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2008.05.03 16:21 Pink Floyd

Pink Floyd are an English rock band that achieved international success with their progressive and psychedelic music marked by the use of philosophical lyrics, sonic experimentation, and elaborate live shows. One of the most commercially successful and influential rock groups in the history of popular music, they have sold over 250 million records worldwide, including 74.5 million certified units in the United States. In 1996 they were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

2016.06.29 03:03 mostinterestingtroll BLΛƆKPIИK TODAY: 🇦🇺 [BORN PINK] TOUR in MELBOURNE r/BP will 'Shut Down' from June 12-14

BLACKPINK / 블랙핑크 (stylized as BLΛƆKPIИK) is a four-member K-pop girl group by YG Entertainment, consisting of members Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa. The group debuted on August 8th, 2016. BLACKPINK is represented by Interscope and Universal Music Group outside of Asia. Second subreddit: BeulPing

2015.07.17 10:30 The Wall Takes No Prisoners!

Subreddit dedicated to Pink Floyd's rock opera masterpiece, "The Wall".

2023.06.10 23:49 SafeComfortable1009 Diggy Goes To Brit Floyd

Diggy Goes To Brit Floyd
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P.S. Don't wear that old fucking hole filled "The Wall" shirt. For the love of
Gesus H Christ Smoochy to you, from your boo. 😎😍
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2023.06.10 23:49 berkayozbek88 Chromatic Orb - The Battle for Nia-Koro Lyrics Video

Chromatic Orb - The Battle for Nia-Koro Lyrics Video
Chromatic Orb is a concept album project from Germany that started as a joke at a Dungeons & Dragons table. In early 2023, guitarist and songwriter Berkay Özbek decided to merge his two passions; music and table top role playing games by transforming his D&D campaign into a metal concept album. For recording he teamed up with a group of talented musicians including vocalists Onur Çobanoğlu, Elvya and fellow guitarist Faruk Aydın Toksöz.
Project's influences range from Pink Floyd to Opeth, from Blind Guardian to Soilwork and many others. Chromatic Orb's sound has both death growls and angelic vocals, bluesy guitar licks and dark acoustic passages, anthem like choruses and in your face groovy riffs. All driven by the story and serve as narrative tools alongside lyrics.
The first single of the project, The Battle for Nia-Koro, released in early June 2023. The composing and recording process is ongoing and releasing a new song each month during 2023 is the current goal.
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2023.06.10 23:46 NamelessNanashi [The Gods of Dragons: Beginning] Ch 20 - What is a Warlock?

Winter 4986, 22 Aoimoth
Rasnah found Branston in the chapel of Soleil and was grateful she wouldn't have to climb the stairs to his office. She waited in the back for him to finish his prayers and blessings, the stack of heavy books weighing down her mind more than her arms. "General..." one of the parishioners greeted her in a respectful whisper as he passed, and she managed to force a smile.
"My dear Sir Rasnah, is that a library in your hands or are you just happy to see me?" Branston asked with a jovial laugh that shook his belly.
Rasnah wanted to smile for him, but he was too good a friend to deserve something fake, "I was hoping to use one of your classrooms, I assume the children are done with their studies for the day?"
The shift in Branston's demeanor was subtle, but she was relieved to see he understood her mood. He continued the smile for the sake of his priests and petitioners still mingling in the chapel. "Right this way, General." he opened the door to the courtyard for her, whispering, "Need a change of scene, my dear?"
"I need a blackboard," she explained, following him around the outer edge of the courtyard to the classrooms where the city children took their lessons. "The Temple has great rooms for planning battles, full of maps and tokens galore, but not a single blackboard."
"Seems like a great oversight," he chuckled, opening one of the classroom doors and gesturing her in, "Let us hope that fixing that particular problem isn't the only heroic accomplishment you're known for in generations to come."
Rasnah snorted out a genuine laugh at that, placing her pile on one of the tiny desks but going straight for the board. "The Clerics of Lune were able to identify four of the ten bodies from the tower," she explained, searching the tray for a large piece of chalk. "I've had someone tracing the names, but they weren't natives to Clearhelm, and they didn't come here through legal channels."
"Not surprising, considering..." he moved to stand beside her, squinting at the board, "What are you...?"
"Warlocks, Branston. We know there were Warlocks at the tower, but that's the only thing we know. What do you know about Warlock magic?"
Branston sucked in a pained breath, "Probably little more than you, my dear. Tell me what you know, and I will fill in any blanks I see."
With a sigh, Rasnah began to write on the board, speaking as she did so. She wanted to get everything out so she could actually see it, maybe draw connections she was missing from turning too many pages in too many books, "Warlock magic is neither divine nor arcane, though it is more similar to arcane in nature..."
"Except it's gifted to them by a patron, much like divine magic is gifted by the gods," Branston interjected. Rasnah had started to draw out the standard venn diagram with the 'divine' circle, and 'arcane' circle intersecting but stopped halfway through writing the word 'nature' between the two. Branston shook his head, "I'm afraid this won't work quite so cleanly in two dimensions..." he moved to the teacher's desk, taking a blank piece of paper and drawing out the venn diagram again, filling the page with the circles, so they touched the edges. Picking it up, he rolled the page into a tube, so the two circles intersected twice, "Warlock magic is the opposite of nature magic, though it has the same overlapping sources." he explained.
Rasnah groaned and erased her started 'nature' with the side of her hand, scrawling, 'warlock' in its place for simplicity's sake, "Let's just ignore nature for now then..." she tapped the new word, "Warlock magic leaves a very distinct residue, like both divine and arcane, but unlike them, it can't be accurately identified as anything other than 'warlock'..." But Branston hummed to interrupt her again.
"There are different types of warlock magic depending on the patron granting access to it," he explained, picking his own chalk and starting a list, "Demon magic from the hells, and necromantic magic from the abyss, are the two most documented..." both the hells and the abyss were seen as outside the heavenly planes, segments of the 'outer planes.'
Rasnah's nose crinkled in disgust at both examples. They were not new to her, but she hadn't known they could be identified by residual spell effects alone. Needing to make sure everything stayed clear, she recited what they both knew, "Demon magic is granted by patrons only interested in collecting souls. It can cut the ties between a person and their god, preventing them from going to the heavenly planes after death. Some accounts even state a Warlock powerful enough can cut off a Cleric or Paladin." it was the most terrifying thing any follower of the gods could imagine, but a close second was... "Necromantic magic raises the dead as undead, trapping and twisting souls in their decaying bodies."
"Do we know what kind of Warlocks we're dealing with?" Branston asked.
She shook her head in frustration, "Are there any other types?"
The Cleric nodded but then contradicted it with a shrug. When Rasnah arched an eyebrow at him, he sighed again, taking up his chalk, "Warlocks get their magic from a patron on the outer planes. Some theories suggest this is where the gods originated and that the beings who dwell there are the parents of our gods. Though 'parent' isn't the right word..." he drew out the names Hengist and Horsa side by side. Rasnah felt her nose crinkle again, a growl slipping out as he drew lines from each name up to a single word, 'law.'
He tapped the word, "Please keep in mind that all of this is theory posed by Mages and philosophers, there is no way of confirming any of it without making a pact ourselves, which obviously isn't an option..." Rasnah nodded curtly and gestured for him to continue. Branston cleared his throat, "In the outer planes exist beings of pure concepts, such as law and order. They embody ALL of the concept, even the parts that seem contradictory. Their children split these contradictions. You have to admit, my dear, that Hengist and Horsa both value law and order, only their execution of the concept contradicts each other."
"Horsa is evil." Rasnah growled.
"I'm not going to argue that, Sir Paladin, but humor me," he managed a smile and tapped the combining word again, "Warlocks make pacts with these sources and communicate with them directly. Such communication in itself is enough to drive them mad, add to the fact that the beings themselves often embody contradiction..."
"Which is why all Warlocks go mad." Rasnah interjected, "Even if they started off with good intentions for the power they gain from the pact, they all eventually end up crazy and dangerous. And most," she underlined the types of warlock magic they did know, "Start off insane..."
"Yes," Branston confirmed, tapping the types of magic as well then drawing a new word below them, 'law,' "Just as an example..." he muttered as he wrote, then louder explained, "Basically there are as many types as there may be beings to make a pact with. Unless these Warlocks have formed a pact we are already familiar with, we have no way of knowing who their patron is."
Rasnah threw her chalk into the tray in frustration, "Damn it, we know so little..."
The classroom door slipped open, and an elderly priest poked his head in before pulling back into the hall, speaking to someone there, "I found her, Sir."
A young Paladin stepped into the classroom, and Rasnah cleared her expression, becoming the General once again. The knight saluted, and Rasnah nodded for him to continue, "We found where they came from, Sir."
"Ask, and you shall receive." Branston muttered under his breath. But Rasnah had heard the hesitation in her Paladin's voice and narrowed her eyes at the man.
"Swailand, General..."
"Damn." Rasnah slammed her fist on the desk, her unopened books rattling with the force of it. She couldn't hold back the whispered, "Fuck..." her mind racing.
"Uh... Sir?" the Paladin started cautiously then snapped to attention as she glared up at him.
"Go to the Mages Guild, have them send a blanket message to all Hengist Temples, they are to find the Master Monk Veon-Zih, Ally to the Temple, First Class, and have him contact me through mirror as soon as possible."
"Sir!" the Paladin saluted, and just in case, repeated Veon-Zih's name and credentials before hurrying from the room.
"A Horsa province..." Branston sighed, "You think they'll let him in when they won't anyone else from the Temple?"
Rasnah sighed, leaning back on the desk and rubbing her eyes with the heels of her hands, "Veon-Zih has connections everywhere. If anyone can insert themselves into this investigation, it's him." and the only people expressly banned from crossing Horsa's borders were Clerics and Paladins of Hengist. It took kingdom intervention to get such divine representatives across.
Branston took her by the shoulders, giving her a gentle shake, "I'll see what strings I can pull from my end. Soleil's light shines on all lands."
She managed a weak smile, "Thank you, Branston."
The same Paladin who delivered the first message brought the second four hours later. Rasnah ordered him to get dinner for himself and at least six hours of sleep before reporting to her again and made her way to the Mages Guild at a brisk walk, only a step removed from a jog.
The attending Mage at the front desk recognized her rank right away, even if she didn't know Rasnah personally, and stood to escort her to the call room. Rasnah was in enough of a hurry that she almost considered letting the other woman off, but couldn't bring herself to do it. She cleared her throat loudly, taking out her identification papers and tapping them on the table.
The Journeyman Mage had the decency to look ashamed before she resumed her seat, taking Rasnah's papers to confirm her identity and purpose. "My apologies, General..." She muttered for the breach in protocol.
Rasnah wasn't the type to yell or punish on a whim, but she did explain curtly, "These protocols are kept in place for a reason, Journeyman. You above all others should know the capabilities of magic to disguise an individual or take another form,"
"Those spells are very difficult, General, and highly regulated..." the Mage started but stopped at Rasnah's glare,
"And only those capable of both high-level magic and breaking the law would risk impersonating me. Those are exactly the people this protocol is in place to stop." She took back her papers without further admonishing the young woman, who hurried to take her to the call room.
The room was more like a long hall, lined with high-walled stalls. Above each stall's door were set two gems, this late in the evening, nearly all the red gems glowed steadily, mixing with the illuminating white light to tint the walls in pink. At the far end, above the largest stall, the red gem blinked. Rasnah's guide opened the stall door for her, chanting quietly as she did so until the red gem dimmed and the green began to glow in its place.
Within the stall was a single mirror, reaching from Rasnah's waist to just above her head, but the reflection was not her own. Veon-Zih had his eyes closed as he stretched with one arm and scratched his chiseled belly with the other. His already tan skin looked even darker with blotches of dust and dirt from the road. He'd obviously taken Rasnah's request for immediate communication very seriously.
The sight of him couldn't help but make her smile, "Hengist's pure soul, you're filthy, old man."
Veon-Zih scoffed, his eyes still closed as he finished his stretch, "And after I made a point of washing the blood from my knuckles just for you young whippersnapper..." his voice echoed in through the mirror, a reminder that he wasn't actually with her. As if to drive that point home, he said, "If you need me up there, Ras, you could've just sent an order to gate."
Rasnah shook her head, "Except that I actually need you in Swailand. Where are you now?"
Veon-Zih dropped his hands, "Halakon. Why Swailand?" Rasnah arched an eyebrow at the Monk, momentarily distracted by personal concerns for her old friend.
She resisted the urge to ask him about what had taken him to the desert province and instead stated, "Well, that explains the dust." before continuing with the matter at hand, "We have a lead on the Warlocks. The corpses originated in..."
"Corpses?" Veon-Zih interrupted.
Rasnah sighed. In her rush to continue the investigation, she'd forgotten he didn't already know about the tower, "We've found the Warlocks in Clearhelm, or more accurately, we found some of their bodies, a few of the corpses were still able to be identified after the fire and..."
"Fire?" Veon-Zih shook his head, "Start from the beginning Ras. If you want me to be your eyes and ears in Horsa land, I'll need to know everything."
So Rasnah told him what little they knew about the burning tower, but when she was done, he asked, "Where was it?" which made Rasnah look away. "Ras?"
"Just north of Hamerfoss... Shon was there. He's the one who saved the girl."
"What?!" Veon-Zih shouted, becoming larger in the mirror after stepping closer, "Rasnah, he's fifteen, what in all the hells was he..."
"He's a Sorcerer." Rasnah interrupted, and Veon-Zih's jaw dropped.
He swallowed, then -just as she feared- he nodded, "I'm coming up there, send orders for a gate."
"No, I need you in Swailand. We are taking care of Shon."
"I know how the government takes care of Sorcerers, General." he spat, "I'm coming up there. I might not keep money on hand, but I have enough favors I can cash in. I won't let them seal his ki. He can get his clearance and..."
"We are not going to give him the tattoo." Rasnah shouted over him, then continued calmly, "And he isn't leaving Hamerfoss." Veon-Zih arched a disbelieving eyebrow, and Rasnah rolled her eyes, "I can't tell if you're mocking me or genuinely don't believe me. The Temple is vouching for Shon so he can get a sealing item instead of a tattoo. It will block the ice magic but allow him to cast divine spells after he takes his Oath. We are taking care of him, V, and I need you in Swailand. If Horsa tries to take over our investigation I'll be left in the dark up here."
Veon-Zih sighed, leaning forward to rest his hand beside the mirror on his end. He rubbed his face and over his head with his free hand, still torn. When he spoke again, it was in a whisper, "Did he hurt anyone?"
"Hamerfoss has no less than forty-two men capable of healing all but the most deadly wounds..."
"Rasnah. Please?" Sorcerers rarely woke without some collateral damage.
"He was sparring with a fellow and froze his feet to the ground. The boy broke an ankle and suffered minor frostbite; both were healed the same night." Rasnah answered, trying to stay detached from the issue. Veon-Zih was already invested enough for both of them.
"I should have suspected... he's always been so cold." But ice was also incredibly rare. The cold of those who possessed that element made it difficult to find willing partners to carry on their bloodline. Instead, it passed through siblings and cousins who didn't manifest until it finally did many generations later.
"Shon is fine, Master Veon-Zih," Rasnah spoke quietly, waiting for her friend to meet her eyes before she continued, "he is one of the best Squires we've ever had, and we will not let him go so easily. I'll have you brought up here by gate as soon as possible. As soon as you're done in Swailand. I need you there, my friend."
Veon-Zih stood straight again and rolled his shoulders back with another sigh, "Let me get a shower, and I'll head out tonight."
"Would you like a horse?" Rasnah forced a smirk to try and lighten the mood, glad when Veon-Zih returned the smile.
"First you offer to get me up there faster, then you threaten to slow me down? General Rasnah, I thought you wanted to stay involved in this investigation?"
Rasnah snickered but continued on topic, "Branston has already contacted the Abbot of the Church in Sanoloa," the capital of Swailand, "I will have the reports and orders delivered to you with a gate to the closest Hengist-controlled Guild, after your, much needed, shower."
Thanks for making it this far, you are the real MVP
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2023.06.10 23:45 berkayozbek88 Chromatic Orb - The Battle for Nia-Koro Lyrics Video

Chromatic Orb is a concept album project from Germany that started as a joke at a Dungeons & Dragons table. In early 2023, guitarist and songwriter Berkay Özbek decided to merge his two passions; music and table top role playing games by transforming his D&D campaign into a metal concept album. For recording he teamed up with a group of talented musicians including vocalists Onur Çobanoğlu, Elvya and fellow guitarist Faruk Aydın Toksöz.
Project's influences range from Pink Floyd to Opeth, from Blind Guardian to Soilwork and many others. Chromatic Orb's sound has both death growls and angelic vocals, bluesy guitar licks and dark acoustic passages, anthem like choruses and in your face groovy riffs. All driven by the story and serve as narrative tools alongside lyrics.
The first single of the project, The Battle for Nia-Koro, released in early June 2023. The composing and recording process is ongoing and releasing a new song each month during 2023 is the current goal.
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2023.06.10 23:34 not_impressed79 (Selling) Super Mario 4K, June Universal Codes

Apple Pay or Venmo preferred.
June Universal Rewards - $3 each, or 2 for $5 Redeems at MA for one of the following in HD (unless otherwise noted):
Sony Rewards Buff Pass - $4 each or 2 for $7 Redeems at MA for one of the following in HD (unless otherwise noted):
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2023.06.10 23:32 laddiemawery [US] [Selling] Arrow Video, Steelbooks, Anime, Collection Clearing!

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2023.06.10 23:25 WhileOk482 r/rockmuzik en sevdiği şarkıları sıralıyor. F harfinin kazananı 125 upvote ile Iron Maiden - Fear of the Dark oldu. Bugünün harfi G. Etkinliğin daha eğlenceli olması için kendimce bazı kurallar ekledim yorumlarda görebilirsiniz.

rockmuzik en sevdiği şarkıları sıralıyor. F harfinin kazananı 125 upvote ile Iron Maiden - Fear of the Dark oldu. Bugünün harfi G. Etkinliğin daha eğlenceli olması için kendimce bazı kurallar ekledim yorumlarda görebilirsiniz. submitted by WhileOk482 to u/WhileOk482 [link] [comments]

2023.06.10 23:23 Universe-light SMH. 🤦‍♀️ I was looking at "Echoes: Best of Pink Floyd" and they DIDN'T have "Not Now John" or "The Gran Viziers Garden Part III: Entertainment" 🙄🙄

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2023.06.10 23:23 jennynewyork Question about pink lighting

Question about pink lighting
Hi ladies, I just changed rooms for streaming. I have sky blue walls and I have this neon sign in the back (it says "send noods"). I want to give my room more of a pink vibe with pink lights. Is that possible if the walls are blue? I have 2 box lights and that's all the lighting I use. TIA!
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2023.06.10 23:22 nhdc1985 Picked this EQ up today for $15 at Goodwill

Picked this EQ up today for $15 at Goodwill
Saw this on the shelf and snagged it. The EQ function seems to work great but the spectrum analyzer doesn't seem to react to anything. Wondering if I'm doing something wrong settings wise or if it might just be a circuit board issue? Anyone have any experience with these?
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2023.06.10 23:19 AwokenWalker Bought 4K blu ray but only have blu ray discs. Can I return it?

So I bought The Dark Knight 4K UHD at my local back in feb this year, I keep all my receipts and paid £10 via voucher. I just got back from a day ride to another CeX and picked up The Dark Knight Trilogy. When I got home I pulled The Dark Knight 4K blu ray from my collection to compare the discs in the trilogy pack (I like the best condition) and have found that the copy I bought in feb only has the blu ray movie and the special features disc, and not the 4K disc. I’ve loaded each disc up on my Xbox and opened advanced settings and the file information and the discs in the copy I bought in feb are definitely 1080p, I’ve compared that to the trilogy copy and the blu ray and special features are the same, both 1080p. I loaded the 4K disc up from the trilogy and it does show 2160p.
I was going to trade the copy I bought in feb because I bought the trilogy but since it doesn’t have the 4K disc I can’t… and now it’s £8 anyways, am I able to get a full refund being that I was sold something that isn’t the product I paid for?
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2023.06.10 23:18 emid11 What are some decor ideas for a large, blank wall?

Hi everyone! I have this giant blank wall in my apartment and I’m not sure what to put on it. I already have movie posters and such hung up in the room, and am open to any ideas!
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2023.06.10 23:06 The_Liamster03 20 [M4F] Brighton, UK - I want to meet my soulmate and fall in love

This is going to be a long post but here I go anyway. My name is Liam, I have never been in a romantic relationship before. I literally have no love life whatsoever, I’ve tried Tinder but I hardly get any matches and I got rejected by my crush when I was 16 but that’s a story for another time. I’m quite desperate at this point and I’m really lonely. This will sound cliché but when I was younger I always imagined that I’d get married to a beautiful woman, have one or more children, go on holidays to different countries, make a lot of money, own a nice car and live in a big house. Fast forward to today and that idyllic lifestyle is more of a dream that probably won’t ever come true. Life isn’t a stereotypical romcom as much as I wish it were true. I know I’m still young and maybe I’ll get lucky one day, no one knows what the future holds. Anyway moving on. I’ll be honest and say I’m not that good looking but I am mature for my age. To describe my appearance, I’m white, 5’5, average build, blue eyes and have black hair. I’ll be happy to share pictures in chat if anyone is curious. I’m very shy and introverted but I do try my best to have a conversation. I’ve been told I’m funny and nerdy but also have a nice personality as well. My star sign is Capricorn but that’s all I know about it. My favourite hobbies (if you could call them that) are playing video games, watching movies/tv shows and occasionally reading books. I’m a very big Star Wars fan and my favourite Netflix show is Wednesday. This might be embarrassing to admit but my celebrity crush is Jenna Ortega lol. My music taste is pretty much just anything mainstream but I like Lewis Capaldi. My favourite Pixar film is WALL-E. Call me lazy but I love to just chill and relax at home in my pyjamas. I’m a family oriented person and an animal lover with two cute dogs who I adore. I’m looking for a woman who will love me for who I am, to build a special bond with and to have a future together. As cringe as it sounds, I just someone to love me as much as I’d love them. I guess I’m a hopeless romantic lol. I don’t know if I should say this here but I do really want to have children one day but that would be something that would happen in the long term and I’m no rush anyway. I am a great uncle to my niece and nephews and fatherhood is something that appeals to me. I’d like someone who is close to my age but that wouldn’t be a deal breaker. I don’t want a long distance relationship as I can’t travel and I want someone who is not too far. I’m not bothered about appearances as personality means much more to me but my “type” would be a white, petite, hot, curvy woman with black or blonde hair and blue eyes. I want us to get to know each other first and then possibly meet up for a date. Hopefully we can “click” right away but I understand it might take time. Anyway I don’t want to keep on rambling so this goes out to any women out there, if you want to talk or ask me questions then feel free to DM me. I look forward to hearing from you all and thank you for reading my post
Liam x
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2023.06.10 23:03 CARDIMIN I wrote a poem ! ( kinda)

In regards to the recent anti- trans laws passed I decided to write a poem. I don’t really know it can be considered a poem because it doesn’t have what it seen as the structure of a poem, really. W hen I posted it to Reddit it changed the format also, that hat I had typed it in So I don’t know what you would call it in particular. But I wanted to write something and came up with this.( lol) I didn’t know where I should I put it, but wanted to share it. So I thought it might be a nice place to start.( This is my first post so I’m pretty new to all this) It’s called “The binary!” I hope you enjoy! (Sorry for the grammar)
THE BINARY I hate being trans sometimes But not in the way you think, I hate constantly being excluded in conversation, As it is like my existence is astray I am never even acknowledged, As my entire life is reduced to two options, One or the other, Black or white, To the parts that lie down below, To my presentation, My voice, My Hair, My body, Society, Social norms, Never recognizing intersectionality, Because of course it was how you were born, Because the binary always proceeds No less than two, no more, Because the binary always proceeds It fits us in tiny little cute boxes with a pink or blue bow. But for the ones who don’t fit exactly You better fit, You better fit, You better fit, You BETTER FIT, I hate being trans sometimes, But not in the way you think, I hate how I’m only an extension for one to spread their political views, I hate how I am the victim of one’s infatuation, I hate how I am the butt after every joke for the man to regurgitate from our sight, I hate how I have to make a mark to be recognized, As I’m the only one who has pronouns, a name and a body, But of course my Genitals are what you're more concerned with, not who I am, But as class is in session they split into two groups on either side, I was confused, wary, in a daze, Because no child should have to ask the question what about me?, Why I’m I not included, Why does everyone ignore my existence, Because no child should be told that their identity is a phase, That they are confused, crazy, or just gay, That they deserve less opportunities, to stay silent, and it will go away, Have no access to pay, or health care, No child should have to ask, Why am I different from everyone else, Is there something wrong with me because of the way I am, But You made yourself clear You don’t want us in your bathrooms , You don’t want us in your spaces, You don’t want us in your schools, Restaurants, stores, businesses, houses, streets, parks, You don’t WANT US TO EXIST Because the binary always persists, Forces us into a room one blue the other pink, And if you don’t fit exactly You better fit, Your better fit, You better fit, You better fit, You better fit, YOU BETTER FIT, My life decided by what lies in my pants, Called predators and groomers to children, Rights taken away by your command, Yet you stand, as finely packed lies lie about your fridge, But of course it just about the Children, What about the suicide and murder of trans kids, The lack of rights, Empathy, Reduction of space, Lack of safeness, Lack of acceptance, The homeless rate, But we’re the ones that should be ashamed, But there you stand in your bubble of hate, You made yourself clear with your silly laws and cognitive dissonance, As we lie fault to our own detriment, as we’re supposed to sit as willing participants, But you made you truth evident, You don’t want us in your rooms , grocery stores, clubs, schools, movies, relationships, sports games, businesses, in positions of power, ads, parades, concerts, award shows, YOU DON'T WANT US TO EXIST, BUT THE BINARY ALWAYS PERSISTS Forces us to choice what we’re assigned, Stuffing us tightly and if we don’t fit exactly, You better fit, Your better fit, You better fit, You better fit, You better fit, You better fit, YOU BETTER FIT, I hate being trans sometimes, Not because I hate myself, Because everyone hates me for being trans.
( Edit: I thought this would be nice to also post this in non-binary but I don’t know 100% for sure. So it anyone has any thoughts or feels I should it there also, or that you feel it doesn’t belong here in this particular subreddit, feel free to let me know!)
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2023.06.10 22:54 Moth_Mika [TOMT] [Movie] [2000s] Science fiction horror about petal-like butterflies descending from space

All I remember were the pink, cherry blossom-petal-like butterflies descending down on cities from space. The people were lured out by their beauty but as soon as a person touched them, theyd swarm around the person, coccoon them and dehydrate them. That's all I can remember. I dont know if it's an actual movie or if I just dreamed it or something but I recall it quite vividly. If it's not an actual thing, I call dibs on the movie and book rights haha
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2023.06.10 22:49 tomispie Request: 35mm scans of Indiana Jones?

Has anyone got 35mm scans if Indiana Jones? I've brought the 4k release but I don't know something seems off about the image and was wondering if anyone had any 35mm scans of the movies cheers
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2023.06.10 22:38 MinistryMagic MAIL DAY

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2023.06.10 22:37 Evil_ryry TV stand/entertainment center advice

Hey guys, hope everyone is having a good day. Can anyone help me give me any recommendations on a product for a tv stand? I ordered a new AVR so I thought if I’m gonna be wiring a new one up I want to do it at the same time. My current one is all open and I’ll include a link to it at the bottom to show what I DO NOT want. Main reason is I have 2 cats that unfortunately like to get into it and I’m getting tired of them knocking wires loose. Cats will be cats.
I’m looking for something that is more enclosed with shelving, ideally something that doesn’t constrict air flow too much but at the same time something a bit more pet proof where my cats can cause little to no issues. Needs to be able to hold my 65” LG CX on top or support a stand (wall mount is not an option as I do not have permission from land lord to do so), Denon AVR and center speaker, Xbox Series X, PS5 , my 4K Blu ray player and a few misc small devices like Apple TV 4K etc. I’m looking most ideally 55-65” wide with my available space. I also ideally do not want to spend a lot of money within reason so it doesn’t need to be super nice or anything just something that’s not a crappy POS and can meet above needs decently.
If anyone can give me suggestions on a particular unit they would think would meet my needs based on explanation or different recommended sites to look I would greatly appreciate it! I can answer questions if anyone has any additional questions or suggestions.
This is my current one now that I’ve had for a few years and I hate it.
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2023.06.10 22:10 AquaSpaghetti [TOMT] [MOVIE] [2010s?] I saw this weird movie when I was younger and I cant remember the name or if its even real.

Its like this movie where the wife goes on vacation and then the husband stays home with his daughter (maybe there were two not sure) and the daughter gets possessed or something similar and tries to have relations with this father. When the wife gets back home the house is completely thrashed and there even was text written with blood on the walls if im not mistaken.
i just thought back to this movie and i cant tell if its a weird dream or a weird movie.
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2023.06.10 22:08 phantomroguegalaxy 23 F (US) Looking for a fun long term friend to chat your days away and have free flowing conversations with?

Significant note: ONLY MESSAGE ME IF you're 21+ years old (NO MINORS) and from the U.S (due to the difference in timezones past 3 hours). I'm on Pacific standard timezone so I would like to talk with you if you're from CST, PST, or MST. I'm not interested in NSFW, drugs, alcohol or talking about politics either so DON'T contact me if you like those things
I know I sure would like this! As I hate not having anyone to chat with (aside from my bf, he's got his friends but I STILLL don't got mine!) and share fun things I love! I'd love to have someone to do Spotify sessions with, so that we can use the 'blend' feature and introduce each other to brand new music we've never heard before. Please don't ask me to share playlists, as that's not how I roll. I'd rather us both listen together, it's just better that way imo. I like to play this game on my PC called cyber hunter, it's an addictive and underrated battle royale. I'm not looking for a gaming buddy aside from that game tho! I also would be down to possibly watch things on YouTube or even watch movies or something from time to time. What I'd really like to do is have a few close friends so that we can talk on the phone once we get to know each other for quite a long while. I'd definitely love to talk to others and learn things I never knew before! Which is one of the top reasons why I still throw my hat into the ring on here. Please understand that it takes time to warm up to someone and I do not want to feel forced to doing something. So don't push me to do voice chats right away or I may not respond anymore!
I'm someone who likes to be supportive of their friends and just be there for them. I like being able to recommend things I think would be helpful if someone is in need. I also am open to listening to you vent and giving you advice! I'd just hope this isn't all that we do as there's more to a friendship than constantly talking about our problems. I like to send and receive long, well thought out messages as opposed to short ones. I'm big into having deep and meaningful conversations over small chat any day. I also love hearing stories and even talking about stuff that's happened to me. I respond fairly fast, however reddit is really broken so I don't quite get notifs anymore. I'd be more than happy to move off this app once we've been talking for quite a long while. I don't like moving immediately off the app, so again do not try to pressure me to do things I don't want to do. We gotta respect each other's boundaries and develop trust afterall!
As for what I'm looking for in a friend, I'd hope you could be kind, respectful, communicative, consistent and thoughtful! Of course other things too but these are all key! I'm not really looking to be friends with anyone who isn't open to chatting all throughout the days/nights. I understand that everyone's schedules vary, but I'm more than happy to make time for others. Whether I am busy or not, I always make sure to get back to people I enjoy talking to. So I expect that you also want to do the same with me! I'm also a night owl, so it's very much preferred you're one too as I never have anyone to chat with before I sleep. And I miss having those epic 3 am chats where you both can't stop chatting because the convos are just that good.
Anyways, I'll leave a bit about me then pass it off to you! Please make sure that you put some effort into your messages because... Well, if you don't I most likely won't respond to you. I don't have patience to talk to brick walls and people who expect me to do all the talking. I work best when I can go with the flow of all my conversations, rather than constantly asking back and forth questions. Feel free to check out the other posts on my profile if my interests I list are not enough here!
Some things I'm really into right now: across the spider verse, guardians of the Galaxy 3, squishmallows, thrifting, reading comics, binge watching TV shows and movies, listening to music, going out/going for walks, being in nature/taking nature pictures, playing pool, playing tabletop, playing games on my modded ps vita, PC, and PS5, etc.
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2023.06.10 22:07 AquaSpaghetti A weird incestious possessed movie?

Its like this movie where the wife goes on vacation and then the husband stays home with his daughter (maybe there were two not sure) and the daughter gets possessed or something similar and tries to have relations with this father. When the wife gets back home the house is completely thrashed and there even was text written with blood on the walls if im not mistaken.
i just thought back to this movie and i cant tell if its a weird dream or a weird movie.
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2023.06.10 22:07 kascnef82 As a 4k Blu-ray console will the ps5 support 3d playback in a future update for movies ? I know the psvr 2 doesn’t do it.

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