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2023.04.02 06:49 totallytoless242 Entitled Vice Principal vs. the Dance-Hall Mathematician Pt. 1

Warning: I'm longwinded, so please be ready for a journey.
Last week I regaled Reddit with the story of how my vice principal (VP) tried to ban calculators from the SAT. Her rival in this debacle was our then math teacher (MT), who was VP's primary antagonist that year. As I stated in my last story, VP targets a new teacher each year, whom she fashions into the "big baddy" of her personal shonen.
You'd probably expect that VP, having no qualifications to be an administrator, would target teachers who are more qualified than she is. This was rarely the case. Our principal (P) strives to surround herself with lackeys who parrot her every word. What use does P have with silly old "qualifications" when she has VP, whose nose is so deep in P's butt she can smell P's liver?
No, you're more than likely going to be the new target if you are equally as blonde and blue-eyed as VP, or if you are a local black woman. The former is a threat to VP because P's eye may stray from VP as she becomes enamored with another blonde, blue-eyed gal -- especially if she's younger than VP. If you're the latter, you're a walking PTSD trigger from VP's experience with MT.
I was thinking about making this a single post, but my coworkers and I got to talking, and I think it would be better if I served this dish in smaller portions. So, I'll start at the beginning with Pt. 1:
When MT first arrived, she and VP were thick as thieves. MT had miraculously fallen out of the sky shortly after an accusation of racism against the then junior-high school math teacher. Veteran coworkers have confirmed that these accusations were definitely warranted, but this teacher was P's daughter-in-law, so even though parents complained about her discriminating against black students, P couldn't get rid of her. VP put an ad out online for a co-teacher, and MT arrived within days - in the middle of April.
This should have been a red flag. How many qualified teachers are just ready to start work tomorrow in the middle of the spring term? In my country, hardly any. The island is too small, so to avoid angering former employers you'll have to interact with at church or at the next festival, you stick with your crappy job until June. Some of my coworkers wondered if MT had been fired from the private school she'd been working at prior to her interview (which we'll call ABC High). But P was convinced that MT was A1 sauce. You see, P has a "gift". P believes that God has blessed her with an iron-clad intuition nestled deep in an iron-clad tummy. This means that, according to P, she can tell if someone is good based on whether or not her gut growls. I kid you not, the woman waits for her belly to tell her if she should hire you. The fact that P doesn't eat anything more than two boiled eggs and an apple a day is in no way related to her belly rumblings, of course. I often wonder if she'd have hired me had she not scheduled my interview to take place before lunchtime...
MT must have gotten an interview before P's daily eggs as well because she got the job before she left campus the day of her first interview and started work the very next morning. P didn't bother to check MT's credentials (keep that in mind for later in this saga). Why would P need to? MT was articulate. MT was poised. P's belly was growling like a horny honey badger, and there was just no way anyone who made P's belly growl as hard as MT did could possibly be lying to her, right?
What really won P over was the fact that MT was local. There weren't many of those around campus before me and my cohort showed up, and I'm sure when we leave, P will replace us with her usual fare - bored expatriate housewives (whom we call "Kimmies") from the neighboring gated community. For years, P had employed as teachers the uncertified, inexperienced, sometimes illegal wine-Os whose kids attended the school. Some believe this is because Kimmies are relatively cheap - and they are. I've worked with a couple of Kimmies who lasted no more than a year, and these ladies just want something to do during the day while their husbands work real jobs as executives at the local resorts and hotels. The "pocket change" of $40k/annum is just a bonus. Others believe it's because P uses Kimmies as free marketing. Nothing draws in white expat parents like sweet, young, ditzy white housewives. I know half the reason P hired me is that I'm whiter than marshmallow fluff (though it's "a pity" I'm local).
Besides the fact that the Kimmies weren't teaching the students diddly-squat, P's preference for white foreign teachers was starting to wear thin on parents, and when P's daughter-in-law blatantly began curry-favoring white students over black students, P thought for sure that the best way to appease her clients was to bring in a local teacher, and it did. The students loved her classes, which she held outside in the fresh air, sometimes in the grass. Parents were impressed with her chameleonic nature - code-switching at the drop of a hat; being able to chat with parents about dance-hall artists like Vybz Kartel and Spice. VP praised MT for having "saved the school". She was so thankful that she demoted her daughter-in-law to the elementary department and gave MT a full-time position as the senior high-school math teacher. But I knew something P didn't.
You see, when I applied to the school, I wasn't the only teacher from my prior institution (XYZ School) itching to find new employment. P asked me during my interview if I knew any science teachers who were looking for a place that September, and so I passed the offer to a science/math teacher (ST) with whom I was very close. ST was Nigerian, but she'd been working in my country for several years. In fact, just before she'd transferred to my institution at that time, she'd been teaching at ABC High. She'd probably worked with MT.
ST, who had pictures proving she'd worked at ABC High, had never heard of MT. Thinking MT must have started her tenure at ABC High right after ST had transferred to XYZ, ST called her old coworkers to hopefully make a connection with MT and get P's belly growling. But all of ST's former coworkers said:
No one at ABC High had ever heard of MT. So, why would MT lie about having worked there -- especially when the island is so small and people can easily vet that info? We'll save that story for later...
Now, ST didn't reveal MT's lie to P. I think ST wanted to keep that juicy detail as leverage against MT. The problem was that ST had her interview with P right after lunch, so P's belly didn't growl at ST. And even though ST had degrees and teachers' qualifications verified by our ministry of education, there was something P didn't trust about ST, so ST didn't get the job.
The distrust, it seems, came from VP and MT. MT, who was VP's best good friend, questioned ST's skills after reading ST's mock lesson plan. She'd told VP that ST's math was incorrect and that the science was outdated -- a connection MT disgustingly drew to her Nigerian education. VP, ever a xenophobe, convinced P that ST was not a good fit for the school.
Now, you may be wondering how I know this. Well, MT told me personally.
During new-teacher orientation week, I went to MT's room (which was just two doors down from mine) for some tape. We were supposed to be setting up our rooms -- you know, putting up posters and setting up our desks and chairs. However, MT was too busy to do any of that. When I entered her room, her windows and door were vibrating from the loud bass of a subwoofer on her desk. There MT was, penning a song to an afro-beats rhythm. My uncle was a dance-hall deejay for most of my childhood, so it takes a lot for a song to scandalize me, but what MT was telling her unnamed lover to do to her mouth was nastier than any Kartel song, and Kartel literally tells you how he's going to "breed up your belly"...
Of course, when she realized who I was, MT had to explain why ST didn't get the job as her counterpart in junior high school. She told me how VP had "misunderstood" her assessment of ST. It was VP who didn't want ST around. ST was more qualified that VP, MT told me, and so she couldn't have that competition around, especially not a qualified black woman. VP, MT told me, was so racist and conniving. I was shocked by MT's description of VP. It's not that I hadn't already begun to peg VP as a bigot; it was that I'd only just seen MT and VP keekeeing together in a staff meeting an hour before. I let MT go on with her lie, and the whole time I wondered what the fuck I'd gotten myself into.
But Proverbs (or Oscar Wilde) says that no good deed goes unpunished. ST was the only teacher who'd applied for the junior-high-school science/math position other than a Russian whose work permit wouldn't be ready until November, and so September came and there was no teacher in the classroom with grades 7-9. Now, one of the ways VP got her place of power was by convincing P that she could teach any subject, so when there was no teacher to teach grades 7-9, P made VP do it until the Russian guy could make it into the country. MT didn't know it at the time, but there is one thing you don't want to do to VP, and that is inconvenience her. The most inconvenient thing for VP is to teach, so for a week, VP stewed in her anger at having to teach this class until November, and as she stewed, she began to realize that the reason she was now forced back into the classroom she'd worked so hard to get out of was...MT.
So, how did the showdown between VP and MT begin? Legend has it that on the first day of the school year when kids came back to campus, there were no chairs in MT's classroom. She hadn't noticed the week before since she'd been too busy recording her latest song, so her homeroom students had nowhere to sit. Since she had a class full of boys, MT decided to make use of them by having them grab some chairs from the storage shed across campus. But MT had the propensity to wear stilts for heels, and 15-year-old boys are like the Energizer bunny on diesel, so she'd quickly fallen behind the class on their way to the shed. Unfortunately for MT, VP happened to be lurking around campus aimlessly, as incompetent snakes tend to do. When VP saw the boys seemingly unattended, she accosted them. She demanded they stop "loitering" and return to their homeroom immediately. She told the boys that no good teacher would just let them run about like headless chickens. Then, she scuttled back to her office to send a mass email to all teachers reprimanding whoever it was that allowed their students to run amuck.
(VP and P are notorious for sending passive-aggressive emails like this - passive in that they never call names and instead aggressively chastise everyone for something they didn't do because you should know if they are reprimanding you or not.)
Then, VP reminded us that good teachers can control their students without having to send them outside to blow off steam.
And that's how Armageddon started.
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2023.04.02 06:48 eht_amgine_enihcam Cutting exercises in the 10000 touch workout.

People have said the 10 000 touch workout is the gold standard to getting a better touch. I did a modified version as a kid, reducing the reps cause of time constraints.
Top teir: Inside out, Waist high juggle, above head juggle, v-drag outside and behind leg, 3 dribble Cruyff/Outside inside cut/pullback. All of these have directly helped in games.
Middle teir: Below knee juggle (one foot) Below knee juggle (both feet) ball tap between feet, sole roll/dribbling, front of foot sole of foot drag. These are good for coordination but not that game like, sometimes I skip juggling because I know I can do it.
Bottom teir: Ball tap between feet. Alright to warm up, pretty replaced with la croqueta.
Remove: Ball tap on ball, seated juggle (unrealistic, feels like just cardio)
I also added elastico variations (inside and out), la croqueta, and some stepover variations (not as useful), and the sole roll but with a hop and body movement.
I think it's great to polish the fundamental movements (push all directions, sole drag all directions). Is there any other stuff you've added to dribbling ball work that you think is effective?
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2023.04.02 06:48 gio-s Scared of falling in love with AUS and having to leave

Hi guys. Sorry if thisnisntbthe best place to post this. So I've taken the past good few months with my roommates who's an australlian citizen getting ready to move to AUS and have gathered a lot of what AUS is like and I've been here in syndey a few days now. I was scared of falling in loveHi guys. So I've taken the past good few months with my roommates who's an australlian citizen getting ready to move to AUS and have gathered a lot of what AUS is like and I've been here in syndey a few days now. I was scared of falling in love with AUS and still am despite already kinda falling for it.
I'm here on a Work Holiday Visa (462) from the US. Here with my roommate/bestfriend who has plenty of family here who is citizen by descent from her father.
So for me, I have no plans of getting into a relationship or married or any of that so parnter visa is pretty far out fo the question. School visa? Not a fan of school and it eats up all the money that I don't even have. Definitely not favorable. And for skilled work? Well the only certifications I have are swim instructing and lifeguarding certifications which are useless for skilled work so I'm lacking plenty there too. so overall I'm kinda fucked but my best path would be getting a skilled worker visa by somehow attaning the knowledge as far as I can tell.
Honestly I've looked into the skilled worker visas some bit and in all honesty it's all a bit confusing and its a lot to take in. And idk much about the process of actually getting one, but it sounds like a rabbit hole. From what I know and have heard it's very extensive. You need to work, like an absolute fuck ton to show you have experience. The employer has to invest a lot in you. You cant switch jobs. Not to mention actually learning the specific job when as far as I see isn't very favorable for a person on a work holiday visa. Not to mention the fact that I can't work for anyone for more than 6 months. Also obviously can't get into an apprenticeship or something on this visa. And idk maybe I could do that training visa and maybe I could get a skilled worker visa but then again I'm not sure. Tbh I don't know whats right or wrong, Im trying to wrap my head around it all.
Basically I'm looking for advice for someone like me who, has no experince, doesn't wanna work their entire youth away and doesn't have the besttt idea of how all of this works.
Sorry if I sound ignorant or dumb, I'm just trying to get a better grasp of my situation and my options before I start running out of time.
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2023.04.02 06:47 Delicious_Degree5840 A “background character” who missed/wasted my opportunities at changing that

It’s weird to think that for over half of my life I’ve been nothing but a forgettable face, someone who will literally disappear in even the smallest groups of people. I mean you ask anyone I grew up with and went to school with and not a single person would remember who I am, friends, teachers you name it absolutely nobody. Shit it took my “friends” 2 weeks to notice I moved schools before they asked me about it. High school is the only exception because it was small yet even then maybe one or two teachers actually remember me but it’s where I met my best friends that I still talk too. It really sucks because I don’t have those childhood friends everyone seems to have, and my only opportunities for a relationship were with a girl who liked me in middle school that I unintentionally ruined any chances with and a girl in high school who for most of high school liked my friend, and it didn’t work out because for my first time ever I was gonna go to prom and Covid happened so we didn’t go and then when I reconnected with her after a bit and I realized I wasted 4 years liking a girl that would make plans to hang out then have to cancel last minute or when we texted I had to think of everything to talk about and she was just extremely dry. I did have a girl who wanted to talk to me at a wedding I was at but I chickened out and yet again I missed another opportunity and I had a few other situations like this where I fucked up and threw away any chances I had. Since then I’ve had a few “crushes” here and there on co workers who either left or ended up being friendships instead but I’ve always had my friends to fill that void. Currently my best friend left for the military, another drifted away from me, one threw our friendship away because of the mistake of a different friend and the other got a girlfriend so he straight up abandoned me even though he was supposed to be the one friend who would always be there. I of course have work friends but we don’t hang out outside of work so there’s no one to fill the void and my wasted/missed opportunities came back to bite me because now I’m truly alone and severely depressed along with 70% of society. Now I’m wasting my time on someone I know I have no chance with because she is exactly the type of person I’ve been looking for and even with all of her problems she’s just extraordinary and yet I know I’m not her type and I can tell she doesn’t give a damn about me even though we’re friends. Which is why I know it’s stupid to keep pursuing something that won’t happen but a tiny part of me has a little hope that I’m wrong.
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2023.04.02 06:47 Bowsarecute 24 - let’s maybe be friends?

Hi everyone. I’m on here looking for a friend and to connect with anyone going through depression/anxiety. It’s a lonely feeling and at times I try to get through it on my own but sometimes it would be nice to have someone there. You know? So, we don’t have to talk all the time just an occasional check up…
And if you’re someone who is interested in self improvement that’s a bonus. Doesn’t have to be running early in the morning rather it can be making progress to brush your teeth for the day. No judgements.
Ok, a little about myself is that I’m starting to get into the hobby of coin collecting, boxing (I don’t box but I’m finding that I enjoy watching it), watching movies (recently watched Rocky), the occasional anime here and there, listening to music (indie, alternative, pop, R&B/ Soul, jazz, city pop, and more) and if I have the time I do game. Games Ive played in the past tend to be indie, role-playing video games, first-person adventure and horror (however I usually watch rather than play it myself because I get scared but come on, try playing alien: isolation without being scared lol)
That is roughly it from me. Of course I do have more to talk about but I’d rather naturally get to know you first.
Anyways, if you made it this far, please give an intro about yourself and I would prefer if we’re within the same age range as well.
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2023.04.02 06:45 zouni70 Worth buying?

Worth buying?
Some of you might have seen an other post were I was asking the same thing but that person didn't respond so I'm looking again this seems good it has internal cable routing from what I can see hydraulic disc brakes an air fork though the drive train is a 2x10 though I don't mind it I still could upgrade to a 1x10 in the future it's gonna be used for computing and light trails
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2023.04.02 06:45 AutoModerator [Get] Biaheza – Dropshipping Course (COMPLETE) Full Course Download

[Get] Biaheza – Dropshipping Course (COMPLETE) Full Course Download
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I have my personal brand which is another six figure business…
Then I have a few other smaller income streams here and there. I love the internet! Haha
Damn… I worked hard for this life. I worked hard to create the sort of income where I can take care of my family and not even check the price…
I guess that’s why I’m so passionate about what I teach. It’s because it changed my life in unexplainable ways. I don’t think I could ever go back to my old life after living like this.
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2023.04.02 06:44 tomatoclockpond New almost-boyfriend has potentially lied about and deleted a text thread

I've 33F been seeing this guy 31M from my gym for the last couple weeks now and things have been going really well to both our surprise. We've wanted to spend as much time as possible together, we laugh a lot during our time together, the sex is good, and we have started communicating in a healthy way. The issue is that he seems to consistently not have boundaries in his female friendships, and I may have caught him in a lie.
During one of our early dates together, his childhood best friend was blowing up his phone all night with messages and video calls. Before I knew who it was I thought he had a girlfriend somewhere from the urgency of the person trying to reach him so I insisted to see a message and confirmed he was not in a romantic situation. I never want to be the reason another person gets hurt. He told me his bff had a tendency to get jealous when he got too close to women he was dating and he needed to address it. He also confirmed that her previous romantic partners have also taken issue to their equation. I communicated to him immediately that he needed better boundaries there already and he said hed work on it. It has been a couple weeks now, they've met twice and been in touch on WhatsApp etc multiple times but last I asked this boundary conversation has still not been had. He says he hasn't had the right moment/ a chance, which I don't logically understand considering it's been a couple weeks already.
This guy is also popular at our gym, and has been flirtatious with multiple women before he got into an exclusive dating situation with me. The problem is his 'friends' at the gym have continued showering him with their physical proximity when they come to talk to him and their attentive affection which he seems to.enjoy, but again does not seem to draw any boundaries with now.that we're exclusive. A.couple days ago one such friend repeatedly stood way too close to him, once almost with her chest in his face as he was knelt for stretches while she showed him something on her phone. Him and I had been working out together that day and he left me alone during this to go talk to her and spot her for 20 mins. I was visibly pissed, and went into the lockers soon as my workout ended. He came.up to me and assured me there was nothing there, and we had a conversation while he walked me home about him.needing to have better boundaries with this person as well. He told me he had been talking to this woman about us, which I asked to see. He was reluctant but he showed me his text thread, but became really uncomfortable when I started scrolling up. He had in fact been texting this woman about his interest in me, telling her I'm smart and funny etc, but she had been responding fairly negatively to him thinking that I was attractive, in some instances straight up saying 'I don't think she's that cute'.
I asked him a few times that night if they had spoken about anything else and he said no. The conversation ended with the decision that he would.speak to her about staying at a respectable distance when they speak again. This was 3 days ago.
Fast forward to yesterday. Conversation about boundaries with friend2 has also not happened. He insists that he wants to speak to her in person at the gym and not on text. Something came up in our conversation and I wanted to confirm what the girl told him on text so I asked him if he could please show me the chat again, and he told me he's deleted it because he "didn't want to accidentally text her again". This is on IG, the text thread is gone but she's still on his close friend's list. We got into an argument and he pulled her IG and texted her in front saying he wanted better boundaries to which she responded "I I'll only say hi and bye" to you at the gym. So, that's when I found out these two had in fact seen me visibly angry the other day and had a conversation about me not.liking their physical closeness together. He told me then that she said she would keep her distance. He missed telling me all this when I repeatedly asked if there's anything else they spoke about and I think I only found out when she texted him what she did in front of me.
He is apologetic and wants to work on 'his fuckup' but has not said if theres anything else I should know about their situation. They have, acc to him never met outside or don't talk off Insta, never had a sexual/other relationship.
I feel deceived and lied to and have told him I need time off to think. Hes agreed to give me time and wants to make things right. I don't know if I can or even should trust this guy again. I have been cheated on before, and this is my first time dating seriously after many years of being voluntarily single. I don't know if I should continue seeing this man, or if I do continue investing in this, what should I expect from him as an adult in a grown relationship. I do.really like this guy and we seem to have something special between us, but this lack of boundaries he has is not okay with me.
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2023.04.02 06:43 Altruistic-Weight420 Lost Files Roleplay Serious 18+

Lost Files Roleplay Serious 18+

Lost Files Roleplay

Lost Files Roleplay Serious Rp 18+ Real life Economy based Active emergency services and Staff (Hiring PD/EMS/DOC) Frequent city events (Races, parties, strip club, motorcycle club cruises etc) Police Equipment - GPS tracker, ankle monitor, custom DNA scripts, guns have unique serial numbers, custom police cars and much more ! 1000+ High quality cars and 950 rims, fully customizable mechanic script (engine swaps, transmission swaps, loweraise your car etc), 80+ custom engine sounds No need to pay for gangs can fly in and start your own (We make our own Gang clothing and MLOs put in a ticket to discuss) Live anywhere! (can live anywhere you want including on cayo ) We want encourage players to own businesses (Make a ticket to own your business just give us a plan ) 10+ Custom hoods available for street gangs Drugs- process, traffic across countries and sell to NPC and other players Scamming- Steal credit cards and information upload it to blank cards, cash in fake cheques etc Rapper RP encouraged (make music, get signed, host concerts and get paid for it!) Bank robberies, Armored truck robberies , home invasions , store robberies etc Fully functional DOJ looking to hire in every position (run for mayor, be a lawyer or judge etc) 10+ Custom hoods available for street gangs Rapper RP encouraged (make music, get signed, host concerts and get paid for it!) Bank robberies, Armored truck robberies , home invasions , store robberies etc Currently giving starter packages to gangs coming in with 3+ members (free caphone + house in chosen gang neighborhood) Looking to Hire twitch streamers to stream the city for real money 18+ Serious Roleplay Lost Files Roleplay is a serious roleplay server with something for everyone to do. I made it my mission to make a server where all types of role-players are able to have fun in the best ways possible, from Gangs being able to have a selection of over 10 different custom made neighborhoods, to mechanics being able to swap engines, and even civ rp that just want to get a cool car and go up north to go camping with their friends. Lost files Roleplay is a server where every player can have their own unique life in the best way possible. My goal is to make a city where everyone can enjoy, we are also trying to make it so every business is player owned so we need active members! Give Lost Files Roleplay a shot if this sounds good to you, if you need anything please put in a ticket in the discord and talk to our friendly staff team to get you set up properly. Thank you and hope to see you in the city!
Join the discord and check us out!
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2023.04.02 06:40 AutoModerator [Get] Derek De Mike – The SMMA Blueprint

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2023.04.02 06:39 dantestorms Why do Landlords act like their house will fall down if a benefit claimant so much as breathes near it?

I'm not talking about expensive properties here, I am referring to the cheapest lettings on the market. If a letting agent gets even a hint that you might be on benefits, they instantly try to shut the conversation down and speak to you as if you have committed a crime for just talking to them.
When asking the Landlords themselves, they always have a story lined up about how benefit claimants will destroy their property. Some will make out that they are not safe tenants when the government is literally paying their rent. When comparing a disabled person who has to rely on benefits to someone who works full time, should the full time worker lose their job, there is a 5 week wait until they can get assistance, which means 5 weeks of potentially no rent, where the disabled person is already in the system, meaning there is no lapse if their part time gig doesn't pan out.
A long time disabled person such as myself, is also more likely to know how to live on a budget due to having to spend more time on a low income. Landlords don't really understand this fact. This is heavily reflected where Landlords list expenses that people will need to account for outside of rent when justifying high base income requirements 'affordability' checks. They factor in a great deal of frivolous things that people do not need to survive such as going out and excessive entertainment costs. Disabled people don't spend their money on so many frivolous things as we are far more focused on keeping a roof over our heads.
Landlords seem to assume that all benefit claimants are scum, who seek to exploit the system and make their lives hell. A great deal of benefit claimants, have to rely on support because we are vulnerable people, looking for a safe place to live.
It would really help if lettings agents and landlords would stop and think before talking to vulnerable people like we are criminals just for daring to enquire about renting somewhere to live.
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2023.04.02 06:38 beatingmeth Do you think I should buy the plane ticket for romantic reasons?

So I'm a 27 male, I've never been in a "serious" relationship, just lots of flings ranging from a few weeks to a few months.
I set up a dating app and set it international just to see how many likes I could get. I matched with this woman half a year ago and to put it mildly, she's unexpectedly knocked my socks off. I love how she looks, and I just feel this connection with her that I've never felt with anyone else, it's like we can read each other's minds.
We've obviously video chatted a lot, talked practically every day, I'm very positive she's not a catfish.
We've had very minor, little fights, which tells me she's not just saying things I want to hear, plus I'm not super-desperate, but there's just something in me that actually wants to take this potential relationship to another level. I never even considered this, I didn't even download the app looking for serious results, but this woman is special.
We live literally half-way around the world.
The plane ticket wouldn't bust my budget at all. I'm very financially secure and feel ready for something serious.
I don't know, maybe I'm letting my imagination run away with me, but there's something about this girl that's drawing me to her. I've never felt this way before, even with girls I've been with physically. We've talked about potentially doing it before, so it wouldn't be a surprise.
Do you think I should buy the plane ticket and visit her?
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2023.04.02 06:38 dpcorlett Wrestlemania Night 1 Made Me Believe Again.

I used to think it was cringy to admit it. I used to think it was childish to like it. But night 1 took me all the way back. I loved it. So I am here to say;
I’m fully a pro wrestling fan. I accept it. It’s art. It kicks ass. I love the WWE. For the most part, all the matches (except Pat Macafee???) we’re great night one. standouts from night one to me are;
1) WWE gotta give more of these gals a push. The three girls facing Lita, Trish, and Becky of course we’re gonna get buried. They should’ve given that more heat, cause the match was good. Great spots. Lita and Trish still got it, so does Becky. Bailey also can give a great emotional heel performance, she just needs a better story.
2) No single person may be as over as Seth Rollins is. He is a pop machine. Great seller. Gets guys over even if he wins. he did that for Logan tonight. (Logan also put on a show, shoutout to him for the performance.) Seth must be in line for the top spot.
3) Rhea and Charlotte both performed well. Not really any bad parts of this batch. The minor miscalculation that gave Charlotte that nasty mark only played into the story and development of the match. Great title fight deserving of Charlottes performance and Rhea’s clear training and prep for this big spot. This was the 1-on-1 best in ring performance of the night to me. Maybe I’m wrong but I thought this was a great match.
4) stop doing 8 man tags. That’s all.
5) Brock’s really wrestling Omos tomorrow??
6) John Cena was great. He sold a pretty good move set from Theory well. He’s a lot less bulky, so he really leaned into that, I feel. Made him more mortal. He and Theory went well, but I’m really more excited to see what’s next for one of the Goats. This match clearly sets him up for another run in some way.
7) Dominick and Rey kicked ass. They went, man. A few missteps, but Rey took over as the in ring threat-leaves-dragon level performer he is. The family playing into this was good. Gave some added heat. Homage to Eddie was cool. Would’ve been cool to see Dom try to claim that music and get some nuclear heat. But the way they had Rey honor his friend was great. Win-win, I think they got it right, though.
8 ) how the hell does Snoop Dogg get involved in everything in LA? Is he the Mayor and we never found out? Is he a wizard? Where was Martha Stewart?
9) this big takeaway;
If you didn’t know anything about wresting and wanted to know what it could be at it’s best. Like “What is so cool about wrestling? What could ever be that great about it if it’s scripted?”
Have that duncecap watch Sami Zayn & Kevin Owens vs The USOS.
By far, the least physically spectacular of the matches on the Night 1 card, but by far the best.
No doubt, the storyline coming into this was second to none. Never. I don’t thing ever has a story going into a match ever felt as important as this. Sami Zayn’s win is important.
I’m not gonna bore the details of you haven’t seen it, but go watch the most important moments of this story because Sami’s story is so important. And so it Kevin’s. Belonging. After being lost and feeling live you’ve lost. Forgiveness. Loyalty. Healthy man love. That’s a deep story to pull off. That was a love story for Kevin Owens. He gave all he had to stick up for Sami.
The brutality of the USOs was great. They did their jobs so well. That’s going to play to a further story I know.
New champs. great message. Great performance. That’s a 5 star for sure.
That all. Happy Wrestlemania









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2023.04.02 06:38 RealityIsAKnife [M4A playing F] The following announcement has been paid for by the New World Order.

Doubling encouraged but not required.
I am looking for someone to play a female wrestler for my OC wrestler, now your irl gender doesn't matter to me as long as you can write for a female, now basically it's a slice of life rp. But, everything that happens in the ring and on the shows spills over into real life, below will be all the details(ienjoyham)there isn't much to the story yet. Below will also be a list of female wrestlers I would like someone to write across from, again, my male OC.(Bold indicates higher interest)
Female Wrestlers that I am looking for: Lita, Trish Stratus, Mickie James(Crazy, not country), AJ Lee, Stephanie McMahon, Ruby Soho,, Rosemary(Courtney Rush), Rachel Ellering, Nikki Cross, Bayley. Deonna Purrazzo, Rhea Ripley.
What I am looking for:
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2023.04.02 06:38 Karma_RP 🔮Karma Roleplay! New 18+ QBCore Serious RP Custom Vehicles and Clothes Casino Housing Illegal Activities Gangs

🔮Karma Roleplay! New 18+ QBCore Serious RP Custom Vehicles and Clothes Casino Housing Illegal Activities Gangs
Karma RP is a serious RP server on QBCore framework. Our server is made by experienced role players who wanted to create a fun and safe environment for all new and experienced role players to call home. We encourage players to create stories and evolve their characters and we are focused on providing content and immersion to create storylines to keep you coming back for more.
Our goal is to provide a fun, friendly, and engaging environment for our members. We have zero tolerance for toxicity.
Although we are new, we are confident and proud that we have established a solid foundation for our community. We can’t wait to see what the future holds! We look forward to meeting you!
You must be 18+ to join!
LSPD and Pillbox Medical are hiring! We currently have an EMS Chief and Assistant Chief but all other positions are open. Our team is experienced and works towards providing fair roleplay for Police and Criminals. We use MRPD and Pillbox and we have scripts to keep both LSPD and EMS busy during their time in the city. If you’re interested in applying for LSPD or EMS please fill out a simple app in Discord and High Command will work with you to set up an interview. You’ll be hired in no time! No experience is required!
Burger Shot, Pizza This, Bakery, Pop’s Diner, Uwu Cafe, Mirror Restaurant, Cool Beans, Bean Machine, Vanilla Unicorn, Cyber Bar, Bahama Mamas, Otto’s Auto, Billards Bar, Bob’s Balls Bowling + more.
We are in need of mechanics! We use Jim Mechanic and we currently only have Otto’s Auto open but looking to expand once we get more mechanics hired. We heavily rely on Mechanics in the server. Benny’s only fixes glass and body while Mechanics fixes everything else. No experience is required!
Fishing, Hunting, Farming, Mining, Chicken Butcher, Treasure Hunt, Salvage Diving, Recycle Runs, Road Runner Delivery, Car Repo, Garbage Pickup, Pizza Delivery + more
It’s so fun being a criminal, right? Lucky for the Crims we have a wide variety of things for them to get into. Here’s a list of our current illegal activities but we’re always adding more!
Multiple Drugs, Meth Heist and Lab, Meth Runs, Weed Picking / Bagging, Weed Runs, Oxy Runs, Bank Truck Delivery & Convoy, Bounties, Store Robbery, Bank Robbery, Jewelry Store Robbery, Shop Lifting, House Robbery, Blackmarket, Gun Crates, ATM Hacking, Car Theft Mission, Robbing Locals, + more.
We’re in need of Gangs & Groups! Maybe you’re a Balla or Vago or you’ve created your own gang. You could be a Biker Club. Whatever it is, we need you! We need groups to shake up the city and keep the Police busy. If you have custom clothing, interiors, vehicles, etc, we can look into adding them in the server. We only ask that you join first and see what the server is about.
- Advanced Character Creation Menu- Advanced Housing (QS Housing)- Advanced Phone (GKS Phone)- Advanced Garages (CD Garages)- Casino (RCore)- Advanced Police evidence system.
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2023.04.02 06:37 james-starts-over What I did for sentence reduction. PSI scored 7 years down to 15 months.

Long but if it helps it helps.
Ive read plenty of blogs and such advertising about sentence reduction services etc and just wanted to post here freely what I did that my lawyer said helped my case immensely. If youre looking for sentence reduction Im sure you've read about the RDAP program, getting good character letters, etc. Heres what I did pretrial that I never saw recommended.
When my lawyer went to challenge many items at sentencing, the prosecutor declined to really argue against them and told the judge she agreed with reducing the guidelines, the prosecutor and the judge specifically mentioned my pretrial actions and letters in this.

1) I immediately got a full time job as per probation. Within 7 days I was working full time. I always worked at bars prior, and thats what I did, but I started at the bottom taking out trash, cleaning bathrooms, etc. I was able to make more money by barbacking and working floodoor etc, I hustled my ass off there and sometimes worked 7 days. Having a job right away helped of course, but also having a "dirty" job helped bc is showed that I was not above that kind of work ie cleaning up vomit and being a janitor in the beginning. It also gave me amazing letters which Ill get to later.
2) dont be stupid on pretrial, should be obvious, dont miss check ins or test positive. Be clean and have a clean home when the officer checks up on you. My probation officer told me so many people she goes to have dirty households, hygiene, arent looking for work, and just come off as lazy bums. It should be obvious but just be clean and attentive. Dont give them a reason to think of you as a criminal. Youre a normal person who committed a crime. That's literally what my probation officer said.
3) go to school. I started a math and comp sci degree. Look up and There you can take classes that will transfer into colleges for $99 and $199/month respectively. So join, take English 101, or US History 101. These are all self paced classes, ie you can take as long as you want on them if youre not a fast learner or short on time. There other places to take advanced classes (for more money) but you knock out 30 credits of gen eds towards a degree in a few months if you hustle. If youre on reddit check out WGU_CompSci as they use those courses a lot and are helpful.
Look at getting a certificate in a field to. Look up Comptia CompTIA (theres a reddit for it) or use to get certificates from Google, IBM, etc. These show the judge you are working towards a career path outside of crime.
I also reached out and applied for research programs in my field called the NSF REU. It shows Im actually involved in my schooling, which I really am.
4) Set up post release opportunities/plans. I was able to show the judge(and had letters to back it up) that I had a release plan. That I hoped to qualify for alternative sentencing but understood I am likely facing incarceration. In the face of that I showed my preparation, a place to live, money saved from my job, that my current job was ready for me full time upon release, and I had internship and job offers, and that the internships/jobs all knew about my felony conviction.
5) mentioned before but save money if you, I lived a spartan lifestyle, I didnt go out, I cancelled all my tv, entertainment etc. and spent the bare minimum. Showing the judge I would be financially sound upon release and not be tempted to resort to crime out of desperation. My lawyer pointed out and the prosecutor agreed that while others in my situation spend money on lavish things, in my PSI report I mentioned my scooter rental as an expense at $50/month. Things like that really humanize and normalize you, whereas being flashy and lavish makes you look like a money hungry douchebag. Be humble.
6) I fostered a dog. Maybe that didnt show much to the judge but really was a stress relief to be able to play with and hang out with my dog through this.
7) Letters. Due to working at a bar I had amazing letters. Also just be a good person, youll make connections. We are one of the busiest bars in the city, and I had made friends with many regulars genuinely. I openly spoke about my case and all were supportive, they all saw how hard I worked and wanted the best for me. Thats how I was offered jobs tbh, regulars found out I was in school for compsci, theyd say "hey Ill refer you etc when youre done" and I said "I have a felony". They'd reply "IDC you're a great worker".
We also had a few incidents where I spotted and stopped people from being date raped/carried out roofied, those people all wrote me letters. Just be a good decent person and do good deeds and you'll find good letters with actionable material in them imo.
The prosecutor and my lawyer both told me my letters were some of the best they'd ever seen and were helpful.
8) Allocution. This is your time to condense all the things youve done above to the judge. I thank ed them for the arrest (bc it got me back into school and a new career path that I really enjoy). I laid out my plan post release for a job, for payment of fines, went over my release plan, explained briefly why i did the crime and what I should have done to avoid my wrong decisions, and how I am setting myself up for the future. I also talked about my plans during prison, how I found a way to complete classes affordably and study towards my degree.
Well that s long enough but the shortened version is: get a job, go to school, be a good person/do good things, let the letters write themselves. Let the judge know what youve done and how you will continue.
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2023.04.02 06:37 Rotzumey Free Pathfinder 2e Map: Purple Puzzle Dungeon

Free Pathfinder 2e Map: Purple Puzzle Dungeon
I made this map in DungeonDraft (24x30) and decided to share it in case anyone wanted to use it.
Pathfinder 2e: Purple Puzzle Dungeon (24x30)
The players start at the bottom left. You can (1) add a door to the leftmost wall that your players can enter through, (2) have them can wake up in the room after being knocked unconscious by someone, or (3) have them find a portal leading into the bottom left room. There are many ways you could transition your players into the area.
There are grey cards scattered around the map that each have (1) a clue regarding a mystery related to the dungeon and/or (2) a chess piece. Rooms are interconnected with magic prison bars that can only be broken by solving the puzzle/riddle in the room that you come up with. There is also a secret area at the top right that is connected to the River of Souls (the murky blue pool is an interplanar portal). The secret area can be accessed via a glowing blue rune glyph on the wall of the bookcase room.
You have some options for what you want the purple fluid in the middle room to do. It could turn anyone who touches it into undead (and any undead who touch it back into living), allowing players to oscillate between being alive and undead. It could simply be an acid pool that players have to navigate carefully around. It could be a comically placed grape juice spill... with corpses in it. As a red herring. It's up to you, really.
The cobweb room has spiders in it if you wanted to run a spider encounter (e.g., an ether spider). You could also have players move furniture around to get to the card at the bottom left if your players don't have a caster who can use mage hand.
There is a chess-themed room at the top (at the end of the dungeon) for a chess-style encounter. If you decide to run a chess-style battle in that room, you can have martial players choose a chess piece based on the cards they were able to find in the map and restrict their movements to the pieces they were able to find.
There are purple crystals growing in the room before the chess-themed room. The crystals could be (1) antimagic or (2) have a magical effect. Ideally, you want the crystals to functionally allow the players to open the barred gate to the chess room. And perhaps the players would be able to incorporate the crystals into the combat in the chess room for whatever encounter you pick. You have a lot of creative agency with them.
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2023.04.02 06:36 Rimond14 What is Wokeness? Is it just right wing buzz word and why they blame comminism for it.

I recently saw on the news someone complaining that God less commies are destroying America, The are teaching child Wokeness. I don't even know what the fuck they are trying to say. If you ask them to define Wokeness they will say pronouns, Abortion right activists, environmentalists.. with vague and confusion tone. So does that mean People who advocated for Progressive rights are 'Woke'?
I am not from USA or Europe so I want to ask my comrades from USA some Questions.
  1. What is going on with teaching kids Gender studies in School? Do you support it or you are against it.
  2. What's going on with things called Drag show and Drag queen and why it's so controversial.
  3. What's going on with Abortion ( even in my country India in all states) in USA? Why it's banned in certain states?.
  4. Why so many school shooting? I haven't saw any school shooting in my entire life in India.
  5. Why there are so many anti vax people in America why opposing COVID lockdowns ? In India no one is opposing COVID vaccines because everyone knows despite side effects it's better than dying because of COVID.
  6. Why don't people talk more about Affordable housing, Affordable and universal healthcare, Public trasport?
Don't get me wrong India is currently run by a Crony capitalist dictatorship without freedom of press and politically the govt is right wing Hindu nationalist. They use the same tactic as white Nationlist like ' Great Replacement ' branded different ' Hindus are in Danger because of Mulisms'. The whole politics revolves around Hindus muslim.
But atleast they are buliding affordable public transport, metro railes everywhere in the country because most people can't afford cars. Though the govt is right wing they use socialist policies like free money to construct home, free Medical insurance for poor people stuff like that.
But US politics is completely different why the fuck people care so much about LGBTQ people? Can't they pass some like If you don't want your child to attend such classes you can just opt out of the class about this specific topic.
I heard they are now banning Sex Ed in California. India is much backward and conservative than USA in many ways but atleast people don't oppose every Progressive Laws.
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2023.04.02 06:36 JBTA94 This subreddit has made me genuinely grateful for how chill my return center is.

I feel for you all. Whether it be middle school level drama or a PA standing outside of your bathroom stall to make sure you are actually dropping a deuce. I work in Crets which can be frustrating at times but my facility is nothing like the nightmares I see on here sometimes. Some of the things I have seen on here are wild.
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2023.04.02 06:35 daffodilsk8prk [FOR SALE] INVENTORY BLOWOUT SALE! EVERYTHING MUST GO! Alvvays, Billie Eilish, Daniel Johnston, Havohej, Kero Kero Bonito, Miles Davis, Mount Eerie, Stormzy, Twenty One Pilots & more!

I have had a pretty good transaction record on this subreddit, and I have decided that I will sell more of my albums so I can have more space on the shelf. I want to see these get a good home rather than just selling them to a record store.
ALL VINYL IS OPENED AND SOME HAVE BEEN PLAYED AT LEAST ONCE [except if noted.] Some albums may have some corner dings, and any cosmetic damage will be noted. All albums will be shipped outside of the cover sleeve to avoid any seam splits, and they will also be sent in an outer sleeve for protection. Hype stickers are also placed on the outer sleeve if possible.
I only take PayPal G&S. All albums will be shipped using USPS Media Mail. I ship from a smoke free home in Virginia to anywhere in the US. Shipping will be a $5 flat fee, and orders over $100 will have free shipping. [I tend not to do international shipments, but if you're interested, it is possible for me to do so, but please note that I will not be responsible for customs duties.] Please make sure the address in your PayPal account is correct before sending payment, as I will be using the address listed in the receipt to mail it to. I cannot make corrections, so please make sure to add your shipping address to your PayPal account before submitting your order. First come, first serve. After I send you the total price, you have up to 2 days to send payment. I will make the shipping label the same day of the purchase, and orders will usually go out on weekdays.
you may check out the spreadsheet here.
if an album is in italics, it's pending. if an album is striked through, it has been sold. Thanks for taking a look, and feel free to DM me if you are interested in purchasing or if you any questions.
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2023.04.02 06:35 throwmykidney My roommates are stressing me the f*ck out

I( 23 M) have 4 roommates all males, and 3 of them are in their 30's while one is around my age. We share a flat with a kitchen and 2 toilets, one of which is in my bedroom ( i have an en-suite).
When i spoke with one of them over the phone before renting a room, he didn't mention anything about sharing food or cooking meals for each other. He surprised me about this when i moved in. They essentially do their shopping together (all 4 of them) and split the cost and also take turns cooking meals. Which is fair enough, so i went along with it for a few weeks. But it was really expensive for me to carry on doing this, because i have my own meal plan i like to follow so it was getting expensive for me to essentially do my own shopping and then also the shared shopping.
So i politely told them im going to start doing my own shopping and also not be part of the whole "taking turns cooking" thing. Every month, i only have around 200 dollars left over, after bills, rent, groceries, petrol, etc, which isn't a lot when im trying to save up. So I've been trying to save money wherever i can.
But whenever i did my own shopping and put the stuff in the refrigerator or the freezer, i started to notice that there would be less off it even if i hadn't touched it, which clearly meant they were using my stuff. But i just chalked it up to be due to the fact that they may not have known it was my groceries, so i started to wrap plastic foil around my stuff.
But....they would remove the plastic wrap anyway and start using my things. Where it gets to the point, i have to buy certain groceries 2 or 3 times a week because they use my things.
I would also bring food from home, if i visited my parent's, my mom would make me some food which would last me a month and help me cut monthly costs, but they eat that aswell and almost feel entitled to eating much so that they told me to tell them if im bringing food back so they dont have to cook.
One of them also keeps using my toilet ( we dont have locks on our bedrooms) WHILE IM TRYING TO SLEEP. He will come into my room while im asleep at like 5 am and use the toilet, the loud ass flush wakes me up and im grouchy as hell at work, the next day because i cant go back to sleep.
The second time he did this, i waited for him to get out of the toilet and just followed him out of my room, slamming my door behind him. Then, the next day, i sent a paragraph of me ranting about how they should stop eating my food and coming into my room without knocking( which is another issue), in the flat group chat.
The 2 out of the 3 (the one's in their 30's) all responded with a thumbs up, but the one that keeps using my toilet, started going on about how im not friendly and all i care about is money?
But even after all of this, literally just yesterday, they finished my entire bottle of milk(which had plastic wrap) to make some dumb dessert.
The 3 roommates, which are the main issue, are from India, where i assume it's normal to be doing this with people you live with since they've stated that multiple times before. And anything outside that norm they consider you to be an unfriendly or an unkind person. But im honestly just stuck on as to what i should do. How im supposed to make them understand when I've already tried, because this is having a substantial impact on how much im spending in a month, which im trying to keep as low as possible. Any advice?
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2023.04.02 06:35 AutoModerator [Get] Aidan Booth – 123 Profit

[Get] Aidan Booth – 123 Profit
Download course here:
The 123 Profit Training Program that reveals how we generate thousands of dollars per day, and how those willing to take action could use the same system to go from ZERO… to $500/day… to $1000/day (and beyond) …then keep scaling up from there! Let’s run through the EIGHT components of the 123 Profit training to show you how this all comes together and how YOU can take advantage of this incredible system…
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