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Reddit - EDC Las Vegas

2011.08.19 08:29 Warden04 Reddit - EDC Las Vegas

EDC is an electronic dance music and art festival presented by Insomniac Events since 1997. The flagship event, EDC Las Vegas, is a 3 night event held at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway in Nevada with over 160k attendees nightly. EDC is known for it's various genres of electronic music with state-of-the-art stage production, costumed performers, fireworks, and various art installations around the festival grounds. Join our Discord server!

2021.05.26 02:01 Sova1Trick VALORANT PBE

Welcome to the VALORANT Public Beta Environment! It is currently only open to a limited number of North American VALORANT accounts, where you’ll be able to test parts of early builds for upcoming patches.

2010.01.27 05:25 vandalus Los Angeles Rams

A community for fans of the Super Bowl Champion Los Angeles Rams. Whose house? RAMS' HOUSE.

2023.06.08 09:49 Delicious-Class8537 Is it possible to get past event items?

I have 1 of 3 items needed for the Aurielic Quasigriff and the Soulfire dragon. Was wondering if it’s possible to obtain them or am I going to be relentlessly annoyed that I can’t?
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2023.06.08 09:48 Senior_Department_84 Important Safety Tips to Consider before Switch Boards Installation By AGM Electrical Supplies

Important Safety Tips to Consider before Switch Boards Installation By AGM Electrical Supplies

switch boards
AGM Electrical Supplies has an assortment of top quality switch boards to meet all of your electrical needs. Each piece is constructed for optimal durability, reliability and industry compliance - so you can trust AGM to deliver innovative switchboard solutions for all of your projects. Switch boards are essential components of electrical systems, serving as the center for electricity control and distribution throughout a building. Their proper installation is essential to ensuring their safety, reliability and efficiency; in this article we'll review some helpful installation techniques with specific focus on key considerations and best practices.
Planning and Design:
Any switch boards installation project should begin with careful planning and design. Consider your electrical load requirements, anticipated expansion plans, building specifications and any unique switch boards building requirements when starting this undertaking. Enough space should be allotted for components like circuit breakers, fuses and wiring; seeking professional advice regarding compliance with local codes and regulations may also prove invaluable.
Location and Accessibility:
It is of utmost importance that switch boards be placed in accessible spots free from excess heat, moisture, chemicals or moisture - such as near windows for air circulation - as this makes maintenance and troubleshooting much simpler. Furthermore, switch boards must not be placed near flammable materials or flood-prone areas as this would undermine their effectiveness as tools of maintenance and troubleshooting efforts.
Adequate Sizing and Capacity:

PVC switch board
Acknowledging electrical load requirements is of utmost importance when choosing a switchboard size; under-sizing could result in overheating, circuit overloading or possible hazards. Care must be taken when selecting an ideal switchboard size by taking into account current and future building needs, expansions or upgrades planned as well as consulting an electrical engineer regarding capacity rating requirements and ratings.
Proper cable management and labeling are integral elements of an organized switch boards installation. Cables should be laid out neatly without excessive bends or tangles, and colored labels for circuits and connections should make troubleshooting and maintenance tasks simpler; quick identification of circuits lowers risks while simultaneously increasing safety.
Earthing and Grounding:
Electrical safety depends upon proper earthing and grounding practices. Make sure that your switch boards is adequately grounded with low resistance pathways that enable fault currents to travel freely through. Stick to regulations and guidelines regarding grounding systems; utilize conductors/connectors/coaches suitable for your environment, and regularly inspect/maintain connections to ensure their effectiveness of switch boards.
Surge Protection:
switch boards With today's increasingly digital world comes a greater emphasis on protecting sensitive electronic equipment from power surges. Install surge protection devices (SPDs) into switchboard installations in order to shield against voltage spikes and transient surges; SPDs provide vital protection from equipment damage while keeping operations uninterrupted; so before making your selection consult an expert regarding type and placement.
Ventilation and Cooling:

switch board
Proper ventilation and cooling are an integral component of switchboard longevity and performance. To dissipate heat produced by electrical components, use fans, louvers or vents as necessary; additionally consider installing temperature monitoring devices so as to quickly detect overheating issues.
Safety should always come first when installing switch boards to protect both users and equipment. Installation must include providing protective barriers like lockable doors or enclosures to restrict unauthorized access and accidental contact; insulation; fastening all electrical connections securely; inspecting regularly to identify and address potential safety risks promptly, and performing regular inspection and maintenance to detect and address them quickly.
Documentation and Maintenance:
Accurate documentation is vital for future reference and maintenance requirements associated with switchboard installations. switch boards To meet this demand, create complete records of your switchboard's installation including circuit diagrams, cable schedules, component specifications and troubleshooting aids such as schematics for use when troubleshooting modifications/upgrades/new issues arise; additionally providing these details helps troubleshooting efforts when performing modifications/upgrades while speeding troubleshooting efforts overall. Also establish regular maintenance schedules so components are checked, cleaned/tested regularly over time in order to maintain reliability over time.
Compliance With Regulations:
AGM Electrical Supplies, regulations, and standards vary considerably across countries; therefore it's vital that when installing switchboards they adhere to all relevant guidelines to ensure full compliance throughout. Take time to become acquainted with any relevant guidelines to ensure full compliance every step of the way.
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2023.06.08 09:48 VRbandwagon Lego Indiana Jones 2 screen flashing colors

I am running a Linux Mint 21.1 with a Nvidia GTX 1070.
When launching the game, the screen flashes different colors very quickly. I can make out the loading screen skull's shape on the black background, then the whole menu screen flashes colors. Everything else seems to be working: the sound, music, and even controls (I can press the arrow keys and the sound of menu items being selected can be heard).
ProtonDB gives the game a Gold rating. None of the comments on the page refer to my problem. Same for the Steam community page.
What I tried so far:
I'm out of ideas. None of the hundreds of other games I own have this problem, including other Lego games.
Thank you for your help.
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2023.06.08 09:48 Ambitious-Job7399 Working in a small welding & fab factory

Using a throw away account for this.
But I work in a small family run welding and fabrication factory in the UK that employs between 5-10 people.
The owners are very lax with safety and regulations as there is no HR or anything of the sort to push them to change. The owners are very old fashioned and seem to see safety as more of a problem to work around.
Is there anyone I can speak to that will come in and enforce proper working safety? I am worried for everyone's safety and wellbeing.
I would prefer to stay completely anonymous.
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2023.06.08 09:48 neito_linda [INDIA] HR of a prospective company demanding my resignation letter with current employer

I am currently employed in a reputed enterprise in my industry, and I had been recently headhunted by a startup. The offer they shared looks amenable with my priorities at the moment and I accepted the same early last week. However, the HR spoc of the startup is now constantly reaching out to me regarding my resignation with my current employer. Late last week, I confirmed that I did indeed put down my papers. Now they are asking me to share the resignation letter as proof that I had indeed done that.
This comes to me as a bizarre request as I’ve never been asked for this, even in my engagements with my earlier employers that were startups. I would really like to understand if this is indeed a valid request that can be shared by a potential employer and the rationale for the same.
Many thanks!.

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2023.06.08 09:48 kayton3000 Paragon board question

I didn’t realize that other paragon boards actually existed, I’m currently level 60 on my bard and wanted to go with the warbring but already specked into the bleed one, can I revert the paragons Iv spent into it and grab the warbringer instead or am I locked into the one I already selected. Thank you.
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2023.06.08 09:48 helenium_80 Sole trader: Invoice late payment fees

Hello, I'm looking for a little advice regarding late payment terms on my invoices to clients.
I'm a sole trader, most of my clients are great and pay on time. I do have 1 client that stipulates the dates I can send in invoices and i'm supposed to get paid every 14 days. This particular client uses an accountancy firm to handle their payroll and to pay their suppliers. They rarely pay on time, even though they have set the payment date terms themselves.
I've been chasing payment for my last invoice since last week and i've so far been given the excuses of 'you were missed off the pay run' then I was told 'you've been paid today' 72 hours later the payment had not cleared ' there was a problem with their software, it will be in your account by morning' It is morning and it's not in my account.
I have late payment terms on my invoices: Please note that late payment will incur a one off late payment fee from the date payment is due of £40 and interest (at 8% over the Bank of England base rate) for debt recovery costs under the Late Payment legislation.
Even though they rarely pay on time, i've never actually actioned the late payment fees. This is where my questions come in - How long do I have to give them to pay the invoice with the late payment fees added? Am I able to keep adding interest to this if it goes unpaid or is it a one off fee? As they use an accounting company who is liable for the late payment fee - my client or the accountant? What do I do if they refuse to pay the late fees?
Occasionally, having clients pay me late can mean I struggle to pay the mortgage and bills, especially if it's a project i've been working on which has not allowed me time to take on smaller jobs to keep the cash flowing. It's incredibly frustrating having to chase payment, especially when they are already using the work i've produced for them!
Thank you for any help/advice...
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2023.06.08 09:48 SashaFiery Western formal wear in Bangalore

Where are my Bangalore chicas at?
Your girl needs help with suggestions for good tailors for western formal apparel. I am moving abroad in 6 weeks and need everyday work wear such as formal pants, shirts, a couple of pants suits etc.
Ready-made is a no go for me because I am a human giraffe :/
Tried all brands but none of them really fit my 6ft+ frame. The sleeves and hems always fall short.
Help a girl out ladies and recommend some good tailors in Bangalore who can custom make these for me without charging me my internal organs?
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2023.06.08 09:48 milestobudapest Off leash dogs and inattentive owners

Every morning I have started doing a long-line decompression walk with my 6 month Golden Retriever called Sunny. She's very excitable and can sometimes have trouble staying calm in outside environments. These walks have been great as its given her the chance to have some freedom to burn off energy, take in lots of sights and smells and give me an opportunity to walk on attention, recall and settle. I tend to do these walks in big open parks as we have a couple nearby. However, I am becoming so frustrated with other dog owners. It seems that because we're in a park, 90% of dog owners think it's fine to let their dog off lead despite having 0 recall and not paying to attention to what they're doing. It's getting to the point where I'm questioning if we can even go to these places ourselves. I have countless examples over the last couple of months but I couldn't help but feel the need to vent with this mornings encounter. Towards the end of the walk I like to get her into a semi-distracting environment, but one she can keep settled in. Today this was near a pond and kids recreational area. It was early morning so there wasn't many people about but once I get her in a settle, I like to do some hand feeding and capture attention she's giving me. We stayed in this spot for about 10-15 minutes and I fed most of her breakfast, to the point where she was completely settled and focused on me. We notice a man walking past with a lead in hand, he gets about 10 meters up the path and still no dog in sight. At this point the owner is nearly out of sight and then a dog appears and stops, staring down my dog. The owner hasn't realised (why would he when he's far away from his own dog) and his dog begins to slowly approach us. I attempt to keep my dog’s attention, while gathering our stuff and attempting to move on. At this point Sunny gets very excited (shock) and the other dog comes closer. Sunny gives off a playful bow and starts jumping from side to side, typical excitable puppy stuff and in return the other dog begins to growl at her. All the meantime the owner has just about realised and repeats his dog’s name over and over. I'm fearing if this dog is going to react and attempt to attack my dog. Eventually I manage to get our stuff together and begin walking away and the other dog ran away. For the rest of the walk back to our car I had to deal with an over-aroused dog that wouldn’t listen and began making bad decisions. I’m so sick and tired of other owners not being considerate of us. I explicitly make sure we’re out of the way of other dogs and people and always keep her on a long line so I have control over her. Why can’t anyone else do the same? I’m trying to best to keep encounters with other people and dogs calm and measured but every morning I feel like we get set back by other people who fail to control their own dogs. Does anyone else have similar experiences? What do you do in these situations?
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2023.06.08 09:47 Humble_Drunk Teaching a lesson

One of my buds sends nasty pics, told him to stop he didn't. Now normally since I went job site to job site I would say" send dick pics to this number" at every porta potty I stop by. Unfortunately I am on a high profile job where I cannot do this. Can my construction bros help me out? Write it in every porta you go to 🤣 ....message for the number
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2023.06.08 09:47 _sbuddy Aita for breasting boobily around the house?

so l 24f like to walk around the house wearing booty shorts that are too small for me and of course no panties and no bra (and trust me, it is very obvious when l'm not wearing a bra lmao).
l know what you're thinking, "how could a young attractive woman ever be the asshole for wearing skimpy clothing?" well here's the thing: my brother's girlfriend, who is fat (🤮) sometimes comes to visit.
l know what you're thinking, "why don't you buy comfortable clothes that fit" well you see when l was young l was cursed by a witch and now every pair of pants l put on turns into undersized booty shorts that cost $50. she cursed me because l made fun of her looks but l don't think it was my fault because she shouldn't have been listening to my private conversation, no matter how loudly l was talking.
l know what you're thinking, "why not wear a bra?" well l can tell from that question that you must have small breasts. for large-breasted women like me it is actually very unhealthy to wear a bra all the time.
anyway l don't think l'm the asshole because l make sure to always close the door to my parents' bedroom when l walk past so that my husband who lives in another country doesn't have to see them doing the nasty.
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2023.06.08 09:47 Raven_stxy Saw my crush after a long time

Hi Makklea, I hope your doing fine in this hot day.
The post is about how i get know my crush and how I saw her after a decade. It's a very big post kindly bear with me.
This happened during 2012. I was studying +2 & she was studying +1. Our classes are next to each other. She is a new to my school,she was dead gorgeous. Every guy in my school had crush on her.
So every day I will go to school early just to see her. We constantly see each other when ever we had the opportunity. This was goin on for few months.
So oneday I was not feeling well,so I took leave. The next day I came to school & my friend told, She came to our class and asked about you da. I was totally in shock to know that she asked about me. I was smiling & laughing the entire day. The next day during interval I was standing out side in the corridor. She was also standing opposite to her .
There was no one expect me & her. So I gathered all the courage, did some breathing practice & counted 1 2 3 started to walk in her direction. It was just few steps. But for me it was like mile walk.
I went near and said "Hey Hi" she didn't even see me she just ran in to her class room. Gosh I felt so sad & cold. I went to my class and sat down. For the next 1 week I didn't go out of my class & I didn't see her.
After a week I was eating lunch in my class. Everyone from my class went out for lunch. She came inside my class. She said "Excuse me duster irruka?" I didn't even look up I just pointed where the duster is and I started to eat. After few mins she again came in.
This time she came to my & placed the duster on my desk. And said thank you. I didn't say anything. And she ask can I sit next to you. I just nod my head. After that she said "Hey I am really sorry for what happened on that day, I got shy and ran in to my class dont mistake me"
I started to smile, and we spoke for few mins. And she went to her class. From next day onwards we became very close. We didn't cellphones at that time. So we will come to school just to talk. We will walk together to her area. This was going for few months. I wanted to propose her but I thought once we both are in college I will Express my love towards her.
After the public exams I joined in college. And +2 class have started in my school. So I went back to school to see her. But she was not there principle said her father died so she discontinued. I even asked her friends they don't know what happened to her & she shifted her house too. So I felt really sad. It took me an year to move on.
This week Tuesday I went to OMR to see a client.Whle coming back it started raining. I was standing in the red signal & a girl crossing the signal with her umbrella. She looked amazing. So I was looking at her suddenly I remember it was her. It was my 1st crush. She saw me but I was wearing helmet so she couldn't recognize me. So I was there standing and thinking all the good times we had. I was seeing all the way till she disappeared into the crowd. It was one hell of a day.
So Makklea tell me about crush stories .I love to know how you met your crush or GF or wife. Thank you all 🙏🏻
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2023.06.08 09:46 AspiringQuantDev Can i get off the admission waitlist with an MBB offer?

Hi Everyone.
I have secured a summer internship in one of the MBBs and my current school is not willing to offer me funding. They simply don’t care. Its a Top 25 program.
I am currently on the waitlist of a Top 15 and another Top 25 school. Can i inform them about my offers?
I got into the early access programs of the MBBs but I have only received an offer from one. Please advise
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2023.06.08 09:46 timmeh129 How do I (29 M) tell my GF (27 F) she is bad with money?

So we are together for more than 4 years, and during all that time my GF is making significantly less money than me (like, for a long time it was half the money I make). And I'm not even making that much, maybe an average pay for where I live. Because of this for these past years I wasn't really able to be financially stable, so to say, because it was always like "please buy me a coffee" or "please give me gas money" or "please give me 10$ for something", for a long time I also had to carry a bigger part of food spendings (we live together), so every month I'm down to square one, with almost no savings and nothing even bought for myself. I don't really need lots of stuff, but damn, I want to treat myself once in a while.
With time I developed a system for us to spent only a fixed amount of money on groceries and it was really working. So I am more or less aware of my incomes and spendings, but still she was regularly asking for money here and there. Recently she got a good new job which pays more (still less than I make but with short term prospects of making more than me), and I was kind of relieved, so we planned to move to a better (and more expensive) apartment, I managed to save up some money in the past few months and I was planning to buy some nice shit for myself and for the new apartment (where we live together, mind you). But here comes the moving day (right in the beginning of a new month so she got her paycheck like 1-2 weeks ago) and she says she has no money again, so I had to pay almost my full monthly pay for the rent, advance and all that shit. Keep in mind, we were talking about moving and actively looking for an apartment for a month minimum, so she was aware that we were going to move and pay that much money at once. So now she owes me half of her paycheck as well, so next month she's gonna be broke again. So the cycle continues.
If at this point you might have thoughts that she buys something in secret, like drugs or booze or whatever, but no, I can assure you.
That said, she never holds back in spending money not even for herself, but for everyone else. Like, we are going for a dinner to my parents, she buys candy for the kids, wine for mom, groceries to cook something for them. Sometimes she even buys something for me, something I don't necessarily need.
Every time I start even a remote conversation about the dinero, not even insinuating that she is broke again and I have to carry us through with rent and shit, she just gets pissed at me and says something like "you always tell me how stupid I am with my money". We had one of these conversations yesterday and it was the same thing. After all these years she says that she tries to keep it together with her spendings, but for the love of god I can't see it.
Fuck man, I'm really close to breaking up with her just over this, I love her, but I want to buy shit for myself and just feel stable once for 4 years of this and not grab money from my savings account (which is fucking miserable as is) just to get by.
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2023.06.08 09:46 Advanced-Ad1835 I did terrible things how do i stop hating myself

Tw CSA (abuser perspective?) Suicidal Urges and Neglect
I currently am 17 (transmasc enby). My sibling is 13 now. (Gender-fluid). My parents were always neglectful. It only got worse overtime. They left their pxrn things around constantly. As a kid I was horrendously curious, i looked into them. I was interested I wanted to do what they were doing. I was 8 or 9 at the time very young and so I used my sibling to try that out. And that went on up until I was 13 and i realized how gross that was of me to do. I never fully grasped it before then. My sibling was so young really REALLY young. Now I hold an opinion that rapists are DISGUSTING and BAD. Now whenever I think of myself or look at myself I am constantly attacked with those thoughts. I admittedly have wanted to kill myself over and over again for the longest time. I can’t be happy and forgive myself even though my sibling told me i have made up for it for caring for them when my parents weren’t around. I can’t believe it. We are very close but I feel haunted and lost and it’s so scary. I do not at all feel worthy of their forgiveness and I’m far from the path of forgiving myself. I don’t even know where to begin. Any advice or anything really?? I just joined Therapy but I don’t even know how to bring that up or if I should since he’s also my siblings therapist I don’t know the best or right move at all.
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2023.06.08 09:46 Restless_Mindx [F4M] Looking for Final Fantasy 14 RP!

Hello everyone! I am Pasi, located in the CET timezone and currently looking for someone willed to create a play within the above mentioned Fandom.
I am a very detailed writer, 3 paragraphs are no problem for me to fill; it always depends on the situation and mood within the character. With that being said, I am looking for someone willed to play a male canon character for a female oc (double possible, just ask if you're interested!). To specify further: G'raha Tia / Crystalexarch, depending on where we set our plot, is the role you would (gladly xD) play!
I have couple ideas in mind, yet prefer to completely figure our story together with your ideas being involved as much as mine.
Couple requirements:
-> please be above the age of 18++
-> be honest with me and communicate
(Yeah, it can happen that I forget to answer a message, we all do, in that case poke me again :p)
-> long-term interest, I do not want to put in effort just to see the rp dying within weeks. If you don't feel like it anymore, cool, just let me know. No hard feelings!
-> emotional driven roleplay are the best for me, it would be fantastic if you'd think likewise
-> spicy things? Of course. We just have to agree on how much of spice we are going to add ;)
-> English is my second language, mistakes may happen, you have been warned :p
-> we can chit chat OOC as much as you want, I do not count on you writing a post at any given time because ... real life.
-> Discord will be our platform
If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to shoot me a message or start a chat!
Have a wonderful day,
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2023.06.08 09:46 Low-Tie-4385 [WTB] MY FIRST MECHANICAL KEEB

Hello sub,
I am about to take my 1st step down this rabbit hole as all of you. The idea of buying a 10k and above keyboard was one of the most ridiculous idea I heard a couple of days back but now I want one. But at the same time I don't wanna overspend on my 1st mech keeb so I wanna keep my budget around 4-6k since i also need to buy a desk mat and Razer orochi.
I have shortlisted few new ones and need suggestions which one to buy but also open to pre owned keebs as this very niche product and i believe people who buy these kind of keyboards love them and care for them.
Here are my shortlisted keebs :
Rk84 Rk87 Cons :RK keebs have wobbly keys
Skylong sk84s pbt Cons: out of stock
RK h81 Cons: almost 7k
Hello ganss alt 83g & Ajazz k870t hot swapable version Cons: not done much reasearch on them but they look cool and would go nice with my new upcoming setup
This is what my inexperienced ass could find best so let me know if i have better options. My reqs :
1.Hot swapable as i will be changing and trying a lot of new keycaps and switches 2. Wireless 3. Arrows keys are must so tkl or whatever rk84 format is called 4. Idk if the top rotatory sound dial keeb would fit in this budget but if it can i would gladly take it.
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2023.06.08 09:46 elliemayfri group smoking and interactions

Geninuely wondering if people Can sense the type of thoughts you are having while high because recently my thought process and my anxiety has been so bad while being high, I revert to like a rock and I am also very worried that all my anxiety is laid out like an open book for people to sense. Like they can really tell what I am thinking when I’m anxious and we are all baked together.
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2023.06.08 09:46 Emergency_Mind1756 Am I wrong for not leaving a gate code that doesn’t exist?

I live in an apartment complex that is gated, but does not have a guest or visitor code to enter. It only opens when you have a special sticker stuck to your windshield, or a resident with the app and a special code opens it manually. I am obviously aware and cautious of this when ordering anything via DD, Amazon, etc. To preface, I do not order in food very often. I just find it’s obviously not as good of quality and it’s much more expensive. I work 12-18 hour shifts, as does my husband now days, so we have been ordering in more. At least enough I opted to just get the monthly subscription. Since just entering the gate in my community is difficult enough, I am extremely thorough in my drop off instructions, copy and pasted it reads: “gate does not auto open. I will open gate for you, if it does not open within 10 seconds press #111 on keypad and it will open for emergency. Enter through right gate and it will be the first building to the left, second unit on second floor:” this is including unit number and building number, I just didn’t want to add for privacy reasons here. I’ve only had 1 dasher leave it at the wrong unit, but it was close by and my neighbors are kind and alerted me my food was dropped to them. Today, I did my usual and the girl called me to let me know the gate wasn’t opening. I had opened the gate via app but she said only the left gate would open and not the right like my instructions said. I told her I would be right down to grab the food so she wouldn’t have to pull an obnoxious u-turn and I felt bad she was just stuck at the entrance with no way in. she said “this isn’t worth $4 tbh.” And she left my food at the entrance. I was down in 30 seconds and she was still in the driveway, waiting to pull out. I just grabbed my food, left her the tip but gave her a 1 star rating. she messaged me furious saying it was my fault for not being thorough enough. I just want to know for future, was I in the wrong? I don’t want to be the difficult customer and want to avoid this again if I can. Thank you for any help and honest feedback!
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2023.06.08 09:46 Left_Communication60 RFID fob to track poultry house process compliance. New to group.

Hello. I am in the process of putting up a large capacity Poultry house (40K to 50K) capacity per building. Part of good farm management is adherence to periodic visual spot checks of livestock and confirming that the automated equipment is working properly, amongst other day to day tasks.
I tried looking online for a turn key solution to fit the general bill, but I could not seem to find one.
My question: Is there a turn key solution out there, both hardware and software, whose sensors I can locate in specific areas where one can scan their RFID TAG so that I can track that a process has been done or at the very minimum. I can place a particular staff in a specific location at a specific time?
If there isn’t a turn key solution. How hard would it be for me to repurpose an existing solution to satisfy my specific need.
Thank you for everyone’s input in advance.
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2023.06.08 09:45 ZClaab Why is the YaG 10 so good?

Just to put this out there i am NOT complaining i fucking love the YaG 10 and its my favorite vehicle in the game so far. But holy shit it is good even though it only has a 76mm barrel and OK rounds, it will literally rip any tank in half even in lobbies that are like 2-3 br higher. Why is this? because no other tank ive played is capable of just destroying a lobby like the YaG except for maybe the SPJ and the lbvbt AA thing in swedish tree (the only other nation ive played) and talk about reload speed, the YaG reload is what 6 seconds? the only problem i seem to have is it is MGS blowing up the AMMO (is there a way i can chose where i want the ammo to go? because it always goes to the back when i want it to be behind the driver). I LOVE THE YaG!!!!!
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2023.06.08 09:45 Ill_Possible4061 Honestly, fine.

Doing this to vent.
At this point, I’m done. I’ve given it to God and I hope it works out but if it doesn’t then I literally don’t care anymore. I’ll always love you unconditionally but literally wtf. I’ve told sooo many people, including my mom, that I was going to marry you and I do still believe that. But if not and I end up looking more stupid than I already have, whatever. I do not care anymore. I’ve put it all on the line for you so many times and all you wanna do is run, run, run & so after today where I’ve felt you pulling back your energy after aaaalll that’s happened and aaaalll I’ve showed you, then seriously just keep running dude if that’s what you think will make you happy. Not playing this game with you anymore. When you decide fr to be a big girl and you want to soldier up finally then come talk to me and MAYBE I will be down, but this is bs and you know it. So nah, keep doing you and I’ll stick to the original plan of closing everything off if and until you can get your act together. Fuck this. This isn’t a game and I deserve better. If you can’t do this then another girl will be happy to and that’ll suck & I don’t want it but at the same time at least with her I know where she stands. Good luck replacing me dude. I am seriously SO pissed at you right now. Please fr do not contact me physically or spiritually for several days. This was the straw that broke the camels back and I am not doing this anymore.
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