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9-1-1: What's Your Emergency?

2017.07.26 08:05 hypodermicsally 9-1-1: What's Your Emergency?

This community is an UNOFFICIAL fan community for the TV drama 9-1-1. For 9-1-1: Lone Star, visit 911LoneStar. As of the conclusion of Season 6, 9-1-1 will be moving from the FOX network to the ABC network. Date and Time TBD. 9-1-1 is a gripping TV drama that will tug at your heartstrings and keep you on the edge of your seat. Follow dispatchers, police, fire fighters and paramedics in Los Angeles as they navigate the ups and downs of their work lives and personal lives.

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2023.06.08 16:18 Plenty_Temporary8642 UPDATE: Jannie deleted my post because it had bad vibes, should he be euthanized?

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2023.06.08 16:18 bru4dru Need Help Identifying - Two matching spheres or eggs. Came out of a family estate in Palo Alto. No identifying marks other than a partial sticker. 4” tall and medium weight. Any guesses? Thanks!

Need Help Identifying - Two matching spheres or eggs. Came out of a family estate in Palo Alto. No identifying marks other than a partial sticker. 4” tall and medium weight. Any guesses? Thanks! submitted by bru4dru to glasscollecting [link] [comments]

2023.06.08 16:18 timetwosave Terrible experience with Chase Travel, looking for advice

pre-tl;dr, booked a "refundable" flight, cancelled it, been fighting with Chase for a way to use it ever sense. Looking for how to proceed.

Literally losing my mind over this. Have been on the phone with them at least 6 hours total so far. Do I just cut my loss and run?
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2023.06.08 16:18 Level-Interaction-39 Hello I'm Adam and we sell all 1:1 top quality replica bags, jewelry, shoes, accessories, clothes, watches, belts and more. Support global free shipping, I will shoot video before delivery, if you are not satisfied, you can unconditional refund or replace the item. My WhatsApp+8618159381017

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2023.06.08 16:18 Utku_Yilmaz 1:64 Bburago Ferrari'ler aliexpresste indirimde

1:64 Bburago Ferrari'ler aliexpresste indirimde
2 gün önce 117 liraydı (vergi dahil 150) malum dolar hızlı artınca bu da zamlandı ama hala premium kalite için uygun sayılır fiyat.
Bir çok model var hem baskıları kaliteli gözüküyor hem de süspansiyon bile var araçlarda.
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2023.06.08 16:18 Davebort Mailday! A couple decent SGC returns.

Mailday! A couple decent SGC returns.
The Bo kind of surprised me but I knew it was very sharp when I bought it. Overall pretty happy with my results.
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2023.06.08 16:18 AutoModerator Iman Gadzhi - Agency Incubator (Here)

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2023.06.08 16:18 josh89rea [SN Stats] Lowest ERA in MLB since May 5 Nathan Eovaldi 0.82 Kevin Gausman 1.35 Miles Mikolas 1.69 Chris Bassitt 1.98 Jose Berrios 2.17

[SN Stats] Lowest ERA in MLB since May 5 Nathan Eovaldi 0.82 Kevin Gausman 1.35 Miles Mikolas 1.69 Chris Bassitt 1.98 Jose Berrios 2.17 submitted by josh89rea to baseball [link] [comments]

2023.06.08 16:18 chocymilk007 doubt bc

doubt bc
isme pH se kya effect aa raha hai koi batado plsss
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2023.06.08 16:18 Affectionate-Log3730 2000 baby here, first time buying CDs excited!

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2023.06.08 16:18 Heartfeltzero WW2 Era Letter written by Russian Soldier near Warsaw. Details in comments.

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2023.06.08 16:17 These-Rough8903 I’ve come up with a (not so hidden theory) on why we fail the 30 days prop firms evaluations.

I’ll get straight to the point. As a trader you fail a prop firm challenge because you’re not aggressive enough. This statement assumes that you have a strategy you’ve already forward tested (back testing is overrated) and that you know your way around loops like avoiding news and those types of subtleties that get you away from poor trading periods especially a day trader.
Allow me to elaborate now. You are not aggressive enough. I cannot guarantee you will pass a 30 days eval but I can guarantee you will not fail. The aggressiveness does not talk about risking nonsense as I myself risk no more than 0.25% of my funded account per trade. So how aggressive should you be? It’s about the number of trades!
Once again I must emphasize that you have forward tested your approach at least a 100 times on the same timeframe you’re going to use for the evaluation (if possible on those same instruments even and that would be much better) because you’re going to need to use the rule of probability that governs trading.
It’s a simple as this (here’s my own personal experience): I have a strategy that give me a 40% win rate. I have tried adjusting everything I can but it does not care about me and it only yields 40%. The better part is that my reward to risk ratio is 4:1.
Let’s break this down, over 20 trades of risking 0.25% I lose 3% of my account upon 12 losses ( risk management on fleek here because such a catastrophic streak still does not get me to even half of the allowed drawdown). When I win, I win 8 trades of 0.25. So 0.2548= 8% sur an overall win of 5% over 20 trades.
As a trader you need to understand that consistency is over a series of trades not over individual trades.
Even if you have a 60% win rate (which I have when I swing trade cryptos and stocks) you still will never EVER be able to tell me in advance which ones will win or lose or else you would never lose because you could pick the losers in advance. You don’t fail the evaluation because you are a bad trader (even though you may be). You fail because you’re trying to discover if your answers make sense on the day of the exam. You should have trained enough over time to know what percentage to expect over 20 trades and what R:R makes this percentage profitable. Trading 100 times live with your strategy and logging and journaling is a very good start! Because while you you can pass the 30 days challenge as a swing trader, these evals are really for us day traders. As swing trader taking 20 trades in month with all the trades being taken and concluded in 30 days is … rare. Additionally the daily drawdown in MYforexfunds is based on equity so some firms can have this rule so you will need to be aware.
Now comes the part of trading 20 times within the 30 days period without making a trading error. If you can’t execute 20 trades without a mistake (in reality no more than 2/20 trades should be have mistakes and fewer is better) within a 30 days period then you should stop day trading for now.
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2023.06.08 16:17 LuCish Thoughts on my Storage Setup for Video Editing?

I edit as a hobby so insane speeds aren't necessary for me. I just want something affordable that can last a while. I edit in 1080p H.264 and I'm not sure if I'll move over to 4K in the future.
Here's what I was thinking of:
All advice/recommendations appreciated.
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2023.06.08 16:17 Odd_Tale4768 Very interesting relationship you have there

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2023.06.08 16:17 SmallHandSipper Y’all would be going CRAZY if this can said “Ghost” on it

Y’all would be going CRAZY if this can said “Ghost” on it
Day 35/365: Having a different energy drink every day for a year
Bang - Candy Apple Crisp
Caffeine: 300mg
Grade: A+
Review: This hit DIFFY.
Wow, it was perfectly sweet, well carbonated but not offensive, and tasted just like a candy apple. Bravo 👏
Price: $1.50
Calories: 0 Sweetener: Sucralose Sodium: 40mg (2% Daily Value)
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2023.06.08 16:17 Zealousideal-Box7482 Working overtime for that Meth!

Working overtime for that Meth!
Puff puff
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2023.06.08 16:17 Flashy_Wave_8262 My results

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2023.06.08 16:17 Appropriate-Pop-8771 I have to admit that he (33M) is mistake, that I want to marry and break up at the same time (23F)

I went in a flames of a broken family to fix issues that I didn't create. And to fix a man who is not willing to be fixed. I can admit that I have some big issues with my attachment, and some of them I realized in this relationship and they have been major reasons why I fell in love with him.
(23F) have been with my fiance (33M) 1,5 years. We fell in love so hard that it was magical kind of. It felt like a drug and a daydream. At the beginning it was so easy and I thought that he is the one. Still think that in some ways. He really got me. We had some small arguments and disagreements around 6 months in but they were nothing too much. At the beginning he was jealous of me talking literally to any male. Friends, colleagues, climbing friends, saying few words to strangers. I have always been kind of shy but wanted to make friends and I have been able to make some friends as an adult. Both female and male. He have been really old fashioned and he thinks that all my male buddies are only trying to hit me. Anyways jealousity have been issue in our relationship. I have never cheated or even though of cheating. I'm not interested sexually in other people at all. I'm interested in people and making "good day friends" whenever I had a chance. Or that who I used to be. I have shifted from that to a person who is afraid to speak other people like I used to talk whenever he is around. From a social butterfly I have become someone's property. That's what I feel like in this relationship. He refuses to understand me about this. He just gets mad to me when we talk about it. He has 2 kids from previous marriage. 12F and 13F. They are not easy kids. He is able to talk to his ex wife and they have kind of cold and neutral way to communicate to each other. Not like going to court and fighting about everything. But I feel like there is something in his past that he doesn't want to talk about. He have told kinda much about how he was really young and reckless, didn't care much about his wife at the time. Made kids by accident and got stuck with person he really didn't want or love. Which is sad. Same time I feel like he is lying about some parts of the story. I have caught him lying about small things now and then and lying and changing the storyline is not something I would be surprised. He might be lying to sound better to me. He knows that if I stay with him it would be some kind of sacrifice from my life, because I'm young and I really haven't even though about having kids in a near future, but if I end up with him, kids will follow us whenever we go. Or more like we have to dragg them everywhere and always think about them. I love him but I really don't think I want to live this life. My feelings are going like a rollercoaster and the low ones are really low. Same time I'm struggling financially and trying to get to the university or somewhere to get my education. (I have been working all kinds of jobs and I found this guy from my last job as a correctional office prison guard) I'm going to add that I really care about his kids. They are annoying but I really care. And I take them to park, ice cream, walks, to the mall and everywhere now and then. I just sometimes feel like I can't breathe here. (We are living together)
If I could turn back time and not go to a date with, I wouldn't start dating him at all. Older men with kids are not worth it for people my age. Even he is the best lover and best funniest person to me, the baggage from ex wife and neurodivergent kids are just so much. They are really much even for older people without kids.
It is probably not going to get easier. Please write something to me, I need to talk to someone smarter than me.
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2023.06.08 16:17 apikoros18 Should we do the black out sub thing other subs are doing over the 3rd party api stuff?

Personally, I say no but figured I'd get some thoughts. Also, despite being a mod, I have no idea how to make the sub black out. Also, I have no idea what the other mods think.
Finally, here is a ritual I've designed. Perhaps we could all do it at the same time. Feel free to make it yours.
This ritual aims to channel the forces of chaos and synchronicity to manifest a protective shield for third-party apps on Reddit, preventing their banishment. By combining intention, belief, and the vibrant spirit of Lizzo, we will tap into the cosmic currents of change and influence the collective consciousness surrounding this issue.
  1. A candle (preferably in a color that represents creativity and empowerment, such as orange or yellow)
  2. A printout or representation of the Reddit logo
  3. Incense or smudge stick (optional)
  4. A small bowl of water
  5. A piece of paper and pen
  6. Your favorite Lizzo song (to be played during the ritual)
  1. Preparation:

  1. Invocation:

  1. Symbolic Gesture:

  1. Dance of Empowerment:

  1. Closing:
Rituals are symbolic and psychological tools that can help focus your intention and tap into the power of belief. This ritual is intended to be performed with a sense of joy, creativity, and empowerment. Respect the free will and policies of Reddit while working towards positive change.
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2023.06.08 16:17 RealMemeLord876 I was not expecting a $15 set to have all these nice colors

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2023.06.08 16:17 Illustrious-Shirt-89 My world won't load properly. It gets stuck on 'loading resource packs'.

My world size is 1.1 GB. When I try load it, it get stuck on 'loading resource packs'. I don't use textures or anything else like that.
I'm late game and was in the process of building a medieval village before it stopped loading.
If I get it to a 2 person realm, will it load? Honestly I don't care if it takes longer than normal to load, I just want to play on the world.
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2023.06.08 16:17 throwawayyyy0405 Squint with me! FRER CD 24 - 8dpo. 2nd cycle since MC at 8 weeks. Dreaming of my 🌈 - see anything? My eyes are in a perpetual state of line eyes

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