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2023.06.10 23:45 Fun_Hope4987 Replace fleshlight

Replace fleshlight
Who wants to replace my fleshlight or help me cum
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2023.06.10 23:44 KyySokia My phone keeps connecting to my sister’s AirPods.

Idk if this is the right sub. Every time I open my phone it connects me to her AirPods. Disconnecting doesn’t do anything (they reconnect when I turn my phone off) and forgetting the device also forgets it on her phone. How do I stop them from connecting? The AirPods are Gen 1 (I think) and my phone is an 11, if those help.
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2023.06.10 23:44 dandeerskin Ofsted from a Partners Perspective

Apologies if this ends up being half seeking information about the impact of Ofsted and half agony aunt relationships advice!
My partner has been HoD in a Secondary school since the beginning of the year and the general expecation of ofsted being due 'anytime' has suddenly changed in recent weeks to expected 'imminently'. Naturally, this has increased the Ofsted chatter and anxiety in our household.
Having been with them through previous Ofsted experiences, and working in Education (but not subject to Ofsted) myself, I've a bit of an understanding of the stakes and challenges an inspection and poor judgment brings - something which my partner suggests is almost a certainty - but obviously, the stakes are higher with them being a HoD - and the department they lead isn't in a great place for a variety of reasons. So I understand that judgments and agendas that surround inspections have consequences for people's jobs - and I acknowledged this when they got the promotion (which they didn't want but eventually talked into due to poor recruitment and no other options).
In the past few days, they've been suddenly referring to being HoD as 'career suicide' and that poor judgment on the Department will likely lead to them getting the sack. Alternatively, trying to leave a school with a poor rating will become harder, even to return to being non-leadership, because you'll be blighted by the fact you've come a poorly rated school.
Now, I love them dearly, but sometimes they're known for exaggerating/catastrophising things a bit - so I suppose I'm reaching out to ask for wider and more neutral perspectives. Is their career really on the line? How worried should I be that our financial situation could change dramatically?
More importantly - especially given that I've had to pause this post to console them due to them becoming upset and talking about the wait and anxiety is wearing them down already - how can I best support them through this? I'm particularly conscious that this visit might not even happen this half-term, it could be September or beyond - they can't live in this sort of state for so long, right?
Am I right to be worried and how can I best help? Any ideas, advice, or experience is welcome.
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2023.06.10 23:44 McLovinPanda Looking for an Everyday Insulated Hoody Jacket For Outdoor Use - Prefer a Regular Fit

I would love some tips on an insulated hoody jacket I could try with the following stats:
In love with Arc'teryx, but I'm weirdly in-between sizes.
I'm looking for a not-too-warm all-purpose jacket for year-round use in Denmark. (30 F to 82 F, the yearly median is 46 degrees F.) Temp range in celsius: -1 to 28. Median: 8.
I'm 170 cm / 5'7", 84 kg / 185 lbs.
My Arc'teryx measurements are as follows:
Hip: 101 cm (meaning M) Waist: 97 cm (L) Chest: 104 cm (M) Sleeve: 68 cm (XXS)
I've tried the Atom LT Hoody, and the medium is too short and tight around the waist and back. The L is too big, and the sleeves are very, very long. I know the brand does longer sleeves on purpose, but it looks comical. I LOVE the jacket otherwise. So sad about the fit.
I've also tried the Proton LT Hoody, this fit better, but also too tight in the M and too large in the L. Too warm for spring/summer.
Thanks for any help!
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2023.06.10 23:44 H4LEY420 How do I go about finding out if I'm allergic to mealworms, and if I should risk continuing to handle them?

22F, no medications, smoker, no related health conditions. Only ever had allergies to amoxicillin/penicillin. Live in the US
I had a severe reaction in my eyes while opening live meal worms. I have bred on and off for 6 years now for my reptiles. I also keep roaches, it really sucks, I'm like devastated and terrified to even mess with them since it happened..I feel like I must've rubbed my eyes bc they started itching SUPER INTENSE and I itched them like crazy for a sec then realized something wasnt right. Eyes got super red, it looked crazy, watery, and then swelled up pretty dang bad and I got hives all over my eyelids. This happened in a span of like 10 min, went to go get allergy pills and they helped within the hour by a LOT, urgent care was not open.
Now I'm like, idk what to do, or if I should be super careful like mask and glove up to handle the mealwormss, but I'm scared of anaphylactic shock bc idk the severity of it. The swelling lasted for 24 hrs, it was awful. Picture is posted in the last week on my profile if you want to see, it was worse in person. What should I do? Is there testing that can be done to see what I'm allergic to specifically, and would it cover mealworms and whatever allergen is in their frass or whatever?
Unsure of what to do, mealworms are a super easy to raise, non stinky and less protein dense than roaches feeder insect and I don't know what I'm going to do 😭 I can't keep crickets alive for nothing . I've been unlucky lately ughgg
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2023.06.10 23:44 Akatosh411 29M just got rid of one of my cats pretty torn up about it need someone to help make me feel better

Just got rid of one of my kittens I’ve pretty much raised them from birth I even helped deliver them during birth so I’ve grown really attached to them today I got rid of Nell she was a beautiful tortoise shell I didn’t expect to be this heart broken over I was hoping someone could give me words of wisdom or talk me of the blues . Thank you in advance
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2023.06.10 23:44 mugsydee47 Seeking advice on the process

Hello! Wow what a world of stress I’ve stumbled into needing a new passport! Grateful for this subreddit and have been reading and learning. Figured I’d ask the collective and see what wisdom you all may have as I’m deciding the best way to approach
Trip begins August 4 and I need a new passport because my old passport is over 15 years old. My partner needs to do the same, and his old passport looks a bit beaten up.
I was able to may an appointment at my post office so I can get the authorization form to be mailed along with old passport , but my partner says it may be better to try to wait the two weeks before the trip to get the in person appointment. I see here that may have us traveling out of state. Currently we are in NYC. We gotta wait until the two weeks before right ? Instead of mailing after post office appointment. Does paying a courier service help?
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2023.06.10 23:44 Spiritual_Economics5 Cyberpunk 1.6 to 1.61 (or higher)

I got the dodi repack as I wanted to mod the game, and its outdated with the version 1.6. Now I need 1.61 for the fsr 2.1 as my pc isn't the fastest by any means. I have tried searching for an update file but all the links I have come across are dead, I would be highly grateful if someone could help me find a working update file :)
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2023.06.10 23:43 MovieAffectionate216 Thinking about College

Hello guys i need help, im 100 P&T and thinking about college. I have no idea what i want to do, but i want something that i could full focus and do my best also want to study something that will earn money as well as help people. I been through a lot of shit, I thought Psychology would be interesting especially after dealing with a load of things i also thought it might also help me aswell and maybe i could go down the lines of becoming a psychologist.
I could use all the help really, even suggestions on what you guys think would be good paying jobs or major to come out of college with. This will be my first experience i think on my SAT like over 10yrs ago i scored maybe 1550 or 1750 i can’t remember, what do i need to get into college? Is there any help for veterans? What benefits do i get as 100 P&T and going to college.
Im kinda nervous about the journey but if i wanna become something and i have support and the means to do it now i minus well go all in.
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2023.06.10 23:43 Syndrome How to get help with cost of medication not covered by insurance?

I'm a bit in shock right now, took a new prescription the doctor gave me to the pharmacist at shoppers. I was told it was expensive and I checked that my works insurance doesn't cover it. The clerk at shoppers said it was $3000 for a month supply. Actually I think they said $3600 a month but I was so shocked I couldn't hear. The most I ever spent out of pocket was like $50 at a time.
Do pharmacies mark up prescriptions? Could I get a better price at Costco or some other pharmacy? I'm going to ask the manufacturer but I only have a couple days before I need the medicine. My doctor was able to give me some samples that they had to start.
Any help is greatly appreciated.
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2023.06.10 23:43 Jaymo1978 Windows 10 Computer with sign-in disabled occasionally asks for a sign-in?

Hey folks! I originally posted this on the Windows Support forum, but there's been zero activity (and it isn't technically a "problem" since it's easily worked around - it may even be normal Windows behavior, but no place I find online seems to indicate it's normal.) So, I'm hoping someone here knows. I'm not marking this as tech support because it isn't a bug or glitch, just something unexpected that hopefully others have experienced.
I'm on Windows 10 with Windows Hello activated. Version info:
Edition Windows 10 Home Version 22H2 Installed on ‎8/‎21/‎2020OS build 19045.3031 Experience Windows Feature Experience Pack 1000.19041.1000.0
This isn't exactly a major problem, but it's inconvenient, and I can't figure out why it happens. I have set up my home's shared computer to automatically start up with no sign-in required (used netplwiz and turned off the password requirement, so if someone else turns it on to use it, they don't have to have my password/PIN to use it.) Once in a great while, it would still start up and require the password or, more recently, the PIN.
What's doubly strange is, it's been happening more often lately - it used to be that it would happen maybe once every 6 months or so. Most recently, this past week, it's actually happened twice. At first I thought it might be due to power outages (we had a big storm last night, power went out, but when I turned my computer back on after the storm, it logged right in with no problem. It wasn't until turning it on again this morning that it asked for the PIN, so power outages don't seem to be the answer? I don't know....)
I even did a search online, and everything I've found is that it isn't normal for it to ask for a login after turning off the login requirement, but the only help I find is "Make sure to disable your password requirement through netplwiz" which I've already done.
Anyone else ever encounter this, or know what the reason might be? I'm hoping it's one of those things that happens seldom enough it isn't common, but other people may have had it happen to them. Thanks in advance!
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2023.06.10 23:43 Searching4LifeAdvice How can I leave my current job assignment quietly? Ideally, only telling my agency that I'm quitting and my superiors/management not knowing until after my final day?

TLDR: How can I leave my current job assignment quietly? Ideally, only telling my agency that I'm quitting and my superiors/management (of the company I work at) not knowing until after my final day?
I posted this on careerguidance, however, the post didn't receive any response after 14 hours, Thus, I'm posting a shorten (and less ranty) version here. I thought it wouldn't hurt to post this here.
Quick context: (24, Male) I am employed through a temp agency. Currently in Ontario, Canada. I graduated with a degree in Business Administration with a focus in Accounting in June 2021. Unfortunately, I was not able to secure a career or job relating to the field. I'm still searching a job relating to accounting and currently enrolled in CPA PEP (currently in Capstone 1, taking the Common Final Exam in September). Still living with my family.
In November, 2021, I accepted a warehouse associate position from a temp agency (Night Shift). I been working the same job assignment. The job is repetitive, but doable. It paid my bills and help contribute to paying rent for my family. Thanks to some overtime, and just not going out because of sleeping during the day and just not doing much in my life, I have an okay amount of savings (Currently about $12,000 CAD). However, the hours are based on business needs. Thus, I could be working 40+ hours in one week, and 10 hours or less the next week. It fluctuates, but the low end of hours tend to occur during my study time for CPA PEP.
I plan on leaving this job on before July 31, 2023. While it may not be smart, I'm mainly leaving to take the final CPA PEP module and study for the Common Final Exam in September (Big 3 day exam, 4 hours day 1 and 3, 5 hours day 2). I plan on continuing to find a job in accounting during this time.
I am thinking about of my exit strategy for my current job. Currently, no one knows that I am leaving or I intent on leaving. My agency asks for a 5 day notice. I intent to fulfil that obligation, however, I don't want the management (nor anyone in the company) to know that I am leaving the job until after my final day. I know this sounds dumb and probably unrealistic, but I don't want my colleagues to try to persuade me to stay or say that "they will miss me". I just want to leave while making the most amount of money as I can while leaving quietly on good terms with the agency and the organization. No goodbyes, just end my shift on my last day of work and leave that job like I never worked there.
Any help and advice is very much appreciated. Thank you for reading.
All the best everyone!
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2023.06.10 23:43 TemporaryFilm4111 Where do I find someone to do a gig? I need to hire someone for $17 per hour for 10-11 hours per day, for around 6 days

I need to hire someone to do something for me. $17 per hour + 10-11 hours per day + for around 6 days or more.
It will be from 9am to 10pm.
I need someone with a car. Ideally someone between the ages of 18 - 40, a car which has tainted windows.
Job Description. I love my best friend and he just started dating this girl and has already spent thousand of dollars on her in few months. But this girl he is dating is hanging out with other dude when she is supposed to be at "work"! I found out through some other sources. I just want you to go near her place and park your car on the same street and sit in the car and just see if she hangs out with other dudes and just record it and send it to me. Not only she is just dating other dudes but she has also contracted some STD! But my best friend just believes her blindly and won't believe that she is cheating on him but he'll belief on video proof ! That's what I need your help with. Thanks!
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2023.06.10 23:43 lonelyotherwoman Grief

It’s always there. But some days it’s just so heavy. Takes up so much space. It consumes me. Today it consumes me. I hate having met him so young. While he’s so old. Because he took on so many nurturing roles & now that he’s gone I feel so abandoned. Because he has a whole life built whereas I barely have it figured it out. I’m still young, I know. But he has kids and a spouse of 30+ years to go back to. I sit here in my grief. Telling myself no matter what I do, I can’t reply… I’m mourning so much. I depended on him emotionally. He promised to always be here. To always help me. Now he’s just gone. I wish I knew what I know now. It just hurts extra today. Going through the difficulties of life that he promised to be there for. It just sucks.
I’m in my 20s. I’d love to hear from women mid 30s +. About how I won’t even remember this in 10 years. I need to know that because I’m in so much pain.
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2023.06.10 23:43 NateDawgtheBrony The Stromyz mission can’t be completed, making it unplayable. How this not been fix at all is beyond me?

I’m playing though the game and I got the mission where I have to help the UK singer Stromyz sing his song, Fall on My Enemy. But every time, ONCE IT HIT 96%, the game Crash. Crash the game once, that okay. Crash the game twice in a row, now you just being mean. Crash the game thrice IN A ROW, I NOT HAVING THAT. How this haven’t been fixed? It been 3 years the game come out, and this is still in the game? I’m so dumbfounded that this isn’t even fixed.
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2023.06.10 23:43 dirt-slut I start my job training tomorrow and have no gas money, any little bit helps SO much ♥️

Hi there kind strangers! I’ve been struggling a lot the last few months and finally found an amazing job, great pay and a two week paid training program. It starts an hour out of town and after that the work will be in my area. Once I complete this training, I have a lifelong trade and won’t struggle like this anymore, but the catch 22 is that I don’t know how to pay for gas. $30-40 gets me enough to get there and I can figure out carpooling the rest of the time after my first day.
I vow to come back onto this subreddit and help a stranger myself once I can afford to do so!
I feel SO close to all my financial worries subsiding but I would really, really appreciate any financial help if you are in a position to do so. I am happy to pay you back once I get my first check, in a week or so. I’m a young student with no one to ask for help, and i’m right on the cusp once not needing help anymore.
My Venmo is mayk2001 and i can DM my paypal or cashapp. thank you all :)
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2023.06.10 23:43 iridael 3 wishes: Wodin

First Previous Next
It took Nathan a week to get back to Silverlight. At some point someone had updated its registry designation with an actual name. Nathan shrugged and accepted it. At Least it wasn't something like “new London” or something stupid.
In the week he’d spent a day in orbit connected to the ISS slowly towing it towards the other station as a favour, it did represent a large amount of resources that they would otherwise not be able to bring to the larger station, and the astronauts aboard were more than happy to have gravity back, even if it messed with their experiments.
Another day was spent on the station making sure the guild species onboard had enough mana to work and were all happy with their treatment. The first part left Nathan slightly drained but the second part left him mentally tired. They had a long list of things they needed and a doubly long list of things they wanted from the guild which would at least give him an excuse to send a cargo ship on the journey back to Earth. From there the next few days were spent hopping from habitable planet to habitable planet on the way to Silverlight, spending an hour or two jumping from system to system before spending the rest of the day practising with magic, resting on some tropical beach or lush rolling grass plain. The Rest and relaxation was much more successful than his efforts at using his mana for things that didn't need tools.
Once they were back at Silverlight, it was a case of catching up on what Dakota, Nostradamus and his ship captains and crew were upto. Dakota was close to ready to send the loaned soldiers back to earth and the base camp had more than tripled in size. Now having a core of buildings around the two massive trees looming above the prefab buildings, off to one side a clearing had been made for ships to land with a thin cargo tram line going from the dock to the town itself. There were enough supplies down there to keep for months without the voyager but for the foreseeable future they’d be reliant on its systems and everyone was loath to risk the ship by stripping out some valuable system.
Nostradamus and his students had probably been the busiest group. So much so that Nathan directly informed the Lizard to slow down and take a day to recover when they met, the Lizard had been spending every bit of mana he could from Nathan's borrowed Opal without it making him sick to conduct his research, he’d filled a grimoire already and was working on a second and his students were all notable tired from how hard he’d been driving them to learn everything they could. At some point the lizard had opted to his both his ship and one of the Quilo prise ships put into orbit as the Voyager would soon be leaving for Earth, all but a few escort ships and cargo ships would also be staying, either working to mine material from a distant asteroid belt for the colony or ferrying material down for it…the combat ships were mostly docked but a Fed cruiser and a group of escorts were above the Colony to protect against anything unexpected.
Nathan waited until the Voyager left for Earth before he finally ran out of things to do. He got ready and left the colony with Jim for the clearing he’d spent the night in when they first started up.
He’d asked Sophie and Shayma if they wanted to come along but both declined, only Cave had come with and even he wasn't in the clearing, waiting respectfully at the edge.
“You can still change your mind.” Nathan told Jim, he’d said the same or similar things over the last week but Jim had just smiled his sad smile and reassured Nathan that he was sure of his choice. And that the other guy would be much better help to Nathan going forwards.
“Im good kid, I’ll miss you but…I want this.” Jim replies standing in the middle of the clearing next to the leaf covered stone Nathan had slept against before. “This place feels right though.” he adds.
Nathan nods, it did feel right. The clearing had grown since he’d last been here, the silver mana slowly spreading into the earth and through the plants. “Alright….alright…” Nathan says trying to prepare himself.
He dry swallowed a few times until finally saliva came and then he cleared his throat, took a shaky breath and began.
“I Lord Nathan wish that my friend and Djinn, Jim, be reborn. I wish that he become the God Wodin who he embodied in the past. I wish that the god he becomes, be the protector of my people so they may grow strong. I wish that he be empowered by my people, by their belief and hard work so that as we grow so does he.”
Nathan paused to take a breath as tears streamed down his face, his voice caught and he quickly swallowed the lump in his throat before continuing. “I wish that he be free to act within the domains that will be his, domain’s of power, war, wisdom, nature, protector of the fallen and guide to those who aspire to achieve greatness or die in the attempt…I wish…I wish that he finds himself content in his duties and in the efforts of those who one day may choose to serve him.” Nathan finished and felt a thrumm of power from the kettle as it began to grow hot in his hands.
Jim stared at Nathan and slowly began to glow in golden radiance until he was painful to look at, unable to bear the bright glare or the heat he dropped the kettle unaware that the moment he did so it vanished into golden light and flew into the being coming into existence before him. His own attachments being the last thing keeping it as it was.
Suddenly the calm clearing was struck by a violent bolt of blue lightning. It struck Jim’s glowing form, the power cracking through and around him. Across the planet Silverlight, its skies lit up, Nosdramos and his students felt the monstrous eruption of mana and quickly sent their magical sights out to view it as bolts of magical lightning coalesced at a single point before exploding out to cover the planet.
On earth a brief rainstorm sprung up across the day side of the world, distant thunder rolling across the skies, the night side people reported sudden lightning strikes and a brief but violent storm waking them up as the dark skies were lit up by lightning. The aliens on the station would report a surge of mana from the world that shouldn't have been possible with the ambient mana.
Back in the clearing Nathan had both hands over his ears to protect them from the constant strikes of lighting, the force of the continuous strikes bringing him to his knees, even so he muttered a few words, their sound robbed from the universe as the lightning strikes reached a peak and then just as abruptly…stopped.
Before Nathan could properly recover he felt a large heavy hand on his shoulder giving it a reassuring squeeze before he found himself hauled to his feet. He looked up at the kind middle aged face for a moment before the being in front of him turned around, picked up its spear and in another flash of lightning vanished from the planet.
Wodin looked down on the world that was his to protect and nodded. He had the memories of someone not him. A low creature that spent its life in service to others, then trapped beside a river starving but unable to die, and finally a few short years with a good friend. This person had given Wodin existence at the same time they had gained their freedom in death. He could feel the layered wishes that had formed him coalescing together still but there was one that was kept apart, it wasn't part of the group that made him but it could be if he wanted it to be. He gathered it up in his free hand, looked at it and the intent it had been made, it was an honest wish, spur of the moment, desperate and hopeful in equal measure. But most importantly to him. It was a good wish and he accepted it as part of himself as much as the others.
He made a note of the world below, not that he could forget it but his domains and his gifted memories were working together and he knew he had a job to do. He turned his attention away from the planet towards another location. There was a gathering of beings like him and he could feel their call to meet them. He would go to them and introduce himself…but first…
Nathan shuddered from exhaustion as the figure left. He’d done it and he was exhausted, and he was responsible for the death of his best friend.
He collapsed again, curling into a fetal position and sobbing great shuddering breaths. He lost himself to exhaustion and sorrow until a deep rumbling voice broke through his self absorbed misery.
“You loved him.”
He took a shuddering breath and uncurled enough to see who had spoken. In Front of him was a tall man covered in beard and thick hair, armoured in studded leather a rune engraved cloak resting around his shoulders and a great silver-gold spear resting on his shoulder.
He took a few more breaths as the god waited for him before moving, instantly there was a pair of strong hands lifting him up to his feet and then he found himself being sat down on the large leaf covered rock at the centre of the clearing. Wodin, because who else could it be, nodded then apparently self conscious, looked around before sitting down cross legged close by.
“What am I to you?” Wodin asks.
“I don't know…I…”
“If I may” he interrupts “…You and Jim. created me. He gave his existence for me. But he could not have done so without you. In a sense he is my mother…Father.”
“I am not…ready” Nathan was about to deny being Wodin’s father but he wasn't ready to risk losing the last part of his friend.
“No one truly is ready to be a father.” Wodin says with a brief smile. “I have to go now. I may not manifest like this often. You can’t feel it but Shayma is probably scared witless right about now, Gods are not meant to interact with mortals. But I’ll be around.”
And with another flash of lightning he was gone.
Nathan was still for a minute, still exhausted from granting so many wishes, except the more he felt it the more he realised he was something else, something other than mana exhaustion. It was like he had stretched something to its limit and he had to wait until he recovered naturally or risk it snapping. Carefully and painfully he moved his presence out feeling the effort and how it was different. Like working your arms after walking all day. Yes his legs were tired but that doesn't mean he cant move his arms.
“So no more wishes for a while.” he mused. “Or perhaps no more wishes that are going to have such an impact…” that sounded more correct. There was probably only mana right now preventing him from wishing for a fresh bowl of strawberries to appear in front of him. But wishing for the Quilo race to suddenly vanish or the mudlarks to suddenly be gone.
He filed those thoughts away for a moment and instead sat there breathing in and out until he felt good enough to walk for a bit. Ultimately he’d achieved what he wanted. He’d made the wishes and created a god. One that considered him, its father…
“Shit, how am I going to explain this to Sophie…”
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2023.06.10 23:43 SpiffFika Xbox Audio issues

I have been a long time supporter of Xbox over Ten Years. But I have had issues the past couple of days which is really annoying. I can use my headsets to talk to people but no game or part audio. I can only hear people via my speakers or TV. It make it hard to make content and play with friends. Any advice or help is greatly appreciated
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2023.06.10 23:43 RevolutionaryTap429 What does my chart being so one-sided mean?

What does my chart being so one-sided mean?
Hi everyone. I'm new to this sub. I don't know much about the planets and houses and all of that (just sun, moon, and rising) so I did a chart for fun. Everything's kinda on one side and I thought that was interesting? What does this say about me?
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2023.06.10 23:43 Grand_Preference2183 After binge watching My Dress Up Darling, i had to make this montage.

After binge watching My Dress Up Darling, i had to make this montage.
I’m sorry if i’m offending any My Dress Up Darling fans on this sub but i just had to vent about this somewhere since i have no irl friends that watched these animes to discuss this topic with. Marin Kitagawa is perfect, she’s too perfect. In fact she’s a textbook definition of a Manic Pixie Dream Girl. Let’s see, Marin:
• Loves Cosplaying but sucks at it, does not research it, knows nothing about it and every other character knows more about cosplaying than she does even though she loves it so much, needs Gojo-kun help for everything. • Is a rich kid who models as a part time job but still super modest about herself • Is always joyful and truthful no matter what situation she’s in, she has no problems going on in her life, we get hints of a dead mother and an absentee father but it still has no effect on her life. Her only problem is that some people don’t like cosplay and it offends her. • is head over heels for everything and anything that Gojo-kun does, loves him unconditionally, and will force him out of his comfort zone for his own good. Is not influenced at all by Gojo-kun and continues being a perfect girl and would still be the same way if she didn’t meet him. • is a hot girl that likes nerdy and anime stuff, is confident about her body and sexuality and doesn’t mind showing skin to nerdy boys (hum i wonder who this character trait was supposed to cater to, maybe nerdy anime fans?) • Does not exercise, eats junk food all of the time and somehow still is fit and has top model level beauty • Is not bothered at all when other girls have a crush on Gojo-kun, because she’s just soo confident. We get a hint of jealousy in one episode but it’s very quick and gets brushed off quickly, because you know, Marin is the perfect Gal and understands you. 
Meanwhile, Nagatoro:
• Is actually a black belt judoka and is proficient in other martial arts like kickboxing. Knows a lot about what she loves. Doesn’t know anything about Senpai’s hobbies in the beginning of the series but is willing to learn about it and ends up appreciating it. • Nagatoro’s family seems to be well off financially i guess? But she knows she’s a hot gyaru, is not modest about it. • even though she’s confident, different situations have different effects on her feelings, something might happen that makes her feel shy, makes her feel self doubt, makes her wonder where her priorities are at. • In the beginning of the series she’s not entirely sure about her feelings towards senpai, gradually grows to like him. Gets mad at senpai when he fucks up, feels sorry when she fucks up. • Has her personality influenced by senpai as much as she influences him. • Has her own life going on outside of chasing senpai around • Is completely not okay when other girls flirt with senpai. Actually can i just gush how Nanashi completely subverts the “harem” genre? It’s actually kinda genius. No girls in this story like Senpai romantically other than Nagatoro. Whenever a new girl gets introduced that we think might get between senpai and Nagatoro, it never happens, that new character ends up becoming a friend of the couple. 
So yeah, TL;DR: Nagatoro is just an interesting character and she feels like an actual person. Marin is a manic pixie dream girl and feels like she exists to cater to a very specific type of anime fan. The animation from My Dress Up Darling is very good though, i can’t deny that, shit looks silky smooth
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