Denver to john wayne airport flights

Has anyone arrived at Rafael Hernández International at 2:30 am?

2023.06.08 17:43 thatsureisafinefish Has anyone arrived at Rafael Hernández International at 2:30 am?

I'll be traveling to Aguadilla later this month and arriving in the middle of the night via a flight from NYC. I don't get access to my accomodations until later in the day, so I won't have a place to go for several hours after arrival.
If this were a larger airport, I wouldn't worry about it - just find a spot at a gate and nap for a few hours. However, I can't find any information about if BQN is open 24/7, and I'd hate to show up and find that this is discouraged.
So here's the question: Does anyone have experience haveing an uncomfortable nap between the hours of 3 am and 6 am at Rafael Hernández International Airport?
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2023.06.08 17:42 MoVodka If you are on a flight but you have a medical emergency and have to get off the plane half way, do you have to fully book a whole new flight or do the airlines rebook you free of charge?

I.e. someone is flying from New York to Los Angeles, but they become extremely ill on the flight and the pilot decides to do a medical emergency landing in Denver, CO to let the passenger off the plane to go to the hospital. That sick passenger who is now in Denver but was trying to get to LA - do they have to book and pay for a new flight from Denver to LA, or would the airline they originally booked with schedule them on a flight for free?
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2023.06.08 17:28 VivianSherwood Who does ATC for Vanuatu airport?

This is really just out of curiosity, but I genuinely want to know. Since Vanuatu airport only has 3 flights per week, how does ATC work there? I guess the question can also apply to any other remote airport that only has traffic a couple times per week. Can anyone explain? Thank you in advance!
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2023.06.08 17:28 DISANews : Are flights being canceled due to smoke and wildfires? Here’s the latest from airports in the Northeast.

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2023.06.08 17:26 thinkingstranger June 7, 2023
Three more candidates have entered the race for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination this week. Former vice president Mike Pence, former New Jersey governor Chris Christie, and current North Dakota governor Doug Burgum join former South Carolina governor and Trump’s ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley, South Carolina senator Tim Scott, Florida governor Ron DeSantis, former Arkansas governor Asa Hutchinson, as well as a few others and former president Donald Trump in their hope of winning the nomination.
Taken together, the different candidates offer a window into the current Republican Party. Haley and DeSantis are embracing the cultural issues to which the Trump base is wedded. At a CNN town hall on Sunday, Haley singled out transgender girls as one of her key issues, linking (without any evidence) their presence on girls’ sports teams to an April study from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that showed a rise in the number of teenaged girls contemplating self-harm between 2019 and 2021, years that covered the height of the pandemic. (In fact, LGBTQ teenagers have a higher rate of thoughts of self-harm than their straight, gender-conforming peers.)
DeSantis has reached for the Trump base by focusing on immigration. That focus has backfired as unlawful border crossings have dropped more than 70% since President Biden’s ending of the pandemic-related Title 42, and as a new Florida law designed to “scare people from coming to Florida” has resulted in immigrants, whose labor is vital to the state, leaving it.
Apparently trying to reclaim the narrative, in the last week, DeSantis has sent two charter flights taking migrants who have legally applied for asylum in the U.S. from the Texas border to Sacramento, California. While the DeSantis administration claims the migrants went “voluntarily,” they say they were tricked into thinking they would get work in California. One set of the migrants were dropped off outside the Catholic Archdiocese of Sacramento, which had not been alerted they were coming and was closed.
Pence, Hutchinson, and Christie are directly attacking Trump, Pence by saying the events of January 6, 2021, make Trump unfit to be president, Hutchinson by saying Trump should withdraw because of the criminal charges he’s facing, and Christie by attacking Trump and his family as grifters. At Saint Anselm College in New Hampshire yesterday, Christie reminded the audience: “Jared Kushner and Ivanka Kushner walk out of the White House and months later get $2 billion from the Saudis…. You think it’s because he’s some kind of investing genius? Or do you think it’s because he was sitting next to the President of the United States for four years doing favors for the Saudis?... That’s your money he stole and gave it to his family. You know what that makes us? A banana republic.”
Scott and Burgum seem to be trying to offer exhausted Republican voters a rest. Scott is trying to offer an optimistic vision of the United States amidst the apocalyptic narratives of his rivals, denying that systematic racism is a societal problem, for example, while Burgum’s chief attribute seems to be an embrace of pre-2016 Republicanism and a low-key presentation.
That scrum of Republican hopefuls—none of whom is polling well—is the backdrop to this evening’s story from Andrew Feinberg of the Independent that prosecutors from the Department of Justice are ready to ask a grand jury in Washington, D.C., to indict former president Trump on charges that he has violated the Espionage Act and obstructed justice.
Aside from anything else, the Espionage Act includes language that anyone who “willfully retains…any document, writing, code book, signal book, sketch, photograph, photographic negative, blueprint, plan, map, model, instrument, appliance, or note relating to the national defense, or information relating to the national defense which information the possessor has reason to believe could be used to the injury of the United States or to the advantage of any foreign nation… and fails to deliver it on demand to the officer or employee of the United States entitled to receive it” can be punished by as many as ten years in prison.
The story says the jury could vote as early as tomorrow, but it could also be delayed until next week, or beyond. It is worth remembering that this Department of Justice has not been known to leak, and that the sooner Trump is indicted—which certainly looks likely, at least in the case of the missing documents—the sooner his supporters can jump to another candidate, which might suggest a rival camp pushing the story that an indictment will come soon. That same calculation might have been part of what was behind Trump’s insistence to New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman that he has “NOT been told he’s getting indicted.” And, he added on Truth Social, “I shouldn’t be because I’ve done NOTHING wrong.”
Troubles in the Republican Party are not limited to the 2024 hopefuls. House Republicans continue to fight against House speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), angry over the budget deal under which he pushed through a measure to suspend the debt ceiling. McCarthy tried to head off their protests with a promise to establish a commission to cut Social Security and Medicare, but it was not enough. Yesterday, members of the House Freedom Caucus said they would not permit votes on anything until he put in writing what they believed was the deal he made to get their votes for the speakership; that revolt continued today.
Tonight, Jake Sherman of Punchbowl News reported that McCarthy appears to have agreed to let appropriators write bills that come in below the agreed-upon spending levels. Sherman’s colleague John Bresnahan noted: “The Fiscal Responsibility Act isn’t even a week old & Republicans in the House and Senate are already trying to redo it.”
In other news, CNN has parted ways with Chris Licht, its chief executive officer and chair, who had sought to move the network to what he considered the center of American politics. He had done so by highlighting “both sides” of today’s political arguments, firing leading journalists he thought too far on the left and centering Trump in a town hall that became the former president’s triumphant reentry to the political stage as he lied and bullied the interviewer. Some pundits have taken Licht’s fall as a sign that there is no longer a powerful center in American politics, but my own guess is the opposite: that most of us want news based in reality rather than media giving platforms to people who are openly lying.
Yale scholar of authoritarianism Timothy Snyder today applied this idea to coverage of the destruction of the Nova Kakhovka Dam in Ukraine, which has rained down humanitarian, ecological, and economic disaster on Ukrainians as they appear to be launching a counteroffensive to the Russian invasion of their country.
Snyder warned journalists not to “bothsides” the story by offering equal time to both sides. “What Russian spokespersons have said has almost always been untrue, whereas what Ukrainian spokespersons have said has largely been reliable. The juxtaposition suggests a false equality,” he wrote. “The story doesn't start at the moment the dam explodes. For the last fifteen months Russia has been killing Ukrainian civilians and destroying Ukrainian civilian infrastructure, whereas Ukraine has been trying to protect its people and the structures that keep them alive.” “Objectivity does not mean treating an event as a coin flip between two public statements,” he said. “It demands thinking about the objects and the settings that readers require for understanding amidst uncertainty.”

Twitter links:
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2023.06.08 17:22 autotldr Flight to Madrid carrying half a ton of cocaine exposes network of collusion between government and drug traffickers in Bolivia

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 78%. (I'm a bot)
On Tuesday, the Bolivian government acknowledged that drug trafficking "Has permeated" police, customs, airports and the state-owned airline, Boliviana de Aviación.
It is believed that the beneficiary of this network of collusion within the State was an international drug trafficking organization with links to Bolivia and Spain.
The country had spent almost a week talking about a BoA flight last February on which half a ton of drugs had been discovered.
Mesa demanded the intervention of the entities involved: "The enormous cocaine shipment transported with BoA shows the penetration of drug trafficking in the governments , and institutional and political complicity," he wrote.
The episode began when Spanish authorities, who were involved in an operation to detect irregular behavior by employees at Barajas airport, discovered the drugs in the hold of an Airbus belonging to Wamos Air, which had operated BoA flight OB776 and landed in Madrid on February 12.
According to unconfirmed press reports, a criminal group that operates in Bolivia and Spain, allegedly run by a Bolivian drug trafficker nicknamed "Colla," was behind the shipment.
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Post found in /worldnews.
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2023.06.08 17:21 thegeekguy231 Craziest thing you've done to keep your A list status?

Needed to take a round trip flight to keep my A list status for another year, so I just booked my self a 6AM flight to BWI, and don't leave until 10PM to go back to my home airport.
Downside 13 hours in BWI, upside A list perks for me and the family for the year!
So my question to the sub, what's the craziest thing you've done to keep your a list status?
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2023.06.08 16:56 autotldr Air India flies stranded passengers from Russia to US

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 49%. (I'm a bot)
An Air India plane has taken off with stranded passengers from a US-bound flight after its plane made an emergency landing in Russia.
The Delhi-San Francisco flight had 216 passengers and 16 crew members on board when one of its engines developed a snag on Tuesday.
On Wednesday, Air India said it had sent a ferry flight to Russia with food and other essentials for the passengers.
The airline had been criticised by many for the poor accommodation and facilities provided to the passengers in Magadan.
The Air India said that due to "Infrastructural limitations" around the airport, passengers had been put up in a "Makeshift accommodation" after efforts were made to shift them to local hotels.
"As we do not have any Air India staff based in the remote town of Magadan or in Russia, all ground support being provided to the passengers is the best possible in this unusual circumstance through our round the clock liaison with the Consulate General of India in Vladivostok, Indian ministry of external affairs, local ground handlers and Russian authorities," the airline said in a statement.
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2023.06.08 16:55 P10_WRC Took a picture of meteor crater in Arizona from my flight to Denver.

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2023.06.08 16:48 SirSaif Struggling to get students

Just posting to vent a little and maybe seek some advice. I got my CFI back towards the end of March and hired on at my little non towered airport with only 2 schools that are relatively not very busy. I’ve had 4 discovery flights, 1 student that moved from another school who is pre solo with 30 hrs (only flew with him twice and haven’t seen him again) and I have another TSA student that is getting his finger prints done soon so I am expecting to start with him. I consider him to be my first real student. The newer CFI that got his ticket a little before me is busy with consistent students and the veteran CFIs are booked. Right now, its rough.
I spend the days just sitting at the airport hoping for walk-ins, and while some show up, I haven’t not gotten one student from walk-ins nor from discovery flights. I keep my expectations very low because usually people are just curious but not serious. I started to apply to other airports because I live in SoCal (LA Area) and surely there are busier airports than mine. I looked at all the ones I would reasonably want to drive to and even had two interviews that seemed like they were going somewhere but apparently no one likes to hire “out of house”. Its very frustrating.
I have applied to multiple schools at around a dozen airports, one of which is KVNY which itself has like a dozen schools. I got two interviews that went nowhere because I guess being a fresh CFI with basically no duel given isn’t desirable. I get it. I feel like I did a disservice to myself training at all the cheaper airports on the fringes of town rather than working at the busier ones that get constant business. In my defense, I didn’t know I wanted to do this as a career until like last year so I was happy with my airports and commutes to them.
I work in TV Production and due to the current writer’s strike, my “real” job is pretty much non existent at the moment. Oddly enough I considered this great timing because it would allow me the time to focus on training students, only I have no students. Now I just have a ton of time off with very little to do that feels productive. Its hard to go sit at that airport but I wouldn’t have had my tiny bit of teaching experience if I hadn’t. Its not a very busy school because their marketing sucks and the owner is cheap. I wish I could just work at a busier school.
Now I just think about continuing my training. I’m gonna work on my CFI-I. One of the CFIs says I can do it with her at no charge which is really awesome, but shes always busy and hard to book. Its another battle between quality vs quantity. I want to learn more advanced avionics, at a new airport, with new instructors while learning new airspace. I think its worth the extra money after I get my II, maybe I will be more hireable, a lot of schools I applied to asked if I had it. Its the only way I can fill my time constructively and maybe it’ll land me a job at a busier school.
I was expecting to be busier than this. I understand its a slow start, but I don’t understand what I’m doing wrong. Am I supposed to hound every person who walks in the door asking about lessons? Of course not. I feel like a successful school that gets tons of business just assigns you the work, at least thats how it appears at the busier schools. I duno, I guess I still gotta put in more time. It just feels like every month that goes by, is another month I’m not closer to being an airline pilot.
Oh also, the weather. The weather has sucked big time for the last 1.5 months.
Any advice would be appreciated. Tough love welcome, I just need to occupy my mind.
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2023.06.08 16:46 throwawayacc2142321 Cannot find a match in fiftyville

My query designed to find the thief is:
SELECT name FROM people WHERE name IN ( SELECT name FROM people WHERE license_plate IN ( SELECT license_plate FROM bakery_security_logs WHERE year = 2021 AND month = 7 AND day = 28 AND hour = 10 AND minute > 15 AND minute < 25 ) ) AND name IN ( SELECT name FROM people WHERE id IN ( SELECT person_id FROM bank_accounts WHERE account_number IN ( SELECT account_number FROM atm_transactions WHERE day = 28 AND month = 7 AND atm_location = 'Leggett Street' AND transaction_type = 'withdraw' ) ) ) AND name IN ( SELECT name FROM people WHERE phone_number IN ( SELECT caller FROM phone_calls WHERE receiver IN ( SELECT phone_number FROM people WHERE passport_number IN ( SELECT passport_number FROM passengers WHERE flight_id IN ( SELECT id FROM flights WHERE month = 7 AND day = 29 AND origin_airport_id IN ( SELECT id FROM airports WHERE full_name = 'Fiftyville Regional Airport' ) ORDER BY (hour * 60 + minute ) LIMIT 1 ) ) ) AND day = 28 AND month = 7 AND duration < 60 ) ) 
But this returns no matches, as far as i can tell each individual check works correctly but there are no crossovers between them?
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2023.06.08 16:45 chickenflavournoodle Need help with figuring out transportation from the airport to Ulaanbaatar city centre and back

I've got a 15h stopover in Ulaanbaatar and my plan is to get an Airbnb for the night and see the city at least for a few hours. I've been googling like crazy and there is different info everywhere...
From what I gather, Ч7 is the way to go, however I've seen somewhere that the buses run from like 6:30-7am? My flight is at 8am so that's too risky.
Also I can't seem to find a proper answer on how long it takes (google maps says like 3 and a half hours which seems insane even with heavy traffic).
If the bus thing doesn't work out I guess taxi is my only option but I've also heard that they tend to rip foreigners off (regular occurrence around many airports in the world honestly) and that I would love to avoid.
Any advice will be much appreciated please save me from sleeping at the airport🙏
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2023.06.08 16:45 Joefire69 Why won’t my AI Copilot fly to destination?

I’m flying from Jax to a small airport in central Florida. I get to a cruise altitude and I go to set my AI copilot to do the straight flight but it’ll just turn the plane back towards Jax. I’ve tried several times with some time in between attempts but no joy. For reference, the flight is 1.5 hours in a Cessna 152.
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2023.06.08 16:33 ZookeepergameThin350 Taxi Birmingham Airport: Convenient, Reliable, and Safe

Taxi Birmingham Airport: Convenient, Reliable, and Safe
When it comes to traveling to or from Birmingham Airport, reliable transportation is crucial to ensure a seamless and stress-free journey. One of the most popular options for airport transfers is hiring a taxi service. In this article, we will explore the benefits of utilizing taxi services at Birmingham Airport and why they are the preferred choice for many travelers.

Importance of Reliable Airport Transportation

Before delving into the details of taxi services at Birmingham Airport, it’s essential to understand the significance of reliable airport transportation. Travelers often face challenges when trying to find suitable transportation upon arriving at an airport, especially in unfamiliar cities. Having a dependable mode of transport ensures peace of mind, saves time, and eliminates the stress associated with navigating through crowded airports.

Taxi Services at Birmingham Airport

Benefits of Hiring a Taxi

Hiring a taxi service at Birmingham Airport offers numerous advantages. First and foremost, it provides convenience and eliminates the need to wait for public transportation or navigate through unfamiliar routes. Taxis are readily available at the airport, ensuring a prompt and hassle-free journey to your destination.

Professional and Licensed Drivers

Taxi services at Birmingham Airport employ professional and licensed drivers who are well-versed in the local area. These drivers undergo rigorous training, possess extensive knowledge of the airport routes, and prioritize passenger safety and comfort. Their professionalism ensures a pleasant and smooth journey for travelers.

Convenient Booking Process

Booking a taxi Birmingham Airport is a simple and straightforward process. Many taxi services offer online booking platforms, allowing travelers to make reservations in advance. This convenience ensures that a taxi will be waiting upon arrival, avoiding any delays or uncertainties.

Competitive Pricing

Taxi services at Birmingham Airport often provide competitive pricing, making them a cost-effective option for airport transfers. With a transparent pricing structure, travelers can be confident that they won’t encounter any hidden fees or surcharges. Additionally, taxi fares are usually fixed, offering peace of mind and predictability when it comes to budgeting for transportation expenses.

Range of Vehicle Options

Taxi services at Birmingham Airport offer a range of vehicle options to cater to different travel requirements. Whether you are traveling alone, with a group, or carrying substantial luggage, there is a taxi that can accommodate your needs. These options ensure that every passenger enjoys a comfortable and personalized transportation experience.

Reliable and Safe Transportation

Punctuality and Time Management

One of the key factors that set taxi services apart is their commitment to punctuality. Taxi drivers understand the importance of timeliness for airport transfers and strive to ensure that passengers reach their destination on time. By tracking flight schedules and utilizing efficient routes, taxi services minimize the risk of delays and offer reliable transportation.

Safety Measures

Safety is paramount when it comes to airport transfers. Taxi services at Birmingham Airport prioritize passenger safety by implementing stringent measures. These include regular vehicle maintenance, adherence to traffic regulations, and background checks for drivers. Travelers can rest assured that their well-being is the top priority during their journey.

Cost-Effective and Convenient

No Parking Hassles

Choosing a taxi for your airport transfer eliminates the need to worry about parking your vehicle at the airport. Parking fees can be expensive, and finding a suitable parking spot can be time-consuming. With a taxi, you can bypass these hassles and enjoy a convenient and stress-free journey.

Door-to-Door Service

Taxi services provide door-to-door transportation, meaning they pick you up from your location and drop you off directly at your desired destination. This level of convenience saves time and energy, especially when you have heavy luggage or are traveling with young children or elderly passengers.

Luggage Assistance

Taxi drivers are often more than willing to assist with luggage, ensuring a seamless transition from the airport to the vehicle. They are experienced in handling different types of luggage and prioritize its safety during transportation. This assistance adds an extra layer of convenience for travelers.

Choosing the Right Taxi Service

When selecting a taxi Birmingham Airport, there are a few factors to consider.

Online Reviews and Ratings

Before making a decision, it is helpful to check online reviews and ratings of different taxi services. This feedback from previous customers can provide insights into the reliability, professionalism, and quality of service offered by various providers.

Customer Support

Reliable taxi services prioritize excellent customer support. They have responsive helplines or support channels available to address any queries or concerns that passengers may have. Prompt and efficient customer support enhances the overall experience of using a taxi service.

Availability and Accessibility

It is important to choose a taxi service that is available and accessible when you need it. Some taxi services may offer 24/7 availability, ensuring you can book a taxi at any time of the day or night. Accessibility is also crucial, especially for passengers with mobility challenges or specific requirements.


In conclusion, taxi Birmingham Airport offer a reliable, safe, and convenient mode of transportation for travelers. The benefits of hiring a taxi, such as professional drivers, convenient booking processes, competitive pricing, and a range of vehicle options, make them an excellent choice for airport transfers. By choosing the right taxi service, passengers can enjoy a stress-free journey, focusing on their travel experience rather than transportation logistics.


1. Are taxi services available 24/7 at Birmingham Airport?

Yes, many taxi services at Birmingham Airport operate 24/7 to cater to the needs of travelers arriving at any time.

2. How far in advance should I book a taxi for airport transfers?

It is advisable to book your taxi in advance to ensure availability, especially during peak travel seasons. Booking a few days before your arrival or departure is recommended.

3. Can I request a specific type of vehicle for my airport transfer?

Yes, most taxi services offer a variety of vehicle options to choose from. You can request a specific type of vehicle based on your requirements, such as a sedan, minivan, or luxury car.

4. Are the taxi drivers experienced and familiar with the airport routes?

Yes, taxi drivers employed by reputable services are experienced and familiar with the routes to and from Birmingham Airport. They undergo training to ensure they provide efficient and knowledgeable transportation.

5. Are the taxi fares fixed or metered?

Taxi fares at Birmingham Airport are typically fixed, providing transparency and predictability for travelers. This means you won’t encounter unexpected fare increases during your journey.
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2023.06.08 16:33 snydema1 ANA Business Booking Question(s)

I did some searching - but didn't find exactly what I was looking for. Apologies in advance for the newbie questions :)
Background - I fly United on occasion and have some miles in my account, but no status. I don't have an account with ANA - and this trip is likely a one off, so I don't expect I'll be booking with them again (or at least often) - so figured setting up an account with them might not be the best move.
I'll be buying business class tickets for my wife and myself - so not looking for upgrades.
I'm looking to book two tickets from LAX to HND next March / April. My wife doesn't love flying - and I read that HND might be a "quieter" airport than NRT - and is also close to downtown and the cruise port. I also read that the ANA soft product is super nice, and likely nicer than the United soft product to Japan. ANA seems to be using their 787-9 metal on this leg.
I was going to use my United numbers when booking with ANA directly - but did some reading that I might get better United point value if I booked ANA flights through United.
I looked at pricing - and they're about the same price booked with ANA vs United.
Historically I've liked to book direct - to minimize any issues with flight changes, etc. Not sure if that still holds or not.
Based on my situation - recommendations on booking direct with ANA or via United?
Appreciation in advance for the United wisdom!
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2023.06.08 16:28 peliccancars12 Heathrow Terminal 5 from Heathrow Airport TW6 to Luton Airport LU2

Navigating between airports can often be a daunting task, especially when you're travelling from one as bustling as Heathrow Terminal 5 to another as busy as Luton Airport. However, when you have a reliable transfer service like Peliccan Cars on your side, the journey becomes a breeze.
Heathrow Terminal 5, one of the busiest terminals in the world, is known for its endless hustle and bustle. It's an international hub filled with global travellers, but amidst all this activity, it's easy to find comfort and reliability with Peliccan Cars. Known for their exemplary services, Peliccan Cars have earned their reputation as one of the top choices for travellers seeking easy airport transfers.
Booking with Peliccan Cars is as straightforward as it gets. Their intuitive online system allows you to secure a vehicle suited to your needs within minutes. From spacious saloons for solo travellers or compact groups to larger minibuses for extended travel parties, Peliccan Cars ensures your ride is tailored to your preferences. What's more, their customer service is available round the clock to assist with bookings and queries, delivering a seamless booking experience.
Once your booking is confirmed, your journey from Heathrow Terminal 5 to Luton Airport is entirely in the hands of Peliccan Cars’ professional and experienced drivers. These drivers are not only well-versed with the quickest and most efficient routes between the two airports but are also constantly updated about flight schedules, ensuring timely pickups and drop-offs.
The comfort of the journey is a priority for Peliccan Cars. Their fleet of modern, well-maintained vehicles come equipped with amenities such as free WiFi, charging ports, and comfortable seating, allowing you to relax or catch up on work during your journey. The comfort extends beyond the vehicles as the drivers, known for their courteous service, create a warm and welcoming environment for all passengers.
Pricing transparency is a standout feature of Peliccan Cars. They believe in providing high-quality service at competitive prices with no hidden costs. Whether it's peak hours or late at night, the price you see at the time of booking is the price you pay, making Peliccan Cars an affordable choice for many travellers.
Lastly, Peliccan Cars understands the unpredictability of travel. Therefore, they offer a flexible cancellation policy that allows you to cancel or modify your booking without any hassle. It's another example of how they continually put their customers' needs first.
In summary, if you're looking for a comfortable, reliable, and affordable transfer service from Heathrow Terminal 5 to Luton Airport, Peliccan Cars is an excellent choice. Their commitment to delivering top-notch customer service, coupled with their professional and courteous drivers, ensures your journey is as smooth and stress-free as possible. With Peliccan Cars, you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride.
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2023.06.08 16:26 LongDistanceTaxis Book Airport Taxi Near Me

Are you tired ofsearching for a reliable airport taxi near you? Look no further than Uxur Taxi, the premier taxi service in the area. With a commitment to safe, affordable, and timely transportation, Uxur Taxi is the clear choice for all of your airport transportation needs.
Experience the Comfort of a Uxur Taxi
At Uxur Taxi, your comfort is our top priority. Our fleet of well-maintained vehicles includes a variety of options to cater to your specific needs. Whether you're traveling alone, with a group, or with luggage, our vehicles are designed to ensure your comfort and safety throughout your journey.
Our experienced drivers are committed to providing you with a comfortable and stress-free journey to and from the airport. They are knowledgeable about the local area and can recommend the best routes to reach your destination in a timely manner. They are also equipped with GPS navigation systems, ensuring that they can easily find your location and take you to your destination in the fastest and most efficient way possible.
Reliability and Timeliness You Can Count On
With Uxur Taxi, you can have peace of mind knowing that your ride to and from the airport will be reliable and timely. We understand the importance of punctuality when it comes to airport transportation, which is why we prioritize promptness and efficiency. We guarantee that our drivers will arrive at your location on time, every time.
Our team of professionals monitors flight schedules to ensure that we are informed of any delays or cancellations. This allows us to make necessary adjustments to our schedules and guarantee that we are there to pick you up when you need us.
Affordable Pricing Without Sacrificing Quality
We understand that airport transportation can be expensive, which is why we strive to offer competitive rates without compromising the quality of our services. Whether you're traveling for business or leisure, we are committed to making your transportation experience affordable and stress-free.
Our flexible pricing options allow you to choose a transportation plan that suits your budget and needs. We offer flat rate pricing, hourly rates, and point-to-point rates. No matter which option you choose, you can be sure that you will receive reliable and high-quality transportation services.
Convenient Online Booking and Payment Options
We understand that your time is valuable, which is why we make it easy for you to book and pay for your airport transportation online. Our website provides a user-friendly platform that allows you to book your ride, track your driver's location, and pay for your transportation services all in one convenient location.
Our online payment options are designed
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2023.06.08 16:15 Moscowmule21 Lafayette or New Orleans Airport

Do most people you know living in the Lafayette vicinity use the local airport or drive to alternate airports such as New Orleans?
Lafayette airport only serves a few closer hub airports: Atlanta, Dallas, Charlotte and Houston. I believe there used be flights to Denver and Orlando when Frontier serviced the airport.
I know the ticket prices are much higher flying out of LFT, but it a much more convenient airport to get through than say New Orleans or any other large city.
Besides that, do you find the 2 - 2.5 hour drive to MSY much more efficient than having to hassle with connecting flights given you aren’t flying directly to one of the hubs mentioned?
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2023.06.08 16:13 peliccancars12 Ride Sharing from Heathrow Airport TW6 to Heathrow Airport LU2

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2023.06.08 16:08 porcupine-boat How to endure hours of travelling by plane with mom +being in denial about my problem with mom

I have a flight to Europe in a few hours. I won't sleep even though my caregivers advised me to sleep for a few hours since I'll have to be up at 1AM and go to the airport at 3AM. I'm from Southeast Asia.
Somehow, saying this to the internet is comforting because all these memories and thoughts I have won't be bottled and the thought of random people hearing me out here :>
Unfortunately I'm still not in the age of someone that can travel alone without the consent of parents. I'm around the age of 14-17 and I'm told that there's nothing I could do but to travel with mom.
The thing is, she's problematic. I will summarize (a long summary somehow) what she did and see if she is considered a narc and abusive

I spent half of my childhood (kindergarten---3rd grade) :

  1. getting my wrist sprained by her in 3rd grade (not even an apology was made she just stormed out after pushing me to the floor because I wanted to play outside with the neighborhood kids)
  2. even though I have asthma she still fills her entire dark house with junk and cigarettes and alcoholic drinks
  3. she yells at me a lot or will corner me to my room to throw things at me while she goes on a frenzy and lock me in.
  4. the simplest mistake i'd make will make her slap me or hit me with objects.
  5. made me tear up one time and left me in a creepy basement at the house in Europe. I forgot what I even did but all I remember was getting clothes that dried up from the laundry and then she said a bunch of stuff to me that made me tear up
  6. would shame me for tearing up even though i tried my best not to
  7. blames me for anything bad that happens
  8. calls me insulting names and swears at me when i made a mistake
  9. when there's something i don't know, she gets agitated and goes on a rant about me not using my brain and other insults to call me etc.
  10. friendly to other people/relatives but would pinch me under the dinner table when i dont say anything that she rehearsed me to say to people as if i was a puppet
  11. expects me to look perfect to other people. if i wasnt overly outgoing and entertaing to her friends or other relatives, on the way home she'll be spitting bars at me saying that i'm such a brat
now i know, i'll be expecting people to say i made these all up but these are the memories that stuck with me to this day
being around mom makes me feel miserable or it feels nauseating to be in her radar
my caregivers (my grandaunts, two sisters of my grandma) are the only people that make me secure. they're strict but they don't make me feel uneasy around them. my caregivers are strict people but they earned my respect for them. mom, meanwhile, has earned FEAR AND TERROR from me and never respect. they talked to me while packing my things and said that i can get through this just don't mind her
if little me was able to endure and was strong enough to deal with that mom, then i can get through this too! i wish i was a different person from younger me so i could be her older sister that will accompany her and lessen the sinking feeling in her heart
just as i write this i still feel very scared to go to the airport with my mom and go through 10+ hours of stopover countries and plane flights with her :(
until now i think she's gotten worse verbally and emotionally but physically was not very active anymore. the only thing i could do now is pray and find something to distract me from being too shaken up
i am still in denial that she could be considered abusive since she always said that this way of parenting is right and that it's a way to discipline me
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2023.06.08 16:08 Predaplant [Character of the Month] Raven


(Spotlight guest-written by bluelookslikeblue)
Name: Rachel Roth
Created by: Marv Wolfman and George Perez
First Appearance: DC Comics Presents #26
Affiliation: Titans
Previous Affiliations: Teen Titans, Sentinels of Magic, Night Force, Team Wonder, Justice League Dark
Allies: Beast Boy, Nightwing, Donna Troy, Cyborg, Starfire, Arsenal, Tempest, both Wally Wests, Wonder Girl (Cassie Sandsmark), Superboy (Conner Kent), Robin (Tim Drake), Wonder Woman, Shazam, Booster Gold
Powers: Pretty much whatever combination of teleportation, empathic healing, soul-self projection, flight, telepathy, telekinesis, emotional manipulation, mind control, and vaguely defined magical energy the writer feels like that day.


Raven’s story begins with her mother, Angela Roth. Angela made the unfortunate decision to join a satanic cult, leading to an even more unfortunate encounter with Trigon, a genocidal demon rapist. One failed abortion/suicide later, Angela and her daughter were taken in by the monks of Azarath, a pacifistic magical realm which accidentally created Trigon in the first place. Taking on Trigon’s daughter was a matter of controversy in Azarath and there was at least one assassination attempt on the infant half-demon. Angela took the name Arella and learned some of the Azarathian mystic arts. The child named Raven was taken to be raised by the Goddess Azar.
Azar determined that Raven could be possessed by Trigon and/or destroy the universe if she lost control of her emotions. Thus, Arella was told to surrender her child to Azar to train and raise. Azar raised Raven in isolation, training her to purge herself of emotion and rarely permitting contact with others including her own mother. The result was a child about as socially well-adjusted as you’d expect someone denied emotions, love, or any contact with kids her own age whatsoever. Upon Azar’s death, Raven’s training fell to Arella. Although mother and daughter eventually grew close, their relationship was somewhat hampered by Raven’s insularity and emotional stuntedness. On her thirteenth birthday, Trigon revealed himself as her father. He tortured her mother and demanded Raven take his place at his side. She refused and lashed out in hatred, her darker side manifesting as her soul-self for the first time. Satisfied that his daughter had inherited his power and rage, Trigon departed, warning that he would return once Raven became a woman.

New Teen Titans:

When Raven was eighteen, Trigon returned to destroy the Earth. Deeming this outcome unacceptable, she implored the priests of Azarath to intervene but they refused, believing it to be a violation of their pacifist beliefs. Moving on to Plan B, she fled to Earth and asked the Justice League for help but was declined as Zatanna sensed Trigon’s taint on her and told her teammates that Raven was probably evil. Refusing to give up, she went to Plan C and haunted the dreams of Dick Grayson - then still Robin - until he agreed to reform the Teen Titans with her chosen members. She was able to convince Donna Troy (then Wonder Girl), Beast Boy (then going by Changeling), and Cyborg to join but was turned down by Wally West (then Kid Flash). Unwilling to take no for an answer at this point, Raven secretly made Wally fall in love with her using her empathic magic, causing him to join. She then led them to the rescue of their final member, the alien warrior Starfire who was captured by Gordanian slavers.
Raven’s early days with the Titans did not go well. Her pacifism made her useless in fights and her refusal to give a straight answer to anything and tendency to disappear immediately upon getting what she needed made her teammates question her trustworthiness. Things were further complicated when the other Titans were killed and Raven had to go back in time with Booster Gold to covertly fix the timeline. Upon Zatanna’s revelation that Raven had turned Wally’s brains to scrambled eggs so he would do her bidding, her teammates decided they had enough and refused to put up with her anymore. To make matters worse, Trigon arrived to destroy the world and easily defeated her estranged teammates. Raven teleported them to Azarath before they could be killed and begged her mother and the priests of Azarath for help but was again declined. When Trigon appeared and once more defeated the Titans, Raven moved on to Plan D and agreed to go with him in exchange for the safety of the Earth and the lives of the Titans. Trigon accepted her offer and took Raven with him to his realm. He then promptly murdered a child and announced his intent to destroy the Earth anyway. Distraught by the loss of her daughter, Arella agreed to take the Titans to Trigon in order to rescue Raven but the teens were defeated again and imprisoned. However, Raven was able to free her teammates and together they were able to weaken Trigon with Arella sacrificing herself to imprison Trigon in another dimension.
Raven enrolled in college and continued to serve with the New Teen Titans despite an awkward and occasionally tense relationship with Wally West, forming an odd friendship with the extroverted and impulsive Starfire. While continuing to espouse pacifism and pursuing non-violence when possible, Raven came to the conclusion that knocking people out with her soul-self, controlling minds, and the occasional act of psychological torture was okay and robots and monsters shouldn’t count anyway and thus proved surprisingly useful in many fights. During this period, the Teen Titans would face off against many supervillains such as Deathstroke, the Brotherhood of Evil, and the Fearsome Five. However, none would prove as troublesome to the young heroes as Brother Blood, whose cunning, charisma, and arcane mastery would put the Titans on the off-foot time and time again. Although Raven would come to be a valued member of the team, Trigon’s corrosive influence led to her gradual physical and mental degradation which was exacerbated by her fear of reaching out to others for help. Eventually, Trigon escaped captivity and almost caused the apocalypse with a corrupted Raven as his minion. The Teen Titans ultimately thwarted Trigon with the help of Raven’s mother and Lilith Clay. Raven’s body was nowhere to be found.
The Titans thought this a bit weird but didn’t make finding her their number one priority. This proved to be a bit of a whoopsie-doodles as she was captured and brainwashed by Brother Blood first. Nightwing would eventually come looking for her but was himself captured. Blood would defeat the Titans and came to the cusp of taking over the world before Raven broke free of his control and stopped him. With Trigon seemingly dead, Brother Blood’s brainwashing purged, and her soul purified, Raven was free to be herself for the first time in her life. Rejoining the Titans, the now-white cloaked Raven was thrilled to finally be free of any malign influence and became the embodiment of sweetness and light. Unfortunately, this sunny outlook was not to last. Kid Flash’s replacement Jericho became evil and caused her to be corrupted by evil spirits. Once more falling to demonic possession, Raven proceeded to engage in various acts of villainy. However, the good part of Raven secretly planted herself in Starfire and helped her friends kill her body and defeat her evil self.

Time Dead:

Raven’s re-purified spirit spent most of this period hanging around as a golden ghost, occasionally assisting the Titans when necessary. For a while Detective Comics Comics forgot she was dead and she served on the Sentinels of Magic alongside various other mystical heroes such as Zatanna, Alan Scott, and Madame Xanadu. Then it remembered and unceremoniously threw her back in the grave without explanation.

A Second Chance at Life:

Raven would be resurrected in a younger body by the new Brother Blood, a sniveling teenage aspiring rapist who was the son of the previous Brother Blood. Brother Blood Junior wanted to force Raven to marry him as part of a plan to end the world. Raven was not fond of this development and tried to escape. Upon being caught and recaptured, her subconscious magically reached out to Beast Boy via a haunting and took control of him in order to lead the latest iteration of the Teen Titans to her location. With his help, she broke free of Brother Blood’s control. Once more plagued by her darker half as a result of Brother Blood’s rituals and believing herself to be a danger to her friends, Raven prepared to depart but was encouraged by Beast Boy to rejoin the Titans, now consisting of himself, fellow veterans Starfire and Cyborg, and new members Cassie Sandsmark, Conner Kent, and Tim Drake. Raven would renounce her pacifism and help her friends mentor the younger members of the team, helping Tim come to terms with the death of his father and encouraging Conner to believe that he was more than the worst parts of his heritage after the discovery that he was a partial clone of Lex Luthor. She would also begin a rocky on and off again romance with Beast Boy. While Raven was drawn to his kindness, her lack of openness and his immaturity would lead to many rough patches in their relationship. Raven attempted to establish a civilian secret identity as Rachel Roth but it is questionable how secret it really was after Beast Boy visited her in the belief nobody would recognize him if he showed up in disguise as a green bear.
When Trigon returned, Raven reunited with her old New Teen Titans teammates and defeated him but was once more nearly overtaken by her evil side. Although able to prevail over her inner darkness, Raven was badly shaken by the experience and became even more insular and withdrawn. Believing herself to be a danger to her friends, she broke up with Beast Boy and attempted to push him away through meanness for his own safety. However, events would see them once again working together mentoring younger heroes on the Teen Titans. The pair would eventually reconcile, with Beast Boy growing in maturity and Raven resolving to get in touch with her emotions and embrace the good in life as well as the bad. Reaffirming their love, the two shared a passionate kiss and were ready to move on, optimistic about their future together.

The New 52:

Because Barry Allen missed his mom, the entire timeline was rebooted and all of the previous history and character development was lost because Dan DiDio said so. In the new timeline, most of her early life was basically the same except this time Rachel was her birth name. However, this time she had to flee Azarath at age sixteen to escape Trigon. While hiding on Earth, Rachel would attempt to do good, using her empathic powers to secretly comfort suffering people but was betrayed by the Phantom Stranger and handed over to her father who renamed her Raven. Forced to become Trigon’s servant, Raven committed various atrocities before being planted on the Teen Titans as a mole. Beast Boy was red for a bit before turning green again for unexplained reasons. Bart was actually Bar-Torr, a war criminal from the future. Raven broke free of her father’s control due to time travel shenanigans. It was a weird time. Following a lot of bad comics, the team disbanded and Raven sought out her mother’s family and enrolled in high school, hoping to reconnect with her human side.


Due to events featuring the older, white Wally West and a naked blue man, it turned out that five years were erased from the timeline and there was a previous Titans team led by Dick Grayson. As a result, there were now two Titans teams, the Titans led by Dick Grayson, and the Teen Titans, now led by Damian Wayne. Raven was shanghaied into the Teen Titans via kidnapping by Damian alongside her old teammate Beast Boy, the younger, African-American Wally West and Starfire. Raven did not do much of note during this period. She briefly made an ill-advised decision to throw in with an insane Tim Drake from the future alongside Beast Boy, as they determined that even a Tim Drake without all his marbles was preferable to Damian. She also did a few cool things during the Dark Nights: Metal Wild Hunt tie-in issue where she was decidedly unimpressed by the angsty darkness of evil Batmen. Monkeys were involved. DC tried putting Raven in a relationship with Wallace the Younger but changed its mind. As a result, they officially began dating in an issue of Teen Titans and were mentioned to have broken up off-panel in an issue of The Flash that came out the same day. She was then abducted by aliens and took part in the events of No Justice where she was part of a Wonder Woman-led team of mystics before having a few solo adventures stopping Trigon again and briefly leading a group of magically powered teens associated with the morally dubious Baron Winters. After this, she was ambiguously aged up alongside Beast Boy and placed on Dick Grayson’s adult Titans team where she was drawn as older and written as more mature and having a preexisting friendship as Nightwing but nothing was explicitly retconned. Raven lost her soul-self early in her tenure with this team along with most of her powers and ability to feel emotions due to trickery by an elf. She would eventually recover it and save the universe from the villainous Mother Blood alongside Beast Boy with the two friends saving each others’ lives during the final battle.

The Present:

Because in another universe Batman is a clown, Wonder Woman had a conversation with Perpetua after a bunch of nonsense that I am not going to waste time on what happened and continuity changed again. Raven is now in her mid to late twenties and has achieved greater mastery of her powers than ever before. Her background is currently hazy with something vaguely approximating the events of New Teen Titans having occurred several years in the past with some details changed. (eg: Cyborg was a member of the Justice League before joining the Teen Titans.) More information regarding Raven’s current origins and backstory will presumably be revealed in the upcoming Tales of the Titans miniseries.
Raven agreed to participate in her fellow former New Teen Titans’ disastrous attempt to run a school for super-teens. It exploded twice in a year before they gave up and called it quits. During this period, Raven mentored Billy Batson and his friend Dane (who was the antichrist), saving the two boys from the clutches of the fallen angel Neron after they made an unauthorized trip to Hell. She would also reignite her relationship with Beast Boy. After Teen Titans Academy blew up the second time during the events of Dark Crisis, Raven proved instrumental in saving the universe, locating Pariah’s magical macguffin as part of a Justice League Dark taskforce and defeating a corrupted Spectre with the assistance of Jim Corrigan. However, victory would not come without a cost, as Beast Boy would become horribly traumatized after an attack by Deathstroke which nearly killed him. Also, Lazarus Planet happened and Trigon came back but nobody cares about Lazarus Planet.
Following the events of Dark Crisis, Raven took her relationship with Beast Boy to the next level, sharing living arrangements with him, helping him cope with his PTSD, and even engaging in public displays of affection with her fuzzy green lover. Raven and Beast Boy agreed to once more serve on the Titans, now tasked with safeguarding the world following the disbanding of the Justice League. One of their first assignments was the safekeeping of Olivia Desmond, a young girl whose soul was claimed by Neron, who had since taken over hell. Raven saw echoes of her past in the young girl and took the matter very personally -much to the concern of her teammates who were disturbed by her willingness to entertain extreme measures to safeguard the child. Determining that the best way to learn how to help Olivia was to go directly to the source of the problem, Raven led the Titans through the depths of hell where Nightwing found the information needed to save Olivia’s soul. While there, she formed an uneasy working relationship with the demon Blaze, who was vying with Neron for control of hell.
Neron proved supremely incompetent and utterly failed at all of his attempts at villainy in an extraordinarily pathetic manner. Trigon showed up to call him a loser, a rare area of agreement between father and daughter. While Neron was easily poofed back to hell by Nightwing in a weakened state through the power of bad writing, Raven deemed this outcome unsatisfactory. Believing Olivia to be unsafe as long as Neron was still at large, Raven returned to hell by herself without consulting her teammates and proceeded to singlehandedly overthrow him through overwhelming violence. She then left a brutalized and comatose Neron to the mercies of Blaze, to whom she handed the leadership of hell. When asked what price she demanded for control of the underworld, Raven informed Blaze that she would call in a favor later but for now she just wanted the Titans left alone by any demonic forces. Blaze agreed to Raven’s terms, warning her that she sensed that Raven was not whole and something was missing…
Raven currently stands at an inflection point. In some ways, she has never had it better. She is more powerful than she has ever been and has reunited with her oldest friends, earned the respect of her peers, and found love. However, her decision to meddle in hell’s affairs may prove her downfall, earning her powerful enemies and encouraging dark impulses she has long tried to suppress. What happens next may determine whether she will finally rise above her tragic past or fall into damnation forever. Whatever the future may hold for the Daughter of Darkness, the return of her father and the rise of a new Brother Blood suggests that it is not going to be easy.

Recommended Readings:

Those interested in Raven’s classic adventures should check out New Teen Titans (1980) and Teen Titans (2003).
Those who want to see a crossover with Marvel written by Chris Claremont should read The Uncanny X-Men and The New Teen Titans if they can find a copy.
Those who think I am making the bit with Booster Gold up should read Booster Gold (2007), issues 23-24.
Her solo adventures during the New 52 and Rebirth eras can be found in Marv Wolfman’s Raven (2016) and Raven: Daughter of Darkness (2018).
To get caught up on where she is currently, read Nightwing (2016) 100-104, then Titans (2023) and her upcoming issue in Tales of the Titans.
She also stars in Kami Garcia’s popular YA novels Raven and Beast Boy Loves Raven, which are illustrated by fan favorite artist Gabriel Picolo.
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