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Pathfinder wrath - feedback after starting a second playthrough

2023.06.10 18:21 SkyHiRider Pathfinder wrath - feedback after starting a second playthrough

After playing through the game once on Core, I've decided to have a go at Unfair as a shifter lich. Plaything through it, I noted down feedback as I ran into things that could be improved. specifically:

  1. Missing Midnight Isles DLC secret boss - its nowhere to be found in the main game, which is a real shame. Could be a nice bonus, plus defeating it could unlock some of the useful items it drops when playing the DLC as standalone for future playthroughs.
  2. Missing shifter DLC items ? - the Paws of the bear king and Belt of primal force can't be obtained, not sure if that is an oversight or intended.
  3. Manticore shifter ranged attacks cant use weapon finesse - an amulet can change natural attacks to use weapon finesse and dexterity for damage, but does not work on ranged attacks. Would be handy when making a dexterity focused manticore shifter
  4. Act 1 progress indicator on pending attack - the game does not tell you how much time is left till the attack happens. An indication of how many rests or time is left would be nice, especially to those that are playing for the first time as resting too much can cause new players to miss content and become frustrated (based on reddit posts I read). Maybe give more time depending on difficulty settings?
  5. Buffing is a nightmare - its either using the buff mod, or spending several minutes buffing after each rest. Could be a toggle while resting to re-apply existing buffs that expire during rest after waking up. Or make these things permanent as long as the character that applied them is in the active party (new mythic perk?).
  6. Undead mercenaries missing - as a Lich, I would like to get undead mercenaries, but can't. Either that, or having the ability to turn them into undead later after hiring them.
  7. Undead immune to enlarge spells - not sure if its a lore reason, but this makes undead fighters significantly worse off, as you cant increase strength nor reach. If its a lore reason, an undead specific enlarge/legendary proportions spell would be nice.
  8. Fallen paladin - a paladin is an essential group member, but its a class that has no evil counterpart. A subclass that would be an evil variation would be great, exchanging smite evil and mark of justice with abilities that deal unholy damage instead. Its a shame we can't turn Seelah into a fallen paladin as a lich.
  9. Vivisector's notes are odd- you can get these during "A matter of reputation" and the Battlebliss arena healer is amazed you have them in your possession, immediately throwing money at you to get them. What is odd its only 5k gold, which is really sad for act 4. You should check if the price needs to be increased at least 10x or more, but also consider if giving these notes could not upgrade the demongraft skill to remove the penalties it provides (berserk when low on health). Would make sense, as the notebook could contain info on how to make the procedure even better.
  10. Lich gets only 3 lich abilities. Many of these abilities are not that powerful, gaining one per lich level would make for a more interesting lich. Otherwise its just pick the three good ones and always ignore the rest.
  11. Pet armor worthless mid game - with a high level and buffs, pets have more dexterity than any barding allows, wearing it causing a drop of over 10 ac. Pets either need haramaki's, or the barding needs to allow for more dexterity bonus. Why even take barding armor feats when they become obsolete a few levels later?
  12. Arcane spell failure from armor outside of combat - If a character with heavy armor needs to apply buffs, you have to take the armor and shield off every time, apply, then put it back on. How about the spell failure would apply only during combat?
  13. Act 5 generals take three days to return - why are the generals not immediately available? I get they are dismissed by a script once you get out again, but the three day waiting period seems odd.
  14. Act 1 Grey garrison tiefling trap missed xp - if you bring along the tieflings, they disarm the large trap automatically, preventing you from getting xp, meaning its worse to take tieflings with you than to avoid them.
  15. Greater blind fight for ranged - was not able to find a feat that does the same thing, but for ranged.
  16. Loss of inevitable excess bonus items - I lost my bonus items, as I tried the DLC with another character to test another build. Really annoying when you realize this too late. The game should remember you unlocked these and then just always give them to you, regardless of which save is the latest. Give us an extra tab when starting the game where we can select which bonus items we want when starting, with stuff not yet unlocked being greyed out.
  17. Daeran's bath missing - an odd one, but after getting the flowers and the bath, the bath itself disappeared from the commander's room. Not sure if thats intended, but looked odd that it was just gone immediately after the cutscene
  18. Arueshalae is forced to join your group in act 2 Drezden if going solo - when playing solo, you don't want to take any extra companions. You can get Arueshalae early, but can't put her in the waiting roster. A popup party selection screen when getting her in the jail would be nice so we can make that choice.
  19. No bags of holding in act 2 and 3 - we get a small bag in act 1, but could use bigger bags in the followup acts.
  20. Light of the angels skill useless later - the skill could improved based on mythic rank, even alter itself based on the path you choose
  21. Collect items in an area without leaving - I would like to loot everything without leaving so that I can double check the map. Can't do that now, have to leave and return.
  22. Quiver of flaming arrows - it costs 14k gold and you get 20 shots that deal 1d6 fire damage. Does not compute. Quivers could be permanent on a toggle, with an archer only able to have one active at the same time.
  23. Auto expand pets when not a full party - if I am alone in a party and have a pet and a skeleton, why do I always need to expand each one after every single load? There is space to spare, use it to show me the pets as big character icons, please.
  24. And the last one, perhaps the biggest one - the level cap. You release more dlc that add more xp, but the experience becomes pointless once you reach 20 in act 4. Legend can already get to 40, how about every main mythic path keeps leveling up after 20, but only legend would do so at an accelerated rate? Legend would still be great (even thou no ascension ending :( ) and we could actually enjoy those extra xp and experiment with more builds and multiclasses. The game clearly supports this, and even some of the late game enemies you fight have over 20 levels.

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2023.06.10 17:56 queen-sunshine Agnes VIII - The Wedding

12th Moon, 200 AC
Highgarden, on the eve of leaving for Oldtown
The ceremony was quick and efficient. If there was anyone who didn't know any better they might think that this wedding was the product of a scandal with how it was performed. But Agnes was not that kind of woman. She was methodical. She'd thought out her marriage and her future partner for many moons before making a decision. There were plans put in motion and people she wanted to invite.
However the constant changing of the state of the realm made such plans difficult. First there was the death of the crown prince. Then the deaths of the king and the princess. Finally arrangements had to be made to go to Oldtown for a trial. A trial with a very specific outcome she was hoping for. But everyone was leaving soon, including her, and she wanted this done sooner rather than later. Agnes wasn't getting any younger. She turned twenty four this moon. She needed to produce an heir.
And so she had Quentin Webber. He was kind, thoughtful, seemed to respect her, supported her without overstepping. All the perfect qualities to become lord consort of Sunhouse. She stood across from him in the sept at Highgarden with her cousin Fiona, Aurola, and anyone else who wanted to be there as witnesses.
The Septon began his sermon, talking about two becoming one, the eyes of men and the seven, and even more religious comparisons. Agnes checked out about half way through it all. None of the words mattered to her all that mattered was the marriage. She smiled though and when the priest declared them bonded forever she leaned over and kissed him. Not an emotionless peck, but not the same amount of passion you'd expect from someone who married for love either.
Afterwards the Lady of Highgarden helped her by setting up one of the smaller, more intimate gathering halls for a feast of celebration. Agnes had sent out invitations to everyone residing in Highgarden at the time. Hopefully they could all enjoy themselves at least once more before they were all sent off to Oldtown. Sent off to decide someone's fate. And after that the fate of the Reach as a whole.
But let that be someone else's problem for an evening...
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2023.06.10 17:39 Joe656x What Assassins Creed game should I try?

I’ve only played Origins and Valhalla. Really liked Origins, have no interest in finishing Valhalla. What’s a good AC game that you would recommend that I try with a good story and decent graphics? Thanks
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2023.06.10 17:31 ExoticFeverr 24 [F4M] Miami, FL - Let’s chat, hangout, and see where it goes!

Anyone else feel like your interactions on dating apps go nowhere ? 😩 I’ve posted her before and still haven’t found a solid connection with anyone. I’m hoping that I can connect with someone here that’s in Miami and we can develop a great friendship. A little bit about me: I’m a nurse intern right now and I’m in nursing school (so that takes up a lot of my time). When I’m not studying I love to play video games, hang with friends, and go to the gym :) I recently started a fitness journey and it feels awesome. To connect with someone that has a great sense of humor would be amazing. I love laughing at the things that I shouldn’t laugh at. I enjoy having deep conversations about any and everything. Let’s have one of those convos or just a random silly one. Let’s go wine tasting, bar hopping, let’s try new foods. Or we can go to an arcade. I like playing video games, i have a PS4…im still stuck on AC Valhalla. I’m actually playing right now 😂😅 I love being spoiled too 🥰 I mean, what girl doesn’t? I love when my guy is generous 😊 and hopefully me saying that doesn’t rub anyone the wrong way 😕 Anyway, I hope to talk to one of you soon !
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2023.06.10 15:40 Craftex101 (Ragnarok: Pandora) Chapter 41: Become myself

Ra looks at the screen in front of him, sitting back with his head resting against his fist as Wukong flies off to go… fishing. Tyr playing with human children. He is not reacting in any way it seems. Osiris gulps a little. “Lord Ra?”
“Osiris,” Ra replies almost instantaneously, an eerie calmness in his voice. “I would like you to not speak,” He stands and begins walking down his steps. “I will be back soon,” He says, stepping out of the gates to the temple.
Osiris winces a little as the doors shut behind Ra and he dares not even move until a few minutes when the guards from outside come sprinting inside, closing the doors in a panic. “What are you doing?! Are we being invaded?!” Osiris asks before he’s hit by a brief heatwave before the doors are shut. “Ngh!?”
“We were… going to melt, lord Osiris.”
“... Understandable.”
Meanwhile out in the desert, Ra sits down on a giant glass sheet spread over the sand of the desert in a circle with him in the exact center, biting his lip until it draws blood. “I will kill Tyr… even after he wins. How dare he mock the pride of the gods with such… frivolous activity. And with HUMAN children no less… he ought to slaughter them, to get the fight finished… grrr…” Ra takes a deep breath before standing, running a hand through his hair. He looks around at the glass spreading quite far around him. “Perhaps they will bore him too much,” He mutters, heading back to the palace. As he steps back into the throneroom Osiris and the guards all step back a little. “Osiris. I will go eat. I would like you to inform me, when the battle comes underway once more. I have no interest in their friendly drivel.”
Osiris bows as Ra walks away. “Understood, Lord Ra,”
-Valhalla Arena-
Wukong comes back from a quick fishing trip, holding a gigantic magic dead koi fish over his shoulder, dwarfing his own size quite a few times over. As he lands and drops the fish onto his cloud he looks around a little. “Where’s Tyr gone?” He asks some of the kids running around tossing snow at each other.
One of them points. “He’s over there!” Wukong looks over and gets a laugh caught in his throat as he sees him. Fully encased in snow. A perfect three-section snowman with only his face being visible.
Tyr spots Wukong and rather stoically stares at him while three children happily smooth out the shape. “... … Do not ask. I have no answer,”
Wukong suddenly bursts out laughing, falling on his back with a mocking point. “BHHAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAAA! AHAHHAHAHAHA! Oh WOW you said you were bad with kids but AHAHAHA! What did you let them do!? How did they even get this done!?” He says, crying from laughter as Tyr merely looks stoically annoyed.
“... I already said I have no answer… why must you disregard it?”
Wukong sits up. “Well anyway I found some-” He says only to stop talking, seeing Tyr again as the kids shove a stick into the side of the snowman. One of them even picked up his cloak to throw around his neck again. “I… I found- AHAHA!!! Oh I’m so sorry. Kids. Kiiiiids. Time to let him out alright? If he weren’t so strong he’d be in big trouble you know?” He says patting the three kids on their heads and they all pout.
“Awwww… but it was almost finished, mister Wukong!”
“Alright alright… what’s missing?”
“A picture!”
Wukong happily smiles. “A picture indeed!” Wukong walks up next to Tyr and holds up a peace-sign to look like rabbit-ears on Tyr as one of the kids has a little old-timey camera and she snaps a polaroid. “Woooow. You could be a photographer, you know that? It’s PERFECT. Can you get a copy made? I’d love to have one. Now… can the nice patient mister Tyr come out? I got a fish we can cook and listen to some stories?”
“Okaaaaaay. Mister Tyyyyyr! Thanks a lot for playing with us!”
Tyr flexes briefly and the entire snowman explodes around him, Wukong spinning Ruyi Jingu Bang around to block it from hitting them. “... you are welcome,” He says trying to force a smile but it doesn’t become him at all.
Wukong points to the fish. “Hungry?” He asks as the kids look shocked at the sheer size of that fish.
“Fuwaaaa! It’s HUGE!”
Tyr crosses his arms. “Do you even know how to prepare such a fish?”
Wukong shakes his hand dismissively. “How hard can it be? I can do it better than you anyway!”
Tyr raises an eyebrow. “Doubtful.”
Wukong smirks. “Yeah? You learn some cooking on your trip too or what?” He says as the kids run around the giant fish.
Tyr scoffs. “Some. Not much.”
“Heh. Sounds good to me. Imma keep the kids entertained, don't you worry,” He says, winding his arm back and he stabs Ruyi Jingu Bang into the ground. “Alright boys and girls! Who’s up for some stories?” He says sitting down, swiftly making a campfire while the kids eagerly listen to him talk, Tyr preparing the fish.
At this point all the gods have left in sheer spite except a few. Thor is still watching silently, Yu Huang is sitting in his seat, softly smiling, Izanagi and Izanami looking rather disinterested and Tsukuyomi standing silently behind them. “Truly pointless,” Izanagi mutters.
Yu Huang nods. “Indeed. I, for one, do not mind. They express their battle how they wish.”
“This is no battle. When men are upon the battlefield they do not lay down their arms until their opponent is defeated!” Izanagi counters, slamming his fist into the armrest of his chair.
Tsukuyomi fixes his mask a little. “Hm…”
Wukong sits down around the fire having speared a giant piece of fish on his staff, roasting it on the fire rather comedically. “Alright boys and girls. Who wants to tell a story? I got PLENTY about those shi- … stupid gods we all hate.”
“Hate is a strong word, mister Wukong. Mommy said that you shouldn’t say it all the time,” A little girl says looking at Tyr who has made five large ‘sticks’ with his shield of the Vanir roasting some pieces of fish as well.
“...” He looks up seeing everyone is staring. “...”
Wukong claps. “Right! Who wants to go first then!? What abooooout you?” He points at the little boy who helped make Tyr into a snowman and the boy thinks for a little, before another voice practically pierces through everyone.
“I have a story to tell,” Wukong’s eyes widen looking at Tyr who solemnly sits looking into the fire. “... if that is alright.”
Suddenly, as if they all teleported into position, everyone is turned towards him, Wukong laying on his stomach, excitedly swinging his legs behind him. “Tell tell! Didn’t think you’d be the type to open up!”
“... My guard rarely drops. I never leave myself open,” He pauses. “Wukong… a word?” He stands and grabs Wukong and drags him aside making a little bubble out of the shield.
Thor leans on his hammer. “Hmm…”
“What could they be talking about?” The voice from the hallway chimes.
“... Interpretation I imagine.”
The bubble bursts and Tyr sits back down with Wukong. “... … alright kids. This is the story about… what it means to be a friend,” He starts a light blush appearing on his cheeks.
-Once Upon A Time-
“Once upon a time, there was… a bear,” Tyr narrates. “This bear was mighty. Large. Strong. Respected. The bear had a good friend. A best friend. A fierce Buck. It was unlike any buck you humans will ever see. It was immense in size, rivaling the bear with ease and once it charged it was unstoppable.”
A young Tyr walks into Asgard. At this time he has both of his arms and eyes. He smiles and waves at the people. A man walks beside him, long red locks and a massive hammer slung over his shoulder. “Pretty good fight today eh Thor!?” Tyr says happily and Thor nods.
“Quite. I am glad you were there to experience it with me,” The two head into the main hall of Asgard applause from all around.
“There they are! The Destruction Duo! The Thunder Berserker and The Monster Slayer!” “Yeah! Quick! Get a painter here dammit!”
Tyr laughs, while Thor merely smiles at the cheers the two of them waving. They get into the hall and sit down for a feast. “Next time Thor. Wanna ACTUALLY keep count of who takes out the most?”
Thor smirks. “You are welcome to try it. I fear you will be disappointed by the results.”
“Haaaaah? Tough talk for someone in stabbing range,” Tyr pulls out his sword, a different blade than the one he has in the present day. This one has a pure black blade and more ornate hilt.
Thor reaches over. “Just try it,” He says with a slightly raised eyebrow and smirk across his lips. The two leap over the table to clash, knocking the feast off the table.
“Despite the bear and buck being friends, they fought a lot for fun. However while the buck was diligent and sturdy, the bear knew he would always be strong. He was a god of war… … a Bear after all.”
“Mister Tyr? We know you’re talking about yo-” “Sssssh… let him speak, kiddo.”
“... The bear and the buck slowly but surely stopped going on trips together.”
Tyr is standing at the gates of Asgard as Thor walks down the path leading to it. “Heeeey bud! How was the fight? Bet you didn’t even need me huh?” He says laughing and Thor walks past him.
“Of course I didn’t…” He says, sounding a little disappointed. “Not for the fighting…”
“Hey shall we grab some food together? Perhaps we can ask a few of the shieldmaidens to join us eh?” Tyr says, jumping over Thor’s shoulder with his arm.
“... I will pass for the day, Tyr.”
“The bear did not realize what was happening. Not until the… Hunters arrived.” Tyr sighs, a clear trace of regret and frustration in a simple sigh.
“Asgard… I mean… the valley in which the animals lived was surrounded by enormous walls. This was in order to defend against the giant… hunters. Enemy of the animals.”
An angel standing atop the walls on guard stretches and yawns. “Damn, this is boring.”
Another angels looks at him angrily. “Hey! What do you mean by that!?”
“Caption, I became a guardian angel to fight giants! Not to sit on a wall all day! Isn’t it a bit too peaceful here?” The first angel retorts.
“Idiot!” His captain interjects. “That peace is only because we’re out here defending the wall every day. Geez… don’t be so stupid when you haven’t even seen real combat.”
“But that’s just it. I’d be able to do my job if there was some actual combat,” The first angel says. Mere moments the ground suddenly seems to stir and shake. “Tremors…? An Earthquake?” He says looking up into the distance. “Huh…?”
In the distance a HORDE of enormous blue-skinned men come rumbling at immense speeds. A complete blindside despite Asgard’s position of elevation! “The enemy!!! They’re here!! They’ve come to knock down the walls!!” The captain yells out
“That year, the hunters launched an offensive, with numbers larger than anything the animals had ever seen before. They flooded the valley of animals.”
The giants clash with the guards on the walls. One such guard was Tyr himself. However as one of the giants strikes him he blocks it with his sword being pushed back. “Hold fast! Defend the gate with your lives!!” He calls out but he is shocked. How is a simple GIANT pushing HIM back!? He’s the strongest god of war!!! This… can’t be right! Tyr is launched off the wall into Asgard falling on his back. “This… can’t be…”
“The hunters did not care for the large walls built by the animals and within what felt like mere moments, the gia- the hunters had entered the valley and began to… capture the animals without any regard. What did the bear do? He trembled. His confidence in his innate strength as a bear had left him… weak. He was not the bear he once was.”
“T-this is bad! W-what did the bear do!? I-it can’t end here!”
“... The bear did nothing.”
Tyr lies on the ground trembling. “No… I’ll… I should stop them. But… just the one… he sent me flying. What happened to me!?” Suddenly the gates of the main hall open up. A familiar figure walks out. “Thor!” Tyr exclaims. “B-be careful! They’re WAY stronger than they lo-” He starts before Thor swings Mjolnir at one of the giants, knocking the giant clean in half with ease. “W-what!?” Tyr crawls to safety as Thor looks to the sky, blood pouring down onto his face.
“But the buck. The bear’s old friend. He had not gotten lazy. He had kept fighting. But without the bear to keep him company and challenge him. He had grown bored of his strength. In no time at all the buck, simply and effectively kil- drove the hunters out of the valley. He was a hero in the valley, nay… all the animal kingdom. However… none speak of his boredom. Only his glory. And that was when the bear realized what a terrible friend it had been. The bear felt ashamed. He could no longer stand with his friend as equals.”
Tyr walks up to Thor as he is walking back to the hall after slaughtering the giants. “Thor that was… Amazing! Wow! I knew I could count on my old pal!” He says as Thor walks straight past him without so much as a glance.
“... who are you?” He simply asks and Tyr pauses.
“Who am I? I’m-!” His voice is caught in his throat as he realizes the simplest of truths… Who WAS he anymore!? He surely was no longer the Monster Slayer. He wasn’t Thor’s friend. He was… no one. Obviously Thor recognized him as Tyr… but not as the Tyr he knows. The Tyr who’s a stranger.
“However in that same moment, the bear decided that his friend, the buck, would not be lonely forever. He would become a bear again. A real one. Not this poor excuse, which may as well be a cub.”
Tyr walks out of the gates of Asgard, the guardian angels calling out to him. “Captain Tyr!? You can’t just LEAVE! We need a protector!”
Tyr scoffs. “You have a protector, you idiots. His name’s Thor, The Thunder Berserker.”
“And so… the bear sought out any animals he could find who could teach him how to become strong again. Both physically, but also to strengthen his mind and resolve. He met Freya… A nice fairy-woman who taught the bear the basics of… making tea.”
“Why’d the fairy teach the bear how to make tea?” “This fairytale is getting weird…”
“Kikiki. I think ‘tea’ is like ‘magic’. He’s trying his best to make it fun. Sssssh,”
Tyr stands in a dense forest, panting as he holds out his arm gritting his teeth. “Come on! Shield of the Vanir!” He calls out as a beautiful woman sits and looks at him, long blonde hair braided with vines, wearing clothing made of various plants weaved into a dress. Tyr manages to make a tiny bubble of the shield and the woman claps.
“That’s good Tyr,” She claps. “Normally it takes thousands of years to learn how to create magic from the ground up. But you learned it in just 800 years. Good job! Keep working at it.”
“Later the bear met… a fish. A wise fish who lived… in a well. The fish taught him… wisdom. And after he had studied under the fish… the fish gave him… a… bubble, filled with knowledge,” Tyr gently holds a hand over his runic eye as he tells the story.
A young Tyr walks away from a large well with a bag slung over his shoulder. “Thank you for all you’ve taught me, Mimir. And for this eye. I’ll use it well!” Tyr calls out and a voice echoes from the well.
“It is no issue young man! I wish you luck in your quest and may you bring glory to Asgard and Heaven itself!”
“The bear went to visit a mountain. A grand mountain. The grandest mountain full of powerful… animals like himself. He sought the king of the mountain, an el-” “A Lion!?” “... yes. Ahem… a lion. He wished to learn the hunting technique of the lion.”
Young Tyr approaches Svarga seeing the gods standing out front. “Who the hell’re you?” One of them asks, stepping in front of him.
“I’m here to see lord Shiva. I want to learn from him,”
“Like we’re going to just let you through without proving yourself!?” The god responds aggressively.
“I hear Svarga is a place for fist-fights…” Tyr says, winding back his shoulder. He slams his fists together forming spherical shields around them, before leaping at the gods.
“The bear had to battle many, many lions to get to the king. But he made it. His determination was strong!” Tyr seems to be getting more excited in his telling of the story. “But the king was not so welcoming of his suggestion.”
Shiva lays atop the mountain, picking his ear. “Teach you the Tandarva dance? Fat chance kiddo!” He says through gritted teeth, showing his extra pair of eyes. “You take me for a moron, teaching my strongest techniques out to strangers?”
Tyr feels his sweat drop. “No… of course not. I understand. May I stay here to train?”
Shiva waves his hand dismissively. “Do whatcha want man. If you make too big a ruckus I’ll kick your ass though!”
Tyr bows and stands. “Then excuse me, lord Shiva.”
“The bear would stay at the lion’s mountain for many years, fighting the lions and getting stronger. And a particular lioness took notice of his hard work.”
Tyr falls onto his back after what feels like a full week of fighting the gods of Svarga. Suddenly a large bosom appears in his field of view, standing over him. “Exhausted? Hoping Shiva’ll teach you if you stay long enough. It’s not happening I’m just gonna tell you!”
“Greetings, lady Durga. I am well aware, but the gods of Svarga are no weaklings. It is good training.”
Durga smirks and claps her hands, as several arms of light appear from her back. “I may not know the Tandarva dance. Nor am I nearly as strong as Shiva. But I appreciate a hard-working man. So shall I teach you the Holy Hands of Durga?”
Tyr’s eyes widen and he rolls over into a sitting bow. “I would be honored!”
“And so the bear learned the power of the… Hunt. From the lioness.”
“The bear really learned lots! But… did he ever get strong!?”
“Heh… that he did. Not from just anyone. From the greatest of the great… a dragon.”
“Fuwaaaa!” “A dragon!?”
Tyr pants as he crawls up the side of a mountain. He now has his runic eye. As he falls over the top of the mountain, way past the clouds his backpack falls to the side as he pants. “Shinto is so… tall,” He mutters when suddenly he feels a sword against his throat.
“State your purpose intruder,” A familiar voice says. Tyr looks up seeing Hachiman pointing his katana down at him.
“My purpose! I’m here to learn to fight! From the most capable warrior in all of Heaven! Is that really you?” Tyr gets to his feet looking rather unimpressed at the old man.
Hachiman sheaths his blade. “I am Hachiman no Mikoto. And I have no time to train a rookie such as you,” He says, stepping into a large circle he’s drawn on the ground. “But if you wish to gauge my skill, you may watch my match.”
“Match?” Tyr asks as Hachiman stands in the middle as suddenly a giant wind blows over, knocking Tyr clean off his feet. “Gaaah!” He looks around for what is causing this wind. “W-what is going on!?”
Hachiman takes a deep breath. “A storm. The powerful force of nature, stronger than the most powerful warrior, fastest than the swiftest enemy, intangible like a spirit. The perfect opponent.”
Tyr’s eyes widen. “You’re going to fight… A STORM!?”
Hachiman’s eyes glint with excitement. “HAI!”
“The dragon was old. Quite old. He looked frail and weak on the outside, however the bear saw something unbelievable. The dragon battled… a storm. The bear was helplessly knocked around, the winds too powerful for it to resist. However the dragon, old as it was… stood its ground. And won. That was when the bear knew…”
Tyr falls to the ground, covered in dust and debris as the trees around have been knocked over, the stones shattered from the winds and lightning. However in the middle of the circle stands Hachiman, holding his blade as the wind stops. “No way… That’s impossible…” Tyr pants as he crawls up and bows deeply. “PLEASE! Great god Hachiman! If… if you take me as your disciple! I promise you I will one day repay you with a battle as great as this one!”
Hachiman strokes his mustache. “Bah! You say that you, a frail young CHILD will not only stand up to ME? But you will become as powerful as a storm?” He says smirking. “Interesting… Then I will allow you to join me. Show me what you can do, boy!”
“Yes sir! I am Tyr! God of War from Asgard!”
“You are ‘boy’ until you can land a hit on me.”
Tyr’s eyes practically well with tears. “YESSIR!”
-Present day-
“Woooooah. The dragon taught the bear how to fight!? That’s so cool, mister Tyr!”
Tyr nods. “Indeed. The dragon's moves were foreign to the bear. Practically impossible to replicate. However the bear managed to pick up a few tricks,” He looks towards Wukong who smirks and wipes under his nose.
“I thought I felt something familiar when you fought me with a sword. Kikiki,”
One of the children gets all up in Tyr’s face. “But but but mister Tyyyyr! It can’t end there right!? It just can’t! What happened next!?”
Tyr sighs, gripping at his arm-stump. “The bear learned a few additional lessons… he even lost a paw along the way, from a dear friend he met,” He glances up to Thor, but Thor can tell he's looking past him at the hallway behind him.
“Wooooah. But what’s the ending!? Did he ever make up with the buck!? Are they friends again?! Tell us tell us!” The children excitedly stand and almost beg.
Tyr glances up at Thor who looks straight in his eyes as well. “The ending? It is a work in progress. If all goes to plan… it will be satisfactory,”
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2023.06.10 13:47 BlackCndle Is AC Valhalla worth playing with all its DLC today?

AC Valhalla is on sale on steam and PS store I am planning on buying it because I've been craving a RPG open world to play right now and any suggestions for other RPG open world games are welcome as well. Thanks
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2023.06.10 08:58 katabana02 Dress Evaluation: Paradox Magica Kaori

Oh my, I have fogotten to post this dress's evaluation back then. a bit late but decided to post this anyway, for future reference. We'll definately be getting this dress's banner in the future anyway.
Kaori's Paradox Magica dress is the 2nd entry for this series.

This is a Showcase Video(EN) / Showcase Video(JP) that demonstrate the dress. enjoy!

Paradox Magica Kaori (UFIRE/HP):
Skill 1: Attack 1 enemy. 75% chance to absorb 15% MOV.
Skill 2: Attack 1 enemy. 75% chance to remove all buffs. Reduce 25% MOV. Give ALL allies 2 turns IMMUNE. (MLB: Removes ALL debuffs from all allies.)
Skill 3: Remove 1 debuff from all allies if received AOE damage. Gain 1 turn. Activate once per turn.
Skill 4 (passive): Increase ATK & CRIT % for ALL allies (Limit Break >1, set as spot 1)
Appmedia Evaluation:
My Opinion:
As someone who uses maiden Eliza, I would definitely avoid facing this dress in sabbath. skill 3 passive can counter aoe beast stun, remove invincible buff on maiden eliza, and give immune to allies. This means that unless opponent managed to reduce own team's MOV to 0, there is a big chance that you can reverse the situation even though you have lost in SPEED. It's easy to trigger her passive too since most sabbath damage oriented dresses are Aoe. I dont know why Appmedia only giving this dress a 3 stars in Sabbath DEF, but personally I'd rank this a 4 stars dress in Sabbath DEF. counter-able, but definitely strong in current meta.
Not so useful in other areas though.

New player: Not worth chasing after unless you really want a Sabbath defend oriented dress.
F2P players: A good defensive dress in current sabbath meta. Would help a lot in Sabbath Walpurgis rank climbing since Maiden Eliza is used extensively.

Here is an index for future dresses that I have evaluated.
Extra: Banner schedule, Mgmc dress skill DB, Sanahtlig's future dress schedule, Speed table, magiwikia, Official Magicami YT Channel, Appmedia Event page, Sinister 5 page, Banner releasing schedule
extra info for myself:
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2023.06.10 07:01 Perfect-mind3 Why fulke amputated Sigurd's right arm?

In ac Valhalla
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2023.06.10 04:10 valenny [Discussion] Favorite Assassin's Creed game to Platinum

Thinking of playing an AC game after I beat the current game I'm on. I'm initially interested in AC3 remastered or Valhalla, but would like to see the community's opinion on the games and there experience platinuming them.
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2023.06.10 03:12 TinyMuffin Valhalla Stadia Saves on Steam?

So I'm very late to the "transfer saves from Stadia" game. I saw an article, back before Stadia shut down, that AC Valhalla saves were in the "UBI Cloud" and no further action was needed on my part to get them off Stadia.
I bought Valhalla recently on a Steam Sale and figured I'd pick it back up and finally finish. I signed into my Ubi Connect account and....nothing. The main menu just asks me to start a new game and that's it. My Ubi account says I've spent 55 hours in Valhalla though, so it's 1) correctly logged in, and 2) the correct Ubi account. Is there a step I am missing somewhere?
Tried Googling this and some people said the cloud save only works on Epic Games, which would be weird if true since Ubisoft touted this "cross-platform progression" system pretty heavily.
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2023.06.10 03:01 johancedaniel AC 3 Remastered 'Works' with Game Porting Toolkit

AC 3 Remastered 'Works' with Game Porting Toolkit submitted by johancedaniel to macgaming [link] [comments]

2023.06.10 01:09 Smoking_Fire Does the Story outside the animus continue in the newer games?

I've only really played AC1 (just started 2 days ago), AC2 (childhood fav of course) and AC4. I started Syndicate and Origins but didn't went far because somehow I lost interest in AC games back then but now I want to dive back in. But as you can see I dont know that much about the series' Story outside of the animus and I wondered if the newer games (Origins, Odyssey, Valhalla) still have that or even focus on it as much as AC1/2 or even 4 did.
Thanks for any answers in advance!
EDIT: I would appreciate no spoilers for the games I haven't mentioned / played :)
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2023.06.10 00:58 Spiritual-Neck-2957 Assassin's Creed Mirage's Similarity to AC1 and why it's better .

Background :
i have played AC 1 recently and then played 2 and now playing brotherhood, that would be my first time playing AC 1 but my second time playing 2 and brotherhood, i have been a fan of the series since i was 7 yo but never got the chance to play them cause i never had a console or strong enough pc back then, this is a heads up to know that i'm no valhalla player that started playing ac in 2022.
let's get to why AC mirage is better than AC 1 , first let's take a look at the features of each game
AC 1 Features :
-versatile parkour : i did very much enjoy the parkour in AC1 same as AC 2- Revelations, although the running animation is goofy af (naruto) the parkour animation in themselves were surprisingly good for their game, the game feels great to control and gives alot of freedom to do cool sht.
-counter-based combat : it was alright, not great but not too bad (i prefer the combat in ac2 more), sometimes the combat can be challenging in a good way, other times it can be downright unfair with swarms of guards around you knocking you down and barely giving you time to breath staggering you etc i really dreaded everytime i got into combat but it makes sense cause your an assassin your not meant to get into combat
-Large immersive cities : okay i got to say this, when i first got into the first City you enter i was Blown away, how immersive it felt the people walking , the ambience , the graphics , the crowds and architecture, i was shocked this was a game that came out in 2007 so it was a boost of positivity for me , i didn't care for the rural areas they seem very empty and the moment you enter one you get marked for death by armies so i actively avoided those
- Decent music : now, i like the music but it wasn't anything memorable as AC2-brotherhood-Rev
-immersive assassin roleplaying : it really felt incredible infiltrating the cities, blending in and listening on conversations, gaining intel on targets and going back into hiding after each assassination , Altair is an assassin and he fucking does assassin shit, getting ranked up and getting new weapons becoming deadlier and feeling more badass it felt great i just wish we had more gadgets like AC2
-Focused story : i Really REALLY like how this games story started, but, and that's a big BUTT, my hype slowly but surely dialed down as i started thinking '' there's no way this is exactly how every mission will go right?'' , '' surely we will get a new type of mission right?'' it never happened , the game kept looping the same mission only changing the targets and cities, halfway through the game i was just playing to finish it and was burned out of my mind, the story itself i like but i felt that Altair's progression to becoming a good guy happened too fast, the last fight with almualim was underwhelming and the game ended abruptly. now we are done with AC 1's features (if there's more comment them down below)
ACM Features :
-Fast and responsive parkour system : from the information we have gotten and the leaks and the footage it's evident that the developers aimed from Ease of control, fluidity, momentum based Parkour like in the ezio games, a kind of flow like parkour where you go from one thing to another very fast, only this time it's ever faster '' you'll be able to get from ground level to the rooftops in the blink of an eye'' with Basim getting new dedicated animations slightly similar to AC unity giving it a Unity x Origins vibe, Baghdad is rife with Enviornmental parkour puzzles encouraging parkour fun.
-Hitbox based combat : i hesitate to write about this as this is not the focus of the devs, the game is meant to be purely played with stealth, the takeaways are Basim dies in three hits and if you are surrounded you're fucked, you can't counter kill your way out of this one .
-Large City with immersive atmosphere : Mirage may only have one city but there's no doubt it will be Bigger and more beautiful, alive, and Dense than the cities in AC1 with interactability with the environments such as crashing shopping stalls to trip guards, it will be alive with numerous Districts and vista's outside to explore and bask in .
-Great music : although we haven't heard much music, what we have heard is incredible and i cannot wait to hear more! it gives me origins / revelations vibes /
-Immersive assassin Role-playing : Mirage brings AC 1 back to life, with pure Assassin gameplay infiltrate Baghdad and her numerous districts blending in with people, courtesans, thiefs, Brigands , and the environment, Visit the assassin hideouts gain intel on the Target, Pickpocket eavesdrop on conversations locate and assassinate in Blackbox mission style that isn't available in AC 1, report back and Gain a new rank and new gadgets to become a more deadly assassin.
-Focused story : the story of AC mirage will be focused, the conflict between the hidden one's and the Order of the Ancients is the main center piece of the adventure, a storm brewing in the nights and days of Baghdad while the citizens go about their daily lives the Hidden ones and order of the ancients play Chess for Baghdad
AC 1 gameplay LOOP :
- Leave masyaf > infiltrate City > find bureau > learn of target > gain intel in various ways on target > assassinate target > report back to bureau > go to masyaf to inform AL-Mualim to gain a new rank and new weapon, Rinse and repeat maybe do some civilian saving here and there that's it , feel free to prove me wrong in the comments
AC M gameplay LOOP :
- Leave alamut > infiltrate baghdad > find bureau > Learn of target > gain intel in various ways on target > assassinate target with much more freedom to choose how (Blackbox) > report back to bureau > Report back to Roshan in alamut to gain a new rank and new weapon, only this time there's alot more to do like outside of the city walls exploration, IN-City walls exploration, Camel races, assassination contracts , stories of baghdad , extra DLC mission and god know what else we will be able to do, much more content than how empty ac 1 felt, again feel free to prove me wrong.
my hand hurts i've been typing for 30 minutes, if you stuck this far then i SALUTE you cause you have a patient and open mind, guy's, what's there more to say? i made a statement but provided proof and facts to back my claim unlike some people (LazzeRZ), isn't ac mirage just a better ac 1 ? i'm i losing my mind? i beg you to give some constructive criticism if you beg to differ but it has to be proven, i'm tired of grown men making Full statements and saying '' i just said so '' , ''There are no back ejects or side ejects'' is this it? this is the difference why AC 1 is SOOO MUCH BETTER, cause there's no back or side ejects in mirage? seriously, thank you for reading.
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2023.06.09 23:51 Ateteu_ lol my heir died in the same day i died, what a coincidence

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2023.06.09 19:54 BobDaisuki Your Ultimate Guide to S-rank every single Challenge song! Part 3: Nijigasaki(Finale)

Your Ultimate Guide to S-rank every single Challenge song! Part 3: Nijigasaki(Finale)
Apologies for getting this out extremely late, real life hasn't been too kind in my free time. But now that I have some more once again let me finish off this trilogy of guides once and for all! This will be the finale so if you want to see how to beat all the Aqours songs instead or want more context on why I'm doing this, I'll be linking Part 2 and Part 1 here respectively.
With that out of the way...let's begin. Starting off with Love U my friends.

Love U my friends(Natural-attribute)

Ah, this song. Let's look at the base gimmicks now shall we...
[Show Specialty] During the Live Show, base appeal of Non-Natural attribute school idols will fall by 50%
[Show Specialty] During the Live Show, base skill Activation Rate of non-Natural school idols will fall by 50%
Just like Jingle Bells ga Tomaranai, do not bring anything but natural-attribute URs into this song(unless they are the appeal boosters). But unlike that pure-attribute abomination, this one is significantly easier. Will still be very rough if you lack strong natural frontliners however. The main things to watch out for in this song are those 80% stamina dmg notes that pierces through shields. Those will hurt a lot if you face-tank them, luckily there's a way to deal with them that doesn't involve too much RNG. Those being DR on swap LSAs.
The first one shows up quite early, on note #16 to be exact. If you have Fes2 Hanayo(Natural GD), she'll make this song much easier to deal with. All you will have to do is either swap into your blue strategy(of GD-type healers) and tank it before swapping back after, or just start the song in your GD-side strategy and then swap to your frontline then. No worries if you do not have her, try to look for one as the guest assist in that case. She will also work just fine here despite the 30 note cooldown because all the 80% max health piercing notes are spread very far apart.
Not much to say about AC#1(Gain a total of 1,298,000 Voltage) and AC#2(Gain a total of 2,465,000 Voltage). They're pretty standard voltage ACs, the first one boosts all SP-type skill activation and the second one boosts all SK-type skill activation. Relying on those buffs will not be mandatory though so no need to stress over these(and the other voltage ACs in this song tbh).
AC#3(Maintain 80% or more of your Stamina). I hope you were very healthy after eating that first 80% note in the beginning because you do not want to swap back into the GD side-strat for this AC. If you didn't pass it either spend more time healing back at the start of the song or reset for better frontline healing RNG. The reason you do not want to swap back into the GD side-strat too early is because of the upcoming 2nd 80% piercing note. If you waste Fes2 Hanayo's swap on DR LSA it's gonna make eating this note very painful. Otherwise it comes right before AC#4 begins. So swap into your side-strat, and immediately swap back to green strat because...
AC#4(Gain a total of 801,000 Voltage with SP Skills). Oh boy this appeal chance. I hope your frontline has at least one SP-type UR because otherwise you're going to fail this AC. It demands over 800,000 voltage...and you only get 23 notes to pass it. There is not enough time for three SP-skills so you better two-shot it. At least it buffs both SP-type fill rates and skill activation, on top of adding a single trick note that fills the SP gauge by 10%.
AC#5(Maintain 80% or more of your stamina). If you need to swap back into the GD side-strat to pass this AC that's fine. The 3rd 80% piercing note doesn't come for a long time so you can heal back up if your frontline wasn't able to keep you green during the AC#4. AC#6(Gain a total of 2,074,000 Voltage) is just another standard voltage AC so not much to talk about.
AC#7(Gain a total of 400,000 Voltage with SP Skills). If you passed the 800k SP AC this one is much easier, so no need to sweat. It's shorter but it's also significantly smaller of a bar to pass so you should likely be fine. AC#8(Gain a total of 1,560,000 Voltage) is the final standard voltage AC, not much else to say. However after it's over be prepared to swap into the GD side-strat one last time because the 3rd and final 80% piercing note arrives.
AC#9(Maintain 90% or more of your Stamina). Either stay in your GD-side strat to heal back up or swap back to your frontline after eating the 3rd 80% piercing note. It'll be a gamble but either way, pray your healers are strong enough so you can pass this very last appeal chance.
Some of the good URs for this song:
-Fes3 Yoshiko: Best Natural frontliner in the entire game. Extremely good here. -Party Karin: Yoshiko but slightly lower stats. Still extremely good here. -Fes3 Nico: Solid filler, will help towards passing the voltage and SP ACs. -Fes2 Dia: Nico except she comes with SP-Overcharge instead. Really helpful for that 4th AC where you need 801,000 voltage from SP-skills. -Fes3 Nozomi: Solid frontliner in general for this song. -Fes2 Hanamaru: Same as Nozomi -Fes2 Rin: Same as Nozomi -Fes1 Mia: You don't really need SP-skill voltage boosters in this song but this UR can probably help pass AC#4 if she's paired with an actual SP-filler. -Party Eli: Best natural healer in the entire game. The strongest frontline you can ask for if you're gonna be frontlining a sustain this song. Extremely good here. -Dream Kanata: Weaker version of Eli but most likely can work as well. -Fes2 Hanayo: The best GD for this song period, there is no one that can replace her in the side-strat. Is the song doable without her though? Yes, but it'll be much rougher. -Vampire Riko: The UR designed specifically for this song. Heals on tap skill and can also simultaneously shield with her LSA. Really good here. -Fes1 Hanamaru: Riko but reversed. She primarily shields and has a chance to heal on her own taps. Not as good as Riko but can be used. -Summer Nozomi: Solid natural healer. -Cheer Lanzhu: Same as Nozomi. -Sakura Dia: Healers are better than shielders here but at least this Dia can give you three free shields at the beginning of the song which is nice.
Honorable Mentions: -Fes4 Hanamaru(Natural SK): Was released after I had already finished with this section of the guide, but will be an amazing frontliner here.
This was the team I used to S-rank the song:

-Red strategy(appeal boosters): Standard appeal boosters, the higher the tech the better so your SP-skill will hit very hard. Two belts is more than enough, when I beat this song my 3rd one was only LB1. s(group) insights go here. -Green strategy(GD side-strat): Not much to say, best natural GD-healers go here. I didn't have a 3rd one at the time so I used this Dia instead. I started the song in this side-strat only because swapping twice for the 1st 80% note was pretty annoying. s(group) insights go here. 3 necklaces go here. -Blue strategy(frontline): Yes that is indeed a LB0 Fes2 Ruby and Fes2 Dia, only my Party Eli was MLB in the frontline. This song gives so much voltage if you can pass all the ACs so super strong frontliners weren't 100% necessary from what I saw. Ruby and Eli also didn't have board 100 at the time either. Same strategy/attribute insights go here. Brooch + double bangles is recommended.
For the guest it's highly recommended to borrow Fes2 Hanayo if you don't have her. If you do have her though then any other appeal booster like Thanksgiving Mia can work just fine.
Bond Boards: -For the appeal boosters higher is better, but board 35 for level 84 URs will be the bare minimum. -For the frontline get at least board 50 for the 10% attribute match. -For the GD side-strat anything past board 35 is nice but not mandatory.
This song overall would probably be like a high 6, maybe even a 7/10 on the difficulty scale depending on your roster of natural-attribute cards. For me personally it's like a 4/10. Borrowing a Fes2 Hanayo guest as well just made it so the 80% piercing notes did next to no dmg whenever I swapped into the GD side-strat. Frontline Party Eli also meant healing wasn't an issue whatsoever. I have seen the nightmare this song can be for the people that lacked one or even both of those URs however.

Cheesing Love U my friends

Do you have Natural healers? If you answered no then skip right ahead to the next section because otherwise you'll likely just die. Borrow a Fes2 Hanayo for the guest, as her DR on swap LSA actually matters a lot here.
-Red strategy: Any 3 URs sorted by highest stamina, you won't be tapping with these. 3 necklaces go here but can be replaced by bracelets. -Green strategy: Your 3 best natural sustain go here. It's fine to run one or even two shielders if you're lacking healers, but you will want at least one. 3 necklaces go here but can be replaced by brooches. -Blue strategy: Any 3 SK-type URs. You don't want to be staying for very long here. Can use 3 GD-types if those 80% stamina notes are really giving you some issues though. 3 necklaces go here.
Swap into blue whenever you're about to tap on those stamina-piercing trick notes. Immediately swap to green asap. Face-tank everything else otherwise.

Nijiiro Passions(Cool-attribute)

Oh...this song. If you don't have Party Shioriko, Fes3 Ai, or Christmas Lanzhu I'd recommend just skipping over to the next section to be honest*. The reason being because this song passively reduces the base appeal of all non-Cool attribute cards by 50%. There are a decent amount of 30k notes as well but those are the least of your concerns when this song has very large SP ACs that boost specifically Nijigasaki skill activation only. How large exactly? Well...
-AC#1(Gain a total of 662,000 Voltage with SP skills). Starts immediately upon song start and you only have 30 notes to two-shot this thing.
-AC#2(Gain a total of 457,000 Voltage with SP skills). Only lasts 7 notes so you need to one-shot it.
-AC#5(Gain a total of 1,133,000 Voltage with SP skills). You get 33 notes for this AC, but at least there's time to get three SP skills off in here if you had saved one to use at the very start.
-AC#6(Gain a total of 381,000 Voltage with SP skills). Only 6 notes long but if you can pass the others before this you can one-shot this one as well.
-AC#9(Gain a total of 471,000 Voltage with SP skills). Only lasts 6 notes as well so you need to one-shot this one too.
*Edit: Fes4 Ayumu(Cool SP) came out after I had already finished writing this section. She’s easily the best frontliner here if you can use her.
The pool of strong Cool-attribute fillers is very small. How small exactly? Let me show you with these recommended URs...
-Fes3 Ai: The best cool filler in the entire game, and will remain that way by the looks of it. Extremely good here. -Party Shioriko: The second best cool filler in the entire game. Extremely good here. -Christmas Lanzhu: Good thing the ACs boost all Nijigasaki skill activation because this card isn't a SP-type. 11% chance to fill is really unfortunate but at least her LSA and those Niji buffs will help remedy it. -Spotlight Ruby: This over two year old card is unironically...our third best cool filler in the entire game as of me typing this. However she won't be receiving the Niji buffs so it'll be much more RNG compared to the two best options. -Fes2 Chika: Lanzhu but is a limited UR and also doesn't receive the Niji buffs. Will be extremely RNG, even more than Ruby. -Fes2 Nozomi: Pair her with either of the two best fillers and you can do just fine. Not an ideal choice here but at least she's cool-attribute. -Fes1 Karin: Nozomi except much weaker. At least she'll be receiving those Niji buffs unlike her though. -New Year Yoshiko: The best cool healer right now. Won't need those Niji buffs to keep you alive as long as she doesn't sleep too hard. -Fes3 Kasumi: She might be losing 50% of her appeal because she isn't cool-attribute, but with those Niji buffs and her 2022 stats she's still more than strong enough to be frontlined here. -Fes1 Mari: Yoshiko but weaker. -Fes1 Shizuku: If she's MLB she can be frontlined here with ideally little to no issues. -New Year Emma: Can go in a side strategy to help you pass those skill activation ACs. -White Day Rina: Same as Emma. -Knitting Setsuna: Same as Emma.
Honorable mentions: -Fes3 Kanata(Cool VO): Like Fes2 Nozomi, if you pair her with one of the two best fillers she can be frontlined here. -New Year Ayumu(Cool VO): Same as Kanata. -Moonlit Umi(Cool VO): Same as Kanata
This was the team I used to S-rank this song:
-Red strategy(appeal boosters): Highest technique appeal boosters go here, those belts need to make your SP skill hit super hard. I needed at least one bracelet in this clear so that's why instead of putting 3 belts here I moved the 3rd one to the frontline instead. s(group) insights go here. -Green strategy(frontline): Pulling Fes3 Ai off a reroll banner a very long time ago was really lucky, she's by far the best UR for this song. It meant I could pair her with Fes2 Nozomi and two-shot all the super large SP ACs(except for the 1st one which I just failed on purpose). Same strategy/attribute insights go here. -Blue strategy(GD side-strat): Those 30k dmg notes both come in triplets before the skill ACs starts so I needed healers to bring me back to green stamina. Luckily the song boosts Niji skill activation so they didn't necessarily need to be cool-attribute. s(group) insights go here.
For the guest I recommend borrowing SP-Overcharge if you don't have Fes3 Ai who comes with her own. If you are using her then any standard appeal booster like Fes3 Dia or Party Nozomi will work too.
Bond Boards: -For the appeal boosters get it as high as you can. Board 35 for level 84 URs should be the bare minimum though. -For the frontline get them to board 50 for the 10% attribute match bonus at least. -For the GD side-strat anything past board 35 will be nice but not necessary.
Actual difficulty-wise this song would be like 3 or a 4/10. I'm giving it an 8/10 simply because your options of good URs for this song are extremely small. Unfortunately if you lack one of two good URs for this song, better hope you have that Lanzhu UR MLB or I'd recommend just skipping over this song to save the sanity that'd be spent resetting for RNG again and again.

Cheesing Nijiiro Passions

Unlike S-ranking, cheesing this song is very easy to do.
-Red strategy: Any three URs sorted by highest stamina. Three necklaces or bracelets go here. -Green strategy: Your three best Nijigasaki healers or shielders go here, they don't even have to be cool-attribute. I'd personally recommend 2 shielders and a healer but I've cheesed this song with 3 shielders in the past before. 3 necklaces or brooches go here. -Blue strategy: Any three URs sorted by highest stamina. Three necklaces go here.
Stay in green and just face-tank everything, that's all you have to do.

Neo Sky Neo Map(Active-attribute)

Oh boy...this song. If you don't have at least 3 MLB Nijigasaki VO cards I'd recommend just skipping onto the next section. First off you’ll be dealing with this base gimmick of the song:
[Show Specialty] During the Live show, base Appeal will be reduced by 50% for all school idols not members of Nijigasaki.
So don't bring anyone but Niji girls then? Well not exactly, if the girls are both active-attribute and are VO-typing they might be usable despite the appeal loss but you'll have a much rougher time. The bigger emphasis for team-building will be that the frontline mainly consists of VO-type cards.
Why the need for VOs specifically? This song heavily...and I do mean HEAVILY buffs them to the stars above. Also, if you want to S-rank this song then playing on manual is going to be next to mandatory. From here on out I'll only be going over how to S-rank this song on manual. The difference between the two ways of playing is massive and even that in itself is an understatement. To get a small glimpse on what you'd need, I don't recommend trying to use autoplay unless you have 6 MLB Nijigasaki VO cards.
This is the team we'll be using: -Red strategy: Appeal boosters, preferably VOs. -Green strategy: 3 MLB VOs. Non-Niji ones can be used but I would not recommend trying with more than one. Non-Active Niji VOs will work just fine though. -Blue strategy: 2 shielders and a healer. They all need to be active-attribute to take advantage of the massive skill activation buffs you'll be receiving later.
These are the appeal chances and how you tackle each one:
-AC#1(Gain a total of 237,000 Voltage): You're supposed to use VO cards that give a percentage of their own appeal upon skill activation to clear this AC. If you fail it just try again because it is slightly RNG. It is possible to pass this with only 2 VOs that do this while having the 3rd one boost all voltage gained with their tap skill instead, however it will be much more RNG.
-AC#2(Gain a total of 2,194,000 Voltage): Just fail this AC on purpose, it's not worth trying to pass it. This is because during the AC you'll be constantly barraged with 30k dmg trick notes again and again. After passing AC#1, swap to your blue strategy immediately and just start building up those shields. With all the skill activation buffs you'll be receiving you'll just barrel through all those 30k notes and the AC failure dmg. If you swap at any point you'll lose the skill activation buffs and you're going to have a much rougher time trying to pass the next AC. Speaking of...
-AC#3(Maintain 100% or more of your Stamina): By the time you enter this AC you should have a pretty sizable shield built up. This is why two shielders is recommended, because there is zero room for error here. Once you pass this AC swap back to your green strategy, and you'll notice that your SP gauge is starting to fill really quickly. That's because of the buff obtained from passing the 3rd AC, save your SP skill though because you'll need it for...
-AC#4(Gain a total of 2,952,000 Voltage): This AC will nerf all tap voltage to zero like AC#1, but there's no possibility of gaining that much voltage off tap skills alone so you'll want to save your SP skill for the very start of the AC and then use it again asap to clear this AC. That way you cleanse the debuff and can start scoring again. Once you pass this AC swap to your blue strategy and then swap back to green asap. This is to cleanse all the SP-gauge gain debuff trick notes you just barreled through. Then...comes the roughest part of this song.
-AC#5(Gain a total of 3,764,000 Voltage): This AC has four of those -50% voltage gain reducing trick notes if you tap on them. Key word being if you tap on them. This is why manual is required, you need to purposefully miss every single one because then it allows you to keep tapping with your green strategy. If you can pass this AC while dodging all those trick notes, you're on the home stretch towards beating this song.
-AC#6(Gain a total of 4,096,000 Voltage): Our first "regular" AC. Nothing too special about it, ignore the buff to GD-types and continue tapping with your green strategy.
-AC#7(Maintain 100% or more of your Stamina): Also why two shielders is recommended. Your shields should not have broken by this point, so if you still have some left you can simply continue tapping with your green strategy. There's a single -50% voltage gain debuff trick note, but it's easy to avoid. Technically you only lose the VO-type appeal buff(from AC#5) if you swap more than 3 times so you could swap back into your shielding strat to pass this if you need a couple more shields, but I recommend just staying in your frontline if you can by this point in the song.
-AC#8(Gain a total of 10,007,000 Voltage): Oh boy that's a lot of voltage needed. Luckily if you passed AC#7 you will currently temporarily be able to spam the SP-skill which'll help towards passing this beast. The final four -50% voltage gain debuff trick notes are in this AC, they're much easier to avoid compared to AC#5 so just focus on tapping everything else. This AC also gives a massive boost to your appeal based on the number of Voltage types in your team, which is why it's recommended for your appeal boosters to also be VOs.
By the time you enter AC#8 you should have around ~39 million voltage. You will indeed get the other 12+ million voltage needed off this AC alone, it's crazy good. If you made it to the end after dodging all those trick notes I hoped you scored enough for S-rank!
These are some of the good URs for this song:
-Fes3 Rina: The single best frontliner in this song. Extremely good here. -Fes2 Karin: Not the same power level as Rina but still really strong. Extremely good here. -Cheer Ai: The non-limited UR released for this song specifically. Pretty good here. -Fes1 Setsuna: Despite being well over 3 years old if you have her MLB already she is actually really good here. -Fes2 Ayumu: Probably the single best non-Active Niji frontliner for this song. -Fes3 Setsuna: Her tap skill isn't ideal for AC#1 but otherwise she's extremely good here. -Fes3 Dia: Probably the best non-Niji Active frontliner you can use here. -Fes1 Kanan: Dia but much weaker. -Jewelry Ai: Probably one of the best, if not the best shielder for this song. Extremely good here. -Fes2 Eli: Same as Ai. -Snow Mia: Thick shields will allow you to stay in your frontline for longer. -Fes1 Rina: Same as Mia. -Chinese Maid Rin: Mia but much weaker. -Initial Ruby: Mia but much weaker. -Around the World Kasumi: Solid choice of a healer here. -Sweets Deco Ayumu: Same as Kasumi.
Honorable Mentions: -Fes3 Shioriko(Elegant VO): Pretty good here -Party Mia(Elegant VO): Same as Shioriko -Fes2 Shizuku(Elegant VO): Same as Shioriko -Easter Shizuku(Active GD): DRs GDs aren't ideal vs. a 2nd shielder...but they can work if your other two defenders are strong enough.
This was the team I used to S-rank this song:
-Red strategy(appeal boosters): Preferably these ones are VOs as it makes AC#1 less RNG the more you have. All 3 girls are on s(group) insights. 3 necklaces go here. -Green strategy(frontline): My three best Nijigasaki VOs. Rina is on same school, Karin is on same strategy/attribute, and Ayumu is on same strategy insights. Choker + both bangles is recommended because even without extremely good boards it's super easy to tap for 300k+ each during the final AC. -Blue strategy(shieldehealing side-strat): I did not have any of the good active defenders when I S-ranked this song so I was forced to limit break these super old URs instead. Ideally they all have s(group) insights. 3 necklaces go here.
For the guest just borrow any standard appeal booster like Thanksgiving Mia, Party Nozomi, etc.
Bond Boards: -For the appeal boosters anything past board 35 for level 84 URs will be nice but not necessary. -For the frontline I strongly recommend board 50 for the 10% attribute match bonus minimum. If they are non-Active or even non-Niji URs, then I recommend getting it as high as possible. -For the shielding/healing side-strat anything past board 35 will be a nice little bonus.
This song is an easy 10/10 on the difficulty scale. Requires super specific URs, your frontline + side strategy of shielders/healers need to be pretty much MLB, and to top it all off purposefully missing some notes is clearly not intended by the developers but trying to play the song normally will just turn this behemoth into an even bigger of a headache to play.

Cheesing Neo Sky Neo Map

It's relatively simple to do.
-Red strategy: Any three URs sorted by highest stamina. Three necklaces go here but can be replaced by bracelets. -Green strategy: Three active-attribute shielders or healers. They do not need to be GD-type, but you do want them to be active at least so they can take advantage of all those skill-activation buffs. Either 3 necklaces or brooches go here. -Blue strategy: Any three URs sorted by highest stamina. Three necklaces go here.
Just sit in the green strategy for the entire song and eat all the AC failures. If you are going to be using GD-types however, you will need to cleanse the -100% skill activation debuff for GD-types. After AC#5 is over just switch into either side-strategy after eating that trick note and then swap back to green.

Love the Life We Live(Pure-attribute) I even begin with possibly the worst Challenge song in the entire game? First off I strongly recommend just ignoring this song altogether. While there isn’t a massive debuff to appeal for non-pure cards you will be dealing with these two gimmicks for the entire song:
[Show Specialty] During the live shows, the activation rate of SP-type basic skills is reduced by 50%
[Show Specialty] During the Live show, base Appeal will be reduced by 25% for all school idols not members of Nijigasaki.
So don't bring SP-types and bring only Niji units? Not necessarily, you will see later that despite not being able to use any skills SP-types are far and away still the best choice for frontliners here. As for the non-Niji debuff it's only -25% so you'd still be able to use girls from the other schools...assuming they have a mega strong bond board. While there are no 100k dmg notes, shield-piercing max health notes, or even a massive -50% appeal debuff to non-pure cards...there is just one tiny little category of trick notes. That single one turns this song from a complete and utter nightmare.
Trick Notes: 100% Voltage reduction(Decreases voltage gained by all cards for 15 notes. Always activates.
Well that doesn't seem so bad at first glance right? The real problem lies in the number of them...NINE OF THEM...and THEY APPEAR IN EVERY ALMOST EVERY SINGLE APPEAL CHANCE. How do you deal with these then since neither swapping into another side strategy nor avoiding them like in Neo Sky Neo Map works? Well, do you remember your little old friend called cleansers? These are all the ones in-game if it helps jog your memory.
You will have to win the 20-30% chance on swap(depending on the card), or the 50% chance on SP-skill, for ALL NINE OF THOSE TRICK NOTES. Though technically only 7 of them if you do run a cleanse on SP card, since there's no physical way to get your SP-skill in time for the first two -100% voltage notes. If you do use those however you'll still need a second cleanser that activates on swap because getting rid of the first two trick notes is mandatory. The sad thing is it's not like passing the voltage ACs is any easy either if you do successfully cleanse those awful trick notes. All the voltage ACs require over 100k taps on average to clear them, so you will need not only strong cards but also ones with really good bond boards.
You'll also want them to be SP or SK-types preferably as well. All the ACs except the stamina ones give a massive 200% appeal boost to those types upon AC success, so despite SP-types being unable to use any skills in this song they're easily the best choice for the frontline here. Unfortunately you lose the massive -200% appeal buff the second you do any strategy switching so you'll want to take advantage of them for as long as possible. That may or may not be a little hard to do however since...
To add insult to injury, there are 30k dmg notes that appear before every single stamina AC begins and while inside of them they'll also increase the dmg taken by 700%. You will need a side strategy to DR this dmg or your stamina will just fall apart.
Luckily there isn't much to say about AC#5(Gain a total of 478,000 Voltage with SP skills). It only lasts 7 notes long so you better one-shot it or you'll eat an unnecessary 28k dmg.
Some of the good URs for this song:
-Fes4 Rina: Really good stats, is part of Nijigasaki, and SP-type. Comes with SP-Overcharge too so you might not even need a second belt to pass the 5th AC depending on how strong your frontline is. Extremely good here. -Fes3 Karin: With a 200% appeal buff she should be tapping extremely hard after passing the ACs. Extremely good here. -Fes2 Rina: Fes4 Rina except with smaller stats. Still a pretty good choice here. -Fes1 Kasumi: Same as Fes2 Rina, only with even smaller stats. -Party Nozomi: She might not be Niji but the appeal debuff is only -25% so you could probably make her work here with really good boards. -Fes3 Riko: Same as Nozomi -Fes3 Chika: Same as Nozomi. -Christmas Dia: Same as Nozomi. -Party Honoka: One of the few frontline sustains you could probably use here. -Halloween Umi: Honoka but instead shields and is much weaker. -Fes3 Eli: Still our strongest Pure healer in terms of raw stats. -Jewelry Kotori: Pretty comparable to Eli, if you have her MLB she can work just fine too. -Initial Riko: DR lasts for a long time and comes with the ability to cleanse. Extremely good here. -Carnival Dia: Pretty solid choice of a DR here. -Wonderland Kasumi: Same as Dia -Halloween Ruby: Appeal boosting passives are pretty hard to find on GD-types, probably a decent choice here.
Honorable mentions: -Party Shizuku(Smile SK): She might not be pure-attribute but she’s still far and away your best possible choice of a frontline defender for this song. -Fes3 Kasumi(Elegant SP): She might not shield a single time in this song but she still has the recent high af base stats and will be receiving that massive 200% appeal buff upon passing ACs. -Fes2 Ayumu(Pure VO): Will not be receiving the 200% appeal buffs being a VO-type but she’s still usable if your other two frontliners can take advantage of those buffs instead.
This was the team that I used to S-rank this song:
-Red strategy(appeal boosters): Your best ones go here. M(Group) insights are highly preferred on them, but s(group) might be fine depending on your frontline. Fes3 Rina is on same school insights though. I was able to get away with only one belt in the past, but for this one that actually S-ranks the song I needed two of them. 2 necklaces because this song does a lot of dmg. -Green strategy(frontline): I've experimented with a lot of cards, ultimately using ones that were both Niji and also SP/SK-types tended to have the best results. They were all on same strategy insights, but same attribute also works if your frontline is mono-pure. Needed a second belt to pass AC#5, otherwise brooch + double bangles will be good. -Blue strategy(GD side-strat): The recommended strategy uses double cleansers minimum, this song is indeed that awful. Riko and this specific Emma SR act as DRs so they can fulfill multiple roles at once. s(group) insights go here. 3 necklaces go here.
Bond Boards: -For the appeal boosters board 35 for level 84 URs should be the bare minimum. -For the frontline board 100 is next to mandatory. But I personally highly recommend board 120 for the pure frontliners. Scoring in this song is extremely tight so you really need to be able to pump out as much as you can with every single tap. -For the GD side-strat anything past board 35 will be nice but mostly unnecessary.
For the guest I highly recommend borrowing Party Nozomi if your frontline is all pure-attribute. Otherwise Fes3 Dia instead or Thanksgiving Mia if you do decide to run a single off-attribute as well will be fine.
Final thoughts on this song...whoever designed this monstrosity is beyond worth saving. You will need to reset for crit RNG, cleanse RNG, DR RNG, and healing/shielding RNG all at the same time. There are so many possible things that can go wrong in this song that it'd be physically impossible for anyone to lay out every single scenario. This is an easy 100,000/10 on the difficulty scale. Simply because there are one hundred thousand other better things you could be doing than playing this abomination of a song.

Cheesing Love the Life We Live

Luckily, cheesing this song is infinitely easier than S-ranking it. Essentially plays out the same way as you'd cheese Snow Halation.
-Red strategy: Any 3 URs sorted by highest stamina. 3 necklaces go here but can be replaced by bracelets. -Green strategy: Your three best sustain(either shielders or healers), doesn't necessarily have to be GD-types but I recommend them for the 5% DR each you get for using them. 3 necklaces or brooches go here. -Blue strategy: 3 DRs or 2 DRs and a healer. Shouldn't matter what kind of DR you use but 4-5 note ones will be good. 3 necklaces go here.
Just stay in the green strategy until those stamina ACs appear. Swap into blue for those and then swap back to green once they're over. Rinse and repeat until you're done with the song.
Oh my goodness it's finally over...this took me forever to complete, apologies for that. Nijigasaki just has some of the most awful Challenge songs to both beat and explain how to beat by far. Well with that I don't have much else to say but good luck on your attempts if my guides gave you the inspiration to try any of these Challenge songs. If you have any further questions though feel free to leave them down below.
Otherwise...take care everyone. This has been u/BobDaisuki, signing off o7
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2023.06.09 19:39 Onslaught_Dom Angel Run - Party Composition

Currently in the middle of Act IV with my Wizard Lich Playthrough on Core, now that I can fore my way out of any boss with Corrupt Magic, Exsanguinate and Feast of Blood it kind of became a bit easy.
However my experience with Act IV is a bit of a chore because of the way navigation and backtracking works, so I'm thinking about the next playthrough as a Good character, which sould be a Mounted Paladin Angel, if I'm being sadistic I may even play on Hard.
So... thinking about party composition, I was thinking about going with:
- Seelah (Mounted Paladin), for more Smite & Mark of Justice and pure goodness
- Sosiel (Mounted Cleric), for short term buffs for bosses and such (Domain Zealot)
- Nenio (Wizard/Loremaster), for support, arcane buffs and illusion debuffs
- Lann (Divine Hound)... for +1 Pet, not certain if follow the mounted archer path or just sniper
- Arue (Expert Esp)... start with Ember (Hexes) and then switchto her
In my Lich run, Delamere is a ridiculous damage dealer... in her round stuff just explode, even more than other characters, so I think maybe having 2 ranged snipers may be interesting
Do you guys think this is viable? Tips? Something I'm missing?

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2023.06.09 18:51 Eljay1419 I see AC Valhalla for sale on Steam - have a few questions before buying

I don't want this to be another "Is this worth it" post, because usually the right answer is "it depends"
It looks to me like Complete Edition for $42 has everything in it - if I'm reading that right I'm a little more interested.
On the gameplay - to be honest I like the open RPG more than I do traditional AC. Apologies to those who that makes pass out. I loved Odyssey and put like 120 hours into it, could probably easily go back and do it again.
From the lens of an RPG rather than AC - does this game allow for play/build diversity? Odyssey had the different weapons and a mix of stealth and face to face combat that I really enjoyed. I did start to get a little weary of the tedium near the end of the DLC, but that was 100 hours into a few weeks of binging. When I came back later on NG+ I was having a great time again trying to play bow headshot only.
Last question - does this run well on PC? I have a 3070, ryzen 7 3700X and 32gb of ram - so my expectation is that most games should run pretty well even on higher graphics. That's not always the case today, so wanted to get an opinion.
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2023.06.09 17:46 TheChosenOne_101 [REQUEST][STEAM] Assassin's Creed Odyssey (80% off) (2nd Attempt)

My Steam:
Hey guys! As you might have somewhat guessed from a look at my steam profile, I'm currently doing a run of the AC series starting from Unity. I bought AC Unity on Steam around Jan, finished it, loved it. Then I got AC Syndicate on Ubisoft Connect, finished it, loved it. Paris and London were fantastically recreated by Ubisoft, imo, and I REALLY loved the parkour and Assassin gameplay. Stories and characters were decent.
I'm currently on AC Origins and it was one of the best games I've ever played in my entire life! I finished the main story a month back and I'm just currently doing side quests/dlc because I loved the game so much and I can never get bored of it. They did a really good job with Ancient Egypt and it is truly breathtaking. I absolutely loved Bayek as a character and also the other activities such as hunting, gladiator arenas (my god they were especially spectacular), and also exploring the pyramids. The soundtrack of the game always plays in my head when I think of it lmao.
I think the main story was very interesting, too. It had a revenge theme where a father was trying to avenge the death of his son and hunts down members of the Order. I also really liked how they added Julius Caesar and Cleopatra, but the only problem is that they rushed the story brutally near the end. And for some reason, the ending focused on Aya and her monologue even though the entire game was about Bayek.
But my experience with this game has been truly amazing and I think these kind of exceptional games only come out once in a while. Never seen anything like it before. I want more, so I'm planning to finish Odyssey and Valhalla as well.
AC Odyssey, a game set almost 400-500 years before the events of Origins, is set in Ancient Greece. The game lets you play as a mercenary and is more RPG-heavy than Origins, and introduces choices and lets the player take different paths in the story. People have said the VA for Kassandra did a fabulous job and I can't wait to explore the Spartans and Athenians along with their myths and legends, and the naval battles; I'm genuinely interested and super excited about playing this game!
Odyssey is currently on a huge discount on Steam so I thought this would be the best time to request for it. I would have bought it myself, but unfortunately, I already spent too much of my pocket money on buying Unity, Syndicate, and Origins :(
If any of you would gift me this game, I would forever appreciate it and remember it. It would be wonderful if I could get the Gold Edition since I really love to play dlcs as well and it comes with AC3 Remastered for free, which is also another game I am super keen on trying out sometime. I'm trying to finish this series before my college starts later this year and I get busy. Thank you!
Even though I would really love getting the Gold Edition of this game, I completely understand if it's a bit too costly/unaffordable and I will gladly take the Standard Edition instead as it still means a lot to me :)
AC Odyssey on Steam:\_Creed\_Odyssey/
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2023.06.09 14:21 Captain_Lys3rg1c Steam is having an AC Sale - Which one should I get?

AC Origins / AC Odyssey / AC Valhalla
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2023.06.09 14:09 Captain_Lys3rg1c Steam is having an AC Sale - Which one should I get?

AC Origins / AC Odyssey / AC Valhalla
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2023.06.09 10:10 TurosTheFool Ac Valhalla: Are there dual wielding finisher animations?

I’ve been experimenting with the hell that is getting specific takedowns in AC Valhalla and I don’t notice dual wielding takedowns, am I unlucky?
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2023.06.09 09:41 Gattusso02 Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak
Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak
Time: 200 hrs +
100% Clear: 400 hrs +
Difficulty: 7.5/10
The Monster Hunter franchise returns with the previously Nintendo exclusive finally getting its release on PlayStation. Prepare for one long, grindy and fulfilling ride collecting monster crowns all over again. This guide will now include the massive Sunbreak DLC complete with new monsters and better end game gear to make your platinum or 100% completion more efficient.
Trophy Guide
Powerpyx Trophy Guide for Monster Hunter Rise
Powerpyx Trophy Guide for Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak
Full credit to Powerpyx for the guides.
Wiki Guides
Credit to Game8 and Fextralife for the excellent wikis. Game8 has the more comprehensive guide complete with locations on where to farm certain items, along with equipment builds and other very useful information. Best to choose one of those builds as your base and swap out armors and skills along the way to find the build perfect for you. Fextralife has a more tabulated approach on the info that helps you get a quick glance on what you are looking for with lesser clicks but may have only concise information compared to Game8. For example, If you are looking for an item drop from a small monster, Fextralife will show you drop rates and which map to visit for your hunt. Game8 will give you a little more and show you the areas in the map where these small monsters are located.
If you're a beginner to the game or the series in general, the beginning sections and tutorials will naturally be quite overwhelming. Take things one step at a time, find a weapon that fits your play style best and enjoy the ride until you get a decent amount of monster hunts in to familiarize yourself with the game.
There will be tons of things to tweak and learn about on this game and no single article can give justice to the complexities of how to fully optimize your experience so additional research is recommended. Treat this article as a supplementary guide.
Efficiency Tips
Enjoy the story and progress through the main quest line as soon and as often as you can. The reason for this is as you progress through the story and your hunter rank increases, more equipment upgrades will be available to you along with the ability to upgrade the base defense of your gear further which unlocks incrementally as you increase in rank. The more defense you have means the more hits you can take and less healing items you consume which you can spend learning the monsters moves and hitting it.
Work on the 🏆 Beat-up Construction Kit as soon as possible and unlock all camp site locations on each map so you can fast travel conveniently closer to your target's location.
Materials List and Locations can be found here on Game8 to search for your gear and quest requirements. Browse it or simply drop the item you are looking for on the search bar.
Blights and Status Ailments Explained and their Cures is explained best in GadgetGabe's Top Voted answer from this GameFAQs forum. Use this wisely to cure yourself ASAP and stay at tip top shape for your fight. You can eventually customize your item load outs when hunting particular monsters.
Register an inventory and radial menu layout that is best for your hunt and tweak it accordingly if you are working on a solo hunt or are in a group. You can set up your action bar (the bar that uses the left and right d-pad) too.
Learn about monster elemental and ailment weaknesses, weak points and parts that you can sever to improve your success rate in a fight. E.g. Flash bombs work well on monsters in flight. Severing a Pukei-pukei's tail makes the monster incapable of it's wide poison gas attack.
Monster Elemental and Ailment Weaknesses and Immunities credit to Pro Game Guides. Monster Hunter Rise explains monster elemental weaknesses well but does not give too much of a description of what elements the monster utilizes against you. To learn that and build the right resistances, refer to the Fextralife MHR Wiki.
As you progress through your hunts, make sure to pick up any hunting helpers and golden/gilded spiribugs along the way. You will need 500 and 1000 respectively for the trophies 🏆 Hunting Helpers Plate and 🏆 Golden Spiribug Plate. If you want to farm Spiribugs exclusively, this video shows an excellent route while displaying some skills on speedy map traversal.
When you are in town, there will be times when you will be prompted that a sale is ongoing from the two merchants. Always take action on this prompt and participate in the lottery that is only available during this sale to progress towards the 12 room decorations you need to win as part of the 🏆 Sturdy Padlock. If the grand prize of the lottery is a room decoration, you have to roll a Jackpot (different from a Bingo) to win it. Even if the grand prize is not a room decoration, you are given a required room decoration for winning 100 items in the lottery.
🏆 Extravagant Cashbox
Awarded for earning 1,000,000 Zenny. The fastest method to earn zenny is by participating in the 2 Star Low Rank Event Quest - Gotta Hoard Fast!. It can be done with a group in 1 minute and rewards you with a Golden Egg which you can sell to the merchant for 20,000z. Use whenever you are short on money. This is also the best quest to use if you want to trigger merchant sales quickly and roll on the lottery.
Using your silk bind/aerial moves to deliver mount damage (indicated by a blue cloud background on the damage inflicted) is a good tactic to learn and master. Arekkz Gaming's Monster Riding Tutorial video explains this well. You can also scout the area where you mount the monster and bump him into special areas on the map that will deal extra damage.
High Rank Quests
An Armorcharm and Powercharm will now be available to purchase from the two item merchants. These work as permanent stat increases as long as you have them in your Item Pouch. When you reach HR7, you will eventually be able to upgrade these charms into Armortalon and Powertalon. These stack and you may repurchase Armorcharm and Powercharm and hold all four items in your Item Pouch.
Decorations will unlock from the Smithy and the Melding Pot will unlock from the item merchants. This would be a good time to study the skills you have available in conjunction with your armor skills and start creating defensive/offensive load outs based on what you are up against.
For talisman crafting via the Melding Pot, craft out the desired skill you need and use accordingly. Once you have your talisman of choice, always roll with Melding - Wisp of Mystery and Melding - Rebirth (unlocks last on a higher HR). They will cost more materials to craft, but will also have better chances of a Rarity 7 Talisman with more skills and better decoration slots.
Prepare status resistances/immunities depending on the monsters you are up against and build up defense, elemental defense and even add elemental attack against them as well. Take note that elemental attack increases on skills only increases an existing element on weapons (or elemental ammo for bowguns) and can not create an element from a non-elemental weapon source.
For more on elemental damage and elemental resistances, see Fextralife's articles linked accordingly.
Armorskin and Demondrug and their corresponding Mega version are items consumed once and will last until you faint or complete the quest. Invest in them as soon as you have the zenny to afford them. You will need to farm Pale Extract from the monster Khezu or purchased as a rare find in the Argosy to craft the mega drugs. You may also choose to deploy the meowcenaries to fight a Khezu to increase your item farm.
Master Rank Quests and Sunbreak Content
With Sunbreak comes a whole new base map and two new locations to explore. Like the base game, there are a number of trophies that involve you interacting with the townsfolk and the goods and services they have to offer. Refer to this video guide for a checklist of what you need to be doing after every quest to cover the trophies 🏆 Snowy Cohoot Minipouch, 🏆 Secret Honey Jar, 🏆 Unbreakable Bag, 🏆 Solid Padlock, 🏆Polychrome Acorn and 🏆 Sojourn Necklace.
🏆 Solid Padlock requires another set of items you need to win in the lottery but take note that the Gargolda Statue only starts appearing after you take a picture of it. Take a daytime expedition for a photo of the creature. Gamer Guru's video shows you how to do it.
Refer to Game8's Eurekacorn article for more ways on farming Eurekacorns for your Polychrome Acorn trophy. Efficiency Tip: Target an expedition with a Herb Node in the Frost Islands together with a Khezu Node for both Eurekacorns and Pale Extracts.
For efficient map traversal, unlock the alternative camp sites on the two new Sunbreak areas along with the new buddy recon points. You will have to unlock 2 recon points per map, for a total of 12 for 🏆 Buddy Whistle. Darcblade has an excellent video guide to cover this.
Crown Hunting
🏆 Mini Crown Plaque and 🏆 Gold Crown Plaque will most likely be the last trophies you will get in the game as these are very grindy to obtain. These entail slaying or capturing the smallest and largest versions of each monster, awarding you a gold crown on your Hunter's Notes. An alternative grouped view of all your crowns can be found in OPT -> Multiplayer -> Guild Cards -> View -> L1 for Hunting Log. Unlike MH World, Rise does not include a crown notification in the points reward section after a hunt. You will have to check your Hunter Notes manually. You do get a prompt of "Monster Size Updated" right after the kill or capture though as your best indicator of a possible crown.
Crown Hunting Tips and Drop Rates explained by Luke Albigés of TrueAchievements
Efficient Strategy
You will want to clear out all the crowns you can possibly obtain from the quests with the 100% chance or boosted crown rate quests. For everything else, learn how to crown snipe to save time and not waste too much time on normal sized targets. If your are sure that your target monster is not a crown size, abort your quest and start a new one. Take note that you need to capture/kill 10 monsters of each type for their respective monster scroll to progress on your 🏆 Sturdy Padlock so anything close to a perceived small or large crown would be worth the kill. The Sunbreak Expansion and Master Rank buffs up the crown monsters appearance rate to as high as 10% for large and 6% for minis. You are best saving the crown hunt for last as you have to tackle Anomaly Investigations for the Sunbreak 🏆 Bahari's Hand Wound Birdie, which entails you earning and spending 3000 Investigation Coins as rewards for these type of quests along with clearing out every single Master Rank quest for the 🏆 Record of Utmost Valor - Master and clearing out 1-4 star anomaly quests for the 🏆 Painting - Crimson Nightmare. There are a total of 7 1-star anomaly quests to unlock and 8 quests for 2-4 stars. There is a good chance that you will be earning majority of these crowns along your progression towards these three trophies with minimal crown cleanup.
Videos for Monster Measurements
As of this writing, there seems to be a lack of content on Large and Mini Gold Crowns for MH Rise. Below is video clips to give some clues on how these monster sizes will look when you encounter them. Monster sizes with 100% chance drop quests will be excluded from this segment.
Kiranico has an excellent large monster guide which also displays the recommended quest to participate in with corresponding crown percentages.
Anomaly Investigation quest monsters have fixed sizes and will never yield any crowns. The normal Anomaly Quests will share the same 6% small and 10% large crown chance as the MR quests.
Base Game Crowns
Anjanath Mini Gold Crown
Barioth Large Gold Crown
Barioth Mini Gold Crown
Barroth Mini Gold Crown
Chameleos Large Gold Crown
Chameleos Mini Gold Crown
Great Izuchi Large Gold Crown
Great Izuchi Mini Gold Crown
Ku-Lu-Yaku Large Gold Crown
Ku-Lu-Yaku Mini Gold Crown
Kushala Daora Mini Gold Crown
Lagombi Large Gold Crown
Rakna-Kadaki Large Gold Crown
Rathalos Mini Gold Crown
Royal Ludroth Large Gold Crown
Teostra Large Gold Crown
Teostra Mini Gold Crown
Sunbreak Crowns
There are only 16 additional monsters tied up to the crown trophies for Sunbreak which are the monsters that were available at the original release of the game. You will need these 16 monsters along with all the base game crowns for the 🏆 Miniature Crown Shield and 🏆 Gold Crown Shield to unlock. Refer to the Gold Crown Shield segment of Powerpyx's guide for the full list.
Astalos Large Gold Crown
Aurora Somnacanth Mini Gold Crown
Gore Magala Large Gold Crown
Malzeno Large Gold Crown
Pyre Rakna-Kadaki Large Gold Crown
Scorned Magnamalo Large Gold Crown
Miscellaneous Grind
🏆 Antique Bookmark
Achieved by collecting all 60 Relics scattered over the 5 available maps. Powerpyx's guide for all Relic Locations shows these well. There is a correction to the linked article however, as it is mentioned there that the Rampage Relics unlock after collecting all 10 other Relics per map but is incorrect (unsure what triggers rampage Relic availability but I had access to them at 5 star quest availability on Village and Hub quests). To track the relics you have collected already, go to OPT -> Info -> Hunter Notes -> Notebook.
Gaming with Abyss has good Monster Hunter trophy content and shows locations of each relic per map clearly on his videos.
Shrine Ruins
Frost Islands
Flooded Forest
Sandy Plains
Lava Caverns

Other Useful Information
Affinity vs Raw Damage is discussed well on this steamcommunity forum.
The difference between KO/Stun and Trip is explained will in this article. Note that KO and Stun status are the same (in game and articles call it one or the other so this can be confusing) but Trip status is different.
Critical Boost at level 1 raises damage dealt by critical hits by 5%. Your critical hits are already at a base amplified damage of 25% (not mentioned in-game). This could be deceiving due to the in-game skill definition.
Palamutes and Palicos you bring on the hunt increase your ease and efficiency and are best slotted with the best gear for your playstyle. Game8 has an excellent buddy guide that discusses end game builds.
Use the Basic behavior if you are running a melee focused buddy and Follow if you are using a ranged buddy. This is discussed thoroughly by CheaterMcCheat.
On solo hunts, don't let the common combo of 1 Palico and 1 Palamute mold you to run with that as there are several builds that utilize 2 Palicos or 2 Palamutes in one hunt. For example, you may want to use a double Palamute with C Jelly Travel Bag X weapon on the Best Equipment For Sunbreak (Ranged)segment. Accompanied with the Palamute Silkbinder, this build can provide excellent monster control.
Ordering Motley Mixes in the canteen nets you dango tickets as a reward. Claim it from the chef after some orders and use the tickets with hopping skewers on your harder hunts.
Latent Power skill is triggered by an internal timer upon monster encounter and attack animations and is explained here on Fextralife's wiki.
Auto-shoutouts are useful for your party and even yourself. You can program these auto shoutouts via OPT -> Multiplayer -> Chat Menu -> Triangle and click on the field under Text to program what you want to shout-out, choose the box under speech timing to choose the condition. These conditions aren't fixed and you have more to choose from. The most useful ones are the auto shoutouts for "When you set a trap" and "When a monster is limping" where the monster enters the blue icon state and is capturable if it is not an elder, apex or afflicted monster.
Weapon Specific Notes
Light Bowgun
Light Bowgun Basic Moves and Ammo Types credit to Phemeto
Pay attention to the color of your reticle. An orange reticle tells you that your ammo type is in its ideal range and will deal its intended damage. A yellow reticle means your shots will hit, but will be significantly weaker.
The Fanning Vault Silkbind skill is best used with your Wyvernblast special ammo. Press circle while you are directly under the monster to plant a bomb directly on it. You will be replacing this with the Switch Skill Fanning Maneuver for end game builds.
Ammo Details can be found by going to Items and Equipment (opt button) -> Equipment Info -> Ammo Details (square)
You will normally run out of your full magazine of your most desired ammo. To minimize returning to camp, bring the materials you need to craft that ammo and set it on your radial menu. Also, avoid bringing the ammo type you never use to keep your ammo menu as decluttered as possible for efficient ammo switching. It is encouraged to bind the ammo you use and their craft commands in your radial menu as well.
Recoil is the delay between firing shots (different from Reload delay). Lower recoil = Faster Attack Speed
Deviation is the drift of the bullets when you fire. If you have a weapon with deviation, it will travel center for a medium distance then swerve to the L or R depending on the strength of the deviation. Targeting "No deviation" is ideal.
Decorations can be crafted to reduce Reload, Recoil and Deviation.
Light Bowgun Weapon & Armor Skills
Bombardier skill does not work with any ammos, including sticky, cluster, or wyvernblast.
Normal/Rapid Up skill improves Normal Ammo damage by 5%/10%/20% and stacks with the skill
Rapid Fire Up which enhances rapid fire damage also by 5%/10%/20%
Great Sword
Recommended Switch Skills are Tackle, Rage Slash (RS), and Adamant Charged Slash (ACS). All three can tank monster attacks (no knockbacks) and negates roar effects. Tackle is the bread and butter during roars and quick monster attacks since its easy to trigger, You can use Adamant Charged Slash for positioning, and Rage Slash to land your last charged attack on your desired direction, which True Charged Slash Skill cant do.
How to Unlock:
Adamant Charged Slash - Unlocked by crafting/upgrading 8 different Greatswords, no duplicates. Replaces the Hunting Edge skill.
Rage Slash - Unlocked by completing the quest "Grasp the Greatsword" (HR5 Quest). Replaces the True Charged Slash skill.
Low Rank Entry GS - Crit Eye Build
Low Rank GS - Crit Draw Build - 80% Affinity on Overhead and Charged Slash
High Rank GS Build - 90% Affinity on Weakpoints + Focus 3
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