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2023.03.24 05:35 M3rc_Nate Would you be interested in an English language K-Pop group debuting in the near future with only N. American ethnically Korean members?

Chatting over on kpop about Kakao's partnership with Sony Music, chasing global expansion and their first investment is in IVE and having them debut in NA with this new album, has me thinking about the upcoming HYBE and JYP Western groups and the potential of them both. One, HYBE, I believe is audition based and searching for a multi-cultural K-pop group while JYPE is putting together their own exclusively NA K-pop group (assumption being all SK members, ethnically).
The future of K-pop growing in the West, though it has slowed post-pandemic, and it's aiming at the mainstream, involves debuting native ENG speaking K-pop groups whose first market is the West, not SK. How can I say that? That's exactly what HYBE and JYPE are doing. SM was too (NCT-Hollywood) but I believe that's scraped now.
But I was wondering how many of you are actually excited by these upcoming groups by the big K-pop companies and how many of you are not remotely interested. If not, why? I'll be honest, the first thing that pops into my mind as the most common reason would be some of y'all are into K-pop for the foreign aspect of it. Once it becomes NA, with all the members speaking ENG, songs in ENG, and their content is almost all shot in NA, it doesn't feel "special/unique/foreign" and the charm disappears for you.
To everyone, but especially those who are going to vote "not interested", I posit this hypothetical question: what if BP debuted in NA as a NA group but everything else (their music, M/V's, choreo, etc) was all the same, but in ENG? Would a ton of ENG only NA BLINKS really say "not interested"? The music HAS to be in KOR? The group HAS to speak KOR in content? The group HAS to live in KOR and their company be in KOR? If so, why?
Another hypothetical question: what if this group of idols I'm about to list hadn't debuted yet in K-pop and they debuted in 2024, as 20-22 year olds, in an ENG K-pop group by HYBE: Jennie, Rose, Somi, Lily (NMIXX), Yunjin (LSF), Yoohyeon (Dreamcatcher), Wendy and Chungha. (Btw I'm aware they aren't all NA). Are you telling me all that talent, their personalities as you know them today don't matter? You're saying "no thank you, if you're not based in SK, singing in KOR and not speaking KOR I'm out"?
If you're poll answer is it depends, why?
My assumption if you answered "it depends" is if it's just a NA pop group with the K-pop label slapped onto it. Which is to say their music doesn't even lightly smell of K-pop, their style doesn't, their M/V's don't and they act 100% like NA's with absolutely zero idol-concept. Which makes sense and I largely agree. If it's a K-pop group they need to maintain the core aspects of what makes K-pop K-pop.
edit: not gonna lie the downvoting is discouraging. This is a legit discussion piece done in good faith and this sub seems to think it shouldn't exist. Good and interesting engagement with the poll (22 positive, 39 depends, 55 no) and not a single bad or unintelligent comment yet it has 1.6k views, 33% upvote rate and sitting a 0 on the upvote meter. I don't give a shit about "karma" but y'all decide what this sub is with your up/down votes. Is this a sub for good faith interesting discussions or is it just for drama, complaining about twitter and circle jerks about how much you LOVE, live and die for ____ idol/group? Considering what I am discussing is actually in the works from these companies, so it will be happening, I can't imagine why a discussion post about it is being downvoted. If this was just my fantasy rant about something I think needs to happen then sure, think it's weird/unrealistic and downvote away. But this is happening from JYPE and HYBE and so I believe discussion on the matter makes sense.
View Poll
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2023.03.24 04:53 skummydummy125 Deepdive - did Hasan attack Train for beeing a react Andy in the past?

I wasted a bunch of time, but I wanted to answer the question if Hasan did or did not attack Train in the past for watching Masterchef.
I saw on LSF someone pointing out that train already did admit last year, that his problem wasn't with Hasan directly, but with Hasans community brigading LSF hate threads about the topic
it’s not even you that I’m upset at, it’s your core community that brigaded all of the Gordon hate threads and now sit there with no fucking shame enjoying their time, I hate mother fuckers like that, all of them should be ashamed
So I decided, to anwer the question what really happened back then, I need to look at old LSF posts.
I searched for posts from before 2020, I most certainly didn't find everything, but I think I found enough to come to the conclusion:
Hasan did not critic Trains react content in any meaningful way, and the people who were in "React Andy" hate threads were mostly not Hasan viewers.
But there was Hasan x Train beef and Hasan fans made negative comments/posts on LSF about train, it just had nothing to do with React content
here are some of the examples of LSF beeing negative towards Train/making fun of him for watching Masterchef:
Hasan is almost never mentioned in any of the comments, and I don't see any reason to believe that the redditors are Hasan viewers (although I didn't check them all). If some other streamer is mentioned, it's mostly xqc and/or Mizkif
Here are some threads about streamer calling Trains reaction out/Train complaining about streamers:
So now we come to the Hasan x Train beef. What exactly was all that about?
Hasan did critic Train for his anti women takes, some Alinity related drama (we know that's a trigger for Train), peddeling right wing ideas and Hasan went to war against Train for Destiny/Podcast drama.
right wing stuff
sexist stuff
Destiny stuff/Podcast drama
There was some drama when Keemstar and destiny where on Trains podcast and train just let keemstar spew lies as confirmed facts. Hasan called Train out for not defending destiny. Train goes full anti Hasan after that.
Hasan coping about not beeing in real drama with train:
here is an explanation from what happened from u/dispoable (4y ago):
>What is the context here? Do Hasan and Trainwrecks have beef now? I haven't watched anything in a long time
>It's been bubbling for a while since Train randomly started going real hard against destiny, hasan, and their "blind followers who will believe destiny's phone is red, even if i say it's black" practically every 5 minutes on his stream for every stream. It was kind of out of the blue when it started but it kept up so much that both of their fanbases got super annoyed by how often train starts those rants against them and their streamers. Which led to hasan calling out train for letting keemstar spew bs as confirmed facts on his podcast was the tipping point for train and he went full anti-hasan and profusely apologized to destiny for being such an ass for like the past month or so and is now replacing his consistent rants on LSF and still hasan
Trainwrecks mad at Hasan for calling him out: (Clip)
Dgg-Post by u/MegaCalibur detailing about how Train goes after Hasan on his podcast and demand Destiny to speak up:
Train going of on hasan and "not" sending his viewers to harass him ("please don't go there") (clip)
in the comments posted a now deleted user proof of train admiting to antagonize Hasan and trying to bait LSF hate threads:
looked like train actually wanted the negativ attention at the time:
Hassan and Train "talking it out" (didn't seem to have worked that well):
I found a bunch of other clips, but I think that's enough to get the point across.

Did Train get negative comments on LSF for reacting to Masterchef? - Yes
Did Hasan played a big part in this? - no
Did Hasan viewers hated on Train for other reasons? - yes

For the last point I need to ad, that this was pre bridge burning. Hasans community at that time was actually for the most part this community/a subset of this community.
It's also not as if all the people of dgg who were mad at Train on Hasans behalve left after the great shism. E.g. the two people I cited seem to be still active here and are now anti-Hasan
So in summary what happened?
In 2019, Train had a bunch of different dramas going on, one was about people critizising him for his react content, the other was his Hasan beef for seperate reasons. Train most likley just combined these two things and now Hasan was the one who criticised react content but in reality it was about his right wing drift, squadW stuff aso.
I looked through a lot of stuff, but like I mentioned I haven't seen everything, so maybe there is some clip out there where Hasan goes super hard against Train for reacting - but I'm inclined to not believe that since in all the drama clips/hasan criticising Train, react content is not brought up once as far as I can tell.
And at the same time, in all the Threads about Train beeing a react andy, Hasan isn't really brought up - At least not as a critic, he is sometimes brought up as an example for a "good reactor" like e.g.:
"I’d say Hasan / Destiny are very good at “reacting “. They watch something, pause It at every 9 seconds, and add something of value." (source)
This could be also one of the factors on why train disliked hasan, Train reacted and got shit, Hasan reacted and some people even praised him for it. But that still proofs more the point that Hasan was pro react-content, and is not Hasan shitting on train. It also didn't happen that much and it was mostly not only just Hasan who was mentioned
To end this all, here a clip, I found while sifting through old reddit, of Hasan confessing his hatred towards women and calling us straight white dudes gigachads
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2023.03.22 00:55 dexter30 It's destinys banniversary from twitch this thursday 🎉🥳

According to LSF he was banned on march 23rd 2022
Honestly this lead to the youtube arc and eventually now the rumble and kick arc. Attracted more youtube orbiters like sneako, aba, Mr[Redacted], [Redacted] simon and so on.
All in all I think we can look back on the ban as a positive for overall content.
Any thoughts? good? bad? (if you say bad, you're racist because of the black diaspora youtube arc)
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2023.03.21 17:44 AleraIactaEst I'll be interviewing Lisa Ireland CEO of Longevity Science Foundation, and Nikolina Lauc CEO of GlycanAge. Is there anything related to their work that y'all would appreciate learning about?

I've enjoyed talking with people on reddit about the interviews I've done. Thank you everyone who has supported the show thus far.
As stated in the title, I'll be interviewing Lisa Ireland and Nikolina Lauc. If I ask your question I'll dm you when it goes live. Even if I don't ask your question, I'll let you know and keep your question in a doc for future people in related spaces to potentially answer.
1) Lisa Ireland CEO of Longevity Science Foundation:
"Lisa, an accomplished non-profit executive with more than 25 years of experience in administration, fundraising, donor engagement, strategy and finance, leads global operations for the LSF. Her career spans diverse sectors, including education, healthcare, human services and science. Lisa’s previous roles include Vice President for Institutional Advancement at the RMSC (Rochester Museum & Science Center), where she advanced the organization's mission through strategic planning, leadership and the formation and execution of a comprehensive fundraising strategy. Prior to her time at the RMSC, she served as the Director of Donor Relations and Stewardship at RIT (Rochester Institute of Technology), leading key initiatives to strengthen donor relationships through improved engagement, recognition, and stewardship programs. She was also Executive Director of United Way of Orleans, overseeing all aspects of the organization and its 25 programs."Read more here
2) Nikolina Lauc CEO of GlycanAge
GlycanAge was founded on a promise that “health care” should start with us caring about our health before we encounter a particular problem. Disease starts on a molecular level decades before we are currently addressing it, while the majority of modern disease is preventable and the earliest molecular signal is biological ageing.GlycanAge allows you to measure & influence your longevity by looking at an entirely new part of biology. Glycan biomarkers uniquely encapsulate genetic, epigenetic and environmental factors driving longevity for every human. read more here.
Edit: Lisa Ireland CEO of Longevity Science Foundation canceled at the last minute.
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2023.03.21 17:44 AleraIactaEst I'll be interviewing Lisa Ireland CEO of Longevity Science Foundation, and Nikolina Lauc CEO of GlycanAge. Is there anything related to their work that y'all would appreciate learning about?

I've enjoyed talking with people on reddit about the interviews I've done. Thank you everyone who has supported the show thus far.
As stated in the title, I'll be interviewing Lisa Ireland and Nikolina Lauc. If I ask your question I'll dm you when it goes live. Even if I don't ask your question, I'll let you know and keep your question in a doc for future people in related spaces to potentially answer.
1) Lisa Ireland CEO of Longevity Science Foundation:
"Lisa, an accomplished non-profit executive with more than 25 years of experience in administration, fundraising, donor engagement, strategy and finance, leads global operations for the LSF. Her career spans diverse sectors, including education, healthcare, human services and science. Lisa’s previous roles include Vice President for Institutional Advancement at the RMSC (Rochester Museum & Science Center), where she advanced the organization's mission through strategic planning, leadership and the formation and execution of a comprehensive fundraising strategy. Prior to her time at the RMSC, she served as the Director of Donor Relations and Stewardship at RIT (Rochester Institute of Technology), leading key initiatives to strengthen donor relationships through improved engagement, recognition, and stewardship programs. She was also Executive Director of United Way of Orleans, overseeing all aspects of the organization and its 25 programs."Read more here
2) Nikolina Lauc CEO of GlycanAge
GlycanAge was founded on a promise that “health care” should start with us caring about our health before we encounter a particular problem. Disease starts on a molecular level decades before we are currently addressing it, while the majority of modern disease is preventable and the earliest molecular signal is biological ageing.
GlycanAge allows you to measure & influence your longevity by looking at an entirely new part of biology. Glycan biomarkers uniquely encapsulate genetic, epigenetic and environmental factors driving longevity for every human. read more here.
Edit: Lisa Ireland CEO of Longevity Science Foundation canceled at the last minute.
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2023.03.16 07:01 Julie062758 Can prostatitis inflammation lead to prostate cancer?

Can prostatitis inflammation lead to prostate cancer?

About 20% of adult cancers are caused by chronic inflammatory conditions caused by infectious agents, chronic non-infectious inflammatory diseases, or other external factors.📷
80% of prostate cancer biopsies have some degree of inflammation. Chronic inflammation in normal tissue found with a needle biopsy was linked to a higher risk of being diagnosed with prostate cancer, especially with higher-grade disease.📷
It is important for this patient to worry about the question of whether prostatitis is causing prostate cancer. Inflammation might play a role in how prostatic cancer starts and how it grows. We recommend that prostatitis patients should maintain a healthy lifestyle and adopt correct treatment methods. 📷📷
Sfanos KS, De Marzo AM. Prostate cancer and inflammation: the evidence. Histopathology. 2012 Jan;60(1):199-215. doi: 10.1111/j.1365-2559.2011.04033.x. PMID: 22212087; PMCID: PMC4029103.
The effect of inflammation on prostate cancer:📷📷📷
Activities recommended:📷📷📷 Effects of fast walking on prostatitis:📷📷📷 Effects of aerobic exercise on prostatitis:📷📷📷 Abdominal Breathing:📷📷📷
Activities not recommended:📷📷📷 Effect of prolonged sitting on prostatitis:📷📷📷 Effect of excessive masturbation on prostatitis:📷📷📷 Effect of Sexual behavior on Prostate:📷📷📷 Excessive Ejaculation: 📷📷📷
Food recommended for prostate health:📷📷📷 Watermelon📷📷 Carrots📷📷 Nuts: 📷 📷 Oregano: 📷📷 Mushrooms: 📷📷 Tomato📷📷: Apple📷📷: Fish📷 Cruciferous Plants📷 Blueberries📷📷 Grapefruit: Pumpkin Allium Vegetables📷📷 Green tea 📷📷 Soy milk📷📷 Sweet cherries📷📷 Traditional Japanese diet: Glycyrrhiza Glabra:
Food not recommended for prostate health:📷📷📷 Alcohol📷: Processed sugar📷: Fat📷: Spicy food📷: Grilled meats📷 Sugary Carbonated
Effect of cold on prostatitis:📷📷📷 Effect of positive attitude on prostatitis:📷📷📷 Effect of Obesity on prostatitis/BPH:📷📷📷 Sexual dysfunction that associates with CP/CPPS:📷📷📷
Learn about stasis: 📷📷📷 1. 2. Join our Reddit Community:📷📷📷 Join our Facebook group: 📷📷📷 Like our Facebook page: 📷📷📷 #PROSTATE #prostatehealth #BPH #prostatitis #prostatecancer #menhealth #UrologicalHealth #urologia #urologist #ProstateSupplement #herbalmedicine #phytotherapy #phytotherapy #chronicpelvicpain #pelvicpain #pelvicpainrelief #pelvicpainsupport #pelvicpainawareness #pelvichealth #pelvicfloorhealth #pelvicfloorphysicaltherapy #pelvicfloormuscles
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2023.03.15 03:37 kailron Attention

Hello everyone, a few days ago I commented "based" under an lsf clip of Erobb casually replying "dope" to the tts of a Tiananmen Square copypasta. I've essentially been banned from reddit as a consequence. I say banned, although, technically I've been suspended for 3 days. What was it that I said that caused such a fuss? And that fuss is just beginning. And even more importantly, and, complexly, how exactly was it that my comment "promoted hate"? I've never explicitly attacked marginalized communities (on reddit) and this incident will undoubtedly not be forgiven. Up yours, lsf juicers that reported me, we'll see who cancels who
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2023.03.13 01:52 DiscoNightFever Celebrating the Fifth Anniversary of Destiny's StarCraft 2 Achievement Hunt + A retrospective on this unparalleled event with a discussion on the history of Destiny's stream

An introduction to an incredibly unique journey conducted by Destiny:
An effort post that's very long and a [Throwback], with a lot of edits to clean it up.
Highlight video of the StarCraft 2 achievement hunt.
Full Playlist of the event. Parts 3 to 5 of Wings of Liberty are missing :( Thanks to SomeChannelName/FrostDev for uploading the StarCraft 2 achievement hunt archive.
Alternative playlist of the event, with a little bit more of Wings of Liberty and a 30 minute post-achievement reflection. (Disclaimer: I made this playlist).
Link to the spreadsheet made during the event. NOW THAT'S A THROWBACK. Thanks to BaloSaar for updating it back in the day and for keeping it up. You may also notice that there is a gnome at the top and bottom of the spreadsheet, a showcase of the early 2018 roots of the meme within the DGG community. The list of competitors, in order of 100% completion, are Destiny, Winter, Neuro, Catz, Nathanias, UpATreeZelda, MsSpyte, and Incontrol.
TL;DR: The 2018 StarCraft 2 achievement hunt streams would be caught in the midst of Destiny's slow departure from a few elements of his initial style of streaming, where he was known as "Nebraska Steve". He would transition from his Let's Plays into his current talk show/just chatting streams. Also, he might still be the #1 Brutal difficulty, 100% StarCraft 2 trilogy achievement speedrunner. Ultimately, the hunt is amongst the most unique streams Steven has ever done, and one of the most unique streams outright done in the history of the medium. A high-octane marathon that few could match. An estimated 40 hours of sleepless streaming while attaining difficult challenges. No dreams, only memes.
If you enjoy modern day Destiny, you will enjoy 2018 Destiny as much, or even more than his current style. I consider 2018 Destiny to not only be the current blueprint for the modern style of his streams, but the peak of the modern style and I strongly encourage any new and modern-day viewers to visit that era. The 2015-2018 streams are so high quality relative to the streaming landscape then and now, that this era is worth visiting to be familiar with what a great stream looks like and where the modern style is derived from. If you would like to know where to start with the old streams, just ask me and I'll try my best or take a look at a giant (formerly small) list of DGG archives I made. (Disclaimer: I made this list)
To address why I am reposting & updating this from the fourth anniversary post (no one asked):
  1. Fifth anniversary sounds better than fourth anniversary. I (probably) won't post this for the sixth anniversary lul
  2. I've learned more about the current and past streaming landscape since I first wrote this.
  3. Destiny's past has gone largely unnoticed, especially by new viewers. What I mean by that is this: 2015-2018 Destiny was one of the highest quality streamers in the world. I believe the SC2 achievement hunt is one landmark reason why. Modern viewers should look at Destiny's old stuff, not only for the history of the stream and contextual background for a lot of modern memes, but for understanding what a high-quality, unique stream looks like. I have made a list of DGG archive channels to view the old memes.
Also, I promise this isn't a schizo post. I just really like the art of streaming, especially for Destiny's content, and I want to share that enthusiasm. I like judging & reviewing streams for fun ok, similar to how YourMovieSucks reviews films or your usual video essay writer reviewing some obscure game.
Side note: I use variety streamer and Let's Player somewhat interchangeably. YouTube clips are not used, with good or bad effect.
One last thing - it's unfortunate that old stream memes on the main channel, like the Destiny I tournament and old playthroughs, like Dark souls III and DOOM (2016), have been unlisted. If possible, it would be cool to see them unlisted on a public playlist or uploaded on a spare channel of some sort, thank you.
[Serious discussion] & a Wall of text below
The legend of the hunt and the history surrounding it:
Today is March 12th, the anniversary of the StarCraft 2 achievement hunt, a marathon which ended on March 15th. Five years have passed since then. Time flies, life changes. This hunt is truly one of the most unique streams Destiny has ever done. In the widespread streaming landscape, the hunt may be comparable to major, innovative streams like Jerma's Dollhouse, green screen, or Baseball game.
This StarCraft 2 (SC2) achievement hunt is the epitome of how hardcore Destiny can be as a gamer. This hunt alone might make Destiny the #1 Brutal difficulty, 100% SC2 trilogy achievement speedrunner, even to this day. Correct me if I'm wrong on that. In fact, correct me if I'm wrong on anything here as I don't follow the stream much nowadays and I might not have the most thorough knowledge of DGG history.
Destiny stayed up for multiple nights to win $10,000, ending with a lead slightly over 12 hours ahead of the similarly hardcore competition. This feat of endurance mixed with perseverance, which is certainly unhealthy, is one that he hasn't matched after. In the aftermath, Steven would donate $500 to Neuro and Winter, respectively. He also lost five pounds of the course of the hunt as he did not eat very much. One of the strategies for perseverance was also mentioned whilst playing the hunt - doing each mission on Brutal on the way through, no returns to past missions. On top of all this, this is a very comfy, yet brief, Terraria stream.
I consider the SC2 achievement hunt to be among his best and most significant streams, not just for the aforementioned endeavors, but because it is within the epicenter of a stylistic change in streaming. One might say it was influential and predictive in hindsight. I say all of this even though Destiny does not convey a plethora of substantial commentary throughout the hunt, although you might get abrupt remarks as a replacement. It is for that reason, with a note that may seem contradictory, that I don't really recommend a typical viewer to watch the entire series. At its fusion core, this is just SC2 gameplay with commentary that slowly tapers off, for an understandable reason, of course. I recommend watching this if you enjoy long form variety streams/SC2 without any immediate commentary, and if your musical taste allows for an external, repeating playlist in the background.
As it would turn out, the SC2 achievement streams gave a glimpse into Destiny's modern style of streaming. I would almost argue that the entity known as "Nebraska Steve" shortly departed after this event. That would be an exaggeration, but perhaps not from the point of view of a stream purist, so to speak.
There is a long streak of 2017 and 2018 streams which preview the current style of streaming from late 2018 to today. Starting with Nier: Automata, all the way to the start of the Hollow Knight streams. This range of streams is wide, although, as many know now, they're usually broken up by stretches of League streams. To give an idea of the time span for this range of streams, he started his Nier playthrough on December 18th, 2017 and finished it on February 4th, 2018. Hollow Knight was played and finished late September 2018.
Additionally, Destiny would start to IRL stream much more during this period as well. The Seattle streams were the first major IRL arc where IRL was the focus of an event over multiple days, if I recall correctly. By extension, he would go on to do the Idaho trip with one of his Discord mods, Khare, (with a Total Biscuit shoutout RIP), E3, and Nevada trip with Devin. Then make the choice to move to Los Angeles for IRL opportunities and so on. On top of this, the first dedicated YouTube and Hasan streams would occur. The 2018 YouTube streams are one of the major blueprints for Destiny’s modern style of streaming. The 2018 YouTube arc put the current style as the main focus for the future of DGG content and into full speed.
Apparently, this sort of IRL content, especially of the restaurant kind, was not planned back in 2016. Moreover, Destiny is one of the earliest IRL, cooking (if anyone remembers the hash brown (and egg?) stream), music, painting, and Just Chatting (alongside politics) broadcasters. Not to mention the other innovations Destiny has introduced into the broadcasting scene, including his website and text-to-speech notifications. Furthermore, he's not just influential in breaking the bounds of how we think about streaming, but in promoting the quality of the live broadcast.
Not to mention, Destiny's political ventures started to shine more around this point of time. The December 31st, 2017 5v1 debate was an immense event and way to end the year, the one day where Destiny definitively dominated LivestreamFail.
Following that event, notable memer Micspam took up a conversation with Destiny advising him to stay away from debates with online personalities who don't care for serious debate and focus on more serious analysis. Around the same stream session, Destiny mentioned he would take a break from debates and was exhausted after going all out on the 5v1. Following this was a brief comment on taking a vacation, perhaps an indication of the upcoming IRL streams that year.
Similarly, there has been at least one notable, recent post and comment asking Destiny to revisit politics. Assuming Destiny really is taking a step back from politics and focusing on drama nowadays, I can't help but feel that history is rhyming with itself here, maybe just a little bit, you tell me. (By the way, this isn't exactly why I am a micspam fan.)
Going back to Nier, this playthrough demonstrates the type of Let's Play that Destiny was known for. It's very typical, however it has Destiny's token tenacity represented, as he plays the entire game on the hardest difficulty. There are periods where Destiny goes on long back and forth discussions with his chatroom. Generally, there are few outside interruptions. There are calls with BadBunny during the first sessions of the game, but they aren't completely interjecting the main event nor are they entirely sudden. Nier is still the focus and BadBunny was collaborating with Destiny in a way.
Hollow Knight is similar, but with a twist. The Hollow Knight vods exist but are fragmented. The main channel only has highlights, but are indicative of the trend the stream would take. This Let's Play would have markedly a different atmosphere than the Nier playthrough. Hollow Knight would show Destiny taking Discord calls and debates while playing (LOUD VOLUME WARNING). Here's a call about debate prep. A debate about Sam Harris. Another Sam Harris debate. This is likely the first time he's done these non-viewer conversations on a regular basis while doing a Story-based, single-player Let's Play.
Furthermore, Destiny initially started They Are Billions as a playthrough with only himself and the chatroom. In fact, this game was teased to be played during the SC2 achievement hunt. Soon after, Devin Nash, known for various antics, would commence what was a six hour call. Although I've demonstrated a sort of animosity towards call-ins, I feel this one is truly unique for a couple of reasons. Obviously, it is six hours long, this has to be one of his longest conversations in the history of the stream, up there with the XJ9 journey. Secondly, it very likely led to Devin rooming with Destiny for a short time in Nebraska, which is one of the few instances where an outside personality collaborates with him in this way. The takeaway is that this is a definite call-in that was caught in the middle of a variety gaming stream. I also consider the Devin Nebraska streams to be creative and unconventional across the broadcasting scene as a whole.
The trend of calls during Let's Plays, especially during Hollow Knight, arguably started gaining traction during the SC2 hunt. From what I could find, Destiny took at least 1 call from YourPrincess (whom I learned this sub now dislikes), very much akin to his call on the last episode of his Nier playthrough. Those calls by YourPrincess might have snowballed into open calls and then further to the modern environment of Destiny's stream. Admittedly, this is likely a massive oversimplification as other events have had minor sudden call-ins or brief periods of react content, but I can't recall online personalities going in and out of calls with Destiny during the Nier Let's Play or in earlier story-based, single-player playthroughs of Final Fantasy XV and The Last of Us. So I predict that it's around early 2018, around this arc, that ignited open calls and other external media during Let's Plays. If it wasn't the SC2 achievement hunt, then it might have been They Are Billions, another variety stream I've yet to recall, or the gradual diffusion of call-ins from games like League of Legends and Factorio to variety gaming. As always, correct me if I'm wrong. Additionally, you've now seen the basic origins for modern, background stream games like Factorio and They Are Billions linked. Although, that's not the actual first Factorio stream.
There are small exceptions to Steven's old style of content that come to mind: his XCOM 2, Dark Souls III, and DOOM (2016) playthroughs, for example. Although the discussions from those Let's Plays were improvised with stream viewers, which meant that this was a more in-depth way of engaging his community as opposed to outside guests, and did not show a trend of sudden (open) calls or dominant talk shows within the next streak of Steve's 2016-2017 Let's Plays. This resulted in an uncommon style of variety gaming that I haven't seen put into action since. Variety gaming streamers of many sorts will never do this. An impressive innovation in communicating with a community that has gone under the radar, unnoticed beyond the DGG faction, and a natural evolution of Steven's streaming style.
From Hollow Knight and on, Destiny would have outside calls, videos, or talk shows occasionally cross over while doing a story-based, single-player Let's Play. Not to mention, these have been consistently found on stream as his main style of content for a few years now. Subnautica is an early example of this, including the sports debate if anyone remembers this one, as the VOD does not seem to exist. Frostpunk is a possible example as it was the background game where MrMouton summoned Destiny for a rap battle. Cyberpunk 2077, Sekiro, and the recent DOOM Eternal DLC are recent examples that come to mind.
NOTE: the vault has made its videos private to keep the channel up, so some of these VODs are unavailable - I will leave the links here anyway.
His Let's Plays would also become increasingly more uncommon. I like to think that the SC2 hunt was so intense that it burned him out on doing the usual type of Let's Play regularly since then. Similar to stepping away from debates after the December 31st, 2017 5v1.
Side note: one interesting thing about the SC2 hunt is that it's hard to classify it. Is it primarily a story-based, single-player Let's Play like Witcher 3? Or more like a playthrough of a management or simulation game like Factorio? A multiplayer session of SC2 without direct competition? A tournament? Speedrun? Maybe it's all of them? Destiny has taken calls while playing multiplayer SC2 before, but I think it's fair to say that external call-ins, especially by guests who are not involved with the game, are rare in all of these single-player genres of playthroughs throughout the space of gaming content.
Additionally, the SC2 hunt has external music in the background, which is similar to Steven's streams with ARPGs like Path of Exile, MOBAs, and perhaps MMOs like OSRS. Even stream games that other variety gamers play, like Rimworld, which are usually silent or accompanied by the original soundtrack if you view other variety gamers like Vinny of Vinesauce, VargskelethoJoel of Vinesauce, or Northernlion, have had music requests on Destiny's side. Overall, an atmosphere like the SC2 hunt can allow for tunes in the background, even if I'm not a big fan of them. For certain games, there's definitely an ambiguous rule of thumb whether or not external music is allowed while it's played.
Highlights/mildly entertaining comments from the SC2 hunt:
Doesn't have every possible highlight, but this section has some stuff that caught my interest.
A thread predicting the tournament standings
A thread declaring Destiny the victor
Destiny hums that one sax song, Confessions part 3, at one point. I wrote about the meaning of this song being on stream for some reason, wow
Comments on YouTube growth and HDStarCraft
Comments on marriage (sequel to Nier)
Comments on streaming platforms (including YouTube)
Comments on Core audience
fast vehicle not important but an interesting observation idk
what this stream means to a viewer. I really do think streams can help us push forward in some way. Great response by Steven too.
Donator goes crazy
Comments on his initial thoughts going into the hunt
Responding to an affectionate donator
Stealing speedrun strats
On avoiding sleep
A spur of intense competition followed by DANKMEMES
Top 3 control
quick meme
YEE boi
nice meme
The void ray
like watching league of legends
chefs kiss
vacation comments return
an oddly honest answer
Nathan sends a donation
an old meme
a name chanting ritual with destiny watching himself for some reason
Hallucinations on par with Huk's void rays
A speedrunning crossover
The throwback
a dual BM response to Raynor
the early roots of THE meme
a big dono before the last run
a brief return to reality
available for the eu region
The aftermath:
dream's end
a look back
a very familiar shoutout
reaction test
and the rest is the outro, with interesting bits. It would be redundant to link them.
oh, and there were a ton of donations throughout the hunt asking him to play League :)
Why all of this matters:
This all brings me to say that Destiny, when the conditions are right, is up there with the finest variety streamers on the internet. This is in consideration of his stream production, gameplay, and community engagement. This is also in observation of Steven's colossal, genre-defining, and foundational innovations throughout the 2010s compared to his advancements in the last few years. In my opinion, all of these factors have changed over time, from the 2015 streams to now. And yes, this is even considering his Wolfenstein II and Undertale playthrough. The SC2 achievement hunt, after all, was near the eye of the storm when these aspects of the stream underwent a slow transformation.
I find that it's hard to get those conditions to be right nowadays. As calls with extra personalities, or external media can take away from reflecting on the events on stream/game being played, prevents extensive engagement with chat, and can end up with too much extra fluff to pay attention to, which becomes quite intrusive. Not just for Let's Plays, but in general. Aris/AvoidingThePuddle explains this very well here. Northernlion also has a lengthier commentary on this sort of thing and a comedic take on certain stream games. 2016 Destiny briefly touches on having groups on stream, as well. However, I would be receptive to the argument that a community teamspeak is different from the talk show and react format that is usually seen in recent times.
That's not to say that groups/duos can't work. I do think duos/groups like Slowbeef and Diabetus of Retsupurae; Woolie and Reggie; the Super Best Friends being Matt, Pat, and Woolie; Northernlion with his friends, and AdumPlaze (AKA YourMovieSucks/YMS) with his crew can work though. But these duos/groups are usually focused on the game or on making the stream more entertaining, whereas the calls on stream are broad in topic. I would like to highlight that Adum and his friends, including Scoots and LW, can provide some of the most interesting commentary, through a black comedy lens, out there.
With that said, the Halo co-op Let's Plays with MrMouton are pretty good and many past streams with Kyle are vintage Here's a timestamp with me chatting in another old kyle video, so you know I'm a boomer. This is written in remembrance of a lot of co-op opportunities that have perished over the years due to neglected bridges, RIP. Side note, it would also be cool to see Destiny revisit 2020 playthroughs with Final Fantasy VII Remake or Doom Eternal on the hardest difficulty.
I'd like to quickly note that although there's a focus on variety streaming within this essay, I also believe that the old style in past chatting videos like this snack review, tips for not getting mad, this promotional clip, or the search for boobie streamers are some of the greatest videos Destiny has ever done with a cheeky sense of comedy that's rare to find for current content. Other brief comments are great too like this one describing Chanman with Reckful nearby or in this BlizzCon video with TaKeTV. Sometimes there were odd adventures with computer problems and learning piano or entire videos dedicated to breakfast foods. The old IRL stuff wasn't that bad too, when it was at PAX East, a bank although this one isn't headlined by Steven, but rather by Erisann, Seattle, or in the Seattle sequel.
Dynamic moments (VOLUME WARNING) like this single kill, double kill, or this quad kill stand out as a mixture of hype and hilarity.
Seriously, this is all on par with some of the best streamers in terms of improvisational commentary. Examples like these are why I personally believe the old style surpasses the modern style for variety and chatting streams. There's another comedic video I'd really like to show off, but it was (very likely) unlisted due to low viewership, if anyone really wants to see it, I'll send a link.
Finally, this is my favorite Destiny video of all time. I earnestly believe this is his greatest video on the entire channel and in the history of his craft. My second favorite of his video catalogue being the snack review.
In recent times, Destiny has put aside his Let's Plays for talk shows, which is expected. Steven did bring talk shows very much into the meta of Twitch, it's a large part of his legacy as he is a top arbiter of the Just Chatting style. Yet, I can't help but feel that the old style of variety streaming was sacrificed for this style of talk show/just chatting streams.
I feel that it's not hyperbole when I say that his departure from the variety streaming realm is akin to the Super Best Friends breaking up or Vinny taking a break from streaming. I genuinely feel that the internet has lost an impeccable Let's Player and an exemplary streamer from the departure of Nebraska Steve. As a result, I struggle to find a reason why I should watch modern Destiny over other exceptional streamers like Northernlion, Jerma, Aris/AvoidingThePuddle, Charborg, or one of Destiny's fellow friends - AdumPlaze. That would not be the case back in 2015-2018.
However, Destiny's contemporary content has been significantly popular, which means that there are many new viewers here who have the possible interest and opportunity to view all the hidden gems beneath Destiny's ancient material. I strongly encourage anyone who has managed to read this to revisit the relics of Destiny's past, and I can even try to provide recommendations to that effect. Destiny's old content remains as one of my largest influences to this day and has made me reflect on various subjects of the essential and inane sort. As an appreciator of the live medium, I still see the StarCraft 2 achievement hunt as a legendary stream across the entirety of the broadcasting scene. With all of that said, I hope those who enjoy him in the present-day enjoy him as much as I did back then.
A bonus meme for the DGG history nerds and a summary of the 2015-2018 DGG stream history and why it was the golden age of the stream:
Disclaimer: I have not regularly watched since mid 2020, but I keep up with the stream on occasion. I'm creating this post as a fan of the stream.
Weird bonus meme I thought of for some reason: There’s a secret myth about DestinyGG, unknown even to its creators. Since 2018, all chat logs for Twitch streams have been deleted. This is not the case for DGG logs. Buried under the years of recorded messages, laid upon DGG, lies one of the most inspirational poems ever written. Naturally crafted by successive, arbitrary lines of text from distinct users. The question is... is anyone willing to find it?
TL;DR: 2015-2018 is great because 2015-2016 has streaming styles of high quality, to the point of being ahead of their time. 2017 is a massive innovation in streaming by Destiny introducing consistent political discussions. 2018 expanded on 2017 by expanding the settings Destiny can operate in, by setting the tone of streaming from 2019-2022, and has performed this style the most proficiently.
2015-2018 is the greatest period of Destiny's stream. Streams prior to 2014-2015 were pretty normal but, of course, there are memorable highlights, like the Destiny I tournament, from that period. However, there are not many long-form DGG VODs or videos of broad topics before 2015, unless you count a compilation of the individual SC2 games on RememberTomorrow0 as a replacement for a VOD. 2014 especially lacks widespread documentation.
2015: Destiny transitioned into variety gaming and immediately did it near flawlessly. His Witcher 3 playthrough showcases a mastery in streaming and in Let's Plays. On rare occasions, he takes part in political discussions while playing Witcher 3. Whatever happened in 2014 developed Destiny to become one of the best, if not the absolute best, variety streamers on arrival. Day Z, EVE Online, and CSGO might be the key to being a great variety gamer (it's not, but it's interesting to think it is).
2016: Destiny expands his sights on variety gaming mixed with unmatched community engagement and gradually implements political debates during them. Again, a master class in the fundamentals of streaming, while slowly cultivating a new style. This year is not the originator of stream debates, but does show when they would become more consistent.
2017: Destiny fully implements politics, amongst other discussions, into his stream and effectively revolutionizes how we think of gaming streams alongside politics. LSF dominance is present. Dungeons & Dragons also begins. Destiny's involvement in this year is the reason why political streamers today have a career. This is a degree of innovation that is on par with the crazy shenanigans Jerma985 creates. I can't think of anyone having Destiny's 2017 style of discussions + standard streaming before that year.
2017 Bonus - This year arguably has the most iconic composition challenge.
2018: Destiny expands his political ventures and goes into IRL. He does unique events like hanging out with Devin extensively, the SC2 achievement hunt, and the shroom trip. Talk shows and podcasts are done in full force - the beginnings of the Unfiltered podcast would lead to talk shows on PKA, Scuffed, with Luxxbunny and Natsumiii, and with imaqtpie and Scarra. Destiny interacts with his IRL guests, from Girlwithyellowspoon to Bad Bunny, with impeccable comedy or outright interesting interactions. YouTube streams define his content from this point on. His memes reach critical mass through hog squeezing and the gnome terror. Destiny briefly and unexpectedly reaches 8k viewers. I am not the most appreciative of Destiny 2018 style, but it's undeniable this year is full of influence and that he was hella smooth during this year.
(I know not everyone likes those aforementioned unique events, but they stand out nonetheless.)
The current style of Steven's stream, from this year to the modern day, originates from here and has stayed the course. A lot of modern conflict goes back to this year or earlier. I would argue that the current style of streaming was done best and exceptionally well back in 2018. The primary downside of every year is the presence of filler such as League of Legends and so on.
If you enjoy Destiny's stream now, you will enjoy his 2018 highlights. I encourage any modern viewer to take a look back at his old, phenomenal material. As always, I hope those who enjoy him now enjoy him as much as I did back then.
Thanks for reading.
RIP Total Biscuit, Incontrol, and Reckful.
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2023.03.12 16:01 still_a_muggle Weekly Round Up: March 6th - March 12th

Weekly Round Up: March 6th - March 12th

Weekly Round Up: March 6th - March 12th

Previous thread: February 27th - March 5th
If in case you missed any news, official posts, SNS mentions, milestones, or if you're curious to know what the sub has been talking about lately, this round up is a compilation of all of that and more. How can you find the weekly round up? There's a link on the /bangtan's sidebar, as well as a link to the archive of past round-up posts in the wiki index.


WE ARE BULLETPROOF: Jimin went live for another DIY crafting time, and to share a funny TMI, visiting Jin, Suchwita, and a cryptic hint about his album. In another episode of "Tannies Going Live with their Pets", we got Taehyung with Yeontan showing us how to charm everyone watching in a short amount of time.
We have reached peak "Yoongi is a Cat" as he celebrated his birthday with a Cat-themed bday live, complete with the members commenting and - of course - a couple of "Yoongi Marry Me!" (back of the line, Jungkook!) from the members. Everyone got to greet him happy birthday, including his only hyung (who'll be his same-age friend for the next 9 months).

IDOL: We got announcement updates for the Japan leg of SUGA/AGUST-D's concert tour. In anticipation of Jimin's first album, his songs Promise and Christmas Love became available in all streaming platforms now. Teasers for a surprise collab between RM and So!YoON were released this week, and wow (as in wow he looks cool, and wow we have so much stuff going on, yet again).
Speaking of wow, we got Jimin's concept photos. And Hobi quickly made sure to represent everyone's reactions for each of the versions, to show his support.

BTS IN THE SUB: Sometimes they interact with each other and with ARMY so casually and with much affection (and with a lot of inside jokes) that I very briefly forget they're really big, talented artists - until we get flooded with all these impressive teasers and announcements.

STILL WITH YOU: It's now 660 days until they are past the edge of cold winter. But until their snowpiercer comes to pick us up, let's stay here a little longer...
🌸 🚂 🚉 ❄️
⟬⟭ 🐹: 457 🐿 🐱🐨🐥🐯🐰


Date Thread
230309 Happy SUGA day! [Birthday Compilation thread] - 2023


Date Thread
230306 Star News: BTS J-Hope and Jay Park..."Drive" before joining the military.
230306 BIGHIT MUSIC: Christmas Love, Promise Official Release
230308 RM will feature on So!YoON!’s 2nd Album ‘Episode1 : Love’
230309 Yonhap News: BTS Suga donates 100 million won to emergency relief in Turkey and Syria for his birthday
230309 [Weverse ONLY] j-hope IN THE BOX commentary has been submitted for review
230309 “on the street” by j-hope (with J. Cole) has won first place on this week’s M COUNTDOWN!
230310 BTS’ wins at the 2023 Japan Gold Disc Awards
230310 SUGA / Agust D TOUR in JAPAN ARMY Membership (GLOBAL/USA) Holder Advance Raffle Entry Information
230310 SPO TV News: [Exclusive] BTS Suga-IU meet again... 'Dream Collaboration' Again [UNCONFIRMED]
230310 BTS RM & j-hope’s wins at the Korean Hiphop Awards 2023
230310 V will be the cover star for ELLE Korea’s April 2023 issue
230312 Jimin will be on the cover of AERA magazine's 4/3 issue (released on Monday 3/27)


Date Thread
230312 Special Gifts & Event for Jimin Solo Album [FACE] Weverse Shop Customers!


Type Date Link Thread
Photos 230307 ‘on the street’ MV Photo Sketch Thread
Teaser 230308 Jimin - FACE (Mood Photo) Thread
Teaser 230308 So!YoON! - Smoke Sprite (feat. RM of BTS) Teaser Thread
Teaser 230310 Jimin - FACE (Concept Photo Hardware ver. 1) Thread
Teaser 230310 Jimin - FACE (Concept Photo Hardware ver. 2) Thread
Teaser 230310 Jimin - FACE (Concept Photo Hardware ver. 3) Thread
Photos 230310 BIGHIT MUSIC Naver Post: Me, Myself, and SUGA Behind Post Thread
Teaser 230310 So!YoON! 'Smoke Sprite' (feat. RM of BTS) Teaser 2 Thread
Variety 230310 Prime Video: Jinny's Kitchen Episode 3 Thread
Teaser 230311 Jimin - FACE (Concept Photo Software ver. 1) Thread
Teaser 230311 Jimin - FACE (Concept Photo Software ver. 2) Thread
Teaser 230311 Jimin - FACE (Concept Photo Software ver. 3) Thread
Photos 230311 ‘on the street MV -hope, right here Thread
Video 230312 Me, Myself, and SUGA ‘Wholly or Whole me’ Concept Film Full ver. Thread
Teaser 230312 Jimin 'FACE' Emotion Of The Day Thread


NOTE: Entries with 💜 have new content directly involving BTS
Date 💜 Thread
230306 💜 channel fullmoon: Jinny’s Kitchen EP. 3 Preview
230307 💜 VOGUE Korea: Jimin for April 2023 issue covers
230308 Run BTS)' - BTS Island: In the SEOM Ver.
230309 Now is All the Tracks: Episode 1 – Dreamers
230310 💜 BTS Japan Official: Message from SUGA
230310 BTS Island: In the SEOM - BTS’ forever leader 💜 RM’s RunBTS Challenge (Practice Room ver.)
230310 💜 The Seasons - Park Jaebeom's Drive
230311 7FATES: CHAKHO - Episode 42
230311 ELLE Korea: V is coming


Date SNS Link Thread
230306 IG Stories Compilation (j-hope: 3; V: 1) Thread
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230311 Weverse Compilation (j-hope: 1) Thread
230311 IG Jimin Thread
230311 IG Jimin (2) Thread
230311 IG Stories Compilation (j-hope: 1) Thread
230312 IG Stories Compilation (RM: 2) Thread


Date CF/Partnership Thread
230308 SimInvest SIMple Version
230310 LEGO Can't get enough of the LEGO Ideas BTS Dynamite Set?


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230307 Vogue Spain RM, leader of BTS: “If I died tonight, I think nothing would change. A farmer or a street sweeper is more relevant to the functioning of society Thread
230307 EFE BTS leader isn't thinking about future, but would like to work with Rosalía Thread
230310 Weverse Magazine Jinny’s Kitchen is open for business! Thread


NOTE: Entries with 💜 have new content directly involving BTS
Date 💜 Link Thread
230306 💜 Vogue Korea Editor-in-Chief Kwangho Shin Thread
230307 💜 Sexyama Thread
230307 The Tonight Show: Launch the Mic like DYNAMITE! Thread
230308 (Dancer) Honey J Thread
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Type 💜 Date Link Thread
Video 230308 GO! Billy Korean: Why is SUGA's Korean so Impossible to Understand? Thread
Cover 230309 NEURON CREW: Shimmy Shimmy Ya x What If Thread
Video 230309 TXT Taehyun & Yeonjun with SUGA on TikTok - Happy Fools dance challenge Thread
Video 230309 Jay Park & j-hope on TikTok - Blue Check & On The Street Challenge Thread
Video 💜 230311 Prime Video Singapore: Jinny’s Kitchen Cast Loves Chilli Crab Thread


Type Date Thread
Streams 230306 'Hope World' is j-hope's first album to surpass 500 million streams on Spotify
Charts/Sales 230306 “Christmas Love” & “Promise” on US iTunes
Streams 230307 "Stay Alive" has now surpassed 200 million streams on Spotify
Charts/Sales 230307 Jimin simultaneously occupies the Top 2 on the Worldwide iTunes Song Chart with "Promise" and "Christmas Love"
Charts/Sales 230307 “Promise" debuts as the top new entry at #167 on the global Spotify chart.
Charts/Sales 230309 "VIBE" has surpassed 100 million digital points on Circle (Gaon)
Charts/Sales 230310 "on the street" has been added to Spotify's Today's Top Hits playlist at #30
Charts/Sales 230310 “MAP OF THE SOUL : 7 ” has been certified RIAJ Million for selling over 1,000,000 copies
Streams 230310 Guinness World Records: K-pop legends BTS reach 31 billion streams on Spotify to smash own record
Charts/Sales 230310 "on the street" debuts inside the Top 40 of the UK Official Singles Chart at #37!
Charts/Sales 230311 "on the street" debuts at #25 on Spotify Weekly Chart with 17,471,086 streams
Streams 230311 Spotify Milestones Compilation
Charts/Sales 230311 “on the street" has now sold over 100,000 units in the US.


Date Thread
230307 CHIMMY’s ready for spring now
230308 INSIDE MANG - EP 02.
230309 ᕦ( ᐛ )ᕡ
230310 TikTok
230311 TikTok Live - BT21 Universe Season 1~2
230311 ▼ ・ᴥ・ ▼

BT21 CFs & Partnerships

Date Thread
230307 Enjoy up to 70% OFF
230309 Mcdonald Philippines: 'Ikyk. Do you? Coming April 2023'
230310 The Crème Shop: NEW BT21 BABY KLEAN BEAUTY


Date Thread
230307 [REWATCH] RUN BTS! Episode 36
230308 Flash Charity Campaign for Yoongi's Birthday
230308 'That That' is now featured in a Fortnite emote!
230308 BTS was one of the clues for the category, “Fans of the Singer”, on tonight’s episode of Jeopardy
230309 Bandwagon Asia: SE SO NEON's So!YoON! talks new album Episode1: Love, co-writing with BTS RM, and stepping up as a soloist
230310 Today in 2020, BTS' 'MAP OF THE SOUL: 7' debuted at #1 on the Billboard 200. It's the fastest selling Korean album in US history.
230310 Tablo Reveals that Haru was at Suchwita Taping so that She Could Ask Suga Questions for her School Report
230310 ENHYPEN’s Heeseung spoke about how kind j-hope was when they were filming the “on the street” dance challenge together
230310 Chris Martin had a wootteo badge on his shirt while performing at Coldplay’s first show of 2023 in São Paulo
230311 4 years ago today, Epik High released their 2nd EP ‘sleepless in __________’, which includes the track “Eternal Sunshine” produced by SUGA
230311 Yuzuru Hanyu’s “notte stellata” show: Skating to Dynamite
230312 Soompi: HYBE Announces Withdrawal From SM Acquisition After Coming To Agreement With Kakao


Community Posts


Upvotes Submitter Thread
114 SophisticatedCelery Bangtan Perfumes I found so far
102 Next_Grapefruit_3206 Do you think you would find and love BTS today, regardless of when you first discovered them and became a fan?
75 Samy_127 Do you guys think any of the members will attend the met gala?
72 strawberrishotokeki older fan listening to bts again :) looking for recommendations!
63 veedlethewizard What are your top 5 videos to introduce people to BTS?



Submitter Thread
lra420 Drawing bts badly until 2025 -Day 84, 85, 86, 87, 88, 89, 90
incogngro Happy birthday Yoongi
tinyvent Joonie
Specialist-Push8553 Kim Seokjin, Kim Namjoon
apricot_princxss happy birthday yoongi
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2023.03.08 21:51 putross KICK CLIPS COMMUNITY r/KickShorts

im making a place for kick clips since it seems they dont get enough love on LSF
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2023.03.04 16:16 AccGtHck I love seeing YRG members step up in lsf reddit.

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2023.03.02 23:23 Zaynxtdoor_ LSF Planning to report DEO/YRG reddit’s and discords

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2023.03.02 15:19 juicylemonhead message to sennyk4 redditors

hello, lsf is dogshit. this reddit is better. when there are a lot of posts here, senny spends less time looking through lsf. lets up our game and post more here so we get longer sennyk4 reddit segments and less lsf ft sennys dumb takes. kind regards juicylemonhead
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2023.02.21 23:48 TrackaLacker Swim Ruched T Shirt - Turquoise - XXS and 62 other listings are in stock at Skims

Swim Ruched T Shirt - Turquoise - XXS Swim Ruched T Shirt - Turquoise - XS Swim Ruched T Shirt - Turquoise - S Swim Ruched T Shirt - Turquoise - M Swim Ruched T Shirt - Turquoise - L Swim Ruched T Shirt - Turquoise - XL Swim Ruched T Shirt - Turquoise - 2X Swim Ruched T Shirt - Turquoise - 3X Swim Ruched T Shirt - Turquoise - 4X Swim Ruched T Shirt - Ochre - XXS Swim Ruched T Shirt - Ochre - XS Swim Ruched T Shirt - Ochre - S Swim Ruched T Shirt - Ochre - M Swim Ruched T Shirt - Ochre - L Swim Ruched T Shirt - Ochre - XL Swim Ruched T Shirt - Ochre - 2X Swim Ruched T Shirt - Ochre - 3X Swim Ruched T Shirt - Ochre - 4X Swim Ruched T Shirt - Almond - XXS Swim Ruched T Shirt - Almond - XS Swim Ruched T Shirt - Almond - S Swim Ruched T Shirt - Almond - M Swim Ruched T Shirt - Almond - L Swim Ruched T Shirt - Almond - XL Swim Ruched T Shirt - Almond - 2X Swim Ruched T Shirt - Almond - 3X Swim Ruched T Shirt - Almond - 4X Swim Ruched T Shirt - Cocoa - XXS Swim Ruched T Shirt - Cocoa - XS Swim Ruched T Shirt - Cocoa - S Swim Ruched T Shirt - Cocoa - M Swim Ruched T Shirt - Cocoa - L Swim Ruched T Shirt - Cocoa - XL Swim Ruched T Shirt - Cocoa - 2X Swim Ruched T Shirt - Cocoa - 3X Swim Ruched T Shirt - Cocoa - 4X Swim Ruched T Shirt - Gunmetal - XXS Swim Ruched T Shirt - Gunmetal - XS Swim Ruched T Shirt - Gunmetal - S Swim Ruched T Shirt - Gunmetal - M Swim Ruched T Shirt - Gunmetal - L Swim Ruched T Shirt - Gunmetal - XL Swim Ruched T Shirt - Gunmetal - 2X Swim Ruched T Shirt - Gunmetal - 3X Swim Ruched T Shirt - Gunmetal - 4X Swim Ruched T Shirt - Onyx - XXS Swim Ruched T Shirt - Onyx - XS Swim Ruched T Shirt - Onyx - S Swim Ruched T Shirt - Onyx - M Swim Ruched T Shirt - Onyx - L Swim Ruched T Shirt - Onyx - XL Swim Ruched T Shirt - Onyx - 2X Swim Ruched T Shirt - Onyx - 3X Swim Ruched T Shirt - Onyx - 4X Swim Ruched T Shirt - Neon Green - XXS Swim Ruched T Shirt - Neon Green - XS Swim Ruched T Shirt - Neon Green - S Swim Ruched T Shirt - Neon Green - M Swim Ruched T Shirt - Neon Green - L Swim Ruched T Shirt - Neon Green - XL Swim Ruched T Shirt - Neon Green - 2X Swim Ruched T Shirt - Neon Green - 3X Swim Ruched T Shirt - Neon Green - 4X
As of 02/21/23 05:47 PM EST
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2023.02.07 14:32 Asleep_Swing2979 BabyMonster's promotion is really basic but it's extremely effective. And I have no idea why.

A lot of discussions surrounding BabyMonster's upcoming debut are focused on their ages and there have been dozens of posts about it, so I won't rehash the same conversation. Instead I want to talk about their promotion and teasers. From the comments I've seen on Reddit it seems a lot of K-pop fans think that YG Ent. is using an outdated and basic teaser concept. And while I don't necessarily disagree with that notion, it's hard to deny how extremely effective their promotion has been.
The first video teaser has 30M views on YouTube and it's basically just YG talking for half of it with 3 glimpses of actual BabyMonster members. If his narcissistic ass could stay out of the spotlight and the video had just Blackpink, Winner and AKMU members talking instead of him, the public reaction would have been way more positive and the teaser would have probably gotten 50M+ views.
But even the members' individual teasers have accumulated more than 10M views each. And the videos are just live performances in black and white. No fancy props, no backup dancers, no stage outfits. I've seen Instagram stories of my friends with higher production value. Pharita's teaser was released 5 days ago and it has 10M views as of right now.
Just to underscore how actually crazy those numbers are, let's compare them to teasers of other girl groups from Big 4 that debuted within the last year. Since NewJeans didn't have any real promo and dropped a surprise M/V, I will be using promotions of Le Sserafim and Nmixx.
The most-viewed teaser from Le Sserafim was Sakura's with 5.4M views. Other members' teasers had between 2.3M and 5.1M views. Also they were all posted on HYBE's official YT channel that has almost 70M subscribers, it's the same channel that hosts BTS' M/Vs. For comparison, BabyMonster's teasers were posted on YG Entertainment's official YT channel that is rarely active and has only 7.3M subscribers (almost all YG groups use their own YT channels instead of company's).
Nmixx had a similar concept as BabyMonster, where they posted a lot of individual videos highlighting members' talents and skills. They also had a group teaser on JYP Entertainment's official YT channel that got 7.1M views. Their individual promotional videos did extremely well with Lily's and Haewon's cover being the most popular one (8.7M views).
I'm honestly not sure what the explanation is behind BabyMonster's teasers having such insane numbers. Because arguably HYBE and JYP were and still are bigger companies than YG and also have the company stans, and their girl groups were incredibly hyped up as well. Le Sserafim literally had 2 ex-Iz*one members in the lineup, and more importantly the general public perception of LSF and Nmixx pre-debut was way more positive than of BabyMonster. The difference is especially staggering if we take into consideration the fact that all of BabyMonster's teasers are less than 1 month old, compared to LSF and Nmixx ones that have been up for more than 6 months by now. I'm assuming that all of BabyMonster individual teasers will keep racking up views since nobody knows when they will actually debut, it could be months till that day.
I'm curious if any of you have a plausible explanation for this, because across all the teaser videos that were released on YouTube within the last month BabyMonster already gained 100M+ views. And while all the members are extremely talented, it's basically just videos of their monthly evaluations with a better lighting and black & white filter added.
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2023.02.05 12:28 TomHale Procedure to test Critical/Functional Threshold Power to set Garmin Running Power Zones

One of the great features of Stryd is that it automatically works out the Critical Power / Functional Threshold Power.
But it's possible to calculate the same in pure Garmin-land, if you have one of the following watches (as at 2023-02-05) - Forerunner® 255 - Forerunner® 955 - fēnix® 7 - epix™ (Gen 2) - Enduro™ 2
If you don't have one of these watches (or just want much better power estimates), hook up with one of these: - HRM-Pro - HRM-Pro Plus - HRM-Tri - HRM-Run - Running dynamics pod (cheap but no heart rate data)
Use the Palladino Power Project CP/FTP test protocol. It involves a 3 minute all-out run, 30+ minute rest, and a 10+ minute all-out run.
In one of the videos linked in the doc, it says that the long test of 10 mins is the minimum and marginal in terms of the results it gives. The longer the long test you do, the better - the default is set at 10 because many people just don't have the capacity to do longer.
Before you do the test, note the elevation, temperature and relative humidity.
After you execute the test protocol, extract your average power for each test segment, and the ascent and descent.
For processing the results, use the "SuperPower Calculator - sheets version" linked in the test procedure -- it is more advanced, allowing inputs of ascent/descent, elevation, temperature and relative humidity.
Take your shiny new CP/FTP value, and navigate through the Connect app:
Device -> User Profile -> Heart Rate & Power Zones -> Power -> Running -> Threshold Power
Enter your CP/FTP value... profit! 🏃‍♂️🏃🏃‍♀️🌟🏆👟
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2023.02.03 16:23 throwawaystowaway922 ANY point in the right direction would be so helpful

Methadone Dose
Is there any LSF or any kind of emergency reddits that done require tons of karma to apply for?
My paycheck has basically been held back and I'm going to be sick if I don't pay for this next week.
I am about $73 short and I don't get paid until this coming Friday, except it's due today. I asked them if I can pay day by day and they said it was not doable. Does anyone else have this issue and have you figured out a way around it.
I'm sitting here at the clinic with only 33 minutes and am so sick being sick is there anything I can do
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2023.02.03 16:21 throwawaystowaway922 URGENT HELP

Methadone Dose
Is there any LSF or any kind of emergency reddits that done require tons of karma to apply for?
My paycheck has basically been held back and I'm going to be sick if I don't pay for this next week.
I am about $73 short and I don't get paid until this coming Friday, except it's due today. I asked them if I can pay day by day and they said it was not doable. Does anyone else have this issue and have you figured out a way around it.
I'm sitting here at the clinic with only 33 minutes and am so sick being sick is there anything I can do
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2023.02.03 13:43 kpop-girlgroup- Being the 3rd girlgroup in the "big 3" is the best position to be in.

So by the big 3 i mean the various countless 'big 3' ggs there has been (BP, twice, redvelvet)(itzy,aespa, stayc)(IVE, NJ, lssrfim). I know only one is set in stone out of the three but my point still stands. I think that in all these rankings of ggs the being the 3rd gg is always the best position to be in so that's ggs like rv, stayc, lssrfim.
First of all those in the 3rd position don't get as much hate as the top 2 and rather get a lot of praise plus most of the comparisons and fanwars is between the #1 and #2 gg while the 3rd just chills. Blinks and once are always in fanwars, mys and midzys were in fanwars and now it's bunnies and dives.
Second the 3rd ggs hardly get any hate and are always loved and supported on twt/reddit. RV is extremely beloved on this site you'll hardly see negative posts about them and rather posts praising them(Ofc they still get hate) but if you post a praise post for bp, twice and rv the rv post gets more upvotes.
It's the same thing for when it was itzy, aespa and stayc. Itzy was getting the bad music allegations and aespa was getting so much hate you could barely make any post on the two groups without getting hate in the comments like 'itzy has bad music' or 'aespa don't have stage presence' and during that time for stayc it was all praise posts.
And now with ive, nwjns and lssrfim the same thing is present ive and nwjns get the a lot of hate(like people just don't like them especially on this subreddit and have some type of anger? towards them) but for lssrfim it's ALL positive there's 5 appreciation posts about them that get traction and upvotes if it was a nwjns or ive post it'll get downvoted or it would barely have any comments. Everyone loves lssrfim leeseo for example doesnt get the same treatment as eunchae despite leeseo being younger(not saying lssrfim or eunchae deserves hate or anything).
Another thing the 3rd gg gets is that they have the most people wishing well for them or 'they'll be the one to succeed the most/surpass the other 2 in the future". This is another one i noticed when stayc blew up there were so many posts like stayc has the most potential/they're overtaking itzy this and that and same for rv at the start too and now with lssrfim whenever there's a post about them vs nwjns or the three there's always opinions like "if I had to bet my money right now and choose who will be the biggest group among IVE, NewJeans and LSF in 4 years, I'd actually go with Le Sserafim." or "ive and nwjns just have hits once the gp moves on there done but lssrfim have a loyal fanbase so they'll surpass the two eventually"
I don't know if for these 3 groups it's them being ranked the 3rd group or because they just have the things kpop stans like and are coincidentally third(also by third i mean by kpop stans)
Anyways what i'm trying to say is that i think whenever these rankings pop up i think being the 3rd gg out of the 3 is the best position because those ggs are still immensely successful but don't receive as much hate from kpop stans and are usually well liked and supported by kpop stans as compared to the other 2.
Just what i've observed over the years.
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2023.02.02 04:06 bunoboz [FS][USA] E55EN+iAL5 hoodie + jogger Size M

PayPal invoice only
  1. E55EN+iAL5 sweatpants - $50 $45 -Wore once indoors to try sizing. -Selling because doesnt fit right on me. -For references I am 5’11(180.5 ish cm) and 165 lbs (~75kg). Fit ish build. -Slightly too tight around the waist. -The quality on the sweats is amazing. You can see in the pictures of the material. The fleece is nice and soft and warm. -For accuracy it’s just E55EN+iAL5 not really call out able and the logo is stitched on cleanly.
  2. E55EN+iAL5 hoodie - $old
Buyer pays for shipping! (Upon PM will check for shipping cost with Pirate Ship)
PM me if interested and/or want more information!
Willing to negotiate but please don't be unreasonable! TY
Tagged Photo with Timestamp
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2023.01.27 06:43 LSFBotUtilities xQc & Adept Court Related Clips

xQc & Adept Court Related Clips

[2023-01-24 21:01] Reddit Post: The details of the restraining order on XQC in addition to many other details have been leaked. Content Link
[2023-01-25 20:02] Reddit Post: XQC gets a special message from Adept's Lawyer Content Link
[2023-01-25 21:04] Reddit Post: XQC implies his stenographer is having a hard time during his court proceedings Aware Content Link
[2023-01-26 03:43] Reddit Post: Adept makes an interesting comparison in the court documents Content Link
[2023-01-26 04:01] Reddit Post: Adept talks about xQc skipping out on Shit Camp in the court documents Content Link
[2023-01-26 04:07] Reddit Post: Adept describes Nyyxxii as a "Porn star" Content Link
[2023-01-26 04:21] Reddit Post: adept is requesting xqc not to wager, gamble or play games by any chance & not to buy jewelry, clothing or wearing apparel Content Link
[2023-01-26 04:26] Reddit Post: Adept cites Destiny talking about the court orders two weeks ago as a violation Content Link
[2023-01-26 04:26] Reddit Post: adept claims in court that xqc used his social engineering skills to destroy her image Content Link
[2023-01-26 04:34] Reddit Post: xQc flexing his $25k Rolex was a violation of court orders according to Adept Content Link
[2023-01-26 04:39] Reddit Post: Adept claims xQc violated a court order for streaming about the Tesla when Adept was banging on his door. Content Link
[2023-01-26 04:47] Reddit Post: Henry brings on the number 1 juicer on stream Content Link
[2023-01-26 07:06] Reddit Post: XQC's Main Takeaway From His Court Date Content Link
[2023-01-26 15:15] Reddit Post: QtCinderella's take on the xQc and Adept drama Content Link
[2023-01-26 17:06] Reddit Post: Adin Ross finds out he’s listed on xQc/Adept court document Content Link
[2023-01-26 18:35] Reddit Post: Destiny's thoughts on Adept dragging him into the court proceedings Content Link
[2023-01-26 18:44] Reddit Post: Destiny sums up the xQc/Adept Court Case Content Link
[2023-01-26 18:53] Reddit Post: Destiny reacts to an xqc clip Content Link
[2023-01-26 18:53] Reddit Post: Destiny on what type of girl Adapter is Content Link
[2023-01-26 19:23] Reddit Post: Common Methstiny W Content Link
[2023-01-26 20:44] Reddit Post: Henry doesn't speak Twitch Content Link
[2023-01-26 20:57] Reddit Post: Destiny reveals XQC's master plan Content Link
[2023-01-26 21:48] Reddit Post: Destiny debunks court documents by adaptor Content Link
[2023-01-29 05:01] Reddit Post: Xqc POV Content Link
[2023-01-29 20:23] Reddit Post: Adept requesting X to be held in contempt (possibly jailed) Content Link
[2023-01-29 20:46] Reddit Post: xQc sends a message to Adept and her team Content Link
[2023-02-08 01:28] Reddit Post: Adapter motions to seal court records because of a juicer on Henry’s stream Content Link
[2023-02-08 05:11] Reddit Post: Adept has only three witnesses and one of them is her Content Link
[2023-02-08 05:16] Reddit Post: Adept's mother says that xQc never told her that he was married to Adept Content Link

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2023.01.26 20:55 scarfysan What do you think about Starship's content and social media management/strategy for IVE?

This post was inspired by u/ChickenBrachiosaurus comment on the weekly discussion:
"What the hell is Starship even doing with IVE? The lack of IVE content is extremely annoying. Why did they stop making 123 IVE or uploading variety content on their youtube channels? I have literally watched every single IVE video on the channel and it's getting extremely boring now."
I thought it was an interesting point for a broader discussion as I've seen the discontent on other platforms like twitter too.
My thoughts are on one hand, I think most fans are being a bit harsh by comparing IVE with other rookies. Most of the other girl groups like Stayc, LSF and NewJeans who are pumping out contents daily are technically in a single group company. What I mean is in HighUp, all the staff are solely for Stayc and their needs. Same for LSF with Source, New Jeans with Ador and Nmixx has their own division. That means they have a lot of time and resources to make as many contents as they can. If you compare SS to Cube for example which is a big mid-sized company with a lot of artists, IVE is actually doing quite well.
On the other hand, I do agree with a lot of the sentiments. I know Starship has to look after many groups and IVE members have many personal schedules, but there's a lot of lack of creativity on Starship's part. All the IVE ONs are basically the same these days, just a photoshoot or award show behind with the thumbnail being the IVE members standing in their usual formation saying their ment. I could literally make the video myself.
Where's the variety in content? And I don't just mean variety shows, they could record covers and have more vlogs. Their instagram is all but dead but they don't want to give the rest their own accounts. Its like they still think that IG is a reward for older artists and not a way of promoting their artists. Its a bit frustrating to think about.
What do the rest of you think?
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