddy´s however live on through the Mimic
FNAF VR: Getting tricked and used as a host by the said AI
FNAF:SB: Despite Gregory burning the Mimic his reign of terror lives on.
And it´s been getting really repetitive and, well, demotivating. I want a happy ending for Ruin at least if nothing else.
Gregory has been through so much at this point that I just want some break from the tragedy of it all. If he or Cassie die(or worse) I´m going to be very disappointed. They deserve a positive ending after everything.
Literally since 2015 it´s been bad ending after bad ending. I can´t be the only one who´s getting tired of it.
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2023.06.06 23:03 Working-Bumblebee-58 Cassidy isn't TOYSNHK..?

Cassidy isn't TOYSNHK..?
There's been a huge misconception around The One You Shouldn't Have Killed, the main one being that it's Cassidy. I mean it would make sense that it's her, Cassidy inhabits golden freddy; the wild card. But after playing UCN again I noticed something when I died by chica.
"I have seen HIM the one you shouldn't have killed." -- Withered Chica
This line would imply that The One You Shouldn't Have Killed would be a male, therefore not cassidy. What I thought after this that Withered Chica must've been talking about the Golden Freddy suit.
Golden Freddy's Behavior Description
After all, scott doesn't use the souls spirits gender but rather than the "gender" of the animatronics. But why would Withered Chica refer to the Golden Freddy animatronic? Rather than the soul itself. Some might chalk this down to Cassidy being a Male but that isn't the case because is a girl.
There has been speculation that this girl is cassidy. "But it's just the logbook!" -- Smart theorist
Well.. Yes but in The Fourth Closet, Cassidy is described as a girl with long black hair. I know the books are different from the games when it comes to lore but Cassidy is identified as a girl in 2 canons. This leaves us with 2 questions.
Who is The One You Shouldn't Have Killed? -- Are they different from the Vengeful Spirit? And where is Cassidy?
Let's get the easiest out of the question. While researching I found a post created by u/zain_ahmed002. They opened my weak little mind to spend over 4 hours on this.
Zain said that The One You Shouldn't Have Killed and the Vengeful Spirit are infact the same entity. Their argument pointed directly towards the Mediocre Melodies, specifically Nedd Bear, Orville Elephant and Happy Frog.
"This is how it feels. And you get to experience it over, and over, and over again. Forever. I will never let you leave." -- Nedd Bear
"We've only just begun. I'll never let you leave. I'll never let you rest." -- Happy Frog
"He tried to release you. He tried to release us. But I'm not gonna let that happen. I will hold you here. I will keep you here, no matter how many times... they burn us." -- Orville Elephant
The one speaking behind these voices is listed as "Vengeful Spirit" in the UCN casting. These lines imply that the Vengeful Spirit also wants to tormented William. They want him to experience the pain that they've felt and never let him leave. So does The One You Shouldn't Have Killed, there is speculation that there is 2 spirits tormenting William but I highly doubt that. Although it's not out of the ordinary for William to truly tick off 2 spirits.
Now to answer the two questions I came up, Who is The One You Shouldn't Have Killed? And where is Cassidy in all of this. Let's start with, where is Cassidy.
If Cassidy isn't The One You Shouldn't Have Killed then they must be in UCN somewhere. But what if Cassidy was already freed.. Maybe she's not in UCN because her soul is well rested now.
Happiest day minigame but flipped because I couldn't find a good image
This minigame revolves around the kid wearing the, presumably Golden Freddy mask. As much I would love to say that this is Cassidy, it simply isn't. The whole minigame resembles a birthday party, one to help someone move on from a tragedy revolving around a birthday. So this is clearly the Crying Child, a sad kid who died on his birthday.
I'm lost.. Cassidy isn't the Vengeful Spirit or the Happiest day kid so who is Cassidy? Was the fandom wrong about Cassidy? Well here's what I think what happened. You see when Cassidy came into the picture, Scott didn't have plans for Cassidy at the start. As time passes, the fandom would love the fact that Cassidy was different from the others because they possessed Golden Freddy. This would leave Scott having to mold Cassidy into the story. This isn't the first time this happened since FNaF 4 was supposedly the final chapter and was meant to go the "everything was a dream" route.
"So you're saying Cassidy matters now?" -- Smart theorist. Yes I am.. Cassidy might be important now but they aren't The One You Shouldn't Have Killed because Cassidy is in FNAF:SB and it is speculative that William is still being tormented while Glitchtrap is doing his own thing. This would literally explain why William could be still in his hell while Cassidy is stuck in a minigame or whatever.. So who is The One You Shouldn't Have Killed?
the one you shouldn't have killed
You guys figure this out, I'm hungry so I'm gonna eat.
Also keep in mind that as much I don't want to get cancelled on Twitter, The One You Shouldn't Have Killed is indeed a male. I mean like Scott used his son Jason as the face but we shouldn't use Scott's children for this type of stuff so if you got something in mind just comment or somethin'.
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2023.06.06 22:52 MoodyIsAlive Yes this is every fnaf character (except for dlc and phone guy)

Yes this is every fnaf character (except for dlc and phone guy)
Is this an issue? It took only a few weeks to make all of them
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2023.06.06 20:12 majber1 Do I need true seeing at any point of campaign or DLC?

Do I need true seeing at any point of campaign or DLC?
If yes then there?
For example I read somewhere that in POI you need true seeing or else some shaman or chief of villge or sb like that die, I dont remember details exacly.
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2023.06.06 19:21 Asleep-Sympathy5151 Memini per oggi ( scusate se l'ultimo un po' bruttino ma non sono riuscito a trovare l'immagine originale )

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2023.06.06 15:04 koola_00 Five Nights at Freddy's Danger at Home Chapter 6: Aftermath

It was only a matter of time before police officers and ambulances arrived.
Freddy had been deactivated prior and was thus taken away by local authorities for examination. However, the entitled woman was taken to the ambulance, her jaw nearly torn off, only barely hanging on.
While Freddy and the women were taken away, Carlton, Jessica, and Marla were checked on by the Chief of Hurricane's Police Department and Carlton's dad, Clay Burke.
"Hm. You really should be careful with what you say to others, Carlton. The worst you'll probably get is a small bruise," he muttered as he gave a small ice pack to Carlton. Carlton nodded.
"Yeah. Though after seeing what Freddy did to that poor Karen (something I'd never thought I'd say), I'd rather have a bruised cheek. I mean, damn; he tore that thing off like a machine ripping apart a watermelon," shivered Carlton. Jessica and Marla, who were nearby, groaned and shivered.
"Well that just was just unnecessary, Carlton," groaned Jessica.
"Yeah, really, man. Jason doesn't need to be reminded of that scene," added Marla as she held Jason close to her while Jason looked quite traumatized by what he had seen. Clay shook his head.
"I never thought I'd be apart of anything related to that damn company again after what happen ten years ago. Speaking of which, where did Freddy come from? Do you know who owns him?" he asked, a look of concern on his face.
The three teens searched for someone before Carlton saw Charlie walking back to them, holding Edward close to her.
"Oh, there's Charlie!" pointed out Carlton. The girls and Clay looked back and smiled in relief before they got up and got to her.
"Charlie! There you are!" Marla greeted. Charlie looked up and replied,
"Oh, hey. Sorry for running off like that. I-I don't know what came over me, I-I was-"
But Jessica placed a hand on her shoulder. Charlie looked at her, seeing a smile on her face.
"It's okay, Charlie. You were just looking out for Edward here. Speaking of which, are you okay, buddy?" she explained before looking at Edward. Edward looked at her and curled himself back, away from her. The three frowned, and Jessica backed away.
"Oh, that's right. You're still scared of me," sighed Jessica.
"Wait, Jessica. Don't-" Charlie began, but Jessica shook her head.
"It's okay, Charlie. I don't want to give him more stress than he already has. It's fine," she assured. Charlie and Marla frowned at this as Clay approached them.
"Ah, Charlie. It's been a while since I last saw you. How are you?" he asked with a small smile. Charlie shrugged.
"I-I could be better. I just…" she said, looking at Edward, who looked up at her. Clay hummed.
"I know. Is he with you?" he asked. Charlie nodded.
"I'm babysitting him while his parents are away in Dubai. Why?" she asked.
"Oh, I see. Well, I just wanted to know who's responsible for bringing that Freddy robot," answered Clay. Charlie frowned as she felt Edward shivering a bit. She gently rubbed his back as she answered,
"It was his parents. They volunteered for the Fazbear Funtime Service. They left by the time Freddy was delivered here."
"Hm. I see. Hey, Charlie, I hate to do this, but do you mind if I ask you a couple of questions regarding how you and Freddy?" he asked. Charlie nodded.
"O-Of course," she said. Clay nodded before looking at Edward.
"Um…without the kid, preferably?" he reminded. Charlie frowned but nodded. She then looked at Marla.
"Hey, can you-" she began, but Marla nodded.
"Of course. Come on, Edward," she cooed as Charlie began to hand him over. Edward whimpered, but Charlie looked at him.
"It's okay, Eddie. I've got to answer some questions, but I promise I won't be far. I'll be back before you know it, okay?" she assured. While unsure, Edward nodded.
"O-Okay," he muttered. Charlie smiled as she ruffled his hair before handing him over to Marla. Edward looked at Charlie, who smiled at him before Clay took her away.
"It's okay, sweet pea. Mr. Burke's a good man; he won't hurt Charlie or any of us," she assured as she sat back down, holding Edward close.
"Yeah, man! Plus, he's my dad, too. So, he couldn't, otherwise, my mom would, uh, kill him," added Carlton with a shrug, chuckling in his attempt to joke around. However, Edward was not in the mood to joke around. He was looking down at the ground. Marla, Jessica, and Carlton frowned while Jason scooted closer, gently taking Edward's left hand and squeezing it tightly. Edward responded by meekly tightening his hold.
"Edward! Edward!"
Edward blinked at a familiar little girl's voice. He looked to his left to see Cassie rushing to them. He watched as Cassie soon got to them.
"Are you okay?" she asked. Edward frowned and looked down.
"I-I don't know, Cassie. I…" he began, but he found himself unable to speak. Marla gently squeezed him in assurance.
"Cassie, sweetie. I-I don't think he's in the mood to talk right now," she insisted. Cassie frowned as she looked down.
"I-I'm sorry. I just wanted to see if he and Jason are okay," she explained. Jason and Edward looked at her, the former giving a smile.
"Well, physically, we're fine. But everything else…I dunno," Jason retorted. Cassie nodded in understanding before Edward lifted his head slightly.
"A-Are you okay?" he asked. Cassie looked at him and nodded.
"Yeah. I'm fine. Just…that was scary," Cassie replied, looking away. Edward nodded in agreement, and the kids remained quiet before Cassie looked at Edward and Jason again.
"I…I've gotta go. But I hope we can see each other again. Especially you, Edward. I like you," she said, smiling softly. Jason and Edward smiled back, and the latter responded by raising his left fist. Cassie giggled and bumped Edward's fist with his own.
"Bye, Cassie," said Edward.
"Yeah. Hope we see you again soon," added Jason.
"I hope so, too. Bye!" Cassie giggled softly before she turned around and sped off. Edward and Jason smiled slightly as they watched her before the former looked down, regressing to his thoughts.
Jessica, Carlton, and Marla watched the whole thing, and they had smiles on their faces.
"Well, I guess this day hasn't been all 'doom-and-gloom'," chuckled Carlton. Jessica nodded as Marla gently rubbed Edward's back.
"Yeah. Lord knows he needs it after what happened," confided Jessica, making Carlton nod in agreement.
Soon, Charlie returned with Chief Burke.
"*sigh* Alright. Now, you guys are good to go. But if you all notice anything, let me know immediately. Understood?" he instructed. The teens nodded in understanding as Marla got up. Edward looked at Charlie and immediately reached for her. Marla noticed and stood up.
"How's everything, Charles?" asked Marla as she handed Edward over to her.
"It's fine. He just asked questions about how Freddy worked, whether he had been acting strange beforehand, and stuff like that," replied Charlie as she took the boy before sighing. She looked at the crowd, who were starting to disperse.
"I should probably head back. This day got really sour and I still need to process everything that happened," she said. The others understood this.
"Yeah. I'm taking Jason back to our hotel for the same reasons," Marla explained as she took Jason's hand.
"I need to distract myself to cope better. Plus, I think mom needs help with housework," reasoned Carlton.
"Me…I'm just gonna walk around. I wish you guys well," finished Jessica as she looked at them with a caring smile. Charlie nodded as Edward looked at her, still unsure about her.
Later, Charlie returned to Edward's house, setting the boy down on the floor. She closed the door and sighed as Edward stepped forward. Then she looked at him.
"Hey, Eddie. How are you feeling, buddy?" she asked. Edward did not turn to look at her. He just looked down at the floor.
"I…I wanna be alone right now. C-Can I stay in your room, please?" Edward asked. Charlie raised a brow momentarily before remembering his room was filled with Freddy-themed merchandise. She nodded and placed a hand on his back.
"Sure. If you need anything, let me know. Okay, honey?" asked Charlie.
"...Mmhmm," went Edward before walking up the stairs, leaving Charlie alone.
"I-I'll be in the living room," she called out.
"Okay…" Edward replied as Charlie sat down. She looked at the spot where Freddy once was and sighed.
Vmm. Vmm. Vmm.
Charlie raised a brow and fished out her phone from her pocket. She then grew exacerbated as she recognized the phone number. Charlie then pressed the number and began talking.
"Good timing for you to call, Vanessa," she began sarcastically.
"I am SO sorry for not answering. I-I've been so busy with work that I never got the time to answer," Vanessa's voice emitted from the phone, sounding rather desperate and apologetic.
"Hm. What could possibly have been going on at work to make it more important than what's happening with the damn robots?!" asked Charlie.
"Ugh, look, it doesn't matter; I'm here now and can help with whatever you have. I've got your voicemail, and it mentions Freddy being able to move when it's not supposed to. Right?" asked Vanessa. While she was talking, Charlie was taking deep breaths to calm herself. When she was finished, Charlie nodded and gulped.
"Yes, that's correct. What's with that?" she asked. After a brief pause, Vanessa replied,
"Oh no," she began before Charlie heard incoherent mumbling as Vanessa seemed to have moved away from the phone. She had an eyebrow raised, wondering what Vanessa meant by that.
When Vanessa returned, she asked,
"Have you turned on the Controlled Shock feature while Freddy was deactivated?"
"E-E…Emergency mode?" asked Charlie.
"Yes. I told you that there's a button for the feature in Freddy's endoskeleton and that by turning on, you can use the Fazbear Funtime Service app to shock the robot into temporarily shutting down and forcing a reboot," explained Vanessa. Charlie blinked in confusion.
"Y-You never told me this," she reasoned.
"Yes. I did! Back when I first brought him here. Were you not paying attention?!" berated Vanessa.
Charlie's eyes widened as she realized; back when Vanessa first brought Freddy here yesterday, she explained how the animatronic worked. But she was so focused on Freddy being at the house…
"Shit," went Charlie as she ran her hand through her hair.
"Charlie. Did something else happen today with Freddy?" asked Vanessa. Charlie gulped and explained. When she was done, Charlie could hear a thumping sound, making her flinch her head back.
"Um, hello?" she asked. There was a shuffling sound before Vanessa replied,
"I know. I know. I'm sorry. I just," Charlie went as she began to panic, wishing her friends were here.
"That woman may be an entitled bitch, but…ugh!" went Vanessa before the line went quiet for what felt like forever. Charlie winced as she looked at the ground, contemplating the stupidity of her not paying attention and how it cost her.
"Vanessa. I'm very sorry. I-" she began before,
"I know. It's not ENTIRELY your fault. The programmers at the company had spent half a year ensuring everything was alright. We had a problem with a virus a year or two ago, and we had it solved. But the animatronics do show signs of their 'quirkiness' for a lack of a better word, and we installed that feature in just to be safe," confided Vanessa. Charlie blinked in confusion.
"Yo-You've had this problem before?" asked Charlie.
"I-I can't elaborate more. Classified info, and I'm already risking my job by telling you. But yeah," Vanessa elaborated.
"Oh," went Charlie as she placed a hand on her forehead. After another short pause, Vanessa asked,
"You said Freddy's in custody already?"
"Yeah. Why?" replied Charlie.
"*sigh* I'm sure the company's gonna do everything in their power to retrieve it. Listen, just…just stay away from Freddy. With what you've told me, anything can…" began Vanessa before there was another pause.
"Uh, h-hello? Vanessa, are you there?" asked Charlie, straightening herself up as she grew concerned. After a brief period, Vanessa finally replied,
"Sorry. I spilled something on the desk; I have to clean it up. I hope you and Edward take care of yourselves."
"Uh, what? But you said something about staying away-" began Charlie.
"Forget I said that. Freddy's locked up; that's all that matters now. Just…take care of yourself and the little guy. Okay?" interrupted Vanessa. Charlie paused and grew unsure. But she nodded.
"A-Alright. Take care, and I'm sorry I wasn't paying attention," Charlie said. But Vanessa did not respond. She hung up while she was talking. With a sigh, Charlie placed the phone on the sofa and covered her face. Her hands then quivered as she began to whimper.
Shit, shit, shit…what have I done? Charlie thought as she sat by herself, sniffling.
Later, Charlie walked over to her guest room, knocked on the door, and went inside.
"Hey, Edward? Edward?" asked Charlie as she looked into the room, realizing that Edward's nowhere to be found. Her brief moment of alarm was, thankfully, diffused when she heard from beneath the bed,
"I'm here."
Charlie sighed in relief and went down on all fours to look underneath the bed. Edward was back facing her as he curled up in a ball. Charlie winced at him doing this as a memory from ten years ago came back into her mind when she remembered Sammy being so upset that…
I've GOT to stop thinking about Sammy, she thought to herself as Charlie reached forward.
"Come out of there, buddy. It's not comfortable," she instructed.
"But I wanna stay here. I'm playing pretend," replied Edward.
"Pretend? What are you pretending to be, or do?" persisted Charlie as she tilted her head in confusion. Edward did not reply. Charlie remained confused before she remembered the playground. She hummed as she sat down, back pressed against the bed.
"You know, Eddie. There's another way you can pretend you're in a safe space. More comfortable," she said.
"W-What?" answered Edward. Charlie hummed as she thought of an idea. She then looked down.
"If you come out, I'll show you," she insisted. There was silence for a moment before Edward could be heard shuffling. Soon, he slugged out and looked up at Charlie. Charlie smiled as she soon stood up and undid the cover of her bed. She looked at her and gestured to the bed. Edward looked confused, but he complied and crawled into it. Charlie took off her boots as she followed him, enveloping themselves in the cover.
"See? Comfortable, isn't it?" she asked with an assuring smile. Edward looked around, inspecting the surroundings. Then, he looked at Charlie.
"It's like being in a tent in a forest or jungle," mused Edward, and Charlie could see a faint glimpse of something in Edward's eyes. Something positive, it seemed. Smiling, she scooted closer to Edward, and that was when Edward looked at her.
"Miss Charlie?" he asked.
"Hm?" she asked.
"I…I'm sorry,"
Charlie blinked in confusion.
"For what?" she asked.
"You…you were right about Freddy. You said he made you uncomfortable. I let him inside. It's…It's…" whimpered Edward. Charlie frowned as she scooted closer and placed a hand on his cheek.
"Edward, no. Don't blame yourself for this. I-I'm the one who's at fault," she said. Edward looked at her, and Charlie continued,
"When Miss Vanessa brought him inside, she mentioned a feature inside that would stop Freddy from acting violent, as they had problems with that before. B-But I wasn't paying attention, and that's how you almost died, and that woman might never talk again. So the blame's on me. Okay?"
She cupped their hands together as she explained, her voice quivering as she held in tears. Edward looked at her, stunned by what she said. Charlie stared at him, holding in her cries. Then, Edward responded by tightening his hold on her hands affectionately.
"You were scared of Freddy," he explained. Charlie shook her head.
"That's no excuse. I…I needed to be more responsible. And starting now, I'm gonna do my best to be better," she explained. Edward looked at her, seeing the determined look on her face, before scooting forward.
"Miss Charlie. Promise me you won't leave me. C-Cassidy's hardly around, and Freddy…" he paused, looking down sadly. Charlie gently picked him up and placed him on her legs.
"Honey, put your ears on my chest. I want you to listen to something," she instructed. Edward did so, and he heard a rhythmic beating inside. He blinked as he gave a soft smile.
"I heard this before when mommy hugged me. She says it's something called uh…hmm…I forgot," he mumbled.
"It's called a heartbeat, Eddie. And you wanna know something important about it?" went Charlie. Edward looked up as he listened to the heartbeat.
"I don't know anything about a 'Cassidy,' and Freddy…well, that Freddy's a machine. But when you listen to this heartbeat…as long as you hear this heartbeat, I won't leave you. You can trust me," she explained as she held him close, gently rocking him sideways. She then looked down to see Edward looking at her with a hopeful smile, which warmed her heart. Charlie held him close, and Edward leaned into her body.
After a moment of silence, Edward looked up at her and smiled.
"You're the best, Charlie. Oh, I mean Miss," he stuttered, but Charlie placed a thumb on his lip.
"It's okay. If it makes you more comfortable, then you can drop the 'Miss.' I don't mind," she assured. Edward smiled and nodded before looking away.
"You're nice. You and your friends…including Miss Jessica," he replied with a slight frown. Charlie nodded.
"Actually, I've been meaning to talk to you about Jessica. She told me about what you told her and the others. Is it true that you're scared of her because of what your father said?" she asked.
"Mmhm. But after seeing how she was earlier, I…I don't know now," Edward admitted.
"Uh-huh. Well, Edward, I want you to know; while Jessica may have been a brat when she was little, she's an amazing person now. I've followed her online, and she's one of the sweetest, smartest, and most selfless friends I've ever had. She's also forgiving (mainly to those whom she feels deserves it), so the next time you see her, please give her a chance. Can you do that?" explained Charlie with a pleading smile.
Edward looked down and rubbed his nose.
"Will she let me? Can I still be friends with her?" he asked, unsure.
"Of course, baby. I trust her and my other friends, so I'm sure you can, too," replied Charlie as she gently booped him in the nose, making Edward giggle. Charlie laughed as well as she then asked,
"Are you feeling better now? Do you wanna come out of the tent?"
Edward nodded. Charlie smiled as she removed the cover, exposing them to the sunlight and making Edward wince briefly.
"Can we watch cartoons?" he asked.
"Of course. I think I have something in my mind that you're gonna LOVE!" Charlie said as she picked him up and walked out of the room.
For Charlie and Edward, this was a period of calm that they deserved. But they do not know of the storm coming their way…
AN: Hey, everyone!
Another chapter of this story is out of the way. It's a bit of a slow burner, but I promise; the next one will definitely pick up! Also, I made a change in this and the last chapter regarding one of the characters to accommodate the release of the Ruin gameplay trailer.
Speaking of which, we ate GOOD last month with the trailers for the FNAF movie, the Ruin gameplay trailer, and Help Wanted 2. Not to mention Scott's birthday yesterday (at the time of my writing this (Happy Belated Birthday, Scott!)), so this year has been good for FNAF. Looking forward to all of these future games!
Also, the lore reveals with the recent TFPP books…good thing I'm not too deep into this and my SB fanfics, so I can still adjust to them! Hehehe…
Well, anyway…that's all I've got to say! Hope you enjoy it, leave any respectful and constructive criticisms if you have any, and stick around for more!
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2023.06.06 14:47 Significant_Buy_2301 Is Gregory dead by the time of RUIN? Theory discussion

I´m not a big fan of this theory, but I have seen multiple people proposing it and have to admit that it is likely.
Let´s review the facts.
- The DLC takes place after the true Afton Mimic ending,with the Pizzaplex collapsing in a fire as everything is destroyed, with the Vanny mask being located on the upper levels suggesting that Vanny survived as she doesn´t appear during the Mimic encounter (calling it a boss fight is kind of generous let´s be clear).
- Freddy clearly says that taking the elevator to the Pizza Place is a one-way trip. Despite this, we see Gregory and Freddy sitting on a hill, which doesn´t make sense, unless it´s symbolic.
You can make an argument that maybe they cleared their own path from the underground, but that would require equipment and time- something that they don´t have, as the pizzaplex is collapsing around them.
- By the time Cassie enters the Pizzaplex, the building is boarded up and seems to have been abandoned for quite some time. That begs the question of why didn´t Fazbear Entertainment come and deactivate all the robots, but remember, they did the same thing with the FNAF 1 location- left all the robots active for Afton to dismantle as well as left all the props there. It seems like it´s their tradition to just leave their locations rotting once an accident happens.
Yes there would be supplies for Gregory to survive on, but they would run out fairly quickly. Plus, why didn´t he just find a ladder or something to climb through the broken windows outside, just like we see Cassie doing at the start of the trailer? The entire thing is just fishy to me. Many people have pointed out that Gregory´s behaviour is also odd, but I actually thing he´s acting completely reasonably. He doesn´t have Freddy and is trapped without anything to fall back on. No, it´s rather his inaction that I find suspicious. So I think, it is possible that´s the Mimic impersonating Gregory.
...Or Gregory might be dead, but actually lingering on as a spirit begging Cassie to set him free. Wouldn´t that be a twist? If that turns out to be the case, I will simultaneously be interested and yet disappointed at the same time.
Look... can´t we get a canonical happy ending for once? Ever since FNAF 3, it´s been tragedy after tragedy.
FNAF 4: Bite of ´83.
FNAF 5: Worn as a skinsuit.
FNAF 6: Burn, but the horrors of Freddy´s live on.
FNAF HW: Get used as a vessel for a replica AI
FNAF: SB: Mimic´s reign of terror continues, despite Gregory burning him, Gregory potentially perishes as well, if this theory is correct.
Just please, I want a happy ending for RUIN.
EDIT: Also, Freddy doesn´t appear in the trailer, which could be more proof.
Anyway what do you think of my interpretation of this theory? Feel free to give me your thoughts.
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2023.06.06 07:45 Dismal-Database9206 My FNAF Timeline of Events

(Please not this my interpretation of events regarding the FNAF games).
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2023.06.06 03:26 kaiakamatsu Cassie art because I am way too hyped for the Security Breach DLC release (NOTE: THIS IS JUST A FANMADE DESIGN)

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2023.06.06 03:23 Sapphicali Best fnaf games for xbox

my birthday is in a few months and I'm trying to work out which games to ask for :D
I already have fnaf 1, 2, 3, 4 and SL! I'm debating whether or not to get SB, help wanted, UCN and pizzeria simulator, but I don't know how smooth the gameplay is on an xbox so I thought I'd ask here
I have an xbox one by the way, so please don't reply with the stats/ur opinion based off of other xboxs because they don't apply to me :DD also are those games any good? my fav fnaf games that I own are fnaf 2 and SL and i dislike fnaf 4
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2023.06.06 00:33 Blargestthepoop I hope the movie brings the series back to being actually scary.

I find no joy or appreciation for SB or any media that's come out leaning more towards kids. I'm here for murderous smelly animatronics in gross old pizzareias,not the bright plastic looking animatronics that hang out in an equally bright plastic looking theme park.
That being said I understand why the series went this direction and don't fault anyone for enjoying the new stuff and hope they continue to enjoy it. I just personally want to be scared by FNAF again and really hope the movie delivers and gives steelwool some incentive to make a new mainline game that goes back to its roots.
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2023.06.05 17:43 CaseyGaming14 day 151/365 of fnaf cringe in 2023

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2023.06.05 17:35 Hugopima What FNAF end do you find the best and why? (FNAF PS, Fnaf SB or new possible end with HW2 and SBRuin?)

I want to hear what the fandom thinks about what the best end for the saga is
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2023.06.05 17:02 FZBR666 POV: You are Scott Cawthon

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